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Archives: January 21, 2014

Dark Affinities: Liberal and Neoliberal

Bennett Says His Goal Is To 'Torpedo' Any Agreement With The Palestinians

UltraViolet: Bridge-Gate (please share the graphic)

NFL to Host ‘Greenest Super Bowl Ever’ at MetLife Stadium

Davis dismisses issue of discrepancies in personal story as campaign attack

Warnings Of Economic Boycott Rile Israeli Minister

Barman tried to put Tony Blair under a citizen's arrest for 'crimes against peace'

Tweety using the "STORMFRONT" banner in Christie story

Palin To Obama: Honor MLK By Not Playing The 'Race Card'

Plant City (FL) police chief suspended

Syria Peace Talks Will Be a Sham Without Iran – Russia(Lavrov)

An Incredibly Detailed Paper Model of a Boeing 777 Created Using Manila Folders

The U.S. Government Is Using Fear to Consolidate Power and It’s Working

ADL's One-State Double Standard

Kim Guadagno uses identical speech patterns as Chrispy: ~Really creepy~

Chris Christie a former shadow of himself?

Colorado and Washington Lawmakers to Vote on Renaming 2014 Super Bowl


Even Atheists Support Pennsylvania's ‘In God We Trust’ Bill

This New Pope seems to have Understood Dr. King's Message and has Learned!

Time Mag Ad:

Prominent Canadians support Neil Young's anti-oilsands campaign

Real friends


Federal judge sent hundreds of racist messages

Map of the Day: The High Cost of Vaccine Hysteria

Shinawatra (Thailand) clan leads Thai economy to collapse.

Let "FREEDOM RING!" Dr. King's Legacy Lives in North Carolina! ...And More is Coming!

BREAKING: Oil leak on massive pipeline pushing tar sands through the Great Lakes

~$70 Million or ~$342 Thousand? (Hoboken)

13 Arrested At Kelly Thomas Verdict Protest

The way the media uses the word, doesn't "bullying" really mean "extortion"?

The Bronco fans from a mile high...

Just saw Chris Matthews interview Kennedy and his cousin ...

A crumbling Sochi hides behind Olympic facades

Well, I suspect the divorce of MSNBC and the Christie Administration is official

Simple question for the governor about Hoboken New Jersey

December 19, 1956: Integrated Bus Suggestions

Oops Texas! But she was scared for her life.

F*ck Tweety and the Kennedys on the issue of pot.

Swedish Man Accidentally Reads His Own Obituary In The Newspaper

Falcon accidentally shoots awesome footage of penguins

About MLK

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer meet with the US Attorneys Office on her claim

A woman's body...

Daily Kos: What happens when poor people get cash?

Did I by chance see a post about passwords recently? here's one for amusement and help if needed

A question that has come to my mind regarding what is going on in New Jersey

Bill Belichick: Wes Welker's block was 'deliberate'

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

What really happened when a U.S. drone hit a Yemeni wedding convoy?

Arizona bill allows businesses to discriminate against unmarried women, non-Christians

Misogyny 101

Taxes on tech firms are "going to go up and they are squealing like stuck pigs."

weird winter weather.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”

Anybody watching Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey...?

Hooded Merganser Drake.

"Abraham, Martin, and John" - Moms Mabley

Don't Step On the Grass,

If this isn't true it should it from a Friend's Facebook

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Martin Luther King, Jr & a new Kittehs gif

Amanda Knox lawyers to have last word before verdict

password issue

Glenn Greenwald: "Obama's NSA 'Reforms' are Little More than PR Attempt to Mollify the Public

Oakland woman loses 2 sons to homicide in 3 weeks

14 Heartbreakingly Adorable Quotes From Winnie-The-Pooh

In conservative Pakistan, fighting breast cancer means fighting taboos

Archives: That time Indian Hills Theater was king and Cinerama was a thing

"What are you doing for others?"

"Drop Dead, Detroit!"

Got nothing better to do: poll does Leo get an Oscar


Accusations could put a damper on Christie inauguration

U.S. Supreme Court to hear woman's claim to $3.4M from Texas man who owned child-porn photos of her

“Expired” food is good for you: A supermarket exec’s bold business gamble

Fuck Bain capital! Not satisfied with destroying the weather channel they buy up the weather

How Social Psychologists Are Gathering Evidence of the Hive Mind

This picture is considered one of the best pictures of the year...

let's not pretend that King would support, in any way shape or form, continued US involvement

Florida House candidate Joshua Black calls for hanging of President Obama

misogyny and just not fucking getting it in all its glory

Sunset, today, several:

Dawn Zimmer was just on CNN

Bill Kristol: Mike Huckabee would beat Chris Christie in a Republican primary

Generic Congressional Ballot Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 35%

Over by the nig**r man, Mommy ....

On MLK Day, tone-deaf Sarah Palin says Obama plays the race card

They started a whisper campaign that Ann Richards was a lesbian

Iowa’s Republican governor opens assault on his state party

dog shampoo?

Target Credit Card Fraud Case Leads To 2 Arrests At Texas Border

The GOP's 2016 Presidential Roster Is Already Melting Down

Spending bill

2nd Tale of Abuse of Power by Christie's Lt Go Kim Guadagno

Its only puppy love

Indy quietly booked NRA convention

Port Authority study favored politically connected builder for Hoboken redevelopment

Colombia’s former police chief accused of paramilitary ties in Mexico

"Justice Department Calls In The Big Guns To Stop Voter Suppression"

Can you be an atheist without being a Randian objectivist?

I've never heard radio host Thom Hartmann, anyone here has?

Ethiopia's colourful Timkat festival arrives in town to celebrate major religious event

Boycott is top story in Israel's No. 1 paper

President Obama, administration officials pay tribute to religious freedom

Rice farmers join PDRC in Phichit blockade (Thailand)

Why Dawn Zimmer Is Telling The Truth


What's the square root of 201?

Did Chris Christie actually double the toll fees on the GWBridge??

Maybe those rich ***holes need so much money because they believe they or their children will

My question is why didn't Zimmer come forward earlier?

A Song for Rosa, Martin, and Barack

Zimmer adds Sandy recovery czar to list of people she says pressured her on development project

Men: Please give me the straight, unvarnished, non-PC truth

The Bridgegate Smoking Gun?

County GOP Explains MLK Gun Raffle: We're All 'Slaves,' Really

Venezuela's president blames telenovelas for crime

Russian oligarch's girlfriend sparks MLK day firestorm after posing on naked 'black woman' chair for

The NFL Network is profiling Jerry Smith on Tuesday

NJ Lt. Gov. says Mayor Zimmer's claims are "illogical."

Deal With It~

Will you please keep Gray Boy in your thoughts? Feral kitty needs some vibes.

Massive protests against the Shinawatra government (Thai) have spread to all sectors. Pic heavy

Shh ... I think I hear him laughing ...

Google gives talking points memo to Google bus riders

Move To Amend Citizens United Documentary ‘Legalize Democracy’ & Commentary on Free Speech TV

Watch this TED talk on lie spotting and then re-watch Guadagno's statement

Egad, that was a waste of airwaves.

Sifting? When and why did we stop?

Fox News host: Solution to high minority arrest rate is for them to smoke less pot

did you hear the exchange between Kornacky and O'Donnell...

Company Behind Hoboken Project Has Long Trail Of Jersey Campaign Cash

Who really plays the race card?

Kim Guadagno's denial is not much of a denial

"The Square" - Netflix documentary - must see.

The Manchester Union Leader turns on Christie

Tony Blair threatened with citizen's arrest over Iraq war

Honduras OKs breakup of state power firm, to allow private investment

Dewhurst: Texas teachers paid 'very fair salary'

Venezuela's Extreme Poverty Down One-Third In 14 Years

How many of you shoot in Raw?

Current live stream of Ukraine protesters (not neo-Nazi's; wall of police):

"Florida School Bars Adult Student From Graduating for Performing in Gay Porn Film"

Spoiler rules for Olympic events

Obama's Iran policy is opposed by AIPAC & Netanyahu...not "the Israel lobby" or "the Jewish lobby"

Will Christie Inauguration Tomorrow Become A Real Media Circus???

Student shot at Pennsylvania university after gunman opened fire at school

Dangerous games kids play (graphics warning)

Dangerous games kids play (graphics warning)

stupid question

Mexico's Zapatistas follow own way of life, maintain autonomy 20 years after rising

Sex abuse files on 30 Chicago priests going public

Sometimes, you have to go where life takes you...

Firestarter without the music

Look through a microscope,

You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Love a Kosher Prison Meal.

Japanese airline ANA apologises for ‘racist’ advert stereotyping foreigners

Gaia Confirms ‘Inside-Out’ Model Of Milky Way

Panama rejects European Union’s offer to mediate canal dispute

Rev. Wright slams faction of tea party at King breakfast in Wilmington

Could wealth inequality be the biggest problem for civilization?

OK, I was watching Chris Matthews.


Fun Fact:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AsahinaKimi!!!!

(LA) State sends more letters asking residents to return Road Home funds

Richard Sherman, Stanford grad who got a bit hot under the collar after a game, is a thug...

Falsely Claiming "Cyberstalking" as a Silencing Technique

I Wish This Guy Was My Neighbor... He's Hilarious!

Some of you make find this to be the saddest thing ever...

a looooong Good night!

Uribe’s Centro Democratico opposes foreign purchase of Colombia’s land

Bakers “vs.” Cooks

Why American Courtrooms Are Dangerous Places for Young Blacks

Did Your Town Shut Down for MLK Day Yesterday?

GOP Have Been Throwing Tax Cuts at Billionaires for Decades, While Squeezing the Working Class

Supreme Court To Decide If Anti-Abortionists Have Right To Lie In Political Ads

Carl Lewis: Chris Christie Wanted Me Out Of Senate Race

Scarred, spangled banner: 46 years after MLK’s death, we still struggle to broaden the movement

Joe's book on Congressman's six best list

Solar wins: How sunshine will save the planet, really, we have hope

Will Monsanto become the NSA of agriculture?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Warnings From NAFTA

Healing Iraq’s Rift requires less Black and White Thinking

even in death, abortion politics never goes away

Keep the vampires out of Indian politics

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, It's About Blackmail, Not National Security

Karzai keeps US on tenterhooks

The real US legacy in Iraq

India-US chasm opens over Bangladesh

The Global Fight Against Corporate Rule

Christie vetting for vice-president

Coburn’s Greatest Hits: Viagra, Schindler’s List And The Death Penalty For Abortion

Reinventing the Ariane Program to Compete With the Americans

A $15 Minimum Wage In Los Angeles Could Create 64,700 Jobs

China-themed project in upstate NY draws critics

US Already Petrified by the Midterms

2014, When the US Deals with Karzai

City seeks funds to clean up old Iowa industrial site

Jane Kelsey: (TPP) Leak shows trade deal may prove tricky

One Statistic About The World In 2014 That Would Outrage Martin Luther King Jr

Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet

Probing America: Top German Prosecutor Considers NSA Investigation

Melatonin Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk

"Obamacare" still needs some promotion...or something

To the Japanese fishermen of Taiji from Yoko Ono Lennon, 20 January 2014

Europe's Sole Military Force: Giving France Respect Where It Is Due

Happier People Keep Healthier as They Age

Risk for Rasmussen: New NATO Headquarters in Financial Trouble

I'm going to see "August - Osage County" later this morning.

"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent."- Dr. King

Obama to meet with Pope Francis in March

Wet Shaving making a comeback

The Rude Pundit:Martin Luther King,Jr. Would Still Fuck Your Shit Up ("Loving Your Enemies" Edition)

Dingy LaGuardia Airport undergoing $3.6B makeover

Probing America: Top German Prosecutor Considers NSA Investigation

Is the Obama/Biden relationship strained? I don see or hear much of the

I've almost never watched Morning Joe until this morning...

eople Pressure is Making Fast Tracking the TPP Politically Toxic

Vatican monsignor arrested for money laundering

Harold Meyerson: Free-trade agreements hurt American workers

Obama To Discuss Inequality With Pope Francis In March

Snow predictions now 8-12 inches in NYC.

BFEE Update: Halliburton 4Q results helped by int'l strength

French leader to CEOs: Invest more to get tax cut

Wall Street Group Aggressively Lobbied a Federal Agency to Thwart Eminent Domain Plans

Is This Here What Jesus Would Do? NC Music Love Army

Elderly man beaten bloody by police during New York City jaywalking arrest

San Diego Sierra Club faces suspension

Arizona bill allows businesses to discriminate against unmarried women, non-Christians

New virus linked to bee colony collapse disorder

Republican County executive in Michigan says bizarre, racist things about Detroit

The Christie implosion has erased all talk of funding unemployment benefits.

FBAR/FACTA Tax Update for Democrats Abroad

Pakistan launches airstrikes on suspected militant hideouts

"Hello, world": Rosetta spacecraft wakes for comet-chasing mission

Trump says eyeing America's top job, again

U.N. panel grills Vatican officials about abuse of children

Iraq executes 26 people for 'terrorism' offences

Morning Joe's real job...

Thailand imposes state of emergency over unrest

Dr. Evil and others are at it again with Colorado marijuana-themed memes

Catholic papers on Chicago child sexual abuse to be released

I actually thought the Russians were on alert for black widow spiders.

Fatal Beirut blast targets Hezbollah stronghold

EU suspends part of free trade talks with US

Vatican monsignor arrested for money laundering

Judge to sentence ex-Halliburton manager

For the Love of Money

Pakistan polio workers shot dead in Karachi

Indian minister Shashi Tharoor's wife 'died of drug overdose'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Masters of the Universe

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

Japanese fishermen finish controversial Taiji dolphin hunt

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- NSA

fucking haley barbour on m$nbc...what a gasbag

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Medicaid Expansion Has Already Cut The Number Of Uninsured West Virginians By A Third

How do our Senators stand on "fast-tracking" the TPP? nm

Christie's little party on Ellis island cancelled due to weather.

Feds ask Shell for assurances on Arctic drilling

Cry me a Fucking River Joe

Barbara Bush: “I love Bill Clinton…maybe not his politics, but I love Bill Clinton”

Ryan Leaf manipulated the Indianapolis Colts into taking Peyton Manning instead of himself.

Syria crisis: evidence of 'industrial-scale killing' by regime spurs call for war crimes charges

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Thailand: Government declares state of emergency granting itself sweeping powers

Penn State students reaching for the Moon. Literally.

"Truth be told on Fox": Obama to force all Americans to buy Pot (Andy Borowitz)

GOP insiders freak out: Could Tea Party blow ANOTHER election?

Health Department Says New York On Track To Meet Obamacare Enrollment Goal

Yes, this is still a racist, sexist, unequal world.

Lack Of Quality Space Is Becoming A Big Problem For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

Chris Christie’s very bad weekend

Chicago Archdiocese Set to Release Records of Abuse Complaints

Monday's collapse not the first fatal accident at International Nutrition plant

Gun economics

NSA Reform Falls Short of Tech Expectations

Huge energy spill threatens no one.

Ezra Klein is leaving the Washington Post

Regarding the mess ...

Ukraine Government Tracks Protesters Through Cellphones And Uses Right-Wing Hooligans

Check Your Tire Pressure in This Cold Weather!

Serbia has come a long way since the 1990's; starts EU membership talks

Why didn't Zimmer turn immediately to the U.S. Attorney for NJ? Well, who used to hold that job?

Pew: Unfavorable Views of Christie Have Doubled Since Last January

Papantonio: How To Stick It To Wall Street Bankers

Well the hits just keep on coming for us!

Author of UNESCO’s nixed Israel exhibit decries ‘appalling betrayal’

Charter Schools: Don't Be Mislead by the Hype

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ January 21th

Tea Party Tests Its Might in Texas by Opposing Conservative Rep. Pete Sessions

Almost no one who's doing really great, exciting, dynamic things ....

Where's the Stan-Djoker Thread? (Spoiler)

Howard Zinn on smug statements

How Climate Change is Impacting Thoreau’s Walden Pond

How Bad Does the GOP Need Chris Christie? Really Bad.

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday January 21, 2014)

Pic Of The Moment: Chris Christie's Second Inauguration Takes Place Today In New Jersey

"Scientists Say..."

Brilliant & Insightful: 1956 MLK: "Integrated Bus Suggestions"

Firm announces full human genome sequencing for $1,000

Union Made Candy (not a full list)

Pastor tells Fox News: Obama’s getting us ready to embrace the anti-Christ

A slide show I made.

Eighteen leading environmental groups demand an end to Obama's "all of the above" energy strategy

Legislation touted as means to combat meth labs

Surge In Homeless Deaths Expected Over Next Decade Unless We Act

Quantum Snake Oil – A Primer

Remembering a great protest at the space center

From The New Yorker: Obama's comments about race and the Affordable Care Act

BP Employees, Outraged by Lack of Compensation, Warn Victims

Who could replace Jindahl as Governor and be even more ignominious? You know the answer.

When Martin Luther King gave up his guns

When Martin Luther King gave up his guns

Are watches (wrist watches) retro yet? nt

As income inequality gets worse in the United States, it is falling in Brazil.

Florida Baptist Convention vows to appeal $12.5 million jury award in sex-molestation case


Who wants Christie in the White House?

Dear NSA: "We Aren't The Droids You're Looking For"

MSNBC's Chris Hayes - "Corbett is my dark horse choice for worst Governor in the country"

New Jersey Legislature merges Bridgegate investigations

Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Jon Richards interview

Look what turned up in my inbox

Serfs are better than slaves.

Today the judge will reconsider the George Stinney case.

Does you dog do any of these?

Predator Lenders Now Targeting Teachers

Media Matters: Did Adoring Christie Coverage Invite NJ Corruption?

First Nation Student Wins Right to Wear 'Got Land?' Hoodie After School Ban

Brutality of Syria war casts doubt on peace talks

Race and Richard Sherman

-Most Xlnt Toles-

BBC: Edward Snowden bids to become Glasgow University rector

Suspect in triple NYC homicide arrested in Texas

Wonkblog Founder Leaving Washington Post.

Live local coverage of Christie inauguration

Christie's Camp Fires Back: The Facts on Hoboken's Sandy Recovery Aid

Poll: Unfavorable views of Christie double in mid-January

In New Economy Every Year Past 40 Increases Risk That You Job Loss Will Be Permanent.

Hillary "Be President if you must, it’s all yours, just don’t tell us to live in fear"

Carl Lewis: Christie wanted me out of Senate race

Rep. Gohmert drops health coverage, blames Obamacare

Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Himself for the Second Time

AWESOME - Michelle

Daily Show - The NSA and Obama's "reforms"

Do I owe the site a $25 donation?

Poll: How do you feel about Neil Young attacking the oilsands?

Do You do That to The Guys ... ?

Weekend At Christie's

Equality Texas’ PAC backs Republican for 1st time

A brief treatise on the humble muffin.

#GoogleALEC now trending on Twitter

Attacks On Wendy Davis’ Life Story Follow Classic Sexist Playbook

LOL! Only for those who aren't hooked one Homeland or have seen the latest episode.

OK, so let's say Christie gets convicted of the Hoboken mayor's shakedown

Assembly, Senate merge investigative committees

Christie cancels inauguration party over polar vortex storm

I Can't Stand To Listen To Crispy Stand Up Before The Camera's And Lie.....

More oil spilled from trains in 2013 than in all the previous 4 decades COMBINED

On MLK Day, Florida Republican calls for our black President’s lynching.

Wisconsin: Community Forum – Fighting for the Soul of Public Education - Feb 5, West Bend

Japan adds nearly 4 GW of PV capacity

Free trade: EU halts investment talks with US

New Mexico Legislature to convene 30-day session

Parties Seize On Abortion Issues in Midterm Race

Remember when casino magnate Steve Wynn, in 2012, said "Obama so anti-biznezz!! (sob)"

Fox News did not carry Christies inauguration... MSNBC and CNN did.

GOP strives for new image

'Angel' Dolphin chosen for captivity; its mother commits suicide in "the Cove"

Two Obama Lies Leave Little Room For Privacy Rights

Talk about closing the barn door after the horse got out - West Virgina to regulate chemicals?

Taking climate change a step too far

Christie's party is cancelled!

Snow cancels Chris Christie's inaugural celebration on Ellis Island

Spymaster wants to outlaw reporting on NSA spying

Pet Shaving making a comeback

Someone's gonna get the Spatula Treatment...

Circumcision Coverage Comes Into Focus


The Undergraduate Atheists’ Thesis

Talk about vanity!

Donate to Wendy Davis

Take Five (Looking Down on Creation edition)

Poll: Christie's Presidential Prospects Down Amid Bridge Scandal

Hot piece of land in Hoboken at center of Christie-Zimmer dispute

Will the new stadium still be named after Humphrey

Religious Idealism vs. Worldly Realities

Medicaid Expansion Has Already Cut The Number Of Uninsured West Virginians By A Third

Christie cancels his inauguration party because of the SNOW! Yeah, right

Show me that trick again . . .

6 gay couples sue to overturn Fla. marriage ban

Why do Religious Conservatives have Higher Divorce Rate? Early Marriage and Poverty

U.S North Carolina elementary school rewards black student with Confederate hat

MLB Spring Training reporting dates: all teams

Sharks In Danger After Australian Official Sweeps Away Protections

Assembly bill would end workplace discrimination based on religious attire

School uses zombie game to teach ethics

China's televised sunrises NOT due to air pollution.

Woman Swept Away By Wave After Taunting Mother Nature (VIDEO)

Toon: Another bridge scandal...

Man's Best Friend Always Looking Out For You

Thom Hartmann: What the world looks like without net neutrality...

How telling. WorldNutDaily: Obamacare and Hollywood "glorifies world peace"

Shooting Reported on Purdue University Campus.

Who knows?

OK, maybe the snow isn't all THAT bad.....

I'm not surprised one bit...

Winter storm set to 'go bananas' across Northeast

How come nobody in GD is slobbering over the pope when he attacks abortion?

'Palestine' Soccer Team Agrees To Yank 1-State Map From Jersey

Brian Schweitzer Talks Climate Change and Conservation

Crazy, man!

More oil spilled from trains in 2013 than in previous 4 decades, federal data show

The Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart

5 things to know about health law and job benefits (lets fact check the AP)

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords...

Go back. We fucked up everything..

Patrick Kennedy....why so confused?

"I Pray for You"


why is Flo dressed like a butcher or baker?

Snow falling and slowly getting heavier.

The Rude Pundit: Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Will Kick Christie's Ass

One Significant Difference between Pharmaceuticals and Alternative Remedies

25 weird job interview questions

McDonalds just pissed me off!

Edward Snowden bids to become Glasgow University rector

Avonte Oquendo remains identified- This is so sad!

GOP Image Has Changed Little A Year After Planned Reboot

Stunning phrase in Christie's inauguration speech...

Brevard County District: Student can return to school after porn controversy

Ezra Klein leaving WaPo

Who said it? Richard Sherman or Chris Christie?

Frozen, the censored version

Michelle Obama and the Miami Heat

In flight: see the planes in the sky right now – interactive

Scabs hired through an Ohio union-busting firm now produce Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops.

Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me

Monsanto Merges Big Data With Farming - Lina Khan Discusses

Outsourcing to cost 21 jobs at First Data (outside vendor)

The Trope of Personal Responsibility Is Becoming Threadbare

When you're not looking, this is how a cat catches a bird...

Summer Breeze ~ because it's 12 degrees outside.

Tell Vlad: "Gay Is Cool!"

Dumb Criminals: Thieves Call Game Stop Ahead Of Time To Make Sure Store Has "Call Of Duty" In Stock

David Domina, a Democrat, joins race for Mike Johanns' (R-NE) Senate seat

Kentucky State Rep. Joe Fischer (R): Abortion is 'Most Brutal Form of Domestic Violence'

Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina declares: 'I am homosexual'

Hoboken Mayor Says Two Letters Back Her Up On Christie Allegations

Train Derailment In Philadelphia Leaves Crude Oil Car Dangling Over Schuylkill River

Hamas deploys forces near Gaza-Israel border to stop rocket fire

Target hack signals that the privacy war is over -- and we lost

10 Most Annoying Conservatives

TYT: Why Conservatives Hate This Fact About MLK

U.S. draft agreement omits Palestinian right of return, officials tell Haaretz

Your perfect NCAA bracket is worth $1 billion – and Berkshire, Buffett have it insured

David Vitter to run for governor of Louisiana

Secret Service Probes Link Between Border Arrests, Target Data Breach.

Aransas County Judge who beat daughter is running for re-election

TYT: The Dumbest Thing Ever Said About Weed

TYT: How To Keep Fracking Chemicals Secret From The Public

Michelle Obama Posterizes Dwyane Wade

Better(?) late than never

TYT: Sarah Palin Bragging About Katie Couric's Downfall

India Almost Doubled Its Solar Power In 2013 With Big Plans For More

TYT: How A Stone And The Woman Holding It Made A Bigot Back Down

Joint report by Hamoked and B'Tselem, January 2014

Top 5 Most Annoying Conservative & Christian Women

This got snorts from us geezers in doctor's waiting area: "Say Something" by A Great Big World onGMA

Power Electronics Smooth Solar Transition

Not the best start to Syria’s Humpty Dumpty talks

Will there be a panEU massive-scale solar cell manufacturing operation ala Airbus?

Who said it? Richard Sherman or Chris Christie? Take the Quiz.

Cardinal Onaiyekan backs anti-gay law

Rachel Maddow to Chris Christie’s administration: You want a piece of me?

From friend with a literal front seat view of protests in Bangkok, Thailand: No Police/Army In Sight

Opera star, Renée Fleming, will sing National Anthem at Super Bowl.

Lift the veil on West Bank outpost funding

Court says prospective jurors can't be removed because they are gay


Dashcam Catches Act of Football Kindness

Hoboken is 34th largest city/township/village in NJ out of 565 total

Biologist pleads guilty to feeding killer whales in Monterey Bay

Social media accounts for Florida House candidate call for Obama's execution

Canadian Oligarch Praises Growing Income Inequality as "Inspiration" For The Wretched Masses


Higher-income Americans hit hardest by tax changes

I got howling snow outside...

Insurance companies sue to get out of paying to defend Utah polygamous towns

Oh. My. God. I hope the climate change deniers are right re: g/w is cyclic - after seeing this...

Obama To Discuss Inequality With Pope Francis In March

Arizona bill allows businesses to discriminate against unmarried women, non-Christians

Nigerian Cardinal backs gay oppresion laws

Snowden to Seek Russian Protection From Death Threats – Lawyer

When GOP priorities collide

Michelle Obama Shows Miami Heat Who's Boss

Thom Hartmann: Wow! The Christie Koch Connection

BREAKING: Purdue University confirms one person died in campus shooting

But, but... Benghazi!

London waiter attempts a citizen's arrest of Tony Blair for war crimes

Superbowl Party!

In 1944, a 14 yr old child was put to death by electric chair, right now

Osage Nation Chief tried and removed from office

Archeological linguists translate text on ancient Babylonian biscuit

Why didn't O'Reilly have any comments on the "War against Martin Luther King Day"?

Man, 2 Children Found Dead at Fort Hood Residence

Ten-year-old wows MLK event with ‘Jesus Wept’ speech: I’m ‘scared to wear my hoodie!

Bosma moves gay marriage ban to new committee [Indiana]

Former Va. Gov. McDonnell, wife charged in gifts case

Governor Christie: I will make Government work

Sean Hannity pouts over Cuomo’s ‘not welcome in New York’ remarks, vows to leave

Bill Gates: 'By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world'

Wendy Davis Attacks GOP Opponent For Report On 'Blurred' Bio

BREAKING: McDonnells Indicted on 14 Counts; Potential for Decades in Jail, $1 Million in Fines

President Obama and my 73rd birthday

ACLU to sue Utah for not recognizing gay marriages

NAACP Leader Calls Sen. Scott Ventriloquist 'Dummy' For Tea Party

Government accused of spying on newspaper’s reporters

Bob McDonnell Charged In Gifts Case

Bill Gates Voted For Pot Legalization In Washington

The Oxfam report is a wakeup call all must heed!

Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet - Mother Jones

Florida Man Claims Self-Defense After Hopping A Fence To Shoot, Kill 21-Year-Old In A Hoodie

Sean Hannity Leaving New York Over Governor Cuomo’s ‘Conservatives’ Comments

Va. Supreme Court declines to rehear Virginia Tech shooting case

Dem Sen. Mark Warner Trounces GOP Challenger In First Poll

Gov. Rick Scott opposes medical marijuana for Florida

Va. Democrats buy billboards attacking GOP Senate hopeful Gillespie for Enron lobbying

A Delightful Holiday Greeting If You Kind Of Hate Women

UPDATED: Arizona Frat Suspended For Throwing 'MLK Black Party'

Januar ist der beste Monat


The bottom of the Sewer lies about Colorado, SNAP, and pot...


I started a juice reboot

ACA Signups: KA-POW!! Medicaid Overhaul Posted, CA Updated, Grand Total approaches 12M!

Snow my you know what - the party has been cancelled and so was last night's fancy dinner

You Won’t Believe What Happened On This Cat

MVSU students return after explosives search


McDonnell Federal Criminal Bribery Indictment, Wire Fraud: The Anatomy of Political Corruption

Somebody To Love - Queen cover by Kol HaMishpaha

Arizona State University fraternity holds racist MLK Day party

None Dare Call It “Kingwashing”

NOT the Onion! Conservatives: Voting Rights Act fix discriminates against whites

Corzine Loses Bid for Dismissal of CFTC’s MF Global Lawsuit

Mysterious photo in homeless dog's collar

President Obama said in an interview that smoking pot is less harmful than drinking alcohol and.....

Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk

Just wondering

Arne Duncan "is silent as teachers and principals are fired based on test scores."

Venezuela aims to eliminate violence from TV

Black media seek part of court-ordered tobacco ads

Does anybody have a link to a website that compiles all the legal shenanigans of

Best Bill Maher Quotes Ever (in honor of his birthday)

Remains Matched to Missing Boy With Autism

Economic Growth Is Killing Us

Venezuela faces bread shortage due to lack of flour

More than a third of Republicans in Oregon’s House are leaving, says report

Texas Department of Insurance announces new rules for health care navigators

Supreme Court Justices Weigh ‘Raging Bull’ Rights

Nuclear power is set to disappoint, again

Colombians to have EU visa waiver before April: Ambassador to Spain

We're STILL waiting Sean...

Let me tell you about my cat's drug

In trying to elevate and enlighten the mind of My Favorite Wingnut,

Union Fees Debated in Supreme Court Case Over Labor Power

Live stream of SF transit agency hearing on 'Google buses'

Irreproducible Scientific Results

Chris Christie met with VP of developer at center of Hoboken claims in September

Irreproducible Scientific Results

1961, Barack Obama, and me

NRA Spokesman Uses MLK Day to Make the Case for More Guns

Robert Scheer: No Place to Hide

Bombardier lays off 1,700 workers in Canada, U.S.

CONFIRMED: Man Interrogated By FBI For Wearing Prescription Google Glass At The Movies Read more: h

OK guys, need some ideas for my first dinner in my apartment!

Cuomo proposes $137.2B state budget with tax cuts

Twitter Hijacks #NeilYoungLies Thread w/Hilarious Results

Gov. Christie breaks record for most bills vetoed in N.J.

Trade Policy: This Is Worth 2000 Words

Budget includes public campaign financing

Chris Christie met with VP of developer at center of Hoboken claims in September

Offshore assets of China's elite revealed in leaked records

NYT Editorial: The environmental chapter of the TPP stinks.

Snowbound folks! What's for dinner tonight?

These Democrats are fighting for car dealers right to rip you off.

You can't argue with a dictionary...

New upstate casinos may open by January

NFL considering proposal to abolish extra points

Australian Cemetary Worker Gets Bit By Snake 45 Minutes After Killing Snake

Please can anyone explain to me what google glass is?

They've been getting it wrong for far too long….

GOP Pushes Candidates To Recommit To Anti-Abortion Platform

Young prostitutes get help, not jail, under new law

Let's hope everyone gets the GOP message again in 2016!

Is A Worldwide Wave Of Action On The Horizon?

No Jews, Catholics, or any others need

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: "The key to building our economy is women"

Bill would ban the 'gay cure'

Mayor Ford admits he was drinking after video surfaces

US withholding Fisa court orders on NSA bulk collection of Americans' data

French Jew who was executed for blood libel is exonerated 350 years after his death and declared a m

Florida Man Claims Self-Defense After Hopping A Fence To Shoot, Kill 21-Year-Old In A Hoodie

Controversy Swirls Around WPIX Executive Producer After Threatening Email to Staff

Elk River spill included another chemical

This woman Connie Shultz is she related to Big Ed

Botched Execution: Death Penalty Takes 20 Mins to Work, Inmate Suffers

Here are some emoti gifs, etc. for cannabis

Something to warm your day and your life

Patrick Kennedy on marijuana: ‘Destroys the brain and expedites psychosis’

China exports pollution across Pacific along with phones and TVs, says study

Current conditions outside my house

In your opinion...

Florida cop not disciplined after shooting family dog dead in front of 2-year-old

It’s not just ancient Roman propaganda: Carthaginians really did sacrifice children

Gas prices rising because of storm

Head Of Bank Bailout Announces He Is Running For Calif. Governor

Pennsylvania Republican celebrates MLK Day with proposal to legalize discrimination

Scam afoot: Tell your mom

RIP Daisy. Our wee girl lost her fight yesterday.

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy asked to visit Taiji to see ‘humane’ dolphin hunt

How MSNBC's Steve Kornacki Broke the Latest Christie Scandal

Looks like a Japanese cartoon - unfortunately not funny

I think it's too risky to give financial information or credit card information to any incoming call

Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist

Do any of you bake with sourdough? A cookbook recommendation.

Obama: Give me fast track trade

Assemblyman Johnson and Steve Kornacki are on Rev Al - just started

Is it hit and run if the person you hit ends up in your car as you continue driving?

This is a BIG deal case: Justices Appear Divided on Challenge to Public Unions

Secret Service Visits GOP Candidate Who Advocated Obama's Execution

Let me sing the song of my people…

It was an inside job

'Uprising Of Love Hangouts On Air' Will Tackle Russian LGBT Issues Ahead Of Sochi Olympics

Joe S. this morning on Morning Joe discussing income inequality sounded like President Obama

How to react to a Bully

End Near for Shackling of Pregnant Women

Beauty: Italian director animates classic paintings

How Shrewd this Empire Be! | Philip A. Farruggio

Maryland congressman Delaney gains bipartisan traction on infrastructure funding.

West Virginia Governor Starting To Feel Like Maybe Rivers Shouldn't Be Filled With Poison

Kellogg's Delivers Memphis a Slap in the Face

Good news in S Florida

it is 0 - there is fresh snow on the ground -It is Iowa Caucus time

LA-area 'boot camp' operator sentenced for abuse

Ted Nugent shows his true colors...

@JoeMyGod: James O'Keefe Subpoenaed By New York: This should be interesting.

Here's Why Bob McDonnell Just Got Indicted

January 21, 1974

"Banned" Country" (New)

EPA Administrator McCarthy to speak at Good Jobs, Green Jobs

If foreign news media whipped up the kind of fear against a US based Olympic games

Here comes a Christie bought and paid for Dem

“Like Gravity” Fast Track Trade Sinks Jobs and Wages

Nothing to hide...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Yorkers - I know today is a tragic day for all of you...

Man who gives 75 cents to homeless man is arrested by police, searched, questioned for over an hour

Christie LIED to Morris County Voters in 1994

The Spindle Neuron is why whales, dolphins, great apes and elephants are truly special

Meet the New Kochs: The DeVos Clan's Plan to Defund the Left

*Salinger on PBS tonight.

Chistie Defamed Opponents in 1994 - Forced to Publicly Apologize