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Archives: January 22, 2014

Fraternity's MLK-themed party: Civil rights leaders threaten ASU boycott

Senator David Vitter announces he will run for Governor of Louisiana.

any word on how Jennifer Wexton is doing in the VA senate race?

Google's Eric Schmidt: I Had No Knowledge The NSA Was Looking At Our Data

Robert Del Tufo - former NJ Attorney General: Christie Administration could face RICO charges...

GOP’s sad, pathetic “replace Obamacare” plan may finally be coming

What Does FOX Say? Cyber Lady Robot of Truth DESTROYS FOX TV on Obamacare Constitutional Issues

Christie Toasts Michelle Obama!

Purdue shooting suspect surrenders after allegedly killing fellow student

Meetup opportunities for Fort Bend/Houston DUers

Dear GOP: You have a concern about Voting Discrimination? REALLY?

Damn those union civil worker takers

Who are you pulling for in Olympic Curling?

Pictures are worth 1,ooo words!

One seriously cool doctor!

Meet the Class of 2009

Poem: Chris Christie

Jane Valez-Mitchell, HLN, about to have a special report on the Taiji massacre!

Claire’s Stores: Private Equity Broker-Dealer Violations in Action

State tells Sharonville (Ohio) abortion clinic to close

Cuccinelli: Christie Should Step Down As RGA Chair...

There is something strange and mystifying about this Christie scandal.

Classes to resume at Pa. university after shooting

Stephen Harper goes over the top in Israel: Mallick

Denver billboard takes on Richard Sherman...

If you are on Facebook please go send Dawn Zimmer some words of support

PLEASE phone your congressfolk, TELL them to kill the NFL's NonProfit tax status!!

Should there be a guaranteed national income?

Nuclear Waste in Italy

Tea Party leaders go for full-bore treason. "Some people may die" in Operation American Spring

Texas would be covered under proposed amendment to Voting Rights Act

Welfare for Weed

It's About Blackmail, Not National Security

Neil Young to rock Tel Aviv this summer

Noaa: 2013 tied for fourth-warmest year on record

Guitar tabs

New Jersey & New Systems

Chris Hayes - the Class of 2010 - Christie and McDonnell

Edward Snowden ‘fears for his life,’ according to Russian state-run media

About 9 inches has fallen in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. 7.6 inches in Central Park.

Wexton wins Virginia state senate race-*****Update*****

How Can We Tell Obama's NSA Reforms Are Weak? Gen. Hayden doesn't mind them

''Over the last 30 odd years, Democrats have moved to the right and the right has moved ...

Supreme Court considers major change in public employee unions/ Court Split Ideologically

OMG this took guts.

Election 2014 WI GOP issue, get tougher on pot possession

"In U.S., 67% Dissatisfied With Income, Wealth Distribution"

US Army considers replacing thousands of troops with robots

Parents Ask Google If Their Sons Are Geniuses and If Their Daughters Are Fat

So did Gov. Bob get any gold-plated transvanginal ultrasound devices as part of his haul?

The Lounge News-Informer

Republicans Urged to Take Stronger Defense Against Reality

Love It or Hate It, Obamacare's Spurring Interest in the Pathology of Health Care

Few victim reparations, impunity for violators hinder Colombia human rights: HRW

The issue with Russia and LGBTQ people should be repression-NOT the country imposing it.

Haven't heard this tune for at least 20 years. One of my favorite feel-good tunes

Anyone watching Biggest Loser?

Dark Affinities: Liberal and Neoliberal

Bedlam in the Bayou

I have 2 abscessed teeth - I need a hug

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My & a new Kitteh

Students and faculty blindsided by for-profit school's closure

What is the longest period of time ata has gone without any question being answered?

Israel backs plans for 381 new settler homes, NGO warns

Democrat Jennifer Wexton wins state Senate seat in Northern Virginia - possible chamber control

Skinner, I was serving on a jury and when I tried to post my comment ...

Obama's former campaign manager joins Crist team in Florida governor race

85 Peoples’ Wealth=Half The World

"What you observe is a great wasteland."

Rachel...go easy on Gov Trans probe..

Drugs, Neglect and Death: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet

"All Quiet on the Wisconsin Front"

The House GOP 2013 Agenda

Yesterday, the Internet Solved a 20-Year-Old Mystery

How Bad Does the GOP Need Chris Christie? Really Bad.

New Virus Linked to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

CO-04: Meet Vic Meyers -Democratic Challenger to Rep. Gardner- Feb 1st in Parker, CO

New and improved Rob Ford, now with Jamaican accent

the end of life is not to be happy nor to achieve pleasure and avoid pain but to do the will of God

Well, That explains...

Louder Than Words: Hypocritical Republicans Hate Our Military Men and Women

Mega Default In China Scheduled For January 31

Almost Everything Barack Obama’s Ever Said About Marijuana Over The Years

Corporate America Poisons West Virginia

West Virginia Governor Feels Like Rivers Shouldn't Be Poisoned So Easily

What It Really Means When the Right Attacks Wendy Davis' Bio

so has the expected wave of RW outrage over the president' pot quote not materialized because

"People's Diva" Renee Fleming to sing National Anthem at Pot Bowl next Sunday

Authorities recover, ID second body at International Nutrition building

Passive-aggressive dog.

Aim Higher NC

Texas Spends Nearly $650,000 Defending Anti-Choice Laws

Pizza shop owner delivers prescriptions so people can avoid bitter cold

Hell one of my friend's had a nervous breakdown today at work.

Denver Teacher To Donate Kidney To Very Sick Student

The "thank Zeus" thread: What are you thankful for?!1 (a poll)

America’s oldest working teacher turns 100

If you knew a woman from Columbia and she smiled because you did not understand

I cried at work today...

Davos roundup - "a constellation of egos involved in massive mutual orgies of adulation”

Storm dumps more than a foot of snow in Northeast

Halliburton 4Q profit up on international strength

The biggest threat to Social Security? It's not the Baby Boomers...

Someone Sent a Mysterious Mass Text to Protesters in Kiev

Ferocious snowstorm creates new traffic jam for Christie inaugural

Ken Cuccinellisays Christie should step down as RGA Chairman

I posted some new avatars and emotis

Silent thread for dolphin innocents murdered during the most recent Taiji act of genocide.

Catholics in Philly react fo Chicago abuse

School districts urge judge to overturn Texas funding system

"Pope Francis Has A Message For Rich People"

One question. Does Bob McDonnell being indicted preclude him from

Elizabeth Warren's Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Florida Republican who called for Obama's execution still a candidate after Secret Service visit

Some lefty toons and whatnot. Enjoy!

I'm watching an old "Law and Order."

This week, Jan 18-25, marks the International Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

"GOP insiders freak out: Could Tea Party blow another election?"

Nope thanks. I like the ground... And even just pools in the ground.

Mitch McConnell’s Office Tells Unemployed Veteran, ‘I have no control over your life.’

Eleven Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

Heard a lot about traffic at its worst in Manhattan.

McDonnell Says Government's Case Rests On 'Misguided Legal Theory'

A 1950s documentary about desegregation in Clinton TN

Big Dem turnout in blizzard to hold VA Senate

How many NFL stadiums can be seen from I-95? (in honor of Superbowl approaching ...)

How many people here are like me, "mongrels?"

Bob McDonnell's wife Allegedly Lied To Law Enforcement

Amash Calls On Michigan GOPer To Resign After Anti-Gay Comments

Sears Will Close Its Flagship Store In Chicago

World Storytelling Day, (started same year as Iraq War 2003) , 3/20/14, Minneapolis. tell Vets

World Storytelling Day in MN, war to end all wars, 3/20/14 7pm Minneapolis, join the Vets for Peace

Ted Nugent Compares Harvey Weinstein To Nazi Propagandist

Fox News regular Eric Erickson calls Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie"

Dido ...

Kimmel Kartoon - Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman and The Flintstones

Can popcorn be considered a vegetable in a well-balanced diet?

The toll of the anti-vaccination movement, in one devastating graphic.

Seeking vet friend from long ago

Russian police kill Islamist militant leader before Olympics

Brace yourself for California's driest winter in 500 years: UC Berkeley professor

Settler Violence: It Comes With The Territory

Wells Fargo bars employees from making personal loans on peer-to-peer sites

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

Barbara Bush tells Jeb to lay low for a while so that the family can seque

Obama's former campaign manager joins Crist team in Florida governor race

Thank you Mrs Obama~ Picture heavy

Domestic Abuse bill hijacked by Republican in Ky.

Robert De Niro Honors Late Gay Father With HBO Documentary

Freedom Riders

BART police sergeant shot and killed by fellow officer during search in Dublin

Oklahoma Senator wants marijuana legalized, Says, “Marijuana Has Not Killed Anyone”

Not so much snow 60 miles north of the city...

this is blucifer

Buses Are A-Coming

Bill would make medical marijuana sales legal in Tennessee

California official: utilities would like to “strangle” solar

Mark Morford: 'Fine weather for creepy melancholia'

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

GOP Sponsors Bill In Missouri Allowing Parents To Remove Students Where Evolution Taught.

WTF?! Some people do NOT deserve pets!

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Exceed $5 Million In First Week

down to the well (ain't going)

Chinese activist lawyer Xu Zhiyong goes on trial in Beijing

Is Florida Next? Six Same-Sex Couples Sue For Right To Marry

PSA: Tom Brady Can't Get A High-Five

When the NSA director starts talking about answering the "____ish Question..."

Everyone fired up for the Stupor Bowl?

How to win the vote in 2014. Tell youth the GOP wants to abolish minimum wage.

Any other DUers running for political/elected office this spring (or 2014)?

Ukranian police going all out against protesters now:

Locut0s Reviews: 51 Birch Street

Valentine's day idea

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

Pussy Riot members to appear at Barclay's Center concert

The Bread That Will Change Your Whole World

Snowden denies he got help from Russia in leaking U.S. secrets: report

Australia rejects claims that navy mistreated asylum seekers

Nuremberg documents on display in Berlin

The Brazilian ranch where Nazis kept slaves

Ya gotta love a guy who stays bought.

ACLU sues Utah for not recognizing gay marriages

Man Interrogated By FBI For Wearing Prescription Google Glass At The Movies

Geneva 2 - Syrian govt to US: No right to remove Assad.

31 former U.S. generals urge Obama to close Guantanamo Bay

The Norwegian curling team has already won the Winter Olympics:

facebook will soon lose 80 percent of its users study says

Syria peace conference Geneva II begins with bitter speeches

Boeing Discovers Promising Biofuel At $3 Per Gallon

Google’s Eric Schmidt: I don’t know how much the NSA is spying on us

Colombia - Death threats, smears against animal rights journalist

Researchers blame Chinese air pollution for winter cyclones hitting Pacific Ocean

Obama Is The Anti-Christ Warm-up Act, Says Bill O’Reilly Guest

Ned Rozell: Eating Chilean sea bass takes a bite out of the last intact ecosystem on Earth

What I Learned from a Week on Food Stamps: Paul Ryan Couldn’t Be Any More Wrong

Purging the Legacy of Dictatorship From Chile’s Constitution

Why Do Some Americans Speak So Confidently When They Have No Clue What They're Talking About?

Hey, Democrats: 8 Steps to End Your Toxic Fundraising Habits

Pennsylvania Republican celebrates MLK Day with proposal to legalize discrimination

Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist

Missouri Republicans introduce creationist bill that could ‘eviscerate the teaching of biology’

Major League Baseball Stadiums Will Have Metal Detectors by 2015

Morning Joe: DiBlasio not fast enough on the snow clean-up and the poor McDonald's

You’d be surprised at how poor the new ‘middle class’ is in the developing world

You’d be surprised at how poor the new ‘middle class’ is in the developing world (xpost from Labor)

NY Times: States cutting weeks of aid to the jobless

Cuccinelli says Christie should resign chairmanship of Republican Governors Association

Astronomers Discover Giant Planetary Formation

new 39.6% tax bracket for wealthiest people

Are You Addicted to Making Money?

Georgia's Debtors' Prisons Belong in a Dickens Novel

Fine weather for creepy melancholia - Mark Morford

Feds pull Google Glass user from theater for suspected piracy

Top Kenyan author reveals he’s gay to challenge homophobic laws

Pope Francis tells the business elite gathered in Davos to help those ‘still living in dire poverty’

Pope Francis tells the business elite gathered in Davos to help those ‘still living in dire poverty

Bill Maher has new rule for Duck Dynasty-following Americans

Monster Survey Telescope Dives Deep Into the Lagoon

Kentucky Republican wants to redefine abortion as domestic violence

The Danger of Ignoring Eisenhower's Warning about the Military Industrial Complex

Colorado GOP rep. tells Fox News: ‘Matter of time’ before legal pot turns violent

The World's 85 Richest People Are as Wealthy as the Poorest 3 Billion What exactly does that mean?

Wait. Texas Is Spending How Much Money to Violate the Constitution?

New Christie Attack Dog Attorney No Friend to Ecuador's Indigenous Peoples

New Christie Attack Dog Attorney No Friend to Ecuador's Indigenous Peoples

The Supreme Court Case That Could Clobber Public-Sector Unions

Edward Snowden ‘fears for his life,’ according to Russian state-run media

So,last night we find out there was a SECOND CHEMICAL that was spilled Into our WV

France prepares $2 billion ‘cyber war’ defense upgrade

Bob McDonnell, COME ON DOWN!!

Poor, poor L. Brooks Patterson claims he's the victim of an ambush

Gates worries Pakistan Violence blocks Polio Eradication, But is CIA Partly to Blame?

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government's Ever Sent

Wisconsin: Eisenga Contributions to Kleefisch Illegal if Claims of Fraud are True

Hard Times for Journalists, but A Golden Age for Canny Readers

The Murray-Federer thread (spoiler) for joeybee

Wisconsin: Republicans try to sneak changes to overtime in 2013 Assembly Bill 611

oh great...walker hires a guy from texas to run the dnr

“The capitalist workplace is one of the most profoundly undemocratic institutions on the face ....."

Typhoons and Tigers: Why Taiwan Has Outpaced the Philippines

Cuomo would use $15.2M to fight gun violence

Storm? WHAT storm?

Eastside Catholic president resigns amid uproar over firing

Rights Abuses Escalate Throughout East Asia: HRW

Atheist Union of Greece protests outdated blasphemy laws

Meet the New Kochs: The DeVos Clan's Plan to Defund the Left

How Obama and the Democrats failed to defend the universal right to healthcare

"Traditional marriage" was about business (and homo-sex).

On his morning walk, a doctor noticed this old lady.

McDonnell: ‘I repeat again, emphatically, that I did nothing illegal’

this is quite interesting: DeFazio holds forum on TPP

‘East Sea’ and ‘Comfort Women’ Statues: Strive for an Assertive Statement

How Chris Christie is trying to turn bridge-gate into a partisan scrum. And how it’s working.

NSA Surveillance: Must Try Harder, Mr. Obama


Catastrophe of US imperialism

calling for help

The GOP is getting back to business - This is a Jolly time for corporate power.

The myth of the deserving rich

On referring to a woman as a "bitch" or "b*tch"

Snowden: If 'Country Is Helped,' Ending Up in Ditch 'Worth It'

Non Sequitur toons: Jeff Bezos takes over the world

Japan's former PM challenges Abe's energy policy in Tokyo race

Keeping The Bible Out Of Govt & Schools Is Violation Of Religious Freedom - New GOP Meme

Another political scandal brewing in San Diego

Blowing Back to Haunt Us

NYT Editorial: How Gov. Christie Moves Forward

Silicon Valley firms to pay fee for commuter shuttles amid tech backlash

NSA: Global 'Trendsetter' for Privacy Abuse

Afghanistan cracks down on advertising in favor of U.S. troops

Pope to global elite: Do more for poor

Chris Christie should step down as RGA chair, says Cuccinelli

The "Light" report...33 is today's didn't know??

Worst Police Sketch Ever?

Comcast Moves Forward on Time Warner Bid

Poverty Level A Joke/ Artificially Way Too Low/ Meant To Keep Millions Off Federal Programs.

Beating Tea Party in Idaho Business Group Top ’14 Goal

‘Hold that job until my unemployment benefits end.’ (!?) Oh BULLSHIT!

Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" of Crooks

Lamb chops with chickpeas and spinach

Grafitti Partners in Crime

Ukraine slides into full-blown dictatorship with brutal new law (big image)

Davos Billionaires See Wealth Gains on 2014 Stocks Rally

Cuccinelli’s shot across Christie’s bow

8 Phony GOP Solutions for Poverty That Will Only Bring More Economic Pain

South Dakota Attorney General Quotes Martin Luther King To Express Support For Death Penalty

Republicans Try To Sabotage Obamacare With Higher Premiums

The U.S. Needs "Enemies"

Not So Fast: Hannity Not Leaving New York Quite Yet

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Crispie Chris

The real problem with the American right: Aging, white radicals

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Fishing for Data

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Human Rights and Wrongs

Another Chris Christie outrage: Data shows stark racial gap in Sandy aid distribution

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday January 22, 2014)

First senator to openly endorse legalizing marijuana?

Live Q&A with Edward Snowden: Thursday 23rd January, 8pm GMT, 3pm EST

Wall Street’s unexpected allies: How groups who “represent the poor” quietly push deregulation

Sci Channel

Obama targets college sexual assault epidemic

Roe vs Wade's 41th anniversary today.

Got a foot of snow and it is 5F right now. The mayor was wrong to open schools.

Vitter Slithers Back to Bayou - America’s Most Contemptible Senator

Bridget Kelly's Lawyer SPLITs - citing a 'conflict' linked to his Christie-appointed position

Fracker Gets Court to ban Activist from 40% of Her Own County, including local hospital & friends

What Do Threats To Roe V. Wade And Domestic Violence Have In Common? Patriarchy.

8-year-old boy saves 6 in blaze before dying while trying to save another

First beam of antihydrogen atoms produced at CERN

EU relaxes renewables target, reaps criticism Charlie Crist 43% VS. Skeletal 41 WTF!!!!

Earth to Davos: Wake up. Soon. Please. Before it’s too late.

Neighbors' floodlight leads to hilarious exchange of emails

AP Exclusive: New regs sought for child car seats

Homelessness in the "richest" country in the world...

Wisconsin: URGENT: Rep. Kind caving on job-killing trade bill

PPP: FL. proposed marijuana initiative has 50/42% of republican support

Jamaican Rob Ford....

A Star Just Exploded In A Nearby Galaxy

Feds: Illegal money funneled to SD pols

Food Banks Anticipate Impact of Cuts to Food Stamps

Silicon Valley sees shortage of EV charge stations

Millions spent by pro-frackers

Bill aims to prevent another tragedy

Survey reveals cadets increasingly admit to breaking Air Force Academy honor code

I'm not generally in favor of "banning" stuff, but maybe Carl's Jr. went a bit too far (maybe NSFW)

Good morning

8-Year-Old Boy Saves Six Family Members From Fire But Dies Trying To Save A Seventh

Curling - eye contact sport

Gucifer has been identified and arrested in Romania (blessed us with the Shrub paintings)

Guns and butter(ed popcorn) toon

(Privatization) Under water: DOD awards contract to American Water

xpost: Silicon Valley sees shortage of EV charge stations

"Robot & Frank". I really enjoyed this one.

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Global Inequality (audio link)

Asher Heimermann looks to be doing good...

U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear Rowland Case

Man, 2 kids found dead at Fort Hood home

This could be the basis for an apocalyptic science fiction story, but it's just a ho-hum reality..

TAX the RICH bumper stickers $2

Airman's remarks about rape debated

Cracker Barrel calls special meeting

Papantonio: Time For a New War on Poverty

"Like Gravity" Fast-Track Trade Sinks Jobs and Wages

Lol! When weather graphics go wrong

Pentagon workers strike:“Mr. Obama-I work hard to serve American heroes & I shouldn’t end up with 0”

Somebody Up There Hates You by Hollis Seamon. Anyone read it? I don't recommend it, SPOILERS

The Enigma of Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

merit pay - teacher

A Movie Date, a Text Message and a Fatal Shot

Just found this out! Tucson: there is a Bus Rider meetup today @ 2

Since Kerry demands Assad must go, we don't support any dictators as bad or worse do we?

BART cop accidentally kills fellow officer

So the rethugs think MLK would have been a conservative

US braces for impact of net neutrality decision...meanwhile, overseas....

It was just pointed out to me...

Amazon posted 16,100 IT jobs last year, tops in U.S.

Navy officials hope sea pay raises help fill jobs

Killing of Newark imam's son draws fiery reaction from city leaders

Legislative action

Expressway authority offers Precourt month-to-month deal (Updated article)

Apocalypse, Man: World's End According to Michael C. Ruppert

Father and his 5 year old daughter recreate the paintings of the masters w/photography

Shrinking Army Studies Buying Robots to Replace Soldiers

Dear Liberals: Please stop calling Chris Christie a "moderate" Republican. Thank you.

6 Scary Facts About California's Drought

Portland Students Pack School Board Meeting, Back Teachers Union

The Mistakes We Make When Addressing The 2008 Financial Crash - Sam Gindin Discusses

Caption this photo

IAEA Blesses Iran Nuke Actions So Far; Access To Military Sites Key Issue

I Have Seen the Future of the Republican Party, and It Is George W. Bush - By Jonathan Chait

Looking for a program to download my photo albums from my Face book page.

US Dominance, Major Programs At Risk In 2015 Budget

The protests in Kiev are surreal, deadly, and violent. (Pic heavy)

Earth's future?

Los Angeles: Metro breaks ground on $2-billion Crenshaw light-rail line

Pentagon to relax rules on personal religious wear — including beards, turbans

California drought: Scientists to probe cause

fighting for control of a human/ecological disaster zone

Navy Seeks Rail Guns, Lasers, Cruise Missiles To Improve Pacific Firepower


Otis G. Pike, 92, Dies; Long Island Congressman Took On C.I.A

Pic Of The Moment: What 30 Years Of "Trickle Down" Policies Have Produced

PA. still owes $1.2 billion to school districts for schools that were built or renovated

David Koch "impressed & Inspired" by Chris Christie: "a true political hero. He is my kind of guy."

Bluetooth Hackers Allegedly Skimmed Millions Via Gas Stations

So saith the Lord O'Really

President Obama's statement on Roe v Wade anniversary

The Latest NFL Lawsuit Centers on This Exhumed Brain

Went to see my friend Tommy Elskes play last night.


Here's a link to the subpoena to Bridget Kelly from the NJ State Legislature,

Neighborhood in Indiana has named its streets after NFL teams

Republican Ally Says Wendy Davis' Bio Wouldn't Be An Issue If She Were A Man

Google bus backlash: S.F. to impose fees on tech shuttles

14 Animals Who Just Hit It Big

Ukrainian Clashes Turn Deadly as Police Granted Emergency Powers

Lockheed Martin Inflates F-35 Jobs Claims, Nonprofit Says

Will F-35 Help Lockheed Overcome Defense Budget Cuts?

Alleged Animal Neglect on Animal Planet's 'Call of the Wildman'

Report: Homeless numbers drop in Pima County

A Guide to The Four NJ Mayors Who Say Chris Christie Was One Big Bully

Ownership of WaPo by CIA Contractor Puts US Journalism in Dangerous Terrain

F-35 Pilots Will Begin Flying Improved 'Gen 3' Helmet

bad company?

Man In Obama Ricin-Letter Case Pleads Guilty To Fondling

Gay juror decision bodes well for marriage cases: experts


What "tolerance" really means

Can someone tell me what to do with my kittens diarrhea?

Glenn Beck really steps in it this time...

Republican Governors Starting to Realize People Like Medicaid

Wall Street & The Security Apparatus Want A Real SOB ... Chris Christie

Need help with my kittens diarrhea

Nontraded REIT Acquisition to Make One of the Largest Networks in the U.S.

Canadian Prime Minister plays Hey Jude to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu

looks like Capitalist couture to me

Is Taxing the Rich really the answer ? (WARNING:RANT)

Anti-Gay Bakery Loses Fight in Refusing of Lesbian Wedding Cake

Bit Coin..why it matters

2014 Sochi Homophobic Olympics

Conservative Protestants’ divorce rates spread to their red state neighbors

AZ Bill Allows Discrimination Against Unmarried Women, Non-Christians, LGBT

Charles P. Pierce: "Mitt's looking better and better."

Cecile Richards: Honoring the women who came before-celebrating 41 years of right to legal abortion

Yay, Mayo has Doctors familiar with my disease(s)

roe v wade

Fuck Warren Buffett!

Heroic bartender Twiggy GARCIA attempts a citizen's arrest of Tony BLAIR for crimes against peace


New MIR Team volunteer announcement is up

Leave it to Politico to describe a corruption indictment as a tragedy

Getting Hot in Here

Netanyahu and Rohani make peace - on the Zurich tarmac

Researchers find connection between Asia pollution, changes in weather

'It's FANTASTIC for world's richest 85 people to have more $$$ than 3.5 billion of the world's poor'

Clerical Error In Child Support Payments Leads To Six-Month Jail Sentence For Clifford Hall

Esquire: This Is What an Absolutely Corrupt Governor Looks Like

Mayor Annise Parker responds to criticism of wedding, tells Patrick, Jared Woodfill to "get over it"

Mayor Annise Parker responds to criticism of wedding, tells Patrick, Jared Woodfill to "get over it"

Sean Hannity considers leaving New York ...

U.S. embassy revokes visas of 'several Ukrainians' over anti-protest action

Vince Young files for bankruptcy

Another Butterfly Mystery

Skateboarding cat from Australia.

Cuomo proposes medical billing change

My Latest Bumper Sticker

Dallas passes ordinance outlawing people, including protesters, who ‘distract motorists’ near freewa

Hell Freezes Over: Even Erik Prince thinks the NSA's Multiple Spying Programs have Gone Too Far---

Highlights of Gov. Cuomo's 2014-15 budget

Document Drop: Frank Morano V. Michael Grimm

Virginia Republicans Push Bill to Permit Bazookas, Hand Grenades, Anti-Tank Weapons, etc.

Ukraine's president, opposition meet after three killed in clashes

Camilo Cienfuegos

60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In U.S. History

New Jersey?

The Mars "moved rock" is evidence of the Universe's greatest game of "Hide and Seek" ...

Going on in Tucson:Homeless ground rules for Gem Show

Mexican national's lawyers want execution halted

60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In U.S. History

Walter Rhett: Political Dynamics for 2014

What Does Judge Denise Pratt Have to Do to Lose Her Job?

Jupiter's moons

Dana Milbank: Did GOP read bill?

Thou shalt not Tweet in an ungodly way, Church of England tells worshippers

Tanaka goes with the Yanks

Just reported. Shooting at University of Oklahoma. The daily school shooting is becoming the new

The only 'leader’ who speaks for American Jews on Iran is Barack Obama

Independent Senate Dems Formally Sign On To DREAM Act Bill

2014, the UN Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

A few Republican one liners...

Russia Accused Of Hacking Hundreds Of Western, Asian Companies

Glenn Beck: " I Helped Tear The Country Apart "

Iran state reporter ditches suit

NY Assembly's Sheldon Silver Open To Cuomo Plan To Fund Pre-K Without Tax Hike On Wealthy

New Chemical Found in West Virginia Spill

A Brief Introduction to Mixed Member Proportional Representation

Sign Jeff Merkley's PETITION = Tell Congress to Pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act

'Part-Time Employees' Ethics Bill Tabled In House; Sponsor Minchew 'Disappointed'

N.J. Prosecutor Fired By Chris Christie Administration Tells All

Texas Values: Greg Abbott "Stands Up Against Lesbian Mayor" Annise Parker

Tell Republicans . . .

Renewable Energy Is Capable of Meeting Our Energy Needs

Texas Values: Greg Abbott "Stands Up Against Lesbian Mayor" Annise Parker Responds

I think I really need to do something about my grey hair.

Speed Demon!

brought to you by the N.R.A.

Pentagon agrees with U.S. Army Spc. Simran Lamba: will relax rules on personal religious wear

Ukraine protests are no longer just about Europe

Jahi McMath family attorney: 'They are not fools. They know the odds'

In Shocking Move, GOP Speaker Transfers Marriage Bill To More Favorable Committee


The wrong Nicole?

Chinese Internet Traffic Redirected to Small Wyoming House

Pro-Gun Republican Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Himself… Again

I am just about to turn 51. Is anyone the voice of my generation?

For all those freezing and snowbound...a warm meal...

Jon Stewart Mocks Antigay Countries In 'The 2014 Homophobic Olympics'

Aspen and the End of Snow

Telescope Spies Water Plumes Gushing on Dwarf Planet Ceres, Spacecraft Dawn Nears Target

Shooting reported at University of Oklahoma

From Climate Central Last January: "Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S"

Yarmuth Reintroduces Bill to Curb Influence of Money in Politics

I have health insurance! Thanks, Obama!

The Ukranian protests are known as Euromaidan

A Guide to The Four New Jersey Mayors Who Say Christie Was A Big Bully

Luckovich: Going to attack

Phila. Guidance Counselor Cuts Hurting College Admissions for Public School Students

Madoff suffered heart attack last month: CNBC reports

Christie's popularity in wake of bridge scandal plummets in N.J., poll shows

Kinky Friedman campaign gets new director after botched scheme involving Willie Nelson

Luckovich: Not now, I'm praying

And the Password is . . .

Dumb Criminals: Woman Involved In Car Accident Told Cops She Wasn't The One Driving,

Keep Off The GRASS

U.S. appeals court won't revisit California ethanol ruling

German Woman Celebrates Upcoming Liver Transplant By Bringing Vodka To Hospital

Finally, a plant Monsanto hasn't screwed with

The Accessibility of Firearms and Risk for Suicide and Homicide Victimization Among Household Member

Christie toons

Mark Halperin: The Feds in the McDonnell case only have their version of the story


This guy really needs thorazine...

Picture: Sen. Barack Obama working in Chicago on a voter registration drive in 1992

Syrian enemies may discuss prisoner swaps despite talks acrimony

Saw this on Facebook

Was My Jewish Summer Camp Trying to Indoctrinate Me?

Mother of Uribe’s niece sentenced for drug-trafficking to U.S.

Steve Stockman Photoshops His Opponent Into Obama Photo

Michigan Governor to Push Plan to Protect Detroit Art, Pensions: Court

Plant accident survivor: "I thought I was going to die in there"

Wednesday is Pony day...

International Nutrition plant likely to be demolished (2 dead)

The USA map as it looks to New Yorkers (NYC)

Maybe we're envious. I gotta admit...If I were really rich, I'd do the same as the Koch Brothers

Iran Top Nuke Negotiator: Deal Reversible In One Day

A discussion about the b-word

Iran nuclear deal debate: How much does Tehran benefit?

Subcompact ‘minicars’ are really bad in this tough crash test - Top Down Auto Blog

A 'tsunami' of store closings expected to hit retail

Lighter + Toilet Paper + Trees + House = Bad Idea

I'm Melting! NASA Climate Change App Has Chilling Before/After Photos

You Won't Believe the GOP's New Gift to Corporations

10 Groups That Are Building a Movement for Economic Justice From the Grassroots Up

Obama Not Ruling Out U.S. Military Action In Congress

Pope Francis on Abortion. Meet the new boss....

So who will be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016?

The Rude Pundit: The Arguments Against Christie Accuser Dawn Zimmer Are Bullshit

Until we fix our democracy problem, it's hard to fix any problem.

Meditation music for a cold winter humpday afternoon...

"Don't Try This at Home!"

First Deer Sterilization Project Approved in Virginia, Humane Society

Bill Gates: There will be no poor countries by 2035

You Can Now Carry A Gun Into City Buildings In Castle Rock, Colorado. As Long As It Can Be Seen

Police to ask home secretary to approve use of water cannon across country

Ex-police chief Daniel Saylor found guilty of lying in child-sex abuse case

TSoDS#7: Production of Water by High Energy H+ Ions interaction w/ IPD Silicates proven in lab.

Costly Snowblower Mishap at Apple Store’s Glass Cube

Sacramento City Express

More austerity coming to UK this summer? Requests for water cannon from Boris and police

Democrats win control of the Virginia Senate (probably)

Could not say it better myself!

US psychology body declines to rebuke member in Guantánamo torture case

'Idol,' football score week's Nielsen win for Fox

"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

There are two types of people in this world....

!!!January Photo Contest Winner's thread!!!

RIP Sam Berns

Detroit Said to Get $350 Million Pension-Aid Deal From State

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 22, 2014

Fierce Lion Slaughters Innocent Animals - WARNING: Gwaffic!

!!!January Photo Contest Winners thread in GD!!!

!!!January Photo Contest Winners thread in GD!!!

Oh great. Developers starting to cash in on relaxed charter school limits

Great aerial shot of the snowstorm rolling into NYC:

A fun video from the blizzards of 76-77

RT Interview: Richard Wolff on 90th Anniversary of Lenin's Death

The Curse of the Ryan Express? Nolan may meet with Astros for job.

Wisconsin: Republican Dale Schultz sez voters tell him Walker's tax plan is an "election year trick"

ok, some 'take with a grain of salt' DC universe Superman/Batman movie rumors

U.S. Said to Weigh 10,000 Troops or None in Afghanistan

Answering a conservative hack's 20 'unanswerable' questions

glenn beck confesses

Verizon Says U.S. Government Data Requests Hit 320,000

"Pro-Life" Logic 1O1

Northern U.S. in Freeze as Airlines Recover From Storm

Venezuela Devalues Bolivar for Airlines, Remittances

Target: I am no longer a customer!

1959: The Year that Changed Jazz

Glenn Beck Says Bill Nye Is Like Those Who Tried To Silence Galileo

Admins harangue student journalist over editorial critical of school's naming policy

Venezuela’s Largest Food Co. Says Dollar Delays Threaten Supply


Japan tells world to stand up to China or face consequences

When did we start listening to the Fundamentalists?

Did Obama Just Screw Weed Legalization by Supporting It?

look out

The religious right is finished. So what's next for social conservatives?

Texas Instruments to lay off 1,100 people

Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government's Ever Sent

If I click on a John Cornyn ad from DU, does DU get any money from John Cornyn?

Fisker’s Chinese Buyer Would Have to Keep Work in U.S.

I just want to say that...

Economy Lifting Most U.S. Cities as Growth Quickens, Report Says

Settlers uproot hundreds of trees near Ramallah

Foundation: Israeli excavations in Silwan demolish Islamic antiquities

"If Everyone Cared" video. It has a powerful message!

Santa Cruz woman seeks Catholic priesthood

The voters who make Republicans possible

The health hazards of sitting

If Today Was Your Last Day...

For those in warmer climes, a description of an urban snow emergency:

Petition to DU Administrators to establish a deadline for answering questions in DU2's ATA

Shocking Documentary - How You Are being Mind Controlled and Don't Know It -

Russian Activist Detained for Unfurling Rainbow Flag

Seriously Asian: Burdock Root

To everyone who wanted to bomb Syria over use of Chemical Weapons

Minnesota Commerce Dept. & power companies try to block approval of solar projects

Leaked documents reveal Chinese elite use offshore companies to conceal billions of dollars abroad

how do I get a mobile version of DU to show on a Windows phone?

VIDEO: Alaska GOP Senate candidate sings in tongues in a sauna to ‘save’ woman

"You idiots!" says Paul Krugman to the WaPo for losing Ezra Klein

Canadian company starts Keystone pipeline in Texas

I brought the first stone, Mr. Webb...

I just drove past a car in front of the public library covered in Tea Party stickers....

The First Family commemorates the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service!

Pressure Grows On Dolphin Hunt As German Minister Speaks Out

How Bad Are The Protests In Ukraine? Let The Molotov Cocktails Do The Talking

Business Insider: Why Sochi Is By Far The Most Expensive Olympics Ever

BYOD? Leaving a Job Can Mean Losing Pictures of Grandma

Justices ponder 'straw purchasers' gun law

U.S. justices weigh child porn restitution

Jan. 22, 2014

Senate Minority Leader’s Spokesperson Tells The Unemployed He Has ‘No Control’ Over Their Lives

Tae Bo will make you throw up

"Make Mine Freedom." Amazing cartoon prophecy from 50 years ago.

RNC Committeeman David Agema and Kamal Saleem (I am TOTALLY an ex-terrorist) lose lawsuit

Would you buy a house within sight of a cell tower?

No response necessary

Multicultural Britain rejecting foreign conflict, MoD admits.

Propane shortage spreads to Northeast along with Arctic freeze

Chinese Internet Traffic Redirected to Small Wyoming House

more than 60% of U.S. CEOs expect to hire more in 2014

Election panel eyes reforms

GOP congressman’s book: ‘The wife is to voluntarily submit’ to her husband

Really? Homeland Security protects us from movie theft?

Christie declines to sign bill requiring public notice of raw sewage overflows

Rep. Steve Pearce: "The wife is to voluntarily submit, just as the husband is to lovingly lead"

Jet stream flip-flop: Alaska is warmer than the Lower 48 again

South Carolina GOP'er wants teachers to have machine guns.

Right wing in Michigan lose their ass!

Psycho Ted Nugent Says "Subhuman Mongrel" President Obama Should Be Convicted Of Treason

The Murder Of Emmett Till

U.S. issues 320,000 requests for Verizon customer data

Krugman: Obama will focus on inequality in his SOTU; why the critics are wrong.

World Bank Slammed for Dinant Loan Linked to Honduran Killings

House candidate Joshua Black, who called for President Obama to be hanged, resigns from Pinellas GOP

Does the GOP endorse free healthcare for pregnant women?

'NFL Films Presents' The trash talking cornerback

Michigan GOP official: ‘Herd all the Indians’ to Detroit, build a fence and throw in corn

Next Tuesday night, 9PM et, 'enhanced' SOTU address from the White House.

Pentagon to relax rules on personal religious wear — including beards, turbans

Colorado initiative would mandate pre-wedding education

Here is a little "funny" video clip of my chef friend as he preps for "Guy's Grocery Game."

So I am doing an exercise for my group meeting tomorrow...

Need some personal advice

Somehow I changed my willingness to serve on a jury to "no". I want to change it back to yes.

Elizabeth Warren Goes All Foreign Policy on Iran Sanctions Bill

Congress throws Boeing a lifeline for Super Hornet

Took this in July 2013 - sunrise

The Ukrainian Nationalism at the Heart of ‘Euromaidan’

Many people have tried to figure me out and I warn them...

Israel Declares Revenge Porn Illegal, While America Still Drags Its Fee


"Most Progressive" PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance [VIDEO]

VA Grifters : Gov and his wife McGreedy

Watchdog: Israel plans 261 settler homes deep in West Bank

I don't know what is the accepted course.

You May Say That the Poor are Poor Because They're Lazy ...

The asteroid Ceres is venting water vapor

Beijing Is Not Really Televising the Sunrise Because of Pollution

Private Violence: Survivors & Advocates Confront Victim Blaming & the Epidemic of Domestic Abuse

Netflix warns it will provoke customer protest if ISPs violate net neutrality principles

Quirky bunny on Mandela statue causes stir

For my fellow DU aviators (Aspen Crash Update)

If you'll indulge me, I need to vent...

We Vanquish Terrorism When We Refuse to Be Terrorised

Actor Bryan Cranston Steps Into LBJ's Shoes for Broadway Debut

Ceres asteroid vents water vapor

Mayor Zimmer has been asked by US attorney to cease media interviews

"'Red' States Have Higher Divorce Rates Than 'Blue' States, And Here's Why "

“You don’t commit 23 years of your life to someone to make a political statement.”

The Winter Contest

Former West Virginia Miner: We've Been Dumping Those Chemicals In The Water For Decades

Christie's popularity in wake of bridge scandal plummets in N.J., poll shows

Damn Al Sharpton still can't read the TelePrompTer

'Google Bus' protests escalate as activists target employee's home

Republicans are really screwed up

Activists target a Google engineer at his Berkeley home

Huge Cash Pile Puts Recovery In Hands Of The Few

Joyce Carol Vincent: How could this young woman lie dead and undiscovered for almost three years?

Suit: Utah adoption laws permit ‘legalized fraud and kidnapping'

Captain & Tennille divorcing. Custody of the muskrat is up for grabs. Cross-posted to LBN.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 January 2014

Creationism again stalks the classroom (LA Times)

The guy behind the "Free Leonard" signs. - Shane's Campaign to Free Leonard Peltier

Cheerleader sues (Oakland) Raiders for withholding pay, not paying minimum wage

Fight for leadership of Harris County Republican Party

What is the Democratic Party solution to economic inequality?

US Appeals Court Won't Halt Execution Of Mexican Man In Texas; Lawyers To Ask Supreme Court

Officer involved in controversial 33rd, Seward arrests to get job back

Will AIPAC-Obama Sanctions Clash Dent Pro-Israel Lobby’s Clout?

Richard Sherman on 'thug': "it's the accepted way of calling somebody the N-word nowadays."

Goodnight DU!