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Archives: December 2, 2014

What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel

Bruce Springsteen, Chris Martin to Front U2 at World Aids Day Concert

Judge: City failed to give notice about negotiations; police union contract extended

Judge: City failed to give notice about negotiations; police union contract extended

Cyber Monday shoppers give retailers sales bump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- 2 December 2014


Chicago CTA Ride the Rails: Red Line to Howard

Four dead in West Virginia shooting rampage; manhunt underway

Chris Hedges: "The citizens' rights, the citizens' needs -- they're irrelevant."

Ok, I'm feeling a bit like a wanderer again.

Remember that wonderful video done by the SPCA of Wake county to ABBA's "Take a chance on me"?

Bet you never thought of doing THIS with a carrot

Mubarak verdict fuels protests, mockery in Egypt

How Israel Reacted to a Racist Attack on a Jewish-Arab School

FBI looking into hack of Sony Pictures' computers

Kind of a distressing thing told to me today...

Joe Conason: Why I’m (Still) Thankful For President Obama

CNN-FBI warns military of ISIS threat (This warning is for Veterans at home as well!)

Oxford research: is HIV devolving?

Jeopardy regulars - are you watching this kid

Very strange entity photo

Schools, businesses being evacuated during lockdown; APD looking for armed person in SE Albuquerque

The family of a Cleveland victim of police violence needs your help

Tumblr mob tries to get woman fired for racist Facebook posts ... but her ex faked them

#BlackoutBlackFriday Targets Retailers as Protests Continue against Ferguson Grand Jury ( Dec. 1 )

U2 (Minus Bono), Springsteen and Kanye West Playing Times Square

ACT-UP London leaves horse poop outside headquarters of racist UKIP party

If Hillary wins, the GOP will say she's worse than Obama

President Obama on World AIDS Day 2014

Lawrence Of Arabia - Archaeologist & Brit Nemesis Of The Ottoman Empire

BBC-Hong Kong: Police & demonstrators in clashes

Gordon Klingenschmitt's claim of persecution based on 'incident' that never happened

Politics was never meant to be a "fight to the death".

GOP Announces Cyber Monday Sweet Deal - US Senators for half the regular price!

Humboldt County oriental buffet restaurants fined over $1 million for wage theft....

The Ohio cops took two seconds

Work, work, work!!!!

Stop what you are doing....and go see citizenfour!

Stop what you are doing....and go see citizenfour!

Son convicted of looting Brooke Astor's money dies

Barfly Elizabeth Lauten

Kevin Swanson: 'Hunger Games' movies secretly preparing us for Holocaust of Christians

Journeyman Documentaries -- There's a "Sundance Film Award" in there...Interesting Site

President Bartlet pardons a turkey.

'Black Mirror' now available on Netflix US

Police organizations in St. Louis have separate predominantly white and black organizations

Harmon Killebrew on a stamp?

Quinnipiac Poll with / without Clinton

"Santa Claus is Pagan, Too". Awesome song and video!

Bill Cosby resigns from Board of Trustees of Temple University

Damn....F**ker says he is thinking of running.

more rampaging Christians

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! SSDD! Mike's back! & a new Kittehs & Ducks gif

"How Black People In The USA Must Feel" From the Irish Times

Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner believed to have died in Syria

Suspect in 4 West Virginia killings found dead

All I want for Christmas

New group formed to push for right-to-work law in Wisconsin

Iraq’s 50,000 ‘ghost soldiers’ analysis: This is further proof of army corruption

New Culprit Threatens a Park's Rebirth Years After Fire

The ozone hole leaves a lasting impression on southern climate

"The real Benghazi scandal"

NY Times: Photos - trees spring up in a changing New York

Texas Public Utility Commission calls on EPA to drop CO2 rule

If The Supreme Court Reads This Study, It Could End Partisan Gerrymandering Forever

if Hillary is the nominee, we will hear she was "the most liberal senator"

Attended a salon with Hillary Clinton tonight...

Union for N.J. state workers says it will hold off on walkout

Longtime Texas Senate secretary dies

December 6th special election: Gary Gates (R) calls State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst a "liberal"

Colombian army general captured by FARC resigns day after release

Watching "Head of State".

More Carly Simon for us aging boomers.

Pssst! Is Israel going crazy?

President Obama’s approval rating among Hispanics shot up 10 points to 68%

Big 12 would present co-champions

Jeb Bush cannot run for President until the legacy of George W Bush has been cleansed...

Amazon's frightening CIA partnership:Capitalism, corporations and our massive new surveillance state

Your feeling on the OJ Simpson murder case verdict?

Tips for those of us getting older:

Militarized police forces are not acceptable in the United States of America.

British Columbia: Suspect charged in two cold case murders

In praise of Judi Lynn

JC reads the news about Ferguson....

Should the UK have a written constitution?

Long-Weekend Pastime: Look for Oil-by-Rail Disasters Near You

Bennett: "Designated Caucasian"

Darren Wilson in Portland

Obama dealt major setback in closing Guantanamo

Opening on Thanksgiving Backfires for Retail Stores

Does Israel have a place in Jewish identity?

Tea party in charge of avoiding shutdown in the House.

Lawrence O'Donnell is skewering the Ferguson

Eric Holder Announces Justice Department Plan to Target Racial Profiling

1.7m Syrian Refugees Face Food Crisis As UN Funds Dry Up

Designated Driver (cartoon)

What does a police bodycam video look like?

Landrieu's Last-Ditch Effort Culminates in Final Debate

What's with all the "aging" & "old" posts tonight?!1 Not hanging around for answers, gotta NAP!1 n/t

High School kids around the country walk out in protest of Ferguson

'Black Mirror' now available on Netflix US

Shhhh. Master at work.

World AIDS Day 2014: To Fight AIDS, End Stigma and Advance Equality

Mennonite sentenced in cartel drug smuggling case

'Revenge' porn law: Ex-boyfriend who posted nude photos gets jail time

Online troll or therapist? Atheist evangelists see their work as a calling

Time person of the year poll here (edited to change link):

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 3: Ingmar Bergman

Wilson Central teacher reprimanded for putting up religious items

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was shot at least once before final deadly encounter

Mother Jones: Photos of the First AIDS Hospice Center Tell a Story of Struggle and Resilience

Ok, so who has solar on their roof? Raise your hand.

Read it and weep --- 2014 Texas GOP Platform

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on "With All Due Respect" at Harvard today.

Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Threat Isn’t a Republican — It’s Elizabeth Warren

Brown attorney Daryl Parks on Michael having a criminal record

St. Louis just left through that Stargate they built...

An Economic Agenda for America: 12 Steps Forward (by Senator Bernie Sanders)

Mayor: $130M to revamp NYC jails for mentally ill

Brisbane Devastated By Freak Supercell Storm, Planes Tossed Like Toys,

"Fake Military Vet Gets Busted on Black Friday"

"Christmas in the TARDIS..."


Michael Savage's Book Fomenting Civil War On Papantonio's Ring Of Fire.

Is this article feminist or incredibly sexist?

Who cares that Beth is dead? I did not see the spoilers but

Are We Big Pharma's Guinea Pigs? 8 Drugs Used by Millions Before Being Pulled for Dangerous Side-Ef

WaPo: Darren Wilson and guilt by association

How a Conservative Backlash Silenced #Ferguson Reporters for All the Wrong Reasons

St. Louis Rams’ “Don’t shoot” gesture was free speech, and the police should know it

Amazon's personal recommendations needs work...

Last week I ranted about Chris Hayes and his pathetic interview with Mo Brooks..

Rob Portman takes himself out of the running for President 2016.

Photo of the Day

Holocaust survivor brings memories to life on canvas

Clinton’s noncommittal stance on environment creates political dilemma

How long is MRSA contagious?

St. Louis Rams, Police Disagree Over 'Apology' for Players' Ferguson Gesture

Haaretz Investigation: Secret Flight Operating Between Israel And Gulf State

"Nature" to make all articles free to view... but not on Linux.

Florida GOP official tweets: Use ‘big fire hoses’ to knock those Ferguson ‘thugs’ over

New episode of Star Trek: New Voyages released Monday night

French Parliament Votes On Palestine Recognition

Texas should continue the state lottery, lawmakers recommend

Black Friday at the Lafayette Resevoir

Optimus Prime for Texas governor? Write-in votes run the gamut

Hong Kong Protest Founders 'Surrender', Urge Movement To Retreat

Teachers may lose tax break for school supplies

She said my Pneumonia Shot wouldn't hurt.

New York City Plans Focus on Mental Health in Justice System.

Ubuntu 14.04.1 mate download

Daily Holidays - December 2

Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner 'died in Syria'

When was the last time a stranger did something kind for you ?

Should Progressives Play "All or Nothing" With the End-of-Year "Tax Extenders"? Yes.

Bill Cosby’s pound cake, Ferguson and the dubious politics of personal responsibility

Preventing the Sixth Mass Extinction Requires Dealing With Climate Change

The Hospital CEO as Scrooge - Managers Get Raises While Presiding Over Deficits, Layoffs, Pay Cuts

I forgot, who do I contact about getting approval for a post asking for a donation?

Overlooking the obvious cause of the Irving earthquakes

Since the Satire Forum was down, I'm wondering about a new Fox show ...

Cuba has the second highest standard of living in Latin America beating all capitalist nations in

"A dramatic video showing an innocent Californian man refusing to lie in front of US police..."

My personal philosophy about DU

Can Clinton Win Back the White Working Class?

What Might Persuade Hillary Clinton Not To Run In 2016.

All-time low for Pago Pago, American Samoa: 59 F

Lawmakers reach breakthrough on defense bill

Confessions of a Cholo...

Miseries of an Uber driver

Wake - The - Fuck - Up!

Remember the 3rd man on the podium with John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympics:

Coffee Break!

…Ball of repressed rage.

End of the GOP after a Sixth Political Party Realignment?

Nature makes all articles free to view

Why I decided to stop being my daughter’s personal assistant-must read

Take this short 20 question quiz about childhood autism

Tories resort to cheap tactics by calling Ukip’s Tim Aker by Turkish name

I think my main system crashed. UPDATED!!

'Emotional support' pig kicked off flight for being disruptive

Senate VA committee to hold hearing Dec 3 on hepatitis C

Using its Wealth, Google Has Become a DC Lobbying Juggernaut—And They Still Know Everything About U

Jakarta, moderate Muslims oppose Hamas branch in Indonesia

House committee to throw punches at airbag maker 3 Dec

This is a fantastic idea, coming from an absolute genius who is never wrong:

Texting across the Arab-Jewish divide

How do I contact MIRT?

Portman Will Seek Re-Election Instead of Running for President

One of the very best disco songs of all time (imho).....

Hallelujah Christmas Version by Cloverton

23-Year-Old Woman Beaten To Death After Defending Teen Girls From Harassment

A Random Act of Pasta - video

Al-Shabaab militants kill 36 Christian quarry workers in Kenya

Interesting FB post

Hillary Clinton says fracking carries risks in conservation speech-Hillary Clinton Room Post

Rooftop Solar Cost Competitive with the Grid in Much of the U.S.

Service Dogs for Sexual-Assault Survivors

What oh what to watch?

ATF agent lost job after he found J.B. Van Hollen to be a customer of illegal guns.

Zephyr Teachout and the Working Families Party reunite to attack Gov. Cuomo on charter schools

Thanks, Obamacare: Hospitals make 'unprecedented' strides in patient safety

Oil price decline may drive huge shift in wealth

Slowpoke Toon: Police Pal Prosecutor

What America’s police departments don’t want you to know - By Eugene Robinson

Regulators contradict Indian Point on earthquake risk

Left Foot Forward: To appease Iran, Obama gives Assad’s air force a free pass for slaughter

Tech start-ups seek the good life in Saratoga Springs

Oh Sweet Jeebus is it seriously going to be Jeb?

Obama considering Ashton Carter, others for next defense secretary

"No I Am Not OK"

Surname Status: Elite Families Stay Elite for Centuries

Congress stabbed Obama in the back on closing Gitmo again

Design flaws led to 2013 lithium-ion battery fire in Boeing 787: U.S. NTSB

Lack of Voter Turnout Isn’t the Problem

Florida high court to consider extension of self-defense gun law

Toasting almonds (or walnuts, pecans, hazel nuts):

Anti-immigration politics in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Australia. Far-right gains.

EU court blocks gay asylum tests

Body cameras for cops could be the biggest change to come out of the Ferguson protests

Who is going to Cleveland tomorrow? Justice for Tamir Rice

Morning Joe vilifies Tamir Rice

Lebanon detains Islamic State leader Baghdadi's wife

Obama is a lonely western liberal on immigration

Hillary Clinton says fracking carries risks in conservation speech

Takata To Issue Nationwide Airbag Recall

Women Lib to blame for Furgenson

"the Democratic Party has become a pale doppelganger to the Republican Party."

Assange, Manning and WikiLeaks are Democracy in Action

Iraq government and Kurdish region strike budget and oil export deal

Florida committing slow suicide

The St. Louis Rams want you to know the team did not apologize for that Ferguson protest

'Simple Common Sense' : Jeh Johnson Defends Executive Action on Immigration

The Worst Person in Sports: Jeff Roorda (St Louis Police Union)

Isn't This a Lovely Day ...

Have you ever felt unfairly judged by another person?

How the White House torpedoed Harry Reid’s tax deal

Omaha police to buy up to 50 body cameras early next year

SALON: Black people have to learn everything about white people just to stay alive.

Mexico protesters call on president to resign

and sh*t still continues....St. Louis bar boycotts Rams after players support Ferguson protests

so..... who's lying?

These Countries All Have Religious Symbols On Their Flags. Can You Guess Which Is Which? (Quiz)

Common Dreams: Will Police 'War Zone' Continue Despite More Police Cameras?

Boehner up now n/t

Sometimes when you're shopping online you come across a WHAT !!!!

President Obama getting ready for January

American Atheists launch provocative campaign in religious Deep South

Inhofe's Grand Climate Conspiracy Theory: It's All About Barbra Streisand

EW Jackson says Ferguson protests aren't the answer, working/shopping at WalMart is

Rain brings relief and fear to drought-stricken California

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: One sided conversation

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The knee-jerk party

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Why retro flip phones are making a comeback

Did anyone notice McCain say that he might run for president on Colbert's show last night?

Abengoa Yield’s Mojave 280 MW gross solar plant declares commercial operation

The Unreasonable Fears of White People

‘Hell is never far away’ - the female medic risking her life for Aleppo

Polish doctors treating child found in frost

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Florida man shoved pounds of stolen cow tongue down pants

U.S. Navy signs deal for solar-powered military housing

This Atheist is Thankful for the Clergy

A Solar Revolution in West Africa's Villages

Update: Road Rage (important)

A movie version of "The Sandman" is moving forward. Joseph Gordon-Levitt considered as Morpheus.

Does Anyone Know How These Police Body Cams Work?.....

With Spinoff, German Utility E.On to Focus on Renewable Energy

The NFL Has Officially Reinstated Ray Rice (but there is NO war on women!)

The NFL Has Officially Reinstated Ray Rice (but there is NO war on women!)

CDC: Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks

scientists create double-slit thought experiment

Omaha Steve on Stephanie Miller show NOW

It snowed here on Thanksgiving

Personalized Handguns-NJ

On World AIDS Day, UN Women Calls for Fast-Tracking Gender Equality to Stem Epidemic

Amid turmoil and safety concerns, some thinking twice about applying to U-Va.

On World AIDS Day, UN Women Calls for Fast-Tracking Gender Equality to Stem Epidemic

Obama expected to nominate Ashton Carter to lead Pentagon

Bills aim to assure Ohio students’ religious expression at school

Eight out of 10 Americans Now Believe the Climate is Changing, Finds Munich Re America Survey

'We are rapidly remaking the planet and beginning to suffer the consequences'

Catholic Church and the National Library of Ireland will put parish records online

I'm 55!

Lucies Place is going for a triple Duggar

Be careful. There's a lepidopterist among us.

question for petite women

The Problem is: it’s Perfectly Legal for Them to Lie to Us.

Being stupid and racist really does wonders to your bottom line...

Police investigating if Michael Brown's stepfather intended to incite riot

Man who killed teen girlfriend he thought was pregnant wanted community service

Artist Spent 10 Years Carving a Giant Cave With His Dog



Charles P Pierce: We shouldn't need POTUS to start conversation on race-We should start it ourselves

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Says Congress Needs To "Show In An Adult-Like Way That We Can Govern"

Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon

What a housekeeper at Harvard’s hotel tells us about inequality


Republican Boehner pushes long-term spending to avoid shutdown fight

That boy ain't right...

This cat is not one to get carried away.

EU court fines Italy €40m for failing to clean up illegal waste

Bengals Fans Jump Buccaneers Fan!

UF/IFAS process can convert human-generated waste into fuel in space

MLB umpire Dale Scott comes out as gay in quietest way possible

So, I start reading this article about how sitting too much will

Chart of Brown Grand Jury responses

Pat Robertson steps in it again...

Stephen Hawking Wants to Be a Bond Villain

Fundy fake "historian" says what??!!??

Nye's Polonaise Room to close next year

A lame joke about Republican contrarianism.

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting Tonight

Boston Officially Submits a Bid to Host the 2024 Olympics

Republicans winning House and Senate is price to pay for progress.

Japan to Launch Asteroid-chasing Spacecraft Tonight: Watch It Live

One Year After Defying Putin, Ukraine Is Choking on Its Own Red Tape

41 dead in ven prison intoxication

POWERLESS: Downtown Detroit Hit By Massive Outage

Dog sings "Let it Go"

US November Auto Sales Strongest In Years

The $4 Billion Train Station at the World Trade Center -

Jesse Lee Peterson: 'Michael Brown's Parents Should Be Shunned'

Alex Jones: Government Will Use Ferguson To Start Race War

‘Unpatriotic Loophole’ Targeted by Obama Costs Taxpayers $2 Billion

Police Beat, Taser, and Shoot Man 23 Times, Killing Him for Walking Down the Street

Luckovich toon: Worth 1,000 words

85% of venezuelans say the situation is bad in the country

Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby Keys Dies at 70

Scott Lively and MassResistance completely fail to stop marriage equality in Finland

French MPs Vote To Recognize Palestine As A State

What secret investments is Jeb Bush involved with?

St Louis Police are considering charging Michael Brown's stepfather for instigating a riot.

***3 days left to enter our Fall Season Photo Contest!***

Canada’s Green Energy Sector Now Employs More People Than Its Tar Sands

who would you like an Xmass album from

Widespread power outage hits Detroit

U.S. says ex-Sentinel CEO deserves 20 years in prison for $666 million fraud

Jury trial planned for Rhode Island pension reform lawsuit

I'm down, Are Y'all?

Obamacare success for right wing relative

So, maybe it's just me . . .

Tax breaks package to get one-year extension: Representative Ryan

A Lott of Lies

CNN-ISIS leader's wife 'arrested' in Lebanon

Why Texas is closing prisons in favour of rehab

Start Yer Day With Some Primo-Quality SQUEEEEE!

Racism & violence & police misconduct are “not the pink elephant in the room” - “It is the room"

NATO backs U.S.-led training force for Afghanistan

ESPN Power rankings: Big 12, not SEC, is No. 1

German Student Dies After Defending Teen Girls From Harassers

My "WTF?" moment of the day...

Great marketing ploy or fabulous accident… Choose one!

After Rikers Island abuses, New York City to pledge $130m to help mentally ill offenders

Psychiatrist: Maybe, Just Maybe, Everyone Should Take Lithium

Missing ingredient in energy-efficient buildings: People

The Cinque Terre on a Budget

The new "Religious Naturalist Association".

A Genuine Movement for Social Change 02 December 2014 By Noam Chomsky

Chilean Activists Change the Rules of the Game

Green energy sector jobs surpass total oil sands employment

Kristin Chenoweth don't get no respekt.

Toon: Ten Reasons we're Against Unions

Roger Daltrey crashes wedding - sings with the band

Police: Utah teen planned to open fire at school

Bernie Sanders: We must rebuild our manufacturing sector....

ACLU: Army to recognize legal names of transgender veterans

Mayor: $130M to revamp NYC jails for mentally ill

Judge suspends Florida city's homeless feeding ban

A Genuine Movement for Social Change 02 December 2014 By Noam Chomsky

Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby Keys Dead at 70

Noam Chomsky: Can We Save Our Democracy and History?

Ignoring indigenous rights in Amazon fuels global warming: study

Ignoring indigenous rights in Amazon fuels global warming: study

what did she buy today, the flowers or the vase?

Hells Angels buy out entire Walmart bike supply for Christmas charity

There’s A Real Chance Hillary Clinton Won’t Run For President. Here Are Five Reasons Why.

I found a great peanut soup. This one is from the Congo Cookbook.

Hillary Clinton Sidesteps Keystone Pipeline in Speech to Environmental Group

Fishing Net Biodegrades if Lost at Sea

Richard III's DNA throws up infidelity surprise

Why do black and Latino Americans support climate action so much more than whites?

Why do black and Latino Americans support climate action so much more than whites?

I think Bieber just doomed the Patriots

There's Been HOW Many Pipeline Spills in Alberta in The Last Four Months??

Women Occupy 48 Percent Of Seats In Bolivia's New Legislature

Thom Hartmann: Ferguson Calls on Obama to End Police Brutality

One Dem I am really liking alot lately is Senator Warner of VA.

For all of you criticizing the Democratic Party leadership, especially on economics, consider this

Why Chris Rock no longer plays colleges

A Vision of the Potential of a Science Based Reality and Future Outlook...or...

Finding the human side of revolutionary Che Guevara in Bolivia

How valuable are you as a customer?

Armenia expresses gratitude to Bolivia for Genocide recognition

Bernie Sanders Unveils A 12 Point Economic Plan To Break The Koch Oligarchs

Reflections on the UN Partition of Palestine

If this isn't mother of the year then I don't know who is! Amazing Mom Story....

You folks on here are a wealth of information

Skyrocketing numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD...

Am I a bad liberal if I'm starting to get Tired of this Shit?

5 more things about the Don Blankenship indictment

Bolivian llamas – in pictures

Bolivia, Peru Seize Two Planes, Arrest Pilots On Drugs Charges

The BBC is doing a series on Assange next year!

Dad level: Expert Info Law Enforcement Doesn't Want You to Have

Bolivian recycling initiative turns plastic waste into school furniture

Would it not have been better for everyone involved if the case had gone to a jury trial?

Hear 15 Magically Awkward Seconds Roll By While A Man Panics After Accidentally Insulting America

Bolivian recycling initiative turns plastic waste into school furniture

Papantonio: GOP White Privilege Highlighted By Ferguson Comments

Found it, finally! Hillary's 12 Point Economic Plan (Compare with Bernie Sanders' Plan)

Ireland says UK tortured IRA suspects in 1971

It's amazing what people believe on Facebook

Sierra Leone doctor who got Ebola is not relenting

Brady Hoke out at Michigan

A law professor explains the Darren Wilson grand jury

Can someone recommend a home insurance company?

you should make it a rule that unless a PD can provide full video evidence of shootings/assaults on

Israeli Government Crumbles; New Election Planned

Chomsky on Social Movements, interesting read

Darren Wilson Prosecutor Caught in Financial Conflict of Interest

Putin funds France's far right Marine Le Pen and her Front Nationale Party, other EU far right...

FBI seizes LAUSD iPad documents; 20 boxes carted away in surprise visit

A Yelp For Immigrant Guestworkers - Michelle Chen Discusses

Ferguson: Gun Control Problems Shouldn't be Ignored

Points for effort.

Tony Bennett probe called for prosecution (Indiana Repub School Superintendent)

Interesting and enlightening exchange ...

Police: Austin Shooter Apparently Tied to Phineas Priesthood

Why is the comments section on Yahoo articles a cesspool for right-wing fanatics?

Why are Yahoo comments sections a cesspool for right-wing fanatics?

Seattle police union president on 'professional' protestors

Are They Worth It?

Blackout Collective obstructs BART trains on Black Friday in protest of police killings

Let's find a campaign slogan for Jeb Bush, since it's apparent he will run in 2016.......

Opinion: OPEC is wrong to think it can outlast U.S. on oil prices

Fracking Democracy: Gassing the American People

WATCH Bernie Sanders:An Economic Agenda for America: 12 Steps Forward

Climate Change Challenges: Support the Environment or the U.S. Military?

Charles Barkley speaks out on Ferguson

Police Consider Charges Against Michael Brown's Stepdad

Logging destabilizes forest soil carbon over time, Dartmouth study finds

Sandy Rios: Obama Inspired Fatal Hammer Attack By Condemning Violence

Rick Wiles: Justice Ginsburg 'Is One Of The Most Wicked, Vile Human Beings On The Planet'

John Fugelsang speaks TRUTH about Michael Brown....

Scott Lively: Homosexuality Is Worse Than Murder

Christmas music thread

Terry Crews on manhood and feminism

MUST READ: Proud Palestinians must lead the fight to reform UNRWA

Atmospheric carbon dioxide used for energy storage products

25 Detained in Moscow for Attending Lecture on Ukraine's Maidan Movement

Judge allows libel lawsuit against Glenn Beck to proceed

Seriously - how safe and/or effective would it be for white people to stop and record

Race Relations Not a New Issue for Attorney General Nominee.

When GOP Staffer Put Obama Children ‘At A Bar,’ It Continued US Tradition of Trashing Black Females

Screw the rain I have to ride

Trauma dog helps Calgary girl testify at sex assault trial against father

Chris Christie is "Governor Pig Vomit"!

Interview w/a Cuban doctor in Liberia: “I’m just an ordinary guy.”

Lengthening the life of high capacity silicon electrodes in rechargeable lithium batteries


Crude Oil prices drop ~40% as World Production increases 1% and inventories increased 0.8%..Whaat???

ACK! McCain Recommended Lieberman for Defense Secretary

California storm is a good one...

UPDATE: Bibi Fires Lapid, Livni — Elections Coming

I have never found it harder to read DU without vomitting than today.

Ferguson: A Socialist Perspective

NY Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Proclaims ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ On The House Floor...

West Antarctic melt rate has tripled (during the last decade): UC Irvine-NASA

Ferguson: A Socialist Perspective

American Racial Incident Bingo

Veni Veni Emmanuel

URGENT! Baby elephants, ripped from their mothers, about to be sold to Chinese zoos!

Converting a Union Skeptic

Converting a Union Skeptic

12 Things to Keep in Mind When You Read the Torture Report

Cruz opposes Saldaña for ICE, calls Dallas prosecutor “rubber stamp for amnesty”

Obama to meet with Gov.-elect Greg Abbott on Friday

Converting a Union Skeptic

Some Nebraska Politicians Were Trying To Block This Climate Data From Entering The State Senate

'I'm Right and Everybody Else Is Wrong. Clear About That?'

Rep. Joaquin Castro predicts Perry and Cruz would lose 2016 presidential race

UNH Research: On Environment, Republicans Closer to Independents Than Tea Party

Regulators to vote Tuesday on energy-efficiency targets for utilities/FLORIDA

Time Inc. Union Battle: Newspaper Guild Of New York Accuses Magazine Company Of Unfair Labor Practic

I'm sure that they keep the number handy...

TYT- Rudy Giuliani: Blacks Are Murderers So Cops Shoot Them

Is the bridgegate investigation still ongoing? Christie is arrogant as ever.

Senate Labor Panel Advances Lauren McFerran for National Labor Relations Board

GOP Congressman-Elect Grothman (R WI-6): Low-Income Programs A 'Bribe' To 'Not Work That Hard'

What's for dinner? Tuesday, December 2, 2014 edition

TYT: Nancy Grace Stuns With Her Shocking Michael Brown Opinion

Limbaugh Mocks ‘Panic’ at Fox News over Gov’t Shutdown

How reliable is police testimony? (Video re Tamir Brown)

Heads Up: Have any of you bought a New Washer/Dryer in the past Five Years?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 December 2014

So Ben Carson, M.D. is the Republicants' new toy.

I don't think it's a question of whether he's at the right GIG