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Glad this holiday is one for the record books.

"Wanderers": A beautiful short film set to a Carl Sagan monologue

Tomorrow is WORLD AIDS day

Promoting Hillary, The New York Times Once Again Marginalizes the Left

God's Lonely Programmer

A Hipster Rand Paul? Too funny!

Hey, You Know Those Fragrances Stores Use to Lure You Inside?

The FALL photo contest starts tomorrow!

Is there ANY limit to the number of posts a DU member can frivolously flag or alert?

How Eleanor Marx changed the world

Black Lives Matter: Manchester, NH Marches For Michael Brown and Ferguson

Florida woman found dead with arrows in head

Do you remember the first time you smoked marijuana??

We get mentioned on the ID Channel...

With Election Over, First Order of Business Is $450 Billion Corporate Tax Break

The debate over whether Hillary should be our candidate is over...

What we can do about what happened to Mike Brown

"Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas" is on tonight!

Stone carver's family fights to honor his lead role in realizing Mount Rushmore sculptor's vision


Missing OSU football player found dead near campus

9 of the 10 poorest regions in Northern Europe are in the UK

Pittsburgh Obama High School students perform at the 34th annual Pittsburgh Holiday Parade, Downtown

Irk over black Stormtrooper

The Civil Air Patrol, thoughts?

Watch "60 Minutes"

Obama to hold meetings Monday on Ferguson

St. Louis Rams Come Out with 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Salute

Ottawa investigates reports that Isis has captured Canadian-Israeli woman

GOP’s fake new makeover: How the media sat down on the job in 2014


Uruguay Ex-President Tabare Vazquez Wins Election, Pot Plan Safe

Sleepless in America

Bill Cosby offers refunds to ticket holders who don’t want to attend upcoming Tarrytown, New York sh

WW2 women's secret war effort at Cardigan Bay

Tonight's dinner: Crockpot lamb stew, shell pasta, biscuits and raspberry cobbler.

NU fired Pelini... will Ron Brown, Anti-Gay Football Coach get the top job and millions?

Over in the Video Forum

Charles Johnson Falsly Claims NY Times Reporters Gave Wilson’s Address Then Put Reporters In Danger

Scottsdale and Ferguson

I just walked in to a stupid room.

60 minutes re lions

Brad Ashford (D-NE) finding that aisles in Washington will be tough gulfs to cross

The world’s deadliest terror group issues... a pancake recipe

White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson

Hong Kong protesters, police clash; 40 arrested

No adult supervision for BB guns, Air Rifles or Air Pistols for kids under 12

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 December 2014

This post is not about the robbery, it is a post about the family.

Baby found buried in sand on Sydney beach

Poet Mark Strand dead at 80

The reporting and spin on "Black Friday" sales stories is comical ........

Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury

Miss my son

Florida Supreme Court to consider Osceola 'stand your ground' case

Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay

Can we all talk about how thin-skinned the police are in this country?

Process Explorer: a very good way of seeing undesired programs's how you could make it much,much easier on yourself in '16.

For those on DU who feel that police "unions" are legitimate and are acting "responsibly"

Too early to advocate for Presidential primary candidates: Instead, say what you need from them.

(Not from the Onion) Got a net worth of $2M and $50K to spare? You can buy stock in Queensryche!

Officers sue Cleveland over 2012 police shooting

Alabama Teen Arrested, Dies From Excessive Force By Police

Went to the Long Beach aquarium during Thanksgiving break.

What If Darren Wilson Had Not Murdered Michael Brown?

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested After Crashing Through Boston Airport Ceiling, Bit Off Guy's Ear

Here are the 17 books Obama bought with his kids

James Risen: He didn't become radical, the country did

Just realized where I'd seen Wilson before:

G.O.P Aide Regrets that Attack on Obama Daughters Overshadowed Insults About Their Parents


Is the whole denial of climate change just so that the Koch and all can't get sued. Is that

Who would you pick for president?

Settlers run over a woman and attack the town of Al-Tur

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/30/14

Nancy Grace (defender of the state's authority) does not buy Darren Wilson's story.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 2: Rhonda Fleming

Progressive Think Tank

GOP 'Payback' to White Working Class That Voted Them in: Cut Earned Income Tax and Child Tax Credit

grammar conundrum

Should The US Have Mandatory Voting?

All NFL players should declare a General Strike until Jeff Roorda steps down

Cemetary after snow

Regarding ceiling fans

Happy December!

Isis Loves Pringles, Nutella, and Red Bull

The Newsroom

Disarm the Police

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

‘I’m really disappointed': Plaintiff on embattled 9/11 law firm

Tabare Vazquez wins Uruguay's run-off election

Powerful. Marijuana saves child's life.

DuPont Says Plant Leaked 23,000 Pounds of Toxic Gas

A Careless Solution

Republican State Rep. Files Unconstitutional Bill to Allow Texas Legislature to Nullify Federal Laws

Classic Mark Twain quotes in honor of his birthday

After the midterm mauling, is the real President Obama finally standing up?

Daily Holidays - December 1

German Energy co, E.ON to quit gas and coal and focus on renewable energy

Police stand firm on banning Yehuda Glick from Temple Mount

The Oath Keepers Patrol Rooftops in Ferguson—The Facts Behind This ‘Mysterious’ Militia Group

Partial results: Moldova parties favoring EU ahead

Elizabeth Warren to Israel, Makes First Overseas Trip as Senator

U.S. loses bid to revoke Megaupload founder's bail conditions

Photo of the Day

U.S. Justice Department names new counterespionage chief

Puerto Rico to hike oil tax, avert public transit shutdown

UN climate talks begin as global temperatures break records

****FALL CONTEST****Submissions Thread! NOW CLOSED

'Brain changes' seen in young American footballers

****FALL CONTEST****Comments Thread!

Israel PM to decide soon whether to call early election: adviser

Palestinian woman stabs Israeli, shot by security forces

Missouri police condemn footballers’ gesture in support of Michael Brown

Poll: Americans predict more gridlock in full GOP control of Congress

Singing bulldog!

Largest ancient stone block just discovered in Baalbek

My Insurance Company Killed Me, Despite Obamacare

So when is the Ferguson DA going to resign?


A letter from Patti Davis to Sasha and Malia

A look back-"EXCLUSIVE: State Dept. Hid Contractor's Ties to Keystone XL Pipeline Company"


Quick and easy cobbler recipe.

Man beaten to death with hammers in St. Louis

How has the internet changed your life ?

Rouble suffers worst fall since 1998 crisis

If we believe Dorian Johnson, Wilson is guilty of murder.

Chris Hedges: Alcatraz: A Prison as Disneyland

Think histroy doesn't repeat itself?

The science of why cops shoot young black men

Elizabeth Lauten...

Meme of the Week – December 1st

Need Your Post-Thanksgiving Dose of Extremism and Insanity? Heeeere's Rick Santorum + EW Jackson!

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Race

Update: upside-down turkey, with pics

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Obstructionist Party

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

CNN better than Mornin' Joe

All I can respond is, Facepalm: Poll: 50 percent say GOP majority is bad

Cyber ring stole secrets for gaming U.S. stock market: FireEye

SSRI Discontinuation or Withdrawal Syndrome

TOON: The Broader Implications of Events in Ferguson, MO

Rosa Parks ‘Transformed a Nation’ on This Day

Video of Women Fighting off Harassers Shocks India

Tasteless, offensive and inflammatory?

No more tropical cyclones for 180 days!

REMINDER: "Black people walking in the middle of the street" is a racist meme from the get go!

Black Friday Fizzles With Consumers as Sales Tumble 11%

Open your eyes - Open your heart - Justice is blind but we can see

India Women beat up attackers on bus in Haryana

A little bit of puppy-waking-up-to-music sweetness to start your week.

Racist remarks

Don't let the door hit ya.... Lauten resigning after nasty comments about the Obama girls

Is The Democratic Party Relevant Anymore?

Juan Cole: Bush Admin. Spent Billions on an Iraqi Army with 50,000 “ghost” Soldiers

Civility is Dead. At least in the GOP.

TOM TOMORROW: Black and White

“We look forward to a successful relationship with the CIA,” Amazon said in a 2013 statement."

EXCLUSIVE: Hotel workers union to help de Blasio's quest to bring DNC Convention to Brooklyn in 16

23-Yr-Old Woman Beaten To Death After Defending Teen Girls (WARNING -disturbing)

Malaysia Airlines asks fliers: 'Want to go somewhere but don't know where?'

Prudent but not puritan

"If our nominee is (fill in the blank) in 2016, I'm not voting for him/her!"

Mexico's Government is 'Dysfunctional and Corrupt', but the U.S. continues to support it

Really impressed with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

All about the banks: Washington Post scolds Elizabeth Warren for “irrational” populism

Wilson is NOT a Grimm. Brown was NOT a Wesen. People who "see" demons should not be armed.

Why the decline of newspapers is a troubling sign for aspiring writers, especially novelists

Boehner: I'm ready to 'reappoint' members to special Benghazi panel in new Congress

How This Tea Party Hopes to Help Ferguson Merchants

GOP staffer who said Obama's daughters lack "class" to resign

Why Our Lives Feel Squeezed: 400 Reasons

The Holy, Infallible Beliefs of Beltway Pundits and Politicians.

another day, another Diane Rehm show, another episode of false equivalence

Union, Prosecutor Team to Push Papa John’s to Pay More

Union, Prosecutor Team to Push Papa John’s to Pay More

Make me smart! Do I need a new cable modem? Or what?

Union, Prosecutor Team to Push Papa John’s to Pay More

Chris Rock: It's not black people who have progressed. It's white people.

Hill staffer Elizabeth Lauten resigns after remarks about Obama daughters

What are you reading the week of Nov 30, 2014?

I am eating my own face.

Great news: fewer Americans are smoking than ever before

Xmas shopping solved

16 Awesome Career Choices That Most College Kids Have Never Heard Of

Oath Keepers ordered by cops to come down from Ferguson rooftops and end armed patrols

St. Louis Police Officers Association Condemns Rams Players' 'Hands Up' Gesture

I keep getting this notification when landing on the DU main page.

GOP House Leader from Polluted-Bakersfield Leads Fight for Dirtier Air

Ol' Man Jenkins, The Sewer Dog Rescue

On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks sat where she damn pleased.

New group forms to push for right-to-work law

Darren Wilson is now a millionaire +

Willie Nelson, Ani Di Franco, et al

My story - Living with AIDS (For World AIDS Day).

Hero SKUNK sprayed Glenn BecKKK's house, BecKKK guns it down!1 O.K. who here dropped it off?!1

Are Humans Going Extinct?

Janay Rice says Ray only hit her that one time...

The revolving door of cop firing/hiring

"I understand why he has to do this - to prove he's a man," Merkel said. "He's afraid of his own wea

Pic Of The Moment: If This Is The Smartest Republican Running For President...

"Pitch Perfect" is really a 9/11-conspiracy-movie

No smartphone service? Fewer traffic crashes

Janay Rice: Baltimore Ravens Told Me To Apologize For Elevator Assault

The Wasilla Hillbilly has weighed in

TYT: Justice Scalia’s Grand Jury Rant Highlights Everything Wrong With Ferguson

TYT: Rudy Giuliani Wants To Prosecute Ferguson Witnesses

$$$ loses to the Bird


Mr. Fish Asked A Very Important Question

Robert Reich: How a Wealthy California Town Makes Sure No Poor Kids Attend Its 'Public' School

Experts say the citizens need guns to protect themselves, as the country is full with weapons, what

Joe Scum: Rams protest ‘the last straw for me’

Credit union gives pets a helping paw on Black Friday

NFL to St Louis Police: No we won't discipline the Rams players

Stocks sink after retail sales slip, China slows

L.A. City Council tentatively approves new gun control measures

GOP strategy revealed

Former NY Gov. George Pataki again exploring long-shot bid for presidency

Why Doesn’t Ferguson Happen Abroad?

"Richard Scarry's 21st Century Busy Town Jobs" from Tom the Dancing Bug

forum automatically changing 2 spaces to 1

I just saw a promotion for the TV special, "Rudolph."

Joe Scarborough Bashes The Media's 'BS' Coverage Of Ferguson

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 13

And the proper response back to Bill

"It doesn’t seem fair that police can commit brutal acts against innocent people & get away with it"

Why 80 percent of top students get into elite colleges

"Remember when the NRA came out and said that if Mike Brown had a gun, he'd be alive today"?

Soupless Green Bean Casserole

Papantonio: Michael Savage’s Civil War

I just sent this reminder to Morning Joe

Promoting Hillary, the New York Times Marginalizes the Left Once Again

New research highlights the key role of ozone in climate change

USA Today: Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: 'Staggering disparity'

Cutting energy-related carbon emissions by 34 per cent will cost nothing, report finds

No fines for Rams players' salute

OK all you book worms......

Research confirms how global warming links to carbon emissions

Enough Is Enough: The President's Latest Wall Street Nominee

In Conversation with Chris Rock

How cold is it in your area?

Mrs. Roosevelt goes Christmas shopping.

Bernie Sanders: Guess which country...

Bernie Sanders: An Economic Agenda for America: 12 Steps Forward

TYT: Don’t Blame Darren Wilson, Blame Something MUCH Bigger

TYT: Unarmed Man Shot At By Cop While Trying To Save Daughters Life

Chris Hedges: Alcatraz: A Prison as Disneyland

Anyone listening to Christmas music yet?

TYT: School Argues Low IQ Girl Won't Remember Sexual Assault

Charles Barkley Supports Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Why Charles Barkley supports the Ferguson grand jury decision

GOP staffer who ripped Obama girls was arrested for shoplifting as a teenager

Sean Spicer you're a first rate moron

The Digital Love Industry

There's a Die In at the Department of Justice

Tampa homeless program uses unpaid, destitute residents as steady labor force, revenue source

As of January, this asshole is going to be my congressman.

Looking For "Fun" in Fundraising For a Diabetic Cat...not easy

Thom Hartmann: Why Faster Melting Glaciers Should Worry You

Thom Hartmann: How Democrats Can Regain the Trust of Americans

Marketing Feminism

Thom Hartmann: Is Walmart Playing the "Hunger Games" w/ Employees?

Obama to propose $75 million in federal funds for police body cameras

13 Amazing Food and Life Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

U.S. military warned of possible Islamic State attacks at home: report

Rethugs Would Get The Blame For Another Government Shut Down

Glenn Grothman: Single parents getting 'bribe' to avoid work, marriage

Aaron Joseph Purmort, Spider-Man, Dead At 35

Leak at Federal Reserve Revealed Confidential Bond-Buying Details.

Don't let the door hitya 2: Racist Nevada state representative (“simple minded darkies”) resigns

Putin says Russia will scrap South Stream pipeline.

Colombia worst in Latin America for violence against women

Giuliani: Mike Brown Death Shouldn't Have Gone to Grand Jury

‘Colombian paramilitaries’ attack army post in Venezuela

Vatican to reveal truth about ‘Hitler’s Pope’

Demand an expansion of Social Security benefits and services!

"Bless your heart" - Translation

Iran to turn uranium into reactor fuel under extended deal: source

Pope Francis Bows, Asks For Blessing From Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew In Extraordinary Display

Pope Francis Says Equating Islam With Violence Is Wrong

America Magazine editorial: Why Catholics must condemn anti-gay violence

New York horse and buggy drivers fear imminent job loss

Man versus myth: does it matter if the Moses story is based on fact?

ICC appeal judges uphold conviction of Congolese warlord Lubanga

The Rude Pundit - Joe Scarborough Says Almost All of Us Agree That Michael Brown Was a "Thug"

Complaint over sexual abuse during Pinochet dictatorship proceeding in Chile

Neo-Nazi death squad was run from Putin's Kremlin: new article is a good read

Complaint over sexual abuse during Pinochet dictatorship proceeding in Chile

Oil Shock Streaks Across Globe From Moscow to Tehran to Caracas. Ready for $40?

White police officers involved in black couple's death sue Cleveland for racial discrimination

Factories Keep Humming in U.S. Even Amid Global Slowing

Stormy Monday, 12/01/14

GOP Staffer Who Attacked Obama Girls Was Arrested During Her Own "Awful Teen Years"

The Trolls Among Us

Why Is Stephen Harper Sending Domestic Workers Back to 1973?

I am cooking down my turkey carcass. I have some questions.

Fernando González, of "Cuban Five": New Evidence to Exonerate

Putin's Neo-Nazis Kidnap and Torture 1,500 Transsexual and Gay People

Russia Says NATO Destabilizes North Europe, Aid Draws Ire

(BRAWHAHAHAHAAAA) Bernie Sanders: Global warming isn't real because I was cold today

Fuck them.

Taliban Attacks Rock Kabul After U.S. Afghan Security Agreement

Will U.S. and Turkey Create a Syria No-Fly Zone?

Erdogan Eyes Tighter Turkey, Russia Alliance

Cops: Woman, 47, Stabbed Boyfriend For Starting Thanksgiving Dinner Without Her

Billion + believe in Satan. Should all schools be mandated to teach Creationism?

Netherlands' "War on Xmas" is "War on 'Black Pete'"

Has anyone found this to be true since President Obama was elected?

Janay Rice tells 'Today' Ravens suggested she apologize at news conference

Rediscovering a home on the range through Nebraska landscapes

Ben Carson says womens' lib caused Ferguson...

Atheist Zombie Mohammed becomes Christian, complains about schoolteacher’s Star of David

Rediscovering a home on the range through Nebraska landscapes

It was all good except for the left turn with the gravy...

Any new Thanksgiving horror stories?

No, Clerks Don’t Have a Religious Right to Deny Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Want to get even with a friend or relative who has daughters?

Can't come up with a good headline... Cops and Crime.

The Flaws of the Modern Day Conservative...

Chris Rock: "If poor people knew how rich the rich people are, there would be riots in the streets"

Has Fox 'news" trashed the First Daughters yet in support of the GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Lauten?

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" college/schools Protests today across the USA....

Slap-in-the-Face Wealth Gap Images

Ballon d'Or shortlist.

11 Steps For Cooking A PERFECT Thanksgiving Turkey

Edward Snowden wins Swedish human rights award for NSA revelations

Edward Snowden wins Swedish human rights award for NSA revelations

They fired the shit heard 'round the world...

Philip Kitcher: ‘New Atheism’ hasn’t supplied anything to replace religion

Alaska DU-ers..I have a question about your new Governor.

Ferguson Nightmare Widens: Giuliani, the NFL & Cops Doubling Down on Their "Right To Kill"

What do you think of this?

A hell of a way to cook prawns

Armed woman conducting garage sale, robbed, beaten

Today is 59th Anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to sit

Colombia’s dams end up in the dock over human rights abuses?

Colleges cut childcare even as more students are raising kids

How Fundraising in Politics Works

Who's eliminated - mathematically and should be.

How Will the Pope Play in 2016?

Police: Austin shooter belonged to an ultra conservative Christian hate group

The December Photo Contest ... edited content (12/02/14)

4 Reasons Conservatives Should Join Liberals in Opposing the Duggars

Man's standoff with cops goes viral

Wisconsin mother who made porn videos with toddler son gets 7 years in prison

Utah man gets maximum sentence in hate crime case

Cosby steps down from Temple's board of trustees

Grow it here, sell/buy it here, consume it here. BAM, the local economy grows.

Clear out of Silicon Valley homeless camp coming

Religion In The Comics - 002

Time to wake up, dudebros!!!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 1, 2014

US Support for Mexico's Drug War Goes Beyond Guns and Money

Mo. lawmakers pre-file Ferguson-related bills

Michele Roberts vs. the NBA: Why the New Head of the Players Union Is a Hero for Progressive Sports

Coroner Orders Special Examination of Brain of Ohio State Football Player Kosta Karageorge

Group crashes Lauderdale's website in retaliation for homeless measures

Cost Still a Barrier Between Americans and Medical Care

Clouds reflecting on the creek

Crimean Tatars face repression (again)

7 Positive Solutions to Rein in Our Out-of-Control Police State

It's amazing to me, how many ...

Ballot measures for legal marijuana planned for five more states

Ferguson activists' WH meeting

This link I've posted looks bizarre, but it does work. READ IT. It matters, even now...

4 Reasons Conservatives Should Join Liberals in Opposing the Duggars

Hugs to all the Hillary supporters here on DU! - Hillary Room Post.

Executive Order on Police Militarization

1 conviction against ex-Va. first lady tossed out

Today in Herstory: The National American Woman Suffrage Association Kicks Off Its Longest-Ever Conv

US Supreme Court asked to halt Texas execution

Today in Herstory: The National American Woman Suffrage Association Kicks Off Its Longest-Ever Conv

Here's what they have done: Made Mike Brown a Martyr

Iconic Moments: Rams 2014, Olympics 1968, Ali 1967

Autopsy on ex-Brazilian president is inconclusive

Dennis Kucinich: No to War, Hot or Cold, with Russia

RNC Staffer Blames “Mainstream Media” For Publicizing Obama Daughters’ Slut-Shaming

Big News Outlets Are Fighting A Gag Order To Access An Indicted Coal Baron’s Court Records

Are You Drinking Liberally?

Do it yourself crèche.


The 10 Kinds of Trolls You Will Encounter When Talking About Mike Brown

Mercedes Alabama plant violated law by stopping union from handing out literature, board rules

Exiled From Westboro: Leaving America’s Most Hated Church

People Walk Out Of Work, School in Ferguson Protests

All I want is . . .

Kelly: Daughter's wedding came together fast — and in time for terminally ill dad

Dr. Ben Carson Manages To Blame Ferguson On The 'Women's Lib Movement'

Ammunition is not covered by the 2A

Bob Baker Dies – A Huge Loss

Who Are Police Killing?

Police union is providing Wilson security

Oldie but GOODIE: "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - 2004" - Full Length

German Government May Say 'Nein' To After Work Emails

Austin Texas shooter was part of a fundy violent racist group...

Just got back from the Vet... (my b/w cat, Lucky)

Elisabeth Lauten, GOP aide, resigns (forced?) after insulting Obama children!