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Archives: April 19, 2014

Michael Jackson style crotch grab earns NHL coach a $25,000 fine.

What's your favorite political quote?

White House: This is what change looks like...

Dumb ReTHUG,anti-Federal government, Nevada Assembly woman on Chris Hayes

We took our granddaughter to the museum today and she knew as soon as she saw it

Little Girls Scold Michelle Obama in PETA Easter Campaign Video

Destruction of government property in re the cattle

Hey DU, I've got things covered!

Why I love jdorama ..

What to Expect When a Clinton Is Expecting

Here come the positive campaign ads. Wait, what?

Thank you, Edward Snowden, for so clearly allowing..

Oil company drilling in sanctuary fined $25,000 for violation that could be fracking


So my mom wants me to work at moron Papa John's

18 Maps From When the World Thought California Was an Island

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Good Friday! & a new Kittehs gif

US health care prices are NOT higher because we use more services

I just got my first union call!

Worthy of a double facepalm...

Right-Wing Host Thinks Chelsea Clinton May Have ‘Staged’ Pregnancy to Help Hillary

This isn't something you see every day! A Dachshund in a coat sleeve! Edited to add a cute cat vid.

Rachel Maddow putting on the table RIGHT now a great case why we should have NEVER gotten rid of the

Lincoln Journal Star: McCoy ad striking Obama doll stirs criticism

I won't sugar coat this...

yippii i oh kie yay!

Public Integrity Unit closes ethics investigation on Wendy Davis

Siberian Mummies in Copper Masks Pose Mystery

New Finds at Ancient Roman City of Ostia

Christian group releases bizarre video about Jesus and the Holocaust

The Pirates are really scraping the bottom:


Gardening Tips: If you want your grass to be full and green, just do what I do.

Eric Cantor is a delicate little flower (whose intellectual guide is Ann Coulter)

UNT researchers say fracking a contributor to North Texas smog problem

You'd think Topeka KS would be thrilled to have Michelle Obama speak, right ?

Rick Perry Epitaph


Abbott says armed school employees are permitted

Friday Talking Points (300) -- Our 4/20 Acronym Contest Challenge

The military-takeout complex: An interview with Conflict Kitchen

Pryor(D) Holds Small Lead On Cotton(tea)In High-profile U.S. Senate Race(Arkansas)

Give A Man A Fish

Joy Reid led MSNBC Wednesday in prime time, as a substitute!

California Improves Access to HIV Prevention Pill (APLA)

California Improves Access to HIV Prevention Pill (APLA)

Woman Tragically Dying From Cancer Is Desperately Looking For A New Home For Her Beloved Dog

Redwings take game 1 in Boston!

The Real News: The Resegregation of American Schools


Daily Average Pollution ...

Keystone decision delayed yet again

"U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says"

Walkoff grand slam

ACLU: What Captain America Has to Say About the NSA

It takes bravery and courage

So which one of you has the recipe for the best seafood gumbo?

What a pissed off kitteh REALLY looks like.

Chris Hedges- The Collapse of Complex Societies

One of my crowns fell off while I was eating dinner!

Lavabit loses contempt of court appeal over Edward Snowden encryption keys

Another day in Rape Culture


Foxnews Guide to What's Dangerous

The Reagan deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill and the incredible increase of crime in the US

If I hear that song on the radio ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna...

3,500 hours of filmed history.

Colombia’s churches report $4B income, real income likely much higher: Report

Are there any teachers here?

Ancient plants 'frozen in time' by space impacts (BBC)

Report: One fifth of China's soil contaminated (BBC)

Man in custody in connection with shooting threat at L.A. Times

A Boy and His Chicken...

Not much, I gather...

Central York suspends student who asked Miss America to the prom

How Football Culture Can Change Rape Culture

Ohio to invest $50M in Wis. real estate fund

Today is Holy Saturday.

Today is Holy Saturday.

North Carolina Senate candidate Greg Brannon is what's wrong with the Republican Party

The Ninth Circuit has posted a site to keep track of Peruta vs. San Diego

Ludlow Massacre Spurred Labor Reforms--100 year anniversary


Poll shows Texans support same sex marriage

‘Sorry’ South Korea Ferry Captain Details Evacuation Delay

Undocumented immigrant charged with voter fraud awaits extradition

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Acapulco, Mexico, Shakes Buildings In Capital

3 person bands that kick ass

Largest U.S. Solar Farm On Superfund Site Is Online

Ashton To Israel: Reverse Recent Steps Regarding West Bank, East Jerusalem


Healthcare.Gov Users Told To Change Passwords After Government's Heartbleed Probe

Please help

America F*ck You & No Fascism

Chris Hayes Clashes with Nevada GOP Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Over Bundy

Condoleezza Rice tells U crowd: 'We kept the nation safe'

So Fox News will have a show that features least thats what they want you to think

Fake Morning-After Pills Found In Peru May Hint At Bigger Problem

DUI: It’s a crime to refuse blood test on U.S. land

Woman finds body while hunting for Easter eggs

Why Allende Had To Die, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (New Statesman, reprint of 1973 article)

Man arrested for running over 2 women, and punching a jogger, while taking daughter to school

Boxes in Eddie's Garage: a DU challenge

On the Outside Looking In

Dems criticize governor hopeful Beau McCoy's (R-NE) ad in which he strikes a Barack Obama doll

Woman stops tanks with her bare hands.

Brazilian Tycoon Batista Investigated for Financial Crimes - Reports

Invisible Hydrogen Cloud Imaged by ESO Telescope

Chile to end private education

Chile to end private education

Just got back from seeing Pet Shop Boys

Nevermind midnight ...

Italy PM Renzi cuts taxes for 10 million low earners

Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice.

Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice

Special Report - How the U.S. made its Putin problem worse

Flood watches and warnings in GA

Hikers to wear green hats if 'open to romance'

Time not on side of Russia-Ukraine detente deal

Ukraine offers devolution as pro-Russian separatists vow to continue protests

Russia says U.S. treating it like 'guilty schoolboy' over Ukraine

5 Things to Know How Corporations Block Access to Everything from Miracle Drugs to Science Research

Ukraine Should Lead Disarmament of Irregular Military Groups – OSCE Secretary General.

Casinos and Offshore Gaming Sites Furiously Battle Over Billions in Gambling Revenue

5 Protests Blooming in Washington, D.C., This Spring

UK Labour party hire Obama campaign chief David Axelrod

The Traditional GOP reaches out to women....

Poll question: Why hasn't Henry Kissinger died yet?

This Week In Crazy: Meet The Hillary Shoe Truthers, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

America’s Favorite Anarchist Thinks Most US Workers Are Wage Slaves

Mike Malloy - False Christian Persecution by Fox News

An interesting graphic about Easter (Dial-up warning large)

Mike Malloy - A Sexual Advice For Franklin Graham

Mike Malloy - Sean Hannity Is A Waste Of DNA (MUST SEE!!!)

More Elder Wood Lore

Why a dry Good Friday is silly and an affront to non-believers

Mike Malloy - Mike Destroys Joe Biden Over Boston Speech

Elf Shot

This Is Why We're the Atheist Generation

obscure factoid about Washington DC...

We Built This Country on Inequality

Study: Popular movements strangled by influence of the wealthy elite in Congress

Why Has Obama's Approval Rating Among Latinos Fallen 20 Points Since Election Night?

Fear of anti-white genocide: Inside the mind of the White Man March founder

Poll: Hillary Clinton’s numbers worst since 2008, as GOP brand surges

The Site of Several 2016 Olympic Aquatic Events Has 195 Times the Safe Amount of Sewage in the Water

Was Sydney's smallpox outbreak of 1789 an act of biological warfare against Aboriginal tribes?

Mistrust and Hate: The Frightening New Lives of Homosexuals in Uganda

2 Charts That Put the Chinese Pollution Crisis in Perspective

In honor of Bicycle Day today. Thank you Dr. Hofmann.

How to Tap Latent Conservative Support for Climate-Change Policy

Get Rich, Live Longer: The Ultimate Consequence of Income Inequality

‘Novorossiya,’ the latest historical concept to worry about in Ukraine

Since Windows XP has been discontinued I have switched to XUbuntu on my old machines.

Ask an Expert How to Avoid Exploitative Clothing Companies

Why Jeb Bush's Greatest Political Achievement Could Sink a White House Run

The Coolest Spaceships Ever Built, Compared by Size


Because he’s black

7 Ways the Feds Can Make a Comcast-Time Warner Merger Less Terrible

The Silent Hybrid Motorcycles the Pentagon Will Use for Stealth Raids

Apple and Google started a wage-fixing cartel involving dozens of companies and over 1 million emplo

Postal Union Fights Staples Partnership: 'A Big Step Toward Privatization'

AFSCME TV honors several brave Ohio AFSCME snowplow drivers for their efforts to save lives on duty!

Long-Term Unemployment May Be Unresolvable in Current Economic System

Up on MSNBC is covering Perry grand jury

Senator Reid-WON'T BACK DOWN-Explains WHY Armed Militia At Bundy Ranch Are "Domestic Terrorists"

Pitch drop experiment - 9th drop finally drops after 13 years of watching

BLS: No State had 9% Unemployment Rate in March, First time since September 2008

Corporate Tax Breaks: The US Government's Secret Subsidy Revealed

How Do We Explain The Evolution Of Religion?

Considering dropping my WPR contribution......

Today's La Cucaracha Toon

JP Morgan Admits Trickle Down Economics Has Completely Failed

Death by Dogma: Charlene Dill Didn’t Have to Die (email from Alan Grayson)

Death by Dogma: Charlene Dill Didn't Have to Die

Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover

What rape culture?

EU official against cutting Russia gas ties

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Elizabeth Warren Book Is A Liberal Call To Arms That Rips Tea Party 'Magical Thinking'

OBAMACARE ENROLLMENT, projected vs. actual (by month)

Elizabeth Warren Book Is A Liberal Call To Arms That Rips Tea Party 'Magical Thinking'

Steve K has brand new info on the Christie investigation

Here's the ONLY way to take back America from the 1%. VOTE.

An Indictment of the Invisible Hand

Is anybody else bored out of their skull?

Charlene Dill did not have to die. Why are Republican governors allowing their citizens to die?

corporate taxes... ??

87 Years Of Solitude

7.8-magnitude quake strikes off Papua New Guinea

Advanced U.S. Weapons Flow to Syrian Rebels

"Love Thy Neighbor" That's It.

What rape culture? Part II (Warning... Very graphic)

‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Over As Bible Belt Stage Show Is Canceled Due To Low Ticket Sales

This xkcd toon should be posted on facebook pages throughout the land...

Chris Hedges: "DEATH of the Middle Class"

Ukraine crisis: Kiev calls Easter truce in east

The Soft Parade

They got the shooter here in KC.

CNN (cartoon)

Come And Buy

Paper Shows U.S.-Flagged Plane in Iran Has Ties to Ghana

"May I speak to Mr. Edward Snowden, please?"

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 19

What is it about Dartmouth that makes it a target for alumna INGRAHAM and now Linda CHAVEZ?

Shake It And Break It

Cult of firearms incites disobedience

Please tell me this is a joke. From Joss Whedon's Twitter feed --

Irish Rarebit! This one was so tasty!

Mayor Who Fired Lesbian Police Chief Caught On Tape In Homophobic Tirade

White supremacist’s genocidal paranoia: Inside the mind of the White Man March founder

Charleston Mayor Reponds to AG Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit on Gun Law

Rude Boy Train

Windsor friends: May 1st TYT Detroit's 8th Meetup with special guest TYT Ambassador Jeni!

North Ohio friends: May 1st TYT Detroit's 8th Meetup with special guest TYT Ambassador Jeni!

May 1st: TYT Detroit's 8th Meetup with special guest TYT Ambassador Jeni!

Snowden's question and op-ed were attempts to whitewash Russian spying by equating it to the NSA.

Not Dogs or Cats

Dark Cabaret - the Dresden Dolls

Covert Inquiry by F.B.I. Rattles 9/11 Tribunals

Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll

There's a lot of outrage in some quarters over what Snowden did...

Nevada Republican defends Cliven Bundy but calls immigrants ‘terrorists’

Kucinich on Fox News show panel right now

Just how screwy are the woo peddlers?

Berlin man must call himself a mother

Red Sox fans...I am blogging this season, just for the hell of it...

Thank you, Raul Grijalva: Obama’s Market-Based Policies Endanger Public Education.

A couple toons

Ukraine crisis proves cyber conflict is a reality of modern warfare.

Charlie Crist to a STUNNED Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera: "Give me Scott.''

"We knew when one went, the other was going to go."

Saturday, April 19th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

(Updated) Teacher who organised ferry trip kills himself as hopes fade for 300 children

Rape Culture: One way to say yes, many ways to say no.

Easter Egg !

I took my first ride in a Tesla car yesterday

Neil deGrasse Tyson answers Summers

Using firefox, I want to sign in and go directly to my yahoo email

Rick Scott Let Florida Ask Him Questions on Facebook and Things Got Weird

U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch on Obamacare's Election Toll: It'll Bury Dems

A real patriot, this guy

NYRB - Why We're in a New Gilded Age.

LIVE RADIO NOW: Is rancher Cliven Bundy a domestic terrorist?

Patio cover.

How to stop auto play

According to Maduro a bottle of water in Colombia costs 50 thousand pesos (25 dollars)

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Kitteh!

Okay, I thought I had entered early dementia

The most outrageous real estate story I ever heard:

John Birch Society Promises More Violent Anti-Government Standoffs

Finally finished the elephant wiggly giggly ball cover

Venezuela's violent crime fuels the death business

Krugman: Worried About Oligarchy? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Deepwater Horizon crude oil impacts the developing hearts of large predatory pelagic fish

The squirrel on my bird feeder has figured out that he is safe from my dogs -

The Deepwater Horizon Threat (former head of the MMS)

Music for The Great Vigil of Easter. Dial-up warning.

Music for The Great Vigil of Easter. Dial-up Warning.

Olvera Street's 84th Blessing of the Animals takes place Saturday (LA Times)

Study Finds Artists 'have structurally different brains'

Prison Rape: Getting From Punchline to Serious Crime

Five reasons why Dems could do well in 2014

Greece woman found guilty in connection with West Webster tragedy

Atheist Group Vows to 'Scrutinize' Hobby Lobby President's Public School Bible Class

Twins, 7, Attack Carjacker With Fists and Rubber Snake

Three years have gone by and I never knew such an amazing (sarcasm) product existed

Police: Man pointed gun at neighbor taking a walk

Maddow: 'Why Do We Overlook RW Violence and Refuse to Call it Terrorism?' Because They're White.

Muslims in New York City Unite on Push to Add Holidays to School Calendar

Pope Francis challenges the free market

Eric Holder wants $15M to train against active shooters

Mitch McConnell hindered harassment investigation of Bob Packwood.

National politicians over-value the power of top-down message and

How not to get banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit

Paul Krugman points out Rand Paul's stupidity, once again

RT: Putin’s annual Q&A: 10 most compelling quotes

StopRush Has Destroyed Limbaugh's Business For Good? PREMATURE

Sheer Stupidity of the Republican Party ...

Economist: The Pope as Turnaround CEO

Is Pope Francis resurrecting organized religion?

East and west, Ukraine rival camps dig in

"Capital Man..Thomas Piketty is Economics’ Biggest Sensation--He’s also the Field’s Fiercest Critic.

How I Can Like Both Obama and Snowden at the Same Time and My Head Does Not Explode

Another Republican worried about a woman’s junk.

Krugman & Moyers: How the United States is becoming the Very System Our Founders Revolted Again

"Apparently, We Need To Remind People That Pro-Choice Women Are Allowed To Have Babies"

In the inning for the Twins, six runs on one hit. There were no Toronto errors,

In Ukraine, will a propaganda war turn into civil war?

BAD NEWS to have a JOY DANCE over - all together now... (Limbaugh in Ruins)

The Gun Debate with Shannon Watts

A little levity - Crimean Prose-cute-tor goes viral

Tea Party Militias plan American Spring

Ask not what your cat can do for you...

Nevada GOPer: Republicans Can Win Young Voters By Embracing Party’s ‘Pat Robertson Wing’

Saudi man fined for allowing his wife to drive

International Lawyers Seek Justice for Iraqis

Drone in Yemen kills at least 9 al-Qaida members

Boko Haram: Women in clergy vow to strip, point breasts to God in protest

Next time you see someone promoting BSLs and the death of Pit Bulls

How America Lost Vladimir Putin: A Rupture between Russia & West, 14 Years in the Making

White House Hosts ‘Next Generation’ Young and Rich

Best Opening Line Ever:


The Lost Legacy of Gabriel García Márquez

The Lost Legacy of Gabriel García Márquez

Cotton Mather - when extremism melds religion, politics, ego and public perception

Ban Avoidance: Custom-made guns evade US arms control laws

George Benson, "On Broadway"- 10 minutes of the goodness. :)

Hemp for Victory ...

Another Moose vs. Packing Sledder video (not so graphic)

Stunning New Orchid Species Discovered

Neighbor "That takes away my privacy"

Clinton Library Releases Memo Explaining How Republicans Manipulate the Media With Lies

caught my eye

Cuteness Overload ...

Speaking of Easter, I give you Bill Hicks.

I'd like some input from medical marijuana users, to pass on to my sister

Top cancer hospitals across the country treat their patients' PAIN with "woo."

America Drowning in Gun Violence

What was the last vote that broke your heart?

RIP Houston

I am so disgusted with the current administration

If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk

DAMN! Blackhawks lose again in OT.

Patients, doctors embracing alternative medicine in battle against cancer? Not so much.

Shedding light on Clinton's health overhaul flop

Former Ranger breaks silence on Pat Tillman death: I may have killed him

BREAKING... Fontenelle Forest Bellevue, NE fire in progress (update photos)

Soldier from Cuero, Texas, dies in Afghanistan

Inside the 'Donetsk People's Republic': balaclavas, Stalin flags and razorwire.

BREAKING... Fontenelle Forest Bellevue, NE fire in progress (news video)

Rock On

Labour considers raising national insurance to fix £30bn NHS 'black hole'

Plug for MD Anderson in Houston for Texans Who Didn't Get the Medicaid Expansion

I feel like sugar glazing some cinnamon pancakes


The most important skill necessary for success in our "meritocracy"? Brown-nosing the new aristocrat

Easter will be on 4-20

Syrian Rebels Are Being Armed With US-Made Anti-Tank Missiles

Oh give me a home

Matt McBride breaks foot during home run trot???

Pro-rape-porn people are defending people getting off on rape.

If you don't believe in "woo"...

Saw Dream Theater last night.

A Texas Case of the Red State Blues

Texting-and-driving ban may still fail after Perry leaves office

Justice Scalia Tells Law Students ‘Perhaps You Should Revolt’ If Taxes Become Too High