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a guy from microsoft called saying I have malware

White Night in Tel Aviv: 'Jewish Girls Don't Go With Blacks'

Now Gays Can Marry, Straight Guys Are Screwed

BREAKING: Venezuelan President Maduro WILL GIVE political asylum to Snowden (updated)

Egypt: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?


The issue with this headline: "John Kerry on his boat during Egypt upheaval, State Dept. concedes"..

Venezuela's President Maduro Offers Asylum to US Fugitive Snowden

Should we be concentrating on the "process of government" instead of the policy of political

American And Israeli Officials Conduct Marathon Phone Calls On Egypt Crisis

"Twelve Angry Men" Excellent movie and pretty relevant right now.

Best Day Of My Life: Making It Into The Jewish S.H.I.T List

Anyone remember "Arthur", the plant from Mad Magazine?

Texas A&M researchers working to improve early detection of oral cancer

The Egyptian People Rise Up And Overthrow Morsi - Or Was It The Army..?

Egyptian turmoil jolts Gaza’s Hamas rulers

Popes John Paul II, John XXIII cleared for sainthood

Alan Grayson on Snowden's "greatest fear" ...

Spain: We Were Tolk Snowden Was On Bolivia Plane

Friday Night Funny ... *warning* ... NSFW

Red Spotted Purple

'Twas ever thus.

For the Soft-on-the-Fourth-Amendment DUers out there

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! A Fifth of July & a new Kitteh gif

Ohhh... it's only life... (New graphic)

Small BREW Act Provides Tax Relief for Local Breweries

Health Care - I watched Undercover Boss again,

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 6, 2013: The Essentials - Based on Maxwell Anderson

Mike Duffy Senate scandal inches closer to Stephen Harper: Walkom

"Democratic Poll: Majority Of Texans Against Abortion Bill"

TCM Schedule for Sunday, July 7, 2013: Essentials Jr - Down To Size

Senior Prom

The big gay Texas brain drain

So, in WisCONsin, would it be feasable for a person seeking an abortion

Citizen patrols to be 'eyes and ears' on Lake school campuses

I think Snowden has a way out now

Just cut my bangs...... It must be the 1980s...... What is the last spur of the moment thing

what's up with CNN

Connecticut Bars Felony Arrests for School Zip Code Fraud

Did you know you can block messages from "Automated Message"?

Irony of ironies: The Ron Paul Libertarian's one way out is the "land of Chavez and Bolivar"

Egypt's 'day of rejection' - Friday 5 July as it happened

Gettysburg, PA

Chief Oliver says it well:

Krugman: E Pluribus Unum

Medical Examiner IDs FDNY Lieutenant from 9/11 Remains

Cops: Gun-toting HOA officer threatened residents watching fireworks

White House: no comment on Venezuela's asylum offer to Snowden

NSA leaks: UK blocks crucial espionage talks between US and Europe

A police chief's view on the rottweiler shooting by cops:

I put a box on the floor...

Fighting across Egypt as Brotherhood supporters told to stay on streets

A bookend pair of recommendations for this weekend

Nessie and Satch says hi!

A local Indiana ICON Sammy Terry died a few days ago.

TheEverlastingGOPStoppers: 4th of July DUI Checkpoint Video

Snowden is a whistleblower, not a spy (and, it isn't 1964 anymore)

Going to be hot, hot, hot tomorrow. Other than potato salad what are your hot weather go to foods.

"Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

At the Apple Valley Parade yesterday

Take Five (The Anger Games edition)

SEIU 1021 Issues Statements on End of BART Strike

Venezuela was in Moscow along with Bolivia, right?

ME Identifies Manhattan Firefighter Killed In 9/11 Attacks

Man accused of crimes against horses in El Dorado County

Friend's 4th of July DC Fireworks + excursion, slide show!

Motorbike rider critically injured in hit and run

Deep Thoughts

The American Justice System

Ok, Ok, I can't breathe bc I'm seething. My righty cousin (again) posted this on social media:

Republican Jesus still at it...

Will Venezuela follow through on Snowden offer?

Someone call 911... the Hamburgler is back!

If and when Snowden makes it out of Russia, leaks may restart

The record holder for the longest stay in an airport is: Mehran Karimi Nasseri - 18 years

Since Texas Towelie started supplying his own oregano to his pizza joint... sales have soared!!!

CaliforniaPeggy was without Intertubes access for short stretches of her Italian vacation.

3..... 2..... 1..... 0..... Houston, we have catbutt liftoff!!!!!

Nope! No way! No. NO-NO-NO! Mind over matter. MIND... OVER... MATTER! No fuckin' way, man!!!

How others see their hearts vs. how The Fucking Immortal MiddleFingerMom sees his:

Rumor is MFM has a new tattoo. Rumor ALSO is HE started that rumor just so he could show it off.

SERVILITY of the Satellites: The Snowden Affair and the Destruction of Effective Democracy in Europe

Fucking Congressional Republicans

Just met a rat.

There are no scheduled non stop flights between Moscow and Caracas

Feinstein the War Profiteer Calls Snowden a Traitor

The Eiffel Tower at night.

'Twas ever thus.

What are you reading right now? I'm reading Paul Theroux "The Last Train To Zona Verde" about

Russian Team Wins, US Places 11th at ‘Battle of the Brains’

What would you do if you were Snowden?


Putin Urges Military Planners Not To Suck Resources From Economy

Is it about Snowden, the NSA, or the Constitution?

I am getting the odd sense that some don't like Snowden because he made the establishment look bad

If it's not about Snowden, then why are there so many breathless posts about his asylum status?

51 must see animal pics :P

I forgot to wish all of you a Seasonings Coatings

*breaking* - DU is from this point on to be known as SU

What's wrong with me?

Friday Night Catnip: Afterglow (1968)

Letters at 3 a.m. (#4) "With the consent of the governed, the U.S. government has gone rogue"

Republicans launch fake Alison Lundergan Grimes website in attempt

'Weed' guy stabs 'Beer' guy in Times Square as Broadway shows let out

Locut0s' photography links.

Foo Fighters: There is Nothing Left to Lose

My State of Florida vs Zimmerman Prediction ...

John Steinbeck: What is a Red?

According to your opinion, is the US justice system just?

Moving Rocks of Racetrack Playa

The phrase for today is "sonar-jamming genitals". Modify a thread title to include ... you know.

Another question on ignore

Popocatepetl volcano causes Mexico flight chaos (BBC)

Have a nice time Mr Ed

Positive US jobs numbers add to rate rise speculation (BBC)

MLK and Gandhi on Breaking Unjust Laws

EU Threatens To Suspend Data-Sharing With U.S. Over Spy Reports

How the Professional Left's Blind Obama Hatred Got them Played by a Far-Right Nutjob

WOW!! Has William Shakespeare spoken this weekend!...

How should Weekly World News have covered the Snowden story?

More on Venezuela's offer (Is everyone sure this isn't rhetoric?)

Mexican police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF program

A Day in the Life of a Snowden-Chasing Journalist at Sheremetyevo International Airport

All the ass-rocket videos reminded me of this:

Child's pregnancy sets off Chile abortion debate

Venezuela names admiral to be first female defense minister

Christian conservatives outraged as Costa Rica 'accidentally' legalises gay marriage

What did you find out about yourself

Do you believe ANYONE will be able to win the Democratic nomination for President in 2016 without at

Morning dress for the wedding tomorrow. Pictures forthcoming.

Costa Rican legislature accidentally passes gay marriage legalization

BYU study sheds light on Mayan agriculture

Brothers reunited 31 years after war separated them

Violent murders mount in El Salvador

Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill To Nullify Federal Gun Laws

More armchair speculation: When Zimmerman claimed that Martin said "You're gonna die tonight MF'er"

CNBC anchor blasts cult of ‘enviro-socialists’

What exactly did Morales do?

Florida pastor urges men to destroy computers in quest to live ‘porn free’

Protester photographed napping with gun (AR15) near Gabby Gifford's house

In honor of this July 5th, the late great George Carlin: The Big Club

Paul Ryan (R-WI): "Politicians don't always kiss babies"

Does ubiquitous surveillance on the part government agencies mean the end of investigative

Maddowblog: France's spying complaints suddenly appear 'somewhat hollow'

Scream, Zimmerman, Scream!

"Dead" Woman Comes Back To Life, Freaks Out Authorities

The night is dark but the sidewalks bright

so John Paul II is gonna be a saint

Waiter, there is a fly in my soup.

LFR sadly wonders why no one makes jokes about her in the Lounge?

What the hell, DU?

I'm 31 and don't know what to do for a career...

July 6: National Fried Chicken Day

Hilarious (And Terrifying): Drunk College Kids Know Almost Nothing About Independence Day (NSFW)

CVC rejects Rams' request to upgrade Dome

Government OKs New Mexico natural gas pipeline

Islamist group threatens violence after ousting of Egypt's Mursi

Good Morning from Castle Anthrax!

This message was self-deleted by its author

Is it hot enough for you ...

Snowden attorney speaks for Rand Paul, Lyndon LaRouche, and the 4th amendment

Oil & Gas companies moving data centers to Switzerland (

Chomsky: How Do We Defend Ourselves from the Corporate and Imperial Forces That Threaten Our Existen

American Intellectuals' Widespread Failure to Stand Up to Billionaires and Authoritarian Power

Britain to deport radical cleric Abu Qatada on Sunday - papers

Train derailment sparks major fire in Quebec's Eastern Townships

First pitches

30 killed in school attack in northeast Nigeria

Gun Rights Group Holds Toy Gun March in D.C.

Why It Takes Organized Resistance To Bring in the Sweeping Change That the Public Wants

*paging* Locut0s

(Germany) Lights out for solar cell makers Conergy

French honorary consul escapes Benghazi attack

TPP: Obama's Free (but not Fair) Secret Trade Agreement

TPP threatens access to generic affordable medicines, say NGOS, Doctors Without Borders

How can Snowden be a traitor if the NSA program is a figment of his imagination?

Getcher constitutional rights while they're hot! They're goin' fast!

'Dozens dead' in school attack in Nigeria's Yobe state

Please Don't Be Satisfied With This Jobs Report

Chief Agricultural Advisor for the U.S. on the TPP? Guess

The British Are Coming—and They've Brought Newspapers

Are you a right-wing authoritarian? Take the test today!

What I hear people saying is that the 4th Amendment is no longer relevant?

OK, this CNN Saturday morning "show" is hands-down

What are you reading the week of July 7, 2013?

Gay Marriage, Medical Pot Shape New Hampshire Living Free

What it's like to live in frack land

Fledgling cop

Weekend toons

Cop witnesses pot sale


Windows 8 is starting to drive me nuts...

Shin Soo-ji's first pitch

Today our destination was Pisa!

"I had 8 inches on my honeymoon"

'Evil spirit' scam plagues Asian immigrants in NYC

Massive explosions strike Quebec town after train carrying oil derails ( video)

The 'Religious Freedom' Ploy to Block Healthcare Coverage of Birth Control

'Evil spirit' scam plagues Asian immigrants in NYC

Lack of transparency means tainted justice for Bradley Manning

Entire Quebec town evacuated after freight train carrying crude oil derails, explodes

KRUGMAN: So how does this end? Here’s a depressing thought: maybe it doesn’t.

Krugman: Crib Sheet: How I work

A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse

How could my jury service preferences be changed without my knowledge?

Egypt: Interim president meets with army chief

The "Righteous" Left- Blinded by Snowden

Fess Up! Which one of you Lizards did it?

Judges, Lawyers Already Test Driving Marriage Equality Ruling

Chicago Rising! A resurgent protest culture fights back against Rahm Emanuel’s austerity agenda

The New Guy on Campus (cartoon)

If I haven't done anything wrong, I have nothing to fear…Yeah, Rrrright.

Scientist whose stellar quest extended to earthly equality

Gulp. What is Corporate Capitalism? Is President Obama a Corporate Capitalist?

MSHA delays action on black lung, other safety rules

Noam Chomsky: Who Owns the Earth?

Blah Blah Blah are doing X TO DIVIDE US....

America's Most Dynamic (Yet Under-Covered) Movement: Overturning 'Citizens United'

To clean the air, Dutch scientists invent pavement that eats smog

The Nolans singer and actress Bernie Nolan has died of cancer aged 52

Solar Impulse plane sets off for New York in last leg

A Word on the Trans Pacific Partnership, and the SWINDLERS Lying to Us...

My former high school is hiring a security officer

Kitty + beanbag chair = Squee

The early bird gags on the worm. Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

To Those Who'd Surrender Liberty to Obtain Security...

LGBT in Africa: Persecution and Persistence

British TV personality supports judging and socially rejecting children based on their names.

I'm not saying Obama has to repeal Gitmo, kill lists, PRISM and the Patriot Act

What A Surprise! LA Times Editorial Favors More Groundwater Withdrawals From San Fernando Valley

Phillips Pipeline Spills 25K Gallons Of Gasline On Montana Crow Reservation, But No Risks, (Whew!)

Sainthood In The Roman Catholic Church

HAH! CNBC Anchor Slams "Bona-Fide Cult" Of "Enviro-Socialists"!

Grim Echoes of Iraq, Afghanistan in Veterans Policies

Flight School

Another "Zimmerman" waiting to happen ?

Dogs and cats

Zimmerman's broken and bloodied nose could be from...

Actually, If You’re a Progressive, You Have To Be Critical of the NSA

Rams can break lease after 2014 season

Everybody has an opinion about Zimmerman but Dr. Baden made an interesting observation

Protester shows up at Gabby Giffords’ event with an AR-15

Did you know John Roberts is also chief justice of the NSA’s surveillance state?

John Roberts: Surveillance Court Decider

Should the Zimmerman case make Neighborhood Associations

Eartern Pacific Hurricane Erick

Weiner Heckled On Campaign Trail

From L5I on Egypt. A way forward...

From L5I on Egypt. A way forward...

Chile: 11 girl, Raped, and all abortions are illegal

Meanwhile at the Apple store...

A vote for republicans is a vote to lose ones rights

cut the MIC budget. here is how.

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 6, 2013

33% of Japanese think marriage is pointless: survey

Information wants to be free: question for the 'no government secrets' crowd

Major fire after train carrying gas derails in Quebec town near Canada-US border

Meta Data and guilt by association

what about the founding mothers?

what about the founding mothers?

Bolivia's Morales says he would grant asylum to Snowden if asked

today in women's herstory-6 july

Paging *Concerned Canuk* ---- Is this near you?

Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' resurrects the Kaiju film

Wisconsin governor signs into law new abortion restrictions

Hey - want to hear my super-neat Snowden theory?

a biography of the day-judith sargent stevens murray (early feminist, essayist/writer)

Russians signal openness to Venezuela’s offer to shelter Snowden

Soccer Referee Beheaded By Fans For Killing Player

How the Supreme Court just killed off the GOP

the financial independence of women- a speech by ellen martin henrotin

4 july 1913-it is ALL about the vote

Wall Street Journal says Egypt needs a Pinochet

At first I thought this was a tattoo -

Paraguayan President Recognizes Serious Financial Situation

US request for extradition of Edward Snowden - full text

Grifter crashed car 334 times in China

Need some tips on moisture and shade tolerant ground covers

Wary Tibetans mark Dalai Lama's birthday quietly in China

For Rent -

One of these things is not like the other -

Rebel Groups In Northern Syria Are Fighting Each Other

The situation none of us are considering.

The LaRouche idiots are set up in the main square in Gettysburg today.

Should the US Military have a different justice system from our government?

Lincoln’s Surveillance State

Meet the new leader of the Minute Men Boarder Patrol

Woman forced to wear bunny ears as penalty for missing sales targets

Ed Shultz is on early today - live from the Essence Festival

How a mediocre resume like Snowden's can slip through the net of Top Security background checks

Edward Snowden Case Raises Questions About Federal Background Checks System

If a troll is auto banned because of a hidden post...

New China luxury: adult wet nurses

Samsung's "free" Jay Z album delivered via Android spyware app

Ex-doc Michael Brown to Plead Guilty in Flight Attendant-Choking Case

Here's How Snowden Could Escape from Moscow and Exactly Where He Could Go

Soccer is boring--except in Brazil.

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 6, 1944

Mo. gov. vetoes bill that nullified fed gun laws

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 6, 1944

Why do people choose to live in fear?

Meet Sonny Jimenez, the Real Estate and Plagiarism King of Houston

Egypt: Coptic priest killed in Sinai

Google Pays Off AdBlock Plus to Not Block Google Ads

Amid U.S. Oil Boom, Railroads Are Beating Pipelines in Crude Transport

Anonymous attacks the Hawthorn Police Department

The Next Step...

Snowden is neither a traitor or a spy, in my opinion.

"On Record"

LIVE NOW: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies - The Wendy Davis Saga Continues

TCM Schedule for Monday July 8 - TCM Spotlight: Carson on TCM

If Snowden Tries To Get To Latin America, Cuba Could Be Key

'Gasland' Sequel Asserts Drillers Corrupting Gov't

Is the wealth the 1% made from destroying our jobs and moving them offshore rightfully theirs?

Saturday, July 6th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Justice Dept. urges surveillance court not to release opinions

Giants' Barry Zito donates $500 for every July 4th MLB K to veterans -- $109,000 total

New Mexico On Alert For Wildfires Amid Dryest Conditions On Record


Interesting idea - legal correlation to curbing abortion access.

An excellent analysis of events in Egyptian - in 4 short paragraphs.

Updated poll on George Zimmerman trial guessing the verdict

Coming soon to a town or city near you: A derailment of a train carrying crude oil


80 sexual assaults in one day – the other story of Tahrir Square

I just received an email with a phony picture of Trayvon Martin.

First openly lesbian Miss South Carolina contestant: "This is me."

Edward Snowden Offered Asylum in Bolivia by President Evo Morales

Nonverbal autistic girl finds her voice and expresses profound intelligence.

ElBaradei to become Egyptian PM

As many as 60 missing in Quebec crude oil train derailment

In Honduran Crimes, Police Are Seen As Part Of The Problem

George W. Bush turns 67 today. Post your happy birthday messages here.

Old Angry White Guys are Destroying the Republican Party

Does anyone know this song?

Dumbest George Bush Quotes Ever (in honor of his birthday)

This is a pivotal moment in U.S. - South American relations

'First human head transplant now possible', neurosurgeon claims

Maybe I miss it, but seems to me that one of the big elephants in the room is Booz-Allen.

'The train got loose' says company (explosion and fire at Lac Megantic, Quebec)

Went to Sleep in Texas; Woke Up in a Banana Republic

Went to Sleep in Texas; Woke Up in a Banana Republic

An analogy to what happened in Egypt


Top female Marine dedicates statue honoring women on her final day of service

If George Zimmerman is acquitted do you think

Referee beheaded after killing player

Let's try this again: Do you think if Zimmerman walks.......

Are Drug-sniffing Dogs Used to Take Away our Rights?

Corporations portrayed as "victims" of our government

Trayvon Martin was shot at 7:16 in the evening

Lawrence O'Donnell Rewrite on Tesla

What's up regarding the Greatest Threads? I've noticed something odd...

Republican/Koch schemes: Last month abortion, this month student loans.

Was air-space cluster-F a good move?

Happy birthday to our second-best President since Clinton!

John Yarmuth: 'We Know' Mitch McConnell Is 'Scared To Death' About Alison Lundergan Grimes

I have been following this NYT Civil War series for more than a year.

Elbaradei appointed as Egypt's interim PM (Al Jazeera)

Two Children Hospitalized After Early-Morning Fire In Brooklyn Apartment Building

Re: Dr. Bao testimony, ME in Zimmerman trial

Question about seeming Censorship of Abortion/Women's Right's threads?

Anyone know anything about this plane crash at SFO?

I Don’t Give a Damn if Jesus, MLK and Gandhi are Cloned and Made President,

Que pasa?

Breakthrough DNA study links B.C. woman and 5,500-year-old “grandmother”

Wall Street Dodges Financial Reform Again

Moms ‘moo-ving’ on gun control push

Have We All Been Fooled By Edward Snowden?

Neanderthals were a house-proud race who liked creature comforts, cave excavations reveal

Plane crashed at San Francisco Int'l Airport

A big "FU" to the United States by other countries?

US request for extradition of Edward Snowden - full text (Venezuela)

Pictorial Travelogue! Southeast Alaska

Loudoun Supervisors Plan Response To Delgaudio Grand Jury Report July 17

Edward Snowden remains at Moscow airport as asylum offers arrive (seems he's closer to leaving)

Good Coup, Bad Coup

The High Cost of Childbirth…Only in America

“God is not great”: Christopher Hitchens is not a liar (article)

FINALLY have the pics up at SmugMug of our Southeast vacation

Idiocy on the internet, ash on my car, and the wildfire down the road. (update 6: 14,108 acres)

Greenwald makes another Snowden dump. This time Brazil papers. US spied on millions of e-mails calls

Time for me to say goodbye to DU. Wish you all well It isn't for me anymore /nt

The Party's Over...

caption time!

Navy Grants Permission for Sailors to Wear Uniforms at San Diego Pride

‘In solidarity. From Russia with love’

An incident in Sanford that I'm now reminded of


Gen. Smedley Butler's Testimony on The Businessmen's Plot

My mother says Snowden is not a hero

Is this infidelity funny?

Poll Shows Rick Perry Soundly Rejected by His Own State and His Own Party

Why Republicans Want to Tax Students and Not Polluters

Anyone expecting a new baby in the family? The CDC has issued a new recommendation

Anybody expecting a new baby in the family?

"America is on the move. You are not."

Best eyeroll in a commercial?

Italy's most wanted drug trafficker arrested in Colombia

You can't put students first...

Embarrassed by breastfeeding in a country of billboards covered in tits?

More bad science in the service of anti-GMO activism

We've OUTSOURCED intelligence to a for profit co owned by Foreign 1%'ers

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of

Crews Work To Clean Up Lower Manhattan Water Main Break

Wiping The Corporate Tax Code Clean (of tax loopholes) Could Raise Money And Help The Middle Class

Funniest Pictures Mocking George Bush (in honor of his birthday)

MFM: what Kali calls a "girly-drink" calmed him down after his traumatic experience in the bathroom

Why Bush Violated the Fourth Amendment, and Obama Has Not

Small plane crash lands near 405 Freeway in Long Beach

security of LastPass addon ?

Is our justice system AND the military complex is broken??

LOL, "shit" in a family newspaper

Medical examiner Shiping Bao challenges cross-examiner during Zimmerman trial

Roberts Court decides conditions have changed therefor Sectn 4 isn't necessary. This is a judgement

Congressional Budget Office: Tax offsets don't offset the higher cost of Hybrids and PHEVs

Over Extended Rotation In Asiana Crash

Real Man. Real Democrat.

Iowa Cubs 1, Albuquerque Isotopes 0

Now that literally "Everybody Knows", there is no turning back

Yes, Texas, this Cheesehead agrees with you as to when life begins

Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down? - Allan Berra, Truthdig

Antarctic Lake Vostok buried under two miles of ice found to teem with life

What's with the gun nuts rallying behind Zimmerman?

Libertarian Activist Openly Loads Shotgun and Calls for Revolution in D.C.

Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden Confirmed WikiLeaks Statement Was Written By Him

Tell Your Senators: Confirm Richard Cordray to Lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

90 in 90

Dialogue with the Morpheus program in Deus Ex

TEDMED; Obesity a symptom rather than the cause of disease

Unsurprisingly, CNN is completely screwing up its coverage of the crash...

Antarctic flood produces 'ice crater' (subsurface lake draining into the sea)

Where Are Racist, Hateful Tweets Coming From? TYT

Cut Social Security?

Please, tell me why this shouldn't mean an insta-ban.

Soccer post from GD, cross-posted (US - Guatamala)...

Dodd-Frank executive pay rule still in limbo amid pushback from corporate America

TYT: NSA Spying Programs are illegal - Why Obama and Bush Should be Arrested With Snowden

When the Ruins Were New

Wall Street Journal says Egypt needs a Pinochet - WTF?

In Oregon, a Demand for Safety, but Not on Their Dime

9-Year-Old's Honest Opinion Of Fox News

An Open Letter To The Idiot Nation

Florida men stole, rode 9-foot purple chicken

I'm curious if you intend to change the wording in regards to the site.

Fearless puppy takes on a dandelion

Artist unknowingly uses comics worth £20,000 for sculpture

Did Trayvon Martin have a history of violence?

No worries...

Rich countries' proposal to bypass governments on climate aid rejected.

Is there any truth to this?

Sometimes an illegal smile is the way to go.

Orbital Deathray Kickstarter!

Favorite "family friendly" fun websites?

I'd like to believe that just voting in more democrats would solve everything

Is Edward Snowden a closet republican?

Snowden is playing off hype and fears to make himself famous

Paging AZ Outlaws and South Philly Slayers

Today is my 30 year anniversary.

If my Vagina shot bullets...

Guy on "2nd Amendment Mission" carries semi-automatic at Family Fun Center

Researchers turn Android phone into Agent 007 tool

Variation on a theme...

pick your religion pick your tee

My Loyalties Lie With the US Constitution. Do yours?

Damn 60 people unaccounted for in the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214- Update

Does End Time Belief Really Cause Climate Change Apathy?

What if Snowden was a foreign born national?

Angry text message from WRONG number...

Why couldn't I see the thread for context when serving on a DU Jury?

Snowden isn't a whistleblower because...the law.

Distributed Energy Basics - National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL)

Why can't they do a voiceprint of the screaming (Zimmerman trial) to determine

"Have there been any violations of the court orders"

Why Do So Many American ‘Journalists’ Appear To Hate Actual Journalism?

For my 1,000th post...

US Attempts To Block Edward Snowden Are 'Bolstering' Case For Asylum

The US Pledge of Allegiance (I like this version better)

A New Anti-American Axis?

Meyer: Hernandez murder charge not UF related

SF Giants try to cheat in 1st inning---get caught

Ohio and Obamacare

35,000 march in Dublin against Irish abortion bill

Peace Talk and War Budget

Thank the heavens! Facebook exec was almost on crashed plane.