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Archives: January 23, 2014

Breaking: Pentagon workers strike over poverty pay

Tony Perkins Leaves Door Open To Running For Vitter's Senate Seat


Did anyone see "My 600-lb Life" last night?

6 Million People Have Enrolled In Medicaid Since Obamacare Launched

Syria foes clash over Assad, atrocities at first meeting

What Would A Full-Fledged Manufacturing Policy Look Like?

Aetna could be forced out of Obamacare: CEO

EU Envoy Slams Netanyahu's Accusations: We're Not Biased Against Israel

Texas Republican Defends Wendy Davis: 'Nobody Ever Talks About Men' This Way

All The Bad Things GOPPER Candidates & Legislators Say Is Bad Enough. Their Supporters Are Scarier


Iranian Official On Nuke Deal: 'We Did Not Agree To Dismantle Anything'

Taiji mass murders at it again - Sea Shepherd live stream

ideas for staying warm

A rape apologist on DU?

Busted! Steadfast Limbaugh Sponsor Behind VA Governor's Corruption Case

Atheist v. Atheist

From MFM's journal

Ultimate Irony: "Hunters For Life"

My Fav "Misty Morning" pic

Don't let your parrot watch porn.

NASA | Six Decades of a Warming Earth

TRUE AND SCARY: Donny Rico & Chevron make it a crime to defend the environment (cartoon)

Ann Coulter Claims Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz Are Afraid to Debate ‘Smart’ Conservatives

Mayor de Blasio: 'More could have been done' on Upper East Side snow

Documentary on Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission

"Are American elections broken? White House panel proposes fixes."

Anti-smoking advocates say NY underfunding preventive smoking measures

George Zimmerman's new painting: State Attorney Angela Corey

Rep Annie Kuster Releases ‘Middle Class Jobs And Opportunity Agenda’

February Contest -- initial discussion and call for topics

Detroit judge rejects request from creditors to value city art

'Fess up...Who is going to watch the movie "Mitt"?

Elton John Defends Russian LGBT Community in Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Senators Ayotte (NH) and Collins (ME) Voted Against Unemployment Insurance Extension (Granite State

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

Bridget Kelly's new lawyer

Three al-Qaida recruits in J’lem nabbed for planning ‘large-scale bombings’

A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where Seniors Amazingly Recreated Famous Movie Scenes

Prosecutors won’t charge Ohio trooper who masturbated with boy to teach him about sex

Psychiatrist I'm seeing called me out on what he thought was "bullshit".

Anti-Choicers march on Washington promoting adoption as their cause

S. Korea says it's building 5G service that can download movies in a second

January 22, 1849

Does Ron Howard watch reruns of The Andy Griffith Show, The Music Man or Happy Days?

Halliburton Manager Gets One Year Probation For Destroying Evidence

Hard to fathom: The wealth of 85 individuals equals the wealth of over 3 & 1/2 billion people

Republicans vote to repeal anti-tax dodging law.

Committee advances gay-marriage ban to Ind. House

More Crude Oil Spilled from Trains in 2013 Than Previous Four Decades Combined

Why Are Republicans Plotting To Sabotage A Crackdown On Tax Evasion?

Same sex marriage ban passes out of committee

Raiders cheerleader sues, says pay is less than $5 an hour

Hannity to attend State of the Union with Rep. Gohmert, may run for office in Texas

Older Brains Slow Due to Greater Experience, Rather Than Cognitive Decline

Court: Gay juror was taken off panel improperly

Chinese Labor Unions just fronts for businesses

Future in doubt for Deadwood's ban on mystics

Benghazi Put To Rest --->

Jurors find former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent guilty of intoxication manslaughter

Where's the Issa investigation into Sandy Funds?

In honor of Chris Christie, AMC is showing the Godfather series this weekend

Don’t Be Evil? Google Funding a Slew of Right-Wing Groups Including ALEC

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker check in!! Church Night!! 95 Theses, the Sequal?

Charles Pierce/Esquire: "Required Reading"

One of the nearest stellar explosions since 1987 could be seen with binoculars in two weeks.

Wow! Rachel just announced,

Rachel breaking story out of New Jersey FBI interviews witnesses

The Trans-Pacific Partnership looks like a giant step toward the end of sovereign nations.

Propane shortage: Winter storm prompts energy emergency in Midwest

Match burning in slow motion

Judge consolidates Oregon gay-marriage lawsuits

FBI questions Hoboken mayor’s aides, sources say

they just can't help it. GOP Congressmen says wives should (voluntarily, of course) submit

The Thing the Pope, Beyoncé and Everyone Is Talking About

Rob Ford calls Monday’s drunken episode on video a ‘setback,’ refuses to apologize

The legend of bagger Vance.. Yes or no? N/T

The real problem with the American right: Aging, white radicals

Judge rules Kansas sperm donor owes child support

The Black Agenda report on the Court Ruling Re: the Internet:

GOP urges candidates to stand ground on abortion...Oh My!


New AFL-CIO Petition Against Fast Track! Please sign, share!

ACLU accuses Louisiana school of religious harassment

12-year-old boy goes missing in Brooklyn

WikiLeaks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Environment Chapter: "Toothless Public Relations Exercise

Al-Qaida cell arrested in plot to attack U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

X-Post from Labor Group: Oppose Fast TRack for TPP, Sign Petition to your MOC

"I Have the Audacity..."

Let Them Eat Dirt. GOP Economic Agenda For The Masses Who Are Disadvantaged.

I have 3,333 Posts! Woot woot!

GOP Can Pass TPP Fast Track On Its Own W/O Dems.

Save Tropical Frogs: Boycott Palm Oil

The Beautiful Flight Paths of Fireflies

Save Tropical Frogs: Boycott Palm Oil

There was an image circulating recently that broke down how little taxes the average person pays....

I donated but didn't get my star. Did I do something wrong?nt

Another bad gun lock in GD.

Tesla Co-founder: What the hell did you do to my Porsche?

Christie And Exec Tied To Scandal Both Have Long History With Same Charity

Another consequence of the shutdown which will largely hit the poor and middle class

Some doctors refused to treat (Tar sand) emission-area residents

Why the hell was that thread about 35 school shootings since Sandy Hook locked?

State says Nevada’s ban on gay marriage serves legitimate purpose

Those who WANT a confrontational policy towards Russia want the Cold War back.

Fetus of Texas woman on life support 'distinctly abnormal,' family lawyers say

Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Medical Marijuana In Florida

Man, Oklahoma sure hates same sex marriage.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 23, 2014 -- Star of the Month - Joan Crawford

Reagan Revolution Is Probably About 75% Complete. GOP Can't Wait To Finish It.

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 24, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight: Science in the Movies

Hillary Clinton to do California swing in April

Even Corbett admits PA's public school funding is unfair

Peace groups should criticize Kerry too

BREAKING: Cat Cafe Coming To San Francisco

Mitch McConnell Boasts About Supporting Government Sponsored Heath Care In A New Campaign Ad

Boycott goes prime-time in Israel

VanillaRhapsody needs to go.

What are High CBD Strains and How Do They Differ from THC?

My blistering e-mail exchange with a Texas wingnut radio yakker about Wendy DAVIS

Actor Mark Ruffalo Calls "B.S." On Fox's Benghazi Hoax

Star Membership

What would you say?

list of sponsors of the bill to scuttle the Obama Administration's nuclear agreement with Iran

What time is it?

NY Times - Taxpayers May Have to Pay to Cap Recently Abandoned Gas Wells

heeeee's baaaaack!!!!

The Racist Origins of the term “Thug”.

That "reformer",New Jersey Gov Christie, Cut $1.6 Billion from Public Education.. Koch update..

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 25, 2014 -- The Essentials - 70s Thrills

Is anybody else sick of hearing "This Magic Moment" by the Felice Brothers in the Dell Commercials?

The sleet & snow didn't stop #OccupyChristie at his inauguration!

Put on Your Polka Face!

Credit Check...

Texas executes man despite opposition from Mexico

Star Membership problem?

'Island' near my cottage, snow drifts.

'Will's Law' would offer narrow exception to Nebraska's marijuana ban

I hope the Democrats have the good sense to hammer relentlessly upon..

You can now FOIA George W. Bush's presidential records!

I just got stung... by the 90's.

Any fans of the 1975 version of "Rollerball'?

An Illustrated Account of the Great Maple Syrup Heist (They are going to make a movie of it!!!)

I'm wondering what other union members think of the following arrangement:

Another Pope Quote . . .

new to the DU site- need some help

GOP rep.: Force women to have babies because abortion ‘robs men’ of fatherhood rights

Revealed: The Secret Fox News Stars' Restroom!

"Very rich interpretive strategies"

Would like to share this with the lounge

Bernard Randall, British Man Charged In Gay Sex Trial, To Be Deported From Uganda

Iran's Rouhani to address Western oil CEOs in Davos

Hannity chickens out again...

Glenn Beck: Homophobes 'Have No Place In This Country'

Taco Bell will make you throw up.

Elections have consequences, chapter 74:

New "Law and Order, SVU": tonight's episode looks into corrupt judges and for-profit

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ January 23rd

TYT Cop Does WHAT With A Child And Keeps Job?

Sitting in Houston waiting for possible freezing rain on Friday. I am staying home

Backlash Continues Over Kelly Thomas Verdict

US psychology body declines to rebuke member in Guantánamo torture case

Swiffer follows Cheerios

Stewart Hammers Christie over New Allegations: Finally, 'Some Old-School New Jersey Corruption!'

Now Obvious GOP Going Nuclear On Abortion/Declares ALL Out War On Women's Rights

China Shrine to Korean Assassin Irks Japan

Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules

Target lays off over 400 workers at headquarters, Target CEO gets a big fat bonus

I witnessed Ohio's execution of Dennis McGuire. What I saw was inhumane.

Wow! Medi-Cal Is A Lot Better Than I Expected.

Independent review board says NSA phone data program is illegal and should end

Thank you Anderson Cooper. 'No evidence that we could find that Snowden is a Russian Spy'!

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

Virginia to fight same-sex marriage ban

CNN - Watchdog: Politicians extorting voters (video link)


Grindcore fan that happened to be a goat passes away

Paris Blues (1961)

[San Diego] Political corruption case grows

DU's New Cold Warriors

Arctic Ocean oil drilling opponents win appeal

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Brent guilty, faces up to 20 years for fatal DWI crash

India: Woman gang-raped on orders of 'kangaroo court'

SEC Judge Bars 'Big Four' China Units for Six Months Over Audits.

[Tacoma, WA] Teen fired after wearing Broncos jersey to work

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

Boehner and GOP House plan Feb. 2014 government shutdown/debt default

Cuomo Sweetens Pre-K Deal: ‘Whatever’ Mayor Needs

650 million years in 74 seconds

Obama WH Memorandum -- Establishing a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

Red light bribe scandal could be widespread

Statement by President Obama on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Why Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hates Roe v. Wade

"Bad British NFL Commentary" Funny

We Need To Stop Trusting The Police

Deep down we know

In solidarity, Senate women help female candidates

In solidarity, Senate women help female candidates

I despise the argument against abortion claiming that contraception makes it obsolete.

FBI investigating Hoboken mayor’s allegations

Jon Stewart: ‘These [NSA] Reforms Are Weak, but Don’t Worry, They’ll Never Take Effect’

This is the worst winter we have had here that I can remember.

Yahoo Comment Clowns: Our Hatred Burns Like An Eternal Flame, No Matter WHAT the Subject Is.

New proposal offers U.S. a choice: Keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, or none at all

11 Jobs Where an Honest Day's Work Earns You Poverty

$7,125 a Month to be Neglected? What Happened When Wall Street Got Involved in Assisted Living

Security glitch redirects most of China’s Internet users to a phantom Wyoming business

This Almost 100% Preventable Cancer Is Still Killing Women in America -- What Can We Do?

How Amazon Continues to Get Away With Abusing Its Workers

Member of UK Parliament deemed ‘stupid’ for Nazi uniform party

Texans want frackers to stop causing earthquakes

Patrick's budget calls for closing Taunton State Hospital

Syria Conference Roiled by Shouting Matches, Insults

Perennial US Rush to War: Syrian Chem issue was too Foggy to Justify Bombing

Pepe Escobar: Cowbells, or how Davos saves the world

Captain and Tenille are divorcing.

In Whom Will We Trust?

‘Testing Biological Weapons’: The Unfathomable Darkness of Prioritized Military Affairs


The United States’ bloody messes in Yemen

New VA AG Mark Herring to announce VA will support marriage equality!

PSA: Do not update to iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows

Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End

Violence begets more violence, Mr. Obama

Justin Bieber Arrested for Drag Racing, DUI in Miami Beach

Goldman Sachs report can end up being lethal to South Africa

The toll of the anti-vaccination movement, in one devastating graphic

US grows more isolationist, but the world still needs it

American Epidemic – 3 School Shootings in One Week

Op-Ed: The (NSA) debate Canada won’t have

Why do today’s leaders seem so … small?

Rand Paul Is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner

Wind turbines can be instrument to boost grid stability

Why Are American Colleges Obsessed With 'Leadership'?

Court rules offshore oil leases in Alaska Arctic are too flawed

Belief over reason-today's Non Sequitur

Government panel urges end to phone data spying

This was the best new band in 1977 - according to the Grammy's

Freedom Industries Won't Say Just What 2nd Leaked Chemical Is - It's Proprietary, You See

Iran lures oil majors with new contracts pledge

How Oil Drilling Is Like the "Civil Rights Revolution," And Other Gems From the Tea Party's Rising

Valerie Plame has insider's take on 'Homeland'

Nine Paragraphs In A 1975 Newsweek Article Apparently Trump All Subsequent Science

Pollution Increasingly A Driver In Chinese Emigration - Shanghai Daily

As the West Dries Up, This Hedge-Fund Pioneer Stands to Make a Killing

GOP House Candidate Says God Created Autism, Dementia And Tornadoes To Punish Gays

Comcast may add electricity to bundle of services

Davos Mission Statement #1: "Sustained Economic Growth": #5: "Environmental Sustainability"

GOPer Who Opposed Criminalizing Spousal Rape Drops Out Of House Race

'Godfather' of Pendleton admits to bribery

It's Greek To Me - Whole Foods to stop selling Chobani Greek Yogurt

New Virginia AG Mark Herring Will NOT Defend Anti-Gay-Marriage Amendment; Right-Wing Heads Explode

Poll Shows Most Republicans Think People Are Poor Because They Don't Work Hard Enough

Proposed fracking in national forest meets broad opposition

Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End

Pop star Justin Bieber arrested in Miami area

Pew survey shows sharp partisan divide on combating inequality

South Sudan ramps up rhetoric against U.N. as hopes for peace fade

Feds Interview "Several Witnesses" Who Support Dawn Zimmer's Account

Peggy Lee - Fever

Here’s Why You’ll Be Paying Your Student Loans Forever

Japan's Abe uses Davos economic forum to warn of China militancy

GOP’s “deep bench” for 2016 is now in splinters

The real problem with the American right: Aging, white radicals

Leaked files reveal offshore holdings of rich, politically connected

Sunny Hostin on Anderson Cooper last night ~ disgusting

"Transgender Dysphoria Blues" Is Proof That Rock Still Matters

Anyone have experience making steamed English puddings?

Fort Carson brigade to trade in tanks for 8-wheeled Strykers

Corbett has already spent $4.8 million of his re-election money; here's #s for other candidates

Poll Shows Most Republicans Think People Are Poor Because They Don't Work Hard Enough

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Crooks

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Three e's

Soldier texted wife to hide bombs

Sen. Leahy Calls For More Aggressive Policy Against Countries That Violate LGBT Rights

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Tame (Ecuadorian state) airline suspends Quito-Caracas flights for lack of payments

Ukraine Premier Rejects Opposition Ultimatum.

Army thinks man killed girls 4, 9, and then himself

CNN anti-choice guest Lila Rose: ‘An abortion doesn’t un-rape a woman’

Oil flowing through southern Keystone leg adds fuel to fight,

Prosecutors won’t charge Ohio trooper who masturbated with boy to teach him about sex

watching Joe Scar saying fed prosecutors can't "prove" anything on McDonnell...

Brazil dolphin is first new river species since 1918

Ukraine faces more violence as ultimatum nears end


“Combat” deaths at home

Your Republican nutjob of the day

GOP rep.: Force women to have babies because abortion ‘robs men’ of fatherhood rights

Why Don't Republicans Want School Vouchers in Places Republicans Actually Live?

Thai Police: U.S. Tourist Was Likely Killed by Elephants

Report: Lockheed inflates F-35 program job numbers

At least Republicans are starting to give Dave Agema crap too

Grand jury declines to indict North Carolina cop who shot and killed black car crash victim

Krugman's 12-Year-Old Sarcasm Eludes the Wall Street Journal

How George Takei Made It Through Sundance

Gorbachev Calls on Putin and Obama to Intercede in Ukraine


Military judge orders CNN, CBS tape released

McCain Calls Obama Worse Than Jimmy Carter

Brazil dolphin is first new river species since 1918

Government accuses military moving company of fraud

The Morning Plum: A nation of redistributionists and class warriors

Ben Sargent Toon: Wendy Davis

Pope Francis Gives Support to DC Abortion Protest

Podesta sharpens WH focus for midterms

Christie's bubble bursting? Polls show governor's popularity dipping amid scanda

Schumer to poison Tea Party

Hannity for public office?

Survey: Rate of uninsured drops to lowest point in a year

Hopes Dim for BAE’s ‘Green’ Combat Vehicle

Violence Significantly Increased by Social Interactions

Your vote matters, example five gazillion and three: Gay Marriage in Virginia.

Poll shows declining GOP support for Christie

Bird Dogs & Drones, Terminators & Swarms: The Race Towards Robotic Warfare

Hi Skinner....

Roubini doom scenario: It looks like 1914 again

Budowsky: The GOP Benghazi disease

Amy Goodman: Aaron Swartz: The Life We Lost and the Day We Fight Back

Burma mobs 'kill 30 Rohingyas'

Hoboken Mayor Is Said to Have Told of Threat

Pew Poll: 54% (75% of Dems) favor increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations to reduce poverty.

Our Strength is Our People: David's Story

Biggest Liberal ‘Super PAC’ to Fund Possible Clinton Bid

U.S. brings fraud charges against firm that vetted Snowden

In Memory Of Tom Ferrick: America's First Atheist Chaplain Died

A New Gilded Age Threatens The State Of Our Union

Population explosion in the dove's cage!

Breaking News: Justin Bieber arrested...

"The Worst Person in the World -- Bayer CEO Marjin Dekkers"

New Pew poll: 2/3 say inequality growing, 2/3 want govt action, 54% say tax rich, corporations more

Attorney accused of defending Amendment 3 to impose religious viewpoint

It takes a creationist to pack so much wrong in so little space

minimum wage needs to be raised to $10.10

Papantonio: Exposing The Employer Loan Trap

Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules

Sleepage a trois

This New World Order Conspiracy Theorist Is Advising Republicans on Environmental Policy

Somebody on the History Book Club website team has a sense of humor.

PPP on Florida's Governors race: Crist is up but BARLEY

Seven in Fourteen

Wolf Blitzer interview w/ Syrian Gov Spokeswomen

Glenn Beck and Other ‘Too Little, Too Late’ Apologies

Think you had a tough time giving birth ?

DOT efforts to police trucking companies falling short, says comptroller

Columbia County man pleads guilty to federal terrorist charges

Kim Guadagno has racketeering in her background

Here Are Ralph Lauren's Hideously Ugly Olympics Uniforms

Captivating portraits take a look inside America's Rockabilly community

Missing 12-year-old Brooklyn boy found safe

Good morning!

Seattle-Area Teenager Loses Job After Wearing Broncos Jersey To Work

Hawkish McCain Likens Obama To Jimmy Carter On Syria (He does not it as a compliment)

We have to do something about the walls in the Lounge bathroom.

'Hell of a game." - Richard Sherman to Crabtree, NFC playoff game

A Japanese porn star at 76

DU is now marketing their own perfume!!!

TSA poised to change airport security for gay couples

Rick Snyder backs plan to save Detroit's pensions and art museum.

Cultural Exchange: A Japanese porn star at 76

Cultural Exchange: A Japanese porn star at 76

Key Republican Rips Income Inequality, Calls For New Stimulus

Independent review board says NSA phone data program is illegal and should end

A Widow Finds Solace in Rescuing Kittens

Muskrat Susie to divorce Muskrat Sam

5 reputed mobsters to be charged in Lufthansa heist

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, ... (WARNING: HOF THREAD)

Any other soon-to-be 65ers who are stressing about what Medicare plan to buy?

Let's play ProphetQuest!

Any tips for organizing a photo, video and document collection?

Who is TBA? TBA is scheduled as instructor for a class at the local community college. nt

Woman accidentally walks in front of group photo, gets beaten to death

Workplace trends for 2014 (from an email I got from Accountemps this morning)

At least you can share a newspaper

David Alameel is on the advisory board of the Catholic Foundation.

15th Century Flemish Style Portraits Recreated In Airplane Lavatory

Tensions in Ukraine spread to second major city

IV Doc Makes Hangover House Calls

Happy birthday to....

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday January 23, 2014)

American Income Disparity: 'Only Those With Money Can Increase Their Wealth'

The Largest Liberal Super PAC Just Formally Aligned Itself With Hillary Clinton

The Workers' Scorecard on NAFTA

Putin Warns Gays Against Flamboyant Displays at Olympics - caringly told by Borowitz

Top 10 States with the worst Schools

Outside Campaign Spending Increases Fivefold

Some States Have a Sneaky Plan to Stop the NSA

Tonko, coalition criticize federal "fast track" trade legislation

Understanding the Imperialist System Changed My Life - Gar Alperovitz on TRNN (part 2 added)


"...just a spark..."

Gar Alperovitz: "Understanding the Imperialist System Changed My Life"

Fatah publicizes threats to bomb Tel Aviv on its official Facebook page....

The ACA and America’s Health-Care Mess

"Oh God for one more breath" A letter from a coal miner trapped after a mine explosion:

In Response To Growing Protests, EU Pulls Corporate Sovereignty Chapter From TAFTA/TTIP To Allow For

A photo of Justin Bieber being arrested:

Anyone know about Geico Ins.

Just a friendly DU Reminder -- USPS Stamps going up after Saturday 1/25

Pope Francis Declares the Internet a 'Gift From God'

Texas Republican Defends Wendy Davis: 'Nobody Ever Talks About Men' This Way

Sure, we need to cut discretionary spending, but where? Are there any low-hanging fruit left?

Knights of Badassdom was finally released!!!!

The Heritage Foundation and Pigs

DOJ Alleges Fraudulent Security Checks By Firm That Vetted Snowden

Woman Is Gang-Raped on Order of Village Council in India

ACLU: Federal Privacy Board Recommends Ending NSA Phone Records Programs, Calls it “Illegal”

I have a job interview this morning!!!

Julie Bishop lashes Snowden on US visit

George Zimmerman Attempts to Insult Angela Corey With Latest Painting

Julie Bishop lashes Snowden on US visit

Duh..You can't walk straight while texting, study confirms

"Metal Guitarist 'Johnny Bones' Publicly Threatens Life of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis"

Shit! Life officially sucks again! This damn adjunctivitis

Dog Rescued After Falling Through Ice On Long Island

Snowed In Drunk Guy Makes Online Plea For Taco Bell

Private Cameras Will Hurt Privacy - But is There a Solution?

ROFLMAO...OMG! Diplomacy between next-door neighbors who don't see eye to eye...

The Talk of the Town: Alex Wagner and Sam Kass—Politics' It Couple

Lazy Middle class waiting for Relatives to die

"Is it wrong that I am smiling?" - photo of an ad I got by email

Info/thoughts about 'morning' sickness?

Women's final is set...half of men's final is set...

****WCGreen Update -- Thursday January 23, 2014****

Dumb Criminals: Oklahoma Man Arrested For DUI On A Horse Was With Toddler

The phrase of the day is "ass injections". Replace any word in a thread with "ass injections".

So when will Justin Bieber hook up with Lindsay Lohan?

NTSB: Oil Train Crash Risks 'Major Loss of Life'

This wealthy mogul thinks that rising income inequality is fantastic, celebratory stat (VIDEO)

Dont They Have MIC/MIP Laws in Florida???

Stone Age harpoon found on Pacific island

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (And It's Only Thursday)

Sharp to Halt Solar Panel Production at Memphis Plant

Christie admin scandal draws FBI scrutiny

'Virginia attorney general: state's same-sex marriage ban unlawful'

In rare solar energy win, Texas lands installation that could become state's biggest

U.S. privacy board says NSA phone program illegal; should end

Goodfellas Suspects Arrested 35 Years After JFK Heist (2)

More Than 2,400 Dead as Obama’s Drone Campaign Marks Five Years

I am so outraged about Justin Beiber

Why is The Sun Going Quiet?

Neighborhood dispute...

How Wall Street Is Targeting College Campuses - Laura Newland Discusses

How Google's $500 Million Fine For Selling Illegal Drugs Online Went To Rhode Island Police

Tarrytown worker hurt when plow crashes through ice

Getting a tequila shot from Bill Murray is now on my bucket list

Since I know this is really important

10-car crash stalls Major Deegan, blamed on ice

Raw Footage via RT: Kiev rioters using molotov cocktails against cops

World’s most endangered big cat is also super, super adorable

kos: The McDonnell indictment is as sordid as you think it was

USS Pueblo: LBJ Considered Nuclear Weapons, Naval Blockade, Ground Attacks in Response to 1968 North Korean Seizure of Navy Vessel Documents Show

Sources: Bills' DC Mike Pettine to get offer to coach Browns

The Christian Right Loves A Bully

So another Republican office holder is a hypocrite. This is news?

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

Tenn. senate bill would prohibit state from cooperating with NSA

Coffee porn

It's sort of shitty to compare Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber

Iraqi population on the rise

The Lost Legacy of Otis Pike

today in women's herstory-23 january

Yankees sign Tanaka; $155 million, seven seasons.

Primary challenger to Texas' Cornyn goes missing

When is it going to dawn on these people?

Tweet from [email protected]: Is there anyone else?

Oakland Raiders cheerleader sues, says pay is less than $5 an hour

Dozens injured in Arizona crash after man attacks driver of Dallas-bound Greyhound bus

McDonnell's Defense is far creepier than the Indictment

Christie campaign hires lawyer who represented Rove during Plame investigation

Gov. Rick Perry for decriminalization of pot

Ann Coulter Is Against Weed Because A Pool Guy Didn't Clean Her Pool, Or Something


Judge rejects Abbott’s latest effort to move same-sex marriage lawsuit out of San Antonio

Judge rejects Abbott’s latest effort to move same-sex marriage lawsuit out of San Antonio

Lawyer for Rove, Armstrong will defend Christie campaign for Bridgegate

Davos: Kofi Annan Urges 'Rising Up' Against Drug Prohibition

Posted on Facebook by AssemblywomanSinicki during Scott Walker‘s State of the State address...

"Easter Egg Hunt: Seven Secrets of the World Wide Web"

Are we having fun yet?

The Mayor of Gary

Raise Min. wage Stupid

Sotelo: Knights of Columbus leadership seeks to redefine charity

Love it or Hate it, Hillary is the "third Obama term" candidate

Welder on stage at State of State with Scott Walker is registered sex offender

Davos Makes Inequality Its Business as Political Backlash Seen - Bloomberg

Just want to wish you all

Documents Reveal Knowledge Cardinals Had Of Priest Sex Abuse

Virginia attorney general won't defend gay marriage ban

Democratic Lawmaker Takes Frustrations To Facebook During 'Full Of Shit' Scott Walker Speech

American Olympic Uniforms Made In America, Are Still Terribly Ugly


Massachusetts Senator calls for probe into Herbalife, shares drop

No wonder its cold as shit!

Follow up to shittin' kitten

Hey guys: the shittin' kitten has giardia

a new pair

OSHA asks what came first at International Nutrition - collapse or fire?

Duke Energy, ALEC Plot Attack on North Carolina’s Solar Revolution

Are there any stats to indiate a trend in 21st century retiree votes and party affiliation?

The Danger of Banning Religious Garb

O'Reilly to interview President Obama for Super Bowl pre-game show

Berlusconi investigated for alleged witness tampering in prostitution trial

Dangerous Things Kids Are Doing Part XCVIVII: Sizzurp

Fuck you Fuckabee

H7N9: Bird flu cases surge ahead of Chinese New Year

Don’t want to be hassled by creationist teacher? Give up Buddhism, Louisiana public school says

Ohio judge favors camera speeding ticket refunds

HRC Co-Hosts Historic Breakfast at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Who says bald white dogs can't dance?

The Rude Pundit - Our Neverending Abortion War: The Obscene Horror Show Playing Out in Texas

Nomination for the DU Smiley Collection

Dems Mobilizing Behind Populist Message

Latino groups to launch massive voter registration

Tea Party Extremist Running in NY 21

The Largest Liberal Super PAC Just Formally Aligned Itself With Hillary Clinton

Don’t want to be hassled by creationist teacher? Give up Buddhism, Louisiana public school says

Ladies, can't you control your libido without government assistance?

Conservative Activist James O’Keefe Claims Cuomo Is Trying to Run Him Out of NY

Dispute with a neighbor

Court Says Environmental Impacts for Arctic Drilling were Downplayed

Somber, hopeful 'last party' held for 5-year-old Payton Benson

Just saw a recipe for Home Made Nutella

McDonald's sluggish growth outpaced by Wendy's

US developing plans to train Iraqis in Jordan

Bill O’Reilly to interview President Obama during Super Bowl pregame show

Through a utility room window

Portland's Food Truck Heaven: How a New Kind of Fast Food Brings Jobs, Flavor, and Walkability

What Percentage of the Time Do You Click Links on DU and

A great quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt

New York Times Magazine Cover: Planet Hillary!!!

Bankruptcy of Bike Share Company Will Not Immediately Affect Systems in U.S. Cities

how dogs and cats teach their little ones to walk down stairs-HILARIOUS AND CUTE

Tea Party Extremist Running in NY 21

Who’s Who in Bridgegate: A Christie Whodunnit

Germany conditions high-tech, science grants on settlement funding ban

Jerry Patterson (R) Wants Latinos To Vote For Him; Won't Support Issues Important to Latinos

Wow ... did you know this about Darrell Issa???

Is it me or is Justin Bieber trying to be the next Vanilla Ice circa 1990?

The hidden history of the CIA’s prison in Poland

Stay Young My Friend

Stormtrooper Twerking for the Star Wars Geeks out there.

[WA not DC] House Democrats propose $12 minimum wage

Mike Huckabee: Democrats think women 'cannot control their libido'

Papantonio: Hillary Can’t Shed Corporate Stripes

Is Internet Neutrality now "so last week"?

The Irony of Australian FM Julie Bishop's Comments Regarding Edward Snowden...

Texan indicted of hate crime in attack on old man

Most Pipeline Oil Spills Missed by Operators

On War Criminals and Heroes: The Whitewashing of Ariel Sharon

Primary challenger to Texas' Cornyn goes missing

Seven in Fourteen

US attorney subpoenas Christie campaign/NJ Repug party for Bridgegate documents

Poll: At Obama's 5-yr point, few see a turnaround

We'll probably never witness one of these again....

Killer of NFL star Sean Taylor gets 57.5 years in prison

Oxfam pans Scarlett Johansson for Israeli deal

Economic ladder no harder to climb today, U.S. report finds

Gun violence myths debunked; quest for profits exposed

Gun violence myths debunked; quest for profits exposed

Anybody have a link to hear Snowden?

Anybody need some free hangers?

Jurors find Johnathan Doody guilty in Buddhist temple massacre

(Japan) Barakan says broadcasters told him to avoid nuclear issues till after poll

'The Snowden Files' by Luke Harding to be published on 6 February

How to get rid of an annoying, well, you know.

Netanyahu at Davos: It takes three to tango for Mideast peace

Homeland Security Agents Working for Movie Industry

Schumer: Two-party primary undercuts tea party

Abel - a wonderful little film that I recommend.

WV Chemical Leak Spreads Upstream to Ohio

O'Malley's final State of the State pitches minimum wage

Governor Tomblin Says "It's Your Decision" To Drink West Virginia Chemical Spill Water

Confidential, Need to know only, please do not share.

Progressives/Liberals - The 1st Amendment is an effective tool to stem religious extremism.

Rabidly homophobic, insane "National Organization for Marriage" calls for Mark Herring's impeachment

What I can do to help women in India

"I Have To Acknowledge U.S. Falls Miserably Short When It Comes to Support Systems for Family Life."

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

These Are The Most Godless Cities In America

Cantor Schedules Anti-Abortion Vote, Shows “Deceptive Democrats” Who’s Boss

Va. city's law requires new N-S streets to be named after Confederate generals; considers repeal

Huck's pontification explained

Sex Object BS

Pew Polling on NSA and Snowden

U.S. Attorney's Office subpoenas Christie campaign, state Republican committee

Tinfoil reason why Republicants are sooooo fucking upset about the NSA...

NYC Sanitation Boss Blames Mother Nature For Storm Problems; Says Mayor Wasn't "Misled"

Mike Huckabee: Democrats Tell Women 'They Cannot Control Their Libido' Without The Government

First week figures for Colorado Marijuana Sales..

Kerry: Iran must stop supporting terror

GOProud founder leaves Republican Party

xPost from LGBT: GOProud founder leaves the Republican Party

Is this what "I want my country back" means to the un-thinking?

I'm guessing this is a great cop.....

Cuccinelli is down, but not out.

Utah Will Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

Christie campaign, New Jersey GOP subpoenaed by U.S. Attorney's office

Man dies in St. Barnabas Emergency Room waiting area

Ghost ship full of cannibal rats could be about to crash into Great Britain

Paul Ryan Has No Desire To Be House Speaker

Texas Teachers Endorse Wendy Davis

Justin Bieber MUG SHOT

Left-wing political party member allegedly tortured by police in Colombia capital

Columbine High School On Lockout After Threat

George Zimmerman's latest "contribution" to the art world

Laws against reproductive choice maim and kill millions of women around the world

So Huckelberry says women can't control their libido

Did Pink Floyd write a song (Dogs) about Chris Christie, in 1977?

The Brazen Behavior of Good ole boys.

Army wants to delay giving certain notice to the veterans on whom it tested drugs during the ColdWar

Yo! Bambi is fighting back:

Huckabee makes racist & sexist statements at RNC Winter Meeting (VIDEO)

"It's not the Democrats' problem."

Russia is attacking Britain in a very unusual way:

Books project helps atheists make the case for unbelief behind bars

Are you wondering why Huckabee used the term 'Uncle Sugar':

Boulder police chief exonerates Fleet and Priscilla White in death of JonBenet Ramsey

Well I discovered my surgically repaired Achilles doesn't like cold temps

Latest Breaking......

Mayor Bollwage accuses Gov. Christie of shutting down 4th largest DMV in NJ for political revenge

I'm wondering what unionized teachers and others think of the following arrangement:

Fox News contributor: Angry blacks to blame for rise in ‘American Anglo-Saxon’ racism

Guns Make Voting Even Harder

Florida GOP candidate defends call to hang Obama by comparing him to George Zimmerman

Snowden Says He Would Return To The US If Considered A Whistleblower

Cruz demands special investigation of IRS (Here we go again!)

Holly shit anyone listening to Randi about this TX case

Hillary Rodham Clinton, as you've never seen her, on the cover of this Sunday's NYT Magazine

What Huckabee really said today about women...

Seven Hours in Kiev. Judge for yourself:

Library Thing Job Opening: PHP programmer

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert tells E. Texas high school students that gay sex is unnatural

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert tells E. Texas high school students that gay sex is unnatural

Wolf Blitzer, Hillary, the moon

Wealth Inequality is Fantastic News to Kevin O'Leary

It's 5:20!!!!

Utah Will Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

Some of Hillary Clinton's statements on Social Security.

Can anyone tell me what it sounds like?

I posted a video about sexual objectification in V&M...

Stealth Right-Wing Group Profiled By NY Times Hosted Justice Scalia -MediaMatters

Pope: Internet Is a 'Gift From God' for Dialogue

Colorado town officials prepare to quit en masse after council votes for guns in hearings

First item on the agenda for the GOP debates: women's libidos

Has anyone else ever been called "Far/Extreme Left"? Mystifying, isn't it?

Edward Snowden: ‘Not Possible’ to Return to U.S. Now

Broncos season ticket holders upset about the secrecy concerning Super Bowl tickets

Live Q&A with Snowden.

CNN BREAKING - horrific pile-up near La Porte Indiana on I-80/94 east. Pic from WLS. Updates on CNN

The Republican Problem With Independent Voters

Life before Google;

Report: Obama Has Used The Word 'Gay' More Than Any Past President

Attn: All DUers Read This: I Need Your Help!

Makes you think twice about camping

Most See Inequality Growing, but Partisans Differ over Solutions (Pew Rsrch Ctr)

Davos, the Iranian Chutzpah Festival

I love it when they eat their own

Unabashedly Liberal

Scott Walker lauds sex offender as example of Wisconsin’s ‘improving economy’

Return of the Space Bats | John Michael Greer

Seeing al-Qaida Behind Every Tree

Interest rate /car loan question

Obama Recovery Fails to Resonate as Americans Left Behind

Feds indict Klansman trying to build an anti-Muslim X-ray cannon

US Stocks Tumble On China Data, Mediocre Earnings

24th Amendment, outlawing poll taxes, turns 50

Two Black Women Walk Into The Grocery Store . . .

How y'all holding up in Brrrrrrrrrrr alabama???

"Sub-human mongrel"? Ted Nugent is a doctrinaire white supremacist.

9/11 Memorial Board Votes To Charge $24 Admission to Museum

Wheat Jumps Most in Three Months on U.S. Freeze Threat

Kaelin Bell's Blueberry Muffin Looks Just Like Her Chihuahua (PHOTOS)

"databases of ruin"

Katy man indicted in December hate crime

Cold Gripping U.S. Preview of Worse Weather Coming Next Week

Dinesh D'Souza indicted for campaign finance fraud

Want to see where I live? Welcome to Wolf Bay.

Indy 500 Race Cars Showcase Green Fuels - ScienceDaily

The Campaign to Brand Wendy Davis as a Hater of Disabled People

"Rough Passage to London: a Sea Captain's Tale" historical novel by Robin Lloyd

Amazing journey gets injured Houston dog on private jet, lost for days and on TV

I just made this applesauce is fantastic!


The D'Souza alleged crime was donating $10K+ to 2012 NY Senate candidate

Report: US Rail Spilled More Oil In 2013 Than In Past 37 Years Combined

Respect for the dead, or twisted art display?

Smith & Wesson to Halt California Sale of Some Handguns

Man spends four decades in mental hospital for stealing $20 necklace

Uninsured Rate Drops as Obamacare Starts, Gallup Finds

Security Firm Sued by U.S. Over Bad Background Checks

Breaking: Dinesh D'Souza Indicted for Violating U.S. Election Law

What the Sochi Olympic threats are about

White House Gives Pentagon Budget Guidance With Increase

Muskrat Love didn't keep them together: The Captain and Tennille Divorce

A Dozen Problems In The US Military Could Be Solved By Simply Ending The War

Olive Branch? Iran Moving Quickly To Normalize Relations With The West

Moving the Race Conversation Forward

Chris Christie Movie Parodies --->

Epilepsy warning: Pulse....

Dumb Cops: Indiana Officer Running For Sheriff Literally Shoots Self In Foot

This is Danny Pearl's Final Story

Christie biggest Sandy contractor fired Won contract after donating $1.7M to reelection bid

I got a 52 cent check in the mail today...

An incredible new video shows a match burning in super slow motion..

He's an asshole but why do I believe Bieber was set up

Please continue calling the Koch Brothers

What recent (or even not-so-recent) music purchases are you most proud of?

Georgia lawmaker to introduce medical marijuana bill soon

Durham NC Cop Threatens To Beat & Plant Cocaine

Guatemala Factory Supplying Walmart and Other US Retailers Stole $6 Million From Workers