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A new settlement is born in Hebron

Searching for the holographic universe

Can anyone suggest the best Mac model for use by a graphic designer?

A pointless poll on the Cliven Bundy affair

3-hour Israel-PLO meeting ends

Hey, Rahm: Quit blaming public employees for your budget crisis!

Anyone else watching the UN proceedings re Ukraine

Someone needs a paper bag...

‘Feminism is not an extreme term,’ says Penny Wong

I edited a title

Does the Heartbleed Bug Mean You Should Stay Off the Internet?

Gotta love America's religious freedom and the right to bear arms... NOT.

Men's Rights Reddit

Dozens reported killed in suspected Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria's Borno state

Wait -- Drugmakers like Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson ....

Years of Living Dangerously (1st Episode)...Climate change documentary on Showtime

How the Liberals Lost the South... Anyone Remember these Two Writers who Warned Dems?

What do you think of this PBI* for a 21st Century Business?

The U.S. and the Confrontation in Venezuela

Cavers please show your friends my first real post in the Socialist Group

Family Dollar to close 370 stores; Q2 sales, earnings down

“Because we remember, we sow justice”

The Cause Of $300K Damage To In Development Community Center? One Squirrel.

Everything You Need to Know About High-Frequency Trading

Just got a push poll against Bruce Braley.

Flight 370 search expense to the public

Too much armor

Say Something (198 comments in two days and all I've seen are positive)

"Fewer Republicans think Obamacare will ruin their lives"

One of my favorite jazz tunes

Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence

Nevada ranching family claims victory as government releases cattle


Teenagers smuggle WWI bombs on a Heathrow jet bound for Chicago

Human Rights Watch Keeps the Distortions Coming about Venezuela UPDATED

Are You Smarter Than A Fox News Viewer? Take This Poll To Find Out...

How's the job situation in Chicago?

Sixty Quid A Week-Leon Rosselson

"GOP House Armed Services Chair exonerates Obama, Hillary over Benghazi"

Everyone has an answer

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday 14 April 2014

I haven't seen an episode of this "Game of Thrones"

KC Shooter Identified as White Nationalist Frazier Glenn Miller.

Suspect in Kansas Jewish center shootings interviewed by David Pakman

"'SNL' Destroys CNN's Missing Airline Coverage In Hilarious Skit"

BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOP House Armed Services Chair exonerates Obama, Hillary over Benghazi

Might as well shut down the internet

"Using the race card" --does the phase cast doubt on all claims of racism?

Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders

Someone should shut down this creepy, stalking website.

You can't fix stupid...

Kitimat, B.C., votes 'no' to Northern Gateway in plebiscite

NYC Ed Bureaucracy: Are They *Arresting* Critics Now?

Scholar Calls on Academia to Research Consciousness

"Being a Female Misogynist"


This would require some skill....

49ers' Aldon Smith arrested at LAX after alleged bomb comment

Your girlfriend's favorite restaurant..

I'd rather go to a Costco...

The Real Trickle Down Effect. Great pic.

If You Can Stop Circling the Wagons Around the ACA, There is Someone I Would Like You To Meet

Alabama: Lawmakers Would Support Abortion If Daughters Impregnated By Black Men

Sanders at St. Anselm:

Fun Time Music Break!

How do I get rid of Yandex toolbar from firefox

Yandex Toolbar in firefox, how to get rid of it?

Idaho Wolves, State of the Nation, Meeting with Spirit Wolf and Spirit Human

Too good not to share: from my 2014 fire lookout gig

Too good not to share: from my 2014 fire lookout gig (cross-post from GD)

Moyers: Fighting for the Four Freedoms

**Comment Thread for April Contest.**

How to talk to a Tea Partier (Lesson from Overseas)

Yep, he needs one...

MH370: Is it time to stop searching for pings?

Film reel from a developing tank.

OAS Insider Reveals Details of Illegal Foreign Intervention Against Haitian Democracy

Good advice

rabbit bed

Dino-Killing Asteroid Dwarfed by Earlier Space Rock Crash

Republicans who once reviled Tesla, now praise it.

Anybody up for a weird movie?

i may have just poisoned relations with mah kin....

Walgreens urged to leave US to gain tax benefit

Jimmy Carter at the Civil Rights Summit

Jewish organizations on alert after fatal shootings in Kansas City area

'Go back or I’ll send you to gas chamber': What teacher told Jewish girl who jumped lunch queue

Rich Deducting Groceries in Chile Target of Bachelet Plan: Taxes

If the answer is not obvious then we are all in big trouble ...

Students Rally Against Harvard's Management of Timber Plantations in Argentina

Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders

The Joy of Retirement Painting

Hugo Chavez’s legacy

Pakistanis protest against attacks on Shia Muslims

Brazilian ecologists launch app to reduce roadkill

For Venezuela opposition, meeting with President Maduro could further expose rifts

Undocumented Migrants in Venezuela Have More Rights than US Citizens in the US

Happy Bengali New Year, DU!

A perfect Republican company.

Police find seven dead babies in Utah County home

Bidiya Oman 108 F world's highest for April 13

New Banksy Art..right outside British Intelligence HQ

Heartbleed exploit, inoculation, both released

Beef prices have hit their highest level in almost three decades

"I find this war on women rhetoric almost silly," Blackburn (GOP Rep on TV) insisted.

Revolution Against Corporate Education Targets Achilles Heel--Profit

Muslim, gay, and making no apologies

Invisible Social Security Cuts: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

I'm learning about Mumbai organized crime history

Guns galore won't make military bases any safer

Gun violence as a public health issue

If Jesus Had a Wife, Would it Change the GOP War on Women?

NRA gunning for making elephants extinct

Ukraine leader signals support for national referendum on status

Nevada Cattle Rancher..vs Waco...

The Dunmow Flitch

I give to you my favorite 'Green Jacket' recipient.

Venezuela: govt and pro-govt media manipulate the truth with fake photos

Nigeria violence: 'Seventy killed' in Abuja bus blasts

The temp here was 84 on Saturday

The Dunmow Oath

Inside the Private Prison Industry's Alarming Spread Across America

How the World's Only Superpower Is Vulnerable to Catastrophe

The Modern History of Venezuela from 1908 to 1973 - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (2/8)

Paying for America's War Machine Is a Terrible Waste of Tax Money

Behind Closed Doors, the Pentagon Is Talking About America's 'War' in Africa

America: Stupidly stuck between religion and science

Husband finds 7 dead babies

Just in time for prom, KFC unveils edible chicken corsage

The Slaughter Bench of History

Okay, now I get the feeling

Joe Biden: A Dangerous Subordinate

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 15: Rock Stars

World Solar Power Capacity Increased 35% In 2013 (Charts)

Investigating Surveillance: German Parliament Divided over Snowden Subpoena

If you missed Farage having a tough time on HIGNFY ....

This Gravity is Killing Me!

Oh, I see how your'e gonna play this...

Four Eras of Slavery, for the Benefit of Corporations

What If the Minimum Wage Were $15 an Hour?

Democrats Are Still Fighting Against Bush

Long may we take for granted the freedom to malign the powerful

Military Spending, President Eisenhower’s Forgotten Speech

John Roberts didn’t “save” Obamacare — he gutted it

“Brightest Flashlight” Android app disclosed location of 50 million people, but FTC imposes no fine

New Bay Bridge shows signs of rust in critical areas

Night and Day Watch in Washington

Just finished ICE COLD by Tess Gerritsen. I had it on audiobook.

Official: Merkel wants a "Treuhand" for Europe!

America Needs To Warn India on Border Disputes

WI GOP to vote on secession at state convention

Financial reasons not to marry or remarry

The prosecution is tearing the bawling Pistorious a new one

White Supremacy, GOP Politics, and the Jewish Community Center Shooting

NSA Spy Report Among Potential Pulitzer Contenders

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The Unequality Party

Gay Men's Chorus bringing musical about bullying to Lincoln

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Gunz vs. Knives

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Man arrested in Kansas Jewish community shootings reportedly longtime Ku Klux Klan leader

Politics test Silicon Valley's Russian ties

LaRue: Afghan vet loses a leg, finds his purpose

"Bright, happy citrus colors"--just saw this in an ad for a nightgown. I didn't know that

Soldiers stuck in backlogged disability system can't go forward, can't go back

State GOP To Vote On Affirming Wisconsin's Right To Secede

Never, EVER, give in to Bullies and Terrorists.

GlencoreXstrata selling Peruvian mine for $5.85B

Carville: If GOP Loses Against Hillary, "The Republican Party Will Be Extinct"

Trillion-Dollar Firms Dominating Bonds Prompting Probes

TIAA-CREF buying Nuveen for $6.25B

Jonathan Chait's Teachable Moment: 10 Lessons About White Supremacy in the Age of Obama

Goooood morning, DUers - time to wake up to some, well, STUFF!

Suffolk County to raise minimum tobacco age to 21

NYPD housing officer killed in Coney Island fire to be laid to rest

Agree or Disagree - The Religion Forum serves no purpose that the Atheists/Agnostics and Interfaith

Total lunar eclipse tonight (actually early tomorrow morning)

GOP Candidate Touts Fake Phone Call From Obama In New Ad

Yeah......that's about right.

Cuomo gets a critic his own size

We Are All In This Together - Winston Apple

Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

What was that Bundy-deal that the Sheriff brokered?

WTF? Collecting All Our Info and Now... "Facebook looks for OK to Launch Financial Services: FT

Deportation... Not 1 More

Judge Set To Issue Key Ohio Gay Marriage Ruling

Reading Elizabeth Warren

State GOP gets to vote on secession at convention

KRUGMAN: "We're giving huge sums to Financial Industry & Receiving Less Than NOTHING In Return"

Cost for sailing family rescue: $663,000

Where your 2013 Income Tax Dollar Went

Bush draws boos from conservatives

Window opens on secret camp within Guantanamo

Bill Maher: Being An Elected Republican Is 'Just A Higher Form Of Talk Radio'

Iowa hires nearly 400 state workers without advertising the jobs

Israel's 'freeze on PA funds'? Pure spin

TOM TOMORROW: The Mysterious Disappearance

A Glossary of MRAs feel free to add

“Out of touch with reality”: Lilly Ledbetter unloads on GOP’s fair pay tantrum

Galloway: Gaza is Like the Warsaw Ghetto

What The SCOTUS McCutcheon Ruling Means For Corruption - Dahlia Lithwick Discusses

Power of Empathy

‘This is war,’ Ukraine declares as mob ignores ultimatum to surrender, takes police chief prisoner

22 Common Phrases We All Secretly Hate

Tonight SpaceX will live-test the reusable rocket that could change spaceflight

More drones for Navy

Detroit to pay millions to banks that swindled city

Black lawmakers push Pentagon on Army hair policy

The SEC has been Caught Colluding with Big Banks. Congress Needs to Investigate.

Bulgaria torn between old friends and new partners over Crimea.

Bronx Democrats set to endorse Sen. Adriano Espaillat against Rep. Charlie Rangel

11th annual Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists

Subway: 'Yoga mat chemical' almost out of bread

George Bush's Paintings Aren't Funny

I Implore You To Change Certain Passwords Due To Heartbleed


Separate Voting Booths

Law enforcement from neighboring states agree, Colorado has strongest marijuana in the world

EXCLUSIVE: KS Shooting Suspect Glenn Miller Interview & Private Emails Released

Finalists in Smithsonian photo contest

The left’s “Muhammad Ali” strategy: What it takes to beat the Kochs’ Obamacare attacks

Freedom Cattle

Some Opinions Are Better Than Others

25% of Colorado foster kids on psychotropic

Hate—and Hitler—in the Heartland: The Arrest of Frazier Glenn Miller

New Ian McEwan novel The Children Act to take on religion

Venezuela’s Agony: Weak President, Strong Generals, Riots and Cocaine

Union appeals to voters in the Medicaid ‘coverage gap’

Monsanto Protection Act

Iowa GOPer's National Guard Service Excuse For Missing Votes Doesn't Check Out

Send In Bill Clinton to Save the Democratic Midterm Campaign

U.S. Press Once Again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism

How "woo" graduates to "not woo".

Navajo Families Receive Electricity For the First Time.

Message From the GOP: Hey, Poor People, You’re Not Real Americans

Venezuela's military admits excesses during deadly protests

You’re in Denial if You Think Steve Israel Is Wrong About GOP Racism

Syria opposition claims has evidence of chlorine gas attack

Lieberman: Israel holds clandestine talks with Arab countries

More Than 100,000 Hopefuls Sit Samsung Job Test

Taxes, the Rich, and Our Known Universe

Ukraine will now replace Benghazi

Scott Brown's Campaign Mocks His Opponent As A 'Senator From Massachusetts'

Court rules child pornographer’s 120-year sentence is neither cruel nor unusual

French police begin mass DNA test in hunt for school rapist

prediction: Sarah Palin will try to cash in on Hillary's popularity

Tea Party candidate’s ‘electile dysfunction’ ad claims Boehner has gone limp

Our Corrupt Supreme Court

Book review: 'Why Science Does Not Disprove God' by Amir D. Aczel

APNewsBreak: Russian jet passes near US warship

April 14th. I think I've discovered my new Goal in Life...

Donald Trump: GOP not racist because ‘a lot of Republicans voted for the black president’

Remember Michael Vick’s Disgusting Dogfighting Ring? Well, 7 Years Later… Check this Out.

The Iranian Nuclear Weapons Programme That Wasn’t

Self Delete - Meant to put this in GD

Regarding that $15 billion that Russia had wanted to loan Ukraine before Euromadian happened....

The Secret Fears of the Gun Lobby and What They're Planning Next

They love me at the Chelsea / They adore me at the Ritz!

Leaving aside the childish framing of "bloodbath" versus "craven capitulation"...

Rich People Are Mad They Have to Pay So Many Taxes on Their Ballooning Incomes

Ronald Reagan is the root of Cliven Bundy's Problem

Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral as Enrollment Drops

'iPriest' launches Arabic app for Catholic prayers to skirt Islamic bans

World's Highest Minimum Wage on Ballot in Switzerland

Quebecers Reject PQ and Elect a Liberal Government Representing Big Business

Pic Of The Moment: Obama Administration Exonerated On Benghazi

What's a Cliven Bundy?

Judge to Ohio: Recognize out-of-state gay marriage

49ers' Aldon Smith held at LAX for alleged bomb threat

Ever had that one song that talked to you deep inside?

"Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars"

Amber Alert issued for Toronto-area boy

DU threads on sexualizing men and women are interesting...but you know what is really sexy?

People on the Street: What is the Purpose of Government

FloriDUH child molester hates lesbian couple and their kids, tries to burn their house down.

Stormy Monday, 4/14/14

FULL: President Obama Speech at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington, Pays Tribute to MLK

Rain, hail, wind, lightning.

Liberal media hires Laura Ingraham

Rome at least 200 years older than we thought

Oh, joy! We're having high winds today, so someone down the road has decided it's the

Rural or suburban: If you have a non-functioning lawn tractor, farm tractor,

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Three)

Papantonio: It’s The Guns, Stupid

The Rude Pundit:White Supremacists Are More Dangerous Terrorists Than Al-Qaeda

"Middle East hate America 'because they hate us," says many Republican and conservative leaders .

AAARRGGGHHH!!! Ads for latest Wisconsin lottery game...

Farrell: 'Human element' alters replay'

GOP response to charges their party is animated by racism: BENGHAZI!!!!!

Suggestions for high school musician

This is a great car ad. Very cute....

A favor to ask.

The Gov. was smart to back off and not get into a gun battle with the Bundy nuts

Flying with Hawks

CBO Lowers Obamacare's Price Tag By $104 Billion Over 10 Years

Obama Asks First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop To Lead Prayer At Easter Breakfast

Thoughts on polyamory -- group marriage?

Toon: More positive Obamacare news...

Climate contrarian backlash - a difficult lesson for scientific journals to learn

Obama’s Shrinking Budget Deficits Silence Foreign Fiscal Critics

Gilligan's Island or the island from Lost - which island would you want to be deserted on

Please disregard my prior thread - upon closer inspection, it appears

CBO: Obamacare will have lower premiums, insure more, and cost government less than projected

Upton Sinclair on why Rs vote against their economic interests

US retail sales up strong 1.1 percent in March

Nevada GOP Strips Opposition To Gay Marriage, Abortion From Platform

The 'culture of shut up' is sometimes just rude people who disagree

Interesting visit with my SIL, a former school principal/administrator, re: CC and home school

Report documents Great Tax Shift; new NC code produces worst-of-all-worlds results

Want to reduce greenhouse gasses?

Happiness and Its Discontents

White supremacist Cobb set for sentencing April 29

Toon: The debate continues..

Meet the tyrant attempting to deprive the Bundy Ranch of their constitutional rights.

Can’t We Just Say the Roberts Court Is Corrupt?

State and federal officials announce final deal on $8 billion Medicaid waiver

This Fish Crawled Out of the Water…and Into Creationists' Nightmares

Army general upholds Chelsea Manning's conviction, 35-year sentence in WikiLeaks case

A Macro Timelapse of Coral, Sponges and Other Aquatic Organisms Created from 150,000 Photos

149th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination today

Mike Huckabee, Asshole of the Day for April 13, 2014

SAFE Act repeal bills die in Assembly Codes

America’s Abortion Rights-Free Zone Grows

White House Confirms CIA Director's Trip to Kiev

(story update) Woman admits to suffocating 6 babies in Utah home

Today’s SpaceX launch will see the first attempt at landing its booster

'Gay cure' bill moves in Assembly

Organic Food: It's Not Just for Yuppies Anymore by Tracie McMillan

Just heard Mike Huckabee say he thinks there is more freedom in North Korea than the United States.

This should be the DU stance

"If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention"

Barbara Brown Taylor tells Christians to embrace darkness

Boehner Primary Challenger's Ad Is a Joke About Boners

It has to be extremely difficult holding a conversation today as a Republicant ....

Trying to dis-invite Condi Rice from being Rutgers commencement speaker

EU agrees to expand sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

Colombian “Neo Nazis” deface memorial honoring victims of political violence in Bogota

Triumph of the Ill - Ukraine Coup Leaders Turn on People

Palindrome Week in the US!

The naturally forming spherical boulders at Moeraki, New Zealand

And so begins the Awkward Era. So corrupt it can't be ignored....

People Power: Dead Swedes provide home heating for alive Swedes

We must never forget the past, so that we may protect our future.

Ukraine’s president calls for deployment of U.N. peacekeeping troops

Grumpy Cat attends the MTV awards.

Inaction = Chaos ...

So You Say You Want a Revolution?

Idaho governor candidate A.J. Balukoff spurns NRA questionnaire

Idaho governor candidate A.J. Balukoff spurns NRA questionnaire

Jon Miller's Vin Scully Impression

Santa Clara (CA) police kill bat-wielding woman

Jon Miller's Vin Scully Impression

Myanmar Activists Spread Anti-Hate-Speech Campaign

Look for an Ozone Health Advisory soon ...

Cuomo, Amid Moreland struggles, realizes he might lose.

New Mexico rule restricts use of welfare cards

Washington Post, Guardian win Pulitzers in public service for coverage of NSA surveillance

Nearly 1 million register for health care in NY, according to DOH

Dutch police arrest teen over threatening tweet to American Airlines

Guinea Ebola outbreak under control

Reflexive opposition to US foreign policy is Morally Bankrupt, but quite Easy

Sagebrush Rebellion Returns

The Irony of Cliven Bundy's Unconstitutional Stand (The Atlantic)

Schumer Wants Parade For Returning Veterans

I bought an interesting used book this weekend

Either you believe in the scientific method or you don't

The most epic cooking commercial of all time

Look what is coming to the Smithsonian Air and Space main gallery!

canine hemophilia. need information

LAPD officers tampered with in-car recording equipment

Is health care such a fundamental right that access to it should be in the constitution?

Jury Picked For Alleged Al Qaeda Conspirator Mustafa Kamel Mustafa’s Terror Trial

Bundy to sheriffs: ‘Disarm’ the Bureau of Land Management (G Beck interview excerpts via Politico)

Liquefied natural gas shows potential as a freight locomotive fuel

Another question on hosting: does a decision need to be unanimous to be consensus?

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now (list of web sites)

The KKK is a satanic organization..The killings at the Jewish Community Center

4th of July fireworks headed to East River

The Money Pat McCrory Makes

Holder: I Wasn't Talking About Race, I Was Commenting On 'Civility'

What I learned on Wikipedia today

How about it, Gov. Cuomo?

Hi from Oklahoma

US businesses increased stockpiles 0.4 percent

Grand Jury is being empaneled and Perry is lawyering up

Nixon Cuts $22 Million In Education Funding, Says GOP Lawmakers Forced His Hand

Study: Snack might help avoid fight with spouse

Rick Perry is lawyering up

Why police recover more guns in Chicago than any other city

NY Con Man Sentenced To Life For Plotting To Behead Judge, Prosecutor

Anyone else having this problem with Huffington Post

Keith Takes The Wonderlic!

Israel says Kerry remarks on Iran nuclear threshold 'not acceptable'

A survivors story

Papantonio: Dire Warnings From IPCC Report

Israel to U.S.: Opposing Russia would endanger our security

The cheesiest pick-up lines of all time

Edward Snowden on Pulitzer winners: 'Their work has given us a better future'

Human Barbie "not that interesting, says Human Ken - not fake enough, apparently.

A Happy, Healthy, and Blest Passover to all who observe!

A Happy, Healthy, and Blest Passover to all who observe!

Video: Live Feed of Rovers Exploring the Ocean Floor

A demographic tale (There were just so many of us)

Building Trades Union is considering endorsing the Current Ohio Governor

Canadians' mental-health info routinely shared with FBI, U.S. customs

Wrongly Convicted Brooklyn Man Sues State For $25 Million After Serving 24 Years In Prison

Happy Pesach.

This is brilliant

Walmart continues to be the biggest welfare queen in history

A Pyramid in the Middle of Nowhere Built To Track the End of the World

U.S. Airways just sent out the worst tweet in the history of Twitter

CBO projects budget deficit in fiscal year 2014 will be $492 billion.

No to administrative arrest

Israel in talks with Egypt, Turkey on major gas export deals

Radio Progreso employee murdered after getting threats

Airlines continue gutting frequent flier programs

Radio Progreso employee murdered after getting threats

A personal encounter with woo...

A Group for Hidden Messages!

Republicans Are Quietly Trying to Kill No-Fault Divorce

Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time

Canadian town says 'no' to Enbridge pipeline in vote

Simpsons hit it out of the park-Matt Groening manages to sum up Washington today in just 15 seconds.

CBO projects budget deficit in fiscal year 2014 will be $492 billion.

I just got a call to extend the warranty on a car I haven't owned for four years.

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy: 2-year-old son more talented than Tim Tebow

Obama plans to host Uruguay's president next month

US Airways apologizes for lewd photo sent via Twitter

Is Chile about to end Pinochet’s total ban on abortion?

Korean Hairstyles - BoA Kwon

Did Eric Parker of Idaho break the law?

‘Shoe Truthers’ Wonder If Hillary Staged Shoe Throwing Incident

Peter King: Pulitzer For Snowden Enablers 'A Disgrace'

Social Security stops trying to collect on old taxpayer debts

Tehachapi Unified School District animal abuse case sparks conversation

Wingnuts’ new 2016 hero? Marsha Blackburn is perfect! - By Joan Walsh

Gov. Snyder declares financial emergency in Lincoln Park

Globe wins Pulitzer for Boston bombing coverage

Southwest flight diverted to Omaha; unruly passenger removed

Washington Post, Guardian Win Pulitzers for NSA Reporting

Haha: New-Age Bullshit Generator

#BundyRanch supporters are violating Ronald Reagan's executive order

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 14 April 2014

Someone should shut down this creepy, stalking website.

White People Afraid Of Becoming A Minority? No Sh!t, Sherlock!

Canadians' mental-health info routinely shared with FBI, U.S. customs

"government is nothing more...

Pastor John Hagee: Tuesday’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse signals the end of the world

What's for dinner ~ Monday ~ April 14th

Classic Deflection by the 1%ers ....

Are there any New Orleans frequent visitors around?

after 5 months

5-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 2 Children At S.C. Birthday Party

Tom Of Finland Stamps

The Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade 2014 Was Amazing (PHOTOS)

US: Oregon students wear ‘Gay Is Not OK’ t-shirts to school

I Think He Means Michael Moore Was Right

Do they still do that tax break or give you money for buying a house?

Another painting...

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing

America is on the are not...

Its the energy supply, Stupid ...

Pet Peeve - why do women have to wear skimpy clothes to be news anchors?

Chile's Valparaiso still aflame; 12 dead; 500 hurt

Israeli man killed, 2 wounded in West Bank shooting attack on eve of Passover holiday

Optimist (n) -...

One hundred and two years ago, on this night.....

The Crusades of Cesar Chavez: A Biography

A man said unto God:"What's a billion years to you?" and God said:"A second".

Guilty Pleasure Music

Sen. Sanders: The Freedom to Die

Hey! We're working here!

OK, OK, This May Be Funnier Than Tim Conway:

'Lungs of the Earth' Could Get Pushed to 'Tipping Point'

Judge: Feds can hide rationale for killing U.S. citizen

What race do you think Barack Obama is? White, Black, Mixed Race, or something else?

In Small Canadian Town Democracy Wins, Tar Sands Loses

What if Bundy was black?

Accusation of FBI spying stalls 9/11 hearing


Trillion Dollar Question: IF We Get Our Democracy Back, How Do We Get Our Economy Back?

Who dropped this? It was in the hall.

Key witness in Robaina’s tax-evasion trial testifies paying former Hialeah mayor in cash

Proof the ACA "Circle the Wagons" Story is Bull$hit

I know that Nate Silver has been pissing off you folks lately, but take a gander at this chart...

Somebody needs the Lounge's help.

I sent this letter to Rick Scott today. I think we should be asking simplistic questions and asking

Medical Cannabis Refugee Speaks Out - WWW.JTMP.ORG

advice for first time home buyers.

Army general upholds Manning's prison sentence in WikiLeaks case

Staring Down the Devil at the University of Michigan

Now it's official. The last of my dad's siblings is gone. We're next.

Man Tells of Wife Cured by Medical Cannabis - WWW.JTMP.ORG

Why USAID’s Cuban Twitter Program was Secret

There is a legal rationale for killing a US citizen with one drone.

And they think that it's a victory.....

Rodney Tom won't run for re-election.

An open letter to my "disappointed" Democratic friends

MSNBC statement on Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell’s accident

Ocean too. deep for underwater bluefin

Pittsburgh Bald Eagle Cam!

Can a Concerned Third Party Make Your ACA Premium Payment for You? Not a Simple Question

Crimea bans Pride as Russia anti-gay law is imposed

Medical science finds a cure!!

City Of Philadelphia Looks To Fight ‘Bandit Signs’ With Robo-Calls. They call you every 15 min

question about Open SSL versus a proprietary SSL solution

TurboTax Fights To Keep Tax Filing Harder Than Necessary

Rep. Marsha Blackburn denies weighing presidential bid ....oh, come on know you want it

Miami-Dade cop accused of smuggling cocaine gets $500,000 bond

Walgreen Pressured To Move Headquarters To Europe For Tax Purposes......

One of my coworkers revealed herself to be a Tea Partier today.

Good bye ComCast & good riddance...

California police chief says sex offenders wore GPS tracking devices during serial killings

GREAT NEWS!---"Greenwald, Poitras Accept Polk Honor for Exposing NSA Surveillance!" Part 1!

Oh, yea! Westboro Baptist Church to picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center

'Kevin Swanson Compares Gay-Inclusive Honey Maid Ad To Axe Murder, Cannibalism'

Ask me anything! I am bored!

Depressing/Unsurprising Study: Girls View Sexual Violence As Normal

Too much animal protein tied to higher diabetes risk

Petroleum firm agrees to pay $5.15 billion to clean up waste