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Birds Find An Unlikely Resting Place In Drought-Stricken California

Turn on Tweety right fugging now - more Christie

Countdown to Pluto

White House petition: Investigate the mismanagement of the WV water disaster by the state and county

Just discovered- the REAL origins of Doctor Who!

A Call to Rename the New Tappan Zee Bridge in Honor of Pete Seeger

The bible sums up Christie's situation perfectly:

President Obama: I won't 'stand still'. US 'does not stand still' and 'neither will I'

Every post in this thread must be a lie.

'Opportunity Is Who We Are': Excerpts From Obama's State Of The Union

Working women and their struggles will form a major part of President's State of the Union address

Danziger for the WIN!

Veterans in Ottawa to fight service cuts


Historically, there have been authoritarian societies that placed Party Loyalty above all else.

Sen. Sanders on the State of the Union

Medicaid-Obamacare question

NY Cop Who Wished 'Muslim Commie' Obama Was Dead Gets To Keep His Job

Wanna see my smilin face on the cover of the Rollin' Stone

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ? -- College Students Asked About World War II

Texas Emerging Technology Fund recipient files for bankruptcy

Wingers can never get anything right...

Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 29 January 2014

To stories like the SC former GOP head, Mitch McC, etc., I want to response like my friend, Karen

On Break...

What snow does to Southern drivers:

Calif. state Sen. Roderick Wright (D) convicted of voter fraud, perjury

Who Won And Who Lost?.......

So who is providing puggies response to State of the Union address? Will it be Rand Paul or the

Pete Seeger: fans from Michael Moore to Tom Morello react to singer's death at age of 94

U.S. border officials ground fleet of drones after crash at sea

SOTU Preview...

Crossroads in Irish folklore.

Link to watch SOTU online tonight at 9 PM ET

Foul-Mouthed Puppets to Provide Real Time Analysis of State of Union Address

Fast food worker has high BP, headaches, and no ins

The Public School Where Prayer Is Everywhere

Message Received...

Upcoming seminar, KULTURESHIFT: Talks that push the boundaries of AUTISM

I am a total sucker for the annual State of the Union speech.

BWAHAHAHA!!! Metal Albums with Googly Eyes

Netanyahu: Israel not obligated to accept Kerry's framework in full

Exhibit examines role of quilts in US history...

US consumer confidence hits highest since August

Where is Bigtree?

"Every time I'm in the woods, i feel like I'm in church" -- Pete Seeger

New video of Avonte Oquendo leaving school

The Leannán sidhe and The 27 Club.

Snow overnight for LI and NYC.

Just saw Munster Ryan on CBS news talking about requirements for undocumented immigrants

Do not read this if you’re prone to motion sickness or get queasy at the smell of poop.

******OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD # 1---with Links to Watch!!!!*******

Super Bowl Will Be Surrounded By Pro-Marijuana Billboards...

Christine Whitman former NJ Gov: "It's Hard For Me To Phrase This Politely: Sometimes Republicans...

Pope Francis' Rolling Stone Cover Cements His Prominence In Pop Culture

SOTU a short rant

TPM: Obama’s State Of The Union: Enough Of This Reagan Stuff

MLB approves padded cap for pitchers (a non-Peyton Manning/Broncos thread)

Wingnut haters are sure to apologize to Wendy DAVIS now with her daughters' defending her

Senate Aide Arrested On Child Porn Charges Says He Was Abused In Suicide Note

WHY are the Republicans allowed air time for numerous public responses to the SOTU???

If you voted for Obama or a Democratic Senator, what are you?

State-sponsored Wolf Killing Ends in Idaho

What it's really like on Atlanta's interstates right now.

4 to 1

Hillary Clinton's Enemies Can't See Straight

Commercial quantities of fuel ethanol are being produced from wood waste & other vegetative matter

4 to 1

Is a tooth extraction more painful than a root canal?

The sky was on fire tonight!

The GOP's State of the Union Circus

The passing of a giant so near Martin Luther King Day

Northwestern football players seek to unionize; what does the development mean?

Bruce: "Pete you outlasted the bastards"

Warren Sapp: Michael Strahan doesn’t belong in Hall of Fame

Can you envision the impact of a good trade agreement?

Say what you want about Obama...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! State of the Union & a new kittehs gif!

Hegar (R) raises another quarter million this month for comptroller race

Where do Jesus and the Buddha stay on the road to enlightenment?

27 Shocking Numbers That Reveal the True State of the Union

President Obama's Job Approval

Fishy Fleet Crashes Monsanto Shareholders Meeting

House GOPer Calls Obama 'Socialistic Dictator' Before SOTU

Had to come in and watch the circus

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My wife and I are in a pub having dinner and listening to a jazz combo. No TV.


SOTU Live thread : Starting out with accomplishments...

Text of the State of the Union Address

The Ryan Deer in headlights look.....

If President Obama held mostly the same position on issues, but had an R after his name, would he be

Phew! My President still has it. SOTU, optimist v. pessimist.

Re: SOTU Address ...

The State Of The Union is orange

******OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #2 ---with Links to Watch!!!!*******

President Obama is throwing down the gauntlet: I will do it with

Video, documents raise new questions in high school student Taser case

Wendy Davis: Bristol Palin's Parenting Diss 'Not True'

Our Secretary of Energy should NOT be applauding fracking.

ROFL!!! "The son of a barkeep is the Speaker of the House"

OMG john boner isn't wearing a flag pin.

Stocks rise on Wall Street after 3 days of losses

Barack just went there! Unemployment insurance.

Obama Pushes To Expand Tax Breaks For Workers Without Children

The Joe Wilson award for stupid remark before or during the speech, tonight's nominee...

I am so tired of hearing about jobs programs for the young Americans.....

PBO has a very determined look tonight

Education policy disconnect.

The Kitteh fiercely defends his mail slot!

Louie Gohmert: Raise taxes on poor people because they can pay with welfare

"It is time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a Mad Men episode."

Why isn't Justice Sotamayor at the SOTU?

Obama is making me swoon

"Say yes. Give America a raise!"

Seeing George Miller and Tom Harkin together makes me sad.

My POTUS is pitch perfect tonight. I love the smiles and the positive energy.

what sheltered life mushrooms live

Give America a Raise...

******OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #3 ---with Links to Watch!!!!*******

Obama just stuck it to the rethugs over Obamacare

I wouldn't want to be a Republican in that chamber tonight

10.10 minimum wage

A new report suggests the embattled governor doled out Sandy relief funds for questionable purposes

Countries in State of the Union Speeches, 1989-2014

Poll: Ky. Voters Could Punish McConnell For Opposing Minimum Wage Increase

NCAA, Northwestern have very different responses to player union movement

Boner's chair must have a seat warmer set way too high - face as red as a cartoon character

Voting in half an hour gave Boner

The president puts in back-to-back 2 a.m. nights rewriting his speech to make it “sing”

This may be of interest.

Obama Calls Gender Pay Gap An 'Embarrassment'


Guess what Christie got in exchange for the $6 million in Sandy money.

'I am not a racist', says Norway's bad-boy artist

Seattle's Socialist councilwoman to accept less than half of $117K salary

NO ONE is going to give a shit about the Republican response

Ten Deployments??

Pension funds undergirded Hudson Lights development in Fort Lee, records show

Have a question about the My IRA Savings Bonds

Boehner Approves of the President's SOTU speech! Show this to all of your winger peeps.

Grade the SOTU

Tweety and Rachel loved the presentation


Two quietest moments in the chamber

Huge swath of GCHQ mass surveillance is illegal, says top lawyer

***** LIVE #SOTUchat Q&Q now on *****

The "DU this SOTU poll" thread

And The Award For The First GOP Congressman To Call Obama A 'Socialistic Dictator' Goes To...


Bravo, Mr. President, bravo!

Obama's 2014 State of the Union address: transcript

It must have been killing Boehner to not be able to stand up.

***THE OFFICIAL Cathy McMorris Rodgers Republican Response Thread*****

Rep. Weber (R-TX) Tweets Re. Pres. As "Kommandant-in-Chef", "socialistic dictator" from House floor

How to spot a Canadian...

Obama: I'll Act To Restore The Fading American Dream


She reminds me of an SNL skit

State of the Union fact sheet: Opportunity for all


What a nice couch she's sitting on!!!!

1/30 at 5pm Fresno City Council.. help support Bus Rapid Transit.

"garbage" by pete seeger


I can summarize republican/whack jobs responses for tonight

Cathy McMorris-Roberts is coming off like a Pre-School teacher.

Pres. Obama Goes Full Feminist: ‘Time To Do Away With Workplace Policies That Belong In A ‘Mad Men

Un-American Prick And Mannequin


So I'm listening to MSNBC on XM and this fool is blah blah blah blahing about personal


Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the sofa scandal.

Heathcare up $700 month

Obama plans to use executive powers to drive ‘year of action’

President Obama and Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: tonight Pres. Obama pushed for an American economy that values Women

We have a plan!

"Far more Americans see GOP as extreme and uncompromising"

My wife just said that 'women who don't wear a suit, when everyone else is wearing a suit...

The Republican Response: We offer a prayer for all of you.

A dissenting SOTU opinion from abroad

This is just too funny.

"We have plans. We have solutions."

Where can I get details on the MyRA?

SOTU - If the Tan Man represents republicans,

Warren, Markey Praise Presidential Executive Action to Raise Minimum Wage for Federal...

The republican response was terrible

Thank GOD this man is the president

Rev Al - Maybe they need 4 responses to try

Oompa-Loompa man

I have a question for my DU friends.

You Da Man!

Rethugs: "We have a plan"

Cathy McMorriss Biscuit Nelson Rodger's speech in one word: Patronizing

20/20 special on exorcism

Rachel talking to Valerie Jarrett

WATCH: Wounded Army Ranger Gets Standing Ovation At SOTU

Why Bitcoin Terrifies Big Banks | Interview with Andreas Antonopoulos

Four Supreme Court Justices Skip State Of The Union Address

Sorry folks, Georgia is closed...

Louie Gohmert: Raise taxes on poor people because they can pay with welfare

Stepford Republicans

This is the State of the union

US Supreme Court orders stay of execution

A special thank you to those of you watching those awful republican speeches and posting.

What combination of 1 word (?) makes you smile?

Pic Of The Moment: State Of The Union

Ghosts of Murdered Kings-Wednesday night (1/29/14) on NOVA....

My god, Ted Cruz lies every time he opens his mouth

Merkley Reaction to State of the Union: Success of Middle Class Is Defining Issue of Our Time

I thought Obama reached for a good, populist tone in his SOTU address.

"Obama and Friends Discover Inequality"--(a different view)

Let's leave Mad Men to TV Land

Sexy photos (hope this doesn't get locked)

Stockman walks out on Obama

So unAmerican!!

Top five things Republicans hated in the State of the Union speech

Post a song for the Republicans

A passionate indictment of growing Inequality as the central issue of our day

Cathy McMorris Roberts' cue cards were written in a giant pop up book. Via Twitter


Every once in a while I’ll read something that makes me think someone’s been reading my mind.

GOP Strategist Says Obama Speech Like Sex: 'Worst There Ever Was' Still Excellent

Did I see a cast on Jill Biden's wrist (arm) tonight?

Sen. Sherrod Brown's State of the Union Response

New Yorker cartoonists were ready for the SOTU

What happened to the beaver? Did it appear?

watching SOTU and blogging

1/28 66th Anniversary of place crash that killed 32 people over Los Gatos Canyon (Deportee)

What happened to the other 3 responses?

President Obama Tells Cities, States To Bypass Congress On Minimum Wage (video)

Tenants Bring Class Action Lawsuit against Central (CA) Valley’s Biggest Slumlord. (Fresno, CA)

Gabby Giffords Ad On MSNBC!

Ancient inscription from time of King Soloman unearthed

Construction worker killed in accident at Baylor stadium site

So, the detention facility at Guantanamo is going to close in 2014. Does anyone believe that?

Three Meetings, and a Lesson in Resilience

The Police Will Soon Be Able To Test DNA In The Field In Just 90 Minutes

Rand Paul, asked whether there should be a minimum wage: “I’m not sure I have an answer.”

YouTube barfs over Tea Party Response to SOTU Address

Chuck Todd Loved The GOP Response

Sotomayor was in California on Monday judging moot court finals at Irvine Law School

Former GOP Guv: A Woman Delivering SOTU Response Won't Solve Everything

GOP Rep. Michael Grimm Physically Threatens NY1 Reporter post-SOTU

We haven't heard from Mungo Jerry in a while

Oh shit Rep Grimm threatened to break a reporter in half after the speech

"Obama To Create New Kind Of Retirement Savings Account Called A 'myRA'"

Is god bad?

*Huelskamp interview w Rachel, NOW,

Jill Biden Breaks Wrist in Fall, in Cast for Weeks

Congressman Tim Huelskamp is really screwing up, talking to Rachel.

Wow. The GOP response is essentially ...

What is Congress afraid of?

Watching that soldier getting a standing ovation from reminds me of this scene from 'Gladiator"

Report: Rep. Grimm Threatens Reporter After SOTU

Hussleskamp R from Kansas

Michael Moore: Funny watching the Republicans refusing to applaud the fact..........

Jon Stewart: Obama Now in the 'F*ck It' Stage of His Presidency

What I read instead of watching the SOTU

Report: Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons expelled from university (for 2009 rape incident)

My darling congressman threatened a reporter because he asked about his indicted fundraiser.

"And you're telling me that guy's not gay?" - David Letterman on Vladimir Putin

Ok so let me get this straight...

Charlie Rose roundtable - the SOTU impressions...summaries of all 6 guests

Michael Grimm Threatens Reporter During Interview

Governor Christie's brother invested in houses near new PATH station in Harrison

Senator Mike Lee (R): Tea Party Response to 2014 State of the Union (full 12 minute speech)

Enter Todd Christie ...

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Delivers Response to President's State of the Union Address (9:34 minutes)

ODS - Obama Derangement Syndrome

Cheerleader Rachel?

Senator John McCain: Arizona GOP Censure May Spur 2016 Run

(Video) A GOP Congressman Allegedly Threatened to Toss a Reporter Over a Balcony Following the SOTU

For People Like Myself That Practice Restraint And I Don't Swear - I Got A New Line To Use.....

Celia Israel wins House District 50 runoff

*MSNBC rerunning repugs' 'responses' now.

Governor Christie's brother invested in houses near new PATH station in Harrison

2014's rallying cry: Raise the minimum wage.

For those who missed the Maddow/Huelscamp thing, here's a video link:

Obamacare is a failure, right?

"Cheerleader" Rachel Maddow Jousts With Right Wing Rep Huelscamp after SOTU (Video)

Well, we've seen the HOAAC club fully deployed tonight.

Obama touched on something I'm going through this very moment.

I'm not upset with the president for honoring that soldier.

Record warmth and confused plants - an Alaska January to remember

Re Rep. Grimm episode: I'm sure Bob Woodward will step up to defend threatened reporter

'MyRA' = "starter savings account" option for employers

a state of the union tweet or two

Winter Storm Slams South, Stranding Students, Snarling Traffic

Michael Grimm accused of having sex in NYC bar

Obama: 'Give America a raise!'

Move over, Louie Gomer. You have competition for title of Dumbest Congressman!

The entirety of what Obama actually said after the applause for Cory:

For all DUers who need help with German/Bavarian genealogy I found a great site by accident

Grimm issues statement on tonight's threat against reporter.

I am very depressed but also very angry

Stockman walks out of State of the Union

The ignore button

Question: Were the Democrats' response to Bush's SOTU as bad as Republicans over the years?

Saving For Retirement Is A Myth When You Cannot Make Enough Money To Even Feed And Clothe Yourself.

San Jose police could tap into volunteer residents' private security cameras under new proposal

NY town supervisor petitions to name the Tappan Zee Bridge after Pete Seeger

‘Jew, France is Not Yours’ Chant Anti-Government Demonstrators in Paris

China's internet vigilantes and the 'human flesh search engine'

I have a Pete Seeger story, too

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in WV uses SOTU to attack Obama on coal, blame EPA for water crisis

35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place

The Real State of the Union

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? (Poll)

State of the Union 2014 Address: President Obama's Full Speech

Sunset -- I kind of like this one

Give big political speech on Tuesday. Some Americans applaud, others jeer.

The State of the Corporate World

LOL: Biden at the SOTU

Is AA a legitimate group? I went to one meeting and something just didn't seem or feel right.

This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender

How long before the Right starts to claim Amanda Shelly is a scam?

Where the Koch Brothers spent money to brainwash the USA into approving Keystone XL

UK agrees to take up to 500 of the most traumatised Syrian refugees

"The Americans" returns Feb 26 on FX

Huge swath of GCHQ mass surveillance is illegal, says top lawyer

Air Filter

Mubarak-era networks return for new military man in Egypt

Britain denies head of its NSA equivalent is leaving because of Edward SnowdenBritain denies head of

Ukrainian President Yanukovych calls Biden on dramatic day in Ukraine

We face being buried under an avalanche of Chinese science

What is Tim Huelskamp's Name on DU ?

amictum ab Volutans Caementum

In control


From real news: Remembering Folk Legend & Activist Pete Seeger

Beachboys sing with Willie Nelson "Warmth of the Sun"

Guantanamo expert panel considers release of Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguard

Congress wants answers on health impacts of Japan disaster relief

Illinois bishop: ‘Punish’ LGBT people like children if they get married

Is time running out for Jack? Bauer gets SHOT as Kiefer Sutherland films high-octane scenes for 24

Verdict looms in Amanda Knox sex-murder retrial

Afghan president Hamid Karzai suspects U.S. secretly behind Kabul restaurant bombing

Surprise! Even some Christians support Satanist display at Oklahoma Capitol

CNN plundges to new lows

Flu season creates workplace headaches

India’s Supreme Court refuses plea to review colonial-era ban on gay sex

Salvation Army in Australia accused of raping children with a garden hose and other abuses

Sarpy County to extend health insurance benefits to spouses of gay workers

China's internet vigilantes and the 'human flesh search engine'

Let banks fail: Iceland’s plan looks to be working

Foreign Policy Rethink: Germany Weighs Stronger Military Role

German Defense Minister: 'We Can't Look Away'

Syria's Bodies: 'The Stench Was Unfathomable' ***GRAPHIC ***

The American Dream Can Be a Dead End, Especially If You Grow Up in the 'Wrong Place'

NYT: Outsiders, Not Auto Plant, Battle U.A.W. in Tennessee

How Private Probation Companies Make Money From the Those They Trap in the Justice System


US Pivot to Asia Should Deploy Soft Power, not the Marines

Obama's State of the Union: Letting the Republicans Off the Hook

Dovish SOTU: Obama will Veto AIPAC Iran Sanctions, Pledges Afghanistan Wind-Down

OPEN BETA (link) Blizzard's HEARTHSTONE card type game

Don’t Break up Syria: WW I-Style Imperial Divide & Rule is a Failure

You Might Be Cold Right Now, But Your Planet Isn't

Obama Just Doubled Down on His Climate Plan—Here's What Else He Could Do

The myth of the Christian conservative

What a crock of shit from Gallup

Court Denies Stephen Glass Ability To Practice Law........ of "Shattered Glass" movie fame

US pivot chafes at vital Asian ties

India's moral compass swings violently

The deflation 'ogre'

Who Woulda Thought...

Pepe Escobar: The real State of the Union

The myth of the Christian conservative - Mark Morford

Pacific Nations Need Help Away From Aid

Drones in America’s Skies Keeping Tabs on Marital Fidelity

US Congressmen Prepare for a ‘Global War’?

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ January 29th

I proudly stand with our President!

Nomiku Sous Vide? Anyone see this one yet?

Pete Seeger: We Still Can Have Singing Tomorrows

The Four Republican SOTU Responses Couldn't Agree On What To Say

TV's Frank on the Republican Response:

Background on McMorris-Rodgers from a couple of people in Eastern WA

Charlie Crist won't debate Democratic rival Nan Rich - FL

Deep Dive into First Unitarian Church v. NSA: Why Freedom of Association Matters

Libyan deputy prime minister survives assassination attempt in Tripoli

Here's What You Need To Know About MyRA, Obama's New Retirement Program

Berlin and Washington still 'far apart' on NSA, Merkel says

Its amazing to me how scared racist old white men are of President Obama

Krugman blogging last night: Prisoner of the Green Room 2

China Is Challenging US Military Superiority, Says Pentagon Official

U.S. should consider re-design of missile defense system: report

Tim Huelskamp (R-Crazyland) Wikipedia entry hacked following Maddow interview.

Did anyone else catch this in the SOTU speech

Statement by Senator Warren on President Obama's State of the Union Address

I emailed and tweeted congressman Grimm to tell him he embarrassed our district.

If money is free speech then

Netherlands court orders end to Pirate Bay ban

"We're trying to stop anything you want to do

Mayor de Blasio has GOT to read this article.

Why DU matters

A News Team Follows Potential Models For One Week. My Face Is Now Stuck In Disgust Mode.

Rep. John Lewis...

Krugman: Whatever It Takes? No, It Takes Whatever

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Goodbye to an American Hero

If I don't know why something works, can I say "MAGIC" and not lose credibility?

"The politicians can say all they want, but we're paying more attention to what they do."

It's never about spending on the war machine

Tension In Democratic Party After Obama Speech

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Disunity State

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Lets start with number 1 and work our way down

Who in blazes is Doug Mainwaring?

At first blush, the SOTU sounds great -- until you start delving into the substance

NY1 ItCH: A Grimm Tale of Disunion in Washington

So, did anyone see Rand Paul's speech? Was it LOL-worthy? n/t

States Have Lost $1.76 Billion After Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Lapsed

Greg Abbott Continues Lawsuit to Defend Billions in Cuts to Education

The Age of Frustration and Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Here’s Where People Are Working To Raise The Minimum Wage Without Congress

By what legal means could a local police department hack into your security system?

Texas woman in Grimm fundraising case set to be arraigned

50 Is The New Retirement Age

'Zombie' bees discovered in Vermont

The Middle Class Took Off 100 Years Ago ... Thanks To Henry Ford?

LOL @ Olbermann.

What did Joe Scarborough and/or Mika have to say about the SOTU? I've been out and was unable

I Just Do Not Think We Will See Any Minimum Wage Rise No Matter How Much People Complain.

Rep. Michael Grimm should be more aware of the presence of TV cameras.

Meet The Economic Justice Warriors Attending The State of the Union Address

Rachel Maddow show - Tim Huelskamp gives voice to extremist right

paul ryan's idea of immigration reform....

Our 'Winner Take All' Economy Is Destroying Us

The Four Republican SOTU Responses Couldn't Agree On What To Say

Wage hike for federal contract workers limited

The 6 Craziest Reactions To President Obama’s State Of the Union

GOP to Working Poor: Drop Dead

Lindsey Graham Says 'The World Is Literally About To Blow Up'

CEO tells Daily Show ‘mentally retarded’ could work for $2: ‘You’re worth what you’re worth’

Canadian leader collides with Natives' natural resources claims

Yeah, He Went For It: President Obama Pushed The TPP And TTIP In the SOTU

Insurer WellPoint's 4Q profit drops 68 percent

The state of the union speech Barack Obama would never give

More implicated in Air Force nuclear cheat probe

Joe Scarborough: Attacks On Wendy Davis Are 'Nonsense'

Rare video: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards band

If There's Global Warming, Why is It So Cold?

Ft. Hood: 3 soldiers accused of sex-related crimes

Occupy's Response to President Obama's State of the Union Address

Winter storm craziness in Atlanta

Christie's brother invested in houses near new PATH station in Harrison slated for $256 million reno

4 Shocking Facts about US Healthcare

Arrest made in Midtown attack; No bias charges filed

Dear Christine,

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday January 29, 2014)

Imma gonna think about this before ordering lunch ...

The REAL State Of The Union Is CRAP.

Dr. King, Pete Seeger, Dorothy Day - the establishment is

17 California communities could run out of water within 60 to 120 days

Best critique of last night’s SotU address that I’ve seen so far comes from Mr. Charles P. Pierce

More Obamacare savings

Missing the Marx, More or Less: On Intellectual Failure and Environmental Catastrophe

The Silver Ribbon Campaign To Trust Women - Sophia Yen & Ellen Dannin Discuss

No, Abe Foxman, America is not out to get the Jews

Wis. Senate panel sets hearing on 7-day work week

Great NYT piece on Christie's micromanagement: For Christie, Politics Team Kept a Focus on Two Bids

Canada Restricts Entry For Ukrainian Government Officials

Hemp going legit with feds; some wonder if marijuana is far behind

"Confused" West Virginia Man Kills New Black Neighbor

From now on when I see poll results I'll remember this from Jimmy Kimmel

WTF are they feeding these cows?

Ebbin’s Paper Check Tax Refund Bill Advancing Through GA

Fatal helicopter crash prompts JBLM to complete radar picture with new sensors

The right’s agenda is reviled: The lesson from Obama’s confident State of the Union

Cruise ship due in NJ port after illness outbreak

GOP is melting down: The real SOTU story

Assemblyman proposes free tuition at SUNY, CUNY in return for community service

Not Enough!

Stem cell 'major discovery' claimed

Bank of England chief wades into Scottish debate

The Morning Plum: Obama’s big gamble

Liberal union thugs? How about Republican Congressional thugs? (VIDEO)

You're Not Agnostic, You're An Atheist

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World RESTORED on Blu-ray

Budweiser Super Bowl 2014 -- Puppy Love

Hong Kong tycoon's daughter defends sexuality in letter

State Police Trooper Pens Letter About Late K-9 Partner

NY1's Michael Scotto: "I'm Not Frightened" By Michael Grimm's Post-SOTU On-Air Blowup

Multiple sclerosis 'linked to food bug'

When I read this about Christie, I thought of one thing.

What grade would you give President Obama for his SOTU speech?

Russia to Wait for New Ukrainian Govt Before Releasing More Aid

Top Weapons Buyer Disputes P-8 Testing Woes

The Politely Evil Empire

Louisiana Supreme Court upholds juvenile concealed handgun ban

ABC Pulls The Assests after two airings... I of course kind of liked it!

Governor Christie's brother invested in real estate near new PATH station in Harrison!

Is Snowden Putin's Puppet?

You know it's an election year when FL Gov. Rick Scott releases $ for public schools.

"It's not about me. It's about you." What if Obama really means that?

If Henry Ford Could Pay a $15 Minimum Wage 100 Years Ago, So Can We

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Stepford) SOTU Response, "My Life Story"

Women + Compassionate Conservatism = GOP Win?

Lesbian Heiress Rejects Millions

CNN anchor more interested in "gotcha" journalism than in finding out how to

Anti-fracking activist barred from 312.5 sq miles of Pennsylvania

GOP's SOTU Response: Ms. Rodgers Channels Mr. Rogers

The Navy’s Carrier Crunch: Even Without Budget Cuts, Deployments Will Drop

Please share your Pete Seeger stories with WNYC!

The Black Egg of Islamophobia

Putin Prize to Be Offered in Martial Arts Contest in London

We Created A Monster: Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince Is Going Neocolonial With China

Biggest-ever EVE Online battle destroys a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS' worth of ships.

Not happy!

Kitteh smells his own foot. His reaction:

Paul Krugman Blog- Hedgies Versus Teachers

USS United States Dead In The Water. GOP Making Sure Of That. In Fact They Are Scuttling It.

The Repugs Popular Talking Point Now Is - "Where Are The Jobs".....

"My IRA"

Staten Island Republican caught bullying reporter: ‘I will break you in half’

Spanish Civil War vet still struggling at 98

Why the NRA wins. (2)

Senator Says Iran Sanctions Bill Won’t Get A Vote ‘Any Time Soon’

GOP ready to surrender on debt ceiling

Court injunction brought in by oil and gas company makes even supermarkets off-limits for anti frack

Grimm offers a ‘friendly’ apology to NY1 reporter

Lab people: do you prefer black labs or yellow labs

Name a performer / band you REDISCOVERED after getting sick of them for a while.

SOTU-Cons Fawn Over Duck Nasty

The Rude Pundit: The State of the Union Is We Need to Accept ...

Papantonio: Volcker Rule A Win For Investors

And you thought it was cold here!

CNN Anchor Harrasses Black Mayor of Atlanta, ignores white Georgia Governor Deal, Mother Nature

for folks in Atlanta

This Friday starts The Year of the Horse!

Democrats Rally Behind President Obama’s SOTU to Demand Action on Jobs

Grimm's democratic opponent Domenic Recchia responds.

Joe Manchin backs Clinton 2016

Steve Haskin's Derby Dozen - January 28, 2014

I just realized that republicans and muslim terrorists have the same mindset.

Whoever coined the term 'Global Warming' should be slapped

Data Crunch: A Deeper Look at State Legislative Districts

Exclusive: Syria has shipped out less than 5 percent of chemical weapons

Indiana Advances Gay-Marriage Ban

U.S. hospitals hit with shortage of intravenous saline

Ya know, to keep it from clumping.

Ke$ha Talks Vaginal Exorcism ... "Dead entities cling to me" ... (Rolling Stone | October 2013)

N.Y. congressman apologizes after threatening to throw reporter off balcony

Marinara Worth Mastering (with video)

For some reason...

De Blasio: House Should Sanction Grimm

Some Bay Area Communities Could Run Out Of Water Within 4 Months

The anti-fracking activist barred from 312.5 sq miles of Pennsylvania

Rep. Michael Grimm Apologizes to Reporter for Threatening to Break Him In Half (Like a boy)

The problem in Atlanta , Birmingham and other Southern cities.

Gov. Deal (R, GA) Presser on MSNBC right now lying about the weather reports

Repuke Georgia governor uses natural disaster press conference to take a stab at

I hope all our Atlanta DUers are home safe and warm

So, I got Donna Summer's "new" cd...

Christian Extremists and Homegrown Terrorism

Huckabee is the new flavor of the month republican

Photos: Thousands stranded in 20-hour commute as minor snowstorm hits Atlanta

We are at war

Demonic Possession, teachings and practices of the RCC.

Vanessa Mae - Competing as an Alpine Skiier in the Olympics for Thailand

Southern Culture On The Skids - Meximelt

Another Major Medicaid Scandal for Rick Scott

Reasons to vote Republican

Derf on Income Inequality

One can honor military personnel without honoring war.

Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells


President Obama's endorsement of fracking.

Payroll cards

British Tornado Was Strong Enough To Lift Cats, Ponies Into The Air

The weather / sex correlation

Two Essential Rules for Driving on Icy Roads

X-Post: it's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World RESTORED on Blu-ray

Dumb Criminals: DUI Suspect Chokes The Chicken After Crashing Car Into Chicken Restaurant

FDR on money in politics

A Few Bad Democrats are the Problem?

Cuomo Issues Order To Tighten Oil Transportation

Stocks drop as earnings disappoint; Fed upcoming

And the 300 took a stand against the enemy...

Gen. Honore on CNN talking about Georgia disaster response

Hebron children’s reality: video footage of minors, some under age 12, detained for throwing stones

If only the other four kids had had guns

Sex and/or money scandal in 3-2-1...

How 2 Inches of Snow Created a Traffic Nightmare in Atlanta

If the President came to your home town, would the Mayor show up?

So, you can no longer file your PA state income tax return for free?

The First-Ever Virtual "Big Block of Cheese Day"--The White House is Open for Questions

Researchers Exhume 55 Bodies at Notorious Reform School

UVa Lacrosse Isn't Taking Any More Chances

The shattered soldier wasn't a prop

Grand jury to probe 31-year-old death of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka's girlfriend

Candy themed rock bands

Monarch butterflies drop, migration may disappear

Sean Hannity proposes 'adopt-a-woman birth control program'

Talk about shitty emergency preparedness - my teacher friend in Birmingham called

A nod to Andrew Jackson (and the West Wing)

Ted Cruz Kicks Off the Obama-As-Dictator Movement

Our new Kitteh has grown up

Human Rights Campaign endorses Democrat Wendy Davis for Texas governor

Egypt: Al Jazeera journalists 'to face charges'

I knew Wes Welker was an arrogant Douchebag, didn't know he was a fundy douchebag also...

January's Epidemic: 11 School Shootings in 19 Days

Budweiser Does It again

House passes farm bill, crop subsidies preserved

NASA is being sued for covering up evidence of alien life

For your convenience I went through the GOP SOTU response and excerpted the sections of substance

President Obama in West Mifflin PA in next hour

Something that puzzles me about Etsy

Rep. ‘Break You in Half’ Grimm Is a Hothead With a Shady Past

Does Anyone Have The Numbers On Former And Current President's Use Of Executive Orders?....

Rogaine: Topical use only

"suddenly Big Government is supposed to fix everything. Right after they cut your taxes."

Senator Floats Idea To Penalize Low-Income Women Who Have Children

I bet few people from the South ever heard the phrase "hooky-bobbin'"

Mayor de Blasio has GOT to read this article.

Pro-Clinton PAC moving in with Jim Messina

Sorry About The Budweiser Ad

Over 600 Economists Sign Letter In Support of $10.10 Minimum Wage

Now that President Obama has delivered the State Of The Union, the Republicans are...

I hope that Sgt. Cory Remsburg enjoys his accolades

GOP Platform.

"Corbett Can Run, But He Can't Hide from His Bad Decisions" (Del Co News Editorial)

Fox News host: Women don’t want equal pay, they already get ‘exactly what they’re worth’

Is raising the minimum wage enough?

State of the Union scorecard: Guardian reporters grade Obama's speech

Poll: Huckabee Is Now The GOP's Top Choice For 2016 After Libido Remark

Projecting: Christian Conservatives Cry ‘Discrimination’ After Gay Grammy Weddings

To apply

An unprecedented blizzard blanketing the South? It's like their climate "changed" or something

I'm from WI and I can't believe what I'm seeing

Egypt to put 20 Al-Jazeera journalists on trial- for terrorism

Hey West Wing Fans! Big Block Of Cheese Day!

Monarchs vs. Monsanto, who has more friends in government?

Anyone Voting GOP Particularly Workers Or Union Workers Or Women Should Be In Rubber Room

Costco Power!

I cant help but be amused

Grapevine Has Effectively Banned Child Molesters

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Blizzard 2011

"MORE NFL" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

Breaking....Omahan arrested on suspicion of murder in 5-year-old Payton Benson's death

Neil deGrasse Tyson: A shout out to Canadians

As Obama backs wage hike, a look at state efforts

Missing For 112 Years, First Porsche Is Found In Warehouse

Dallas Man Arrested for Warning Johns that "Prostitute" Was Actually a Vice Cop

These Atlanta threads are starting to crack me up---

Wendy Davis is "Using Her Kids" Now, Fox News Says

Here's what Obama said that made Republicans sit on their hands

Lego Ninjago: Rise of the spinjitzu master 26

Just Sittin’ Here Wasting Time…Legislatin’ Some Vaginas

Freddie Prinze: June 22, 1954 to January 29, 1977

Ted Cruz Kicks Off the Obama-As-Dictator Movement

*POTUS in PA now,

Queens Man Arrested For Brutal Beating Of Gay Journalist

Thus my Mirt service ends!

Obama’s Best State Of The Union Speech

The State of the Union Then and Now: Raising the Minimum Wage is Still a Good Idea

House Roll Call: Farm Bill

The FLOTUS has class!!

*POTUS in PA now,

Northwestern lecturer attacked with stun gun, robbed of Stradivarius violin

Billionair doubles reward for turning his daughter straight. Her response:

Sweet Vengeance 2013, this is a movie that lightened my load

U.S. launches five research teams to develop covert data mining technology

Marijuana Billboards At Super Bowl Will Pressure The NFL And Statehouses On Drug Policy

'Priceless' Stradivarius violin stolen in armed robbery in Milwaukee

DC Watchdog Group Calls For Ethics Investigation Of Michael Grimm After Threats To TV Reporter

One to two inches of snow fell on Atlanta Tuesday and the city was paralyzed

Smart car hits train in Anaheim; driver climbs out with minor injuries

Kansas Supreme Court hears case of Roeder, killer of abortion doctor George Tiller

If you had to be trapped in a store overnight due to a blizzard, what store...

Conservative bias on CNN?

boo hoo. Canada's "Free Dominion" shut down over libel.

When Talking About "Giving America A Raise" The President Needs To Contrast The Disparity Between...

The Inner Sanctum-can you guess whom was in which office?

Nobody should laugh at people who are experiencing hardship from abnormal weather in their region

POTUS just signed myRA authorization in PA,

The Music Instinct: Science & Song

Utah Bill Would Allow Tax Money To Fund Anti-Gay Marriage Fight

Clearly Obama isn't a tyrant, and clearly the people on Fox aren't concerned with facts....

Indiana Wal-mart Workers: "We won't freeze for freight"

U.S. intelligence director calls on Snowden to return NSA documents

Pete Seeger about his wife Toshi

Former Nevada Lt. Governor Quits GOP

This country (and the world) is falling apart right before our eyes...

U.S. Stocks Retreat as Fed Plans More Cuts in Stimulus

SOTU: is Race to the Top mainly privatization or a good strategy to fund Pre K?


Pete Seeger Puts a Smile on Eleanor Roosevelt's face..

Morgan Freeman

In South Sudan conflict, churches attacked, looted

In South Sudan conflict, churches attacked, looted

Does Anyone Think That The Unusual Weather Patterns The South Is Experiencing This Season Can....

Should business be invited to shape education to provide the workers they desire?

Guns, Democracy, And The Insurrectionist Idea

Dkos: Where is Cathy McMorris Rodgers' ObamaCare victim 'Bette in Spokane'?

Fox News host: Women don’t want equal pay, they already get ‘exactly what they’re worth’

Snow laughing matter....

A Court’s All-Hands Approach Aids Girls Most at Risk

Helicopters search for stranded Southern drivers

Please shut the door completely...

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel peace prize

Mrs. Rodgers' Neighborhood (funny)

Jon Stewart & Samantha Bee gives a clinic to those that oppose a minimum wage increase (VIDEO)

PPP - Uncle Sugar takes lead in the GOP primary race

What are you going to eat during the Super Bowl?

Latest Human Rights Watch Report: 30 Lies about Venezuela

Florida missionary sentenced for sexually abusing indigenous girls in Amazon

20 worst puns ever.

President Obama is in a very good position

Stem cell 'major discovery' claimed

Venture Capitalist: Liberal Fight Against Inequality Like Holocaust

the farm bill: corrupt to the core, and oh yeah, fuck you Debbie Stabenow, you piece of shit.

Obama's Executive Order threat and GOP frenzy.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's car window smashed during event

Glenn Beck Loses It, Does Dramatic Reading of Frank Sinatra Lyrics

Bill Maher calls out the bullies.

Cheerios Awesomely Brings Back Biracial Family for Super Bowl Ad

Christie Team Kept Dossiers On Key Mayors In Re-Election Effort

Sent an email to WH


For Gay Marriage, 'The NRA Is the Model'

Bill Maher Has New Rule For Duck Dynasty Following Americans (VIDEO)

If Republicans will be forced to compromise on Minimum Wage...

On what planet is unflushed poop considered a realistic motive for murder?

What Congress Looks Like When You Average All Of Their Pictures Together

Pentagon Test Czar Sees Possible Need for Interceptor Component Redesign

BREAKING NEWS! (a funny)

Why Christie Cared So Much About Fort Lee

Serbian fascists on trial turn on each other. Ratko Mladic walks out of Radovan Karadzic war crimes

Exorcism: a leading cause of filicide in the US?

Multiple sclerosis 'linked to food bug'

Scorned Wife Who Donated Kidney to Husband Wants it Back. Whaa?

Official Says Residents Affected By Water Crisis Breathing Carcinogen When Showering

So I'm reading that Atlanta had a similiar storm like this in 2011

Earth Resumes Surveillance of Mercury

Poll: Mike Huckabee leads 2016 GOP hopefuls

How to Lie. Lesson #3,657: The literal truth

Billie Jean King Q&A on her participation in the delegation to Sochi

Harry Reid: Fast Track Free Trade Bill Goes Nowhere

Thom Hartmann: I Went to NAFTA, CAFTA & SHAFTA & All I Got Was This...

One Of These GOP Fools Could Win Presidency. Remember We Got Reagan And Bush Jr.

Thom Hartmann: A Declaration of the End of the Reagan Era

Statement by Bernie Sanders on President Obama's State of the Union Address

Big Boy steam engine, now near Colton, to visit Vegas, Salt Lake (2 return to action!!!)

Atlanta’s disastrous snowstorm response is quickly becoming a scandal

Bought another iMac on eBay -- doesn't match the description

Gov. John Hickenlooper re-names Colorado's highest mountains for each member of the Denver Broncos.

Pete Seeger at Occupy Wall Street in NYC:

Warthogs and All

Otis: 3, Me: 0

A Court’s All-Hands Approach Aids Girls Most at Risk

BP Rig Supervisors Must Face Manslaughter Charges For Deepwater Horizon Deaths, Judge Rules

Mary Burke Goes Rogue

Why the Republicans will attack the MyRA retirement idea in the SOTU.

Illinois Bishop: Gay People Must Be Disciplined Like Children

Song of the corporation

The Republican Presidential Contender Everyone’s Overlooking

SFC Cory Remsburg -- are some missing the obvious?

The real State of the Union

NY Rep threatens reporter after interview.

Wisconsin: SB 286 Amendment Details Released - Public Education Takes it up the Rear

say what?

Wisconsin’s mysterious spike in union membership

kos: Mitch McConnell's Kentucky seat in serious danger of going blue

Repug rep Michael Grimm - "I'll throw you off this fucking balcony"

Huelux timelapse movie

Crazy Ass Stockman asking supporters to sign impeachment petition

Well, if you have to go to jail... (picture heavy)

Pete Seeger, aged 2, with family (1921)

Documentary About Anita Hill Recounts Explosive Clarence Thomas Sexual Harassment Hearing (VIDEO)

Atlanta mayor Reed CNN interview:

Sometimes this happens to me...

personally, I think he's eyeing the cookie...

MMA supporters begin 2014 push to legalize sport in the state

BEST BEST BEST VIDEO..... Dog loves Clydesdale

Idaho game management killing elk after killing wolves to preserve elk...

Eugene Robinson: Obama’s Best State Of The Union Speech

New bill threatens to make undemocratic TPP process even worse

GOP Response, Perfectly Illustrated...

Pete's Farewell Song

Draft legislation would allow expanded drone use by police departments

Battles on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine (many pictures)

Donald Trump: I'm Ready To Run For NY Gov, But I Want Clear Path To GOP Nomination

Feed a cold or starve a cold?

'Tom Perkins was right: We do hate the rich. And for good reason.'

Brother-in-law beaten in jail to keep quiet about Rob Ford’s drug use, lawsuit alleges

Blue Cross to Provide Family Coverage for Same-Sex Couples and All Domestic Partners in ACA plans.

Skiing in a skirt

Guns, Democracy, And The Insurrectionist Idea

Colombia’s paramilitaries will walk out of prison guilt-free

Reid Announces Opposition to 'Fast Track' on Trade

French parents pull children from school over 'gender theory' scare

Living Cold Water Coral Reef Discovered on Greenland Coast

Scientists in US and Japan achieve possible breakthrough on stem cells

See Full SOTU Speech Or Just the Speech:

Nunn Leads All Rivals in GA

Remember the bishop of Springfield Ill who performed an exorcism over marriage equality

Fannie Lou Hamer at the 1964 DNC

6 reasons female nudity can be powerful

Escaping the plight of the working poor

Fiat changes name and headquarters location

Climate change killing penguins say scientists

2 inches of snow is nothing. Atlanta should be ashamed

I guess Fox news has not reported on Michael Grimm

Question about Nixon's ennemy list.

How long does it take to warm up the pan?

Baby born on GA interstate makes news; baby born on sled in PA, not so much

Kentucky Dem. John Yarmuth asks this question about Mitch McConnell

Gay trials suspended in Nigeria over mob violence fears


Congress is too stupid to legislate marijuana law

Wendy Davis hits back at Bristol Palin

Proof of how superficial prejudices are - or: Beauty is only skin deep

Wage slavery (revisiting a basic concept)

That ***hole grimm had a weapon, NOT at the SOTU,

GOP preps debt-ceiling surrender

Local meteorologist implies there's a grilling 'season'

The a-word

Question about Nixon's ennemy list.

Thought experiment for "Free Market Healthcare"

Some personal wondering about Nixon's list

How Religious Motivations Should (Or Should Not) Factor Into American Society

Faith Based Initiatives

What is a redskin?

Looking for dinner in the snow

Catholics Urge Pope Francis to Speak Out for LGBT Rights

New Rules On Religious Expression Spark Religious Right Complaints About Christian ‘Persecution'

Bold challenge to a law on religion

With Christie's troubles, the current GOP front-runner is

Millions of Americans Are Headed Off A Cliff As I Write This

Controlled EV charging cuts power costs 50% – even more with wind

Iran sanctions co-sponsors to Menendez/Kirk: no war for you!

Stare into this image and you will be under my power - bwahahahahahahahaha!

Donald Trump Prominently Considers Run For New York Governor

Terrorism suspect challenges warrantless surveillance

Teabagging Asshat Tim Thomas Hits Carl Soderberg

Former Nev. Lt. Gov. Says She's Leaving 'Tea-Party Orientated' GOP

Orange County Register takes out 'dead peasant' policies on journalists

has anybody here had injections for arthritis pain?

Bachmann: Obama 'Not A King' So We'll Sue Him For Executive Actions

"Are you better off than you were 29 years ago?"

Hundreds of snakes, many dead, found in California house

Senate to Vote Next Week to Revive Jobless Aid, Reid Says

CREW Requests Ethics Investigation Into Michael Grimm Threatening Reporter

ABBA Goes To The Dogs. And The Cats.

Kanye West Confronts Anna Wintour Over Lena Dunham's Vogue Cover

Kentucky Dem: Bevin Would Be Tougher Opponent Than McConnell

Hedge Funds Widen Pay ‘Chasm’ Over Banks, Weinstein Says

Rev Al - more Christie

Sexism for the win! Could prejudice bring it home for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Putin Warns of ’Outside Interference’ in Ukraine in Merkel Call

National Weather Service predicted the ice and snow and DID warn Georgians, and metro Atlanta

Surfing Sheep in Cornwall, England

Fox Host Says There Is No Gender Gap: 'Many Women Make Exactly What They're Worth'

Fed Officials Unite Behind Taper as Yellen Era Begins

Arizona pastor offering tax-deductible exorcisms over Skype for $295 each

Italy: Giant boulder obliterates home

Calling Jason Carter

need good ACA stories for WTAE

Cuban agent due for U.S. release to be deported, lawyer says

One in Eight U.S. Kindergartners Found Obese in Survey

Target says criminals attacked with credentials stolen from vendor

Israeli general says al Qaeda's Syria fighters set up in Turkey

Death penalty decision looms for Boston bomb suspect

Kansas Supreme Court hears case of Roeder, killer of abortion doctor George Tiller

I saved a number of bookmarks on the prior version of DU.

Just announced: the presenter of next year's RNC rebuttal address

State of the Union -Ukraine

California Farms Going Thirsty as Drought Burns $5 Billion Hole

3,000 people weigh in on Bill Moyers FB page re: The State of the Union

I have spent all day trying to figure out what that statement

Why is Seahawks Richard Sherman a thug, but not Rep. Michael Grimm?

"Rand Paul’s Mixed Inheritance"

Seder: This Generation Needs New Privacy Laws

Weather Channel guy knees attacker in the crotch during broadcast