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Archives: April 24, 2014

Anyone else get an email from the party titled "all hope is lost"?

The Walking Dead - Returning in Season 5...

Obamacare is winning in Red States

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- 24 April 2014

Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male

Girl in pants ejected from North Carolina prom for violating non-existent dress code

Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male

Ahh, Memory Lane..."Obama's Bad Pick: A Former [Cable Industry] Lobbyist at the FCC"

Snow Monkeys! A tribe of monkeys in the Japanese mountains...

Death makes a deal with the Governor of Georgia:

The NH House Passes A Bill To Create Jobs And Rebuild Our Roads

Celebrating English Language Day

Are there any registered genealogists here ?

(Philadelphia Glaucoma) doc, daughter, arrested for growing pot

Let the head of the FCC know how you feel

'Straight from the Horse's Mouth': Former Oil Exec Says Fracking Not Safe...

An Open Source Analysis of China's Anti-satellite Testing in Outer Space

What the clemency initiative tells us about President Obama

Toothy Grins

2014 Cuba film festival to honor Garcia Marquez

OSHA: Union Pacific must reinstate worker who reported injuries suffered on job

Online child porn victims lose at Supreme Court

Just noticed that The Godfather Trilogy in HD is on sale for $9.99 this week on iTunes.

MSM...Lot's to Wonder About in Ukraine/Russia/USA Politics......

"The food here is awful."-"Yes, and the portions are so small."

Georgia Unveils New Slogan: “We Make Florida Look Safe”

April 23, 1938

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! Onward Christian Boulders

Yikes, so Keith O really does HATE MSNBC..... oh my....

Luckovich Toon: Reaper for Deal

Breaking New PPP Poll: Mary Burke within margin of error 48-45 with @GovWalker

Tokyo shuts down its vending machines for U.S. president’s visit

Trolling the trolls

Russian social media CEO quits, flees country

Here’s an unlikely bestseller: A 700-page book on 21st century economics

Rachel on Reagan

Report: Slow Productivity Growth Could Hamper Economy

Kids these days

Tom THE DANCING BUG TOON: State of Denial

Mike Malloy - Mob Rule & The Supreme Jackasses

Mike Malloy - Imitating Cliven Bundy (a real blast to watch)

John Malkovich Is A Violently Quirky Blackbeard In NBC's First Crossbones Promo

18 protesters arrested in demonstration against UT’s job-cutting plan

Chase Bank Slams the Door on More Porn Stars

Media: Evidence contradicts Cliven Bundy’s ‘ancestral rights’ claim

has anyone ever been to Atlantic Beach North Carolina?

How Can I Contact the Rachel Maddow Show?

Molten steel!

How evil will a Republican be to deny a poor person health care? This evil.

Why is my Central Hudson bill so high?

Living without indoor plumbing

Abbott writes federal agency about its plans for land in Texas

Fat metabolism in animals altered to prevent most common type of heart disease

Scientists reverse memory loss in mice with Alzheimer's

Waco Tribune Editorial: Paycheck Fairness Act is a bad bill far removed from realities of business

Not content with screwing teachers, Brownback is now screwing all of Kansas and healthcare

Are the Nugo Stronger Chocolate Bars any good?

3 songs for you

Vladimir W. Putin?

Senate Republicans Blaming Public Employees for State’s Revenue Shortfalls (R's did it!)

Senate Republicans Blaming Public Employees for State’s Revenue Shortfalls (R's did it)

Governor Goodhair again shows what an ass he is...

FCC to Propose New 'Net Neutrality' Rules

Student who recorded bullying referred to police for felony wiretapping.

Former Neo-Nazi on Getting In & Out of Skinheads

1888 shipwreck found in San Francisco Bay

Prince Charles BIL dies after falling in NYC Bar..

High five!

The Port Richey squatter case

Screw it!!

Chelsea Manning granted name change from Bradley

MH370 search: Object found on Australian coast wasn't from missing plane

Pass it on- don't let a Kirby vacuum salesman in your house

"The Most Enduring Myth About the Presidency" - Norm Ornstein

WANNA HAVE SEX? (CONSENT 101) (The rape argument on DU)

Tally of persons kidnapped by Russian-backed insurgents in Ukraine’s east grows to 16

There was a Pot Legalization rally in the Capitol today (Wednesday)

Watching heavily armed dudes blocking access to government property-

Judge releases audiotape of 'Squeaky' Fromme's mental exam after Ford assassination attempt

Walked into a Dollar Tree store today, took one look at the swimming pool noodles,

Cubs Blow 5 - 2 Lead On Wrigley Field's 100th Anniversary

UNR condemns fake Palin flier circulating around campus (phone # leads to sex chat line)

Mother Jones: "Net Neutrality Finally Dies at Ripe Old Age of 45"

*Elizabeth Warren on Charlie Rose tonight.

Esquire: Why Comcast Will Be Allowed to Buy Time Warner Cable and Kill Net Neutrality

Had my say tonight, FWIW......

U.S Joan Rivers blasts Cleveland ‘house of horrors’ vics: ‘They got to live rent free for a decade’

FCC adds $9 billion to broadband subsidy fund

Apple splitting stock as iPhone sales soar

Vets die on secret wait list

I need a ride...

More photomicrography

Short-term access, long term strategies to fund assisted living and beyond -- where to start?

UCL Semifinal first leg results

Has anyone else noticed an inordinate amount of anti-marijuana "news" lately?

ESPN 30 for 30: Soccer and a Pinochet led Military Coup Collide

Police Investigating Israeli Organ-Trafficking Ring

Stock Splits

[Calif.] GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari attacks affirmative action

Cliven Bundy: “I Want to Tell You About The Negro"

Customer feedback..

Want to know what'll really get fundies hot under the collar? This...

F.D.A. Will Propose New Regulations for E-Cigarettes

50,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel living in poverty, report finds

Bundy Lied About "Ancestral Rights" To Gov't Land

To better understand Bundy: "Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West"

I've raised cats for a very long time.

I am getting so fed up with those "autorun" ads!

Penn State Hosts THON, A Non-Stop Fundraising Dance Party!

Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes

How the elevator transformed America

Why are these wealthy, politically involved businesses exempt from paying taxes?

Disney's next planned franchise movies...

Why Godzilla matters

Is the USA now a fascist state?

Secretly injecting chemicals into soil is evil. Florida News Press. Fracking secretly?

A Defiant Rancher Savors the Audience That Rallied to His Side

Rand Paul: Jimmy Carter was better on the budget than Ronald Reagan

More of them durn suspect furrin movies...

5 dumbest things Seaworld has done so far in response to Blackfish

Remember when President Bush ...

Fetal tissue used to power Oregon homes

On the edge of glory

Venezuelan Government Eschews Soviet-Style Socialism

My mother died

Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president

Stop the rail transport of OIL in Washington State

A doctor in Egypt is set to stand trial on Thursday in relation to the female genital mutilation

Paddle-boarding Cook Inlet, Alaska

Will Tennessee legalize the New Jane Crow?

Ukraine forces, rebels clash in two eastern towns

Secretary of State issues grants to local libraries

Impeaching Nixon? Republican-led Missouri House holds hearings

Florida executes man convicted of murdering 2

"Welfare state" Finland has a more competitive economy than the US

Geneva agreement crumbles in Kyiv and Donetsk

The Pascua Yaqui: the 1st to use new authority to prosecute non–tribal members for domestic violence

Cornish people granted minority status within UK

Obama: New sanctions against Russia are 'teed up'

New York Times tries to whitewash publication of faked Ukraine photos

Three American doctors killed one injured in Afghanistan when

Try this easy tip how to get away with kidnapping, torture and murder:

The Bilbie Family

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Discriminating Court

Jack Pudding

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Around the Country...

Can you believe what this NH State Rep. said about women, and the reason women are paid less?

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Toon- A Common Core Graduation

We're NOT Number 1: Guess Which Country Now Has a More Affluent Middle Class Than America?

Republicans Freak Out After Polls Show Democrats Leading 3 Out of 4 Senate Races

I Went from Selling Crack on the Street to College Thanks to the Work Ethic of My Poor Black Communi

This Man Is About to Die Because an Alcoholic Lawyer Botched His Case

Neil deGrasse Tyson Said Earth Is 4.5 Billion Years Old on National TV: Creationists' Heads Explode

Elizabeth Warren's New Book is the Moment to Change 2014

They may not like it, but they don't want to repeal it - Obamacare in the South

Three American Doctors Killed by Guard at Afghan Hospital

Toon: Early Voting

The New York Times Criticized for Submitting to Israeli Censors

Pony up, frackers: Texas family wins $3 million in contamination lawsuit

7 Ancient and Forgotten Civilizations

Wyoming doesn’t want its kids to learn about climate change

Obama’s Free Trade Agreement Ignores the Scandal of Rana Plaza

In Yemen, Drones Don't Kill Innocents

American unreason: why US politics is full of clever men being wilfully stupid

Sue Baby, Sue! Citizens fight back against the gasholes

Photo of the day

Obama greeted by Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Birth Defects and Mothers’ Proximity to Natural Gas Development: Is There a Connection?

A different perspective on the Bundy Ranch Saga.

Stewart vs Hannity. Game over.

TEPCO discovers radioactivity levels beyond threshold for release in pump well

Albany will pay homeless to leave Bulb

FCC to propose pay-for-priority Internet standards

Survivor Cagayan - April 23 Episope Recap

New 80-MPH Mini Combat Vehicle Can Be Dropped From The Sky

Caroline Kennedy 'Absolutely' Would Back Clinton

Obama ate only half the sushi course:

IBEW members invent bracket that saves time and trouble

Ukrainian Jews look to Israel as anti-Semitism escalates

The 11 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

Oslo: Replacing liberation with economic neo-colonialism

Obama Rejects Notion That Trade Deal Is In Danger

Does anyone here remember how and when they learned about death? And that

GOP rats jumping ship from the good ship SS Cliven Bundy

This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

WV Report; 100s Of ER Visits After MCHM Spill; Skin Contact Not Even Considered In Screening Levels

We are finally getting children!!

Nearl 60% Of China's Groundwater Contaminated; 70% Of N. China Groundwater Not Safe To Touch

Here’s Why This City’s Businesses Love Its Paid Sick Days Law

After Benzene Spill, Lanzhou Residents Learn Water Sytem Ran Through Toxic Sites For Decades

Cliven Bundy’s Home on the Range - Mark Fiore must see video

Elizabeth Warren May Not Be Ready to Run for President, but Her Book Is

Protesters in Ukraine guard biggest weapons cache in eastern Europe

What could go wrong? Now legal to carry firearms in bars, churches, libraries, schools in Georgia

Nerve burn?

Bill Nelson (D-FL) @ Miami Beach Meet; High Tide Floods Now Regular Events, Drainage Upgrades @$400M

The Tealiban have gutted VRA, Increased 1%'s ability to buy gov't, gutted net neutrality...

Avoiding Tragedy: Keeping Kids Away From Guns

Jerry Dammers to be honoured in South Africa for Free Nelson Mandela

Foreign suicide bombers kill thousands and bring Iraq to the brink of civil war

It's Not Just Frozen: Most Disney Movies Are Pro-Gay

Senator Sanders: The Koch Brothers and the Puppets They Control

Every Single F__king Repuke Who Spoke In Favor Of This Loser Should Have Words Plasterered On TV

First sex-determining genes appeared in mammals some 180 million years ago

Release the Cliven!!!- “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,”

Marshall Islands sues nine nuclear powers

Bundy: I know about the NEGROE

Borowitz: Georgia Unveils New Slogan, "We Make Florida Look Safe"

Vermont passes bill to require warning labels for genetically modified foods

Venezuela's Maduro promises importers overdue hard currency

Obamascare Tactics in Red State Races

Virginia Police Hog Tie 75-Year-Old Grandmother After Raiding Wrong Home

Fox News’ worst Cliven Bundy lies: 22 right-wing delusions about the absurd standoff

Russia's Putin Calls the Internet a 'CIA Project'

Sutter County Sikh Told He Can’t Serve On Jury With Ceremonial Knife

Roger Ailes owns Cliven Bundy now: How dumb opportunism became a right-wing nightmare

Center of Appalachian culture to close in Cincinnati

Amazon Drivers Getting Their Pay Slashed

Republican monsters duke it out: The coming “Plutocrats vs. Tea Party” cage match

How the Microbes Living in Your Gut Might Be Making You Anxious or Depressed

Why Republican Donors and Voters Don't Get Along

hahahahaha Cleven Bundy is a racist hahahahahasnort...hahahahaha

All four Republican candidates vying for North Carolina’s Senate are climate deniers

A total of 3,192 people killed in the first quarter in Venezuela

London Bus Drives off Warsaw Bridge

Venezuelan gov't asks businesses to lend it a hand

My dog has a simple philosophy on life...

governor of Colorado put out a list of stats showing how much better Colorado is than New Jersey

FDA seeks restrictions on e-cigarette sales, other tobacco products

Bratton On NYPD Twitter Backlash: We Won’t Quit Social Media

Senior security official: Anti-terror operation suspended as Russian troops amass on border (LIVE UP

Venezuela's economic crisis catches up with malls

Roger Ailes owns Cliven Bundy now: How dumb opportunism became a right-wing nightmare

De Blasio and Cuomo differ over hurricane aid, HUD


Papantonio: The Invisible Social Security Cuts

(Scotland) Half of Hebridean church quits over gay ministers

The Double Down begins, Dana Loesch DEFENDS Bundy's statements...

Rise in sea levels and effects on people as part of climate change is summarized in this article.

The Day Free Speech Died : F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic

Calif. developer finds, then paves over ancient Indian village to build $55 million project

Compassionate slavery?

So, Pineda is a cheater, a liar, and really, really stupid...

Rand Paul Steps Away From Bundy: 'I Wholeheartedly Disagree'

Man calls to report a burglary, deputy arrives and shoots his dog in the head

Most influential: Gillibrand, Putin and the Pope

Ukraine forces kill up to five rebels, Russia starts drill near border

Open carry advocates can put police in tough situations

Ex-U.S. Rep. John Sweeney in federal campaign debt dispute

GM’s Rises After Profit Beats Estimates on Truck Prices

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone rejects bribery charges

Rick Perry Dodges On Bundy's Slavery Remarks: 'Bundy Is A Side Issue'

City Will Pay $55,000 To Settle Case of Occupy Livestreamer Josh Boss, Tackled By High-Ranking NYPD

The religious left is struggling. Can the cause of economic justice help it rise again?

Putin Warns of Consequences as Ukraine Steps Up Offensive

Vince Young wants to be UT ambassador

Where have we heard this before? Rove whines that NYT Senate polls are "biased".

State downgrades Beaumont ISD's financial rating to substandard

Film at 9/11 Museum Sets Off Clash Over Reference to Islam

Stringer hints at independence from de Blasio

it's not about bundy

Bundy vs "The United States of Obama"

Report: Hastings Entertainment saw bleak future

President Obama Tears Apart CNN’s Lazy and Biased Press Conference Question

Conservatives begin backing away after Cliven Bundy’s remarks disparaging ‘the Negro’

PETA seeks OK from Iowa officials for 10-foot memorial to turkeys killed in crash

Ginni Thomas just had her tax-exempt status revoked. Good for the IRS.

Inmate died after Hidalgo County Jail staff canceled prescription

Rochester-area developer pays $1 million application fee for proposed Seneca County casino resort

Charles Pierce: Elizabeth Warren is a Teacher

Bob Ross - Joy of Washing the Brush

WikiLeaks releases the Carter Cables

Rep. Dane Eagle resigns job with Building Industry Association

Anyone else find this pic pathetic, considering what we learned today about Cliven Bundy?

Good morning

Millennials Losing Their Religion, Keeping God

2014 NFL Schedule

National Review Writer On Bundy: Heroes Of The Alamo Probably Had 'Repugnant' Views, Too

Breaking: Chris Christie Addresses Plan to Distribute More Sandy Aid

Conservative Pundit Dana Loesch: All Bundy Needed Was Some Media Training!

Farenthold serves as alternate juror for Nueces County criminal case

A Tribute to the Female ‘Force’ (description of a very old, Javanese dance)

Neb. law officials: Colo. should help cover cost of local drug enforcement

Gazprom Turns Up Heat On Kiev With $11bn Bill

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines report record first quarter profits

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has one last chance to show she is competent

A fatal wait: Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret list

Israel halts peace talks with Palestinians

Boeing CEO defends job transfers, but experts question rationale (Engr jobs moved from WA to AL &SC)

Some Cliven Bundy supporters and their responses to his racist diatribe

What would MFM see?

Bronx 9-year-old boy falls 26 stories to his death

GOP Lawmaker: Women Get Paid Less Because 'Men Are More Motivated'

NH lawmaker: Women deserve less pay because they don’t work hard like men

Russia to hold new military exercises in southwest

NTSB hears concerns on derailments of oil trains

McCain: Illegal immigrants are 'not going home'

I posed a question to 10 trusted DUers ...

America's black cowboys fight for their place in history

Republicans break up with Hispanics

Obama: Removal of 87% of Syria's chemical arsenal can be credited to U.S. leadership

Your full list of casino application fee payers

All but 3 Texas counties declared a disaster area due to drought

Mo. House panel mulls impeaching Gov. Jay Nixon

Bill Mandates Life Support for Pregnant Women (LA)

Study shows critical infrastructure in city’s expanding floodplain

FCC chief: Critics 'flat out wrong'

Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz cause stir with photo of tiger pelt

CNN homepage Screen Capture...

Longview bank teller pleads guilty to embezzling more than $1 million from Capitol One Bank

Bundy is saying what MOST of the right doesn't want being heard: They don't like brown\black people

is there a way to post to a group that doesn't appear in latest

"Black Heirlooms" (intergenerational wealth)

Pic Of The Moment: When You Lie Down With Dogs...

Wisconsin resident on Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World list

Jury awards Texas family nearly $3 million in fracking case

Dad pulled his trach out (again) and they left it. He is breathing on his own

Has the iPad flatlined?

Judge Denies New York Fed Employee Whistleblower Protection Over Firing

When it comes to net neutrality, either the FCC thinks we’re idiots, or it just doesn’t care

So THAT's why the banks and Wall Street can never be publicly "arrested"

GM 1Q profit dragged down by recalls

This is a test

J.D. Power ranks iPhone No. 1 for customer satisfaction at all four U.S. carriers

Landlord accused of trashing apartments to boot rent-regulated tenants hit with subpoena by Gov...

Accused KKK Killer Was Once Caught Having Sex With a Black Male Hooker

The Musers call Tony Romo to wish him a happy 34th birthday:

A second top staffer leaves GOP Rep. Michael Grimm's D.C. office

Tiny Pacific nation sues 9 nuclear powers, including Israel

Fracking issues raised by Auburn wastewater report

UPDATED: RNC Chair: Bundy Comments Won't Keep GOP Convention From Las Vegas

Doesn't ANYBODY have a good political video to post...

Russia's Putin calls the Internet a 'CIA project'

Guy hits on girl- gets schooled feminist style (poetry slam)

Arizona governor vetoes 2 controversial gun bills

Amazon and the Squeezing of the Middle Class

Verizon 1Q profit surges on Vodafone-related gains

Is the problem obvious yet?

good friend died...

Study: Obamacare Didn't Necessarily Lead to Health Plan Cancellations

First Newt Gingrich, now Pat Robertson warns of the impending Islamo-Atheist takeover

Tavern on the Green reopens in Central Park Thursday

Simon Ostrovsky Has Been Released

Man arrested after trying to carry an assault weapon, ammo onto a plane at Newark airport

Opera 12.17 out

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day is going on hiatus.

Court: LIRR Gunman Who Killed Six, Wounded 19 Tried To Incite Prison Riot

Costa Rica is demanding US explain ‘Cuban Twitter'

Costa Rica is demanding US explain ‘Cuban Twitter'

BREAKING: Video Proof Of Cliven Bundy’s Racist Comments About ‘Negroes’ (Video)

Toon- RW Lemmings

no bundy news on fox website

Idaho Bigots Won't Let Elderly Gay Veteran Be Buried With Her Wife

Guatemala: Suppressing Dissent at Home and Abroad

In case you'd like it, contact information for Nevada's Coward of a Governor

Justin Bieber's visit to Japan's Yasukuni war shrine ignites online backlash


Self-Proclaimed Mayor Questioned by Simon Ostrovsky: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 29)

The Opposition

How Going to Space Can Mess With the Astronaut Brain (new radiation research)

Smoking Weed with the President of Uruguay: Part 1/2 .

Cookie the Penguin

Harry!: Bundy's a racist moocher

To think, until he opened his mouth, Bundy could'a been the GOP nominee in '16.

With the coming elections, REMEMBER: The 99%: Occupy Everywhere

A tip of the hat to those whose term on Mirt just ended!

Nobody Tell Chris Christie, But Colorado Might Have A Better 'Quality Of Life' Than New Jersey

Are you changing passwords because of heartbleed?

Six First Ladies Together Backstage

Perry Says He Needs More Preparation: Campaign 2016

Are you surprised to find out that Cliven Bundy is a racist?

Senate Democrats quietly celebrate former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's $50 million push for gun control

What is you fantasy find?

Texas woman jailed over corn dog

Question submitted by Orrex

Bundy, The Video

Florida City to Pass Law Allowing Cops to Seize Homeless People's Belongings

Yeesh People, Back off Bundy would ya? He's just looking out for the best interest of them Negros!

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 24 April 2014

Lawmaker says men work harder than women

Michelle Obama scraps graduation speech

Just the fact that Bundy used the phrase "The Negro" is... perfect.

idaho wont let a gay veteran be buried next to her spouse

BundyFest ... LOL

Bundy Tries To Clarify His Slavery Remarks: 'I'm Not Racist'

TPP TV Blackout

Livestream - PopUp Cat Cafe: NYC

Rasmussen Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Rick Scott

So, when does Bundy get his own show on A&E?

Any chance our new Cold War with Russia will be cancelled due to budget deficit concerns?

UPDATED 2 X: Here's Video Of Cliven Bundy's Remarks About 'The Negro'

“Sean Hannity has one job..."

Militia Supporters Rally Around Bundy: 'Rumors' Won't Keep A 'Good Man' Down

The Real House Candidates of Beverly Hills

"Whoever seeks to set one race against another ..."

Oh, what the heck, let's have a poll on Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy:

The left's secret club plans for 2014, 2016

It just seems so WRONG!!!...Harvesting Asparagus

Harry Reid Slams Bundy As 'Hateful Racist' And Hypocritical Moocher

The Rude Pundit: Affirmative Action, Cliven Bundy, and the Tenacity of Racism

Mandate for 'kill switches' in smartphones fails in Calif. Senate

NY AG Eric Schneiderman: Airbnb making half its cash by running illegal hotels

Conservatives can’t decide whether to disown or defend Cliven Bundy

Well, Bundy just screwed his chances for any more militia or far right support

Cliven Bundy reminds the conservative press the dangers of touting extremist cranks as national hero

Pat Robertson: Stop the church-state separation ‘nonsense’ before atheists take over everything

Does Hamas-Fatah reconciliation spell end for peace talks?

Will the American public buy the New Cold War with Russia?

Cliven Bundy: When blacks were slaves, they had family structure and something to do

Argentina's congress approves $5bn Repsol compensation

Indians, Asians fast becoming politically relevant in US: Report

Jewish centers murder suspect F. Glenn Miller was once caught with black male prostitute, report say

Ukip member in election broadcast suspended over racist tweets

Scalia May Not Have Meant Armed ‘Revolt,’ But He Sure As Hell Knew Who Would Take It That Way

the poor are more frugal than the rich

Banned Viagra Commercial!

Tornado watch for parts of WI and MN

Alaska legislature passes bill recognizing Alaska Native languages as official.

I Must Apologize to DU. I was WRONG about how the BLM handled the Bundy affair.

The question is, will their security be armed?

Obama administration set to take over Oregon's broken health insurance exchange

First Lady Gets Resume From Girl With Jobless Dad

Fox Goes Silent On Bundy After Racist Tirade

Even Faux "news" is abandoning Bundy.

Politicians and billionaires re-open NYU Langone Medical Center emergency department

REUTERS: "Russian memo to WTO says U.S. sanctions are illegal"

Papantonio: Ranchers, Racists, and Sean Hannity


Postal workers unions protest Staples program

Great news!!! President Obama attended a State Dinner in Japan and didn't puke on his hosts!!!!

Judge grants Chelsea Manning's name change! (Her statement)

Some old houses, trees and a gas station in New Iberia, Louisiana

Dozens of Never-Before-Seen Andy Warhol Works Found on Floppy Disks

I wonder what these a**holes are saying right now?

Yanks pitcher Michael Pineda suspended 10 games

Happy Take Your Child To Work Day!

Meet the women behind the miracles credited to John Paul II and John XXIII

Losing my religion: Clergy who no longer believe gather online

Minn. homeowner: 2 teens shot were "vermin," not human

Fox's America

Solar Power Grows 400 Percent in Only 4 Years

AUDIO: Bundy Doubles Down, Calls On New York Times To Retract Accurate Quotes

Warren Buffett does not think that $7.25 an hour is enough to live on...

I think Rachel is going to have a ball tonight...

Rick Perry reverses the bus and backs it over Clive Bundy.

Gov. Cuomo: I didn't interfere with anti-corruption panel... but if I did, it's my prerogative

I have confession.

I haven't posted much due to my knee keeping me from getting out much.

New TV Show: Breaking Bundy

Mental Health

Hannity THROWS Bundy under the bus

So I'm listening to Hannity so you don't have to...missed the first half hour

CIA Is Quietly Ramping Up Aid To Syrian Rebels, Sources Say

New Yorker: "A Clear Violation of Obama's Promise"

Heron's Head Park rat population surges, thanks to drought (SFGate)


Cliven Bundy: I can't be racist, I know a black guy

Florida Man takes to the highway

Ronald McDonald in Taco Bell commercial.....

Vice Reporter Simon Ostrovsky Freed by Pro-Russia Gunmen in Ukraine


Bernie Sanders on FCC: "A terribly misguided proposal"

The battle to build Shakespeare’s Globe

Did Comcast just shut down Thom Hartmann's call-in line?

U.S. Solar Capacity Grew 418 Percent In The Last Four Years

Folks, you have to take the Bundy Comments in their FULL Context and NOT the cherry picked statement

Wow! Even though it was a Yankee fan...

Best Bundy headline yet today

Does anyone else HATE the sound of leaf blowers?

Cliven Bundy Neatly Encapsulates a Potent Crossroads of Opposition to Obama +Venn Diagram

Rasmussen Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Rick Scott

"All odd and splendid as freaks and nobody able to see himself"

Bundy is giving a news conference. I can't watch.

Over $56.6 Million Forfeited In E-Gold Accounts Involved In Criminal Offenses

Strengthening Social Movement Groups By Seeing Class Cultures - Betsy Leondar-Wright Discusses

Major oil & gas firm to list drilling chemicals

Volunteer clowns from Belgium's 'Clowns W/out Borders' entertain children in Lebanon's refugee camp

An old, rugged white dude in a Hawaiian shirt said "Hey, nice bumper sticker"

Why stand in front of U.S. Flag

Chris Christie: A Self Portrait

Expressway board member Scott Batterson indicted on bribery, soliciting unlawful compensation charge

Expressway board member Scott Batterson indicted on bribery, soliciting unlawful compensation charge

Has the Occupy movement now been vindicated? (poll)

That 400 pound Wrigley Field Anniversay cake? It ended up in a dumpster.

Report: Pennsylvania’s Bridges Are Worst in Nation

Hamas deal last straw for Congress on US aid to Palestinians

Sean Hannity throws Bundy under the bus.

this may be the worst political ad of 2014 from the Republican Governors Association for nikki haley

Forecasters Are Already Predicting a Massive Tornado Outbreak This Weekend

F*** the Poor?

Homelessness Next Door To The Magic Kingdom..... DisneyWorld Orlando

Former Neo-Nazi on Getting In & Out of Skinheads

Did Cliven Bundy kill the whole "Government Plantation" BS once and for all?

ANOTHER Person Killed by Albuquerque Police

Why Texas Republicans may want to cool the anti-Obama land-grab talk

Sanjay Gupta: CDB-only legal cannabis is not enough

More not so great news about the technology we're expected to use

Climbers pack up as Sherpas say they won't go up Everest. The Sherpas want to unionize.

Alright. I have just have my ability to curse the internet restored...

DC37 endorses Charles Rangel for Congress

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ April 24th

Question for solar energy savants

Scarborough Draws Comparison Between Cliven Bundy And George Zimmerman

Shamelessy ripped from someones FB post.

since it's that time of day.

Lake George invasive species inspections start in May

Cliven Bundy: Minority Groups Are 'Against Us' (said today @ news conference)

Big Ed just called out Hannity's love/hate fest with Cliven Bundy. ZZZING

Russian soldiers are not in Eastern Ukraine

On-duty NYPD officer charged with DWI after shooting partner

Ukraine able to pay back $9 billion in currency debt through IMF, EU, World Bank aid in 2014

Finally! An HONEST Republican! The perfect nominee for the 2016 election.

NIH director: Budget cuts put U.S. science at risk

Apple, Google agree to settle lawsuit alleging hiring conspiracy

Arkansas Democrats use Medicaid expansion to rally women

The Daily Show: Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Thinks Marijuana Should Be Legalized

'Straight from the Horse's Mouth': Former Oil Exec Says Fracking Not Safe...

I have a question.. Bundy and MY rights

Cliven Bundy echoes larger right wing revisionist history

Question for Vaping friends as to new FDA regulations

Why Texas Republicans may want to cool the anti-Obama land-grab talk

Much Ado About Nothingness

White House Debates ‘Game Changer’ Weapon for Syria

JK up on CSpan in ten minutes...

Breaking: Judge strikes down entire Arkansas voter ID law

Using Texas' Model, More States Mull 'Religious Viewpoints' In Schools Law

Sometimes you just have to take a step back, and smell the....

Our American Language

Cliven Bundy should get more media exposure.

Israel Slams 'Weak' U.S. Response To Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal

Hamas deal last straw for Congress on US aid to Palestinians


Man crushed to death by giant crucifix dedicated to Pope

Mystery of dazzling supernova solved (BBC)

Will nuclear-powered spaceships take us to the stars? (BBC)

Must the Catholic church dehumanise John Paul II to make him a saint?

BREAKING: Judge strikes down Arkansas Voter ID law

Rancher Cliven Bundy: 'Negroes' Better Off as Cotton-Picking Slaves

"When God closes a Fred Phelps, he opens a Cliven Bundy"

From the Denver Post

(UPDATE) Rebellious Nevada rancher's racist remarks dim Republican support

Boy Buys Smoke Detectors Instead of Beloved PS4

Human skin grown in lab 'can replace animal testing' (BBC)

Human skin grown in lab 'can replace animal testing' (BBC) {xpost}

Massive new fraud coverup: How banks are pillaging homes — while the government watches

Hunting Group Sues USFWS Over Ban on Importing Elephant Hunt Trophies

"Cliven Bundy and the perils of identity politics"

Cliven Bundy got one thing right: His claim is absurd, but challenging property law is not

The Woman Who Brought Down a Massive Tax Fraud Ring

Conservatives Plot To Overthrow Obama and Democrats and Appoint a Permanent GOP Majority

Second TX Judge Rules State Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Hamster-sized deer born at Spanish zoo (The Local)

"Koch brothers and big utilities campaign to unplug solar power"

Second TX Judge Rules State Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Lovemaking lands woman at bottom of well (The Local)

At this point, there is NO room for anyone in my life who's not into Motörhead.

Nina "Live at the Apollo"

NYT's Adam Nagourney who got the Bundy quote "...this is really news, N-E-W-S"

Second TX Judge Rules State Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

GM says facing multiple probes into recent recalls

Papantonio: Sean Hannity Desperate and Delusional

I had a day off and couldn't do anything more creative than drink

Sarah Palin-it turns out-may have created the monster in Alaska that saves the Senate for the Dems

Washington Man Trying To Collect Every VHS Copy Of Speed Ever Made

Does Hannity believe in the rule of law?

Democratic Election Official Rules All Restrooms In Dade County Closed On Election day

Sign the petition: Save net neutrality, stop the dangerous “pay-to-play” rule

"Republicans have a major demographic problem. And it’s only going to get worse."

Powerful Ad Asks: What If Your Loved Ones Were Homeless On The Street?

Alabama lawmaker Greg Wren takes plea deal, will cooperate with state corruption investigation (al.c

Alabama lawmaker Greg Wren takes plea deal, will cooperate with state corruption investigation (al.c

Audi Says Synthetic 'E-Fuel' (i.e. Ethanol) From Microorganisms Is Better Than Gas Or Diesel

Had a heart catheterization done yesterday

Alabama Lawmaker Arrested on Felony Perjury Charges (WAKA/AP) {not the same one}

Question about a "donations" thread...

Alabama Lawmaker Arrested on Felony Perjury Charges (WAKA/AP) {not the same one}{xpost}

What do people really know about slavery

model rockets - how do I go about starting this hobby?

Kerry warns Russia of expensive new sanctions


Sound familiar? Media Matters connects the dots between Bundy and the RW media

Took a little road trip yesterday

Fox Goes Silent On Bundy After Racist Tirade

Will the gender wage gap ever close?

Best assured Mr. Bundy, on your best day, you could never be a “Negro” like Grandpa Will.

Race matters...

70-Year-Old Lesbian Navy Vet Denied Right to Burial with Wife at Idaho Cemetery

Baltimore to host first Maryland bacon festival!

Immortal Day (Immortal Gaming, LLC)

Health Care Workers Must Out LGBT Ugandans, According to New Guidelines

Republicans Blast Nevada Rancher for Failing to Use Commonly Accepted Racial Code Words

The U.S. generates more electronic waste than any other country in the world...

Maybe Cliven Bundy and Paula Deen can co-host their own talk show on FOX News?

Republicans Blast Nevada Rancher for Failing to Use Commonly Accepted Racial Code Words - Borowitz

NLRB Grants Request for Review in Northwestern University Athletes Case

Arbitration win brings web producers back to Guild

SIBERIA: WILD RUSSIA---One of Our Earth Wildernesses...and Like Alaska...a Treasure.

'Family Guy' takes on Chris Christie and Bridgegate with Emmy campaign mailer

Disney World employees among workers left homeless because they can’t afford to rent