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Star Wars Youtube channel

I don't like the terms "left" and "right"

Papantonio: Justice Roberts Is Truly An Idiot

Papantonio: Corporations Are The New Government – Get Used To It

Baby Baboon’s Frightening Encounter with Lions Ends With a Heroic Twist

DU Graphic artists - New Bumper Sticker Idea

Carnival Cruz lies again...

Ugandan Officials Raid U.S. Affiliated HIV Research Facility

Victims bill of rights would compel spouses to testify

A member of the US Senate got up today and read the ghost Op Ed

The Pope’s Tone Softens — But The Vatican Is Still Fighting LGBT Rights Around The World

"How DU still doesn't get it", episode number 36,328

The "Liberal" Press Snubbed Obama-WH Sought Primetime Air For ACA 7 Million Signups

Women’s Group Dismisses Obama Endorsement In Key Senate Primary

Did anyone hear the ATC/NPR report on Christie tonight?

Another Rant About American Conservatives

The Pope’s Tone Softens — But The Vatican Is Still Fighting LGBT Rights Around The World

State elections officials seek tighter security

Inside the $400-million political network backed by the Kochs!

the worst thing is that probably not one in a thousand Canadian snowbirds even know what is going o

Rich gain clout as Supreme Court kills political spending limits

TRNN:"Saudi Arabia and the al-Qaeda Monster" ...Paul Jay: Interview & Transcript

Targeted Lethal Force Transparency Act

Just about got it

What Conservative Media Are Getting Wrong About Guns On Military Bases

Mississippi just legalized same sex marriage with SB2681

Uganda throws a party to celebrate passing of anti-gay law

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 April 2014

In the Sky withDiamonds

Jonathan Pollard, Again ...Why he must complete his time in prison

Key West couple sues for marriage equality

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Oil is GOOD!! & a new Kitteh gif

Koch meme. I read this somewhere today and I don't know where. Anyhow I think it is

I am a very liberal democrat..but I think liberal talk show

Scoot over...

Rachel is tearing war criminal Rumsfeld a new one

They're going up on the wall too...

Maryland Does Right By Pit Bulls, Says They Aren't Inherently Dangerous

Harvey Milk Stamp Will Be First To Feature An Openly Gay Elected Official

Krugman: Improv Night At The Oligarchs’ Ball

State Approves Six Sites For Sale Of Medical Marijuana

5-year-old Elementary student says teacher told her not to pray

Personal-Care Giant Unilever Fined $1 Million For Polluting

PLO negotiators have 7 conditions to renew talks

Riverfront Bonfires To Commemorate Essex Revolution Battle

Vote To Declassify CIA's Befouled Bedsheets: Rubio, Risch & Coats Voted Against-Coburn Voted Present

Samy and Amy are coming back!

Company behind Zunzuneo, the Cuban twitter

Take a photo of your "poll-watcher" (re: new Wisconsin law)

“What happened to the Republican Party that I joined?” Lawmaker outraged by his party’s sexism

Texas executes man convicted of killing teenage girl

Malaysia vows: We will give plane families closure

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty takes leap toward entry into force

USAID’s Cuban Twitter: “Democracy Promotion” Does More Harm than Good

April 3 in History: Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Last Speech

Letterman retiring

Police Brutality and Abuse of Power the New Norm?

Commentary - USAID’s program was disrespectful to Cubans

Way to go Gophers!

Statement by the Press Secretary on H.R. 2019

PA: Israeli lab "turned marijuana into heroin" for Palestinian use

i humbly request

N.J. legislative panel investigating traffic jam scandal to meet on Tuesday

When there's a stellar human/DUer, it should be acknowledged: NYC_SKP (sp)

"All of them were perpetrated by men with guns." Rachel Maddow

About that street art photo

FSU under investigation for handling of Jameis Winston case

GW University Poll on Koch Brothers in Politics: Shocking Number Have Unfavourable View

Hillary Clinton Promotes Anti-Poverty Campaign In NYC

Fatah spokesman: We “blackmailed” Israel to release the prisoners

Astounding News out of Oso Wa. landslide. They found a dog.

Daily Kos, "Chart of the Day: Median income"

Rev. Sharpton, NYPD & Major Retailers Reach Deal In ‘Shop-And-Frisk’ Incidents

OMZ Dave's retiring - well in 2015 - wouldn't it be great if Conan took it?!1 n/t

Here is a story that demonstrates the real relationship between adoption and abortion

A knockout punch from Harry Reid

Cumulus Media axes 14yr right wing talk radio host in Arkansas

Anadarko Pays Billions in Settling Toxins Case

So LO is keeping on the IRS enforcement of the original statute for the 501C monies being taxed.

My favorite Letterman clip. It's political:

POWERFUL SPEECH: Obama Open FIRE GOP's Budget, Pushes Minimum Wage in Michigan

UPS fires 250 employees for staging a 90-minute protest to defend co-worker

Dachshund's are the most agressive dog breed acording to one study

I've Got A Kangaroo Straight!

Catholic Church blasts Venezuela for 'brutal repression' of protesters

Detroit Driver Beaten By Crowd After Hitting Boy Clings To Life

Caesars Windsor casino shuts its doors amid labor dispute

‘Longview patriots’ may foot Nugent bill

Strong Storms, Tornadoes Barrel Through Central U.S.

Stewart Blasts 'Bullsh*t' SCOTUS Ruling: If Money Doesn't Corrupt, What the Hell Does?!

Senator Wyden: Americans will be "profoundly disturbed" by report on CIA

Vermont Judiciary Committee votes 5-0 in favor of GMO labeling bill

Mississippi passes Arizona-style religious freedom bill

Sen. Coats (R-Ind.) shows up at wrong hearing, questions wrong witness

Covered California Questions

Study: 43% of young men say they have been sexually coerced by women

In Uganda, an opportunity for Pope Francis to act on his words

Billionaires’ crybaby club: Someone get these whiners a bottle!

Explain this new big change at DU to me

How Fox News created a culture of idiots


Cesar Chavez: I saw the movie last night with my wife

Big Dog on Kimmel (he still has it):

Monday 25 to 30,000 in Oklahoma protested school funding at state capitol. Proud of them.

Please have a look at this Evangenitals music video!

MUST See!! Rachel Maddow rips ‘creepy’ new #Wisconsin law allowing ‘observers’ to loom around voters

This might be a dumb question, but it's been bothering me for a while

Very proud of OK teachers. 25 to 30 thousand rally in capitol.

Hubert Humphrey Roast (The Dean Martin Comedy Hour).

Rachel's first segment tonight was on the documentary about Rumsfeld...

Glenn Beck's Head Explodes over Obamacare


Glenn Beck, #ObamacareTruther

Sen Feinstein "The Report Exposes Brutality That Stands In Stark Contrast To Our Values As A Nation

Paula Deen restaurant closes

David Letterman pisses off the NBC suits

Confederate sympathizer named college prez, students rebel

Malaysia plane MH370: Pinger locators deployed in search

David Letterman & Bette Davis

Your preference for Letterman's successor on "Late Night"

Anyone heard of a 'SearchProtect' virus?

‘Forbes’ Releases 2014 List Of Most Punchable CEOs

Which should I blame, Netfucks or 20th Century Fucks?

The two parties face the same realities of the limited governable spectrum of the US

Twelve Years A Slave

John Nichols: A Resounding Vote Against Koch Brothers Dollarocracy

This post doesn't appear in the "TV Chat" group.

Congress's Scientific Illiterates Are Resigning the World to Ruin

New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart

Obama signs law providing Ukraine loan guarantees

Study: Do you always agree with the topics newspaper editors choose to cover?

Honey Maid released a response to the messages they received about their inclusive family ad:

Website feedback requested...

Game of Thrones: The cult French novel that inspired George RR Martin.

Welcome to Nome, Jason Mackey

Assistant director of northeast Colombia newspaper receives death threats

Journalist assassinated in western Colombia

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ April 4th

A Revolution in Money

CIA torture victim calls for declassification of Senate report

Robert Parry: Ukrainians Get IMF's Bitter Medicine

Statement by Medicare Rights Center President Joe Baker on Representative Paul Ryan’s House Budget

Vietnam Is Sentencing Corrupt Bankers to Death by Firing Squad

How Indigenous Communities in Honduras Are Resisting US-Backed Multinationals

Animation Shows How Chile's Tsunami Took Over The Entire Pacific Ocean

Obama’s NSA overhaul may require phone carriers to store more data

Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich resigns after furor over his support of Prop. 8

Job fair scheduled for former Griffin Pipe employees 250 jobs lost

Guatemalan president eyes drug legalization proposal in late 2014

Debate on anti-bias protection for gay employees gets emotional, personal for NE senators

Cutting off the fiddler's head


Mental health experts dispute linking PTSD to violence after Fort Hood shooting

Senate Intelligence Committee votes to declassify report on CIA interrogations

Mouthwash use 'linked to oral cancer'

Westinghouse, Ukraine Near Deal on Nuclear Fuel for Reactors Contract Extension

Some Senators Finally Willing To Call CIA's Torture Program 'Torture'

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Money for votes

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Ft. Hood

Friday Toon Roundup 3: For a few cents more

Friday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

Turkish court orders partial lifting of YouTube ban

Report: USAID duped 40,000 Cubans with fake ‘Twitter’ to undermine communist government

The EyeOpener Report- Sibel Edmonds Examines the Turkish False Flag Leak

Why don't we have Dem Telethons anymore? (1975)

When a star meets a black hole

Health Department Shuts Down Rat-Infested NYC Dunkin' Donuts

Chili's Is Fundraising For A Notoriously Anti-Vaccine Charity

Newegg Gets Patent Troll Macrosolve To 'Fold Like A Cheap Suit'

Today Is My Birthday!

Anyone else who lives in an area red as a baboon's arse have the

Mass. casino licensure timeline pushed back in metro Boston and the SE

DEA Chief: Please, Think Of The Dogs Before You Legalize Pot

The Rise of the Progressive City With liberal hopes dashed in Washington, political energy is gather

Top 5 Things wrong with US AID Social Media Plot Against Cuba

5 Things Conservatives Lie Shamelessly About

Norwegian Skydiver Almost Gets Hit by Falling Meteor — and Captures it on Film

Afghan policeman kills AP reporter Niedringhaus, wounds Gannon

Iowa judge sues, says firing was political retaliation

Wages have dropped nearly 8 percent since 2006

6 Abortion Clinics for 13 Million Women? Inside Texas' Latest Assault on Women's Rights

County weighed buying up homes in mudslide area

US Wind Energy Is Breaking Records

The Price Of Human Life, According To GM

Hagel calls Asian ministers gathering 'important milestone' in promotion of Pacific stability

Abused and Exploited Temp Workers May Finally Get a Break

Hillary Clinton Claims Partisanship Is Taking The Country Backwards

An Open Letter Response to Charles Koch-

Girl who got stuck trying to rescue her iPhone from down the drain has to be rescued by firemen

Bach to the Future: Fans Want to Rebuild Composer's House

WSJ Editor Gerard Baker: 'Journalism Is Not a Dying Business'

The UN Ban On Japanese Whaling Is Already Having Positive Effects

Bobby Jindal has a heath care plan and of coarse its TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!

Prison of the Past: A Reporter Revisits His 'Shameful' Coverage of Rwanda

U.S. warns China not to try Crimea-style action in Asia

Climate change will 'lead to battles for food', says head of World Bank

Another GD post needs help

5 ways Paul Ryan’s budget screws the climate and environment

Bush paintings..

One Fort Hood victim was barricading door to packed room

Supreme Court’s abomination: How McCutcheon decision will destroy American politics

Ohio gay marriage ban challenged in federal court

McCutcheon, and the Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power

Schumacher has 'conscious moments' - agent

Paula Deen Restaurant Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House Closes After High-Profile Lawsuit

Scripps - Average Atmospheric CO2 Concentration For March 2014 399.47 ppm

'Cuban Twitter' heads to hearings in Congress

Northward Flows Of Saharan Dust That Have UK Gasping Have Doubled In Past 50 Years

King To Undocumented Immigrants: 'We Have A Bus For You To Tijuana'

Wisdom from LBJ that nails the Tea Party

Chilean Government Uses Owls To Fight Hanta Outbreak

The greediest men on earth: Proof Koch brothers have just one political principle

Liberals are overlooking a major political ally: Yes, there’s a religious left!

Remembering Anja Niedringhaus, photojournalist murdered in Afghanistan

Better weather may have lifted job growth in March

Badgers should be gassed, says Princess Anne

Murder charges dismissed against Mississippi woman on trial for giving birth to a stillborn

"Buycott" App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers & Monsanto

Payroll employment increases in March (+192,000); unemployment rate unchanged (6.7%)

Would Saul Alinsky Break His Own Rules?

Billionaires’ crybaby club: Someone get these whiners a bottle! - By Joan Walsh

U.S. warns China not to try Crimea-style action in Asia

Kerry warns U.S. is evaluating role in Middle East peace talks

Only We Can Feed the Labor Movement Fire

I'm Sfaying At A Hotel In The Middle Of Wisconsin &.....

My Free Speech: WSJ Follows Up Koch Brothers Attack on America With Insane Attack on Obamacare

Super Donor Sheldon Adelson Made $2.1 Billion In 2 Days Since 'Adelson Primary'

March job numbers

Paul Krugman- Holy seven million, Batman!

Noam Chomsky: Ecology, Ethics, Anarchism

TV Networks Denied Obama Airtime To Tout Obamacare Enrollment

Pro-Pot, Pro-Gay, Anti-NSA… and Running for Senate

Ever Wonder Why Your Local TV News Stations Run the Same Damn Stories?

Remember when ignition switches were on the dashboard?

Joe Scarborough has Selective Amnesia

More families rely on one low-paying job to survive

Honey Maid Tells Homophobes to Take a Hike in Best Response Ad Ever

How Paul Ryan's Budget Paves the Way for Another Financial Crisis

To Morning Joe: Shouldn't pushing fascism onto this country be considered an unAmerican activity?

March Employment Report: 192,000 Jobs, 6.7% Unemployment Rate

Law enforcement officials remind public of free gun safety locks

I slept with a gay man for six months in Afghanistan. No one asked. He did not tell.

Regarding Cosmos and Fundementalists:

Atheist Groups Are Planning 'Mass Resignation' of Mormons at LDS General Conference

Papantonio: Too Late To Prosecute Bush Admin For Torture Crimes?

Confirmed by science: our species is doomed.

When Should I expect my check?

Republican Senator shows up at wrong hearing, proceeds to question witness

Republicans Need To Suck It Up And Learn To Love Obamacare

The Perfect Lobby: How One Industry Captured Washington

Daniel Murphy: Right to take leave

Morning kids.

New York City Can Block Religious Services in Public Schools, Appeals Court Says

National Guard shoots tear gas and buck shot at residences in Caracas

McConnell Challenger Bevin: The Founding Fathers Were 'Very Involved' In Cockfighting

Boehner: “I Don’t Want to Live in a World Where Seven Million People Get Affordable Health Care”

Hagel Says U.S. Mulls Adding Brigade to Counter Russia

Jon Stewart calls ‘bullsh*t’ on court’s election rulings: ‘Justice is blind, but only in one eye’

Syracuse Islamic group gets OK to strip empty Catholic church of its crosses

Hillary Blasts Putin

A Most Revealing Week for Republicans

Protests after thousands opt out of New York Common Core testing

Gibbs: Employer mandate won't happen

What sort of day is it? A Concrete Blonde day.

5 Hurt After Bus Hits Minivan, Building In Washington Heights

Mumbai Gang Rapists Are Sentenced To Death

President Obama's Rose Garden ACA speech corrected for political effectiveness

Because this can't be said enough, FUCK you George Bush and your stupid paintings.

Allen West’s new book dotted with familiar, but fake, quotes from great Americans

Clash's "London Calling" - So often misused and it drives me CRAZY!!!!

History question, re: Freedom Riders and the Kennedy administration

Fleet Week returning to New York City in May

Republicans Want Us To Be Europe

My friend and my daughter's friend just got accepted to

My instincts about the local radio wingnut and his callers are never wrong

Abbas rejects plea by Kerry to halt international treaty applications

Congressman: We’re underpaid!

Coffee Breakroom Humor -- TexasTowelie Style!

Hayes on paternity leave: ‘Take some time with your frickin’ kid’

So, if people with mental illness diagnoses are excluded from certain rights

Renee Daily: Don't let fracking destroy N.Y.'s water supplies- editorial

Federal Bank VP: Bitcoin Threat Means Banks Must ‘Adapt or Die’

The woman who lost a dog and gained 200 sloths

Any chance of a satire prefix/tag?

OPINION: Russia Should Boost Military Ties With Iran Amid Standoff With West.

Nine inches of fresh snow in our backyard!

Wake up , sleepyheads

Netanyahu weighs collapse of peace talks

Possession of a firearm by the mentally ill is regulated by both state and federal laws.

If money=speech, then let's pay them that way.

Krugman: "Health Reform Has Won!"

NC Gay Rights: Between the Nuns and the GOP

Court rules that snowboarders have no right to PUBLIC land.

In Crimea, Russia Showcases a Rebooted Army

That median income chart from Kos pretty much proves things are not really getting better.

Working Families Party Insists It Doesn’t Need Cuomo

Making a brand new mixtape. This time - best rock songs over 10 minutes long

I don't always undermine the Constitution of the United States

The hell with acorns.




Go on - flattery will get you ...

Did You Know?

This might have been posted before. 9 out of 10 poorest states are republican.

There's a cat under all that fur

Court victory reinstates disabled city employees

New Captain America opens. Prepare for RW heads to explode.

Princess Anne: gassing is the best way to cull badgers

I'm cool with seeing most ads here

Sandy Grossman, innovative director of televised sporting events, dead at 78

Campobello woman gets 20 years in breast milk homicide of daughter

Rude Pundit- Random Observations on McCutcheon v FEC

Broken ATM at Maine bank spits out $37,000

Putin On the Ritz

for those interested in Amanda Knox extradition issue

I think the Fort Hood shooting may just have been someone "going postal"

Drone crashes near Lickdale Elementary School

US probing high-speed trading, Attorney General says

3rd season of dredging Onondaga Lake to resume

i do hearby declare, with no power to back me up whatsoever, that today be a day of peace on du.

Show me your BUT

El Paso wins its first game!

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty One)

New York auto insurers using unfair rating factors, watchdog group says

USA employment loss 2007-2014 = the 547,000 jobs eliminated by conservatism

I haven't seen anything from Scuba today.

The story of one man's forbidden love for a foreigner

I listened to Sam Simon on the Stephanie Miller Show a little while ago

Allen West completely blows it.

Special prosecutor in Perry case says he's “very concerned” about governor's actions

*** Gets out her electric hammer and hangs sign for the new DU Bagel Shoppe ***

Kochs, Adelson, Teabaggers, lies, and dirty tricks on voting day

Top-scoring Long Island College Hospital bidder selected

The Sun was directly overhead today

Massey CEO Don Blankenship produces video denying responsibility for mine disaster

Pic Of The Moment: Charles Koch Whines In Wall Street Journal About "Character Assassination"

April 4, 1935

Real Median Household Income Rises 1.2% in February


Has anyone else seen the latest,

In March, the Unemployment Rate Masked Some Good News For Once

Bishop Dinis Sengulane, Mozambican pioneer of peace-longest serving Anglican bishop retires

Bishop Dinis Sengulane, Mozambican pioneer of peace-longest serving Anglican bishop retires

Buchanan:Putin a Christian crusader,Moscow a Godly city.

30 Butt Exercises.

Borowitz Report again refuses to do satire

Live Chupacabra captured!

New low for a lowlife.

Federal judge says he will issue ruling that will strike down Ohio's ban on gay marriage

Affrilachian author Crystal Wilkinson embraces Appalachian roots

Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036

Reid on $10.10 minimum wage: 'We didn't pick that number just to be fun'

Israel at fault over West Bank teen's death: NGO

I think the DU community should consider a Climate Change group ..

It seems the the best way to guarantee marriage equality for a state...

Introducing the ACLU's NSA documents database

Gazprom Stops Courting U.S. Investors After Crimea Crisis

Dumb ass with a gun. What do you suppose that gun can do to flesh and bones?

Wheat Crops See Worst Damage in 5 Years on Drought-Freeze

Judge to end Ohio ban on recognizing gay marriage

Paycheck Issues Top Senate Agenda in Bid for Women’s Vote

Long-Term Unemployed Make for Just as Strong Hires: Study

Marty Markowitz Lands Tourism Gig in the de Blasio Administration

Fun with Corporate Conscience Clauses

Corporates carve up the African cake

Toon - The Terrible Shadow

Review: The Amazon Fire TV Is Kind Of A Mess

Pat Robertson Says Obamacare Kills, Helps Woman Sign Up Anyway

Rick Perry Orders TX Prisons Not to Follow Rape Prevention Law

MA Gov Candidate: Obama Loves 'Sexual Anarchy' & Might Be Gay


Silly MSNBC doing a story about Crisis in Sudan

Vertical Gardening Photographs

I have no clue why have not 1 but 2 Little River Band's Greatest Hits CDs on my Ipod

Reading more about 1848. We say "nation-building"

Long Cardigan Coat

Do you think George W. Bush should be prosecuted by the Obama administration for torture?

Judge to strike down Ohio same-sex marriage ban

Lawmakers to Navy: Keep selling cigarettes

As safety as can be...

The woman who lost a dog and gained 200 sloths (BBC)

Schumer proposal could help save Citi Bike

In bid for worst boss ever, Paula Deen closes restaurant without telling workers

Ukraine PM says will stick to austerity despite Moscow pressure

The Rude Pundit: And God Trusts in You, Sweet, Dumb Mississippi

West plans special court for Kosovo organ harvesting charges.

Median incomes are not growing as fast as they should be. This is true. And it is a serious problem.

California man washed out to sea during baptism (BBC)

EU launches flagship Sentinel satellite project to monitor Earth (BBC)

Never let anyone say that you can't go backwards.

Tropical Cyclone Twenty-two meanders in the Indian Ocean

Gov. Scott Walker's actions are a disservice to veterans

"Rapebait" Frat disbanded for promoting sexual violence.

Why don't Americans read anymore?

NPR Poll Finds Obamacare Woes Portend GOP ‘Midterm Wave’

This Graph Shows Why We Need To Raise The Minimum Wage

Rapebait" Frat disbanded for promoting sexual violence.

sincere and naive question about the movie "The Help"

The Teadiots are RIGHT! HUGH Obummercare FAIL!

A joke I like

Never give up!

'Killer Heroin' Causing Fatal Overdoses

Situation Desperate, Send Drugs...

Amazing Aerial Views Of Smog Blanketing London

NYPD officer detained in India over bullets

The Endless Chronicles of Stupid, Childbirth Edition

Tesla is the new Hummer. Flying down the highway reading Drudge

LTTE gives best employment for Limbaugh and Hannity....

Marge Simpson Has Officially Been Brought To Life

In support of another poster's "peace" OP, let there be "laughter and happiness" today also.

Amazing stop-motion film using thumb tacks and rubber bands on a cork board.

Krugman: More Good Obamacare News

A remarkable thing is happening in a school district in New Hampshire.

Obama signs ban on public funding of presidential campaigns into law

Beau Biden defends handling of du Pont heir sex case

Thruway chair: Tappan Zee Constructors needs to get act together


How "uncool" are you ?

Wage Theft is a Bigger Problem Than Other Theft—But Not Enough is Done to Protect Workers

Roberts strikes down freedom of speech for the 99% & for sale to the 1%ers: "Down with Democracy"

Hillbilly Cast Iron Cooking. Worth a look!

Comparing the sixties to today

Protesters Against Austerity Fill the Streets of Montreal--Why Should Poor Pay More than Rich

Study: Conservative disgust response is involuntary

Poll: What state do you think will hold out til last

Photos of the house I bulilt in my 20s and Country Joe McDonald

Florida Weighs Bill That Would Crush Craft Brewers

'Stand Up, Fight Back!': Newark Students Protest Charter Schools

Cherry Blossom Watch update

3 Million More Americans Have Medicaid Thanks To Obamacare

Get the Money out of Politics, by Robert Reich

Police investigation: Was a Vt. employee shopping with taxpayer money?

Florida man stages burglary to avoid going to work

George W. Bush is not a particularly awful painter

FYI: Florida Man has his own Twitter account - @_FloridaMan

Alan Keyes knows who is to blame for the Ft Hood shooting...

Should making a jackass of oneself on one occasion wreck someone's career forever?

7 Fascinating Facts About Narwhals

"Sandy Hook Truthers" take over Florida Teabagger group...

You wanna see something creepy?

Court stenographer repeatedly writes "I hate my job" during courtroom proceedings

SeaWorld orcas drugged with valium: Not an uncommon practice

The next El Niño?

Not done often: Want to give a SHOUT OUT to Senator Harry Reid.

Wonkette: Allen West Explains How Crimea Made Obama Do The Fort Hood Shootings

Epic win for a three year old little boy who narrowly misses being lost to adoption!

Dispute over man leads to rat retaliation

Lola Jane Pitt's 1st Birthday Party Weekend

Mother who killed 4 year old son because she thought he was gay has been convicted of murder

Thom Hartmann: Cesar Chavez legacy & immigration

Just signed a new book contract...Not bad for 'never going to amount to anything'

Experts Told This Artist Her Dream Was Impossible. It's A Good Thing She Didn't Listen

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

State Department inspector general issues alert over $6 billion in contracting money

Eric Holder Would Be 'Glad To Work With Congress' To Reschedule Marijuana

Sorry, saturated fat fans. Paula Deen's restaurant has bitten the dust.

Jesse Ventura slams minimum wage foes: Pure capitalism robbed us blind

The victims of Colombia aerial fumigation

And the bird bath stayed open

Pussy Riot protesters cleared of religious hatred charge

Well *that* was easy- "Clinton banned guns on military bases"

JK speaking French again in Algeria!


Opening day in cold Colorado >>

Is Individual Local Election Activism Worthwhile?

For your creep-joyment

The World’s Smallest Sandcastles Built on Individual Grains of Sand

Meteorite narrowly misses Norwegian skydiver

Stephen Colbert Is CBS' Top Choice to Succeed Letterman, and He's Into It

My condo was trashed.

Obama puts 2014 in perspective

40.000-strong union demo, against austerity and for a social EU, ends in clashes

I think tolerance should go both ways..

Lessons I Have Learned From Billionaires.

Remember the guy Rep. Duckworth tore up

Resistance at the Grassroots: Israeli Apartheid Week

In Venezuela, Sell Your House or Lose It

In re: The ignore function

Michele Bachmann Floats New Benghazi Conspiracy Theory

Good news

Toles - value pak

Very little awww

Hugo Chavez: A Revolutionary Life

Hugo Chavez: A Revolutionary Life

Are Arabs Human Beings?

Cantor holds firm against unemployment bill

The Hummingbird Tweet: An Espionage Tale

The Hummingbird Tweet: An Espionage Tale

Equivalences: Prof. Paul Krugman takes on the wimpy, whining, Koch brothers

Stephen Colbert is 'top choice' to replace David Letterman

Seattle Police Shoot and Kill a 26 Year Old Chef

chavista paramilitary attack and rob mexican photographer

Mass Incarceration and Capitalism

Posting on the Internet can be hurtful, and dangerous..Here is why.


This is NOT a goodbye cruel DU post

Fruit Of The Loom Moving Some Operations From Ky. To Honduras

Trans student told she can’t use women’s toilet at college

Florida man charged with attempted murder of lesbian couple and eight children

RHR responds to right-wing distortion of facts regarding the Negev Bedouin

Meet my 2 new buddies: Tater and Moonpie:

The most important charts we pulled from the fair US jobs report

Republicans writing creationism into South Carolinan state law, Senate unanimously passes it

George W Bush: Vladimir Putin dissed his dog, Barney: "You call it a dog?"

Paul Krugman: Rube Goldberg Survives

Deion Sanders says Johnny Manziel has “ghetto tendencies”

Is the USAID the New CIA? (+Info on NED)

Mali suspects first Ebola cases as regional death toll tops 90

Toon: I paint what I see!

‘Minimalist - George Bush’


Skydiver nearly gets hit by a meteorite

Ukraine Puts Mothballed Mig-29 Fighter Jets Back in Service

Luckovich: Money Votes

Let open up and build success -- China-Germany relations and rail route

Papantonio: The Exorcism of the GOP

free kindle book -- Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Organized Living

free kindle book -- Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Organized Living

Man Beaten By Mob In Detroit After Hitting Boy With Truck: Was It A Hate Crime?

The Astonishing Conservative Hypocrisy Over Mozilla and the First Amendment

This just occurred to me, and it's troubling. It makes me question if I'm a bigot.

BridgeGate Hits Next Level As Feds Launch Grand Jury Investigation

BridgeGate Hits Next Level As Feds Launch Grand Jury Investigation

We Shouldn’t Forgive Brendan Eich for His Homophobic Past—Yet

Banksters and speculators order markets to retreat

Account Temporarily Unavailable.

Pastor's office at Bellport Mission ransacked, money taken

Eric Holder Would Be 'Glad To Work With Congress' To Reschedule Marijuana

Parents: Missing $30K From P.S. 117's PTA Fund May Cost 5th Graders Their Graduation

The problem with the police is they have become absolutist in protecting themselves.

The USA is in great company on this topic..we are number 4 but I am sure we can do better.....

Even MORE Bank of America fines! Hot damn.

Interpol Spain criminal arrested in Venezuela

You know when the shit comes down

Ryan Budget Plans Cuts for SNAP, Crop Insurance

To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store

Minnesota Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Allow Atheist Wedding Officiants

The hell with ACORN.

We won!!!!!!!!!! Mozilla CEO Steps Down; Company Says It “Must Do Better”

Boston: Kennedy found a brotherhood among firefighters

China Wants To Close 1,725 Coal Mines By The End Of This Year

Saudi Arabia and the al-Qaeda Monster (3/5)

Old time, new age

Newly discovered atmospheric layer may impact earth's climate 'Like a giant elevator to the stratosp

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 4 April 2014

Melissa Mark-Viverito: Ad using East Harlem explosion "makes me sick"

What Is It Like To Be A Racist?

Russia Dismisses Alleged Recording of Remarks on Ukrainian Crisis as 'Phony Concoction'

Judge tosses lawsuit over drone deaths of Americans

The hell with ACRON.

Granny’s Gone to Brooklyn: Grandparents Invade the Hipster Haven

Settlers destroy over 300 grape vines near Bethlehem

Nablus man suffers fractures during settler attack

Busy week ahead!

President Obama and the Fight for LGBT Rights

Anybody else have a doctor's office that doesn't seem to get the concept of a mail order pharmacy?

This Machine Can Tell Whether You're Liberal or Conservative



Favorite minor league team name?

Arts and crafts festival opening soon in Harpers ferry anybody go to it?

Liberal Councilman Emerges as Gadfly for Mayor and Speaker

Charlie Blackmon is six for six!

Another day, a more divided America...

If you are thinking about skipping elections this year, think about this.

6 suspended amid Missouri school rape allegations

“if you have to use force, it’s rape”....

Battle Of The Bots Heads To Jacob Javits Center

Bill Maher guest lineup - 10 pm tonight, then Vice (I hope) and repeat at 11:30

Tyson Chicken Nuggets Recalled for 'Foreign Matter'

Fort Hood gunman had argument with other soldiers

My vocabulary lately is ...

Willie Nelson's Stuffed Pet Armadillo Retured After Being Kidnapped From Fan Meet & Greet

Key & Peele-Black Ice

NC judge denies Duke motion to seal coal ash docs

week three of no cigs and today was a rough one

He's gonna need a lawyer.

What I Learned About Stop-and-Frisk From Watching My Black Son - The Atlantic