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Archives: May 21, 2014

Miguel Olivo bites off Alex Guerrero's ear.

The Stirling Engine

L.A. developer drops plans for Caledonia business park

Boehner: Tea party and GOP aren't that different

Chipotle Courts Controversy With Pro-Gay and Antigun Stances

GOP: Drop fresh fruit, veggie rules for school lunches

Newsom among 1st politicians opening coffers to bitcoin

Cambodia: US Training of Abusive Military Exposed

Ruling allowing gay marriage in Pa. won't be appealed by state attorney general

Nice, blame it on the Vets Sheriff

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The republican party of today is the embodiment of all of the negative energy in the universe! n/t

Harper Report On Colombian Human Rights Abuses A 'Sham': NDP

Harper Report On Colombian Human Rights Abuses A 'Sham': NDP

Cavs win number 1 overall pick second straight year

Federal court halts Missouri inmate's execution

Putin is behaving just like Hitler, says Prince Charles

Is DU more or less diverse than the Democratic Party? (updated OP)

Student Loans (cartoon)

Michelle Nunn wins Democratic primary in Ga. Senate race

Crap...Mitch is gonna "restore America."

Human rights NGO: Investigate senior IDF officers over Ofer killings

Franklin Graham just can't stand it

National Organization for Marriage just losing it over LGBT victories!

Honduras Finds Itself on the Edge of a Social Explosion Once Again

'Islamic Jew-hatred' ads appear on Washington buses

Fortune 500 Stashing $2 TRILLION Overseas, Dodging $550 Billion In Taxes, The People Pay The Tab

FL's Van Zant stands by his statement about AIR and Common Core tests. Says AIR has LGBT agenda.

CBO: Lower premiums drive down Obamacare’s expected costs,

Five Years After My Abduction and Torture, Still No Justice

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! One Burrito, Extra Cheese, Hold the Bullets!

Why the rich and powerful can't stand public broadcasters

Robert Reich: How the right wing is killing women

Netflix drives me nuts

Amy Kushnir would have been equally upset with a hetero Michael Sam kiss

Photo of nude sports figure......

Faces of the Oil Patch (ND)

This Trade Deal Will Make You Sick, Maybe Give You Mad Cow Disease…Or Kill You Fast

87.5% of Americans can't Define Communism!

This is Miley singing "There Is a Light and it Never Goes Out."

Wash day

Wolf wins Dems' nomination for Pa. governor

Can Frances Fox Piven’s Theory of Disruptive Power Create the Next Occupy?

Wolf wins PA primary. Will now bite the other Tom, aka TeaBag TomCorbett, in the political ass.:-)

IMO, "moderate Mitt" was the big winner tonight, his endorsees won, his

Why Democrats Need Bernie Sanders to Run for President

Pentagon eyeing immigrants who arrived illegally

Water Falling Over Things 2014: Part IV (East side of Rainier)

Proof that "Weather Modification" Conspiracists are wackjobs

Statement on Federal Court ruling overturning PA's ban on same-sex marriage

Assange threatens to release Snowden info that Greenwald says could endanger lives

I don't like reveling in things like this, but isn't this guy an arrogant ass? Delicious!

Axl Rose ranked as the ‘greatest’ vocalist ever

AT&T-DirecTV merger may hinge on NFL agreement

For D.C. Residents, Streetcar Return Will Pose Practical Challenges

Obama Administration To Reveal Justification For Drone Strikes On U.S. Citizens

M-1 Rail on track for groundbreaking in Detroit

Will There Ever Be Justice For Rachel Corrie, The Woman Crushed By Israeli Bulldozers?

Walker sadden by insuring more people then He meant to.

I've reached that age where people I used to party with in school are getting married...

How El Nino Might Alter the Political Climate

"The Plots to Destroy America"

On this primary night, all three major networks are running reality/contest shows.

In my old-people stage, some Old People things that are necessary:

Chris Matthews wrong again!

"Obama Greenhouse-Gas Cuts Splits Power, Coal Industries"

I've reached that age where people I used to party with are grandparents...

A dozen problems with charter schools

McConnell defeats teabagger challenger - TURTLE POWER!

Who is the Dem Lt. gov. candidate in Arkansas?

residents of new york

Nationwide 'Epidemic' Of Pedestrian Deaths a Failure of Social Justice: Report

The cause endures, the hope still lives . . .

<<<<SPRING Contest submissions start on May 24th - Saturday>>>>>

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Trailer #2

"There's a Reason Voters Don't Blame Republicans for Congressional Gridlock"

Scraping the bottom of the barrel of late night munchery here

NASA forced to retreat as rising sea levels threaten operations

urinal says hulsey denied spot on state convetion agenda--sorry this is wrong

Obama Nominee Gregg Costa Confirmed to 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Oversees Texas

I never watch DWT"S" but tonight. Why don't they just declare the Maxim dude the emperor forever

"Alec Otherworld"

Elizabeth Warren: "Give me a break."

FBI chief says anti-marijuana policy hinders the hiring of cyber experts

You want bees we got bees here in Delaware - 20 MILLION of them!

"How a 1973 Supreme Court Decision Has Contributed to Our Inequality"

Part 2 of Frontline just ended. What a depressing hour. United States of Secrets.

Week 3 no analog Cigs. Vapingis working for this smoker of 29 years

Who Gives A Flying Fuck Through A ROlling Doughnut What Pat Sajak Says?

America Willing To Hire Marijuana-Hacktivists Against China?

The United States Needs a Slavery Museum

Tom Wolf Wins Democratic Nomination for PA Governor

Elton John- Philadelphia Freedom

Teen faces life in prison over hash brownies

Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on Marriage Equality:

"Republican Titanic: immigration reform and Hillary"

We are Women

The wingers will try to drive you nuts, but don't let them get your goat.

"Canadian study finds potential antibody treatment for mild asthma"

McConnell is extremely stale and boring

Are the GOP being accepting of Rand Paul because they need him to take out Ted Cruz?

VP Biden turns down prom invite, but sends corsage

Koch Brothers Group Deals Blow To GOP Governor With Effort To Torpedo Deal

(Calif.) Prop. 8 donor IDs remain public, appeals court rules

US Senate panel approves Venezuela sanctions

Court says Missouri can proceed with execution

Adopt-A-Priest... and no, this is not from The Onion

Does the House GOP think urban kids are the wrong color? (removing urban kids from lunch program)

New Zealand: Cat brings home bag of cannabis

Feds Block Water For State-Legal Marijuana Grows

33 children killed in Colombia bus fire

update: PASSED the House! Medical mj law passes first hurdle in NY state!

Calif. man says ‘the Lord’ grabbed him and compelled him to attack a kid on a skateboard

10000 People Fled Crimea And Restive Eastern Ukraine: UN Refugee Agency

Uncle of Tibetan Who Jumped to Death in Mining Protest is Detained

Supreme Court justice halts Missouri execution

McConnell, Grimes win primaries, outline fall campaign messages

Where is the 11th Pachen Lama: Tibetan NGOs ask China

Jailed Tibetan monk and activist surfaces in India

Chinese Authorities Impose New Restrictions on Restive Tibetan County

New Zealand: Cat brings home bag of cannabis (BBC)

NFL Star Gets Drug Suspension For Wanting Another Child (Get Your Hankies Out)

Question submitted by Tuesday Afternoon

Right Wing Echo Chamber Inaccurately Smears Mother Jones Story on Gun Fanatics

US 'in denial' over poor maths standards (BBC)

Minor comment on a couple small matters

Newark students staging BOE sit in to defend their public schools.

FYI I posted about Newark students sit in going on tonight.

Assange Threatens to Release Snowden info that Greenwald says Could Endanger Lives

From Federal District Judge John E. Jones III's decision overturning PA's marriage ban

Hyundai's First Mass-Produced Tucson Hydrogen Fuel Cell CUVs Arrive In Southern California

Alleged stalker wins Republican Senate nomination in Oregon.

Rubio won't answer pot question

Perry and Dewhurst too liberal? Welcome to the new right-wing Texas

CNN refuses to cover benghazi

Patrick, Dewhurst Debate Without Animosity of Campaign

Noise Complaint Makes Cops Tase Grandma | Police Beat

Empower Texans PAC gets Ken Paxton’s campaign $1 million loan

Tea Party, Other Groups Team Up To Build A 'Liberty Movement' And Dominate Texas GOP

China Calls For New Asian Security Structure

Tobacco money funds Log Cabin Republicans, other conservatives

NYC Man Files 2 Undecillion Dollar Lawsuit

Waller Creek Project Threatens Capitol View; Construction Ceases

New call for easing restrictions on Cuba

Obama Plans To Designate New Monument, Republicans Plan To Freak Out

Young Iranians Arrested For Dancing In 'Happy' Pharrell Video

Tenet gains from Obamacare in states that expanded Medicaid

The Frontline documentary on the NSA just finished up..

Arkansas Gov.Hutchinson turned away from voting because of voter ID law

Sergio Romo beaten by Rockies in 9th

Joseph Kony Names Son Salim As His Deputy In The Lord's Resistance Army

Who will benefit from the IMF's $17bn bailout of Ukraine? Not its people

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ May 21st

Sure, Disneyland raised their prices...

A Large Sausage


A Kid Stands Up To Literally Everyone In His Class

Poverty Happens in a Foreign Country on the American Screen

Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Is the Lightning Rod for the Major Threat Science Poses to Creationists

Apartment nation: Multi-unit housing starts up 416 percent from 2010 low.

Fracking Hotbed Is a Regulatory Disaster

How Thomas Piketty and Elizabeth Warren Demolished the Conventional Wisdom on Debt

The Privatization Scam: Five Government Outsourcing Horror Stories

4 Signs Net Neutrality Isn’t Dead (Despite an FCC Proposal You’re Not Going to Like)

No, Taking Away Unemployment Benefits Doesn’t Make People Get Jobs

In cyber spying row, Chinese media call U.S. a 'mincing rascal'

Getting A College Degree Won’t Protect Black Workers From The Economy’s Racial Barriers

Joke of the day - JoeScum says there is no civil war in the ReTHUG party

China and Russia ink $400 billion gas deal

Play Misty for Me Monica Wehby

5 things we learned on Tuesday

Pope Francis says half of marriages today are invalid. He's wrong.

US To Finally Disclose The Legal Justification Behind Drone Strikes On Americans

Man says ‘the Lord’ grabbed him and compelled him to attack a kid on a skateboard

Jury can’t decide if cop who destroyed woman’s eyeballs with pepper spray should go to prison

Evangelical Christians call on Florida politicians to take climate action

Does the ACA mandate coverage for vasectomy, and if not, why?

Thanks to the Roberts Court, Corporations Have More Constitutional Rights Than Actual People

AP NewsBreak: WNBA to market to LGBT community

Over in LBN...

Bad News: A Florida Politician Figured Out Our Plan to Make All the Kids Gay

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: When Can We Call These "Patriots" By Their Real Name: "Traitors"?

Jeremy Paxman stuns Silvio Berlusconi with Angela Merkel insult allegation.

Jeremy Paxman stuns Silvio Berlusconi with Angela Merkel insult allegation.

Egypt's Mubarak convicted of graft, gets 3 years

Tea Party Support Hits New Lows: Poll

Google overtakes Apple as world's most valuable brand

How Laelth Voted in the 2014 Georgia Democratic Primary (and the results).

Why Women Are Not Going To Stop Being Pushy

We win KY in Nov

Discussionist is hostless and seems to function just fine without hosts.

Breakfast Cereals to Get More Expensive, Thanks to Climate Change

Why Is Credit Suisse Still Allowed to Do Business in the United States?

Whole wheat pasta with grilled vegetables

“Republicans are pouting,” Reid said on the floor Tuesday.

Do The Dems Want To Lose In Nov?.....

Republican: Bring Back Firing Squad Executions

Wikileaks Will Reveal 2nd Country Where NSA Recording All Mobile Calls

The Three Books That Shook Conservative Media in 1964

Jut a note to you and Elad

Neil Tyson, Miles O'Brien Body-Slam CNN On Climate "Coverage"

Gay couples in Pa. make mad dash to marry after court ruling

Potential Navigational Hazards For Rio Olympic Sailors; Turds, Dead Dogs, The Occasional Human Body

Quick Update: Wife and mine strange Odyssey.

19 May 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 Content Still Rising - 402.34 ppm

The Rude Pundit got me thinking - is it a coup if only the President is overthrown?

Gallup: Support For Same-Sex Marriage At All-Time High

Federal Appeals Court Puts Same-Sex Marriage On Hold In Idaho

JPL - "No Guarantees", But El Nino Potential Could Choke Indonesia As Fires Did In 1997-98

Tea Party Loses Key Battles, But Is Winning The War

Watch for it!

National World War II Memorial May Soon Include a Plaque Honoring God

EU Satellite Survey - Antarctic Net Ice Loss Has Doubled In Less Than Decade; 160 Billion Tons/Year

It's Left Forum Time !!!!

Here’s some wasteful Big Government spending. Why isn’t Fox News outraged?

All the stumbling drunks of San Francisco | By Mark Morford

Probe finds scant oversight of chemical plants

What Democratic Revolt? Moderate Cruises in PA-13 Primary

Higher and Higher- support for Marriage equality now at 55%

At least 6 killed, 45 injured as passenger, freight trains collide near Moscow

Pundits talk about which faction won last night, they won't tell you who lost: The American worker

Bugger the Bankers

Tea party on life support after brutal primary beatdown

Forbes: Let's Be "Rich, Fat & Happy As We Can" To Face Global Meltdown - It's Inevitable Anyway

My favorite protest sign, ever. (Requires French to get it.)

Republicans restrict children's food aid to rural areas only

About that tyrannic law-breaking Obummer in the White House...

New Mexico court upholds insurance coverage for medical marijuana

Mitch McConnell would face biggest challenge yet in Alison Lundergan Grimes

Briton Graham Phillips held in Ukraine

Why the VA Scandal Is the Real Outrage

The biggest threat to Social Security is REPUBLICANS

Time for Left Forum 2014 !

Team Romney Thinks It’s Winning The GOP Civil War

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Spy vs. spy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Climate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Is this the beginning of the end for U.S. dollar as reserve currency?

If it's Wednesday… LET'S ROCK!

eBay Inc. To Ask eBay Users To Change Passwords

More Americans willing to vote for an atheist president

Repubs who want to take away your right to vote: homeowner department.

Great Day For Sustainability!: Rural Oregon voters back ban on GMO crops amid U.S. labeling uproar

Papantonio: Tom Wheeler is an FCC Fraud

Bernie Sanders: Grassroots Movements

If a person isn't in a position to have his houseboy fetch his ID- maybe he shouldn't be voting

What To Say When The Hiring Manager Asks About Your Religion In A Job Interview

The Judicial Revolving Door

Biden: Punish Russia If It Meddles In Ukraine Elex

Summer fruits, veggies and nuts from California are in early

Brunch Time!

Senator Warren on Obamacare

Reality Steps In...

Can I nibble on you for practice?

Dude's Demand for an Open Relationship Backfires Spectacularly (Careful what you wish for)

Missing Brooklyn Tech senior found safe in Philadelphia

Graffito a San Paolo del Brasile per i mondiali di calcio in arrivo. Sintesi perfetta.

where do you get one of these?

California March for Democracy, March 17 - June 22

Liberal could woo voters, but Gov. Cuomo still positioned to win: Quinnipiac

Foothills Secular Humanist Society offers atheists, those questioning, place to share experiences

High school sells premium viewing benches for graduation.

Later will be too late

Leaked memo suggests low bar for police frisks

A Woman With Perfect Grades Is Worth The Same As A Man With A 2.0 Average

Fraud trial legal aid ruling overturned by appeal court

What a great song to start today - "Question" as sung by Justin Hayward.

GM adds 218,000 subcompacts to growing recall list

Google Doodle -- Mary Anning, 19th century paleontologist.

Vision iowa Board gives money to christian theme park in Sioux City

Cops, youth coach arrested in massive child porn bust

CORONA (CA): Questions linger about Christian school's firings over religion

Benghazi toon - Horsey

The world's deadliest animal emerges from the deeps

The Great White Hope

Uncovered Papers Show Past Government Efforts to Drive Gays From Jobs

10 Years of Pollution, $2 Million in Penalties

After a year's absence, Fleet Week makes its return to NYC

CNN's Jeff Zucker tells Fox News to take a hike on Bengazhi........

Pres. Obama about to speak on VA scandal

Catholic Church: court ruling on gay marriage redefines God's law, trumps democratic process

Skygate 911

Former Gov. David Paterson named new state Democratic party chairman

Even in the Wild, Mice Run on Wheels

Proposed North Carolina Fracking Law Tied to Koch, Halliburton, and ALEC

The political reality of Democrats in the South

If the Right wants to cry about class warfare, we should give them something to cry about.

$400 billion gas deal between Russia and China

Fox talkers object to Grayson screwing up their perfect Benghazi panel

Buffalo’s mayor won’t be on Cuomo ticket

Will the far right do well enough in Sunday's EU election to form a pro-Russia bloc in parliament?

BOE scrambles to design single-candidate financing

It's graduation season.

Remember Piper the dog? Happy ending for him:

Girls Deserve Better - and not just in Nigeria

This Is NOT Class Warfare, This Is SELF-Defense.

Girls Deserve Better - and not just in Nigeria

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Conviction Of Would-Be Subway Bomber

Is America losing faith? Atheism on the rise but still in the shadows

WOW, TNR: Democrats Need Bernie Sanders to Run for President

Bush and Cheneys VA

Jinger Duggar Can't Get Away!

Syrian nun helps broker agreements between rebels, government

Target 1Q profit falls 16 pct as breach takes toll

Just for fun -- The West Virginia Liars Contest & Appalachian Music!

Any misconduct at VA will be punished, Obama says

NY passes bill for tax relief for Sandy victims

Nice thread on GD about Mary Anning, 19th C. paleontologist

Woken up at 5am by a call from a police detective

DUDE! FBI director: Zero tolerance pot policy kills our ability to hire cyber war programmers

Got a House, You can Vote

Facing a potentially boring day in clinic. Anybody want to keep me company?

US stocks trading higher ahead of Fed minutes

Fisherman Sets Record For Largest Striped Bass Caught In New York

Little kid apparently not traumatized after meeting gay couple

The Underpants Gnomes syndrome -- how common is it?

Pelosi 'Leaning Toward' Full Participation In New Benghazi Probe

Children's Choir Joins Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott in Singing Against Mountaintop Removal Mining

Police chief, rabbi among 71 nabbed in child porn bust

A.G., Airbnb reach agreement on user information

National Review Writer: Liberals 'Brainwash' Women To Cry 'Rape'

Rosetta comet-chaser initiates 'big burn' (BBC)

The biker guy (Brown) in Idaho only got 3.1% of the GOP primary vote. I thought he would get more.

Megyn Kelly Gives Dinesh D'Souza The Friendliest Of Post-Guilty Plea Interviews

Former New York Times editor Arthur Gelb dies at 90

Catholic priest fires back at Pat Sajak for ‘sinning’: ‘More racist to deny climate change’

Cronyism blamed for half of Univ. of Texas law school grads’ inability to pass the bar

The really big question about marriage equality in Pennsylvania...

Comcast Today: Everybody Hates Comcast

98 percent of school budgets pass

Something I don't understand about Tuesday's Primary Results

Godzilla spoiler alert: Do not read the review in the New Yorker -

Pipeline bigger than Keystone pushed for Wisconsin

Happy Birthday, Al!

Helmet Jelly don't give a fuck, because Helmet Jelly know that he scares the shit out of you...

Christie Cuts N.J. Pension Payments to Close Budget Gaps

The weather is great!

Fine Line Seen in U.S. Spying on Companies (NSA)

Happy graduation...

Jonathan Alter: The democrats still have a chance to loose the Senate

Minneapolis’s New Stadium Is Named Host of ’18 Super Bowl

How to Deal When Living With HIV Feels Like Too Much

Oklahoma to pay $300,000 in legal fees after ‘preemptively’ banning Sharia law

'I have a plan to save the country': Chip Maxwell to run against Lee Terry (R-NE)

Not in plain sight

Federal funds earmarked to offset Affordable Care Act insurer losses

Dan Kilkenny to run for Wisconsin's 11th state Senate District

Cat Wheel

Plan B now available on

Loudoun officers uncover chop shop in Vint Hill

If oil pipelines can be run all over the country, why not water pipelines?

Cancelled anti-gay HGTV hosts: Satan is the reason evolution is taught in schools

Tony Abbott labelled a 'creep' after winking at sex-line pensioner

2014 Summer TV Premiere Calendar....

Exports- the politics and economics of it all

Pope Makes Biblical Case For Addressing Climate Change: "Destruction of the planet is a sinful act"

Gay marriage issue dooms (Pa.) Gov. Tom Corbett

Dear Wine,...

When presented with data about changing US demographics, even liberal whites will move right

Catagory is Person. I_iot _oucheb_g P_t S_j_k

NBA alleges Sterling-led Clippers tried to cover up scandal

U.S. officials cut estimate of recoverable Monterey Shale oil by 96% (LA Times)

Animals in WWI

Pic Of The Moment: The Tea Party Is Over: Good News Or Bad News For GOP?

Young Iranians Arrested For Dancing In 'Happy' Pharrell Video

Only the voters can change this.

Bryan College Is Torn: Can Darwin and Eden Coexist?

Can't vote because you forgot your I.D.? Here's how one Arkansas Republican solved that problem

Voters to politicians: Pot, cheating OK, but not atheism

Wisconson - 75% of state voucher program applicants already attend private school

Homer Simpsons Proves God Doesn’t Exist


Please do not leave Drinks unattended...

Rep. Davidson wins in close 164th Legislative District race

Mark Aurand takes Democratic primary for Pennsylvania's 40th District Senate seat

Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With Humane New Head-Ripping-Off Machine

Pelosi has selected her committee for the Benghazi debacle and there is no Alan

Oh, I almost forgot: 2/27/14---U.S. Senate Republicans BLOCK veterans' health bill on budget worry

Indicted PA state senator defeated

Have all of you seen this important message from eBay?

Brendan Boyle defeats 3 rivals for Democratic nomination in Pa.'s 13th District

Sell or buy on eBay? Check out the link. Important info:

Fischer Confirmed by Senate as Fed Governor in 68-27 Vote

State Rep. Mike Fleck, Republican and first openly gay lawmaker in state could lose seat

The Rude Pundit - Judge to State of Pennsylvania in Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: ...

A little excitement this morning (dial up warning)

Legislation moves state forward on handicap signs

Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings on TV now...

Petrucci: Like Gutenberg, but for music scores (

Republicans for Al Franken

Limiting viewing of articles to 10 or so a month is nothing more than an aggravation

Was I supposed to forget the VA Walter Reed embarrassment of 2007?

GOP - Damaged goods

Arkansas Voters Complain About Quizzing By Poll Workers Checking IDs

Google ads could be coming to thermostats, refrigerators and car dashboards

The Insanity of Capital

Unemployment rates fall sharply in all Mid-Hudson counties

The 5 Dem's to be on Bengahzi Panel Announced

Five Dems Named To Participate on Benghazi Panel

"Constitutional government" *is* "judicial activism".

MU Law Poll: Governor’s race a dead heat

Hillary Clinton Driving Democrats’ Benghazi Committee Strategy

Set in Alaska reality shows.....

This NFL scandal re drugs and hiding injuries

Environmental groups aim to block pipeline

President Obama designates Organ Mountains - Desert Peaks National Monument

Outside of the top 10 universities/colleges, all of the others are way over priced.

Rep. Michael Grimm's ex-pals cooperated against him in texts, emails

These 5 Democrats Will Serve On The Benghazi Committee

Today at the capitol

Deputy mayor casts doubt on rent freeze

‘The Sixties' on CNN....

Rio's Solar City Tower being built for the 2016 Olympic Games

Yes, people DO die for lack of insurance

Armstrong stripped of France's Legion of Honor

Breaking: Montana Gets Its First Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit

Eight years home detention sentence for drugging and raping his wife

GOP House Candidate: There's a Gay Plot to Recruit and Sodomize Your Kids

Assault charge against Dallas Cowboys player Henry Melton dropped

Hate growth: How to resolve immigration by far right's form leader Le Pen ( the father of Marine)?

Texas Lawmaker: Obama 'Thinks He's God' And 'Can Change The Weather'

Christian host ‘solves’ deportation: Strap parachutes on 'em and ‘push ‘em out’ of cargo planes

Obama: 80 US Troops in Chad Seeking Abducted Girls

editorial: State must share more of Attica history

EurActive: Rise of National Front tarnishes France's image

A History: Led Zeppelin Stealing Songs, Lyrics, Guitar Riffs, and anything they could get away with!

The Compassion and Humanity of Judge Jones (PA Gay marriage decision - extended excerpt)

US in a 'Eurasia' pickle

Teabaggers aren't racist, right?

You can tell Monopoly is an old game

Jean-Marie Le Pen suggests Ebola as solution to global population explosion.

Pennsylvania Won't Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Case

Most Displaced by East Harlem Explosion Remain Homeless

The phony constitutional case against drones

Breaking, CNN: President sending 80 U.S. troops to Chad to support search for Nigerian schoolgirls

My 5 unwritten rules of videogames...

Pennsylvania Governor refuses to appeal against same-sex marriage

Puyallup explosion linked to marijuana extract

New Teabag/ALEC/Koch-written regulatory overhaul bill in NC eases regs against polluters

FBI chief says anti-marijuana policy hinders the hiring of cyber experts

Billion-dollar medical project helped fund “Putin’s palace” on the Black Sea

Cannes 2014: Maidan review – an unblinking look at Ukraine's history in action

Why Republicans Should Take Rick Santorum Seriously

Papantonio: Gulf Coast Still Poisoned, Drill Baby Drill!

Gov. Cuomo selects former Buffalo-area Rep. Kathy Hochul as running mate

McDonald's closes corporate HQ in Chicago as 2,000 protesters gather

What's the Difference between Bigot and Racist?

This whole VA scandal where executives

Nearly half of unemployed not looking for work, poll finds

Colombia to request re-extradition of former drug lord granted US green card

Food & Water Watch Decries Mega Flour Milling Merger Approved by DOJ-- Strangleholds Wheat Farmers

More than 300 displacement victims forced out of Bogota’s main plaza

Colombian neo-paramilitary close to reaching deal with US authorities

Seattle Seahawks visit the White House

Moment Of Victory: Corbett Won't Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Case In PA

Radio and TV Martí: Jammed in Cuba, Slammed by the U.S. Court of Appeals (but still operating)

Seattle Seahawks visit the White House

Picture of Ellen DeGeneres on invites forces Catholic school principal to apologize, because lesbian

The next big freakout over red state Democrats

New Film Destroys TransCanada’s Sunny Keystone PR Campaign

The Wikileaks vs Greenwald Twitter Fight: Julian Assange Threatens To Reveal Deadly NSA Info

BP to appeal Gulf oil spill payment ruling to U.S. Supreme Court

Pennsylvania sees a run on same-sex marriage licenses

OH SHIT...Elizabeth Warren just praised Obamacare

U.N. nuclear agency says Iran agrees to address bomb probe issues

Biden Loses Control Of Butterfly Knife During Commencement Speech

Louisiana continues the war on reproductive rights

Florida sheriff’s news conference on gun violence interrupted by gunshots

'Tide is Turning' as Oregon Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Ban of GE Crops

Kittens just don't understand the Brady Bunch concept

Trigger Warnings in College Classes?

2016. Hillary Clinton/Jeb Bush.

Backlash to Big Bang Discovery Gathers Steam

No More Impunity! Communities Worldwide Protest 'Gangster Corporation' Chevron

Suggestions needed: Best cleaner for painted plaster walls and painted woodwork.

Fla. judge won't dismiss Bolivia rights lawsuit

Fla. judge won't dismiss Bolivia rights lawsuit

New Marquette Law School Poll Wisconsin Gov--Walker 46% Burke 46%

Domestic Cold War Casualties

American Health Care: a Cuban Fix, A System For the People, By the People

Fort Hood Announces It Will Hold Its First LGBT Pride Event

American Health Care: a Cuban Fix

Man gets 60 days in slapping death of daughter. Doesn't even have to serve them consecutively

Israeli-Arab attitudes toward the state remained stable in 2013, study shows

Denver airport - no in or out

Catholic priest charged in car dispute

Columbia man, among first African American U.S. Marines, receives congressional honor

Ordinary racism @French Foreign Ministry. Ambassador quits post in protest.

Colombian President Santos: 'Waging War Is More Popular than Negotiating'

Record Number of African Americans, Latinos Matriculate (Harvard)

From Jan 2003 - Russian lawyers say Harry Potter character Dobby is based on Putin

Animal Planet

Poll shows race for Wisconsin governor is a dead heat

They’re Moms to Black America

Gov. Cuomo selects former Buffalo-area Rep. Kathy Hochul as running mate

Discussions continue to resolve August Wilson Center's fate

National Review Writer's Horrendous Rape Column Sparks Backlash

African American cemeteries winning new recognition in Va.

Do ,you think creating Discussionist was a great idea?

When it comes to African-American wealth, it’s nickels on the dollar!

Venezuela's efforts to resolve crisis 'total failure': Kerry

Minnesota African American Museum remains in mothballs

Writing Her In: Wikipedia As Feminist Activism

McConnell Proposes Lincoln-Douglas Style Debates

The First African-American Piano Manufacturer

My wonderful day. Starts with cupcakes and ends with Chipotle.

Fewer African Americans playing college baseball

Colombia oil, mining industries push for leaner regulations

Documentary honors Jesse Owens, Archie Williams and other stars of 1936 Olympics

The Vatican’s Real Housewives: 26 Women Petition Pope to Let Priests Marry

Brill, Phil! New York orch names first African-American principal

California woman abducted at 15 found alive after 10 years - police

The first African-American female pilot for the D.C. National Guard always wanted to fly

Letterman on Fracking

Cleveland sweeps Detroit with a walk-off balk in the 13th inning

African American historic sites focus of work in Oregon

Republican Lindsey Graham Attempts To Steal Women’s Rights Without Even a Vote In The Senate

On Racism, Conservatives Fail to Self-police

Young Iranians Arrested For Dancing In 'Happy' Pharrell Video

Starting Grid for the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

New Emory dean to women: "There is no one way to do your life!"

Marker to note Boston’s first African American-owned home

US Sends 80Soldiers to Chad To Locate The Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

How African-American Success Stories Undermine Sympathy for Racial Inequalities

Cuomo picks Paterson to head state Democratic Party

President Obama just signed the proclamation creating Organ Mountains-Desert Peak National Monument!

Candomble and Umbanda Declared Not Religions by Brazilian Judge!

Former assemblyman Stevenson gets 3 years

A Tyson (not named Mike) who more young black males should know

Reince Priebus outraged at treatment of veterans

African beats are back, under new management

6 young Iranians arrested for dancing to "Happy" on video:

Malcolm X Always Spoke Truth to Power, No Matter the Cost

Danville native Wendell Scott to become first African-American in NASCAR's Hall of Fame

MSNBC Names José Díaz-Balart New Host At 10 A.M.

Meet the Black Officer Who Went Undercover as a KKK Member

Seems like some powerful women are running for elections this Fall

Lifting the Veil of Harris & Hirsi Ali

111-year-old is world's oldest man

Elizabeth Warren Leads Progressive Charge

ED SHULTZ: Retiring from radio effective Friday!

Juicy: Former Christie aide says lane closures were political payback

Kevin Swanson, RW radio guy: 'this lesbian thing...'

Cuomo’s daughter lobbies Tkaczyk on farmworkers’ bill

Bette Nesmith Graham

Thom Hartmann says republicans should rot in hell for creating actual death panels

Angelina Jolie's Comments on Working Motherhood Put Gwyneth Paltrow to Shame, & Then Some

Let's update Monopoly

90% of TEPCO workers defied orders, fled Fukushima plant in 2011

I don't always

The moguls of climate change

Police in Russia beat prisoners in handcuffs

Walmart sues photographer's widow over family pictures

Lawyers for Conyers argue to get back on ballot

A Reminder to those who would throw out the DLC bugaboo.

These Are The 5 Democrats Who Will Be On The Benghazi Committee

Kid's reaction to meeting a gay couple for the first time is priceless

I don't always

The errors of Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald

Russia's Worst Year for Human Rights Since USSR Collapse

De Blasio administration continues Bloomberg-era graphic ads about hazards of sugary drinks

Anti-Abortion Super PAC To Spend Millions On Senate Races With Limited Disclosure

OOP's...Wrong Forum...Deleted

Philly suburbs in the news! Prom Night! Ellen! Oh noes!!!!

Russia Today’s Disinformation Campaign: "these are lies falsely presented as news"

De Blasio deputy says city won’t try to top Christie’s tax subsidies

Louie Gohmert: Obama 'Empowering Radical Islamists' Instead Of Protecting Christians

'What the Heck Are You Talking About?' Obama Fires Back at Pro-Russian Nutcase Heckler

Yes, your winter/spring weather HAS been weird. Here's proof:

We Don't Know How Many Americans Are Shot Each Year. This Bill Could Help Us Find Out.

As of 346 PM EDT, Tornado watches in parts of CO and WY

Protesters arrested in pay fight at McDonald's HQ

Kim Stanley Robinson on Libertarians

Walmart on Trial: Workers Seek Justice

At least one American city has sensible gun laws

PROTEST arrests over in LBN

Nothing against you, but

PROTEST arrests over in LBN

N.Y. State Suggests HIV Tests For 13-Year-Olds, Sex Ed In Elementary School

75 Things To Do If Your Menstrual Cup Is Stuck Inside You

Who has the best hand?

Who has the best hand?

What difference does it make what party gun owners

NC State lawmaker claims no taping of public meeting without permission...

adventures in computer hardware failure-land, volume 23

Same-Sex Education in Florida: Hey, Make the Boys Do Jumping Jacks!

Chasing the rainbow: On tax, toothpaste and private bankers

Yes; a real hearing today in Congress on Aliens

Man Hides in Teen's Closet For Five Days; Mom Unaware

Photo: Momma stayed on the eggs as 8,000 scream during a 4 run 9th inning rally!!

Hubby and I just voted in the run off

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 22 May 2014

Chaco Canyon culture is at risk

Liberman: US Has No Right To Tell Israel To Investigate Deaths Of Palestinians

Quite awkward question: 2016 and Hillary.

Bucking Deputies, Pelosi Picks 5 Democrats for Benghazi Panel

Pope Francis Makes Biblical Case For Addressing Climate Change:...

Russia's fury as Charles storm grows: Putin aides demand urgent talks with Foreign Office

White House statement on Adam Smith amendment to close Guantanamo Bay detention facility

24 hours since the gay marriage ban was overturned in PA and I'm still not gay.

Legalizing same sex marriage is still a blue state thing

Care 2: 5 Mama Animals Adopt Babies of Different Species (with videos)

Rachel Maddow's take

U.S. Supreme Court Halts Missouri Execution

Thank you, President Obama

Climate deniers poised to take over North Carolina’s scientific committee on sea level rise