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Archives: May 17, 2014

Obama honors Brown vs. Board of Education

How come no one worries that a CEO is paid too much?

Weekend Economists Cruising the Bounding Wave May 16-18, 2014

Hypocrite Dallas TV host Amy Kushnir Enjoys Her Some Male Strippers... on HER Show

60 years after Brown v. Board, how to stop schools from re-segregating

I get the feeling that Harry Reid or his staffers are reading DU


Five myths about Brown v. Board of Education

Why Segregation Survives 60 Years After Brown v. Board of Education

President to host Brown v. Board families, lawyers

OK, the Dozens of Dipshits Debacle is now in the books, and I can report ...

Swiss mull creation of world's top minimum wage

The feisty MoFo ROARS back! Dad is moving from the ICU tomorrow!!!

Just have to say that Leola Brown (the 93 year old wife of the plaintiff in Brown v Board)

Believe it or not, there are conditions that must apply for a revolution.......

Right's 'Operation American Spring' Calls For Millions to Overthrow Obama (Guess How Many Showed Up)

Geithner’s Other Ad Hominem Attacks on Barofsky

"T" is for "tool"...not tea.

Conservative Media Give Cover For Illegal Sales At Gun Shows

"Buttonwood: One Dollar, One Vote" The Economist

Chris Hayes - stretching 10,000 - I mean 1,000 - I mean 300

New family of recyclable plastics created 'by accident' (BBC)

Handwritten note to QB recruit’s cat nets Rice a verbal

Will is out of town. Having dinner alone. Ask me anything.

Well, this catchphrase needs a new variation ....

Anybody depressed about losing Randi Rhodes Radio show today?

To the cast & crew of Amazing Spider-Man 2 -->>THANK YOU<<--

How do we Move On Forward in the Coming Years?

*Greenwald on Chris Hayes show now.

NCGA Revokes Moral Monday Protesters’ Constitutional Rights

Federal health-care subsidies may be too high or too low for more than 1 million Americans

Idaho GOP debate: Harley Brown on gay marriage


Election coming up -- time to get drunk and fire a torpedo down the street !

NCGA Revokes Moral Monday Protesters’ Constitutional Rights

ERCOT: Texas renewable power grew 12 percent in 2013; state leads the nation in wind energy

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday & a new Kitteh gif!

Argument in favor of a We Don't Serve Your Kind law!

Let's Not Forget Michael Alig Brutally Murdered and Dismembered Angel Melendez, Then Bragged...

With all this attention to today's American Fail...

There are aliens among us (WARNING: Do not drink liquids while viewing)

More people have signed up for Obamacare

"If conservatives don't control the GOP's agenda, then who does?"

Dolphins May Be Leaving Popular U.S. Aquarium

Operation Martian Spring

Nazis formed secret army to overthrow Allies after WWII

Its time for another Kingfish.

American Spring leader said there would be no violence if President Obama stepped down peacefully

Court Limits Mandatory Detention of Immigrants in California

A True Republican

Just heard a shot not far away. This neighbourhood has had two shootings in the last month.

Friday Talking Points (304) -- Brain Damage

Kitten rescue today

3rd try to dedicate Lounge: Nothing's Real But Love (Rebecca FERGUSON)

New Mexico official cries 'tyranny' over federal cattle fence

Oakland hits for the home run cycle against Cleveland

Mrs. Obama Cites View of Growing Segregation.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 17, 2014 -- The Essentials - Paranormal Investigations

UKIP candidate with ‘Nazi inspired’ tattoos appears naked in photos with a cat NSFW ALERT

Pls PRIVATE msg me re- an art project: What, if anything, does this mean to you?

Wash out? More like a Wipe out~

The Worst Argument Ever Made Against Gay Marriage

Operation American Spring Protesters Were Disappointed Today...

"Put my cat on a timed feeder..."

BP can go to hell...

"Biggest dinosaur ever" discovered in Argentina

I have a non Siamese very vocal cat. I look at him and saw "What"? He meows...

Net neutrality foes outspent backers by over three to one – and that's just so far

10 Songs That Can No Longer Be Played At Chris Christie Events

Grumpy cat returns!

'Biggest dinosaur ever' discovered

An Historic Win for Arizona

Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points [304] -- Brain Damage

Bluegrass Poll: Deadheat!

Deaf dog adopted by deaf woman

There is so much cute in this video...

"You must wait five minutes between posts." WTF, Discussionist!!??!?!?! My thoughts are

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 18 - What's On Tonight: Socially Conscious - Zanuck & Kazan

Mayor Rob Ford's Secret Location Revealed: He Was Hiding In Plain Sight (with a slight disguise)

TCM Schedule for Monday May 18 - What's On Tonight: A Tribute to Brooksfilms

Just watching Bill Maher....

I moved back home to take care of my Mother after my Father died.

As of 1215 AM EDT, Fire weather advisories for parts of AK, CA, UT, AZ, CO, NM, TX, and FL

The word "b****" (ryhmes with witch) used in popular media...

Eat $#*! and die, ESPN2!!

Hating the Jew you’ve never met

BTW, can I call it or can I call it?

Scientists discover giant sperm fossilized in bat guano...

Vladimir Putin Has Been Outplayed by Barack Obama

Martifer Solar delivers first grid parity project in Italy to Ikea

I just saw Godzilla and I have a question about it

I Went to the Nutritionists' Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald's.

Oregon... Marriage Equality Ruling Comes Down NOON ON MONDAY!

New update, oh boy, you all are going to hate me

Bill Maher Reads Some 'Conservative Porn' - worth a look-see

So Far Away

season finale of Grimm (may be spoilers)

Colombia and FARC Rebels Agree on Drug Trade Plan

Breaking: Utah Supreme Court Halts Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples

Breaking: Utah Supreme Court Halts Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples

Operation American Spring has taken the first step in its goal to remove Obama from office

Websites Throttle FCC Staffers to Protest Gutting of Net Neutrality

I had no idea Obama's "Orange is the new

What I think Barbara Walters will be known for

Govt guarantees Pretelt’s safety (Uribe election bribe)

Abe Pushes for More Active Japanese Military

So I was offline most of the day. Who replaced Obama as president?

No openly gay CEOs in top 1000 (US) companies

Soon, we'll be fighting for sanctuary and political asylum for India's Muslims.

US judge temporarily halts Guantánamo force-feeding

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Krugman: Points of No Return


What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ May 17th

All The President's Men. Great book and great movie.

Costa Rica waits for US to explain 'Cuban Twitter'

A Time Lapse Collection

Marlins score 2 in 9th to defeat Giants 7-5

N.C. bill would make it a felony to disclose fracking chemicals

Operation American Spring - 35 Top Excuses For What Happened to the 29,999,000

Woman files suit over sex toy law

Utah lawmaker: Bring back firing squad executions

Happy 10th anniversary MA marriage equality!

How To Rescue Chained Dogs and Practice Nonviolence At the Same Time

Fight for 'Alcatraz of Caribbean' in Puerto Rico

When Neil deGrasse Tyson Says 'Evolution' on National TV, Creationists Go Into Full Panic Mode

What I Realized When I Finally Decided to Sign Up for Food Stamps

In MRA-land, women have never been oppressed, but men have been “disenfranchised”

Break the silence: world war is beckoning

GMO 'Terrorists': Russia seeks criminal punishment for bio-tech companies

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahhahahhaha

Loved and Hated: Can Tymoshenko Still Lead Ukraine?

Turkey Mine Disaster: Erdogan Loses His Grip


About that "American Spring" turnout...

For the past 2 1/2 years, I've been on food stamps. I have a lot of good things to say about it.

Civil Servants Circled By Foes: Misunderstood at the Helm of the EU

Victorian Strangeness: The man who fired a torpedo down a High Street

I think I love steroids now.

Bad Banks for Nuclear Plants: Utilities Look to German Taxpayers

As California fires rage, arson suspect arrested

Google Buys Visual Translation App 'Word Lens', Makes It Free for Limited Time

Google Buys Visual Translation App 'Word Lens', Makes It Free for Limited Time

Goose in Ten Toes (things heard wrong)

I Can't Stop Watching This Bizarre Idaho GOP Governor's Debate Video

Privatization Is the Problem, Not the Solution

Postmortem Gentrification of Churchyards

Record Balkan floods claim at least 20 lives

Turkish miner who survived says company to blame

What If U.S. Cities Just Stopped Participating in the War on Drugs?

Republican Heads Explode as Michelle Obama Tells Kansas Grads To Fight Racism and Bigotry

Judges Are Ready for Gay Marriage—Are the People?

Night of the Hunter: Family Values in American Foreign Policy

Can the Pentagon Save Earth from Space Junk?

Obama's strategy of letting Putin hang himself is working

The Privatization Scam: 5 Horror Stories of Gov't Outsourcing to Greedy Private Companies

Boko Haram is pushing their luck. "Chinese camp hit near Boko Haram stronghold"

Loyal to zip-up Godzilla, Japan wary of U.S. remake

Some of my textile art. Hope you like it!

Clinton embraces populist themes in policy speech

The Monumental Places Obama Should Protect Right Now The Cliven Bundys of the world are wrong

Hillary Clinton: What’s happening to the American Dream?

Are black women MIA in the equal pay debate?

What Was Democracy? Democracy was once a comforting fiction. Has it become an uninhabitable one?

Postal Service to dedicate Harvey Milk stamp at the White House this month

NAACP selects Brooks as new president and CEO

How a ‘New Secessionist’ Movement Is Threatening to Worsen School Segregation and Widen Inequalities

Ask Me How Proud I Am Of My Beautiful Daughter.

Bill Maher challenges Republicans: Impeach Obama ‘so he can kick your ass a third time’

New York City cab driver wearing Nazi armband suspended

School bus strike threatens to strand more than 6,000 students

Russian official’s threat to ban Twitter spurs fast backlash.

President Obama:Working When Congress Won’t Act

The 5 Worst College Majors if You Want to Make Money:

Casey Kasem: Children vs. wife re elderly with medical problems

Twitter marks the latest conservative protest flameout with ‘#AmericanSpringExcuses’

Pssssssssssst Pat Foye testified before grand jury yesterday - coming up on Kornacki

Long Island College Hospital Set To Shut Down On May 22

Juan Cole: A Few Reasons India’s New BJP (‘Tea Party’) Government May Not Be So Great for Business

I am beginning to feel that the repukes are on the

State report indicates green policies are working

American Idol: Who do you predict will win?

Greg Hardy turns over 10 guns to cops after arrest

How The NRA Is Repackaging Its Angry, Paranoid Message For Millennials

How The NRA Is Repackaging Its Angry, Paranoid Message For Millennials

When US companies drug test, they wind up hiring more black people

Can Tacoma City Council require background checks for gun sales on city property?

John Doe prosecutors fire back at Club for Growth in court filing

In case you missed it, there is a call out for liberal bloggers.

Owego mayor admits to impaired driving

van with fake weapons causes scare at nashville airport

Man who briefly lost AR-15 rifle takes heat from both sides in gun debate

CPUSA sends protest letter to President Obama on Ukraine

Atrios on our rip-off nation

The Stupid Things That Gun Nuts Do


The floor’s officially open on Net neutrality

Zombie Graphic Warning!

Street to be renamed for Danny Chen, soldier who committed suicide

Breaking: GD Posts About American Spring Exceed Attendance.

Oprah Winfrey Network postpones Michael Sam documentary

Of Course Women Are Getting Sexually Harassed by Drones

Why so little coverage of the 100 year floods in the Balkans - three months' rain in three days

Pre-internet Lolcats (and doggies).

Observation about the American Spring Protest

Watching the "Day 2" live stream of OAS.

Colbert is worried about Karl Rove's brain AND ass

How The Right Talks About Race, Even When They’re Not Talking About Race

Video: New York Cabbie Fights For Right To Wear Nazi Armband - So much fail

Walmart explained, in one picture:

they have a search engine on fauxnuz dot 'american spring'

Venezuela to send oil to Palestinian Authority

Holder warns of 'subtle' threats to racial equality

Another reason TX Gov. Rick Perry should never be president: Efforts to end prison rape stall again

Professor Richard Wolff: Better than Redistributing Income

At&T to buy Direct Tv.

Larry Kudlow Thinks Teachers Make $120,000 Yearly

Needy families hit roadblock to using WIC food vouchers

Maddow: This Week in God, 5.17.14 -- Nebraska GOP Edition

Faux Autism Advocates Go Full On Despicable

Wouldn't it be nice to have a REAL American Spring,

Blogger Arrested For Sneaking In Nursing Home To Photograph GOP Senator's Wife

Shalom Modi: India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right

R.I.P. social conservatism: Why it’s dying — and the coming realignment

The republican war on climate science

PSA for PUA ...

Can soemone please explain what the "American Spring" is?

Sarah Palin Isn't Impressed with the Nigerians Trying to Bring Back Their Girls

High Level Cuba US Meeting Held for Reason Unknown

4 veterans groups won't march in Council Bluffs parade

Two Israeli journalists attacked in West Bank clashes

Beet and tomato salad

"New Obamacare Loophole Shows Failure of For-Profit Health System: Critics"..

All elections are set up by...

Everyone should know just how much the government lied to defend the NSA

My first election prediction of 2014

"I'm so sorry that you've been taught your educational worth is based on one flawed test."

Killer coal finally falls out of fashion

Dental Insurance question

Summer Burgers, Hold the Meat

Well written piece about why conservatism is one conspiracy theory after another.

Tom Wolf's letter to Marcellus Shale Coalition

69 Forbidden Words

At big-ticket dinners, a blunt Bernanke sounds theme of low rates

Right Wing Gun Nuts Manipulate Data, Falsely Claim Hammers and Clubs More Deadly

Bankrolled by broadband donors, house democrat/republican lobby FCC against net neutrality

San Antonio Mayor to Lead H.U.D.

To my grandsons on graduation.

Report: Julian Castro tapped for cabinet post

Guatemala nabs alleged Zetas leader wanted in US

Well she won't answer the phone

Weekend Toons!

Happy Mothers Day video, from a gunnut

Journalist provides account of altercation with GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Dan Patrick

(Iran) IRGC Navy in control of Strait of Hormuz: Cmdr

3fer: Embarrassment/BARNICLE calls NYT an embarrassment. FDR walking. Julian CASTRO to HUD.

Families evacuate Benghazi as renegade Libyan general vows more attacks

What do these cards mean in tarot. Or is it a bad magic curse?????!1


Mountain Bull, legendary Kenyan elephant, found dead

How times have changed...

Best Godzilla EVER!

Racial Dot map of US

Firefox risks irrelevance as mobile browsing booms (news analysis)

Living in Chronic Pain and Seeking Advice

As Utah contemplates bringing back the firing squad, let's remember Joe Hill.

It's so great to have Obama out of office! Thanks, American Spring!

Tell it, Bernie!

Cool weather helps firefighters make gains in Calif. blazes

"Operation American Spring" ... Cool Graphics!

Citizens Rise Up Against Wolfeboro Commissioner

OK, we have to admit, there was a lot of people on the DC National Mall.......

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff...

The Battle for Net Neutrality Isnt Dead

After winning the Kentucky Derby, California Chrome racing today in the Preakness.

Fix Money in Politics with MORE Secrecy?

Venezuela detains dozens of anti-government protesters

Christian Boycott Against Gay Michael Sam Is Ridiculous

U.N. Condemns Violence In Venezuela After Government Breaks Up Protest

Scat's right leg and paw are suddenly all swole up.

Meet Porter. The World's First Driving Dog.

And for your viewing (and listening) pleasure: Placid Domingo and . . . Placido Domingo!

"Water Cannons Turned On Peaceful TTIP Protestors In Brussels As Public Barred From Negotiations"

Go, Pigeon! GO!

Man accused of exploiting Sen. Cochran's ill wife

Need some DU vibes, thoughts and prayers for the new kitten so she doesn't lose her eye...

Krugman: Failure to provide more stimulus is a *CRIME* against American workers

Kim Jong Un rolls listlessly off exercise ball

I have a request

This Is How To Opt-Out Of Google Putting Your Face In Its Adverts..Its Really Simple

Today's game is "Worst Job You've Ever Had."

The plot to use Freddie and Fannie to steal billions from taxpayers.

Research On Gluten Sensitivity Shows That It Probably Doesn't Exist

I Ain't Funding That Sh*t (A Tea Party Parody) - Katie Goodman

Good morning (its morning somewhere)

So let's take a different perspective on the "American Spring uprising"

What if the TeaParty was Black

Mentally ill boy held 2 weeks in emergency room

'Girls Gone Wild' founder Joe Francis arrested on assault charge

What Made America Famous

Breaking the Set: India RW Election Results, FFW Strike, Segregation in PSchools Saving the Cheetah

D'Sousa is going to go to trial...

League of the South puts up 'Secede' billboard on I-85 in Montgomery Al

A Short History of Gay Marriage, Which Turns 10 Today

Protesters angry drunken Ferrari driver got work release sentence

Does Non-Caeliac Gulten Intolerance Actually Exist?

Museum for the Blind. Aviary

Be “Disrupters”

Make War, Not Diplomacy? US continues Syria regime change push

GUESS WHO was caught at A GIANTS GAME!!

In Baghdad, a $1.1M US-funded soccer field turns to dirt

The truth about Jessica Lynch

This CBO Report Is Another Big Win For Obamacare (> 12 million insured thru Obamacare)

Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die

Up to 10 to 30 million people?

US congressmen urge Santos to take action to protect Colombian workers

Shocking revelation from Discussionist:

Poorer Health of Surgery Patients on Medicaid May Alter Law’s Bottom Line

Aboriginal women more likely to suffer violent death, RCMP says

Did I miss something?

Koch Brothers' Secrets Revealed In New Book

Have you seen this bullshit?

Julian Castro - reiterating my prediction, with his new spotlight

Lancetfish washes ashore in Nags Head

The arc of the moral universe

Why are American Health Care Costs so high?

California Chrome takes the Preakness

Could some of us here on DU do better at kicking "Local & International News on Weather Disasters?"


'I'm choosing to take it as a compliment.'

B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Albert Collins & Buddy Guy

Making Sense of Memes: Where They Came From and Why We Keep Clicking Them


2014 Preakness Stakes

"Where there is no math, there is no freedom." - Edward Frenkel

Farage: Romania "frankly isn't civilised"

Bush Family Dog, Miss Beazley, Dies After Lymphoma Battle

An administration committed to civil rights

Wage garnishment question..

Is Dallas Television Host Amy Kushnir The Daughter Of Scamvangelist Robert Tilton?

Cracked: The Top 116 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

60 years ago today-the girl who sparked brown v board of education

60 years ago today-the girl who sparked brown v board of education

Times of Israel reporter feared for his life in attack by Palestinian masked men

Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen doing Aerosmith's "Dream On"

Behold the Moroccan tree-climbing goats! Yes, this picture is real.

hey--US number 1 at something--US ranks ist in terrible treatment of new mothers

hey, US number 1 at something: US ranks ist in terrible treatment of new mothers

Arabs: We Want Democracy - Like Israel

Michael Savage: Brent Bozell is a "bozo", "liar"

"What if the Tea Party was Black" (stolen from GD)

Racism, Sexism and Homophobia get worse when we don't call them out

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Blame Palestinians for Breakdown in Talks

Capitalism and Its Mexican Genocide

More macro fun

Capitalism and Its Mexican Genocide

Super easy way to peel garlic.