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Sorry ReTHUGs you bought the ticket now you have to take the Bundy

Dear Republicans, As a hardcore Democrat, I want you all to know that I think Cliven Bundy is...

Arbor Day in the neighborhood.

Friday Talking Points (301) -- Seven More Amendments

Ed is wrong. Bundy needs to be in the news.

Rebranding the KKK: How Can They Prove to America That They're Not a Hate Group?

Mike Luckovich Toon: Take me to your Leaders!

We've had a blood moon, here's a picture of a seagull moon

Meet Coolio, a blind elephant seal at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

What DUER'S are really all about

GOOD NEWS! Brazil's 'Internet Bill of Rights' a Victory for Web Freedom

Three Words: Nudist Beer Festival

Support for Medicaid expansion dropping in Virginia

Another reason to GOTV in November - Do you want Cliven Bundy types running our government?

Teen Arrested With Loaded Gun In Vagina

Colombian ex governor to face trial for paramilitary ties

"Texas woman tied to NY Congressman Grimm indicted"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kittehs gif

The world's most perfect food

Oops ReTHUG Congressman Michael Grimm about to be indicted

Colon Cancer Screening Was the Last Thing on His Mind...

Reagan Redux Honduras: Gangsters’ Paradise

Reagan Redux Honduras: Gangsters’ Paradise

Weird Week News: GOP is ECSTATIC that a GOP Congressman is about to be indicted.

The Lounge has a new mascot.

Alleged Hillary Clinton shoe thrower arraigned

Vote for This Republican or He'll Use a Cannon on Obama or Something

UN Marks Chernobyl Anniversary With Call To Avoid Nuclear Disasters

Best Part of Living in a Red State?

Divinity: Original Sin - Before and After Kickstarter Trailer

Oil Futures Sag on Record Supplies

Oregon giving up on their own health exchange switching to the Federal government one.

Conn. police: Man held sister captive for years

Who is Wayne LaPIERRE and why is he such an a-hole?!1

Small boy mistakes Jersey City sand mandala for playground, destroys hours of work

"I always thought of myself as an American...but suddenly last night I felt ~

loving my new phone

April 25, 1947

Man Claims Anti-Gay Uganda’s Highest Mountain For The Gays

Where's the Anti-Obama sentiment I've come to expect?

POTUS Live from S Korea on MSNBC

President Obama is calling out North Korea in Seoul in front of thousands of soldiers Live on MSNBC.

US seeks $700K linked to S. Korea's ex-president

Rare Kindness: Farmer Saves Cows from Slaughter and Provides Idyllic Life

Exterior Design

Leaked Emails Raise Questions About Governor's $300M Offer

Protests in Philippines, Malaysia Ahead of Obama's Visit

CNN's Bill Weir is great

grass fed organic chicken

The Dirty Hand of the National Endowment for Democracy in Venezuela

The Dirty Hand of the National Endowment for Democracy in Venezuela

You might want to look for No GMO Soy ....

Judge: Philly newspapers to be sold to insiders

Phone Company Bid to Keep Data From N.S.A. Is Rejected

A fading middle-class perk: lower mortgage rates

I interrupt my watching of Bill Maher's show to bring you the following bulletin:

Sean Hannity Breaks His Legs Back Tracking, It's Not About "Bundy" LOL!!

Woo advocate is charged with molesting mentally challenged man...

Remember "Reverend" James David Manning?

Bundy thinks Martin Luther King Jr is still alive...

Veteran Jewish-Israeli reporter: I was never detained for visiting 'enemy states'

The Night of the Generals: When Brazilians Were Tortured and Disappeared

The Night of the Generals: When Brazilians Were Tortured and Disappeared

Settlers attack 7-year-old girl in south Hebron hills

Omaha zoo plans largest project ever, a $70 million outdoor grassland habitat

Put this under the category of "Wish I said that"

Van de Putte releases tax returns -- loses thousands gambling in Vegas

Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz rally 1,000 for Ben Sasse in North Platte

Pilates. Anyone have a favorite, easy, painless intro sequence to share?

"NRA lecture details ways to circumvent restrictions on buying guns"

White servitude in Maryland.

Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan welcome unity deal

Great Real Time tonight. There were two Republicans on but they mostly agreed with Bill.

Gotta love this woman... Sheesh amazing.

Democratic Underground, 2030.

Bedtime story

Small boy mistakes Jersey City sand mandala for playground, destroys hours of work

Earl Morrall dies at 79; saved Dolphins' 1972 season

Driver that struck teen suing dead boy's family

Incredible Air-to-Air footage (Edited UPDATED! WITH NEW VIDS!)

Alaska Supreme Court rules same-sex couples have equal property tax rights

The Story of Cliven Bundy and the Fight to Save the Desert Tortoise

Can someone please supply me with instructions on text editing web pages from afar?

Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points [301] -- Seven More Amendments

Adorable baby apparently not a puppy...

Please help me respond to some conservative dribble

Bundy is No Welfare Queen--He is plain old thief

Texas Renaissance Festival needs your help ramping up for 40th year with weekend auditions

So they told my 86-year-old Mom she has lung cancer tonight

Russia Raises Rate to Bolster Economy After S.&P. Cuts Its Debt Rating

Guess where the Faux "news" money talking up Bundy came from?

Selling out (Tom Lehrer)

Boy George Snubs Aussie PM

Income inequality: We're Off the Rails (Malcolm Gladwell)

I have been walking around with 4 broken tows, 2 fractured fingers and

On CNN tonight, Bundy's bodyguard called black welfare recipients...

Stunning Footage from Space

Any of you drive an all-electric car? I've got a charging question I can't find an answer for.

SpaceX rocket stage in 'soft landing' (BBC)

Ever wonder what slicing a quail embryo into a thousand slices would look like when animated?

Lucky ducklings

What happems when you piss off a frog?

Birds on wires


Giant Cross Dedicated to Pope John Paul Crushes Pilgrim

TPP TV Blackout

LA Clippers owner wants GF to hide racial makeup and dont bring black people to games including

Chillin' with the Chambers

Pope Francis Canonization of Two Popes Promises to be Epic

John Nichols: Elizabeth Warren May Not Be Ready to Run for President, but Her Book Is

Fingal's Cave

Ségolène Royal denies banning cleavage at French ministry

The Heritage Foundation Needs a Senior Data Analyst. Should I Apply?

Your Government Owes You a Job

There's one problem with ordering a cat online

Robert Solow: Are we becoming an oligarchy?

Not (Only) in Kansas Anymore: Anti-Semitic Violence Is Up Across America

China: Firm 3D prints 10 full-sized houses in a day

Ukraine’s Jews caught in a propaganda war based on the ‘political manipulation of anti-Semitism’


FCC's new net neutrality proposal is even worse than you think. Slate


Women can go a long way in Boston

Alaska Supreme Court rules gay couples deserve equal access to tax benefit

Fox "news" Leaving Bundy Ranch..

Climate change: Earth's giant game of Tetris - Joss Fong

Beverly Bell: Indigenous People In Honduras Block Dam on Sacred River

Brazil ex-colonel who admitted torture killed

Brazil ex-colonel who admitted torture killed

Ridley Scott developing new project with HBO..'Pharaoh'

Peru Considers Allowing Military to Again Shoot Down Drug-Smuggling Planes

Peru Considers Allowing Military to Again Shoot Down Drug-Smuggling Planes

Winter weather statements across parts of CA, NV, AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, OR and MT

European Firms Seek to Minimize Russia Sanctions

CLASS ACT: Republican Congressman Who Threatened To Throw a TV Reporter Off a Balcony Indicted

Venezuela, Argentina sign military cooperation agreements

Get it while it lasts..Complete works of Marx Engles to be erased

3 Sickening Ways that America Is Criminalizing the Poor

Woman posts about ‘Happy’ song on Facebook seconds before fatal car crash.

Party of guns: 2016ers speak to NRA

Party of guns: 2016ers speak to NRA

Bloomberg on his liberal advocacy: ‘I’ve earned my place in heaven — it’s not even close’

‘Our gun laws are so crazy, even crazy people know that they’re crazy’

Old Cold-War satellite images reveal ancient cities never discovered

Want a Good Look at Putin’s Pervy Propaganda? See ‘The Furies of Maidan’

10 Things I Learned About the World from Ayn Rand's Insane "Atlas Shrugged'

Federal Grazing Program in Bundy Dispute Rips-Off Taxpayers, Wild Horses

We Know How to Save the Internet: Towns and Cities Across America Are Doing It

The War on Drugs Aims its Sights on Pregnant Women

The Piketty Panic

Federal Prisons Throw Inmates In ‘Little Guantanamo’ — And Don’t Have To Say Why

Student Debt Nearly Tripled Over The Past Decade

More Than 63,000 Bridges Crossed 250 Million Times A Day Need Significant Repairs

House members denied look at CIA report

Fired on the first day!!!!!

Fired on the first day!!!!!

A mouse may scamper

More Good Luck/Bad Luck

The Dulles Brothers, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, and the Fate of the Private Pre-War Internation

My oldest daughter was in great pain

President Obama is a monster.

Why We MUST Study History

Weber County’s training teachers to use guns a bad idea

When dad found out...

What I find annoying about doctors and being over 60

Cabela’s credit-card unit again fined over allegations of deceptive practices

NBC News: Last Residents of Picher, Oklahoma Won't Give Up the Ghost (Town)

Science's Toughest Test, & Higgs Particle vs Piketty

Hudson, Morse lead Giants past Cleveland 5-1

5 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan chopper crash

Ukraine separatists hunker down and hope Putin will come to their aid

To tip or not to tip painters, plumbers and other home-service providers?

To tip or not to tip painters, plumbers and other home-service providers?

Cliven Bundy and racial concern trolling: Why the rancher’s bigoted rant means more doom for the GOP

The Prelude to the End of the American Era? by Ian Welsh

Weekend Toon roundup 1- If the Bundy Stinks, Wear it.

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The rest

Bill O’Reilly compares Fox News’ Bundy coverage to MSNBC ‘convicting’ Chris Christie

Why you don't want tiered Internet costs

This company’s gas plants just keep on exploding

Obama pushes again for minimum wage increase

'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Doubts Raised About Ancient Text

Does John McCain Care More About Deaths in Syria Than Gun Violence in America?

Totally Parched: 100% of California in Drought

'black boy', 'those people' - cliven bundy, the gift that keeps on giving

We do not need to move to the right to win moderate voters

Pondering Religion's Absence as Son Turns 13

G7 moves to place sanctions on Russia 'swiftly'

Europe Votes For Net Neutrality In No Uncertain Terms

"Short Term 12". Another excellent indie film.

The kooks are at war.

Happy Saturday.. just Happy Saturday

Cliven Bundy

Tennessee's Union Busting Prompts VW to Manufacture Elsewhere

T-Shirts and Ted Cruz: Escalating The Holy War Over Religion In Public School Sports

She stood on the corner of the second busiest tourist trap in Nebraska giving it away @ 4 PM

Cliven Bundy's Cowboy Show

In Illinois, Tax Increases Become an Article of Faith

A bit of happy Trolling for a sunny Saturday!

Hey Grits - how are you and those tornadoes?

Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower-Quality Education Than Rich Kids?

Russian Hacker Attack Seen as Possible Response to New Sanctions

I feel I need to raise this issue again as it's become personal now

DC thinks it can silence a new Snowden, but the anti-leak hypocrisy is backfiring

Palestinians may look to Lebanon model for government

The political science of cybersecurity: Why running hackers through the FBI really isn’t a good idea

Exclusive: U.S. expanding corporate foreign bribery probes to include hiring

Former Israeli minister says public brainwashed about Abbas

This hilarious graph of Netflix speeds shows the importance of net neutrality

Call FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler The Federal Communications Commission is proposing rules that would k

Woman posts about ‘Happy’ song on Facebook seconds before fatal Business 85 crash

Radicalism at the GOP Convention

Al Qaeda chief urges Westerner kidnappings

Koch Brothers Group SCRUBs Cliven Bundy Support From Social Media Accounts

South Korea ferry disaster: All navigation crew 'held'

Good morning

OP to Pres. Obama by a Malaysian member of Parliment

Take a moment and hear Bundy's comments IN CONTEXT!!!!1!1!!11!!

China's president warns against growing threats to national security

Is bar for sainthood being lowered?

Is bar for sainthood being lowered?

School cancels kindergarten show to prepare kids for college and career. Letter to parents.

Don't you think 'Chopped' should have enough fryers and ice cream machines for everyone?

Recchia Reacts to Pending Grimm Indictment

Maybe the problem with republicans is they don't release oxytocin.

Grimm issues ‘conclusive’ verdict on climate change

LA Clippers owner caught on tape: Don't bring black people to my games! (including Magic Johnson)

No Keystone XL? Blame Canada

Fun Fact: Humans are Deuterostomes

On Yahoo Now: Socialists glorify abortion with Wire Coat Hanger display on college lawn

Cuomo touts liberal wins to rural Dems

Former Comcast and Verizon Attorneys Now Manage the FCC

Memo to Congress: Why the NRA's Absolutism Is Indefensible

Weather in Kansas could get really rocky tonight

Divided GOP waits to hear from Rand Paul

Anybody heard anything about the militias near the Bundy ranch.......

Measle Increases in the United States

Before you rant about Comcast/Netflix issue being related to Net Neutrality, READ THIS

Because if not even Magic Johnson is socially-acceptable...

More playing around in MS Paint - Morning Sketch

Cracked - The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Online Gaming

Frisco officials see Exide cleanup costs mount

There are two types of people in this world...

Rep. Owens endorses Woolf

"SILENCED" The Film That Explores the Human Toll of Obama's Crackdown on Whistleblowers

Victoria Nuland sends 5 Billion to Cliven Bundy!

I want to be alone

Mind Games: Making the case for an academic calling in a neoliberal age

U.S. Department of State Launches "Free the Press" Campaign

Lately, the news is all over the globe

Deal want to sell of Georgia's sacred, pristine coast. Fucker.

TPM: Opposition to Common Core is rapidly becoming a “true conservative” litmus test

Ronald Reagan owns Cliven Bundy: He’s born of GOP racial and anti-government hostility I

Sexist Sack of S*** of The Week: Will Infantine

Federal Judge Rules U.S. Companies Can Be Sued for Aiding South African Apartheid Regime

The 1 percent’s midterms scam: Why it’s not about which party wins in ’14

Live From Bunkerville! Welfare negroes, the United Nations, sexually devious lawyers, satan ...

Frank Galvin's summation to the jury

"It's time the GOP have their noses soundly rubbed into the shit Cliven Bundy has left on the floor"

Schneiderman to promote drug take-back, heroin antidote programs

Two tips for buying the best tasting beer no matter where you shop (LATimes)

Genius Louie Gohmert Slams Boehner, Calls Him 'Tammy Faye'

State mandates some changes to health plans on Obamacare site

The women behind SCotUS AA decision. Separately, Anthony KENNEDY is a“frighteningly bizarre justice"

ten years ago today (25 april 2004), we marched in numbers too big to ignore (but the media did)

ten years ago today (25 april 2004), we marched in numbers too big to ignore (but the media did)

The NRA Meets Its Potent New Foe: Moms

Ukraine crisis: BBC investigates Mariupol 'liberation' claims

The breath of children is at stake.

The breath of children is at stake.

The breath of children is at stake.

Cuomo: Get your measles vaccination!


over one million march for women's lives-25 april 2004

over one million march for women's lives 25 april 2004

ACTION ALERT!! Go to to fight for net neutrality

God Is Dead. Except at the Box Office.

And this is surprising...why?

RNC: Don’t Lump GOP With Bundy!

Calling Geraldo Rivera: millions of E.T. game cartridges to be dug up

No Damn KXL!

N.Y. bill would legalize hemp growth for research

A DU Challenge---Draft Net Neutrality Rules better than the FCC--

DROP EVERYTHING & TAKE ACTION!: Time to Launch Largest Protest the FCC Has Ever Seen

Hacker breaks into Baby Monitor and tries to wake baby up..

Toll relief on Verrazano-Narrows Bridge kicks in Friday

New to Win7, a question.

Gilded Age vs. NOW: Instead of Carnegie founding libraries-we have Trump yelling at people on TV

Having been called a "Tree Hugger" for long enough to learn to like it

LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling's Racist Rant Caught On Tape: Report

Venezuela students to march today (despite Supreme court ruling)

Ven government organized Peace Concert ends with shootings (Spanish)

Venezuela probes 97 security troops for torture

Not Our Words

Venezuela to Shoot Down Drug Planes

Texas nuke weapons plant cited for safety concerns

Utopian Potential of the Internet": Astra Taylor on How to Take Back Power & Culture in Digital Age

Milton Berle, Batman and the Green Hornet! (1966)

Colombia’s housing deficit decreasing due to social housing schemes: govt

Cliven Bundy showed it's time to look at how little we get from business use of public land

choice and the march for women's lives (with some very interesting observations)

The Palestinians' Real Enemies

choice and the march for women's lives (with some very interesting observations)

Rookie East Texas deputy fired after shooting farm dog

Palestinian unity govt will recognize Israel: Abbas

Dad with Alzheimer's momentarily finds his speech after greeting his dog

Hey! Did I miss something?

a nice slideshow of pics from the march for women's lives-25 april 2004

"Utopian Potential of the Internet": Astra Taylor on How to Take Back Power & Culture in Digital Age

Federal Judge Orders Garden City To Set Aside Developments For Affordable Housing

Country Star Kacey Musgraves Angers Homophobes **MUST SEE VIDEO!**

Help Some Kids, Please -

Whats the worst thing you have found in your medicine cabinet? I just dug this out....

American values spreading around the world

we don't say....

Sloviansk (Ukraine): Gun put to reporter's head

game of thrones

Cast As Tax Evaders, But Deciding To Give Up US Citizenship As Much For Life As Wealth

Group Plans LGBT Campaign In 3 Deep South States

Thousands Block Far-Right March In Berlin

As Iraq Violence Grows, U.S. Sends More Intelligence Officers

want to help parse Bundy bodyguard?

Bundy aside, I really don't get racists. The guy that owns the LA Clippers has this girlfriend...

The bundy caper/Koch

In Praise of Deborah Hughes, and Maybe We Need to Allow our Sons to be More Like our Daughters

Cool In The Square

Gomer does it again, wants to take over Boner's job...

Former Czech Green Party candidate owns tabloid publishing anti-Roma articles

Milwaukee sheriff gives speech at NRA convention...

Image of the Day Loch Ness Monster on Apple Maps?

Stunning report undermines central GOP Big Lie re Obamacare: people losing coverage, 5 Mil? -try 10k

What's your favorite tea?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ April 26th

Huffington Post article about my friend, the artist Germs...

How about a Republican idea: We privatize the collection of fees for the BLM

Spain blocks extradition of Franco-era 'torturer'

Argentine, China Reaffirm Close Trade And Political Links

Ted Cruz needs to be endangered

Kerry's Conundrum - Time for Truth on Ukraine

(DKos) - Everyday Magic: A Complete Look at Comcast/Netflix/Net Neutrality

LOL LOL!!! Snoop dogg goes off on Clippers owner

Boehner: "Obamacare resulted in ‘net loss’ of people wth health insurance"- a Crock, WaPo factcheckr

Folklife/Music Festivals Thread--I'll start, please add!

Fariña takes ‘polite’ tack at U.F.T. meeting

Tedx in Sydney Australia last night

Tomorrow morning at 9am hubby & I depart from Yorktown, Va to bicycle to Florence, Or!

Recently Unemployed

Why Would Obama Push A Trade Deal That Would Cut Pay Of 90% Of Workers?

Papantonio: What’s Happening in Bundy’s Head?

State Dept Launches 'Free the Press' Campaign While DOJ Asks Sup. Court to Force James Risen to Jail

South Carolina Bill Wants to Apply 'Stand Your Ground' Law to Fetuses

Daniel Ellsberg, Thomas Drake and Jesslyn Radack Tell It Like It Is at Whistle-Blowers’ Summit

"Ain't it a pretty night . . ."

I just voted

Florida Passes Bill To Shield Nursing Home Investors From Lawsuits For Abuse And Neglect

When you have a racist supreme court

On Ayaan Hirsi Ali, atheists, and free speech

Berlusconi says Germans deny concentration camps existed

Lloyds Bank accused of religious discrimination over free overdrafts on Islamic accounts

Washington school district will hire gay administrator forced out of Catholic school

Peter Greene: Did Connecticut Discover a Way to Measure Grit?

The Origins of Socialist Realism.

Excellent GOTV Pic for Facebook/Twitter etc.

TPP a boon to big tobacco in the developing world

"Reject and Protect"

Nest has been guarded for weeks,

You have to watch this video about Corporate Ethics. Funniest and saddest thing I've seen in ages.

Rick Perry bringing New Hampshire political activists to Texas

How Japan Plans to Build an Orbital Solar Farm - IEEE Spectrum

Happy Birthday, Ma Rainey. Keep singing the blues.

how is everybody?

Doctor lays low after alleged $135G strip-club visit

Bird feeders, watchers, lovers, check in

What Obama's FCC is about to do to the Internet is similar to what Clinton did to broadcasting in 96

Fukushima completes culling of radioactive herd in hot zone

Nation’s Largest Picasso Painting At Center Of Lawsuit Involving NYC Eatery

Construction workers unearth legendary cache of Atari games in New Mexico desert

Not only do I love the Grateful Dead, I also love Mr. Bob Dylan.

1849 Mormon gold coin fetches $705K at auction

If it sounds like Al Qaeda, it must be...

Net Neutrality Petitions on (Sign and Share)

Clive Bundy & Paul Ryan

Sharp Drop in Homicides in Denver So Far This Year

Evening, edited

April 26, 1924

Patton Oswalt Responds To Imbecile Rancher Cliven Bundy.....

Good post in GD

Good post in GD

Russia Complains Of Large Ukrainian Troop Buildup In East

What is a gun nut?

More renounce US citizenship but deny stereotype

NY Daily News: See the moment someone's dad learns he's going to be a grandfather

U.S. Troops Arrive In Lithuania Amid Ukraine Tensions

State to get $5.6 million for laid-off miners (WV)


W.Va.'s 2nd district GOP primary a crowded race

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's True Cost May Never Be Known, Amid Creative Accounting Fiascos

How many meals can you squeeze from one chicken?

Candy-Flavored Beer Adds New Twist To Craft Beer Rage

U.S. Judge Rules Search Warrants Extend To Overseas Email Accounts

Donald Sterling -- Ironically Slated to Receive NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award Next Month

‘Junta Government In Kiev Trigger For Amine That Will Explode Sooner Or Later’

Getting ready for summer

(Racist LA Clippers owner) Donald Sterling Scheduled To Be Honored By The NAACP

Ukraine Crisis, Middle East To Top Sunday Talk Shows

This little girl it amazing.

What is a Secular Humanist?

kool kats

No Camel Required: A rich man can now pass into heaven with the aid of rich corporations

Need reassurance?

Columbus? It's 'Indigenous People's Day' in Mpls.

10 things Dallasites love to hate

Abbott has priorities up his BUTT

Having a quiet Saturday night.

10 things Dallasites love to hate

HRC Sets Its Sights on the Deep South

Meet The Two Men Going Into Afghan Presidential Runoff Election

NBA probes claim of racist remarks by Clippers boss Donald Sterling