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Leading Manhattan Congregation Vows to Pull Support for Israel Parade Unless ‘Anti-Israel’ Groups

Scott Walker campaign asks Supreme Court to intervene in 'John Doe' investigation (WI)

Pope Francis, Economic Justice and the Catholic Challenge to Libertarianism

Pity the underpaid New Jersey Police…

7th Fleet Admits LCS Not Suited for Pacific

Iron Mountain Solidarity Video

An Adorable Compilation of Squeaky Baby Sloths

Is this a cool entrance to a library or what?

Behind the violence in Venezuela

Dreams of Low-Income Students Dashed in Bus Crash

Benghazi! Benghazi!

President Obama Speaks at the National Action Network Convention (BOG Posting)

Super Fraud! Super Fail! Super Fantastic!

Change of thinking comes to Nuclear Power Plant Owners


The DU Labor Movement Group

Pope Francis: Kids Must Have Moms and Dads

Rowland Pleads Not Guilty; Lawyer Promises He Will Be 'Fully Vindicated'

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Pussy Riot's Masha Alekhina and

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

My BF and I broke up tonight. After several years. He was unbelievably mean and cruel.

Your first computer specs (you owned not used)


How easy it is to forget that whole "Don't fucking lie about other people" line in the Big Book

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Spring Break! & a new Tiger cub gif

Your first computer specs (you owned not used)

For 5 years the RW media has been demanding the WH allow fracking firms to lease public lands.

NSA job listing.

Need some positive vibes and prayers for my sister in law

LePage vetoes solar energy bill, two others

Hillary Clinton’s Shoe-Throwing Assailant Identified as Alison Michelle Ernst

"Congressional Candidate Bob Marshall Is Basically the Culture War's Four-Star General"

CIA Torture Report Leaked - NOW WE KNOW WHAT'S BEING DONE IN OUR NAME - By Charles P. Pierce

Previously poisoned eagle soars for first flight since December recovery

Could Benghazi have been the GOP's 2012 October Surprise?

Tired Of Being Told Women Are Too Emotional, One Senator Shows What It Looks Like To Get Emotional

interesting--regarding diets for cats with kidney failure

Univ of MN President says those who oppose Condi Rice's visit are racists

Friday Talking Points (299) -- Happy 50th, Civil Rights Act Of 1964!

What Dems must do for voting suppression (reply to huff po article by poster)

Go down Moses

Wash Post: Rising numbers of children dying from US explosives littering Afghanistan.

TYT: EL Race-Bo is Afraid Stephen Colbert Will Expose His Hatred.

Reeva Steenkamp 'shot as she stood at the door arguing with Pistorius'

Thank Representative Steven Cohen (D-TN) on twitter

Daughter: Detroit beating victim awake in hospital

Marathon Bombing Survivor Walks off the Set of 'Meet the Press'

The Indianapolis Blackstockings

Venezuela: how photos get manipulated

South Carolina Wants Fetuses to Stand Their Ground

Tell Congress: Protect Women from Gun Violence

Fuck the poor?

Big G.O.P. Donors Stir Senate Runs

Canada relents after initially detaining anti-gay Peter LaBarbera at the border

Would You Risk Your Life to Vote? It Looks Like 7 Million Afghans Did.

Please help me hide GD

ok so I'm flipping through channels and I hate this show but

Thank you so much for the new features!

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 13 - TCM Memorial Tribute: Mickey Rooney

Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and Debate.

Lawmakers release 250,000 GM recall documents

TCM Schedule for Monday April 14: TCM 20th Anniversary

Favorite Mel Brooks movie

Detroit Wins Judge’s Nod for Contract Settlement

Bucking Buck

Herbalife Shares Decline on Criminal Inquiry News

Okay, was that gross on Vikings, or what?

Chrysler to take $130 million charge due to weaker Venezuelan currency

Fight over Mickey Rooney's remains averted

Just FYI: Transgendered is an inappropriate word. The proper word is Transgender.

Pope Francis: Kids Must Have Moms and Dad

Israel to confiscate vast area of Bethlehem village land

Maine’s high court denies F. Lee Bailey’s bid to return to practicing law

Xposted in Religion. Pope Francis: Kids Must Have Moms and Dad

President Obama Makes Republicans Pay For Trying to Take Away Your Right To Vote

Homeless but defiant, Bedouin to stay in Jordan Valley

New Tar Pits Discovery Reminds Us The Past Wasn't Entirely Different

Trial of Occupy activist struggles to find jurors impartial to protest movement

Proof that Russia Today is a joke network

Anna Backhaus: This mom is a breadwinner, accepting it wasn’t always easy

we may be overdue for a pic thread

The Government Will Take Your Money For Your Dead Parent's Debts

high school students protest Day of Silence with anti-gay shirts & related articles

Holy Shit.. O’keefe lays one on a Republican in Wisc.

Raw:Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton During Speech

'Affluenza' teen's family won't pay full rehab fee

Gots to get these kitties!

Amazingly touching Thai TV ad...

Raw: Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton..

In case you need to change your password you should know

Pit bulls' owner guilty in mauling death of stepgrandson

Shadowfax From Lord Of The Rings Has Passed Away

has anyone seen The Unknown Known,

I don't make this shit up, folks - Woman Leads Man Around On Leash, People Take Photos -

Thousands Want To Drive Jersey's 'Bishop Of Bling' From His Plush Retirement Home

Bloody freaking hell ... My 160GB drive is suddenly a 32GB drive. ***SOLVED***

Michael Isikoff Leaving NBC News

Report: Dem Who Declared 'War On Fox' Isn't Even A Candidate

How do I change my password?

UPDATE-3: US Rep. Tom Petri Won't Seek Re-election to Congress

RE :Read Nirvana's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech

Angel hair pasta with scallops and leeks

My prediction? The CBS Colbert experiment WILL NOT WORK.

Was Jesus married? Were the Three Little Pigs spotted? Was Pinocchio made of flowering dogwood?

Independent report criticizes MU’s response to alleged sexual assault of swimmer Sasha Menu Courey

"Sure, I planned to do that"

The Clintons and Colombia

Way Down in Venezuela, Capital Won’t Let the People Go

Fascinating graph about religion and a diverse America.

Jails and Prisons Are Becoming Separation Bins for the Mentally Ill

Florida man sleeping in dumpster gets tossed into garbage truck

Religion in a Secular Society: What Place or Role can Religion Have?

Protesters To Dropbox: Drop Condoleezza Rice Or We Drop You


Anyone ever cook with grated cauliflower?

Why Is Public Television Against Public Schools?

My encounter with a libertarian on MediaMatters

21st Century's First Decade Saw Doubling of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: IPCC


Is Religion Inherently Oppressive?

FiveThirtyEight Gets it Wrong on Venezuela

The real divide is not between the Senate Intel Committee and the CIA

From Exile to Radicalization in Venezuela

In One Word: Poof!

Colombian democracy took a backward leap with ousting of Bogotá mayor

G20 gives U.S. year-end deadline for IMF reforms

2 mine workers killed in Missouri accident

Paraguay: imprisoned campesinos on hunger strike

Torturing Children at School ..NY Times Editorial

At night I walk this stinkin' street, past the crazies on my block

Battle over Tomball veteran's home could be headed to a jury trial

Rash of acid attacks stir calls for change in Colombia

Violence plagues Costa Rican conservationists

Violence plagues Costa Rican conservationists

Who is employing private armies/mercenaries in Ukraine?

What would you take to paint the interior of a 650 sq. ft. condo?

The Drunkard's Cloak

The Drunken Groat

Playing with possibilities for the April contest

He-e-e's Ba-ack, hello to all

Emanuel cuts pension benefits, raises prop. taxes, subsidizes corp. donors TO THE MAX.

Gunmen seize police station in east Ukraine

Up front cash needed if Harper government intends to buy F-35 in 2018

Police Overreach Haunts Southern City: Racial Profiling, Quotas and Secret “Conviction Bonuses”

Citi to Help Unemployed Youth? Oh, the Irony!

The Rot of Wall Street Stinks All the Way to the Bank

Did CBS Even Consider Hiring a Woman Before It Pounced on Stephen Colbert?

Truck swallowed after parking lot collapses behind Academica Club in Fall River

Wiretap case against Fall River resident dismissed after phone erased

President Obama, First Lady Attend Denzel Washington Broadway Play

NSA denies report it used Heartbleed bug to capture information

Jonathan Chait's Teachable Moment: 10 Lessons About White Supremacy in the Age of Obama

The Gitmo kids are alright (the Native American kids slightly less so)

The Gitmo kids are alright (the Native American kids slightly less so)

A Tale of Two Congressmen

Nebraska Supreme Court: Workers' comp includes PTSD, drug treatment after store shooting

Afghan Children Die by the Dozens because of Explosives U.S. Left Behind at Firing Ranges

Nebraska Supreme Court: Workers' comp includes PTSD, drug treatment after store shooting

With no new signals, Aussie PM sees long jet hunt

Risk of 'gas war' grows as Ukraine halts payments to Russia

No pressure... everyone who has had a dog or cat knows this one...

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ April 12th

Israel demolishes EU-funded West Bank housing shelters

Tractor-trailer truck in flames before it crashed into students' bus, witnesses say

Just Like the Wolves: Humans Negated, Written off, Warehoused, Displaced

@NRDCPress: WH's first pollinator #garden designed to support #bees, monarch #butterflies & other

What Mormon Women Want

Anyone purchased one of those spiral cut vegetable devices ("spiralizers")?

Japanese whalers plan new Antarctic hunt

A 23-Year-Old Gay-Marriage Opponent Explains Herself

Every budget has winners and losers, including Paul Ryan's.

1 in 68 Children Now Has a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Why?

French foreign minister on historic visit to Cuba

WA Liquor Board Says 200+ Pesticides Allowed On Marijuana

Paul Robeson: A Life

SC Bill Extends ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense to Embryos From Moment of Conception

4 ways Fracking can poison water supplies

Working America Members Help Hotel Workers Get Fair Pay

Update on my sister in law

"Cuomo Caught Up in Rare Conflict With Prosecutor"

China’s new megalopolis would be bigger than Uruguay and more populous than Germany

Oops - Did I hear that Cyrus Vance Jr. the Manhattan District Attorney

So the woman throws a shoe at Hillary and she's already out of jail.

Justice Stevens Scolds NRA & Suggests: The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment

First time posting here.

Debt-saddled France to sell $48 million Park Avenue apartment

Penelope Jagessar Chaffer - April Inspirational Woman

Poll: Republicans Admit Obamacare Might Not Be The End Of The World

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday April 12, 2014)

The me-ness of me

The Sharks Are Circling Our Public Schools

"the capitalist organization of production has now finished its period of usefulness in human histor

i hope you'll watch this: Heartwarming Thai Commercial - Thai Good Stories By Lin

FDR and the Four Freedoms Speech ( What we must remember and fight for, again )

Huckabee Questions Obama's 'Christian Convictions' Over Gay Marriage

ACP Offers Policy Recommendations For Reducing Gun-Related Injuries, Deaths In US

Cruz Toys With The Idea Of Using Sebelius Replacement To Repeal Obamacare

The Smoking Gun: A running tally of shooting deaths in Cuyahoga County

Red State Says That There Is a War on Married Women. Baloney!

Well, i thought "Kitchen Nightmares" season opener was pretty good

Why Do Bosses Want Their Employees’ Salaries to Be Secret?

Spring in our yard in 3 pictures...

The ‘Real Racists’ Have Always Worn Suits

More on Ukraine ...

It could have been a perfect storm for a failed presidency.

The Decline of Black Politics: From Malcolm X to Barack Obama

Violence against women... It's a men's issue

Seastar Melt Spreads To Nearly A Dozen Different Species Along Pacific Coast; 95% Fatal

Spaldeen Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare, or, what is the worst thing you've even cooked/baked?

Nearly TEN PEOPLE Turn Out For Heartland Institute's Bullshit Report ("NIPCC") @ National Press Club

Day 28 Of The Anthropocene: 11 April Atmospheric CO2 @ 400.60 ppm

The taxman cometh, and cometh, and cometh

Toon: Food stamp bill

Toon: Unveiled at last...The Republican plan to replace Obamacare

April 12, 1937 (SCOTUS)

I now have the trifecta of bad anti-drug movies from the '30s on DVD.

Eagle watch.....Bob's manning the camera....lotsa great video

Don’t call it atheist church; secular communities are growing

Gun Ownership & Political Affiliation

What Should I Do With This Rifle?

At Phillips Exeter, a World of Religious Diversity

Saturday, April 12th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Kitteh from Brazil knows how to answer the phone!

Creepy Bill Kramer story

The Real Colbert Will Triumph on Late Night

Franken’s Campaign Against Comcast Is No Joke

Pulling the rug: girls’ sports and the erosion of Saudi religious authority

Useful Information: Homeopathy doesn't mean Alternative Medicine

All the places around the world that ban Orca captivity:

On climate change, expect the worst

Stephen Colbert Replaces David Letterman — Catholic Takeover Complete…

Climate Change in the American Mind (A Study)

Collective Action Is Ok For Bosses But Not For Workers

Middle-Class Conservatives Don’t Get That The Joke Is On Them

Virginia GOP'er says incest is voluntary...

Bullshit Alert! Democratic A.G. of Pa. gets Rethug Smearjob

Goldman Sachs Secret Deal With SEC Beggars Belief

GOP Rule & Control Would Guarantee US Becoming 3rd World Nation

Don't be so hasty to just stick it in any old slot.

Hey everybody. I just discovered this group........

America’s next great president: Why Obama’s departure paves the way for the next FDR

NRA endorses McConnell in Kentucky GOP primary

“Noah” wasn’t the first: 5 flood stories you may not know

BREAKING NEWS: Major development in Bunkerville cattle battle

LIVE RADIO NOW: Why Is The Economy Better Under Democrats?

Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?

Is religion inherently oppressive?

When is it time

Greenwald, Poitras enter U.S. freely, but this is no time to celebrate

Torturing Children at School

P.J. O’Rourke: Who Really Actually Wants This Bill of Rights?

Shaheen Leads Brown in Two New Polls

The Top Ten Common Arguments Against Universal Healthcare

Not-All Man to the rescue!!!

Since "woo" and "homeopathy" are hot topics here again, may I present: Tim Minchin's STORM

Israel 'demolishes' EU-funded West Bank housing shelter

I think there should be an emphasis on voting to hide ad-hominem posts.

Former Enhanced Interrogator is Haunted

Weekend Toons!

Phony militia bullies and tax cheats force BLM to back down - Breaking News

Fastidious chipmunk.

Woman Who Threw a Shoe at Hillary Clinton Is From Phoenix

Another scrap project..

Hmm. This might come in handy...

Florida does it yet again

Labour leader Ed Miliband visits Israel

God just wants some credit, so he's suing Equifax

A new way of looking at what truly is "democracy", vs. the fascist version of today's capitalism.

In Defense Of The Pit Bull: Why We Should Stop Blaming Dogs For Their Owners’ Mistakes

Which is because of greedy bastards like you, we'll always need unions in this country...

New ad from Alaska shows how Democrats everywhere should be running on Obamacare

So this is the BEST...

Pakistan court withdraws attempted murder case against baby

7 Countries Giving Transgender People Fundamental Rights the U.S. Still Won't

Obama's Health Secretary Resigns. Here's why it's bad news.

Looking for ACA help

Since I've discovered sous vide my favorite meat

We Activists are Taking Down Corporate Personhood One Community at a Time.

Bill Maher Tells Pussy Riot He Thinks Putin Might Be Gay

Does this Bundy guy give a shit abt. civil liberties?

I woke up in the middle of a road rally.

Does anyone here take Gabapentin for nerve pain?

New from Lidia, potatoes, onions + cherry tomatoes baked

BREAKING: Cliven Bundy DEMANDS National Park Service Employees be disarmed.

Good for Adrianne Haslet-Davis in standing up to DC elite media establishment!

Live feeds of wacknuts in Bunkerville, NHP sez DO NOT drive Las Vegas to Mesquite

all your parodies are belong to us

Two things that bother me about Ft370

That bus crash in California - eleven dead including five adults

the TV has been ordered!

Light bulbs for lamps with clip on shades

Invisible Hands: The Businessmen's Plot Against the New Deal

Please explain why YOU bypass the Democratic primary?

HeartBleed: The Advanced Persistent Threat


Roy Orbison - Twinkle Toes

As we celebrate LBJ's accomplishment, don't forget this

GOP slogan: "Strength Through Unity. Unity Through Faith."

Last Call: Report About Co-Pilot Latest Bad Twist in Jet Mystery

Thought Secure, Pooled Pensions Teeter and Fall

One Czech Facebook page calling for the killing of "gypsies" shut down, one still open

SEC Blocking Update to Electronic Privacy Laws

Kirsten Dunst Says For a Relationship to Work, 'You Need... A Woman to Be a Woman'

The Perversity of Profiling

From J.P. Morgan to Jamie Dimon

What was the first computer you ever used (not owned) ?

DU jury instructions update?

Human Rights Watch Should Stick to the Facts on Venezuela

Mercury contamination threatens Antarctic birds

I am floored. Flattened. Utterly astonished. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

Idaho Fish and Game Plan to Kill 4,000 Ravens, in a misguided effort to help the Sage-Grouse

Idaho Fish and Game Plan to Kill 4,000 Ravens, in a misguided effort to help the Sage-Grouse

I've just ordered Thomas Piketty's Book - “Capital in the Twenty-first Century”

Israeli forces declare Nabi Saleh 'military zone,' injure 2 people

Looking for (Verde Valley) Arizona ACA help (Verde Valley)

Why doesn't selfless sell in America?

8.2 or 8.3 earthquake in the Solomon

Govt backs down enforcing the law because of right wing nuts

Why doesn't selfless sell in America?

Faraway moon or faint star? Possible exomoon found

Report: EU officials demand compensation for Israeli demolition of E1 structures

Syria rebels, government report poison gas attack

Scores killed in clashes in Iraq's Ramadi

In "Animal Farm" of Wisconsin politics, GOP dark money stays secret, while opponent names, addresses

How do you eat a computer keyboard?

McGill Physics Study: Odds Against Current Warming Being Anything But Man-Made - 99% To 99.9%

How John Kerry can find success in the ashes of Middle East peace

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Bulletin

TX State Study Projects Air Quality In Eagle Ford Shale Zone By 2018: Near 3X VOCs, 4X Well Count

Reuters - Scientists Confirm White-Nose Disease In Bats In Wisconsin, Michigan

2nd Straight Monthly Bump In FAO Food Price Index - Sugar Up 18.5% From February, Cereal Up 5.2%

Embarrassment for Marine Le Pen as National Front councillor Eric Assad is revealed as killer

Hey America! Don't like some law? Get together a couple hundred of your friends with guns!

US Beef Prices Highest On Record As Short-Term Drought Glut Of Cattle Vanishes

The Modern History of Venezuela - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (2/4)

At least, a victory for us against that douchebag's party!

Koch-Sponsored Economists Hard At Work Filling College Textbooks W. Climate Disinformation

Questions regarding military aircraft/aircraft manuevers

BREAKING CNN 4:27CT 041214 : 7.6 (revised) earthquake Solomon Islands...

Permian teachers: Evaluations are false

President Carter: “The Rest of the World, Almost Unanimously,

Findings That Fracking Causing Quaking Leads to Drilling Shutdown in Ohio

Ed FitzGerald asks Ohio Auditor Dave Yost to distance himself from county audit

Hartford Man Killed Wednesday Had History Of Violence Against Women

Economist uses huge data trove to show that capitalism inevitably fails

Toon: The Joy Of Retirement, with W

France's foreign minister on landmark visit to Cuba


Ukraine Crisis: 'Another Police Building Seized In East'

Doubly Disabled in Life

How The NSA Shot Itself In The Foot By Denying Prior Knowledge Of Heartbleed Vulnerability

American Media Pundits Argue Over Israel And Theocracy

How to write anonymous non-fiction when the details would give you away?

In response to justiceischeap's thread.....

Bill Maher On Ukraine: ‘We Have A Hard Time Making The Human Rights Case Anymore’

Idaho Wolves

Nigerian senator: '135 civilians killed' in attacks

Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins 'Range War' With Feds

Instant replay not ending controversial calls

Could you imagine if there was an attempt by anti-fracking groups to close a major inter state..

Instant replay not ending controversial calls

Without Fail..., as soon as the weather warms up a tad...

Civilization: Beyond Earth announced. Civ is going to space

50 years ago in Vancouver WATCH: Remembering the 1964 Port Alberni tsunami

A solution for baseball's thin benches (good idea that also dumps the DH rule)

Président Carter praises Kerry's diplomatic efforts for Middle Est....

Bennett's Response To Palestinian UN Bid: Annexation

Why Its Soooo Important to Build Keystone!!!

today in women's herstory-12 april

White House To Send Biden To Kiev As Conflict With Russia Escalates

2014 Bluegrass Stakes (Derby Prep)

Tropical Cyclone Ita still ravaging Australia

Squee alert!

Hip-Hop is dead...

'Obamacare' under attack as conservatives eye 2016

Just finished my first precinct door to door canvassing for Wendy Davis

50 More Major Rush Limbaugh Sponsors Go Silent – Boycotters Kicking His Ass(ets)

Netherlands Closing 19 Prisons Due to Lack of Criminals

Now Jerry Lewis is trying to out-misogyny Kirsten Dunst

Mentally ill people aren’t killers. Angry people are.

Another Prosecutor Is Said to Investigate Port Authority.

A reminder to never underestimate the perpetually stupid person's ability to solve complex problems

West Looks to Carve Up Ukraine & Privatize Industries Held by Kleptocrats/Prof. Michael Hudson

Egyptian police 'using rape as a weapon' against dissident groups

Miliband: 'I want to be Britain's first Jewish PM'

George W Bush,"Art" and "Dirty Jokes"

Urban Gardening - Local USA: PBS

Fontenelle Forest Rescues Owlet from Lowe's Store

Huckabee: Beginning To Think There Is More Freedom In North Korea Than U.S.

Festival of Books: Jesus, L. Ron Hubbard and shopping for religions

2nd attack on jail inmate whose testicles were partially detached may have been gang-related

John Barleycorn

Before reposting damning "quotes" from Facebook etc., check that they are really true.

They came, they razed, they left: A visit to a destroyed Palestinian village

Consider the ladybug.