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Archives: May 15, 2014

Thom Hartmann: America is No Longer an Entrepreneurial Nation

Thom Hartmann: The Republican Chaos Strategy is Destroying Lives, Part 1

Thom Hartmann: The Republican Chaos Strategy is Destroying Lives, Part 2

How the Right Wing Is Killing Women

Senate confirms first Native woman federal judge

Blanco stellar at plate

media update: Dramatic Rise In Sea Level Was Ignored On CNN

World Bank report: 700 million women are abused physically or sexually by partners

Police: NC couple knew their six sons sexually abused a girl for nearly a decade

"Gov. Brown signs bill to shed light on political 'dark money'"

ANTIWAR.COM targeted for investigation, website hacked today

I took the plunge...

Turkey coal mine explosion: Death toll hits 274, making Soma disaster the worst of its kind...

Operation American Spring promises to drive Obama from office this Friday

$85 Billion Corp Tax Cut Bill Up For Vote This Wk, Dems not Fighting to Tie to UEC Extension? Why?

Six fires in San Diego north county today.

Okay, I've decided to wade in (at the risk of causing another war)

prediction - people who pointed weapons at lawful government agents during the bundy show

Former ICC prosecutor says Palestinians can join court

Okay...I found the Wierd News (Group)

Trouble at the Richmond VA Homeschool prom - Girl asked to leave because Dads were ogling her

On the lighter side....

2 years later, US-Colombia trade deal holds bitter lessons for some

How many died in embassy attacks under Bush II?

As Park Service Culls Deer in Washington, It Helps Charities Fill Bellies.

Mike Malloy - Devastation Of Climate Change Increasing - Part 1

Mike Malloy - Devastation Of Climate Change Increasing - Part 2

Poor Kentucky has no stomach for Obama

Environmental conditions may impact bird migration

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night! Brain Damage (Control)

Who else here is having a ball on "The Discussionist?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 15 May 2014

National Republicans could redirect money from GOP Rep. Michael Grimm to upstate races, reports say

Also having trouble getting to DU.

The only Confederate flag that mattered:

Guess I'll stay up long enough to see the end of the hockey season...

The man to beat Issa

*Anyone hear 'Run Ted Run' ad during Rachel show just now?

The magical night sky over snowy Foppolo, Italy

Mystery Pooper Apprehended

GOP Congressman Wants To Block Elon Musk From Competing In Space

Interesting idea: mobile gardens in discarded shopping carts...

Japan economy grows 5.9 percent in 1st quarter

Brit Hume & George Will are Threatened by Powerful #BringBackOurGirls When Used by FLOTUS

Leonard BERNSTEIN said that TCHAIKOVSKI was #1 most MELODIC evah.

Montreal as the sole Canadian team in the playoffs

Florida Gives Green Light to New Turkey Point Reactors

AP: List of some of history's worst mine disasters

Solar Roads

(NE) Sasse is Senate front-runner, but Domina promises to be 'all over the state'

Reid Backs Efforts to Unravel 9-11 AUMF - instrument of the unbridled WH 'War(s) on Terror'

Wendy Davis for Texas.

Wendy Davis for Texas.

A request for two very good friends

How extreme isolation warps the mind

I give you the DU Doomsday Device

I'm going to peek into "Discussionist" (SKINNER's Folly) now & report back n/t

*Lawrence O'D status will be discussed on his show

Still Tinkering by Linda Greenhouse

Venezuela National Guard arrest over 105 protesters in new crackdown. 11 of them are minors

Harper Poll: Wolf 50%, McCord 15%, Schwartz 15%

Brava! Functional Human Being~

Parent tells why she is opting-out her son with brain damage from testing.

Baby elephant learns to use her trunk

I had a black Manx cat that alerted me to car thief's. She growled in the middle of the night...

Italy's Alitalia scraps Venezuela flights over currency dispute: sources

Microsoft sticks to vow, leaves XP exposed to ongoing attacks

This is even better than Visine!

Hi Skinner -- Very hard to get on DU

I can access DU at the most once a day.

Michigan Couple Upset After Police Kill Dog In Their Own Yard

Before I forget, thanks for passing the catnip...

*Glenn Greenwald on Charlie Rose tonight.

Operation Spring Bullshit. At what point do the cross into treason and sedetionist acts?

The New York Times Just Fired One Successful Editor



Rick Scott and Cabinet approve unpopular power lines and nuclear plant

Why even visit Dicussionist if it bothers you. It's like scratching a scab. Irritation.

Yessss!! "Breaking Bad" Spinoff

UW Entomologists Discover Mummy-Making Wasps in Ecuador

Update on the situation in Nigeria

Water extraction for human use boosts California quakes

911 Fails: North Carolina Woman Calls 911 After Flatizza Was Made Wrong

No, Sanctions Didn't Force Iran to Make a Deal

Bill O’Reilly: I’m exempt from white privilege because I worked and can’t tan

Prayers before battle

San Diego: Major fires burn homes, force evacuations

Sasquatch mask returned to British Columbia First Nation

As of 1146 PM EDT, Heat Advisories for parts of southern CA

Gov. Rick Perry asks to enter grand jury courtroom through back door

Updated progress on my garden, 2014 - pictures at the your garden pics!

Manchin (Asshole - WV) "There Are Deniers On Both Sides" Of Climate "Debate"

The Continued Fraudulent Prosecution Of Leonard Peltier

Blondie on Daily Show. What was with the sign?

My cats being...well, cats! (and my dog Buddy a bit confused about his bed mates)

Native Residents Stunned As Kuskokwim Breakup Moves Backwards; Elders Have Never Seen This Before


Rubio Retreats, Hedges, Flips On Climate Remarks As Buck-Buck Chickens Come Home To Roost

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 15, 2014 -- Hypochondriacs

Who is more credible?

More Outstanding Conservative Leadership! Abbot To Cut Renewable Agency Funding 97% By 2015

About the Georgia Senate Primary (Republican) runoff

There's nothing more refreshing on a warm evening than a nice cold glass of pickle juice!

Which Part of a Woman is 23% less than a Man?

All I Need - Radiohead In the Basement

"The Politics of Income Inequality"

NC Officials Unhappy W. Coal Ash Storage Site - Maybe They Should Talk To Their Governor

WV Mine Spills Sulfuric Acid, Caustic Same Day; DEP - We Don't Know How Much, But Everything's A-OK!

I'll teach you to toot your horn at me...

Recovery Under Way! California GHG Emissions Up 2% YOY In 2012!

ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment is live now:

Sneak Preview of FFRF’s new Ron Reagan TV commercial!

My neighbors had a fully loaded cement truck perform a pour at 4:57 AM this morning...

You be the judge. Democrat or someone possibly posing as one

A Washington State Health Insurer Plans to Cut Rates in 2015

Editorial: Playing politics with women's reproductive health

PHOTOS: Missouri’s ‘Women’s Filibuster’ Against Anti-Choice Bills Is Still Going Strong


Failure to inspect high-risk oil, gas wells: Policies result of ‘outdated science’

#&%^! The monkeys are back.

U.S. Companies Get Hurt By Sanctions Targeting Russia

Did Jesus have a Wife?

Russia Has Strong Suspicions of US Mercenary Activity in Ukraine – Lavrov

‘Prosecution deceived me’: key witness against Uribe brother refuses to testify

A note on white privilege--my experience

Bernie running for the democratic nomination is about the debate. It's that simple

Owner of bankrupt Mexico airline seeking US asylum

Judge's Decision released on Idaho Marriage Ban Overturn

Smithsonian To Fly Drones At 'Future' Festival

Ignoring a Solution to Chronic Drug Shortages--government manufacturing

The hero cat's little buddy and his mom will be on NBC's Today show this AM.

Chomsky: On the Edge

5 Reasons the War on Drugs Is a Costly Economic Disaster

Pussy Riot Members Visit Jailed Occupy Activist Cecily McMillan

Latest Right-Wing Propaganda Ploy: Biggest Bullies of the Christian Right Pretend They're Oppressed

Watch a Morning Show Host Lose Her Shit Over the Michael Sam Kiss

7 Mindblowing Economic Trends You Need to Know About

4-Way Tie for Most Atrocious Right-Winger of the Moment

Ugh. More rain...

Guatemala police chief faces Geneva court

Bread for Astarte

So Apparently It's Legal for Seven-Year-Olds (!) to Work On Tobacco Farms

Good Man's Croft

El Salvador mulls freeing 17 women jailed for abortion crimes

El Salvador mulls freeing 17 women jailed for abortion crimes

15 crew indicted over SKorean ferry disaster

The Neediest Americans Are Getting The Least Government Assistance


Kelly: Trailblazing transgender professor at UNO retiring after 38 years of inspiring students

Host of fires clear San Diego-area neighborhoods

10,000 gallons of oil spill on Los Angeles streets

We need more war, but Obama has failed us.

The Common Sense Tax

Obama To Ask Congress For Cash For Roads, Bridges

Karl Rove May Be Evil, but He’s No Genius

White House: It's Time to Rebuild America

British Medical Journal's statin articles to be investigated (about side effects)

Here Is a Collection of Twitter Trolls Teaching Photoshop to Ann Coulter

The rethugs are bringing everything they have in their bag of tricks to keep Hillary

The rise of Europe's far right will only be halted by a populism of the left

Exclusive - Egypt's Sisi asks for U.S. help in fighting terrorism

Sudan woman faces death for apostasy

Thank you, women of Missouri, for participating in the filibuster!

A Do Nothing Congress has permitted over 60 School Shootings since Sandy Hook

Yesterday we completed the first state in our TransAm bike ride - Farewell Virginia! On to Kentucky!

Ukraine Government revives Odessa Oblast LNG terminal project

US Will Sell Iraq $1 Billion In Warplanes, Armored Vehicles, And Surveillance Equipment

Philippines Offer US A Nearby Naval Base Amid Chinese Moves

Just heard hero cat's humans will be on CNN this hour

Maps of Access to Abortion by State

Visa, MasterCard Better Off Quitting Russia, Morgan Stanley Says

MAP: Every Country's Highest Valued Export

Anyone else notice that the new motherboards don't beep on P.O.S.T.?

Concentrated Essence Of Duh From The WV Gazette - "Stalling On Mine Safety Kills Workers"

Carlsbad CA Police Captain On San Diego County Forest Fires: "This Is May. This Is Unbelievable"

Does Gilead Know Someone in the CDC?

Rush Limbaugh won author-of-the year award for Children's Book? WTF?

Oscar, The Startup That's Trying To Shake Up Healthcare, Just Raised $80 Million

William J. Coughlin, who led small North Carolina newspaper to a Pulitzer, dies at 91

Cool debate on Catholic social teaching

Good story in GD

Morford: "Your Grandchildren Just Texted From A Not-So-Distant Future; 'Fuck You, And Thanks A Lot'

Americans Say Yes To Gay Athletes ... Until They Kiss

The “Guns Everywhere Law” Keeps Us Safe Nowhere

America forgot about bikes. Now it needs them more than ever.

Kennedy vows U.S. help to Japan for Fukushima nuclear clean-up

Air Force Spending $60 Million for SpaceX U.S. Launches

Endo to Pay Executive’s $60 Million Tax Bill in Move

Measles Vaccine Attacks Cancer in Landmark Study (multiple myeloma)

40" Samsung HDTV LED 3D

Turkey mine disaster: unions launch national strike – live updates

Transcript: Briefing by Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin and Head of the Federal Space Agency Ostapenko

Elusive Muscovite with three names takes control of Ukraine rebels

Comcast: Usage-Based Billing for All Customers Within 5 Years; 'We're Also Allowed to Do Fast Lanes'

Discussionist: Is it DU's New Coke or Crystal Pepsi?

Catholic Church forces woman to leave job after gay marriage is revealed

Juan Cole: Donald Sterling’s Illiberal Zionism Part of Racism Controversy with Magic Johnson

I'm not much of one to use dirty tricks

Greenpeace brings its energy (r)evolution to the U.S.

Ukraine civil war fears mount as volunteer units take up arms.

DUers in Arlington -South DFW - garage sale 5/16 - 5/17

Moderates: Who Are They, and What Do They Want?

5/13 Drought Monitor; D3-4 From S. Texas To Nebraska; Entire State Of California D2 Or Much Worse

Why do I feel that if 10,000 people show up for the American Spring inanity,

Vintage 42 Drawer Apothecary Cabinet - Unique Shabby Chic - $150 (Mansfield)

A True Tough Guy: The Mafia, Gays, and Michael Sam’s Boyfriend

Hundreds of activists plan rally outside FCC building in D.C. to 'Save the Internet,' ...

A victory in the fight to preserve an historic union (UMW) site, Blair Mountain!

The unceremonial rise of Dean Baquet

Extremists attack town of abducted schoolgirls

"Shared Sacrifice"

Blair Mountain saved from destruction!

So Hubby attends the big company meeting

Why don’t we know how many people are shot each year in America? (Politics, that's why)

Obama calls for a rise in spending

Richard Wolff: Why Is US Middle Class No Longer Richest?

Love "the internets" this is the woman who stormed off the Dallas TV show over Michael Sam's kiss

Thorium: the wonder fuel that wasn't

FCC and Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know Before Today's Big Meeting

Michael Hayden: "We kill people based on metadata"

Three words Protestants don’t understand (spoiler: the first is “Protestant”)

oh shit I almost forgot. today is Obama's last day in office

Maybe they were just training to run for Governor?

The Recent Increase in Student Loan Debt has been Irrationally Epic

It seems like DU jury members are allowing any and all alerted posts to be left alone, as posts

Moderates Vote. Moderates Decide Many Elections. Talk to Them

The Rebranding of The Clintons

Alleged 'rapist list' being passed out at Columbia U.

Thom Hartmann: American Democracy no Longer Works

Audit questions purchase of Tampa Mayor Buckhorn’s SUV with fed. funds. (2012 republican convention)

Petition aims to raise Nebraska's hourly minimum wage to $9 by 2016

Wife of Judge that Killed Walker Investigation is a Frequent Walker Contributor

Revealed: Sprint challenged NSA in 2009

US: Child Workers in Danger on Tobacco Farms

White Feminist Privilege in Organizations

"We Kill People Based on Metadata."

Harry Reid Backs Constitutional Amendment To Roll Back Campaign Finance Decisions

Fast food workers strike for higher wages

Exposed By A Plucky Band Of Billionaires And Oil Companies,

Picture of Million Moron March tomorrow, because that is the way morons do sedition:

Dolly Parton comments about her LGBT fans:

Falling hard and fast

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Brain Damage

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Breaking the Ice

Gender gap splits Democrats

Headsup, all past & present co-hosts TOGETHER on The View today. Joy's joke:

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

VICE on HBO Extended: Terrorist Rehab School

Yes, Govenor Christie, the whole world stood with us after the 9/11 attack

The 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Ed in the Shadow of 'School Choice'

Why weren't bush and cheney at the...

Tennis Emporium - Rome

Anyone here familiar with Boston, esp South Boston?

Kesselring reactor gets funds to remain open this year

The 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Ed in the Shadow of 'School Choice'

Ever been to Argentina ?

Boring day in clinic. Ask me anything.

Did the RNC Just Set the Table for Rand Paul?

Pic Of The Moment: Preparations Begin As "Operation American Spring" Organizers Expect 10 Million

Seems To Me We Can Solve A Lot Of The V.A. Problems If We Stopped Sending Our Troops.....

Cuomo issues state of emergency after Finger Lakes flooding

Watching the 9/11 Memorial Museum opening

Refunds for toe shoes owners after maker settles false advertising suit

Iran’s Drone War in Syria

Ted Mitchell, Leader in Privatization Movement, Confirmed as Undersecretary of Education

Fast-food workers protest pay in NYC, around globe

Ball reneges on invitation to teen whale-legislation-plagiarism victim

31-Year-Old High School Sophomore Arrested in Texas

Sanders sends FCC 19K comments protesting ‘fast lane’ plan

AP: Iowa couple report finding marijuana in their cheeseburgers

Tyrion's Speech (Alternate Ending)

Human fossils hint at new species

FCC approves plan to allow for paid priority on Internet

Well, it was a nice Internet while it lasted...

FCC approves plan to consider paid priority on Internet (updated headline)

Fewest Americans in 7 years seek unemployment aid

Aaron Hernandez indicted in connection with 2012 double murder

Windows 8.1 touch screen basics, for complete newbs like me

Purity Balls: Daddy Is My Boyfriend!

Fast food workers go on strike nationwide to protest lack of a decent wage

Zero tea party candidates are ahead in next Tuesday’s big primaries. Zero.

How with the Tea Party...and DU...react to "Madame Secretary"?

Ukrainian government intends to recognize Crimea free economic zone

Aaron Hernandez indicted, accused of killing two men in 2012

Ukraine crisis spurs East Mediterranean gas hopes

New Yorkers Willing To Pay Higher Taxes For Better Roads, Bridges: Poll

U.S. Stocks Slide Amid Small-Cap Selloff; Treasuries Rise

Skinner needs a hug, CenturyLink being obstreperous

"Everyday" objects tell the heartbreak of 9/11: Mayor de Blasio

New Jersey Leads U.S. With Most Loans in Foreclosure

AP: Iowa City marijuana-themed sub shop closes

The Harvard Study on Neonicotinoids and CCD

i think this might be one of my fans.

Photos of an NSA “upgrade” factory show Cisco router getting implant

Confidence Among U.S. Homebuilders Falls to Lowest in a Year

The Brooklyn Nets: Gentrification's Team

Labs Are Told to Start Including a Neglected Variable: Females

Teen wearing headphones struck, killed by freight train in Fort Worth

CNN's crazy gal Cupp claims the democrats have no one to run in 2016 if Hillary stays out of race

Industrial Production in the U.S. Unexpectedly Fell in April

Suspicious Virus Makes Rare Cross-Kingdom Leap From Plants to Honeybees

Schumer seeks EPA guidance on toxic algae potential in lakes, ponds

Wendy Davis goes coast to coast in search of campaign cash in Texas governor’s race

Randi Rhodes last day on the air is TOMORROW!! 5-16-2014

I wonder why this "American Spring" supporter has so many photos of boxcars, security, etc?

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Inside Details of Trade Talks

In watching the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial Mususeum

5 things to know about "Operation American Spring" tomorrow...

Magic Johnson: Donald Sterling won’t harm black-Jewish relations

Teabagger openly advocates sedition...

CEO of Sriracha-Maker Huy Fong Foods Compares California to Communist Vietnam

Coulter: Michelle Obama's Next Hashtag Should Be 'I'm Married To An Idiot'

Christie's 9/11 Tribute Almost Included The Song 'Bridge Over Trouble Water'

50 Things the Working Poor Never Say

Rove Now Says Hillary's 'Traumatic Brain Episode' Is 'Minor' Issue

FCC votes to start formal consideration of net neutrality proposal

Ukraine Pushes On With Offensive as Russia Warns on Vote

This weekend in Michigan...

School Segregation Rises as Brown Ruling 60th Anniversary Nears

Biographer Insists Reagan Left Office 'As Sharp As The Day He Went In'

All of Calif. in severe drought for 1st time this century

Karl Rove condemns questions about McCain's age (2008)

Oh Lord Rudy!

Has the right wing lost its marbles?

Breaking: Despite Protests & Citizen's Action: "FCC Votes to Advances Rules to Kill 'Open Internet'"

GOP: We'll move immigration reform if we take back Senate

White House may not cooperate with Benghazi select panel

U.S. releases 10 Pakistanis from Afghanistan's Bagram prison

Putin Emboldened on Instability Arc by EU Defense Divide

Warren Buffett has given 1.2 billion dollars to pro-choice groups

GOP lawmakers urge FCC to ditch effort to regulate Internet

2 years in, another good mammogram.

President Obama speaks during the dedication ceremony of the National September 11 Memorial Museum

Media called her “brusque” & “polarizing.” But to young women at the NYT, Abramson was everything

But but but but but BENGHAAAZI

Pat Robertson Advises Christian Woman Not To Be An 'Enabler' By Accepting Lesbian Niece

‘Libtard’-hating ex-police chief is back with profane video rant and reality TV show deal

The Indian Election of 2014 (informed ramblings)

How to establish NFL cred.

Five new clips of Godzilla (opening tomorrow):

A dynamic net energy analysis of renewable electricity generation firmed by energy storage

Chris Christie update: Former top aide says guv’s lying about Bridgegate

Wal-Mart is hurting for shoppers

if you use the nix software collection

Comcast plans data limits for all customers

Sorry America, Ukraine isn’t all about you | PandoDaily

Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women

Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible. Here’s Where We Start

"Long-time top consultant" to Eric Cantor "intends to bankrupt the Republican Party of Virginia?"

The Curse of Nolan Ryan strikes again

Victims of sex conversion therapy share painful stories with state senators

Wild and Woolly, An Elephant and his Sheep (Full documentary)

The False Populists Hijacking The Economic Inequality Debate - Zoe Carpenter Discusses

The old "disincentive" canard.

Some visual fun for Solly Mack

Kansas Girl Takes the Wheel in Emergency.

Central Hudson, NY Public Service Commission file lawsuits over capacity zone

Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible. Here’s Where We Start

Pat Robertson: ‘Love’ Your Lesbian Family Member By Refusing To Accept Her

FCC Chairman Wheeler Says He Supports Net Neutrality, Then Votes To Destroy It

Despite the arguments, poll says most people support $15 minimum wage in Seattle

A couple Koterba toons


This one says it all (The Smarmy Coultergeist)

Humor-Impairment: Is There A Cure?

GM recalls 3 million: Brakes, lights, wipers, steering

FWIW, my problems with centurylink are less severe when I use IE

Harrison Ford Offered Role in ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

It’s time for Albany to supersize wages

NASA Asked How to Keep Space Station Going Without Russia

Israel can't erase the Nakba from history

Can't create an account on Discussionist

'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash Joining Fox News?

Soyuz Space Capsule Returns Astronauts Safely To Earth

Marco Rubio: Obama Not 'Meterologist,' Can't Name Climate Denial Source

Another One: Idaho Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down

Pipeline faces delay as feds seek more data

Guantánamo hunger strikers accuse US of manipulating force-feeding data

A straight white male totally cut me off in traffic this morning.

Playground honors Sandy Hook hero

New Health Cost Controls Get Go-Ahead From Feds

President Barack Obama 9/11 Memorial Museum Speech

Sulzberger speaks on pay-gap flap

Why we should give free money to the poor

US factory output retreats after 2 strong months

Welcome to Hobbitland USA

FitzPatrick nuclear plant put off repairs, now plagued by water leaks

Interesting article re: charter vs public school (Newark/Wilmington, DE)

Department Of Agriculture Buying Unknown Amount Of Submachine Guns And High-Capacity Magazines

Stocks drop on mixed economic news; Wal-Mart falls

from Robert Reich

Top 10 Reasons American Spring is a Bust

Lime shortage attracting Mexican drug cartels.

Putin: Ukraine Will Have to Pay In Advance For Russian Gas

Neil Patrick Harris Was Originally CBS' First Choice To Replace Letterman Over Colbert

Czech Republic: 84 % say coexistence between Roma and others is "bad"

World War II as you've NEVER seen it before!Light-hearted photos of nude British and Allied soldiers

Pregnant woman sentenced to death for marrying Christian

Catholic church fires woman who feeds homeless over same-sex marriage

How much money Ralston Arena lost in its first year (Bill O'Reilly event lost $$$)

Michigan Senate OKs minimum wage hike to $9.20, killing petition drive

Too funny not to share

Mike Pence announces Medicaid expansion

NSA: They track you in the air...

Turkish families bury miners as toll rises to 283

More Christ Christie news and it ain't good

Guys, would you go out with a girl 6 feet 8?

2014: 16 rulings, 16 WINS!

South is wrong on 'state's rights'

Official: 225 homes destroyed in Texas wildfire

WARNING: Operation American Spring Commencing. DO NOT RESIST

Judge Piazza: There, I fixed it! Same sex marriage is a go (again) in Arkansas

Obama at 9/11 museum: Terrorism can't break us

Judge Strikes All Arkansas Bans On Gay Marriage

RNC 2016 nightmares begin as Allen West says he's considering running for POTUS

Why Bother To Spend A Dime On Infrastructure When You Plan To Sell It.

(Must get this off chest).... Unless Obama walks his talk on Net Neutrality, he is a Phony

Ex-Navy chaplain tells transgender girl: ‘Man up’ or get a ‘spanking’ and an exorcism

White House press secretary statement on net neutrality (updated)

Judge Upholds DC Gun Registration Requirements

Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women

High School Student, Teacher Applying For Same Summer Waitressing Job ~ The Onion

CIA Seeks Time on Response to Interrogation Report

What's for Dinner ~Thursday ~ May 15th

You might be a sexist if...

Judge In Detroit Bankruptcy Case Won't Give Creditors Hands-On Access To Rare, Valuable Art

Pregnant Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy

The Final Nail In The Coffin Of The Vaccine Causes Autism Myth

Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women - MotherJones

I think I found a new desktop background

Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women - MotherJones

U.S. Threatens To ‘Bleed’ Russia If It Disrupts Ukraine Vote

Trottenberg affirms commitment to public toilets

Obama admin rebuked Norway over "Fawning" Nobel peace prize

Kazakhstan: Atheist Faces Seven Years for Stoking Religious Tension

De Blasio: New Asphalt Plant Will Aid Pothole Blitz

Study: Antidepressant may cut Alzheimer's protein

9/11 ceremony scraps 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' song after Christie

W's statement on not going to the 9/11 Museum ceremony

Putin’s ‘New Russia’ Takes Shape In Eastern Ukraine

Religious Leaders Pressure Obama To Improve Access To Safe Abortion Around The World

Meet the Doctor Who Went to Jail to Save North Carolina Lives

A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink

Italian Catholic Bishop: More Dialogue Needed Around Homosexuality

Vatican says no movement (yet) on sainthood for Oscar Romero

Sony Develops Edward Snowden Movie With James Bond Producers

Whatever happened to David Addington?

So is the GOP going to win in November by portraying themselves as saviors of a free/open Internet?

Bill O'Reilly denies that white privilege exists in America

Sunken body clue to American origins (BBC)

2014-2015 Network Schedules

The quest to save the Hollywood bison (BBC)

How much longer? by Ricardo Alarcón (former President of the Cuban Assembly)

Jury Deliberations Under Way For Alleged Terrorist Mustafa Kamel Mustafa

This made me laugh out loud because of the cat vs. dog story

Arkansas same-sex marriages to resume after judge strikes down secondary ban

Students Find $40,000 Hidden in $20 Couch. Return it.

The Future of the Internet is Being Decided Right Now. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Workers Take to Streets to Calm Tense Ukrainian City

LOL!!! Idaho GOP Gubernatorial Debate Was Total Chaos: A cowboy, curmudgeon, biker, or normal guy...

Issa Pushes Forward With His Own Benghazi Investigation

100% of California in severe to exceptional drought

Minnesota set to approve use of medical marijuana

Follow-up on the heroic cat story, from the Bakersfield paper.

Christina Bianca - Divas

Randi Rhodes:If the democrats don't get out the vote in 2014

What country just sold $100 bil in US Treasuries & why is Fed covering it up?

Over on your other site all topics are allowed.

What Michael Sam's Kiss Means For The Most Invisible: Black AND Gay

TV Host Explains Why She Stormed Off Set Over Michael Sam's Kiss

Can anyone recommend a camera to do time lapse video and feed live to the web?

O'Malley signs transgender rights bill

Man wearing bullet-proof vest asked his friend to shoot him. She complied.

she's not heavy - she's my sister

Medical marijuana bill up for NYS Senate committee vote at high noon on Tuesday

Not Lovin' it - Ed Shultz on the fast food workers walk out and protest

©2013 Jason Conger for U.S. Senate IS HARRASSING people in oregon

Ohio Governors polling from PPP

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Opposes Obama Court Pick

this guy couldn't be bothered to travel across the country to dedicate 911 museum

MCCLATCHY: Bill to curb NSA spying looks like change, but isn’t really

I'm awake. Sorta. (UPDATED by Me!! ) :)

Buildings Dept.: Greenwich Village Building With Buckled Facade Has Past Violations

Man wearing bullet-proof vest asked his friend to shoot him. Guess what happened next?

Ben Carson Moves Toward Presidential Run

Note: Neo-Fascist Runs Ukrainian "Security and Defense"

One Spark

Jobbik MEP accused of working for Russia

Ezra Klein is wrong

Greatest D.U. Posts of All Time

Only half of young Obama voters are prepared to vote for Democrats

THE DARK KNIGHT actually had a happier ending than RISES

Town's White Police Official Calls Obama N-word

Jay Nixon calls Missouri abortion bill ‘extreme’

Russian Space Program Gets $52Bln Boost

'Friends Of Syria' Vow To Boost Aid To Opposition Rebels

New NKorea Warships Seen In Satellite Images


Republicans Create Circus Within A Circus, or, "Issa Has A Hissyfit."

It Sails through Congress...How to Take from Poor & Keep Giving to The Corp Rich

President Obama on the 2014 Indian Election (A Triumph for Democracy)

Anyone ever use old CDs hanging from a string to keep chickens out of

9/11 Ceremony scraps 'Bridge' song after Christie

So who didn't see a Russian Space Station response coming?

Papantonio: The New Corporate Tax Cheat Scam

Ken Ham vs. Pat Robertson to the Death! Debate On Young Earth Creationism

Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones - Mannish Boy - Live At Checkerboard Lounge

Dr. Rove's Brain Clinic

the space between | From Russia with love, math and spirituality

Neglected Bird Pops Out of Box To Meet Rescuer and Begs for a Snuggle

Senate Republicans Filibuster Tax Breaks They Want

10 to 30 million Teapublicans. Sure 'gonna be something............

Will Lewinsky and Palin co-host a talk show

Breaking: Idaho gay marriage ruling stayed by appeals court


Al Franken Blasts Net Neutrality Vote, Warning It Could Hand Corporations the Internet

Goin' Out in STYLE! :)

Progressive House Members Stand In Solidarity With Striking Fast Food Workers

Ever had an "Aw, crap" moment. I just did.

San Diego County Wild Fires, Arson Supect detained (SUSPECT RELEASED)

Remember to always check your brakes after having your car serviced

"Kidnapped Girls Become Tools of US Imperial Policy in Africa"--Glenn Ford.."Black Agenda Report"

Stepien told Christie about the GWB traffic plans on Dec 12 - on Rev Al now

King: Cuomo, lawmakers should learn from year one of pre-K

Senior Bishop Nunzio Galantino Urges Italian Church To Consider Homosexuality Without 'Any Taboo'

Cluelss forgetful uncle needs help getting back on his niece's goodside. Need womanly advice.

Not only in USA: Just like Rove, RW tactics against black French Justice Taubira

The shrinking of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

New Rochelle Parents On Alert Following ‘Disturbing’ Letter Sent To Family

U.S. Beekeepers Lost 23% of Colonies Last Winter; Scientists Recommend Treating Bees for Varroa Mite

Fun Tread: The best anti-KKKarl hashtag.

911 Text Technology Coming By Year’s End Under Federal Statute

Political Lesson #3.

OK DUers - 9/11 ceremony scraps 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' song scheduled after Christie

For some reason, the RNC thinks I'm one of them, and look at what they want to know LOL!!!

Super buses that will glide over traffic...


Five new clips of Godzilla (opening tomorrow):

Chattanooga has the only taxpaper public internet...

"Milan Lucic and the worst tradition in hockey"

Detroit teacher who used broomstick to break up fight gets job back

New Rule:

! As Moral Monday starts up again in NC, General Assembly passes rules governing public access

Does putting links to DU posts in jury comments cause problems?

Correlation does not equal causation

Let's Be Accurate: The MMR Vaccine is Not Associated With Autism. But Neonatal Hep B in Males...

Dutch Girl Band Tries to Sing While Having Orgasms

Have you noticed how mainstream media always frames the problems ..

Getting a new foster mom and litter this weekend

The Flash extended trailer - looks really good

Why not strike?

Wow, I'm having to resort to explaining Due Process of Law to some of these people...



Blondie celebrated 40 years on the Daily Show!

Reid Remarks On Constitutional Amendment To Stop Koch Bros' efforts To Buy Our Democracy

...Now Let's Talk About Net Neutrality.

Is it crazy enough out there for you yet?

First 'heavy mouse' leads to first lab-grown tissue mapped from atomic life

Saving the Feynman van

Global Warming for the Masses...

Will Elizabeth Warren run?

Blisters, cracked ribs as world’s longest hockey game concludes (248 consecutive hours!!)

Papantonio: U.S. Chamber Buying State AG's

New Benghazi Investigation Spooks GOP Leaders

Excellent Debate on FCC Decision from Democracy with Background and Pro & Con/Net Neutrality