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How. Do. Their. Minds. Work?

Your complete guide to the murder of net neutrality

Conservatives Ponder Sterling Trutherism: Did Magic Set Him Up?

We Are All Very Anxious

Palestinian reconciliation deal a Hamas surrender

Rick Scott bombs with this crowd of seniors on Obamacare

Right-winger thinks "death panels" are coming, doens't realize they are illegal

Abbas: No peace with Israel without defining borders

Los Angeles Clippers/Golden State Warriors live HD stream of game 5. (link). Should be interesting.

Its crap like this that makes me ashamed of America and what we have become.

Move To Amend - Petition Drive Kickoff Meeting in Fond du Lac Thursday, May 1 at 7:00 p.m.

Low-Level Insurgencies: The Working-Class Mini-Revolts of the Twenty-First Century

Investment Fund Manager Admits To $96 Million Ponzi Scheme

DU in so slow it's like AOL Dial Up....what's going on?

7 ways pesticide companies are spinning the bee crisis to protect profits ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Lessons for my Grandson: Enlisting Men to End the Violence Against Women

the chances of El Niño increase during the remainder of the year, exceeding 50% by summer.


Why we should NEVER give into Terrorists: Bundy’s Militia is acting like Taliban forces.

David Brooks whines that Americans do not want to die being the world's police anymore.

Inmate dies after botched execution; second execution stayed

Corporations Divest Nearly $60 Million From Private Prison Industry

Except that he is not a Democrat, he’s a republican

Man Dies of Heart Attack After Botched Execution

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! All the News That’s Fit to Print! & a new

Queues, shortages hit Venezuela's homeless and hungry

John Boehner assures Slave owners he won’t push immigration reform

NYS EDUCATORS AND LAWYERS!! I have a question about NY school law

Today in the Religion Forum I learned:

Imagine if all this time dedicated to basketball was allocated to Piketty's new book

Mike Malloy - Rich CEO Against Minimum Wage Raise

Rachel WTF!!!!

NYS EDUCATORS AND LAWYERS!! I have a question about NY school law

"The New Paul Ryan Is All About Heart"

Reid details letters that mix threats, biblical passages

I wonder how many law officials in Clark County actually support Cliven Bundy..

For a penalty attached to compulsory voting, how about community

Chicken Hawk Brooks Can't Get Anyone to Fight His Wars Anymore--Boo Hoo

Living in a Police State!

Doctor Who Finally Enters The Mainstream With Porn Parody Doctor Whore

Mike Malloy - The Koch Brothers Are Massive Killers

Terrorists have changed methods since Snowden leaks: UK official

Holy shit - execution botched in Oklahoma tonight so second execution

That DUMB ASS!!! Oklahoma Governor should be impeached

Majority in CO glad the state legalized marijuana

Is Seattle's Socialist City Council Member Going to Show Us How to Ditch the Two-Party System?

Bundy clan is now setting up armed checkpoints,

Clippers Website: Beautiful Site~

"Bob Schieffer: Romney may consider 2016 run if Jeb Bush doesn’t"

Wingnuts claiming that Magic Johnson set Sterling up.

Cliven Bundy is a Powder Keg, Will The GOP Light the Fuse?

Ok, enough Sterling. Back to Bundy, the central face of the GOP. nt

Venezuela: Where the Wealthy Stir Violence While the Poor Build a New Society

Cliven Bundy and the entitlement of the privileged

At least 35 dead as South braces for more twisters

This guy's not a Democrat, but what he's saying seems to make sense.

Walker on his Economic Record and Time list

Spreadsheet Bozo

Man Arrested After Taping Arrest With Cell Phone

Paul Krugman: High Plains Moochers

I'm tired of paying for lazy idiots on welfare!

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream?

Majority glad CO legalized marijuana

Cameron Todd Willingham, a man who was very probably innocent, was executed in 2004.

Renowned Venezuelan Revolutionary Murdered in Caracas

Russia Ships First Arctic Oil, Fortifies Oil Defenses

American Geophysical Union To Make Journals Freely Available Online

Another day, another oil spill

"New Senate polls offer three lessons and some hope for Democrats"

Expose this nut a KJB independent Baptst country preacher /oath keeper to help Bundy in his church

EBay takes 1st quarter loss on tax charge

What About NBA's Homophobe Owner?

Government agencies ask telecom user data at ‘jaw-dropping’ rates

Fox = Friends of Xenophobia

No NBA owners saying they'll side with Sterling

Ms. Palin: "Imagine our beloved troops hooked to electrodes, handcuffed naked and tormented by dogs"

Jihadists execute seven in Syria, two by crucifixion

Ukraine's president slams police 'inaction' over rebels

Fight Against Monsanto Enters the Courtroom

"Russia's Propaganda Channel Just Got A Journalism Lesson From The US State Department"

Fight Against Monsanto Enters the Courtroom

"Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting Different Results"

"Obamacare" Saves Fox Viewer's Life

Kerry apologizes for speculating that theoretically, in the distant future,

Records: Bundy ancestors were farmers, not full-time ranchers

I think Google may have jumped the shark

The arrogant assholes in oklahoma botched the execution after refusing to disclose their methods.

workers May Day Celebration 5/3 at 5pm 4200 Cedar Ave Minneapolis.

Why I utterly reject the death penalty.

For those of you who are looking for an astrologer...

In the current SCOTUS Case, Obama is not out to get whistleblowers (Firedog is wrong)

GOP Lawmakers Say Yes To $310 Billion For Business, But $12 Million For At-Risk Kids? Nope

Canada deploys fighter jets for Eastern Europe patrols

Tiny Hampster eats a Tiny Burrito at a Tiny Table - SQUEEEEEEEEE

Adult Cat Finder

Don't forget the Heart of the Beast MayDay Parade on 5/4 Sunday at Noon

Triangle DUers: Primary results watching party

Bakken oil fields mark billionth barrel of oil

More radiation in some Oregon tuna following Fukushima

So I met a girl who loves Jesus.

2 Giant Banks, Seen as Immune, Become Targets.

"Looking for complaints, Rick Scott instead finds praise for Obamacare"

Kerry “apartheid” controversy shows limits on debate over Israel

Dumb Criminals: Wisconsin Mom's Rage Induced Dodgeball Game Gets Her Slapped With Criminal Charges

I think the death penalty may have died tonight.

Harry Reid leaves door open to a vote on Keystone XL pipeline

Tornado watches continue in FL, AL and MS on the Gulf Coast

The Eye of Sauron Appears Over Sweden

Senate Agrees: US People Can't Know Overseas Drone Death Toll

How to draw a crowd at the airport terminal

Cop Breaks 10 Year Old Boy’s Leg for Filming him, Sexually Assaults his Mother

Jon Favreau Donates Tribeca Film Festival Prize Money to Food Rescue Charity

Excessive force: Jury awards San Jose man $90,000

FBI Director: Better Hate Crime Tracking Needed

I think this is a glitch...

Beyonce the most influential person? According to TIME

Abbott addresses education, personal attacks over phone after cancellation of Lubbock campaign stop

Otis Rush - "Double Trouble"

Girls Called 'Too Fat' Are More Likely To Become Obese, Study Finds

Maureen Dowd: 'Stop whining, Mr. President'

The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television

Mayor Mike Rawlings: Dallas ISD is why Toyota picked Plano over Dallas

Monarch butterfly help, anyone? Buy some milkweed, create a Monarch waystation!

Monarch butterfly help, anyone? Buy some milkweed, create a Monarch waystation!

Lone Star Q is on the move

Rand Paul Urging Petition to Bypass Roe v Wade

Assassination Attempt Injures Jewish Eastern Ukrainian Mayor

Op-Ed: How to Explain the Nazis' Obsession with Jews?

Risk of nuclear accidents is rising, says report on near-misses

Filed to Run for Re-Election to Village Board This Week

A single company gets 69% of government contracts in Afghanistan

German anti-semitism is still strongest in states that gave the Nazis early support

ITS KUNG FU movie night in the Lounge... ENJOY!

[HD] Kung Fu Hero (2013) Full Action movies with English subtitles

Edward Snowden set to leak secrets about Arab leaders - report

How Bad Were These 100,000 Kids That Courts Had Them Sent To Adult Prisons?

I'm fostering a senior chihuahua, starting today.

Tex. Faith: After the Rel. Right, will the Rel. Left reassert itself with focus on economic justice?

Reaching Critical Will and Article 36 have published a paper on a treaty banning nuclear weapons

Spotlight on Mexico state after violent eruption in Reynosa, Tamaulipas

Liberals and Libertarians (and young voters) LEGALIZE POT

The U.S. Opts for Ineffective Sanctions on Russia | Stratfor

I'm ditching work tomorrow

And this is why we cant have nice things.

Can you spare a sellsword?

Europe BANS Cancer-Causing American Apples

I had to sit still on I10 near the AL line for 10 hours this morning (Edited title line)

"The real reason Michael Bloomberg cares about guns"

Why is Putin in Washington’s Crosshairs? - Mike Whitney

Jon Stewart Rips Palin, LaPierre And Their Paranoid Friends At The Annual NRA Convention (Video)

Guatemala: deadly attack on indigenous village

You Go, Joe!

Simon Ostrovsky Describes His Kidnapping

Snowden Retained Expert in Espionage Act Defense

Captured Soldiers Not OSCE Observers as Claimed

This Restaurant Hasn't Taken Out The Trash In Nearly Two Years!

U.S. expects about 10 pct of nuclear capacity to shut by 2020

Ukraine Hunts for Gas to Prepare for Winter Without Russia Fuel

Is everyone okay??

*NEW* Fire-CHROME...err Firefox 29.0: Like or no?

How Republican Obamacare Lies Nearly Killed A Man

3 Feisty Candidates Who Proudly Defend the Working and Middle Class

New Yorkers Get to Work Later than All the Other Metro Areas

NYPD Charges 46 Subway Break Dancers With Reckless Endangerment

Justice Sotomayor Speaks Truth to (White) Power


White House opens door to tolls on interstate highways, removing long-standing prohibition

Flies in Your Drink

Progressive Restaurant Owners Stand with Workers for Better Wages at Big Corporate Food Chains like

The Hedge Fund That Ate Chicago

A spring walk around the

Merger Would Let Pfizer Duck A Billion Dollars In U.S. Taxes Each Year

Obamacare beneficiary: ‘You wouldn’t have caught me dead watching MSNBC’

Supreme Court slaps down Big Coal

Cop murders friendly, tied up dog and smiles about it afterwords.

Northern Ireland MLAs reject same-sex marriage again ... now issue may go to court

We need more guns! by Clay Jones

Cowboys and Indians pipeline protest a throwback — in more ways than one

European (Common) Starling

City doesn’t know where 851 million gallons of missing water went

Yusmeiro Petit replaces Matt Cain, lifts SF Giants to 6-0 win over Padres

A Portrait and the History It Holds: 'Belle’ and Slavery’s End in Britain

Stephen A. and Skip on Donald Sterling's Alleged Comments - Part

America exceptional? Not when it comes to guns

America exceptional? Not when it comes to guns

"Insiders Don't Criticize Other Insiders"

Republican drive to energy independence lack common sense without lower cost to consumers.

Woman admits tossing dog into traffic over dispute

Wells Fargo blasted for 'predatory lending'

Video shows teaching assistants allegedly beating special needs

Corbett gives away $88 million in lower bank taxes. S&P threatens to lower PA. credit rating

Rich white thugs, begone - Mark Morford

Far-right rally turns into massive brawl on Kiev’s Maidan, shots heard, April 29, 2014

European Parliament and Local Council elections on 22nd May

I could use some DUer help with creative problem-solving

Hawaii lawmakers vote to increase hourly minimum wage to $10.10

Subway removes pork from stores after 'strong demand' from Muslims

This is how you know it's too freaking cold outside

McAllister Defies Cantor, Says He Won't Resign

AOL hack causes zombie spam

European human rights body says Azerbaijan must stop pressure on activists

Tim Carpenter's Politics of Radical Inclusion: In the Streets and in the Polling Booth

Ukraine Crisis Is Too Complicated For The Sunday Shows- International Statecraft is not Junior High

Who am I supporting in the 2016 election - well there is another choice......

Papantonio: Forced Arbitration -- The Breakfast of Corporate Champions

There Is No Such Thing As a ‘Typical’ Low-Wage Worker

A New Poll Highlights the Splintered State of the Republican Party

Actor Bob Hoskins has died, aged 71

ADP National Employment Report Shows 220,000 Jobs Added in April

Fossil fuel subsidies growing despite concerns (BBC)

U.S. Economy Barely Grew in First Quarter

Why Gun-Rights Backers Win While Other Conservative Causes Lose

Shale {gas} industry faces global reality check (BBC)

Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover starts drilling again (BBC)

Has anyone read "The Forever War"?

Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat', WHO warns

Justice Scalia Makes Epic "Cringeworthy" Blunder In Supreme Court Opinion

Imagine if all this social justice energy in basketball were channeled through SCotUS. eom

So, are they trying to screw me(real estate)

corporate tax breaks: how congress rigs the rules

It looks official: George Clooney landed this woman:

Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat', WHO warns (BBC)

Actor Bob Hoskins dead at 71

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- NBA taking out the trash

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More NBA fallout

'China station blast kills three, wounds 79'

Glenn Beck: Hillary will have lesbian sex on White House desk to support gay marriage

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Don't forget about Bundy, either

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - Or the racist party...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5 - The Rest

Ukrainian troops to hold exercises in central Kiev: government

Widespread flooding turns deadly in Florida

Pepco agrees to be sold to Chicago’s Exelon

Scientific American Editor: Fox Told Me I couldn't Talk About Climate Change

The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, including torture.

Crist leads Gov. Scott by 10 points in poll

Scientific American Editor: Fox Told Me I Couldn't Talk About Climate Change

Oldie but goodie, Joe Ades, greatest pitchman ever. RIP.

Boot Sterling? NBA Team Owners May Be Concerned About Skeletons In Their Closet

Let's play off Sterling in style . . .

US plans to let states toll interstates to pay for reconstruction


SCOTUS Says Racism Over In America - but Racists In America beg to differ......

David Letterman - Stupid Pet Tricks: Dog Says "Obama"

Arizona May Impose Unusual New Tax On Customers Who Lease Solar Panels

So I was in Texas this past week and I saw this fat old white dude at the airport in Corpus

What Girls Are Good For: 20-Year-Old Nellie Bly’s 1885 Response to a Patronizing Chauvinist

200 Girls Still Missing, Victims of Nigeria's Religious War

Who is is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs?

Actor Bob Hoskins dead at 71

What is the religion of George Clooney’s fiancé, Ms. Amal Alamduddin? Druze? Muslim?

Murray Energy cutting off benefits to 1200 CONSOL retirees

After federal judge's decision, is Wisconsin's Voter ID law in serious danger?

$25 for Overhead Bins?

I was challenged by my brother to make a "Hits of 1987" CD of stuff I already own.

Israeli official: Kerry's apartheid comment calls U.S. role as honest broker into question

Veterans with PTSD denied legal medical mj in CO

Ricky Santorum: "Obama's 'minions' were scared of me in 2012.

All Racists Are Atheists!

George Washington Bridge jumpers suspected in murder

Brooklyn Health Partners: Despite mayor's concerns, LICH rescue plan will succeed

Sony Making a Sports Version of "Jeopardy!"

Self-delete. (kpete is already on the case!)

White House sees 'real danger' China will soon take R&D lead

Officials discuss civil liberties in first step toward unity govt

Noooo... They cancelled "Almost Human"

Atheist Sunday Assembly prepares for first 'synod' as expansion continues

Anyone familiar with a BBC radio dramatization of THE TIME MACHINE (2009 starring Robert Glenister?

New York air quality better, still uneven

Senate Agrees: US People Can't Know Overseas Drone Death Toll

Ukraine’s long-shot bid to prosecute Yanukovych

Innocent on Death Row, RIP Net Neutrality & Clapper and Feinstein’s Love Affair

Shadowy commander is face of insurgency in Ukraine

Are religious prisoners specially entitled to conjugal visits?

As Trial Winds Down, Prosecutors Press OWS Activist Cecily McMillan On Unrelated Misdemeanor Arrest

We Just Saw The Biggest Explosion In Health-Care Spending In Over 30 Years, And It Had A Big Impact

Hagel directs all services to review hairstyle policy

China May Overtake America As The World's Largest Economy By The End Of 2014

Mayweather vs Maidana

Tupper Lake resort heads to Supreme Court

Police Targeting Uber And Lyft Drivers?

If We Truly Had Small Govt. Disaster Recovery Would Look Like Haiti Recovery After Its Quake

Arab town in Israel latest hit by rash of hate crimes

Kurt Cobain Mocks Courtney Love in Letter Released by Seattle Police:

234 girls kidnapped and abducted from school ...still missing..

Canada fishing community fears exploding whale

Dean Heller has second thoughts on Bundy

Jewish Groups Consider Including J Street.

Plea Deal Could Result In Freedom For Man Charged In New York Terror Plot

The White House Wants to Issue You an Online ID - driver's license for the internet

House Budget Committee to Hold Hearing on Poverty.

Montana Supreme Court overturns 1-month sentence for teacher who raped student.

Thom Hartmann: We are not living in a post racial world

Thom Hartmann: Why the Koch brothers are behind Cliven Bundy

Republicans pass tax breaks, but don’t pay for them

Stiviano lawyer says she's sad over Sterling ban

Biden Acts With 2016 in Mind

US economy slows to mere 0.1% growth in first quarter (Yet, GOP still refuses to pass a jobs bill)

April 30, 1939: New York World's Fair Opened

Cardinal Walter Kasper's 'Gospel of the Family'

Obama must show he supports net neutrality -- here's how

Krugman: The Folly of Prudence

Montana teacher's 1-month rape sentence overturned

A swath of destruction from Asbury Park to Oxnard: the gun report

Can We Have More Jobs and Less Work?

Good middle of the morning

Singer 'The Dream'. Song: Black

Jameis Winston cited for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

Good morning

LIX: The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air

Rick Perry receives the "Kiss of Death"

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ April 30th

Dep. of Health study: Kern County children encounter pesticides daily

This Is The Personality Trait That Most Often Predicts Success

New suit targets Ohio gay marriage ban

Reporters and media at centre of storm in eastern Ukraine

Statewide ban on fracking waste fails in committee

Group, families pushing for gun storage law in N.Y.

unbelievable weather last night

Murray Energy to cut off benefits for 1,200 Consol retirees

What does this phrase, "being brought to justice" mean?

U.S. government says it lost $11.2 billion on GM bailout

More Love from Manila

Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era,

5% of Americans executed being innocent is apparently acceptable to some haters of "liberals"

Health Care & Medicare May Not Have Saved A Foot But It Saved My Life.

"Insiders Don't Criticize Other Insiders". Cross post from GD and thank you to Ichingcarpenter

legislators seek to give parents say on school textbooks

Africa: homophobia is a legacy of colonialism

Minimum wage initial vote lost.....

Texas vet kept dog alive for blood transfusions months after planned euthanization, owners say

46yr old man raped and murdered an 11month old baby..

Justice Stevens

Exclusive: Curbing Tax-Driven Business Moves Abroad a Priority-U.S. Treasury

Saw this on Reddit and thought it was funny - Fox News' Krauthammer

Abortion not an Option in Popular Culture

Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy On Recent Developments in Egypt Senate Floor

Little Investment For New Antibiotics. Not Enough Profit.

Texas Judges at Federal Courts Struggle As Bench Vacancies Grow

Republican-Led Filibuster Blocks Minimum Wage Bill in Senate

Remember your first coffee experience

Poll Finds Ukrainians Doubt Effectiveness of Interim Government

Bill Clinton's political strategist advised NBA commissioner Adam Silver

Pic Of The Moment: Priorities, Republican Style

"Pat Robertson Lambasts Obama Administration As 'Termites' Destroying America"

Intl. Workers' Day: No cause for celebration for Palestinians working in Israel

The day after Chapter 11, EFH reports $2.3 billion loss in 2013

Who Controls our Government? The Psychopathic Corporate Elites of America

Piketty’s “Capital In The 21st Century”

NYC poverty rate hit 21.4% in 2012: study

A renegade Republican

Rick Perry Baptized Anew in Historic Creek

Can New York be beer country?

Two Giant Banks, Seen as Immune, Become Targets of Criminal Prosecutions

WOW - Romney in 2016 - Who'd of thunk, after asks DOJ to Investigate?

Democratic governors group lacks faith in Wendy Davis campaign


Faux "news" is too liberal?

Dude Crushes Beer Mile in Record Time

Bagels, Lox and Me

Study backs retrofitting Cayuga power plant

Does anyone know if the Senate GOPers cried "Hail Satan!" after they blocked the Min. Wage bill?

Don't vote Republican, or you'll go to hell

I just blew up over the phone at some dude from Sears. I'm so sick of corporate America

NRC bans nuke worker who admitted violation at Indian Point

People Distrust Corporations, Don't Know the Kochs, and Still Blame Bush for the Economy

Christie turned to a Democrat to fix the problems at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey!

Forrest Gump by Wes Anderson

Fox News Allegedly Demoted Shepard Smith Because He Asked to Come Out as Gay

April 2014 First Month In History Of Homo Sapiens With CO2 Levels Over 400 ppm

CEO's Make 774 times more than minimum wage workers

Capacity zone revision could ease electricity rate hikes for Central Hudson customers

Two really good things from the old days that are rarely mentioned....

Gas rates for Ukrainians households will jump over 50 percent as of May 1


This extended winter has been really hard on me.

The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television

NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission adds 30-cent surcharge to fund more wheelchair-accessible cabs

Sierra Club Reports: Nineteen Companies Commit to Eliminate Tar Sands Fuel in Fleet Trucks!

Bagels, Lox and Me

Waterboarding and people justifying it is the Dunning-Kruger effect in action

GOP’s white Southern men problem: Why they can’t hold Democrats down any longer

New York's Governor 1 Percent

VP, Dr. Biden, Hunter Biden & family share meal in solidarity with 1.2b people below poverty line

Vicious pit bull terrorizes college softball game!

Those that call Pope Francis a bigot might be bigots themselves.

The right’s paranoid tribalism: New poll reveals how the left should attack extremists

GOP governor’s ugly blood lust: Why Mary Fallin should account for state-sanctioned torture

Oath Keepers blame "psy-ops" for Bundy's problems...

How Big Oil Clings To Government Subsidies - Andy Kroll Discusses

Pastor John Makokha Welcomes Persecuted LGBT Community To His Church In Kenya

The nutcases are out in force today...

UN must block flow of arms to Syria: Human Rights Watch

CofE’s top female cleric: I would have ‘no problem’ with blessings for gay marriages

You want to know why people distrust the Government

“Iniquitas radix malorum”

Gawker: Fox News demoted Shep Smith because he’s gay

White House Weighs in on Oklahoma’s 'Inhumane' Execution

So Paul Ryan met with the Congressional Black Caucus

Friend of Mine told me... (About Chess Pieces)

Two people injured in shooting near UT campus

Chemical watchdog (OPCW) announces probe into alleged chlorine gas attacks in Syria

Officials: NYPD Busts Georgia-To-Brooklyn Gun Trafficking Operation

Sen. Reid credits NBA for acting on private remark - Blasts NFL for Redskins name

Allen West wants you to stop talking about Donald Sterling

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Tries to Get 20 Seniors to Bash the ACA, Gets Completely Embarrassed Instead

WCBS 880: Developer Behind Ground Zero Mosque Plans To Build Islamic Museum

Sultan of Brunei re-instates stoning as punishment for defying oppressive Sharia law.

Secular As Kids, Religious As Adults?

President Obama will speak on the Minimum Wage on the hour

Looking to history for inspiration -

Guardian obtains footage of police officer firing Taser at naked man

Gosh, guys, I just wish I was less perfect...

Rick Scott Is the Dumbest Politician in the History of All Politicians

Documents: Employment deals cost three Iowa universities $1.3 million

Google Chief Still Creeping on Models (And Recording Them!)

Fox News' Shepard Smith Needs Help!

Preet Bharara asks for all complaints filed with NYS ethics commission- US Attorney

Harvard Students Barricade President's Office in Call to 'Divest' (Shades of the Late 60's!)

1 of 25 Sentenced to Death Penalty Actually Innocent

You can totally oppose the death penalty while having zero empathy for murderers and rapists.

OECD study: Income gains to top 1% last 30 years - US worst (by far), Europe best (by far).

Senate GOP kills minimum wage increase

Attention Yankees Fans: This Is Why Everyone Hates You

Sarah Palin: Waterboarding How We Baptize Terrorists, Hannity Defends

Democrats Push Astorino, Cox To Call On Grimm To Resign

If You [email protected]#king LOVE SCIENCE and [email protected]#KING LOVE LAUGHING. Absurdity Today, Ep. 51

Montana Teacher's 1-Month Rape Sentence Overturned

SHOCKER: Paranoid Militia Nuts Start Suspecting Each Other, Kick 'Oathkeepers' Out.

The Rude Pundit - A Contrarian View of the Donald Sterling/NBA Story

The Carolina Tar Heels Rude And Rambling Man

Question about Pet Euthanasia

It bears repeating--Why I oppose the Death Penalty:

It's an insult to older Americans when people excuse racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks

On Cliven Bundy’s ‘Ancestral Rights’

Train Derails in Lynchburg, Virginia: City Officials

Pres. Obama: "Republicans in Congress don’t get the last word on this or any issue. You do."

Major fire, explosion after train derails in Lynchburg, Virginia

"Do I sound gay?"

Hello my name is Lynne and I post to you from the beautiful island of...

Cuomo administration calls for federal help on oil trains

If you need another reason to love Dolly Parton -here's another one. Gay rights

Flash Flood Warning

Do you know your US capitals?

A big year for tobacco lobbying in New York

RIP "ARROW" 2006-2014

Nigerian woman fearing daughters' FGM wins reprieve on deportation

Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton Will Have Sex With A Woman On White House Desk To Get Elected

Income Inequality and Non-Profits:

What do you think of Firefox 29

A New Book Says Chris Christie Misused His Power as US Attorney

Climate change: Pacific Ocean acidity dissolving shells of key species

Senate Republicans Shoot Down Minimum Wage Hike

Voter ID Is the Real Fraud

Loud and Clear

Here's a great picture of Elizabeth Warren....

Bratton: NYPD Cop Under Investigation In Westchester Shooting

US report raps Israel over settler attacks on Palestinians

Russia evokes Nazi horrors to bash Ukraine


Thom Hartmann: Cheap fashion kills people...

High water on the Beltway,

Etiwanda Canyon Fire April 30, 2014

Thom Hartmann: How George W. Bush screwed college students...

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 30 April 2014

Senate, Assembly pass bill to expand speed cameras in NYC and Long Island

GOP senator has world's lamest excuse for blocking minimum-wage hike

"Paul Ryan Won't Let Poor People Testify At Hearing About Poverty"

The Woman Who Saved the Children (image heavy)

Remember, *they* need guns- YOU don't...

"Senate Democrats Plot Vote To Overturn Citizens United In 2014"

My twitter debate with a Right Winger

Corgi is a Beatles fan

Chipotle Price Hikes to Hit Steak Lovers Hard

I ask what I owe him. He smiles and says not to worry about it.

If Fox News Told the Truth, It Would Look Like This

James River on fire!! Train details (oil) Lynchburg. Richmond alternate water supply

USAID contractors profiled Cuban 'Twitter' users

USAID contractors profiled Cuban 'Twitter' users

Emotional abuse...

This two minute video IS a is still extraordinary and very moving...

Tornado warning, Charles & St. Mary's counties, edited:


Money Talks, Racism Walks: In Ten Minutes ESPN's Bomani Jones Lays Waste To The Sterling Issue

Fanny Fracker

SEC Joins Manhattan DA in investigating Christie and his allies.

Bondholders Urged U.S. to Curb Russia Sanctions, Fitch Says

Could whales explode in Canadian towns?

Animal rights groups support "puppy mill bill" introduced by City Council

Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams Arrested Over 1972 IRA Killing

Mississippi Rep. Not Sorry For Calling Clarence Thomas An 'Uncle Tom'

Fort Worth Vet Accused of Keeping Dog Alive for Transfusions

Stiviano lawyer says she's devastated, didn't release the tapes of Sterling

Millionaires Unite to Defeat Minimum Wage

Fargo on Fx

Remember the Oregon whale they tried to blow up?

I realized yesterday that I HATE to coordinate to get people together on a time for a meeting

Quinoa with caramelized onions

What happened to NY’s marijuana initiative?

PSA: customer service representatives are people

Former worker held in Nanaimo mill deaths; no motive revealed

Oregon fines California company $200,000 over alleged racial slurs, violence and retaliation

Dow Closes At An All-Time High

10 U.S. States Most Plagued By Hate Crimes

Guatemala's growing mining sector brings violence against indigenous communities with it

Why "Under God" must Not be in the Pledge of Allegiance

Movie Night in the lounge: Once upon a time in Tibet.

Once Upon a Time in Tibet (Full Movie)

How Republican Obamacare Lies Nearly Killed A Man

Ed just tied the minimum wage vote and Ryan's budget to institutional racism

Obama Rips Senate Republicans For Blocking Bill To Raise The Minimum Wage

Crews Battle 800-Acre Brush Fire Near Rancho Cucamonga

Jeremy Paxman to quit BBC Two's Newsnight

Do you buy checks on line?

Bundy ranch speaker openly threatens war...

Oprah, David Geffen, Larry Ellison Interested In Buying Los Angeles Clippers

Burke, Hassig removed from ballot in NY21 race

'Money is Not Speech': Retired Justice Stevens Slams Dark Money Rulings


This is for you

Cucumber infused water!

National Day Of Prayer is tomorrow...

RIP Sabot 9/19/01-4/25/14

Edward Snowden Wins Ridenhour Prize: Prominent American Award for Truth-Telling /Daily Kos

Flash flood warnings,

Richard Desmond to announce sale of Channel 5 to US broadcaster Viacom.

Godzilla's roar through the years:

"Oklahoma examines what went wrong in botched execution"

Vaccines Work. These 8 Charts Prove It.

IMF approves $17 billion loan package for Ukraine

When the Death Penalty Turns Into Torture

Critics slam U.S. med student who is selling 'virginity' online

Welcome to the sunny, soggy South.

Police: Estranged husband kills woman near shelter

"NBC/WSJ survey: Obama approval up, but enthusiam gap still favors the GOP"

Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial Crisis

Attorney General Greg Abbott says no need to review Texas executions

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says Mike Rawlings “heart in right place” with DISD home rule pla

Attorney General Greg Abbott says a pile of bulls**t

Sen. Cornyn calls $10.10 minimum wage a job killer

Heisman Winner caught shoplifting from store, internet goes wild

Has Washington Declared a New Cold War? Talking with Stephen Cohen & John Mearsheimer

Immigrants and advocates make the case for municipal IDs, as Bill Bratton raises concerns

Computer Problems Halt Outgoing Flights at SoCal Airports [now resolved]

GOP senator has world's lamest excuse for blocking minimum-wage hike

Chief judge wants bigger burden for those suing debtors in NY courts

It's Not Russia That's Pushed Ukraine To The Brink Of War

2 killed, 9 hurt in Texas oil field explosion

Wheeler says FCC won't allow Internet 'slow lane'

Charles Krauthammer doppelgänger found

N.J.’s Christie Used Chopper Almost Every Three Days

Guyana and US in dispute over 'democracy project'

Guyana and US in dispute over 'democracy project'

Tumblr-- what do you think

Hundreds rescued from floodwaters in Fla., Ala.

Remember When Great Leaders Were Hailed Because They Did Something?.....

Heisman Winner Jameis Winston Arrested For Stealing Crab Legs

President Obama proclaims May Jewish Heritage Month

Anne Frank memorial tree planted at US Capitol

Dow Hits Record as Fed Trims Stimulus as Economy Improves

Ford Likely to Exceed Pledge to Hire 12,000 Workers by 2015

Pacific Dungeness crab turns up in the Atlantic

Please, Please....Be careful of sudden lane changes due to drivers texting and on phone.

ADP Says Companies in U.S. Add Most Workers in Five Months

Netanyahu: Anti-Arab attack contradicts our values

Awww...Seals like a belly rub too.

Freedom of religion or belief is a foreign policy priority

Is it Spring yet?

City Council considers 22 "Vision Zero" bills

Bill Nye: "You Can Hate Me, You Can Hate Everything, But ...

Atheists: The Origin of the Species – review

New York Said to Be on Verge of 9-Year Deal With Teachers’ Union.

AP posts profit in 2013 even as revenue falls

Sikh barred from jury duty after refusing to remove religious dagger

discussed medical mj with my doc today.

Sarah Palin Is ‘This Close’ To Doing Face-Painting For Tips At Your Next Garage Sale

So this afternoon another train derails and tanker cars burn...

Help send Sarah Palin a message

Putin 'To Visit Crimea' For May 9 Military Parade

The 1% "disproves" Piketty's book about Capital

Millionaires Unite to Defeat Minimum Wage - Borowitz keeps us informed

I hate rain postponements!

The national symbol.

Russian politician condemns Eurovision as 'Europe-wide gay parade'

Traitor to the Mens: Get the T-Shirt! (John Scalzi)

East End Residents Frustrated With Army Corps Over Post-Sandy Repairs

North Korea publishes white paper criticising human rights in South

Life in Canada, Home of the World’s Most Affluent Middle Class

J Street Rejected By American Jewish Umbrella Group In ‘Big Tent’ Litmus Test

Glonass Failure Caused by Faulty Software

A Soldier shares his thoughts about Russia & Ukraine. My son just found this on Facebook & showed me

Religious privilege

First he invented 3D printed plastic guns - now, he's making Bitcoins untraceable.

De Blasio Delays Release of Affordable Housing Plan to Push Union Deal

A website to track the buying of politicians.

Angry ocean after the storm

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams arrested in 1972 IRA killing

Snowden: "When you make a purchase...I could see it at my desk, crossing my screen."

Latino Walmart Employees to Demonstrate Outside Walmart-Sponsored Gala April 30 at 5:30 p.m.

One of our 'next door' cats is here. Big Red.