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Archives: January 15, 2014

Net neutrality is dead. Bow to Comcast and Verizon, your overlords

Chris Christie's first step toward rehabilitation? Woo N.J. Democrats.

Unemployment insurance blocked by Senate Republicans

Julian Assange to Speak at SXSW Interactive

This is what gets me...

Scientists say encourages the growth of brain cells and improves long-term memory.

Mainichi Editorial: Gov't should acknowledge limits of nuclear fuel cycle project

Some people just don't give a fuck

Scientists brace themselves for the incredible sight of a black hole swallowing a gas cloud.

Just found out that National Geographic has done a Documentary on the Joplin Tornado.

Photographer puts everyday 'selfies' to shame

Christie's office blames "left-wing blogs" for "wild-eyed conspiracy theory"

DEA Negotiated With Mexican Drug Cartel (x-post)

Kelly Rindfleisch affiliated with National Lending Solutions (Michael Eisenga)- the plot thickens

Net Neutrality: "Obama and the FCC are too scared of their money and influence to fight for you"

Support TRADITIONAL Marriage

Bidder: NJ Officials Asked If Christie Could Star In Sandy Ads

Christie's Office Blasts 'Wild-Eyed Conspiracy' Theories In Bridge Scandal

Sinoloa Drug Cartel Leader thanks Reagan, Bush, even Obama, for War on Drugs

Any comments on Downton Episode 2?

NSA To Sanders: We Can't Tell You If We're Spying On You In Order To Protect You

North Texas Earthquake Swarm More Centralized Than Previously Thought

Malware found in the control room of a Japanese nuclear reactor


Elizabeth Warren’s war on job destroyers

New Jerseyite Bill Maher coming up on Tweety to discuss Christie

Devil Baby Attack. Awesome

Wendy Davis raises more than $12 million

Boehner’s response to West Virginia’s chemical spill: “We have enough regulations”

Obama's "NO JOB" Zone

Cory Booker’s lame Iran posturing

Climate Science Deniers

Obama to visit Pope Francis, Kerry says

Sexting teen guilty of distributing child porn

Had quite a feast later today. Began with ducks in the rain and then

Megyn Kelly advises McConnell: Stop fighting Obama in court and ‘try to impeach him!’

Two dead and 40 hospitalized amid H1N1 flu outbreak in Spain

Declassified Benghazi Transcripts destroys Fox's Benghazi Myths

N.Y. Court Of Appeals Considers Whether Police Lies Were Coercion

Israeli defence minister apologizes for accusing John Kerry of ‘obsession’ with peace

The NSA Can't Tell Bernie Sanders If It's Spying On Him, Because That Would Violate His Privacy

& then we'll wonder why all these people didn't take "personal responsibility" & save for retirement

2nd-Graders Pen the Steps to Falling in Love

Wookie tweets

Declassified Benghazi Transcripts Debunk Fox's Favorite Myths

Luckovich Toon sums up Georgia

Drinking Alcohol Doesn't Actually Kill Brain Cells

Radio hosts: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson proved ‘homofascist bullies’ are like ‘terrorists’

DU vibe request

Tom THE DANCING BUG: President Christie

The look on Barbara Buono's face says "Is it wrong that I'm smiling???"

GOP Set To Frame Dems On Failure Of UI Extension Legislation

NY Post writer calls CT massacre a "little convenient massacre."

How much is enough?

Fuzzy, rainy ducks first,

Freepers are talking about murdering judges and seceeding...

So no one yelled "You Lie!" during Christie's speech?

PA official apologizes for illegal arms at Prague embassy

Just saw a 2014 Corvette on the road. Meh.

W. Virginia 2013 Feds asked to investigate mining oversight / Groups claim state DEP has failed to p

same sex marriage question for lawyers

400,000 barrels per day of fracked oil coming through WA State

One more:

‘How can you run the country if you can’t run a bridge?’ said of Christie

Tom Wheeler's FCC Blog Post on Net Neutrality

One-third of customers have water [West Virginia]

Dear CNN: Hillary has an Iowa problem? Well, SO DO I!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison call for poverty hearings

Japan ExPM Hosokawa to run, gets nuke foe Koizumi’s nod

Mysterious death in Jasper, Texas

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brothers Grim(e) & a new Kitteh gif

The Amazing True Story of 8 Ordinary Americans Who Blew the Lid Off Government Spying

When will we hear from Bridget Kelly?

United States Notches Record $53 Billion Budget Surplus In December

Other benefits of Chris Christie's apparent descent into political oblivion

Medical ethicists criticizing facility keeping Jahi McMath on ventilator

So raise your cup if you are wrong in all the right ways !! ..... Coffee as memory booster......

*Rachel found Christie in a lie.

"Christie, Official Who Arranged Bridge Closures Were Together During Fiasco"

I saw a spirit in the mist above me...Lucky it didn't attack my RC Helicopter!

White House supports Senator Rand Paul’s bill to officially end U.S. Iraq war authority

Judge Gives Chicago 6 Months To OK Gun Sales Law

Showtime To Launch Landmark Climate TV Series ‘Years Of Living Dangerously’ In April

REPORT: Evening Broadcast News Shows Ignore Net Neutrality Ruling

Silicon Valley workers may pursue collusion case as group: court

"I hate Congress."

Pope With the Humble Touch Is Firm in Reshaping the Vatican

“Did Your Father Touch You?”

For you DUers in the real estate industry

(sweden) Psychiatrists OK release of cleared serial killer

"U.S. justices agree to hear challenge to Ohio speech law"

‘Running on Fumes in North Dakota’ NY Times OPed piece...Video at link...

Dear Elleng: I took the liberty to show you what Picasa can do

Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume Criticize the Media's Focus on Christie, While They Talk About...

*Rachel just did a brief segment on WV chemical spill,

Finally I have a full time job!

Something no one has yet said about Christie's "hardball" handling of political "enemies".

What a screwup.

Is anyone else watching "1964" doc on PBS?

Should read we lose and corporate $$ will make us pay more

Unpaid Interns With Guns: Meet The New Cops

Twitter WV pic: Here's a pic after the "flushing" process. They're telling people it's OK

"Catholic leaders call for policies promoting decent work, just wage"

Why You Should Be Freaking Out About The End Of Net Neutrality

Israeli forces stop Hamdallah again

N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers (even if they are not connected to the Internet)

I just came back from the Doctors...

The Chris Christie Fort Lee Scandal Fully Explained

Let's tie Congress' salaries to unemployment. When it is cut for people on unemployment it

Medicare for All---A Real Heathcare Solution

I don't even know what hiphop is yet have discovered this

Alison Lundergan-Grimes Accuses Mitch McConnell Of Laughing 'In The Faces' Of Unemployed

Some Things Said By Robert Gates About Obama on Fox, Contrary To What Fox Wants People To Believe

Poll: Kay Hagan behind GOP opponents

'Cove' director Louie Psihoyos says Oscar win for 'Blackfish' would be game over for SeaWorld.

Android Apps: Top 20 Best Android Apps 2014

Democrats House chances take a hit in upstate New York

provision pushed by Sen. Jon Tester to prohibit the Pentagon from conducting any environmental

"To fight poverty, start with women"

U.S. District Court in Alabama Makes Rare Use of Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act

African Genius, 14 Year Old Self Taught Engineer makes Electricity For His Village

A little girl's potato project

So now HP is all "hair on fire". It's only Net Neutrality. WTF does that have to do w/anything?

Alabama Town ordered Bailed in under Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act

New case on Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act came out today

Most Canadians believe the country is still in recession

Kristen Stewart to take on movie project with Nicholas Hault.

What's with the relatively recent fascination with grainy photos?

Toxic chemicals from leak area turn up in a mostly African American neighborhood near Charleston WV.

ObamaWater~Thanks Obama!

Is Battleground Texas Worth It?

Question about union jobs, apprenticeships and being mentally ill.

More Stormy Weather For Christie and His Cronies-Pinelands Project Goes Down

There is a difference between us and them.

New short story intro

If you believe...

Obama Not Ruling Out U.S. Military Action In Congress

Very quick update on my wife (Jeanette) -- she is due home any time now.

Good news for Mark Pryor.

Fuck Michael Powell.

Republicans defunding and deregulation makes regulation impossible

Teams Don't Need a Dominating Defense to Win in the Modern-Day NFL

Free movie Feb 6th 7pm. 4200 Cedar Ave S, Mpls: "America's DroneWars by Robert Greenwald

Boeing confirms new 787 battery incident

If christie is not lying

I still would like to hear what Hillary has to say about Iran...

My rip off Theme Song… for Il Grande Bullo of New Jersey

The Daily Show Puts on Insane, Creepy, and AMAZING Dedication to Fox’s The Five

The perfect spot for Google to bug every house, Just use the "Learning Thermostat,"

Jimmy Falon and Bruce Springsteen --- awesome

Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: "Gov. Christie Traffic Jam" ("Born To Run" Parody) - VIDEO

Indian Police Hold 15 Men for Gang Raping Danish Tourist

All day long I have been fuming about this and I am glad that I waited to post it. I COULD BURN

Rap Lyrics on Trial

This picture says it all.

Which state has the longest history of voting against Democratic presidential nominees?

There is something seriously wrong when we can call a 12YO a "gunman...."

US judge strikes down Oklahoma gay marriage ban as ‘arbitrary, irrational' (CS Monitor)

Expelled US diplomat criticised for comments

A Golden Globes Fun Fact...

Someone pulls a gun on you at a grocery store. They tell you to get on your knees...

Argentine poet, junta critic Juan Gelman dies in Mexico

Racial Appeals Have Helped Wreck the Middle Class and is essential to GOP wins

Ads Attacking on Health Law Stagger Outspent Democrats

Guatemala: Member of Young Trade Unionists’ Network Murdered

GOP filibuster unemployment benefits

Fell in love tonight

Hollyoaks: John Paul, Finn rape story to feature in police campaign

WikiLeaks Release: Administration Seen as Retreating on Environment in Talks on Pacific Trade

US ambassador to Honduras offers tacit support of brutal crackdown

Fukushima vs Chernobyl vs Three Mile Island

New Illnesses Reported After W.Va. Water Deemed Safe

Is it possible for a hairline fracture to go unhealed for months?

Boehner blames Obama for WV chemical spill; Calls for more deregulation

Found camera organizes, so here's a series by time of some of today's/yesterday's sunset.

New evangelical movement seeks split from pro-Israel line

Ads Attacking on Health Law Stagger Outspent Democrats.

a couple more moon shots

What public institution in this country isn't broken and corrupt?

I need a list of things that Congress had done to the Obama Administration

David Simon on Chris Christie: "He knew." (Creator of 'The Wire' and "Homicide:Life On The Street)

When Sharon was great

Just want to say hello. I already feel very welcome!

How ALEC plans to reshape U.S. energy policy in 2014

U.S. Air Force to Evaluate British Firm’s Spaceship Engine (Skylon SABRE SSTO spaceplane)

The First Machine Age - Industrial Revolution. The Second Machine Age - Computers/Automation.

Life is too short to be miserable over minor problems...

Report: US Spy Agency Infiltrates Personal Computers Worldwide

Wednesday Toons

This Democrat thinks he can win in 2016 as the anti-Obama

Morning Joe piles on the Christie love

Major California Drought Could Spell 'Catastrophe' for Nation's Food Supply

I'd shed no tears if this shit catches up with them.

Who Am I To Judge: 80% of Indiana Church Leaves in Support of "Sin," aka Equality

Velveeta at the end of the world - Mark Morford

Administration Is Seen as Retreating on Environment in Talks on Pacific Trade

Vigil draws hundreds after New Mexico shooting

3 Years after Democratic Revolution, Egypt Decides it Prefers North Korean Model

Raising the Minimum Wage Is the “Free Market” Thing to Do

Why the DEA Let the World's Tech-Savviest Drug Cartel Do As It Pleased for 12 Years

GOP set to fast-track 'New World Order' pact

The Ruling that Endangers the Internet as we Know It

US Tries to Contain an Asian Giant

Nixon: "I am not a crook." Christie: "I am not a bully." Ron Johnson" "I am not clueless."

Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon: "Gov. Christie Traffic Jam" ("Born To Run" Parody)

The Guantanamo experiment: Letter from detainee on Gitmo’s 12th year

Won't Get Fooled Again

So I have this Police Detective patient who

Just a personal note before I dash out the door.

German media blast US 'No' to no-spy agreement

What that sticker really says

Western vision of military invasion an inversion of sanity

In My Time of Dying

Exposing the Koch Brothers’ 2014 Plan: Focus On 13 States and Campaign on Social Media

What Is It That Causes a Great Power Like the U.S. to Rot from Within?

Native American artist reimagines comic book heroes

Stars, Wonks Focus on the Fact That One in Three Americans Lives at or Near Poverty

Chris Christie's Hail Mary Pass: 'I Did Not Have Sex with That Bridge'

Japan Airlines benches ‘Dreamliner’ jet after finding ‘white smoke’

Humanity Is Becoming Increasingly Less Violent, with One Exception -- Religious Violence

Burma military 'using rape as weapon'

Georgia mom forced to leave Panera over disabled daughter’s noisy orthopedic shoes


North Carolina ‘wacko bird’ GOP candidate Greg Brannon compares food stamps to slavery

Does anyone have Showtime Anytime?

White House supports Senator Rand Paul’s bill to officially end U.S. Iraq war authority

UKIP to buy all the houses in Stevenage

Smoke On The Water

Wisconsin bill cutting child support for the rich written by rich guy looking to cut child support

Milwaukee voucher school LifeSkills Academy closes 'in the dead of the night'

Dem Lawmaker: Christie Won't Face Legislature's Wrath Because 'This Place Is Old School'

Stanley Kubrik's photos of New York life in the 40s.

575 Sex Abuse Claims: Milwaukee Archdiocese's bankruptcy plan is in the works

'The Americans Lied': Trans-Atlantic 'No-Spy' Deal on the Rocks

Someone sent me this on fb, so I don't have a link...only in Florida!

Justice or Peace? Hariri Trial Could Spark Further Unrest in Lebanon

On Christie scandal, has anyone heard any info on why

Welfare for Immigrants: EU Wants Fortress Germany to Open Up

Paint It Black

Quinnipiac NJ poll: If Christie knew, 55 percent say "removed from office" or "removed/prosecuted"

A WV resident tweeted a picture her water. NASTY!

Chrome and scary security "flaw"

Deceptive Labeling: Brussels Plans Tougher Organic Food Rules

Does Morning Joe on MSNBC watch Maddow from MSNBC?

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me

Sprinkle Some Happiness

US: Defense Contractor Tried to Smuggle F-35 Blueprints to Iran

Christie's Little Bro Blasts Bridge Scandal Coverage

Pump it up! Weightlifting 'cuts diabetes risk in women'

Moms in ‘Survival Mode’ as U.S. Trails World on Benefits

The one theology book all atheists really should read

Siri's Religious Beliefs: Does Your iPhone Believe In God?

Jailing of an Alabama blogger: It’s worse than we thought

Separated at birth... nutjobs

Jim Moran to announce retirement

mPower and B&W’s search for investors

Middle School Teacher Reportedly Stopped 12-Year-Old Alleged Shooter Who Opened Fire On Two

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) announces he will retire from Congress

Vatican To Be Grilled By UN On Allegations It Enabled Rape Of Children

Why West Coast Sea Life Is So Wacky Right Now

The next step for the ACA?

The Difficulty of Getting an Abortion in Texas

Battle of the Sexes: Men's Political Giving Dwarfs Women's

It's not an accident

Jim Hightower on the "Land of Opportunity"

Report: Port Authority Chair, A Christie Adviser, Weighs Stepping Down

Bad news for both parties in congress - R 71% D 60 % both numbers are disapproval.

Yet another hero teacher.

Socialising in pubs ‘boosts mens’ mental health’

First plastic cell with working organelle

First planet found around solar twin in star cluster

Happy Birthday to the 20/5th Century Quaker, America's greatest primitive white (blues;)man

Jim Moran announces retirement

Why Are Iraq and Afghanistan Not Looking After Themselves?

Virginia Congressman Jim Moran announces retirement

Social experience drives empathetic, pro-social behavior in rats

When Snack Foods Attack

Need help transporting a kitteh...please!!!!

"Gender Neutral"

This chart makes it painfully obvious that climate deniers are ridiculous

A U.S. Teacher in Finland: Teaching Less, Collaborating More

Morning Joe told me today that the Christie thing is really over, nothing more to see here, move

NYC: Water Main Break Causes Major Subway Delays

Squee ...

NYT: Administration Is Seen as Retreating on Environment in Talks on Pacific Trade

Revealed: Secretive Mont Pelerin Society home to leading pushers of climate change denial

Behave Yourself Jesus

Less Budget Money for Libya Embassy: Just Start Drinking Now, America (Charles Pierce)

Exposing the Koch Brothers’ 2014 Plan: Focus On 13 States and Campaign on Social Media

TPP: Poison for Local Community Resilience

Shock as sardines vanish off California - the entire Pacific coast - NOAA: We don’t know why

Venezuela: the most dangerous place on earth?

McDonald’s Agrees to Cut the Price of a Venezuelan Big Mac Combo

LANL revenues uncertain as nuclear stockpile costs rise

Kerry Seeks to Build Ties to New Pope With Vatican Visit

Widespread public dangers in PA to leaks of pure ammonia - investigative report

Net Neutrality Fairytales

Governor: "We Cut Unemployment Benefits To Stop People From Moving To North Carolina"

Have an extra cup or two this morning.......

Fed Student-Loan Focus Recognizes Threat to U.S. Economy

NYT: Chris Christie said Tuesday that New Jersey’s citizens “deserve better.” He is certainly right.

Senate Republicans block two unemployment aid bills

Terrible news for Obamacare haters: The law is not going to collapse

Young Peruvian Escapes Shining Path After 17 Years

Love in a Time of 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol

WikiLeaks released the secret draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Fox News’ greatest failure: Roger Ailes, Chris Christie and the quest for a Republican president

New Evangelical Movement Seeks Split From Pro-Israel Line

VA congressional candidate - Spousal Rape Shouldn't Be a crime.

Iraqi Death Scene Pics of Marines Burning Bodies Trigger U.S. Military Investigation

Papantonio: Corporate Fines Won’t Stop Criminal Behavior

Gotta love Bruce.......

WikiLeaks releases entire text of Secret Trans Pacific Partnership draft chapter on environment regu

"Alleged victim"

Just ran across a new way to interpret a Bible quote - nonreligious, I promise!

All that matters to CHRISTIE: SPRINGSTEEN goofing him with FALLON

Crossroads GPS likely broke election law, FEC staff concluded

Look How Gross The Water Is After The Chemical Spill In West Virginia

Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals

Filly that was found starved, frozen to ground: setback, improvements, requests for help

Bush's Masterpiece

John Boehner, Stop Your Lyin’.

Congress Ignores Pressing Issues, Instead Attacks Life-Saving EPA Protections

Hubby asked me if we get the irony of an overzealous Bushie RW prosecutor

How is addressing climate change like going to war?

Can you imagine people who are down-on-their-luck being laughed at by a turtle-face f__khead?

DU'ers around Statesville NC. McCrory is due for a visit on Feb. 13. Protest planned. Please join.

When I say "Banker," what comes to mind?

Pope Francis Cleans House At Vatican Bank With New Cardinals As Advisors

Yes, Master...

Iran Sanctions Battle Heats Up


'Superlens' extends range of wireless power transfer

Prosecutors: This wasn't the first blow-up for Florida theater shooter Curtis Reeves

All fish dead in Nevada man-made lake

Beyond Growth or Beyond Capitalism?

What’s next in the Christie probe: Head of N.J. Assembly committee talks to Salon

Professor Richard Wolff on Capitalism and Socialism

NSA Does NOT Need Physical Access To Compromise Electronic Devices - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

UPDATED: Senate report: Benghazi attack could have been prevented

Maybe I should post this in the Gungeon?

Couple describes past run-in with Reeves at same movie theater

Did someone say WAFFLES?

For concealed carry permits, why not restrictions similar to getting a security clearance?

Prosecutor sacked for bringing case against Christie cronies reveals ordeal at hands of NJ Mafia

12 Horror Stories Show Why Wednesday's Big Supreme Court Abortion Case Matters

Cat heaven

It's Kennel Time!

Do you want any article about the Pope to be allowed in GD permanently?

E-mail from Elizabeth Warren: This is just wrong

West Virginia Chemical Spill Reveals Shocking Lack Of Regulation

'The Americans Lied': Trans-Atlantic 'No-Spy' Deal on the Rocks

The Hillary-Haters’ Book Club Will Never Run (Out) of Things to Read

Brian Schweitzer's run as a leftwing Teabagger seeking ACA repeal will fail miserably.

Green Fade-Out: Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals

Yikes! Attack ads on ObamaCare

The Encouraging Rise of The Working Families Party in NY and CT

Wingers won't be happy until ALL weddings are THIS white...

NTSB issues preliminary report on fatal Metro-North crash

They're gonna unlock the doors on OUR HOUSE! (Wisconsin Capitol 1st floor doors)

Clintons v. Christie: Equals in Thuggery?

Parsons Commission is out with final recommendations on fixing NY's schools

South Korea cuts future reliance on nuclear power, but new plants likely

What's worse: texting during movie previews or shooting somebody dead for texting during previews?

Milwaukee voucher school LifeSkills Academy closes 'in the dead of the night'

Marijuana amnesty boxes going up at Colorado Springs Airport

Chancellor Zimpher sets ambitious goals in State of SUNY address

Mass.: Governor Patrick’s down payments on a transit legacy

The 34th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards Have Been Announced

Let's Party!

Chevron Hit with $5 Billion Suit for Deadly Nigerian Gas Rig Explosion

Is Medical Cannabis Possible For NFL Players?

Wikileaks has just published a draft of the enviromental chapter of the TPP: It's bad.

Stupid people are stupid

Canterbury Cathedral to host first-ever girls’ choir

Canterbury Cathedral to host first-ever girls’ choir

Colin Stokes: How Movies Teach Manhood

Really Good News

Sikmathelioma (Cog Dis)

British press freedom is under international scrutiny – and with good reason

(IL) Pharmacists ask to be allowed to run pot dispensaries

Had about 2.5 inches cut off my hair yesterday

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday ~ January 15th

Prosecutors: This wasn't the first blow-up for Florida theater shooter Curtis Reeves

After rough 2013, porn studios look for a better year

Not One Girl Took the AP Computer Science Test in Some States

VIDEO: Texas GOP County Chair Doubles Down, Calling Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie" At Forum

New Jersey Voters Believe Christie in Dark on Bridge Scandal: Poll

Bill Clinton's run as a New Democrat will fail miserably

Fuck.Them. All. "Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it.

Wonkette: Baby Pesticide, Army Rape, Wife Rape And Slavery: Meet VA Congressional Candidate

The GOP's 2014 Message: Obama Isn't Creating Jobs for Some Reason

Why Abortion Clinics Need Buffer Zones

Weight Watchers Cards from the '70's

Sharron Angle files initiative to outlaw health exchanges in Nevada

"I'm From West Virginia and I've Got Something to Say About the Chemical Spill"

To go along with another link re: domestic abuse

The Pope hanging with the cool

Brown rules out presidential bid

Tea party crazy Angle is back.........

Washington, D.C., panel weighs decriminalizing marijuana

Danish woman gang-raped in the heart of Delhi's tourist area

Has a TESOL certification helped anyone here get a job? Or is it another of those credentials

Violence kills 75 in Iraq, PM seeks world's support

Yemen drone strikes kills farmer -witnesses

Pic Of The Moment: Three Reasons To Extend Unemployment Insurance

Lawmakers threaten TSA with private screeners

Any EDM fans out there?

Democratic Virginia lawmakers press gay rights bills

7,000 ft. climb for a cup of tea

NC Mining Commission ruled fracking chemical cocktails to remain secret...

Puerto Rico Supreme Court halts pension reform, angering governor

ok, I'm trying to buy something from a wishlist on Amazon

Court suspends dismissal of Bogota mayor

Justices Doubtful on Mass Abortion Buffer Zone Law

FDA warns against high-dose prescription acetaminophen

Senator Richard Burr Blocks Judge That Senator Richard Burr Told Obama To Nominate

Events from the first week of 2014. We bring you America! From Derf

Pope Francis calls abortion 'horrific' in toughest remark to date

Classic Movies You Love - Post Your Recommendations

You should always be careful with strange people knocking on your door-

Court: Workers can sue Apple, Google, others in wage dispute

Mexico anti-cartel vigilantes reject disarming in standoff with military forces

Bryan Fischer wants to outlaw voting...

Sorry, the Patriots are going to lose - By Dan Shaughnessy Boston Globe Columnist

Had to excuse myself from a jury.

The Right to Health in Ecuador

Cats test a hypothesis

New Movies Group on DU

What's that in Your pocket?

Larry Klayman sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic...

New York agrees $18m settlement with 2004 Republican convention protesters

If you kill me in GTA V online, at least have the stones to accept my 1v1 challenge

Virginia GOP candidate: Spousal rape isn’t a crime if she is ‘wearing a nightie’

Five years ago today Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger flew the ever-loving Hell out of his aircraft ...

FL Movie Theater Killer Tries to Invoke "Stand Your Ground"

Preacher running for CO legislature says NY Times writer will go to hell...

Google ads target Canadians using personal health info

Houston Community College clears way for anti-gay leader Wilson to take office

This quote by Dr. Paul Farmer makes a lot of sense...

12 dead in Brazil shooting spree

40 more maps that explain the world

US waters down coal financing restrictions

The Conjuring ... anyone ...

Gay man’s killer claims ‘AIDS panic’

Virginia GOP candidate: Spousal rape isn’t a crime if she is ‘wearing a nightie’

Detroit trial for Renisha McBride shooting death set for June

Groundbreaking California measure would outlaw 'affluenza' defense

West Virginia company behind water contamination cited at second facility

SNAP! Down go the trolls (Gabourey Sidibe at Golden Globes)

Senate votes to fund the government thru Saturday

Here's an interesting sunset I took recently

Lieberman: Obama lacks coherent anti-terror plan

I really need to get to work

Queen to release new track featuring vocals of Freddie Mercury

Robert Reich makes an important point about the West Virginia spill

N.J. Senate's top Democrat expects Chris Christie's popularity to drop

Luke I will not be your father (star wars condoms)

Ian McKellen Teams Up With 27 Nobel Prize Winners To Protest Russia Anti-Gay Laws

Obamacare Giving Big Boost To Georgia's Health IT Industry


How The NYPD's Use Of Civil Forfeiture Robs Innocent New Yorkers

U.S. judge rejects challenge to 'Obamacare' insurance subsidies

Science enters $1,000 genome era

40 years ago tonight Happy Days debuted on ABC (dedicated to the nerds in the lounge)

Let the shit-talking begin.

The Long-Term Unemployed Sound Off: ‘I Will Never Vote For A Republican Again’

What Happens When the President Sits Down Next to You At A Cafe

Day of the Dead Gingerbread Cookies (large image included)

Company in W.Va. spill cited in issues at 2nd site

Al Qaeda and the Saudi Agenda - Toby Jones on Reality Asserts Itself

A republican friend informed me this morning

Toon: Freedom Industries

Reach The Rez Campaign

Tweety guesting on Andrea Mitchell

Describe the God you believe in.

Which one is the real entitlement?

Google broke Canadian privacy law by using search data to target Canadians with health-related ads

Brian Schweitzer Can't Really Think Of Anything Nice To Say About Obama's Record

Adjunctivitis - Part-timers face ‘double standard’

Welcome to the Internet's new toll lane

Why HBO’s "Looking" Is The Honest Gay Series We’ve Been Waiting For

Virginia GOP candidate: Spousal rape isn’t a crime if she is ‘wearing a nightie’

O, the cuteness!

Rush Limbaugh: Christians 'Cannot Believe in Manmade Global Warming'

There is a teacher trying to get on the TUSD School Board!

A couple of toons...

Thom Hartmann: Is Congress Guilty of Torture?

DEA Made Deal with Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel

Check out this awesome Miami Heat basketball trophy...

Peyton's Pre-AFC Championship Voicemail for Tom Brady

Ancient tomb of unknown Egyptian pharaoh ‘Senebkay’ found in Abydos

Supreme Court sides with Monsanto in dispute over genetically engineered seeds

This Porsche building will house 2% of the world's billionaires

GOProud co-founder: ‘Cancer’ of LGBT bigotry is going to kill the Republican Party

Milwaukee voucher school disappears after getting $2 million in taxpayer money

The Truth. Not Enough Jobs/Never Will Be Enough Jobs/Politicians Know it.

Nobody tell Brian Schweitzer that Obama's approval rating among liberal democrats is at 84%

Ancient tomb of unknown Egyptian pharaoh ‘Senebkay’ found in Abydos

"Stand Your Ground" Defense may Be Used by Texter Shooter

Revealed: Secretive Mont Pelerin Society home to leading pushers of climate change denial

"He [Christie] is a moderate Democrat."

Tiny Woman Sets World Record

Roman head hunters in England: Researchers analyze skulls with gruesome results

Is There A List Of NJ Dems (Mayors & Legislators) That Endorsed Crispy.....

Virginia court allows company to identify anonymous Yelp critics

The United States ranks 34th out of the developed world's 35 countries by child poverty rates....

Blunder Road: Springsteen Runs Over Christie - a Fabulous Read

Neutrinos: Little-noticed breakthrough lets scientists see distant cosmos like never before

Anti-gay marriage Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols to become Cardinal

Just received an email, jimmy kimmel re: ACA

Widower surprises couple by picking up their tab

Bill Maher: Chris Christie is twerking his way from bridge scandal to GOP nomination

'Citizen Koch' documentary gets distributor, heading to theaters in spring

'Citizen Koch' documentary gets distributor, heading to theaters in spring

Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Ibaraki facility

Subscribed. Favorite movie? Dr. Strangelove!

WOW! I got a lot done before noon today! All good too!

What kind of god(s) do you believe in?

Poll: New Jersey is well-stocked with Fools

Lawmakers Hire Ex-Blagojevich Prosecutor To Investigate Bridge Scandal

Schweitzer: "Medicaid is a system that isn't working . . . one of the least effective programs

Why Abortion Clinics Need Buffer Zones ("You've only got to look to history")

New scholarly paper: "Mass Shootings in America: Moving Beyond Newtown"

Wisconsin GOP wants a woman's Mother-in-Law to be able to deny her the right to an abortion.

Israel’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide

Vatican facing U.N. showdown on sex abuse record

Vatican facing U.N. showdown on sex abuse record

OH, forgot to mention this: My therapist wants to see about getting me a cat!

There's a brain-dead corpse whose family is being forced

"Life After CPAP" A physician's experience with OSA, e-book available free.

Ahh, the joys of privatization: Prison shenanigans in Michigan

Repost from GD: ..."Mass Shootings in America: Moving Beyond Newtown"

Humanity Is Becoming Increasingly Less Violent, with One Exception -- Religious Violence

Utah’s 1,300 gay weddings spark change in attitudes

Hitler reacts to Kings not scoring on 7 minute power play vs Canucks.

Leith, ND foils white supremacist takeover

China Joins U.S. Among Biggest Global Warming ‘Offenders’

If this is the case, Mr. Snowden has just given aid to the enemy..

Gaaagh!! The conventional scandal wisdom burns

Great idea for a group....I will have lots to say!

Found a book today that proved I need to go through the book case more often

Is it customary to allow people to remove items from a house where there's been a murder-suicide?

Big Ed:Some democrats running for congress seem to think they can run on fixing the ACA

Apple will refund at least $32.5M in app case

Civil War History Chart Map

Family Of Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Is Suing Texas Hospital, Politicians Weigh In

These doctors saids the darndest things -- 100 examples


The Rude Pundit: Freedom Industries Pisses on West Virginia While It's Down

Some thoughts about "tolerance"?

Hey, I resemble that

Nun Faces up to 30 Years for Breaking Into Weapons Complex, Embarrassing the Feds

New Science Confirms Homophobic Men Have Intense Homosexual Impulses

Lovers, 16, flee public school at night and fly to Caribbean: (sick of the rain)

Peruvian Satellite Arrives At International Space Station

Peruvian Army to get new artillery in 2014

"My Cat From Hell" on netfix.

Transportation sec'y upbeat about infrastructure

Dark money: How Wisconsin's most politically influential organizations avoid disclosing their donors

On anniversary of SAFE Act, some looking to make gun laws even more stringent

House nears OK of government-wide $1.1T budget

From Facebook: Google Maps view of Freedom Industries

Uruguay considers plan to buy fighters from Ecuador

Russian-Iran Oil Deal Could Trigger US Sanctions – White House

Picture thread - show us your workspace

Kali posted in the Lounge that we lost MiddleFingerMom Jan. 9th.

Cities Grapple With Oil-Train Safety

11 vacant seats in 212-member NY state Legislature

4 Insurgents, 3 Officers Killed in N.Caucasus Shootout

Robert Gates is the guest tonight on The Daily Show nt

Bikers, pedestrians ask for more safety measures

Papantonio: Republicans Destroyed The War On Poverty


Greenwich Village water main break floods streets, disrupts trains

(FYI) Don't miss the RM show tonight for NJ scandal news!

AT&T CEO says awaiting clarity on U.S. surveillance rules

Appeals court says federal government has a right to crack down on California pot dispensaries

US collegians on baseball diplomacy tour in Cuba

US collegians on baseball diplomacy tour in Cuba

Republican goal: ‘Tarnish’ the brand of Democratic presidential hopefuls early

Obama unveils manufacturing hub on North Carolina trip

Correlation between Sandy Aid and Endorsements???

More American Exceptionalism. TPP and the environment.

4 dead in apparent murder-suicide near Irmo

Gov't charges Wal-Mart with labor violations

Who watched True Detective?

Louie Gohmert does it again...

UN says pace of Israeli settler attacks up 4-fold

Texas drone research center conducting tests

Asking for a small favor from regulars in ths group.

Ohio killer nears execution with untried method

TX man imprisoned for half his life freed on bond.

AP Sources: Armed Services Chairman [Rep. Buck McKeon, CA-25] to Retire

Epic photos of Chilean Volcano Lightning Storm and Eruption!

red or green?

A Dog's Purpose: According to a 6-yr old.

New food safety law means California bartenders have to wear gloves, too

What a shocker! Young people like Obamacare: Column

Daniel Ellsberg on Reddit: Edward Snowden is my hero

Breaking: Bridget Kelly orders 3/4 of Springsteen's driveway blocked by cones

Blagojevich Prosecutor Hired by Assembly for Bridge Probe

Drinking linked to faster mental decline in men

AP Sources: Armed Services Chairman [Rep. Buck McKeon, CA-25] to Retire

Obama Announces Institute to Create Manufacturing Jobs

Video stirs debate over Dallas police shooting

In Nigeria, a full out witch hunt for gay people after new law is enacted.

The 14 idiots who wanted the government to shut down tonight.

Congressman’s New Jobs Plan: Deny Women Access To Abortion So They Can Make More Babies

US lawmaker opposes advanced nuke tech for SKorea

Cracked's "6 Shocking Realities of the Secret Troubled Teen Industry."

US nuclear launch officers suspended for 'cheating'

Why? (Caution--another Republican idiot talks about rape)

State acknowledges it had no plan for Freedom spill

Researchers find method to store solar power

Can I reinstall my OS (10.6.8) without losing installed apps like PhotoShop?

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Obama to Place Some Restraints on Surveillance

Kansas teen accused of planning school shooting

President Obama’s “Promise Zones” anti-poverty program is a Trojan horse for deregulation.

Obama announces manufacturing institute to open in NC

House Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill and Sends It to Senate

Anyone see the movie "Red Lights"?

Group funded by white supremacists woos minorities in MLK Jr. anti-immigration ad

Chris Hedges: Rise of the Corporate Class, Slow Coup D'etat

Eastman Chemical named in W.V. chemical spill lawsuit

In a first, Amazon warehouse workers to vote today on labor union representation

Party time!

The current Supreme Court is a joke.

Navy to move Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier to Japan next year

Church releasing sex abuse files on Chicago clergy

America’s Rogue Government

West Virginia Politicians "On the Issues" -- "Energy & Oil"

Air Force suspends 34 nuclear missile officers for cheating on exams

POLITICS Black state lawmakers cancel meeting with Gov. Rick Scott

Jon Stewart morphs Christie's Bridgegate into Nixon's Watergate

Robert Reich: Fear Is Why Poor States Vote Against Their Economic Interest

So there's been a picture circulating on social media of supposed water from WV...

Hedges: Credibility of the Ruling Elite Being Shredded

Hit-and-run charges for drivng over a leaf pile where kids were playing

Stars of Cowboys' '90s reign can't believe team's playoff drought continues

to those who have yahoo mail.

Apple will refund at least $32.5M in app case

The House has passed a $1.1 trillion spending plan that would fund the government through September.

Hi my fellow artists! It's been a while for me.......

Watch Bill Whittle, as he warms up the audience for high-pitched-squealer Ted Cruz!

MSNBC is screwing up Alex Wagner's new show in the same way they did Chris Hayes.

Clayton Kershaw / Dodgers: 7 years, $215 million

Surprised no one's posted this yet re: The Death of Net Neutrality.

This evening,

LMAO over this text message...

Your day just got better: Puppy Bowl photos

New Hampshire General Assembly Votes to Legalize Marijuana


Brian Schweitzer, Would-Be Liberal Hero, is an NRA Darling (he also supports Keystone XL)

Peter Pan marriage proposal at SSE Hydro in Glasgow

Walter Rhett: How a Tenth of a Cent Becomes $5 Billion

Leaked PowerPoint Reveals Walmart's Anti-Union Strategy

Partnering with Local Communities: The First Five “Promise Zones”

Christie Crashes in new Marist POLL

The Aokigahara Forest: Forest Of Suicides

Looks Like No One To Vote For When Trade Agreements Considered

Fox Only Talks About Climate Change When It's Cold

Experts see possible charges in NJ bridge scandal

Mozaffar Khazaee 'tried to ship F-35 documents to Iran'

Glenn Beck: Obamacare is a religion

Why doesn't Brian Schweitzer just run in the Republican primary? Dude is a f*cking FAKE!!!

"Ads Attacking Health Law Stagger Outspent Democrats"

**January Photo Contest Thread 3**

**January Photo Contest Thread 2**

**January Photo Contest Thread 1**

The Bridge - Documentary Film

Peyton, what is it that you love about the city of Omaha?

**** January DU Photo Contest Prelims up and running in GD!! ****

**** January DU Photo Contest Prelims up and running in GD!! ****

Latest Conservative Attempt to Undo Obamacare Fails in Court

Christie falls further behind Clinton in potential '16 matchup (newly released Marist poll)

Small step in the right direction in Virginia

It's taken a long time but I finally got through on the insurance exchange...

New Marist Poll - Christie

Why 'Atheist Churches' Are Making Us Atheists Look Ridiculous

Injera? Tips? Hints?

Caretaker indicted in case of 4-year-old tortured boy, body still unclaimed

CNN reporting on Denver cannabis tourism

5-year anniversary of the 'Miracle on the Hudson'

Gohmert: Judges Ruling In Favor Of Gay Marriage Need 'Basic Plumbing Lessons

Limbaugh: What Economists Expected The Stimulus To Work? (Krugman?--uh NO)

Central African Republic Residents See Crisis as Political, Not Religious

Penney to shed 33 stores, cut 2,000 jobs to stem losses

Another bad day for Benghazi conspiracy theories

21,000 sign petition to support former Catholic school vice principal

Friends of accused Boston bomber to face June coverup trial

Goodbye, Candlestick Park (New NFL Films)

Obama unveils manufacturing hub on North Carolina trip

My Nightmare with the ACA and How I Got My Pony

GOP takes spending bill negotiating cues from Alex Jones and WorldNetDaily

New video surfaces of U.S. prisoner from Afghan war

House Passes $1.012 Trillion Spending Bill

Has Joe Scarborough resigned yet? Looks like he has a little scandal of his own brewing...

Nigeria Islamic court tries gay suspects in Bauchi

NSA reform measures quietly included in $1.1tn spending bill

Girl, 5, killed by stray bullet as she ate breakfast

Afghan president attacks U.S. over military operation


Misinterpretation? It all makes sense now. (funny)

It's all a big misunderstanding!

Egypt voters overwhelmingly approve constitution: government official

Sen. Mary Landrieu joins Canadian foreign minister to press Obama to support Keystone Pipeline

Alaska's Bristol Bay Region could be devastated by mining, EPA report finds

Christie's Presidential Seat.

Christie Plummets 10 Points in Match-Up Against Hillary