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GMO labeling debate shifts to Olympia

Weekend Economists on a 3 Hour (I mean, DAY) Tour January 17-20, 2014

If You See Something, Say Something (Climate)

The Truth About Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal

New Hampshire House Votes to Legalize Marijuana (x-post link only)

Turn on Tweety right fugging now - Office of the Governor is one of the institutions

More charges for NY man in X-ray weapon case

From 'I don't want any part of Obamacare' to 'It's a godsend'

Jury says Dallas police detective acted with malice in false arrest of woman

Does Obama sit around the White House doing nothing but collect a paycheck?

Kordale And Kaleb, Gay Black Fathers, Respond To Twitter Outrage Over Instagram Photos

Ted Cruz urges Texans to join fight against Obamacare

Government regulators who killed net neutrality became top cable industry lobbyists

American Public Pushes Back Against AIPAC Senators Seeking Iran Conflict

Serious problems

Judge names monitor to oversee Arizona sheriff in profiling case

Anybody else really into early 90's British alt-rock (pre-Britpop era)?

U.S. Supreme Court to weigh cell phone searches by police

"False Reasons for Filibustering Jobless Aid"

Granma Newspaper Editor Leaves Cuba for Miami

Hunterdon Co. (NJ) ex-prosecutor fired by Christie links his firing to Bridgegate

David Bird, missing WSJ reporter, was energy reporter covering OPEC. CNN Out Front N/T

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell: Ain't No Mountain

I have a chef friend who is going to cook on Food Network....

District judge sent hundreds of bigoted emails

Psst... On Google Image Search search for Atari Breakout!

U.S. chides UNESCO for putting Jewish exhibit on hold

How do you go after the 1 percent?

1 out of 3 Bank Tellers in NY on Public Assistance


3-alarm fire burning at Bronx high school

Caption this photo

Elena Shumilova and her sons

For those who wonder what happened to Occupy:

"Worried Fed seeks to curb Wall Street banks commodity trade"

Pipe bomb security failure at Edmonton airport kept quiet

#Occupy Christie

#Occupy Christie

Christie scoop tomorrow on Up w/Steve Kornaki: 8 a.m. DVR it!!!!!

#Occupy Christie

Holy figure skating crap!

Four Horsemen

Home printer problems?

This is a post for Armistad... I too know that feeling but, then I read these words and get back up

As California’s Drought Deepens, a Sense of Dread Grows

Shut Up and Step Aside

Freedom Industry bankruptcy

Getting some thoughts from Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

Moving masterpieces

Once upon a time my Sister-in-law was raised in a democratic union loving home than she got married.

This entire NSA debate is based on a false premise.

Friday Talking Points (287) -- In Other News...

So, apparently no one is interested in discussing Zardoz. How about Ken Russell's Women in Love?

Chris Christie, carrying Bridgegate baggage, arrives in Florida

Paramount goes all-digital: 'Anchorman 2' was its last movie to be released on film

U.S. states could turn to firing squads if execution drugs scarce

City tries to push through a "No Loud Music" ordinance in New Orleans. Their answer?

Two Georgia men convicted in ricin plot against U.S. government

Accusations of racism hurled toward U.S. Skating Committee over Olympic team selection

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh gif

Flashback - Chris Christie Picked The Wrong Guy to Call A Liar

Rachel Maddow is making me swoon

Listening to 'Synchronicity' by The Police on vinyl right now...

US judge sent hundreds of inappropriate emails, including racist message about Obama

My prediction on Bridgegate

Can you help us find some liberal, off-beat people willing to be profiled in a upcoming book?

Slow Motion Shots Capture Public Transit Like You've Never Seen.

what happened to "the MFM lounge"

Cross Posted - Slow Motion Shots Capture Public Transit Like You've Never Seen.

Homelessness among LGBT Youth: A National Concern

A ‘No More Tears’ Shampoo Now Has No Formaldehyde

Insurance companies are surely agents of demons.

Tonight Rachel had a really good cooking show.

Watching Rachael....Help.

"Chris Hadfield, retired Canadian astronaut, lands CBC gig"

Political strategists form bipartisan campaign to get Yes into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A trip to the credit union, a trip to the store

Stardust memories (my dad's reply to Carl Sagan's idea of us being stardust)

Happy Birthday Flotus

Barbie-loving 5-year-old, killed by stray bullet in gunbattle, 'had the softest voice'

Not so fast on Mary Willingham's alleged study about illiterate college athletes...

Christie's office subpoenaed!!

I just buy the BOTTLE not the ingredients

"a totally different picture too late"

Chili tip. I'm on the verge of perfecting my chili recipe. My last batch I called

On Killing Snowden, American Heroin Addicts, Obama’s NSA Faux Reform, and the US Funding Taliban

Horse Slaughter Blocked by Federal Law

Japan WWII soldier who refused to surrender, dies

Bill Murray on Recreational Marijuana

Rachel just sent me to prison.

‘Here We Go Again!’ Megyn Kelly, [Anthony] Weiner Reunite for Heated Showdown over Obamacare

burma army uses rape as a weapon of war

burma army uses rape as a weapon of war

Jessie Vetter’s Olympic hockey mask has U.S. Constitution removed

36 reasons why you should thank a union...

Will Time Make Men More Wise? Some Thoughts from Progressives....

supreme court will decide on re-arming domestic abusers

One of the best Senators from Massachusetts~

supreme court to decide on re-armng domestic abusers

Google creates glucose monitor in contact lens

If the rapture happens tomorrow, and

Ed Schultz and seven House Democrats talk TPP.

A Day In Boston - Or Why I Love Instagram...

Poison water for 300,000 in WV, then file for bankruptcy.

Oh you sillies... All this bickering over Obama

Great start to Bill Maher's show

Oh fuck James Carville looks like a monster

UN says 4 UN personnel killed in Kabul attack

Edward Snowden completely abandoned girlfriend, says her father

Shunning as a method of political activism

I just saw a new pharma add

Scientists Find Remains of Alfred The Great Or King Edward The Elder

Oh you sillies... All this bickering over Obama

David Letterman takes call from 'Chris Christie'

Mary Matlin looks different

Does anyone know an easy way to search Usenet?

Saw an awesome LGBT/African-American/Families TV ad air on FoxNews early this morning...

I lost count on how many fat jokes Bill Maher told

I'm looking for a needle in a haystack of a poem.

Mary Matilin was drunk as hell on Real Time

Maher to Greenwald: Every Time Snowden Speaks, 'He Always Says Something F*cking Nuts'

The Ed Show has been discussing the TPP

Court: Bloggers Have First Amendment Protections

For a millionaire, Mary Matlin has the worst plastic surgeon in the world.


Texas Supreme Court limits liability insurance exclusions for builders and general contractors

If you missed Maddow's show tonight, ALL the segments are now uploaded on the MSNBC site, link below

HA! milktoast ex Gov Pawlenty vs middleclass/worker advocate Robert Reich

Harris County GOP attacks Houston Mayor Annise Parker for marrying longtime partner

Harris County GOP attacks Houston Mayor Annise Parker for marrying longtime partner

BREAKING: 9th Circuit Rules Bloggers Get Press Protection - The Crystal Cox Story!

Books into Movies: 2014

"Rand Paul: Majority Rule Gave Us Jim Crow, Japanese Internment"

Mr. King would be proud Mr. President

"Calgary Sun readers: Have your say on Neil Young's oilsands attacks" (they vote for Young)

I am in a musical mood tonight... so sharing my favorite band with you ..Share your stuff too!!

George Takei It's a merem. @GeorgeTakei: Ermergerhd! It's a merm!

Jeremy Cowart- A Rare Connection: My Photo Shoot with John Schneider

New tests find more methane in North Texas water

So, with Christie looking like toast in 2016...

Rachel Maddow: NJ subpeonas (video) OMG!!!

Who determined that the NSA and TPP are the most important issues?

Rev. King would be proud Mr. President

So when three guys on the planet finally have all the money.

New Rule: Maher Begs America to Give Up Pennies, the Drug War, and Duck Dynasty for the New Year

"Senate intelligence report takes GOP tirades about Benghazi head-on"

Google contact lens could be option for diabetics

"Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down as Judge Cites Burden on Citizens"

Simon's Real Cats

From Nature: Climate change: The case of the missing heat

Okay, obscure movie buffs, who has seen "The Fast Runner"?

'Do What You Love': Elitist and anti-labor

For some paranoid patriots in Houston, there’s a spy inside the thermostat

Indiana House speaker might remove committee members who support marriage equality

Slap on the Hand for Nuke Plant Manager

A film to celebrate: Latcho Drom (1993)

Ex-lawyer in San Antonio guilty of $133 million swindle

David Vitter, La Proposes Legislation- Must who Pic ID To Use SNAP At Grocery Store.

It Is Now Possible To 3-D Print Your Unborn Fetus

We Won Space Race/Landed On the Moon '69/Now Russians Must Take Us To Space Station

kick and recommend if

"I'm a little duck! Quack, quack, quack, quack.

If You Are Employed Has Your Job Become A Treadmill Sprint From Hell?.

what are you watching?

I think there are acts that PERMANENTLY disqualify a person from participation in human society.

Horrific Wall Street Allegations Reveal Junior Bankers Forced To Survive On $6,800 Per Week

Saw a fabulous movie last weekend

"A noun, a verb, and 9/11"

A film about Liberace: Behind the Candelabra

UT System: No Financial Return on MyEdu Investment--Bain Capital Ventures Connection???

Clark the Cub mascot....someone got creative with a sharpie and gave Clark some meat and two veg!

The Onion Reviews ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Hello to all new DUers! Here are words to live by.

Greg Abbott Campaign Had "Catch An Illegal Immigrant" Organizer on Payroll Into November

Adam West Batman!! DVD This Year!! OMG!!!!!

IOF's Nirbheek revolver gets world press

Obama Judicial Confirmation Statistics as of 01/02/2014

Misogyny 101

Julian Assange: Obama ‘embarrassing’

Who determined that we cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

Honduras approves shooting down suspected drug planes

Bill O'Reilly tears down classic cottage to make way for a mansion

Support Shenna Bellows

Support Shenna Bellows for Senate!

Paul Beckwith ~ Our New Climate and Weather


Obamacare's a "Bailout" Now? Conservative Critics Are Getting Desperate

Man Held in Threatening Gay, Socialist Officials

The best marriage proposal ever!

San Jose arson fires: Patrick William Brennan confesses

Hellscape McDonalds (some images may be considered very dark)

Is the TPP the most important issue at this time? To me it is

Texas Public Schools Are Teaching Creationism

NSA leaks prompted major Canadian eavesdropping review.

Some states look at reviving firing squads amid shortage of execution drugs

YAY! GREAT ruling: North Carolina ultrasound abortion law ruled illegal by judge

P5+1 accepts Iran’s right to use new generation centrifuges for research purposes

Islamist militants strengthen grip on Iraq's Falluja

allright! it's the weekend.good times with my bestest buddy! maybe a nice sunday brunch...

I have had a visceral opposition to the death penalty since I was a very small child

Red-State Voters Are Paralyzed by Economic Anxieties

In Afghan Attack, Death Toll Hits 21, Mostly Foreigners

4 Reasons To Hold George W. Bush Accountable For War Crimes

How Federal Judges Use and Abuse the Words of Martin Luther King Jr. in Their Decisions

Rotting in Prison for Hosting the Wrong House Guest? The War on Terror's Insane Abuses Continue

Another Executive Compensation Story That Could Outrage You Courtesy of Yahoo

Family fears reporter's disappearance connected to his coverage of OPEC

Nun who gave birth in Italy was unaware she was pregnant.

Opposition Builds Against Anti-Abortion Rallies Planned in Major Cities

"H-a-p-p-y" or "H-a-double p-y?" I think it's a generational thing.

The NSA Speech: Obama Accepts the Logic of Staying Terrorized

What If You Went Solar and Nobody Noticed? Spotlight Solar Has an Answer

It sucks to be already awake for a nightmare. Kinda long near death experience post.

"Funny" and "offensive" are orthogonal concepts, and people on both sides of the line don't get that

Bankruptcy for Firm Responsible for WV Toxic Spill

The credit bureaus are just as bad as the NSA in the way that they collect

Cheating, Gambling, Ecstasy, Drunken Benders and Other (Kinda WTF) Nuclear Scandals

W. VA spill exposes new risk to water from coal

Where $300 Million Of Our Money Went Wednesday - Hint: Not Education - Which Was Still Way Cheaper T

power plants pollute water from arsenic to zinc

Do you agree with the death penalty under ANY circumstances in the United States? Do you agree with

Lightning struck Rio's Jesus Christ statue and broke off his fingers

Kansas Group Tries To Remove Evolution From Schools By Claiming Science Is A Religion

What good did the Afganistan surge do? Anyone?

Its time to wake up after 3 years Rosetta

Company Behind West Virginia’s Chemical Spill Files For Bankruptcy


Company responsible for W.Va. chemical leak files for bankruptcy

Get Up with Steve Kornacki - forcing a project to receive hurricane relief

Company Responsible for Major Chemical Spill Is a Great Candidate for the Corporate Death Penalty

End of film: Paramount first studio to stop distributing film prints

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday January 18, 2014)

For peat's sake use other composts, RHS urges gardeners

6 Scary Facts About California's Drought

TPP Toxicity Grows, We Can Stop It

Alberta oilsands projects: Canada's Hiroshima

IF YOU'RE UP NOW TURN ON MSNBC with Steve Kornaki.

Judge refuses to halt wolf trapping in Idaho wilderness

Wow. Don't look for a brief synopsis of Kornacki show...

A simple test for conservative poverty proposals

How to make a little more than minimum wage as a telemarketer

This Woman Is Terrified About What Happened To Her Baby After Exposure To Tainted Water In W. VA

Question:Is it a Crime for a Governor to use Federal money for blackmail

Christie camp held Sandy relief money hostage, mayor alleges

"When it comes to hyper-bureaucracy and chaotic management, Venezuela may be a world champion. "

Is our Sun falling silent ?

US Intel Veterans Honor Pvt. Manning

Canine Surprise: Dogs Aren’t Descended From Today’s Wolves

Weekend Toon roundup 1- The Spying will Continue Until Morale Improves

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The rest

The law requires labels telling us what's in our matresses

I often wonder if he were Caucasian with a different name

Xenophobic Stain: Hoyerswerda Gets Second Chance with Refugee Hostel

Israeli settlers farm on land confiscated from Palestinian village

Florida popcorn shooting: Are concealed guns about self-defense or power?

Spinach mushroom Asian noodle soup

I wish there was a podcast for Up

(VA) Where's the catch? Anglers rocked by lack of fish

Christie camp held Sandy relief money hostage, mayor alleges

Global warming denial hits a six-year high

W.Va. spill exposes a new risk to water from coal

Reaction to Obama's NSA speech ranges from lukewarm to skeptical

(VA) Repeal of hated hybrid tax on a fast track in Assembly

Weatherford's strategy for pension deform: Split unions by exempting police and firemen

KABOOM: "Pay For Play" - Christie Used Sandy Funds for Samson

It’s Time to Update Overtime

Can the members of DU start

AP Christie camp held Sandy relief money hostage, mayor alleges: MSNBC article

Israel imposing agenda on Mideast talks: Palestinians

Anti-Semitism links boycott of Israel to quenelle

China starts televising sunrise on giant TV screens because Beijing is so clouded in smog

Interesting discussions over at

Protests Grow in Japan: "We Want to Bring Our Message to the World to Stop Nuclear Power Plants"

PLEASE come set a Texas Politician Straight on Facebook.

Christie camp held Sandy relief money hostage, mayor alleges

Shock Doctrine in Japan: Shinzo Abe's Rightward Shift to Militarism, Secrecy in Fukushima's Wake

Meet the Transaction Tax- 0.35%

Senate intelligence report takes GOP tirades about Benghazi head-on

Jon Stewart plays ‘Let’s break a deal’ with AIPAC

Christie's GWB counsel fights to shield toll files

Our Misplaced, Undemocratic Budget Priorities: The Case of Keystone XL

Littoral Combat Ship Cut Plan Reopens Navy Riff: Build ‘Em Fast Or Rugged

A very cool word: taphonomic

None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds: Chris Crass' "Towards Collective Liberation"

Dan Patrick' post on Mayor Annise Parker's Marriage.

Obama NSA Reforms Are "A Bouquet of Roses" to the Intelligence Agencies

Here’s Walmart’s Internal Guide To Fighting Unions And Monitoring Workers

New Air Force Secretary James Confronts Nuclear Cheating, Drug Scandals

it is no longer acceptable for scientists to remain on the sidelines

Union-Made Super Bowl Party Shopping List

Michael Hudson, Economist, Explains What's Taking Place

Army, Guard On Brink Of War: NGAUS Fires First Salvo

Eric Boehlert said this,if Hoboken allegations are true, Christie will not serve out his second term

"I thought he was honest. I thought he was moral."

Nintendo Mulls New Business Model After Forecasting Loss

McKeon Leaving HASC; Thornberry Front Runner For Chairman

Florida popcorn shooting: Are concealed guns about self-defense or power?

Four Easy Steps to Third World Status

Sharknado!!! (So bad, it's good).

Hundreds feared dead in Coors Light Party Train crash.

Hudson Reporter: Dawn Zimmer's Diary "Christie was cut from corrupt cloth"

I nominate The Honorable Dawn Zimmer to be the next Governor of New Jersey.

U.S. to Expand Rules Limiting Use of Profiling by Federal Agents

Roger Ailes Fox News Chief - Pronuclear & Antirenewable

Lightning struck Rio's Jesus Christ statue and broke off his fingers

Our Giants of Industry are Our Children

Mayor Zimmer Is My Hero This A.M.

Between '12 Years a Slave' and Anne Frank: Steve McQueen sits down with Haaretz

Wendy Davis Lays Out More of Her Proactive Education Agenda-Ten TX Lawmakers Against

Snoring, grunting, vocalizations (agonal breaths) are NOT signs of suffering...

In reversal, Texas Oncology to participate in health plans on federal marketplace

Star-Ledger: Hoboken mayor claims Christie administration held city's Sandy recovery funds 'hostage'

The problem of non-believing Catholics

Naked Politics: The hush-hush FL fundraisers of Chris Christie; Scott donor calls secrecy "stupid"

Great NUVO interview with State Rep. Scott Pelath from Michigan City.

IIRC, the Republicans in Congress held up Sandy Aid on the grounds that it would

Review: 50 Great Myths About Atheism

Could you ever leave the internet?

@maddow reports: #OccupyChristie protestors will attend his inauguration, which will be held on the

What kind of Sandy Relief is Mantoloking, the wealthiest community in NJ, receiving? *UPDATED*

I've always been a single-payer advocate but I must admit...

Ask yourself "Why do we depend on leaders in the first place?"

I think I'll fold laundry today.

Developing Countries: More Than Economic Rivals and Terror Threats

January 18, 1912

Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner goes off the grid

Senior enlisted airman at Offutt's 55th Wing relieved of duty (DV)

Agency advises residents in Lineville, IA to boil water

*snarf* - Perfect tag for O'LOOFAH: "outsized and out of place"


Attorney Says Christie Ally Has 'A Story To Tell' If Granted Immunity

This is going to be big. Anemic Sandy aid had been noted was cause of concern for a while.

New Maleficent trailer

On try 13, my sister got coverage through Good deal!

Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel runs hit piece on New York's De Blasio

Nancy Grace: People on pot shoot each other, strangle each other, and kill whole families

Christie Administration Attorney Accused Of Having Conflict of Interest

So we have bridge gate Hoboken, Sandy relief ad used as a political football

Stripping away the distracting BS, this is what it all boils down to. (In my opinion.)


N.J. lawmakers heading bridge scandal investigation plan to look into Hoboken recovery funds

Evidence of Biological Basis for Religion in Human Evolution

Video of NSNBC interview with Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Saturday, January 18th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Rushbo and Flags

This is when I miss Law & Order, the original.

Spread Um Sunday

Suddenly Senior

? for a smart person

The hush-hush FL fundraisers of Chris Christie; Scott donor calls secrecy "stupid"

The Stars and Bars is the flag of Treason and Sedition, NOT Patriotism.

Woman hit by cement truck on Upper East Side

Trenton, We Have a Problem

Forget NSA, how do Target, a motel, & whoever find my e-addy I didn't provide them?

Could you fucking imagine if Obama withheld FEMA aid for favors?

I still don't get the logic of people supporting killing people for killing people...

Fukushima is serious business.

I think because of this new charge against Christie, Impeachment should

Exchanges See Little Progress on Uninsured

I was laid off yesterday

House Republicans Blatantly Lie To America By Claiming They’ve Passed Dozens of Jobs Bills

You may remember Mr. Bill (SNL) but do you remember Pizza Head?

John Steinbeck,Michael Moore and J.Edger Hoover

My favorite short joke of all time:

How net neutrality affects PC gamers

what's for dinner - saturday, jan 18?

This is fun. Ever wonder where you would end up if you dug a hole through the earth?

Human Remains Discovered in Queens Could Be of Missing Teen

Christie Scandal has GOP "On the Brink of Panic"

GOP Westchester County Exec Rob Astorino Tops $1M On Hand, Trails Gov. Cuomo By... $32.3M

Belichick to Pats: Don't go getting stoned out in CO

U.S.- Germany relations hit new low amid NSA spying scandal, official says

LIVE RADIO NOW: Wendy Davis And Raw Deal For Working Class

We are all living Pasolini's Theorem

Police find explosives at Palestinian embassy in Prague

UConn Prof Delves Into Spirituality in Daily Life

Pre-Super Bowl star power abounds in semifinals

Pasco couple said they also had texting run-in with Curtis Reeves

NSA spying and inequality are deeply, inextricably linked.

Study Finds Turmeric Extract Equal to Prozac for Serious Depression

The American People are...

A More Humane way?

‘Palestinians to reject Kerry peace plan, launch diplomatic war on Israel’

Indian Point nuclear plant strike averted

"Just call him Gov. Chicken"

Close call as ice rained from sky at Annadel (Santa Rosa, California)

Doesn't Shoprite stores have cameras?

Chris Christie's in FL very hush hush. Home Depot founder admires Christie more for bridge scandal.

Special Election Tuesday!

Fox's Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Are Male-Wussifying Feminists A National Nat. Security Problem?

Gay marriage has 'caused floods' says Ukip councillor

Virginia Special Election Tuesday!

Thought for the day

Body acceptance video

Virginia Special Election Tuesday

FDA seeking bids from contractors to provide agency with assistance in "monitoring online sentiment"

Texas guy arrested for helping police

Here we are

Dear Paul

Controversial Anti-Gay Law Breeds Unity Among Nigeria's Christians, Muslim Leaders

How to write an OP in GD that sinks like a stone

Actress Out Of San Francisco Production After Endorsing Tea Party Candidate


need help....looking for nice hotel/suites in austin where i can get a corporate rate....

I have a confession to make.

Krugman: The Myth of the Deserving Rich

Business Insider, Jan. 16, 2014: How Occupy Wall Street Won In One Chart

Key tips for helping education activists spot ALEC legislation

Why Did Chris Christie Cross The Road?

Ever since 911 it seems that a lot of Cops have taken on new persona...

DOJ declares AL women's prison has "a history of unabated staff-on-prisoner sexual abuses"

So all the panelist on Alex Witt think the Hoboken Mayor is not truthful

Despite gun violence in ordinary places, experts say 'safer now than in long time' (CNN)

Burning Women - The European Witch Hunts, Enclosure, and the Rise of Capitalism

U.S. Condemns Taliban Attack In Kabul That Killed 2 Americans, 19 Others

Cute, clever short video with important message about water

Doherty: The LG cannot allow this allegation to go unchallenged

Slumping Intel To Cut More Than 5,000 Jobs In 2014

A PSA. The ugly downside of masturbating in your car in a Target parking lot

ABC's 'Bachelor' Says Gays Are "Perverts"

How to speak Minnesotan

Where We Are Today - How We Got Here - Who Sold Us Out

Time To Put the Pollard Case to Rest—by Demanding He Be Set Free

Eight days ago I said not to count Christie out - that he could rebound...

LePage says he won’t run for President in 2016

Issue of the Week: New John Doe 2 Ruling Lacks Common Sense

Occupy Seattle City Hall

Who understands the job of an engineer in the land development process?

Pregnant woman among 3 shot on Chicago expressway after SUV breaks down

Gay protester detained in Russia (had rainbow flag near Olympic relay)

Lubbock motel ordered closed after carbon monoxide noted in other rooms; one man deceased

Christie makes no mention of GWB scandal in Florida speech to Republican donors

Watched the sellout Bernie Sanders on MSNBC offering praise of Obama's NSA speech...

STOP. Click this, and take a moment to feel really good. THIS is activism with a song in its heart.

anyone else watching James Bamford on Washington Journal now?

Wendy Davis' primary opponent faces fine

What a cute little girl....

21 persons killed at a restaurant in Kabul

Is it time to begin looking in to other politicians who have become rich

One damn good reason we all need to vote this year!!

Cuomo on Christie GWB scandal: 'Everybody wants the facts'

Disney characters names explained...

Fox host and panel gets whooped by liberal guest

Some posters have made good points on the Hoboken allegations.

Ecuador politician claims email hacking in smear

Thank You Bernie Sanders: 'The Devil Will Be In The Details' .. 'I Do Not Agree With The President'

Cookbook from 1897, with hygienic and scientific advice

Green Zones: A Map of the US Military's Nearly 200 Golf Courses

Anti-Semitic "Joke" Candidate's HOA Was Sued for Anti-Arab/Muslim Discrimination

Syria opposition votes to attend Geneva II peace talks

Lewis Clarke: Teenager arrives at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

The Taste of FREEDOM! (Charleston WV)

Marriage Equality...

Why would Mayor Zimmer lie?

Far Right Russian Nationalist Arrested in Cuba - Police.

Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos!!!

Harry Reid joins doobie brothers

Bill Moyers interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson. "God has to mean more to you than just...

Head Of Bridge Scandal Investigation: Hoboken Mayor's Story 'Attracted Our Attention'

ABC's latest Bachelor calls gays "perverted".

NY Times Sunday Review: Workers of the World, Faint!

Wow! A 1970 426 Hemi Superbird just sold for $500k at Barrett-Jackson!

About Hurricane Sandy relief funds: does anyone know if there is information

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says gun-loving pro-lifers not welcome in New York, right explodes

Christie statement (on Mayor Zimmer's allegations)

Pap and Seder: Republicans Devolving on Evolution

Gov. Christie’s image as a straight talking populist man in charge who is getting things done

Key Findings about the growing religious hostilities around the world (Pew Poll....)

Boise hosts first-ever Internet Cat Video Festival

Star-Ledger columnist: "Hoboken blackmail charge is worse than Bridgegate"..."Time for US Attorney"

Kornacki's show this morning: All TEN VIDEO segments are now uploaded on the MSNBC site, link below


Onward To The Skies!

*good news* 30.000 in berlin manifestation for sustainable farming

Polar Vortex Aftermath

Senator Sanders: Welfare for Walmart?

Christie (may be) hoisted on his own petard? How ironic.

thanks to seabeyond for this: ReOrientation Part One: The Culture of Casual Homophobia

Analysis of Cuomo's War Chest

I've been thinking a lot about mortality, lately.

Christie swearing-in Tuesday

Cuomo says no room for conservative Republicans in New York

Christie's Bullying of THIS Mayor Could Prove His Downfall

Chrisite Is TOAST!

Relationship between Cuomo & Schneiderman Toxic . . .

Juan Pablo Galavis apologizes for comments about gays on 'The Bachelor'

Chris Christie is only a minor villain in this.

Coburn (R-OK) isn't resigning until end of year, BUT primaries and gen election will be 'this year'

Ten Examples of Welfare for Corporations and the Ultra-Rich

We need oversight to stop NSA cheating – former intel analyst

Shopko flyer that cracked me up...

MFM toast avatar:

Cuomo's Second Largest Donor contributes $109,500 in 5 weeks

Chris Christie blasts MSNBC as "partisan" and "openly hostile"

"Bricks and mortar" stores suck. Amazon rocks.

NYT Op/Ed: "The President On Mass Surveillance"

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Clear John Kerry

Over 10 Percent Of America’s Largest Companies Pay Zero Percent Tax Rates - ThinkProgress

Anyone here knowledgeable about fancy pens? Waterman fountain pens, Japanese "kenpens"? READ IT AND

Church anointing stokes Internet buzz

Want to know why Obama is hated so much in the South? See 12 Years a Slave

In two weeks, our school will be featured on the

Libya declares state of emergency

January Photo Contest Prelim Results... Can't wait for finals!

RFK, Jr. and Seder: Water Crisis Shows Our Regulatory Flaws

just hi

Yeah man! Jamaican bobsleigh qualifies for Sochi

Cool Runnings: Jamaica bobsled team qualifies

Hoboken story on Milwaukee NBC local evening news!

Whitewashing Torture: President Obama's Jan. 17, 2014 Speech on NSA Reforms

Fab at 50!

Darren Sharper Arrested On Suspicion Of Rape: Reports

Who's buying Scott Walker?

Romney Backs Christie As Attacks, Accusations Mount Over Political Retribution

I lost the ball, but it's cool...

Phone call from Christie to Cuomo...

Gay protester detained by Olympic Security in Russia

FOX Why Chris Christie will be impeached in 2014

New York Times: GOP to Christie: Pick a Better Team

Banks Embracing A Housing-Bubble Favorite: Interest-Only Loans

"Chris Christie Denies New Hoboken Allegations On Grounds That Source Likes Him Too Much"

Truly learning math makes wise thinkers

Truly learning math makes wise thinkers

Sean Duffy will be in Spooner, WI on Wed. at 8:00 a.m.

Some Bay Area sunsets and sunrises

Dear teabaggers...

22 Killed, 65 Wounded In Bombing Attacks In Iraq's Capitol

****WCGreen Update -- Saturday January 18, 2014****

For those who remember the "Vaginal Knitting" debacle on GD a while back...

One of the last posts of MiddleFingerMom:

Dawn Zimmer's Wiki BIO

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