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Court Blocks Texas From Executing Mentally Ill Convict—for Now

We can't rest until we stop this nonsense

LIVE Coverage: No Indictment In Chokehold Death - "Justice For Eric Garner"

Do you give three shits if someone is selling untaxed cigarettes on a street corner?

Justices weigh bias claim of pregnant UPS driver

"No Justice. No Tree" . I LOVE it! They were supposed to light up the tree at Rockefeller Ctr now.

I'm firing up my Event Control Room! Orion poised for first trip to space!

Congress to pass landmark Israel partnership bill

Won't buy Christmas presents. Will protest for Justice!!!!!!!!!!!

Staten Island man arrested for selling 2500 cartons of illegal cigarettes in Staten Island..and live

Take away collective baragining privileges for police "unions"


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 December 2014

"Net neutrality essential to our democracy" By Katrina vanden Heuvel

Da Nang, Vietnam, is TripAdvisor's top emerging destination for 2014

"Return of Focus Hocus Pocus" by Paul Krugman

Indiana Girl, 15, Weighed Just 35 Pounds in 'Mind-Boggling' Neglect Case

Cheyenne, Arapahoe runners remember 1864 massacre

NYPD cop who choked Eric Garner wasn’t indicted — but man who recorded the incident was

Cuba’s extraordinary global medical record shames the US blockade

White Privilege, Explained in One Simple Comic

Standing their ground

Holder speaking now: Civil Rights Violations Investigation Will Proceed Regarding Eric Garner

Minority race and death hasn't changed in all these years as the US of A

Mike Ditka 'Embarrassed' For St. Louis Rams Who Protested Ferguson Decision

AIDS Would Be Eradicated if Gays Were 'Executed,' Pastor Claims

Google kills CAPTCHAs: Are we human or are we spammer?

Soldier in the "War on Christmas"!

political toons for the times...


A soldier in the "War on Christmas"! (TM)

UAlbany students protest Ferguson, block Washington Avenue

Please forgive this stupid question, but is there anything on CNN, etc. about NY protests? nt

"CNN Poll: Majority of Americans say things are going well"

Over in LBN 2 stories one link

You know the White Christmas KKK school official from TX? Well, that was the tip of the iceberg

March On Washington 12/13/14 March for Justice

"U.S. Economy Grew at 3.9 Percent Rate in 3rd Quarter"

OK tell me how this isn't racially motivated.

IBM helps you donate computer power to fight Ebola

As to the choke hold death of Garner, I'm obese and sometimes when I'm lying down

He`s too heavy and he ain`t my brother.

Letter from Birmingham Jail - MLK

A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner's Killing -- The Man Who Filmed It

We must regroup according to Plan Six

The Cliven Bundy crowd sure look like wussies now

NY protest Livestream, Wednesday 8:40 pm Eastern.

So, is it now okay to start shoving some blame in the faces of McConnell and Boehner for

Gay Marriages are supposed to begin in Florida, end of day, January 5th 2015

Bet Eric Garner's six kids would LOVE to be at this Tree Lighting with their Dad tonight.

Jeb Bush Doctrine.So here's my question...

Roorda On Chris Hayes

Truffles and Barolo in Piedmont, the Frugal Way

2014 on course to be one of hottest, possibly hottest, on record—Exceptional heat and flooding in …

Just found a brand new app that tells you which of your friends are racist

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Hands Up- Don't Choke!!

Student told to unclog toilet with bare hands

Explosion, Heavy Fighting Reported in Grozny, Chechnya

Saw Whiplash Tonight...No Spoiler but..

“Speaker Ted Cruz” is back, right on schedule, to make John Boehner’s life a nightmare

For what its worth...1967 Buffalo Springfield

A glimmer of hope for corals as baby reef-builders cope with acidifying oceans

Last month: Texas GJ clears two white cops who beat black woman in jail

Staten Island = Ferguson North

Top Obama aide: I'll leave after State of the Union

These Guys Flew to Liberia to 'Cure' Ebola Patients with Homeopathy

Massachusetts hospital patient tests negative for Ebola

Eric Garner Demo tomorrow in NYC - 5:30 p.m. -

"I can't breathe". Protests in NYC tonight.

I just heard the cutest thing...

Cop critically hurt at Ferguson protest in Denver

Why is America's sense of black humanity so skewed?


Mississippi Goddam- Nina Simone (1964) Song appropriate for the current times

Google this.

The cutest and smartest bird.

Iran: Journalist’s Detention Extended

Toward a low-cost ‘artificial leaf’ that produces clean hydrogen fuel

'Unprecedented': Drug May Help Heal Damaged Spine

What is your favorite way to prepare kale?

What a disgusting crowd! Update!!

Get your daily dose of stupid ....Pat Robertson

'Saint or Sexual Predator?' Attorney Asks Bill Cosby to Face Accusers

Harkin's comments are no more helpful than Schumer's

CIGARETTES? It's not like #EricGarner was selling credit default swaps he knew were worthless. #Shut

Obama, McConnell hold rare one-on-one meeting

We're not having a serious conversation about race... as a nation, we're a bunch of chickenshits

Any bad experiences with prepaid cellphones?

"Obama Calls For Turret-Mounted Video Cameras On All Police Tanks"

Livestream NYC Protest

I cannot recall the last time . . . white folks didn't rush to rational it

Heard on the car radio today

WTF Officer, no ones life was in fucking danger! This man was NO THREAT.

SNL Xmas Special: *bleep* in a Box skit!.


Grand Wizard Peter King adds his opinion on the Garner decision

Fake veteran called out by actual soldier may face federal charges

Congress OKs Watered-Down Bill on US-Israel Ties

Garner Protests - They're on the bridge(s) too - This from Notify NYC

Can someone, anyone PLEASE exlain what exactly the Employer Mandate portion of the ACA does?

If you want to commit crime in this country, dress nicely.

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee :luvya:

"Pepper Pushes For Ohio Democratic Party Focused On Inclusion And Everyday Issues"

In 1947 Truman's Civil Rights Commission urged him to deal with Police brutality

Eric Garner Had His Hands Up Too!

Celebrating TEN YEARS of photo contests

"Health Spending Rises Only Modestly"

How ISIS and Al Qaeda can destroy America

Once again: police work is NOT getting more dangerous

Anyone besides me see the "Toy Story" special last night?

Rite Aid settles whistleblower case for nearly $3M

Protesters Swarm West Side Highway, Try To Disrupt Tree Lighting After Garner Decision


37 million bees found dead in Canada

Black lives matter!

Sye the kitteh, hurt by air rifle, now safe at home

RT discusses "The Secret of Putin's Success." Might be funny if it wasn't terrifying

Feds Arrest Man For Facebook Posts Threatening To Kill Darren Wilson

Eugene Robinson: The Eric Garner case’s sickening outcome

All systems go for Orion launch Thursday


HA! ....Justice Department to open civil rights investigation in Eric Garner case

Rep. Peter King on ‘Obese’ Eric Garner: ‘If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Talk’

Is the grand jury system itself the problem?

Israel refuses Turkish offer to supply Gaza with electricity

Waking Up to the U.S. Role in Central America's Crisis | Commentary

The Blacks can't solve the problem

Waking Up to the U.S. Role in Central America's Crisis | Commentary

Turner masterpiece sells for £30.3m, setting world auction record for artist.

H. Patricia Hynes: Renewables are ready for the day in the sun

A relevant scene from the wire.

Livestream of the Police & Protesters in NYC This One is Still Up

I'm leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow.

New Book On Irish Priests Reveals Struggles With Celibacy, Trips To Gay Clubs

Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn OH slated to close in April; 170 jobs in jeopardy

Richard Pryor on the police

“Choose Faith in Spite of the Facts”

From Colombia to Minnesota, program seeks homes for older orphans

I'm thinking of moving to Europe

The fascists are winning.

Chris Hedges column from last year, worth a re-read after the events of the last week

Paul Mooney Police Story

Cosby concerts in suburban NY cancelled

EPA: Those Bee-Killing Pesticides? They're Actually Pretty Useless

NY Daily News Makes Huge Statement With Front Page On Eric Garner Decision

Amy Goodman: Hands Up, Don’t Choke

Occupation: The missing context in Matti Friedman's 'inside story'

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 5, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Charles Walters

The Election hasn't been held and we have a winner

i just can't anymore. i'm talking about the attitude that so many have in this

Most telling statement of the racism that is embedded in the USA

Navy: Women secretly filmed in shower aboard sub

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 6, 2014 -- The Essentials - Mike Nichols

Charles Blow:'Black Men-Supported by people who understand their plight are saying WE CAN'T BREATHE'

Some clarification for those not from NYC

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth

US Senator Urges Gov't to Stop Funding Human Rights Violators in Mexico

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, ..............

Please help me think of X-mas present for someone who needs a little humanity

Just curious: what did you learn about US labor history in high school?

Elizabeth Warren gets a new slogan

It's hard to even know what to say about the news recently.

Apparently we have some undecided racists in this country

Rand Paul blames Eric Garner's death on high NYC cigarette tax

"The Fundamental Danger of a Non-Indictment is Not More Riots, it is More Darren Wilsons."

Photo of the Day

Nasa's Orion 'Mars ship' set for test flight (BBC)

'Emergency repair' reported at Ukraine nuclear power plant

Mediterranean diet keeps people 'genetically young' (BBC)


How the West is cutting teen pregnancy (BBC)

Why Texas is closing prisons in favour of rehab (BBC)

Motorist hits crowd members, pulls gun at Central West End protest (in St. Louis)

Politicians as Hipsters (photo essay)

Antisemitism is racism. We need to acknowledge that

How to fight anti-Semitism online?

1000 Tweets

Braintree, Essex, England: kitteh home after 12 years

Mainstream Conservatives And Teabaggers Live On Different Planets When It Comes To Science (NSFW)

Heated meeting as University of Alabama-Birmingham scuttles football program

Here Are Some Kittens Because We Need Some F*cking Kittens

Racism doesn't exist anymore. Wanna know how I know?

If you watch one video or read post, watch and read this one.

Hungary summons US envoy after McCain calls PM 'dictator'

'Hell No': Garner Family Rejects Cop's Condolences After Grand Jury Decision

Where are all you pro-lifers when lives are being taken by cops every day?

Big Oil Economics

Charles Barkley's Ferguson comments shortsighted, fellow NBA announcer Kenny Smith says

#CrimingWhileWhite Explodes On Twitter Following Eric Garner Decision

'I Can't Breathe!' Protesters Chant Garner's Chokehold Plea

Kolkhorst, Gates running million dollar campaigns in state Senate Dist. 18 special election

Fire at Belgian Nuclear Reactor; Cracks in Pressure Vessels & Oil Leak

Advocates urge swift Senate vote on disability aid

10 Ways the System Is Rigged to Protect Cops Who Kill

11th Circuit refuses to extend stay on marriage equality in Florida

6 Things You Should Know When Buying and Consuming Legal Marijuana

Has Hillary Clinton condemned the Grand Jury

With the exception of just two, all of this happened within the last four months. (Graphic)


Daily Holidays - December 4

Plaza pamphlet suggests shoppers consider not giving to panhandlers

Our homicidal cops are creating the next John Allen Muhammed

Wholesale food price inflation highest in 3 years: NRA

Normally I prefer kittens and cats, but....

Norway, top score in 2013 on The Economist's Democracy Index

Faux "news' " fake psychiatrist wants an indictment for Michael Brown's murder.

US troops fighting Ebola peak at 2,900

It's easier to indict a ham sandwich than a cop who kills a black man

Life in Assad’s Syria is great, tweets far-right British politician, Nick Griffin

We're still stealing land from native Americans. Now, we're giving to foreign business interests!

Non-Sequitur today.

Mayor de Blasio explains what's wrong with the phrase "black lives matter"

All-Christmas radio: One of radio’s most profitable gimmicks

US white supremacists confer with Europe's far right. "... possible to run as a Republican..."

Good morning!

Deficits, Schmeficits

More rain for California!

Johann Hurlinger

Eric Garner case shows body cameras on cops won't make any difference

Browser heresy: IE11 is a good browser

Study: To Avert Climate Chaos, Meat Consumption Must Drop

Converting a Union Skeptic

Peter King: Eric Garner wouldn't have died if he weren't so obese.

I feel like I want to cry - Rest in Peace Eric Garner

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Body on Camera

I have a very simple solution: cops need to stop killing people who aren't actual threats

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Idiot Party

re: Garner - Petition to fire NYPD officer Pantaleo

Thursday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Women secretly filmed showering on ships sparks US Navy investigation

New Data Sharpen Focus on Crude Oil “Bomb Train” Routes

The Rent Is Too Damn High — And It Doesn’t Have To Be

"There are some scholars who argue that God (all praise be to him) cannot laugh"...

MSNBC Viewers Rebel With Their Remotes And Send Morning Joe Ratings Plummeting

Garner Protest tonight NYC -

Glenn Beck gets hit with a defamation suit which he probably will not say a word about.

Statement of NYC Mayor deBlasio on Garner GJ verdict

Iowans have their say on proposed Dakota Access oil pipeline across state

Couple mocked Eric Garner's death miming chokehold behind WPIX reporter

Conservative MP Mark Pritchard arrested on suspicion of rape

Charles Pierce on Obama, leadership and us

Sears 3Q loss widens as retailer reshapes itself

Bill Clinton’s big fear: Elizabeth Warren 2016

From Tagore

Yorkshire residents terrified they could be made Leeds United owner

Launch of new Orion spacecraft stalled again

Kobe Bryant explains why he's still patient despite Lakers' failures

Eric Garner's crime was not against person or property.

CDC Warning: Flu Viruses Mutate and Evade Current Vaccine

Kevin Love reaffirms pledge to remain with Cavaliers long term

***PSA*** It's almost time for the 115th Christmas Bird Count!

Elizabeth Warren Gets a New Slogan

Wolf: we can't ask Garner "because unfortunately not alive at present" but what about arrest record?

wow even RW thinks the cop is guilty.

We must wrest control of the cabana from the monkeys

they "won"

Only in the United States

America is now producing more nice white people

Amy Goodman: Hands Up, Don’t Choke

WAIS Ice Loss Equilvalent To Volume Of Mount Everest Every Two Years - Tripled In Past Decade

“Nobody did nothing.”

Woman arrested on suspicion of killing U.S. teacher: UAE police

Europe stocks steady ahead of ECB, China surges

Al Qaeda's Yemen branch issues video purporting to show U.S. captive

2014 Likely Hottest Year Ever, And Non-El Nino Year; 14/15 Hottest Years On Record Since 2000

Alabama anti-discrimination bill to be named after Apple's Tim Cook

Many teams targeting John Lester

Vomit inducing Morning Joe Infomercial for Coal

China to stop using executed prisoners as source of transplant organs

The Man Argentines Love To Hate Is An American Judge

NY Daily News Makes Huge Statement With Front Page On Eric Garner Decision

Where is the music? No music no movement.

Islay and Jura Islands: want to see a dentist? That'll be a year

Vladimir Putin: west has tried to contain Russia for decades

Unarmed black man killed by white Phoenix officer

Jon Stewart Gets Serious On Depressing Eric Garner Case. We're Not Living In A Post Racial Society

Lebanon 'holding IS leader's daughter and ex-wife'

Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away'

It's is amazing how little regard many posters have for the role of the states

Philippines moves to calm panic-buying as typhoon bears down

Toledo mayor: U.S. must focus on water quality

AURORAGOLD: How the NSA Gets Inside Every Cellphone Network in the World

The Sentiment In New York Captured In A 25-Second Audio Clip

"The Cop Was Huge"

The American Justice System Is Not Broken

Thank you richmond va protesters

Want to figure out how to thwart TSA body scanners?

Discarded Laptop Batteries (can help) Keep the Lights On (in India)

'No evidence' Fluad flu vaccine caused deaths in Italy

Cheap Oil Could Kill Off Cellulosic Ethanol

Telegraph - UK On Track For Warmest Year On Record, Per Met Office

A million sign petition against EU-US trade talks

NASA about to try to launch Orion. Live video. (EDIT: launch scrubbed for today)

I'm Going To Let It Shine

"Incomprehensible" Tory Stance - Frack, Drill, Fly: Osborne Didn't Even Mention The Environment

oh, no.... private prison companies trying to take over Texas state hospitals

Study: To Stop Climate Change, Human Breathing Must Stop

The speech that made me wish Michelle Obama hadn't been silenced in 2007

‘I Can’t Breathe’ Is Echoed in Voices of Fury and Despair

I love Mumbai, and **** Hafiz Saeed. Ye hai Bombay meri jaan.

APD officer fired after shooting death of suspect...

We're #17! Global corruption index from Transparency International

The Cleveland Cops Who Fired 137 Shots and Cried Victim

Bill Parcells was 49ers first choice for head coach in 2011

"Conservatives Join Outrage over Grand Jury Decision" - HUFFINGTON POST

I now think there should be a special prosecutor when the defendant is a cop/ civil servant.

Democrats Are Petrified of Defending Government—but They Need to Start

A look into the healing powers of ‘om’ and ‘amen’

New York should lower ciggerette taxes to cut back on smuggling

Push it real good

Juan Cole: Could Years more of Syrian Civil War be Avoided by Comprehensive Talks with Iran?

TYT: Christian Bale Calls Moses A Terrorist & Fox News Loses It

D.C.: Metro's Funding Needs Run Up Against Local Budget Realities

Omaha Steve no longer a union THUG?

A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner's Killing -- The Man Who Filmed It

New American Chant: "We're Number Two!... We're Number Two!..." - China now No. 1

Hillary Clinton has met with potential campaign managers - Hillary Clinton Room post

I wasn't sure if I could be friends with a gay person

How much is the tax on one cigarette in NY city?

Has anyone unfriended anyone lately on Facebook over racism?

resume advice

Cyclists Who Hate Hills, Meet Norway’s Bike Escalator

50 years ago...

Obama and Hillary Clinton Meet for 'Catch Up' Session-Hillary Clinton room post

Star Wars Christmas tree!

I have to give Governor Kasich kudos


Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away': cardinal

Missouri man plows minivan through pro-Eric Garner protesters, waves handgun at them

Latino Voters Supportive Of Hillary Clinton After Obama's Immigration Actions: Poll -HRC Room post

14 people rescued from flash flood in California

Just to be clear, Garner was not killed due to taxation, he was killed because he was black

people have stated we are down on DU because we discuss racism, sexism and back our president.

The people of Ferguson Mo can legally demend Wilson be taken before a new GJ with

How powerful is big tobacco in China? Cigarette brands sponsor primary schools.

Just jammed a co-worker re: Eric Garner, Michael Brown, et al

'Tis the season... 24/7 Animal Poison Control 855-764-7661

The 5 Worst GOP Plans To Fight Obama’s Immigration Action

They got it all wrong: New data shows how Dems can win back America

Pic Of The Moment: Rep. Peter King (R-NY): No Indictment Necessary In Eric Garner Homicide...

The Neoconservative Roots of the Broken Windows Theory

$25 Million Russian-backed Study of GMO and Pesticide Safety

subject: slandering my state

'Tis the season... 24/7 Animal Poison Control 855-764-7661

Dos and Don’ts of Feeder Placement

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and his conflict of interest in the Wilson case

Ferguson happened because the US government doesn't say "Christian Only"

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and his conflict of interest in the Wilson case

A coup/junta is a brutal way to take over a country, BUT

Raspberry Pi rival unveiled by chipmaker Imagination (BBC)

EW Jackson, "Virginia Christian Alliance" Viciously Attack Transgender Health Commissioner

Chinese accuses West of stoking extremism in Middle East

Yah, sure

Anti-'Libtard' Ex-Police Chief: I Was Undercover For The Feds The Whole Time

Genetic diversity of Sub-Saharan Africa revealed (BBC)

RWNJs _K N O W_ they were wrong on Fergusen so they're using Staten Island for cover.

Police Breaking Down Huge California Homeless Camp


Some Light From the President, Into My Dark Place

John Lennon's fight with INS and Obama's new executive order...Yes, related!

Hypothetical scenario:

Radio Free Syria (Why are the Syrian regime and ISIS both trying to kill Raed Fares?)

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Testify Before House During National Convention

Of COURSE People of Color Don’t Trust Cops. They Have no Reason to Trust Cops.

San Leandro Police Officer Struck by Vehicle in "Critical Incident"

Minnesota budget surplus grows to $1 billion

Texas ‘KKK White Christmas’ school official posted even worse things to Facebook

In Wake of Eric Garner Case, Southern Baptist Leader Rips Racism in the Church

Is The News of Economic Weakness and Unease Corporate Propaganda?

Disarm the Police

Most cops this, most cops that...But most cops are not like this....

Ted Nugent really screws up. Again.

Miami-Dade County Bans Anti-Transgender Discrimination

Next James Bond movie: 'Spectre'

Police officers' shocking responses to the Eric Garner decision

O’Malley hires former Bill de Blasio campaign manager as senior adviser

Why Children's Theatre Matters

European court rejects Geoff Hoon's human rights complaint

The ITA alphabet?

Kenny Smith's open letter to Charles Barkley about Ferguson

GJ and critical analysis

Hillary's concerns: Bush, Christie, Paul and Walker

Oldest cancer patient - died 4,500 years ago

Obama Immigration Action Brings 1,000 Jobs to Crystal City

Reinventing The Wheel

iconic john lennon photos to be exhibited in liverpool for first time

Republicans just bought out all our local rural internet providers.

White House Official: Obama Will Use Executive Powers To Meet Climate Goals

How do you feel about foods certified organic by Old Mexico and sold in the US without US inspection

Well, don't this beat all

High School Apologizes For Teen Who Posted “Go Bach To Africa” After Ferguson Verdict

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Existing While Black

Chris Rock on THR essay, NY grand jury decision

The night I almost died -- except I'm white

Since there is such a vast number of police districts, how to reform?

Dutch Village Lets Dementia Patients Live in Their Reality

Every soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan wore a GoPro or similar camera...

please support this film "FEMINISTS: What were they thinking?"

"FEMINISTS: What were they thinking?" please support this project

One woman, 30 years later might be brushed off

Need help with Computer Crash.

Question. Garner

MSNBC: Michael Steele, former RNC Chair: A Black Man's Life Is Not Worth a Ham Sandwich

About the number of "hits" assigned to this website… Which would you rather have?

FRA waives Buy America rules on high speed train prototypes

The Rude Pundit - Shut the Fuck Up Already, Ben Carson ...

White House: Average Premiums Set To Increase In 2015

Watch Jon Stewart's visceral reaction to non-indictment of cop who killed Eric Garner

If you're anywhere near Emporia, KS right now, you've got someplace to be...

Wales: donkey to miss Christmas show after suffering knife attack

Four University of Virginia Law grads to clerk for Supreme Court

If you're anywhere Reno, NV later today, it's time to make some plans...

Those of you in Pittsburgh, at this moment, time to get a move on...

Hey, my Buffalo peeps, after dinner tonight, time to make a stand

The issues with DU participation IMHO, are a conflict between two thoughts on how to advance Liberal

If want to know if there's a response today near you, here you go!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 4, 2014

Eric Garner's widow...

Rubin Report: This Map Shows Where America's Racist Tweets Come From

HEBOCON: The robot tournament where being crappy is a bonus.

Epic smackdown of anti-choicers by pregnant woman

Bankruptcy Court Ruling Helps Anti-Union Grocer Slash Benefits and Pensions for 1,100 Workers

Pentagon confirms failed effort to rescue Somers

December moon

Why Were So Many Police Officers At The Scene When Mr. Garner Was Brought Down?

Ho Ho Ho! My DU Xmas tradition...

How I would describe the division within DU

Bernie Sanders: The American people must make a fundamental decision.

4 black teens, 1 white kid, an Escalade & 1 highway patrolman (w/edit)

The lonesome death of Eric Garner

We are all wrong on Ferguson

If this isn't Open Season on young black males, I don't know what it is...

Charles Barkley's Colleague Kenny Smith Fires Back at Ferguson ‘Scumbags’ Remark in Open Letter

Bernie Sanders....This is the Republican agenda:

The killing of blacks has historical context, it is not just a random signal of police violence

Group to protest Wisconsin's wolf hunt at state Capitol

Marine Le Pen. ....

Has Elizabeth Warren weighed in on the Eric Garner chokehold case?

JUST RELEASED Song STOP EBOLA in AFRICA - buy it on itunes and help the cause

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald wants Wisconsin Legislature to act quickly on right-to-work

Jon Stewart drops all traces of left speechless over Eric Garner decision

America, you’re sick....

Police officers caught 'exchanging racist texts' placed on administrative leave

Rethink "Law and Order." Fight for JUSTICE.

More from Tim Wise - We don't need nice, we need justice

25 Incredible Pieces Of Animal Architecture

RFK, Jr. and Seder: The Race for a Cleaner Climate

Criming while white:

Luckovich toon: Justice for all?

Teaching Communism at the People's Primary School

I got an invite!!

I'm a white woman, but I fear the police more

Of prosecutors, indictments . . . and ham sandwiches

Need help finding a special gift that would be ideal for...

Alan Greenspan: Thanks to Globalization, US 'policy' has been replaced by 'global market forces.'

Increasing greenhouse gases linked to rains over Africa thousands of years ago

Thank you, DU!

The police should be like "Caesar's wife"...

Experts warn Germany will miss target of getting 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020

Overworked Prosecutor Thinking Of Taking Police Brutality Case As A Little Vacation

22 Powerful Moments That Made You Proud To Be A Feminist In 2014

Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan, Robert John Williams and Steven Willis

We're Number One!

It's been three weeks since one of my best friends died.

The REAL division on DU.

Republicans Suggest Obama Should Be Stripped Of Right To Use Air Force One

Right to Work is WRONG for EVERYONE ...

OK...some of these Progressive Insurance ads with 'Flo' are pretty funny

I thought my students had spelling issues

Does anyone no where I can get a set of antlers for the car

An old colleague in Hawai'i vents on racism

A Consideration of being young and black in America...

Penn State Reportedly Sends Jerry Sandusky Letter To Renew Season Tickets

Tom Harkin says that Congress should have enacted single payer

Why younger and younger people are getting Blepharitis.

Journey for Justice runs into hostile counter-protest, keeps marching

I want to see the Democratic Party make a clear break from the Republican Party.

Stand With Hillary

Waht the hell happened to Hagel? He looks like he was in a bar brawl.

It took the genius of Ted Cruz to show them the way.......

Choke Hold on Justice: How Prosecutors Enable Police Brutality

Ok, I have to admit it. I want to see Billy Idol in concert again

Islamic Militants Wage Fierce Attack on Grozny, Chechnya’s Capital

Thyroid cancer among Fukushima youths unlikely to be linked to nuke accident: study

NY TIMES OP ED: Eric Garner

Bankruptcy Court Ruling Helps Anti-Union Grocer Slash Benefits and Pensions for 1,100 Workers

Vote for democrats

Nothing Will Happen With Police Brutality With GOP In Control Of Most Local Communities.

On the "popularity of DU" threads . . .

The system makes it very difficult to charge police officers

Report exposes Operation Cleaver Iran's global hacking campaign

Ferguson Protesters Shut Down Minneapolis Freeway (I-35W)

Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department

Obama Daughters Attacked by Republican Congressional Staffer

Enough is Enough

This is why the mantra, "Black Lives Matter," matters

It's that time of year to find the slimmest grain of truth in the highly improbable nativity story,

In point of fact, I do not believe that your menu has recently changed.

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League throws yet another tanturm...

Did Jenna Fool Around in the White House?

Arrested while White

Hillary Clinton weighs in on Eric Garner chokehold death, Ferguson:

Boehner open to Garner, Brown hearings

Professor Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism November 2014 Monthly Update

Chris Rock on the racism in Hollywood.

Former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe dies

Cross post - Why the Mantra "Black Lives Matter," matters

Peter Pan or Cowboys at Bears?

Crews break up homeless camp in Silicon Valley

How they put up with us, I have no idea...

Crews break up homeless camp in Silicon Valley (xpost from GD)

Charles Pierce: The Eric Garner Case And Police Lawlessness

Eric Garner said the he couldn't breathe 11 times and the cops just let him die...

Why I think the Republicans are so against Net Neutrality.

Putin Vows That West Will Never Destroy Resurgent Russia

Police State.

Hillary Clinton Backs Probes Of Chokehold, Ferguson Deaths-Hillary Clinton Room Post

It's All Coming To An End, Bill Gross Warns

Stop arresting 90-year-old man for feeding homeless, Judge rules

Bloomberg gun-control group targets more than 12 states

Snowden "blows whistle" on US signals collection targeting Qaddafi's regime

US House of Representatives Calls for Visa Bans, Sanctions on Russia

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly republishes atheist propaganda

Navy revokes honorary title given to Bill Cosby

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire

Party-line vote moves religious freedom bill to House

Merkel Struggling to Keep Russia Sanctions Intact

Re the need for music in this painful time, I saw Stevie Wonder last night.

Caption (one L)

History’s Postscript: The Populist Threat to Liberal Democracy

Pope Francis praises the 'hidden holiness' of everyday saints

Ted Nugent Under False Impression That Obama Appointed Al Sharpton 'Race Czar'

Romney's Inner Circle Is Convinced He's Running

Daniel Lapin Blames 'Dark Pathology Of Liberalism' For Ferguson, Kristallnacht

Glastonbury celebrates first Goddess Temple wedding as venue becomes first of its kind...

French homeless forced to wear 'yellow triangles'

A handy-dandy 20-step guide to premeditated or First Degree Murder...

Justice orders disclosure of limited grand-jury information in Eric Garner chokehold death

Noam Chomsky "Correlation between the Paris Commune and the Occupy Wall Street Movement"

Man convicted in wife's fatal frying pan beating

Fool’s Journey: The Fascinating Life of Pamela Colman Smith

Why Godwin's law is sensible.

Ferguson Commission member charged with assault

DEA oversteps it's bounds.

The largest buyout in college football history

It's All Coming To An End, Bill Gross Warns

Bernie Sanders: Protecting Our Postal Service...

How To Stop An Oil And Gas Pipeline: The Unist'ot'en Camp Resistance

Concerning: "There were only 323 justifiable homicides."

New York Police Union Chief Praises Grand Jury in Eric Garner Case

No Indictment for Cop Who Killed Black Man Eric Garner with Chokehold

Ray Rice's Wife Explains Why SHE Apologized After Being Beaten

President Obama is asking for body cameras for the police.

McCain blocks Obama's pick as No.2 diplomat over Iraq policy

Protect Hawaii's Stunning Endangered Forest Birds

Protect Hawaii's Stunning Endangered Forest Birds

Women seek justice for Chilean dictatorship rapes

Women seek justice for Chilean dictatorship rapes

Cleveland officer who killed boy left past job after 'dismal' review

White House pushes back on Abbott-led, 17-state immigration lawsuit

Ex-South Carolina police chief indicted in 2011 shooting death of unarmed man

I've been wondering how much the prevalence of concealed/carry

Has the National Rifle Association weighed in with a position on the Brown and Garner murders?

This song still applies today; after 20 years nothing has changed.

NYPD officers to undergo retraining in use of force following Garner death

Hillary: These are our streets, our children, our fellow Americans, and our grief.

The Police Are Still Out of Control (I should know)

US Navy strips Bill Cosby of honorary chief petty officer title

Thank You AG Holder!!!

Slow-Witted Conspiracy Theorist Convinced Government Behind NASA

Hey Everyone! Sorry!

CDC: This year's flu virus has mutated; vaccine less effective

Heads Up!! "Obama Ready to Defy Base in Order to Advance Trans-Pacific Partnership"

Islands of the Oil Kings: Part 1 -- How FDR’s island visit helped birth an era of Texas power

CNN: Charles Barkley, wrong on race, Ferguson and Garner

Lawsuit claims Apple deleted rival services' songs from users' iPods

Congress passes bill to better understand sudden infant deaths

Teacher orders third-grader to unclog toilet with bare hands

War with Isis: Iran joins ‘Great Satan’s’ fight against militants with bombing raids over Iraq

Conservative White Comedian to Chris Rock: ‘Stop Being a Hateful Racist Jackass’

Is there a record of black officers shooting/killing white folk?

Planting Peace Launches Holiday HIV/AIDS Campaign In Response To Anti-Gay Pastor's Remarks

Bill Nye again knocks one out of the ballpark...

Russia's Human Rights Climate Worst in Decade – NGO

Michigan House stalls gay rights bill after pastor testifies there are no ‘LGBT water fountains’

JUst saw the first Chia pet commercials of the season!

'Congratulations, your son is now in paradise,' he says.

35w All but closed in Minneapolis today by protesters.

If it ends up being Clinton and Romney running in 2016, she'll

Chris Rock Quote

Is there a place where I can find the difference in what

So this is what happens to a good cop

Eric Garner fallout: Cops feel "thrown under the bus," union says

Christie: Keystone XL pipeline should be approved, would 'strengthen' North Amercia

The Rev. Sharpton indicated

John Fugelsang Quote

At the very least, Boehner is proving the RWers wrong about Michael Brown and Garner

So when the police go to arrest white collar criminals

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 December 2014

I think the Obama Presidency is going to turn out to be very

The cat is named Louise.

Papantonio: Violent Choke Hold Grounds Enough For Police Indictment

Last day at the homeless clinic.

If the cops had just taken a few minutes to warn Garner

NC education department used Koch-funded group for proposed history lessons

State Senate to quickly take up right-to-work legislation

Is there is ANY pornography that deserves prosecution more than THIS :???

House declares Obama's immigration action 'null and void'

Fast food and other minimum wage workers protest in major cities over pay

Filmmakers plan series on El Salvador's civil war priest murders

State Senate to quickly take up right-to-work legislation (X-posted from LBN)

Good story out of Oshkosh, kitty squee time!

First Lady Of Mexico Among Ranks Of Foreign Millionaires With Luxury Real Estate In The U.S.

First Lady Of Mexico Among Ranks Of Foreign Millionaires With Luxury Real Estate In The U.S.