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Mad Men - Bewitched, The True Story

Happy Mother's Day

Breaking w/Caution: Nigerian Girls Potentially Located by U.S. Marines

How to know when your cat is fully charged

Rand Paul WTF Moment of the Week.

Statement in "pro-biotic" woo ad...

Against Me's Laura Jane Grace To Star In New Reality Show

Some thoughts on watching"Lincoln" on Dish 319 right now:

Michael Sam drafted by St. Louis Rams

Stand up for Food that is Responsibly Grown

I don't say "squee," but if I did say "squee" it would be right about now

Coast Guard suspends search for Miami man wanted on Medicare fraud charges

Don't forget: "The Billionaire Agenda" on H2 tonight at 10:00 pm

ESPN shows Michael Sam celebrating with tears and a kiss for his boyfriend


Austrian Conchita Wurst wins Eurovision 2014

Golden Slumbers / Carry that Weight / The End / Her

Koch Brothers Group Warns Columbus Zoo Not To Seek Tax Increase

"I'll just hide here behind these willows, and they'll never see me"

Chimes for Autism

We can't keep doing this.

Support "Hempitecture" for $1 on their Kickstarter campaign... Hemp building

Support "Hempitecture" for $1 on their Kickstarter campaign... Hemp building

Cuba gave information to US about four held in Florida for planning attacks

Thomas "Lem" Johns, one of the secret service agents present at JFK's assassination, has died

FOUR HORSEMEN: An Award Winning INDY FEATURE Documentary Lifting Lid on How the World Works

Today's Equality Trifecta!

Just for info, a list of bills that passed or failed in FL legislature this year.

Hundreds of ATV riders in Utah threaten sacred Navajo burial ground to protest federal government

No Longhorns selected in draft

Green is this little fellah's color

Did anyone see this!!

What's this I hear about drafting Uncle Sam?

Jose Mourinho: "I don't know a thing about football!"

Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Controversial thread title written in smug snarky tone.

bat researcher vs. Putin: In exile for fighting for wildlife (transferred from LBN_

Documentary On The State Of Canada

More Rick and Morty

schadenfreude: Limbaugh Born In MO, Wanted To Buy The Rams...

"How Tolstoy can save Putin's Soul" (Andrew Kaufman)

This hilarious graph of Netflix speeds shows the importance of net neutrality

Kidnapped Nigerian girls tell of escape from Boko Haram militants (53 who escaped earlier)

Interesting opinion after the Supremes decision about prayer

Hands Off Venezuela! What Has Been Happening Since February and Why It Matters

You wont believe it, this Cat sings for it's dinner (bird ID pix)

OK maybe not appropriate for GD, and maybe a dumbass question

Student Loan Relief/College tuition

Guess Who Conservatives Are Blaming for the Kidnapping of the Nigerian Girls?

Argentine scientist who challenged Monsanto dies

Rape allegations against Oregon basketball players roil campus

One Place Where Obama Goes Elbow to Elbow (NYT 2007)

Michelle Obama: In Kidnapped Nigerian Girls, 'We See Our Own Daughters' (VIDEO)

May 10, Protest; April 10, Editorial: Keeping California's worst behind bars

US cable subscribers got record average of 189 channels in bundles last year. They watched only 17

LA Times: Surprise! 'Pro-business' policies hurt state economic growth

U.S. Naval Academy Hosts First Same-Sex Wedding for Maryland Couple

Pro-Russian Men Found With 100,000 "Yes" Ballots To Break Away From Ukraine

Overcoming obstacles to achieving the American Dream by Charles Koch.

Wealth Inequality in America

How often do you have an "I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole" reaction to a DU discussion?

Venezuelan Policeman Killed by Sniper While Clearing Protest Barricade in Caracas

U.S. Bill Proposing Sanctions on Venezuela Passes House Foreign Affairs Committee

Happy Mother's Day for all who raise and care for children, whether you're a mother or not.

United Nations, UNICEF Praise Venezuelan Equality As Government Takes On Steep Housing Goals

Australian Astronomy Pics--A Question?

well, ok, tcm all day monday. happy bday to the great kate.


How the backwards thinkers reacted to Michael Sam today

imma be on teevee.

Everyone knows why Benghazi

Man answers cell phone while pastor is casting out his demon

Threads that make DU suck...

1 out of 5 people say they would be willing to have sex with a robot

Why'd you choose such a backward time and such a strange land?

Shameful tweet of the Day - Winner: SeaWorld

N.J. mall evacuated when sound of car fire mistaken for gunshots

CNN is literally driving people insane (missing plane)

Who Else Are You?

Comrade Kitteh has something to say.

Booty Swing...

But It's Only Metadata

If net neutrality is abolished could a VPN be used to get around any ISP enforced slowdowns?

Michael Sam Reacts to NFL Selection (Grab tissues!)

Ukraine Crisis: Eastern Rebels Hold Self-Rule Referendums

LA County Sheriff Sergeant Records Photographer

BLM’s next move against Bundy not a matter of if, but when, former officials say

Is this the droid you're looking for?

Videos Key in Nassau Police Brutality Claim

Conservatives unveil new ‘just fuck shit up before 2015’ plan

Democrats facing worst mid-term in 20 years?

Crap, another consulate controversy? Whistleblower alleges US murders could have been prevented

Severe thunderstorm watches/warnings for parts of KS, NE, IA, and IL as of 412 AM EDT

The sex-obsessed world of Brunei

Men: Do you color your hair ?

Michigan Cops Attack Mentally Ill Man in Disturbing Dash Cam Video

How Russian Propaganda Works Through Social Media

Benghazi rolls pretty easily off the tip of the tongue. What is it? A Band? A supervillain?

Payment problems disrupting Iran food deals - sources

Robert Parry: Burning Ukraine's Protesters Alive


The "Hillary for President" movement

The Costa del Armageddon: How the US dropped H-bombs on a beach in Spain

Obama: “I’m a ‘Fierce Advocate’ for Gay and Lesbians" (2009)

8 of the Worst Right-Wing Wackos This Week: War on Science Edition

The FCC Has Been Surrounded by Corporate Lobbyists for Too Long, Now It’s Our Turn

Your Government Owes You a Job

Top 10 Reasons the GOP's Benghazi Witch Hunt Is Just a Fundraising Ploy

Aaargh. Wading into it: I'm grateful for my "white privilege". I wish everyone had it.

Who loves to read Wikipedia ?

Medicare ahead by a mile in popularity stakes

401(k)s are retirement robbery: How the Koch brothers, Wall Street and politicians conspire to drain

I used the Google window (web search) to find out who I was in a previous life...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) New Bedspread Edition

The Bible backs same-sex couples: Point by point, why the haters are wrong

Obama Is on Pace For The Best Job Creation Year Since Bill Clinton Was President

People of Walmart can now get uncontested divorces and estate planning while they shop

NRA uses Nigerian girls’ abduction to promote itself and slam ‘Pajama Boy’ liberals

Merkel and Hollande Urge Kiev to Start Dialog with Ukraine’s Regions Before Elections

Up-up and away

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 13: Anna Sten

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 14: Star of the Month: June Allyson

Sunday's Doonesbury- At the Bush Art Exhibition

120 Years ago today: The beginning of the Pullman Strike

Game of Thrones 4.6 "The Laws of Gods and Men" (spoiler alert)

Arkansas plans to appeal same-sex marriage ruling

My Ongoing VA Journey

I've noticed that the "edited" blurbs no longer show up.

Democrats Still Finding It Extremely Difficult To Change Public Opinion On Obamacare

A fighting chance

The Crazy Ones canceled

Fed govt failed to inspect higher risk oil wells

U.N. Refugee Agency Says Thousands Fleeing Nigeria Region

Can Frances Fox Piven's Theory of Disruptive Power Create the Next Occupy?


China tensions top ASEAN summit talks in Myanmar

'Zombie' Anchorage airport sleepers soon to be replaced by 'pod' people!

Thomas Piketty: “Capital” destroys right-wing lies, but there’s one solution it forgets

Dinsdale campaign (R US Senate) site accused of plagiarizing immigration remarks by BuzzFeed

(Omaha) Letter carriers collect donations for Stamp Out Hunger food drive

Hell, the same ones denying male privilege are denying white privilege

One Billion People Still Practice Open Defecation, Endangering Public Health: UN

(NE) Bruning, Ricketts tied in governor's race; Sasse leads for Senate

This video of Michael Sam finding out he was drafted will *actually* restore your faith in humanity

So Boko Haram weren't the only ones employing kidnapping

33 years ago today Bob Marley died - now Keith Richards covers Get Up Stand Up for Charity

Israel pivots to China, India as US influence wanes

Bengazi is a horrible scandal

Tornado in Orrick, MO

Toon- "You had to pick the word 'Benghazi' "

How Liberals Abandoned Religion to the Fundamentalist Right

In Ukraine, beware the Cold War zombie apocalypse

Badgers selected in the draft -

Poll: Prestigious Colleges Won't Make You Happier In Life Or Work

Robotic Deep-sea Vehicle Lost on Dive to 6-Mile Depth

Sign of progress ...

If You Could Save A Life By Speaking Up - Would You? Say Something. (One Billion Rising)

World of Warcraft film post-production will take about 20 months to 'get right'


News Item: An Old Scandal Returns

Disaster Warning: The Area Under The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Likely To Experience Earthquakes

WTH happened to MTP today?

Secular Leaders Online Classes Now Available

Catholics and Religious Progressivism

Happy Mother's Day!

Religious right halts campaign

Conservative Arkansan county officials still digging in their heels over marriage equality...

Yay! Just got some great news.

I need help remembering the titles of two short two-person plays

Fox News demands Churches pay taxes! Because they hate the infallible Vicar Of Christ that much?

Wealthy newcomer draws focus to 19th district race

if there was a heaven...

View of the Milky Way as seen from the surface of Mars =

Pussy Riot members visit Occupy activist Cecily McMillan in prison

Navy pays a penny to get rid of ex-USS Saratoga

Mother’s Day Proclamation, 1870 --- "Arise, then, women of this day!"

Speaking of Mothers Day

Obama Congratulates Michael Sam, WH Says ("You should be judged by what you do and not who you are”)

Former George Zimmerman defender now says he was guilty, racially profiled black men

Jindal: ‘The war over religious liberty is a war over free speech’

Giants' bullpen can't hold back Dodgers

'...and Iraq'


Cliven Bundy Now Encouraging Lunatic Followers to Trample Through Navajo Nation Sites

Secret Service agents pulled off White House patrol to help protect a top official’s aide!

Good morning!

Reasonable rate of return on non-taxable investments ?

English Premier League on MSNBC

2 hour hippo


Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian near border in northern Gaza

UK PM says he's playing fair on AstraZeneca deal

The migratory birds

Anybody here ever buy or wear these running shoes?

Happy Mothers Day

El Brindis del Bohemio - Behemian Toast

Hagel: Military Transgender Ban 'Should Be Reviewed'...

SIDEBAR Report: US private soldiers fighting in Ukraine

Now serving in Delibrary

Anyone else feel lonesome today?

I think I need an intervention - I can't stop posting these

Thank you DU ...


Teddy Bridgwater-Just drafted by Vikings-Bought Mom a Pink Escalade like he promised when he was 9

Tails - The operating system that Snowden used and the NSA doesn't want you to use.

Error 0x800488EB

Abducted Nigerian girl scared to go back to school

This Mother Sold Her Stillborn Baby’s Crib At A Garage Sale. What Happened Next Was Astonishing.

Eleanor Roosevelt interviewed on the Longines Chronoscope

Rams' Jeff Fisher was thinking about drafting Michael Sam for days

How the Wal-Mart heirs got their wealth

I miss you mom, thanks for visiting in my dream last night.

The Positive Side of Sports and Entertainment: "The Voice" Jon Miller

Lockheed's Skunk Works promises working Fusion Reactor by 2017

Israeli settlers 'kidnap' child near Yatta for several hours

Happy Mother's Day! I have four new ones!!!

China signs mega east Africa rail deal

Someone finally said it on a major cable outlet -

Two common types of insecticides found to harm honey bee colonies

MayDay Pac

A Voice For Abuse Survivors Within The Catholic Church

Waseca (Minn.) dad agonizes over son's dark side

Anybody else having trouble getting DU to fully load?

Did you know that 8 year old boys on a bicycle were really dangerous?

Old and Out-of-Touch Republicans in DC - what century is this?

OK....1st time dipping my toes in here! I got the "Hard Drive Enclosure" and it is a failure (Edit)

Watch: Fox Host Clashes With Fox Host For Trying To “cut Obama’s Throat In Every Story”

Syria crisis: Iran and Assad have won, say top Tehran foreign policy figures

Bible #knowledge Fail

Interesting horticultural aside about Mother's Day -

these are the funniest cat photos I've ever seen

I no longer will trust any reports from NCBI, the supposed "health" agency.

Terrorism is about Greed not Religion

Bill Kristol responds with ‘Benghazi’ after ABC host mocks him for Lewinsky conspiracy theory

The NY Times' Adam Liptak: False Equivalence Monger

Mayor de Blasio, Rev. Al Sharpton join activists outside of Nigerian Consulate to urge...

Commonweal: Style & Substance - Francis seeks to reconcile factions within Catholicism

Moldy Oldies time

Happy Mother's Day!!!

First Lady: "One of the Greatest Lessons I Learned from My Mom"

John Oliver nails it on gun control

Bachmann, Wasserman Schultz Clash Over Benghazi Select Committee

From Rescue ME: three dogs in the house were enough

Fox News' Eric Bolling: 'I Don't Remember' Any Terrorist Attacks On America During President Bush's

Iranian leader calls for mass-production of missiles

Watching TPP efforts - meeting in Japan

In honor of Mother's Day, a couple of old pictures from my past...

TPP - more on meeting in Asia

Boo Boo's strange journey: How a baby black bear got to Wash U

If the Democrats have to put on 5 members on the benghazi panel then Alan Grayson, Elijah Cummings

Having problems getting on DU for three days now.

Misa, an 88-year-old grandmother, and her rescued cat, Fukumaru, are rarely ever seen, apart

Dolphins player tweets 'horrible' after seeing Michael Sam kiss

Is Climate Change Real? The Pentagon Sure Thinks So

Beyonce labeled partly "Anti-Feminist" and a "terrorist" by feminist scholar

Let's talk about the white privilege debate after we read this article:

Hillary Clinton writes tribute to Mom in new book

Warren warns against Republican takeover of Senate---Would Operate Like GOP-Controlled House of Reps

We all started out as parasites ...

Marco Rubio: I am ready to be president

Glenn Greenwald: the explosive day we revealed Edward Snowden's identity to the world

Opinions on lenses

Obvious That GOP Would Govern With An Iron Fist If They Got Full Power

25 of the Happiest Dogs on Instagram

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there

The Bush Family: A Continuing Criminal Enterprise?

Big, brave RW hosebag flack attacks 12-year-old girl

Question for Speaker Boehner, Given the huge GOP focus on investigating Benghazi did the Democrats

Ukraine guardsmen open fire on crowd

I would like to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful birth mothers out there

The Collapse of the Bees... And How To Save Them

Bring the catnip or the dog gets it!!

Is Indiana Arne Duncan's next target? Will he label all the state's schools as failing for not..

Elizabeth Warren refuses to say it...

Fired on the first day!

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ May 11th

Now your just splitting hairs

Establishment Republicans attempt to thwart Tea Party by changing primary, debate rules

Former Wisconsin Governor Lucey Dies at 96

I can't get there tomorrow, but I can come on Thursday - By Elizabeth Warren

Dolphin Surfing, Woman Wakeboarding with Dolphins as seen on the TV...

Republicans are still outraged over 4 deaths in Benghazi...going on year two of the investigations..

Happy Mother's Day to our furry friends!


World is unprepared for major El Niño later this year

The Big Puff of Wind Rush Limbaugh

Opinions on lenses

Hyundai aims high for future with eco-friendly cars

Can I have one? Please? Just for a little while?

A couple of queries

I'm not trying to belittle anyone's issues but just add another voice.

How much does the Internet weigh?

Michael Sam Rams Jerseys Are Already For Sale

Must have been the 1%ers

Koterba's Political Toon for Today: Benghazi

Good god tell me why!

Here's an idiot who shouldn't be allowed to pull a 5th wheel trailer...

Cantor Booed in Home District

Ancient Egyptians Had Vegetarian Diet, Mummy Study Shows

Ball and Chain: Not Your Usual Mother’s day Thread

"America is the greatest country in the world."

Chavistas Have Their Foreign-Intervention Cake and Eat It Too

Ukraine located in Pakistan - CNN blunder

How a Power-Mad Illinois Mayor Launched a Police Crusade Against a Parody Twitter Account

Venezuela: Cambio de régimen / Regime change

Elizabeth Warren says she is not a socialist, warns against G.O.P. take over of Senate

The GOP is the Tea Party , The Tea Party is the GOP.

Fox News Panel Slams #BringBackOurGirls Hashtag Activism

I got this tablet today for giggles and to use while on the road....

Magic Johnson attending Clippers - Thunder game today.

My predictions about the Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi (bookmarking for later)

My favorite comment on Michael Sam during NFL draft weekend

Third body recovered in deadly hot-air balloon crash

Fracking Well Leak Spills 1,600 Gallons of Lubricant Into An Ohio Tributary

Israel offers to help Nigeria find abducted girls

There are some incorrect bird IDs at this post

Manchester City win second Premier League title in three years

Come on ice cream

Fist-waving fired HGTV hosts are ready to ‘clean house’ on the gay ‘agenda of silence’



Romney the Racketeer website is up now - And "Haas v Romney" files to come

I HATE Mothers Day!

#BringBackOurGirls: New York Mayor and Reverend Al Sharpton March On Boko Haram School Girls Kidnap

Sterling's wife pledges to keep stake in Clippers

New Firefox WARNING for those who use Firefox sync for bookmarks and iCloud sync.

33 yrs ago Bob Marley Passed. Why did the son of CIA Director William Colby give Bob a pair of boots

Poll: Rahm re-election on ropes; voters say no better than Daley

With Malice Toward Nuns

God has a message for you: THE FIVE STAGES OF GLOBAL WARMING

About young Mr. Fortgang (the Pirnceton "privelege" kid) . . .

silver mercury glass vases.


Wow Farage has four bodyguards with him

'Bout on average, how many DUers are on a timeout at any particular time?

Why the Official Explanation of MH370’s Demise Doesn’t Hold Up

Always Wrong Bill Kristol Gives Us A Two-Fer

Marco Rubio Denies Global Warming

Is it OK for a congressman to support an antisemetic homophobic preacher?

Ongoing fighting in Iraq's Anbar hits businesses

Happy mother's day to all

Iraq War report 'will not be kind' to Blair, says West MP Murrison

This is too funny! A man and his Cockatoo have an argument. Definitely NSFW!

Fast food worker strikes planned in 150 cities May 15th

Obama Calls for Worldwide Fight Against Anti-Semitism

The Workers Who Make Your Sneakers Are Mad As Hell

Unexpected: Combat Stress rises

UK Climate Denial Think Tank Smears Researcher Who Questioned Its Charitable Exemption

Wow. Imagine That - Using Untreated Animal Manure Sludge On Crops Might Contaminate Food

Trouble with DU for three days now.

USW Statement on Western Forest Products Tragedy in Canada

USW Statement on Western Forest Products Tragedy in Canada

Guardian - Fox News Now Provides Accurate Climate Information 28% Of The Time (Up From 7%)

We Support James Risen Because We Support a Free Press (E action)

Imperial Decay

"I'm running against a $100 million war machine."

Potsdam Institute Study; 3 Key Climate-Vulnerable Regions Of Africa; Lake Victoria, SA, Sudan & Eth

The golden hour

Dear Americans, Your Hashtags Won't #BringBackOurGirls; You Might Actually Be Making Things Worse