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Archives: April 2, 2014

Speaking of April Fools'...

Healthcare plan is working despite the efforts by the Obama haters

'Path to More Adversity': Paul Ryan Unveils Budget Proposal

Oops! Appeals court rules against Justice in Tom DeLay FOIA case

I loved how both Obama and Biden cheered on

Breaking: 8.0 Earthquake off coast of Chile - just saw on broadcast TV news

Obama: 'There Are Still No Death Panels. Armageddon Has Not Arrived.'

Please vote in IL online poll (the Koch brothers)

Bill O

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says tsunami may be destructive along coasts near quake epicenter

Poll Unskewer: Obama Is Obviously Lying About Obamacare Enrollment

Addressing Harassment on the Streets and Subways of New York City

‘More than 150,000’ killed in Syrian conflict

How to Identify Dangerous Vegans

FACEPALM: School Shooting False Alarm Is This Year’s Worst April Fools’ Day Prank

Rolex In Vagina: Masseuse Christina Lafave Accused Of Stealing Watch

La. senator: ‘Chicken boxing’ is not cockfighting

States Collaborating on Rules to Address Earthquake Risks of Fracking

A freaking 8.0 Earthquake strikes and CNN doesn't move from their Plane coverage

Teddy "Carnivale: Cruz: "...BUT WAIT! I'M TALKING DAMMIT!"

First Fukushima evacuees return to exclusion-zone homes

Republican math is hard

Medical insurance

Transportation Trade Unions Call For A Rejection Of Norwegian Air’s Air Carrier Permit

Latest bulletin from NOAA says data suggests tsunami was generated near quake site in Chile: http://

The fact that the ACA sign ups reached 7M makes me think that

PG&E Charged by U.S. Over Pipeline Explosion That Killed 8

How pragmatic were the pragmatists when it came to the Iraq War and gay marriage?

'Prank It Forward' joke gives waitress an amazing day

An 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Chile, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I think Randi made the point that it's the 80% who have healthcare that the R's appealing to

Here's a really weird bug

Quake revised to 8.2

Which tv character killed more people then anyone else?

Why is it not yet Friday? Shit!

the voter turnout seems to be low

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Political Hoo-has! & a new Tiger cub gif

Chile's Previous 8.8 M earthquake was tied to fracking

6 Foot tsunami waves hit coast of Chili after 8.2 earthquake. Evacuation called. CNN

Great Clip From "Sicko":

Louie Gohmert: ‘Separation of church and state’ means ‘church plays a role in the state’

Preach it Rachel

Creative speculation??? Malaysia 370

"Ryan’s Budget Would Cut $5 Trillion in Spending Over a Decade"

Piers Morgan final show & delivers one final blow to gun violence

$11.00 an hour ....

chopping wood


Drop Dead ....

Warning to Fox viewers

And now will the insurance companies start playing games

Don't cry over spilled milk

A late season winter storm will affect the area Thursday afternoon through Friday evening.

OK, so I'm kinda down today because ACA hasn't reached me . . .

New York Settles With McDonald's Restaurants In Wage Theft Investigation

Israel scientists hold trial on first ever insulin pill for Diabetes patients

"The Fight for Wisconsin’s Soul" By DAN KAUFMANMARCH at the NY Times

Obama Cares! (Healthcare Song)

I'm an idealist first, a pragmatist second

The President's Speech on ACA in the Rose Garden today~ March 31, 2014~ Pics, too..

Marlins are 2-0

"This is a lighthouse. Divert your course!!!"

A waltz written by one of my favorite actors

The maple trees are running hot right now...

W.Va. has massive turnout for Medicaid enrollment

Florida GOP Candidate Moonlights As Vampire Role-Player 'Chazz Darling'

Duval County Chief Appraiser Arrested

William Hertling (Singularity trilogy)

Neil Young - "Ride My Llama"

Let's give a hand to the GEEK HEROES, many of them unpaid volunteers, who fixed the Federal exchange

OK so is Anderson Cooper on his way to Chile

For the first time in over a decade

Happy Birthday Rachel Maddow!

Texas Dept. of Corrections lieutenant accused of repeated sexual assault of child

Walker emails reveal how ALEC Tea Party Republicans win primaries and beat Democrats

Dan Quayle forming "exploratory committee" to weigh 2016 candidacy!

Hey you stupid rightwingfuck losers lurking the DU...

Measles outbreaks in NYC, Orange County spotlight risks even for vaccinated

Democratic Comptroller Candidate Collier Pointing Out The Craziness On The Right

Archbishop apologizes for $2.2 million home

"Voters should know who’s holding up their health care"

LA TIMES: Paul Ryan rehashes an old Social Security LIE--at your expense

Wealth Inequality Is Now As Bad As It Was During The 1920s

Labour must watch its left flank in months to come – new party Left Unity is on the move

We literally have people discussing their teenage erections in GD...

Texas Education Agency recommends board of managers take over Beaumont ISD

"Officials Evaluate Whether Tsunami Could Hit Hawaii"

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Disease in Two Big Studies.

Police Union Paying Cops Involved In Shootings

A ‘Smoking Gun’ in TN Pols’ Anti-UAW Campaign?

Noah's Ark - Awkward Moments Children's Bible (Floaters)

TIME FOR AN AVATAR CHANGE??? Marlins win their first two games against the hapless

Charles Keating Jr., key figure in '80s savings and loan scandal, dies

Greg Abbott’s education plan cites controversial thinker on race, gender

Good gawd. Remind me to stay out of New Mexico. Nutfuckery going on there.

This is how pragmatism wins...

Johnny Manziel will meet with Patriots

I wonder if someone will start paying attention.

An Apology to DU

Environmental messages in the Old Testament

Con Obamacare Talking Point

Organic food doesn't prevent cancer...

Another belief in woo goes "pif"

Harrison's new billboard...

I lost a good friend today.

Mudslide Death Toll At 28; Missing List Drops To 20

Stewart Shreds CNN: Have They Tried Looking for MH370 'Up Their Own A**holes'?

The data are in: life under Putin is a continuous downward spiral into despair

The ultimate in Tit-for-Tat

Congress digs in against Pentagon plan to mothball the A-10 fighter-bomber

Yacht couple accused in welfare fraud arrested in Florida

5 Obamacare disasters that haven’t happened

In early results, Bowser leads Gray in D.C. mayor race

Study: How Pesticides Harm Young Brains

Tell me a love story

Spycatchers: Freeing Pollard While Pursuing Snowden Sends ‘Mixed Signals’

They just can't stop! . . . They can't f****ng STOP!

Just another day of settler violence, IDF acquiescence

GOP always feared Obamacare's success, not its failure

AP story, less than 3 weeks ago: ACA needs a "miracle" to meet enrollment goal of 6 million

Crazy human


Right-wing Israelis tour Aqsa compound

Letter Tells of U.S. Searches for Emails and Calls (Without a Warrant)

As the year progresses, we will be expected to watch what we say. A repost of JK Galbraith....

My Best Friend is dead...

Houston: Metro Sees Record-Breaking Spring Break Ridership

China’s high-speed rail is so popular, it’s hurting the domestic airline industry

NY: Port Authority Wants to Build Bus Terminal Annex

There is a word that won't show up for me in a post

Silver Line Delays Holding Up Tysons Corner Development

the Pressure is increased on Dr Condi Rice speaking at U of MN on April 17th.

Let's run a tough, fiery, hope-based campaign this year...and include ALL who fight the Right.

Sh*tty Stadium

Fight begins on 2nd phase of Texas abortion law

Address to the Nation by Gina Rinehart

I Can't Wait For The Day...

Wow. Remember Charles Keating? Keating 5?

Remember the movie "The Dark Crystal?"

17 best APRIL FOOLS PRANKS EVER. sorry i didn't find this in the morning.

Hijack, Rape, Apology

Media Distortions about Venezuela Not Just a Problem in the U.S.

My 83 year old mother is no longer.................

2 50k sq. ft med. marj. houses are being built next to border patrol and now peeps are freaking out.

High deportation figures are misleading

Appeals Court: Rick Scott’s Voter Purge Was Illegal

How do you go about creating a "logic tier" (probably in .Net)?

My leukemia is getting worse. I sure wish I could talk to my mom who passed 30+ years ago.

Am I the only one who sees a resemblance?

Red ink flowing in the streets.

Election 2014

FOX News, folks.

Lost Keystone ads

Is Elad a Mac guy?

Forest fire warnings in Norway

Krugman vs conservative Douthat on ACA

FAIR: With Marijuana, the Obvious Is Incendiary

Jimmy Carter dines at Skyline Chili!

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talks Russia, U.S. defense cuts at A&M

Texas to begin getting radioactive waste from New Mexico

C'mon folks. Lets get our shit together

7 million and counting ...

Appeal targeting S.F. tech shuttles shot down

How many uninsured Americans are there now?

Study: Hollywood's gender bias against women makes little financial sense

So what was the torture program about?

Always have been ...

Here’s What Happens To Kids When They Get To Eat Before School Every Day

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ April 2nd

Amazing video about health care costs in the US

Faux news history..Fox News was created by Nixon to be the Republican Party's Voice in America..

I am just looking at kitteh pics.

I got a new tattoo yesterday. Ask me anything.

Smog alert in England and Wales as Saharan dust storm smothers south

Phoenician colony in southeast Spain re-examined. Steel making

So, you know Brighthouse dumped analog yesterday...

Issa Subpoenas Seven Million Americans Who Signed Up for Obamacare

Russia could achieve Ukraine incursion in 3-5 days - NATO general

Kim Jong Eun worried that Paul Ryan is a “crazy madman”

House approves bill undermining climate studies by prioritizing ‘weather-related activities’

The Cuckoo's Cry

Divination by a Daffodil

EU not ready to offer membership for Ukraine – Russian ambassador

Senate investigators accuse engine-maker Caterpillar of hiding $8 billion in Swiss tax havens

Poverty among black children ‘should be considered a national crisis’

Why Customers Aren’t Winners in the Cell Phone Wars

Noam Chomsky: The Dimming Prospects for Human Survival

Lee Terry's (R-NE) ignition switch joke at GM recall hearing falls flat

Christian Right Mega-Church Minister Faces Mega-Mutiny for Abusive Behavior

Candidate for governor sues for a spot on the Republican primary ballot

18 Charts that Illustrate America's Insane Class System from Birth till Death

Toles Toon- "Nobody goes there, it's too crowded"

Tree trimmer hospitalized with chain saw in neck

How Predatory College Loans Are Bankrupting the Financial Future of America's Youth

The Militarization of America’s Local Police (Infographic)

High as a Kite on Carbon Dioxide: Fracking Delirium in the American 1%

American Isolationism Soars To The Highest Level In Decades

NSA Book Review: 'Most Germans Don't Share These Concerns'

variable neutral density filters

529 Steps Back: Egyptian Death Sentences Reveal Deep Societal Rift

Atheists Classified As Terrorists Under New Saudi Arabian Laws

The real power...of "word of mouth" advertising..

Wall Street’s wily front group: Inside story of a rental scheme’s secret facelift

Emmanuel Talks Tough, But Fine Print Show Big Fat Loophole For Petcoke Storage, Use In Chicago

Village Hub: A Sweet Sustainable Solution

Anything can happen in politics...maybe we can take back the House of Representatives..

U.S. officials: Kerry feels he has 'gone as far as he can' for Mideast peace

Amplify you car key fob...with your head.

North Carolina: Duke Energy Wants Citizens Groups Barred From Complaint

Maybe one day ...

Conservatives Discover That Obamacare Will Help A Lot Of People

U.S. Economy Added 191,000 Private-Sector Jobs in March, According to ADP National Employment Report

Ballad of a WiFi Hero

Paul Ryan's 'Joke' Budget Doesn't Go Far Enough For Sarah Palin

Leaving the EU: how 'Article 50' could make the divorce very tricky for Britain

Paul Ryan on pins and needles: How Obamacare could help kill his budget

If You Support the Death Penalty, You're Probably White

Koch Brothers Accuse Dems of Backing from Evil Koch-Like Brothers

California Democrats cancel signature fundraiser after rash of corruption scandals

Ukraine: App helps people boycott Russian goods

Venezuela: A Call for Peace (Maduro op/ed April Fools 2014)

Ukraine far-right leader Sashko Bily 'shot himself'

Sheldon Adelson Says No Republican Candidate Worth Buying (Borowitz Report :-) )

Four minimum wages needed to meet basic expenses in Venezuela

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Goal!

Krugman: A Big Biden Deal

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The no-win party

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Former McDonald’s Store Managers Say They Withheld Wages

McConnell and Paul Introduce Horse Soring Bill

Exclusive: Watch Donald Rumsfeld Lie About Saddam Hussein and 9/11 in ‘The Unknown Known’

Evidently, Facebook is fine with domestic terrorist groups.

Guruguay: Does Uruguay have the happiest news show in the world?

Chile lifts tsunami warning after quake kills 6

Kentucky isn't done enrolling people

Amnesty Reports Dozens of Venezuela Torture Accounts

Poll Shows Republicans Really Have No Idea What They Want Obama To Do With Russia

TOON: Trans-Pacific Grim: Coming To A Corporatist Hellscape Near You | Gregory Crawford

Deep water search for jet could turn on robot subs

Anti-abortion company Hobby Lobby reportedly invests retirement funds in abortion drugs

Did Chuck Todd just admit that the media works for the GOP?

So Many Ways Corporations Kill People -- GM Robbed Us and Risked Our Lives

Stem cell controversy sets back Japanese science

Nanoparticle trapped with laser light temporarily violates the second law of thermodynamics

Stop forcing veg down our throats: Despite the failure of the five-a-day message, policymakers are

Acclaimed comics artists publish anthology of stories to combat 'jingoistic' interpretation of WW1.

Toon: N Korean drone

Palestine’s Abbas Finally Says Will Go to UN Over Israeli Squatters ( Juan Cole )

I don't know where else to post this, but it is so apt to us all, still.

Cartoon: Wolf Blitzer, please chill out

Venezuelan police block opposition lawmaker's return

So I have this idiot GOP teabagger friend that claims

Exclusive: Israeli Opposition Leader Says He Supports U.S. In Nuclear Talks With Iran

McCAIN got branded for "poor judgment" in 1990. Started crashing planes before. PALIN afterward.

BREAKING: Caps on Total Campaign Giving Struck Down by U.S. Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court has just slain American Democracy

cartoon: Death Benefit

The Prospects for Survival

Emerging trend for CSAs -- the All Star CSA

The Obamacare counting doesn't end at 7 million

April 2, 2014: The day democracy died.

Traitor Rand Paul Congratulates Caterpillar For Illegally Avoiding Billions Of $$$ In Income Tax

Pelletier's parents take up Deshowitz offer; state reps call for investigation of DCF

Tongue in cheek, but could it happen?

I, for one, welcome our new Oligarch overlords.

Blast kills 6 at Afghan Interior Ministry compound

Monday Morning Bastards (Monsanto)

Bombs at Egypt university hit riot police, 1 dead

Scalia’s new disaster: Why McCutcheon decision is scarier than Citizens United

Jimmy Carter signs 1,600 books in one sitting at Powell's

I missed Cassandra Lewis on The Voice last night but heard a small part. Where can

Daydream Nightmare

Scott Brown Makes New Hampshire Senate Run Officially Official

Who nominated them, and how they voted...

Another great thing about Florida.

Chris Christie update: Guv says he’s still presidential material

Blockbuster $1.5m book deal for Ted Cruz memoir

Obama snaps a selfie with David Ortiz

VIZIO TV-Both of ours died after allowing them internet access...-Unfrickinbelievable

Charles Keating Has Died...One of the "Keating 5" is still in the Senate...


Student shot in head during protest in Margarita

Question about missing plane 370:

Nine reasons to get off our asses and VOTE, God-Fucking-dammit:

Obituary of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

Former McDonald’s Store Managers Say They Withheld Wages To Keep Costs Down

Abbott takes on Head Start

Trans-Pacific Grim

Teen who climbed One World Trade Center due in court

How to not murder your ex - Mark Morford

Advocates continue to push for more stringent gun laws

To the five on the supreme court, I guess the poor were not powerless enough. nt

feel safer yet ... pedestrian beaten up by police framed w/2 felonies.

"What the Supreme Court Got Right" by Glenn Greenwald.

Modern lions' origin revealed by genetic analysis (BBC)

Silent thread for American democracy. 1776-2014

At her age, and with pancreatic cancer, Ruth Ginsberg should have retired by now.

You'd have to be really mortified if you're Don Baylor ...

Gun nuts storm Albany to oppose year-old SAFE Act

The Supreme Court’s Ideology: More Money, Less Voting

SCOTUS McCutchenson is not the doom and gloom knee jerked reacted by The Press...

Spanish ambassador summoned over Gibraltar 'incursion'

Univ. of Texas Prof. Regnerus says Michigan judge showed bias in ruling allowing same-sex marriage

Univ. of Texas Prof. Regnerus says Michigan judge showed bias in ruling allowing same-sex marriage

Fracking is frozen, but gas flows

Sen. Sanders- What world are the five conservative Supreme Court justices living in?

what the Supreme Court's latest decision reveals about voting

Appellate court rejects Wal-Mart arguments, returns former Lubbock employee to discrimination suit

RIP Harvey Korman

The Function of Black Rage

After this USSC decision, just heap the corpses and pray

Health Officials: 25 Cases Of Measles Confirmed In NYC

Koch Joke For All

Professor Turley's Blog: New Mexico Police Shoot Homeless Man (in his BACK) - for Camping?

Mississippi Legislature Passes ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill That Legalizes Discrimination

More about those bleachers the right wing media has been yammering about...

Ryan's budget reminds me of how conservatives really view the "other"

Emma and Cinnamon - Little Girl and Horse Are Best Friends

Now, Cuomo plans Common Core changes for teacher evaluations

John Kerry, as always a statesman, on Israel/Palestine

‘Israel need not worry about Palestinian UN move’

Former employee pleads guilty to embezzling $2.5M of Plano ISD funds

9 Striking Similarities Between the Housing Bubble and The Higher Education Bubble

Latin American Countries Are The Worst In The World In Math, Science And Reading

Fox (news) knows how to make you think, don't it????? Brilliant graphic here. Source unknown.

OK, maybe I'm politically naive about this,

DA: 14 Arrested In Brooklyn-To-Suffolk County Heroin Ring

A sickening passage from Roberts’ opinion:

Today is the reason they stole the elections in 2000 and 2004

Lego the building blocks of Satan, warns priest citing NZ study

Is it Time to get Serious About Publicly Financed Elections?

Frontrunning and High-Frequency-Trading

Say what?

Michigan Woman Assaulted After Her Same-Sex Wedding Was Featured on the News

Other People’s Suffering

Sims: Don’t Expect Bobby Parnell To Pitch For Mets Again This Season

It is amazing how much money is thrown into elections.

Former deputy CIA director defends editing Benghazi talking points

How do I get a post to appear in the right column?

Pic Of The Moment: Proof That Both Parties Aren't The Same

So, You Think You're Smarter Than A CIA Agent?

City of Plattsburgh takes stand on hydrofracking

Transfer of Ginna nuclear power plant complete

MoveOn: Emergency protests against Supreme Court decision

McCain: We Are All Kock Suckers Now

Texas Facing 'Judicial Vacancy Crisis,' Report Claims

Some more "yucky" news for today

The SC decision also helps the GOP fight the Tea Party

The Party of Wrong, Wronger and Wrongest

Environmental Protection Fund gains $9 million

Device exploded in bomber's face after he 'forgot about clocks changing'

Citigroup CEO Named To “Top Administration Post”

Houston's Hidden Homeless Live Under Bridges, in the Shadows, Out of Sight and Mind

On the bright side

I’m one of the worst teachers in my state

the SCOTUS ruling is the final brain just short-circuited.

The only way to send a strong message to the Supremes

Charles P Pierce- The American Government Is Open For Corruption

Muriel Bowser Defeats Mayor Vincent Gray in Washington Primary.

Decorah eaglet

"Black Jeopardy"...LOL

If you couldn't access gov't or public healthcare coverage and had to choose from private options?

Hobby Lobby Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products

Look who I saw!

Hey, it could happen!

Kind of dramatic 'Attention!' eh?

Have you seen the new uniforms, ... er, costumes?

Republican Candidate For Texas Governor Invokes Man Who Believes Women And Minorities Are Inferior

The Supreme Court was following precedent (twisted but true)

Next Supreme Court decision: Hobby Lobby Wins!!! ( five corrupt criminals)

Anti-Depressants In The Water Supply: 'Dramatic' Side-Effects Blight Aquatic Wildlife Fertility

Putin's Ex-Wife Scrubbed From Kremlin Biography

Uh Oh, Atlanta archbishop apologizes over $2.2M mansion!


from Robert Reich

Public vote financing takes a hit

Wisconsin: Dane County comes out in support of legalizing pot, redistricting reform

The Watchmaker and Complexity


How Amy Schumer Gets Guys To Think Feminists Are Funny

Yellen Jobs Dashboard Shows Rate Rise Far on Horizon: Economy

State Education Department abandons inBloom data-sharing plan

Activist judges...

"If a thing loves, it is infinite" - William Blake

Bernie Sanders: “Freedom of speech, in my view, does not mean the freedom to buy the US government"

In My Opinion, The Only Really Useful Reaction to the SCOTUS Decision Is:

Discovery, Science to Televise Live Moon Landing

A tip for younger folks: Almost everyone past a certain age with dark hair dyes it

Do you find vaping changes other habits?

I have to say, that with all the $$ the billionaires threw at the GOP candidates in 2012, we...

70 Rabbis 'Shave For The Brave' And Raise Over $500,000 For Childhood Cancer Research

70 Rabbis 'Shave For The Brave' And Raise Over $500,000 For Childhood Cancer Research

I have been in an abusive relationship for 1.5 years

MSNBC Poll: Do you see climate change as a threat to your life or well-being?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg: “This must be an April Fool’s joke."

White Nationalist Group Claims Legalizing Gay Marriage Is 'Slippery Slope' To Pedophilia, Zoophilia

Cold War Spy Scandal Revived by Middle East Talks

Hey Fox News!! This Graph Says It All

The problem isn't money corrupting politics; it's money-corruptible politicians

Toon- Avoiding the appearance

TV Stations to Win Political Ads Thanks to Supreme Court

Texas executions stayed over drug source controversy

The Astronaut's Harley

NATO Military Chief Weighs Options as Russian Forces Stay

Federal judge halts executions over drug details

Vacation-Home Sales Soar as Stock Gains Boost Buyers

Obamacare Enforcement Like Snow Removal, IRS Chief Says

I found Mr Scorpio's last gig...

Cruz's spokeswoman alleges left-leaning plot concerning Facebook poll

Do no try this at home . . . yeah, RIGHT

Front page of HuffPo very strong against SC decision.

It's time we stopped using the 'boys will be boys' line

Want to know how easy it could be to reach your $2000 medical deductible?

Thom Hartmann: Time for a Second Bill of Rights...

So let's see here. A 5-4 SCOTUS decision split exactly on party lines.

Richard Sherman Comments on DeSean Jackson's Release

Dangers of Fracking


Rick Perry Won’t Comply With Federal Regulations to Reduce Prison Rape

Five million people lack Health coverage today

Behaving Badly? Stop Using Religion as an Excuse!

Hobby Lobby Invests In Abortion Pill Manufacturers

Bachmann accuses President of using unfair tactics.. ( satire)

Supreme Court.......Justice?

Republican rule by a thousand oligarchs

School District Not Liable for Nazi-Jew 'Role Playing' Lesson

China Maoming environmental protest violence condemned (BBC)

Michigan Woman Assaulted After Her Same-Sex Wedding Was Featured on the News

Another sign that running on repeal may not be a winner as the Kochs pull an Obamacare punch


Democrats ARE better than Republicans!

It's time! Our ACA horror story!

Did the Supreme Court just open the door to political corruption?

Tim Waterstone 'predicts e-book decline' (BBC)

Zero U.S. Troops Died in Combat in March, First Time in a Decade , Think Progress:

Thanks to SCOTUS and McCutcheon, here come the commercials

Need some good slogans for today's events.

How The Supreme Court Just Legalized Money Laundering By Rich Campaign Donors

Introducing Cats by Opera

Inside America's $2bn immigrant detention industry (BBC) {Need to read!}

An indescribable system

How money controls corrupt and un-corrupt politicians alike

The United States Republic has to fall to rise again from the ashes like a phoenix

Majority of Americans want to treat, not jail, drug users: survey

GM Accused of ‘Criminal Deception’ on Fatal Switch Defect

Waters recede, helping search for mudslide victims

Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 hits Panama -USGS

U.S. Apartment Rents Rose 3.2% as Occupancies Climbed

PRESS RELEASE: Haas v Romney RICO - Judge Approves Mitt Romney's Extended time to Answer

Ted Cruz: Religious Liberties Under Attack

G.M. Chief Faces Harsher Tone at Second Hearing

The US, leading the world in their disregard for their own poor. Gotta make baggers proud.

Atheist Group's Report Card Flunks Congress, Gives Elizabeth Warren Perfect Score

Wall Street edges up after data, S&P 500 holds at record

Did SCOTUS accidentally render GOP voter suppression efforts unconstitutional???

Miss. Legislature Passes ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill That Legalizes Discrimination Against Gay People

Court Ruling May Only Help GOP In Short Run: "A short-term money advantage doesn't last forever."

Deputy mayor promises more local tech approach

Bishops Follow Pope’s Example: Opulence Is Out

Where are the New Freedom Riders?

To the Roberts Court, money should talk as loudly as possible while ordinary voters can take a walk.

Russia Says NATO Reverts To Cold War-Era Mindset

Wile E. Coyote fails again....

Lawmakers signal Palestinian action could threaten funding

Hey Fox News! This graph says it all (LOL!)

roberts court: no appearance of rat-training in food pellet experiment


SC decision to be used to GOTV? Why? It's the economy stupid.

Why Democrats Like Paul Ryan’s Budget

Do kids get Slinkies any more? Gen X and Millenials, did you have one? nt

Photographer Wanted Closeups Of A Baby Seal

U.S. Pump Prices Seen Extending Gains From 6-Month High: Energy

The Supreme Court Didn't Go Far Enough in McCutcheon.

Good news out of Chicago

Mid-Hudson jobless rates sharply lower in February than year earlier

BOROWITZ: Issa Subpoenas Seven Million Americans Who Signed Up for Obamacare

First Evidence Of French Colonial Homes Discovered Under Poplar Street Bridge

New York City's Tavern on the Green set to reopen April 24

Iran, Russia working to seal $20 billion oil-for-goods deal - sources

Hard core kid.

Obama promoting $10.10 minimum wage at University of Michigan right now

Wil Wheaton got a show on Syfy starting this summer.

Putin officially divorces his wife Lyudmila - Kremlin


Chomsky: The Dimming Prospects for Human Survival

AP Interview: Yanukovych admits mistakes on Crimea

FYI: Verified Non GMO Foods

Here is my neighborhood

The White House's Elegant Farmer...

White House petition: Raising the minimum wage will help millions of Americans — add your name if...

I think now is the time to enlarge the Supreme Court.

The contrast cannot be any more clearer. Wake up, America. Vote for yourself....

One solution to big money donations is really rather simple

Local support is a requirement for upstate casino applications

US calls on Europe to wean itself from Russian gas


Toddler directs the choir. But nobody seems to notice.

Seminary parts with its collection of Thomas Eakins portraits

There is one positive thing about the SCOUTS decision.

Thom Hartmann: The Flight 370 Discovery Is A Risk To Us All

xpost from CHaS: Introducing Cats by Opera

Twitter on World Autism Awareness Day: #WAAD2014 #WAAD

I can't believe the 7.1mm people who wanted Obamacare didn't want this GOP healthcare alternative..

Woman's Stomach Ache was Really a Surprise 9-Pound Baby

15,000 refuse to take Common Core test in New York

Just heard that Darrell Issa is issuing subpoenas to all 7 million ObamaCare Enrollees...

These are definitely "How not to recipe hints". Enjoy

NASA suspends relations with Russia space agency

Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court Is Paving The Way To An Oligarchic Society

Low Water Gardening

Two Senators Want To Declassify CIA Report To Expose Use Of ‘Inhumane And Brutal’ Torture

Worker falls from Midtown construction site, dies

Quotes from Monsanto.... may shock you

88 Thoughts Every Cat Owner Has Probably Had At Some Point

I have an idea that will nueter the scotus decision today

Report: Gay Server At Barclays Center Files Lawsuit After Harassment Claims

Rick Perry Won’t Comply With Federal Regulations to Reduce Prison Rape

The first rainout in Oakland in 16 years.

Apt cartoon for the SCOTUS decision

WFP backs a challenger to John Sampson

Obama pushes 'raise' for America during U-M speech on minimum wage

This is fascinating (and a little frightening too)

Stephen Colbert Flawlessly Mocks Republican Heartbreak In Wake Of Obamacare Success

Health insurance enrollment soars as state reaches deadline-856,487

New Image Shows Galactic Serial Killer

We need to keep this freaking Billboard Up..Obvious Reasons!!

Whoever made this .gif is a genius; (Edited with video)

Paul Ryan is a fool.

Ryan obviously didn't run his budget by Pope Francis first....(LMAO)

Slide erased their homes, but maybe not their loans

I think Earl Weaver is turning over in his grave because of this replay shit.

Women are not the only victims of sexual violence

'Money is people too'

Florida Man, who is also a sex offender, tries to burn down home because occupants were lesbians

I found a job posting that's just MADE for a DUer...

Don't Slip Away

Those who say "redistributing wealth doesn't solve the problems" are right...

A Song For All Seasons

Budget increases school funding by 5 percent, but teachers union worried about tax freeze

Don't you just love Stephen Colbert?

Union representing NYC doormen, other building workers plans rally, strike authorization vote

Lessig- Originalists Making It Up Again: McCutcheon and ‘Corruption’

Papantonio: GOP Autopsy — One Year Later

John Roberts Shreds Another Campaign Finance Law Individuals May Now Shower Gold on Pols

Sidney Crosby is going for a Summer Olympics gold, too

People flee as Peru volcano rumbles to life

People flee as Peru volcano rumbles to life

Greece: Cops Attack Protestors, Business As Usual For EU & IMF

Depressing Day. Sometimes it is hard to believe the wisdom that

The Rude Pundit: U.N. Climate Panel: "We're Fucked. Hello? Is Anyone Listening? We. Are. Fucked."

Mega Lottery winner sets up charitable foundations.

'Doctors said I'd be a vegetable but I woke up!'

Some of my early memories bring me close to that situation

Mayor de Blasio backs up Bill Bratton's slam of Ray Kelly on police morale

Texas family shocked to find dog missing 3 days is already across country

"The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long But it Bends Toward Justice"

Cool graphic to show just how large Africa really is:

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 3, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Doris Day's 90th Birthday

Tennessee teacher out of a job after taking sick student to ER and paying the bill

The Founding Fathers Would Approve of This Remix

Justice Breyer Dissent: "Where enough money calls the tune-the general public will not be heard"

just picked up my new bike

Bernie Sanders: 'Totally Absurd' to Equate Billionaires Buying Elections with Freedom of Speech

Republicans Aren't Happy Obama Called Their Budget A 'Stinkburger'

Brad Pitt is making a movie about Anonymous in Steubenville

Chelsea fans go on rampage in Paris before Champions League tie

Glenn Beck Blasts Media 'Rat Bastards' Who Report 'Fairy Tale' Obamacare Numbers

Luckovich toon: Money talks

Statement from the Press Secretary

Most New Jerseyans say Christie hasn’t been honest about GWB lane closures

Vulnerable Dem Senator Finds Way To Tout Obamacare Enrollment, Trash Obamacare Rollout

Teacher keeps promise to mail thousands of former students letters written by their past selves

"Chuck Schumer: Attacks on Kochs working"

Supreme Court Defends Wealthy’s Right to Own Government

It’s Tuzla That Can Save The Revolution In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Something disturbing going on at Fort Hood (CNN is getting more details)

Brad Pitt's Plan B Allegedly Buys Rights To 'Anonymous vs. Steubenville' Story

Yanukovych: 'I Was Wrong' To Ask Russian Troops Into Crimea

Crossroad Blues

Reports of a Shooting on Fort Hood

"Conservatives to women: Lean back"

Stealin' Stealin'

One day we will be explaining to our children and out children's children ...

President Obama Calls Mitch McConnell an Old Man Telling Kids To Get Off His Lawn

Paul Ryan- Same as he ever was

Just how sick is the GOP? They're willing to let thousands of Americans die because they hate Obama

A Fed Up Bernie Sanders Obliterates The Koch Fueled Supreme Court Majority

Text of Justice Breyer's blistering dissent

Tom THE DANCING BUG: Hobby Lobby Religion

On May 10th, Help National Association of Letter Carriers ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ With Annual Food Drive

Tennessee offered THREE HUNDRED MILLION in incentives tied to VW vote

Researchers Discover Why Zebras Have Stripes

Louisiana Governor Piush Jindal, aka "Bobby", channels The Brady Bunch

Climate change is expected to trigger a migration like no other. Are you alarmed by climate change?

An Open Letter To Florida Democratic Party- Where Are The Policy Ideas?

Is a pattern emerging? Executions postponed by Fed Judge-What's the source of the drugs

Ségolène Royal gets key role in French cabinet reshuffle

The USPS Teams Up With Staples: Taking Good Union Jobs And Turing Them Into Part-Time, Low Wage Jobs

Want to see Rachel Maddow interview Chomsky, at length, on MSNBC? Check in HERE.

7.1 million sign 4 ACA: there'll be much gnashing of teeth & rending of garments in GOP salons

Pollard On the Table, Off the Table

April 2, 1937

City public schools to add over 4000 new pre-K seats this fall

[PA] State Supreme Court won’t hear Sandusky conviction appeal

"Raw Data: By 2017, Obamacare Will Be Covering 36 Million People"

Rob Ford votes against honoring Nelson Mandela, then says it was a mistake

So here is a visual summary of many arguments we've seen repeatedly

A Supreme Court out of control! How McCutcheon will spur corruption and inequality

Tennessee teacher loses her job after taking ill student to hospital and paying her medical bill

NASA Suspends Contact With Russia's Space Agency Over Ukraine

NSA Blows Its Own Top Secret Program in Order to Propagandize

Katko vs. Maffei: Battle for campaign cash begins in race for Congress

Blood on GOP’s hands: How many would be covered without its sabotage plan? - By Joan Walsh

Building Bridges: 250 UPS Workers Received Pink Slips; The Newark Schools Crisis

New lawsuit challenges Texas abortion law

My definition of "sensible" federal gun control law.

U.S. Looking For Way Forward In Faltering Mideast Peace Talks

CNN: Squirrel! Squirrel with a gun!

UPS ups the ante. Time to make some calls!

Serious question

Nolan Ryan Fail >>>

CWA Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on McCutcheon v. FEC

Does the new republican Pledge Of Allegiance look something like this?


Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Clint van Zandt's bogus Fort Hood speculation shot down

It's time. We are intelligent, 21st century thinkers with amazing technology at our fingertips.

Schumer fears ‘dramatic and just dark’ campaign finance future

Salon's greatest interviewer meets the Bush era's great bullshit artist

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Takes Leap Toward Entry Into Force

Breitbart contributor endorses Muslim genocide RE: FortHood

NC STATE AFL-CIO on today's SCOTUS decision

Bishops celebrate Mass along Mexico border

SEIU on SCOTUS McCutcheon Decision

Bishops celebrate Mass along Mexico border

Sandy Denny

With McCutcheon Ruling, An Activist Court Opts for Full-On Plutocracy

CrossTalk: "Cold War 2.0?

Has anyone tried frozen waffle-cut sweet potato fries? I love sweet potatoes new format & free S&H union made in the USA

Sometimes it just seems pointless.

Canada urges U.S. to pay $250M share for Detroit-Windsor bridge

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Supreme Court Ruling on McCutcheon vs FEC

what happened to DU member Titonwan?

The Rise of the Quasi-Fascists | The Dark Side of the Ukraine Revolt

Supreme Court Defends Wealthy’s Right to Own Government

UFCW Decries Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling

Prominent Venezuelan opposition leader to challenge her ouster from the National Assembly (Machado)

Ft.Hood Gunman Killed by self inflicted wound.

Good evening!

Joint Press Statement EU-U.S. Energy Council (Discussing Ukraine, energy security, more)

Love Democracy? Hate McCutcheon vs. FEC

Stand Up To ALEC

Molly's Astrology . April 2014 . Grand Cross . Volatility Vortex

I've got a Bike you can ride if you like it's got a Basket a Bell and Rings and Things

NSAA reverses decision, will let student perform poem on gender identity on TV

LGBT & free speech post in GD needs love & attention

Any Republican gains, from now on, must be considered sham results.

MSNBC has anti-Obama cretin Larry Johnson on the phone

Boehner promises GOP healthcare plan

DHS May Reverse Course, Increase NYC Anti-Terror Funding