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Archives: April 6, 2014

Nice day here.

"Girls Chase Boys"

Total lunar eclipse coming to North, South American sky April 15

Bad day

'Throat of Fire' volcano erupts in Ecuador

Goonies Sequel. The world finally makes sense.

OK Who had UConn playing for the championship?


Being deaf to the "first world problem" critique

How do you think you would have fared in an arrainged marriage?

Assembly moves to decriminalize marijuana (Maryland)

Is Racism Playing a Role in the Religious Right's Hostility to Neil deGrasse Tyson?

A Man Feeds 50 Homeless People After Turning A Homeless Shelter Into A Nice Restaurant

"A Christie Life Primer" by Gail Collins at the New York Times

I'm putting together a box to donate to a shelter

Is This Real? George Zimmerman Sells Trayvon Martin Painting for $30,000

2014 Santa Anita Derby (Derby Prep) I think we have a Derby favorite now

Mormon leader outlines opposition to gay marriage

Raise a glass with me to the memory of an old friend.

A good author/environmentalist, Peter Matthiessen has died

Jerry Jones gets booed; celeb sightings at Final Four; stadium terrible

‘Gasoline thieves’ cause an environmental disaster in Colombia wetlands

(Great) "Obama Knows How To Win with Putin" by Mariusz Zawadzki at Gazetta Wyborcza

Buffalo running from Yellowstone a feared sign of pending eruption

mystical experience...wordless and profoundly unsettling

mother and baby owl

NAFTA Linked to Massive Human Rights Violations in Mexico

NAFTA Linked to Massive Human Rights Violations in Mexico

Money, Money, Everywhere

A song for a sad evening

today in women's herstory-5 april

I have recently been wondering when this would start happening again

Writer-environmentalist Peter Matthiessen dies at 86

Thousands celebrate 43rd Hash Bash on U-M campus in Ann Arbor

5 april 1989--march for women's lives, women's equality (600,000+ attendance)

2 arrested in beating of Clinton Twp. driver; police want others to surrender [Steve Utash]

Imagine you're TCM's guest programmer. Name your list of films.

Naive theories of revolution

5 april 1989-march for women's lives, women's equality (600,000+ attendance)

5 april 1989-march for women's lives, women's equality (600,000+ attendance)

If you could buy the Cleveland baseball team, or the

Donald Rumsfeld Hasn't Learned a Damn Thing

"the fragile promise of choice:abortion in america today"


"the fragile promise of choice: abortion in america today"

Mi ultimo adios - Poema escrito la noche previa a ser fusilado - José Rizal

best methods/products for washing a car?

"Obama: The GOP Budget Would Shrink Opportunity For Hard-Working Americans"

The Demon Weed, A Lack of Police Accountability, And Money Is Speech - The David Sparks Show

Can anyone stop Narendra Modi?

Instead of "revolution" or "reform"-TRANSFORMATION.

Relief in Afghanistan after largely peaceful landmark election

Obama congratulates Afghanistan on election turnout

"GOP delegates select businessman Aaron Miller to oppose Rep. Tim Walz"

NASA to bomb the crashing the LADEE Lunar probe into it.

Old Forecast of Famine May Yet Come True

King County Proposition 1



A cashless economy leads to a safer society

Kansas lawmakers OK bill to void local gun rules

Kansas lawmakers OK bill to void local gun rules

The number of (nearly all professional) jobs given to immigrants via H1b visas in 2012 was 821,000

Daniel Beaty... Knock, Knock. Who's there? We Are!

Pass this around....


GOP Candidate’s New Ad Touts Fake Call From Obama (VID)

Plane search signal 'important lead'

It seems NASA will be bombing the moon again

Goodnight, Moon.

Teachers are rallying in Topeka We are being XXXXXX by republicans

Bike computer vs. phone app

Daniel Suarez discusses Kill Decision

Cleveland Indians Fan In Redface Meets A Native American

The plane truth: Florida Gov. Rick Scott travels in wealth, stealth

American Delusionalism, or Why History Matters | John Michael Greer

Now three separate signals have been picked up from off Australia. At least two in the same area.

US Spy Agencies Can’T Get In Putin’S Head, Rogers Says

Series Of Small Earthquakes Rock Oklahoma In Record Seismic Activity

It’s the Palestinians’ fault, let them pay

Transgender student says CPCC security harassed her

2 Cellos - Take a look

Feminist icon Kathleen Hanna's tribute to Kurt Cobain

Protesters Against Austerity Fill the Streets of Montreal

On the collapse of the Kerry talks:

Feeding the Homeless - Prank It FWD

anyone watch "reincarnation: past lives"

Climate Change and Inequality Brewing Global Social Upheaval

Ravitch: Opt Your Child Out of State Testing: Don't Feed the Machine is my SEMI-ANNUAL "We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll" thread.

World’s First Self-Cleaning Solar Park Debuts in Israel

(Must See!) Richard Dawkins on Science

CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

Venezuela Seizes More Than 3 Tons of Cocaine

Leftist seen easily winning Costa Rica presidency after rival pulls out

Duggars Asked to Stop Supporting Ministry where Founder is Accused of Sexual Harassment

Former ABN Banker Schmittmann, Wife, Daughter Found Dead at Home

Victorious over phase one, Venezuelans prepare for next assault revealed in secret documents.

The Taulas of Menorca

A must read: Michael Lewis's book about High Frequency Trading

The mainstreaming of mindfulness meditation

1,000-Year-Old Village Discovered in New Mexico

Remember that 91 year old that the FBI raided for atifacts?

U.S. to Send Two Warships to Japan to Counter North Korea

Congressional approval of D.C. marijuana bill would allow lawmakers to light up

Philadelphia gamers play skyscraper Tetris (video at link)

All Ecuadorian eyes on Tungurahua volcano after spectacular eruption

Jesse Ventura slams minimum wage foes: Pure capitalism robbed us blind

Ukraine threatens to take Russia to court over gas price ‘economic aggression’

I have received an email from the firm of

Seismologist: Record earthquake activity continues to rock Oklahoma

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Oh Heck Yeah Edition

The Deathwatch Beetle


U.S. Navy moves forward with testing sophisticated unmanned helicopters

Herman (aka Herb) Cain’s website compares LGBT activists to Star Trek’s totalitarian race the Borg

Cash rules everything around us

FBI Smashes Alleged Radical-Right Terror Plot in Texas

Chilling Effects: Climate Change Deniers Have Scientific Paper Disappeared

One thing about VP Biden in American History

Joslyn Art Museum discovers that it had Rembrandt original in storage

Mastro report on GWB scandal deviates from federal standards

Rush Limbaugh Can't Even Keep Dog Turd Removal Ads on his Right Wing Clown Show

Poll: Elizabeth Warren is the ‘hottest’

7 Craziest Right-Wing Rants This Week: Satan's Role in Graham Crackers?

Can We Safeguard Our Democracy After McCutcheon?

The First Amendment…...

Rumsfeld Documentary Reveals What an Unaccountable Slippery Bastard He Is

Why Americans Are Losing Their Religion at a Startling Rate

Drought worsens food crisis in poverty-stricken Haiti

Japan's caved and said it will stop selling whale meat

How Probation Privateers Prey on the Poor

Top 7 Surprising pieces of Good news in Afghanistan Presidential Election

Food Stamps Don't Keep Walmart's Prices Low, They Keep Its Profits High

Flush Rush----and do the same with the Koch Brothers

Republican Party of Virginia Treasurer: "Dear Gay Rights Fascists"

State Department Official Freaks Out That Declassifying CIA Torture Report Might Make The World Angr

Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Support Marijuana Policy Reform

A question about that missing airliner -


Report: Gov't files lacking for $6B in contracts

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ April 6th

The walrus workout

Row as atheist pupils are sent to vegetarian Sikh school

So the lesson of Ft. Hood is that a Christian soldier with a mental illness should create sympathy,

Va. Gov. McAuliffe vetoes school prayer bill, saying it could lead to ‘religious messaging’

Breaking Speculation!!!!

Immigration reform becomes a Catholic ‘pro-life’ cause

Life-coaching on skid row starts with scrapping the textbook

Bush crew’s deplorable return: How their reemergence sends a deadly message

Denver Catholic Church’s Spending Questioned

D.C. shift: Gun control to threat detection

is a corporation like a church?

GIRLS ARE WATCHING Self-Expression or Sexualization?

Can We Safeguard Our Democracy After McCutcheon?

Dr. Zhivago, Cold Warrior

Cesar Chavez's family to attend Mass to celebrate his life

Mexico's plan to smash TV, phone monopolies spurs fears of censorship

The Heir, the Judge and the Homeless Mom: America's Prison Bias for the 1%

Building the New Populism

About those new superstores that are opening.

Probation Privateers Prey on the Poor

Praising Iraq War, Obama Faces Another "Dumb War"

Is it because the victims of MH370

The Age of the Oligarchs

EU weighs new approach towards Russia in wake of Ukraine crisis

The Devil and Doug LaMalfa

Tom Frank interviews Barbara Ehrenreich: “You’re the anti-Ayn Rand”

Gar Alperovitz: Capitalism in Long Term Stagnation and Decay

The Devil and Doug LaMalfa (xpost frm Congress)

Rice leads call to scale down U.S. role in Mideast

George Orwell Missed Something .....

NY Times: Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills

David Harvey "The End of Capitalism"

Person struck and killed by train on Upper East Side

Boeing, GE say get U.S. license to sell spare parts to Iran

The 'White Angel': Maidan Heroine Considers Future in Politics

Style sheet issue?

dilbert is good today

MH370 skirted Indonesian radar....

Exelis’ move to spin off company is recent formula used by defense contractors

English Teacher Receives Letter From Student,

Beefed-up Fort Carson brigade has more tanks, 5,000 soldiers

How to Lie with Rape Statistics: America's Hidden Rape Crisis

No clear security fixes for Fort Hood violence

Meet the Prizewinning Catholic Biologist Creationists Can’t Stand

Have teachers past acts of charity instead of fighting for supplies and proper school funding lead

GOP seeks coverage choices in health law they hate

Louie Gohmert Hails Mississippi Anti-Gay Law, Attacks 'Intolerant' Gays

The Countries With The Highest Religious Diversity Are Mostly In The Asian-Pacific

The Countries With The Highest Religious Diversity Are Mostly In The Asian-Pacific

US Steel idles Indiana mill due to lack of ore

Speaker Boner: Working Hard for YOU... NOT

Earthquake advance warning system

Embodying Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Remains a Vital Challenge

Why Obama Is Ending Pay Secrecy For Federal Contractors

Secret military device lets Oakland (Michigan) deputies track cellphones

In Gay Rights Fights, Bullies Love to Play the Victim

Churches use Lent season to raise awareness on climate change

U.S. banks starting toward microchip credit cards

Churches use Lent season to raise awareness on climate change


Fuel shortages dog Africa's biggest oil producer

Oh. Nic COPPOLA Cage tries for "2 good scenes in every movie" and job done!1

What's for breakfast?

D.C. Happy Hour (cartoon)

Laura Flanders: After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision

How McCutcheon Will Make Raising the Minimum Wage Even Harder

Owasco Lake advocates decry runoff of manure into water

Embedded videos turn into HTML5

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: Feinstein too ‘emotional’ about CIA interrogation techniques

NYSUT delegates reiterate: King must go

The US is paying the cost of supporting the House of Saud as cracks begin to appear

More ships rush to probe signals in plane search

David Harvey "The End of Capitalism"

Why is the Democratic Party so emotionally disconnected?

It's illogical that limiting money is limiting speech. If one can give $1 to a candidate, then they

My new hero - Saru Jayaraman

I will *NOT* go on this water slide. Ever.

Comcast answers it critics about the Time Warner merger

It's an Election Year. Take Advantage of Meet & Greet Events!

Casino group seeks to develop one of two Binghamton sites

A model car that costs HOW much?

University told me to look more feminine, fired Iowa softball coach says

Melissa Harris Perry has been having a great discussion on this morning

The Death of the English Degree, Brought on by Critical Analysis

"Good Daughter"-Liz Cheney: Stop ‘political’ investigation of torture and focus more on Benghazi

Documents show Margolies turned to own charity in time of need.

Anyone Have Any Experience with Senior Friendly Tubs? (Safe Step, Premiere Bath,etc.)

A Tale of Two Cities....well, actually one city...and a tale of justice for the rich and the poor

When a star meets a Black Hole

The Worm Has Turned: Obamacare Support At Record Highs - time to turn the screw on Republicans

SNL skewers Dumb Fux and Friends once again

State’s top court OKs Lockport taking of GM land

Carl Sagan... so wise... so correct

A recovering US is outpacing other major economies

TORTURE: Stage Being Set For CIA Apologists To Offer Justifications Based On "Plausible Deniability"

State teachers union ousts president

Money, Casinos and the American Indian

How to counter all the Climate Change isn't happening myths:

A Noteworthy Mugshot

Special Bulletin. Media coverage of events, 1983 made for tv movie

Rep. Dan Maffei has $1 million fundraising edge over Republican John Katko

Chris Christie's "Bridge-Gate": A Dangerous Lack of Critical Thinking

Mr. de Blasio: Tear Up This Blacklist

Mullen: Soldiers carrying guns on bases is not a fix

I just found this 3 minute video on Facebook.....I hope you'll watch it too. It is lovely...

Time running out to meet global warming target - U.N. report

What is In the center of those chocolates?

It may be spring in Brownbackistan

Are Your Neighbors Voters?

Humor: A list of Neal DeGrasse Tyson's Science Corrections from SNL's Fox & Friends Spoof

Blogging Can Be Dangerous to Your Freedom

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Right-wing Venezuelan protesters terrorizing country

Someone needs to revoke Peter Jackson's dramatic license.

My review of Noah starring Russel Crowe as a non-religious movie that will make you want to believe

My review of Noah starring Russel Crowe as a non-religious movie that will make you want to believe

So Obama is deporting illegal immigrants in record numbers..

When names themselves pose a challenge...

Deceitful ALEC/Art Pope puppet files last minute to primary Dem NC Supreme Court justice

End of the Hemlocks, a Lament (Op-Ed)

“Free Speech Wins Big” in McCutcheon Ruling? It’s FALSE NEWS!


Selling Sexy: 7 Surprisingly Saucy Startups

Its a rainy day - Why shouldn't I just stay in bed all day?

Thank you teachers

Tobacco plant has key to fighting cancer

U.S. senator gets so angry at Cheney’s torture defense that he offers to waterboard him

GWB point needs to be made in all coverage - GWB considered a top tier terror target, esp on 9-11

Wonderful project for disabled vets!!

A veteran programmer explains how the stock market became “rigged”

Former Yahoo employee alleges he was harassed, threatened and lost job because of online interaction

Russia Supporters Storm Ukraine Government Buildings

Democrat Pelosi says Cheney set tone for CIA interrogation practices

Democrat Pelosi says Cheney set tone for CIA interrogation practices

Could the moneyed left turn McCutcheon against the GOP?

Moyers: ‘McCutcheon’ Means “All the Free Speech You Can Buy”

I was sitting here thinking about Chucky Koch's heart-felt letter to the editor

In memory of Peter Matthiessen - how many of his books have you read?

Nebraska brewers, farmers blast federal grain safety proposal

Goldman Sachs’ sick con: How they made money off your misery

What Happens When An Alligator Bites An Electric Eel

The Ethics Of NBC Letting George W. Bush Be Interviewed By His Daughter

300 year wedding anniversary

Joshua Holland on Can We Safeguard Our Democracy After McCutcheon?

Obama To Sign Executive Order With Equal Pay Rules For Federal Contractors

Puppy pics

How many Obamacare enrollees were previously uninsured? A big 77%!!

Republicans Quietly Make an Important Fix To Obamacare That Democrats Wanted

Any Mac owing muscians using Pizzicato?

The liberal professor who stepped right into an anti-abortion trap

Look At How Many Obamacare Enrollees Were Uninsured: 5.4 Million

New Obama order to lead midterm equal pay push

9 Portraits of Butch Women Proving "Masculinity is a Trait, Not a Gender"

Arctic sea ice falls to fifth lowest level on record

Money, and Speech

Is this blog post intolerant of the transgendered?

Here is a graphic we can all agree with

Obama plans executive actions to boost equal pay for women

Important Information Regarding Treatment of Accidental Opioid Drug Overdose - via MediCal

Obama to Attend Fort Hood Memorial Service Wednesday

Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan: The Showdown Begins | Ramzy Baroud

What's a good way to view electronic sheet music nowadays ?

Important Information Regarding Treatment of Accidental Opioid Drug Overdose - via CA MediCal

Missing Ukraine journalist murdered

Two Thirds of Seniors ...

Who do I talk to in order to get someone to kick Skittles' ass?

Army 'must consider' female combat roles

In honor of Peter Matthiessen - has anyone seen the 1991 movie, "At Play in the Fields of the Lord"?

Chilis To Fundraise With Customer Money For Anti-Vaccination Austim Group


Honeybee live cam offers glimpse into a rapidly declining population

The future of FIRST CONTACT DAY is in real danger if someone doesns't teach Dr. Zefram Cochrane

A 2012 Academic Study on Pit Bull Terriers

2 officers critically hurt responding to Coney Island fire

Maddow: This Week in God, 4.5.14

Young Native Girls Are Being Sacrificed To The Canadian Sex Trade

GOP Governor candidate Neel Kashkari

XPost fm GD: ]A 2012 Academic Study on Pit Bull Terriers

GM ignition switch case could lead to criminal charges: Senator

Say no to bigotry

The rejectionist: Netanyahu and the peace talks

Right wing theocrats: "Thomas More Law Center"

Netanyahu's 'gift' of Palestinian statehood

Will flash trades now lead to a financial transaction tax?

The dangers of Spring Fever

Newt Gingrich: Unlimited campaign donations will ‘equalize the middle class and the rich’

Captain Erikson's Equation | John Michael Greer

Tropical Cyclone Ita plods near Papua New Guinea

A Movie About Steubenville From a Male Perspective Is a Great Idea (Maybe)

California spring break brawl met with teargas and pepper spray (100 arrested)

The Red Line and the Rat Line Seymour M. Hersh

How The Supreme Court Just Legalized Money Laundering By Rich Campaign Donors

Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald address US campaigners via video

Michigan woman beaten after same-sex marriage featured in the news.

EPA Announces New Initiative To Conserve Whatever’s Left

No more NSA spying? Sorry, Mr Obama, but that's not true

Chupacabra ... or not.

anyone wish to critique and/or edit this wiki article about the American South ?

Jeb Bush Says He Will Decide On 2016 By The End Of The Year

SNL parodies "Fox and Friends" covering Obama Care and "A Science Lesson From Neil deGrasse Tyson"

voter restriction

I thought I was crazy...

Brit Ship 'Echo' Arrives to Hunt Missing Jet's Black Box

McCutcheon decision day 4: Adelson demands GOP place convention in Las Vegas.

Sorry, Dick Cheney: Torture doesn't work

What could possibly go wrong?

How the Internet Is Taking Away America’s Religion

brownback is dodging teachers. #heblowsalot

Unconditional Comfort ...

Back to work in the morning!

Habitat for Humanity to help Oso slide victims rebuild

UConn Men, Brimming With Confidence, Ready For Kentucky

Tony Blair 'knew all about CIA secret kidnap programme’

Some folks just don't like the way we do things in CT...

A couple of questions for DU "old stuff" afficianados. UPDATED

I scored a 6! What's your score?

Thousands of Chinese Christians camp outside church after demolition threat

Seen in the Capital ....

Xolo Hairless Dog Breed from Mexico Is a Champion.

How Sheldon Adelson Bought the GOP

Lawyer Mortada Mansour says he will run for Egypt's presidency

Jesus wept.

Now, Americans can give money to as many politicians as they want

Pistorius to Finally Answer Questions on Shooting

Former CIA director: Sen. Feinstein is too ‘emotional’ to investigate torture

"I now pronounce you money & politics...."

How the Internet Is Taking Away America’s Religion

High deportation figures are misleading

Why UPS trucks don't turn left...

Report: Anti-vaxers gain momentum in the US

Trapped stray kitties aren't strays

‘Chick-fil-A for gays’ pro-equality fried chicken restaurant opens

Mozilla CEO faced ‘new fascism,’ Gingrich says

From the no good deed goes unpunished department.

Dovetail Jig Fixture

Scottish Independence: Role of religion 'should be recognised'

Scottish Independence: Role of religion 'should be recognised'

Artists install massive poster of child’s face in Pakistan field to shame drone operators

Obamacare? Are you nuts?

You know what's going on off Perth is now all about who has what technology

Is my DH's mac in its death throes? {:•(

Robert Reich with Bill Moyers: Inequality for All

Fascism with a Feminist Face

" dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics..."


If you were around in the 1930's, what would you be doing?

Want to see the movie "Noah" early? Now you can right here!

China Urges U.S. To Refrain From Interfering In HK's Affairs

Hungary moves to the right, early election results show

India’s election sparks claim of ‘politics of hatred’

Navies Of Iran, Pakistan To Hold Joint Drill In Hormuz Strait

I've been kind of curious about something. Here's a little poll for people over 60.

worried about Jeb Bush's potential for POTUS?

Israeli Prime Minister Threatens ‘Unilateral’ Action Against Palestinians If Talks Break Down

Great news for Christians ....

putting on my thinking cap...

Peeps - Easter Candy Favorite or Proof that Satan walks amongst us. You decide

Think ceviche, not gefilte fish, for Passover meals


Cross-post from the Lounge - DU's better half.

Argentine president becomes godmother to lesbian couple's child

Argentine president becomes godmother to lesbian couple's child

Free Trade == Indentured Slavery ...

29 rebels dead in Syria premature car bomb blast: NGO

Fears of gas war as Ukraine refuses to pay increased prices set by Russian firm

India Kicks Off World’s Biggest-Ever Election With Modi in Lead

Call the Midwife Regulars - headsup


The gym had no flag.

Check out this Bernie Sanders comment...

The Truthseeker: Regime Change America

Sometimes that last Elk needs to back up to a running start...(that's me some days).

War horses

Caracas:2 cyclists found dead in Ávila national park, had close ties to prominent opposition figures

For men who think an ex-girlfriend might be pregnant

John Pinette has died..

Where Portage Glacier used to be.

Jury rules in favor of ex-ethics chief; awards $700,000 judgment (re. Deal ethics investigation)