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New York exceeds Obamacare enrollment expectations by 60 percent, premiums halved

Chris Hayes covering Nevada's RW Bundy's squatting on government land n/t

You're a cutie!

Greenwald and Poitras Answer Questions from US Press after Winning Polk Award for Journalism

Smaug vs. A Fully-Grown Drogon

First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Covered in Stickers

Suddenly I can't send email from Thunderbird mail

The EU should step up and begin the course of expedited Ukrainian membership

Developer pushes tower proposal, without Midtown East

MLB to honor Jackie Robinson with league-wide tribute

Bundy Ranch Militia Considered Using Women As Human Shields

I need some help.

MLB to honor Jackie Robinson with league-wide tribute

It should be the power of our vote,...

Little sign of progress as Obama, Putin speak

Cliven Bundy And Pals Planned To Use Women As Human Shields...and brag about it!

The poppies are glorious this year

Infant cardiologist and dentist given conditional freedom after arrest for feeding protesters

Gov Christie's Top Aides/Allies-"Working Frantically To Throw Reporters & Legislators Off Scent"

LISTEN: Alleged Kansas Gunman Frazier Glenn Miller Discusses the Tea Party, Obama, and Ron Paul

Well, this will teach me to order from a place that use to be a morgue!

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

My day at the Tidal Basin.

Wife of Daniel Ceballos to be candidate for mayor of San Cristobal

Andy Borowitz on Facebook -

Lewis Black praises socialism as ‘enforced Christianity’ in National Press Club speech

HIV/AIDS explodes in Russia as Putin eschews “western” science

Study shows increase in online information thefts

Pastor John Hagee: Tuesday’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse signals the end of the world

The Manhattan District Attorney Is Coming For David Samson & It Will CRUSH Christie's Windpipe Too.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Malloy: The Return! & a Puppy gif

Tidal Basin today.

Years of Living Dangerously: Media Matters reviews new Showtime documentary series.

Lapid's Passover prayer: Lord, get the Palestinians away

All I know is that Mylie Cyrus Seems to Have Done Wonders for Pre-Teen Sexualization.

Is there a left-right alliance in opposition to the Common Core Curriculum?

Full Moon in New Hampshire Night

Energy Saver: Glow in the dark road unveiled in the Netherlands

Message from the DNC: GOT friggin' V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now covered by health insurance, thanks to Obama-Care.

US Press once again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism

Jack Gleeson has just confirmed that he's retired from acting…

"CBO: Affordable Care Act getting even more affordable"

CBO Estimates U.S. Deficit Will Shrink More Than Expected in 2014--Update

On Cosmos:

Classics Art (network or whatever) what a blessing on us n/t

What Putin wants

One hundred and two years ago today, a big ol' ship hit a much bigger ice cube

What's this "W A" thing - Wolfgang Amadeus - thing - OR could it be

Imagine that poor woman in Kansas losing both

"Former watchdogs accuse Christie of interfering with state ethics agency"

Mississippi GOP chairman is being stalked by Tea Party

Total lunar eclipse tonight. ~ 11 PM thru 2 AM Pacific time.

Total lunar eclipse tonight. ~ 11 PM thru 2 AM Pacific time.

Scott Fitzgerald passing on WI-6 Seat

Tyranny has many faces my friends.....LOL

fuck it

Arnold Layne, See Emily Play or Eleanor Rigby?

Meet the Preacher Behind Moral Mondays - Mother Jones

Full list of Pulitzer News and Arts winners, runners up.

No Blood Red Eclipse here tonight: Overcast and rain

"Happy" by Pharrell Williams, a bit different though...

In addition to the Tidal Basin,

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 17, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - MGM 90th Anniversary

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 18, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - MGM 90th Anniversary

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 19, 2014 -- The Essentials - Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews

April 14, 1913

Driving from Houston to Herne. Lots of flowers.

Went to the Ft Worth Main St Art Fair.

Please Sign the Petition~ Miami-Dade Quietly Implemented Closure of Bathrooms At All Polling Places

The Highly Compelling Case For Wealth Redistribution Made By The Exact Right Person

Is Artificial Photosynthesis the ultimate renewable fuel ... ?

Cliven Bundy Has No Claim to Federal Land and Grazing

rhett o'rick's terrific frame

Artificial Photosynthesis is the ultimate renewable fuel ...

2 perfect humans: Clark, Vivien, and Judy. n/t

Vice Reporter Smokes a Joint as He Interviews President of Uruguay

"Liberalism has won, which is why conservatives do what they do"

"Ukraine asks for UN peacekeepers in restive east"

The intersection of Narcissism and Inequality

Next Gen Selfie

Millennials 'Talk To God,' But Fewer Rely On Religion, Survey Finds

At Phillips Exeter, a World of Religious Diversity

Russia tests new Yars ICBM

America: Stupidly stuck between religion and science

Paul Robeson: A Life

Jesse Parent "to the Boys who may one day date my daughter"-- (the ending is awesome)

Back in 2004, the moderators unfairly locked one of my posts

The true Teabagger flag...

Republican Activist/Religious Nut John Hagee: Tuesday's full moon signals "end times"

Eugene Robinson: "It’s all over but the shouting: Obamacare is working."

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 16: Butlers in Love

Tracking system nabbing drug dealers and law-abiding pilots

Pulitzer Vindicates: Snowden Journalists Win Top Honor Guardian and Washington Post

GOP Wants To End Divorce As We Know It. Make It Much More Difficult To Split.

Crimea Bans Pride as Russia Anti-Gay Law is Imposed

A little Late Night Alumni for everyone...

OMGosh.....the battle of the network stars.....

The one word that best describes the use of Military Force to maintain a Financial Empire....

Ecuador's president accused of violating human rights

Went to Miami-Dade dot gov website

Does Ecuador's leader aspire to a perpetual presidency?

Comet 209P LINEAR Meteor Storm Shower Heavy Fragmentation Possible

Figured this would be an appropriate song for tonight

GAME OF THRONES ***(SPOILER ALERT)**** - great way to travel

Westboro Baptist Church says it will picket Alaska Native Heritage Center

Westboro Baptist Church says it will picket Alaska Native Heritage Center

Rush Limbaugh endorses Shoe Thrower Trooferism

Tonight: First Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014: The Complete Skywatcher's Guide

German television report indicates Ukrainian opposition responsible for lethal shootings

Live NASA Lunar Eclipse Cam

Too cloudy where you are? 2am est live video of total lunar eclipse

So I just chased off an intruder with

Its Jackie Robinson Day!

What the moon brings - H.P. Lovecraft

Chris Christie meets Richard Nixon in the Heartland

In Defense of the ACA---It Is A God Send For Middle Income America With "Pre-Existing" Conditions

Bill Maher explains abundance of right-wing radio

Ukraine's central bank hikes benchmark rate to defend currency

Who else is watching the eclipse?

Re: AverageJoe90's question: Trolling post by...

Former Congressman David Rivera’s friend Ana Alliegro denied bond, remains in jail

Some online anti-gay fanatic just told me (a hetero male) "Begone foul temptress!"

BREAKING ON FOX NEWS: Obama turns moon red to distract from #Benghazi.

Obama remembers Kansas shooting victims

India top court recognises transgenders as 'third gender'

The Pussycats - forgotten all-girl band of the 60s

Lunar Eclipsed

The Oldest Hatred, Forever Young

things disney characters do that would be creepy if you did them

Pro-Russian militias fill the vacuum as Kiev's control in eastern Ukraine slips.

One man's life in Guatanmo Bay _ how it was he came

Dozens of dead babies found in Brazil hospital horror

NASA Cassini images may reveal birth of a Saturn moon

Um ... The US has always been an oligarchy, folk

Costa Rica's next president wants narrower currency band

If Republicans Win the Senate, What Crisis Will Mitch McConnell Cook Up Next?


Making dams safer for fish around the world

Charlie Crist Aggressively Goes After Rick Scott

Terri LaManno, Dr. William Corporon, Reat Underwood

Venezuela's Maduro marks 1st year at helm

French explorer launches search for Inca lost city

Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coincide on the Iberian Peninsula

India's top court recognizes third gender category

Killing of environmental activists rises globally

The Latino Experience In Appalachia

Chile's Atacama desert mummies suffered Chronic Arsenic poisioning

Bogota official asks Colombia govt to decriminalize marijuana

María Corina Machado & Claudia Gurisatti (NTN24) at the European Parliament

Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath was published 75 years ago yesterday - Quiz

Oscar Pistorius: Textbook Paranoid Gun Owner?

Oscar Pistorius: Textbook Paranoid Gun Owner?

Easter Shenanigans

A Hare to the Parson and Misc. Easter trivia

Studies show that most Americans reject facts when

Researchers Take On Kermadec Trench Dive To Find Unknown Deep-Sea Creatures

How a Comcast-Time Warner Merger Will Make Your Cable and Internet Worse and More Expensive

Michael Vick's Former Dogfighting Pups Will Make You Believe In Happily Ever After

Unlike the US, Here's 6 Countries That Are Experimenting How to Make Workers' Lives Better

The New Economic Events Giving Lie to the Fiction That We Are All Selfish, Rational Materialists

Guess what I forgot.

Close the Billionaire Tax Loophole

A. Philip Randolph: Relentless Advocate for Economic and Racial Justice

Republican ACA Lies Get Thrashed and Trashed as CBO Report Is An Epic Obama Win

Conventional farmers drop their plows in favor of conservation

NC man fires 13 bullets into strip club because he can’t put hand in dancer’s underwear

What happened in one week that turned the crowds against Jesus?

Behind Closed Doors, the Pentagon Is Talking About America's 'War' in Africa

U.S. ivory ban makes musician cancel Winnipeg audition (or, Musicians gunning for elephants?)

SEC Prosecutor Says SEC Top Brass Are Corrupt

Swindon mayor resigns over disability comment

Three Expensive Milliseconds

Thomas Piketty and Millennial Marxists on the Scourge of Inequality

On this rainy day I would like for you to IMAGINE a world

The Outrageous Trial of Cecily McMillan

My Cat Was Run Over. And Then Came Home.

Florida Family Fatally Shoots Home Intruder: Police

Wondering how anything gets done without a follow up disaster

Passover, the Jewish Holiday for Gentiles

Are Big Macs Killing Bees?

Bundy Graphics (Graphic Warning)

Retired MLB player: "I was racially profiled in my own driveway."

Italy ex-PM Berlusconi to do community service - court

America’s Infrastructure Problems — Why We Should Invest

Asian air pollution strengthens Pacific storms

What can we learn from Australian plans to dig up the heart of Borneo?

Europe wants its cheese names back, and some Mainers agree

Male monkey cares for dying partner

Jordan's ambassador to Libya kidnapped after gunmen attack his car

Russian “Foreign Agents” Law Forces Closure of “Memorial” Human Rights Group

GM engineer hit roadblocks in ignition switch probe

Netflix’s Comcast deal boosts video speed

The Look of Repression and Freedom

House also rejects LePage’s 'Open for Business' zones

Peter King: Pulitzer For Snowden Enablers 'A Disgrace'

A victim of the right's war on Obamacare?

Chris Hedges: The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies

Worst comment I've seen from that standoff...

Rachel Maddow reciting the Gettyburg Address

(AK) Laine Welch: Fishery managers foresee decrease in pinks driving salmon harvest drop

Brooklyn shooting leaves 13-year-old bystander with head wound

Embedding tweets

Rain day...

More of us say we’ve been victims of information theft

COMMENTARY: What Gethsemane teaches us about suffering

German company starts gas deliveries to Ukraine

Ukraine says Donetsk 'anti-terror operation' under way

Mass Incarceration in the US

NYPD Testifies In Trial of Cecily McMillan, Occupy Wall Street Protester Accused of Assaulting Cop

How many are dying

The Boston Marathon Bombing Shows Why Surveillance State Doesn't Work

Bundy Ranch 'Militia' Considered Using Women As Human Shield

Deep water thwarts robot sub's 1st search for jet

SoCal Edison to lay off hundreds in effort to streamline management

What Would You Do To Jesus?

If You Can ‘Speak’ with Your Money, Then Why Is It Illegal to Ask For It?

The Modern History of Venezuela from 1973 to the Caracazo Massacre -

the global banking game is rigged and the FDIC is suing

Nigeria bus station bombing kills 71; Boko Haram blamed

Long-Term Unemployment Is Elevated Across All Education Groups

Mayor de Blasio: City will "do whatever it takes" to give veterans a parade

The Gazette and reporter Dave Philipps win Pulitzer Prize

MI6, the CIA and Turkey's rogue game in Syria

De Blasio raises concerns about Airbnb

Conservatives love right wing militias protesting against the big bad government

E-cigarette makers are targeting minors, hooking them on nicotine, say congressional Democrats

Christie Disussed Wildstein Claims About Bridge Tie-Ups

Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace

I am ALIVE... And I live in Texas

"All Of Me"

CIA's Pakistan drone strikes carried out by regular US air force personnel


Chinese execs get $600M "reward" in Smithfield buyout

Gov. Fallin signs bill curbing minimum-wage increases in Oklah

Coal’s future must be discussed, Democratic House candidates say

A total of 650 children await surgery at Venezuelan hospital

Betty Justice: Rape is not a permitted job activity

Scarcity of basic goods at 60% in March

I can just imagine George Washington hiding behind Martha's skirts

US Navy Needs Fast Missile Craft — And LCS — in Persian Gulf

How to avoid paying Georgia state taxes

That’s a terrible chart

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Taxes

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Putin

Can we just stop using the term "Woo"? It has become meaningless, imo.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

"WTF Bombs?": Taking Back the Boston Marathon

Gosh DARN it!! "Fargo" on FX

US sent CIA Director as Ambassador to Tehran after CIA overthrew Iran’s Gov't

RFK speaking in South Africa 1966

Papantonio: GOP Suffers From Bush Amnesia

Right Wing Extremists more deadly than Jihadists

Cuomo taps Astorino rival for elections board

China’s Plan To Develop Totally New Nuclear Fuel Speeds Up

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter....

EPA drastically underestimates methane released at drilling sites

Greenwald, Poitras: ‘This Award Is for Snowden’

Gov. Mary Fallin signs minimum wage hike ban in Oklahoma

Russian paramilitary leaders in eastern Ukraine caught on tape communicating with Moscow

An ‘optimistic’ real estate proposal for LICH

What Happens When An Entire City Becomes A Drug-Free School Zone?

Sorry apparently I'm needy lately...

America’s Temple of Pseudoscience

Gimme Shelter | Philip A. Farruggio

Why The Free File Alliance Is Bad For Taxpayers

CHRIS HEDGES: Humans Have Been On A 500-Year-Long Planetwide Rampage Of Looting The Earth

The Pulitzer Prizes Just Demolished The Idea That Edward Snowden Is A Traitor

In memory of the 96 - R.I.P.

Archaeologists' findings may prove Rome a century older than thought

Tracking system nabbing drug dealers and law-abiding pilots

Former sheriff: Women ‘need to be the first ones shot’ by feds in Bundy Ranch standoff

Red Hot Chili Peppers music used to torture prisoners in Guantánamo Bay

Texting driver on cyclist she struck: "I just don't care"

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Four)

About these studies saying people don't listen to facts or reason.

N. Korea officials 'target London salon over Kim haircut ad'

Japanese company creates iPhone case using a dead marine isopod

"If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention."

It only took 35 years for flesh-eating bacteria to become an infectious terror

Why does my back hurt?

Any experience with diminished value

Nigeria unrest: 'Attackers abduct 200 schoolgirls'

Governor Bans Minimum Wage Increases And Paid Sick Leave Laws

I still miss him so much.

'I wish we hadn't tagged it #Obamacare .....'

Landmark Verdict for Transgender Indians

Checking out where I can shop for the best deal on a car across many dealerships...

The Mainstreaming of Madness: Drudge and Alex Jones

The New Economic Events Giving Lie to the Fiction That We Are All Selfish, Rational Materialists

O'Reilly And Hume Talk About How Much Obama Has Benefited From Being Black

How do I sell a car with the least amount of effort for the best price?

Virginia KKK Leader: We're Not Racist, We're Just Misunderstood Christians

Cuomo to be ‘honorary chair’ of pro-charter retreat

Nevada rancher (Bundy) calls on sheriffs to disarm federal agents in cattle dispute


If you earn a billion dollars a year, do you get your own tax exemption? Take a guess.

Why is this year unlike all other years?

Rape and death threats are all too common in feminist circles, just ask Laura Bates

No, all middle school girls aren't wearing yoga pants to look sexy.

Something everyone should know on Tax Day

State's gun law working as intended

This is a pretty cool swingset

If the Minimum Wage Kept Up With the 1% Income Gains, How High Would it Be?

Michael Ruppert Kills Self

No pop3 support on Microsoft 8.1 in office outlook. AT&T will charge me for

The importance of Easter to this atheist

Saudi religious police urges crackdown on blackmailers of women

Male monkey cares for dying partner

Speed Checked By Radar

Catholic Malta legalizes same-sex civil unions

The Teabonics Hall Of Fame — 60 Iconic Misspelled Protest Signs (PHOTOS)

Deputy Prime Minister Yarema Says Several Hundred Russian Troops In Ukraine

"Pulitzer Does Not Fully Express Power of Collaborative Snowden Reporting"-- by Jay Rosen

Even the dogs are happy...Pharrell does a version of 'Happy'...

Mary Landrieu Throws Obama Under The Bus In New Ad (VIDEO)

Remember the good old days when the Killer was always "The last guy you'd expect"?

4 New Polls Show Incumbent Dem Senator Leading GOPer In Arkansas

American Airlines inundated with bomb threats on Twitter after 14-year-old Dutch hoaxer is arrested

Blood Moon Woes

Remember my 4-week-old rescue kitten Sam?

The Boston Marathon Bombing Shows Why Surveillance State Doesn't Work

"Winning the Pulitzer Vindicates NSA SPYING Revelations: Snowden Journalists Win Top Honor"

Million Dollar Man: Rep. Dan Maffei raises $315,000, has more than $1.1 million in the bank

This explains a lot re: modern repigs

*** Posts sign for today's lunch special ***

Gunfire at east Ukraine airport as troops move in (UPDATE Ukraine: Military recaptures airport!)

Pic Of The Moment: Today In Two Americas

Tackling autism in the Middle East

Just so you know

When you review your tax documents consider this...

The Obama Game: Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap? - by Mike Whitney


This Year, Thousands of Men Will Die From Stubbornness

'Best part of my day'

When did we stop fighting The Man?

Millionaire helps kids go to college

'I Never Told Anyone Not to Vaccinate' by James Hamblin

Paul Krugman: Supply, Demand, and Unemployment Benefits

This Crazy Purple Cube Is 1 Giant Step for Space Agriculture

Alex Sink will not challenge David Jolly for congressional seat in November

City of Detroit close to pension deal, which could pave way for bankruptcy exit

Oakland considers naming-rights deals for parks

What has GOTV done for our State gains

U.S. appeals court finds conflict-minerals rule violates free speech

Creationist Cosmos

ABC’s new right-wing hack: Why a network is paying for Laura Ingraham’s vile racism - Digby

Want To Know Whether Your New Obamacare Plan Covers Abortion? Good Luck

Elusive 'Exotic Hadrons' Really Do Exist, CERN Research Shows

Harry Reid on Southern Nevada standoff: 'this thing is not over'

Report: Many girls view sexual assault as normal behavior

science teachers

Emptywheel: "Well Known White Supremacist" Frazier Glenn Miller Linked To Spokane MLK Parade Bomber

That egg must have been a whopper!

Brittney Griner Loves Baylor University, But Its Anti-Gay Policies Hurt Her and the School

Well, I guess I better get my taxes done.....

The Death of an Army of One

UAW: Napolitano, Drop the Charges Against the UCSC 22

WSJ Columnist: Nominate Rand Paul Because GOP Needs 'Another Humbling Landslide Defeat'

OPINION: 'Keystone will worsen climate change' by Sheldon Whitehouse and Henry A. Waxman on

DC Circuit upholds EPA mercury rule


Thank God For Gender Roles!

Well, I am certainly no Ansel Adams! Still, I am not too unhappy with this picture...

Facts just killed the Obamacare haters: How the lunatics finally lost all credibility

Baseball Great Hank Aaron Flooded With Racist Hate Mail After Defending Obama

Gamestop, Hell in a Shopping Mall

ABC’s new right-wing hack: Why a network is paying for Laura Ingraham’s vile racism

Rush Limbaugh is now a Hillary Clinton shoe truther

GOP Rep. Ted Yoho implies the Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional

Anti-feminist: Increase the gender pay gap because men don’t want well-paid wives

Up To 1,000 Times More Methane Released At Gas Wells Than EPA Estimates, Study Finds

Man fires 13 bullets into strip club because he can’t put hand in dancer’s underwear

Florida teacher fired after ordering boys to attack classmate and ‘teach him a lesson’

Science Skeptics

New Ohio gay marriage ballot language approved

Gourd banjo

Who are the real moochers?

Religious Oregon teens wear ‘Gay Is Not OK’ shirts to school to protest lack of ‘straight day’

Bill O'Reilly Questions John Calipari On "Hip-Hop, Rap Stuff, Hustlers"

Seems gunners are old white guys too.

North Korea Targets London Hair Salon Over Kim Haircut Ad

Faux Generational Warfare

Matt Taibbi: Why Corporate Criminals Don’t Pay

Oliver Koppell Sets New Easter Deadline for Bid Against Jeff Klein

Teen convicted of disorderly conduct for using iPad to record bullies tormenting him

Joe Arpaio goes to his own kind...

Putin understood US politics. He knew attacking gays would get RW America cheering him, and

The Rude Pundit - Florida GOP Congressman Ted Yoho: "Wow, I'm Dumb. Vote for Me"

Cuomo signs bill to reform Electoral College process

Bill Donohue again denies the Catholic abuse problem...

Paul Krugman- Saving Earth's Climate would be a "Trivial hit to the Economy"

Prisons have now become de facto housing for the mentally ill

Westboro Baptist plans to picket service for victims of KC Jewish Center shootings

Police say 5 dead in Calgary stabbings

Blaming Obama for the ‘blood moon’

Climate change for dummies

"Three Ways the Nevada Rancher Could Wind Up Behind Bars." Think Progress

WATCH: Congressman Tells Black Constituent He’s Not Sure The Civil Rights Act Is Constitutional

Made my first international sale today!

Afghanistan says U.S. air strike kills three civilians

NY1 Exclusive: Rumblings Indicate Possible Shakeup in State Senate Leadership

Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar replaced by his deputy: royal decree

Innovation: The Government Was Crucial After All

Man fires 13 bullets into strip club because he can’t put hand in dancer’s underwear

Don't cry for Walmart on tax day

Gwen Hallsmith: Lobbying for Public Banking

Phil Plait's video of last night's lunar eclipse

Distinguished Medical Journal: Marriage Equality Makes Families Healthier

How For Profit Colleges Scam Taxpayers & Ruin Students' Lives - David Halperin Discusses

Oklahoma gun range applies to sell liquor to shooters

No pension cuts for retired Detroit police, firefighters in bankruptcy deal From The Detroit News:

In an argument re: Bundy and federal land "seizure"

HOLY %^%$ Governor Bans Minimum Wage Increases And Paid Sick Leave Laws (Oklahoma)

Distinguished Medical Journal: Marriage Equality Makes Families Healthier

The persistence of the DOW as the Headline index is just weird

Obama corrects record for inmate given extra prison time over typo in paperwork

Americans Intuitively Judge Atheists as Immoral

Iraq: The Road to Chaos

Watch the cities of the world explode

Keiser Report: Bliss of Ignorance (E588)

"SUPERMAN - From Inkwell To Backlot" - (George Reeves)

Boston Marathon live coverage - Monday, April 21 (Boston Athletic Association)

We Are All Religious Now: Holy Music In A Secular World


Iraq Says Abu Ghraib Prison Is Closed

what's for dinner - tax day edition

Feminist Father

Making bread by hand

For Those Who Think GOTV Doesn't Work to Create Change:

Papantonio: Nevada Welfare Cowboys Would Kill For Handouts

There's something funky going on with this post.

If a big part of the Democratic base were as crazy as a big part of the Republican base...

Top Five Myths Of Genetically Modified Seeds, Busted

For the love of ....

Budding Optimism: Holder on legal pot in CO & WA

Laura Ingraham joins ABC News

House Intelligence Chair: Brennan’s Kiev Visit Could Improve Coordination With Ukraine

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Uh Oh, demonstrators at chri$tie town hall meeting!

Herman Cain Sees 'Fakery' In Hillary Shoe-Throwing Incident

The original "Electile Dysfunction" ad.

The Killer Klansman’s Missing Years as a Federal Informant

New Poll: GOP In Danger Of Losing House In November

Some recent shots from my yard.

Things in Politico That Make Me Want to Guzzle Anti-Freeze, Part the Infinity - Charles Pierce

Amazing Pics: A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia

Laura Inghraham To Bring Her Special Blend Of Hate And Stupid To ABC News

AFL-CIO PayWatch: CEO Pay Hits 'Insane Level'

Stephen Colbert to Replace Letterman, Conservatives Flip Out

U.S. appeals court upholds EPA’s hazardous air pollution rule

U.S. condemns West Bank shooting; Netanyahu: Attack result of PA incitement

FL Might Waive Gun Laws During Riots & Hurricanes

congratulations greenwald, the guardian and by extension edward snowdon on pulitzer win

Alabama woman guns down son’s gay lover at truck stop

Damn!!! Mike Michelangelo just went off on a crazed wingnut

From About Us:

First GOP Governor Calls On Boehner To Extend Unemployment Benefits

Heinz offers buyouts to all Pittsburgh workers

Phony microchip implant story ignites Christian doomsday Facebook freakout

State Controller DiNapoli strikes deal with Comcast to disclose company's campaign spending

Phyllis Schlafly: Women Who Want To Find Husbands Don't Mind Pay Gap

Game of Thrones fans create an interactive map of Westeros... via Google Maps

Homeless man documents life with donated GoPro camera

POLL of the DAY: Bloom County vs. Calvin & Hobbes - if you could vote for one to return

Matt Groening (Simpsons) manages to sum up Washington today in just 15 seconds.

"If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention."

Big shout out to independents, conservative Democrats and people who seldom vote!!!

Blaming Obama for the ‘blood moon’ - true lunacy

I've just been diagnosed with cancer.


Climate Change Is Here—It’s Too Late for Pessimism

Please close the General Discussion forum!

If it's mid April, it's time for a frost scare - seems to happen to me every year!

Wendy Davis schedules neck surgery

Cop Dressed As Amish Woman To Catch 'Pervert'

Walk-off hit? Walk-off walk? Walk-off balk? Walk-off hit batsman? How about a walk-off...

Lubbock Real Estate Developers Purchase Influence in District 5 Race

100 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria by suspected extremists

Get Info on GOTV Success

Vladimir Putin: Narcissist-in-Chief?

4 Houston schools get new mascots after ban on racial/ethnic groups for symbols

Greg Abbott holds double-digit lead over Wendy Davis, who is viewed unfavorably by almost half

Anti-gay leader says A&M’s Lavender Graduation “celebrates dangerous and risky sexual activity”

Infowars or Russia Today? You be the judge...

Gender-neutral homecoming bill encounters resistance at Sam Houston State University

I'm going to see Springsteen tonight

These 26 Companies Pay No Federal Income Tax

AC/DC to call it quits after Malcom had a stroke?

Former chiropractor, co-defendant sentenced in multi-million insurance fraud scheme

what offshore tax havens cost you...

New App Finds ‘Virtual’ Way to Fix Congress

Gun Barrel City's Lone Gay Bar Was Targeted By Police, But Maybe Not Because it Was Gay

Dallas Executive's Neighbors Say City Hall Broke Federal Rules in Airport-Expansion Push

CNN's Easter Coverage:

Fort Worth Homeless Man Gets Seven Years For Firebombing Wendy Davis' Senate Office

GOP officials to visit Dallas in late April to take closer look at 2016 RNC bid

Supply, Demand, and Unemployment Benefits

Vermont Senate votes 26-2 for GMO labeling

Beaumont ISD will appeal Texas Education Agency's decision to replace board, remove superintendent

Militia Heroes At Bundy Ranch Had Winning Plan: Use The Women As Human Shields....

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Treviño: 'I plead guilty, your honor'

Is this more dangerous than Keystone .... ?

Do you think that Bundy is trying to get free federal land by adverse possession?

UT decides Longhorns have been pranked, will rip out maroon bluebonnets genetically engineered @ A&M

Major West Texas lake could become multi-million-dollar mud hole

Anybody take Latin in high school or college? And if you did, did you read

US 'surprised' Israel did not support UN vote on Ukraine's territorial integrity

"It is not the right moment for any United Nations peacekeeping troops to be sent to Ukraine"

the lunar eclipse

Soleful Atheist Invasion

Generation mPower ex-CEO to get $910,000 severance payment

the Tillis-Koch agenda

Watching The new Detectives

Speak For The Wolves, June 28 & 29

(The Onion) FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States

This one's for you, Boston.

Salut Salon

Who Goes To Jail? Matt Taibbi on American Injustice Gap From Wall Street to Main Street

Charlie Crist and Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera (after Crist's speech)

If you are into photography, check out the monthly contest at

Found: Stunning Gaudí stained glass windows

Bombshell: Study Ties Epic California Drought, ‘Frigid East’ To Manmade Climate Change

Help, my dog just ate a rotten squirrel carcass that had been in a burnt tire

So as Ed Shultz asked - how come Fux and ReTHUGs are supporting a moocher and

Christie accused of meddling with state ethics agency

Van Reportedly Speeding Before Crash On I-84

Bombshell: Study Ties Epic California Drought, ‘Frigid East’ To Manmade Climate Change

Sheldon Whitehouse and Henry Waxman: Keystone report can't have it both ways

Which Connecticut Congressional District are you in?

Charles Pierce: The job of journalism is to hammer home reality until perception conforms to it.

Huge "Big Boy" Steam Locomotive Coming Back to Life

International court orders Colombia to explain extradition order for DEA killers

Study: Men turn grumpy around the age of 70

Saudi spy chief, architect of Syria policy, replaced

House Democrats still seeking to force immigration vote

Scientists unmask a piece in the puzzle of how the inheritance of traumas is mediated

The toughest until the end. It's great!

Spanish judge defies pressure to scrap Guantanamo torture case against Bush

Study finds signs of brain changes in pot smokers

The pyracantha in front of the house

After spending more money on prisons than higher education, Michigan gets serious about high cost

"Early summer" over in Florida for today....

Spanish judge defies pressure to scrap Guantanamo torture case against Bush

Walmart Gets $7.8 Billion 'Bill' for Its Taxpayer-Funded Breaks, Subsidies

I'm having a colonoscopy done tomorrow, so prep today.

Huge "Big Boy" Steam Locomotive Coming Back to Life

We Are All One

It's Not Hillary, It's Boeing for 2016--Hillary and Boeing a Beneficial Relationship

Children In Philadelphia School District Get Their Very Own Free Library Cards

Study: Fracking Emissions Up To 1000x Higher Than EPA Estimates

Harry Reid: Ranch standoff ‘not over’

The EU hesitates to act over Ukraine

Papantonio: The Latest Tea Party Flake, A Cattleman

"Pulitzer Does Not Fully Express Power of Collaborative Snowden Reporting"-- by Jay Rosen

Man posed as podiatry student at Walmart so he could suck the toes of a woman trying on shoes

Baseball Great Hank Aaron Flooded With Racist Hate Mail After Defending Obama

Mayor de Blasio signs bill protecting interns in the workplace

Dying in Defense of Earth: Eco-Activist Murders Skyrocket

Smog in India, China is changing weather patterns in US, finds study

5 Venezuelan college students partaking in protests travel to Washington

Recchia and Grimm Release Fund-Raising Tallies

New York police end Muslim surveillance program

Espaillat and Rangel Neck-and-Neck in Money Race

We are so screwed. Drilled. Whatever.

U.N. finds fear-mongering by pro-Russians in Ukraine


Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time

So I got a work bonus today....

Steve Israel says GOP Base Includes Racist Elements

PHOTOS: Palestinians mourn woman who died after inhaling tear gas

Gov. Cuomo's tax return shows he earned $188,333 from book deal in 2013

Old Stray Dog Wins the Lottery

Casual marijuana use linked to brain changes

LTE: Unions Are Under Attack Here In New Hampshire And Nationwide

Carville "Republican Party "Will be Extinct" if Hillary Clinton wins in 2016

Our woodpile has worked itself down low enough...

The Brutally Dishonest Attacks On Showtime’s Landmark Series On Climate Change

PA: Israel ruins ancient cemetery, steals contents near Nablus

At Time Inc., no time for babies?

Missouri will fire deafening 'sound cannons' at drivers to deter work zone speeding

The Tax Breaks That Are Killing the Planet

Seeing rumors that AC/DC is history due to Malcolm Young being ill or having a stroke.

Hold Walmart accountable for Prima brand products

Why can I not get to the photography group?

Castro/Patrick debate UPDATE: Replay Link

Hold Walmart accountable for Prima brand products

Bitter Josh Romney settles the score by tweeting pic of the back of Mitt's head

Lawsuit reveals teen was groomed as personal sex slave in the Duggar family’s movement

Exclusive: Frazier Glenn Miller’s 2013 Phone Calls to the SPLC

Alabama woman guns down son’s gay lover at truck stop

Democratic stuff new line: Healthcare (union made in the USA!)

Tourists Flock To Colorado, Where Crime Is Down and Marijuana Is Up

National Review Writer Compares Cliven Bundy To Mahatma Gandhi

Boston Marathon finish line evacuated and on lock down right now

Can anyone make a recommendation for meatless burgers that are pre-made or give me a recipe

This is how you do a special showing of Matewan on Workers Memorial Day!!!

I found a couple of Morel Mushrooms!

Hey, onestepforward!

Feinstein, Meet Irony: Outraged Senate Will Investigate Leak But Not Horrific Acts It Reveals

This is how you do a special showing of Matewan on Workers Memorial Day!!!

Once again, the most truthful website in the world...

House Democrat Renews Push To End Controversial 9/11 Rules Of War On Terror

Part II: Greenwald & Poitras Take Questions from US Press about Snowden Release at Polk Awards!

Chile respects int'l treaties in solving dispute with Bolivia: Bachelet

Fred Flinstone model glider...

Chris Christie calls for unlimited campaign donations: ‘Let’s stop playing games’

Vladimir Putin’s LGBT Refuseniks

Pssst...don't look now, but the Gov. is cleaning up some of the mortgage mess...shhhhhhhhh

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You may see this as a fuzzy photo, but

Cool medical terms...

Bill O’Reilly asks John Calipari how he coaches all those crazy black kids