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There is no justice in the world...there is some justice in the world...the world is just.

When I am using my beloved iPhone and I click a link

Dodgers strike out a record 20 times. Puig: Strikes out 3 times, gets picked off at first. Then...

Three Different Prisms? Parliament Seeks Clarity in NSA Scandal

Most Republicans today would applaud if our entire country went under.

Anyone playing Last of Us out there?

Why I do not discuss philosophy on tumblr.

Carissa Yip, a 9-year-old from Mass., becomes youngest U.S. chess expert

Ed Schultz covers the Wisconsin Free Speech Arrests!

"Snowden's Constitution vs Obama's Constitution"

(Major shakeup for the radio industry) Cumulus planning to drop Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity

"Puttin’ the Pressure on Putin" by Ray McGovern

'Frequently Told Lies' about Glenn Greenwald, by Glenn Greenwald.

Do you want to know how I REALLY feel?

The Divide...

What do drivers talk about when they are one the phone for 200 miles?

Greedy Bastards

We are 7 months away from having an Olympics in the closest thing to 1936 Berlin we can find

Thom Hartmann, why has he been moved from live Sirius Radio at 3:00pm?

At least they built a memorial.

Concealed carry holder shot 17-year old hiding in her bathtub, others in today's mass shooting.

Sound familiar?

A Larry Summers joke

The GOP’s Relentless Quest to Destroy The US Postal Service Is Almost Done

The South Shown in Graphics.

Sirius Radio 127 - Michelangelo Signorile and Thom Hartmann

Glenn Greenwald’s Hilarious Denial About His Support for Iraq War

Fly away home - 10.000 miles - Mary Chapin Carpenter

The Wilderness Society: Park rangers rally against drilling near national parks

Heard the guy who runs this website on C-Span (on sat. radio)

Bronx Celebrates Dominican Heritage With Annual Parade Down Grand Concourse

Commercial Look-Alikes

This needs a political caption! :D

Lastest ENENews 07-28-2013

2 articles, one left, one right, stress a populist vs establishment rather than usual left-right.

'Stand your ground' can't be yanked soon enough

Kali is not injured nor is she sick. but she needs as MANY of your positive vibes...

How Obama’s Trayvon Martin remarks fit into fabric of presidential history

Fuck Buttons and shoe gaze black metal...

A feline friend

is there a still a site to get free antivirus software ? eom

A feline friend

Ex-Tiffany exec pleads guilty in jewelry thefts

What were Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher doing with their curious PAC?

so we are getting chaplains at work

I just followed God on facebook, and she’s pretty funny:

It's quite a racket they got going!

John Kerry, The Tenacious Diplomat

A walk along Second Narrows Bridge...

JFK Doco in November to reveal second shooter

Okay, can someone please tell me what I did.

Why I love my wife...

Tablet music query

Just a point..

Looking for good ceviche recipes.

"I had not abandoned my trust in the Bush administration."

Police: Bus driver attacked with rock

Finish this sentance. "Porn is..."

I'm so pissed off at Glen Greenwald that I don't give a shit about the NSA anymore.

Texas has not surveyed injuries from plant blast

Fox News Host Attacks Muslim Scholar for Jesus Book; is handed her ass

President Obama Ruptures John Boehner’s Pipeline of Keystone XL Lies

Koch Seminar Building: Booz Allen Hamilton Room

Will Greenwald be under oath

"Obama says deficit is falling at the fastest rate in 60 years"

Expired: "The Homemade Medicine Book" Kindle edition is free right now, normally $17

"If we paid farm laborers a living wage..."

Seattle Mariners' Mascot Gets Punched In The Face On Public Safety Day

Just wondering...did Rahm ALWAYS have it in for labor, the poor, and activists?

How well do you recognize faces?

Luxury California Jail Offers $155 A Night For A Quality Stay

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton To Meet For Private Lunch On Monday, White House Announces

Biden & Clinton supported Iraq war. Neither has apologized....

AFTER Close of Evidence, Judge in Manning Trial Allows Feds to Change Charges

Ray McGovern: "Puttin' the Pressure on Putin" (Re: Snowden/NSA)

I must come clean...

Tetrahedron Merkaba Stargate In Our Skies on Monday, 29 July

Korean TV station mocks KTVU with fake American pilot names after Southwest landing

New wells proliferate across the Eagle Ford Shale

Lois DeBerry Dead: Longtime Tennessee Lawmaker Dies At 68

Man arrested after hostile threats made to feminist campaigner on Twitter( UK)

Hawaii braces for tropical storm Flossie tomorrow....

This is heartbreaking and sickening...

I'll be in court tomorrow and I need to know how to address the judge...

Medical Internationalism in Cuba

X-Ray Photograph Of Foot In High Heels

Chomsky: Snowden good, Drones bad. Governments always hide abuses behind fake security claims.

state by state speak your mind rises

Smearmaster Glenn Greenwald's smear campaign against George W. Bush

state by state speak you mind about ohio

Cuba's Raul Castro points to 'gradual power transfer'

Gun Death Tally: Faces of the Dead

What's for dinner ~ Monday July 29th

The US Marine Corps Officially Declares 'Lack of Spiritual Faith' as a Sign of Instability

Fox News Stunned That Islamic Author Wrote Book About Jesus

I am 58 years old and this has never happened to me until today.

unlike sniveling cowardly Greenwald - Biden and Clinton stand by their Iraq War and Patriot Act

The Kidnapper & Torturer vs. the Whistleblower: The Gov’t's different Treatment

Wave of car bombings target Iraqi Shi'ites, killing 60

state by state speak your mind about ohio

What are you reading lounge? I'm still

(Minnesota) Frost threat up north Tonight; Summer returns Monday/Tuesday

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

The capability to store and analyze 100 years worth of worldwide communication.Are you ok with that?

The bane of Israel's existence

July 29: National Lasagna Day

Police use invalid anti-sodomy law to arrest gay men for ‘crimes against nature’

Damn you brain

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Tour bus plunges into Italian ravine, killing at least 37

Obama Spying Online

You Read It Here First...Rushbo and Hannity to be dropped in 40 Radio Markets...

Here's an old story of 'US intelligence agents go missing in Germany

LOL! The GEEK Zodiac

Some Democrats oppose Summers pick for Fed: report

Wedding Photography

More Than 40 Radio Stations Might Drop Limbaugh and Hannity

If Hillary runs who is her best challenger and why?

Italian bus crash kills 38; second European transport disaster in five days

NHS Direct seeks 111 withdrawal

Variations of a theme

The Bungled Coronation of Larry Summers

White House Muted in Response to New Mass Killing of Egyptian Protesters

The big lunch will be about...

Police: Robbers tell man, 'This is for Trayvon Martin'

U.S. chief executives can't break cost-cutting habit

Can Muslims write about Christianity?

Am I mistaken? Mika question

Fast Food Workers Begin Strike Today (Monday)

Booker and Lonegan no shows at NJ Senate Forum

Anonymous Helps Homeless Man and Makes Him Cry (Official) [HD]

Recession Forever? 10 Reasons American Workers Are Screwed

Apple, Walmart, McDonald's: Who's the Biggest Wage Stiffer?

Question about your own local conservative radio

Born good? Babies help unlock the origins of morality

Is the Presbyterian Church (USA) going to collapse?

Pope: Who am I to judge gay people?

5 Powerful Men Who Were Catastrophically Wrong About the Economy—But Reaped Rewards Anyway

Carlin and me on BiPartisan Politics

Want to Know Who the U.S. is at War With? Sorry, That's Classified

So Governor Ultra-sound is finally being covered on Morning Joe Scum

The Rise of the Christian Left in America

Two Ad Giants Merging To Compete With The Google Borg Monopoly

The United States of... Class War, Inequality, and Poverty

NC lawmakers go home, but ‘Moral Monday’ protesters will return

Chris Hedges: The Business of Mass Incarceration

Austria to go 100 percent nuclear-free (bans imports of nuclear power)

Wow! Ray McGovern roasts the Obama Administration, but good!...

Don't forget John Kiriakou

Momentum to rein in NSA spying 'may be unstoppable'

Teabilly Response to Obama's Speech About Trayvon Martin & Race:

Pope says he won't judge gay priests

"Something's wrong with my mirror." . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity!!!!

Fast food strikes intensify in seven cities

Senator Chambliss' Confusing Defense of the NSA

Twitter faces backlash over rape-threat tweets

The Costly Failure of Missile Defense

Attention all wine-drinkers: this note's for you.

Obama to host Hillary Clinton at White House lunch

Protect American Jobs Rally Saturday in Milwaukee with Md Governor Martin O'Malley

Tipping Point

question about the dread of going to the therapist

Wisconsin: Sen. Fitzgerald lets it slip, Capitol Arrests meant to Intimidate and Isolate

Stock Market Watch Monday July 29, 2013

Tampa Bay Times: 'Stand your ground' protects criminals

The Student Loan Interest Rate Fix Is A Scam - David Dayen Discusses

John Nichols: Darrell Issa's Got a Plan to Put the Postal Service in a Death Spiral

Carrot-cake oatmeal

arrest the baton rouge sherrif and police for civil right violations

Meet-up in the DC area? Just floating a trial balloon

Boeing asks for beacon checks on up to 1,200 jets

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

Israel, Palestinians dispute format of Washington peace talks

How The Media Covers The NSA Spying Revelations - Driftglass & Bluegal Discuss With Matt

A History of Weapons:

Signs at Pentagon Metro station support NSA leaker Edward Snowden

THEY'RE BACK: Congress Threatens To Default Again

Correction: Former U.S. President Carter has no plans to visit North Korea: aide

It's the last sentence that makes this art.

USAID Squandered The First $50 Million Of A $200 Million Infrastructure Project In Afghanistan

Mo. judge fires 34-year court employee for providing document that helped free innocent man

Handing out Rubber Fetus Dolls to Little Kids? Yep. That’s the New Front in the War on Women.

EU urges Egypt rulers to end stand-off with Brotherhood

anne oretelee weekly weather 7/29 (tetrahedron and 4 mystic rectangles)

I'm glad to hear Peyton Manning did not break his legs

President Obama is well-suited and motivated for VRA fight; Irony not lost on him, I'll bet

Pic Of The Moment: Steve King DREAM Act Update: In Private, GOP Colleagues Agree With My Racism

Howard Dean Attacks Important Piece Of Obamacare (updated 3x)

Has anyone heard from SmileyRose?

A's take 3 of 4 from the Angels ... Rangers swept, now 6 games out

Pro-Marijuana Ad Pulled At Weekend NASCAR Race To Avoid Upsetting 'Family' Atmosphere

NASA Scientist to Scour Kepler Data in Search of Alien Technologies

After taking a glance at this shitfest, no wonder the tide is turning against us...

"...the security of a free State..."

Why do I always miss the good stuffs?

Man wearing TIN FOIL to 'prevent microwave signals from entering his head' arrested for threatening

Indyk expected to be named new US Middle East envoy

Just for fun: what if the top 3 2016 Dems say "no"?

The Business of Mass Incarceration By Chris Hedges

Microsoft, Intel, Oracle & AT&T come to Apple's defense in looming iPhone 4 ban

Virginia is for lovers (terms and conditions may apply) --- by Tom Tomorrow

Arctic cyclone chews up rotten northern sea ice

The one PA. school district that is hiring teachers gets 1,200 applications

Value of stolen Cannes jewels soars to 100m euros

I've been 90% sure Pres. Obama will approve the Keystone pipeline...and then he says stuff like this

This Modern World: Virginia is for lovers (terms and conditions may apply)

"Stop Obama" (tea hee hee)

More About The 40-Year-Old Picture That Makes People Smile

Sheriff Claims He Didn't Know Anti-Sodomy Laws Weren't Valid Anymore

Creators of short film about Snowden defy criticism

Glenn Greenwald: 'I Defy' the NSA to Deny Edward Snowden's Most Radical Claims Under Oath

Very short joke about "laws"

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Escambia County, FL: Unarmed Man Shot by Deputies Inside His Own Car Outside His Own Home

Phil Collins

Pro-NSA Congress Gets 122% More; 4 in 5 in US Face Poverty, Broke Detroit? - Perspective is Reality

More Independence for the FISA Court (Changing How Judges Chosen)

America: the powerful and the powerless

Morning Joe: One man's quest to go surveillance free for 24 hours: Did it work?

Chris Hadfield On Going Viral In Space

Geez! Music vid director jailed for 90 years for fathering six children w/ his own daughters

If you could watch last nights episode of "The Killing------

Tell EU Member States: Save Greek "undesirables" from internment camps!

Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance (NYTimes)

PRISM and beyond: Is the government’s capture of public data spiralling out of control?

Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance (NYTimes)

Pope on gays: "Who am I to judge?"

LA Times: EPA Censored Key Pennsylvania Fracking Water Contamination Study

Muslim Author Embarrasses Fox News Interviewer w/ Smart Civil Answers (VIDEO)

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 29, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 29, 1970


CNN Don Lemon Agrees With Bill O’Reilly As He Excoriates Black Community (VIDEO)

Gladstone Library, Wales

Tampa Bay Times: Search the SYG Law Case Files

Stand your ground - VOTE

What kind of Asian are you?

Fox's worst interview ever


The Mike Wallace Interview: Aldous Huxley (1958-05-18)

The new official Democratic Republic of North Korea's web site .... really weird

Allbritton Announces Agreement to Sell Television Group to Sinclair Broadcast Group

Some might find The Bourne Legacy perversely gratifying (micro-spoiler)

Mysterious sealed coffin found near Richard III grave site in Leicester, England

Mitt Romney's Incredible 47-Percent Denial: "Actually, I Didn't Say That"

Excellent infographic on voter suppression

I will not keep calm (graphic)

What is this bug?

Fast food workers protest in 7 cities

North Carolina #GOP: "Our new #voterID law will solve the major problem we identified in 2012,

No End in Sight to Italy's Economic Decline

Public Transportation

U.S. Paring Debt Sales Vindicates Anti-Austerity Since 2008

Did your rep vote to continue NSA spying?

Fed Court: Just changed interpretation of Espionage Act to cover leaks that are NOT Harmful To USA

Limbaugh and Hannity to be dropped by major radio network: report

Bernanke Can Be Deposed in AIG Bailout Suit, Court Rules

Samsung's 'Waterproof' Galaxy S4 Smartphone, Zero Percent Waterproof.

Amazon Hiring 5,000 in Warehouses to Meet Customer Demand

Dramatic photos, videos of Huntington Beach rioting

Signed Contracts To Buy US Homes Slip In June After Reaching 6-Year High In Previous Month

*** Help a DUer *** (one veteran, one caregiver, and me)

European Court to hear new CIA jail case against Poland

Memorial Planned for Fallen Vegas Police Rescuer

Russian Migration Official Says Snowden May be in Danger

More than 100 teens rescued in weekend sex trafficking raids: FBI

Party in Tunisian ruling coalition demands new government

How prevalent is online abuse?

Tom The Dancing Bug does Florida

It is a slander to say the Left Obsesses Over Edward Snowden

Trayvon's mom: Stand Your Ground helped Zimmerman 'get away with murder'

Putin Airlines Safety Video.

The Heartbreaking Story Of A Harmless Deadhead Sentenced To Die In Prison

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds P1 - Gabriel Weinberg - DuckDuckGo - Privacy?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds P2 - Gabriel Weinberg - DuckDuckGo - Search Engines...

Bradley Manning Verdict Coming On Tuesday: Military Judge

The Rude Pundit:Rand Paul Laughs at You Smug Yankees Wanting to Rebuild Your Storm-Wrecked Houses

Senate Majority Whip: FISA Court Is 'Fixed' & 'Loaded' (Durbin wants to limit NSAs Data Collection)

PBS Finds Its Niche With Drama, Documentaries, News As One-Time Cable Competitors Wallow In Reality

Dr. Seuss Diagnosis Was Correct.

Professional posters

I want to go back...

Unarmed Man Shot by Deputies Inside His Own Car Outside His Own Home (Florida)

Real Life Ukrainian Barbie

Rubio: Let Obama Choose Between A Government Shutdown And Defunding Obamacare

Beyonce to play gig in Medellin

The United States of... Class War, Inequality, and Poverty

What the Ashcroft “Hospital Showdown” on NSA spying was all about

Public vote set on legalizing booze on Pine Ridge

A kitty-eye view of advances in television technology

Why can't more people figure this out?

Sharia law?

Something new on autoimmune?

Trayvon’s Mother: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Allowed My Son’s Killer To ‘Get Away With Murder’ Social face

Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests

Verdict in Manning trial to be read Tuesday

Russian Authorities, Unsurprised by Anything Revealed by Snowden

Major Opinion Shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA Surveillance and Privacy

Gerrymandering Is Eating Democracy

Iran President Chooses New Nuclear Chief Negotiator

Confessions of a Snowden sympathiser

NYTimes: Momentum Builds Against N.S.A. Surveillance

Great Cartoon: Cuccinelli - Your Bedroom Inspector-in-Chief (Tom Tomorrow)

OMG: Fox News guest: Weiner ‘un-attracted’ to Huma Abedin ‘because she is connected with Islamists’

Weiner writes epic fail email to supporters

Obama Praises Resumption of Israel-Palestine Negotiations, Cautions Hard Road Ahead

Theodore Roosevelt on the 1% in his State of the Union before he quit the Republican Party.

Wyden calls Fisa court 'anachronistic' as pressure builds on Senate to act

Detroit Bankruptcy Underscores Rift Between City, Suburbs

Bet you weren't this transfixed at the end of "Homeward Bound":

Search for it

"Consider the following thought experiment: you are driving on a road"

BMW Launches Its First Electric Vehicle, While U.S. EV Sales Double In First Six Months Of 2013

Time to Mess with Texas (on voting rights)

NYC BBQ Restaurant Responds to Claims It Booted Church for Homosexual Sermons

Fear of Froth

Pelosi, 153 House Democrats tell Obama of "lingering questions and concerns" about NSA programs

Salon: 8 appalling ways America leads the world

I'll get right on it

Glenn Greenwald POPPED Tim Geithner in the chops, way before it was cool.

Verdict reached in Bradley Manning court martial, announcement coming tomorrow

Court Ordered First-Amendment School for officers at the Richmond International Airport

Hacker Barnaby Jack's cause of death could remain unknown for months

How Christianity Became Cool Again

If a member of a racial minority joined your workplace,

Nepal sees tiger population go up by 63% since 2009 (BBC)

Attack of the Canibal Lobsters

5 reasons there aren’t more women in atheism

Limbaugh and Hannity are not out of (?)work(?) Let's act

Arraignment for Saudi princess delayed after failure to show up for hearing

Mayor 'Headlock' Filner won't spell out his misconduct, so we will

Home flipping frenzy returns to So Cal real estate market

Russia should use own electronics in defense industry: deputy PM

Breaking: Trains Collide In Switzerland, At Least 30 Injured

Book rec for the "sky is falling" crowd.

Massive search for autistic child missing in Orange County-update is the child has been found.

Va. first lady McDonnell spent thousands from husband’s PAC on clothes, other items

Pro-life rep's "miracle" baby survives due to cutting edge medical procedures

McDonnell needs to do much more to have any hope of repairing reputation

The Most Backward Legislature in America

FDNY Swears In Its Most Diverse Class Of Firefighters

Wendy Davis: Strong on the Second Amendment.

Noam Chomsky: The State Fears Its Own People <-- AWESOME 5 MINUTE VIDEO

“The Conjuring”: Right-wing, woman-hating and really scary (spoilers)

Happy Geddy Lee's Birthday everyone!

Why doesn't San Jose have a major league baseball team?

Authorities raid Detroit senior housing complexes for suspected drug dealers

National Geographic, Enemy of the State by Bill Maher

Wondering where to move to on a rainy day

Indie dev blows up after criticism, cancels game.

Is it a coincidence

Kirk's dirty mind

Workers begin strikes at fast-food restaurants

Wall Street Sales Tax A Realistic Possibility with popular NYC Mayoral Candidate Credico 2013

The number of people that are poor and in poverty is increasing dramatically...

Was it wrong for me to laugh out loud at this? (A Titanic drawing fail)

Greenwald To Appear At Town Hall For N.J. Senate Candidate Rush Holt

Boomers doing civil disobedience for the climate

Toronto police gun down knife-wielding teen on empty streetcar

God Bless America

Steve Stockman is at it again...

Apple making cheaper iPhones at Chinese factory that mistreats workers, group says

Video: Pat Robertson Says Gays Destroy Society, Want Christians in Jail

Anthony Weiner Denies He Spent $43,000 in Campaign Cash to Investigate Who Tweeted Those Pictures

Bush wanted FISA law changes to cover his own illegal spying

Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism

Americans are now more worried about civil liberties abuses than terrorism

Definition of Cancer Should Be Tightened, Scientists Say

Mitt Romney On 47 Percent Remark: 'Actually, I Didn't Say That' About Personal Responsibility

Tax Wall Street Party w/ Randy Credico NYC Mayoral Candidate: Meet him and Tweet Him: #credico2013


"This obviously is nothing more than a tragic accident." No, FUCK YOU it's not.

I lost my case because the judge had an outdated law book.

19 Breathtaking Things Tom Daley Did At The Diving World Championships

Deputies: Teen shot, shooter’s father left gun with kids intentionally

Howard Dean, Concerned American and Non-Shill

Minor public service performed by Berlum

Chinese coal company releasing toxic wastewater, Greenpeace says

Leave It To The Experts: Two Men Accidentally Shot At Arkansas Gun Show

Serco: the company that is running Britain

Why torture your son?

Called Sirius; Hartmann back at regular time tomorrow (7/30/2013)

City Officials Unveil New "Recycle Everything" Ad Campaign

New Knowledge About Permafrost Improving Climate Models

PA Has the 4th Most Hotels with Labor Law Violations of all 50 States [VIDEO]

Homes collapse in Philadelphia; at least 8 sent to hospitals

PA Has the 4th Most Hotels with Labor Law Violations of all 50 States [VIDEO]

PA Has the 4th Most Hotels with Labor Law Violations of all 50 States [VIDEO]

Enough! Accounting and Remembering the Long War in Colombia

Like a snowball speeding down a mountain

Greenland Ice Sheet: "Starting to Slip"

Romney Didn't Say That 47% Thingy, Goldman Sachs Didn't Do That Fraud Thingy: eToy'ing Around

Another reason to hate the CIA

I. Do. Not. Understand.

Ken Cuccinelli Attacked By Climate Scientist As 'Anti-Science Zealot'

Agency chosen to handle takeover of Amtrak's San Joaquin passenger trains

Both of these are true - There is no god. There is a god. - And both are false.


Riding up the road this morning on the tractor, I'm no Republican

Catholics find grace in Copacabana confessions

Is there an expiration on DU3 posts?

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Nationwide Marriage Equality

Time Is

Posting this here - Short Term Redemption Fee scam

If a person didn't think you were valuable they could have you sterilized.

Finally Some Good News: Disabled Puppy Learns to Walk

Fifteen killed in Cairo gunfight between street vendors and shopkeepers

Atheists and the 'Aints' — seeking to dispel preconceived notions about our (non)beliefs

Court to Decide if Lawyers Can Block Gays From Juries

I guess Auggie isn't interested in this >>

Gunmen launch major attack on Pakistani prison holding militants

a lot of us have not changed much at all

Weiner falls to 4th place in new poll. de Blasio surges into 2nd (would make runoff)

Definition of Cancer Should Be Tightened, Scientists Say

Religion and Income Inequality: The Paradox of the South

zucchini/blueberry muffins

GOP donor's school grade changed at State Superintendant's request

Why Did the Honduran Army Fire on a Peaceful Protest?

Men who reportedly sailed bathtub down Fraser River made "bad decision": coast guard

Greatest Filibuster of all time

House members to hear from critics of NSA spying program

Big Chief Got A Golden Crown.

Weiner Names New Campaign Manager

Need help with Tomato Options

Bradley Manning verdict to come Tuesday, judge says

Climate study predicts a watery future for New York, Boston and Miami

Calvin and Hobbes on the surest sign of intelligent life

'Real Housewives' stars Teresa and Joe Giudice charged with fraud, feds say

Joe Paterno on Sandusky case: 'Old Main screwed it up,' McQueary testifies...

I just saw an amazing short film on EWTN.

Weiner Should Drop Out, NYC Likely Dem Voters Tell Quinnipiac University Pol

Police: Woman arrested in DC cathedral vandalism

Of course the Zimmerman "rescue" was a fake.

Egypt Braces for More Pro-Morsi Rallies

SUNY students want certainty regarding college loan rates

Just a little reminder folks

How I would campaign against Greg Abbott

Man Involved In Brutal Anti-Gay Attack Receives Prison Sentence

Technical help regarding 'Mark as read".

Did Skinner quit?

(WTF?) Delta offers to put down cardboard while forcing disabled man to crawl on tarmac

I rather vote for Ebola than a political pundit.

Health care costs rise at slowest rate in 50 years

Poll: Anthony Weiner should drop out of mayor's race

Legislators ready to roll on transportation funding (updated)

Never underestimate the influence of Fox News.

U.S. spends $24 million on 'propaganda plane' few can see or hear

Philadelphia sets its all-time single day rainfall record

U.S. spends $24 million on 'propaganda plane' few can see or hear

The Republican Strategy for 2014.

Medicare Drawdown??

AP Exclusive: GOP Donor's School Grade Changed

Came Ye O'er Frae France

Grabbed this off the front page

President Obama To NY Times: Some Think I Usurp My Authority By Having Gall To Win Presidency

AP Exclusive: GOP Donor's School Grade Changed

Breaking: National Cathedral vandalized; suspect in custody

Couple challenges Ky. ban on gay marriage

Pro-lifers, the Bible, and the magic of cognitive dissonance.

Son of US federal judge hospitalized on eve of murder trial in Puerto Rico puts case on hold

Sorry if this has been posted already......but some of us called this when the story broke

CBS and Time Warner Cable's Smear Campaigns Could Backfire

Son of US federal judge hospitalized on eve of murder trial in Puerto Rico puts case on hold

'The Patriots Guild' planning to march on DC and take America back

AP Exclusive: GOP Donor's School Grade Changed (cross-posted in Education)

Presidential vacation time: Bush versus Obama.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Explodes. Destroys Apartment.

Eve players stage giant online space battle

Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler insists he is not a ‘circus clown, deranged lunatic’

And this went viral today...

House Republicans withdraw from more DOMA cases

What kind of person would be fine with the following....

Pakistan: Attack on central jail: Curfew imposed in DI Khan

Isaac Asimov on Political Ignorance...

Feds Say It's Classified Info To Say Who We're At War With

Never surprised, but always saddened and angered.

Morning Rush Hour Traffic

How can I find a good arts/crafts book...

Free* beer!!

"The United States must remove the shameful stain of Guantanamo"

Some Austin music from some friends

Mayor, environmentalists declare victory of people power over nuclear power

Kids volunteering for Greenpeace are blamed by some here for shutting down San Onofre Nuclear PP

Anyone try these beers?


NSA contractors, BOA and Chamber of Commerce caught in plan to smear critics in online forums!

Now that Rush is finally in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

Parents warn of peanut allergy after death of daughter at Camp Sacramento

Texas Women More Likely to Die in Childbirth than from an Abortion, and HB 2 will Make it Worse

Pug Absolutely Loves The End Of “Homeward Bound”

An Open Letter to Jerry Brown: Stop the Torture of Solitary Confinement ( we can sign also)

Dear President Obama - Amazon cost the US economy 42,000 jobs last year

Turmeric-Derived Compound Curcumin May Treat Alzheimer’s

Alternet: Why Thomas Friedman is the Ayn Rand of Our Times.

So I went on the Job interview..

Bill Halter (Dem) Drops Out Of Arkansas Governor’s Race

Hey Everybody,

Want to help military dogs in Afghanistan? Buy these treats from PetFlow:

Some folks think I usurped my authority by having the gall to win the Presidency

Want to help military dogs in Afghanistan? Buy these treats from PetFlow:

Senate approves James Comey for FBI Director

UTEP student who was unwitting drug mule sues Ford

WIYN/NOAO: M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, seen with new ODI Camera on WIYN Telescope

Notorious puritan and sex police Elliott Spitzer says he's not going to vote for Weiner

Senate Confirms Comey To Head FBI (updated)

Shut Up or Come Home, Eddie

Shale gas: Gangplank to a Warm Future

New NYC poll: Dem voters to Weiner: Drop out.

Plan to ship radioactive material to Sweden for recycling cancelled

Egypt restores feared secret police units

Papantonio: Are Conservatives Too Stupid To Be Sad?

Pope Francis is really growing on me.

Drop cases against Kudankulam activist: Court tells Tamil Nadu government

And Delivering...

U.S. senators lament lack of progress on nuclear deal

We may not have A-Roid to kick around anymore

Romney: "I didn't say that" is a thing of great beauty.

India's First Ballistic Missile Sub Ready for Sea Trials

What's up with this story on HuffPo?

2 officers at nuclear weapons plant slightly hurt

FOIA 'terrorists' Jason Leopold and Ryan Shapiro suing FBI for records on Michael Hastings

If not for clouds and nitrogen, Earth could be an uninhabitable hell right now

The NC abortion bill is now law, as in has been signed

New statewide carbon emissions standards under review

Bernie Sanders is a Stasiauthoritarianquislingfascist. He supported Comey's nomination.

"Fool! This very night your life will be required of you!"

North Dakota gas flaring has doubled - now creates CO2 equivalent to 1 million cars

New Virginia Ad - Ken Cuccinelli's "Witch Hunt"

If Newsroom is at all realistic we learned a lot about why our campaign reporting is so awful

EUGENE ROBINSON: America Should Thank Snowden For Revealing NSA Snooping

U.S. power regulator says JP Morgan manipulated market

If Weiner were a conservaDem, would Tweety, MSNBC, et al be after him?

PBS Frontline Two American Families

Spitzer: Weiner shouldn’t be mayor

Baton Rouge sheriff accused of targeting gay men for arrest

An Appreciation Thread For The Pope and Desmond Tutu.

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