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Christie Doc: Cops Told People Bridge Closures Were Fort Lee Mayor's Fault

Chinese tycoon wants to 'rebuild' New York Times

Christie/PAPD-Conspiracy? Fort Lee Mayor: Port Authority Police Blamed Me For Christie's Traffic Jam

Bookmark weirdness.

Low-power tunneling transistor for high-performance devices at low voltage

Bridge Scandal Documents Indicate Effort to Hide Political Motive

Great Balls of Fire! Hell freezes over

****January Photo contest reminder****

Do you think Limbaugh and Republicans heads are going to explode when

Been a while since I've posted here, but I've just been so down lately

Pope Francis conspired to snarl lines for Holy Communion in the basilica of a “rival Cardinal"

Morning Joe compares Bridge "scandal" to Obama's IRS/Tea Party Scandal...

****January Photo contest reminder****

Florida's largest gun dealer bans gun rentals in wake of suicides

Weekend Economists at War! January 10-12, 2014


$70,000 in Newtown donations missing


Florida's largest gun dealer bans gun rentals in wake of suicides

Good News! Smart Rifle never misses, now comes in semi-automatic form

The Black Students Who Wouldn't Leave the Lunch Counter- RIP Franklin McCain

Port Authority police to angry commuters: Your mayor did this. Blame him.

Not seeing a lot of threads about the Unemployment numbers today...

Fabulous Sea Slug doesn't give a fuck, because fabulous sea slug is too busy being fabulous

New Jersey Dummkopf (image)

Maryland will recognize same-sex marriages performed in Utah, state attorney general says

My "No Supplements" experiment is going well.

The resignation of Governor Chris 'Bridge Troll' Christie

I got pissed off at MFM once.

The young Turks: Private Prisons Purchase Politicians For Profit & It Works!

"Documents reveal anger, chaos in Christie bridge scandal"

So, uh, what were the results of the traffic study?

Possible lead for DU detectives who downloaded the documents:

sexism part of military academies' culture

sexism part of military academies' culture

Quiz: Match the Political Scandal to the Apology (Not a DU Quiz)

How does he do this?

Greg Abbott: 'We don’t need Barack Obama’s Promise Zones'

Chris Christie Bridge Cop!

I only have one bit of advice regarding BridgeGate...

Docs show scramble over N.J. bridge flap

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Live in Boston MA, 11/26/12 -- full two hours

Mile marker 420 becomes 419.99 to thwart thieves

Friday Talking Points (286) -- Bullygate

Game of Thrones - HBO releases mini trailers today

The Holiday Season begins! ....... for tennis fans

"Chris Christie's Not in the Clear Yet. These Text Messages Show Why"

"Suicide by cop?" Simple stupidity? Gang mentality?

Supreme Court Will Tackle Case on Whether It’s Okay to Lie in Political Ads

Euless apartment owners ordered to pay fines in Fair Housing Act suit involving South Asians, MEs

He's an idiot, it's no secret

It appears there may be a traffic study but there is a reason that Christie will not show it to us

Surveillance camera footage proves Christie involvement in bridge shutdown

This will make you want to pick up your pet's poop

Ted Cruz: President Obama runs America like a “corrupt dictator” not bound by the law

Dallas County’s flu death toll rises to 26

"I'm beginning to get it...Money is the root of all evil for anyone who doesn't have any."

No More Bare-Handed Food Handling in California. Even You, Sushi Chefs

Court upholds 2012 oil spill settlement

Alan Keyes Asks Jesus To Help Him Impeach Obama

Former Reagan spokesman Larry Speakes dies at 74

Recovering from a long, awful week and hoisting a few with Will Shakespeare.

Ark. lt. gov. says he'll resign over ethics case

Thats one big zippo

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday Night Live & a new Maru gif

Dear Administrators: Can we please leave the MFM thread from Kali up longer on the greatest page?

All the Governors' Dark-Money Funds

LOL! You know something is wrong when...

Rachel Maddow is breaking the documents down on the gwb scandal

John Dean: After Kent State massacre, Hoover ranted about one how 1 of the murdered women was a slut

Banshee returns tonight...

Should people like Bridget Anne Kelly be charged with negligent homicide?

Who is Chip? Chris or Charles? NJ

La Villa ISD refuses to pay $50K water bill, city cuts off service. Will school open on Monday?

Scott Brown has the chutzpah (and lack of sense) to say Obama should learn from Christie!

Stockman Hopes to Hang Onto Cruz's Coattails

Marion County to Seek Federal Aid for Storm Costs

Hello Lounge.. This is my

OOpsie. Christie's pick for AG deep in the scandal. His confirmation hearing has been postponed.

North Carolina police say teenager in custody shot himself

Remember, Spritzer resigned over visiting a call girl.

"He Had So Little Curiosity..?" ~ Loretta Weinberg

20/20 to cover the Maryville MO rape incident

NJ Lawmakers Asked For Info About The Promotion Of Port Authority Cop

Zucker: GOP being run from Fox News headquarters

US Marines Kill Afghan Toddler ‘Mistaken for the Enemy’

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday ~ January 11th

What N.Americans don't groK: CRISTI = Hugo CHAVEZ

Feature: Travels and troubles inspire book of the 'Wellington Witch'

Drew Barrymore's baby.

Those who didn't think Christie was the GOP favorite for 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 "Test: Your Psychopathic Traits"

Damn Rachel is good in her reporting on Christie

FUCKING Classic!! Someone who cannot be mentioned is now a Bama fan...

"5 big unanswered questions in Bridge-gate"

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 12 - TCM Spotlight: Ingrid Bergman

There is an "official misconduct" law in NJ.

TCM Schedule for Monday January 13 - TCM Spotlight: SAG Lifetime Achievement Award winners

Rapist loses genitals after being shot seven times

All The Bridge Docs

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 11: The Essentials: Frank Capra

Looking for 'Intel' On Occupy Protesters? Bank of America Boasts to Police It Will Find It First

"Documents: Christie appointees stonewalled queries into lane closures"

Wife bumpped into a doctor who fan who got the last copy of Day of the Doctor and he asked her

Support for Iran sanctions bill nears filibuster-proof majority

Control of VA Senate Hangs on 9 Unverifiable Touchscreen Votes

The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The dangers were imaginary, but the consequences were not.

House Democrats break ranks with the White House on ObamaCare vote

Raising a horn to Nordic drinking heritage

"Why people call themselves “independent” even when they aren’t"

Rynn Berry has died

(Sweden) Rape suspect freed: 'her no was part of sex game'

This Song's for Christie

I had two separate people complain to me today about paying sales tax...

All the gripes about Obamacare website. FL's flawed unemployment website ignored. 20 mil involved.

The New Yorker Magazine Cover re: Bridgegate

"Freedom Industries" and the clowns behind the WV chemical spill

Colorado official felt pressure from Udall office on Obamacare tally

36 degrees feels like a heat wave.

(D)Jerry Cannon is seeking party nomination for Michigan's 1st Congressional district

Now that there is more and more evidence vitamin supplements don't do much good

Teen stabs mom, cuts own penis off while high on ‘meow meow’

Today’s Lousy Jobs Report and the Scourge of Inequality

The name, and info, about the chemical that was spilled in WV

Kelly was messaging about GWB lane closures on day she accompanied Christie to Seaside fire.

Kelly was text messaging along side Christie in Sea Side NJ about GWB lane closure THE PLOT THICKENS

Port Authority Police Blamed Mayor For Christie's Traffic Jam

How the College Bubble Will Pop

Imagining President Christie

Dust on Rockies Snow Quickens Melting, Disrupts Water Supplies

Daily Kos: Some of Christie's potential felonies

Christie's already been caught in one big fib about his high school pal Wildstein.

LA Times: Chris Christie bridge scandal only underscores his bully image


Christie appointees personally watched bridge closure and were directly told about safety problems.

Police find treasure trove in teen’s bum

Crash, chemical spill closes northbound Interstate 75

Breaking only on DU by Me. Please help spread the word. New Rush LA Flagship station

Kale? Juicing? Trouble Ahead

Leno's just not funny

Port Authority Head Seethed Over Fort Lee Lane Closures: 'I Pray That No Life Has Been Lost'

Christie account of Bridget Kelly doesn't fit her resume

ENENEWS Update 01-10-14

I'd like to think there is a consensus; There are things you don't say in mixed company.

Who is Darcy Licorish

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Jan. 10, 2014 -- Friday News Dump

Doesn't Crispy Have A State Of The State Speech Coming Up?.....

Can anyone find that photo of MFM in his Queen Victoria dress?

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday, January 11th, 2014)

Media Will Do All It Can To Protect Christie. You Can Count On It.

Complete Vanity me out here!!!

Rachel Maddow: Chris Christie’s office knew from the start bridge lane closures were harmful


What do bullies (GOPers) always do? Overreach. Bridgegate was an overreach.

Josh Marshall: In Plain Sight?

Ever wonder how MFM came up with his screen name?

Juggalos and the Criminalization of Style

My annual three minutes of Fox was a hoot!

Welp, I just had an entirely pleasant runin with the NYPD.

So...if Christie was thin, the bridge thing would be OK?

Just did the math: I saw 86 patients this week!...

CO2 pipeline going through Mountainair , NM

CEO of company that poisoned WV water tries to skip questions, local reporter will have none of it

Steve Jobs on cancer: Don't mess with eastern medicine

Drunk man clmbs tree, pretends to be an owl

Cuba: 55 Years of Ideas and Truth

Rhino Hunting Permit up for Grabs at Auction

Conan points out media scripts. Makes me wonder who is writing the news.

Surprisingly Weak Hiring In December Puzzles Economists, 'Flies In The Face' Of Other Data

To all the dumb, lazy and irresponsible reporters in our world..

Democrats Share More with America's Founding Fathers Here's Why

HCZ student Kiara Molina introduces President Obama

White House - West Wing Week 1/10/14 or, "A Year of Action"

HCC official accused of election trick faces lawsuit

What is 'Crude MCHM'? Few know (article about the chemical spilled into the Elk River)

Minnesota man pleads guilty in weapons case

"I Wear The Badge Of Socialist With Honor"(Kshama Sawant's Seattle City Council inaugural address)

Judge rules pills caused miscarriage

Tab for Gov. Perry’s security detail hits $2.8 million for out-of-Texas travel

Why did Samson try to silence Foye?

Closure of science libraries riles researchers

The Church of the Latter-Day Dude Wants Monument at Oklahoma Capital

Tired of the racism.

Satanic group mocks Oklahoma lawmaker for pushing new Ten Commandments bill

Little Feat with Lowell George

How do you deal with fatigue?

"Corporatism" is the Latest Hysterical Right-Wing Accusation

Clarification Please: Long Term Unemployed

U.S. Military officials: New report highlights sexist climate at service academies

U.S. deploys small team of military advisers to Somalia

The Dude Abides: Jeff Bridges Is Publishing a Book of Zen Teachings

U.S. troops accused of killing 4-year-old boy in Afghanistan

Ford VP Claims The Company Is Tracking Everyone's Driving Habits... Then Denies It

Senator Leahy Tries To Sneak Through Plans To Make Merely Talking About Computer Hacking A Serious C

The NSA Views Privacy As Damage And Routes Around It

Jennifer McCarthy Pulls Gun From Vagina After Dispute Over Space Aliens: Cops

Cops use armored military vehicles to deliver shock and awe during routine police work

Oklahoma protesters face terrorism charges for dropping glitter at energy company’s office

European nations squabbling over new 2030 targets to reduce greenhouse gases

Pharmaceutical firms accused of falsifying data in major Alzheimer’s study

Europe’s answers to the Tea Party are trying to get elected to an institution they despise (EU

Former British foreign secretary: U.S. has been a ‘malign force’ in Iran in the past

Target admits hackers stole personal information of up to 70 million people

Swiss voters set to reject limits on immigration within the EU

W.Va. residents still waiting for tap water

Rich People on Spending Sprees May Find One Day That Income Inequality Bites Them in the Wallet

Tips for consumers worried about the Target breach

Stunning colourized historic photos.

Seeking Redemption, Somtimes With Familiar Ring: New York Times

American Privacy Is Vanishing as the Government and Corporations Raid Our Online Lives

Ban Coal: Coal Industry Chemical Threatens 300,000 in West Virginia

Corporate Class Is Using Teach for America to Turn K-12 Teaching Into a Temporary, Low-Paying Job

Fallujah Tribes broker extremist withdrawal deal to forestall Gov’t invasion

Encountered a wingnut yesterday in an onlinegame-chat.

The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem c. 1900 (Photo of the Day)

Buy American Mention of the Week, 1-10-14 (Orders for Congress from 'We the People')

The 6 Most Terrifying Facts About the Chemical Spill Contaminating West Virginia’s Drinking Water

Well, just when you think you've heard everything...

Blowback for Disney As Pro-Fracking Elementary School Tour Exposed

U.S. Politicians Want to Fast-Track the Super-Secret, Super-Controversial TPP

How Would Dr. King React to NSA Spying on Americans?

Dog loves getting a bath...

Hundreds in W. Va. report exposure symptoms after crippling chemical spill

On Friday, GOP sent link to straw poll for 2016

Big Data + Big Pharma = Big Money

Dear Climate Change Deniers, Meet Australia's Wildfire-Raging, Bat-Killing, Kangaroo-Fainting, iPad-

The Pyromaniacs Arrive With Blowtorches on Planet Earth by Tom Engelhardt

Have you ever ...

Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon dead: Army radio

Christie used word 'I' 692 times during press conference. I’m: 119. I’ve: 67. Me: 83. My/myself: 134

Wired: How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet

The Entropy of Nations: Global energy inequality lessens, but for how long?

Did you Know How Stretchy Hair Can Be...Plus tips to strengthen...

Throwback Thursday: The Glowing Dawn of the Atomic Age, Seen From 1950s Los Angeles

Friday News Dump -- Jan. 10, 2014 -- World News Trust

Navy’s 757-Sized Drone Will Provide Big-Time Surveillance

Speak up to make sure the government counts climate costs

A Living Death: Life without Parole for Nonviolent Offenses

Iran in U.S. Senate Crosshairs.

In war or withdrawal, Sharon marched to his own drum

Life sucks

French oil giant Total to invest in UK shale gas

Listening to Steve Kornacki he personally knows Kelly

Using Mirrors To Show Police What They Have Become

EPA will let frackers keep on dumping chemicals into the sea

Lawmaker seeks to halt bond sales for California high-speed rail

What your beagle does when you are not home:

What is gaslighting?

Excellent blog - Religious Freedom = gay marriage

Got a text message from I know of no such email. This

These are cats . . . and its long . . .get over it

Duke Fracking Tests Reveal Dangers Driller’s Data Missed

Wow ...

North Carolina police say teenager in custody shot himself

So the new speaker(who's a democrat) isn't sure if the bridge gate investigation will continue

Audit secret political campaign groups? Hell no, let's audit sexually assaulted women, instead

Arkansas lieutenant governor resigns over ethics violations

Joel Kleefisch outsources drafting of bill to limit child support for the wealthy to a wealthy donor

Harper Lee's mother was mentally ill. Anyone ever hear what was wrong with her?

...Chris Christie is still in big trouble

U.S. to withdraw diplomat at India's request as dispute festers

When Good People Do Nothing: The Appalling Story of South Carolina's Prisons

Shooting, looting rock Central African Republic's capital after leaders quit

Wisconsin: Hearing set on bill to expand independent charters statewide

Neiman Marcus says hackers may have stolen payment card data

Chris Christie Headlining Event For Rick Scott Amid Bridge Scandal

Vatican to Polish prosecutor: we don't extradite

GOP House targets health care law; 67 Dems join in

What was he wearing?

Why American Women Aren't Living as Long as They Should

Vatican and Pope Francis Seek New Demon Exorcists

What is your state worst at? See here...

Ariel Sharon, former Israeli prime minister, dies at 85

2 NJ men bank $50K from fake 9/11 charity (Pictured w/ Christie)

Chris Christie sued over New Jersey bridge scandal

David Sirota: Reefer Sanity Takes Hold in Colorado

Chris Hayes: New Jersey, Illinois, Florida & Louisiana - Which state is most corrupt?

The latest example of how San Francisco is increasingly geared for the rich (NYT)

Fort Lee Lane Closings - what was the end game?

Stuck: Why Americans Stopped Moving to the Richest States

George Washington Bridge (cartoon)

Kelly was messaging about GWB lane closures on day she accompanied Christie to Seaside fire

A HELL of a Book! A HELL of a Writer!

Georgia DUers check in please

How to Solve America's Democracy and Poverty Crisis

French oil giant Total to invest in UK shale gas

Snowy Owls at Ocracoke--a Rare Irruption

Patrick Foye: Hero (More Bridgegate Stuff)

What’s the best movie set in your state? This map will tell you.

NSA makes final push to retain most mass surveillance powers

British Children to be Subjected to Compulsary Fingerprinting under EU Rules Drawn Up in Secret!

Band Tailed Pigeon at Manteo, NC (Outer Banks)

In New York City's Transformed Political Era, Progressives Take Major Posts Under Mayor de Blasio

No Longer Human {Marlise Munoz}

2014: Failure of Palestinian Authority, BDS Success to Continue | Ramzy Baroud

Why wasn't Christie dismissed in the great US Attorney purge of '06? Because he did what he was told

He sat down.

Christie Bridge Scandal Documents Links

The End of Palestine? An Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein

Guns Seized at Wappapello

Owner fires gun in yard, police say

The Rise of Respectability Politics

Oops Regina (Egea) the incoming Chief of Staff may bring down the

CNN: Wizneski, NJ assemblyman : "If Christie means what he said, he'll release all documents

Could 2014 Be Year One of the Pay Ratio Era?

Jack “Kids Should Sweep the Floor” Kingston Eats a Lot of Free Lunches

Best endorsement for Obama & Biden: Robert Gates wants more adoration.

Ariel Sharon is now in hell...

Oh dear - they've dragged out Ron Christie to attack Obama

Now THAT's Respecting The Flag!

For smart DUers--would reverse osmosis purify the water in West Virginia?

Christie personally met with Port Authority Chief just days before order to shut down traffic

need I say more?

Here is a aerial recreation of the "Traffic Study" (before/after) if you have not seen it.......

The White Ghetto (America's poorest County)

D.C. Metro Awards $184 Million Contract For Open Payment System

Wikipedia has timeline of the Christiebridgegate. Please note this statement by CC on 12/13/13

New York Airports Nation's Worst During Recent Bad Weather

HEALTH Foster Farms chicken plant cleared to reopen after roach problem

Weekend Toons- Bully for You!

Powerful Dutch Video Shows How Important Service Dogs Can Be To Veterans With PTSD

In Harvard Law Review, Ted Cruz Blows Dog Whistle for Conspiracy Nuts (Agenda 21)

The AFL-CIO Shows Strong Opposition To The Trans-Pacific Partnership

U.S. to part with contractor CGI for Obamacare website

The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism

My Question Back To Repug Talking Heads That Are Defending Crispy & Bringing Up Benghazi, IRS, etc..

Another study is about to begin on the feasibility of putting a high-speed rail line between Houston

Back in the Pulpit After Losing His Church, and Still Supporting Gay Marriage

Fire destroys ancient Tibetan town in SW China

Gambling with God: Ryan Bell's Atheist Bet

UGH, hope this is not true!

The Baffling Revival of the Vinyl LP

Real cavemen ate mostly tiger nuts.

What I Be Project - Huffington Post

There is a trend I would like to start on social media

Georgia Rep. who wanted poor kids to work for lunch is cool with spending taxpayer money on his own

Eliminate Labor Unions from the American workplace and this is what you get

The Real MLK | Mickey Z.

So President Obama calls out Democratic Senators and accuses them of 'wanting war.' Seriously?

All of you who had yours frozen off...

Some ChristieGate Laughs--Links from Onion, Jon Stewart, Colbert, more

Francis Scott Key poem that became national anthem will join Fort McHenry Flag for 1st time

Q for W.Virginians: When was the last time you heard a Republican talk about

Thousands of Bridgegate Documents Released — Vulgarities Included

Shocking: Ted Cruz against states' rights when it comes to cannabis

Thoughts on What Education "Reform" Has Achieved

Christie Unaware He Was the Governor - new scandal revealed by Andy Borowitz

D.C. Metro Unveils New Rail Cars

The Next Data Privacy Battle May Be Waged Inside Your Car

STFU: There has not been a 'pause' in warming

Still observing

Today's Weather

After four decades, Delta's DC-9 jets make final landing

Colbert: Christie 2016 Bumper Sticker

Hey, Remember that time that Christie spent 25 million taxpayer dollars to subvert his own election?

Freepers reveal their deep racism more openly than usual

Twin Cities: Southwest light-rail gripe session stirs some anger

re: The Implausibility defense... why something as weird as closing traffic lanes?

Banned Religious Apps You Won't Find On Apple iTunes

2014 Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Mayor orders investigation into death of 4-year-old boy in Midtown

A-Rod's ban reduced to 162 games

Now That NJ Has Been Exposed - Should We Be Looking Into Other Repug Governors In Other States?.....

Majority of Republicans admit that their antediluvian ideology is very unpopular

Alex Rodriguez suspended for ALL of 2014

Alex Rodriguez suspended for ALL of 2014

Have Subpoenas Been Issued For Crisp Crispy's E-Mails?......

I do not understand why

Dear Roseanne Roseannadanna: The Real Richard Feder Weighs in on Bridge-gazi.

Republicans do NOT care about our veterans....


Who says you can't...

Are there any pictures of Christie actually "working the cones?"

I realized this has been discussed somewhat here but the "redacted" question has not really been

Cornyn introduces concealed-carry reciprocity bill

Neiman Marcus is latest victim of security breach

May I squee just a little bit?

Want people to like you? Hide your atheism!

These stupid ass pundits keep asking about Christie running in 2016

Comments by world leaders about Ariel Sharon

An excellent question...

5 Google Opt-Out Settings To Check

Guess what ...

Jury of our peers.

Paramagnetic Paint

NJ lawmaker calls for special session to continue Christie bridge investigation

Why Conservatives’ Old Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Backfiring

Imagine a President Christie with the power and apparatus of the NSA behind him

Meet "Alaska"

5 reasons Chris Christie might be lying

GIF sums up Justice system

LIVE RADIO NOW: Income Inequality & Guest David Shelton on Gay Issues

This kind of shit (GWB) goes on in other States.

“That smacks of Watergate”: Expert tells Salon which charges could reach Chris Christie’s office

Beyond Belief: Secular Society gives area atheists a support system

9,135 out of 9,136 agree-

Mao by day, the Madonna at night: Church welcomes Chinese religious artist to Frankfort

Vatican ‘won’t turn in bishop charged with molesting Dominican boys

Ugh! Tornado watch until 6pm.

‘Comfortable being gay’: a priest speaks

Terry McAuliffe Inaugurated as 72nd Governor of Virginia

Christie Doc: Cops Told People Bridge Closures Were Fort Lee Mayor's Fault

15 Chris Christie Controversies You Missed

Pope welcomes Catholic Committee for Cultural Collaboration

16 year-old (female) Invents Bio-plastic from Banana Peels

Here's A Premise For A Future Michael Moore Documentary.....

Ariel Sharon: Enemy of peace

UF sued by Florida gun-rights group over campus firearm rules

Saudi Men: Women's Makeup Is Cause of Increased Molestation

Separate scanning device?

Sweden's rape rate under the spotlight

Tel Aviv unveils first memorial to gay Holocaust victims

Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito Dodges Questions About Her Tax Returns

CNN head Jeff Zucker: Fox News is Republican Party ‘masquerading as a news channel’

"He Wrote His Suicide Note In His Own Blood" Young Veterans Suicide Rates Spiking

Thousand-year-old Tibetan town burns to the ground in intense ten hour blaze

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Crabs can be cute

Crisis In West Virginia: Wal-Mart Calls In Police To Guard Bottled Water Delivery

The Economist: (Kerry) may be getting somewhere - about Israel/Palestine

Monty Python meets Star Trek: Why space aliens haven't come here!

"It’s cool to be a liberal again"

Alabama State University to Female President: No Romantic Sleepovers in Home

Do you miss being able to know how many DUers are ignoring you?

Five great reasons for contraceptives..

Scathing bridge complaint reached Christie’s staff (updated)

Sharon 'believed in his own commitments' - Dennis Ross

Stay humble...

Virginia Republican Wants to Outlaw Oral Sex Between Teenagers

Little Luke Russert just used the word:

Russia says militants seized with bomb in south

Family of dead, pregnant woman is suing Texas for using her body as an incubator.

NJ Democrat lawmaker on traffic scandal: 'I do think laws have been broken'

UK ex-cabinet members accused of Iraq war crimes

Teen mob ransacks Bryan convenience store

This week in science: Summa Tellure

Chris Christie's Lying Ass Crybaby Breakdown; The Hypocrisy and Cruel Mind of Jack Kingston and More

The $17 Trillion Delusion: The Absurdity of Cutting Social Security to Reduce the Federal Debt

Who wants cuts to SS, Medicare, Medicaid? AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers Delivers the Truth

Arbitrator reduces A-Rod's suspension to 162 games

GOP reaction hints Christie weathering storm

Brace yourselves...

The 5 Most Damning Revelations In The New Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Documents

Morningside Heights bank engulfed by large fire

"A Farewell to Retirement Security"

Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism

Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism

Cleaning chemical spill (Charleston WV)

I''m starting a new leaf trend

Crisis In West Virginia: Wal-Mart Calls In Police To Guard Bottled Water Delivery

Prairie dogs perform contagious Mexican wave

Thom Hartmann: Why The Crash of 2016 Will Happen

Lack of research linking climate change and floods is a 'scandal'

Today's weather

Visited new baby grandson in NJ,

Watch this beagle steal some Chicken McNuggets:

Charleston has always had its own unique

A Lousy Jobs Report and the Scourge of Inequality by Robert Reich

Who Gets To Be A Superhero? Race And Identity In Comics

Obama: U.S. joins Israeli people in honoring Sharon's commitment to his country

Can TIME Predict Your Politics?


Utah gay marriages will be recognized by federal government, attorney general says

Better conditions for pigs about to become reality.

Wall Street Owns The Country, Mary Elizabeth Lease, 1890 - As True Today As Then

Palestinians cheer death of Sharon, a bitter foe

Do ex governors make the best Presidents,

Saw the new Mac Pro at the Apple store today

When Will the Polar Vortex Return?

A feisty Lee Terry (R-NE) wants faster updates on Obamacare

Incoming NJ Assembly speaker to renew the subpoena power of panel in GWB scandal

Drudge Report Does Not Have a Single Story up RE: Chris Christie. NOT ONE

I've grown weary of tattoos.

The Financial Benefits of Being Beautiful

Bill Moyers: Who are the Winners & the Losers?

LEGO Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes

WV Water Crises Day Three Briefing

"The Spoils of Babylon" Did anyone see it? Like it?

Sharon once acknowledged that he was thought of as someone who “eats Arabs for breakfast.”

some history and tentative thinking about MFM-related questions

Banks Say No to Marijuana Money, Legal or Not

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dead at 85

"So soon?" she says with surprise. The librarian has just told us our time is up.

Media is working hard to give Christie an escape route.

Knoxville Democrat Terry Adams launches 2014 bid for the U.S. Senate.

Roll over, Christie: There's a new rising star in the GOP heavens

FATCA a bad law as discussed by an American

Kitties got a late Christmas present

FATCA affects almost 1 million Canadians who have American indica

I was thinking of a possible conversation between Bridget Kelly and her husband the last few days.

Breaking on Karen Finey- NJ Assemblyman Wisniewski says

I haven't been on DU in a few years.

Christie's Questionable Conduct Over The Years

Banner Ad that summarizes why I dislike Business Schools

For Chris Christie's minions, the anniversary of [9/11] was "time for a traffic jam in Fort Lee."

Ohio, Kentucky residents now preparing for effects of chemical spill

Covered California shunting callers to website due to high volume

Thom Hartmann & Kshama Sawant: What Does Socialism Mean to You?

Naval Academy drops sex assault charges against football player

(LMAO) Luckovich cartoon: A world of legal weed


Great political corruption expose in the Orlando Sentinel.

I KNOW NOTHING (Chris Christie): This was inevitable but it's still funny

50 Years After LBJ's "War on Poverty," a Call for a New Fight Against 21st Century Inequality

Space-faring nations lay groundwork for human, robotic exploration

What strides have we made in the war on poverty?

Are some U.S. school discipline policies too punitive?

Beats Music banks on curation for streaming success

Terry McAuliffe Bans Discrimination Against LGBT State Employees

CAR ex-leader heads for exile in Benin

Anybody who doubts a great QB makes all the difference

It was Bridget Kelly ("They are the children of Buono voters.")

What crazy national day falls on your birthday?

Forecast 2014 -- Burning Down the House | James Howard Kunstler

Starving Refugees: How We Disowned Palestinians in Syria | Ramzy Baroud

In Pictures: The children of Syria's Ghouta

Another day in the (Gun Crazy) USA

Monstrous radioactive squid on California beach! Fukushima!!!

Dark Horse Reveals Process Art on Skyman’s Variant Obama Cover

TSoDS #6: Electrochemical Generation of Cometary Water

2030 is the New 2012 | John Michael Greer

The Rev. Robert Nugent, priest who ministered to gay Catholics, dies at 76

Your predictions about Gov. Krusty's future? (Poll)

Court orders release of church abuse records

Salon: 5 Reasons Chris Christie Might Be Lying

Gov. Christie awards Fort Lee new traffic lights

Anonymous video vows to target Walmart’s business practices

Robert Gates' Portrayal Of Obama Has Democrats Feeling Relieved

Texas Democratic Party Vote by Mail program

Statements by President Obama and VP Joe Biden on the Passing of Ariel Sharon

Tiny Fungus Puts Up A Mighty Fight Against Climate Change

ok, had a meltdown at the odious job last night

Can't wait to see this movie (that, btw, is sarcasm)

12-Year-Old Gets to the Heart of Marriage Equality in Utah (From the mouth of babes).

Wheat Golden Farmer? A lesson in a new Chinese name

Turning Whales Into Suds: Icelandic Beer Outrages Activists

Indiana House to Hold Hearing on Marriage Equality Ban

Woman claims lawyers should have told her divorce would end her marriage

Ring of Fire: Could Bridgegate Ruin Christie’s Career?

Pro-Petro marches mobilize hunderds in Colombia’s major cities

Reid calls out Repugnants! "continually denigrating our economy, our president ... our country"!!!

"Guns on Campus: A Chilling Effect" by Kenneth M. Mash (NEA, Thought & Action)

Things are getting worse in Charleston, WV.

Agrochemical companies sue to block anti-GMO law in Hawaii

Freedom Industries (WV spill) founder has tax evasion, cocaine history

The $17 Trillion Delusion: The Absurdity of Cutting Social Security to Reduce the Debt

Perhaps one of the more embarrassing corrections the NY Times has had

Polar vortex over US brings abnormally mild weather to Scandinavia


Ethics of mechanical/ life support vs family/patient wishes

NJ Mayors: Was Christie Getting Revenge on Me, Too? --- What if Ft. Lee was the tip of the icebeg?

WNYC: More New Jersey Mayors Say They Think They Were Punished For Not Playing Along w/ Christie

"He was a staunch proponent of nuclear power generation while he was prime minister"

Anyone have experience with Sitecore?

oh freedom (1966)

In Central America, women killed ‘with impunity’ just because they’re women

Fish with very high levels of cesium found near Fukushima

Chris Christie Mentor Says Bridge Scandal Poses Question: Do You Really Want That In Your President?

Saturday, January 11th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Time lapse of the Hobet mine in Madison, West Virginia


Man presents bag of homegrown weed to Kansas legislators

Incoming NJ Assembly speaker to renew the subpoena power of panel in GWB scandal

Here's the MSDS for the "freedom" that's killing Charleston, WV right now

Why TPP Matters, Fast Tracking for Deregulation

American Gun Deaths to Exceed Traffic Fatalities by 2015

Plastic in noodles

I think it is ridiculous that folks on TV, CNN right now, are talking about Christie's 'brand' ...

On the eve of the Australian Open, can Roger Federer remember how to be great?

On MFM and the nature of on-line friendships...

When is the best Time to go grocery shopping?

Jake Tapper Is Getting Attacked For Asking A Question That America Desperately Needs To Answer

Christie pulls judicial nominee amid GWB flap

he's cleaning the kitchen, i'm drinking beer and watching football

Close Guantánamo prison, says first US commander on 12th anniversary

Has anyone else here seen "Philomena"?

The Port Authority also did not inform either the government or the police department in Fort Lee...