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Archives: January 14, 2014

Holy Smokes: Americans Have Pretty Much Stopped Smoking

The next time a creationist tells you.......

Chicago Cubs' new mascot

Steel mill’s expansion leaves St. Paul Pipefitters out in the cold

Polar Biking: Capital Bikeshare Ridership Surges Despite Frigid Temps

Russia expels US journalist David Satter without explanation

How the Rich Ruin the Environment

McDonnell Pranks McAuliffe With A Bear In Governor's Mansion (photo link)

Christie To Deliver State Of State Address Tuesday

Noam Chomsky: A Brief History of Anarchism

Time to pick up the Cones, Krispie Kreeme...

Leading Outsourcing Watchdog Group Praises CA Proposal to Reign in Wasteful Contracting

Anybody else think Jeff Bezos looks like a cross between Will Arnett and Mr. Bean?

I defy you to read the Amazon reviews of these gummy bears and not break out in laughter

Police Officers Not Guilty in Kelly Thomas Beating Death

Why can't we fast track positive things

Agreement reached on details of $1 trillion U.S. spending bill-Mikulski

Freezing for Wal-Mart: Sub-zero warehouse temperatures spur Indiana work stoppage

Occupy Bangkok: Protesters Shut Down the Wall Street of Thailand

Are mood altering chemicals magical?

Regulator: 18 of 20 oil cars pierced in North Dakota crash

Army commander promises discipline against media leaks

Delightful food.

Colorado to launch 'don't drive stoned' ads with U.S. funding

Another theater shooting

Saw 'Saving Mr. Banks'. Liked it.

When will it be considered OK

(UK) Christian counsellors ban therapy aimed at 'converting' gay patients

Hired drivers' lawsuit accuses Christie administration of 'reckless conduct' in lane closures

EPA Finally Asks Fracking Companies to Self-Report Which Toxins Are Dumped in the Ocean

Israeli nuclear ambiguity as an illusion

Canada Post cancels parcel surcharge in Fort McMurray

You don't need to know anything about figure skating to appreciate this

Nigeria's president signs law imposing up to 14 years' jail for gay relationships

Obamacare enrollment exploded in December to 2.2 million

Neil Young responds to PMO's defence of oilsands

"How FOX News Chief Roger Ailes Tried To Win Republicans The White House"

So apparently there's a wrong way to eat at a Chinese buffet and it offended my friend

Bridge Scandal Has Little Impact On Chris Christie's National Ratings

I've been to the Wesley Chapel Cobb theater dozens of times

Tennessee Titans hire Ken Whisenhunt to be next head coach

Chris Hayes and the War On Poverty

Hunger, death in besieged Damascus area

Fellow Cubs fans, are you as heartsick as I am?

State Sen. Vicki Marble introduces "no food stamps in pot shops" bill based on SATIRE article

Fundraiser for NY Congressman Arrested in Campaign Finance Scheme

All roads lead to Michele Brown, Chris Christie's longterm and very well paid pal.

Republicans may have Obama this time

Is Maria Shriver auditioning for a MSNBC show?

Bill would make medical marijuana sales legal in Tennessee

Were those screeching cats... or what?

a family member has offered to pay for me to get a concealed carry license

Can anyone identify this rockk formation?

Fractured Tory ranks getting harder for Harper to hold together: Hébert

I stopped in to our (dis)Honourable Representatives office today

$330 million pledge to save DIA art and Detroit's under funded retiree pensions

One Chart To Rule Them All: "Not Enough Young'uns" Obamacare Trolling Debunked:

Congressman Maloney announces his engagement to his partner Randy Florke.

Will the benevolent Christie permit bridge traffic to the Super Bowl?

Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens.

CONFIRMED: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Cartel

China Huffs and Puffs Some More, to Uncertain Effect

Gates Conceals Real Story of "Gaming" Obama on Afghan War ( Gareth Porter )

When these things become self-aware, we're all fucked….

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Fallujah & a new Kitteh gif

Is it surprising that posters here are defending exorcism, or just sad?

Brit Hume is a Good Ole Boy and the Good Ole Boys Lost

Mitt Romney dances onstage at young Mormons conference [VIDEO]

Obamacare Outsourced

Professor Richard Wolff: "Something is happening to a society ... It's getting mean."

I can haz daguerreotype?

Eighty percent of congregation quits after Indiana church forces out gay choir director

RACHEL! She is single handedly destroying Christie RIGHT NOW!

The Flood Next Time

How the Rise of Women in Labor Could Save the Movement

Dad, What's a Super Bowl?

Use of private emails in 'Bridgegate' discussions 'disturbing,' assemblyman says

Group Takes 'Strong Exception' to New Nuke Recommendation

The Golden Globes' Race Problem

Day 5 still no water in WV

The NSA, Drug Trafficking, & the Crash of Cocaine2

'If Al Qaeda had poisoned the water of 300k people ...'

Kelly Thomas Verdict: 'Stunning, Massive Defeat For Prosecution'

Time to pan the Golden Globe body wear.

Foundations Aim to Save Pensions in Detroit Crisis

I wish I had that~

Health care signups: More older Americans so far

"Obamacare enrollment healthier, with room to grow: Survey"

It turns out the answer to what causes autism was starting is in the face... organic food!

Cubs honoring MFM?

Final four Super Bowl Victories...

Codey: Some Democrats tried to quash investigation into bridge scandal to protect Christie

"Scholar: Rand Paul misstated my research on unemployment"

West Coast radiation from Fukushima disaster poses no risk, experts say.

Paul Krugman ~ The Republicans' Obamacare Hypocrisy: A Mystery Solved

Upon Surveying The Political Landscape The US Worker And USA Seems To Be Screwed.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Hates His State's Legal Weed 'Experiment'

OH NO - one of the most terrifying images from The Godfather: have we seen this version yet? (toon)

Medicare overpays by millions on erectile dysfunction aids, inspector finds

Forgotten U.S. History... PBS Fall Line Up trailer

Arthur Crudup

A Doctor Has Spent Decades Dressing Up Like A Homeless Man. The Reason Is Fantastic.

Christie Vetoes Bill Allowing Transgender People To Change Birth Certificates

NJ Lawmakers Urge Caution On Alternate Bridge Scandal Theories

Former Perry policy aide to serve as state environmental agency commissioner

Hank Ballard

Honduras Deploys Mobile Stores to Streets to Fight ‘Speculation’

Former NJ (acting) Governor: Some Democrats tried to derail GWB investigation

NJ Dem Senate Majority Leader: Development Theory Is 'Absolutely' Plausible In Bridge Scandal

Swiss Cheese pervert at large

Michigan right-winger makes an ass of himself....again.

Jerome Corsi says Hitler went to South America!

How the media created Chris Christie

Chair of bidding committee has close ties to Christie

Looks like EPA haze rules will shut down some coal plants

And now an update about Cambodia:

The Conservative's Guide To Debate

Fox News Regular At Cruz Rally: Shoot If You See California License Plates

Senate completes overhaul of key appeals court

Star Tribune: Meat Industry Launches Legal Assault against New U.S. Country of Origin Labeling Rules

World Bank's ethics under scrutiny after Honduras loan investigation

World Bank's ethics under scrutiny after Honduras loan investigation

Bob Gates is NO Patriot

Death of the ARC Tunnel

Hawaii health director died of cardiac arrhythmia

My situation just became critical...again

Texans Have State Rep. Debbie Riddle and God to Thank For the Right to Gun Down Burglars

Judge says Pa. girl wrestler allowed on boys’ team

Legalizing pot makes police departments poorer due to fewer asset forfeitures

Will someone please do a productive rain dance?

Maria Shriver to meet with Obama on Tuesday

A BATH??? Nooooooooooooo! No likey!

A BATH??? Nooooooooooooo! No likey!

Atty: Former Cowboys player Josh Brent wasn't drunk in crash that killed teammate

Maria Shriver's report to President Obama: “A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink”

Roadmap to ‘Bridgegate’

After 19 months in a men's prison, CeCeMcDonald finally walked free Monday morning

Water supplies and Bridges subject to Al-Qaida attacks

"A 2,000-Year-Old Human Skeleton Was Just Unearthed In South Florida"

A new theory on Chris Christie.

Utah, in Opposing Gay Marriage, Finds Three Arguments Are Better Than One

Where are the Women?

Post your theme song

So, that's pretty cold...

'This is your community and your rights and your water,' (Erin) Brockovich tells city residents

"Ted Cruz Delivers Huge Slap In The Face To House GOP Leaders"

I Hear That There Are Three Other Retailers Besides Target and Neiman Marcus That Had Security....

Exclusive: FBI suspects front running of Fannie, Freddie in swaps market

Faux "news" fired a reporter...

"Here Comes the Anti-Government Left" Warren not Deblassio

Another Stupid Jury

Ted Cruz's crony wants California cars shot at...

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Directly Responsible For ‘Unremitting Brutality’ Of Ariel Sharon

Atty: Former Cowboys player Josh Brent wasn't drunk in crash that killed teammate

"Exclusive: FBI suspects front running of Fannie, Freddie in swaps market"

Panamanian officials seize $7 million in suspected drug money hidden in luggage at airport

How do TPP's investor-state arbitration provisions differ from those of previous treaties?

Stewart Channels His Inner Angry NYCer to Ream Mayor de Blasio for Eating Pizza the Wrong Way

Mark James - Suspicious Minds (The Original Version)

Hate to keep asking but, no news on the request I posted a week ago?

A new Star Wars character revealed!

Witchwind: "No woman is heterosexual"

Fox refuses to comment after guest calls for Satanists to be gunned down

I hope the rest of the week in clinic goes as well as today.

Republican Senate candidate: Welfare programs are ‘all sin’ and ‘legalized plunder’

The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly

Wrestling TV Shows

Any Speculation As To How Crisp Crispy's State Of The State Speech Will Go Tomorrow?.....

Anyone else interested in Star Citizen?

County GOP Auctions Rifle In MLK's Honor

'Bout damn time!

Backstory/Timeline on -- Catholic archbishop Józef Wesolowski -- possibly involved in child abuse

Dumb Criminals: Mayfair, PA Police On The Lookout For "Swiss Cheese Pervert"

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ January 14th

One Down 49 to Go: New Mexico Progressives Kick The Koch Brothers Out of Their State

Virginia officials introduce legislation to repeal same-sex marriage ban

My 1600th post in 90 days! I really need to get a life...

Fellow shot at theater was texting his 3 year old daughter

So funny - Kirsten Gillibrand on my teevee talking about protecting women

Has anybody got a link to a good feminist thought primer and some suggested readings?

Australian “Male Studies” initiative under fire because of its connections to raving misogynists;

Paying teachers @ $3/hr like a babysitter would give them salaries of $105,000/year.

California Residents Install More Solar Panels Last Year than in Previous 30 Combined

8 part Showtime Doc on Climate Change coming Sunday nights April-May

Watching Scotty Blow, Continued --- Charles P. Pierce of Esqiure

A Massive New Assessment Of Climate Change’s Economic Risks Is Ready For Business

I messed up

Presidents playing pool.

Cats fighting. Nothing sounds creepier at night outside your window.

Mountain high cable car system to link Bolivian cities of La Paz and El Alto

Yahoo problem...

Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed the Steubenville Rapists May Get More Prison Time Than Rapists

Christie will propose longer school day - to antagonize public teachers union

One of the coolest shots of a volcano ever, as seen from the ISS (.gif image)

Bolivia's Cerro Rico, the 'mountain that eats men', could sink whole city

Grocery Manufacturers Association challenges Washington's campaign finance laws

Closing the Gender Wage Gap Would Cut Women's Poverty Rate in Half

3-D Printing Set To Break Out Of Niche

Myanmar still uses rape as weapon of war - women's group

Cameron is a Total sellout

Atheists "get off of our country".

Obamacare: Health plan enrollment surges in Iowa, Nebraska

Watching an infomercial for Wolfgang Puck's pressure oven...

Proposed spy phone record shift draws resistance

Polish prosecutor: 'Jews to Auschwitz’ chant not anti-Semitic

Dozens of trade-offs in $1.1 trillion budget bill

Egypt holds key vote on country's new charter

Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK

Exposing Obama's Hypocrisy on Drone Warfare

Big force in little community: Manufacturer spending more than $550,000 to expand

Crackdown on manure spills raises stink for rural lawmakers in Nebraska Legislature

If Employers Like Staples Use Obamacare as Excuse to Cut Worker Hours, Their Plans May Backfire

Judge OKs pact ending Ark. desegregation payments

GOP constituents also depend on jobless aid (link fixed)

Why the Republican Strategy to Set Working Class Whites Against the Poor is Backfiring

Why Growing Harassment of Scientists by Climate Change Deniers Is So Dangerous

Former Sen. Bob Graham in Cuba to talk oil drilling

Former Sen. Bob Graham in Cuba to talk oil drilling

Major Crimes Renewed for 3rd season

12 hours needed for people within 30-km (18 mile) radius of nuclear plants to evacuate: study

Flirting monkeys 'stone' their mates

Eighty percent of congregation quits after Indiana church forces out gay choir director

Cairo courthouse bombed as Egypt referendum begins

Supreme Court hints it may limit president's recess-appointments power

Rep. Sean Maloney Is Engaged To His Longtime Partner, Randy Florke

Noam Chomsky: U.S. directly responsible for ‘unremitting brutality’ of Ariel Sharon

You know it makes me sad that I never told MFM how much I loved his posts when he was alive

Study: Caffeine Can Improve Memory

Kalashnikov inventor haunted by unbearable pain of dead millions

Justice Dept. investigates defense contractor Honeywell over sensor made in China

That West Virginia chemical spill? It’s likely a bigger scandal than Bridgegate

How Sex Affects Intelligence, and Vice Versa

Pastor accused of paying homeless to fire-bomb ex professes innocence: ‘I never did pay them’

'Ghost gun' regulations pushed in California bill

U.S. issues first challenge to WTO over Chinese compliance claim

Stunned sea turtles to be released into Gulf

New Mexico judge OKs assisted suicide

Mexico deploy army in Michoacan

Who needs a carwash?

French president’s security chief in trouble for not checking ‘love nest’ properly

Global warming denier Jim Inhofe: ‘Fewer and fewer’ senators believe in climate change ‘hoax’

GOP constituents also depend on jobless aid

Florida citrus growers worry that deadly bacteria will mean end of orange juice

'ghost gun' regulations pushed in california bill

Jebus fugging Krist - Joe Scum is on with Benghazi again

Mikhail Kalashnikov repented for creating the AK-47 rifle: ‘My spiritual pain is unbearable’

My friend has started a new blog for the Transgender community

Lions 'facing extinction in West Africa'

Flood pressure: Climate disasters drown FEMA’s insurance plans

False Nostalgia: The Original Fallujah Campaign Destabilized Iraq

One persons solution to climate change...

Dubai Calls for End to Iran Sanctions, Says no Nuclear Threat

Canada’s energy officials take over job of protecting fish from pipelines

NSA Bulk Surveillance has had no Impact on Fighting Terrorism

Crazy Solar Story

Eyes on Silent Dems as Hawks Push for War with Iran

“Fox was Romney’s War Room”; GOP being run by Fox News: Zucker & Gabriel Agree

NY Daily News Opinion: Cuomo's Port Authority Problem

NY Daily News Opinion: So Long, Tough Guy - Christie Exposed

Turkey’s Fierce Battle on the Religious Right

South Sudan Nile ferry sinks with more than 200 dead

Hidden Homophobia: Is Germany Really as Liberal as It Seems?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Jersey Shore

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- A-roid

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The world ALSO needs love, sweet love… It's the not only thing that there's just too little of...

GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia quits Republican Party

Rare color film shows what London looked like in 1927

Spot The Difference...

No Joe; Mika is taking on WV chem spill, Christie corruption.

Christie installed at least 50 political appointees at PA, more than any previous governor

137% of likely voters weigh in on Bridge-Gate...

Describes Michigan to a T...

GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia quits Republican Party (XPOST from LGBT)

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Luckovich for the win!

China casts red tape in South China Sea

GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia quits Republican Party (XPOST from LGBT)

Bill Nye Science Guy eats Climate Change denier for lunch (video)

Reliving Machiavelli in Florence

PayPal testing easier checkout for online shoppers

Erdogan risks US ties with provocations

Widespread scam over medical-alert devices shut down

Homeless Lack Winter Clothing After Fire in Tibetan Town

Aide Fired by Christie Is Called Loyal Team Player, Not Rogue Operative

GOP constituents also depend on jobless aid

Indiana House chamber bursts into laughter after speaker calls LGBT people ‘intolerant’

Cannabis Shops in America: A Novelty Emblematic of ‘Cool Capitalism’

Seven Nobel Laureates Endorse Increase in U.S. Minimum Wage

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Law Enabling Local Regulation Of Puppy Mills

Rachel rules! Really

The West Patiently Awaits Its Decline

Snowden and the EU

The True Enemy Is Cronyism

Report: Christie Officials Hiding Key Details On 'Stronger Than The Storm' Ads

Toon: Gov Christie

Toon: Gates book

In 2014 More Powder Will Wash Away from America’s Face

I was going to take a selfie w/ a statue on campus

Michael Douglas wants to surprise audiences with Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

Homeless man beaten and his dog kicked to death in Fresno

#BoycottMorningJoe #Uniteblue #libcrib #tlot he's a #RWNJ

JPMorgan 4Q profit falls 7 percent on legal costs

Proposed spy phone record shift draws resistance

U.S. Congressman to marry same-sex partner

Penis politics: Sex, size and stereotypes in the gay community

A New Jersey 'traffic study' wouldn't need lane closings

GOP’s Enron-esque higher ed plan: Fire tenured faculty to fund student dorms

Wisconsin: Burke Phoning It In

Blog names Gary Southern of Freedom industries, "@$$hole of the day"

Dozens of trade-offs in $1.1 trillion budget bill

Wisconsin: Grothman Hates That You Have Weekends

Google says it will buy Nest Labs for $3.2B

10 Things to Know for Today 1=14=14

Movement for a more democratic EU is a "Marxist manifesto for a European superstate"?

Was 2013 the height of military benefits?

Wisconsin GOP Bill Would Give Mother-In-Law Power to Stop a Daughter-In-Law's Abortion

Fake news story apparently prompts real legislation in Colorado

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services

There was spider.............

Israel defense minister says Kerry messianic, obsessive: paper

Catholic Bishops' Allies Dominate Hearing on Sweeping Anti-Choice Bill

The New Age of Christian Martyrdom

Minimum wage in Canada: One woman's story

Sam Seder: Fox News Chief as Slimy as You'd Guess

USCCB Subcommittee Chairman Strongly Endorses State Marriage Defense Act

Are Anti-Discrimination Laws Working Against Millennial Women?

German Candy Company Markets New Products To Cannabis Legal States

Christie Expected To Address Bridge Scandal In Speech

Cameron orders inquiry into claims of British role in 1984 Amritsar attack

Denver police citing one person per day for public marijuana use

Statewide nurses union endorses Jon Richards for Attorney General

Court won't revive Arizona's 20-week abortion ban

“I woke up like this”: Beyoncé, CeCe and the fight for justice for black women

Wyo. lawmaker proposes firing squads for execution

LOL: Christie's office accuses Jersey City mayor of 'partisan politics'

Beanie Babies billionaire could get prison time

PR govt: Joining CELAC not on radar

GOP constituents also depend on jobless aid

Some Democrats tried to quash investigation into bridge scandal to protect Christie

Man wins Cold War radio competition, 44 years on

Tunisia's Arab Spring: Three years on

No budging on marijuana for Colorado military recruits

Schriever (AFB) officer under scrutiny in widening drug probe

Ari Fleischer: How to Fight Income Inequality: Get Married

(Germany/sex ed) 'What happens when anything goes?'

I know this is ROL, but ROL says they have info about immunity

Hilarious editorial by Star-Ledger mocks GOP: 'What bridge scandal? Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi'!!!

Don Lemon Tears into Megyn Kelly: 'What Your Jesus and Santa Look Like Is Entirely Up to You'

Military Sex abuse case brings airman to San Antonio court

Blind charity advert goes viral

Nerd Shuts Down The Global Warming 'Debate' In Less Than 4 Minutes

Did your absentee father make you an atheist?

Woman stabbed at Lackland annex

I get so mad when the EMT's interrupt the show like yesterday

'Spiritual but Not Religious': A Rising, Misunderstood Voting Bloc

As Nuclear Concerns Rise, Japan Delays Energy Plan

WW1 soldier diaries placed online by National Archives

Kerry first Catholic secretary of state to visit Vatican in 3 decades

Report: Christie Officials Hiding Key Details On 'Stronger Than The Storm' Ads

Texas school district closed amid water dispute

The Amazing True Story of 8 Ordinary Americans Who Blew the Lid Off Government Spying

Are We Losing Our Sense of Proportion?

PBS Frontline: Glimpses of a North Korea Seldom Seen in the West

"...But You've Been Mooching Off ME For 26 Years!"

(bridge-gate) A scandal for political junkies to love?

2008 leak sent methanol into Cape Fear River

Papantonio: 20 Years of Job-Killing Trade Deals

NRA News Promotes Dubious Acts Of Self-Defense To Advance False Gun Violence Narrative

McDonnell cuts Norfolk man's sentence of 6 life terms

United States Notches Record $53 Billion Budget Surplus In December

Is Uber’s Surge-Pricing an Example of High-Tech Gouging?

U.S. judge tosses bankers' suit over rules to fight tax-dodging

Republican Del. Villanueva sponsors gay-rights bill

Cute Tokyo Metro posters remind commuters to behave

U.S. Congress again rebuffs IMF funding request

Empire State Building sues over topless photos

Scary Chart Reveals Koch Brother’s Insidious Influence in American Politics

Ted Cruz crowd loves blogger’s jokes about opening fire on cars with California plates

Iran Toon

Colorado's citizens have spoken on legal weed, but Gov. Hickenlooper isn't happy

British phone-hacking trial shown footage of alleged Brooks cover-up

General’s sexual misconduct trial has tense backdrop

Anti-nuclear sit-in protest marks 1,000 days in Kyushu

State efforts to block Obamacare are working, study finds

San Francisco rail workers approve labor contract

Pentagon: Budget cuts affect veteran survivor benefits

Gawker editor: Ailes was having me tailed

The War On Christmas is over. It's War On Women season.

Two Roads Forward for Labor: The AFL-CIO’s New Agenda

Intelligence in 2014: Shrinking Budget Cuts, Snowden-Driven ‘Reforms’

Rachel Maddow - Chemical spill contaminates WV water supply

Democrats concede to curb funds for Wall Street regulators in spending bill

Rachel Maddow - Who blacked out so much of the NJ documents

In the UK: Ken Clarke Attacks Tory 'Right-Wing National Escapism'

Lita Ness/Registered Repub-Offended By GOP's Unemployment Stand: "I'm probably changing to Democrat"

Murdered for texting his three-year-old daughter.

SURPRISE!: Water-Poisoning Freedom Industries Had "Freedom" from EPA Regulations . . .

Why Did Police Get Away With Killing a Mentally Ill Homeless Man?

Roger Federer's new racket? ..... Eventually I think the switch will be a good thing for him .......

Abe says he plans to amend the Constitution to revert to active military self-defense

Pine Island Glacier's retreat 'irreversible'

Eugene Robinson: Where Is the Democrats' Outrage?

Lawmakers unveil massive $1.1 trillion spending bill in bipartisan compromise

Here's a thought for Hollywood and their fight against piracy

Rachel Maddow - Billion dollar deal eyed as NJ scandal motive

Found: The First Mechanical Gear in a Living Creature

Nigeria market attack kills 17

DC Circuit strikes down major portions of "net neutrality rules"

Westboro Baptist Church Meets Wall Of Resistance At Golden Globes Weekend Protests

Religious Hostilities Reach Six-Year High

The Easy Problem With Government

Just another ordinary day in paradise.

U.S. appeals court kills net neutrality

Congress stays on top of important issues: Defunds ACORN

Charlotte: Light-Rail Construction for Blue Line Extension to Begin in March

Suspect in custody in shooting at Roswell, N.M., school

Now I have to stay out of his closet

CNN Reporter Gets Stoned During Story On Colorado Legalization

Planet Hunter: We'll Find An "Earth 2.0" Within "10 or 15 Years"

The Rude Pundit: Dickish Things, Big and Small, in the New Federal Budget Agreement

Wendy Davis endorses David Alameel for US Senate

The Strange Case of Mrs. G

Sexual assault allegations under investigation at Cleburne school (trigger warning)

The cats of war: Now your feline can have its own BODY ARMOR

Look for Wendy Davis to report more than $10 million in governor’s race

Can we please put the discussion, whether the US is a police-state, to rest?

Newspaper Columnist Has Some Not-So-Nice things to Say About Gov. Corbett

8k to 18k dead, 1/2 million injured-Industrial "accident"

Ill-Defined Coverage Muddles Insurance For Developmentally Disabled

Boehner On W.Va. Chemical Spill: 'We Have Enough Regulations'

Irony Alert: Spokesman for Big Fracking Company Lied About Having a Degree in Ethics

Do you have a favorite tartar sauce recipe?

Grandma plays with her food ...

State Senator Codey: Some NJ democrats tried to stop this GWB investigation

US will not enter bilateral no-spy deal with Germany, reports media

US lashes 'Israel comment' on John Kerry

So, Star Wars casting rumors... Chiwetel Ejiofor

Best Bus Rapid Transit Systems in major world cities (video)

Booth Babes Don’t Work

Hey TZ! No. 1 UConn ends Baylor's 69-game home winning streak


Spectacular blue lava flows at this Indonesian volcano

Tick, Tock-Too cool

A DEA Agent stopped at a ranch in Texas and talked to an old rancher.

The Sexy Lie (Discuss)

It's not Cats , kittens, dogs or pups

Suggestions for recipes for vegetarian cabbage rolls.

"Wall Street Journal show Christie standing next to Wildstein on Sept. 11"

Elderly Florida Man Allegedly Attacked A Man For Having Too Many Items In The WalMart Express Lane

Pic Of The Moment: The Obamacare "Tidal Wave"

Kittens Rescued From Abandoned House Fire In Miami

Christie, Official Who Arranged Bridge Closures Were Together During Fiasco

The Flood Next Time

Win Today, Lose Tomorrow: Why Republicans Protect the "Honor" of Offensive Team Names

Post here is someone you know has made a doctor's appointment after

Sandman - Early Talks with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Campus cafeteria makes a mean portabello panini

School Shooting in Roswell, N.M., Injures at Least Two

Yet another Catholic school teacher loses job due to his personal life

A California Jury's Baffling Verdict

Police Find Real Blue Meth In Albequerque, NM

Really? The Government Is Spending A Ton On Penis Pumps: Watchdog

My name is Rex Tillerson

When a plastic gasoline container explodes,

Court Bars FCC Rules Against Slowing Web Data; Win for Verizon, Setback for Google

Parrot rats out driver to cops at alcohol checkpoint: 'He's drunk!'

Retail Sales Show Modest December Increase, Weakening Growth

Dumb Criminals: Parrot Rats Out Mexican DUI Suspect To Police: "He's Drunk!"

I guess glorifying "violence and gang banging" is okay if they are white

Just Imagine President Christie. If That Is Not Bad Enough Look At Other Possible Candidates

Florida Pot Vote Seen Helping Democrat Become Governor

County GOP Auctions Rifle In MLK's Honor

Gun Protest Or AFC Championship? Easy Call

Are we just feckless dolts?

3-Term NY Rep. Bill Owens Decides Not To Seek Re-Election

Florida looks to decriminalize adultery, cohabitation

What a drag ...

Congress Spending Bill Demands Details About NSA Spying

Russia bars U.S. journalist from country

Tesla Tops 2013 Goal With 6,900 Model S Sales in Fourth Quarter

The extremist movement known as MGTOW

Russia May Lend $14 Billion to Hungary to Build Nuclear Reactors

Catlateral Damage

PETA Protest Calls For Extinction Of Cattle

Why it's a good idea to stop eating shrimp

Happy birthday, Dave Grohl.

I'm Dating Someone Even Though I'm Married

Does Palin look a little stress in this picture?

Keiser Report: Shrinkflation

7 Reasons Keira Knightley is a Badass Feminist

Everything Is Like Slavery, Except Slavery

‘Systematic Torture’: Dossier Accusing UK Politicians Of Iraq War Crimes Goes To ICC

On Faith and Data

anybody need a laugh?

Port Authority airports set passenger records in 2013

Obama Seeks to Halt New Sanctions Amid Iran Deal Scrutiny

Whole Wheat Bread - easiest ever - and 3 times in a row it turned out like this!

Central Hudson warns customers of bill payment scams

So, yeah, fuck this day.

I think this is my favorite YouTube comment reconstruction (NSFW)

Christie's favorability ratings in N.J. down sharply compared to a year ago.

Take the Texas Pop Quiz on New Anti-Choice Law

Drip drip drip

Bob Marshall prepares for the next four years.

Beanie Babies creator gets probation, no prison

Supreme Court Hands Monsanto Victory Over Farmers On GMO Seed Patents, Ability To Sue

Think Back: The Military Budget

Christie was in on and part of the plan. Then the plan became to hot to handle.

This is why I will always vote dem

Obama Warns Congress He Will Act Alone To Help The Jobless: ‘I’ve Got A Pen And I’ve Got A Phone’

United Way campaign to help affected workers pay bills

No Palin comment on the Christie crisis?...

cookbook recommendations needed

Child Rescued After Falling Into Brooklyn Manhole

How Bill Gates Is Helping KFC Take Over Africa

Chris Christie threw his weight around to show New Jerseyians who's boss

Protesters say Cuomo not doing enough to address poverty

Civil rights group requests info on E-ZPass data collection

Chemical Spill Leaves West Virginia Water Untouchable

Republican Donor Gets Rep to Write Bill Cutting His Child Support

How to Flush your Plumbing System

Anybody heard if Zimmerman got paid for his (cough, cough) "artwork"?

California Researchers To Monitor State’s Kelp Forests For Fukushima Radioactive Contamination

Holy Facting Shite - Christie was with Wildstein on September 11th 2013

The danger of the misleading U-3 unemployment figures demonstrated yet again

There's something very disturbing about these so-called "Economic Freedom Zones"

Archbishop of Canterbury meets Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Archbishop of Canterbury meets Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Christie: "I have had no contact with David Wildstein"

Christie’s Bridge-Gate Scandal Boosts Rachel Maddow To Ratings Victory Over Fox News

Probiotic Given to Newborns Appears to Help Prevent Colic

The Packers' Eddie Lacy named PFWA’s Rookie of the Year

What the hell exactly is "their America"?!

Compare and contrast

What scientific idea is ready for retirement?

Sentenced To Life In Prison For Selling Marijuana

Business booming for professional cuddler

Former Gov. Huntsman: 'Something Doesn't Connect' With Christie's Knowledge Of Bridge Closure

Judge Says NFL's Concussion Settlement is not Enough

Environmentalists 'get real creative' to combat oil by rail

Mitch McConnell Laughs at the Unemployed as He Promises to Vote No on UI Benefits

The NASA Studies on Napping

U.S. demands Netanyahu publicly condemn Ya'alon's attack on Kerry

[FL] Gov. Rick Scott announces Carlos Lopez-Cantera as new lt. governor

White House: Obama to meet with Pope Francis "in the near future"

SOB senile retired cop kills man over cell phone.

OMG! Late Breaking (seriously): RAID AT JUSTIN BEIBER'S HOUSE!

Words to live by from Upton Sinclair

Detroit Lions hire Jim Caldwell as Next HC

Other than when the Secret Service was concerned about a possible threat to the President,

Why does this guy still have a job?

US Unsatisfied With Israeli Defence Minister Ya'alon Apology, Wants Public Endorsement Of Kerry

I helped destroy Falluja in 2004. I won't be complicit again

the media is following christie's state of the state speech as if he might say something revealing..

Lieutenant Governor’s Skimpy Assignments for Senate Education Committee Leave Out Big Issues- See mo

A catalytic converter? Really?

Christie to pull a Palin to shut down investigation?

Fire the bastards!

Schrodinger's Cat ...

Live Coverage: Gov. Chris Christie's State of the State Address (Scheduled start 3pm est)

Kelly Thomas verdict: Family wants officers to face federal charges

Mewbacca ...

Too many Hollywood villains are played by white actors. They should be played by Muslims.

This is how so many in FL learn how to go around the rules. Precourt gets cushy job & salary.

Great Joke From Modern Family

White House Supports Senator Rand Paul’s Bill To Officially End U.S. Iraq War Authority

Bond denied for ex-cop who allegedly shot texting dad at movies

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Clear John Kerry After Exhaustive 9-Year Investigation

Reproductive Rights Today: Still Not Safe

AQE, lawmakers ask for $1.9 billion increase in schools funding in next budget


Report shows heavy lobbying efforts, campaign contributions by pro-fracking interests

Verizon wins, net neutrality loses, as court ruling opens door to a tiered Internet

Howard Kurtz Lied About Business Ties To Fox News Contributor

FBI Arrests GOP Rep's Ex-Girlfriend On Straw Donation Charges

Ricky Gervais quote

White House Concerned Over Iran-Russia Oil Deal-Report

I think Christie wanted to run unopposed - not just "run up the score"

Florida theater shooting suspect was "in fear of being attacked." Here comes "Stand Your Ground"

In the States: Affordable Care Act Enrollment “Soars,” “Spikes,” “Surges” and “Takes Off”

Just kicking it! So ask anything.

Doxie with Bladder stones

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Transgender Rights Bill

Comcast Moves To Add $25 A Month Surcharge To Users Accessing Democratic Underground

Man poses as woman on online dating site: barely survives 2 hours

Luckovich: reords are being broken...

Medicare Is Grievously Overpaying for Penis Pumps

Health Law Adds Coverage For Developmental Disability Services

I have to stop messing up

Russian Navy Pitches In To Remove Chemical Weapons From Syria

The "97% consensus" on AGW is out of date...

The Plight And Mistreatment Of Adjunct Professors - Rebecca Burns Discusses

Catching the Christie state of the union

Christie has begun his State of the State a standing and lengthy ovation.

Would You Give Up Cable TV to Retire Early?

Christie just boasted that he's cost the state 6000 public jobs.

What's The Old Saying About Publicity?....

Rolf Harris pleads not guilty to 12 counts of indecent assault

Dozens Already Arrested in Nigeria Under Antigay Law

What the extension of subpoena power in NJ tells us...

Accuweather Sea Ice Update (Arctic waaaay down, Antarctic nears record highs)

He's still trying to sell himself as the only person who can deal with Democrats

Is it wrong that I'm smiling about Chris Christie's misfortune?

Christie: Sick leave is only for when you are sick...

Christie Vows In Speech To Cooperate With Bridge Scandal Investigations

Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.

What Bieber can learn from Christie right now..

WATCH: Vice Takes a Ride in Russia's Underground Gay Taxi Service

Iran, Syria Foreign Ministers to Visit Moscow This Week

State acknowledges it had no plan for Freedom spill

FBI to revisit fatal beating of California transient after police cleared

Why you can't "bootstrap" yourself out of poverty

New Memo: Kissinger Gave the "Green Light" for Argentina's Dirty War

Yesterme, Yesterwoo, Yesterday

Who believes he will cooperate with all 'appropriate enquiries'?

Here is Rick's most recent newsletter:

New Memo: Kissinger Gave the "Green Light" for Argentina's Dirty War

In new PPP poll Kay Hagan is not in good shape against potential repub challengers

Hillary Clinton's Iowa problem

LIVE VIDEO: Chris Christie's The State of the State 2014

I just sat on a jury and got the results and then...

What Chris Christie bridge scandal? Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi: Editorial

Please join Sen. Bernie Sanders

German nuclear shutdown unlawful

Not sure if, in my cooler-headed moments, I'd agree with this quote...but after a day like today...

Players are Fainting & Puking & Hallucinating at the Australian Open

NJ Lawmakers Will Plan Next Round Of Bridge Subpoenas Thursday

He Knows Nothing!!!

Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe

'Mistakes Were Clearly Made': Christie's State of the State Speech

Mitt Romney discusses "obstacles" he's faced in his life...

Pat Buchanan on War With Iran ...

Tainted WV water headed down Ohio river to Boehner's district

Bold Progressives !!! The Progressive Change Campaign Committee

U.S. top court curbs human rights claims in Daimler ruling

U.S. top court curbs human rights claims in Daimler ruling

The absolute funniest thing about Chris Christie

Kanye West Allegedly Attacks Man Who Called K. Kardashian ‘N*gger Lover’

Top 12 pastor stunts.........(just for fun).......

Coleen Boyle on Minneapolis autism research presented at IACC meeting on 1/14/14.

Mitt Romney Get On Stage And Does Mangnam Style (Not Put Foot In His Mouth)

Bill would effectively ban horse slaughterhouses

Judge rejects initial $765 million NFL concussion lawsuit settlement

From Trailer Park To Harvard To Governor? Texas Will Do It (VIDEO)

Landfill gas sends 63 from Cortland Elementary to hospital

Cop Acquitted in Beating Death of Homeless Man wants his Job Back

Three radio journalists threatened in Colombia

Thom Hartmann: It's Time to Kill Some Companies

Lies, God-damned Lies and The Unemployment Rate

Peru Ignores UN and Pushes Ahead with Deadly Gas Project

Lions 'facing extinction in West Africa'

Thom Hartmann: Is there an antibiotic nightmare coming to America?

DEP inspectors describe early scene at Freedom leak site

The tide is turning. 57% regard Snowden as a whistle blower

Irony Alert: Top Spokesman for Large Fracking Company Lied About Having a Degree in Ethics

Devil Baby Attack Prank

Birmingham, AL seeks authority to void tenure for teachers working in 'innovation zone'

Reminder: after the traffic shutdown Christie said maybe it should be permanent

A website all about Chris Christie!

Every day, Justin Bieber becomes a little bit more of a hero to me.

Victims’ families sue Livni in terror funding case

Rain and clouds cleared so VOILA!


It seems likely to me that the State of Florida will find that

Bill Owens is retiring.

How much is laundry detergent costing you these days?

Question from a good Guy friend of mine

Which person in Rodanthe pissed off Governor McCrory?

Erick Munoz has sued the hospital that is using his dead wife's body as an incubator.

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Clear John Kerry After Exhaustive 9-Year Investigation

via NYTimes: Rodriguez’s ‘Gummies’: Files Detail Doping, Down to Milligram

Muir Beach horse stable operators fight for livelihoods

I'm getting sucked into the religion forum....

Scandal upstages Christie’s State of the State speech

Bill would allow Nebraska teachers to carry handguns in schools with 24 hours training

NY Times: Snowden joins the board of Ellsberg's Freedom of the Press Foundation

Yee Haw, a hot shower on Day 6 of WV Aquapalypse

A local paper and site for Local Occupy in Tucson

Senate blocks jobless aid

Culture of Corruption

Muir Beach horse stable operators fight for livelihoods

Will Chris Christie be Impeached?

Thom Hartmann: track to poverty in America?

County GOP raffles rifle to honor MLK and Lincoln

Marc Udall (D-CO), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Michael Bennet (D-CO)

Breaking: Oklahoma Ban on Gay Marriage Ruled Unconstitutional

Breaking: Federal Judge Rules Oklahoma Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

Michigan Man Claims Sasquatch Eats Pizza, Lives in His Yard

Oklahoma Gay Marriage Ban ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!

When I believed, this is what I believed...

Wisconsin legislator pulls child support bill (Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc) -- *Kaboom*

Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make

Voter Paradox: Bully is a leader who I don't like but will vote for.

Robert Gates's Dereliction of 'Duty'

East Village rape suspect being questioned

Players suffering from symptoms of heat borne illnesses at Aussie Open

Michael Eisenga (worth 20 Million), Joel Kleefisch's VIP donor, put his children on BadgerCare

Bill would give preference for state contracts to veteran-owned small businesses

Suddenly, I have this urge to watch "Oklahoma" again

Pastor Who Is 49ers Superfan Gives One Minute Sermon So He Can Watch Game (video at link)

Clashes Mar Vote on Egypt's Proposed Constitution; 11 Killed

Go on! CAPTION this picture! Make it funny enough to make this kid laugh!!!

PBS paid for film "Nuclear Savage" and is now suppressing it

“If You Give a Cyclops a Kitten” and Other Bad Children’s Books

Conservative foreign policy in the US these days consists of a noun, a verb and Benghazi

U.S. government loses challenge to no-fly lists

Grassley's aide just told me he "cares about the people of Iowa".

Tests show Texas well water polluted by fracking, despite EPA assurances

January 14, 1993

I have no words for this.

Hey! New subscriber here

'Benghazi' and 'IRS' Were Mentioned More on Sunday Talk Shows Than 'Fort Lee'

Why aren't more people, men especially, shocked and outraged

WATCH: Settlers Hurl Rocks At Palestinians In The Presence Of IDF Soldiers

Wife needs to start a renal diet looking for a milk substitute for cooking

Hacktivist Who Leaked the Steubenville Rape Video Faces 10 Years in Prison as Culprit Walks Free

Crazy solar story

His Finest Hours: On Sharon's Murderous Legacy

A Breathtaking Display of Crony Politics in Wisconsin - SLATE MAGAZINE- more wonderful goodness

Interactive map listing all nuclear incidents and accidents

Trader Joe's begins hiring for Denver, Boulder stores

Rank has its privileges. "What's the laziest thing you've ever done?"

Former FISA Chief Judge Bates Slams Key Proposed NSA Reforms As Unnecessary, Counterproductive

todays owl shot

AK-47 designer Kalashnikov wrote penitent letter

Papantonio: Radio Cuckoo Land Goes After Christie

A DU'er posted Replies of DU Members "Must Read" list for Books that Make a Difference...

Watch Wendy on Today

**UPDATE** Today, I had my very first breast biopsy after a mammogram.

Watch Wendy Davis on Today - Wed.

GOProud Founder Officially Leaves Republican Party over 'Tolerance of Bigotry'

FBI to revisit fatal beating of California transient after police cleared

Panera Apologizes To Family Of Toddler Asked To Leave Restaurant Over Orthopedic Shoes (VIDEO)

The unsolicited message.

RationalWiki on MRAs. Debunking of common MRA claims (with some added snark)

Crying, Vomiting San Antonio Tykes Go For Football Glory On TV

Ohio Agrees To Use Error-Riddled Voter Purge List

Jobs - Pass this on to your Republican friends... This is how job creation really works.

NAACP calls out NC gov. over plan to leave black-majority district unrepresented for nearly a year

The unsolicited message.

Dirty Dozen List of Endocrine Disruptors - 12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them

Calif. jury acquits 2 ex-cops in death of homeless man- CBS/AP

Dead Tree

You may commence adoration

Netanyahu Does Damage Control, Reaffirms Friendship With US After Ya'alon's Dig At Kerry

Snowden docs prove aliens who built Nazi subs also control U.S. foreign policy

Another school shooting - this time in New Mexico

Aide Fired by Christie Is Called Loyal Team Player, Not Rogue Operative

Gunshot Gone Wild: Accidental Discharge Results in Damage to Two Homes

Many years ago someone described the Fox Perpetual-Motion Machine for Idiots:

Jonathan Winters Stick (LMAO)

Has anyone tried this with religious people coming to the door?

Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity Ads Bring Health Care Debate To Iowa, Michigan Races

Fox psychiatrist invents ‘data rage’ after theater shooting to blame phones instead of guns

That's a whole lot of Calamari !!!!

Ten Examples of Welfare for the Rich and Corporations

Fracking GMOs

The unemployment insurance program should be reformed.

TDB: With Guns, the Threatened Can Quickly Become the Threat

An Artist Counted Every Atomic Explosion On Earth And Shows Them All In A Matter Of Seconds

Westgate sues workers who battled company in wage action