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"This is not the America I believe in": Quote from Sen. Carl Levin

Greg Abbott criticizes Wendy Davis over abortion filibuster

January 25, 1926

There's a Good Reason for 'Singling Out' Israel

UAW President Bob King Submits Statement Against TPP In It’s Current Form (S1900)

Bank of America's trading practices have been probed, filing shows

Right now on HBO, "We Bought A Zoo", on HBOz "Promised Land", and on HBO Signature, "Behind the...

Oklahoma Republican’s bill would block same-sex marriage by stopping ALL marriages

Marta and I just bought a 1/2 share in a CSA

WTF are they thinking? RNC moves up national convention to late June, early July

3 Enemas Later, Still No Drugs

GOP Rep. Surprised 'Middle Eastern' Man Not Patted Down At Airport

The White Rose opposed Hitler. Today, the White Truffle opposes all you genocidal progressives

Guide to Voter ID Laws

Can I have a hands up, from the females that are married

Vatican Urges Ex-Swiss Guard To Expose Gay Threat

I'm scared!!!!

Should we postpone our cat's surgery?

My Personal Possession

The Walking Dead Meets Congress

Amid rumors of a gubernatorial bid, Delaney says he expects to run again for Congress

Arizona GOP censures John McCain for 'liberal' record

Amanda Palmer on TED Talks: The Art of Asking...

Al Jazeera: Listening Post

Book recommendation

Young and Restless fans--please tell me this. I know that Chelsea is

My cat just scared the everloving crap out of me!

Obama sees jump in approval on eve of State of the Union Speech.

Grand Theft Dumpster? In shades of OVER THE HEDGE, a bear makes off with an entire dumpster...

Heads up: locking gas caps don't protect your truck anymore

Latin America pins hopes on Hague to settle scores

DEA head doesn't like what Obama said about marijuana

The War On Men

Bill Maher schools Rush Limbaugh, Brit Hume and Glenn Beck, bullying is not manly (VIDEO)

Hippie Hating

Your Pennsylvania Meme of the Month

‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings tumble to lowest numbers since 2012

Most Magnificent Whiskers award goes to

For your Football Entertainment; "THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

How Much Weed Will the U.S. Need?

Four men arrested for Pinochet-era prison poisonings

A public bathroom with a sense of humor

Mars One Candidates Debate Giving Up Everything To Move To Red Planet (VIDEO)

superior cat

OK color me dumb but I have this 500 Lirasi note from Turkey

I just made homemade Italian Wedding Soup and damn if it isn't fricking good!!!

Child killer who escaped prison in 2008 extradited to U.S.

attack cats attacking :D Worth the look. :D

LA Beast eats a 5lb bag of Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears

Are GMO-Free Cheerios the First Domino? - Forbes

Drilling down into Davos man

4 Shocking Facts about US Healthcare

PB & J. What's your best or favorite take on this classic?

"ROUBINI: We Just Saw A 'Mini Perfect Storm'"

Edward Snowden - to Russia with love (Edward Lucas)

Ohio House passes bill that excuses schools, teachers from liability for gun accidents

It's official - THIS is the grossest video ever to be posted on You Tube

Total of 32 believed dead in Quebec fire

Book Review: 'Maimonides' by Moshe Halbertal

Doctors cut from Medicare Advantage networks struggle with what to tell patients

Ancients, a time lapse video from Chile

Briton flees to Australia after being sacked for mocking Singapore 'poor'

Jim Hightower: Lawmakers Are Free Not to Become Narcissistic Jerks

Syria's warring sides around one table as Geneva peace process starts

These bullets seem over the top and I can imagine the death toll and destruction will be high if

The Fukushima Secrecy Syndrome – From Japan to America

San Francisco's guerrilla protest at Google buses swells into revolt

UK Labour party vows to bring back 50% top marginal tax rate

I Was a Covert Agent in the War on Poverty - by Frances Moore Lappe

FATCA-related costs equal or exceed projected FATCA revenue.”Killing American jobs

Something's Rotten About the Common Core

Todd Kincannon SC Tea Turd calls Wendy Davis a Vile name

Pot usage poll......

Mail your kids

"The Koch Party"

GOP Christian Senate candidate demonstrates singing and speaking in tongues

Beijing’s Bad Air Would Be Step Up for Smoggy Delhi

Sums it up in two symbols....

Police Say They Disabled Crude Attempts at Explosives Devices Found in Gunman's Bag at MD Mall

Our local forecast...

The “FLOTUS Side Step”

Ukraine - where are the Cossacks in this?

My precious doggie passed today.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ January 26th

"Tea Party Republican spews vile, sexist Twitter attacks at Wendy Davis"

300 become ill on cruise ship

Rio Grande Valley: Battleground Texas energizing young voters

Boehner: ‘I have to be the Gestapo’ because nothing is ‘conservative enough’ for Tea Party

"Once Russia's henchmen, Cossacks now helping with Olympic security"

Conservatives like to say:

New From Dusk Till Dawn series photos leave more questions than answers

Congress cuts breakfast for military in Afghanistan while giving themselves a raise.

Poll: Do you support Obama and the TPP?

Israel warns of growing jihadi threat from Syria

Kellogg's Delivers Memphis a Slap in the Face

Christie declines to sign bill requiring public notice of raw sewage overflows!

Anti-TPP protesters surround secretive negotiations

Achievement Unlocked: The SF Class War Reaches Godwin’s Law

Kelly: 9/11 Museum entry fee raises questions

GOPer Surprised ‘Middle Eastern’ Man Not Patted Down At Airport

Poll shows Indiana House members wavering on same-sex marriage ban

The Conclusions of a Working Class "Taker"

‘comfort women’ only wrong per ‘today’s morality' sez New Chief of Japan's Public Broadcasting

Pearson Co. joins Duncan, Obama at WH education summit. Just paid 7.7 mil fine for breaking law.

Meryl Streep passes along a rumor...

Muskrat love: Annual dinner in Lower Alloways Creek ties family, friends, food together

With The Grammy's Ahead, Is America Being Robbed of Its Uniqueness by Corporate Culture?

An Unsafe Environment at PS 154 in the Bronx as Students Run Amok,Yet Again

You know, of course, that the TPP is already a done deal., But we should fight it anyway.

I want sunday to be over so I can get to work on monday.

California drought: Past dry periods have lasted hundreds of years, scientists say

Is Southwest Chief a 'sacrificial train'?

how far right is the GOP? Arizona GOP censures McCain for ‘liberal’ record

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman is Much More Than Just Talk

Peter King slams RNC on NSA resolution

Maher Defends Richard Sherman, Blasts the ‘Underground’ Racism of ‘Thug’ Label

Republican National Committee finance chair Ray Washburne lured into investment scam

President Obama - A Dream Come True

Florida Marijuana Petition Meets Criteria For November Ballot


High school football player body slams security guard

Liberal/Progessive men are a turn-on.

Columbia mall shooting story offers revealing look at local, cable TV news

Meet the IOC, Ideal Candidates for a Perp Walk

Did I hear that there is no evidence the Mall shooting was a domestic

University of Alaska Scientists: Fukushima Radiation May Be Making Alaska Seals Sick

Oklahoma Republican’s bill would block same-sex marriage by stopping ALL marriages

‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings tumble to lowest numbers since 2012

Thailand protesters block early election vote

NASA Graphic Shows Six Terrifying Decades Of Global Warming (VIDEO)

Freedom Industries Ordered To Remove Storage Tanks After West Virginia Chemical Spill

America's Dangerous Pipelines

Why Won't Obama Go After Criminal Bankers?

Crime Doesn't Pay? JPMorgan Chase Begs to Differ

The demise of liberalism

Michaels Arts Supply Store Warns Of Possible Data Breach

If your getting up, watch tape of Australian Open...

GE Hitachi to Pay $2.7M Over Flawed Nuke Design

Duck Dynasty fans NOT happy with "Duck Dynasty is Fake!" video

Australian Open Men's Final SPOILER

Slow Progress On Long-Term Unemployment Benefits As 1.6 Million Miss Out

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bad Whisker Day Edition

German TV: Snowden Says NSA Also Spies on Industry

Accidents Surge as Oil Industry Takes the Train

Dear Mr. McCrory

Pressure to Raise Pathetic Minimum Wage Is on the Rise Across the Land

54 Dead in an Egypt Polarized between pro-Military, anti-Coup on Revolution Anniversary

10 Most Absurd Right-Wing Lunacies This Week: Pity the 1% Edition

The Real Irony of Rep. Harman being interrupted on NSA Spying by Bieber Bulletin

The Human Cost of Income Inequality in America

How Can You Shoot Yourself in the Head After Being Frisked, Handcuffed Behind Your Back?

China’s Solar Market Beat All Expectations For 2013 — Installed More Solar Power In 2013 Than USA Ha

If You Ever See Me Drinking A Bud Lite Lime...

Bill Maher: The Right-Wing's Pathetic Fake "Manliness"

Evidence suggests blast caused International Nutrition accident 2 dead 10 injured

Uncle Sugar Needs To Meet Aunt Flo - Margaret and Helen!

How did you become an expat?

This Smerconish column is worth a read...

Va. bills that offer job help for vets, spouses advance

Va. lawmakers want ban on gay marriage defended

N.C. lawmakers cite immunity over election law info

Kornacki starts the program with a clip from Hoboken

For injured veteran, war continues even at home

German TV: Snowden says NSA also spies on industry

Syrians talk aid and prisoners as mortars hit Homs

FBI efforts to assist Sochi Olympics limited by Russians

In Davos, nations vow to extend global trade deal

Kiev rally cancelled over protester memorial

Warner: State must move quickly to land drone windfall

Leader: Egypt to have presidential elections first

Victim wants rapist's parental rights restricted

Republicans Start a New Super PAC Intended to Make It Harder For You to Vote

VIDEO: Kids reenact Richard Sherman rant

"That's Entertainment"

Crazy Paul Broun Offers Free AR-15 To Supporters

Pope Francis calls for constructive dialogue in Ukraine

A kitchen frozen in time

U.S. “Dismantling” Rhetoric Ignores Iran’s Nuclear Proposals

5 Right-Wing Myths About Raising the Minimum Wage, Debunked

I am sorry to ask this again but do you want us to take how many recs or replies a thread has when..

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

GOP’s ongoing election strategy: Obamacare “stinks”

Uh Oh...Sherman is on ESPN Sportscenter Sunday Conversation and he's still calling out Crabtree!!!!

Confessions of a former Libertarian: My personal, psychological and intellectual epiphany

Settlers attack Palestinian farmers in Beit Ummar

Driver loses hand in Jeep explosion in Spokane

Atheist Senator Ernie Chambers Tells Religious Organizations: 'PAY YOUR TAXES'

Ultra-Orthodox Jews hurl stones at Palestinian vehicles in Jerusalem

Anybody watching Secret Millionaires Club on Hub? Sat am cartoon with W. Buffett

Baltimore Sun - Expecting the horrible is the American way

Has the DU ever received a warrant for the IP address of a poster......

5 Things Democrats MUST Do To Win In 2014

Grieving friends recall mall shooting victims

Religious circumcisions not subject to Pennsylvania oversight

London Unveils World's Largest Solar-Powered Bridge

Any appetizer ideas to take to a Super Bowl party?

National Catholic Schools Week 2014 - January 26 - February 1

Columbia Mall shooter: Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19 YO, of College Park, MD

If I Put A Frozen Apple Pie In The Oven To Thaw And Warm Up

Birds attack peace doves freed from pope's window!

Police: Maryland mall attacker identified

Am I the only one watching Steve Kornacki? His stuff today is blowing me away!

End NFL's Tax Free status? Why is the NFL tax free?

A wedding in Kiev:

Arizona sheriff puts inmates on bread and water

Jimmy Fallon and guest slow jam the news

Any Racheal Ray Fans? Question my wife has. Did something happen To Rachael's voice?

Capitalism as Anti-Christ: A Poem

rand paul says media gave bill clinton a pass on the monica lewinsky matter

Pope's peace doves attacked by crow and seagull (with pics)

New bid to block 'human rights' claims by foreign criminals

Kitten prank:

A Win for the Climate Scientist Who Skeptics Compared to Jerry Sandusky

underground panther is back

The Shopping List as Policy Tool

The Ukraine and Thailand are remarkable studies in different approaches by government to protests,

Grayson: Petition to raise minimum wage to $10.50/hour

How Economists and Policymakers Murdered Our Economy

Confessions of a former Libertarian: My personal, psychological and intellectual epiphany

Another HIT piece on Wendy Davis from right wing Politico

Painting Wendy Davis as a bad mother is political sexism at its worst

Message from Kiev

Jamie Dimon: It Would "Be Criminal To Subject Our Company" To A Trial

Sorry to be a downer, but damn, I am a broken man!

Governor "I Don't Know" Christie: A Case Study of Leadership

Governor "I Don't Know" Christie: A Case Study of Leadership (Video)

The Incredible Story Of Marion Stokes, Who Single-Handedly Taped 35 Years Of TV News

The 1% and the Jews

Chuck Schumer on Cruz "I think he lives with Alice in Wonderland"

The Louisiana Public School Cramming Christianity Down Students’ Throats

Rachel was the first person on television or cable to expose Bridgegate

"It's Hard to Say" if U.S. Bike Share Systems Will Survive Bixi's Bankruptcy -- Reporter

James O’Keefe, ‘new sheriff in town,’ targets Battleground Texas

Twin Cities: Metro Transit reports ridership gain for fourth year in a row

Tucker Carlson: Young people people can’t decide what to eat, so don’t let them vote

San Francisco's bus wars are a proxy fight against gentrification

Mitch McConnell’s slogan to win non-GOP voters: ‘We are the party of the private sector’

Have we learned NOTHING from history?

Ann Coulter calls Wendy Davis a "kept woman."

Kansas City Council Gives Green Light to Plans for Larger Streetcar Taxing District

Six Pakistani police officers are shot dead protecting Spanish cyclist

Super Bowl tax bite: Broncos, Seahawks must pay NJ taxes

Shhh Melissa Perry-Harris ...


Find something to be happy about today (Sunday January 26, 2014)

Ann Simonton interviews Ex-model and porn actress Carol Smith (Trigger warning. HoF thread.)

How does a Super Bowl end up in the cold north, in New Jersey? Politics?

Rand Paul Suggests Cutting Benefits For Unwed Mothers With Too Many Kids

The 51 Busiest Train Stations in the World– All but 6 Located in Japan

Driving to work

Sorry I'm on a Jimmy Stewart kick I want him to represent me in congress.

Cats and Dogs Living Together

New Voting Test

NYT: The Koch Party

The highest paid pizza maker in America

From earlier this year on Peyton's pizza empire

Outsourcing of Navy SEAL Training May Have Led to Fatal Accident and Lawsuit

Public Schools and God

CIA Paid $15 Million Cash to Create a Torture Prison in Poland

My Pre-Response To The Rand Paul Response To The State Of The Union

Roy Blunt Offers SOTU Prebuttal in GOP Address

11 Things You're Terrified Of, But Shouldn't Be

Sundays on FB

DAMN, the arrogance, IGNORANCE, misogyny and pure bigotry of the Republican Party today

We’ve Got Your Number

Birds attack peace doves freed from pope’s window

Noam Chomsky "On The Elite's View Of The Poor"

Star payment problem, 2nd day:

Obama to use speech to offer election-year agenda for Democrats

Tony Blair: Religious difference, not ideology, will fuel this century's epic battles

Look what these people built

Rand Paul: 'Women are winning' the war on women

Is Cyber-era productivity(less jobs) starting to effect China bigtime???

$8 billion worth of rare earth minerals in Sierra Blanca area mountain, company says

Serious question about a Muslim that does his praying while at work...

SCOTUS Hears Case With Potentially Huge Consequences For Public Sector Unions

Livni lambastes Abbas’s ‘unacceptable positions’

Ever search the news for stories about brutalized girls and women?

JPS says it will comply with order on pregnant, brain-dead woman

Krugman: Obama and the One Percent

Pharmaceutical CEO: Cancer Drug Is Only For Westerners Who Can Afford It

Wealthy venture capitalist Tom Perkins says the 1% in America are treated like Jews in Nazi German

Edward Snowden says NSA engages in industrial espionage

Wealthy venture capitalist Tom Perkins says the 1% in America are treated like Jews in Nazi German

A little help please on a list of last week's public shootings ......

Surprise! The real cost of the Super Bowl for New Jersey residents

11 Reasons Your Next Trip Should Be To Cinque Terre

Syria talks: Civilians allowed to leave Homs old city

Fort Lee mayor who took a stand 40 years ago sees parallels to Hoboken's Dawn Zimmer

The Story of Minnesota

January 26, 1850

Wendy Davis did make a mistake.....

Libyan kidnappers make demands for release of 6 hostages

Forget Robo Cop. Robo Army is where the smart money is heading.

Driver loses hand in Jeep explosion in Spokane

Ted Cruz Sidesteps Bob Schieffer's Questions on "Face The Nation" (Video)

Due to Cold/Stay Home Weather..Lists of Happy// Funny/Total Fun// Movies to Watch

Marlise Munoz Will Be Taken Off Life Support, Hospital Says...

Pope Francis says God invented Internet

'It's Your Decision' Says W.V. Governor On Water Safety

Swarthy, blue-eyed caveman revealed using DNA from ancient tooth

White House Warns Obama Could Go Around Congress

Aaaand here's what happens to a merino ram who goes on the lam for years and isn't shorn:

I have a problem that's been very difficult to shake, Update.

**NC NAACP "Moral March" in Raleigh on Saturday, February 8th @ 9:00AM**

Update: Fort Worth hospital has discontinued life support for pregnant, brain-dead woman's everything.

Who do you think these people will vote for in 2014?

Boehner --->

This World Map Shows The Enormity Of America's Prison Problem

Justice Department Could Ease Regulations For Legal Weed Businesses ‘Very Soon’

Corporation Carte Blanche: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free?

Best health care in the world they say, Just go to the ER they say....

Rand Paul says Bill Clinton 'predatory' behavior undercuts Democrats' 'War on Women' rhetoric

Fun with ketchup.

Steve Kornacki previously reported AAA suing Port Authority over poll increases.

Do you question that we are losing the war?

TransCanada Pipeline Explosion Shuts Off Gas For 4,000 Residents In Sub-Zero Temperatures

Maryland mom kills 2 of her children during attempted exorcism

Ted Cruz calls for Obama apology in State of the Union;

Michael Savage, Sean Hannity dial up radio feud

Thom Hartmann: Could a Rand Paul candidacy be the best thing ever for liberals?

Sad? Symbolic? Or...

Just received this email from - "Join the TPP/Fast Track Call With Alan Grayson" - TODAY

Thom Hartmann: Oakland Raiderette Lacy on wage theft violations

It seems the right is prepping Scott Walker for a run at the presidency.

Alabama surprised that Medicaid enrollment expands even as the unemployment rate falls

Most conservatives are good people.

Welcome to my drawering room

Suport Gary Peters and Mark Schauer

Foxconn Weighs Plan for U.S. Plant

Support Gary Peters and Mark Schauer

California students file suit to nix tenure law

Let's Not Justify Drunk Driving!

How to Separate Egg Yolks (way cool!)

David Swanson book signing in Maine on Feb 15, 2014

From the 'Where Credit's Due' department:

Veteran CBS host laughs in Cruz’s face after he repeatedly denies shutting down government

Oh boy! I just called the cops on my neighbors.

Can Planetarium Software Figure Out When Monet Painted This Masterpiece?

Support Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn

More infants die on their birthdays in the US than any other industrialized nation in the world.

Can someone tell me what acerbic means?

Meanwhile, In Fukushima...

Judge Says Websites Must Face Defamation Lawsuit For Calling Climate Scientist A ‘Fraud’

Family promise gave life to man in 31-year coma

Reunited in a Flash!!

Buccaneers executive Dennis Hickey hired as Dolphins' GM

Driving to work, when I suddenly see this....

Giving Up God—Not Just a Spiritual Stunt

DUer needs kind words and

Can you guess what this is?

Thank you, Rick Santorum

How a belgian mainstream newspaper highlighted Jon Stewart coming to our screens

Russian man faces weapon of mass destruction charges in Pennsylvania

Speaker Boehner and Godwin's Law

Opportunity's Decade on Mars

Cash offers skyrocket as much as seven-fold for landowners resisting Keystone

WTH is this cat doing with these rats?

Rand Paul just opened a whole goddamn can of worms for himself... do I stay logged in

OMG, what is happening with all these pets dying?

Hate Crime? Buddhist student harrassed, ridiculed, told to accept it, leave school or convert

Russia Backs Idea of Anti-Islamist Alliance in Syria – Lavrov

Bennett slams Netanyahu for suggesting settlers stay in Palestinian state

Super Bowl ticket prices dropping on secondary market

Capitalism in Long Term Stagnation and Decay - Gar Alperovitz on Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)

Strange events lead family to seek exorcism (Not a joke.Read this story)

State Of The Union 2014: What Liberals Want

Laughter medicine

Egypt Calls Early Presidential Election As Violence Spreads

The “Recovery” Word Becomes Taboo For Global Elite

LatAm summit in Cuba focus on poverty, inequality

Rep. Dale Mallory (D-OH): Traffic enforcement cameras violate due process rights

1000 posts. Yay!!


Adroidable Droids

Don't miss my radio show this week regarding Obama's poll ratings and Chris Christie taking a hit

xPost from GD:My radio show this week regarding Obama's poll ratings and Chris Christie taking a hit

Himmler hoard of letters and diaries discovered in Israel

Toon: Mario's problems just mushroomed....

hopefully common ground weekend: must read edition

Kim Jong-un Ordered The Execution Of His Uncle's Entire Family

The New Face Of Food Stamps: Working-Age Americans

Ecuador Firm On Reducing US Presence, Spies

Airport security suspect explosive, find haggis

Hundreds rally against proposed Canada Post changes in Ottawa

Dem US Senator Donnelly Invites Father Of E. Indiana Military Suicide Victim To ASttend SOTU Speech

Flashback: Elizabeth Warren's smack down of Chris Christie

David vs Goliath: organic farmer whose crop was contaminated by GMO in landmark lawsuit

As far as I can tell, both parties in America are convinced Obamacare is a vote-winner for them.

Man in Scarf Mugs For The Camera During A Mall Shooting Press Conference, fixed link

Anti-Assimilation Group Begs Bibi: Break up Son’s Dating Non-Jew

Ukraine’s crackdown singling out Catholics, Canada’s religious-freedom envoy says Add to ...

Christie should quit GOP governors organization: Editorial

Before the SOTU, the idiot media are bleating “What does this President need to say?”

California drought has ranchers selling cattle

'Planet Hillary' Magazine Cover Gets Some Buzz, Criticized

A woman I know applied for food stamps last month.

From MFM's journal, part 2

German Defense Minister Supports Stronger Military Engagement Abroad

Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

Alert the youngsters..maybe snow?

According to Willie Nelson pot is not as safe as you think.

Right Wingers, Homophobes Go Nuts on Cooch's Facebook Page Over Herring Gay Marriage Announcement

Understanding The Boycott Of Israel’s Universities

Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias to Vox Media - and they're hiring

Cincy Enquirer -- debate over raising the minimum wage

Google Glitch Sent Thousands of Emails to Some Guy’s Hotmail Account

Sarah's Uncertain Path

police officer stops and throws a football with a little boy

Water games.

School ditches rules and loses bullies

Grammy Awards~ 2014.

U.S. carries out air strike in Somalia targeting militant suspect

Snowden says 'significant threats' to his life

Is Rob McCord the Corbett slayer? (Phila. Magazine profile)