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Archives: January 4, 2014

Snowden Leaks Could Spell High Court Reboot of NSA Challenge

First the head of INTERPOL

Halo of dark matter may be surrounding the earth.

Fukushima Govt. & Fukushima Medical University Signed Secrecy Pact With IAEA

Israel: Stop Threatened Eviction of Palestinians

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin GOP Senator, Fights For A Seven-Day Workweek

Jack Straw blames George Bush for his sacking from post as Foreign Secretary

The Road Ahead...

The power of socks.

Super Rich Becoming The Dictators Of 21st Century

Natan Sharansky: How chess kept one man sane-Gulag master The prisoner who used imaginary chess to k

Michael Hayden Calls Clemency For Snowden 'Outrageous,' Says It Sends 'Wrong Message' To Potential..

The right’s Obamacare misinformation bubble: A visual representation

1 dead, 3 injured in Queens shooting

Deep freeze follows snow in New York area

FACTUAL RECAP: I'd like to recommend reading these quotes in their full context at the linked posts

Along Lake Mich. in Manitowoc co. it's 17 degrees with 25-37 mile an hour winds...wind chill -1..let

This is how goddam cold it is.

Evil Socialism

Smoking affects good night's sleep too

Publix likes Phil

"The dark money in climate change"

Snowden Lied About China Contacts

Is it scarcity that the libertarianists/right wingers are trying to preserve with their


ABC's "The Assets" special limited mini series about Aldrich Ames....

Bradley Foundation continues to fund Wisconsin's conservative websites

A Controversial Abby Martin's Fascinatingly Interesting!

Outrage Following Honduran Colonel's Attack Against US Human Rights Defender

DU Ladies: Would you answer this ad?

NAFTA at 20: Lori Wallach on U.S. Job Losses

Credit Suisse Projects ~85% Of US Energy Demand Growth Coming From Renewables Through 2025

"Bernanke's Explanation For The Weak Economy Will Infuriate Republicans"

David Dewhurst (Tx Lt. Gov.) still owes campaign creditors from 2012 race

Anyone else spend the day shoveling?

NREL: 23% Of Global Electricity Generation Supplied By Renewable Sources

"Democrats Breaking Republican Lock On Cuban Vote"

If I give up the saxophone

Mitt Romney Being Sued For Racketeering In Federal Court

"The GOP’s ‘Jobs’ Hypocrisy"

I don't like being an asshole. It's really not in my nature.

Bolivia's first wind farm opened

11 Year Old Utah Girl Gets Stuck In Washing Machine


We're nursing as fast as we can

Catholic school fires gay principal, students walk out

Go Clemson/Orange Bowl

Name a musician you hate to love...

Ballad of Harry Moore

See what happens when stoners grow up to write columns in the Times?

Some things we can do that the rich (allegedly) do every day

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy! & a new Kitteh gif

Why not make it more flexible for people to sign up for healthcare?

How the HELL does a city in the North East run out of Salt in January?!

Old-Timey Anti-Cat Letter to the Editor Is Amazing and Sexist

Just heard Phil Everly died

Bolivian president inaugurates operation of paper plant

How long before Golden Triangle Tactical gets evicted from Parkdale Mall?

Pentagon cuts by third places where U.S. troops get danger pay

White House announces two new 'executive actions' on guns

Rush fans pissed at weaker signal for their hate radio in LA

Statement from Southwest Flight Attendants on Midway Flight Delays

Texas Man Fights to Take Pregnant Brain-Dead Wife Off Life Support

Free photography eBook

Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers dies at 74

The Ants Rejoice

RIP, Phil Everly of Everly Brothers dies at 74, semper fi.

More Abortion Laws Enacted In Past 3 Years Than In Entire Previous Decade

Senators: Are schools starving kids in the name of reducing lunch calories?

Longevity Science

The 10 Biggest Wins for Labor in 2013

How ignorance, prejudice & discrimination impact the mentally ill

Fired Walmart Warehouse Workers Win $50,000 in Back Pay

I'm watching a movie called "Another Day, Another Time:

Pope Francis Leaves Hilarious Voicemail For Nuns

Video shows businesses lobbying Rebecca Kleefisch for more tax breaks in closed-door meeting

Does anyone here know anything about Tracfone?

Rand Paul Suing Over NSA Policies, Senator Tells Fox News

Striking Images Reveal What It Really Takes to Live a Life Of Luxury

US Spy Court: NSA to Keep Collecting Phone Records

NFL blackouts update: Packers, Colts, Bengals now have sellouts

Gunmen talk their way into Mexico prison and unleash bloody attack (w/interesting local take)

As seen on FB

Colorado is going to need some new sources of energy

Have you ever read "The Chronicles of Narnia" or come across this quote about work/slavery?

And this is why the U.S. Government thinks it is OK for the NSA to take our fundamental rights

Anti-gay activist Dave Wilson swears self in as Houston Comm Coll trustee despite restraining order

Anti-gay activist Dave Wilson swears self in as Houston Comm Coll trustee despite restraining order

Steve Lonegan (R-NJ) Says He's Running For Congress

I got a new kitty! I was beginning to wonder. They usually find me somehow. This one my

Kris Kobach (R-KS) Continues To Make Up Voting Rules As He Goes Along

If we actually lived in a gender-equal society, reproductive rights wouldn't even be *in question*

Bill de Blasio Offers Striptease At NYC Snowstorm Press Conference (VIDEO)

Kansas restaraunt chain introduces 3000 calorie burger called "the Beast"

7 other thought leaders who have smoked pot....

"Looking to 2014: The emerging movement for the next new deal"

Democratic Dictatorship”: The Transition towards Authoritarian Rule in America

Great experience with online photo processing services. Gotta share.

A must read in GD

wife's laptop shutting down during candy crush play

Millionaire Jack Garey donates estate for Georgetown park

Went to the local Blockbuster today

If someone HAS to make you feel old at New Year's

See what Conservative columnist David Brooks said about legalizing marijuana. Really?

Politifact debunks GOP claim that Obamacare funds beheadings (Not Satire)

How is it possible to take the Snowden is a traitor charges seriously?

What's the farthest you've ever stepped out of your "comfort zone"? I played Fagin in Oliver Twist

My money's on the monkey.

Another observation

Omaha police find cold, crying toddler alone in parked car (you won't believe this one)

Cracks starting to show in support for Indiana gay marriage ban

'Polar vortex' to blast frigid air over much of US

I'm a Man. I WANT to be obsolete. Can someone call me when I'm no longer needed at my job?

Bring your fur babies in

No one on the Clemson Tigers were hit by a coach from the other team tonight...

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Is NSA Spying on Congress?

Caption me

In a nutshell

Morrissey Compares Carnivores To Pedophiles

Fr. Bob Nugent, silenced for his work with gay Catholics, dies at 76

IndyStar: Potential TV blackout is a black eye for NFL, not cities

Hello, I'm new here

Bye, Bye . . . I think I'm gonna' cry

Corporate pigs win again. Boeing machinists approve contract.

Boeing machinists accept 777X contract proposal (51% for)

The infamous polar vortex on Jan. 6th in full fascinating color

Rachel Maddows will not back down from Koch Brothers attack machine

Inside the Box - People don’t actually like creativity.

Rough day?

Longevity Science

Dial back group work

CBS anchor Itay Hod has essentially outed Republican Congressman Aaron Schock

Henry Rollins on getting his first lesson about America (VIDEO)

Thom Hartmann: Time to Close the Red State Donut Hole

Thom Hartmann: Military poisoned by Fukushima radiation

Thom Hartmann: Clemency for Edward Snowden?

Obama Win! Conservatives starting to cave and agree on jobs with Democrats

I want to start working out.

Interesting glitch, perhaps?

How many of these celebs did you know were Republicans?

Rand Paul suing White House over NSA policies

Holocaust Survivor Meets U.S. Soldier Who Liberated Her

Seattle mayor says minimum wage for city workers will be raised to $15 an hour

Rumor has it... Charlie Strong to Texas

RW "so concerned" abt "cancelled" health insurance but not cancelled unemployment ins

In Europe, Elites Create the Atmosphere That Allows Popular Anti-Semitism to Grow

Since 2001 fossil fuels have supplied 75% of the world's new electricity

I just flew over Sakhalin Island

Where the rubber meets the road...

Epilepsy Warning: Enchanted...

Sochi Winter Olympics: Vladimir Putin lifts ban on political protests

a question for married duers

The New Financial Scam Driving Workers Deep Into Debt

The Student DebtCropper System: Even the Destitute Hounded by Debt Collectors

Promising Momentum Points to Paid Sick Leave Spreading Widely

Marriage Isn't the Economic Panacea—So Stop Shaming Unmarried Moms

Christie Pulls N.J. Top Court Pick in Feud With Democrats

Rich Catholics Threaten Pope Francis — Because He Frightens Them

State Budgets to Aid U.S. Growth Amid Federal Cuts: Economy

Activists accuse World Bank of deadly dealings in Honduras

Sochi Olympics: Most Corrupt In History

Good morning!

Meet the Americans Who've Lost Their Unemployment Benefits: "I'm Thoroughly Petrified"

democrats breaking GOP's long lock on cuban vote

skimpy health law plans leave some 'underinsured'

FYI: Gynoids, fembots, necrophilia and Blade Runner

Cripes, hasn't been this cold in almost 20 years!

BP wins first Greenland drilling concession despite chequered record

Senior al-Qaida figure dies in custody in Lebanon

The Impact of the TPP on One State: Maine

Sunrise at -15.

Here's Exactly How Much the Government Would Have to Spend to Make Public College Tuition-Free

What the hell is a 'quenelle'? Why everyone is searching Google for an anti-Semitic salute

Explain like I'm a fifth grader: Why does moral hazard only apply to

Dude, what are you doing? You can't give your son a baby doll. That's a girl's toy!

Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq?

Democrats Basically Out Of Options For Passing Unemployment Insurance

Argentina accuses David Cameron over Falklands festive message

Myrna Loy Center announces star-studded season


Weekly Address: Time to Pass Bipartisan Legislation to Extend Emergency Unemployment Insurance

Meet the chutzpah hospital!: Healthcare giant defies feds, denies it has employees

My goosebumps have goosebumps. Check this out.

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Jan. 3, 2014 -- Friday News Dump

Economic Recovery, my ass.

The Blizzard of 1949 - a Nebraska Story

A good one I heard on New Year's Eve...

Vikings coach Mike Priefer denies Chris Kluwe’s “attacks”

Think it's cold now? Stand by...


5 Badass Quotes From Lorde About Fashion, Feminism, And Miley Cyrus

Another good side benefit of Basic Income - it would give would-be workers leverage.

Belgian Soccer Training

Sunni monarchs back YouTube hate preachers: Anti-Shia propaganda threatens a sectarian civil war

Oh god!!! this girl Carrie Sheffield on Steve's show don't like the increase in min wage

Who doesn't love free stuff?!

One way to boost stock price: Hire a hot CEO

Stacey Abrams vows 'concerted effort' to push Nathan Deal on Medicaid

Syrian Children Lose More Than Their Country

The quasi-final 2013 tally for the ACA: more than 9 million insured

If you look in a mirror and say "Benghazi" three times...

Allen West 'Concerned' More About Elizabeth Warren Than Hillary Clinton For 2016

While we're remembering Phil Everly, let's remember his influence on these two.

OK, so why does the ad I just saw here on DU for a testosterone product

NAFTA = Death: Artists Mark NAFTA's 20th Anniversary With Silent Border Protest

Cubans shocked at prices as foreign cars go on sale. State marking up prices 400% or more

Kentucky Man Denounces US Safety Net While Relying on Government to Stay Alive

Simon Johnson Reminds Us That the Banks’ Quiet Coup is Still Very Much in Place

Tangled Role in G.O.P. War Over Tea Party

Weatherford tweeted that he wants pension reform. Cops, teachers, and other public employees beware!

Quelle Surprise! New Report Shows Outsourcing State and Local Government Services is About Looting

70 New Must See Movies and Shows Netflix Recently Added

Breaking Bad?'s got us. we are addicted.

Melissa Harris Perry just gave a good and heartfelt apology.

Kerry on third day of Mideast shuttle

Uh, Bill . . .


Hey GOP, look in the mirror!

Melissa Harris-Perry in tears. Eloquent, heartfelt, humble. This is a human being. Edit w/video.

Why A Finite World Is A Problem

Scenes of Americans Buying Marijuana on 1st Day of Legalization

"Secret Income 14?" re: extra income "Obama makes" every month commercial?

Ralph Nader is on Melissa Harris-Perry discussing the minimum wage

Brilliant protester (pic)


Legendary Producer Saul Zaentz Dies at 92

Make the 1% Pay for the Iran War

NAFTA: 20 Years of Regret for Mexico

'corrective' rape aimed at 'curing' lesbians

The Reemergence of the Democratic Left (Started Some Time Ago)

Low wages are stalling America’s economy

Pictures of my furbabies Mousie and Scat:

A religious objection to paperwork

Are WalMart's Low Wages A Drag On The Economy?

Obama may be best economic president ever for Stock Market

The Sweatshop Hospital: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Gawker's treasury of DRUDGE's travel tweets of '13 (Walmart & disdain for same), readers' comments

I met a "moderate conservative" at my mechanic's the other day

Kentucky Man Denounces US Safety Net...

Bill Moyers Jan 3rd program: North Carolina: Battleground State

Pesticides (neonicotinoids) and Bee Behaviour

Let's Jail People For Being Fat

In Jahi McMath saga, science and religion clash

Maddow scorches Koch brothers on ‘correction’ demand: ‘I don’t play requests’

Evangelicals Find Themselves in the Midst of a Calvinist Revival

Obamacare is rapidly disappearing as an issue for Republicans.

Winning wars, losing hearts: IDF enters battlefield of public opinion

Thank you, Melissa Harris Perry

Republican Strategists To GOP Lawmakers: Please Don't Blow It On The Debt Ceiling

Driving through Georgia on our way back

Retitled: To the New Year from Steve & Marta

Evil Socialism at Work

Napolitano: No clemency for Edward Snowden

900 Rich People Won’t Pay Into Social Security For The Rest Of The Year

New York City's streets plowed equally, mayor says

DEBT episode 2: How bubbles grow

Mobile Sexualization: Kids Bikes & Sex

NYT Benghazi Bombshell: BUT, They Reported It Last Year Too

3-yr-old gets Bronze Star

Pope to nuns: Why aren't you answering the phone? Cold-call gets answering machine

On his passing, my Phil Everly story

11 Do's and Don'ts of Surviving in the Snow

Whats your all time favorite comedy show?

Unions press for place with Tesla

When Pride Still Mattered... and Diversity Was Accepted

Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66

Massachusetts Makes Smart Grid Mandatory

Barbara Bush discharged from hospital, spokesman says

The Fiat Wedding Commercial

Could Texas Man Arrested For Carrying AR-15 Around Mall Hurt Greg Abbott's Push For Open Carry?

Dogs poop in alignment with Earth's magnetic field, study finds

Cutting unemployment benefits will cost economy $1 billion a week

Weekend Toons!

Mariska Hargitay - Founder and President of the Joyful Hearts Foundation

They were the last two in the bin!

Pope Francis Makes Vatican Tourism Explode

LIVE RADIO NOW: Rich Attacks Pope / Red State Citizens Sentenced To Death

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 4, 2014

A post about white privilege.

Access to Abortion Falling as States Pass Restrictions

There's a guy in Utah named Trestin Meacham...

Saturday, January 4th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

NYT Op-Ed/Charles Blow: "Indoctrinating Religious Warriors" (and my published comment to it)

Billy has 32 pieces of bacon. He eats 28.

California Gun Law Paves the Way for Confiscation

Brooklyn man arrested in string of punching assaults

Advocacy acceptance goes case-by-case in NFL by Brendan Ayanbadejo (ex-NFL player on LGBT rts)

Phil Everly and Brother Were Architects of Harmony.

The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert

Darrell Issa's Cruelest Cut: A Seriously Cynical Attack on the Postal Service

Hot flashes and 25 degrees outside

Feminism has nothing to do with whether one is male or female.

PPP: Clinton trails Christie in Presedential match up

Is the sea floor littered with dead animals due to radiation? No.

My experience with Obamacare

Let's look at Obama's "blunder" vs Bush's

Gorham Paper and Tissue Announce Layoffs

So when will Fox Nooz hosts being giving tearful apology for calling POTUS commie, Marxist, Kenyan?

D.C. Teacher Fired All Because of a Typo

Liberals Don't Vote

If Pope Francis were to be assassinated, admit it. Some of you already *know* it was a Conspiracy.

DAMN!!!! I hate to see this

Donald The Turnip has chimed in on global warming:

State Farm, Farmers, Allstate raising home insurance rates

Wiki chart of coldest/hottest temps in US.....are we gonna break records this week?

The Agony and the Inanity

Would you begrudge a hard working man his well-earned beer?

A closed door meeting with business operators and Wis. Lt. Gov. (Stepford-wife) Kleefisch -excerpts

Closing The Hedge Fund Manager Tax Loophole Would Raise $4 Billion Annually From The 25 Richest Mgrs

Our three-legged, one-eyed, deaf, mostly toothless dog

San Antonio, Dallas abortion clinics gain admitting privileges

Raising The Minimum Wage To $10.10 Could Lift Nearly 5 Million Out Of Poverty

From Pope Francis to Phil Robertson: Why are some people of faith generous — while others are nuts?

JetBlue passengers stranded in Barbados

How to use your new Marketplace coverage

Faux "news" is a propaganda spewing place.

'Active shooter' incidents rising nationwide

It's ok

Who are the people willing to identify themselves as casualties of the Affordable Care Act?

Don't Tread on Me...

Poll: Congress Risks Voter Backlash For Letting Unemployment Benefits Expire

Louis Braille was born 204 years ago today - Want to learn Braille in about 5 minutes?

Robert Lewandowski

Meet the restaurant owner with Down's syndrome

Parenting WIN (Big TIME!)

Which State Is the Biggest?

Facebook Page by White Supremacists HACKED - Now filled with GOATS!

I awoke this morning from a terrible Duck Dynasty nightmare.

Colorado's going to have to change some road signs now.


Religious Morality and Gay Marriage

Historic smoking report marks 50th anniversary

Morrissey: Eating meat is the same as paedophilia

Al Qaeda-Linked ISIS Under Attack in Northern Syria

Plane lands on Major Deegan Expressway

Please Read, and Share "Suspended Coffee"

It seems as if my cat found a second home

Cruz hopes to 'soon' renounce Canadian citizenship

Women in the Military:Is it wrong to say that women (on average) are physically weaker than males?

Leading Republicans' states among worst hit by jobless benefits cuts

Crisis in South Africa: The shocking practice of 'corrective rape' - aimed at 'curing' lesbians

goes without saying here, but please everyone keep their pets safe from the cold!

Local Church Full Of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week

personal responsibility

These Are the Five Things I Believe Will Most Affect Atheists in 2014

Social Darwinism Isn’t Dead

Having trouble with a Lenovo all-in-one C440 right out of the box

The top five under-covered Catholic stories of 2013

The NSA refuses to deny spying on members of Congress

Why Snowden Won’t (and Shouldn’t) Get Clemency

Morrissey compares carnivores to pedophiles

New Forced-Retirement Community Opens For Local 60-Year-Olds

What are you going to do to make the world better this year?

pets and other animals in the path of arctic cold front....

RAVITCH: Why Aren’t Elite Prep Schools Following Corporate Reforms?

Roberto Unger on Hardtalk

look who moved into my backyard

Dark Money Groups Have Already Spent Way More Than You Think

New York State Is Set to Loosen Marijuana Laws

DHHS sent nearly 50,000 children's medical cards to incorrect addresses

Odor Judge, Dog Food Tester, Crack Filler, Rubber Chicken Maker...

This is the one thing I think is least likely to affect theists in 2014.

An African Archbishop on LGBTQQ rights

For those who just have to text, even in life-threatening cold........


Colombia Looks to NATO and Beyond in Regional Defense

In case I missed it: Medicare/ACA Dental coverage

LA Times : Electric cars may hold solution for power storage

Shaeffer: The Slow lynching of Barack Obama

‘Duct tape, wire nets’ were used to mend Fukushima water tanks - worker

Because Florida

GET a carbon monoxide monitor. Now.

I would rather endure all the Tornadoes in Dixie than this cold weather.

Curious question about federal educational aid

thinking about retiring to NOLA. Advice? Insights?

Why doesn't God talk to us? -- with updated post

How do we know how many galaxies there are in the Universe?

US ready to aid Russia on Olympic security: Pentagon

The Lion Wisperer (have you seen this guy?)

Best guide to the Snowden revelations.

Waves hello, and wanders back out to look for food...

A jaw-dropping moment: Belgian MSM exposes big brother

Last week on my block, they raffled off a police car.

Peyton Manning To Keep Record

The Best Way to Debate Economic Conservatives

New York State Is Set to Loosen Marijuana Laws

You Can't Do Nothing About Nothing

Please help report Facebook page "Gay Kid Gossip" that slanders and harasses gay men...

Today, I received the last tangible gift from my dad that I will ever have...

"Double Standards" -does "2013 year in review" from the Jon Stewart of Iran! It's Quite Funny!