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If you were President Obama How Would YOU Explain Mayoral Candidate Weiner's E-Mail Flashing?

10-Year Limit for Madison Square Garden Approved.

A strong request to Seattle DU'ers-on 08/06/13, vote Kshama Sawant for City Council, Position #2

Bush Presidential Library Misleads Visitors On WMDs In Iraq

The best solution to fight the government shutdown would be to shut down the FAA

This is what happens if you attempt to film the police in Sweden - Beware!

Guess what I saw this morning?

Oh Noes...the 'story' of the Zimmerman crash is falling apart at the seams..

Go to hell in a hand basket Weiner...

Republicans threaten to shut down the government over obamacare

THis will not be my last post on DU

"The only thing I care about...."

Weiner Texts Again (cartoon)

Hi Skinner

The interplay of gov't and capitalism continues

Obama to nominate Caroline Kennedy as U.S. ambassador to Japan

Republican hero of the Week

Wow, who knew that the British Royal Family was that plugged into

"Yeah? So I lied to her."

How Low Can Your Salary Go? 117 ALEC Bills in 2013 Fuel Race to the Bottom

Steve King’s horrible racist comments...

Hillary trounces Rick Perry in presidential match-up; Perry, Ted Cruz lag behind in GOP primary

Virginia’s Coastline Could Soon Be Home To 2GW Of Offshore Wind

this may have been asked before but I don't remember what the answer was

Collateral Damage: QE3 and the Shadow Banking System

House Votes Down Amash/Conyers Amendment.

What wild berries can you identify and pick in your area?...

Maybe the hardest thing I've ever done, Was to walk away from you ...

Democratic Party Hero of the Day

Hannity: Defund Obamacare and let Democrats shut down the government

Whoa! So this is what the 21st century is all about

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!! Hallelujah!

Raising the minimum wage is hugely popular, but Republicans are standing in the way

If you read anything today, make it this comments section from Guardian.

Meet the pro domestic surveillance Democrats in the House

How can the BOG , which censor's all disscusion be allowed to censor rebutal on the Greastest Page.

House narrowly votes against limiting The Patriot Act

Pic from latest rig fire in the gulf:

Picture of lightning storm from the Space Station

Could Congress grant Snowden immunity in exchange for testimony?

Professional Glass Porn Is Here And Google Can't Stop It

USFWS Proposes Killing Barred Owls In Four-Year Experiment

Birders Go Wild After ‘Best Photobomb in History’

Mayor Filner needs to go RIGHT NOW!

I admit it, I am a crasher.

Maddow on fire tonight

So that officer with the 628 page personnel file has been suspended 3 times in 14 years...

Google Chromecast Lets You Stream Internet Video to Your TV for Just $35

City says no to PETA chicken memorial

Your Government at Work: Documerica Chronicles 1970s America

Can anyone identify this fruit / berry?

Now I'm the bad guy...

New Jersey School District Bans Unannounced Visits

Hillary Clinton Leads 2016 Democratic Pack, Would Beat Chris Christie Head to Head (47-41%)

"Minister" threatens violence against preachers who marry gays...

This is my lost post on DU....

The nancy grace story!

Limitation of the NSA in the U.S. House: Roll Call for the Failed Amash Amendment 217-205

I find it hard to believe the the 2nd Amendment is exclusively for national defense

Third woman accuses San Diego mayor of unwanted advances

Is Georgia the next frontier for solar development?

Former American Idol Contestants Seek $25 Million Each in Racial Lawsuit Against Show

Is Georgia the next frontier for solar development?

Interesting numbers today.

What Do You Guys Think Of This "Satanic Temple?"

Federal agents raid marijuana dispensaries in Washington

This is my Wilbur Post on DU

Paging Mr. Serling . . .

If unions are not speaking out against PRISM, it is because they have short memories.

This is my toast post on DU

California state senator: Dangerous chemicals being pumped underground without oversight

We watched a favorite movie just now, Pleasantville. So when (if?) Republicans watch it,

Hopping and Skipping Through a Garden


4 oil sands spills still leaking, cause unknown

Hello DU Lounge!

Arctic Methane: Why The Sea Ice Matters

Palo Alto switches to 100% renewables – at a cost of $3 a year

Tropical Ecosystems Boost Carbon Dioxide as Temperatures Rises

Are these Rose Hips?...

Heh! Ahh. DC is such a wonderful place to sweep a three game series!!

Holder, Looks To Overturn Ruling That Would Apply Fair Sentencing Act Retroactively

Pope Francis attacks drug legalisation in Latin America

I have a question for the married men of DU

Stock Market Watch, Thursday July 25, 2013

How fast is your internet? Test it and share.

The royal baby meets late night TeeVee

Collateral Damage: QE3 and the Shadow Banking System

A love story:

What wild berries can you identify and pick in your area?...

Contractors Providing Background Checks For NSA Caught Falsifying Reports, Interviewing The Dead

Oh, I wish I had an Oscar Mayor Weiner...

It Was Like One Slap In My Face After Another... Gay Husbands Go To Red America.

It appears Zimmerman's "heroic rescue" may have been staged

Senate Approves Questionable Student Loan Deal

I'm Not Sure I Could Do What This Actress Did — In Front Of A Police Car — In A Foreign Country...

Snowden's Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena spoke to the state-owned channel Russia Today

The spying by the NSA on millions of Americans is a very, very, trivial matter...

Here's the really puzzling thing about the Zimmerman 'crash' story

Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook U.S. Founder's Slave-Owning History

Blogger who broke the news of Anthony Weiner's latest indiscretions talks to AP

CHP arrests journalist to stop news of protest

Albertan tar sands leak continues unabated after 9 weeks

Just an observation -

Mother of Golf Prodigy in Hazing Death Defied by FratPAC

Building homes that make more power than they take

At the waterpark. I was NOT there to take photos, but here are a few anyway

The Giants finally win a game on the road. At some remote outpost called "AT&T Park".

Detroit Is The New Conservative Wet Dream

Well, after about 8.5 months, I am going back to work

Get your Lounge cake orders in now...

SAY WHAT? Michigan Approves Bonds To Fund New Detroit Entertainment District And Red Wings Arena

Sources: A-Rod thinks Yankees against him

In your papers are their commentaries of black conservatives writing about black on black crime?


Unleash the Hounds! (The Wild Hunt Link Roundup)

Street Fighter II "Best of Church Edition"

House Republicans vote to ban nonbelievers from serving as military chaplains

High Profile Black Actors Pay Tribute to Trayvon Martin~ "Little Black Boy Wonder" Beautiful..

The Tea Party Is Over

Yoshi poolside

The Mind Revisited - An Essay by Hal Crowther - who lives in NC, an observer for a long time

Through the wormhole on the science Channel had a commercial on tonight

Poll finds Bill Thompson leading New York City mayor's race

Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought

Spanish fort discovered in Morganton, NC

Former GOP Legislator Reports Aggressive Treatment at Valley Traffic Stop

Songs that you thought were made by someone else.

Why can't Congress spring into action like it has done to address the NSA

Steel cut oats in your berry crisp. They need to be microwaved in water for 12 minutes before

Reid Rushing Nominees to Floor Before August Recess

Gotta love Letterman: Tonight's Running Joke? "Carlos Danger. Gaucho of Love."

Moral Monday moves to Charlotte

Tea Party Congressman Compares African American Civil Rights To Snail Darters

7/24..Occupy Homes MN thwarted another eviction. (2 arrests).Rally 7/25 noon @ Minneapolis City Hall

The only speech I want to hear Obama give is this:

Well if you thought Nancy Grace was insufferable before

Watch Two Conservative Ladies Discuss Obamacare. (VIDEO)

Amash/Conyers Amendment On NSA Data Collection

Joe Scarborough Slams Sean Hannity For Response To Obama Speech (VIDEO)

Anyone read this op-ed in Sunday's New York Times?

Feds put heat on Web firms for master encryption keys (EDIT: sourcing issues here)

CA Prisoner HUNGER STRIKE DAY 16: CDCR Refuses to Negotiate, Strikers Issue New Statement

Three KTVU producers fired, fourth resigns, after Asiana pilot names error

Blueprints Of NSA's Data Center In Utah Suggest It Holds Less Info Than Thought

So what in the new progressive economic agenda are you most excited about?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 25, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Controversial Teachers

Bones of the Buddha

I AM the 63%!

William S. Burroughs explains the seven souls of the ancient Egyptian faith.

Watch Some Corporation Buy Detroit And Rename It.......

When I go into the Video & Multimedia group, my cursor and screen twitch and

William S. Burroughs explains the seven souls of the ancient Egyptian faith.

The Landfill Philharmonic...amazing!

Very interesting,

Sadly - any expectation of privacy anywhere ever will leave us disappointed.

Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic?

I try to be a forgiving person and but sometimes when you deal with a certain type of person

The Obama administration made common cause with the House Republican leadership to try to block it.

Flipping Through The Channels, I Stopped On Fox, And They Were Talking About...

What do you get if you cross a cloud chamber with a violin?

anyone read "the afterlife of billy fingers"

50 million dollars to rewrite history; and deceive future generations. The Bush Museum

Catfight love, a cold civil war

Bill Moyers: 'As the world knows, Trayvon Martin was stalked and killed by an armed vigilante'

Question for the Women of DU

Late night Blues break: Taj Mahal - She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule To Ride)

Your guess is as good as mine! Pick your hero!

So you think this guy has a chance on those "dating" sites?

So basically, the GOP is mounting a coup d'tat aginst the legal and elected

The perfect fit: Wonderbra maker to buy Maidenform

(hic) This will be my lashed post on DU. (hic)

The cost of Ken Anderson’s mistake endures

I Believe Zimmerman Knew the Family He "Rescued"

Poll: Americans Turn On Snowden, Majority Supports Criminal Charges

N. Koreans nabbed for smuggling medicine in Mongolia

The Zigganator

Senate panel weighs plans to close Guantanamo

Are you OK with your boss texting you?

Irony Alert: 'Monopoly getting rid of 'jail'

Rio Grande Valley scooter vendor sentenced in $11.1 million Medicare, Medicaid scam

In Cleveland, Killings Show Social Costs of Deterioration

Today's best headline: ''Weiner Marks Line in Sand for Final Stand''

Missing red diary at heart of Italy's dark history

Dying dad films last dance for daughter's wedding

Ten day Record Heat Wave continues in Siberia

In Bradley Manning case, Judge Lind prefers to keep low profile but ruling may have big impact

Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist

Julian Assange launches WikiLeaks political party via Skype

My other neighborhood!

Mitch McConnell Opens Primary With Attack Ad Against Tea Party Challenger

What's for dinner ~ Thursday July 24th

Criminalizing Male Serial Mas-tur-bat-ors.

House GOP Defeats Effort to Rein In N.S.A. Data Gathering

At least 77 killed, 131 injured, after train derails in Spain

Fox Leaves Live Coverage Of Obama's Economic Speech For Royal Baby Name

Asian Music mix XXII

Referendum on peace agreement just might pass

Group: 3 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

How Much Could Medicare for All Save You?

Under TOS violations

July 25: National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

I feel like Elaine Benes - does every last day have to be National Something Day?

What Parents Want for Education Policy

Nope, didn't listen to the speech but here's my analysis

"The war dehumanised us" - Colombia president

Hmm. New England power demand peaks. Grid operator tells wind farm to cut output

What an insane ride we've been on

The House Defense Bill: Great News! (for military contractors, that is)

Anti-fracking protesters halt Sussex shale gas operation

This is what happens when you do nothing ...

I would like to request a level of civility in our discussions here.

Arrested Development Season 4: Did anyone actually like it?

School Joe Scum on Obamacare Howie Dean

Cat allergy research offers new clues

Over 70 dead in highspeed train crash in Spain

Burqa Avenger: Pakistan’s new superhero fighting for girls' education

Dog Finds A Tiny Kitten, Risks Everything To Save Her

Federal report: E-Verify errors could wrongly exclude Americans from jobs

Tearing Apart New York Top Cop Ray Kelly's Shameless Lies About the NYPD's Racist Policies

Anti-Semitic display at Roger Waters concert

Keith back on air !

There is nothing remotely progressive in today's left-wing loathing of Israel

The Depressing Tale of How Greedy Financial Titans Crushed Innovation and Destroyed Our Economy

Would a Larry Summers nomination be the last straw for you?


Nick O'Leary--FSU Tight End is one bad ass MOFO!

Was Zimmerman's story of heroism staged by a supporter in the Seminole Sheriff's Dept?

Secular Wedding Services Have Huge Backlog In Catholic Ireland

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Is Worse Than The WTO Or NAFTA

$1,200 for school supplies? Price rate jumps triple inflation

Hey Bro's, a cool story

Congress: Obama’s Willing Executioners of the Fourth Amendment

If Seniors Want Photo ID to Vote, they just need to show Photo ID for the bus to the Photo Center

Late-Term Abortion Bans Have Support

Did Zimmerman have anything to do with the JFK assassination?

Most Honest Americans Found in Alabama and Hawaii; Least Honest in…Washington, D.C.

Arctic Methane Melt ‘Could Cost $60 Trillion’

Democrats Bristle As Republicans Send Trackers Into The Capitol{video at link}

Church of England seeks to put an end to payday lenders

Political source says Tunisian government opposition politician Mohamed Brahami has been shot dead

Majority of Americans favor restricting abortion at 20 weeks, according to new Post-ABC poll

Corbett's Hail Mary Lawsuit Against NCAA Cost Taxpayers $383,000... and still counting

Rosalind Franklin, DNA scientist, celebrated by Google doodle

TSA seizes shoes as replica guns

House “Republicans” Declare War on the American People and Economy. Again.

America's Most Miserable Cities

We are not being made more secure, we are being made more barbaric.

Tunisian opposition member shot dead in Tunis: political source

Wisconsin: Arrests at Capitol of Solidarity Singers

Four protesters arrested at Enbridge pipeline construction site charged with felony

US cheese lovers battle to save mite-ridden mimolette

Egypt arresting and threatening to deport Syrian refugees: HRW

U.S. lawmakers blast Guantanamo’s $2.7 million per prisoner cost

contact the White House today

Thursday Toon roundup 1- Hot Dog

Thursday Toon roundup 2- GOP

Spain's unemployment falls for first time in 2yrs

Bell's Brewery files lawsuit against Enbridge and Comstock Commerce Park developer over dredging

Thursday Toon roundup 3- The Rest

Wisconsin Citizens United Resolution Calls For 2014 Referendum Question Vote

Admiration, puzzlement over Weiner's loyal wife

Hot-Fire Tests Show 3-D Printed Rocket Parts Rival Traditionally Manufactured Parts

Tunisian opposition politician shot dead - general strike today

Dead Voters Sign Petition to Recall Colo. Democrat: The Curious Case of Twila Sue Peach

Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying

Tallying up the U.S. waste in Afghanistan reconstruction

Hugh Laurie as Prince George IV in Blackadder 3

House panel approves bill with deep cuts for EPA

I heard that Hannity declared that the one race that has nothing to apologize for

A year ago today (July 25) the high was 105

In many communities the animal control officer is also a police officer.

Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine.

Some People Can Just Get Away With Anything

4 Examples of How Corporate America is Crushing Social Media

Senior CDC. UK Health Leadership: "Catastrophic" Threat From Emerging CRE Bacterial Strains

Trapped in the oven of an extended heat wave, England calculates the damage

Moldova children’s hospital probe into household tools used in surgery

Voting Rights Of Black Americans Trampled By ‘New Jim Crow', Civil Rights Advocates Say

UD no tsop tsal ym eb lliw sihT

New Twitter Account Parodies PA. House Republicans (House is run by teabaggers)

Mineral Rich Australia May Contain World s Next Major Oil Find (3.5 to 255 billion barrels)

Shrimp & Prosciutto Pasta

The Price of Defame (Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit can move forward)

Rachel Maddow - House Republicans sacrifice environment to spite Obama

A good day for the presumption of innocence

Rachel Maddow - New voting rules insulate NC Republicans from voter reprisal

Rachel Maddow - Obama turns up pressure on reactionary House GOP

As expected, jobless claims inch higher

The best firearm-ownership tracking in the world? Right here in the U.S. of A.

With Voting Rights Act Gutted, Florida Set To Resume Voter Purge

Voting Rights Of Black Americans Trampled By ‘New Jim Crow', Civil Rights Advocates Say

Gimme That Old-Time Macroeconomics

"Crazy Magic Trick and Illusion Prank Man Cut in Half"

On this f**ked up day in history........

KTVU producers fired over Asiana pilots' fake names

Study confirms cancers-family link

Major Report Shows Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Would Worsen Climate Change and Fails President’s…

Has your mind ever been there?

Civil Rights Association asks for Fla. State Attorney's removal from case

Paul: Nobody In Congress Has ‘Stronger Belief In Minority Rights’ Than Me

How low-wage service workers are changing the face of labor

The one and only Janis

Psychopathic criminals have empathy switch

Feds in NY bring criminal charges against hedge fund SAC Capital, but not against owner

Steven King (R-Iowa): Keep Dreamers out, they are drug mules with cantaloupe calves.

Got error message when I trashed an email.

Julian Assange names WikiLeaks Party candidates

Holder Wants Texas to Clear Voting Changes With the U.S.

Voters think Republican climate dissenters are ‘ignorant, out of touch or crazy,’ bipartisan poll

Update: What the Florida SYG numbers seem to be telling me

AG opens new front on voting rights protection

SAC Capital Indicted on Fraud Charges in Insider Trading Case

Breaking - Holder asking Justice Department to reinstate pre-clearance in Texas.

U.S. lawmakers blast Guantanamo’s $2.7 million per prisoner cost

Economic growth in Venezuela at 1% for 2013

has everyone seen the google doodle today--honouring rosalind franklin, who first photographed DNA

Remember the two black teens who killed the baby?

U.S. charges five men in major credit card hacking fraud case

a biography of the day-rosalind franklin (biophysicist, x-ray crystallographer, DNA photographer)

Not as simple as good vs. evil: Geeks take on bullying at Comic-Con

Detroit Windsor Tunnel operator files for bankruptcy

Advice you've heard over the years, input here.

The Holy Anti-Semitic Month of Ramadan

BREAKING: SAC Capital (huge hedge fund) indicted on 5 (serious) counts by feds

Republicans in recess: ‘Fighting Washington’ with planted questions

Syria death toll now over 100,000, says UN chief Ban

I am so, so tired

North Korea to put US spy ship captured in 1968 on display

Family saved from car "with film"

Pennsylvania Police Chief: “Fuck All You Libtards”

Holder Holding Texas to Account for Last Year's VRA Violations - Wants Pre-Clearance Authority Back

I criticize democrats more than republicans

I'm sorry but I believe the whole Zimmerman saves a family was a completely staged.

The Amash Amendment, Legislative History And The Surveillance State. Remember these names

China indicts ex-politician Bo Xilai for corruption

Indian headmistress tied to poisoned lunches arrested

Holder seeks to restore key Voting Rights Act protections in Texas

Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought

Maryland's new climate change proposal: cut your energy use or face higher bills

Julian Assange Launches Australian Senate Bid Under WikiLeaks Party

I am so, so tired

Scientists discover what triggers allergic reactions to cats

Thank God. They re-signed the contract. I'm staying with the homeless clinic!

Laws of Man, Laws of Nature. Train wreck in Spain.

Is this a case of the jury system working?

Porter Stansberry?

How banks control markets, and hurt the consumer!!!!

the courage to say yes to Wall Street

Does this annoy anyone else? (Google)

If the Superzimmerman story is a hoax the main stream media has a responsibility to expose it

Why does Obama make speech after speech calling for change but not proposing policy changes?

Man With Widely Circulated Penis Pictures Not The Most Humiliated Person At Podium

Why does the Guardian hate BHO so?

Is the Universe Gaining Weight?

Think you can’t afford an EV? Think again

Mouse hunt mishap as man shoots himself

NYS Clean Indoor Air Act 10th anniversary

Poll: Republicans like Zimmerman more than they do President Obama

Egypt After Morsi - (Part 1/3)

Three-Year-Old Found Alone in Little Havana Apartment With Assault Rifles and A Grenade

WATCH: Harvey Fierstein Takes Putin Protest Live

Senate pushes sanctions on nations aiding Snowden

Is there a photo of the vehicle from the Zimmerman rescue?

Trutherisms and spectra of opinion

GM Beats Profit Estimates Ahead of New Model Wave

HAARP set to go back online!

Official: Body falls from Air France jet in Niger

[NSFW?] The Sexually Annotated Weiner Apology Email - R (X?) Rated

Ariel Castro is considering a plea deal, may accept in court Friday

The new found disdain among Republicans for NSA overreach

This will be my fast post on DU.

Weiner Insists At Mayoral Forum That His Campaign Is Not A Distraction


OH Florida!

Comfort Index Climbs as U.S. Economy Views Reach Five-Year High

Nuclear: the worst source of energy, except for all the others.

Mother's quest could help solve autism mystery

Renowned Sex Researcher Virginia Johnson Dies at 88

Tulsa may rename landmarks that honor Klan member

Video shows deadly train crash in Spain

Consumer Reports Gives New Chevy Impala One Of Its Top Ratings Ever

28 years ago today Rock Hudson's announcement changed the world.

Scientists discover what triggers allergic reactions to cats

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Likens Minorities To Prairie Chickens And ‘Various Lizards’

Woman arrested 396 times may move to mental health facility

Group Asks NRA To Kick ‘Racist’ Ted Nugent Off Its Board

Anthony Weiner is battling a sexting addiction: mental health experts

Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza's Instagram Account

DAMN!!!! this is crazy NC trying to past the worst voter suppression laws in the nation

Tropical Storm Dorian Strengthens Slightly, Several Days Away From Land

America's scariest police chief?

Gohmert likens minorities to prairie chickens and ‘various lizards’

Pelosi: Weiner Behavior 'Disrespectful Of Women'

Can you give me some photobucket help?

Cross-posting for political junkies-Pete Souza's Instagram Account

this will be my past post on DU...

Advisory board opposes SRS as nuclear waste dump

Snowden Damage Still Being Assessed; ‘Deepest Of Deep Secrets’ At Risk, Says STRATCOM’s Kehler

Paula Deen allegedly asked Black Female Employees to Dress like Aunt Jemima (not the Onion)

Caribbean to seek slavery reparations from Europe

Iraq Speaker Warns of Prison Raid Security Fallout

Go Detroit! Go Red Wings! (Graphic)

Anthony Weiner's Lead in NYC Mayor's Race Evaporates After New Revelations of Online Affair: Poll

Is "artistic license" a license to lie?

McConnell: "Where are the jobs?"

Paula Deen I Did NOT Dress Up Black Chef Like Aunt Jemima

Water shortage in Northern California believed cause of abandoned pot crops

Gruesome. Don't watch!

How does it happen, that almost 50% of liberal House Dems vote to keep the NSA???

Which 17 Democrats Voted Against the PATRIOT Act in 2011 But Voted with the NSA Yesterday?

Yoga for kids may help with physical and mental health

found this recipe on facebook and it looks pretty tasty


Criticism alters US drone program in Pakistan

Help, I need a couple of ideas for crockpot meals.

I generally agree with this.

Racist Right Wing Counter To The Zimmerman Case

(FL) Depleted Uranium Found at Opa-Locka Airport

Senate pushes sanctions on nations aiding Snowden

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Outreach To Latino Voters Continues

2 more senators jailed for ties to paramilitaries

Michele Bachmann defends surveillance policies

Hikers are rescued, then drive to their deaths in Atlantic Ocean off Maine

'AT&T Field at Jerry World'?

Five Important Things Women Don’t Know About Men

Pope Francis scolds rich in visit to muddy Brazilian slum

IMF says still not talking to Egypt's interim government

Ted Nugent, Spokesperson For Hate & The NRA

Depleted Uranium at Opa-Locka Airport

If you supported the Amash Amendment don't forget

Pap and Seder: JPMorgan Chase Follows Enron Fraud Model

Virginia Johnson, of Masters and Johnson, Has Died

Congress Will Keep Senators' Tax Reform Wishes Secret—for 50 Years

Bankrupt Detroit gets $225 million to pay for new Red Wings arena

Foes Of Surveillance Program Vow To Fight On After Close Loss In House

New NYC poll: Quinn 25, Tony Danger 18, Thompson and BdB 16...

Foster’s Solar-Skinned Buildings Signal Market Tripling: Energy

The NSA's New Spy Facilities are 7 Times Bigger Than the Pentagon

Right-Wing Media React To Obama's Trayvon Martin Remarks

Rare 'Zonkey' Born in Italy Zoo; Zebra and Donkey Parents Weren't Meant to Breed

Kanye and Kim

The Amash Amendment Wouldn't Have Ended The NSA. It Would Have Enforced Standards>

Caribbean nations to seek slavery reparations from European colonial powers

We need a million women march on Washington.

Dan Savage: Why I'm Boycotting Russian Vodka

Detroit Red Wings Get New $400 Million Taxpayer-Financed Stadium While the City Goes Bankrupt

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 26, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: François Truffaut

Justice Department to challenge states’ voting rights laws

Depleted uranium found in Florida airport, evacuation ordered in parts of airport

It's only Thursday morning.

There is a thread in LBN about Lindsey Graham/Iran that is doubly sickening

Residents unite against drilling in rural England

Ted "Pants Crap Fever" Nugent Doubles Down On The Racism, Attacks Stevie Wonder

Thom Hartmann: GOP - The Biggest Death Cult in America

Paula Deen Allegedly Asked Black Staffers to Dress Like Aunt Jemima

Plastinated Inside Out Horse Makes Times Square Debut

Obama: US Vietnam Committed To Regional Asia-Pacific Trade Deal By Year's End

Report Says 220,000 Have Died in Colombia Conflict

Gas Well Flaring - Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 4

55-gallon drum of depleted uranium found at Miami airport

So homophobia is funny

Coming from nowhere

Fracking up America

The new meme: It's Obama's fault, don't blame Republican obstruction.

Tonn: Better give the bill a snappier name..

Washington Post Poll Actual Headline: Privacy concerns rise after NSA leaks


Uruguayan leader meets with Fidel Castro, describes mentally sharp man despite advancing age

American Catholics want Pope Francis to address abuse scandal

Deciphering the Air-Sea Communication (long-term climate fluctuations in the Atlantic)

Northwestern U. Student Jeopardizes Degree by Refusing to Perform Whitman

Take a look at the signed portrait of Paula Deen at our local Wegmans Grocery Store...

Iran-Contra Hearings - Oliver North Testimony

Weiner Admits More Online Exchanges With Women After Quitting House

Weiner reminds me a lot of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and now Amanda Bynes

About that story where the mother supposedly killed her baby and framed two black kids

President George W. Bush Signs Patriot Act

Just to be clear, on the NSA protecting its sources and methods

Egyptian army gives Brotherhood ultimatum

This is my Emily Post on DU...

Support for Congress can get worse after all

Study finds link between women’s height and cancer risk

How many people were fired for telling unwanted truths during the Iraq War?

Great new book The Non Dairy Formulary

Court-martial of U.S. soldier in WikiLeaks case drawing to a close

Has Anyone Else On DU Noticed This Lately?

'First' 3D-printed rifle's barrel splits after single shot

Profits Over Patients: Florida Governor Rick Scott

Irish watchdog won't probe U.S. firms over Prism

"Words, words, words!" Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Is there really such a thing as a right-wing 'reporter'? (Huge David Corn Scoop Inside)

Rick Scott Florida Governor complete two hour Fraud deposition

Obama administration officials: No coup in Egypt

Obama judicial nominee questioned on abortion, religion

Rep. King on DU Home Page EarlG Post

Florida Governor Rick Scott on Zimmerman: Justice System Works

New nuclear fuel-rod cladding could lead to safer power plants (less danger of hydrogen explosions)

The Rude Pundit: Rep. Steve King on Cantaloupe Calves and Hog Harvesting

There must be a better way to delete all these Automated Messages

Breaking News:::DEA Agents Raiding Washington State

CNN: Florida Governor Rick Scott answers questions about fraud case

Is Buddhism Opposed to Self-Defense?

Pelosi: Weiner, Filner behavior ‘so disrespectful of women’

Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War"

Greenwald: "Democratic Establishment Unmasked"

Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War"

GOP Chair Reince Priebus: "There's only one sovereign God"

Budget cuts force scale back of health-care fraud investigations

Holy. Shit. Watch this right now

Kerry Visits U.N. to Discuss World Crises

Florida Governor Rick Scott Insists He Took Responsibility For Largest Medicare Fraud In History

I almost hate to type the word "Zimmerman" but did he have a job?

World changing technology enables crops to take nitrogen from the air (!)

Virginia Johnson, renowned sex researcher, dies

Please Help Me Find Amash Amendment. Not Description, But Actual Amendment>

Number of major political discussion boards where Republicans get bashed

The Best of Anthony Weiner

Lee Atwater's Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy

It's worse than Watergate.

Rupert Murdoch tape reveals media mogul's contempt for police

Census Bureau's New Tool Puts Congressional District Statistics at Your Fingertips

On this day in 1946, the Bikini Atoll Baker nuclear test. Just look at this huge photo of it:

Thanks Obamacare, Rebate Check In July, Health Exchanges In October

Petcoke & the Detroit River

Juror B29 Will Be Talking With Robin Roberts

Where is Biden on civil liberties and the surveillance state?

HRC Prez to NBC: Shame Russia

Thom Hartmann: Kochtopus Tentacles are Coming for Public Schools

BP’s New Ad: Who’s the Real Victim of Deepwater Horizon?

So A Bear Wanders Into A Bar... No, Seriously!

Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War"

A Blueprint for the GOP's Attempt to Sabotage Obamacare

Homeland nominee defends self as GOP boycotts

When it's not your turn to Die: Fake Video.

Officials: Obama Administration Sees No Coup In Egypt, Allowing US To Maintain Military Aid

Juror Says ‘George Zimmerman Got Away With Murder’

The MOOC Racket

It's time to retire...

Company Begins Renting Helmets To Citi Bike Members

Anyone watch "The Chesire Murders" on HBO?

This is my Saturday Evening Post on DU

FINALLY!!!! Knights of Badassdom Acquired for Distribution

BofA: Bank of America or Bank of Abortion?

Why in hell aren't people using dog carriers or cages?

UN Rights Chief Criticizes Israeli Plan To Displace Bedouins, Move Them Into Urban Townships

Pelosi: "If they're clueless, get a clue. If they need therapy, do it in private."

Privacy Perturbed: British CCTV-mania shatters records

One city's neglect of infrastructure in favor of developers prompts candidate to replace hoop nets

"He's guilty - he confessed!" A brief look at some false coerced confessions.

Fracking Hell - Poland

Media Grounded: No-fly zone over Arkansas oil spill to censor news coverage

Voting rights

Pfaff: US Policy Is to Keep the Veil of Secrecy in Place

Harvey Milk - 1978 Interview

The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed

Carter Center Explodes Myths About TV News Media in Venezuela – without even trying to

A Rant and Cry for Help Regarding Employment...

Court would hear opposing views in spy cases

Why Do Women Disapprove of Drone Strikes So Much More Than Men Do?

Senior Homeland Security post nominee denies aiding politically connected technology firm

Syria death toll now above 100,000, says UN chief Ban

Pennsylvania Tom Corbett's Broken Promises: Job Creation

Morales accepts European ‘apologies’

Mystery solved: Here's what's killing bees (Honeybees)

Morales accepts European ‘apologies’

Writing contest focuses on race in American politics; winner to get $250

Old King Cuddles was so very befuddled...

Dog Balls:

By all means... play with your food!!!

Hidden treasure that we would (c'mon... admit it)... that we would ALL find:

MiddleFingerMom reminisces about "The Good Old Days":

This is MiddleFingerMom's lost past on DU.

Thomas Jefferson's tombstone

Trans Teen Must Have Access to Male Locker Room, Says DOJ

Activist Journalists arrested at home in London, ON

Beth Chapman Arrest Warrant Issued

I got my Godfather DVD collection back!!

Thousands of Protesting Colombian Farmers Request Asylum in Venezuela, Maduro Meets with Santos

James Wolcott reviews The Killing. Excellent.

Abc news Roberts interviews another Zimmerman juror

President Obama's Theory of Executive Branch Accountability

Hamas government closes Ma'an, Al-Arabiya bureaus in Gaza

President Obama will be in office until January, 2017.

Ermahgerd, Bjorn hat berberr!

Venezuela's Ferrominera comes to a halt amid militarization

Juror Says She Owes Martin's Parents Apology

Krugman: Stiglitz, Minsky, and Obama

Full recovery unlikely for NASA's Kepler planet-hunting spacecraft

Venezuela among the worst countries for female entrepreneurs

Juror B29 Zimmerman got away with MURDER!!

DOMA ruling quickens march toward marriage equality

Neither one of my dogs is interested in fetching.

This is my " What is with all these 'This is my ( put whatever here) Post on DU" Post on DU.

Need help with title of book about an escape from East Berlin. The book appeared as

Senate panel refuses IRS cuts sought by GOP

Man takes plea deal in Ashland forced labor case, agrees to testify against three others

NYT: Paula Deen’s Cook Tells of Slights, Steeped in History

Comptroller Topinka says she can't pay Illinois lawmakers

Are We Setting Up Working-Class Kids To Fail In College?

Ever since about noon today, DU's spell check will not work for me. It just sits there.

Poll finds republicans like Zimmerman more than they do the President

Drinking Coffee Lowers Suicide Risk… Good News For Starbucks

the Monetization of Prestige

Palo Alto police begin using license-plate reader

ACLU Ad: The President Lied to the American People and Broke the Law

Pa. gay couple marries as Montgomery County defies state ban

Powerful sign at the Moral Monday rally

Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center to close it's doors

Right to Birth Control? -- Griswold v. Connecticut

Looking back at PA from a distance

"Obamacare confession."

State Accused of Using Occupy Protesters as 'Guinea Pigs'

US going communist more popular than congress

You can't make this stuff up

Arrested For Singing In WI State Capitol

WI Capitol Crackdown Speak out get arrested

Love Is Not An Illusion. Rebutting Nihilism and Other Superstitions of Disembodied Atheism

Snowden Inexplicably Hires A Lawyer With Ties to Russian Intelligence Agency

A request from olddots, Funny Dog picks.

Religions targeted by the Greens

"Leaders Of The 9/11 Commission Say NSA Surveillance Has Gone Too Far!" (Tom Kean/Lee Hamilton)

Native Americans celebrate faith, spirituality at Tekakwitha gathering

Pigpile on Daddy, Part D'oh...

In Chicago, Students Rise Up Against Corporate Assault on Public Education

Senate committee votes unanimously to sanction any country that takes Snowden

Does public office corrupt or does public office attract the corrupt?

NBA player JJ Redick had an 'Abortion Contract' With Ex-Girlfriend???

Hey Virginia, What's Up With Your Sneaky, Lying, Money Grubbing Governor and His Protege?

Colombian leader Santos defends constitutionality of peace law

Arrested: Selma 1965..... NC 2013

GOPPER Rep - Saving The Life Of Woman Just A Convenience To Get An Abortion.

Group asks NRA to kick ‘racist’ Ted Nugent off its board

New Yorkers, it could be worse

Colorado GOP Caught Forging Signatures in Recall Effort (spoiler: dead people signed petition)

Gas Industry Advertising BS

Congress rushes to restore benefits for LGBT veterans

Kerry Bearing Good News For Syrian Opposition In Bid To Affirm US Engagement

An Industrial Park in my Backyard - Similarities Between Coal Mining and Fracking

Would you hang a jury or let a murderer walk away scott free?

Women and the Arab Revolutions: Have They Been Helped or Hurt

New York's Penn station – and other ugly train terminals around the world

I need to install a railing for my front portico...

Uranium found at Opa-locka airport; surrounding area shut down

The End of the Plastic Bag

Obama Accuses Republicans Of Acting Like A ‘Deadbeat’ By Refusing To Raise The Debt Limit

What Cuban-American Lawmakers Don't Understand About Cuba

Married Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has sex penthouse in NYC, seeks 'bikini babes' on Instagram.

Eric Holder v. Texas (Voting Rights)

Rather Than Gut Medical Research GOP Should Close Loopholes

GDAC Gas Drilling in NE Pennsylvania You Be The Judge

Has Chris Matthews ever let a guest finish a sentence let alone a

What is Bourgeoisie

What's with MSNBC's boner for Weiner?

PMO asked staff to supply 'enemy' lists to new ministers

Cenk on the heated Piers Morgan/Larry Elder interview about Rachel Jeantel

Ohio Plans Unspeakably Cruel Appeal Of Dying Man’s Last Wish

When Will The Economy Collapse?

Can you see the NY Post headline: "From Gracie with Weiner".

Filner v. Weiner: Why one is an above the fold story and the other isn't

Do you have "Bitchy Resting Face"?

Dozens dead in violence across Iraq

Of the three living Democratic Presidents, which one is/was best?

Voting Rights Advocates Occupy NC Speaker's Office, 6 Arrested After Historic Vote in NC Senate

One more $100 million contract: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

How The Dirty got involved in Weiner scandal

Weiner's Gay Pants.

Anti-Morsi campaigners prepare for rally

Thom Hartmann: White-Supremacist Mythology Pushed by Bill O'Reilly

What it means that we are not a nation of laws -

The Onion is leaving Madison the same way Sherman left Atlanta.

Please help get this to the greatest page for VISIBILITY!

Can you figure out this pic in <10 seconds?

MIRT has a new mascot.

Turning off the reoccuring part of membership payments.

If Today's GOP Leadership Is Not Right Or Conservative Enough What Is The RW Agenda

Oh crap, I let go of that feeling

How Twelve States Are Succeeding In Solar Energy Installation: New Report

Tesla Versus the Luxury Automakers

The South, race and Marcus Dixon case.

'Ya'alon orders freeze in permits for EU projects in West Bank'

Don't know what to say about this one. Impossible to defend.

Do I need this ?

Making America Relevant to International Climate Diplomacy Again

My god Al Sharpton is almost having a orgasm

Ohio Plans Unspeakably Cruel Appeal Of Dying Man’s Last Wish

Fox News Personalities React To A Speech Fox News Didn't Air

Racist Roots of GOP War on Obama

Cat Sees His Owner For The First Time In 6 Months

Rush Limbaugh's Racism

Alright, let's just calm the f-- down and start compiling the links to these Healthcare Exchanges.

NTSB says Southwest plane landed incorrectly in nose gear collapse

Among voter-suppression bills, 'This is the single worst'

AMC's The Killing. A series that rips apart America's Social underbelly.

Papantonio: Detroit Bankruptcy Exhibit A For Bad Republican Policy

I don't live in New York City but NYC politics matter somewhat to me

Can an international agreement stop the global taxation shell game?

I'm not a religious guy but this story is pretty fucking cool! Edited to Add Picture

A Brief History Of Women's Sexuality In Hollywood

Is it a mistake to wait for jobs?

Throwback: Lawrence O'Donnell to Bill O'Reilly Remember your own sex scandal

How many have been on a jury before? My wife feels for that Juror on the Zimmerman trial.

Hypnotic Animated GIFs from Mat Lucas

This is what happens when you videotape the police in Sweden.

Lawrence O'Donnell made a great point about Weiner and the NYC papers last night

Kochtopus Tentacles are Coming for Public Schools

Richard Nixon discusses homosexuality

First 3-D printed rifle fires bullet, then breaks

This my next post on DU.

David Corn SCOOP: Groundswell:Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War"

Halliburton agrees to plead guilty to destruction of evidence re:Deepwater Horizizon

This is my 49,315th post on DU.

Now was this fair?!?

Poll: Majority more worried U.S. surveillance goes too far

Justin Trudeau boosts his support for legalization of marijuana

Guess what I saw flying over SE DC today?

Maybe Matty's decision to "come out" prompted OMeara to cancel his bullshit press conference

Halliburton Agrees to Plead Guilty to Destruction of Evidence in Connection with Deepwater Horizon

Don't You Just Hate Those "Opportunity...That's The Real Wal-Mart" Commercials...

DOJ targets Texas in voting rights push

Should Keith Alexander, Director of the NSA, be given a raise in pay...?

The Rape Joke (Strong trigger warning)

Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf oil spill evidence

Mother Jones' David Corn Discovers Secret Conservative Google Group that Plots Right-Wing Domination

Let the Sun Shine In

Locut0s' walking/exercise log.

Sasha Baron Cohen's Democracy Speech in "The Dictator"

So Your Honor, whose dog is it?

Digital Carjackers Show Off New Attacks funded by DARPA

NC: Senate approves abortion law

A pyramid in Dubai will house one million. f

The President at my alma mater.

NC Senate approves abortion law

RAW FOOTAGE of the Spanish Train Crash.CAUGHT ON CAM

Judge approves suit tying Morgan Stanley to toxic lending in Detroit

US Charges 4 Russians, 1 Ukrainian in Massive Hacking Scheme

US Using Syrian Rebel Supply Lines As It Prepares To Send Arms

My third week living in Texas it still feels weird

David Letterman Mocks Pope, Catholic Church

'No Bailout': Senators look to pre-empt U.S. aid to Detroit

Message auto-removed. What is that?

Some Senate Democrats to Obama: Pick Yellen for Fed Chief

Victoria Jackson goes completely off the deep end...

I can imagine lying to get on a Jury

why would my posts disappear from a thread?

Israeli Official: Turkey Wants To Humiliate Israel, Not Reconcile With It

Senate Dems to Obama: NO LARRY SUMMERS at Fed

NC Senate Approves Abortion Law Bill

Justice Department fails in bid to delay landmark case on NSA collection

Alan Keyes, sore loser.

The answer to *ALL* our problems!

AFA’s New Christian Coffee Company Proselytizes In Uganda, Funds Anti-Gay Hate In US

Attorney General Holder and Section 3 of Voting Rights Act

Citing Ariel Castro, new bill would strip rapists of custody rights

Detroit: Orr's deal - Banks to receive 75c per $1. Retired workers to get 10c per $1

Montenegro's First Gay Pride Parade ATTACKED