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Measure to legalize pot in Alaska has enough signatures to make ballot: backers

Turn on Tweety right fugging now - all Christie - Trenton we have a problem

The Rules change that could end gridlock in the US House

NASA: International space station operation extended by Obama until at least 2024

New York comptroller questions AT&T surveillance report plan

Season 2 The Haunting now on YouTube!

Big Business Doubles Down on GOP Civil War With Tea Party

Secretary of State Matt Schultz for 3rd Congressional District seat held by Republican Tom Latham?

The text of the lawsuit Christie's guy Wildstein filed to avoid testifying tomorrow.

The war on poverty is winnable, if we change tactics

Hi I'm new here

Chomsky, as usual nails it...

U.S. is 'taking from the young,' top business lobbyist says

I don't know man...

POLL: Will GOP refuse to show up again to the Judiciary Committee meeting/vote? (agenda link fixed)

US Senate Backs Sanctions Over Ukraine Violence

Mel Brooks movies: Corny or Clever?

AFT President Randi Weingarten’s Statement On The 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty

New Allegations Against Erick Gelhaus Added to Andy Lopez Lawsuit

Moscow airports ban carry-on liquids before Olympic Games

Got me through my darkest hour

Pope Invites Friend for Spin in St. Peter's Square

Which Nixonian speech will Christie give

Dreams see us through to forever

Bands Names With Produce

Meet the Puppy Bowl Line-up!!!

WCGreen Update--January, 2014

Man and dog recreate romantic movie scenes

Stealing J. Edgar Hoover’s Secrets --Burglars Who Took On F.B.I. Abandon Shadows

Words to live by! "Live so fully that..."

‘Devil nurse’ fined for dead patient photos

Bid to repeal transgender-student law falling short / Transgender rights could be overturned

Man arrested with 48 bombs in his car was member of the NRA and a College Republican

The President's To-do list and Repugnants responsible behavior

Something's wrong here, but I cant put my finger on it

I think rumors of Christie's demise may be greatly exagerated.


"David Brooks' Ignorance... is Vast"

Quackery is Woo & Vice Versa

Bartcop - Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014 Vol 3178 - Seal oil

FBI no longer primarily a crime-fighting agency

Another funny commercial, Bad Morning?

Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow are doing an amazing job re: Christie saga!!

Caption this!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 9 January 2014

Chris Hayes interviewing the Mayor of Ft. Lee, NJ.

Woman literally killed by New Jersey Republicans.

Experts withdraw from Internet security conference

Tell it like it is, MAYOR SOKOLICH!

Conjoined grey whale twins found, interesting coincidence?

Christie's mug is all over Facebook

An interesting article on the development of a new type of flow battery

Dad Is (Mostly) Totally Honest On 11-Month-Old Daughter's Daycare Questionnaire

Theology Question

Fox on headline-making Christie scandal emails: "Google them."

Art Laffer: The Minimum Wage Is Just The "Black Teenage Unemployment Act"

Slow down mummy~

Never, Never screw with New Jersey Traffic

'Mild Paedophilia Never Did Me Any Harm': Atheist Scientist Richard Dawkins Declares

The ghost of rigged elections past: New revelations on the death of Michael Connell

US consumer borrowing up $12.3 billion in November

Jahi McMath's lawyer says he has received death threats

Gov. Christie contradicted himself on the bridge issue..

It's TEXAS y'all - what can I say??

Does anyone really believe Christie the Lane Blocker will be forced to apologize for anything?

AFL-CIO 2013 Convention: Hareth Andrade-Ayala, "America"

Cardiologists urged to reduce inappropriate radiation exposure

How many NJ natives, now living out of state

Christie Administration's Bridge Lane Closure Slowed Search for Missing 4-Year-Old, Says Official

For your reading enjoyment: a selection of Bridge-scam quotes.

More ugly repuke state politics....

Chris Christie Denies Knowledge Of Bridge Payback Scheme

KY Rep. Accidentally Fired Gun In State Capitol: 'I Am A Gun Owner. It Happens

Formal proposal for a Movies group.

Frankly speaking:

Think Metadata Isn't Intrusive? Read This: Graphs by MIT Students Show its Enormously Intrusive!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Suffer the Little Children


The Go-Go's Got The Beat

About 100,000 bats dead after heatwave in southern Queensland

Governor Christie, your shoes are ready.

Mayor Mark Sokolich: "Shame on you" to Christie.. Link to Vid on CNN interview..

LBJ re war on poverty: "the challenge lies in how to create a just distribution of rising abundance"

Bridgegate couldn't have come at a worse time for Christie.

One Horrible Rich Person...

Chris Christie's Bridge Scandal Explained

Wow, things have changed. Denver Post has a Cannabis Website to cover marijuana!

Stuff White People Like: Secular Tourists

To all the New Jersey Democratic Mayors who supported Christie over Buono . . .

Christie's Thugs--Over the years since 9/11 I have read many stories...

If you believe Chris Christie still has a chance to be president, I've got a (GW) Bridge to sell you

Ezra Klein:Chris Christie’s problem is that he’s really, truly a bully

RI religious leaders urge action on poverty

The real reason this will bury Christie no matter what else is proven at this point:

The Wonder Bag will change the way you slow-cook forever

"It Was Time to Do More Than Protest": Activists Admit to 1971 Burglary that Exposed COINTELPRO

"Contrast for parties in 2016 presidential race"

Warehouse where anti-gay Houston leader claims to live lacks shower, refrigerator, TV

going to warm up tomorrow

Online writing programs?

GOP Messaging 101


Coast getting little radiation from Fukushima disaster

OMG Send Skittles! Send Skittles!

But, but, but ... what about my ideology?

The Era of Obama Is Driving the GOP Extinct as Republican Identification Plunges

Fort Lee woman died as GWB closures delayed medical help, report says

The Push For Civic Responsibility Is Only Window Dressing

Macy's announces 2,500 layoffs despite holiday success

Federal Studies Announced for Texas High-Speed Rail between Houston and Dallas

Backers of initiative to legalize marijuana in Alaska turn in signatures

Does Port Authority manual state when traffic studies can be performed?

The fate of his presidential campaign hangs on how he responds to the Fort Lee traffic scandal.

In response to the burgeoning scandal engulfing Governor Christie, after conferring with his

Wow-Rachel just reported that Wildstein took petty revenge on local reporter

The Money Behind Texas’ Most Influential Think Tank

Democracy Now extended interviews: Activists Admit to 1971 FBI Burglary That Exposed COINTELPRO

Lane Closures Delayed EMS Response to 4 Calls in Fort Lee and doubled response time.

Top comment on Slate about the SCANDAL

How do you discourage a neighbor's cat from killing the wildlife?

Never Mind

"Chris Christie’s problem is that he’s really, truly a bully"

"Chamber to Split With Tea Party in G.O.P. Primaries"

We have officially entered the "Worse than Bush" era of the Republican Party.

Tonight, we celebrate Dance

For Gov. Christie Creme - "The Harder They Come..."

Christie Aide: "They are the children of Buono voters."

“Cause of Death-Chris Christie’s Temper”?

Statewide candidates offer taste of Tea Party in McAllen

Fort Lee, NJ Population: 35,732 (2012)

Will Christie even last as Governor?

$85,000/yr Little Ricky moving on from DHHS... already.

Lest we forget the day Chris Christie yelled at a teacher. I'm tired of you people"!

A piddly question, a "why do they do that?" regarding music education...

POLL: Will Chris Christie resign?

All Points Bulletin, All parties should be on the outlook for Jeb Bush's ass.

The larger issue here is what Christie did to NJ is the exact same thing the House GOP

I got the card! (yes, another ACA post)

$281M jury verdict in wrongful death suit involving Army vet reduced

Texas Supreme Court Favors Landowner Over TransCanada in Eminent Domain Case

His eyes are gettin' weary, his back is gettin' tight...

At least he has a thick skin.

What Christie leaves unanswered is why he showed so little interest in getting the truth earlier.

NY Daily News: NY Post story about Spitzer's toe sucking jacuzzi romp untrue

Energy secretary cancels India trip amid diplomatic fight

One in three Americans slipped below the poverty line between 2009 and 2011

Has any one seen "Poisoner's Hanbook" on your local public channel.

Recall election process info page on NJ state website is down

"EMS responses delayed by GWB lane closures in Fort Lee"

Wow! Just fucking WOW! Lawrence O'Donnell just completely trashed Chuckie Toad

So I am considering starting a website

A Timeline For Those Just Tuning In To The Christie Bridge Scandal

Radio Disney's pro-fracking elementary school tour sparks outrage

Why Christie did not fire aides today

I'm wondering if Gov. Christie has just clinched the GOP nomination for president

Cuba – 55 years of ideas and truth

Jon Stewart: This in New Jersey! He's

oh shit. a phenomenally cute rescue puppy is looking for a furever home... in my village

Corsette piercing. It was hot in the uk in 2011. Has the fad made it to the US?

why is this Chris Christie going to resign?

Because my ex now needs a tax consultant,

Just found out that my husband's company is going public...

I have a question about domain names.

The Evolution of a Space Oddity...

Grand Old Paridy Tweet "Democrats want answers from Chris Christie on #Bridgeghazi.

Does Faux News like Chris Christie or not

Resigned State Treasurer Andy Dillon collects full salary while unemployed await jobs....

Thom Hartmann: Senator lives with the homeless

So, is it safe to assume that a lot of NJ DEM officials who endorsed Christie were blackmailed?

Pa. pizza shop delivers medicines during cold snap

The Nifty Fifty

Black Friday VS First Ever Legal Cannibis Sales..

"He's not going to fire her before he's assured she's going to back him up."

Good bye gallbladder, thank you for your service.

Close Guantánamo Tour January 2014

"Harry Reid Throws the First Punch"

All my friends IRL are either left-leaning or basically apolitical.

S.E Cupp says Christie must resign if he was involved in the shuttering of the bridge.

The Power Of Metadata

Nice Try Canada...

WARNING: GRAPHIC dog torturer faces felony charges up to 55 or 60 years in prison; held without bail

Stewart Knows NJ Corruption, and as Far as He's Concerned, Bridge Scandal Is Amateur Hour

Christie administration may have violated public records law

Backers of initiative to legalize marijuana in Alaska turn in signatures

what dorky things do you do?

Christie's high school buddy implicated in GWB blockade.

Obama Likely To Adjust US Spying On Foreign Leaders, Nearing Decision On Intelligence Changes

Get Building!

Are you F***KING Serious!

S3 (Strong) Solar Radiation Storm In Progress

Scientist shows just how stupid Rush Limbaugh is....

George Washington Bridge = GWB & George W. Bush = GWB ---- Coincidence......

“It will be a tough November for this little Serbian”

Chris Christie could inherit the NSA and drone program from Obama.

Former Port Authority exec files lawsuit to quash subpoena in GWB probe

Oil rig worker sues over semen-laced food

India's Soviet-era carrier arrives six years late

anyone with photoshop, please make a Christie pic ...

What does Bridget Anne Kelly do?

The "It's always the cover-up" CW misses a logical point

Ads Telling Voters "Recall Is Not the Wisconsin Way" Funded by Out-of-State Koch Network (PR Watch)

Two indicted in $4 million BISD embezzlement case (Beaumont)

Brazil: An Inconvenient History (BBC)

Exclusive: Ads Telling Voters "Recall Is Not the Wisconsin Way" Funded by Out-of-State Koch Network

Will Issa investigate #Bridgeghazi?

Insane Clown Posse fans sue feds, say FBI gang label is 'un-American'

Immigration foes dig in amid expectations in House

Reminder: Republicans who trash Christie will be some of the Worst

Former Texas Association of School Boards official pleas guilty to mail fraud

What show is this Muppet like character from?

So what's the biggest thing you can order on Amazon...

Dennis Rodman apologizes for Bae comments

do not pour champagne over CC getting busted in NJ

Ex-NY police officers charged in disability scam

Former NSA whistleblowers plead for chance to brief Obama on agency abuses

Rep. Jason Villalba (R) imitates Poacher Perry to lure Sriracha plant to Texas

Brain dead teen gets feeding, breathing tubes

Rep. Jason Villalba (R) imitates Poacher Perry to lure Sriracha plant to Texas

How long until Issa and the GOP blame Obama for Bridgegate?

NY Daily News editorial on Christie is brutal

As cannabis is widely legalised, China cashes in on an unprecedented boom

The "haves and the have mores" W speach to his donors in Farenhiet 9/11. Is one of the ones Koch?

Former SS soldier charged over World War II massacre

Another animal rescue story that will melt your heart...

NASA discovers new potentially hazardous asteroid

Humanlike Features Discovered In 4.4M-Year-Old Ardipithecus Skull

Nuclear weapon test debris 'persists' in atmosphere

Expect the 91 year old woman who died to be named shortly...

US oil boom shuts refineries and keeps supertankers at bay

Colombia stops Drummond coal shipments over environmental row

Call me crazy, but if a Republican is involved in a scandal (such as Christie)...

Where Children Sleep

You need this video in your life.

View from the ISS at Night (STUNNING Video!)

Bolivia assumes G77 chair, calling for just world

AWESOME veggie encounter today.

Deported for the holidays: Guatemalan sent back after 2 decades, 5 children



The Orangutan and the Hound

I learned the hard way what it means to lead someone on...

Former supervisor at Indian Point nuclear plant fighting incarceration in federal court

Guatemala journalist barred from leaving country

ENENEWS Update 01-09-14

America’s Black-Ops Blackout: Unraveling the secrets of the military’s secret military

Bolivia plans first megawatt-scale PV plant

Christie Finds Out His Aides Bridge-Closing Plan

I have a prediction about Robert Gates

Cuba’s First Transsexual Politician

If you want reliable Fukushima news that is also believable...

Oklahoma man charged with 'atomic wedgie' murder of stepfather

Why even ask Dennis Rodman to interfere in the release of Bae? Rodman does

There's Something Absolutely Wrong With What We Do To Boys Before They Grow Into Men

Thanks to Gates, my opinion of Obama has risen.

Fort Lee woman may have died as a result of bridge closing

The other Ground Zero

Theorists Predict New State of Quantum Matter May Have Big Impact on Electronics

Wounded Indianapolis Officer Sues Seller of Gun Used to Shoot Him

I'm watching Joe Scum this morning to get a feel for the ReTHUG take on Christie's

Norwalk man gets two years for self-defense shooting

Where can I watch the hearings in Trenton today?

Congressman Jefferies will be on Joe Madison show talking about the Dec.3rd impeachment meeting

Fifth Omaha police officer loses job over 33rd, Seward arrests

The article you've all been waiting for -S.E. Cupp: Chris Christie can resign and win the presidency

About this so called traffic study...which was initiated by Christies staff...

Joe Madison: Christ Christie is LYING!!! and he's done politically

Gun license revocation upheld for Menallen Township gun dealer

Toddler in video posted by Omaha police union taken into protective custody

How Mumbai gets its laundry done, and some other pictures

Pastafarian Update

Bridge closure slowed the search of 4 year old missing child

Christie - When did he find out?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren demands transparency when feds settle claims against big banks

Florida's mangrove forests expand north with climate change

College Football history made with 2013 season

Chomsky: How Can We Escape the Curse of Economic Exploitation and Political Enslavement?

Why Expanding Social Security Is Crucial to Addressing Inequality in America in 2014

Would it be possible to create a 'Loonie Tunes' group?

The drama of impeachment of the New Jersey Governor?

10 Things You Might Not Know About Poverty

How the Private Sector Is Destroying Our Personal Space

Gatesgate: Why Obama was right to Distrust his Generals on Afghanistan

Needs No Title

Pathetic! Morning Jowl tries to justify Christie's actions. Also CNN Anchor Cuomo stated that FOX

Iraq’s Real Problem: A US Occupation legacy of Sectarian Politics

Sen. Warren introduces bipartisan bill to increase transparency in reporting federal settlements

Fall of Fallujah refocuses US on Iraq

Egypt court jails 63 Brotherhood supporters for 3 years.

Fallujah: Obama’s Newest Headache

New law lets company charge employees for company car.

Breaking the Silence: Broad Support for Footballer's Coming Out

The Law of Thermodynamics anyone?

The US now watches the majority of its online porn on mobile phones

Meet The Eight People Who Are Ruining Chris Christie's Week

Christie news conference at 11am Eastern today.

Super Subs: The German Defense Industry Discovers Asia

Gov. Christie announces 11 a.m. ET press conference following bridge controversy

Honeybee shortage threatens crop pollination in Europe

A Brother's Vengeance: The Preacher Who Could Topple Erdogan

Emperor penguins beat ice cliffs to breed

Me discussing Chris Christie and Bridge-Gate on FBN's The Independents

"Sopranos Make NJ Comeback" is the headline on HuffPost. Oh..My...n/t

xpost from V&M: Me discussing Chris Christie and Bridge-Gate on FBN's The Independents

Disaster Centennial: The Disturbing Relevance of World War I

U.S. needs modern nuclear deterrent despite high price tag -Hagel

Christie Bridge disaster within days of 9/11

Chicago Police Misconduct Lawsuit: Claim Authorities Robbed Apartment And Illegally Detained Them

Boeing machinists allege unfair labor practices, seek revote

OMG Just got a leather coat!

Fighting rages between Syrian rebels and ISIL

Brand Expansion: China's Race to Conquer World Markets

School dropoff in a torrential downpour...

Economic Health: Has Greece Turned a Corner?

Does anyone find it absolutely delicious

Russia accuses Greenpeace of encouraging Senegal to seize trawler

I've been WAITING for this to happen to Christie for YEARS...

For 'Moral Monday' Organizers, A National Vision 'As North Carolina goes, so goes the nation'

Christie And Bush Helped Make Each Other

Why is Chris Christie silent on climate change, even as New Jersey is threatened by rising seas?

Syria Reports 2 Attacks on Chemical Arms Sites

Ex-Christie Appointee Testifies Live at Noon

xpost from V&M: Me discussing Chris Christie and Bridge-Gate on FBN's The Independents

Former Christie Ally, Opponent Always Knew Governor 'Would Implode At Some Point

‘War On Freedom’ Facebook Page Latest To Threaten President Obama's Life.

Who takes over if Christie resigns?

This is a roller coaster ride. I want to curl up in a ball and cry

I will be honest IF Christie is still held up as a seriously candidate for anything after the whole

Christie Will Finally Go On Camera To Address Bridge Scandal

DOJ files motion to block release of NSA info

Nick Clegg backs ending of child benefit payments for children who live abroad

Corbett Announces He Has Been Endorsed by Stock Photos of Canadian Farmers

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The Troll Under The Bridge

having a musician infestation?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The Party of Personal Responsibility

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Worm

When Fuckie Todd turns on a ReTHUG

Big Business Doubles Down on GOP Civil War With Tea Party

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

old chuck toad is going all fair and balanced on m$nbc

Slather It, Baby! Butter Consumption Hits 40-Year High

Christie the Bridge Troll

Sorry--but Pope Francis is no liberal

Christie's Bridge Scandal Dominates N.J. Headlines (PHOTOS)

US weather in pictures.

Russia: 6 deaths, car blast prompt security sweep ahead of Sochi

Funds With $100 Billion May Be Too Big to Fail, FSB Says

Does Looking at the Ultrasound Before an Abortion Change Women's Minds?

Jon Stewart Thinks Christie's Bridge Scandal Is Probably Giving Paul Ryan A Boner

USDA closes Foster Farms plant over roach infestation

Forget 2016, Chris Christie may not even be governor much longer

Fallout continues from Christie bridge scandal

Christie will hold a press conference today about Bridge-ghazi. Who will he blame/yell at?

America's Middle Class Becomes the New Working Poor

Most important political news this week: New report kills GOP’s radical agenda

How to Talk to a 'Brocialist'

Will Bridget Kelly rat Christie out?

‘I Had Been Drinking’: Rodman Apologizes for North Korea Rant

K Street pushes to shape $1T omnibus spending legislation

My question, will the M$M arise to save Christie's hide?

Pro-choice politicians play offense!: Vermont introduces bill protecting right to abortion

Former Christie Ally, Opponent Always Knew Governor 'Would Implode At Some Point'

Ari Fleischer urges media to focus on what's really important.

Bill would allow chewing Pop-Tarts into gun shapes in Oklahoma schools

Time Magazine refers to bigot Rick Warren as an "AIDS activist"

Ugh, cleaning range hood

Bush’s Iraqi “freedom”: Bloody civil war

Republican Rauner: Cut state’s hourly minimum wage by $1 to be ‘competitive’

In New Jersey, There’s No Exit for Chris Christie’s Bridge Trolls

Muffy from Pickles on Today's Comics and Off The Mark

RELATED SEARCHES ad on the left. ????

Illinois “Nightmare Bacteria” Outbreak Raises Alarms

State Department: Benghazi Not Planned By 'Core Al Qaeda'

What Liberals Don’t Get About Single Payer

“The Buck STARTS Here”: NJ Governor Chris Christie

The Price of GOP Obamacare Sabotage In One Chart

Despite what the critics say, Obamacare is working

Millionaires run our government. Here’s why that matters.

Fidel Castro Has 1st Public Appearance in 9 Months

Conservative scholar blasts Marco Rubio’s ‘extraordinarily bad’ anti-poverty proposal

Jobless benefits not top priority to House GOP

Too funny! Came here to post another pretty sunrise today at my house

Does anyone think that closing lanes on the GWB is the only time Christie used his

Rachel Maddow: Bridge scandal marks the end of Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions

Denton Co. GOP Chair Warns Of "Abortion Barbie" And Her "Hispanic" Running Mate

Denton Co. GOP Chair Warns Of "Abortion Barbie" And Her "Hispanic" Running Mate

American Council on Health & Science, Funded by Corporations

IL Gov. Candidate Sorry For Call To Lower Minimum Wage

N.J. Paper: 'Playing God' With Bridge Warrants Federal Criminal Investigation

Turns out that Christie WAS the guy with the cones after all.

N.J. Paper: 'Playing God' With Bridge Warrants Federal Criminal Investigation

Great White Sharks Live for 70 Years or More

CIA Embeded Agents Into NYPD After 9/11

McCain To Christie: Put This Scandal To Bed

Police: Officer-involved shooting victim unarmed, officer shot by ‘friendly fire’

Central African Republic: Fears of sectarian genocide

Coburn May Cut Senate Term Short As He Battles Cancer

Pic Of The Moment: A Delicious Combination

Stile: GWB controversy deals a big hit to Christie's reputation as truth-teller

UK Express: Liberal Democrats stand on immigration is a disaster for Britain

Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Japan

Other Democratic politicians in New Jersey feared retribution who gave their endorsement to Christie

local teenager gives blankets to homeless in frigid cold

WATCH LIVE: Christie Holds Press Conference At 11 AM

Papantonio: GOP Sociopaths Learn Empathy

Who is "Charlie" in the bridge scandal emails?

Big gains seen for Eurosceptics, right-wingers in EU poll

Retired general says Obama had 'tough call' on Afghanistan.

Senators Negotiating Ways To Pay For Yearlong Jobless Benefits

Right from the start,when asked, Christy asserted it was no big deal...

Fat Chance Now, Chris

The Poverty Line Was Designed Assuming Every Family Had a Housewife Who Was a 'Skillful Cook'

Christie's Press Conference to be aired on CSPAN at 11:00 am EST

"Time For Some Traffic Problems In Fort Lee" & "Got It" To Me Sound Like This.....

Meryl Streep Honors Emma Thompson, Slams Walt Disney

U.S. Attorney to Open Inquiry Into Bridge Scandal

Has anyone gotten a HARP Mortage?

So Christie is speaking before Wildstein

This is my 2 cents on Chris Christie and the fact that he says 'I didn't know'

'Friends,' check out my fb 'wall' or whatever,

Suicide and the 'Impure' Soul

Chandra’s Verdict on the Demise of a Star: “Death by Black Hole”

Don't think Christie punishes blue cities - read this article from Rolling Stone

I'm hope GWBridgegate inspires the media to finally puncture the Christie/Sandy myth

Two People Fired

Why is the posterchild for ReTHUGs Christie- like a Bridget over troubled waters

Working Poor In Rural USA

One important factor about the Christie bridge scandal that no one has mentioned?

We are all in this together, we are in serious trouble.

Is Chris Christie going to joke it up today?

Christie's comments. He must have watched Jon Stewart.

Christie has started speaking just now -

Staffer’s head rolls as Christie looks to save neck over Bridgegate

He knew

Gov. Jerry Brown to propose billions in new spending

European parliament invites Edward Snowden to testify via video

If you can't run a small state effectively, how can you expect to run a country?

Fat chance now, Christie. You've gotta see this TOON

Exclusive: U.S. waived laws to keep F-35 on track with China-made parts

At his presser, Chris Christie: "Bridget Kelly lied to me"

If Christie had these heart to heart staff meetings a month ago-and demanded

So Christie's defense is: I am incompetent at choosing and managing my staff?

Fukushima; What You Should and Shouldn't Worry About

This article from November may explain what Christie was really up to

Nobody believes what he's saying on twitter

She lied to me - yes and I have the GWB to sell


You're responsible, you say? Then resign and admit your culpability. nt

Video of Christie's presser

I think we just caught Christie in another lie...

Bullets in memory of Newtown

That wasn't a mistake

He's Going To Personally Visit The Mayor Of Ft. Lee And Apologize To Him......

There are 19 states that allow for recall of elected officials......

DEBUNKED Tea Party Meme: Walmart Offers Better Healthcare Than Obamacare!

Judge won't block GWB subpoena

Christie just lied flat out, claiming he's not a bully

Here - seriously - is what's happening with Christie

Huh??? "Finding more "INFORMATION" out there" Christie threading the needle

Majority of senators back new Iran sanctions, pressuring Obama

GOP Newspaper: Christie is a "Thug" and "he's Finished"

50 Years Into The War On Poverty, Right-Wing Media Want To Give Up The Fight

Christie! What a fucker! He "wouldn't have made a joke about the

I totally believe him that he's outraged

clearly we can all agree that the biggest victim here is Chris Christie

See what happens when we allow gay marriage!?

"Christie says his staff is like a family"

I am not a Crook..

What does this quote mean from Christie?

Weren't there calls and public comments made to his office during the 4 days of

Chris Christie praised as hero

to be perfectly honest - Christie performed well and will PROBABLY live to fight another day

God he's such a fucking liar, I'm yelling at my tv

Kristin Gillibrand - Iran Sanctions? - I AM DONE SUPPORTING YOU. #selfish #powerhungry

Libya's PM warns may sink oil tankers nearing east ports

"What did I do wrong to have these folks think it's OK to lie to me?"

No one is explaining WHY B. Kelly would take it upon herself to exact political retribution

Do you agree with Chris Christie that's he a victim in all this?

Nobody Has Asked Him Why His Office Didn't Return Calls From The Ft. Lee Mayor.....

TPM headlines expose Christie's lame BS and lies

Just what does someone have to say to be charged with sedition?

Climate Change | David Mitchell's SoapBox

Exclusive clip of Chris Christie News Conf discussing whether he knew about the GWB closing

Is anybody else enjoying watching Christie's nascent presidential campaign implode as much as me?

Is there a method of impeachment, judicial removal or

Why The Christie Mess Is Even Worse For Him Than It Seems

Ladies and Gentlemen, remove your hats. A presidential dream has just died.

How Buttons the Cat, Paralyzed and Headed for Death Row, Found a Home

Christie's Press Conference: Has he EVER taken this many questions from female journalists?

Unfortunately Chris Christie is doing a great job in the presser...

Mein Kampf becomes a surprise bestseller

"Mistakes were made"

James Melton: The war on poverty is winnable, if we change tactics

Chris Christie apologises for bridge-gridlock scandal

Kitten Bowl to feature Tim Teepaw, Tomcat Brady, Dan Furrino

Baghdad Chris:

Kitten Bowl to feature Tim Teepaw, Tomcat Brady, Dan Furrino

He's getting testy.

Curious statement by Christie

Chris Christie: "I am not a bully"

"I Am Not A Bully"....That is it...He said that, Good By Asshole..

So KELLY was so mad at the mayor, SHE orchestrated all this -- from Christie's office

Here's a really cute pic of Aiman and his sisters.

Keep up with the "Traffic Study" meme Chris

Fucking up traffic to study it?

The Daily News gets to the heart of the matter

Raise your hand if you wish you were watching this with HillaryClinton.

So I hear the Jersey Barrier went up

Translated Christie News Conference

For a former Prosecutor Christie was pretty easily duped.

Not to speak heresies, but...

N.J. judge denies Port Authority official's request to quash subpoena

Are they replaying video on MSNBC or is he still bullying us with his lies? nt

This Is What 'Royals' Would Sound Like From A 30-Year-Old

Christie is going through the Stages of Grief.

I remember when watergate was a 2 bit burglary and 2 years later or so

Even if you look at this imbroglio in a light most favorable to Governor Christie

Christie's statements today will become classic psychology class studies.

now Christie is quoting Elizabeth Kubler-Ross???

Christie Shot a Hole In The Boat

Christie: David Wildstein (who closed the GW Bridge) and I are not lifelong friends....

Chris Christie Stages of Grief

Student who survived two plane crashes hits three-pointer; crowd goes wild

Olive Garden Is Probably Worse For You Than McDonalds

Has anyone asked Christie what's been redacted from the messages?

Christie's Theme Song.....

The GOP's heroes are going down one by one

Christie: "Its awful someone died , but there are questions about the cause of death"

Fox News mobile-NYC Horses, IRS, Rodman, BENGHAZI


I have a question!

A first look at VICE NEWS with Shane Smith

Early man lived on Tiger Nuts

What a reporter should have asked Colonel Jessup/Gov Christie

Couldn't we have a single unified Christie implosion thread?

Here’s Proof That Governor Christie Is Still Misleading The Public On Bridge Scandal

Jon Stewart on Chris Christie’s scandal: ‘You can see Paul Ryan’s b*ner from space’

Fox News Abandons Gov. Traffic Study's Press Conference

Several questions for Gov. Christie

2 year-old OK after left in car seat for 9 cold hours (2 degrees up to 19 over the day)

‘What could they have been thinking?’ (and a LOL WTF?)

Dick Clark and American Bandstand’s Behind-the-Scenes Anti-Gay History

The Most Maddening Thing -The Deification Of Christie By The Media

Christie: " I never heard of Ft Lee mayor, never spoke to him before, never on my radar screen"

I call bullshit

Al Roker Excoriates Rush Limbaugh's Stupid Weather Comment With Facts (VIDEO)

Need help with money for college?

"Oklahoma man charged with 'atomic wedgie' murder of stepfather"

Over an hour of repetition!

so, one wonders what else is going on in the world while our attention is directed to bridgegate.

Jon Stewart Castigates Fox News On Global Warming (VIDEO)

Gov. #Christie never met Mayor Sokolich? This photo says otherwise. Mayor is far left.

"Payback's A Bridge...Doesn't Lead To The White House"

Sale of shipwreck salvage from Dominican Republic....

Christie saw the email for the first time at 8:50 AM yesterday? Don't they watch Rachel?

There's only two scenarios in this Christie mess

Christie just said he talked to his wife about the Bridge Scandel

This political pic is too funny( not making fun of his weight btw)

What 3rd Century China thought about the Roman Empire...

Derf's Predictions for 2014

Christie appointee must testify before state committee: Judge

Bridget just might have a thing or two to add...

Hot Dog-Hot Smog

Was Christie asked about cutting the funding of the Rutgers professor due to redistricting

When Are We Going to Stop Whining About the Media

Two words:

Brian McFadden's "Unlikely Headlines in 2014"

Chris Christie: 'I am not a crook'

Unlocking the scrolls of Herculaneum....

If the bridge was shut down 1 day why wasn't he aware of it and let it go on for 4 days?

Christie says this this came to his attn yesterday AM, but later admits not sleeping last 2 nights..

Boehner: Christie remains presidential contender

Governor Christie: "I am not a lunatic"

Christie's Message: I'm The Victim Here, And I Have A Sad

I would have to go back and read the transcript, but Christie

"What did the (president) governor know, and when did he know it"

help from birders

Christie Deploys "The Jesus/Nixon Defence"......

Is Anybody Curious As To What The Instant Analysis Will Be Of This Presser When It's Over....

What Deal Did Christie Offer Bridge Anne KellY?

Bullshit. If he didn't know anything then why the cover-up style?

Holy Shit. Christie still talking. Its a filibuster !

Christie is a victim just like the Waffen SS Guards were victims....

Why The Republican’s Old Divide-and-Conquer Strategy — Setting Working Class Against the Poor — Is B

Christie must think he's doing well

So, Christie's defense can be summarized thus

Obama Weighs Limiting NSA Access To Phone Records

Link to David Wildstein testimony

translation: Ft. Lee is not going to get reimbursed

A lengthy press conference and I don't believe a word of it. eom

Christie: 'I Don't Know' Who Initiated Bridge Lane Closures

Obamacare to cover breast cancer prevention drugs

Japan plans to re-create meltdown to learn more about Fukushima crisis

Well, at least Mayor Sokolich didn't wake up to his horse's head in his bed.

Live feed for bridgegate staffer

To state the obvious:

My Prediction on NJ Bridge gate

Everybody Remember Fitzmas

Has Rick Santorum always been this deluded?

Christie must have thought his presser was a big success.

This feels like the polar opposite of the IRS 'scandal'

The only thing that Christie is embarrassed and

Hope you weren't planning on paying your property taxes on time

Faux News playing up "taking responsibility for bad actions"

"... she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

Far-right activist: "Obama nuked dolphins"

Big oil still in denial.

Barbara Buono is on Andrea Mitchell now

Street Art

Woman Sets Record For Devouring 72 Oz Steak In Three Minutes

Here is the deal Governor


Found another google easter egg

Will this derail Christies presidential ambition

RW Mark Levin destroyed by Cyber Lady Robot of Truth while debating Obamacare

Niagra Falls freezes

Did Macklemore's Visit Help Cure Rare Heart Condition?

WATCH LIVE: David Wildstein (Christie appointee) testifying before Assembly (Bridgegate)

Wildstein just pleaded 5th Amendment

Christie Heading To Ft. Lee Whether Mayor Wants Him Or Not

Liar Rubio now frontrunner in my opinion

Ding Ding Ding: Over 2 Weeks Ago-Christie Claimed His Staff Gave Him a ‘Full Briefing’ on Bridgegate

Moon Landing

I've gotta get my mind out of the gutter. "Coronal mass ejection" just sounds dirty.

How do emails get redacted or un-redacted?

"Christie Lyin', People Dyin'"!?!

HELLO MSM, is the following statement by Christie not a HEADLINE?????

Lazy Rider . . . and other fantasy transportation

Wildstein, at hearing, pleads the 5th.

Bob Shrum: If Christy is telling the truth this helps him tremendously he looked good in the conf.

Nevermind, found the link in another post. Thanks to riverwalker. Link within...

Wildstein's version of Taking the Fifth is Laborious

No, Niagara Falls didn't freeze during the Polar Vortex (I live here, btw)

Teenager accused in Maryville, Mo., rape case will not be charged with sexual assault

Democrats Pile On Christie Scandal: Governor Needs To Check His Ego

Davis to unveil Texas education proposals

Is Bridget Kelly exposed to possible charges of negligent homicide?

Halperin and Cilissa trying to give cover

Ford Exec: 'We Know Everyone Who Breaks The Law' Thanks To Our GPS In Your Car

Christie Point Man At The Center Of Bridge Scandal Pleads The Fifth

China moves to ban public smoking

Republicans searching for Obama's real birth certificate now on search for the real traffic study?

Should Christie's aides be granted immunity?

Oh, FFS. When your right-hand is an Insane Criminal...

I think I know what Chrsitie can do to get out of this

Gonna be some brutal all nighter for somebody to write that "traffic study" NOW…. — Richard

The 27 Naughtiest Cats In The World... And I Can't Stop Laughing

Did Christie accidentally fire the staffer who tells him when to end a press conference? —

Suicide and the 'Impure' Soul

Good points regarding the Democrats leading the investigation of the Bridge jam in N.J.

Will President Christie be as careful selecting his closest aides and advisors in the White House...

Pope Francis and Change in the Roman Catholic Church

Marijuana Rationing Begins in Colorado, Big Demand in Spite of High Prices

Here's the Thing-- "The Polar Vortex"

Despite appearances, Japan insists Izumo is not an aircraft carrier

Florida moves ahead with bill legalizing 'warning shots' during confrontations

Can TIME Predict Your Politics? A Quiz

What's Chris Christie's favorite song?

What Obamacare Really Is All About

Arianna Huffington announces launch of World Post (T. Blair and B. Gates among new site's contr.)

Christie: "I fired her because she lied to me"

I have always despised bullies and is it just me,

Not An Isolated Incident: Christie Has Been Repeatedly Accused Of Political Retribution

Why Wall Street Execs Are Buying Local School Board Elections

City Pages: Man kills himself in downtown Minneapolis's LaSalle Plaza

I was frankly disappointed with the NJ Governor's press conference today. Whatever


"A Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey writes in and says ..."

Robert Reich: Republican Divide-and-Conquer Strategy is Backfiring

Chris Christie is NOT a bully. He's a frat boy.

Boehner: Christie remains presidential contender (WSJ)

Has mayor Sokolich said if, or who asked him for a Christie endorsement?

The Right is Celebrating the Christie Scandal

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Chris Christie's Epically Long Press Conference

The Lie Bridget Kelly told Christie

Two stories the people of NJ should have considered

League of Angels

Wildstein's lawyer just offered his testimony in exchange for immunity.

I'm Going Home!

Did the NJ Assembly Committee just vote Wildstein in Contempt of Committee?

So who do you think called Bridget Ann Kelly since she was fired?

Dennis Rodman: "I had been drinking"

Creationist debates atheist 6th grader

Renewable Energy Is Now The Source Of 40 Percent Of Scotland’s Electricity

Well, saw my new doctor today.


Texas charges controversial doctor with false ads

You don't really want to see this.

Is it wrong that I am smiling?

Senate introduces "fast track" trade legislation to grease the rails for TPP.

Chris Christie's press conference claims don't add up

Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber

I think I'm going to quit my job, leave my husband and become a rock groupie

You were the chosen one

Bridghazi !

"I couldn't pick him out of a line up."

Relevant History: Nixon's Checkers Speech

Anyone watching President Obama

B'Tselem: Video: Military accompanies settler attack; Military appears to have served as security

Neighbors of Fort Lee Woman Who Died After GWB Closures Delayed Emergency Response Speak

The fastest and slowest Internet speeds in the U.S.

Maine governor to state attorney general: 'Sue me'

Cops Shoot Mentally Ill Teen After Tasering Him: 'We Don't Have Time for This'

Book: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Offered Employee $100/Week for Sex

Afghanistan to free most inmates seen by U.S. as threat

The Republican’s Old Divide-and-Conquer Strategy-Setting Working Class Against the Poor-Is Backfirin

PFLP, DFLP claim mortar strike on Israeli military targets

Learning music early builds up brain's reserves against dementia

This Church Sign Perfectly Sums Up How You Feel About The Cold Weather

Am I am on the NSA's radar, because I search for Al-Qaeda now and then?

How Did The Local News Stations In NJ Report About The Traffic Jams When They Were Happening?.....

Wisconsin: Oppose SB 349: The Kneecapping Local Communties Bill

Taliban kills "Pakistan's toughest cop" in Karachi car bomb

Fighting Quartet Leading U.S. Congress Slowed by Seven Years of Grudge

Andrew Sullivan: He Hasn’t Gotten Around To Anger Yet

Happy 70th Birthday, Jimmy Page

I love this quote by John Waters...

Jennifer McCarthy Pulls Gun From Vagina After Dispute Over Space Aliens: Cops

Egypt not taking Gaza humanitarian crisis 'seriously'

Maryville Rape Victim Daisy Coleman Attempts Suicide

U.S. Unemployment Benefit Applications Fall To Lowest Level In Month

Aluminium firm Alcoa to pay $384m after pleading guilty to Bahrain bribery

Re: the Christie presser...I swear I've seen this movie before...

GWB Scandal. Were Private E-Mail Systems Used?

Congressional Deal Reached on Obama Trade-Talks Authority

"What did I do wrong for these people to think it was okay to lie to me?"

Why Conservatives Aren’t Rushing To Chris Christie’s Defense

Gonorrhea, Syphilis Regain Traction in U.S., CDC Reports

Isn't sad that Barbara Buono is getting more attention now than she ever did during the campaign?

If Chris Christie Only Learned About Emails Yesterday, Why ‘Two’ Sleepless Nights?

I'm already thinking of next Christmas - so what's the best cookie press out there?

Robert Reich: "All this renders the old Republican divide-and-conquer strategy obsolete."

Christie causes traffic jam ...

Requesting a new Group: Climate Change.

Joan Walsh: Chris Christie’s 2-hour pity party

Jameis Winston's Alleged Victim Will 'Absolutely' Sue the FSU Quarterback

New report kills GOP’s radical agenda, Obamacare slows costs to healthcare?

Armed with Reason: The Gun Study Data Base

Christie: "It wasn't my fault, I swear to God!"

2016 Presidential Race!

Bridge to Nowhere

It’s Obamacare all the time for Republicans

I just did an overhaul on my kitchen lighting

What #bridgegate tells us about the GOP

The Gift Of Fear

Syrian opposition group on brink of collapse

Marina Ginestà - obituary

Bobfr tweet - Gov. Christie's team are domestic terrorism?

Bridge scandal: Chris Christie, in me-me-me mode, is very sad. Very.

Sing after me: It's beginning to look a lot like Christiemas

Kick if you agree with this assessment about the connection between religion and science.

What's your bad/good movie/TV threshold?

Nerdy Wonka tweet - "I am not a ____."

One famous New Jerseyite's reaction to Chris Christie's professed sadness over Tollgate:

Romney incident illustrates MSNBC's problem - Article from SF Chronicle that I missed this AM

Candidate for Texas school board, GOP division...

How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public - Pew

NJ Dems Not Satisfied With Christie's Answers

I have a question about the sales of Marijuana in Colorado....

New Jersey Assembly Committee Finds Christie Pal In Contempt

The Callmecrazy Cruise--- Part One...

Danziger Bridge cops lose bid to get out of prison while case is pending

Bi-Partisan Senate Introduces the TPP for FAST TRACK AUTHORITY!

Spill trial: Lawyers chided for contacting jurors

No one's getting nuthun'

Christie’s “inaccurate claims”: Jersey City Mayor slams governor’s honesty after press conference



GOP activist has sure-fire "issue" for republicans to run on this year!

FBI chief doesn't see Snowden as a whistleblower

How to investigate Chris Christie: Watergate prosecutor talks to Salon

Michele Bachmann Links Poverty, Family ‘Decay’ (50th Anniversary of LBJ's Great Society programs)

Obama to visit North Carolina in lead up to State of the Union

Louie Gohmert: I became a congressman to stop single moms from getting welfare checks

NFL Matchmaking Game from the Musers:

Bloomberg News: "Congressional Deal Reached on Obama Trade-Talks (TPP) Authority"

The Rock in talks for a DC Character (Green Lantern or Lobo?) Denzel = Stewart?

Best Tweets during I-Am-Not-A-Bully Presser..

Fox host on Christie: ‘Bridge thing’ ruining coverage of Bob Gates’ Obama-bashing

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 9, 2014

Christie: "I'm Not A Bully!"

"How It's Done" by DemRapidResponse

Stupid question: are all the lanes on Chritie-cone-brige now open?

How has use of the term "white privilege" harmed you?

Anyone who has executive or managerial experience on a large level knows...

Neil Young - Star of Bethlehem

Laverne Cox

I couldn't help noticing...

Anna Wintour Trying To Remake Lena Dunham and ‘Girls’ into Vogue High Fashion Material

Amiri Baraka died, rip, great activist and human

Who would start a SYNTHETIC marijuana ring?

Americans Identifying as Independents Hits Record High as Republican ID Drops to 30-Year Low

Indian diplomat indicted in NY, leaves US

Wind Power's Growth Blown Away by Tax Uncertainty

Actual TPot post as everyone throws Christie under the bus, but only a TPot does it like this:

"He’s Bob McDonnell in slow motion….""

NJ Lawmaker Wants To Hear From Fired Christie Aide Bridget Kelly Next

Front page headlines for Chris Christie

York U student’s refusal to work with women sparks rights debate

Amiri Baraka, former N.J. poet laureate and prolific author, dead at 79

If you are a Big Lebowski fan...

What climate change?

Toilet brush becomes city protest symbol

Each time ~

Every Norwegian now a krone millionaire

New University Analysis (CARD): No Changes Needed to 2014 and 2015 Renewable Fuel Requirements

Lindsey Graham throws bridge troll Christie under a bus.

Anyone know anything about Farmers Insurance Group?

For the record - chris christie IS a bully and the Viceroy of Vendetta. Track record:

It’s called Permutation Racer. It’s free.

Brutal Australian Heatwave (or how conservatives can't grasp things far away)

Call me when Christie gets frog-marched

Snowden obtained nearly 2 million classified files in NSA leak – Pentagon report

Here's an interesting article I found on FB

The Karma of Empire Americana | Philip A. Faruggio

War on Poverty taught women to stay single for handouts, says Fox’s John Stossel

Last Month, Christie Complained to Cuomo That His Appointee Was Pressing Too Hard for Answers

5.0 earthquake shakes Southwest Florida

Outlook For Jobless Benefits Dims In Senate

Texas GOP chair attacks ‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis and ‘Hispanic’ running mate

Video link to Gabby Giffords jump yesterday

Your attention, please!

NYC Disability Insurance Fraud May Total $400 Million

Why would Christie(or his minions)even BOTHER getting vengeance on "that little Serbian"?

Court Orders Yelp to Reveal Anonymous Reviewers' Identities

Congress Is Now Mostly A Millionaires’ Club

Want to stop hospitals from dumping poor patients on skid row? Try this.

Chris Christie lied. Now he has a sad.

So...can Christie still get the 'Pug nomination after this?

The New Jersey German Guard for the State

Nuclear Launch Officers Tied To Narcotics Probe

Reuters: December planned layoffs plunge to lowest since 2000

"... conducting a study of traffic patterns."

Iraq Holding Off On An Offensive Against al-Qaida Because Of Fears Of Civilian Casualties

As Christie implodes, Paul Ryan now closest to Sec. Clinton in 2016 matchups

Free Traitors (Trade) are NOT Democrats

Mystery Bodies, Explosives Discovered Near Winter Olympics Site

Difference Between Weather and Climate Change

Four Questions to Ask About 401k to IRA Rollovers

It's the winners who are hiring

What do you think of animal entertainment?

Deported for the holidays: Guatemalan sent back after 2 decades, 5 children

The Chris Christie Bridge Scandal, As Explained By "Game Of Thrones"

Russia's Growing Middle East Influence

The unmitigated joy of many including me in this whole Christie business is quite fascinating:

More Dennis Rodman North Korea Strangeness

Desperately need a chemist(?) to help me out of the hole I dug.

The Washington NFL Team Selects Jay Gruden as their next Head Coach...

Fox, WSJ's Freeman Ignore Economists To Dispute Economic Benefits of Unemployment Insurance

Doctors say cutting food stamps could backfire

Fort Lee Mayor: I Accepted Christie's Apology

promise zones~~picture heavy

Memo to Media: Israeli Settlement Expansion Is Not All About the United States

Russia To Be Ukraine’s Sole Gas Provider – Minister

Video: Gabby jumping out of an airplane

What your clementine should look like if you know what you're doing.

Christie Says,"I Am Not a Bully" -Exhibit A

Christie Says,"I Am Not a Bully." Here Are 8 Videos of Him Yelling,Name-Calling,and BelittlingPeople

Total time/minutes CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews gave to the Christie scandal on Wednesday - image

JPost Editorial: Leftists Bring Africans To Israel In Order To Undermine Jewish Majority

Voters Shocked Christie Botched Such An Easy Political Cover-Up

Kshama Sawant: I Wear the Badge of Socialist With Honor

If you are not a Big Lebowski fan...

Israel’s Defense Minister Calls Settlers’ Attacks on Palestinians ‘Outright Terror’

What is all this-a news from-a Fort Lee, New Jersey?

****WCGreen Update -- Wednesday, January 8et, 2014****

"I am not a crook. I am just incompetent."

No One Believes Christie

Another Anti-Israel Vote Comes to Academia

RANT....they are young, stupid, and obey the computers

This is the Threatdown!

Fidel Castro has 1st public appearance in 9 months

Harry Reid Knocks Out the GOP By Announcing Paid for UI Benefits Extension Plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 January 2014

What did Christie know and when did he know it?

Global warming is a hoax!

Was the bridge closing an act of terrorism?

FYI: Northern US states may witness aurora borealis tonight...

Should we ask Issa to start an investigation into the bridge?

Cross-post from the Lounge

A Brother's Vengeance: The Preacher Who Could Topple Erdogan

Papantonio: Chris Christie’s Bully Politics Costs Woman Her Life

The suburban war

Lawsuit Filed Against Christie, Others Seeking Damages For Traffic Jams In NJ Community

This does not bode well.

New York Governor Announces $1 Billion For Solar Energy

This has bothered me about Christie's "grand apology" this morning.

Six Bergen County residents file class-action lawsuits over GWB scandal

Jerks on the Loose (redneck, hillbilly a-holes): Photos

Teamsters reject YRC Worldwide contract extension