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Archives: January 10, 2014

USDA threatens to pull funding over NC food stamps problems

Tweety doesn't buy the bullshit

5 Reasons Rachel Maddow is the best news personality on TV now.

CNN: FBI assisting US Attorney's office in Christie Bridge scandal

Meryl Streep calls Walt Disney a ‘gender bigot’

Nicaragua Deports US Man in Child Pornography Case

Moms Demand Action Deeply Disappointed in Federal Judge’s Decision Overturning Chicago’s Citywide...


U.S. targets 'deceptive' car dealer advertisements

Jon Stewart - the most powerful man in New Jersey

It's argued that plastic bags can't be banned because people won't wash reusable bags

Chris Christie 2016: A Bridge to Nowhere - By Jonathan Chait

Wanna See The Happiest Mayor In North America Today?

NSA and GCHQ activities appear illegal, says EU parliamentary inquiry

Amanda Knox will refuse to return to Italy if she's falsely convicted again

Now that Bridget is unemployable, how does she live?

Has anyone ever heard of an "ice tsunami"??

W.Va. Gov. Issues State of Emergency, Water Ban for 5 Counties after Leak

Here’s Proof That Governor Christie Is Still Misleading The Public On Bridge Scandal

Christie once bragged that shutting down traffic was his "favorite thing about being Governor"

France's Marine Le Pen wants her far-right party to join forces with Ukip and destroy 'European Sovi

Cross-posted from Arizona (Group) - Video: Gabby jumping out of an airplane

What would one fighter pilot do to try and save a buddy's life? Pardo's Push.

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant offline again

Defamatory Online Posts Revisited by Texas Court

York U student’s refusal to work with women sparks rights debate

WHY would Christie feel the need to punish Mark Sokolich, when he won by 30 points anyway?

Thom Tillis' Tea Party Challenger Greg Brannon Dredges Up Scandal In North Carolina GOP Primary

Calls for apology after senator's comments on 'bad behavior' of women welfare recipients

If Obama had never become president, what would U.S. foreign policy look like today?

Farrah (teen mom) Abraham says doing porn ruined her life

Claire McCaskill leads investigation of ‘horse manure’ weight-loss products

Maine’s GOP governor: I started working at 11 years old, so why can’t other kids at 12?

Polar vortex: 50 people burned in the US trying to turn boiling water into ice

Tweety? I’ve been on his back for 14 yrs..

Christie bridge scandal: Woman died after traffic delayed medics

Parents lobby Florida lawmakers on medical marijuana

NOM Leader: 'Same-Sex Marriage Bullies' Oppressing Christians

Gov. Christie press conference in 24 secs

Union-made Hot Chocolate

Because Barack Obama CARES about EVERY American.

New Virginia Bill Would Make Oral Sex Between 17-Year-Olds A Felony

AFGE, Food Safety Groups Urge Congress to Reject Poultry Inspection Outsourcing Plan

Camera Led to Arrest in Monica Spear Killing

Fox: How DARE the other networks spend all day on that 'Bridge Thing,'

Papantonio: Corporate Controlled Congress To Fast Track TPP

Helpless Female car question..

Consider this ...

Maryland Unions Hit Jobs Jackpot with New Casinos

I thought I was an atheist. Apparently I'm a polytheist!

Glenn Beck: "We Are The New Revolutionaries"

Michael Grimm (R-NY) asked about Christie scandal raises BENGHAZI!

The Bridge on the River Why?..... Madness

We're up to 232 members of our little "Classic Red" forum.......

Fossilized Skin Pigments Reveal Colors Of Ancient Sea Monsters

Watching all the Christie coverage, I would like to thank President Barack Obama

I'm having an argument with a RW coworker

Christi is just so sad,

Dr. Robert Lanza, considered one of the leading scientists in the word...

Astrophysicists create the first accurate map of the universe: It’s very flat, and probably infinite

What is so disgusting about Christie's

Hayes is good tonight

Chris Christie - "I know nothing! Nothing!"

I am the guy with two penises.

She took a GoPro camera 12,500 feet into the air and jumped out of a plane. By Gabrielle Giffords

Rapist Jameis Winston is about to get his ass sued off.

Christie just heard about all of this as he was leaving the gym at 9:00 am?

Thanks so much to everybody in the Lounge and I am so sorry.

Chris Christie "goes out of his way to be a dick to other Republicans."

Free trade not a licence to rip off Australia - "See were not the only ones getting Fucked"

Exclusive: Karzai unlikely to meet deadline on signing long-term security deal, U.S. envoy says

sad news for the good news group

Jay Gruden. ugh.

Five companies to fear, fondly, Mark Morford

Two of my favorite shows announce they are ending

Any ideas for a "I survived Winter Storm Ion" t-shirt?

With Christie toast...

Carter Camp, American Indian Leader, Dies at 72

I wish you insensitive pricks would quit with the fat shaming. The governor is horrible because he

Press is Missing Another 'Smoking Gun' in the Christie Documents

Screwing Over America with TPP "FAST TRACK"--Bi-Partisan Senate Does the Deed..

Do you like sports? The dark side

With Release of Prisoners, Afghan Leader Again Defies U.S. Wishes

I know why Gov. Bully is sure he's not a bully.

Twisted: Boehner wants to send more aid to Iraq, but not US Jobless

PCs cap worst-ever sales year with another 4Q drop

Sears sales slump during holiday season

Unable to get enrolled with Covered California: update -got my bill finally

I'll be impressed if the CES had something that would stop Dig TV signal from breaking-up!!

"The jihadists may have gone too far"

Woman Says Lane Closings Were Not to Blame for Her Mother’s Death

1981 newscast about 'newspapers on the computer'

Middle Finger Mom...aka MFM died today

Salvadoran president: predecessor mismanaged Taiwan funds

Alcoa posts $2.3 billion 4Q loss on write-downs

Ask Mr Republican Man - By Tom Tomorrow

Rachel has a new question - Oh My!! n/t

MiddleFingerMom has died.

Fox News Births the Bridge Scandal Talking Point

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! A Bridge Too Far & a new Kitteh & Doggie gif

So which heads have rolled, exactly?

Blue Moon (photo)

accidental gun discharge sets off debate

No legal pot in 2014 session, say Branstad and key Iowa lawmakers

R Maddow is getting into a new theory on the why of CC's retribution against Ft Lee, NJ

Rachael Now!! New details...

Should DU send something in rememberance of MFM?

Don't believe your lying eyes meme. Look at this article. What bullshit. Because

whoever was responsible for

who else here remembers when some democrats were hoping, praying, suggesting, that christie

OK......a question about Christie

RMI's Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013

Rachel Maddow is the smartest person in the room.

The Bully™ was re-elected for the same reason that the Gropenfuhrer was.

Did Rachel Maddow find something no one else has yet reported?

Federal judge rejects Texas attorney general’s effort to consolidate same-sex marriage cases

Federal judge rejects Texas attorney general’s effort to consolidate same-sex marriage cases

My new nickname for Chris Christie is Governor Biff. So if you're a Back To The Future fan....

GO REC & KICK THIS POST!!! Dr. Maddow nailed the motivation

Google just made it really easy for strangers to email you

Cannot wait for Morning Joe tomorrow morning.

The thing I don't believe about Christie's bridge scandal....


Detroit City Council president pro tem let go after alcohol, pot found in vehicle

How to open a bottle of wine – without a corkscrew

Catholic agencies' advance plans kept services going in nasty weather

Before Rachael’s show tonight.. I thought there was a good chance Christie would survive...

It is possible Nuclear power could be made safe

I hate Christie, but I am not sure Christie knew anything about this.....

Chris Christie Took His Sweet Time to Find the Truth About of Bridgegate

"Boehner eyes jobless as leverage"

Dog Siren

What the cat thinks

Rachel Maddow: An alternate theory of the Christie scandal - video link

A couple of years ago commuting from Maryland to Northern VA, where there are only a couple of ways

Good night

MFM's last post

REMINDER: According to the fRightWing media...

Judge orders forfeiture of Texas polygamist ranch

omg - Christie's Chief of Staff, Kevin O'Dowd, to become NJ AG next week???

Lawrence is about to talk about Christie's 'talk until you drop scam'...

Dr. Jill Biden: This Is The Affordable Care Act:

Dear Governor Christie, you know those Presidential aspirations you have?

I have a poor auditory memory. I listen hard when someone is telling me a long story. I am incapable

Maddow: NJ Bridge Scandal Was Political Revenge, But Maybe Not for the Reason You Think…(video link)

Dumb Criminals: Oregon Couple Leaves Crystal Meth As Tip

These Guys 4 The Jersey Sore

Didn't catch

25 Funny Auto Correct Fails (So funny I was in tears!)

The problem for Christie is how he HANDLED this mess. It was a pathetic excuse for "leadership".

LA Times re: Christie today

Okay, hear me out...

Macabre but interesting historical fact about Nazi camps...

Scientists create toe, belly button cheese from human bacteria

EPIC Right-Winger: No Idea What Jesus Thought, Except Being Anti-Gay

New York Times Editorial: After Chris Christie’s Performance

The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today

New Intel-Based PC’s Permanently Hackable

Obamacare snag: Health insurers have no record of some enrollees

The FULL Maddow show regarding Christie is now uploaded on the MSNBC website - link below

Funny tweet re: the bridge closing

billboard-exploits-native-american-history to sell pro-gun message...

Journalism's failure - the personalization of politics.

Hilarious new kind of ventriloquism

MInneapolis last week to see: Artworks by Iraqi and Minneapolis area artists closing Jan 15th

Judge orders forfeiture of Texas polygamist ranch (related to Warren Jeffs)

Tomorrow's NY Daily News Cover

A deputy Chief of Staff is generally doing what the Chief of Staff wants done.

My prediction on Christie is that he'll still get the nomination.

An MPG tip for your car: Use defrost sparingly.

MFM greatest hits page

The Daily Show carving up Never Ending Story...

MFM passed away today. Link to Kali's lounge post:

Arizona beats UCLA, now 16 and 0, number ONE in the nation

How long before Christie does a 180?

Six-month-old puppy Zeus caused explosion that shattered windows and set fire to sofa

AHA! The skies are dancing in Canada and the USA tonight. I suspect MFM is making the heavens laugh.

Sad Songs for Chris Christie

your assignment, should you choose to accept it . . .

"An alternate theory of the Christie scandal"

Secrets are haunting my dreams and nightmares again.

A weird thing happened to me tonight

Liberman: Citizenship annulment is a condition for peace (WTF??)

Cuban police capture boxing champ assailants

Jon Stewart Takes on Christie Presser: Tone He's Set Is Apparently in 'F U Sharp'

Did today (yesterday, 1/9) seem particularly 'difficult?'

Dad may be off the ventilator tomorrow and I need help with some assholes

My Friend Was Watching The News Coverage Of Bridgegate When His 5y/o In The Room Started Calling....

Forced abortion highlights abuses in China policy

Stocking up prior to a big snow.

Anyone know an online source for harissa paste or sauce? Or a good recipe?

President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) - a big THANK YOU 50 years later!

Scientists: Americans Are Becoming Weather Wimps

Obama to visit North Carolina in lead up to State of the Union

Syria’s Western-Backed Opposition Group On Brink Of Collapse

(Jerry) Brown meets with drought task force, pledges help

"Congressional investigators question why Gov. Christie cancelled Hudson River tunnel"

In honor of my 16,000th post. Mr Christie...

U.S. Considers Resuming Nonlethal Aid to Syrian Opposition

US Denies Kerry Pressing Arab League To Recognize Israel As Jewish State

USPS, Amazon Partnership Delivers Good News for Online Shoppers.

Chris Christie urged reporters to "take the bat" to Weinberg

NYDN: Christie's 107 minutes of self-serving, self-pitying display....load of bull"

Crybaby Hannity opens show talking about Lois Lerner

I am reading a National Geographic book on the Canadian Wilderness areas.

Thats' Good! ( I miss the 80's )

Owner of Fayetteville adult boutique shot during robbery

The three-month flight along the Nile


Democrats like Jerry Brown's budget but want to spend more

Feds charge alleged SF gang members with three murders

When you've lost the New York Post...

If Chris Christie is run out of office or resigns - the new NJ governor would be Kim Guadagno

Gates of Steel

She's Just the Girl You Want

NJ Assembly to Release over 900 Documents Friday Morning...

NJ Assembly to Release Documents in Bridge Scandal Investigation

What's the difference between the Hindenburg and Chris Christie?

Mocking Issa

Barely a plan, but enough to excite leaders about Texas Stadium site’s future

Doctors say cutting food stamps could backfire

I'm a Secret Agent Man

Grandmother says her heart goes out to his family, she never intended to kill the young man.

Christie: Incompetent or vindictive ? (Liar)

Oh dear, kookienellie conservatism spreads like gonnerhea

Yemen man detained at Guantanamo Bay to be freed

China 'overtakes' US as world’s largest goods trader

Growth of Walmart in the USA

Colorado airports tighten rules on marijuana possession

Jewish Surnames Explained

France's Hollande considers legal action over actress liaison report

why does du crash out so often late at night?

How the Big Cell Phone Companies Are Getting Away with Ripping You Off Each Month

A Tale of Two Jobs: How Low Wages Are Bad for Business

The Ross Sisters **Solid Potato Salad** 1944

What is "wrong" with DU...

The 4 Big Dangers of Fracking

If this was retaliation for the NJ SCOTUS battles . . .

doctors say cutting food stamps could backfire

Moves to end flood prevention plans delay.

spicy meatball

This is an attack by ice. (video)

EPA Publishes First Rule Limiting Carbon Pollution From New Power Plants

New York Governor Announces $1 Billion For Solar Energy

A Lesser-Known Dementia That Steals Personality


Maddow Exposes Christie's Likely Fingerprints On Bridge Shutdown - Why That Day?!! Shocker!!

Japan's ruling party removes no war pledge from 2014 platform

Rick Santorum warns fellow Republicans: ‘We live in a bubble’

FBI Sends Dozens of Agents to Help Guard Sochi Olympics

Doh! Doctor Who Ron Johnson Wants to Shield From Obamacare, Wants Obamacare

Louie Gohmert: I became a congressman to stop single moms from getting welfare checks

Air Force nuclear officers investigated for drug possession

A Newly Translated Hebrew Text Reveals What Happened To The Ark Of The Covenant

Australian PM compares fight against ‘people-smugglers’ to war

Leaked DNR report says mine poses threats to human health, water

Stop EU citizens travelling to UK in search of work, says Labour

The U.S. Economy Does Not Value Caregivers

Morning Jerk: But Benghazi!!!

The Female Face of Poverty

At least EPA is doing a little something to help bees

Senators propose giving Obama ‘fast-track authority’ for trade deals

Senators propose giving Obama ‘fast-track authority’ for trade deals (xpost from Congress)

Italian police decipher code believed to detail mafia initiation ceremony

Claire McCaskill leads investigation of ‘horse manure’ weight-loss products

Celebrating Deep Freeze, Insect Experts See a Chance to Kill Off Invasive Species

U.S. blames Taliban for December helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Find The Water Leak

Too-too Smooth...

More than three quarters of large carnivores now in decline

Historic Rains in South Florida

Indian diplomat leaves U.S. amid grand jury indictment for visa fraud

Power line nests put US ravens in pole position for prey

Smartphone app/scan needed to help stop greed and disaster capitalism?

Globalization's unwanted children -- mellenials and young Gen Y-ers in USA and Europe.

Five bodies found in Russian region near Winter Olympic host city of Sochi

EU parliamentary commission votes overwhelmingly to hear Snowden

Anti-communist watchdog: NSA should spy on ‘progressive’ lawmakers like Bernie Sanders

A guy walks into a bar.......

Dumbest column of 2014 has already been written. Richard Cohen hardest hit.

When you have to drag out a noun a verb and 9/11 to defend you

Estonian PM advisor: U.S. deployment near Russia “unwelcome”

Senator Menendez

Peak or no Peak, Oil is Unsafe at any Price

12 Quotes From The Late Amiri Baraka

Top 5 US Government Decisions that put Troops more at Risk than Snowden Did

Check Todd: "(Christie) just came across as another politician....."

So if you're against extreme income inequality, does that make you a socialist?

Limbaugh Chides Republicans for Not Supporting Christie

A very long post about my nightmare 2013, but hopefully worth a read....

NAFTA at 20 Years

All-Republican Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Names Koran Tearer to Library Board!

NY Daily News OpEd re: Christie

Fashion Backward: Cambodian Government Silences Garment Workers

How The Media Marketed Chris Christie's Straight Shooter Charade

Christie Flunks Crisis Management With I Am Not a Bully Quote

Thai insurgents extend their reach

8 videos of Mr. "I Am Not A Bully" Christie name-calling, belittling others

Luck Vs. Brady

US Touched by Disaster in Fallujah

Gollum sings wrecking ball...

Research Briefs: Did You Know? Music is good for you. Really good for you.

NSA: The Quantum Computer Will Spy on the World

Absurd US Reply to Cuban Offer

After a lot of thought, this is what I think happened.

The Legacy Of The “Boys Don’t Cry” Hate Crime 20 Years Later

Five Books Spoken about in America

Oculus Rift "crystal cove " info at CES...

US drone attacks in Yemen protect no one but Al-Qaeda

US Marines Shoot and Kill Four-Year-Old Afghan Boy

Find something to be happy about today (Friday, January 10th, 2014)

Security conundrums

Morning Joe. The hits keep coming.

Environmentalists fear sardine fishery crash could threaten West Coast ecosystem

Hilarious "let's look at" YouTube review....

Juan Cole: John McCain and Lindsey Graham Want to Invade Falluja Yet Again

Deep freeze may have cost economy about $5 billion

Devyani Khobragade: India seeks US official's withdrawal

South Sudan troops 'recapture key oil city of Bentiu'

PCs cap worst-ever sales year with another 4Q drop

From Harvard, a Cheaper Storage Battery

ahem, Rachel.... lookie here!

Novel gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease clears safety hurdle

Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s Warrior Transition Battalion expanding

Tom Wolf has $13.3 million on hand for his PA. Dem. Governor's Race

787 fire investigation nearing completion

Gay rights group asks for federal recognition of Utah same-sex marriages

"The White House is seething, and they want everyone to know it."

REQUEST for Healing Vibes, White Light, Positive Energy, Prayer--whatever you can do!

Israel announces plans for building 1,400 settlement homes

How much $$$ has #ChrisChristie cost taxpayers, businesses and commuters with #bridgegate and

Chris Christie: Dimwitted dupe or demented liar?

Unseen Alfred Hitchcock Holocaust documentary ‘Memory of the Camps’ to be released

Former NJ Gov interview re: Christie

"The endless Army" by Andrew J. Bacevich in Boston Globe

December unemployment rate declines (6.7%); payroll employment edges up (+74,000)

Man jailed for GMail invite to ex-GF

I heard Bill Frist reviewed the Bridgegate emails and declared that

Christie scandal declared over by Republicans

The Ugly Hypocrisy of DU.

Does the Christie story have legs? Three months from now will

Berlin Square Named 'Adolf Hitler Platz' On Google Maps

TPP: Bill key to Obama trade push faces Dem opposition

Take a look: Population distribution of the United States, measured in Canadas

The Egyptian puppet accused of being a terrorist

Harvard expulsion revealed in trader's NYC trial

I'm really interested in the mechanics of the Bridge Jam.

The real Chris Christie

Target data breach total rises to up to 110 million

Gates: US 'tried to oust Hamid Karzai by manipulating Afghan elections'

Fraud case nets Colorado Springs businessman a 16-year prison sentence

What Sport Has the Best All-Around Athletes?

'Culture of disrespect' fuels military academy sex assaults

Krugman: The Medicaid Cure

Hacker Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Case Faces More Jail Time Than Rapists

How dangerous is the Fukushima nuclear plant today? (part one)

Fox Guest: Minimum Wage is 'Black Teenage Unemployment Act'

How female corpses became a fashion trend

Job report in perspective and why it is important to not react to one month numbers

Jersey's Top Paper Isn't Buying Christie's Story: It 'Stretches The Bounds Of Belief'

Suspension of Disbelief

Company doing work in S.A. faces OSHA fine

Talking Points Memo has front pages of NJ and New York newspapers :

Wouldn't it be great if Kim Jung Un frees Bae

Surprising New Class of 'Hypervelocity Stars' Discovered Escaping the Galaxy

Fort Bragg soldier wins settlement against U.S. Postal Service for wrongful termination

Too damn funny....Sarah Palin says she joined Fox News to anger people who want her dead

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's accuser describes finding more iPhone messages from general

Christie should have just played "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" by Linda Ronstadt.

How To Disable Google's New Default Spamming Of Your Email

(Va) Ex-bank CFO waits in limbo over threat of criminal suit

De Blasio: Christie Apology 'Raises Bigger Questions'

A congress of millionaires

US to start training Libyan soldiers at midyear

Well they are finally admitting there are no jobs,but no because...

How Will SNL Portray Chris Crispy This Weekend?.......

Could Christie's Bridge Scandal Really Lead To Criminal Charges?

Commander who reversed (MST) conviction to retire

Experts warn of health danger after heroin found to contain ‘added sugar’.

Charge could be dropped for 1 in Naval Academy case

Why are there 5 eggs in a nest when there should be only 2 ?

Christie “knew this was bull****” and “obviously there’s been a coverup,” N.J. ex-gov tells Salon

Numbers of wounded down; Army care units to close

Robert Gates’s Narcissistic ‘Duty’

VA reports spike in suicides among youngest vets

Don't Let AIPAC Push Us Into War

Just want to say sincere thanks to Kali and California Peggy

When & Where Will Bridget Kelly Show Up?....

Chris Christie's "Apology" Translated:

New teabagger agenda: overthrow gov't, convene illegal "tribunals" to stage show trials

Well at least Bridget Kelly looks like a nice person (warning graphic pix)

Wise Guy

US News & World Reports: "Chris Christie's Posse of Bridge Bullies Is a 2016 Disqualifier"

Berlin Blunder: Google Maps Brings Back 'Adolf Hitler Square'

Fox contributor ‘confirms’ Islamists in White House: ‘I haven’t got their names exactly’

Jersey Politics 101, with Professor Christie

Olympic Construction Sins: The Leaning Houses of Sochi

Friday docudump today in Bridgegate

When are we going to hear Bridget Kelley's side of the story?

Are fat jokes and weight based insults appropriate for DU?

It's Time To Think Beyond Bars

Caption this pic of Christie and Bridget Kelly

George Washington Legacy

Out of the Abyss: Looking for Lessons in Iceland's Recovery

Where is the traffic study?

The Millionaires Club: For 1st time in history-More Than 1/2 House & Senate Members=Millionaires

Meanwhile, as world-wide oil reserves are rapidly drying up ...

Papantonio: Chris Christie's Al Capone Politics

'Disastrous Impression': Cities Say Immigration Debate Overheated

Selective Outrage-

Christie was duped? Not buying. There was a dead rat, and Christie pretended that somebody farted.

New legislation can help curb gun violence in the U.S.

Rude Pundit and I will discuss Christie on my Radio show this Sun/Mon.

I believe Chris Christie

Republican Civil War breaking out over PA. State Senate Race in York Co.

Gen. Grass: Budget Deal Gives Guard, Army Time To Compromise

For full effect, this has to be done in L.A.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Louis C.K.

The Narcissistic Drama of Chris Christie’s Apology

Gimme some sugar…

Calvin explains the GOP

The left's fascination with Kennedy leaves me dumbfounded sometimes

Can you walk on water?

Hollywood Declares 2014 the Year of the Bible

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Corpus Christie

Insurers under fire as Obamacare kicks in

Is Chris Christie's Supreme Court War With Democrats Behind Bridgeghazi?

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - More Christie Toons

As usual the local news folks are coming up with the news RE; Bridge Jam.

Japan Re-Shapes Its National Security Strategy

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Eighth Dist. House race: Nolan duel with GOP ‘young gun’ heats up early


Army Sends Cannoneer To Korea, Acquisition Expert To Afghanistan

At the heart of the scandal

Marines 2014: Year Of Decision For Amphibious Combat Vehicle

Allentown Schools Plans for 4th Round of Layoffs & Tax Increases +$25 million/yr charter costs

I think I may be a hobbit

KRUGMAN: Liberals, don’t apologize for Medicaid growth---It’s just what the, um, Doctor ordered.

Conservatives Like Chris Christie More When the Media Likes Him Less

The Expensive Scam Of TSA Airport Security

Norway says F-35 jet on track; keeping eye on costs

Not exactly news, but beware the scammers on right-wing radio

China Asks U.S. to Lift Sanctions on Arms Proliferators, Iran Traders

Fox Reports Bridgegate Scandal Could Help Christie’s 2016 Election Chances

Krauthammer Thinks Christie Could Be 'Toast'

Coal Industry's War Against President Obama Pays Off ...

Poll: Americans Identifying As Liberal Reaches New High

Krauthammer Thinks Christie Could Be 'Toast'...

Damn...Heat lost and there's no one here to rub it in on!

Obama names Fischer as Fed vice chair: White House

Contemplating relocation. Tell me what you know ...

The US F35 jet is partially made in China

Skinner, I would like to speak with your supervisor.

No, really: It’s over for Christie in 2016

Just SEE them, and just read the link

New Jersey braces for new disclosures in bridge scandal

Just imagine control of the NSA in the hands of a Chris Christie?

Please proceed, governor.

Censoring fat jokes is a slippery slope

Douchebag of the Day, January 10, 2014

Starting to get a little spooked about this stock market.

"Free trade" agreements

Joan at Woodstock taught me about Joe's murder so long ago.... (corrected added Woodstock video)

Queens shooting leaves retired correction officer dead

GOP-led House again targets Obama health care law

Cute note from a child to Bill Clinton

Loretta Weinberg opinion piece attacking Christie, Port Authority in April 2012

Where Life Has Meaning: Poor, Religious Countries

Senator seeks release of remainder of federal heating aid for NY

Christie knew his current political aspirations were gone when he spoke yesterday.

Alan Keyes Hopes Jesus Christ Will Help Fight To Impeach Obama

Marijuana Legalization May Win the West (and D.C.) in 2014

Issues To Watch In 2014

“Disaster" in West Virginia....

Atheist's donation of $3,000 finally finds a home

If you've ever wanted to enter a DU photography's the time!

Thomas Roberts just ruined my day...

Brooklyn deli clerk found dead with laceration in basement

GD post needs some love

Pic Of The Moment: Chris Christie Press Conference -- The Reviews Are In

Pr. George’s trial in fatal police chase tossed because of juror’s religious beliefs

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts moving to the "Way too Early" slot

So why has Thomas Roberts program been changed to 5:30 AM?

Good morning

Music Coach: Wedding her girlfriend OK by Eastside Catholic


Christie's Chief legal Counsel Charlie McKenna now implicated...

Newly discovered medieval art from the failed Giant Snail Invasion of 1064

Georgia GOPer Attacking Free School Lunch Expensed $4,200 In Meals

BREAKING: Obama Administration Will Grant Benefits To Married Gay Couples In Utah

Generalizations suck

Paul Begala: Christie's choice: Be seen as a crook or a schnook?

The Bullying Experiment.

Ex-N.J. Guv: Christie Knew Ally's Bridge Excuse Was 'Bullsh*t'

BREAKING: Obama admin to recognize Utah same-sex marriages

Obama administration to dump IT firm behind

Dieudonne M’bala M’bala: French anti-Semites’ favorite comedian

So let me get this straight...

NSA Insiders Reveal What Went Wrong in letter to Obama

Gov. Chris Christie's apology for a N.J. traffic jam causes new one

Georgia GOPer Attacking Free School Lunch Expensed $4,200 In Meals

The last thing I would do is count Chris Christie out for 2016 - it would be foolish to do so

Sore loser Keyes wants Obama impeached, invokes Jesus...

I'm glad the Christie story has made the Melissa Harris Perry dust-up

The Rachel Maddow Show is podcast daily on iTunes

Nutcase right-wing activist says Obama is crazy...

Fish leaps out of water to catch birds on the wing!

Hypothetical question regarding intentional traffic jams.

"The GW Bridge Song" (with apologies to Simon & Garfunkel)

Cancer drug protects against (Type 1) diabetes (in mice)

No sick leave, $1 per hour for maid in U.S.-India row: court papers

Longwood commissioner 'Butch' Bundy charged with DUI

Australia’s national science agency apologizes to girl for failing to create fire-breathing dragon

TYT: Shocking That Fox News Wants To Bury This Story

Is the Universe Made of Math?

Nigerian Pastor Tries to Walk on Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns in Front of His Congregation

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

That Darn Socialism...Survivor Benefits For My Son's Wife & Childen

"Flock" of Nano Satellites to Capture High-Res Views of Whole Earth

Exclusive: Iran, Russia negotiating big oil-for-goods deal

How many American Jobs will the TPP give away so MultiNational Corporations can collect Royalties

Israel City Unveils Gay Holocaust Victims Memorial

Virginia , oh, Virginia

Veteran U.S. senator joins call to investigate Raleigh Housing Authority

TYT: Private Prisons Purchase Politicians For Profit & It Works!

Ashton Kutchner as Steve Jobs.

"Playing In Traffic" - Chris Christie on The New Yorker cover

Sen. Gillibrand introduces bill to create national paid work leave insurance program

I used to be fat

Assembly Dems introduce bill accelerating minimum wage increase

"play free" ad. Can I block it?

A Star at the Edge of Eternity

TYT: Do Women Have Babies To Get Welfare? (Gohmert Pyle says yes)

If Ga. is a test case for conservatism, It Fails.

Let 'em fly, girls...

It's now OK to denigrate an entire group of people by calling them "DU Believers."

Kentucky Republican offers to ‘fill this committee room’ with people killed by pot

Rasmussen: 54% in NJ think Christie knew of bridge retaliation

Progress Iowa: Iowans Want raise in minimum wage

Overture: Moral Monday march on Raleigh 2014

Christie 'Always Welcome' In Florida As He Campaigns For Rick Scott

Are there people we can pick on due to their weight?

Papantonio: JPMorgan’s Destructive Rap Sheet

Sen. Durbin to GOP: Put down Ayn Rand books


NJ school children

just talked to the vet about fat cat

Christie jam opens lane for 2016 hopefuls

'Very good progress' at Iran nuclear talks - EU

Bridge Closing Was NO Conspiracy?

Palin says her new show won’t be overtly political

The - Annoying AutoPlay Ads Deminish The Site's Professionalism

Israel excavates site in flashpoint West Bank city

The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever Seen

Erekat: Israel settler plans 'message' to Kerry not to return

Does anyone think fat jokes have hurt Michael Moore or helped advance conservative ideology?

More and more are saying bye.

More and more are saying bye.

Illegal to attach to bicycle helmet?

PATHETIC seen on the front page of the Daily News..

Thank you Pres. Obama and Attorney General Holder!

If Chris Christie runs for president is his weight a legitimate issue?

New Jersey on line poll. Christie Presser a C-.

Will robots spawn lawsuits? Legal expert says yes

Andrew Beacham, buddy of Randall Terry & Koran destroyer, appointed to Loudoun library board

Fat, dumb, ugly... We can't mock anyone here anymore...except for

Tea Party Group Mobilizes To Oust House Speaker John Boehner

Rachel Maddow's theory on GWB scandal picked up by NY Mag, Raw Story, The Wire, HuffPo, more

LA Times: Non-smokers "have the right not to be sickened by the choices of others"

John Green, The Problem with US Health Care

OK DUers, what are you eating and drinking while

PERFECT!!!---The New Yorker Cover Draws Christie

9 out of 10 Americans Don't Get it, Income Inequality

It's Official: Time Travellers Don't Use Twitter

We Can Afford To Help The Unemployed

Place your bets ladies and gents... when will Christie resign?

Just May Be Matt Damon's Best Performance, Civil Obedience

Obama to deliver speech on NSA reforms Jan. 17

Apparently, DU's Shankapotomus isn't the only one who wants to know who "Charlie" is (bridge emails)

Not An Isolated Incident: Christie Has Been Repeatedly Accused Of Political Retribution

3 days in a row near 50 degrees in January. This PROVES

7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Bitching About People On Benefits

Einstein’s Camera: How one renegade photographer is hacking the concept of time.

California Climate Station Precipitation Summary

Being forced to view an ultrasound doesn’t change women’s decisions about abortion

Oh, dear Lord. Did anyone catch via TDS the latest Fox "News" graphic?

Another take on Hairball, from one of San Jose's go-to sports columnists

So I think I found the point one must admit insanity

Staten Island DA Dan Donovan Offers Support For Gov. Cuomo's Raise The Age Campaign

Being forced to view an ultrasound doesn’t change women’s decisions about abortion

Amanda Bynes bong toss case to be dismissed

Rachel Maddow's theory about the GWB seems unlikely to me, however...

What do you think of marriage proposals

75 life hacks from the Orlando Sentinel.

The Rude Pundit - Hey, Anti-Choicers: By Your Own Logic, You're Paying for Abortions in Israel

The Reason for Bridgegate: Not what we thought.

Why does everyone think that released NJ documents will come without pertinent information

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ January 10th

The media was just handed hundreds of pages of Bridge-gate material

Signs point toward libertarians no longer being politically ignorable.

Trickle Down Is Finally Working

House Republicans Just Quietly Passed A Bill Gutting Hazardous Waste Legislation

NFL Hall of Fame names 15 finalists

This thread will sink

How the Google bus controversy is revolutionizing urban economics

He's the toast of the town.

Recumbent bikes vs upright

Is Staples Cutting Employee Hours Ahead of Affordable Healthcare Act?

A link to 1000 pages of new documents in Christie Bridge scandal:

These prople pay taxes on the dilapidated house...

Report: Suicide rate spikes among young veterans

My favorite cover of "Don't Think Twice"

What's you favorite Christie coverage pun (so far)?

You Have Been Watching! Religion

Report: Suicide rate spikes among young veterans

Why Today’s Miserable Job Numbers Are Probably Wrong (Time magazine)

56% in NJ Think Christie Should Resign If He Knew About Fort Lee Retaliation

Thousands of pages of Chris Christie bridge scandal documents released

How to observe the loudest man-made noise ever recorded...

Angela Bassett rulz!

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin declares a state of emergency after spill contaminates Elk River

Father will spend 6 months in jail for paying too much child support

Ecuador Cracks Down on Indigenous Leaders Opposed to Oil

30 life hacks debunked

Anyone gotten a job at 60? Cause I need one for next 2 years.

Toon: He's perfect!

U.S. has deployed military advisers to Somalia, officials say

Mother Seeks Answers in Death of 4-Year-old Boy


David Shuster: In doc dump, indication Christie met with head of Port Authority one week before Dep

Dad Fills Out Daycare Questionnaire Honestly For His 11-Month-Old Daughter

Hey GOP, I've found the way to pay for extended unemployment benefits....

N.J. Lawmaker: New Docs Mention Christie Meeting With Port Authority Chair (updated)

NJ Senate President Rejects Maddow's Alternate Bridge Scandal Theory

The plot thickens - dead woman in hospital stairwell -

Rudy Giuliani Thinks Chris Christie Is Doing Great

NASA launches 1st satellite ‘made in Colombia’

Famed SC atheist Herb Silverman leaving On Faith blog

Will Christie be sworn in next week??

New documents reveal ‘Bridgegate’ PA appointees ignored danger warnings

TPM: Let’s Be Real: Online Harassment Isn’t ‘Virtual’ For Women

Family of Masood Ahmad want help after Pakistan arrest

Online harassment--this really drives it home

Young adults (20's, 30's) in my rural town are getting arrested for making

Sgt. Christie's defense

Giuliani calls Christie's 4-day gridlock a "prank", 9/11 now downgraded to "horseplay"

Iowa Democrats Demand Removal From ALEC Membership List

Barbara Buono:My prediction is Christie will leave office early

New Bridge Scandal Emails: PA Official Said Christie Team's Lane Closure "Violates Federal Law"

Hedges and Binney on NSA policy (very explicit call to rise up from Hedges)

Ford exec apologizes for ‘We know everyone who breaks the law’ remark

Amiri Baraka, poet/playwright/activist died

NJ Port Authority Chief Warned That Bridge Lane Closures Were Illegal

Gigantic Sunspot Unleashes Flare; Expect Aurorae Tonight!

Cool stuff in this Friday Afternoon Challenge, folks: “That’s interesting! Who Knew?”

Natural Pools - Natural Pool selfbuild

Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures'

Amiri Baraka(LeRoi Jones) has died, age 79

No Free Lunch Rethug Bills Taxpayers for his food

Chris Christie and Bridgegate's 2016 Implications

Senator Ted Cruz attacks Obama for not locking up marijuana users in Colorado

Amazing what kids will say nowadays....

Dismissed Bogota mayor did not break the law: Report

Family Discovers Sperm Bank Nightmare 21 Years After Daughter's Birth

FEC Flags Contributions to Grimm from Boehner, Ryan, Former Father-in-Law

The talk shows are already on it...

If you have been lusting over the Ricoh GR, but couldn't justify the price,

The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013 (Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!)

Trump asks Republicans for united party if he runs for governor

Proposed bill would limit child support payments made by the rich in Wisconsin.

Caption This: McCain Shows Off New Pooch (PHOTO)

Heartbreaking...Im crying over this :(

How to Solve America's Democracy and Poverty Crisis

Pizzagate? de Blasio eats slice with knife and fork

Study Finds White Americans Believe They Experience More Racism Than African Americans

RI Woman Finds Wrong Body in Mother's Casket

Amiri Baraka's Legacy Both Controversial And Achingly Beautiful

Is there a "Christian flag?"

Rooms, rooms the magical fruit, the more ya eat, ya sometimes feel like an owl ...

Naked thread in honor of MFM

Illinois gubernatorial candidate Rauner supports minimum wage cut...until he doesn't.


New Jersey Residents File Lawsuit Against Chris Christie, Others Over Bridge Controversy

Wendy Davis t-shirts and bumper stickers

To Ease Transition, Adults With Autism Look To Dogs

Why don't science geeks have groupies, yet football players do?

Wendy Davis t-shirts and bumper stickers

MiddleFingerMom epitomized DU's Lounge…

Children's Fight At Chuck E Cheese Turns Into All-Out Brawl

White House Dares Democratic Senators Pushing Iran Sanctions To Admit They Want War

Fellow DUers, anyone see Bigtree recently

Twelve reasons Rachel Maddow is every liberals hero

In 1990, Bush set up a 100 million dollar fund to compensate victims of the nuclear weapons program

Dutchman accused of filming 400 nude children, including victims in U.S. (via webcam)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Teacher Eats Nothing But McDonalds for 90 Days...Loses 37 Pounds...Cholesterol dives from 249 to 170

Unemployment Is Falling For All The Wrong Reasons

Do you love going to the movies but hate the rising costs? See them at the theater for free.

Majority of Congress members now millionaires

On Medicare? If you have made changes to your coverage, check it out.

Obama Nominates Former Bank of Israel Chief Stanley Fischer As Fed Vice Chairman

Legal Weed's Strange Economics in Colorado

Samson, who claimed he wasn't told of bridge plot, threatened Foye in email

Oprah discusses Racism ft Jane Elliot - pt 1 & 2

U.S. State Department warns Americans — especially gays — about Sochi Games

Video of Hawaiian Plane Crash From Inside the Cabin

Hagel Told New Carrier Unlikely to Meet Aircraft Goals

Sochi Games come with Olympic-sized corruption, official charges

smart pup

Obama Fast-Track Trade Agenda Risk Comes From Democrat Sander Levin

US recognizes Utah same-sex marriages: What's behind Holder's unusual move? (CS Monitor)

Fifth Estate tonight - Scientist speak out against cuts to federal research efforts

Dems object to election delay to fill Watt seat

U.S. Supreme Court takes up fight over TV streaming

The Great Lakes as our nation's future source of power

"Obama should ‘take credit’ for economic growth"

A Man Is Facing Jail for Harassing Women Online, and It's a Big Deal

sick & twisted: Christie appointee watched bridge closure in person, documents show

House to Vote on Three-Day Spending to Avert Shutdown

Anyone went over the GWB documents?

New Christie Bridge Scandal Email: Cops Forced to Direct Traffic Instead of Responding to Emergencie

For some of my fellow white people, who feel you have been victimized due to your race

Christie appointee watched bridge closure in person, documents show

NASA captures the Flaming Fist of God 17,000 light-years away from us

The Callmecrazy Cruise... Part Two.

Documents: Bridge official had concerns about lane closings' impact on EMS

Former NSA Whistleblowers Challenge President Obama to Meeting to Expose "9/11" and NSA

MFM Lounge...

A man in my community may lose his eyesight because of high deductible health insurance.

Neil deGrasse Tyson tells Bill Moyers: ‘We’re on a one-way trip to oblivion’

MN GOP House Minority Leader's gun was used by his friend in felony assault case

Israel Announces New Settlement Construction In Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem

Christie and the Bridge...I am still

Papantonio: Christie Petty Politicos Better Lawyer Up Now!

World Bank's Lending Arm Linked To Deadly Honduras Conflict

World Bank's Lending Arm Linked To Deadly Honduras Conflict

Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

Blackouts in Argentina Highlight Failings of Privatisation

Harry Potter wizard invoked as Japan admits no hope of China summit

U.S. Lawmaker Says Deeply Troubled By Russia-Iran Talks On Oil Swap