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Archives: January 5, 2014

Any reports of people moving into Medicaid expansion states?

Alicia Rhett Dead: 'Gone With The Wind' Actress Dies At 98

The Wild Side of Cats

Iraq Ten Years Later: al-Qaeda captures Fallujah

Barbara Bush Released From Houston Hospital

McCain, Graham blame Obama for fall of Fallujah

It's so cold outside

casual question about the ACA for those in the know....

For Obama, a Real and Rare Vacation in Hawaii

Is industrial hemp the ultimate energy crop?

On the issue of female physical strength and combat...

For Historic Nebraska Building, Fire, Then Ice, Then Sunshine

"9 pranks you can pull during a snowstorm"


Wow! It appears that Andrew Luck has eaten a can of spinach

U.S. vessel heads to break ice around Russian, Chinese ships off Antarctica

The Boulevard Of Climate Catastrophe : Humanity's Path To Perdition & The Moral Imperative To Act

Movies that no one likes but you like

"Think I'll have a snack."

Traveling While Black

"Brazil is becoming Argentina, Argentina into Ven., Ven. into Zimbabwe"

What's the song called? No means yes?

More than 250,000 people have joined Rand Paul's class action suit against Obama & the NSA

We have a baby goat! It is now 5 days old and appears it is going to live. The barn is heated and it

Temp check?

"4 Things I Learned from the Worst Online Dating Profile Ever"


This guy sang this the first time I heard it.

Holy shit I hate Windows 8

NSA statement does not deny 'spying' on members of Congress

Whos is the best lead singer in Rock history?

What's That You Say? Jamie Dimon and Family in Holiday Card? Ohh Noooes! YOU ENTITLED?

How much food costs McDonalds. Nothing nefarious, just interesting.

I have to tell this story

Lawsuit alleges Waukegan police broke young teen's nose

Pope has no Game

Why Aren’t Prep Schools Following Corporate Reforms? By diane ravitch

I have to tell you this story

I have to tell you this story

Just curious: why not delay the NFL playoff tomorrow?

Rybak had a heart attack after skiing. Doing well

Man Over pays Child Support, And visits his son too much, Sentenced to 180 Days in Jail

Do you think....

I should have posted these with my other thread. A listen to my rock lead singer options.

Kerry sees progress in Middle East talks

en table

Pres Obama Weekly Address: Time to Pass Bipartisan Legislation to Extend Emergency Unemployment Ins

Isaac Asimov Predicts in 1964 What the World Will Look Like Today — in 2014

WH - West Wing Week 01/03/14 or "Best of the West (Wing Week) 2013"

Little Baby Ducks (Tom T. Hall)

Salon: This is your brain on drugs

Looks like something from 'Fargo'.

NFL could reschedule Super Bowl in case of snow

"For every good intention that Barack Obama might have, he can’t do it alone. "

Anyone in the Sacramento area that can help Leftcoast2020?

Luck's lucky TD >>>

After the Chiefs-Colts and all the great Bowl games...this one's a yawner...

Ya gotta laugh...

Twilight is licking the droplets of the strawberry, kale, vanilla, cocoa and mint smoothie

Anyone in the Sacramento area that can help Leftcoast2020 fellow

The Eagle's QB Nick Foles looks like a young Tom Petty

Maddow Scorches Koch Brothers for Sending Her Legal Letter: I'm Not Reading Your Script

Will Rogers talks to the bankers

Minnesota Passes Controversial Drug Testing Law For Welfare Recipients

"6 Reasons This Could Be Obama’s Best Year as President"

Some schools want to stop serving as voting sites

What is your favorite movie franchise?

Toon: Unlikely 2014 Headlines

Push for sentencing changes underway in Congress

Push for sentencing changes underway in Congress

Kennedy Center Honors - Paul McCartney Tribute

"Reducing income inequality not so easily dismissed"

What three year old needs four root canals? Dentist should be charged with murder.

Ancient official's tomb unearthed in Beijing

Prime time for a potty break during a movie? There's an app for that.

One of my old free verse poems

"How technology can halt climate change"

Amazon CEO airlifted by Ecuador Navy after kidney stone attack

I feel good.

Join Us in Celebrating National Bird Day! (Sunday 1-5-14)

My taskbar (for volume, battery, connection) has suddenly gone from horizontal to vertical.

Goa building collapse: 14 killed, many feared trapped

Ya think?

The coup already occurred.

Snowed in BOGers! Give us your video, pictures and stories.

The Video You Need to See Before You Spend Another Minute Arguing About HC

I fucking Hate George W Bush

Local labor influence takes hit in Boeing contract

The JackAss Senate Republicans have obstructed Obama's nominees once again!

Colombia: US suspends spraying after pilots downed

Al-Qaida group says responsible for Beirut bombing

Way to go Saints

Chiefs break NFL record for consecutive playoff defeats

High Demand: Price of legal marijuana soars in Colorado

This is Herman Cain!

I wonder why that is?

I don't even want to know what this is about.

How fucked is Auburn on Monday night?

more snow stuff (bad driving & a nice fu winter sculpture at the end)

Republican Activist Won't Be Charged In 'Voter Fraud' Stunt

Alison Lundergran Grimes (D-KY) Campaign: It's Already A Bad Year For McConnell

Is it productive to repeatedly remind white people of how privileged they are?


NOAA is predicting El Nino will be back by mid 2014. If so it will likely be hottest year on record

APNewsbreak: Rodman sets team for North Korea game

The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid

First US Public Library With No Paper Books Opens In Texas

The adorable kitty candle

Pet peeve # 498....

Method discovered to levitate and move tiny objects in midair using sound waves

This climate change is getting out of hand.

Remember the "Ice Bowl?

What's Being Done To Help Those Of Us Who Have Exhausted Our Unemployment Benefits? Nothing.

Indiana has gummed up voter registration just in time for 2014.

Important voter registration update for Hoosiers

My head hurts to watch the evidence. Ignorant and unthinking doofus who has no uterus.

Steven Spielberg's "Obama"

Seeds and stems...

Indiana: Cracks starting to show in support for gay marriage ban

Utah man is on hunger strike to end gay marriages in his state

"You're invisible, but I'll eat you anyway" (Vid of a Red Fox hunting in snow)

animals and the joy of snow -- video heavy

If you were Edward Snowden and were offered a pardon or clemency by the US would you come home?

Just so happy that we have a pro-choice President.

Why Snowden Won’t (and Shouldn’t) Get Clemency

Bolivia under Evo Morales

This ought to put a lump in your throat. If it doesn't....

WHY do ex-offenders check the box "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?"

Holocaust History, as Told by a Survivor

Arctic Blast Dropping Temperatures In U.S. To Lows Not Seen In Years

anyone know anything about blu ray players?

Upgrading Travel to Cuba in the New Year

Nina Turner (D-OH) - Three Bones (video)

How many groups are you subscribed to?

Nicaraguan Navy Rescues Colombian Fishing Boat in Caribbean

UK storms 'worst in 20 years', and more on the way

What concessions if any do you make to religious family and friends?

I wish she had not retired from singing...

Peru: Police Abuse in the Pay of Mining Companies

Best President Since 1900?


Snowden to take a new job with Goldman Sachs

What do you think of this Bob Dylan cover?

Scientists find records of rare 'earthquake lights'

Interested in NY history...

Polish woman drugged, raped in Indian capital: police

Pastafarian Pomfret Town Council member Schaeffer being sworn in with a colander on his head

Amber Fossil Reveals Ancient Reproduction in Flowering Plants

A thread for the public employees who are outside right now...

How a hunch led to stunning claim on Buddha birth date

How a hunch led to stunning claim on Buddha birth date

Work Until You’re Dead?

Our Everyday Lives Have Been Financialized -- And It's Destructive

Why do I get angry about woo?

The Invisible Chains of Debt and the Catastrophic Loss of Afrcan American Wealth

Does anyone have a nano-sized violin?

Unique, Successful, Peer-Run Drop-In Center for Homeless Youth Goes Homeless

Texas business groups ally to counter tea party influence in GOP primaries

Texas business groups ally to counter tea party influence in GOP primaries

Toon: American Education

Has anyone installed this Mint 16 XFCE? Junk. During the install it asks the user if they

Surprise! Right-Wing Buffoonery Continues in 2014: Pope Pisses Off Rich Republicans Edition

Fallujah and Ramadi have been taken by Al-Qaeda forces. That is all.

I found my ride for the zombie apocalpyse.

Why America's Doctor Shortage Might Mean Trouble for Obamacare

Long-Term Thinking: 1800-2013

WEED STARTUPS: High Times Magazine Is Launching A Private Equity Fund For Marijuana Businesses

U.S. To Support Fight On Al Qaeda In Iraq Without Troops: Kerry

An engineer's guide to cats

We need to have a frank discussion about marriage

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) New Cat Smell Edition

Water Bonds Shrivel as California Sees Driest Year

For the birds (and the bats): 8 ways wind power companies are trying to prevent deadly collisions

Audio: Anti-Semitic "Joke" Guy's Robocall Claims He Values Diversity. Now THAT Is a Joke!

Poultry matter: What to do with all that chicken shit?

Somewhere..... (Great video by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)

Climate coverage ballooned last year, except at The New York Times

Mister Basketmouth, Rape is NOT a Joke!

Porn on DU

In the hot house: Prison staff held liable for extreme heat in Louisiana cell block

Romney the Racketeer Lawsuit - Update Day 75 - Press starting to pay attention

Mid way through the snow storm report, from Michigan

The U.S. Government Uses Sweatshops, Too

Regarding that cap ...

Literalists? Or hypocrites?

Your coverage may vary

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez

Vitamin D 'boosts child muscles'

American Idol

Weed the People

Looks Like Colts Made A Good Decision Concerning Luck

How many gun deaths are acceptable?

Philadelphia - Fight over snow shoveling requires call to SWAT team

Bombs kill at least 19 people in Iraqi capital

Charter school con man admits to $7.2 million fraud

Syrian rebels battle al-Qaeda-linked fighters

Bisexual Atheist Lege candidate calls on Flower Mound mayor to retract ‘Year of the Bible’ proclamat

Bisexual Atheist Lege candidate calls on Flower Mound mayor to retract ‘Year of the Bible’ proclamat

For all you freezing DUers

I think DU needs our Love :-)

Cold? Maybe this will warm you up.

Flashmob recreates Rembrandt's Night Watch at Rijksmuseum reopening

Anatomy of an Obamacare ‘horror story’

Thank you, BOG!

China probes almost 37,000 officials for graft

Gun Writer is suddenly a pariah.

Strategists to Republicans: Restrain yourselves on debt-ceiling negotiations

Pope to travel to Holy Land May 24-26

Kerry: US Will Support Iraq, But Without Troops

UPDATED: Romney Accepts MSNBC Apology For Segment On Grandson Kieran

I'm REALLY pissed about the Maddow/Koch Bros fiasco...them telling her to apologize

Marked for governor? Actor Steven Seagal says he's weighing bid for Arizona's highest office.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 7: The 90th Anniversary of Columbia Pictures

Pomfret (NY) councilman sworn in wearing colander

TCM Scedule for Wednesday, January 8: Dane Clark

Krugman: Happy New Year?

For those who don't gag at the name of Texas

Darwin Award candidates, all

The “corporatist” confusion: Why a prominent political term needs to be retired

Watching George Stephanopolous...

Charlie Strong to be Texas' first black head football coach

Ronald Reagan and the occultist: The amazing story of the thinker behind his sunny optimism

Julian Assange Claims Catholic Church Uses Confessionals to Spy

Wounded veterans work to put away child predators

Can "stupid" be fixed?

Why in the hell is unemployment taken out of our checks and yet the excuse is

Keeping Tabs on Obama’s Church Attendance Is No Way to Gauge His Faith

New Yorker cartoons crack me up

UPDATED: Bill Moyers Documentary Blacked Out in NC

I learned something disturbing about the history of racism in my city

Mitt Romney Blasts Obama For Telling People What Kind Of Insurance To Buy

2013 World Street Art Awards

THe tea party shows their "intelligence"

Fringe Factor: 7 Easy Steps to Jailing Obama

Plane skids off runway into snow at JFK

My weight loss journey...

"Woo Wars" - What is "Woo"?

Legal Schnauzer reported on death threats to Rove's IT guy before his plane crashed.

Testimony of the National Intelligence Director

Paul May Support Unemployment Insurance Extension

Aljazeera America has a 4 part documentary on Fukushima

An elderly veteran delivering pizza? The system has failed us ...

Cat Mauls Baby

GOP’s 2014 horror strategy: Exploit Americans’ misfortune, drum up fake outrage

Mitt Romney: Women should only be granted birth control rights at the state level

Billionaire Musharraf Paid No Tax for Years (Offshore accounts)

Mike Huckabee links brain dead California girl to Nazi death camps, forced abortions

Reid: GOP Needs To Stop 'Being Republicans In Congress'

At 12:01 this morning, Jan 5th, Illinois started accepting Concealed Carry permit applications

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ January 5th

Israelis begin construction on new settlement in central Hebron

I have a question about "full sun" fruit trees.

The Poorest President in the World

winter whiplash

2013 Was a Rough Year for Abortion Rights

Bombings kill 20 in Iraq's capital, Baghdad

12 weapons found in Palestinian embassy in Prague

Two questions, please!

Multiple Panel Discussions on 2014 Elections, forward by me and more

Multiple Panel Discussions on 2014 Elections, forward by me and more

Indoor boredom-busters for dogs?

Today is the feast of the Epiphany.

For those involved in the Woo wars

Kerry: US will support Iraq, but without troops

Price of bluefin tuna nosedives at Tokyo auction

Our winter storm warning has just been extended

Wind Map - Cool visualization of wind.

Former Mossad chief: Jordan Valley not a vital Israeli security asset

Salon: This is your brain on religion :(atheism correlates to education and high I.Q.)

Climate Scientist Ralph Keeling Makes Crowdfunding Plea to Back Key Research

Walker getting desperate, launching ads in MN and IL to bring jobs into WI

Christie Administration Ignores Climate Change in New Jersey's Post-Sandy Rebuild

How the right profits from the culture wars

A thought: For some of us, WOO was our only option.

I crashed my first probe last night

Hacker Barnaby Jack Died from Accidental Overdose: Coroner

Nuns’ lawyer tells Fox News that God doesn’t allow signing Obamacare waivers

Romney accepts MHP apology.

Pope Francis calls for fresh Church approach to children of LGBT parents

Woman who had three-hour orgasm leaves doctors mystified after she was rushed to emergency room

Believing in unreality is everyone's right, but

If I want to know why it's so cold, I"ll ask a scientist, NOT Donald Trump!

Local girl gets tongue stuck to flag pole

Suit Accuses Texas Police Chief of Harassing Man During Affair with His Wife

Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer

Two different rules having about the same effect on crime, criminals and public safety...

What is the best way to store old magazines, that you know aren't acid free?

A social friend of ours died yesterday and our Healthcare system sucks

345th consecutive month above avg temps, no relief in sight.

Shudder: Steven Seagal Considering Arizona Governor Run

Why are birth control and abortion

A far-left teacher criticizes Michael Gove's reforms....

Sam Harris - Morality and the Christian God (YouTube video)

A Little song a I wrote . . .

Completely insane former Thatcher Advisor has "foolproof" plan to jail Obama and his supporters

THAT'S why you have a beard.

Man That Endorsed Assassinating Obama A Benghazi Expert on Fox News (VIDEO)

We have a REVENUE problem

Media Reports Medical Expenditures Going UP after Obamacare --

#cat #ipad #causingtechnicaldifficulties

Rand Paul Suggests Snowden And Clapper Share A Prison Cell

Anti-woo commentators are a bunch of smug and condescending...

True facts about Ocean Radiation and the Fukushima Disaster

Craziness takes over Utah!

Blogs...Does Anyone Blog?

Israeli forces raid Hebron village, attempt to demolish local oven

Weather related WOW

After a schism, a question: Can atheist churches last?

The escorts who want to rebrand male prostitution as a business

Busy Beavers: Nature's Ecosystem Engineers

This is fun!

Question about amateur eligibility.

So now the right will blame Obama for the Iraq War...

The History of Earth's Climate

Independent sale of Kurdistan oil could break Iraq apart

Bill Young's first family emerges to tell their story


Brian Schweitzer hammers Bill Kristol: ‘Perpetual war in the Middle East’ has failed!

A more progressive America is emerging, but Republicans won’t go down without a fight

Religious Holidays 2014: An Interfaith Calendar (Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim And More) (PHOTOS)

Medicinal Uses of Plants are Real, but...

Author Armistead Maupin ends San Francisco ‘Tales of the City’ saga with ninth volume

Heartbreaking. Sexual Assault, No insurance, crippled victim.

Catholic students plan big ‘Z-Day’ protest

Stay warm

This is fun!

Because we were all wondering . . .

Think conservative objections to birth control are enshrined in the Bible? Think again

Snow Shark

*NEW season Downton Abbey

Some states confirm water pollution from drilling

Where can I get fresh rhino horn?

The term "woo" is a sort of derisive name-calling labeling

Aw shit. The power just went out.

Rickety Woo

AATTP EXCLUSIVE: Ringleader of Trolls Who ‘Goated’ Obama Lynching Facebook Speaks Out! - See more at

The People Versus Winter

Landowner discovers fracker put $500 million lien on his property, 3 banks refuse his refinancing

The Year of the Great Redistribution by Robert Reich

What's it take to survive the Green Bay Packers game?

The alert function seems to have changed I ways in was unaware of.

White House offers 'grand bargain' on tax cuts and infrastructure

Have some ginger and rosemary tea...

Al-Qaeda extremism is resurgent - the neocons are whitewashing their role in spreading it.

Mindlessly evoking science (esp when you don't know the science) is woo too

Senators Differ Sharply on Penalty for Snowden

Major thread trashing day for me!

The meaning of the name Kieran Romney

African migrants protest in Tel Aviv, demand better treatment

What to Do If You See a Pet Left Out in the Cold

Death threats disrupt Tunisia constitution debate

49er Anthony Davis rips Wisconsin town

Kerry Says Iran Could Join Syrian Peace Talks

I hate hearing the "click of death"

my question about the ACA....

Aww, C'mon. Bloomberg wasn't THAT bad.

Portuguese Soccer Great Eusebio Is Dead at 71

Canadian libricide: Tories torch and dump centuries of priceless, irreplaceable environmental archiv

Questions about about living in San Diego.

Prosecutor adds a confession to transcript, but it's okay: it was just a joke.

Two days from now, my dear friends, I will need your vibes and support...Yes, for another operation.

Am I evil?

West Side high-rise fire leaves 2 critically hurt

Let's talk about Woo.

Romney finally tells the truth: 'I wish I could turn back the clock'

Surprises From 25 Years Covering the Economy

Kerry Quietly Makes Priority of Climate Pact

Mexico jet crash kills 1, injures 4, including doctor who leads vigilante group

The For Profit Pill Pushers are MORE dangerous.

Tories torch and dump centuries of priceless, irreplaceable environmental archives

Tories torch and dump centuries of priceless, irreplaceable environmental archives

The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children

A couple of beauties from Hubble (big images)

Phytoplankton Bloom off Coast of Australia

World population density map

On cold hardiness in the Second City.

Searching For The Science Behind Reincarnation

How to Winterize a Vacant Home

Bill Nye Wants To Wage War on Anti-Science Politics, Make a Movie-And Save the Planet From Asteroids

We can't afford any more of Obama's Grand Bargains.

Colombia: photos link Uribe to narcos, paras

Conservation Tips - buy an insulation blanket for your gas or electric water heater

Medellín terror targets Afro-Colombian family

'Lawyers in some countries are disappeared simply for doing their jobs'


How the Washington Post Distorts Colombia

How the Washington Post Distorts Colombia

US Government Misled Public on Critical Role in Colombia’s 2008 Illegal Cross-border Attack

Pope announces plans to visit Israel, West Bank and Jordan in May

US Government Misled Public on Critical Role in Colombia’s 2008 Illegal Cross-border Attack

More charter school problems in FL. Where's the oversight of taxpayer money?

Cuccinelli to be lead lawyer in suit against Obama administration (Rand Paul's lawsuit)

The Great Marijuana Experiment: A Tale of Two Drug Wars

Woo porn.

FYI: The appearance of p**n ads on DU FOR NON-star members does

Woo woo woo woo

So is it colder than the Ice Bowl in Green Bay?

Accidental (?) Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion

Gmail is randomly deleting some of my mail.

Believing in dull, barren, soul-dead Scientific Materialism is everyone's right, but

Ronan Farrow, Reluctant TV Star

Saudi Arabia to be a Defendant in 9/11 Suit: says Federal Appeals Court...

Wed Jan 15th, 7pm "Howling for Wolves foundter Maureen Hackett speaking at Coldwater Spring, Mpls.

Woo, white privilage, feminism. guns or what ever

In your opinion,what is the first day of the week?

Hanes is stealing from some of the world's poorest workers

I hate arctic weather!!!!

New Lounge Entry Rules...

Finding God In A Maximum Security Prison

deBlasio plays host at Gracie Mansion open house

"Diets of the middle and lower class in Pompeii"

Lhota bull this guy is...can you say "desperate"

"Discovery of oldest footprints gives clues to Mexico's climate"

Scientists find natural hormone that counteracts marijuana high

CIA's lawyer, John Rizzo. John Rizzo's pride in legalizing torture

victor WOOten

Efforts to curb unbridled growth that's killing the planet

The story behind the purple dildo ads some DUers reported seeing.

This is a first - a weather related message from work

Connecticut man threatens to kill lesbian sister on Christmas: police

Latest talking point claims Greenwald is evil for making money from NSA documents.

Once upon a time Woo meant an attempt at romance :D

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency understaffed by layoffs, leave claimants upset by delays...

This just seems relevant today :)

I can join the NRA and get a free knife with rosewood handle

The 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors

(Resolved) With the ATA forum closed on the weekend, I'm hoping someone can help me here...

Saudi King backs Israeli-Palestinian push, Kerry says

It's dusk here, and a little reddish brown birdie just fussed at me

Fighting between Iraqi troops, al-Qaida kills 34

The 'Stache Tells Readers that "Compromise" Is Not a 4-Letter Word, Readers Tell Him to do homework

TEPCO Demands Its Own Employees Return Their Nuclear Accident Compensation Money

How Opium is Keeping US in Afghanistan: CIA’s Shady History of Drug Trafficking

Egyptian crackdown targets secular activists as well as Islamists

I Live in a Neighborhood notorious for Rodents

Israeli hardliners object to Kerry pressure

UPDATED: Gay Marriage Opponents Call For Uprising In Utah

Attention Idiots:

Sea Shepherd has found the Japanese whaling fleet, in pursuit of the Nisshin Maru.

Genesee County, MI Road Commission sending all but 2 crews home - mid storm

I guess it is better to have the "woo wars" than the "gender wars"

“60 Minutes” About to Air Its Second Debacle in Under Two Months?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 January 2014

Should pitching woo be a bannable offense on DU?

Books are elitist and if you read them, fuck you.

I know many of you would envy me... but still I am uneasy

The problem with the United States is not the people who believe in science.

Two Hours and Fifteen Minutes to Downton

Triple star system 'can reveal secrets of gravity'

Using mirrors to show cops what they've become...