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OH SHIT: Top NATO Commander: U.S. Troops May Be Sent To Eastern Europe

Pistorius refuses to look at photo of dead lover

A Communist in Tibet with a Buddhist heart

Will the latest Catholic Mass translation get another overhaul?

Will the latest Catholic Mass translation get another overhaul?

Obamacare: It's Working!

Triangle area meet up evening of Tuesday April 29 - cancelled...

Should everyone's wages be made public?

Jailing of Mentally Ill Has Turned US Prisons into 'Inhumane' Asylums: Study

Obamacare’s Revenge: The ACA Powers Charlie Crist To a 7 Point Lead Over Rick Scott

Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott blasts Paul Ryan budget: It’s really his 2016 campaign ad

best site online to learn about vintage marbles?

Abbott challenges Davis to be seen with Obama; she’ll be there tomorrow

Let There Be Violence?

At Goodwill, Yesterday.

Hummingbird evolution soared after they invaded South America 22 million years ago

"Waiting for" On DU and the circle loads and loads and loads.

Renewable tipping point already reached in US power generation

Bolivia Accessing Satellite Maps To Control Coca Crops

Transgender teacher in Texas told not to return

Can someone tell me what the fuck is she rambling about in this article????

WPR Interview: Ex-EPA Employee Says Agency Turns Blind Eye Towards Chemicals And Pesticides

Online Mormon missionaries outperform traditional proselytizers

Jewish and Arab Refugees Must be Compared

Great cartoon from Facebook:

Feel like getting slightly irritated? Have some Female Privilege

Russians Withheld Information on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Finds

House candidates’ ads call for tougher gun laws


Helicopter crash lands on UNM Hospital roof

NYC - Charges dropped against 84-year-old man who jaywalked

An assault weapon gambit backfires

What 'casting aspersions on my asparagus' meant -- Rep. Goehmert

Western atheists: You aren’t illegal in Saudi Arabia

On WFAA Dallas 5:00PM News Program, Anchor Leaves Out Women's Unfair Pay in Lt. Gov. Office.

Happy 50th Anniversary Civil RIghts Act

Muslim panels try to shed a light on a diverse religious group

Y Chromosome

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Spring Break! Ian Levitt in for Mike

SNOWDEN to Vanity Fair: "There is evidence (e-mails) that I made my concerns known to NSA's lawyers"

KC Authorities Suspect Serial Sniper in 6 Highway Shootings

Barbaric Country We Live In...

Hey assholes

They're pretty sure Florida will legalize medicinal cannabis in November

Atlanta Braves torch the American Flag

Two prominent Caribbean citizens died today

Here we go again - the coming "Blood Moon Eclipse" has some end-timers excited

WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas Does Not Report the Real Issue About Why Generic Medicine Cost the Same

"Judge: Christie Ex-Aides Can Withhold Documents"

Sometime in the last couple of days, I hit 40,000 posts.

$2.2 million to family of man killed by Manteca officer

Today's school stabbings: on the lethality of knives vs. guns

Dallas Texas Media Leaves Out Unfair Pay to Women Issue in Lieutenant Governor Abbott's Office

John Hiatt: My Dog and Me

Arizona bill passes allowing abortion clinic snap inspections

Tennessee Senate advances bill to bring back electric chair

Advice on traveling between LA & Long Beach without a car

"Good people are not those who lack flaws..."

German recluse gets art collection back while 'Nazi loot' investigation continues

I am mad as hell ......

Thank God the Murrysville School Attack Wasn’t Guns

UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were axed for work stoppage after daylong negotiations with union

Gov. Cuomo's anti-corruption commission turned info over to U.S. attorney: source

House committee votes to request criminal prosecution of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner

Small Iowa town of 7,000 with 11 cops gets MRAP (armored vehicle)

Did U.S. Senator Ron Johnson conceal knowledge of felony sexual assault?

O.K., who has kissed whom in Lounge or in the broader DU?!1 n/t

A cartoon I'd like to see

"Jim DeMint grumbles that 'big government' didn't free the slaves"

2 Percent of Clinicians Account for 25 percent of Medicare payments.

Bank of America to pay nearly $800 million for deceptive credit card practices

Sen. Mike Ellis (R-WI) Caught on Tape Plotting Potential Felony

Governor Rick Perry Refers to Equal and Fair Pay for Women as, Nonsense".

March and Rally in NYC Against Cuomo Ed Reform - 4 pm Thursday

Sen. Mike Ellis (R-WI) Caught on Tape Plotting Potential Felony

Legislators Propose Major Expansion Of Preschool Programs

"Russia Didn’t Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says"

Top Medicare docs are big Democratic contributors

Holy crap. Amazon sells "prong collars" for dogs - these are horrible. No images inside, but

Holy crap. Amazon sells "prong collars" for dogs - these are horrible. No images inside, but

What is it? I don't know, I've never seen one before.

Editors Resign From Frontiers Journal Over Retracted Paper That Upset Climate Science Deniers

Claire Conner to speak at Lakeland Democrats meeting.

Canadian Government stockpiled $200 Million in anti-viral drugs that may be of no use.

So, I vape more than I smoke because of DU.

Make sure to run out and grab some Satanic Chocolate for the holiday

Headlines say ‘Kerry blames Israel’ – who would have dreamt it?

the young people "Plant Trees Not Bombs in Afghanistan"

French workers now have legal right not to be contacted after they leave the office

How many minutes do you think it took to decide that 16 year old is an adult criminal?

So if a parent saved her cat from a burning house but left her children inside...

I had to get these as soon as I saw them...

Went to the old cemetery in town.

Soldiers stand by as Israeli settlers attack Palestinian school girls

International treaties and the prospects for justice for Palestinians

Why?! Why did I do that to myself?!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 10, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Fan Programmers

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 11, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Fan Programmers

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 12, 2014 -- The Essentials - Marilyn Monroe

Worker Ownership for the 99%

Pizza Chain Ups Minimum Wage ‘For Old-Fashioned Capitalistic Reasons’

Florida burglar clogs toilet, eats Doritos, leaves with camera

Are you generally in favor of the US being a member of NATO?

Rauner's wife is *NOT* a democrat

VEISHEA events except Spring Football game cancelled

My interview- round 1

If you have had cataract surgery or macular degeneration....

"9 blue whales die after getting trapped off Newfoundland's coast"

Re-make of "Left Behind" movie being made, guess who stars in it?

Making Meaning of Vietnam Learning Series Launch Thursday, April 10 at 7pm

Do I look happy? This is not my happy look!

NYT's Charles M. Blow: 'We Should Be in a Rage'

"The Obama-Era Race Wars Are Ending. Get Ready For the Clinton-Era Gender Wars."

We Should Be in a Rage by Charles M. Blow

Cutest TV ad for cat food I've seen for a while...

Former Australian FM denounces Jewish lobby's 'extraordinary influence'

Watch the First 7 Minutes of FX’s ‘Fargo’ Now

Adviser to Texas GOP’s Greg Abbott: No ‘evidence’ that women are ‘significant thinkers’

BOOM: New Poll Shows Voters in Red States Want to Expand Medicaid

In Japan, a celebration of the penis.

IDF ‘Combat Cameramen’ Deployed to Counter Propaganda

More children, and low-income kids, getting health insurance: study

Forget Obamacare Vermont wants to bring single payer to America

Forget Obamacare Vermont wants to bring single payer to America

WTF Is Going On At Bundy Ranch? Video of Dangerous Standoff With Authorities. Snipers too!

things i never thought i'd have to say to my husband

Nuclear Power Plans for More Disasters

Walmart to sell Wild Oats organic groceries

Favorite Athiest and/or Agnostic Song?

NY Pizza dough recipe

Hewlett-Packard Agrees To Pay $108 Million Penalty To Settle Foreign Bribery Charges

'Bachelor' Modi Admits he is Married

oh. my. gawd....

Largest urban cable car soars over 'desperate' commuters of La Paz

Revisions to ACA?

Holy $#&$*!! Heartbleed. Catastrophic bug in OpenSSL.

The Volcano That Changed the Course of History

Miami Herald editor blasts unprecedented 'culture of censorship' at Guantanamo Bay

The little engine that could: Constitutional Court speaks out in favor of Petro and IACHR

Watching "12 Angry Men"

The Sure Signs of Spring...

Crazy how...

i supervise a number of hs seniors at my job

Ku Ku

Leader of displaced community assassinated in west Colombia

Animals Fail & Wins Compilation.

Why the Vikings Were Feared

Hillary Clinton is a "populist leaning liberal" on the issues,

Magazine Scam (?) Advice Request...

New Method Confirms Humans and Neandertals Interbred

Voter Suppression in Canada

Outrage Over Killer Cops: The New Rebellion of Albuquerque

Greece: strong demand for 1st bond in 4 years

Reconciling Anecdote and Data in the Minimum Wage Debate

Did A Missouri Republican Really Compare Abortion To Buying A Car Or Carpeting? Yes!

Gender wage gap robs Washington women of over $10 billion each year

UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were axed for work stoppage after daylong negotiations with union

Hidden miracles of the natural world

77% of Americans Feel Firearm Rights Should Come with Some Restrictions; 14% Favor No Limitations

77% of Americans Feel Firearm Rights Should Come with Some Restrictions; 14% Favor No Limitations

Americans will spend less this Easter

Brazil remembers its struggle for democracy

6 Most Absurd Things Right-Wing Christians Have Blamed on Gays

The Real Reason American Moms Are Staying Home

Snowden to NSA: Go ahead, deny I tried to raise the alarm

The Worst Cash Rip-Off Since Bank Fees? Behold an Infuriating New Scheme to Sap Your Money

Wunsy to the rescue: Fearless parrot rescues owner from 'random attack' in London park

Acid attack kills man in Colombia

Some Dream Omens

Medieval Health Insurance

Paraguay: indigenous Aché people charge genocide

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Denied Access to Her Own NSA File

The Navy's Futuristic New Weapon, Explained In 5 GIFs

Classic album covers in Google Street View

Rumsfeld's racket -Scientists say UK wasted £560m on flu drugs that are not proven

Another Study Shows Charters Do No Better Than Public Schools

George C Scott as Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson. The War Room Scene (First Strike)...

State finds $40 million for cities and towns for pothole repairs

Rally Today At 4 pm Against Cuomo's Incestuous Relationship With Charter School Lobby

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ April 10th

"If you think it's too expensive, then don't send them off to war"

Meerkats use photographer as a look-out - cute!

The case for Elizabeth Warren for president, in 7 minutes

Republicans Say No to Workers, Women, Gays and Mine Safety All in One Day

President Obama Slams Congress As 'Least Productive' In History To Fire Up Donors

Who Is the Real Enemy of the US?

Re-Telling America’s Origin Stories

Americans Are Stupid, Arabs Are Intelligent

Is Hollywood really gay friendly?

Comcast, Time Warner and Congress: Perfect Together

Of Rights and Responsibilities.

'This Is Not Over': Gulf Life Still Reeling From Toxic BP Spill

The Koch's 'secret bank' takes another step out of the shadows For the first time, Freedom Partners

Seattle mayor pledges to prevent 'private monopoly' on internet service

Fourth test could be fatal

Relief In Sight For Beijing; Olympic-Style Smog Cuts Due When APEC Summit Meets In November

(S. Korea) Our own wall of injustice

More Visionary Leadership From Abbott Gov. - Banning Environmental Boycotts On The Table

Israeli minister urges Netanyahu to annex settlements

Maine Moose Populations In Free-Fall; Warmer Winters Leave "Walking Dead" Animals Drained By Ticks

Separatists in east Ukraine call on Putin for help, Kiev warns of force

Warmer World Will Boost Crop Production! Except For Part Where Protein Content Falls - UC Davis

Hagel pushes US military ties with China's neighbour Mongolia

Charges dropped in New York City jaywalking incident

Great video on Canada's Budget bill that contains Voting restrictions.

Why Stephen Colbert is dangerous — and invaluable

Great speech for the people of Canada

Four star: Army forces in Pacific have steady years ahead despite drawdown

No Matter What Happens In The East, Ukraine Is Going To Default

Gov. Cuomo's health commissioner stepping down in June: source

Canadian Embassy In Beijing Spent $175,000 In Two Years On High-End Air Filters For Staff

Calling All Pagans: Your Mother Earth Needs You

Jazz guitar legend John McLaughlin plays for Palestine

WWI artillery shells found in luggage at Chicago airport

King may switch sides and join the Republicans after midterms

Last Corvette retrieved from Kentucky sinkhole

JPMorgan awarded CEO Jamie Dimon $11.8M last year

Oni Press cuts ties with packaging supplier Uline over marriage equality.

Op-Ed: The West Bank is under military occupation, and that’s a fact

Just great, Nevada's governor gets into the mess with renegade rancher...

CNN IREPORT: Twitter response from French submersible owner regarding MH370

The Politics Around Welfare Show Why the Poor Need a Real Break, Not Just a Tax Break

Opposition to Medicaid Expansion Killing Republican Governors’ 2014 Election Hopes

Painting for Dummies

'Russian agent' row hits Latvia election

U.S. will cut deployed nuke missile force by 50

NYT: Political Ties of Top Billers for Medicare

Veterans Affairs grilled by House over avoidable deaths

Kanamara Matsuri (Penis Festival)

Why Is California Penalizing Poor Women for Wanting to Be Parents?

GM puts 2 engineers on paid leave in recall case

Maryland To Raise Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour—But Only After Foot-Dragging From Some Dems

UPS re-hires 250 drivers who were axed for work stoppage after daylong negotiations with union

Astronomers find 'diamond engagement ring' in space (big space pic)

ATF agent discusses challenges of mission

Sweden: The New Laboratory for a Six-Hour Work Day

Noam Chomsky: Nuclear Weapons Won’t Keep Us Safe

Jobless claims drop to nearly seven-year low

I'm an atheist Jew and a good Christian

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Bowel Moving Pictures

Spring means tick season

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Court ordered Oligarchy

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Lost Wages

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

"Think Of Yourself As A Pea": Koch Funded Study Says Climate Change Is "Good For You"

POSNER: Losing my religion

How to tell a Congresscritter to F*** off: Eric Holder shows the way.

America’s Structural Unemployment Crisis in Two Charts

US won't approve Ven ambassador

George W. Bush Used Top Google Results for All Paintings; Who Will Sue for Copyright Infringement?

Hewlett-Packard Admits to International Bribery and Money Laundering Schemes

Why People Exaggerate Religious Behavior

Prominent Jesuit: Pope Francis’s first major issuance ‘almost a direct refutation’ of the GOP

Maduro defends paramilitaries again, "forces of peace, forces of creation, forces of life"

House Conservatives Plot to Oust Boehner

D.C.: Second Time's The Charm? Contractor To Submit Silver Line For Approval

Retiring White House Prosecutor Says the SEC Is Corrupt

Has the NSA Been Using the Heartbleed Bug as an Internet Peephole?

Not One Law Republicans Passed Has Helped America In Over Forty Years

Twin Cities: Southwest Corridor light-rail route gets green light

Roman Missal Changes To Mass Rejected By Majority Of Catholic Priests, Survey Shows

Sick Hanford workers speak out for first time

UN chief: Palestinians to join international conventions by May 2

Where Next? Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan

RNC Chair Complains That The Supreme Court Hasn’t Done Enough To Let Rich Donors Give The GOP Money

Sen. Angus King (I-ME) Hints He May Switch Sides

Question submitted by Orrex

"Welfare Queen on Obamacare..."

Geocentrism film-maker suckered Kate Mulgrew and Lawrence Krauss

Given Global Climate Change - How Will The Human Race Adapt And Evolve?.......

Kiss me, deadly: If Vance McAllister had hired a hooker, he’d be talking about Benghazi today

Woman mugged on live TV in Brazil as she's interviewed about lack of police

California man confesses to 40 killings

Why Clinton's Gender Problem Will Not Be Like Obama's Race Problem

Espaillat and Walrond Release Numbers in Uptown Signature Race

We need some R's

Calif. Science Center Removes Evolution Disclaimer After Atheists Complain

China exports unexpectedly fell in March

AMC's new period drama, Turn....

50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically

ha. i figured out why i started "..."

Message from Microsoft: Windows XP support ended April 8, 2014. We’re here to help.

Argentine unions anticipate massive support and turnout for Thursday's national strike

Applications for US Jobless Aid Dip 32K to 300,000

Most Senators Overseeing the Comcast-Time Warner Deal Have Taken Money From Both

20,000 posts is coming.

Eleven Democrats Push Obama to Approve Keystone

Creationists Questioning Speed of Light to Refute 'Cosmos'

Bill O'Reilly is an idiot.

King may switch sides and join the Republicans after midterms

Told in Two Minutes: Edward Snowden—Patriot or Traitor? --A Vanity Fair Magazine Exclusive:

Newt Gingrich: Unlimited Campaign Donations Will 'Equalize Middle Class & Rich'

Sanctions busters get a free pass

Colbert on CIA "enhanced interrogation"

Strike halts public transportation, key services in the City (Buenos Aires)

32 years ago today, I got an eagle to grow gills--everything changed, and nothing changed

Preet Bharara won't rule out ethics probe into Gov. Cuomo

Christie Aides Don't Have to Comply with Bridgegate Subpoenas, Judge Rules 4-10-14

Ted Cruz’s Iran bill likely heading to Obama

A rallying cry to get behind in this 2014 election cycle.

'Cuban Twitter' overtly political, poking Castros (AP)

Speaking with MSNBC's Chris Jansing, Rep Charlie Rangel called the tea party "Confederates"...

Liberals United article "Update On Federal Racketeering Case Against Mitt Romney"

GOP Congressman Seeks to Block GMO Labeling

US tells Israel: Pollard's release is still on the table

No evidence of forgery in ancient text mentioning ‘Jesus’s wife’

Rich people rule!

'Who I Am'

Turkey seeks wider spy agency powers amid Erdogan power struggle

Russia warns Europe of gas supply cuts over Ukraine debt

Bachmann's "conspiracy" about Benghazi is falling apart, so...

UBS Fighting Expeditious Arbitration of Puerto Rico Claims

Jails and Prisons Are Becoming Separation Bins for the Mentally Ill

"Waiting for Superman" (Bill Gates) exposed by Robert Reich

Proposed campaign donation limit - base on taxes PAID

Republicans Call Mayday on Equal Pay

The Snowden Saga: 10 Key Questions & Answers Regarding His National-Security Disclosures/ Exclusive

Walker 56% - Burke 40%

Uganda Police Raid HIV Program Looking for Gay and Bi Men to Arrest

Prison Hunger Strikes Over Obama's Deportation Policies - Candice Bernd Discusses

Does anyone besides me miss the "Help me Choose" threads?

Sens. Brown And Schatz Announce Legislation Protecting Consumers From Inaccurate Credit Reports...

Harper’s former adviser to release book in early May

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Twenty Two)

Barney Frank blasts Uganda over anti-gay law

Family Dollar cutting jobs and closing about 370 stores

Krauthammer's Take: 'The Clock Has Run Out On Benghazi'

Comic Book Publisher Ends Relationship With Vendor Over Marriage Equality

Group of deputies wants Gorbachev investigated over Soviet break-up

Politifact calls out the Kochs for false advertising.

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Obamacare enrollment hits 7.5 million. House GOP will vote to gut the law today

Rangel: The Tea Party Came To Power In Slave-Holding States

NATO Blames Russia for Ethnic Unrest Amid Gas Threat

Jobless Claims in U.S. Drop to Lowest Level Since 2007

Marginalized Saudi youth launch virtual protests

Ukraine’s Rust Belt Faces Ruin as Putin Threatens Imports

UAW subpoenas Gov. Haslam, Sen. Corker in VW challenge

House Approves Ryan Budget

CBS announces Stephen Colbert will succeed David Letterman as host of 'The Late Show'

Pic Of The Moment: Some Facts On Obamacare

Colbert to take over from Letterman

Peace talks' failure may boost Palestinian nonviolent resistance

Independent Senator May Align With GOP After Midterms

Economic Elite Really Do Determine Policy, Study Says

Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman on 'Late Show'

Judge throws out state health department regs trying to cap non-profit executive compensation

States Pursuing Cash That U.S. Companies Stash Overseas: Taxes

Holder Goes Off-Script To Blast Gohmert: What AG 'Ever Had To Deal With That?'

China's Military Chiefs Lecture the Visiting U.S. Defense Secretary

Krauthammer To GOP: Sorry, But It's Time To Move On From Benghazi

Umm OK ... so I'm still getting updates for WinXP.

Trailer Parks Lure Wall Street Investors Looking for Double-Wide Returns

Give froggy a kiss...

Absolutely perfect day in Florida... 79.7 °F and Clear

Analysis: Top White House Women Out-Earn Their Male Colleagues

House Republicans pass Paul Ryan's Obamacare and Medicare-ending budget

Glenn Greenwald Is Coming To America

*** Hangs out Banner for tonight's DU Lecture and Discussion ***

I wonder if I’ll live long enough to see the low-hanging trousers fad among younger men go out of

Something is wrong with either my instincts or my ethics.

"Dem" Senator Defends Koch Brothers: 'They're Not Breaking The Law'

America Is Broken

Rupert Murdoch Reveals His Top Choices For 2016, Says He 'Could Live With Hillary'

'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' Papyrus Is Ancient, Not Fake, Scientists And Scholars Say

How gun dealers prevent thefts

Wisconsin Governor to launch re-election campaign Tuesday Boooo!

Putin Expected to Sign China Gas Deal as Crisis Forces Hand

Felons, fugitives bought guns amid backlog

EU Mulls Widening Russia Blacklist Adding Journalists, Law Enforcement

Littoral Ship’s Fitness for Asia Questioned by Some in U.S. Navy

Here's a "help me choose" thread dedicated to SollyMack

On the Civil Rights Summit

Oh dear. Jesus was a married man?

Judge accepts SAC guilty plea, $1.2 billion payout for fraud

Chris McDaniel (R-MS) vows to not pay taxes if they go toward reparations

Toon: Who knew?

The Snowden Saga: 10 Key Questions Regarding His National-Security Disclosures/VF EXCLUSIVE

U.S. seizes cattle in rare fight over federal land use in Nevada

House panel votes to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt for refusing to testify

President Obama speaking Live at the LBJ Library

Central African Republic: UN votes to send peacekeepers

Toon: GOP Math

Because knives were used in the mass stabbing attack yesterday, we should not regulate cars

Check your W-2 for health insurance cost and ask righty friends to do the same

CBC to cut 657 jobs, will no longer compete for professional sports rights

From a true liberal to a fake conservative...

Sean Hannity Inflames Brewing ‘Range War’ Between Feds, Militia Over Nevada Cattle Roundup

Fuck MSNBC...

Keith Olbermann's Tribute To David Letterman Is Great

President Obama to Speak Shortly

H.I.V.’S Grip on the American South

Retiring the A-10 Early Puts Troops' Lives at Risk

Crimea's Gay Community Fears For Life Under Russia

The Rude Pundit: Censorship Begets Censorship Begets Censorship...

CBC to cut 657 jobs, will no longer compete for professional sports rights

President Barack Obama and the First Lady at Ft Hood

House Panel Votes To Hold Former IRS Official In Contempt For Refusing To Testify At Hearings

NSA Whistleblower - Jesselyn Radack & Thomas Drake - London Real

Mike Ellis campaign treasurer quits ( Judi Rhodes )

Mentally-impaired man wanders off from Manhattan hospital

Rupert Murdoch: Fox News “has absolutely saved” the GOP

“America as the No. 1 warmonger”: President Jimmy Carter talks to Salon about race, cable news, “slu

Texas AG sides with hospital that allowed ‘sociopathic’ surgeon to maim, kill patients

Sheryl Sandberg shuts down Megyn Kelly’s gender pay gap denialism

This is on my patio.

IRS planned to crack down on Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS before scandal blew up

Homophobe in denial: Why it’s important to call Mike Huckabee the H word

Colbert Roasts Bush - 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner (ANYONE REMEMBER?)

Justice: Albuquerque police use 'excessive force'

The pair,


The UN Security Council has voted to send a 12,000-strong force to the Central African Republic

'Monuments Men' made me want to punch film critics very hard right in the nose.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

5 theocrats in Congress who care more about the Bible than the Constitution

Texas parent complains: Children can’t ‘grow naturally’ unless school fires transgender teacher

New Rule Prohibits Voters In Miami-Dade County From Using The Restroom, No Matter How Long The Line

Would you?

New Rule Prohibits Voters In Miami-Dade County From Using The Restroom, No Matter How Long The Line

Beijing mulls insurance for adverse vaccine reactions

Utah Makes Last-Ditch Effort To Drop Criticized Scholar Before Marriage Arguments

Google’s top paid Android app said to be fake

Race played role in Detroit mob attack on Steven Utash, prosecutor says

IRS testimony proved no wrong, so who's Lerner really protecting with her plea? Issa and Rove.

How does this make you feel??

What It’s Like To Actually Know Hillary Clinton

Fungal disease fatal to bats spreads to half of USA

What is the worst thing you ever ate?


Could America Become Mississippi?

IRS planned to crack down on Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS before scandal blew up

Is It True That The Polls Are Showing RICK SCOTT Pulling

Department of Justice: APD engaged in pattern of 'excessive force'

European Commission backs limited support for gas, coal power

Hillary Clinton Book to Be Released June 10

Feds order Bank of America to pay $727M to consumers, $45 million in fines

Spy-happy Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board as privacy adviser

Dems broaden attack on Ryan budget-Plan to tie the Ryan plan to their argument about women economics

Twitter social movement "hashtag CancelColbert" backfired -

Is the Power Grid Too Big?

49 years ago today

What if....?

At Feds’ request, GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi service added more spying capabilities

Anyone have or have dealt with MDwise?

The war on teachers. Why the public is letting it happen.

Dayton Approves Tougher Anti-Bullying Law - Minnesota

The only person to go to prison over CIA torture is . . .

G.M. Suspends 2 Engineers in Switch Inquiry

what is your pick for best red to blue congressional race?

With the end of XP...

U.S. Attorney Says He Will Take Up Work of Corruption Panel Cuomo Disbanded

Religious atheists? Maria Greene on Unitarian Universalist Humanists

Religious conservatives warn GOP against holding convention in Vegas

Obama: More work ahead on civil rights

Thank you

Two Decades After Genocide, Rwanda’s Women Have Made the Nation Thrive

Washington state sewage plant invites weddings

When system blackmails societies

A mid term election idea for the Democratic Party: GREEN ENERGY

New tests confirm Lake Minnetonka canoe is 1,000 years old

Thom Hartmann: Shouldn't GM Get the Death Penalty for the 57 Cent Murder?

Thom Hartmann: Climate deniers using same tactics as tobacco industry

Got to do it! this is my 5000th post. It only took me since 2005 to do the job.

Best Stephen Colbert Quotes Ever (in honor of his new gig as Late Show host)

Rush Limbaugh Freaks Out About Stephen Colbert Getting 'Late Show'

Bush speechwriter: Krugman was right

Angela Merkel denied access to her NSA file

I have some news about TexasTowelie:

The craziness that is right wing logic - "Try thinking of yourself as a pea..."

Happy Birthday, Billie!

architectural use of wood

20 guys filmed getting a sac wax.

Sriracha hot sauce production declared public nuisance by California city

TxTowelie's not well, so x-posting message from his sister:

Pesky facts

Jim Flaherty, former finance minister, dead at 64

We Need to Talk About the Test.

I could kick myself. A young woman politely stopped me in food store parking lot, needing money

PBS broadcasts "Flight: the Genius of Birds" an Intelligent Design pitch-piece. Was it free to PBS?

Close Look: Walmart's Turbine Powered Hybrid Concept Truck

Kiss me, deadly: If Vance McAllister had hired a hooker, he’d be talking about Benghazi today

Scientists Use Solar Power To Make More Solar Panels

Police report shows 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and others suspects in possible sexual assault

US budget deficit falls in March to $37 billion

Rush Limbaugh discovers CBS' "war on the heartland"...45 years later

Obama Meets With Wendy Davis

Senator Bernie Sanders has a question for everyone..

House passes Paul Ryan's budget

Wendy Davis meets President Obama

Sign petition to encourage Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat

Rudy Giuiani Implies He Was Involved in Wiring Al Sharpton

O'Really wants to be Colbert's sidekick ...

I don't know whether to sign this petition. :-(

"Why We’re in a New Gilded Age" by Paul Krugman at the NY Review of Books

What Shah’s departure means for fracking in New York

This is one hell of a strong statement!!

Friends of Governor Rick Snyder!!

Bill to make Bible Louisiana's official state book passes House Committee

On the Visual Subtext of Bush's Self-Portraiture

Prediction: Stephen Colbert will be back on Comedy Central in 2 years

You Should Be Afraid Of The Trade Deficit, Not The Budget Deficit

Has anyone seen this???

Mississippi Tea Party Candidate Mocks Whiny Minorities

El Salvador groups accuse Pacific Rim of 'assault on democratic governance'

You ever get a call from the "Windows Technical Dept"?

What purposes are served by the religion forum that aren't better served by the interfaith forum?

Pardonnez-moi, Boss, I Can't Answer the Phone Now, I'm Chez Moi

DOJ: APD violating citizens’ rights with excessive force

when history is inconvenient, rewrite it

Gov. Bobby Jindal calls on kissing congressman to resign

Jindal Calls On Kissing Congressman To Resign

"Investigators slam O’Keefe’s latest ‘political disinformation’"

Bill de Blasio Touts Accomplishments After First 100 Days

Australian Magpie Playing....What a crazy and wonderful world

Here's what's behind the Mike Ellis takedown:

Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords hubby) & brother Scott Kelly start "Unprecedented Astronaut Twin Study"

"Chris Christie Is Toast"

Retiring White House Prosecutor Says the SEC Is Corrupt

Dem Senator (Manchin) Defends Koch Brothers: ‘You Don’t Beat Up People’

April 10, 1917

Great story. Great photos. Great guy. Great eagle.

Jim DeMint’s History Lesson

Culling the Human Herd in the 21st Century

EU dumps gays, says Ukraine can have visa-free travel without LGBT non-discrim guarantee

Whaling Contradictions

Why US fracking companies are licking their lips over Ukraine

"Sheriff Joe" says he's a victim of racism too...

we shall overcome some day...#CivilRightsSummit

Want a not made in China shirt?

Mitch McConnell asks "who do you want to lead the Senate" on FB. Commenters release the kraken.

Health Care Providers Ask Full Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to Reconsider Texas Law that Blocks Ab

If aliens invited you to be the first human Ambassador to their planet, would you go?

Time to drop Dropbox.

NASA wants to land something big on Mars: Will a flying saucer help?

Wiretap Proponent Condoleezza Rice Joins Dropbox’s Board

Ever vigilant

French juggler creates amazing illusions with rings

Our president ...being chivalrous :)

Russia Pulls Voice of America Radio Off Air

Google Chrome Bug Could Allow Websites To Snoop On Conversations

What is this critter in my yard, river behind.

Markos: The free market dealt with Brandon Eich, conservatives should applaud.

Critic: Bush's paintings 'copied off Google'

I knew Ron Paul was good for something...

Asia overtakes U.S. as top destination for Venezuela oil -PDVSA


Hillary Clinton ducks shoe thrown at her during Las Vegas speech

Peruvian President Arrives In Canada For State Visit

BREAKING: Woman In Custody After Throwing Shoe At Hillary Clinton During Speech

The Most Expensive Health Care In the World (and one easy fix to start with)

The Case for Elizabeth Warren for President, in 7 Minutes

Labor Union to Cash-Rich Apple: “It’s Tax Time”

'Jesus's Wife' papyrus fragment not a forgery, scientists say

Re: Campaign Contributions

Big Ed just reported that a woman threw a shoe at Hillary

UN global study: Murder rate very high in Americas (US/Canada below global avg)

Mississippi GOP Senate Candidate: ‘I Ain’t Paying Taxes’ For Slavery ‘Reparations’

Billy Joel shows up at Long Island school's spring concert

Giffords gunman made online rants before killing

U.S. Not No. 1 on new Social Progress Index

Morgan-Stanley And The NH GOP Spread Lies About “Premium Increases Of 90%” Due To ACA

Stun gun used on rancher's son in cattle roundup

Hi. Has anyone been to Barre? (city)

Driver in deadly Fla. day care crash in custody

Mississippi Tea Party Darling Bragged About His 'Mamacita' Outreach

BOOKS: From Cheerleader to Enemy of the State | William T. Hathaway

Jazz -- A Riff on Integrity | Emanuele Corso

Puerto Rico coastal town first to ban plastic bags

Puerto Rico coastal town first to ban plastic bags

Health Secretary Resigns After Woes of

Running List of Corporations we should collectively either support or not support.

Health Secretary Resigns After Woes of

Does your cable get One America News Network?

Slovakia seeks gas talks with Ukraine, Russia, EU; Hungary set to supply Kiev

Shaheen Presses Top Air Force Officials On Development Of KC-46 Tanker For Pease AFB

Rowland Charged In Campaign Finance Conspiracy

Ohio man who harassed disabled kids to tote 'BULLY!' sign -judge

Stephen Colbert's ‘Late Show’ Deal Slammed by Rush Limbaugh

Alabama lawmaker under fire for racist comments claiming white people don't want to adopt black babi

What was the funniest, in hindsight, piece of advice your parents/caretakers gave you ?

There have been eleven earthquakes in Oklahoma today alone

Honduras, Venezuela have world's largest murder rates according to UN

Introducing the After Party--

'Monsanto, Koch Alliance'? GOP Congressman Pushes Bill to Block GMO Labling

Striking Workers Shame Prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital Over Low Pay

LA County Sheriff's Deputies Admit to Fatally Shooting Innocent Man

Russia Praised for Role at Iran Talks

Luckovich Toon: To Prevent Voter Fraud...

Is there a gun owners group?

"Mississippi Tea Party Candidate Mocks Whiny Minorities"

I am the personal representative of an estate and someone seems to have stolen all of the guns...

Investors Flee Tech Stocks Again, Pummeling Nasdaq

Stephen Colbert did a Nebraska bank commercial

"Jim DeMint’s History Lesson"

UCONN sorority suspended after forcing men to drink, eat dog biscuits, and wear women's underwear

If Aliens asked if they could move into your house and live with you - would you let them

Any DUers

Book review: ‘Why Science Does Not Disprove God’ by Amir D. Aczel

Report: Syria Rebel Infighting Kills 51 Fighters

Roman Missal Changes To Mass Rejected By Majority Of Catholic Priests, Survey Shows

Revealed: Extraordinary collection of 5,000 WWI photographs salvaged from RUBBISH DUMPS

"Republicans Come Up With A Novel Excuse For Screwing Over The Unemployed"

Major Kansas Papers Ignore Koch Connection To Anti-Teachers' Rights Legislation

8 Traits of the Disinformationalist

I would like to make a humble suggestion

Scott Brown’s Die Young and Broke Campaign Launch (A Statement By Granite State Progress)

North Texas homeowners association loses battle to shut down Orthodox Jewish services

"Jim Flaherty, former finance minister, dead at 64"

I'm sorry, guys. I can't get past her vote for the Iraq "war".

A: Sylvia Mathews Burwell

President Obama at Fort Hood:

Colbert to replace retiring Letterman; Limbaugh says CBS declaring war on America.

3 weeks old

Jeb Bush Immigration reform 'love': Did Jeb Bush comment change shape of 2016 race?

Budget Chief (Sylvia Mathews Burwell) Is Choice as New Health Secretary

Darrell Issa and the new McCarthy Era

We will not sit down...We will not shut up!

House of Cuts: The House Republican Budget Stacks the Deck Against the Middle Class, One Cut at a...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 April 2014

Naomi Klein - Why US fracking companies are licking their lips over Ukraine


This judge sure knows which side her bread is buttered on, doesn't she? Defending the 1%!