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Skylar Murphy didn't plan to use pipe bomb on plane, RCMP say

Are the Saudi's Fueling a Sunni-Shia War? - Toby Jones on Reality Asserts Itself

Tarrant Co. jury sentences former sheriff’s deputy to 30 years prison for impregnating teen relative

Big Data + Big Pharma = Big Money

Central African Republic: 'seeds of genocide' being sown, warns UN

King had a dream, Obama has a drone, Rev. Wright says

Fox News To Harvey Weinstein: Jews Needed Guns During Holocaust So Nix Anti-NRA Film

FORECAST: Unemployment on the rise in New Jersey.

China Is Cloning Pigs on an "Industrial Scale"

'Almost unreal' : Bipartisan lawmakers unveil new Voting Rights Act fix

EU set to normalise ties with Cuba

UPDATE on Furniture!

Things a parent (of a toddler) would say

January 16, 1997

Keystone XL 'limbo' needs to end soon, Baird tells U.S.

Fort Lee Question: How many people lost their jobs for not getting to work on time?

Lol Steve Kornacki

Officials Discussing Texas-Mexico High-Speed Rail Line

CNN exclusive: Port Authority job created for Christie ally, source says

'victimization' of young invincibles by Obamacare largely exaggerated

Dogs Not as Close Kin to Wolves as Thought

Customer: Elderly Squatters Take Over Queens McDonald’s, Just Won’t Leave

"they're preparing our children for drudgery, while their children are learning to RULE"

CNN exclusive: Port Authority job created for Christie ally, source says

House Republicans Are Pushing A Bill That Would Force The IRS To Audit Rape Victims

"Chris Christie Bridge Scandal: 20 New Subpoenas Issued By Panel"

Tonight Chez trof: CHICKEN LIVERS!

Did you know the Fucking Immortal MFM once posed for Michaelangelo?

Married same-sex couples in Utah can file joint state taxes, commission says

New movie will make NRA ‘wish they weren’t alive,’ says Obama backer Weinstein

Woo!Hooo! Finally got 2 points toward re-certification!

The phrase of the day is MFM. Replace any phrase in a thread title with MFM...

"Obama weighing executive action on minimum wage hike"

My Oscar picks. Please critique.

A thread for the Professor here...

ACLU seeks probe of alleged abuses at Arizona border checkpoints

3 men arrested on suspicion of theft in investigation of 5-year-old girl's killing

Nigerian Beaten for Sex With a Man 7 Years Ago

Guy who bought chance to shoot endangered rhino now getting death threats...

The Artist at work (and the finished project)

Campfire embers spark wildfire in hills near LA

MFM suffers seven-week erection -- was finally subdued by hard-working doctors.

Who Owns West Virginia's Water? A Cautionary Tale

Our long, long, long war in Iraq began 23 years ago today.

Amy Goodman: Fukushima: An Ongoing Warning to the World

Occupy may be down, but not out!

24 days.

I love Zardoz. I will always love Zardoz. Who's with me?

The Toxic Chemical Spill Crisis in West Virginia Will Happen Again. Here's Why

Drewniak, Kelly, Stepien among 20 subpoenaed in GWB scandal

On the News With Thom Hartmann: The TPP Is a Threat to the Environment, and More

Fox News guest predicts Holocaust ‘one day’ if Jewish producer makes anti-NRA film

A question my wife just asked me and I am posing it here: How much is TV affecting our politics?

Magic Johnson: #GetCovered Because Earlier Detection Can Save ...

AS LONG AS HE'S NOT KENYAN: ‘I don’t care’ that Ted Cruz was born in Canada

Fukushima Update: 1-5-14, What You Aren't Hearing on MSM

Hedwig and The Angry Itch is my favorite movie

So much for the dream of high speed rail in the US

State of Idaho to hire professional hunters and trappers to target wolves

Why is it that Every EDUCATION Thread Madfloridian Starts Rages Like Wildfire? For HOURS!

Mayoral campaign mail ad portrays candidate like gang member

Half Of Americans Say MFM Plays A Role In Super Bowl Winner: Survey

House GOP: Let’s Audit Rape Victims for Tax Fraud

Could a moderated group (like "ATA" is moderated) be set up to get more first person posters?

When you grant your government permission to kill you

What Movie(s) Do you want to see a remake/reboot of?

Google Glass user Cecilia Abadie acquitted in ticket case: Ticket is dismissed

American Public Pushes back against AIPAC Senators seeking Iran Conflict

Weimar Germany films/German Expressionist films

Let me tell you about the time that MFM saved my life...

A box full of money!

A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink: Powerful and Powerless

Antibiotics or Ibuprofen? (raccoon bite)

Y'all come on over to Dewhurst's Facebook page.

I'm here

Joffrey Speaks.

Yes, Sex Toys For Bronies Do Exist

Auto Show: 5 things we learned in Detroit

I just filed my taxes online and got *this* msg from H&R Block....

Huge Steaming Pile of Shit Dumped at the National Assembly of France

White Privilege, Racism, White Denial & The Cost of Inequality

Dumb Criminals: Pennsylvania Man Charged With Selling Heroin At McDonald's

Does anyone know of any

Christie and Koch in Cahoots? It's Time to Subpoena the Committee for Our Children's Future

Obama Picks Staci Michelle Yandle, Black Lesbian Judge, For Federal Judgeship

I am not very knowledgeable about the different groups that make up the Islam religion.

Audrie's Law (a bill to be put before the CA legislature, named after Audrie Potts.

Infrastructure, American-style: Fifth Avenue edition

Bravo my friends

You Promise?

Left Coast2020 is in a homeless shelter

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Frankenfood & a new Kitteh gif

Former Florida Senator Bob Graham in Cuba for environmental talks

D.C.: Silver Line's Final Safety Testing Scheduled for End of This Month

Come on DUers - 17 persons and three organizations

Former Florida Senator Bob Graham in Cuba for environmental talks

Obama's No Job Zone (Daily Kos)

I want to live my life in such a way as to not just be another useless asshole...

Life With a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Honda

Jesus was here

America is becoming more liberal

Chile asks Australia for extradition of woman accused of torture, muder during Pinochet's dictatorsh

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

Chile asks Australia for extradition of woman accused of torture, muder during Pinochet's dictatorsh

Journal-Sentinel is reporting Kathleen Vinehout will not run for governor

Between Barack and a Hard Place: Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama

Meet the civilian militia taking on Mexico's drug lords

A young woman's heartbreaking Twitter feed.

AXE commerical. Yeah, yeah, give me a break and watch it.

I fear for this Pope

High court could weigh in on cellphone searches

Why would Windows 7 tell me I can't download Internet Explorer 11 which just came out,

Short documentary by B'Tselem's camera project to be screened at Berlinale Film Festival

How Walmart Organizers Turned the Internet Into a Shop Floor

Erin Brockovich: After Chemical Spill, West Virginians Organizing "Stronger Than I’ve Ever Seen"

Rachel is saying that Christie as good as said he is not running for President today

Former port officials in GWB scandal ask agency to pay their legal bills

MFM Rescued My Baby From a Burning Building

Death Threat Against Wendy Davis Found On TX Attorney General Greg Abbott's Facebook Page

TIME: How Amazon Crushed the Union Movement

Rahinah Ibrahim Wins No-Fly List Ruling: Muslim Woman Contests Controversial Program

US Attorney seizes $28 million in Bitcoin from the Silk Road server

BREAKING NEWS: Walmart joins CIW’s Fair Food Program!

Somewhat Threatened to shoot Wendy on Abbott's Facebook Page?

"History proves that dictatorships do not grow out of strong and successful governments......."

New nuke scandal: 34 officers accused of cheating

The one thing that distresses me about today's "youth"

British Gas risks fueling dirty war in killing fields of Honduras

The execution today in Ohio was a horror show.

Portland reaches tentative agreement with union group representing more than 1,600 workers

Groundbreaking California bill would outlaw 'affluenza' defense

Tonight's moonrise from the Bay Area...

what does the farmer say?

Texas grid operator deploys Vehicle-To-Grid Aggregation System

Why Pres.Obama Doesn't Use a Cordless Phone (and neither should you)

Commissioner Says NFL May Be Open To Medical Marijuana For Players

Could anyone recommend a decent bare-bones simple WAV recorder?

Baby sings along with Elvis... Absolutely precious

New definition of crazy?

Drought prompts disaster declarations in 11 states

2014 another year of the woman?

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 19 - TCM Spotlight: Creatures of Habit

Fired from Yahoo after 15 months: Up to $109 million payout

TCM Schedule for Monday January 20 - TCM Spotlight: Harry Belafonte

Just all of a sudden today it hit me...

South Carolina bill would allow married gay couples to file joint tax returns

WTF is The Tea Party Leadership Fund & why on earth are they advertizing during

GOP former CA Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado pulls out of 2014 governor’s race

The REAL reason Chris Christie closed down the bridge

Legalized Marijuana in the South?

Worsening Conditions In Iraq Shows How Pointless The Iraq War Was.

Senator Tom Coburn to resign earlier then

Can you refreeze vegetables and fruit? Surely they are not in danger of going bad.

Google was my BFF today!

Dave Madden (Reuben Kincaid in THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY) died.

Sen. Tom Coburn To Retire At End Of 2014

How Occupy Wall Street Won In One Chart

Secrecy law deals blow to public’s right to Be informed

Wine or dessert?

****WCGreen Update -- Thursday January 16, 2014****

Bad News Bachmann! Minn. Could Be Next to Ban Conversion Therapy

Two journalists in firing line as gunmen take aim at peasant community

Pope Francis fires all but one Cardinal Running Vatican Bank


Watchdogs sue FEC, demand investigation of Karl Rove group

Harborview clinics to close?

What Christie Did To Get A Reputation As A Political Bully Even In College

Cornyn: Obama 'Out Of Touch' For Sipping Martinis With Fellow Democrats

Rebel Alliance Hero Pens Tell-All Book

Customer kills gun-wielding suspect in Dollar General

Colbert: Loved the fast food lady who is organizing fast food workers

Why bother? They're all screwing us over.

Jon Stewart Navigates the Difficult 'Plumbing' of Gay Marriage in Red States

Teenager Accused Of 'Lewd Conduct' After Reporting Her Own Rape

Maddow: Did Christie Just Announce He’s Not Running for President in 2016? - video link

One of 8 short videos for anti-torture contest. view and vote by Jan 30th

A young boy in Indonesia makes a short video of torture,,watch the end, very sincere

Everywhere you want to go... I've been there before...

Japan space scientists plan to pull junk out of orbit

REPORT: Christie Forced Agency To Find Job For Embattled Aide

using pop culture to get across the anti torture message. "Twins Talk Torture"

List of Smoking-Related Illnesses Grows Significantly in U.S. Report

Found something cool and unique on the web,

Senators Warren and Markey statement on the appropriations bill

Miami-Dade mayor overturns elections supervisor, will keep key absentee ballot information public

Palast: Christie and Koch in Cahoots? It's Time to Subpoena the Committee for Our Children's Future

Christie told us he was not running today, Never going to move from NJ. So,

Libertarian Perrier

Support Alison Lundergan Grimes!

Warren, Sanders, and 10 Other Senators Write Letter to Reid Opposing Fast-Track Authority

Ted Cruz: Harvey Weinstein’s ‘left-wing propaganda’ will be a box-office bomb

Canadian PM takes aim at temporary foreign worker program

Unless you're a rich white guy, you are only elected because you aren't someone else...

"Hannity regular Erik Rush calls for military coup against Obama"

Eye witness account of Fallujah and US sending hellfire missiles.

Does anyone else think Snapchat is stupid?

Ancient Sican Cemetery Discovered in Peru with 1,000-Year-Old Skeletons

It's the 10th anniversary of the Mars Exploration Rovers and one is still working today!

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba

My Wife Believes American Workers Being Positioned To Accept Lower Living Standard.

"Aftermath" Film Powerfully Evokes Polish Anti-Semitism


Been there,done that

Justice for the Koch Brothers...

Green Zones: A Map of the US Military's Golf Courses

Boehner passes bill requiring he be smacked every week.

Three teenagers in a very religious community hid themselves in a barn one Sunday in order to smoke.

Court says US government may crack down on pot dispensaries

Today: Christie administration announced they hired a 'TEAM of LAWYERS' (at taxpayer's expense) to..

I'm going on a rant

Ohio Executions Face Obstacles After Unusual Death

Is the GOP listed as a designated terrorist group yet?

Player in NJ Bridge Scandal Will Talk for Immunity

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ January 17th

Not really anthro., but don't know where to put this. No rude suggestions, please!

Cops investigate human arm found near Queens Marina for link to missing teen Avonte Oquendo

Ted Nugent launches a racist rant for the ages

Israeli Bill to Outlaw the Word Nazi Sparks Ire

RIP Suchitra Sen (the Greta Garbo of Bollywood)


John Boehner eases CODEL restrictions

Dr. No, Sen. Tom Coburn, of Oklahoma is calling it quits at the end of the year

Boehner Says 'It's Time To Move On' From Christie's Scandal

Site of W.Va. spill was subject of 2010 complaint

Wolf Benefit CD now available from

Japanese soldier who refused to surrender after WWII and spent 29 years in the jungle has died aged

House passes bill requiring (weekly) health care numbers

Layoffs come at OC Register and Riverside Press-Enterprise

SKorea Jails Hundreds for Refusing Military Stints

Metals, Currency Rigging Worse Than Libor, Bafin’s Koenig Says

German Ads Banned in St. Petersburg Over War Anniversary – Reports

Where did all the porn threads go?

Extensive Interview w/ Key Fukushima Nuclear Official Dr. Madarame

A Wearable Landmine Detector That Slips Inside A Shoe

Weight loss surgery: Up to two million could benefit

LAPD Accused of Assaulting and Tossing Woman from Moving Car

How Screwing Your Workers Gets You Rated as Top 100 Places to Work

8 Phony GOP Solutions for Poverty That Will Only Bring More Economic Pain

Noah Took a Baby Dinosaur on the Ark? 5 Extremist Christian "Science" Teachings

The Right-Wing Fringe's New Nutty Plot to Undermine Our Democracy

Doctors Choose A Different Way To Die Than The Rest Of Us


Westminster is hoping Snowden revelations go away.

Economic recovery benefits in WA State are very unevenly distributed

Recent US Missile Tests On Speed Boats Are Clearly Meant To Send Iran A Message

Who remembers Dr. Katz?

American Apparel stirs up controversy for giving storefront mannequins pubic hair.

Ruling Doubles Paycheck for 1,375 Employees at High-Grossing Queens Slot Parlor (October 27, 2013)

Funny sounds from animals

A Friend told me about this, sounds interesting in light of current events.

3.5 million viewers bail on "Duck," because when it comes to TV, There’s more there!

Chris Christie uses crayons, carboard to produce STUNNING "Will Tell You To Shut Up For Food" sign

Pyongyang demanding South, U.S. halt drills

So, if the Lounge has been renamed for MFM, can LBN

What should I make for dinner?

No-Spy Agreement on the Brink of Collapse: The End of an Illusion

Fox’s Keith Ablow: Trans people only exist as part of liberal plot to steal your rights

Extreme Weather Wreaking Havoc on Food as Farmers Suffer

Boxing Cats

Houston Mayor Parker marries longtime partner

Houston Mayor Parker marries longtime partner

ATTN: Southern California DUers....

For anyone interested in Asian movies

NSA Collecting Hundreds Of Millions Of Text Messages Daily, Looking At 'Untargeted' Messages & Data

Climate Protection May Cut World GDP 4% by 2030, UN Says

Global Warming Is Thawing Out the Frozen Corpses of a Forgotten WWI Battle

Earth May Already Be Running Out of Grain

Pope Francis sets out vision for more gay people and women in 'new' church

The controversial feminist Ca(r)mille Paglia

Inaction on climate change costly, report warns

Russia Warns of Pollution From Ukrainian Gas Drilling

Anti-marijuana propaganda from the "Wisconsin Poison Control Center"

Hydropower Struggle: Dams Threaten Europe's Last Wild Rivers

Tim Donnelly campaign video (CA Governor)

Airfares continue to rise, up 12 percent since '09

Let's see ...

Nebraska lawmakers to consider raising minimum wage to $9 an hour

GE profit rises 5 pct in 4Q

High court could weigh in on cellphone searches

Just add compost: How to turn your grassland ranch into a carbon sink

Flood money: How Congress is botching the effort to climate-proof insurance

Kitty Cooking in 110 Degree Heat Wraps Paws Around Hero

Navy's littoral ships to be slashed?

AP Source: NSA Phone Data Control May Come To End

Older trees best at fighting climate change

Did life lock protect the Target people??

Player in NJ Bridge Scandal Will Talk for Immunity

Study: US Won’t Act On Climate Change Because Citizens Believe The World Is Ending

Will GOPPERS Who Lost Their Unemployment Insurance Still Vote GOP?

Houston Mayor Weds Her Longtime Partner In California

60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In U.S. History

Sochi Trip Secured, U.S. Figure Skating Champion Sounds Off On Russia’s Anti-LGBT Laws

Pedophile Poopy Pants Ted Nugent Compares Harvey Weinstein To Nazi Propagandist

AP Source: NSA phone data control to come to end

8 Sexiest Bachelors of Congress. "Swanky" Lindsey Graham is one of them!

America Black Ops Wars in 134 Countries

Christie's "Crew" Needs Nicknames

California PUC rejects tougher smartphone privacy protections

Iran has $100 billion abroad, can draw $4.2 billion: U.S. official

Wisconsin: 2014 Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (Mary Burke)

The Thing You Do All Day, May Cut Your Life Short:

MFM Was A Son Of A Bitch

Michelle Obama is 50!

Lamborn questions use of Air Force Academy informants

Colorado counties face money issues with federal-land payment cut

Smoking causes diabetes, colon cancer, new report says ...

Water-relief tankers filled from tainted WV water system

US officials call for more safety for oil by rail

GD to allow shooting incidents involving children to be posted?

United to furlough 688 flight attendants

Despite Cuccinelli’s advice, N.Va. police still maintaining databases of license plates

Fort Hood soldiers deploying to Sinai Peninsula

U.S. man charged with sending ricin to Obama to change plea

Republican State Senator (Wisconsin) says having lots of money gives your kids "less values".

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Violence

So Joe Scar was SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you at the Christie-Romney dust-up in 2012...

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The party of who could care less

California governor expected to declare drought emergency

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Developing Countries Are More Than Economic Rivals and Terror Threats

Google contact lens could be option for diabetics

UNESCO cancels Israel exhibit following Arab pressure

Aliens from outer space would think we don't care about the environment- Pitt Post-Gazette ed:

Meet Dick Black: Virginia’s pro-spousal rape GOP Congressional candidate!

The Ed Show: Preventing TPP Essential for all U.S. Workers

Houston school board bars race-based team names, mascots

What STEM shortage? Electrical engineering lost 35,000 jobs last year

Holey moley! Architecture's trend for cutting holes in buildings

Find something to be happy about today (Friday January 17, 2014)

Syria says ready for cease-fire, prisoners swap

Horrid Kate Gosselin on Today Show

U.N. inspectors to visit Iran uranium mine on January 29: Iran TV

Conservative views reign at congressional forum

60 Words And A War Without End

Lawmakers move to restore Voting Rights Act

Vladimir Putin: gay people at Winter Olympics must 'leave children alone'

Drought prompts disaster declarations in 11 states

New Koch-Linked Political Firm Aims to Handpick "Electable" Candidates

How did rock music survive the 80's?

Rosetta comet chaser set to wake up on Monday after three years' sleep

Herring drops taxpayer-funded lawyers for McDonnell and former staff

Central African Republic lynch mob seeks sectarian revenge

Coming to an office near you

What should the topic of the day be on DU?

Doctors sue over Medicaid payment delays

Quick financial question: anyone here part of an ESOP where they work?

Obama weighing executive action on minimum wage?

David Sirota: A Cold, Hard Look at the NSA’s Metadata Program

Great NSA explainer from The New Yorker--no excuses

AP Source: NSA phone data control to come to end

There are lots of new travel websites I have never heard of before

Port Authority job created for Christie ally: Give him position at top-he's a friend of the governor

Mystery Rock 'Appears' in Front of Mars Rover

Pakistan's demand for shahtoosh shawls threatens rare Tibetan antelope

McDonnell lists $20K in gifts from Bruce Thompson

In our quest to appease superstitious neanderthals/short-sighted plutocrats we are abandoning future

TSA rolls out expedited screening at Norfolk airport

Obama to Call for Overhaul of N.S.A.’s Phone Data Collection Program

The Republicanization of the United States:

As the infrastructure crumbles .......

The Republicanization of the United States: Becoming a “Can Do Nation” Again

Kaine wants more say for Congress in War Powers Act

Nope, Richard Black, just because ‘she’s in a nightie’ does not give you consent

Smog in Beijing Is So Awful You Have to Catch the Sunrise on a Big Screen

David Brooks Is Tired Of All This Income Inequality Talk

How Christie's Men Turned the Port Authority into a Political Piggy Bank

Carrier deployments will be less often but longer

Judge Spikes Photo ID Requirement for Pa. Voters

NY: Unspent MetroCard Money Means Millions for M.T.A.

Will Marijuana Decide the Florida Governor's Race?

Morgan Stanley books $1.2 billion legal expense

Heh-heh... Just saw, get this, NORML on MSNBC

Did anyone get their NSA talking points yet?

France warns deficit bigger than expected

Earth set a new record for billion-dollar weather disasters in 2013, with 41

The Silent Majority

On anniversary of 9/11, other agencies were left in dark on Port Authority lane closures to GWB

Worst year ever for SA rhino poaching

One Frightening Chart Shows What You Might Pay For Internet Once Net Neutrality Is Gone

Pap and Seder: Regulations Mean Nothing In West Virginia

Harrison, Arkansas: Racism Defended

"Tips for Jesus" tipper strikes again in San Francisco

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

Americans seem to be OK with terrorists, as long as they are white.

Koch-affiliated group ramps up Hispanic outreach

Ball Lightning studied by scientists

Free online course on Whitman opens Feb. 17

Chris Christie bridge scandal: 20 subpoenas issued, governor hires attorney

(Univ of Iowa) Free online course on Whitman opens Feb. 17

President O was asked-January 14, 2014 "Q Have you finished your review on the NSA? "

Editorial From Christie's Hometown Newspaper...

Kenya to generate over half of its electricity through solar power by 2016

Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour

benghazi!!! Fox News Doesn't Care About The "Bloody Senate Report"

California drought: Three more months of dry weather likely, NWS announces

America is becoming more liberal by Steve Rosenthal

'Mean Girls' - Style Bullying Happening in Kindergarten

Why So Many West Virginians Relied on Water from the Elk River: Industry Already Polluted the Others

Signe Wilkinson Toon :Comcast

Some feminist memes and toons.

Targeting the NRA, new movie expose' (YAY!)

Fans no longer give a quack: 'Duck Dynasty' Ratings Are Down Dramatically From Last Season

Holy crap! Even the far right-wing Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel has a pro-pot article.

Jebbie says, "Thanks a lot mom" - Barbara Bush refuses to endorse Jeb for President

Barbara Bush Doesn't Want Son Jeb To Run For President, Inherit 'Enemies' (VIDEO)

Anyone actually read the Gates book?

Should I hide it in the basement or in the attic?

When Will You Say 'Enough is Enough?' | Philip A. Farruggio

Putin Says Gay People At Olympics Must Leave The Children Alone

Senate committee again debates existence of climate change

House Republicans Pick Climate Skeptic To Head Environment Subcommittee

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama

"People Are Awesome" or flat out crazy. Smh....

‘Duck Dynasty’ ratings down 28 percent after Phil’s homophobic, racist rant

Landlords for 2 proposed Chicago charter schools have ties to Emanuel

Happy 92nd Birthday, Betty White! 10 of the Actress's Best Quotes

Robots are stealing your job: How technology threatens to wipe out the middle class



‘US telecoms seek to make internet enhanced form of cable TV’

I tried, but I couldn't help myself

Openings and Construction Starts Planned for 2014

The "Internet" after the dissappearance of Net Neutrality

Covered California woes

#Bridgegate Home Depot and Fort Lee development

Gawker's list of abominable Tom COBURN quotes. How do some doctors get to be the way some are?!1

Why We Need To Be Flipping Out Over The Killing Of Net Neutrality

The Professor has died

Putin, the IOC, the USOC and all the other sniveling cowards can go to hell!

Bill de Blasio's Disappointing NYPD Choices - Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

Use up those scraps!!!

Is It Me Or Do The Koch Brothers Remind You Of James Bond Villains?...

47% of today’s jobs could be automated in the next two decades

Who Owns West Virginia's Water? A Cautionary Tale

Chicago: Pain before gain on Blue Line renovation project

Boehner Thought Steve King Was An 'Asshole' For 'Cantaloupes' Comment

those crazy feminists stuck in the 1960's who think sexism is still a major deal

House conservatives fed up with conservative caucus, form even more conservative caucus

Who Owns West Virginia's Water? A Cautionary Tale

While still big ratings, Duck Dynasty Premiere down 26%

Ted Cruz, suddenly the GOP’s biggest loser

Disney grandniece backs Meryl Streep on Walt's racism and sexism

Those Germans: Combining mass transit and beer

Pope Francis fires all but one Cardinal Running Vatican Bank

Alabama's corruption leaves blogger in Jail Indefinitely?

READ: Obama's Full Speech On NSA Surveillance Reforms

Excuse me while I vomit: WaPo's editorial endorsing the TPP- because it'll help income inequality

NPR decides not to air the President's speech.they had a panel talking about the NSA & the President

REPORT: Dow Chemical Funneled $2M Into Michigan “Right-to-Work” Fight

Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana

An avatar for MFM:

since Obama will introduce some reforms to NSA surveillance, the first since 9-11..

Glenn Greenwald Calls Obama's NSA Speech A Publicity Stunt

BREAKING: West Virginia water is now safe to drink

The Intelligence Community Can Be Dangerous

AARP worth joining?

Trayvon Martin's mother: 'Racial profiling is still alive'

Did James Clapper lie under oath to the US Congress?

Crazed Cat Attacks Respectable Businessmen

I just got my heating bill for Dec Jan

As a citizen of our planet who loves the

Surgeon general urges new resolve to end smoking

can someone explain to me how

Pic Of The Moment: Boehner On Christie Scandal: "It's Time To Move On"

Official White House fact sheet on review of U.S. Signals Intelligence

Man charged with aiming high-powered laser pointer at police helicopter

woo hoo 2000 posts.

NY Methodist clergyman charged over gay wedding

British Football Commentary

Increased Access To Contraception Can Reduce Poverty, Advocacy Group Says

Girl, four, shoots dead four-year-old cousin with rifle found under a bed.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to expand paid sick days law

When Sovereign Citizens Snap

Extreme Road Rage Leaves Two Cars Totaled

People-I'd-like-to-kick-really-hard-in-the-balls: Putin tells gays going to Sochi, leave children

Kiszla: Go home, chowderheads - Broncos don't want you here

Government seeks secrecy over North Carolinian who sought to fight in Syria

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni blocks anti-gay law

What STEM shortage? Electrical engineering lost 35,000 jobs last year

And the day before that, and the day before that...

Campbell Brown launches another anti-union attack (out right lie on teachers & sex predators!)

Massachusetts announces it will recognize Utah same-sex marriages

The Indian tech worker H-1B visa scam (Good Read)

Zombie prankster pranks the shit out of Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus

Suicide bomber hits Kabul restaurant

Cool science kid invents new sandbag technology for flood protection

Rude Pundit- Note to Conservatives and the Media: Most of Us Still Don't Give a Shit About Benghazi

DiNapoli: School districts facing fiscal stress

I was looking at pictures of President Obama and I found a piece of shit some rethug made up

who ever first had the idea to put celery and peanuts in the same dish

U.S. court rejects former Guantanamo detainee's damages claim

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Unexpectedly Declined in January

Inside ‘Mitt,’ Netflix’s All-Access Mitt Romney Documentary

NYPD top cop Bratton says he’s ‘more or less solved’ stop-and-frisk issues

Student Loans, the Next Big Threat to the U.S. Economy?

Udall, Wyden, Heinrich Statement Reacting to President's Speech on NSA, Surveillance Reform

Live Feed: NSA Whistleblowers Hold Press Conference After Obama Speech

State Sen. Malcolm Smith — who pleaded guilty to bribery charges — plans to fight for re-election

You’ll have to pry incandescents out of their cold, dead hands

Chechen Militant Who Targeted Olympics Is Dead, Kadyrov Says

Canada Urging U.S. Keystone Decision as Obama Seen Punting

It seems that our Founding Fathers believed that Politics should not be a career

Sarcasm impaired Republican

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man Smashes Printer After Wal*Mart Won't Let Him Return It

Lonesome Valley

Sheriff rejects popcorn killer’s ‘stand your ground’ defense: ‘Why didn’t he move seats?’

It's official - Today is a Steve Miller Band kinda day

Bernie Sanders rips Walmart: Why should taxpayers subsidize ‘starvation wages’?

Precourt's appointment is held up while an investigation takes place

Defense states that if someone in a movie theater throws a piece of...

Hot diggity. Sounds like there might be a grand jury over the Expressway authority in Orlando.

Putin says gay people will be welcome at Olympic Games...but they must 'leave the children alone."

Industrial Production in U.S. Rises for a Fifth Month

Human remains found in Queens; Avonte Oquendo family notified

Obama Will End Mass Collection of Phone Data

What exactly ...

One of my favorite Gilligans Island episodes

Housing Starts Come Back Down to Earth in December, But Still Suggest Recent Progress

America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead

Have you ever purchased online from Target, or signed up for their loyalty program?

Rickrolling done the scientific way ...

Happy Birthday to the best First Lady Michelle Obama

How the Friendship Paradox Makes Your Friends Better Than You Are

Stinking, Traitorous Scumball Veterans are Inciting a Coup.

House Republicans Pick Climate Skeptic To Head Environment Subcommittee

Five years of Obama

Teachers Fight Over Loss Of Tenure, New Contracts (NC)

Obama gives a nod to atheists and agnostics in ‘Religious Freedom Day’ proclamation

Colombia anti-riot police attack two regional journalists, erase material

Nestle (Purina) has bought out Zuke's brand dog treats

Colombia anti-riot police attack two regional journalists, erase material

California drought: Jerry Brown declares emergency, asks public to ration water

MSNBC is barely more than a political book promoting vehicle.

Freddy Cole performs "I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me"

If spiders ever come to the realization that people are terrified of them....

Dolphins see the world in the same way as humans do according to research

Meet Dick Black, Who Thinks Husbands Can’t Rape Their Wives and Is Running for Congress

Toon: ALEX

Large-scale mining increases poverty in northern Colombia: UN

9 Wounded by Car Bomb in Russia's Dagestan

I just noticed that I now have Al Jazeera America on Time Warner cable.

U.S. Industrial Production Rises for a Fifth Month - why GOP have to kill UI Benefits Extension

Seven Sustainable Technologies | John Michael Greer

Raw Story: Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Are male-wussifying feminists a national security problem?

Medical marijuana bill introduced in Pennsylvania Senate (Tues)

Senator Leahy's statement on the President’s NSA reforms

What's your preferred movie theater nosh?

Putin is more than doubling down on gays being pedophiles:

Family of man executed in Ohio using untested procedure plans to file lawsuit

Luckovich: Dumped

NSA Critic Ron Wyden Commends 'Milestone' In Surveillance Reform

Cooking with Dog

State Surpluses Spark Debate on Tax Cuts, Spending.

American Apparel Now Accessorizing Mannequins With Full Bush (feminist discussion)

Eric Schneiderman Gets Backing In Fight With Gov. Cuomo Over Mortgage Settlement Funds

PA's Voter ID Law Struck Down by Appellate court - unreasonable burden!

In honor of our guy MFM

Sheriff rejects popcorn killer’s ‘stand your ground’ defense: ‘Why didn’t he move seats?’

Why do disagreements here

Unfortunately, I find myself in agreement with Rand Paul today.

ACLU Comment on President’s NSA Speech

Where are the jobs?

President Obama Remarks on Intelligence Programs = video

Putin, is one very strange dude, his remarks about gays and children at the Olympics.

Researchers strapped a camera to a falcon to study its hunting habits. The results are INSANE.

Melting glaciers in northern Italy reveal corpses of WW1 soldiers.

Major Political Donors Have Access to TPP Documents. Everyone Else? Not So Much.

I'm going to have to wait until at least Tuesday...

Does anyone here to yoga if so I have questions

Rand Paul compares not getting his way to Jim Crow and internment camps

New PA. Auditor General finds weak oversight of taxpayer-funded charter schools

The Battle Hymn of the War on Poverty

the people who defended the NSA most vociferously, are those

Wall Street Group Aggressively Lobbied a Federal Agency to Thwart Eminent Domain Plans

GVSU surveys local impact of Affordable Care Act

Blue and Gray Still in Conflict at a Battle Site

Tamron Hall in talks for a spot on The Today Show

Fun with Chyrons

Freedom Industries Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Why do Oklahoma Republicans hate the Constitution and Freedom?

Rand Paul's goon stomped a woman's head into the gutter

Details of Medicare Payments to Doctors Finally Go Public after 35 Years

Thom Hartmann: I Have a Politician in my Vagina!

Thom Hartmann: If you suddenly got $100 - would you hold it or spend it?

Job Openings in U.S. Rise to Highest in More Than Five Years

Brilliant. -- Oh My

Vancouver Time Lapse, 6 months and over 50,000 pictures to complete

Some things never change

West criticizes Kiev for anti-protest legislation

The Huffingtonpost Headline Puzzles Me: "Edward Snowden Vindicated"

Japan's last WWII straggler dies at 91

Obama Surveillance Pledge Will Change Little: Assange

Finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad last night (spoilers)

Inside the Mind of Glenn Beck........

GOPer Investigating Scandal Faces Questions Over Contact With Christie Pal

Calculate your own carbon footprint

Pap and Seder: Court Ruling Threatens Online Access

Six points on the President's NSA speech

Refrigerator discovered to be sending out spam emails

awww it is over

So I was going to my brothers in Lafayette, CO today...

I'm staying out of GD today

Police: Lindon police officer responsible for Spanish Fork murder-suicide (killed wife, 2 kids, MIL)

250 dolphins are being held captive in a cove on the coast of Japan,

Elizabeth Warren, I'm not giving up on our fight to extend unemployment benefits

Up to 48,000 Afghan, Iraq vets at risk for homelessness

NBC Mistakes Ethernet Cable for USB Cable During NSA Report

NSA Can Spy on Computers Not Connected to Internet

Those "Download Latest XP Drivers" Alerts....

Did Obama's Talk on Reforming NSA Satisfy You

New York’s Schneiderman Expands Financial Crimes Unit

"She Might Have Had a Case If She Had Been Unconscious During the Rape"

Of the 85 Best Pictures awarded the Oscar, I can only be sure of seeing

Ex-Ambassador Eyes Hillary Clinton VP Spot

Texas intent on executing Mexican despite Kerry warning over bilateral ties

Gallup: U.S. Recession Never Ended

For the sake of unity, everyone should join together

After NSA Speech, Privacy Advocates Left Wanting More

Chile's environment lawyers say they're just warming up

Eliot Ness?? Really??

Submit your name for a round-trip ride to asteroid Bennu. And it's free!

Kristol: Hillary is Toast!

Millionaire NYT Columnist David Brooks: Poor PeopleWon’t Be Poor If They Just Act Like Rich People

The End of the Death Penalty?

Al Jazeera: Why Can’t Arab Armies Be More Humane, Like Israel?

Guatemala's indigenous communities boosted by landmark reparations bill

Guatemala's indigenous communities boosted by landmark reparations bill

Pope defrocked 400 priests in 2 years

Portland, OR progressive radio has a shot at blasting through $100,000 by midnight Pacific Time

Freedom Industries owes approx $2.4M in unpaid taxes, back to 2000

Cost of Having a Baby in Calif. Varies Widely: Study (between $3,000 and $37,000)

Aqua Buddha also opposes drone program

The NRA Literally Wrote Florida's New Bill to Legalize Warning Shots

Freedom Industries files for bankruptcy following last week's chemical spill

Boehner re. Steve King “What an asshole,”

PMS is not funny. Period.

A great shootdown and explaination of the danger to the Internet on (of all places) Fox

Our own Will Pitt delivers yet again. Great read.

Wife of Indian minister who hacked into her husband's Twitter account to announce he was 'having an

2 students shot inside Philadelphia high school

GOP Fundraiser Says Christie 'As A Person, Is Horrific'

The Cat Pack: All of you rabid felinophiles can thank me later.

U.S. troops may return to Middle East to train Iraqis

Nancy Grace: People on pot shoot, stab and strangle each other.

How to safely turn left (it’s trickier than you think)

Christie's Office Served With Bridge Investigation Subpoena

Nazis: the occult conspiracy

President Obama praises NSA, offers little in mass surveillance reform

CO: Gessler’s budget blame misplaced

Happy Lee-Jackson Day everyone!!!

A new worm in the tank..

Today Is Benjamin Franklin's 308th Birthday.

Maria Conchita ALONSO takes it further than Anti-HugoCHAVEZ: films an ad supporting TeaBagger

Corporations have mutated and degenenerated to the role of public enemy....

Do you think the US should try this?

Partnership or Putsch? TPP negotiator had "No position on Democracy".

Et tu, Tom Colburn?

Trans Woman Dares Bible-Quoting Councilman to Stone Her to Death

Court upholds inmate’s right to sex change

'Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni blocks anti-gay law'

Tea Party Time Warp

Browns receiver Davone Bess reportedly arrested in a Florida airport for assaulting an officer

Eisenhower's speech was better than Obama's on the same date

Fire burning in hi-rise building in Brooklyn

Porn production moves to Vegas after condom law

Corbett cancels Philly school visit, is accused of cowardice

Man steals TV from Target and gets away on skateboard

Obama, first U.S. President to propose "increased privacy protections for non-U.S. citizens abroad"

Massive Target Cyberhack work of 17 Year Old

Anyone good with puns/jokes? I need some suggestions...

Mexican musicians trade violins for guns to battle Knights Templar cartel

KRUGMAN: Why We Talk About the One Percent

How in the hell can anyone fault this man

Christie bridge scandal: Lawyers may have conflict of interest, Port Authority says

Speaking of serendipity...

Seattle's Defense Relies On a Brazen Tactic: Rampant Interference

Dog adopts paralyzed cat


Surprise! Target Data Breach Could Include Your Info From Purchases Made A Decade Ago

Radio Shack ad from 1991

‘That’s what gave us Jim Crow’

Transcript of President Obama’s Jan. 17 speech on NSA reforms

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!

So I've found that VHS doesn't auto-populated.

BREAKING NEWS :::Senate approves $1.1 trillion spending bill

Scorecard: Will Obama Hit The Mark On Real NSA Reform

What do you think of them remaking OldBoy?

Interactive Music Timeline

Police: Az. Teacher Takes 6-Yr-Old Girl's Shirt Off as 'Punishment'

Dennis McGuire went quicker than Joy did.

The Lumineers: Classy Girls

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Bill Maher is back tonight for the start of his 12th season - 10 pm HBO and repeat at 11pm

Breaking: NCGOP ultrasound law judged unconstitutional

Despite Obama's NSA Reforms, Leahy Says PATRIOT Act Still Needs Work

Bronx Assemblyman Proposes Bill Banning Kids Under 14 From Playing Tackle Football

VICTORY! Federal Court Strikes Down Demeaning North Carolina Ultrasound Law

Sacramento: Mon, 1/20: 33rd Annual MLK Capitol March

Sacramento: Mon, 1/20: 33rd Annual MLK Capitol March

Snowden’s Ex-Employer Among Few Companies Able to Store NSA Data

Flu spreads, kills 20 children

AIPAC Struggling as Media Starts Reporting

Was the Hudson Lights Dev. the reason behind the closures to the GWB?

New news: Weinstein Reveals Details of Anti-NRA Film, 'Won’t Make Any More Movies Glamorizing Guns'

WWII soldier who hid in jungle for 29 years dies at 91

If one is hacking on the Internet, they want to make sure they are RFC 3514 compliant,

Tea Party: Be honest with yourself

Intergenerational Human Rights Teach-in

Christie’s Crisis Plunges Republican Party Deeper Into The Wilderness-"Many On The Brink Of Panic"

Christie GWB scandal: Names of 18 served with subpoenas

Need home decor advice

Kerry Responds Forcefully To Israeli Insults

Is it just me?

Billboard in Georgia

Atheists debate: Can Christians support LGBTQ rights? Part 1

In America: “You’re not entitled to a pain-free execution”

Let's invade the right country for a change

Pope defrocked 400 priests in 2 years

Who knew??

WSJ Hides Conflict Of Interest In Campbell Brown's Latest Teacher Union Smear

Updated Charleston Area Water Safety Map

"America is becoming more liberal"

Netanyahu On Palestinian 'Right Of Return': There Is No Room For Maneuver

Helping Catholics by Teaching Priests How to Be the Boss

Indiana: New bill would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana

"Ten Examples of Welfare for Corporations and the Ultra-Rich"

Indiana: New bill would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana

I really like the idea of a small, simple home (not tiny) but I really want one with two bathrooms

"assortative mating"

Maryland: Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced

Question (about MFM) submitted by awoke_in_2003

Brooklyn police officers resuscitate unconscious baby