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Archives: January 24, 2014

No Excuse For Israel's Denial Of Asylum Seekers' Plight

America is TRYING to listen and learn, REALLY they are!

City releases photos from inside International Nutrition plant (2 dead)

Slammed by food stamp cuts, New York City soup kitchens ran out of food

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 January 2014

GOP views of what makes life sacred ends when the ob/gyn says, “Okay, one last push!”

Turn on Tweety right fugging now - Big Developments

Citing Dangerous ‘Personnel Failures,’ Hagel Orders Full Review Of US Nuclear Force

"Diseased cannibal rats" is the Lounge phrase for the day.

Indian village 'court' orders gang rape of woman as punishment for boyfriend

$24 General Admission Price Set For NY 9/11 Museum

German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where Seniors Amazingly Re-Created Famous Movie Scenes

January 23, 1945

America's Dangerous Pipelines

'Duck Dynasty' Slips to 6.7 Million After Premiere

Corporation Carte Blanche: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free?

OMG, is that Bjork?

Hey art lovers! Zimmerman's got a new piece!

Catholic Archbishop: We Thank God For Nigeria's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Conservative Icon Dinesh D’Souza Indicted For Campaign Fraud

Our "Southern Democratic Presidents"..The "Race Card," and What the Heck is Going On, Here?

Know that feeling when you walk into a room and forget why?

Human error caused Nevada depot blast that killed seven Marines: probe

Bob Shrum declares Hillary the INEVITABLE for 2016.

NBA All Star Starters Announced

South Sudan rivals sign ceasefire agreement

UC Berkeley Administrators Not Dismissed from Occupy Cal Lawsuit

Duck Dynasty's ratings fall for a second week.

All Politics Are Local (my story from way back when)

Who are the REAL Job Creators?

Exclusive Pierre Jalbert star of Combat! (1962–1967) goes on final patrol

Update on Alaska DV victim

Race to save Alaska's lost "melting villages"boosted by major research grant

FBI arrest and charge revenge porn mogul Hunter Moore

Wow, Joan Walsh just ripped Michael Steele a new one on Tweety's show!

Moment of truth for Syria, but Iran left in the cold by UN - and now Assad says he may stand in this

GOP taps highest ranking woman in congress for SOTU response

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Marcia Fudge seeks end of Senate tactic to halt judicial nominees

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Marcia Fudge seeks end of Senate tactic to halt judicial nominees

An insider’s story of the global attack on climate science

Justify GCHQ mass surveillance, European court tells ministers

Syrian opposition demands a future without Assad

So, that explains things...

Drudge: DOJ 'Unleashing The Dogs' With Indictments Against Obama Critics

I don't think so. (nt)

It is sleeting in Austin, TX right now.

Barbara Buono: "Sandygate is fed. bribery 101."

Inequality, Lower Real Wages and Single Parenthood

Texas State Teachers Association Endorses Wendy Davis for Governor

Papantonio: A Republican Criminal Conspiracy

How Silicon Valley's most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers' wages

Sarah Silverman's new PSA VIDEO regarding women's reproductive rights

New aircraft could be the future of air travel

NY Daily News: Tale of Two Security Guards

Phil Collins ~ In The Air Tonight

The State of Abortion Laws (chart)

What do you think of this one?

Patti Smith ~ Because The Night

Mike & The Mechanics ~ Silent Running

Martin Luther King: And One Day We Must Ask The Question...

These guys should perform at the Super Bowl

a hot drink for this cold cold evening in Fort Worth...

Scored a day off tomorrow. So I'm happy for Happy Hour.

Martin Luther King: And One Day We Must Ask The Question…

US Sues KBR in Connection With Army Work in Iraq

Christie is history - they knew investigations were coming

N-word use lands Poulsbo Elementary principal on leave

Dear Mr. Huckabee:

Catch me if you can...

Jelly Belly releases non-alcoholic, beer-flavored jellybean

Exclusive: Federal Probe into New Jersey Sen. Menendez Is Widening

Are there any female GOP Pols whose husbands paid for college/law school?

Don't Look Now, But NYC Seems to Have Fake Corporate School "Reform" On the Run At Long Last.

A Blast From The Past: Ronald Reagan: Martin Luther King Had It Coming

"Family Values!"

Are there any female GOP Pols whose husbands paid for college/law school?

In 2009, the issue of Christie bullying others was ignored because Corzine said "he threw his weight

OK - I know it's an Oxymoron in more ways than one. Louie Gohmert's brain illustrated.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! If the President Does it, It Isn’t Illegal & A

We try, Kinda...

Members Of The Left Stand Tall And Be Proud Of Our President


Cape Cod snow removal

Don't these idiot GOP gasbags have any women in their lives?

Option to support U.S. opens for fitness fans Buy American Mention of the Week, 1-23-14

CNN Laid Off at Least 40 Journalists at End of 2013

Martin Luther King: And One Day We Must Ask The Question…

Liberace lover to spend 8 to 20 years in prison

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

Talking about a movie's cast isn't Spoiling? The Wolf of Wall Street.

"The Republican Problem With Independent Voters"

How many people look their age? and does looking one's age has anything to do with kids?

Los Angeles to consider cutting ties to JP Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!

High school 'hoes' Instagram page triggers lawsuit against teens

Lawsuit: Woman forced to cut dreadlocks after bedbugs found in hotel room

MSNBC interrupts congresswoman for Bieber news.

Liz Nichols, Occupy Portland protester, Charged $7,116 for City's Fees

Apparently, cats have their own touring circus and rock band.

Senator's bill bans surrogate pregnancy in Kansas

Gay man eyes bid for Congress in Oklahoma

Did I find a DEAL at the grocery store today!


Rachel to be on the Late Show with Letterman tonight! She says she will wear

Stunned fisherman catches wobbly shrimp-like creature that's completely see-through

Where did this whole democratic party = communist come from on the right

Avonte Oquendo funeral plans announced

What is up with Rachel tonight?

Just wondering: Is there anything in the bible that discourages abortions?

So funny. My cat wanted to out until I opened the door.

Luckovich Toon: Just Belieb!

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 26 - TCM Spotlight: Ford and Fonda

How did this guy beat Russ Feingold?

Bill O’Reilly wants to hit Sarah Silverman

Actually I am not kidding. the mug shot should be his next album cover.


TCM Schedule for Monday January 20 - TCM Spotlight: Otherwise Engaged

Rocket blasts off with NASA communications satellite

U.S. Latino groups launch new voter registration drive

NASA rover Opportunity finds signs Mars once had fresh water

What do you consider morally acceptable U.S. responses to the situation in Ukraine?

Who else has read Neil Gaiman's _The Ocean at the End of the Lane_?

35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

Fabulous Bobtail Squid doesn't give a fuck, 'cause fabulous Bobtail Squid is too busy being fabulous

Rick Perry for "decriminilization" of pot but not legalization

Olympics Official Slams US for Including Gay Athletes in Delegation~MLK Weighs In..

Sister Resigns After Wash. Catholic School Turmoil

"Chris McDaniel, Tea Party Candidate, Raised $500,000 In 10 Weeks" (Mississippi)

Halliburton Manager Gets Laughable Sentence For Role In Oil Rig Explosion: Here’s Why

Michael Moore: One of Ezra Klein's Last Wonkblogs Made an Unwonky Mistake About My Obamacare Op-Ed

First new river dolphin species found since World War I

My cat is so lazy with all this cold weather

Holder announces bank regulations for cannabis industry

Boehner Will Be On Leno Tonight......

Mayor Julián Castro gets immigration debate challenge from state Sen. Dan Patrick in Twitter spat

Another Conservative indicted: be still, my heart.

Please make him stop! George Zimmerman attacks prosecutor who tried him

The republicans are off to a good start this cycle.

Ukraine Crisis: A 'Geostrategic Game' Of The West, Most Notably US

Stewart Blasts Davos: Solving Inequality or Indulging in 'Orgy of Self-Congratulatory Excess'?

Iran And Israel Cross Swords At Davos

Federal Appeals Court Ruling Could Change The Game On Gay Rights

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

Large Blast Hits Cairo

It's so cold here, I tried to quote a Bible verse but

FDA to review safety of chemical found in some soft drinks

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ January 24th

50 brilliant Pub chalkboards.

Labour plans to lower voting age to 16 (in UK)

NASA Requires You To Pay To See Mars Curiosity Results

Starfish dying in the NW Pacific

Re-examining GOP/Tea Party Claims: "Obama created $5 trillion in new debt" . . . "Taxes are theft"

Aviation Week Picks Lori Garver as #2 Person of the Year

Maybellene, why can't you be true?

Request to all "pro-Israel" Democrats...please repudiate AIPAC once and for all now.

Collection of Kiev protest images:

Statewide ban on single-use plastic bags, fee for other bags proposed

AWESOME Video of a 112 Year Old Ford

My alma mater: "ASU expels fraternity after 'racially insensitive' MLK party"

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

I lent money to a family member for

Russia slams European Union's 'promotion of sexual minorities'

If you are going to wear a wool facemask

We Stand With Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!

omg--who ARE these people on coasttocoastam???

Jimmy Fallon: "Joking Bad"

Virginia AG Says Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Joins Federal Lawsuit To Overturn

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 38 inmates who defaced flag will survive on bread, water

Allan Levene (R) plans to run for Congress -- in 4 states

Y'know, when your OWN STAFF says this about you, you should maybe listen:

Want to see just how desperate woo advocates can get?

Former West Virginia Miner: We've Been Dumping Those Chemicals In The Water For Decades

Justify GCHQ mass surveillance, European court tells ministers

Ted Talk: The Suprprising Science of Happiness

Suicide car bomber kills four in Cairo, two more blasts follow

Former minister Shulamit Aloni dies at the age of 85.

The Real Problem With the American Right: Aging, White Radicals

Inside the Obscene Lifestyles of the New Global Super-Rich

USTR Tells China To Do 'Spot Checks On Libraries' To Make Sure They're Not Violating Copyrights

Nuclear power is set to disappoint, again

Kiev protesters occupy government building amid uneasy truce

This Is the Week the World's Billionaires Gather in Davos and Pretend They're Saviors of the World

Edward Snowden on returning to the U.S.: ‘There’s no chance to have a fair trial’

Defense Sec. Hagel orders review of U.S. nuclear officers

Netflix warns ISPs: We’ll mobilize our 44 million customers if you slow down our streams

Jan. 24, 2014, 5:45 AM EST: It is 3 Degrees in Pittsburgh and 44 Degrees in Juneau.

Hong Kong tycoon offers $130 million to any man who marries his lesbian daughter

Paul Presidential Campaign Would Teach Americans How Vicious and Anti-Social the Libertariian Agenda

On eve of Revolution Anniversary, Cairo Shaken by deadly Bombings

Why George Lucas, Eric Schmidt, (and yes, Steve Jobs) Should Go to Jail: Conspiring to Reduce Wages

Top Ten Ways GOP could avoid “War on Women” Label

CSI Baghdad: Why don’t Crime Units in the Carbomb Capital of the World do their Job?

ivory coast pilots novel elephant rescue

Death toll of Obama’s Drone Campaign 5 Years Later: 2,400

Which Olympic uniforms are worse? You Decide:

No school here today

(TPP) Corporation Carte Blanche: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free?

President Huckabee?

There's a Kochroach love fest on Morning JoeScum today

Key enviro law suspended in California under drought emergency

Cameron Advisor: 'We Need the Red Card to Stop EU Proposals'

Can clean energy replace a shuttered nuke plant in California?

The Front Lines: Germany's Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

Fixing old water and gas pipelines would create far more jobs than building Keystone XL

US sues KBR in connection with Army work in Iraq

China loses control of its foreign policy

Impoverished Cambodians For Sale

Rouhani and the 1914 remix

Guatemala Factory Supplying Walmart and Other US Retailers Stole $6 Million From Workers

As Afghan Pullout Looms, U.S. Urged to Rethink Pakistan Ties

Marmite, Irn-Bru and Bovril banned in Canada after they fall foul of food additive rules

SMH, Car dealers have a nasty and pernicious habit of charging black and Latino customers higher

Work in the US but under Conditions of a Developing Country

Isa Shakhmarli, Azeri Gay Rights Activist, Allegedly Commits Suicide With A Rainbow Flag

January 16, 1991

Commentary on the No-Spy Agreement: Plucking at the Flowers

Huckabee told republican women who don't want to get pregnant

US Hypes China’s Hypervelocity Missiles, Still Far from Real Battle

The LGBT Movement Takes Aim at Sochi

Walker speaks out against raising minimum wage

Could this female Governor give Hillary problems if she were to run for President

Can the nation always be right?

American Press and Private Life: A Very Recent ‘Tradition’

Hagel Orders Reviews Of Nuclear Weapons Personnel After Cheating, Drug Scandals

Arizona university revokes fraternity's charter over "racially insensitive" party

Today Show: "Can the Olympics be Safe?" Naturally they bring in

Budgets & ‘Betrayal’: National Guard Fights To Keep Apache Gunships

Exclusive: Pentagon report faults F-35 on software, reliability

US Military Working with Private Sector to Strengthen Domestic Installation Energy Security

Whale meat snacks seized at German trade fair

GOP taps its top woman, mom of three, for Obama rebuttal

Al Gore calling for Your Help Today

Beware the sugarless gummi bears.

Bieber: 'What the f*** did I do?' Teen idol's spirited reaction to police who arrested him.

From the Arkansas Times in 2012: "Huckabee: For contraception mandate before he opposed it"

Blasphemy case: Briton in Pakistan sentenced to death

The Indians HATE Their New Russian-Made Stealth Fighter

Frankel legacy: the million dollar foal?

Ex-governor of Virginia in court on bribery charges

Sarah Silverman is visited by Jesus Christ

NKorea agrees to reunions of war-divided families

Will The GOP Get Away With Its Economic Sabotage?

Gov. Rick Perry for decriminalization of pot (at Davos forum)

Despite Everything The GOP Does To Women Many Women Will Still Vote GOP.

Syrian govt threatens to walk out of peace talks

Must We Have An Arms Race?

Syria peace talks on verge of collapse before they begin

Nicole Wallace on MJ describing how awful it was for her during the Plame leak...

White House's Fast Track Push Facing Serious Opposition

Raiders cheerleader sues, says pay is less than $5 an hour

Iraq fighting 'displaces 140,000' in Anbar, says UNHCR

Lord Rooker: 'Planting trees could stop flooding'

Cloud-Dwellers: Class War Victors Get Higher on the Hog

A Congress Of the Wealthy, By the Wealthy, and For the Wealthy

To See Climate Change in Florida…

National Cannabis Industry Association Applauds Attorney General...

Fed subpoenas target Christie, GOP

After 10 years on Mars, rover Opportunity makes big water find

The rich say they pay 40% of all taxes and that's "unfair"...

McDonald's fighting to be 'relevant' to customers

I am loving Thomas Roberts today on Morning Joe...

Romney: I'd Send My Family To Sochi Olympics

NTSB: Oil train crash risks 'major loss of life'

Wisconsin: Mary Burke throws Democrat Rep. Christine Sinicki under the bus

Scott Walker Frustrated That He Shared Spotlight With A Sex Offender

Wait for it. You knew this was coming:

Nestle to build 2 new factories in Mexico

More GOP dickishness (a rant)

Santorum: Huckabee Comment On Women's Libidos Was 'Off The Cuff' + Pelosi: Huckabee's Remark Wouldn'

Dinesh D'Souza indicted for campaign finance fraud

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -The War on Women's Rights

Sometimes it does snow in Austin.

@jaketapper #AskSnowden Under what conditions would you agree to return to the U.S.?

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - That Damn Canadian

Boehner Says He Wouldn't Give Up His Wine And Cigarettes To Be President

Milwaukee man's Robert Frost collection finds home at UW-Eau Claire

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Politics

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Go Granny, go Granny, go Granny, go!!

Conservative Author Dinesh D'Souza Charged With Campaign Finance Fraud

NFL needs more rants like Richard Sherman's

the "blizzard" of 2014

Sarah Silverman and Jesus Sat Down for an Honest Talk About Abortion

Stamp inflation: 100 years ago you could mail your kid to the grandparents for 15 cents

The De-Commoditization of the Kilowatt-Hour Lessons from produce, supermarkets, and...

Clay Aiken Is Reportedly Running For Congress — And Local Dems Aren't Thrilled

Lets remember, McDonnell's Donor-Jonnie Williams-Has Been Cooperating With Prosecutors for Months

Legislative committee rejects Maine ‘religious freedom’ bill

Russia: Snowden can stay


Crime Pays: Fined Billions, JPMorgan Chase Will Give Dimon a Raise

Munchies + DiGiorno = ...

Quebec Seniors Home Fire - 3 dead and 30 missing

Former state representative has until 5 p.m. to accept top job at Expressway Authority

Crews work to clear Indiana pile-up: 'There's just so much destruction'

Plutonium from Fukushima is a global catastrophe.

How Repubs have helped me control my libido...

Va. Republicans ready to defend same-sex marriage ban

Poland to look into new allegations about secret CIA jail

Has The ‘Tea Party Primary’ Finally Jumped The Shark?

Huckabee Doubles Down On Women Can't Control Libidos Comment

so mike huckabee knows what's best for women....and their libidos

Fox Host on Anti-Bullying Law: Bullying is Rite of Passage

Republicans Helping Super-Rich: Repealing Anti-Tax Dodging Law

Dinesh D’Souza charged with making illegal $20,000 gift to U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long

The right’s fantasy is shattered: Why Obamacare has already succeeded

Chris Christie’s Texas horror: Meet the scandalous prison company he’s long promoted

"Serious Journalist" Andrea Mitchell Breaks Away From Serious Interview For - THIS BREAKING NEWS

How The 0.01 Percent Underwrites, And Undermines, Politics

Koch World 2014

Circumcision divide between Denmark and Israel

How to be an honest atheist

‘Jesus’ Visits Sarah Silverman to Deliver a Message About Abortion

Significant percentage of both WEALTHY & POOR view themselves as "MIDDLE-CLASS"

She died where she lived: at the bus stop.

Corporation Carte Blanche: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free?

Boehner Says He Wouldn't Give Up His Wine And Cigarettes To Be President

The Religious Counterculture: An Open Letter to Religious Liberals

U.S. Investigating Dennis Rodman for Busting Sanctions

I'm going to ask some questions, and you are going to give me some answers.

Judge tosses Oklahoma morning-after pill law

Finally, thanks to the ACA implementation, the ancillary medical job market is thriving again. BUT..

Let us take a moment of joy, memories of COLBERT & MAHER eviscerating Dinesh D'SOUZA

Papantonio: Peak Oil Is Here Despite Industry Claims

When Wendy Davis Was a Republican

Is Christy being "cancelled" by the hard right?

An evolving conversation on drug policy

Why can't we get rid of incompetent Arne Duncan?

Mike Huckabee used to be a contraception coverage 'Uncle Sugar'

Abramski v. United States

Froze my ass off this morning!

Stephen Hawking: 'There are no black holes'

Romney: I'd Send My Family To Sochi Olympics

5 religious-themed apps banned from iTunes

Feds seeks billions from Snowden security background check firm

Dinesh D’Souza has all but sunk his career in the conservative movement.

Is time an illusion?

The Koch Brothers Storing Dangerous Petroleum Coke In Chicago - Steve Horn Discusses

Detroit is not the dystopian wasteland of Brooks Patterson’s nightmares

WI teacher refused to accept award from Paul Ryan

Christie Signs Bill To Extend Cleanup Deadline For Toxic Polluters

A Different Kind Of Catholicism Grows In Latino Communities

how wall street won the war{and what happens next}

Robert Reich: How to deal with low-wage employers (from Facebook)

Sen. Menendez Denies Allegations in New Reported FBI Probe

Eastside Catholic: Break the Rules All You Want, Unless You’re Gay

So is there a lot of tinfoil talk on the right yet?

624 to 0

Ghost ship full of cannibal Republicans about to crash

Republicans to the Poor: “You Built That!"

Why Women Do Not Love Mike Huckabee - What galaxy do Republican men live in?

Boston, Bitter cold drives homeless to shelters

Fredericksburg Free Lance–Star files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Pressure Builds on Democratic Attorneys General to Quit Fighting Gay Marriage

Poll: Number Of Uninsured Drops By Millions As Obamacare Takes Effect

Multi-faith building being planned for Berlin

Neil Young - Shots

The 30 Most Influential Out Washingtonians

Junichi Sato: The Fukushima deterrent

Nebraska State Senator Wants Churches To Pay Taxes

My marriage requires birth control-The majority of long-term monogamous American relationships do.

Pair jailed over abusive tweets to feminist campaigner

Matthew 25 Updated: If Jesus were here today…

Honduran Cardinal Maradiaga castigates powerful German Cardinal Müller:

GOP strategy: put lipstick on the Pig

Deep freeze has Lake Erie nearly covered in ice

Think about this quote by New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson

For Virginia attorney general, gay marriage fight is just the latest challenge

Time To Start Asking Republicans Directly: How Much Sex Is Too Much Sex?

O.K., Bahbwah WAHWAH/The View is playing mind games: Whoopi, Sherri, Mario CANTONE

Medical Marijuana Strain Has Hundreds Of Parents Flocking To Colorado

NAFTA was a success and TPP

Playing Whack-a-Mole with the Koch brothers

Happy 30th Birthday, Apple Macintosh.

Hah! Duck Dynasty’ Drops Nearly 2 Million Viewers From Premiere

Coffee 201: Espresso

Reports: Ukraine's president offers concessions as protests continue

Revenge Porn web site operator indicted on 14 FELONIES.

Iran vs. Israel in Davos: Who Made the Best Impression?

Need some help here.

Comcast, Corbett, and the perfectly legal corruption we don't even notice anymore

Riddle me this: let's say the GOP loses House seats but still hangs on to a slim majority BUT

Immigration agents stop roundups at Kern County courthouses

here we go

House Republicans Kick Off 2014 By Ignoring Everything the American People Want

Pic Of The Moment: GOP War On Women: Still Not Getting It

They’re Fast-Tracking the Future, TPP Style – But We Can Stop Them

Solving the problems of U.S. citizenship – Information sessions! January 25, 2014

Position vacant: non-believer Religion group host

Backyard pottery pit fire today...

Shark Attack - An Alarming Statistic ***dial-up warning: huge graphic***

composite picture - Italian member of the European Parliament & her daughter, Vittoria

Holder says no bank 'too big to indict,' more financial cases coming


Ty Templeton Draws Batman as Created by Bob Kane (and no one else)

NCR: Pope "has expressed an intention" to visit US in 2015


profit from News is indecent

The Republicans' field for 2016 is ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Why Drug Prices Are Out of Control, or Money Well Spent by Big Pharma

Agent: Osceola neo-Nazi biker gang talked about targeting Obama officials, Orange County Sheriff

The Hyde Amendment

Obamacare Passes Key Milestones; Three Million Private Enrollments, 6+ Million Medicaid/CHIP

Girl and the Sea


Seder: How Citizens United Destroyed Politics

dog goodies

Republican corruption (Christie, O'Donnell) is an ontological not existential problem.

Roger Stone: " In many ways, Christie is Rudy (Giuliani) without the charm"

Why Donbass Votes for Yanukovych

The perfect crime and the magic of the free market.

New York’s economy grows by 10,400 jobs; jobless rate drops to 7.1%

Best FB graphic ever...

The Rude Pundit: Ten Other Relatives Mike Huckabee Wants Women to Avoid

Mount Pleasant Police Chief arrested for child pornography possession

Tom the 3-Legged Rescue Cat Has Used 5 of His 9 Lives

The US Winter Olympic uniforms have been redesigned:

Loskarn Found Dead After Apparent Suicide, Sheriff’s Office Says (Updated)

Why do we let the right wing frame the "debt limit" crisis?

My new favorite way to eat my vegetables

Venezuela announces changes to foreign currency system

This email exchange will make it hard for you to breathe

Google Chrome "Bugs" Allow Sites to Listen to Your Private Conversations

Virginia State Legislature Bans American Flags on Sticks but Lets Guns In: Think Progress

Who says crime doesn't pay?

An archbishop speaks out on women and Catholicism

First Things First: Why the United States Need a Pro-Democracy Movement & Fixes for Citizens United

"Ain't I a woman?" I've had a poster on the wall of my office for years with

Schneiderman settles with ‘sky’ high lenders

has anyone see the storm "Huckabee" has created

Tuition-Free Public College Education Is Possible. Demand It

Chicago Residents Rebel Against Koch Brothers and Rahm Emanuel Over Petroleum Coke Hazard

I'M surprised nobody is riding the "huckabee debacle"

Cat on Skateboard, Australia, Didga

How Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore Was Taken Down

has anyone seen the "huckabee uncle sugar" speech?

Here's an uncommon weather warning:

get on it 'Huckabee uncle sugar" slame women

McDonnells plead not guilty to corruption charges | Jury trial set to start July 28th

Vitamin D Supplements Don't Help Your Health: Review

Wisdom From-Sean Hannity: I can drink two beers and not feel anything, so pot is more dangerous

Holder: Trust me, the NSA’s surveillance is totally cool

GOP adopts changes to 2016 presidential primary process

It snowed in Central Louisiana. Here's proof.

Startling Number of Scientific Papers Disputed Human-Caused Global Warming Last Year

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

Family: 4-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Left School Undetected, Walked Home Alone

U.S. Stocks Fall, Dow Heading for Worst Week Since 2012

GWB scandal: Port Authority won't pay legal bills for David Wildstein

Queens father charged in horrific murders

DU this -- are ACA navigators doing enough to register voters?

today is the husband's first payday in two months

Could a Rand Paul Candidacy Be the Best Thing Ever for Liberals?

Snow, Ice And Crashes As Even Texas And Louisiana Shiver Under Winter's Worst

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick says Huckabee is the victim of bad semantics

Mayor de Blasio Faces Questions About Transparency, Vows To Make More Events Public

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Republicans doomed to poverty because they’re ‘born into’ ignorance

?Did this Tor developer become the first known victim of the NSA's laptop interception program?

The shockingly low pay for NFL cheerleaders

Rachel Maddow: Earthquake-rattled Texas town begs state to shut down fracking wells

Just who is Ukraine's opposition? (CS Monitor)

France and Germany Consider an ‘Airbus’ of Solar

Touch Wood in a Japanese Forest with Bach

Has anyone here heard of this guy running for governor this election?

Once a worthless asshat, always a worthless asshat

John Elway Informs Peyton Manning That He’ll Take Things From Here

It's easier to hate the cops than become one

Christie shut down the DMV in Elizabeth as a revenge move because someone in authority

Texas and Louisiana consider "softening" marijuana laws

Chet Curtis, longtime Boston TV news anchor, dies at 74

Metro-North outage blamed on human error during maintenance

Deeds to talk about stabbing on CBS "60 Minutes"

Bailout Architect Runs For California Governor; World Laughs

My 'friend' Guy, director of Southern Maryland Photography, posted this. FYI:

Jamie Dimon's Pay Raise Sends A Message About What Really Matters To Wall Street

Does anyone else have any Facebook friends who are heavy into MLM sales?

Welcome to the taterguy Lounge!

A Giant Military Surveillance Blimp Is Going to Constantly Monitor the East Coast

Ted Cruz was once John Boehner’s lawyer.

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

I Only Cut My Hair Because I hate You

Two communities fighting for equality; some not happy about rainbow flag at MLK parade

Michigan seeks visas to lure immigrants to Detroit

Two communities fighting for equality; some not happy about rainbow flag at MLK parade

The story behind the NFL, Russell Wilson and Phish... Wiiiiiilllson!

One-Quarter of Sharks and Rays Face Extinction

Five amendments to the US constitution I'd like to see.

Price of stamps goes up this weekend

Just saw a FB post ...

Dark Sodas May Lead to Cancer

Rats! Cannibal ghost ship yarn scuppered by facts

TCU Student Body Looks to Be Victorious in Heroic Push for Two-ply Toilet Paper

13 dark pieces of satire to make you stop and think. Outstanding artwork;

Republican National Committee Denounces NSA Spying, Calls For Special Congressional Investigation

Ex-Senate Staffer Arrested For Child Porn Dead In Apparent Suicide

Ninja Cat

I think Rick Rolling should be replaced with RICO ROLLING!!!

Group Claims Video Shows Davis Backers Mocking Abbott

GOP May Use Threat Of Default To Sabotage Obamacare

Texas law didn’t anticipate Muñoz case, drafters say

Animal shelter appeals for public's help after huge dog rescue (Sonoma County, CA)

Waking Life

NOM Wants to Impeach Virginia's AG for Marriage Equality Support. (And he's hopping mad). :)

LOL!!! Republican Party Demands Investigation Into NSA Spying

The Metadata Program in Eleven Documents (New Yorker | 31 December 2013)

I made a donation and haven't gotten a response.

MSNBC interupts interview with congresswoman about the NSA to report on Justin Bieber

New theory of mine...

Why does Edward Snowden get treated better in Russia than Russian LGBT citizens?

Uncle Sugar Needs To Meet Aunt Flo

Denver Broncos owe success to “South Park” >>

Three other airlines suspend sale of tickets in Venezuela

UT McCombs School of Business, Cockrell School of Engineering receive $60 million donation

Did boy shoot sister over laundry?

Tennessee Valley Authority breaks record for electricity demand in winter

Romney: Chris Christie "took responsibility" and "has moved on as a leader"

William Rivers Pitt | An Open Letter to Lovers of the Gun

Costco's CEO explains how they make record profits:

Plan B

RNC Chair Calls on Controversial Party Official to Quit

Florida: medical marijuana petition for 2014 ballot validated

Dumb Criminals: So, A British Flasher Walks Into A Bar With A Bag Of Sex Toys...

Whatever happened to the little casino owner who was funding Newt Gingrich's

Magnus smashes his opponent in 71 seconds

Dumb Criminals: Texas Bank Robber Robs Same Branch Twice, Yells "I'm Back!" During Second Attempt

MetroPet Veterinary Clinic seeks help for ferret with massive tumor (Graphic)

Chicago to make unified bid for Obama presidential library

Erik Brynjolfsson Explains How Technology Drives Inequality&The Scary Truth About Robots Taking Jobs

Mujica offers to mediate in Colombia talks

'Bridgegate' The monitor closest to the bridge shut down at the height of the traffic jams

Feds Will Grant Banking Rights to Marijuana Businesses

Daily Kos: Liberal talk show host takes down Texas caller

Born Again Christian of the Week: Mr. Bill

The nuclear renaissance is stone cold dead

TPP is all about numbers not jobs. The numbers are

A letter from Patty Murray.

U.S. union membership rate held steady at 11.3% in 2013

Huckabee has it backwards.

How Snowden is Legally Barred from Defending Himself in Court

Right-Wing Homophobic Freakout Continues in Virginia: "Pearl Harbor," "Moses and Jesus" Edition!

Renewable Energy Is ‘Stalinist’ Mandate, Says Ohio Legislator

Reminder: the Lounge Board of Governors meeting is at 7 pm est.

Here we go..Rep CathyMcMorris Rodgers prepares her SOTU response in a photo op with her baby....

William Rivers Pitt | An Open Letter to Lovers of the Gun

S.C. State football player killed; four sought in manhunt

Lawyer known for 'Strong-arm' TV ads can't sue Dallas over Bentley wreck

Oklahoma: Marijuana Legalization Measure Introduced

The University of Missouri did not pursue alleged rape

13 Delicious Chicken Tenders (with cooking instructions and ingredient lists)

How Phoenix ended homelessness among vets - USA Today

Holder: Possible plea deal for Snowden

It's time to think beyond the bars!

Solomon Northup's story (12 Years a Slave) is largely unknown in his New York hometown

35 Feared Dead in Quebec Retirement Home Fire

Missouri's Anti-Obamacare Law Temporarily Blocked By Federal Judge

Poll Shows Majority Of Georgians Favor Legalizing Pot

Texas Tech scores $38.6 million in contributions from Bayer CropScience and TRIP

AP Tells George Zimmerman To Quit Using Its Photo For His Painting

Fitchburg teacher's aide in hot water over modeling shots

Xu Zhiyong, the quiet lawyer holding Beijing to account

AP Threatens Legal Action Over George Zimmerman's New Painting (!)

Political Misogyny Is Thriving Quite Nicely

Unrest Spreads to More Cities in Ukraine

Netanyahu: I will not uproot a single Israeli

It's not common knowledge to cough into your elbow?

Texas A&M has no plans in place yet to erect statue of Johnny Manziel

Weekend Economists Examine (E)sc(h)atology January 24-26, 2014

"Diagnosing mental illness in ancient Greece and Rome"

Mexico’s Left May Be Divided Further by a New Political Party

Official statement by TKE in response to ASU MLK mishap...

Precourt turns down top job at expressway authority

Guess Which Political Party Just Condemned the NSA’s Mass Surveillance Program

Colombia urges global approach to legalising drugs

To anyone excited about AP threatening Zimmerman... Shepard Fairey

Rand Paul Is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner

Republicans planning three separate responses to State of the Union speech

I would kind of like someone to call me Uncle Sugar

Rep. Paul Broun using his US Senate campaign website to give away a free AR-15

Dreams Of Donuts 19.

Peru, Brazil, and CHile already achieved millenium development goal 1A in 2008

Hormigón Armado street newspaper brings hope to Bolivia's shoeshine army

Oil fraud lands Richardson businessman 30 years

Gang rape was viewed by the entire village, children included

Christie tied to scandalous prison & its former VP Bill Palatucci-Chairman Christie 2013 Reelection

BB gun or pellet gun?

Apple's Tim Cook: 'There is no backdoor. The government doesn't have access to our servers'

World Bank Arm Admits Wrongs in Honduras Loan

Newtown gunman's father meets with Conn. official

Obamacare coverage enrollment hits three million: official

Chris Christie’s office refuses to release personal emails of aides involved in bridge scandal

Woman trampled by elephants was 'fearless' researcher

Another school shooting : S.C. State University at Orangeburg, S.C.

Banker Peter Schiff: Fracking dangers made up by private property-snatching socialists

What famous person should you get high with?

California Republicans fear another November of Democratic dominance

Conservatives blame Dinesh D’Souza’s indictment on ‘Nazi Germany’-like conspiracy

Christie's an asshole. Huckabee hates women. And in the meantime...

75 years ago today . . .

Nigel Farage: 2010 UKIP manifesto was 'drivel' (No, this isn't Newsthump!)

JPS acknowledges in court documents that Marlise Munoz’s fetus is ‘not viable’

Most Latinos want government action on climate change, poll finds

"Latino groups to launch massive voter registration"

Judge orders Texas hospital to remove life support from pregnant, brain-dead woman

Remembering Bayard Rustin

Syria's warring sides to meet in same room Saturday, mediator says

Judge orders Texas hospital to remove life support from pregnant, brain-dead woman

Boehner on 'Tonight Show': Shutdown was a 'predictable disaster'

You Know I Love Bernie Sanders - He Says All The Right Things - But.....

GOP makes big change for 2016

"DOJ accuses firm that vetted Snowden of faking 665,000 background checks"

Paul Broun, (R-GA/Fruitcake) raffling off AR-15

Pelosi on Edward Snowden: Not a traitor but needs to 'face the music'

Parents of bullied teen file lawsuit against bullies and their parents

Supreme Court grants temporary reprieve from contraceptive mandate

Woo Hoo Jamie Dimon gets a 74% raise!

New, privatized African city heralds climate apartheid

Bailout Architect Runs For California Governor; World Laughs

60% Of KY GOPers Buck McConnell, Support Medicaid Expansion

Sean Hannity Considering a Political Run in the Future (office in Florida?)

On Obamacare: "Taken together, the news for the right is, well, pretty horrible."

RNC condemns NSA spying in huge turnaround

Liberal talk show host takes down Texas caller

Missouri's Anti-Obamacare Law Temporarily Blocked By Federal Judge

"Fewer People Identify As Republicans Now Than At Any Point In The Past 25 Years"

Papantonio: Chris Christie’s Boardwalk Empire Crumbles

Wars We Cannot Win

David Letterman - Rachel Maddow on Gay Rights and the Sochi Olympics in Russia

Texas judge orders brain-dead pregnant woman off life support

Big Block of Cheese Day!

Sen. Sanders: State of the Union

Does anybody here use

USDA issues more warnings to state health agency

Bloomberg News Graphics: A Timeline of Governor Christie’s Unfolding Scandals

Varied/interesting lineup on Real Time with Bill Maher - tonight at 10 and 11 on HBO

Gay Russian Artist Responds To Garage Magazine's Racist 'Black Woman' Chair With NSFW Image...

What's the solution to Obamacare's young person problem?

"University of Missouri did not investigate or tell law enforcement officials about an alleged rape"

Please keep this going around the world..

Seattle's Sherman fined $7,875 for taunting

"The 70 Best New Buildings Of The Year" (takes a while to load but worth the wait)

US Stocks Slammed; Dow Falls 300-Plus Points In Worst Week Since 2011

Patty Murray just drank the republicans milkshakes

Progressive Victories on Fracking & Voter ID from PA Courts [VIDEO]

Thom Hartmann: More proof we are standing in an extinction event

Blood Brothers

DU a poll (Please vote YES in this poll)

Thom Hartmann: Conservatives have a Bizarre View of Morality

Port Authority Refuses To Pay Christie Pal's Legal Bills


Netanyahu May Have Basked In Canada's Sunshine, But Storm Clouds Are Gathering

Just when we thought NC couldn't get any worse for teachers

Signs of Sailors: Ship graffiti in medieval churches....

AP PHOTOS: Mavericks Surfing Competition Underway- Insane!

Congress Appropriates $235 Million For Israeli Iron Dome Procurement

$22K Worth Of Eggs Stolen In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Found on Facebook

GOP three headed response to the SOTU speech

Ukraine's President Vows Amnesty, Gov’t Reshuffle

An honest question about increasing the minimum wage.

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

US healthcare $$

Prince plans some shows in London

A Win for the Climate Scientist Whom Skeptics Compared to Jerry Sandusky

So who's rushing to Netflix

Despite drought, Calif. HOA fines homeowners up to $1,000 for brown lawns

Coke: Stolen laptops had info of 74,000 people

Deer cuts the cheese!

Richard Sherman fined for taunting...

Neocons Take Aim at Syrian Peace Talks

Bailout Architect Runs For California Governor; World Laughs - By MATT TAIBBI

"How to Help Homeless Families"