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ReTHUGs and Bundy have been

Somali mother's shock over 'lost' plane stowaway (BBC) {missing 6 yrs!}

Ex-lab Beagle Making Good Progress.

Financial Jenga

Greg Abbott releases tax return, pays 14% on a portion of income

The Great List of Things I Can't Do Because I Only Have Daughters

I need to hear some songs about knocking on doors!

What does everyone think unusual quotes in The Book of Revelations really describe?

Toon : The FCC's Net Fatality

The Amazon Tax Problem: What Collecting Sales Tax Costs the Online Retail Giant

How did the NAACP ever fugging nominate Sterling for a lifetime award

"Blocking health care for 500,000 people is huge plus in GOP primary"

A challenger for Jim Sensenbrenner!

Live now (link): NBA official speaks on Sterling tape

Has anyone here ever attempted

Ayn Rand - Her mentally ill world where good consists of worshiping the one percenters

Toon: FDA blows...

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won resigns over ferry sinking response

Scientists say more coffee might be good for you

"What's Up With All These People Asking for Signatures, and Who's Blocking Them?"

Slavery or involuntary servitude can be re-imposed as a punishment

any other fans of tcm essentials?

A little taste of the NoKXL march in DC Saturday... 'a beautiful gathering of all our relations'

I'm totallly at the LA KISS game right now!!!

German study: Wind and solar can generate electricity for half the cost of nuclear

If you love Bluegrass, you're gonna love this :)

South Korean PM Chung Hong-won offers resignation over sinking of Sewol ferry

An unthinkable tragedy

So where is the outrage for affirmative action for white people?

Trigger warnings for coursework on campuses spur debate over emotional well-being/free speech

want inspiration...must see

Image: A classic from Family Guy

A Message From Texas

Koch-Linked Firm Devoted to Grooming "Electable" Candidates Signs Up Arkansas GOP Leader

LA Times - "L.A. Unified can keep teacher ratings anonymous, judges say"

How the Director of North Dakota's Only Abortion Clinic Found an Unexpected Ally

N'western co-captain talks union

Brownback avoiding teacher protests. Using back entrances at meetings

Ontario, Nova Scotia law societies reject B.C. Christian law school for antigay policy

Mississippi Business Owners Protest State's Anti-Gay Law

How wood high-rises could save the planet

North Korea's Got a Big Crystal Meth Problem

U.S. judge rules search warrants extend to overseas email accounts

Stanford scholar says insider threats pose security risks at nuclear facilities

Sometimes it doesn't pay to go in GD.

Tea Party PACS are living the high life at donors' expense

Like Cliven Bundy, The Dann Sisters Had Land, Cattle, But Not Guns

War: What Is It Good For? by Ian Morris, review

Suspect in Conn. school stabbing under psych evaluation

Oops! Mistress Exposes Right Winger Dinesh D'Souza's Illegal Campaign Donations

The day after Ted Cruz posed with a tiger skin rug

This is why the Easter Bunny was never my catnip dealer!

Nice site with updates of archaeology news

Willie Nelson inducted in Austin City Limits Hall

Time for Some Problems at Port Authority: Lipper Goes Rogue

Béatification, canonisation : les étapes pour devenir saint

In Poorest States, Political Stigma Is Depressing Participation in Health Law.

Dear Cliven, there is almost exactly the same number of Caucasians on welfare as African-Americans

Viva Fiesta!

Animals can be jerks

Seattle’s Socialist councilwoman on why capitalism offers nothing for young people

Sticker fail.

‘PayPal of India’ could change way of life for 1.3 billion

Finland’s “Nyt Saa Riittää! – Enough is Enough!” Protest Against Austerity

Good Night

For Cliven Bundy: How to pick cotton

Digital Disconnect: Robert McChesney on "How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy"

Abbas: New govt recognizes Israel and rejects violence

Startling racism

"I would worry if she were atheist"

Daniel Bukvich: Symphony #1 In Memoriam Dresden 1945

Charles Blow: A Rancher's Romantic Revisionism

Conservatives still don't get it regarding Bundy

It just dawned on me what's missing in the Cliven Bundy thing....

"I've already voted," she says, and she hands the endorsement cards back to me

Why Is Blackwater Helping to Train Brazil’s World Cup Security?

"alledgedly" Donal Sterling?

Separated at birth?..

I saw the origin of my illness sitting across the table from me like I've never seen it before.

How can the U.S. accuse Russia of violating international laws????

Israel gears up to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

8 Media Training Tips for Cliven Bundy from the Pros

Map of the world after ice melt/sea rise

Dallas Morning News: James Ragland and Steve Blow debate ruling on affirmative action

Tea party spending on candidates

Wise County JP among 4 killed in wrong-way crash, JP was driving the wrong way down highway

For our next President, I'm rooting for . . . (POLL)

I assume you've seen this, BUT just in case (important!):

For Weed Control, Farmers Widen Their Arsenal of Herbicides

Map of the world after ice melt, sea rise

How can the U.S. accuse Russia of violating international laws?

A night on the town in Boston...

Keystone proponent found 'non-compliant' again

Shannyn Moore destroys Alaska's governor re Alaska national guard sexual assault scandal

High wind advisories in parts of CA, NV, AZ, TX, MT, ND, SD, WY, MN, OK, KS, LA, AR, IA and NE

Why is the Palestinian reconciliation driving Israel into a panic?

"Delicate white, delicate Latina" My Ass.

Today I saw a socialist city council member attacked from the left.

Washington State Berry Farm Seeks to Displace Domestic Workers with Foreign Workers

These are pistols I can get behind

This Is Republican America: Georgia Man Causes Panic With Gun At Kids’ Baseball Game

ACA: How many updates can there be AFTER the extension period?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Aria 51 Edition

CSPAN: Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) and Jim McDermott (D-WA) talk about 911 and "Truthers"

Egypt sentences 11 alleged Morsi-supporters to up to 88 years

Thousands rally in Taipei against controversial nuclear plant project

The reality of America's continuing economic malaise

7 Absurd Right-Wing Follies This Week: Bundy/Hannity Breakup Edition

New Data Shows Retiree Health Care Costs Exceeding Average Social Security Benefits

OREPA files Freedom of Information Act Request for secret Red Team Report

Shocking and Inspiring Story of a Teen Who Survived Unimaginable Violence, Rape and Prison Cruelty

It Bears Repeating Again And Again That The Concept of Charter Schools Is A Scam

Introducing the New Federal Program That Will Further Privatize Public Housing

Obama responds to alleged racist comments by Clippers' Don Sterling

John McCain to host Hillary Clinton in Sedona, Ariz.

That would be "trillion", with a "T".

"sisters in the brotherhood" book

'I Can Barely Afford My Children's Shoes:' My Life As A McDonald's Worker

discrimination potential seen in 'big data' use

Walton Foundation Funding Scabs, Charter Schools and Writing Education Policy

APnewsbreak: US, Philippines reach deal on troops

News of the odd

"Remember that those who have power, and seem invulnerable, are in fact quite vulnerable ...

Sources: FBI examines lobbying by Brownback loyalists

Pro-Russia militia displays captured Ukrainians

David Stern: The Luckiest Man in America...

How Amazon Built Its Empire On One Tax Loophole

Bundy'z Dem rep said militias have set up checkpoints (HW link added)

The Workers Who Are Left Out Of Their State’s Minimum Wage Hike

Abbas calls Holocaust `most heinous crime'

John Robert's new paycheck.

Persistence pays.

Sunday's Doonesbury- Tired of Waiting

David Sirota: Wall Street’s Secret Swindle

Neoliberalism's War on Democracy

British English question

What do you think? I think she pretty good...myself

Funny Alaska politics

Um, just a little humanitarian aid. Yeah, that's it!

The NSA Comes Home: Police Departments Conceal Phone Tracking Equipment From Courts

lets just call it what it is- the koch brothers rebellion

This Teacher’s Ethnic Studies Classes Were Banned, His Students Took the District to Court—and Won

Close, cold neighbour of Sun discovered

Why not put facial recognition software on Drones?

2014 Derby Trial Stakes (Derby Prep)

Reclassification Is Not a Dirty Word

Game of Thrones 4.4 "Oathkeeper"

The Growing Power of Godly Progressives?

The Privatization Backlash

5 Spectacular Animal Migrations!

NO KEYSTONE! Cowboy & Indian Alliance: DC Rally & March/Neil Young/Photos/Closing Ceremony

OBAMA: "When ignorant folks advertise ignorance--you don't have to do anything--just let them talk"


Gunstalking Children

Gunstalking Children

In Cliven Bundy the Republicans think they found their poster child

Who is that Tom Wheeler guy, anyway?

The Snow Grifter is making the rounds again

Hillary Clinton, the unrepentant hawk

RW's 'Bundy' hypocrisy: GOP-run states rewriting land rules to FORCE FRACKING on landowners

EU courts Moldova with visa-free travel from Monday

When did the Bureau of Land Management become Law Enforcement?

Has there been a MAJOR shift to the left in the political paradigm in the last ten years?

Why do regulars to RKBA respond to spammers?

My first GREAT morning of this Spring/Summer season - Saturday

Clippers release statement on alleged Donald Sterling racist comments

Can't get more republican than this.

Has anyone watched the PBS special, Mind over medicine, Lisa Rankin?

Can Thomas Piketty Re-Write the American Dream?

An Openly Atheist Candidate is Running for Congress in Arizona

Fareed's Take, on GPS. regarding the TPP

In many counties 90 percent of white voters chose Mitt Romney,

Man with gun causes scare during children’s baseball game

Hey MSNBC no one in this country gives a SHIT!! about Ukraine

Why Cliven Bundy Wasn't A Religious Right Hero

Seething hate even Fox News can’t deny: Cliven Bundy is not an outlier

Vaccines prevent more than 700,000 child deaths in the U.S.: CDC

AP: Bail doubled for Sperry, Iowa, man accused of shooting dog (FELONY!!!)

Santorum undecided in 2016 bid

The NAACP removes Sterlings name from list.

Religion for $1,000, Alex

Right-wing group misquotes George Carlin...

software says escalation in Western Ukraine ahead

Hillary Clinton is talking about her faith. Again.

New York Financial Regulator Uses Dodd-Frank to Sue Auto Lender

Today is my birthday!

Counterattacking the Gay Evangelical

The Facebook face-off over atheism


Donald Sterling - Slumlord Billionaire

Copy & Paste "Journalism"

NAACP Will No Longer Give Clippers Owner Lifetime Achievement Award

Keys of Life Trilogy series

Weekly Address: Congress Needs to Act on Minimum Wage

Fox host: Oprah’s ‘anti-male’ brainwashing will steal your baby boy’s manhood

Why isn't there more focus on shareholders' say on executive pay?

Bishop Desmond Tutu ‘glad’ Mandela not alive to see current state of S. Africa

Rand Paul: GOP Doesn't Need To Be 'Pure,' We Need To Find Common Ground

The Desperate Hustle as a Way of Life

Stay classy, NH GOP

Pope Francis Declares 2 Popes Saints

Elizabeth Warren may be our only hope for

Talking Points: Injustices in the West Bank Planning System

CFPB, hard at work

President Obama, Sunday: Clippers Owners Comments 'Ignorant', 'Racist'

A little OT but

Study links California drought to global warming

Why Christian Movies Continue To Crush It At The Box Office

War is Hell, But...

NRA cites eroding freedoms, warns of Hillary candidacy

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ April 27th

Here's Exactly How Much the Government Would Have to Spend to Make Public College Tuition-Free

Georgia-Guns Everywhere-in action

"Sterling may have been a joke, but nothing about this is funny"

Look at the Visions of Corporate Conservatism and Populist Liberalism compared to modern reality.


She almost held still for a closeup.

Surgeon General's Warning:

Question about juice

Farley: 'Patriots' gamble that Porta Potties will await

UPDATE 3-Separatists seize control of TV HQ in east Ukraine city

The F.C.C.'s Net Fatality

First Solar Eclipse Of 2014 Will Transform Sun Into 'Ring Of Fire'

Ultra-Orthodox children heckled by Temple Mount mob

There could be plenty of jobs that don't rely on oil


NYT Editorial - "The Koch Attack on Solar Energy"

Please sign letter to Spain. Spanish judge proceeding with case against Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld

And Fuck You, too, Chris Cox...

Suffer the little Children

Survivor of Syrian Chemical Attack to Speak in Minneapolis May 4th and 5th

Shining Star winner helps find a home for the homeless

April 27, 1978

Survivor of Syrian Chemical Attack to Speak in Minneapolis May 4th and 5th

WOOT! WOOT! I just beat my computer at chess!

Wells run dry during irrigation season north of Lubbock

4-27-78 in GD

RAVITCH: Apathy about growing monopoly in education materials


4-27-14 in GD

More audio released in Sterling case..

US Workers Were Once Massacred Fighting for the Protections Being Rolled Back Today

Papal quotes of those being canonized today

Catholic Pole’s obsession helps Holocaust survivor find mother

Severe Storms to Threaten Millions From St. Louis to New Orleans on Monday

Do you think Sterling-Bundy would be a good ticket for the GOP in 2016?

Sarah Palin: "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists"

Oppose the Southwest LRT (please share & make a few phone calls)

South Africa celebrates 20 years since apartheid

For Energy Future Holdings (aka TXU) , a colossal collapse but limited pain for buyout’s architects

Billionaires' influence felt in state's water policy

4/30 Peacebridge (lake/marshall ave) 15th year anniversary, come join us

Donald Sterling's Latest Offense: Hires Cliven Bundy as Clipper's Coach

Tax law leads to towering savings for big-building owners

Simon Winchester: "The Great Bend" (a geological 'what-if')

Why Elizabeth Warren Left The GOP

Your Complete Quotable Guide To Decades Of Clippers Owner Sterling's Racism

Heartland Institute Edits George Carlin's Words For Cheap Facebook Hits

I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses...

Protest at Gov Daytons S of S A. 4/30 Didn't raise welfare grants but did give tax breaks.

Seven injured after explosion at Texas plywood plant

Is it true?

For any neo-confederate acquaintance who may wonder aloud if slavery was so bad after all....

The BEST Intro to Tar Sands in 3 Minutes

Donald Sterling is NOT a Democrat!

New World Order: Poverty and war condemn capitalism

ABC's Stephanopoulos Makes Elizabeth Warren Interview All About Hillary

Magic Johnson blasts Donald Sterling

no award for sterling

"The Buck Stops at the FCC"-(Net Neutrality)

How Christian Purity Culture Enabled My Step Dad to Sexually Abuse Me

Tea Party Patriots President Martin Reaps $450,000/yr. How lying and fleecing paid a bankrupt maid

Shocking moment a Tennessee police officer chokes unresisting college student until he is UNCONSCIOU

E-Cig Vendors Weigh in on Proposed FDA Rules

Man Legally Stalks Children's Baseball Game: 'I've Got A Gun & There's Nothing You Can Do About It'

Local politician taking on Grothman for GOP seat...

David Gregory went full-blown partisan in today's MTP...

Israel PM dismisses Abbas Holocaust remarks

Sanctions: Israel freezes 19 Palestinian construction projects

Economics of Disintegration in Ukraine

After 40 deaths, Rick Scott fights to WEAKEN child safety bill "to save money"!

New World Order: Poverty and war condemn capitalism

radio programming director wanted

Sarah Palin: 'Waterboarding Is How We'd Baptize Terrorists' If I Were In Charge

Sarah Palin: 'Waterboarding Is How We'd Baptize Terrorists' If I Were In Charge

Settlers cut down 60 olive trees near Nablus

Prominent Gun Activist Calls Bundy Standoff A "Turning Point In Modern America"

‘Capital in the Twenty-first Century’ by Thomas Piketty

Bill Kristol defends NBA owner: Don’t ‘go hysterical over two or three’ racist comments

The Power of Piketty's 'Capital' - Eric Alterman (The Nation)

McCain won’t allow himself to react to this because he can’t admit the magnitude of his mistake.

Netanyahu: Hamas is trying to start another Holocaust

Iraq hits 'jihadist convoy' in Syria

Do you believe that Obama installed a Nazi government in Ukraine to steal their resources?

Julian Castro (D) for (Not Running for) President 2016

Meet The Press (Then & Now)

the new tactic in the Global Warming war: Divestment - aimed at Oil & other fossil fuel companies

When will Sunday Talk Shows

It's SO About Race.

FYI: @breakingstorm: Confirmed tornado located near Upland, Neb.; moving NW

Do You Recognize The "FreeLoader" In This Pic?

As Promised, a Wendy Davis Thread, Because She is Wonderful

Report: Gay marriage would bring $15M to Utah

From Park Ridge to Washington: The youth minister who mentored Hillary Clinton

Netanyahu compares Iran nuclear threat to Nazi menace

Coptic Pope opens art exhibition in Egypt's Anglican Cathedral

Strike spreads at Chinese supplier to Adidas and Nike

***JUST NOW*** --LA Clippers entire team dumped their warmup shirts at mid-court just now

Clippers players threw warmups down at center court; wearing practice jerseys inside out

Schumer, Menendez Fight Proposal That Could Allocate Sandy Funds For Nationwide Use

Larry Pratt makes a speech at the NRA convention...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 29: Based on Irwin Shaw

Apparently not everyone got the memo.

Picture This ...

Florida doesn't regulate private schools though they get 2 kinds of vouchers.

The Coffee Apocalypse Is Nigh: Brutal Brazilian Drought Forces Starbucks To Pause Purchases

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 30: Robert Osborne's Picks

I take this with a grain of salt.

Paychecks are not Charity

Silent DU Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014 thread. Never Forget.

If an individual's viewpoint is Unique in a Party

Rep. Michael Grimm's campaign accountant a key witness before grand jury: sources

Great Lakes ice currently highest amount for this late date; Superior could have ice still in June

49er fan sues NFL over playoff tickets

Suspect In Fatal Milford Stabbing Expected To Face Charges As An Adult

Almost all employees today, no matter how well-educated, are nothing but widgets.

Communicating The Renewable Energy Revolution

Ex-prosecutor says former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes’ attorney told her to lie

They want to charge you for the Sports package.

What are you reading the week of April 27, 2014?

Iranian mother who spared her son's killer: 'Vengeance has left my heart'

Fatah: Elections date to be announced soon, Abbas is our candidate

Los Angeles Clippers turn warmups inside out before Game 4

Who said it?

Listen to this full version of the Sterling Rants....

How Elizabeth Warren's Own Book Makes The Case She Should Run For President

Neo-Nazi rally in Tennessee draws far more protesters than supporters

SARS-Like MERS Virus Spreads to New Countries

Why many are supporting the Bundy Militia

Chris Hedges & Mr Fish "We Are Either Gonna Step Off the Board or They’re Gonna Kill Us"

Popes John XXIII, John Paul II elevated to sainthood

The Fascinating World Of Kumari, Nepal's Living Goddesses (PHOTOS)

please help with a movie or twilight zone, way back when. over four decades ago. it was black/white

El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry

First cuts to Metro Transit spread all over Seattle area

It gets sleazier: Sterling's wife describes alleged mistress as gold digger in lawsuit

US Continues Ransoming Development Aid, Now Using CAFTA to Threaten Social Programs

Spotted at the LA Clippers game today

Swedish Military Observer Freed By Pro-Russian Separatists In Ukraine

Afghanistan can go Fxxx itself ....

Sterling's girlfriend calls audio legitimate'.

Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy: A Plea for Universal Screening

Krier's conflicts of interest pose problem

Palestinians continue bid to join UN organization

Sterling: I put food in black people's mouths.

U.S.-Philippines Pact Could Modestly Boost American Arms Sales

D’Alessandro: Donald Sterling’s candid moment? It’s business as usual, and NBA business is often ugl

Hungarians March Against Anti-Semitism After Far-Right Poll Gains

What a great movie plot idea...


Obama Says US-European Unity Is Needed For Broader Sanctions On Russia

Toyota Said to Plan to Move U.S. Sales Office to Texas

Officials Say Russian Hackers May Retaliate for Sanctions


Study finds almost half of homeless men had traumatic brain injury in their lifetime,

Saudi body studying regulating YouTube production

Canonization of predecessors provides another boost for Pope Francis

U.S. Ally Abdullah Leads as Runoff Looms in Afghanistan

Just found this totally cool behind the scenes vid at "The Colbert Report" with John Kerry

Severe storms slam Midwest as first 2014 tornado death confirmed

The Unvarnished Truth

American Dream Is Now Just That For American Middle-Class — A Dream

Dept. Of Homeland Security Struggles To Recruit, Retain Cybersecurity Tech Workers

Iraqi army helicopters strike fuel tanker convoy in Syria

OHHH the Communistic pain of signing up for OBAMACARE!

S.F. Giants set National League sellout record

Toon: Girld hands First Lady her fathers resume

Serbia swears in new prime minister

In pics: Storm chaser Mike Olbinski photographs extreme weather conditions (awesome)

49er fan sues NFL for $50M over playoff tickets

Donald Sterling Race Scandal: Obama Speaks Out

So I finally found a critical reading group.

Vetsulin, Humulin, Lantus - is there any real difference? (except price)

BREMMER: Russia Is Looking For Any Excuse For Trouble In Ukraine

UK needs clearer guidelines on going to war, MPs say

Famous Anti-Gay Ugandan Minister Martin Ssempra Accused Of Promoting Homosexuality

The Bear And The Dragon: Russia Pivots To China In The Face Of Western Sanctions

In May Boeing Workers Denied Union Representation Will Get A $47 Million Arbitration Award

In May Boeing Workers Denied Union Representation Will Get A $47 Million Arbitration Award

Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP users

St. Louis Blues fans: we want no more of your team.

Local Media on Cop Story: Did Police Chokehold Someone Last Night in the Fort?

The Forever Battery

The Forever Battery

Former Cheerleaders Sue The Buffalo Bills For Wage Law Violations

Former Cheerleaders Sue The Buffalo Bills For Wage Law Violations

RIA Novosti Obtaines Satellite Photos Showing Ukrainian Military Buildup Near Slaviansk

LA Clippers Pre Game Protest


Japan's confidential wartime files about China revealed

Elizabeth Warren: I hope Hillary Clinton runs for president

Four Ways Paul Ryan Will Jeopardize Your Future Health Care Coverage

What divides us about racism: intent

96 Goddamn degrees with 50% humidity. It's not even May yet.

Torontonians: Looking for something to do on May 12th? Arrest Bush!

My view--and Snowy's-- late this afternoon

Toms River, NJ: How Small Town Fought Back Against Corporate Giants/ Toxic Dumping Linked to Cancer

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 28 April 2014