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America The Beautiful

Jeb Bush calls for strengthening Cuban embargo

Jeb Bush calls for strengthening Cuban embargo


This is either a brilliant idea or an example of hipster excess:

Lawyer: Greenpeace protesters reach plea deal.

What to do when you get writer's block.

Does guy on Matthews' have 3 nostrils?

Jamaica: 150 health workers receive Ebola training from Cuba

If grief was color blind (Connie Schulz about Tamir Rice's funeral)

Anyone here own a Mac mini?

Non-Profit documentary about Market Basket could use some support

Thursday squee

Utah man charged for sunbathing nude in his yard

Tonight's moon

Judge moves closer to contempt case against Arpaio

Note to demonstrators present and future: One group altogether and one demand

U.S. auction of Silk Road bitcoins draws 27 bids

Blue with a badge is the new white robe with pointy hat: the new rope is a gun.

Glenn Beck: Reverend Al Sharpton Is A 'Dangerous Extremist Cleric'

Nurse without insurance in Texas. Just don't know what to say

Bolivia Adds Five New Lines to World's Highest Cable Cars

England abolished grand juries decades ago because they didn't work

Virgin Mary, queen of heaven and Western art, stars in exclusive D.C. exhibit

Colombia's Trade Deficit Is Ballooning

the whole damn system is rotten to its core

I'm not saying this is the answer to cops who get passes for murder, and are not sociopaths;

Mystery Surrounds NASA's Secret Mission in Africa

Still the best commercial ever. Detroit is Home.

Is HIV Evolving Into A Weaker Virus?

The Clinton camp is at it already the swift boating Jim Webb has started

Navy Revokes Bill Cosby’s Honorary Title Amid Sex Assault Claims

Looks like I have to DVR Peter Pan Live (starting now EST)

Wait.....Immunity for all the other officers involved??? I get it now......

Canada approves Burger King-Tim Hortons takeover

A Woman Is Suing Chick-fil-A in Dallas Over a Cherry Pit She Says Gave Her a Heart Attack

6-year-old girl asks for holiday cards for her last Christmas

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) Recites ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Poem for Eric Garner on House Floor

Stevie Wonder last night in Seattle, on Ferguson and NYC

Richard Pryor on Police and chokeholds

LAPD willing to investigate Bill Cosby sex assault allegations

Thousands march across USA to protest NYC chokehold death

Little blind Abby sometimes

Mathematics || Spoken Word by @holliepoetry

US coin trivia

U.S. hospital receives possible Ebola patient from West Africa

I had a bad day

CNN: Massive crowds marching through New York

War Without Authorization but Secretary of State John Kerry Vows "As Long As It Takes.'

Here’s How the Military Wasted Your Money in Afghanistan

Ex-NFL QB, West Texas A&M coach Ryan Leaf released from prison

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Not So Grand! & a new Kitteh & Birdie gif

Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

The Onion: Overworked prosecutor thinking of taking police brutality case for vacation

PSA: Don't bother with grubhub.

Mayor de Blasio Announces Retraining of New York Police

WTF? First he puts Eric Garner in a deadly chokehold, and then he's waving at the camera?

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Take Aim at President Wilson During National Convention

Who is perfect?

Justice for #EricGarner march has shut down Congress!!!!! stopping people from entering & exiting

I believe now that right to carry laws should be renamed white only ok to carry

Congress Could Soon Deliver the Postal Service Its Biggest Blow Yet

Feds: For-profit college used strippers to lure students

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be keynote speaker for AFL-CIO

My long-postponed book report on "The Secret Place", by Tana French.

The System is Guilty

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be keynote speaker for AFL-CIO

Tempe Police postpones "Run from the Cops 5K"

U.S. Embassy Warns Staff in Egypt to Restrict Movements

How to tell if a toy is for a girl or a boy.

It's Easy to Read #EricGarner's Final Words and Feel Like He's Speaking for Thousands.. :(

Putin’s bogus Crimea-as-Temple-Mount analogy

Yemen's al-Qaida Threatens US Hostage (Luke Somers) In New Video

Joaquin Phoenix Slams Walmart for Supporting Sickening Cruelty to Pigs

Pope Francis Dismisses Daniel Anrig, Chief Of Swiss Guard

Dad reveals himself to be 'Spider-Man' in funny, touching obituary

U.S. Options In Syria Shrivel As Islamists And Assad Regime Make Gains

Kansas taxpayers to reimburse Republican state house reps who attended ALEC convention

Texas Cop Loses Job for Chokehold on Woman, 2nd Cop Disciplined for Ordering Footage Deleted

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 7 - Deborah Kerr & Burt Lancaster

The Deer Hunter meets Peter Pan

It is going to be a FUCKING REVOLUTION!

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/04/14

Corbett and Repubs in Legislature Leaving Wolf with a $2 Billion Deficit for Upcoming Year

Exposed: NSA program for hacking any cellphone network, no matter where it is

TCM Schedule for Monday December 8 - Star of the Month: Cary Grant

Want to shut down the government but can't get to a march?

Listen Up, You Oligarchs and Your Helots: It's a Stark Choice

Ferguson/Garner Protesters Nothing But Domestic Terrorists To The GOP.

Psycho Coulter on CNN

KSTP Owner Blames Social Media For #Pointergate Backlash

For everyone who thinks they understand what it's like to be of color (and aren't)

Thom Hartmann: How "We Blew It" on Obamacare

Thom Hartmann: The Secret ALEC Conference You Don’t Know About

The Will Smith crew filmed at Braddock Carnegie Library this week

Welcome to The Daily Show, Trevor Noah...

The Revolution of Democracy: Some encouragement for everybody who wants to overthrow the oligarchy

That's it. Mattel has gone too far.

Did Chris Hayes just say that crowds are headed toward the Staten Island Ferry Depot?

Been watching CNN and I think Brooke Baldwin

A Pome: "Officer Friendly Killed My Brother"

LOL looks like NYC admin was expecting a little disruption this eve:

The protestors must vent their anger at the GOP which promotes guns, racism, hate and violence

If you want to help Bernie tell him to lose the boilerplate and tell the truth. Productivity, also

How White People Got Made

Oil Trains Hide in Plain Sight

Chris Hayes says new footage of Eric Garner coming up.

Marble, Lundberg suggest CO should help pay for TX border security program

Why was a Nobel Prize winner "forced to leave his home?" Can I buy a "good friend" for $24 Billion?

I don't think the problem with money in politics is that it wins elections. It's that it buys access

San Antonio News Poll: Do you agree with Greg Abbott's decision to sue President Obama?

Louisiana: state asks U.S. Supreme Court to rule on marriage equality

Health Spending Has Lowest Rate Increase on Record

What's going to turn things around? The final straw, the end of the line for fascism?

The neighbors could not afford a Nativity display...

Health billing company tried to get users' medical history and sell it back to them

WTF ...184

Demise of the Southern Democrat Is Now Nearly Complete..WTW?

Just because you're white, doesn't make you right!

Body cameras for cops are not enough. Not nearly enough. Bear with me...

Police detain protesters during downtown Dallas march over New York chokehold case

White Phoenix police officer shoots and kills unarmed black man

Austin Protestors Show Solidarity With Ferguson, NY Demonstrators

I left Nigeria 25 years ago—but America just sees me as black

The new rules for black people in America

White people on Twitter are confessing to crimes that get black people arrested

Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department

More than opium: Marxism and religion (John Molyneux | International Socialism #119)

Mike Luckovich on Justice in America.. Separate and Unequal..

The full story: on Marxism and religion (Roland Boer | International Socialism #123)

White Motorist Hits Protestors, Waves Gun, Is Chased, Arrested & Still Alive

Trio plead guilty in Beaumont ISD embezzlement

Long Journey - Sarah Jarosz

“The expression of real suffering”: Marxism vs the new atheists

Heartbreaking, that this even has to be said.

France left shocked by anti-Semitic attack in flat

The Makers Of Cards Against Humanity Literally Sold Bullshit On Black Friday

Lunging, Flailing, Mispunching (Terry Eagleton | London Review of Books | 2006))

Oil Extends Losses; Brent Tumbles Below $70 a Barrel

Paris Hilton: Death Threats By Anti-Semitic Crazy Man

Eric Garner Would Be Alive If He Was Not Obese, Says Rep. Peter King, Thanks Grand Jury For Decision

Bloodshed In Chechnya As Islamic Militants Attack Police

Oil Spill One Of Worst Pollution Disasters In Israel's History, Official Says

The Right needs to wake up - climate change is real, and we're causing it

Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away': cardinal

Romney gearing up to run, say insiders

Remember my "terrible sleep" night a few weeks ago?

Daily Holidays - December 5

Hi folks. What are your fave recipe sites, recipe books, blogs, etc?

U.S. Justice Dept finds Cleveland Police use excessive force

Forgive the sexism in the poem in this post; the poem was written by Robert Burns in 1784.

Thom Hartmann: How Fracking Harms ND Native Americans

Family wants lifetime of Christmas cards for dying Utah girl

Feds: Michigan-based doctor botched surgeries for profit

University of Texas Says It Can Account for Missing Brain Specimens

Cop Who Killed Eric Garner been sued three times for allegedly violating constitutional rights

What won't be discussed when the torture report summary is released next week

Cat 5 Super Typhoon Hagupit Poised to Hit Philippine Islands Devastated by Haiyan

Wall Street Demands Derivatives Deregulation

Bad News For Us Lefties, Harvard Economist: Lefties Earn Less Than Righties

Human consumption of meat and dairy products is a major driver of climate change. More Research:

Photo of the Day

Perdue Chicken's Misleading Commercials

Today could be the day on which the longest period of

Hillary Clinton will be the most exciting MAJOR candidate in the 2016 race. Crowds will be huge.

Hillarious! Morning Whoa is trying to change his tune in the first

Puke alert - George W Bush interview with CNN hack Candy Crowley

PHOTOS: Israel Hit With Massive 600,000 Gallon Oil Spill

UPDATE: Let's send H2O Man off to court today with a big DU group hug and positive energy

The Boy in the Box. A very sad story.

Report: No Evidence Christie Involved in Bridge Plot

PHOTOS: Israel Hit With Massive 600,000 Gallon Oil Spill

Orion launch live: Launch was successful; less than 8 minutes to reignition for higher orbit

Carl Sagan put it in perspective

Prison book ban ruled unlawful by High Court

Orion off and away!

Tony Blair says politicians are underpaid

Florida fornication

EXCLUSIVE: Rookie NYPD officer who shot Akai Gurley in Brooklyn stairwell was texting union rep

Good morninggg groupies

Fury over Premier Foods ‘pay to stay’ scheme

Best case for a subject line edit in DU history, imho

A Bunch Of Homeless People Walked Around New York With Disposable Cameras, {IMAGES}

Riba u-turn over Israel boycott: 'We got it wrong'

New York Mayor announces retraining of New York Police

PHOTOS: Israel Hit With Massive 600,000 Gallon Oil Spill

Who Knew???

I will never understand the controversy of Merry Christmas or Season's

Gracedale nurses union files labor complaint against Northampton County over health care hike

Iran and the US are now best of enemies

Krugman on Obamacare

Ukraine, Rebels Close to Agreeing Demarcation Line

Payroll employment increases by 321,000 in November; unemployment rate unchanged at 5.8%

ICC drops Uhuru Kenyatta charges for Kenya ethnic violence

China to end use of prisoners' organs for transplants next month

German state elects reform communist leader in historic shift

China Presents US With List of Alleged Fugitives

Carotid Artery surgery in the neck

Non-old timers. Were you aware?

Luckovich Draws Iconic Toon: Justice's White Entrance/Black Entrance

Beijing defends Confucius centres amid US call for freedom probe

Give the journey for justice marchers some love

A Brutal Society

‘I Can’t Breathe’ — Rep. Hank Johnson’s incredible tribute to Eric Garner

In Defense of Blocking the Highway

David Coleman’s plan to ruin education

Every F__king Year!

US draft guidance on circumcision at odds with trends overseas

Anyone have a good source re. police shooting stats? Preferably broken down by race, sex, etc.?

How Missouri's White Establishment Convinced America to Take Darren Wilson's Side

US confirms failed attempt to rescue hostage in Yemen

OSU official praises Devin Gardner

Architecture at Night

Could we please consider blocking the n-word?

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Choked to death

I am a terrible awful not very good person...

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Black and White

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

2014-Best year for job creation since 1999 yet President Obama gets no credit.

2014 on track for best year for hiring since 1999

U.N. rights experts seek review of U.S. police practices

Twitter paints #blacklivesmatter on office wall

At Least 10,000 In Puerto Rico Have Come Down With Chikungunya Virus

I feel like a little kid again watching NASA TV and the Orion flight.

Scientists reveal the ancient origins of drinking alcohol

NYPD Harry Houck: "No amount of talking can save you" - "He resisted arrest, that is why he is dead"

The US Government's Fundamental Flaw: Government by Exception

Living African group discovered to be the most populous humans over the last 150,000 years

Connie Rice interviewed hundreds of cops .... she was on NPR this morning

The Lights Are Going Out in Venezuela

Why are police who kill people (and their bosses) still employed?

Morning Joke=Eddie Haskell=change the channel

Glaciers around the Amundsen Sea are losing half a Mount Everest a year in ice

Electric eels deliver Taser-like shocks

Stephen Colbert Announces He'll Finally Interview Obama On Monday

Bad Police Department in Your City?

Connie Rice interviewed hundreds of police officers.

CHOMSKY: "The Democrats Are 'Moderate Republicans' & Republicans Are Off The Spectrum"

Process Begins To Overturn Virginia's Abortion Regulations

Now The Police Oath To "Protect & Serve" Is For The Interests Of The 1%.

Sony Kept Thousands of Passwords in a Folder Named "Password"

Send to all the Republicans you know "Things you won't hear on Fox"

Godfire Rise of Prometheus APK

The slowly-shrinking caliphate

Mark Wahlberg should not be pardoned

A.J. Cooper, host of "Teen Summit," has died at 34

Is life imitating art or visa/versa?

Telfer, Western Australia: 102 F right now, feel warmer now ?

A Deficit of Dignity

NYPD Arrest More than 200 Overnight in Ongoing Protests

If you are a "weather geek", rec this thread, please

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt...

Your favorite and least favorite holiday songs?

Why Elon Musk's Batteries Scare the Hell Out of the Electric Company

This man is going to judge on the health and weight of another man???!!!

The State Of America's Deadly Jobs, In 9 Charts

Virginia Republicans To Promote Extremist Best Known for Anti-Semitic Remarks

Pic Of The Moment: The American Tradition Of Inconveniencing Motorists: A Curious Double Standard

Just wondering...

How are things in UK these days ? Getting better slowly or worse ?

Cats training people

Letting Go of God: How 12-Step Programs Are Losing Their Religion

Wow...and Democrats ran AWAY from Obama during the last, again.

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly republishes atheist propaganda

From Robert Reich

Denver Police Beat Unarmed Man, Topple His Pregnant Girlfriend and Delete the Evidence

Right wing hands up insult

I'm hearing the same thing over and over: Statewide anti-bullying programs are a joke.

Supreme Court authorised Killing - Officer's Unions exploited the loophole

Everyone remembers the Christopher Commission, right?

President Obama Presses Democrats to Support Trade Deals

Give a Sh!t ~ Save a life

Two cops caught on video assaulting a woman in a Texas jail receive no indictment

Krauthammer is having wet dreams about the "Civil war among Democrats."

Siege in West Iraq Shows Failure to Reverse Islamic State Gains

Israeli Peace Agenda Is No Vote Winner for Netanyahu Rivals

What a cool rock!

Yet Another Horrible New Atheist: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The rape of men: the darkest secret of war

Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

USA Weekend ceases publication

There’s a website devoted to the theory that The Beatles never existed

Thurgood Marshall Blasted Police for Killing Black Men With Chokeholds

Bill Donohue is pining away for the good old days... (updated)

Dennis Kucinich: No to War, Hot or Cold, With Russia

Once I see the flame icon, I don't bother to respond.

So Far, So Good!

Farage (British teabagger): Breast-feeding women might 'sit in corner'

"Green Light" to War on Russia, Legislation in Congress: H. Res. 758 "Russian Aggression"

Canada's environmental jobs now surpass all oil sands jobs

U.S. Factory Orders Fall For Third Straight Month

Add broken ribs to the list of injuries Tony Romo has been playing through

Shackled skeletons unearthed in large Roman graveyard

6-year-old girl asks for holiday cards for her last Christmas

NYPD shoots black man, immediately texts union rep while victim lies dying.

Is there one black adult male in this country who has NOT been harassed by police?

Will the DOW reach 18,000 in a few minutes?

infographics on sexual violence in colleges (trigger warning)

Checking in on DU attitudes toward capital punishment.

Citizens United was about Corporate Personhood...TPP is about Corporate SOVEREIGNTY

infographics on sexual violence in college (trigger warning)

infographics on sexual violence in college (trigger warning)

Can the NYPD Spot the Abusive Cop?

What is the National Security Agency attempting to hide?

Choke-hold cop (Pantaleo) sued in prior misconduct cases

New Republic staffers resign en masse

West Wing Week: 12/05/14 or, "Multiparameter Flow Cytometer"

msnbc is the only news webpage where i could find anything on the new jobs report....

I'd like a new avatar Please.

Unusual question regarding wills (or last messages)

Excellent slideshow of protest pics here:

SMU plans layoffs, other changes to cut $35 million

CNN-Immigration anger fuels House vote

Texas GOP lawmakers sending bill for border costs to Washington

yikes. what are they thinking? Hillary PAC puts out country music vid "Stand with Hillary"

Dear Walmart, Target & every other retailer,

Naked man locks himself out of hotel room. (Video)

Paul Krugman: Why Shumer is wrong about Obamacare

Reince Priebus not happy with new jobs report...

Another unarmed black man murdered by police in Arizona: Cop mistook pill bottle for a gun

KC h.s. student killed in horrible attack outside KC mosque

The Onion: Pope Rummaging Through Vatican Basement For Plastic Nativity Scene Figures

Apple CEO Tim Cook to be namesake of Alabama anti-discrimination bill

Breaking: Rolling Stone Issues Apology for UVA Rape Story

Why are we back to dropping our spacecraft

"Sure if you want to take that chance"

OMFG - she blacked out in her vagina

How badly did Rolling Stone fuck up? Just "merely", or "biblically"?

Do you believe the substance of the allegations against Bill Cosby ?

can someone help me find this post

Social Security Kept 27 Million Americans Out Of Poverty In 2013

The Authoritarian Personality vs. the historian of religion

The Onion: Michigan fans thankful program not relevant enough to be humiliated on national stage

Populist Sense from Carl Sagan

The Rude Pundit - A True Story Involving the Rude Pundit and a Major Hollywood Star (Sorry, No Sex)

FBI to investigate after teen dies in hit-and-run crash

Texas 3rd-Grade Teacher Resigns After Wishing Ebola Would 'Take Out Obama'

Let's talk about why healthcare premiums are so high in Florida

If gun registration became mandatory what should the penalty be for

If slave plantations had simply incorporated and sold shares...

How Old Cary Grant?

Grand Jury In Eric Garner Case Wasn't Asked To Consider 'Reckless Endangerment' Charge: Report


Leticia Van de Putte: Clay Jenkins is my Texan of the Year

Alaskan Muslims raising the roof of state's first mosque

Officer Who Shot 12 Year Old Tamir Rice Had Been Judged Unfit For Duty in 2012

Confirmation of the effects of gerrymandering in NC

Ring of Fire: The Republican Mission To Destroy Climate Action

Did you see this? 'Obama to be on on Colbert Report'!

Woman alleges Cosby raped her -- and other Playboy bunnies

War on Xmas - Dispatches From The Front

California floods during worst drought in 1,200 years

Rolling Stone Cites Doubts on Its Story of Gang Rape

Please sign this important renewable energy petition

"The only thing as vicious as rape is falsely accusing someone of rape." --Jameis Winston

APNewsBreak: Vatican Finance Czar Moves Into Bank

Supreme Court Hears Pregnancy Discrimination Case While Advocates Rally Outside

Big drop in immigrant deportation, new border patrol report shows

Supreme Court Hears Pregnancy Discrimination Case While Advocates Rally Outside

NYPD cop who gunned down innocent unarmed black man was texting union rep as victim lay dying

Black women and girls killed by the police.

U.S. justices to hear Confederate license plate free speech case

Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Like This Treasury Nominee. Here's Why.

Chile's turn with the power of people

Brooklyn District Attorney To Impanel Grand Jury in Akai Gurley Case

Peace talks resume; Uribe calls for rebellion against Santos government

Jon Stewart Ridicules Rand Paul’s ‘High Cigarette Tax Caused Eric Garner’s Death’ Argument (Video)

And the award for setting back serious discussion of sexual assault on campus by 30 years goes to

Palestinians use SLINGSHOTS to take on Israeli soldiers: Gas mask-wearing protesters hurl tear gas c

Petition: Rape Apologist George Will @ Michigan State University to Receive Honorary Doctorate

One way to deal with out of control cops

Brooklyn District Attorney To Impanel Grand Jury in Akai Gurley Case

Americans killed by......

Forty-one shots (You can get killed for living in your American skin) Bruce Springstein

I need an new matress and box springs, any guidance?

This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy

Sign the Petition: Rape Apologist George Will must NOT be honorary speaker at MSU

Yet another Unarmed Black Man Shot Dead by Police, this time in Phoenix AZ

George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton is like ‘my sister-in-law’

Wow... WaPo claims Jackie had asked the Rolling Stone reporter not to be included in her story

CNN: Documents show Bill Cosby tried to conceal assault claims

A Conversation with Terence McKenna and Ram Dass (1992)

New Horizons wake up - On Pluto's Doorstep

This is not a thread about murderous police

Candy Crowley out at CNN.

A. Carter:"We had a cyber Pearl Harbor. His name was Snowden" ; +he is willing to use American power

House Approves Tax-Free Disability Savings Accounts

What's for dinner? - Friday, 12/5.

TYT: Motorist Hits Protestors, Waves Gun, Is Chased, Arrested & Still Alive

The Greatest Hits Of Pastor Steven Anderson (Graphic Language Warning)

There was a thread about the new washing machines/dryers the other day

The New Pentagon Chief, Ashton Carter, and the Beauty of DC Bipartisanship

OPEC Presents: QE4 and Deflation

Envi Group Forces Rich Community to Stop Dumping Raw Sewage into Valley Forge National Park

In Lyon, Artists and Designers Light Up the City.

Missouri AG Confirms Michael Brown Grand Jury Misled by St. Louis DA

North Korea executes 80 people 'for watching foreign films'

Letter to Hillary from New York Environmentalists

E. V. Debs The Negro and His Nemesis

How to make Facebook work better for you: Quit the 'Like'

Dumb Criminals: Oakland Homeless Man Steals Ambulance In Effort To Reach Strip Club

Venezuela ranked as the most corrupt country in Latin America (english)

Edward Current: Tide For Mormons

It’s time to get rid of grand juries

The President, in 3D

Russian historians left baffled by Putin's Crimean claims

Connecting Zionism and Civil Rights

Hozier's "Take Me To Church" - The Hitchens Influence

Broadest Job Gains Since 1998 Mean Faster Wage Growth Is Coming

Social Security Kept 27 Million Americans Out of Poverty in 2013

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

"You'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone..."

Luke Savage’s vicious (and misleading) atheist bashing

Rand Paul’s big “selling point” is dead: How Clinton schooled him on criminal justice reform

Virginia health board agrees to move ahead with review of abortion clinic rules

"US Options in Syria Shrivel as ISIS and Assad Regime Make Gains"

Kill a Black Kid and Get Rich

This image...

Its all so clear and present now

Sierra Leone minister says 80-100 new Ebola cases reported daily, urges more treatment beds

James Watson rakes in nearly $4.8 million in auction of his Nobel prize

Trolls! We Create, They Spoil, and We Fight Back!

A Jewish Home for Arab Politicians?

Kerry to Feinstein: Consider timing of CIA report

The Michigan House yesterday passed a "license to discriminate" religious hate bill.

Bill O'Reilly cites faulty data for claim about shooting deaths of blacks, whites by police

Bank Robber Explains How He Robbed $400,000 Cash from Armored Truck

Darren Wilson's Story Makes No Sense

Bernie Sanders : Seniors citizens in America should not have to choose between food, medicine or...

The Rothko Murals: Lightning in a (Seagram’s) Bottle

ICC drops murder and rape charges against Kenyan president

This is what a REAL Democrat sounds like.

compassion, republican style....

boy, 12, kills himself after 'he was bullied

Words have certain meaning, power, implication and even consequence.

Do any DU'ers have a source for board feet of rare wood?

No Shit ...44

It’s The Apocalypse, Stupid: Understanding Christian Opposition to Obamacare, ... New Deal and More

The people have spoken! Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ is IMDB’s worst film of all time

The jury in the Eric Garner case was more right-wing than George W. Bush

Matt Taibbi: The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate

White People: What is Your Story?

Anyone else laugh openly when ecountering 'western art' of Mary, alleged mother of jesus as

Editorial: Florida should stop defending ban on gay marriage

So, this no longer fits any of the alert reasons but it used to

Kirk Camerons "Saving Christmas" voted Worst movie of all time

Governor Pig Vomit Cleared - Sort of - in Bridge Scandal


Bill Cosby

Two SFPD cops convicted of felony corruption charges

I want A.C.O.R.N. back and community organizers CHANGING our police departments!

NYT Shows How Propaganda Works

Two SFPD cops convicted of felony corruption charges

White NYC man busted with 500,000 untaxed cigarettes in his van, not choked to death

Cuba says infected doctor overcomes Ebola

Uruguay leader confirms Guantanamo deal, chides US on Cuba

Uruguay leader confirms Guantanamo deal, chides US on Cuba

A clear overreach by a host locking a thread.

UNASUR to introduce free movement of people within the region

ABC pays Darren Wilson $500,000 dollars for interview

Frank and Louie died.

Dutch 'Botched' Investigation In Ukraine Crash, Victims' Families Demand UN Review

Sometime ya gotta go there...

Black lawmakers want Brown, Garner families invited to State of the Union

No Contest, The Stupidest Criminal Of 2014 Is.... (*Drum Roll*)

The far-right has been busy this week...

Why some Republicans want to cancel the State of the Union address

Hold on: Jobs report wasn't so great after all (actually, it wasn't great at all)

When Justice died

3rd grade teacher arrested for DUI on way to school

Who's hiring? Almost everyone

If you are ever in Austin, check this out. Texas Chili Parlor.

President Obama Speaks on the Economy

Woman raising money to build museum for Vietnam Moving Wall here in Mi.


Hackers Threaten Sony Employees in New Email: ‘Your Family Will Be in Danger’

Feeling relief at the pump? Enjoy it as new taxes come our way

87 choke holds ... WTF

Woman raising money to build museum for Vietnam Moving Wall in Michigan

The spin has begun in Az over unarmed 34 yo black man, father of 4, murdered by white cop

Jewish Home, Likud Sign Surplus Vote Agreement

Video shows Union County jail officers fatally assault son in cell, mom says

CNN- Can NYPD retraining work?

Attention, snowmosexuals! Gay ski weeks are coming!

DA in MO intentionally misled GJ on shooting suspect while fleeing, right.