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Why I think the revolution is feminine

Open Letter To Liberals And Progressives

In the disposable douch section:

OMFG - Rudy of noun verb and 9/11 says it's 50-50 that Christie knew

Family of slain man sues city police, nightclub owners for $1.5M

Still not enough.

Adrienne Brown: Suit accuses Cincinnati officer of arresting rape victim instead of helping her

This is somewhat political, but its just too damned cute for GD

Obama = Tyrant

Both the GOP alternatives to the ACA and the Senate passed immigration bill are FRAUDS


G. Zimmerman Agrees to Celeb Boxing Match I'll Fight Anyone Even Black People.WARNING KILLER'S PHOTO

Terri Lynn Land (R-MI), GOP Senate Candidate, Accused Of Shady Dealings With Super PACs

Maher Wants His Show to Decide a House Race

Hamster. In A Very Small Sweater.


Nationalist Israelis prays against Kerry's peace plan.

Well, pol pundits have been using sports metaphors for years . . .

Broncos receiver Wes Welker videobombed at Knicks game, try not to laugh

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 31 January 2014

PA's Worse: Dem Gives Pitiful Excuse for Fracking Deregulation Vote [VIDEO]

Lost my job today kind of bummed out

Senator: Taking of Salt Lake City school lunches ‘abuse of power’

About those 400 defrocked pedophile priests: Where are they now?

Flyer warns of imminent ‘social cleansing’ in Bogota, after similar threat issued in Medellin

John Scalzi: On Leviticans

Rand Paul wants to end ban on guns in Post Offices which was implemented after past mass shootings

Deadline Monday to register for primary voting

What a fart looks like through a FLIR camera (Detects heat)

Major Insurer: More Obamacare Sign-Ups Than We Expected

Colombia’s Deputy Prosecutor General calls for changes in prison policy following deadly fire

A Lays flavor I might be interested in...

Dear patrons and Uintah Elementary parents,

Krugman nails it. The far right and the billionaires will only accept total surrender. No compromise

Dear Groundhog:

Lawyers seem to think the US would have little argument to block Amanda Knox extradition

Water conservation garden hires new exhibits director

Markey, Warren Praise Release of $18 Million in Additional Heating Assistance Funding...

New York City, rights group seal deal to end stop-and-frisk

They've moved Dad to rehab! He might fucking make it!!

Corbett: Pay Rich White Schools $20,000 So They Can Lecture Poor Minority Schools About What to Do

Heroin abuse at 'epidemic' level in South Florida -drug report

Ohio get your farm team limbered up. Hillary will need a VP from Ohio.

As only the BBC can do funny animal videos

#RockEnroll Flashmob in Central Park

California regulator seeks to shut down 'learn to code' bootcamps

Bethlehem Industrial History Museum Staff Accused of Waste, Mismanagement and Self-Serving Expenses

Fossil Fuel jobs are not all that are at risk

US will likely extradite Knox if Italy asks

Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado posted this on his FB page...

Would you support Roy Cooper for NC Governor? I would. . . .

Yahoo email account passwords stolen

FCC chair exploring net neutrality enforcement options

The Republican Brain

I'm offended...

This is too funny!

NYT Blog: When Doctors Give Patients Money

Is it me or has there been a steep decline in dialog here?

Wall Street Journal: Okay, Obama Isn’t Hitler, But He’s Pretty Hitler-y

There's a comic strip that advocates for woo!

Let's tweet Sandra Fluke Re: running for Waxman's seat. District 33 in Southern

Wall ST. Libertarian, Peter Schiff, Suggests 'Mentally Retarded' Could be Paid $2 /Hour

Mitt Romney Is the 2016 Republican Front-Runner (This is not an "Onion" story.)

Exclusive: Bloomberg tapped to be U.N. cities, climate change envoy - sources

The NFL's tax-exempt status?

I am attracted to nerdy women.

Come talk some facts into Abbott and Dewhurst cretin followers...

Feds try to prevent fraud by blocking new home-health agencies in areas of FL, IL, MI and TX

Feds try to prevent fraud by blocking new home-health agencies in Dallas, Houston areas

Transgender Candidate to Challenge Gay Senator in Maryland

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Norge On & a new kitteh gif!

Transgender Candidate to Challenge Gay Senator in Maryland

Madison - Appeals Court allows secret probe into recall elections to proceed

Obama Picks A Cyber Expert To Lead N.S.A.

Giuliani Jumps Ship --- Says 'Fifty-Fifty' Chance Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closure

Genetically modified monkeys created with cut-and-paste DNA

Fire festival celebrates Norse heritage of Shetland in Viking style

Barack Obama Best Song 2012

Scientific American: End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research

China's going to be hit by an enormous number of cancer cases in a few years.

Armageddon is going to take place in Hungary - Here's your clue...

Witchcraft, murder, slavery: Accounts of 18th century trials for sale at Bonhams More Information:

I just got my free Super Bowl XLVIII program!

Good grief- Dan Patrick is bragging because Hagee endorsed him.

They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said 'No, No, No'

Terence Malick's Japanese Monster Movie...

Hope it's OK to post this question here

Federal Court Upholds Connecticut Gun Control Law

ASong of Myself, by Melvin Tolson

This is the year!

Cooking Up Magic Right on the Stove: Tips for the Modern Kitchen Witch

15 Shocking Photos from the Past

2014 midterms:Its the minimum wage stupid

Traffic Cameras Rife With Bogus Violations, Audit Shows

1%: we want more!

Indigenous Group Fighting Tar Sands Gets Boost From Neil Young

Amanda Knox vs. Jodie Arias

Rachel is cracking me up with Sheriff Trout and Michael Russo

Food stamp cuts target Democrats

Abortion and Environmentalism: the deeper currents at play

(KO tribute) PA's Worse: Dem Gives Pitiful Excuse for Fracking Deregulation Vote [VIDEO]

Obama is a imperial president

Dear Mr. Ryan:

loser fuckheads accusing obama of using soldier as a "prop"

Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church staement on LGBT rights.

Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church staement on LGBT rights.

The Republican war on Wisconsin's public schools New legislation will wreak havoc on education.

Kochs fire back at Harry Reid

OK are these hamsters just playing dead or is someone shooting them?

Hillary Clinton is the biggest frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination ever. Yes, eve

In all seriousness...

Who Remembers Test Patterns?

Am I being immoral by believing in a transcendent creator?

How liberal/conservative are Dallas, Houston and San Antonio?

Today's economy - from POV of a dad who can remember what things were like 40 years ago...

How To Piss Off Your Republican Friends

Hoboken Site Developer Dismisses Law Firm

"Ted Cruz Runs Against His Own Government Shutdown"

Why the rich are freaking out

Under the Skin - Offical Teaser Trailer

182 square foot Seattle Condo.

NJ Republicans want to use leftover campaign funds for GWB defense

What Republicans Say Versus What Republicans Mean

the 5 county secret investigations has the seal of approval by the appeals court.

sigh, anything can be bought these days...

NJ Republicans want to use leftover campaign funds for GWB defense

"It is not what Occupy Wall Street has made, but the network that has been created."

You know why I'm not worried about the 2014 election?

Documents show Hobokan mayor pressured on development at meeting with state officials

A Thursday night squee just because I feel like it:

Pittsburghers mourn the the death of K-9 Officer Rocco.

"5 Kinds Of Brilliance You Didn't Know You Could Have"

Nuclear power hush-up causes scholar to quit hosting long running show on Japan Public Radio

Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen?

Kinda funny, kinda poetic

Every time I read about Arctic port cities in Russia, I have to do this...

How Samira made The Blackboard

SD lawmakers say bill on clergy rights not needed

Suspect Drug Research Blamed for Massive Death Toll

US Judge Upholds Connecticut Gun Control Law

Dear America, I Saw You Naked - And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.

Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and the European Court of Human Rights

Face morphing

If the Superbowl sucks, don't blame NYers

Don't judge me but I have a friend who doesn't vote. She received a jury summons

Former Montgomery aide Dana Beyer to challenge state Sen. Richard S. Madaleno Jr.

OT- with krispos indulgence

Help, I have to attend Chamber of Commerce event with Ted Cruz.

MSNBC President FIRES person who sent out Tweet to republicans

Members of Congress are tired of allowing us to know just how much they receive in farm subsidies

Schatz introduces bill for discharged gay veterans


Fate of Germany's 'degenerate art' revealed

New Alabama Law Would Allow Hospitals To Turn Away Women Who Are Miscarrying.

Best oatmeal? I'm very curious what your

Little Sadie (Hedy West)

Heatwraps for lower back pain, and pregnancy - your experiences?

From Inside the Beltway: Don't listen to what I say - watch what I do

Facts on U.S. Humanitarian Aid for Syrian Crisis

"I can't figure out how to get into the cupboard! Can you help me?"

President Obama Has Issued Fewer Executive Orders Than Any President in Over 100 Years

Poll: Crist Leads Scott in Fla. Governor's Race

CANDLEMAS The Light Returns

Why Do the Super-Rich Keep Comparing Obama to Hitler?

free movie Feb 6th 7pm. 4200 Cedar Ave S, Mpls: "America's DroneWars by Robert Greenwald

Jay Chou-Huo Yuan Jia

Wall Street Journal: Okay, Obama Isn’t Hitler, But He’s Pretty Hitler-y

Find your way around the internet

The Rise of the Post-New Left Political Vocabulary

I just created Inspirational Onion Lays Potato Chips

Judge cuts Oregon woman's award in Equifax case from $18.4 million to $1.62 million

Goldman Said to Boost CEO’s Bonus 11% to $21 Million

I will never watch MSNBC again.

Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Fund to sue Goldman over $1bn trades

Goldman Must Face $1B NY State Suit Over CDO Sales (Jury trial this year)

I Look Down on Young Women With Husbands and Kids and I'm Not Sorry

Former FCC Chairman: I Wasn't That Outraged At Janet Jackson's Boob

My car was towed...

U.S. troops in Iraq fed ice from unsanitized morgue trailers: Justice Dept.

Egypt Locks Morsi in Soundproof Cage During Trial

the question: "what is grief?"

Racism...alive and well in the Democratic Party

Remarks by the President on Minimum Wage - COSTCO - Lanham, MD. January 29, 2014.

'Go to collage ... get a better job then 8 dollrs an hour'

Number Nine?

Jon Stewart Lays Into Georgia's Snowpocalypse: 'The Weather Channel is Located in Atlanta!'

Charda Gregory: Warren, Michigan, cop slices off young mother’s hair weave

6 Great Ways to Turn Timmy Gay!

just made my best batch of brownies ever

Enhanced Version of the SOTU Speech:

The bad boys from Bean Town

Remarks by the President on Minimum Wage - COSTCO - Lanham, MD. January 29, 2014

What does it mean for someone like Kendrick Lamar to receive critical acclaim...

A business shifting 20% of profit to more labor would

I "Fuck"ing support Will Pitt!

Belgian Lawmaker Performs Anti-Semitic Quenelle in Parliament

Spicy bud: Peppers and over 5,000 pounds of pot seized in downtown San Antonio drug bust

Utah Lawmakers Call Tossing School Lunches An 'Abuse Of Power'

A History of US Intransigence, from Cuba to Colombia

Reporter that Grimm (R-NY) Threatened is Nephew of Gambino Boss

Thanks, Chris, for looking for real answers. (video)

Goldman Suchs!

Ex-Rival Blames Grimm's 'Thug' Outbursts On Steroids

Before insulting Atlanta (and other cities) about their response to the weather

So are we going to have to live under Republican obstructionist rule the rest of our lives?

GM plans to hire hundreds for new pickups to be built in Wentzville

Battle of the brands: A newspaper war in New Orleans

Christie’s office has agreed to pay a high-powered attorney $650 per hour to represent it

New math...sometimes it doesn't use numbers.

Sen. Tom Harkin Visits Cuba, Is Pretty Impressed With Its Public Health System

Post Peak Oil: Spending more to get less

Afghan ministries incapable of managing U.S. aid

What have we become? Jeremy Scahill: Dirty Wars (complete video)...

California church leader accused of hiding ex-trustee’s sexual abuse of employee

Raiderette wages lawsuit prompts Labor Dept. investigation

Up all Night: farming subsidies for all if you are a member of congress.

Caribbean Princess Returns to Houston Early With Sick Passengers

Well, there went all my wife's work: Bayer CEO: "We did not develop this drug for Indians"

There's been a lot of talk here lately about "privilege", so it may be useful to define it ...

Politico at it again

Why aren’t mass shootings called terrorism?

Investor Peter Schiff digs himself in deeper after ‘Daily Show’ remarks about the ‘retarded’

8 Ways Being Poor Is Wildly Expensive in America

If corporations can be a person, can't labor unions and public school districts too?

Obama presented himself as something new to Washington,

Former GOP Activist: I'm Done With the Party of Bigots

US Economic Policy in Afghanistan Doomed it: From Dogmatic Privatization to Neglect of Rural Sector

Dirty Fuel Corporations to American Public: Frack You!

Vodka Blamed for Dismal Russian Life Expectancy Figures.

Jamie Dimon's Raise Proves U.S. Regulatory Strategy is a Joke By Matt Taibbi

Can Cities Lead the Way on Inequality?

I like the alert/jury system and use it quite frequently.

Operation American Spring organizers sell misspelled t-shirts to raise cash

England'sSellafield nuclear site has elevated levels of radioactivity

Shanty Town

Eli the Orangutan picks Seattle to win

Possible Deal with NSA Exposer — US Attorney General Attracts Snowden

Rams owner buys 60 acres in Los Angeles area

Screw U: How For-Profit Colleges Rip You Off

Greens/EFA of the EU nominate Edward Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

GLAAD Media Awards nominees

The shadowy world of sex trafficking on US shores.

How Democrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Citizens United

Move over Puppy/Horse love - I just watched what is going to be the BEST Superbowl ad **spoiler**

The prosecutor in the Knox case has serious issues.I had doubts after reading The Monster Of Venice:

Never back down to what you know is true

Russia Mulls Jailing ‘Nazism Whitewashers’ for 5 Years.

Lawyer will fight for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev' life

Carrying Forward Pete Seeger's Legacy

State of the Union: A bankrupt ruling class talking to itself

American State of the Union: A Festival of Lies

teleporting energy over virtually any distance.

55 Bodies Excavated at Dozier School

The One Video to Shut Down All of the Climate-Change Deniers

Cold? Build it yourself Solar Heater using empty coke cans and plywood

I'm getting ready to snowblow - I've donned flannel-lined jeans, boots, gaiters, insultated bibs ...

We Went Out To Count All Of The Homeless In New York City, And It Was Devastating

Obama: Clapper ‘should have been more careful’ in congressional testimony

***Get's out her electric hammer and hangs the sign for the new DU Coffee Shop***

A Farm Bill Only a Lobbyist Could Love

Jamie Dimon's Raise Proves U.S. Regulatory Strategy is a Joke - By MATT TAIBBI

55 bodies and 0 trials at the florida school for boys

Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries

Keystone pipeline review looming, likely to show little climate risk

Bill Moyers Essay: When Congressmen Deny Climate Change and Evolution

Kerry says president's concessions not enough to end Ukraine crisis

George Zimmerman Moves On From Painting To Charitable Celebrity Boxing

Even Republicans Now View The Iraq War As A Failure

Try #2: I need a new frame of reference (and your opinion)

Knox says she will not willingly return to Italy

Lawsuit alleges Northrop defrauded U.S. over anti-missile contract

Pathological Liar Clapper Goes on Offense

Gunman's doctor before rampage: 'No problem there'

Are there no prisons?

Pittsburgh police dog Rocco remembered as a hero


Find the frog!

Undocumented Workers

Australia Great Barrier Reef dredge dumping plan approved

Enough Is Enough: Fraud-Ridden Banks Are Not L.A.’s Only Option

Anthem to raise some premiums as much as 25%

Comment on the soldier introduced by Obama at SOTU

It's started. (HOF thread)

Atheist Alexander Aan gets out of prison

Save Our Cities… Cut the Real Fat! | Philip A. Farruggio

New study links fracking to birth defects in heavily drilled Colorado

Critical thinking shapes religious experience on campus

I don't worry about "A Handmaiden's Tale" Scenario or other super dramatic

Bqhatevwr, Part 2: Scott Brown Tweets Nonsense All Over Again

Find something to be happy about today (Friday January 31, 2014)

Another goofy headline from HuffPo

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Worst Party Ever

Physicists create synthetic magnetic monopole predicted more than 80 years ago

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ January 31st

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - CONgress and Bypass

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Godly Denialists Won't Be Raptured from Climate Hell

Who Speaks for American Catholics?

Dumb Question. (But real.) Are Republicans mean just to be mean?

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Advice to Plutocrat Perkins: Time to Shut Up!

Pakistan names team to hold peace talks with Taliban

Bill Maher Is Going To Try To Oust A Sitting Member Of Congress

Kansas again - Moving Forward With Plan to Create Two Classes of Voters in Kansas

Rapists Sue Victims For Child Custody - Film Maker Kyle Karges Discusses 31 States

Reports of Obama's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Millions Raised by AIDS Walk Spent on Rent, Not HIV Services

Atlanta snow is fake? Latest conspiracy theory cites ‘plastic snow’

The problem is min wage isn't going to get increase UNTIL Corporations and uber rich feel it in

True Entrepreneurship or Just A Great Idea?

Gone With the Wind: Weak Returns Cripple German Renewables

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Myths of Economic Recovery (audio link)


Dear Ann...

Putin's Games: Influence Peddling at the Feeding Troughs of Sochi

Max Mosley: Google Is So 'Arrogant They Do Whatever They Like'

The New York Times Calls Torture "Torture" When the Perp Is an Official Enemy

NSA Scandal: Kerry To Visit Berlin To Rebuild Trust

Laura Flanders: To Truly Address Inequality, Let's Build a People-Centered Economy

New Google patent suggests automatically sending your videos and photos to law enforcement

Want to see some greatness?

Losing whose religion?

No to Church, Yes to Jesus?

Have we passed "the tipping point"?

David Sirota: Billionaires Attempt To Convince Society That They Are The Good Guys

Its Great Lake Shriveled, Iran Confronts Crisis of Water Supply

Barry Ritholtz: How I Ended Up On The Daily Show

Kshama Sawant: The Great Red Hope

Jed Udall, son of Sen. Mark Udall, arrested on heroin, vehicular-trespassing charges

Today’s “business leaders” aren’t even fit to wash Henry Ford’s jockstrap.

Monkey see, monkey do - selfie!

Sochi's Olympic Village is Half-Built and Full of Trash

BRONCOS' Top Receiver's Mom, Grandma To Watch Game From Prison...

Hated on the Left, the TPP Draws Conservative Foes

Charles Pierce tears MSNBC's Phil Griffin a new one (re: Cheerios tweet apology)

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Losing Its Sparkle For Workers

An Ohio Dog Shelter Buys a Gas Chamber ---

Watch Bill Nye debate at Creation Museum on

"Check Your Privilege": A Rant

Mass. Holds Hearings On $12B Transportation Spending Plan

Dame Helen Mirren

Why the NRA wins. (4)

O (No) Canada!: Free Airport Wi-Fi Hacked for Mass Surveillance

TSA chief says no to arming airport screeners

Group files to bring back Eastern Air Lines

'Insane, Disgusting' and 'Epic Treachery': NSA Spied on Climate Talks

Here it comes at last: State Dept to release Keystone environmental study today

CSEC used airport Wi-Fi to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documents

As 'mass transit' Super Bowl nears, more disabled trains and delays

9 of the 10 best cities for upward mobility are in Blue states

Toon: Foot Soldiers

The Price of the (Exceedingly Corrupt) Olympics

The Apollo Theater launches initiative to refresh its image

The Ohio State University To Name 1st African-American President

TV news poll wants you to rate Gov McCrony's first year in office.

Much Of North Dakota's Natural Gas Is Going Up In Flames

Profiles Of Courage: The Rich History Of African-American Firefighters

Silicon Valley: Budding African-American scientists learn from both success and failure

UCLA Faculty leaders considering plan for African-American studies department

Meet Central Florida's first African-American TV director

GOP in 2016

Dear America, I Saw You Naked - And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.

draught in calif.

Meanwhile, in Florida:

Obama Says He’d Support Easing Marijuana Restrictions

Meanwhile, in Florida Part II:


Women's NGO lobbies for a prostitution-free Europe

Study: Thousands Of People Will Die In States That Don't Expand Medicaid

Trove of Photographs of African-American Life in Jazz-Age New Orleans

Shell Abandons Plans for Arctic Drilling in 2014

Va. dealer Moorehead becomes 1st African-American with a U.S. Rolls-Royce store

U.K. nuclear employees ordered to stay home amid increased radiation levels

Super Bowl QB's race not the issue it used to be

Chri$tie has agreed to pay a high-powered attorney $650 per hour!

120lb woman wins Wing Bowl 22 eating 363 wings


‘U’ Students Want Crime Alerts To Avoid Using Racial Descriptions

Starting early...

How the Super Bowl became a super boondoggle that fleeces taxpayers

Come to think of it...

Remember Bernie?

EU regulator slams UK nuclear deal with EDF

Pic Of The Moment: Rep. Who Gave GOP SOTU Response Tells Big Lie About Support For Women

Catholic diocese to file for bankruptcy protection

Doctor Walks 6 Miles Through Snow Storm To Perform Emergency Brain Surgery

How One State Plans To Wipe Out Sexism At Work In A Single Bill

Daily Caller writer's calendar stuck on 1952...

Wis Dems Black Caucus - Don't forget to nominate someone deserving

Wow! Can you believe it was 10 years ago on Feb 1st this infamous moment happened...

north dakota weather alert:

north dakota weather alert

How a Family Tragedy Landed on a Retailer's Mailing


How states can reclaim 1 billion from offshore tax dodgers!

Factoid of the day - Chinese store sells "a Mount Everest of Bras"

Sweeney: Hike minimum wage for PANYNJ workers in N.J. to mirror N.Y. proposal

PLEASE read this story about an extraordinary teacher:

Conservative Christian Leader Says Single Moms Should Put Their Kids Up For Adoption

Roadside violation: Drivers, passengers say police searched inside underpants

Poll: conservative and moderate republicans oppose fast track by a ratio of 85 percent or higher.

Amanda Knox should surrender to Italian authorities, The EVIDENCE Is Clear Enough- SHE DID IT.

Mandatory breastfeeding for two years, punishable by law. WARNING - HOF THREAD!!

Lapid: EU considering striking central treaty with Israel if peace talks fail

Is this abuse of power?????

Any HR People Here? - What Is The Stigma About The Long Term Unemployed.....

Santa Cruz has had less rain this season than Death Valley.

I learned something today from my Tealiban co-worker.

Quartet mediators to discuss Israeli-Palestinian talks in Munich

Glenn Beck: SOTU Obama Declared He Would Become America's 1st Dictator

U.S. Consumer Spending Rose In December, Confidence Slips This Month

TYT: Will God Determine Super Bowl Outcome? [SURVEY]

Edward Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer

Meet Meatball, the 36-pound cat

Syrian Peace Talks’ Modest Goals Threaten to Backfire

Trans-Pacific Partnership Poll: Only The Strongest Obama Supporters Want Him To Have Fast Track

Two arrested in Cartier jewelry heist where $700,000 in watches were taken

Hey! Why the f*ck are we blowing up our soldiers up in Afghanistan? Anyone got a logical reason?

GOP Meme-Anyone Getting SNAP, UI, Welfare or Govt Assistance Must Participate In Work Program.

White Men Are Everywhere

Peace plan would allow 75 percent of Jewish settlers to remain in West Bank, envoy says

Facebook 'friend' request by Florida Judge prompts appeals court ruling

Senate Passes National Insurance Licensing Act, Includes Amendment Introduced by Senator Warren

Beware: Florida Biker Bar

Uh, oh, looks what's been added to the Endangered Species list ...

From Facebook - "A mighty Girl"

Huff Post - Anne Romney Says US Lost By Not Electing Mitt.

Astrodome named national landmark

Keystone Report Said Likely to Disappoint Pipeline Foes, Ranchers: 'We Will Sue'

Arlo Guthrie Remembers Pete Seeger: 'He Brought Humanity Together With His Actions'

Chri$tie office to pay $650 an hour for defense attorney in GWB lane-closure probes!

TPM Livewire - Up To 17,000 Americans Will Die In States Opting Out Of Medicaid

Good Luck Rodman

Walmart & Mc Donald's Agree To Hire Long Term Unemployed.

Senator (Boxer) Threatens to Sue (NRC) Over Withheld Documents

Just saw an ad for "Assurance Wireless".

I made a list of Hillary's progessive/liberal votes and stands ETA: accomplishments

Metal band Skinny Puppy send US government invoice after finding out their music was 'used as tortur

Detroit Bankruptcy Plan Favors Pensioners Over Bondholders

dog plays with his shadow

They're just some Canadian scamps…

Jury told off for laughing during trial of man accused of sex acts with cow and sheep.

The Rude Pundit: Prayers Against Pot and Peace

Eldridge will report having raised $528G since October

ED Schult Re GOP Pow Wow. They Want To Eliminate All Corporate And Business Taxes.

Montreal woman strangled after scarf becomes stuck in Metro escalator

Republicans eyeing a presidential run in 2016 start to open up to legalization of marijuana

Obama ‘Really Impressed’ With Pope Francis And His Regard For The Less Fortunate

Steve Benen: ‘Bette in Spokane’

Currently there are 10 Million total for the ACA

Walmart Warns: Food Stamp Cuts Hurt Our Profits

Timothy Egan (NYT): When Biography Trumps Substance

Hawaii Same-Sex Marriage Law Constitutional, Judge Rules

Ann Romney: The country lost by reelecting Obama

Paul Cameron and Family Research Institute officially drop any 'research' pretense

Woman who interrupted debt discussion ID'd as candidate for U.S. Senate (Kesha Rogers)

Demolitions continue in East Jerusalem despite housing crisis

Obama’s Wage Hike For Federal Contractors Won’t Apply to Disabled Workers

Goodell: NFL will "continue to evaluate" medical marijuana

Pounding On My Sochi Gonna Set My Shit On Fire

On My Mind - Trayvon and Knox and the Fight of the Century

I would like this post restored please.

PA mulls hiring Israeli PR firm to market the 'other Palestine'

SodaStream Boss Admits West Bank Plant Is 'a Pain' — Praises Scarlett Johansson

Republicans admit to obstruction for last 5 years.

Smart Cat

Interior Design

Texas GOP Lt. Governor Candidates Are Empathy-Challenged

"No, you cannot pay me to make you a blanket"

White powder causes scare at three hotels near Super Bowl site

Chris Christie Champions Horrendous Company Running Horrible Texas Detention Center

please, God, make them stop

Yahoo says detected hacking attempt on email accounts

The Best Ad You'll See This Superbowl Weekend - "Proud to Be"

Local teen issues debate challenge to SeaWorld.

The Hightower Report: Why are NFL cheerleaders booing their teams?

Russian newspaper fined for violating country’s anti-gay propaganda law

My official announcement: I am boycotting Huffington Post, for good. (Updated)

Kansas Gov. Brownback To Rally Christian 'Freedom Fighters' To 'Cause A Revolution' And Take Back

Don't look now, Americans, but many of your elections are rigged

Is Ukraine's Opposition a Democratic Movement or a Force of Right-Wing Extremism?

It’s 2014, Feel Free to STFU Now Ann — An Open Letter to Ann Romney

Roger Goodell: Redskins Name Honors Native Americans

Did Alien Life Evolve Just After the Big Bang?

New Yorks, New York is a helluva' town! - for a pirahna

Peter Schiff "I called retarded people retarded because I forgot what to call them

CPS Removed a Dallas Family's Kids, and the Home-School Community Is Pissed

Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs

GOP Campaign Co-Chair Tells 'Whining' Atlantans Affected By Storm To 'Be A Man'

De Blasio to Make Late-Night Debut on The Daily Show Next Week

Issa attracts allies in his "Cynical & Diabolical" quest to end Postal Service

Here they are

GOP Exaggerates 'Obamacare Victim' Story In State Of The Union Response

Ex-El Paso County Judge Anthony Cobos arrested again, accused of fraud in New Mexico

Footage released of Guardian editors destroying Snowden hard drives

How Google sold Motorola at a loss and came out ahead

YAY! Brighthouse is comming to fix my cable and Internet

Laura Ingraham: English is “in decline” because of Mexican “jingoism”

Fla. poll: Clinton leads Bush, Rubio in matchups (2016 Presidential match-ups)

Toni's Kitty Rescue Saves Homeless Kittens (and Takes Impossibly Adorable Photos)

After 40 Years, Henry Waxman deserves some real accolades!

Facebook 'friend' request by Judge Schoonover prompts appeals court ruling

GOP’s devious immigration trick: Why Democrats have a looming dilemma

Mo, Larry and Curly have joined forces and according to them

Found on Facebook: "Thanks Walker"

Wallace Shawn:: As Glenn Greenwald Can’t Return to U.S., I Took My Play to Him

Yeah, those TSA naked x-ray scanners were as bad a we thought

4 reasons America is afraid of women with friends:

USA Today: Obama on Air Force One: ‘It’s a nice plane’

NC Republican attempts math: Haz Fail


You've got to read this!!! Unbelievable!

Hey Priebus: That time RNC members received ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ CDs as Christmas presents

ABC's "The View" has jumped the shark. Again.

caption anyone?

Jack Kingston's Campaign Co-Chair Tells 'Whining' Atlantans Affected By Storm To 'Be A Man'

Pope Francis Gladly Blesses Parrot Belonging to Male Stripper

RIP Colonel Meow

Man who flogged the boys at Dozier School, FL says it was "state sanctioned"

Super Bowl Prediction: Slight Edge to Seahawks

Something is very wrong...

Will The Super Bowl MVP Have His Picture On A Box Of "Weedies"?

I'm a Kramer, what about you?

State to pay Accenture $58 million to update aging IT systems

Israeli airstrikes injure 7 Palestinians in Gaza

Thanks to the Republican Party, Corporate America got it all (by none other than Pat Buchanan)

The rising tide of violent Republican extremists

Koch-Tied Groups Funded GOP Effort to Mess With Electoral College Rules

It's time for some swinging in the lounge, baby.

This stupid movie line always cracks me up...

Don't cry silly bigots...You'll see a white President again..

I love it when people get offended when you talk about real issues

A Good ACA story

Report May Ease Way to Approval of Keystone Pipeline

Bully cops rips woman's hair out...

New Study Links Fracking to Birth Defects in Heavily Drilled Colorado

MA: Michael Dukakis Decries Terminal Honor

Report May Ease Way to Approval of Keystone Pipeline

Is it time for a Billionaires Anonymous?

Can I change my userid?

Big Companies Join Obama in Initiative to Help Long-Term Unemployed

Oops! Florida Newscast Calls GOP the 'Reprehensive Party'

Payless sells fake Pizza, Eli Sells Fake Memorabilia

Make it so you fools

Randi Rhodes:MSNBC needs to apologize for the apology

State Dept.: Keystone XL totally not an environmental concern, so stop saying that.

A sick riddle from an Episcopalian Minister who's very dear to me

Let's put together a PLAN about campaign financing instead of just talking about it!!

What's the weather today in your area?

Amazon Removes Guide to Date Rape After Outcry

Thom Hartmann: Is execution by firing squad coming back?

Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings, Port Authority Official Says

Ryan Zinke, GOP House Candidate, Calls Hillary Clinton The 'Anti-Christ'

Thom Hartmann: Time for Big Oil to Pay for its Pollution

Two new poems by Greek poet Sappho discovered on ancient papyrus....

Christie Knew About Lane Closings, Ex-Port Authority Official Says (NYT)

STUDY: Average Obamacare Plans Are CHEAPER THAN Employer-Sponsored Ones

Got THIS to say about the passing of Pete Seeger(revised,since folks didn't get it the first time).

White House will not say if Obama will weigh in on Keystone pipeline

BREAKING on MSNBC: Wildstein providing proof Christie KNEW about Bridge closing

Donna Haraway: "From Cyborgs to Companion Species"

BREAKING: Christie knew about the lane closings as they occurred!

"We’re polluting our own house and our own land. What are we going to drink?”

Meanwhile Stepien pleads the fifth - will not hand over documents

Wildstein has evidence that Christie knew about lane closings

Put ban on civil unions back into HJR3, Indiana governor says

UHM. OH SNAP! Christie just blew up. MSNBC. DETAILS...

Don't multi-million-dollar CEO bonuses hurt the company as much as raising min wage?

Clearly, Reince is b-hurt at MSNBC about all the Christie reporting

Can Americans Ignore Brands and Ads?

As Christie is revealed to be a liar and a criminal here are the top stories at FoxNews:

methinks steve k is a STAR now.

Chris Christie's SUPER BAWL!!

Florida Newscast calls GOP the "Reprehensive Party"

Eric Boehlert said this about Chris Christie

Letter Says Governor Christie Knew About Lane Closings

Wal-Mart outlook hit by store closings, food stamp cuts

Second Christie Pal Invokes Fifth Amendment Rights

Haute Cuisine on Food Stamps

Dumb Criminals: Tennessee Pizza Hut Employee Spits On Cops' Pizza

Is Afghanistan is a Crime of Agression?

I'm starting to see ads from "Ads by Keep Now".

Mitt Romney, 2016 front-runner

Why Reid Opposed TPP and the Fast Track Bill

Former Pittsburgh Mayor Starts Consulting firm for frackers.

Train carrying fuel oil derails, spills in Mississippi

Prince Charles slams climate-change deniers

How are people going to live after another cut to SNAP??

GOP's amazing discovery: Average American is an employee, not an employer

Here's the actual letter from Wildstein's attorney (that the NYT so blandly reported on.)

Dumb Criminals: Would You Like Heroin With That Happy Meal?

Got a half million lying around? Check out this cool artists' house in NOLA!

‘Bette in Spokane,’ cited in McMorris Rodgers’ speech, declined health insurance options

Just a report: I saw my first "Obama cares!" and "I <heart> Obamacare"

Blizzard from Hell happened 3 years ago

Christie's Office Declines To Comment On Letter Saying He Knew About Closures

Christie's Office Declines To Comment On Letter Saying He Knew About Closures

The Government's Secret Research into Climate Change as a Security Risk

Here's the purpose of the Wildstein letter (re: Christie)

'An Atheist's History of Belief' unfaithful to its title

My local Fox affiliate is promoting the Hell out of "Cosmos."

Senate Dems raise $53M, have $12M banked

Kitteh vs lizard...

Tape of Martin Luther King Jr. Ariz. Speech Found

Swedes slam Amnesty's 'legalize prostitution' bid

Rabbi discusses place of religion in war

Shout out to Rachel Maddow who is so savvy and persistent.

I now get it about Christie ....

Christie's Office Declines To Comment On Letter Saying He Knew About Closures

Kim Stanley Robinson interviewed on Utopia, the Singularity and More

Dear America, I Saw You Naked: And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.

Now Live: Watch Live: Justin Bieber On Board Plane Detained at NJ Airport

The Wildstein letter itself may not be as big as it sounds

The disposession of Latoya Ammons: Strange events lead family to seek exorcism

House Republicans’ Economic Agenda Targets Middle Class

if this NYT story accurate, that means Christie LIED FOR TWO HOURS DURING PRESS CONFERENCE

Jonathan Alter:Let's not get ahead of ourselfs

so far, not a peep about christie on the faux website......

Obama Lies to Jake Tapper About His Ability to Reschedule Marijuana

NJ Editorial Board On Christie: Impeach Or Resign If He Knew

Florida Ku Klux Klan leader boasts of ‘invisible empire’ of sympathetic public officials

Obama on net neutrality: I wouldn’t be president without an open Internet

head burial

Illinois Republican who blamed LGBTs for autism and tornadoes still wants their votes

‘New’ Republican Healthcare Plan Sticks It To Everyone Except Insurance Companies

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Baseless Christian-Right Attacks on the Girl Scouts (Yes, the Girl Scouts) Go Big Time

the Christie letter:

Chilling - Rogue State: How Far-Right Fanatics Hijacked Kansas

Yet another delusional Repub: "Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist"

'Middle class' means $80k-$150k, San Francisco mayor says

NJ Editorial Board On Christie: Impeach Or Resign If He Knew

Texas Board Approves Textbook Review Rule Changes

PROUD TO BE (The Best Ad You’ll See This Super Bowl Weekend)

Today is the 130th Birthday of Ida Mae Crumpet, creator of Squirrel Appreciation Day

Ashley Judd says she has no regrets about staying out of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race

California drought: State's water deliveries to be halted

tick tick tick

World's oldest known flamingo dies aged 83

Skills Gap A Convenient Myth

How One State Plans To Wipe Out Sexism At Work In A Single Bill

Entire ‘Tonight Show’ Staff Laid Off As Jimmy Fallon Moves Show From Burbank To NYC

Room of Silence

Goodbye Chris Christie, and Hello Scott Walker

I find this film of London, England from 1903 utterly fascinating

Weekend Economists Note a Time to Mourn, January 31-February 2, 2014

boxed set


Republicans keep coming up with flimsy Obamacare horror stories, because they created the "victims"

Math, possibly geometry?, question.

Repugnants for the people

America's Shopping Malls Are Dying A Slow, Ugly Death

My cat walks across my laptop when I'm on it, and the screen goes black.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine Shrugs Off Questioner Who Called For Obama To Be Killed

Centralized information about austerity and the protest against it in Europe

Star-Ledger Editorial:"Forget About WH...The ? now is whether Gov Christie can survive as governor"

Christie responds to Wildstein with, um... some highly selective reading

West Virginia spill criticism grows amid new fear over tainted water

Christe was just clearing the way for "moderate Mitt" to return for 2016.

There is no Double Jeopardy when you are Convicted at your first trial. Amanda Knox is going to be


POLL: Chris Christie will leave office...

Christie's Office: Letter 'Confirms What The Governor Has Said All Along'

I just freaked out! >>

An Eccentric Millionaire's 1875 Pork Map of the United States

To think there are drones and spy satellites up there.

Would you like to know...?

Another bogus Obamacare story: The GOP's 'Bette'

There needs to be a huge federal investigation regarding all the train-track oil explosions, because

This woman just will not move on - sheesh!

On the road today,

So Wheelchair Truthers are a Thing Now (Texas repuke gov candidate)

Appellate courts make "political" decisions all the time

City Of Hoboken Gets Subpoena In Sandy Aid Investigation

If Christie's claim of ignorance was right, isn't that fairly damning in itself?

Six Reasons Chris Christie Is Probably Guilty

Felix Baumgartner's 24 mile free fall (HD video released)

You want to know what a good sport Dame Mirren is?

‘Approximately 50 total employees’

Needless to say, Billy grew up to be a roadie for Metallica...

Well evidently the pragmatic centrist Democrats who endorsed Christie in NJ have now been vindicated

Chris Christie at the Howard Stern b-day bash