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Archives: July 26, 2013

White House denies Rick Perry’s “end-run” allegation on Voting Rights

White House denies Rick Perry’s “end-run” allegation on Voting Rights

Anti-Hillary Clinton Group (Stop Hillary PAC 2016) Releases Chilling First Video

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

Blackbody radiation induces attractive force stronger than gravity

November 23rd my DVR is going to go "TILT!"

One for the ladies-

Proposed Bill Seeks to 'Restore Honor' to Gay Veterans

Bastrop woman sentenced for defrauding FEMA

Scientists model 'extraordinary' performance of Bolt

New BP ad suggests it’s the victim in the oil spill fallout

Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group............

Weiner's sexting partner I felt manipulated

Occidental to construct propane export facility in Ingleside

A mysterious old spiral


Has the NSA metadata program resulted in known harm to anyone?

A new psych study addresses the "tragedy of the ommons"

Harry Reid given chance to make his case to the public, on PBS NewsHour, mumbles away an opportunity

This is a shot I have been waiting to get.

Mayor suspends dispatcher for racial slur

Don’t buy the right-wing myth about Detroit

Ironically, I've heard you.

Manning trial sets execution precedent for future whistleblowers

Child Asks Obama:"Why Do People Hate You?"

Did not the President and the Congress take an oath to protect and defend us from terrorists??

All Democrats should have a simple message in the next election. Just a few questions to ask voters

I got the job

I guess he's figuring that most people don't remember what P.T. Barnum once said...

Ex-WCCO anchor Don Shelby (Democrat) mulling run for Congress

Robot Chicken: Darth Matt

Yeah, I'm not that big a fan of people who keep saying that they're "colorblind"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Last Call & a new Kitteh gif

Tea Party Patriot President Rastus Fugate says that Americans need to "get back in their place"

Joy-Ann Reid: No Florida trip for me

Dwayne Jones, 'Cross-Dressing' Jamaican Teen, Allegedly 'Chopped And Stabbed' To Death By Mob

12 lawmakers facing removal from Colombia’s congress

MIT scientists implant a false memory into a mouse’s brain

Colombia’s Conservative party puts support behind Santos

NALC Statement On HR 2748 “postal reform act”

Large, Troubling Methane Pulse Coincides With Arctic Heatwave, Tundra Fires

The poverty of boycotting Israel

Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute

Harry Reid: Hillary Clinton Would 'Handle Things Probably Even Better' Than Bill Clinton

Work issue

What's your view on jury nullification?

People no doubt drove past the scene of the "Zimmerman rescue", why did no witnesses speak?

Scientists have created "electronic foils" that will allow circuits to conform to any surface

American Bra Size Average Increases From 34B to 34DD In Just 20 Years, Survey Says

I'll bet you Kroners to Krispy Kremes that the tattoo artist was Duke fan...

Silver under fire for another cover-up

Drone Strikes Ruled War Crimes; Public Outcry Forces Cutbacks

Little Black Boy Wonder...

The world's richest banker thinks Australia's fretting about its economic circumstances is funny

Rastus Fugate of the Springboro, Ohio Tea Party Patriots Says Americans Need to Get Back in Place

i Think I May Like My New CEO.

"Welcome to ALICE!" (Progressive answer to ALEC)

Alison Lundergan Grimes, McConnell Senate Opponent, Releases First Campaign Video

"He 'got away with murder"

Congress to Fed: End Too-Big-to-Fail Already!

"Halliburton to plead guilty to destroying Gulf evidence"

I would like to thank our Canadian friends for the high

Your entire life has led up to the reply you'll make in this thread...

Weiner is a slow motion car wreck. For the sake of his wife and child, he should

"FreedomWorks Plans Push to Persuade People Not to Get Health Insurance"

What is your favourite omlette? I like a red pepper jelly & brie one. But I need to add

Jeezus. Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

Attempting something different for me.

9 Ways Voting In North Carolina Is About To Get Harder

Justice Dep't charges SAC Capital with Insider Trading. This is HUGE.

Stock Market Watch, Friday July 26, 2013

Obama scrubs his campaign tribute to whistle-blowers 2 days after Snowden Revelations.

Always feels good once we've canned some tomatoes and tomato sauce....

The prime number appreciation thread

CNET Reporting that Feds demanding passwords

Does Principal, DR Alison Coviello; PhD, of PS 154 in the Bronx Believe in Students First?

Moral Monday 13 - The last for a while

"The Insiders: Republicans are losing the economic argument"

I want to really tell someone off. Should I write this person a scathing letter?

I had my sis read some, she says I need an edior due to some speling mistakes...

A small thought. Does not Anthony Weiner fit the description of a putz?

President Obama's Record on Helping Our Poor..

"The Huge Threat to Capitalism That Republicans Are Ignoring"

Ok, what do we think of herbal testosterone boosters?

Still my favorite Anthony Weiner quote of all time.

I may have to be here in Joplin, Mo for a time, but Tucson is still my home!

Russia is poised to permit Snowden to leave airport

"In your heart of hearts"

A Jimmy Carter Appreciation Thread


Weiner Admits to More Lewd Exchanges but Denies an Addiction

Damned White Tailed Rats (deer) ate mah 'mater plants!

Pic: NC Dem lawmakers hold hands in solidarity as the Cons pass voter suppression

It's time for a consumer friendly agreement between ISPs and their customers

Question for motercycle riders.

Do not nominate Larry Summers to head the Federal Reserve

Questions of Gov. Snyder's Public Office Ethics, in light of revealing emails plotting Bankruptcy

Something I Noticed regarding the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

question about lemon cukes

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 27, 2013 - The Essentials: 1982 Comedies

"Rand Paul: No One In Congress 'Has A Stronger Belief In Minority Rights Than I Do'"

Sign Petition for MN DFL Gov to put moratorium on Frac Sand mining (which is along the Mississippi R

TCM Schedule for Sunday, July 28, 2013 - Essentials Jr: Jean Simmons

Fux Noiz Mutes Obama To Talk Shit During His Speech.

The Myth of Black-on-Black Crime

Ground Breaks For New Park Project On Governors Island

NY Lobsterman falls overboard; uses boots for raft, found floating 40 miles from boat

Terminally ill “Simpsons” co-creator to leave entire fortune to charity

Woman Comes Home To Find Bank Wrongly Stole All Her Stuff, They Now Refuse To Pay Up

Petition for Obama to declare the landing sites of the Viking landers as national parks

NSA Award for Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper

Something nice to listen to (and watch) while you chill out tonight....

Sign Petition for MN DFL Gov to put moratorium on Frac Sand mining (which is along the Mississippi)

Everyone Is Lying To You About Social Security – Here Is The Truth

Are there new limits on the amount of daily narcotics doses?

DARPA Engineers hack a Toyota Prius

Pakistan's "super hero?"

Marco Rubio Slammed By Congressional Black Caucus

UC Davis pepper-spray cop claims psychiatric injury, wants worker’s comp

For closure, I thought to write my suddenly ex SO a letter.


How much does the mood of those arround you affect you?

I Will Not Be Like Them....

Alison Lundergan Grimes, McConnell Senate Opponent, Releases First Campaign Video

Paganism, part 1: what is modern paganism?

Paganism, part 2: how does one become a druid? You ask nicely

Boot Weak or Toxic Dem Candidates

Four protesters arrested at Enbridge pipeline construction site charged with felony

"Sight" - A new and chilling short film about a not-too-distant technology. (8 min.)

Psychopathic criminals have empathy switch (BBC)

WI Capitol Police Drop Veteran's US Flag On Ground During Arrests 7.25.13

Oxford Dictionary will change the definition of ‘marriage’ to include equal marriage

Wyden: If we do not seize this moment to reform our surveillance laws, we will all live to regret it

e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0

A classic song from '74

GOP Economic Plan Is To Flatten Wages And Benefits For Americans So They Can Work Internationally

Only people of a ''certain age'' will understand this picture......

Accused Cleveland Abductor to Appear in Court Amid Reports of Plea Deal.

Working Class GOP Voters Are Going To Get Their Butts Handed To Them By This GOP Crowd

No more jail in Monopoly?

Exclusive: Gabrielle Anwar's Burn Notice Follow-up: A Vagina Documentary

Nine Inch Nails Is Back Onstage, With a Vengeance

Electing Anthony Weiner Isn't As Funny As It Sounds by Matt Taibbi

Push for increased safety at ATMs after Amy Lord slaying

Break down your emotional problems into one liners...

British Man Fined For Blasting Milli Vanilli, Elton John, Until 5:00 AM

French Woman Brutally Attacked By Roaming Cats

Parody video shows why GOP ‘gynoticians’ shouldn’t dictate women’s health

Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Has She Been Involved With NSA Surveillance From the Beginning?

Sending weapons to Syria deepen crisis, says Brahimi

Editorial: McConnell "a chief architect of the dysfunctional U.S. Congress"

To those Loungers in Tucson!

Should you Send a Lady A. Weiner pick? A guide for men.

A good old-fashioned marriage equality limericking bee.

I am sick and tired of being a constant approval seeker! (rant)...

Drug testing, background check bill gets final House O.K. (NC)

I'd like to shoot down a persistent right-wing myth...

Team examining Gulf shipwreck finds 2 other wrecks

The utter randomness of the web.. "Ask Yahoo".. "Can someone give me a reason to live?"

Christie Cites 9/11 in Assailing Libertarian Trend in G.O.P.

A is for Arachnid

"There are two kinds of people …

Former GOP Gov. Jim Holshouser, who broke decades of Democratic rule, dies at 78

Greg Abbott vows to stop the "cheating" at the ballot box!

Institute revises radiation exposure chart without explanation

John Oliver lambastes Goldman Sachs for screwing America without fear of jail

What's for dinner ~ Friday July 26th

BOOM goes the dynamite: Alison Grimes Fires a Brilliant Warning Shot at Mitch McConnell

BREAKING: North Carolina Legislature Approves Nation's Most Restrictive Voter Suppression Law

Jordan must not shoulder burden of Syrian refugees alone

Need some appropriate music when you're demolishing a house with a sledgehammer?

Shocking 'Extermination' Fantasies By the People Running America's Empire on Full Display at Aspen

Inaccurate memories implanted in mice brains in hope to explain false-memory syndrome

Dilbert nails Big Business ethics and Anthony Weiner:

What an outrage!

Deep Water Horizon deal between US DOJ and Halliburton. Disgusting

Egypt Prosecutor Orders Detention of Ousted President Over Contact with Hamas

Just came back from a Bruno Mars concert.

From a post back on May 25th: Elizabeth Mercy

Ousted Egypt president detained over Hamas contact

Biden Has Guy Named Worm Sit In For Him At Cabinet Meeting

July 26: National Coffee Milkshake Day

By Jupiter! China spy in sky - Intruders over Ladakh turn out to be two planets

July 26, 1948 – U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs Executive Order 9981

TxDOT: Some paved roads could return to gravel in oil patch

Russia Slams 'Cold War' Spirit NATO Exercise

Ohio gun group raises $12,000 for Zimmerman

A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead

Wildcatting: A Stripper’s Guide to the Modern American Boomtown

70's fashion wasn't that bad

US refuses to decide whether Egypt events were a coup

JP Morgan to eurozone“Get rid of your pinko, anti-fascist constitutions”

Will Mali's poll bring unity and peace?

Lincoln Memorial Closed After Vandalism

The 1% love us so much they want SocSec to be solvent when the sun explodes!

Plague-infected squirrel shuts Los Angeles park

Holy crap! Bubonic plague discovered in squirrels in Angeles National Forest

Now they're trying to poison us!

Medicare Rights Joins Congressional Briefing on Medicare Cost Sharing

Yummy USDA inspected Boneless Chicken Breasts

Snowden’s remaining docs unlikely to tie US hands

Defense to give closing in Manning-WikiLeaks case

Assange: I can rule from abroad

Steph Grant, Photographer, Shares Gorgeous Lesbian Indian Wedding Pictures

Ginsburg says push for voter ID laws predictable

today's Non Sequitur

The case of ‘zombie’ voters in South Carolina

Florida’s Voter Purge Is On Its Way Back

Been Down So Goddamn Long

Sen. Ron Wyden On NSA Spying: It's As Bad As Snowden Says

Marlins take 3 out of 4 from Rockies---

Israeli Intellectuals Support European Sanctions

5 Reasons It's Just Absurd That America Doesn't Tax Wall St's Transactions

Shocking 'Extermination' Fantasies By the People Running America's Empire on Full Display at Aspen

US Sues Exxon Fracker in Pennsylvania Over Polluted Drinking Water

Chicken feet

In Defense of Carlos Danger

So what's everyone's verdict on John Oliver as TDS fill-in host?

The final nine at the World Series of Poker has been announced.....

Obama Promises Disappear from Web

Outbreak Sickens Over 250 People Across Eight States

The Right's Latest Scheme to Sabotage Obamacare

Jenna Bush is awful

Can't we get some smilies with animals in them??

DOJ Tries, But Fails, To Delay ACLU Lawsuit Over NSA Spying

Another storm, and once again--no electricity. Thanks, AEP/PSO--yer doin' a heck of a job!

David Sirota: A Case That Challenges Government Immunity

I don't often talk about TV shows. The Bridge is an exception.

SAC Capital Is Indicted, and Called a Magnet for Cheating

Archbishop of Canterbury: Church Investment in Porn is Life in the Real World

Is there an online, Occupy friendly, bank alternative

Watch out, Lindsey Graham: the Tea Party says that you are next.

Hedge Fund SAC Facing Criminal Charges for Insider Trading

Pope Francis' killer pace wearing out his aides

Chris Hedges: We Must Grasp Reality to Build Effective Resistance

America's Real Subversives: FBI Spying Then, NSA Surveillance Now

It's Time To Fire "Bad" Union Leaders Like Randi Weingarten

Neuroscientist, leading Lou Gehrig's Disease Researcher charged in cyanide murder

Three Different Prisms? Parliament Seeks Clarity in NSA Scandal

The now arrested driver of the Spanish train that derailed killing 78 was a speed freak

The last time you wrote to an elected official, did you do it to win something?

"The day the right lost the economic argument...President Obama's speech clinched the case..."

Chris Hedges: As a Socialist, I Have No Voice in the Mainstream

Ya never know where a zombie will be next ...

Another "Stand your ground" case close to my house, with a twist

Friday TOON Roundup 1: Carlos Danger

Background checks aren’t gun control, they’re crime control

Chris Hedges: As a Socialist, I Have No Voice in the Mainstream

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Repubs

Friday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

Refusing My Religion

Sequestration Will Prevent Creation Of Up To 1.6 Million Jobs In Next Year, CBO Concludes

Banks shiver as UBS swallows $885 million U.S. fine

I may have to watch The View today.

A Disgusting Picture

What Edward Snowden Has Given Us

Donut shop hopes to get President Obama's attention

PRISM harming US cloud providers' business abroad as contracts cancelled

No problem, shop alone.

Pressure rises in Germany any over Snowden leaks

Companies Paying Employees With Fee-Ridden Debit Cards - Sarah Jaffe Discusses

A Plea to DUers to use the GRAPHIC WARNING sign

Who was used as the model for this logo?

So I heard yesterday that Halliburton pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice...

5 teens charged with using a weapon of mass destruction for prank with household chemicals

Wow, who knew men had those thoughts ... too

North Carolina Latest State To Lift Gun Bans At Kids' Games

Detroit Red Wings Get New $400 Million Taxpayer-Financed Stadium While the City Goes Bankrupt

NSA Using 3 Hop Queries To Spy - Study Finds Everyone Online Only 4.7 Hops From Everyone Else

New French law bans modern-day slavery

Russia Moves Towards More Political Repression

Chris Hedges: As a Socialist, I Have No Voice in the Mainstream - Pt 6 of 7

What's the minimum-requirement for being considered a Christian?

School bans praying mom from steps

New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War" dubbed "Groundswell"

Senate GOPer calls shutdown threat 'the dumbest idea I've ever heard'

Design As We Go Fails (Again)

Arctic time bombs

What jingles do you remember?

Paulbot nut Sen Ron (Paul) Wyden comes unhinged - explodes into wild conspiracy theory while giving

Krugman: Republican Health Care Panic

Forest Service Scientists Identify Key Fungal Species…Help Explain Mysteries of White Nose Syndrome

Grayson organizes bipartisan hearing for NSA critics

2 PDVAL trucks detained while heading to Colombia

Hacker Barnaby Jack unexpectedly dies ahead of hacking conference

"America" by an Australian

Strauss-Kahn 'to face pimping trial'

Is the Democratic Party as divided nationally as DU?

SCOTUS and the VRA

Corporate puppet Thomas Friedman: Average is Over

TEPCO says was reluctant to worry public over leak

Green Spaces in Staten Island petition is at

US Officials Attack Leaked Report on Civilians Drone Deaths

90% Of Us Are Groomed To Be Failures

Hacker Barnaby Jack dies ahead of Black Hat conference

former IMF chief Dominic Strauss-Kahn is to face trial on pimping charges,

Who likes Bryan Cranston? This one looks good.

Republicans Sabotaging, Not Governing. This Is Who They Are Now.

Weiner Kong


The Worst Charities in America

Latest foe of Keystone XL pipeline is former nuclear waste site activist

Do you think Ariel Castro should get the death penalty?

FDA takes step to help ensure the safety of imported food

Vince Foster? Really?

Larry Summers Opposition Grows As Name Mentioned As Possible Federal Reserve Chairman

A glimpse into ANCHORY, NSA's intelligence catalog database

Time for Treasury to Mint the Trillion Dollar Coin

Scientist accused of killing M.D. wife with cyanide-laced supplement he said would help her conceive

Does anyone know if Gmail is down?

Does anyone else see the Weiner story as nothing but a local story?

Helping Make the Best of the End of Life

Power Grab by GOP leaders in the NC General Assembly of Attorney General's Powers

'World's oldest person' found in South Africa (BBC) {not confirmed}

"the old notion that equated centrism with practical politics is utterly outdated"

Spain Privatizes The Sun: Multi Millon Dollar Penalties For Collecting Sunlight

The New Yorker cover featuring Anthony Weiner...Ouch!

Disney's Flordia Adventure! from Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug."

$1 billion mixed-use development and soccer stadium proposed for downtown Detroit jail site

Are the Suburbs Where the American Dream Goes to Die?

Why are Republicans such dicks?

Military Deviancy, War “Trophies”

(NY) Public Comments on Proposed Animal Abuse Registry

What Is And Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory About George Zimmerman

Justice Ginsburg: I’m Not Surprised By Voter ID Laws Now That VRA Is Gutted

UK Spy Warns of Iraq War Disclosures

Mr. Skinner I mailed my Star Membership money on 7/10/13

I had a dream

GOP Has No Plan For Health Care Except Leaving Most With NO Access

Why Do Women Disapprove of Drone Strikes So Much More Than Men Do?

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Increases to Six-Year High July

Republicans on climate change

Sandbags Show Egypt Islamists Digging in Amid Protest

An American Reckoning

Steve King Says He Has Personally Caught Undocumented Drug Mules With Cantaloupe Calves

Scholar examines similarities between predator drone strike victims and "stand your ground" victims

Public Has No Right to Know for 50 Years With Senate Redo: Taxes

At Raleigh’s Player’s Retreat bar, booze and guns won’t mix, owner says

You know Walmart is in trouble when...

UK Porn Filter Will Censor Other Content Too, ISPs Reveal

John Pike, Pepper-Spraying Cop, Seeks Workers Comp From UC Davis

Sanford Goes Missing Again

KRUGMAN: Sorry Republicans - "Obama’s signature policy achievement, is probably going to work"

Rand Paul Hits Back At Chris Christie

Because Karl Rove wasn't cray enough or right wing enough, we now have Groundswell.

OUCH: Weiner Rides Cover Of The New Yorker

The Best Hooping Video You've Never Seen

Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Students At Occupy Protest Wants Worker’s Compensation For ‘Psychiatric Injur

SC Justice Ginsburg: "I didn't want to be right (on VRA ruling), but sadly I am."

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 26, 1967

Putin's Spokesman Says No Change: Russia Won't Extradite Snowden To US

I killed Trayvon Martin...

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 26, 1967

Cleveland kidnap, rape suspect Ariel Castro agrees to plea deal and will not go to trial

Turkey clears bird of spying for Israel

U.S. Pens Letter To Russia Promising Protections For Snowden

Consumer sentiment rises to highest level in six years in July

49ers Tarell Brown's $2 million mistake

A Day at the Park

Giant pro-marijuana ad to run outside Brickyard 400 NASCAR event

Senator Wendy Davis Draws A Crowd Of Senators To DC Fundraiser

Black swallowtails :-)

Big Dick pic

Virginia Foxx: Congress Doesn't Need To Make College Affordable

Looking for Gmail support info.

A proposed RV park for the homeless would provide more than just shelter

Pic Of The Moment: It's War! Republicans Battle Republicans Over Government Shutdown

Afghan War Poll Finds That Two-Thirds Say That It Wasn't Worth The Cost

Ariel Castro, Cleveland abductor, accepts life imprisonment plea deal

The Battle of Fed Succession, 1994 Edition

Snowden's father: Congress trying to demonize son

Antonio Mora to host Al-Jazeera talk show

A majority of North Carolinians won't survive the coming year.

Obese inmate spared from execution dies in Ohio

Travels with Bucky

Steve King Says He Has PERSONALLY Caught Undocumented Drug Mules With Cantaloupe Calves

ERIC HOLDER TO RUSSIA: We Will Not Torture Or Seek The Death Penalty For Edward Snowden

Traditional forest management reduces fungal diversity

No wonder why Steve King is Ken Cuccinelli's favorite politician.

Jumpy: The Incredible Suuupppppeeerrr Dooooggg!

Dental Care Should Be Part of Universal Healthcare

United Nations unveils global LGBT rights campaign

Kudos to Holder for going after Texas voting laws by requiring their changes be monitored.

The Rude Pundit: Rep. Steve King on Cantaloupe Calves and Hog Harvesting (warning on lanugage)

Food Network Lied and Cheated, Contestant Says

No Asylum for African Tied to Terrorist Group

Family Goes Broke After Spending More Than $100K On Beanie Babies


Two week old Persian Kittens Chat With Their Mom

Making minds out of molehills. Please come CAPTION Mr. Bill O'Reilly!!!!

My parents are going on a cruise next week with the NATIONAL REVIEW!!!!!


John McCain: "Dollar Coins Would Lead To Bigger Tips For Strippers"

Dog Goldberg Machine

Congress working to help those wrongly discharged for personality, adjustment disorders

Roberts’s Picks Reshaping Secret Surveillance Court

WTF, Ohio?

12 Year Old French Girl Racks Up 2.600 € (USD $3440) In Bad Checks To Buy Candy

The United States Marine Corps Officially Declares 'Lack of Spiritual Faith' a Sign of Instability

Cop who pepper-sprayed students seeks workers comp

Sen. Ron Wyden's Speech On NSA Spying

Our Poles Are Melting! - But hey, it's just the planet, right?

Halliburton admits it destroyed Deepwater Horizon evidence

.Dawn Saves Wildlife - The Big Picture Ep. 2

Pufferfish as architect? You judge.

Blue Oregon: DeFazio Becomes TOP Democrat on House Natural Resources Committee

14 factsheets on how fed agencies will accord legal respect to married, same-sex couples post-DOMA

About perverts who are flashers.

The Wal-Mart Slayer: How Publix's People-First Culture Is Winning The Grocer War

Protein shake

House ethics committee announces it is investigating Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann

Houston chef Ja’nel Witt conquers ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Florida releases padded school grades amid outcry over testing

How low have we gone if we have to promise not to use torture?

Dutch Court Won’t Extradite Terror Suspect to US Over Torture Concerns

Getting Stuck: Uninsured Patients Slammed with Lawsuits by Not-for-Profit Hospital

Who Are We at War With? That’s Classified

Jindal to be featured at conservative conference in Florida

Toon: Everybody do as I say or the idiot gets it!!!

Strict Restrictions On Noise In Coraopolis

EIA: California wholesale electricity prices soar 59% as a result of San Onofre closure


Roberts’s Picks Reshaping Secret Surveillance Court

Hey guys check out the Republican who will be running against Wendy Davis.

Manning and Snowden light path for the US to return to its better self

GOP’s “gifts” to 21st Century Americans

Ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn to be tried for pimping

House Ethics Committee Investigating Rep. Michele Bachmann

Opportunities to replace Congress Critters has never been so ripe

amazing video of deep sea critter caught by ROV--oh. my. god.

Russian Neo-Nazis Torture Gay Teens In 'Anti-Pedophilia' Campaign

Mother deer cirlces as rescuers free her trapped fawn

Economist Richard Wolff: Capitalism Hits The Fan - A Must See (VIDEO)

World's Most Infamous Soap Box Derby Car

Terminally ill 'Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon giving fortune to charity

HONOR THE TREATIES by Eric Becker (2012)


Polls Shows Spitzer Continues To Lead In Comptroller Race

Women's Groups Go On Attack Against Weiner

Texting while driving penalties to increase significantly

Combine Demolition Derby!!

"my conscience won’t let me travel to a state that I love, but where it’s not safe for my sons"

Ethics panel extends investigation into Tim Bishop of New York

Grayson: NSA surveillance critics will testify before special Congressional Hearing

WI Capitol Police Desecrate Flag & Constitution While Arresting Viet Nam Vet ~ POWERFUL VIDEO!

Judge denies government’s bid to delay lawsuit to halt NSA metadata collection

GOP Rep To Tardy Sanford: ‘Where Have You Been? Hiking?’

DonRedwood's post is why I love DU

Anger Room in Dallas off to smashing start

Obama 'Concerned and Disappointed' After Journalist Who Exposed US War Crimes Freed

A Prosecutor weighs in on fetal personhood and criminalizing abortion

It isn't about "the border." It's about "the other"

Happy 70th birthday Sir Michael Phillip Jagger.

Albuquerque: Abortion bill is likely to be on city’s ballot

Is this unethical, or am I just being a grouch? Cell phone question.

Just can't beat up on Pelosi

Record $190M Awarded in Asbestos Lawsuit

Pittsburgh Man Reportedly Dead in Syria

Woman Sues DMV Claiming Her License Photo Is The Mark Of The Beast (video at link)

Virginia Foxx (R-Batshit Crazy): Congress Doesn't Need To Make College Affordable Or Accessible

Pakistan: Multiple blasts in Parachinar kill 39, injure 122

Report: Unnamed NBA players linked to Biogenesis clinic scandal

Signs Point _ Finally _ to End of Europe Recession.

Something that has always bothered me: Moralizing.

AGT: Branden James is hot, hot, hot & very talanted!...

Is there a lot of "Because I said so" here today? Or is this normal?

Yet Another Rogue Hacker Dies Mysteriously, just prior to breaking big story

The EPA is Coming! The EPA is Coming!!

Holder's incredibly lame letter about Snowden was days ago and Russia already responsed NYET (NO)

Greg Abbott invokes states rights in defending Texas against federal voting-rights efforts

Dumb Criminals: Woman Whose Car Broke Down On I95 Winds Up Stealing Tow Truck Who Came To Help

TN pastor: "We're the majority, so what we want goes up!"

Prosecutors seeking death penalty against former JP in Kaufman County prosecutor slayings

The Full Text of AG Holder's Letter to Justice Minister Konovalov

Survey: Wall Street DOES NOT want Larry Summers as next Fed chief

What to do Immediately If Your Identity is Stolen...5 simple things to do

The names of nations we’re in a drone war with is classified, so don't ask

Hey I was told I should probably introduce myself here

Gwynne Dyer: A Frog in (Every) Pot

Lyons: Federal agents' raid wasn't first blunder that day

Minori's World - Japanese Shiro-Nuri Subculture Interview & Photo

5 Things to Do Immediately If YOur Identty is Stolen

Stop Hillary PAC Implies Clinton Presidency Would Make Them Suicidal

This just happened to my daugter's computer. Be aware!

They Know Much More Than You Think

Pap and Seder: Gohmert Rhetoric Echoes Racist Militia Talk

Lots of Karma

Torture is unlawful in the United States

Ohio gun group raises $12,000 for George Zimmerman

27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

Do we need an explicit privacy Constitutional Amendment?

Is Religion Making a Rebound On College Campuses?

Glenn Beck: The $1 bill proves America was founded to help Israel exist

Just stumbled across this interesting site "Frack-Tracker"

The New Yorker has Anthony Weiner on its next cover

Obama's Fed Chair Pick Won't Be Announced Until The Fall

Policitians live on minimum wage, but not really

DNC leader urges Filner to resign

German president says whistleblowers like Snowden merit respect

Glenn Greenwald To Testify Before Congress

Obama Promises, Including Whistleblower Protections, Disappear From Website

NEW Maru, many maru 13

U.S. WikiLeaks soldier is whistleblower, not traitor: defense

Did you lose something?

If privatization is the cure for all ills, explain TSA

Cuba's Raul Castro promises succession has started

Who are we?

Weiner Did Send An Unsolicited Photo Of His Junk To Someone-

Fat Grafting.

Have y'all seen this racist kid's show? Its freaking hilarious... I mean are they fucking serious?

New Hoosier helmet

Ladies of the Lounge, help a guy out, please. I need to know the truth - Train Wreck or Potential?

Origin of the conflict over Jerusalem

The Rise of the Christian Left in America

Detroit Emergency Manager Approves Go-Ahead on New $450 Million Sports [Arena]

Tips for Handling Your Health Care Needs Overseas

Ross Gay: Some Thoughts On Mercy

Thom Hartmann: Time to Throw Crony Banksters in Jail

SAC Capital Is Arraigned on a Raft of Criminal Charges

Russian Skinheads ....Torture Gay Teens

Women of Weinergate: Anthony Weiner Scandal Photo Gallery

America's first black president wants to keep blacks in prison under law now deemed unconsitutional

Halliburton admits destroying Gulf oil spill evidence

the BEST 1 percent. :D

Ideas/recipes for a pot luck?

Need some information about Sylva/Jackson County, NC

What Does The BSA Have Against Obese Boy Scouts?

The Lincoln Memorial is such a beautiful and spiritual monument - So much important history there

Lawsuit: Pittsburgh SWAT Officers

Elite hacker Barnaby Jack dies ahead of Black Hat event

Obama administration plans to send two Guantanamo detainees to Algeria

Do you think most politicians are narcissists?

Russia faces vodka boycott in backlash against anti-gay law

Gun Group Gives George Zimmerman $12K To Buy New Gun

Let’s Put A True Blue Democrat in Congress - crosspost from Rep. Grayson - (in case some missed it)

Democrats to aid Republicans on Mo. gun bill

Shocking 'Extermination' Fantasies By the People Running America's Empire on Full Display at Aspen

US Embassy, DEA Obstructing Investigation Into Drug War Killings in Honduras

Members Of Congress Make "Pilgrimage" To City's Immigration Landmarks

US Embassy, DEA Obstructing Investigation Into Drug War Killings in Honduras

So SD Mayor Bob Filner is entering two weeks of behavorial therapy

Obama Promise To 'Protect Whistleblowers' Just Disappeared From

Billion Dollar Baby (like Rosemary's Baby): U.S. Chamber is First to Hit Lobbying Milestone

Roberts’s Picks Reshaping Secret Surveillance Court

Fine, call me a prude.

Why Did the Honduran Army Fire on a Peaceful Protest?

Religious Family Man Presumed Dead for 16 Years Resurfaces as a Gay Man

Light Stopped For Minute By German Researchers In Record-Breaking Study

I worked with this creep. He's an early prototype of a Teabagger. Now a sexual predator.

Book Review: 'Sound of Things Falling' confronts Colombia's raw history

Sanders Details Tax Plan, Declines Secrecy Offer

Woman's cat-killing ex-boyfriend pleads no contest to animal cruelty

Reid: Hillary could probably do better than Obama


OK a quick question....

Global warming to cut snow water storage 56 percent in Oregon watershed

Mysterious Hum Driving People Around the World Crazy

Police Chief Calls Secretary Kerry A ‘Piece Of Shit Traitor,’ Then Fires Machine Gun

Obama to Republicans

Pesticide Accumulation in Sierra Nevada Frogs

Democratic officials and canidates..I have a request..

Filner not quitting, getting treatment

1st section of Long Beach boardwalk reopens after Superstorm Sandy

Why do ghosts hang around?

So they want me to go to work for the company my #2 sis works.

With POB Deferring Bernanke Replacement was Larry Summers Trial Baloon a Bait & Switch?

Japan utility says reluctance to worry public delayed disclosure of nuclear plant’s leaks

Potential well water contaminants highest near natural gas drilling, UT Arlington study says

Those are Andy's mom's toys...

Fox News is always on at the gym

Juan Cole lists ten things about Wiener worse than emailing his wiener.

Actress Tilda Swinton sees Russia's LGBT hatred and raises them some whoop-ass courage...

Watching The Wheels

Spain privatizes the sun

Let's Talk About Abortion -- Roe v. Wade

Snuffy The Seal - funny or offputting?

Fishermen lambaste TEPCO over radioactive water leaks

Can three technologists, $40 million, and Obamacare change health insurance forever? - Ezra Klein

Wasabi coated peas......

David Rovics: Trayvon

Argentine artist Leon Ferrari, whose work provoked bishops and dictators, is dead at 92

CSCOPE Takes Another Awful Spin Around the News Cycle

Irish Mama Cat Clara with her baby kittehs and ducklings:

So it seems that that POS Ted Nuggent is going to be at Ridgefest

The Downward Trend for America's Working Class continues, unchecked.

About Holder's promise not to torture that kid: (are you FUCKING KIDDING ME???)

Who are we?

FEMA grants nearly $3M for West, Texas, schools

Hot summer bestows solar power bounty on Britain

Think You Were Born Under A Bad Sign? Don't Live In China, Then.

WRONG!!!! Detroit is not the 4th largest city in the United States!!!!!

Colombia admits rights violations in battle with leftists

Feds to investigate 'Redneck Day' at Queen Creek school

Desmond Tutu 'Would Not Worship a Homophobic God'

News flash (toon)

Report Recounts US-Backed Atrocities in Colombian Civil War

Joke: Hospital Regulations...

Need help in locating a few campaign promises....

Ecuador's president takes aim at privileges of military brass

Steve King's ego is running away from him...

Congress to let U.S. trade benefits for Ecuador expire

Libertarian-Hawkish Rift Emerges In GOP Debate Over National Security

Manning and Snowden Light Path for the US to Return to Its Better Self

Every time Cornel West opens his mouth, I think...

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner: Why women are tiring of 'good wife' image

Consumer Reports: Chevy Spark EV Is Better Than Chevy Spark Gasmobile

Alison Lundergan Grimes youtube video with her opening salvo against mitch mcconnell

29 Arrested For Singing Anti-Walker Lyrics In Wisconsin State Capitol

Here’s your Friday Afternoon Challenge, with a little kicker: “Art and Architecture in the News!"

Steve King’s District Will Get DREAM Rally Courtesy of Durbin, Harkin

Percy Harvin's hip injury could require surgery, might end season

Paradise Lunch ~Gun's & Roses

Sexual harassment is not generally a medical condition

Venezuelan National Guard troop found dead at shooting range

Hey Optimum TV customers!!

'Fat shaming' actually increases risk of becoming or staying obese, new study says

Toddler falls from window in Bensonhurst

Funniest Anthony Weiner Headlines

Kremlin releases new "selfies" of Vladimir Putin on weekend trip

100 bodies from prison massacre exhumed in Peru

Are the Feds Asking Tech Companies for User Passwords?

Statement from the White House on Guantanamo Bay

Manning Trial Today: Tensions flare between military & journalists during closing arguments

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says She's Not Surprised By New Voter ID Law Push Following Supreme Court Ruling

Color Me Obsessed documentary

Women At Merrill Lynch Were Instructed To Seduce Their Way To The Top, Lawsuit Alleges

Attorney: Manning did not have 'evil intent'

Ohio Group Raises $12K To Buy Zimmerman Guns

Gov. Rick Scott announces $5 million of state funds will go towards filming a sequel to Dolphin Tale

Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash

FBI Reports Using Drones 10 Times On U.S. Soil

Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash

A Hunter S Thompson quote

Is it time to overhaul our education system?

Has anyone seen Fruitvale Station?

New York state to close 4 institutions for the disabled

Well it's such a relief that we won't kill Snowden if he returns.

Watch out for dangerous and desperate moves on the part of the GOP re: obamacare et al. The Nazis

Mysterious objects between Jupiter and Neptune identified as comets

George Zimmerman's Brother: Civil Lawsuit 'Might Not Be Very Flattering' To Trayvon Martin's Family

Amazing One Hour Workout (Results shown here are Absolutely Real)

I am so proud of Kansas Equality Coalition, we did this, even in Kansas we were able to do this.

In Egypt's public squares, dueling definitions of democracy (CS Monitor)

US won't seek death penalty for Snowden, Holder says in letter to Russian

WARNING: Don't open this if you have a weak bladder

Personal musings on papal infallibility

Frère Jacques

A cool photo of Detroit... It's not just bankrupt. It also can be beautiful and powerful

Templeton Rye Whiskey

George Mitchell, billionaire "father of fracking, dies at age 94

KKK tries to recruit for 'neighborhood watch' program in Springfield

Hotter, Drier Climate Leads to More Tree Deaths from Fire

Even more reason not to go to Texas

Texas oilman, fracking pioneer Mitchell dies at 94

Greeley weighs proposal to add more fracking wells within city

Will GLBTs from Russia now qualify for asylum elsewhere?

Maryland Unveils Obamacare Prices - Among Lowest in the U.S.

Justice Ginsburg Reacts To Epidemic Of Voter Suppression Laws: Told Ya So

President of the United States Mitt Romney!!

Police Caught Planting Drugs In Small Business

If you get notification from Verizon regarding its privacy policy...

Why Weiner, Spitzer And Filner Do NOT Represent A Democratic ‘War On Women’

WikiLeaks candidate says Assange rape claims “his own business”

Man, have you seen this???

Wall Street Wants Yellen

SuddenLink or AT&T?

Kitty has itchy ears. Vet says no ear mites and prescribed the following:

Women At Merrill Lynch Were Instructed To Seduce Their Way To The Top, Lawsuit Alleges

How Do Court Reporters Keep Straight Faces?

A redo of a new picture

Oh to be 8 again!

A letter from Edward Snowden’s father and his lawyer, Bruce Fein, to President Obama:

Weekend Economists Take a Chance and Call a Bluff July 26-28, 2013

Police have always had the right to pull their weapons, wherever they are, if threatened. Then they

Why are republicans trying to stop people from voting?

Mars Probe Sees Other Mars Probe on Mars

Forget Weiner: There’s a real progressive for NYC Mayor

NE Mo. town releases inmates it can't feed

Pro-Mursi vigils to be brought to an end -Egypt interior minister

Boomers: Do you want to retire in your present location?

How can there be a question of "personhood"?

Just because RWers overemphasize something doesn't always mean it doesn't exist

question about microsoft, windows 8 and dell: a friend told me today that she got a call yesterday

Something the right wing, Fox, Rush and their followers lack is love and compassion

Would-Be Robbers In Queens Try To Steal ATM With Backhoe

Judge Gives Out Holiday 'Presents' For Sentencing

Krugman: ‘Better-informed people on the Right seem, finally to be facing up to a horrible truth’

The Other Woman

Zimbabwean President Wants to Decapitate Gay Men and chastises President Obama.

Young woman removed from TX Legislature "This is my govt ma'am I WILL judge u" on Bill Maher Tonight

Conservative Cave is now monitoring the C&B thread

Man (teen) accused of raping, beating 93-year-old charged with first-degree murder

It's the Weekend...and Some want to Unwind...So a Recommend from DU/Netflix Group & Other Stuff!!

The Cape Verdi Hurricane most people have forgotten

Any idea why our chickens are only laying one egg when we usually got 9-10. We think it is the

Westpark Tollway, Houston, TX. Unconstitutional?

Wow! I just got a call for an interveiw!!!!

Islamists Extend Olive Branch To Turkish Atheists

levitation - just another feature that

HOLY WOW - secret code on produce ...

Religious Freedom Is About More Than Religion

Sorry but the US promising not to seek the death penalty after extradition is not unusual

Catholic Church not against burying gays

The Great Texas Feces Flap Stinks Forget Weiner: There’s a real progressive for NYC Mayor By Joan Walsh

Bay Bridge reopens to traffic after bomb scare

Russia faces vodka boycott in backlash against anti-gay law

Many Americans say Afghan war isn’t worth fighting

Cover of the New York Daily News today: Same Old Schlong and Dance

Dramatization of Boehner managing the House

North Pole becomes a puddle:

Israel launches 'price tag' attack par excellence in response to EU settlement directive

DU, Please Join Me In A Boycott Of Russian Vodka Until Russia Stops Terrorizing Their Gay People.

Dumb Criminals: Oregon Man Attempts Five Finger Discount At Gun Store With Baseball Bat

U.S. Will Warm Dramatically By 2084, NASA Model Shows

Gov. Pat McCrory has his first of many "Come to Jesus" moments. (pic heavy)

This has been a big ass full moon...

Meghan McCain Gets Own Show on New TV Network.

It’s Been A Busy Week Of Protests In America: Teachers, Pensions, Minimum Wage…

Flash Rally in Cornelius today to protest McCrory. XPost from GD

Unconventional kitchen appliance breeds insects for food