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Archives: May 13, 2014

AEI Launches Offensive Against Financial Stability Oversight Council

Need Link To Stage 2 Starting Order

Updated with Video! Doggy gets upset over his new haircut, walks around on hind legs like a boss.

Wolf OR7 may have found a mate

THey're devouring Rubio on his climate change madness

FCC revising Internet rules after public backlash

West Antarctic Ice Sheet's Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning

What is the actual "history" of the "Black Mass"?

Texas lawmakers tour Sriracha plant in bid for relocation

Mother's Day gay hating mom gets Slushee poured on her in front of news cameras.

OMG Ann Coulter gives us Christmas in May. We could have alot of fun with this one...

Where are all the people displaced by rising seas to go?

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Marco Rubio For Embarrassing The Nation

Plans being hatched to block school lunch changes

Central Hudson takes FERC to court on power cost

Just realized Red from Orange is the New Black is Capt Janeway.

City Council Members Call for Leniency for Occupy Wall Street Protester

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Another Mother’s Day & a new Kitteh gif!

NYC: Airport Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Join Union

NO, NO, NO NO, NO.......DAMN!!!!!!

De Blasio Reserving Judgment on NYPD’s Muslim Informant-Seeking Program

Limbaugh says that Liberals wont call Boko Haram a terrorist he's high again

Some of my options, want to share!

A day in which our believers stood in solidarity cheering suppression of religion and

Vertical Integration: Hospital Ownership Of Physician Practices Is Associated With Higher Prices

Silver-haired group taking their agenda to Texas Legislature

Golden fried chicken, anyone? Yum! Wait, what?

"MM&A Railway faces charges in Lac-Mégantic disaster" - Crown says 47 counts of criminal negligence

Turkey to pay record compensation to Greek Cypriots: ECHR

Letter From Summersville Hospital

It's my birthday and I celebrated 4 nights in a row. I'm exhausted.

Which foods that are most often purchased do you make regularly yourself?

Repugs are not going to be happy until . . .

Mike Huckabee: Impeach judge who struck down same-sex marriage ban

Drinker of the House Boner tells desperate lie to avoid answering question about Benghazi fundraisin

First Lady Extends Mother's Day for Military Moms

Sterling shoots off his other foot. Wife announces "wtf he's demented".

Clay Aiken's Democratic primary opponent drops dead. - Online Noise Machines - Online Noise Machines

Luckovich Toon: Spin, Spin, Spin

Toles Toon- Optimism and Cynicism

"Wyoming Is First State To Reject Science Standards"

I notice a lot of umbrage about privilege, and I honestly think it's off base a little.

Mike Malloy - No Trust In The Supreme Court - Part 1

"You and every other republican in Congress Voted Against Raising the Minimum Wage.. How does.. ?"

Mike Malloy - No Trust In The Supreme Court - Part 2

Mike Malloy - No Trust In The Supreme Court - Part 3

FCC Chairman Burns Down Internet Community

Roasted Barley Tea

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Corporations, Wages and Jail

Too Sweet! Tweet-pic of Mark & Gabby "One of my goals: travel the world with.. " Updated!

Brooklyn Teachers Strike a Blow Against Excessive Testing with May Day Boycott

Bolivia's Minimum Wage Raise and how the Socialist Left Should Follow

I have great respect for Andre Agassi, but I've got to disagree with him on this one......

Question of estate taxes/ inheritance tax

Former Bush Official Bashes Republicans for Obsessing over Benghazi While Ignoring Cheney’s War Crim

SYG debate at UC Berkley

Do you believe violence against bigots is ever justified (other than purely in self-defense)?

I just saw clip of Rand Paul on Last Word

Don’t Be Fooled: FCC Chairman Appears Determined to F Up the Internet

If you replace the word "Maggie" in Rod Stewart's lyrics...

US 'losing out' over paid maternity leave: UN

I don't have a micron of the courage of Michael Sam

Meet the Republican Judge Fighting to Bail Scott Walker Out Of A Criminal Investigation

U.S. Senate Republicans block energy bill, forfeit a Keystone vote

New Deal: An example for today?

Even poor old Alaska is not immune anymore.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vermont Passes The Highest State Minimum Wage In The Country

Is anyone else having a problem with DU pages loading?

Cool Newspaper Question - Ask Amy

The Black List. SPOILER

Al Gore Explains The Real Motiviation Behind Republicans' Climate Change Denial

Authorities told slain student looking for alcohol

Is Greed the New National Pastime?

Desert Lynx

Donald Sterling Doubles Down On The Racism In Anderson Cooper Interview

Trouble getting DU to load?

Univ. of North Dakota students mock Native Americans with ‘Siouxper Drunk’ T-shirts

The SEC Has Revealed Astounding Corruption in Private Equity

The Spiders of Coulter

I am watching the PBS documentary on the bombing of MOVE on Philadelphia

Japan mother may be jailed for “tweet critical of nuclear lobbyist”

The SEC Has Revealed Astounding Corruption in Private Equity

Assume sailboards were used in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day

Anybody remember "Falling Down?"

5/23 Nationwide day of action to close Guantanamo noon-1pm Friday May 23rd

Me at 70

Me at 70

Florida Couple Fined, Threatened with Jail for Feeding Homeless

The Mysterious Death of Entrepreneurship in America

The Wire: The Perfect Obamacare Horror Story Remains Elusive

"Hashtag" suggested by Jon Stewart

Judge quits after ‘invasive’ reports reveal his gay hookup app profile

The Toughest Cop on Wall Street You've Never Heard Of

A feminist issue - caregiving of elderly parents

Shit's Getting Real Out West

5 Same-Sex Couples Sue Alaska For Freedom To Marry

15 Year Old Comes Out To His Family As Michael Sam Is Drafted


Dumb Criminals: Louisiana Man Drives Drunk To Police Station To File Report

Taxing the Wealthy

NOM admits it can’t find anyone in Oregon to back defence of same-sex marriage ban

Partners of the Ukrainian coup d'etat prime minister...

Confronted on Execution, Texas Proudly Says It Kills Efficiently

Pope Francis Says He Would Baptize Martians, Asks 'Who Are We To Close Doors?

So, standing up to republicans worked? Who'd have thought?

As of 1209 AM EDT, Severe Thunderstorm warnings in parts of IL and PA

sometimes I think I am starting to like jazz

I'm a proud Mama

Get the true low down on Ukraine & Russia here

heat advisory for the bay area and East Bay hills

Conyers' Ballot Disqualification Challenged

Activist asks clerk to certify Conyers - or wait for federal hearing

The Human Soldiers Behind Obama's Drone War

ACLU: Mich. law that bars Conyers from ballot unconstitutional

Ken Blackwell is on CNN complaining about Gays Kissing on TV

Peru's Conga Mine Conflict: Cajamarca Won't Capitulate

Peru's Conga Mine Conflict: Cajamarca Won't Capitulate

Jon Stewart blasts ‘rage heap’ Rush Limbaugh for mocking missing Nigerian girls

Cornish recognised as national minority group for the first time

God Loves Ducks.

Why I loath sandy hook truthers

best "white privilege" thread ever

Shrimp are an abomination!

US deploys planes in search for Nigerian girls

He just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up! What a raging asshole!

11 Things You Should Know Right Now About Honey Bees

Your produce choices with and without bees

Beyond Honeybees: Now Wild Bees and Butterflies May Be in Trouble

Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans From Polar Melt - NYT

Nobel Peace Laureates to Human Rights Watch: Close Your Revolving Door to U.S. Government | Alternet

As True then as it is Today

Pesticides, Not Mites, Cause Honeybee Colony Collapse

St. Petersburg, May 9th

Swingin' Shepherd Blues

Exit polls predict a rout for the ruling party in India.

White people are the worst

Hospital slumlord: Owner of failed Texas hospital chain rescinds deal

Tyler Colvin powers Tim Lincecum's gem for Giants

2 a.m. time to make some pasta & sign off. bye!

Morse Science High, it’s ... disappeared!

Brazil's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva confident about Dilma Rousseff's re-election

Why does Daisy get her ice cream first?

Dewhurst slams Patrick over comment on blocking bills

Rescue Underway at Brody Mine in Boone County, W.Va.

Modi eyes power as Obama makes pledge to new India leader

Report: HR Giger is dead

Federer portrait being auctioned to benefit RF Foundation.

HR Giger is dead

Venezuela’s Afro Descendent Front Proposes Program of Action to Confront Racism and Fascism

Canada faces 'crisis' on indigenous living conditions

G.O.P. Rivals Question Rubio's Ignorance Credentials :

Florida Couple Fined $746 For Crime Of Feeding Homeless People

ATV riders do damage to a bad cause: Armed riders seen as hoodlums

Department of Fuck This Disgraceful Bullshit Research

So what do the rest of us do during the prayer?

Flagler Beach decides against angel statue at Wickline

Tea Party Nut Allen West Says Obama Is Using Boko Haram To Distract Us All From Benghazi

Louie Gohmert compares reality TV show cancellation to female genital mutilation

Senate Confirms Massachusetts Judge Indira Talwani 94-0

Stevie Wonder is 64 today.

Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers

Are these tracerts any help in diagnosing the ongoing issue?

Associated Press Asks For Shorter, 'Tighter' Stories

Tyson Praises Scientist Who Knew to Check His Religion at the Door; Creationists Go Apoplectic

How Parasite Corporations Like Pfizer are Chucking U.S. Citizenship to Escape from Taxes

The fake George Carlin-quote is spreading...

The Bone Cave

Rand Paul’s Incoherent Foreign Policy Mess

Santa Maria Found? Wreck May Be Columbus' Sunken Flagship

The Cripple Goat

A 2010 Pew poll of Nigerian Muslims showed 49% approval for Al Qaeda

Germany Renews Diplomatic Effort to Ease Ukraine Crisis

Canadian runaway train disaster firm faces criminal charges

It is a con job. Rubio will change his mind on climate change by humans.

Confronted on Execution, Texas Proudly Says It Kills Efficiently

Is it real? Or is it Photoshopped?

Grist: Debunking the meat/climate change myth

EU backs 'right to be forgotten' in Google privacy case

Ya know? It's very late, early but

Weather service confirms 3 tornadoes ravaged parts of Nebraska

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday May 13, 2014)

Karl Rove: Hillary might have brain damage from her fall and the American people must be told about

student protester shot and killed in protest (Spanish)

A future of thirst: Massive worldwide water crisis lies on the horizon

Nordic cuddly capitalism: Utopia, no. But a global model for equity

The US Is Conducting A Massive Nuclear Arms Drill Days After A Russian Nuclear Exercise

Israeli Court Sentences Ex-PM Olmert to 6 Years

So Mr. Sterling goes to T.V.

Now New Rules for the Internet?

29 years ago, Philadelphia bombed MOVE

Senate Republicans torpedo a non-controversial, bipartisan energy-efficiency bill

MSNBC's The Last Word: Richard Clarke: Benghazi committee a ‘stunt’

With collective intelligence, scientists learn it’s your thoughts that count

Aide to New Jersey Governor Christie called to testify in 'Bridgegate' probe

Culture Film Sci-fi surrealist HR Giger, creator of Alien visions, dies in fall

Seeing stuff in Video and Multimedia from people I have on ignore

Watch Jon Stewart Tell Off Rush Limbaugh: #F*@KYOURUSH

Hope everyone's ok

GCHQ's spy malware operation faces legal challenge


For the first time, a woman will command a UN peacekeeping force

Horror: Clarence Thomas Argues States Can Establish Official Religion

Ridiculous: Obama at Walmart for Climate Change Campaign

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ May 13th

Democrat? Green? Independent? The ‘Run Bernie Run’ Jockeying

The Commander in Chief at the Lowest Ebb – Framing the Problem, Doctrine, and Original Understanding

Ruben Studdard is lucky to be alive

Dale Hansen: 248 players better than the SEC defensive player of the year?

Tim Geithner’s anti-populist “blood lust”: How his stubbornness cost America

Average Americans Think They're Smarter Than the Average American

Wingnuts’ identity crisis: Why far-right activists are driving the political pros mad

Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert sentenced to six years in prison in bribery scandal

It's Mid-May, And A TX Panhandle Fire Just Burned At Least 156 Homes & Buildings

If you benefit from white privilege

Democracy Now. EST., Guest: Glenn Greenwald ( Live Stream )-Transcript

Thought I'd show you the 'Frozen' birthday cake I made for my 8 year-old

Perfect Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English by Video Chatting With Lonely Elderly Americans

59 violent deaths in Caracas on Mother's Day weekend (Spanish)

Tom Toles on Benghazi!

Wound up in traffic behind a driver with a "WHO IS JOHN GALT?" sign

Kingpin of attaock on Venezuelan University is captured (chavista paramilitary)

Letters from Jackie Kennedy to a priest to be auctioned

Tim Geithner Criticizes Elizabeth Warren In New Book

Who really wants to roll back the state? Not the right (Owen Jones in The Guardian)

Impeach Clarence Thomas?

The Sims 4 rated Adults Only in Russia

Can't quite put my finger on why, but Morning Joe was actually enjoyable today.

Canadian runaway train disaster firm faces criminal charges

'I Have Been to the Darkest Corners of Government, and What They Fear Is Light'

Pakistan police charge 68 Pakistani lawyers with blasphemy

The SEC Has Revealed Astounding Corruption in Private Equity

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Benica

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- VA

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Morning Joe actually watchable today - of course neither Joe or Mika were there

We Have Evolved Under a Light-Dark Cycle- the Arrogance' of ignoring need for sleep

The Detroit model: Permanent rule by the banks

Alabama Avoids Preparing for Rising Seas Menacing Mobile

Designated parking for low-emitting and high-mileage vehicles

A Window Opens In The Sun

FARC’s female guerrillas submitted to sexual slavery: Police report

New downtown Indy Marsh grocery store opening this week!

How well do you know Stephen Colbert?

West Virginia primary election: 5 things to know

More than 150 same-sex couples marry in Arkansas amid state high court delay

Average Americans Think They're Smarter Than the Average American

Does Cliven Bundy Represent the Ugly American?

Imagine This: 80% of Democrats Go to the Polls in November, 2014.

Mike Luckovich Toon: Obama Socialist Failure

Tomgram: Exclusive Excerpt: "Glenn Greenwald, How I Met Edward Snowden"

Lots of new polling out from kos

Good Morning!

'Frontline' Doc Explores How Sept. 11 Created Today's NSA - Tonight

Robert Reich: How the Right Wing is Killing Women

"Glenn Greenwald, How I Met Edward Snowden" Tomgram: Exclusive Excerpt:

How can ANYONE with a brain vote for the rethuglicans?

RIP Giger

Lasagna Lasagna

Orthodox Jews protest against Pope Francis’ mass at Jerusalem site of Jesus’ last supper

So a (conservative) friend of mine was asked to DJ a reception for a gay wedding.

Car bomb attacks kill 28 people in Baghdad

Ex-Clinton Press Secretary: I'd Bet Hillary Won't Run For President

Queens mom, 16, and 1-year-old daughter missing

Karl Rove: I Never Said Hillary Had Brain Damage, But We Need To Talk About Her Age

Democrats Have A Competitive Chance In Three Southern States, Poll Finds

DU has been very slow loading at times the past several days.

Benghazi Prompts CNBC Anchor To Go On Epic Rant Against GOP

Denmark, taking delivery of chemical arms, urges Syria to speed process

If It Weren't for Jesus, I Might be Pro-Death Too

I never said Karl Rove had brain damage...

Rep. Jerrold Nadler gets behind Charles Rangel's re-election bid

And people are worried about the NSA?

Boehner's given $22 million to the NRCC since 2005 - he knows what the 'fundraising arm' is doing

Hero Mom saves baby by jumping out of window with him

"GOP’s Benghazi hangup is baffling-It is rude & crude. It is disrespectful & it is downright nuts"

Dennis Kucinich, Why All Americans Should Care What Happens in North Carolina

GREENWALD: "There's a story from the beginning-I thought would be our biggest- & I'm saving that"

Signature Graphics for Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn

Holy Crap- Niedermeyer has graduated, and lives in South Carolina!

Detained in Donetsk on Referendum Day: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 38)

New York City airport workers overwhelming vote to join 32BJ SEIU, US' largest service workers union

Casino panel sets price tag

Appeals court to hear arguments on Virginia ban on gay marriage

Gun lobbyist hopeful that Bundy militia will block feds if they try to do anything, anywhere

Breaking: "Virginia marriage amendment likely will be struck down by 4th Circuit"

Bozeman, Montana leaders back gay-rights protections

Question about slow loading and disconnect...

How The NSA ampers With U.S.-Made Internet Routers

UPDATE 1-Russia targets space projects in response to U.S. high-tech sanctions

Final briefs filed in challenge to Pennsylvania ban on gay marriage

State GOP Chairman Ed Cox is accused of voter fraud; Dems demand an investigation

55% of Marco Rubio thinks that he's smarter than the average American

G.A.Y. at B.Y.U.

How to improve your memory for free after initial purchase...(cheap)

From MLK to Anonymous, the State Targets Dissenters Not Just "Bad Guys"

RT-‘Robin Hood’ wins: EU to levy Financial Transactions Tax from 2016

Karl Rove Insinuates Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage

Who Made Benghazi ‘Political’?

OK, I admit it . . . this Cadillac Escalade ad is funny.

What do you get when..

BUNDY ranch gunnutters are panhandling the net because loving their fellow man ain't free

"Republicans fear their base, Dems hate their base…" do we see this here?

Obamacare Co-Ops Defy Forecasts to Win Market Share

IMF says Ukraine needs more money amid crisis and contagion risk.

As a white male I am blamed for all the ills of society

Anyone tried JJSmith's 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse plan?

I love it when white Dudes proclaim to know the cure for white privilege

Alec Baldwin seen in handcuffs on side of 5th Ave; Was riding bike wrong way

Is the Wilpon family wobbling?

Report: Las Vegas Fire Department medics abandoning poor, minority neighborhoods.

The Koch brothers have a new message

Ukraine in ‘Undeclared War’ With Russia as Rebels Unite

The Bring Back Our Girls Campaign is working: Boko Haram should be scared of a hashtag

Got a need to read? You've got a need for this...

If We Remain Predators, the Planet Will Cast Us Off - Lawrence Wilkerson on Reality Asserts Itself

Rep. Peter Barca says tea party still strong in Wisconsin

Papantonio: Walmart -- America’s Corporate Welfare Queen

Income Inequality Is Higher In Democratic Districts Than Republican Ones

Ethnic breakdowns of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine

The Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden's Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer | Zero Hedge

MTA Police To Be Armed With Heroin Overdose Antidote Under NY AG’s Effort

Obama Lacks a Corporate Foe to Rile Up Democratic Base

Hopes 'Diminishing' For Turkey Miners: 238 Dead, Hundreds Missing at Soma

behind the zimmerman travesty of a trial

Company-Tax Boost May Be Best U.S. Highway Funding Option

ICC investigating war crimes in Iraq.

Louisiana Gives Up Fight To Stop Anti-Jindal, Pro-Obamacare Billboard

Ukraine crisis: 'Eight killed' in ambush in east

Pic Of The Moment: The Exquisite Timing Of Marco Rubio

Son of chavista governor arrested in protest, immediately freed (Spanish)

Saudi Foreign Minister Says Invited Iran Counterpart to Visit

California Heat Pushes Power to Six-Year Seasonal High

Rice Theory - an interesting take on China's perceived North/South divide

I need to borrow - or be given to - an old TOUPEE

Roger Federer: Wife OK with return

So, found out about the impact of the ACA on my health plan today....

Indian climate boffins: Himalayan glaciers are NOT MELTING

What to Do When You Encounter Homeless People With Pets

Alcohol Kills One Person Every 10 Seconds Worldwide: WHO

Will Israeli society collapse because they sent a former prime minister to prison?

Venezuela's Minimum Wage Hike Is No Match for Inflation

U.S. Retail Sales Stall In April

Thanks, President Obama, for the $3 billion!

Fast food protests to go global May 15

How things have changed

Republicans are on the verge of making the switch.. From "There is no such thing" to

Eugene Robinson-Republicans’ political theater on Benghazi

U.S. district judge to right-wing activists: No, you can't use FOIA to out gay people at the DOJ

To The Fundamentalists Climate Change IS God's Way. No Way They Will Accept Climate Change.

NH Neighbors detail chaos at fatal cop shooting,blast

The Corruption of Human Rights Watch

Henry A. Giroux | Noam Chomsky and the Public Intellectual in Turbulent Times

Mother Jones-This Is What a Holy Shit Moment for Global Warming Looks Like

Saturn transits Scorpio

WATCH: Colbert Throws Penalty Flag At Hypocrisy Over Michael Sam

Let's Call Them What They Are

Top U.N. Mediator in Syria Conflict Resigns

Tim Tebow vs Michael Sam

Why Virginia Is the Next Stop on the Road to Marriage Equality

(South Dakota)-Groups Call For Ban On Use Of Live Mammals As Bait

Dead Sea Scrolls-case convictions mostly upheld by appeals court

My First Trip To The Doctor Under Obamacare

Title IX Violations Across The Country & Her Own Sexual Assault At Tufts- Wagatwe Wanjuki Discusses

Sissi: 'Real opportunity' for peace with Israel if it accepts Arab Initiative

New Court Filings in Arkansas Same Sex Marriage Case


Two Orlando health workers ill after exposure to MERS patient

What happens when dads police a Christian homeschool dance dress code

Another new super car... but this one is different.

Time for National Conversation About Post-Gala Violence, Experts Say and so does Borowitz

Behold Batfleck and his Batmobile

French journalist Camille LePage murdered in Central African Republic- Hollande

Evangelicals terrorize Brazil

A man repeatedly drove a truck into WMAR's building before screaming, 'Let me in!' and going inside

Snowden docs never disappoint

Electronic Frontier has over 100 Snowden docs in pdf link here

Mother Jones-Elizabeth Warren Slams Chair of the GOP's New Benghazi Committee

Time for a PANDA BREAK!

WH questions “Dr. Rove's” cognitive ability - 'last one to recognize prez was reelected'

The Corruption of Human Rights Watch (x-post from DUer Ichingcarpenter)

'Blindfolded & Bound': Israel Puts More Palestinian Kids In Solitary Confinement

Sen. Graham Censured By Local GOP For Not Being Conservative Enough

Salon Takes Aim at Patton Oswalt Again, Is Once Again Publicly Embarrassed

Kitten survives being born under van bonnet at 60mph – then is nursed back to health by two dogs

Graham: 'No Reason' To Believe Hillary Has Health Problem

David Plouffe: Hillary 'Much Stronger' Now Than 2008

Facts About America And AIDS...

Prince Andrew praises Bahrain, island of torture


Breaking- Chicago O'Hare Shut Down After Fire at FAA Facility

5 Dead, Up To 300 Trapped In Turkish Coal Mine

There are 5 million poor white kids in this country. Let's explain white privilege to their parents.

Official: 2 Killed At West Virginia Coal Mine

White House, Clinton Aide Push Back Against Rove

UPDATE 1-Russia backed IMF Ukraine loan but thinks Kiev might slip

Armed man believed to be inside WMAR-TV Baltimore; live video

Senate Dems Skewer Obama Judge Pick From Georgia

10 Cruel Things Done to Farm Animals That No Sane Person Would Do to a Cat or Dog

Officials: Lyme disease reports are on the rise

Feds approve bitcoins for campaign contributions

West Virginia coal mine cited hundreds of times for safety violations has a roof collapse...


Canceled TV host shows his "love" for gays...

My simple definition of Straight, White Male Privilege - You're the home team.

Good Night, Mr. Giger...

Bobby Jindal’s 2016 pitch: I am Christian; also, I am the governor of Louisiana

Vice President Joe Biden Promotes U.S. as Fracking Missionary Force On Ukraine Trip

Former counsel testifies in Bruno trial-Former NYS Republican Majority Leader

Clay Aiken Wins NC Dem Congressional Primary

Lon Burnam’s legal appeal denied

Jimmy Carter: United Palestinian Government May Provide New Opportunities For Peace

Teen Girl Ejected From Prom Because Horny Dads Can't Stop Staring

Warning: You Cannot Un-See John Oliver’s Anti-Mitch McConnell ‘Old White Dick’ Commercial

Support for human trafficking bill growing in wake of news reports

Beaumont ISD owes state $1.5M for overestimating attendance

Whazzup w/ DU - pings show lots of lost packets, access is sketchy/slow

Sallie Mae, Justice Department in $60M settlement

I've been repeatedly questioned about Sea Stars - starfish controversy, so

Woman gets slithery surprise when she finds a 12-foot snake in her bathroom

ok more help needed windows 8. screen size changes

A cd cover I shot and designed.

I'm not 100% sure, but I may have posted the very first thread on Discussionist.

The new Pope believes in demon possession. This is a problem.

Public Advocate Tish James blasts MTA for promoting Airbnb

Another Vice News video journalist draws the ire of pro-Russian seperatists in Ukraine

Budget Woes Force Heaven To Reduce Eternal Life To 500 Billion Years

Operation American Spring promises to drive Obama from office this Friday

1988 - Hits from Coventina's Collection

What is the "Discussionist"?

International Criminal Court to examine claims that British troops carried out war crimes in Iraq

Check in here if you're changing your username over at the Discussionist?

Discussionist - "That Username Already Exists"

Lloyd Doggett: Pay For a Permanent Tax Credit That Incentivizes Necessary Research

Construction Approvals Up Despite Lack of Permanent Buildings Commissioner

Tackling Asian Privilege

WMAR in Baltimore is on lock down

If it's of any help ...

China Hires NYPD to Advise on Repressing Protests

ADL survey: More than a quarter of the world is anti-Semitic

Greg Abbott unveils third phase of his education plan in Tyler

What does this group think about the new Discussionist website?

Shit! Got some serious weather blowing through here now

BREAKING: High School Student Discovers New, Better Way to Test for HIV

Senate passes bill to create violent felons registry

If you are/were a certified teacher, did you in any of your coursework

Hillary Clinton Spokesman Slams Rove for "Flat-Out Lying" - 'They're Scared and He's Sick'


Can I Trust This Study? (From the Humane Research Council)

Daily Kos: This #@!!&%*%$ is what Indians still have to put up with

US Sen. Cruz of Texas to visit Ukraine

Scholar House of Central Appalachia opens in Pikeville

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: Atheist soldiers don’t need chaplains — ‘just Facetime somebody’

I am not a fan of Cuomo but Astorino is a joke.

"Does Cliven Bundy Represent The Ugly American?" From Thom Hartmann->

Sam Brownnose...I mean Brownback knows who to blame for the big deficit in Kansas!

Young Turks on Condi Rice losing invitation to speak at Rutgers.

Olive Garden privilege--does it exist?

I have something to share from the Appalachian group

Release the Fracken: Biden's Son Joins Ukraine Gas Firm

Happy Graduation ( You owe $370K )

Christian Values

Governor McAuliffe Makes Major Women's Health Announcements - Blue Virginia

Just one will do...

What a load of crap:"The 2014 Election Is the Least Important in Years"

This Woman is a fraud...

If you are in the DC area Thursday, Give the FCC a piece of your mind

Was it really that hard? Rick Santorum says government giving contraception is better than a mandate

Discussionist is up now. If we thought GD could be bad....

Lawmakers hopeful Child Safe Product Act will pass Senate

Drones Over Chibok Town (Nigeria) As Search For Kidnapped Girls Continues

Runaway Glaciers in West Antarctica

Senate votes to open debate on bill to renew expired tax breaks that would add $85B to deficit

The Rude Pundit: Two Dead Miners Are More Important Than 1000 Donald Sterlings

A bit of truth about an incident that happened in Mariupol

LGBT in Discussionist

From Prisons to Black Sites, US Hand in Global Torture Exposed

Indicted State Senator John Sampson Seeking Re-Election: Sources

64 Groups From Across U.S. Demand Federal Limits on Air Pollution From Fracking Wells

The Texas-California Sriracha Brawl is Now a Taiwanese Cartoon

Chicago principals told they will only speak what is in line with school board's agenda.


white male privilege

well, this made me cry, damn it!

C-Diff (Clostridium difficile)

Dallas jury finds Dr. Joseph Megwa guilty of $3M Medicare fraud conspiracy

Campus morons

Actor Alec Baldwin arrested after riding bike wrong way

In battle between Airbnb and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, court rules in website's favor

Venezuela country with most winners in visa lottery in latin america, Cuba second

Another way to think about climate change --- lung cancer

Iranian, Russian Presidents to Visit China

UPDATE 1-U.S. releases satellite images of Russian forces near Ukraine

So, I think we've had enough rain in Flint, for a while

Should Columbus, Ohio be renamed, now that Columbus is considered to be a genocidal maniac?

Federal Court Halts Execution of Texas Killer Robert Campbell

Wayne County clerk: Conyers won't be on August ballot

Teaching My Son About Judaism—and Atheism

St. Paul and The Broken Bones - Call me.

Does Secularism Have a Role in Egyptian Struggle?

National Flaws (a sobering cartoon by Mike Luckovich)

Gamburo: The town Boko Haram destroyed

Al Gore: ‘Our democracy has been hacked’

Sen. Wyden is at Reddit right now taking questions about net neutrality.

Lindsey Graham censured for not being Republican enough.

Bernie Sanders fundraising for the Democratic Party in Iowa.

A Voice For Abuse Survivors Within The Catholic Church

I feel like I am cheating on my spouse.

Darrell Issa’s Benghazi Stunt Blows Up In His Face as Kerry Won’t Appear at Hearing

TV as Birth Control: Defusing the Population Bomb

No charges against school officers who Tased Bastrop student

Imprisoned paramilitary leader asks forgiveness from victims

Appeals court stays execution of Houston man

Oh God, Oh God, WHY??!

Vatican responds to Georgetown petition by ‘Exorcist’ author William Peter Blatty

I don't even care what happened to the ball.

I'm tired of paying for lazy idiots on welfare!!

The face you make when you hear another Bush is running for president..

De Blasio admin lukewarm on air quality measures

The pro-Keystone XL bill died in the Senate today

Why do ya always have to play the ace Card?

Oh noes, happy people: right-wing activists freak out over Michael Sam kiss and Eurovision winner

8,887... 8,888...


Percy Sledge - "The Dark End of the Street"

Uribe refuses to provide evidence of President Santos’ drug money allegations

Turkey {coal} mine explosion: Death toll 'soars'; Deadly Turkey blast 'traps hundreds' (BBC)

White supremacist rapist/murderer kills self in prison...

Benghazi Prompts CNBC Anchor To Go On Epic Rant Against GOP

Court appears poised keep blocking abortion rules

"We’ve come a long way, baby."

Musicians Deliver More Than 12,000 Petition Signatures to Lionsgate Films Urging Them to Stop...

Etsy gets $5M to stay in boro it said it'd never leave

Wild fires breaking out near homes in San Diego County

Discussionist - Posting Likes for Threads

Allen West: Kidnapped Nigerian girls are a ‘fishy’ Obama plot to distract from Benghazi

Vegan Catholics, are they unicorns? I was an alter boy many, many years ago...

{UK} Government to slash subsidies for large scale solar farms (BBC) {too successful!}

New York Dream Act Bill to be Reintroduced in Legislature

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Essential.

Arbitration Ruling Upholds Newspaper Guild Jurisdiction for News Department Web Content at WPIX

Students at Harvard’s Kennedy School will now be required to check their privilege

Arbitration Ruling Upholds Newspaper Guild Jurisdiction for News Department Web Content at WPIX

Judge: Silver ‘immune’ from lawsuit over $103G settlement of Vito Lopez sex harass accusations

Awww... I hadn't

Turns Out Obamacare Premiums Aren’t More Expensive After All

The Ideal Blogging Platform

The Ideal Blogging Platform

Cell Phone Video Shows Police Choking, Kicking 6th Graders

Have you seen this ad for the Lieutenant Governor's race?

Two more spots left in the May contest

War crimes inquiry hinges on ICC's confidence in UK investigations

If Martians came to Earth and wanted to be baptized, should they be? Pope says yes

Arena Football Players Union Joins AFL-CIO As League Expands To China

Magic Johnson Responds To Sterling: He's Just Trying To Save His Team

City Council’s Progressive Caucus Nearly Doubles in Size

What does it mean to say you are a god fearing person?

Lupus patients desire to raise awareness, not sympathy

Russia Agrees to Outer Space Cooperation with Cuba

More than half of gay, lesbian employees still closeted at work

Gay Rights Crusade Against Stoning in Brunei Began with a Los Angeles Labor Dispute

GD post needs love

Stuyvesant Town likely to go up for sale after foreclosure

GD post needs love

Plano OKs $6.75M incentive package for Toyota

FBI: 100s have contacted us about pedophile case

How Did The Russian Workers' Paradise Suddenly Wind Up WIth So Many Billionaires?

Ban on fracking waste proposed by Democrats

interview with Mark Basile...

Minnesota Extremist John Kline: "Ted Cruz and I and every Republican"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Czech Republic: Activists blockading pig farm at Lety where WWII-era camp for Roma once stood

Presidential material??

More and more people are becoming aware of how screwed we the 99% are with no help

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign, tells victim’s mother her child never existed

Bumper Stickers of Truth

Robert Reich: “Paid-what-you’re-worth” is a toxic myth

Benghazi: If Chuck Todd says it's over, it's probably over

Some old news but it's still remarkable...

Gov. Perry Touts GM Plant as Place Where ‘Dreams Are Made’

Well at least there is no couching going on over at Discussionist

Your Must-Do Assignment for 2014: Read This Chart and Pass It On

Leading Dem Candidate for PA. Guv. Quotes Gandhi to explain why he won't run attack ads

What it's like to own a Tesla Model S

Obama Sanctions Five Individuals For Stoking Central African Republic Violence

The Unbearable Whiteness of Liberal Media

I agree with Donald Sterling's wife...