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Archives: July 23, 2013

Federal Judge Orders Ohio to Recognize Gay Couple's Marriage

Ottawa mother loses 3 limbs after dog bite infection (not a pit bull, semi-auto dog....)

BREAKING: Chris Jansing personally helped with the royal birth

The American Microcosm...

Solved: Mystery of missing WW1 German submarines uncovered after explorers find remains of 41 U-boat

Let's go pee on their front lawns!

Rick Scott

U.K. Prime Minister warns Internet companies to ban child abuse search terms

PR Firm Puts Pakistani Client on Hot Seat - wtf???

In Mass., Warren, Markey balk at student loan deal

"Obamacare eliminates cap on insurance payments"

The other Trayvon, and another murder trial set to reignite US gun debate

Airline: 8 hurt when landing gear collapses at NYC

Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels sought to remove Howard Zinn’s work from state classrooms

Police: Bomb found, destroyed ahead of Pope’s Brazil visit

In a nutshell...

'Stand your ground' laws faulted by Sens. Warren and Markey

Don't do drugs, boys and girls!

House Republicans Propose Cuts To EPA, Arts

Teachers Chief: Bad Teachers Should Find New Jobs

UBS agrees to settle US mis-selling case

As a public service I hereby post how to block royal baby news:

Iowa poll: Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie Tied (41%-41% 2016 Matchup)

Florida boycott growing

Neal Boortz: "We need to see some dead thugs..."

*I'm* against labor!

What happens in Detroit WON’T stay in Detroit

*I'm* pro labor!

Breastfed children are less likely to develop ADHD later in life, research finds

Millions Against Monsanto: On the Road to Victory

New Zealand Government About To Legalize Spying On NZ Citizens

Milwaukee man goes to jail for life for shooting black teenager.

My laptop screen is cracked!

Deputy faces reprimand for Skittles, iced tea at work

UT chemists turn seawater into fresh water with a battery

Two boys donate lemonade stand earnings to help repair Del. zoo Monkey House

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Birthday! & a new Kittehs gif

The true difference between liberals and conservatives/teabaggers.

Dallas: Mary Kay marks 50 years in beauty products

ink and water.

This Dead Cow Has Caught Big Oil's Attention

Sepideh: Letters to Einstein

For those who contributed to the discussion I initiated,

Do you?

Nate Silver Went Against the Grain for Some at The Times.

When Bernie Sanders filibustered the Senate he had to stand up and speak.

Did you know the Laramie Project is controversial?

Exclusive: U.S. congressional hurdles lifted on arming Syrian rebels

House to weigh limits on surveillance programs

Breaking: US Will Proceed with Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels After Congressional Concerns Eased

Big 12's Bowlsby beginning NCAA dialogue that could spark real change

N.M. attorney general says he won’t defend state’s gay marriage ban

OMG. I turned off the canadian news to avoid talk of the royal baby and tried CNN. ?????

Brady Hoke invites boy who named cancer 'Michigan' to see OSU v. MI game

Palestinian threatens woman with knife, arrested

Democrat jumps into Georgia Senate race

What size mp3 player do you have?

Grayson on Chris Hayes tonight

Egypt crackdown on tunnels strangling Hamas

GOP chairman: I don’t really care for the word tolerance

*I'm* Poor labor

Just for MIM: Urban Meyer's words ring hollow

Well, for all those complaining about the royal baby hogging the news- Good News!

Trayvon: "Too Much!" I William J. Barber, II

Brady Hoke reaches out to Ohio cancer patient

Save our green spaces we need petition signatures

Just so I have a record of this: The ceiling in the back bedroom leaked again this evening!

xPost--Don't stop there: 9 other things we should have boycotted a while ago

xPost-- Don't stop there: 9 other things we should have boycotted a while ago

Detroit bankruptcy, Kevyn Orr's doubts discussed weeks before EM was hired, e-mails show


Fire Rages Through West Harlem Apartment Building

rape culture in chicago- r. kelly headlines pitchfork music festival.

Video game music!

Partial Transcript re: Me on Ted Nugent from the Hall of Shame Portion of my Show This Week

Re: Martin/Zimmerman - why was / is there an effort to paint a picture that wasn't / isn't real?

Duck Dynasty stars raise $280K for children's home

What have I done so wrong???

Streetfighter II, Church Edition

Awaken the Mind.

Kids Raise Money for Hippotherapy with Book Sales (horse riding therapy)

Rescued dog saves family from fire in New York house (w/pic of good doggie)

"Obama Is About To Start Hammering Republicans In A Series Of Speeches On The Economy"

NYPD Officer Arrests Woman and Steals Nude Pics Off Her Phone

From Workers' Power on the oppression of women....

In honor or the royal spawn

Gazette recommends no vote on "recreational" marijuana sales

Hey Rush. Who's still on top thanks to slavery?

Big Racial Divide over Zimmerman Verdict

Hispanic supermarket chain files Chapter 11 after Wells Fargo tries to change loan terms

Ten Scientific and Tech Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs

Chili recipes

National GOP committee adds Lee Terry, Tom Latham to 'vulnerable incumbents' list

Does anyone know where Michelle Nunn stands on Choice?

Vietnam province opens world’s largest cave to tourists

Equity firm founded by James Baker's son defrauded company of $5 Million

'Big leap' towards curing blindness in stem cell study (BBC)

O Schadenfreude o schadenfreude

After royal baby, what's next for Will and Kate? Really?

Is Seattle dumping roids in the Sound or something?

Abbas vows to put any peace deal to a referendum

Women - Know Your Limits!

A few photos from Moral Monday 12

Greg Abbott, CPRIT & Favors for Friends

Japan plans to restart half of idled nuclear reactors in 2014; will save $18 billion/yr

Nude Spaniards Smash World Skinny Dipping Record

Netanyahu Planning Referendum Law For Any Peace Deal With Palestinians

Ohio Teenager Inhales Blow Gun Dart

America, the trivial: The proliferation of the American Flag in fashion

Chevron gets court permission to collect Americans email data

Some plants can thrive without much watering

Taxpayers Are Paying For Military Brass To Live Rent-Free In Mansions

Mayor O'Laughlin exclaims there's nothing wrong with Love Canal formerly owned by Hooker Chemical.

A word to the weyse

The Obama Blend

Dodgers should be in 1st Place tomorrow morning. Scored 14 tonight.

Scott Walker gives leader of jobs agency a 50% pay raise after Wisconsin sank to 49th in job growth

Video story on the Gimli Glider airplane dead stick landing for those interested in hair raising

The Obama administration is tackling some of the most insidious civil rights issues of our time

Snowden did not access 'crown jewels' of NSA intel, official says

Cannabis for Elders (Those who would benefit most have the least access)

Found on FB. What the aliens think about us.

N.C. budget would end teacher tenure, pay some private school tuition.

Are Republicans working behind the scenes to tear down McCain??

Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello - anyone planning to attend? Sept 6/7

"Tavis to Michelle Obama: Thanks, But No Thanks" 2008

To CA Gov Jerry Brown: “From Dachau with Love” Solidarity for CA prisoners

Lawyer: Snowden hopes to leave Moscow airport by Wednesday

'Why Britain's anti-porn mega-filter is great (no, really)'

Slice of life - Geez I love my little town.

Report: Seahawks Coach Peppered 4-Star General With 9/11 ‘Conspiracy’ Questions

Mirror mirror

question about Ken C and Northern Virginia

America's Dystopian New Normal

Greeley Immigration Reform Rally Focuses On U.S. House Of Representatives...

Moving chunks of aluminum around for no good reason except profits for--

Ayn Rand killed Sears

Democrat Michelle Nunn, Daughter Of Ex-Senator, Says She's Running For Ga.'s US Senate Seat

Financing FUTURE Economic Growth With ‘FUTURE SAVINGS’

Stop spreading the lie that they used a 5 year old pic of Travon Martin. Not true!

Even Barbara Walters is mystified by the GOP candidate who wants to outlaw oral sex in Virginia

GOP Launches Recall Against CO. Dems

Carson City sheriff describes tense scene with gunman at Olive Garden restaurant Sunday

Moon is in the 7th House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars

Feds sue Florida over care of children in nursing homes

drinking again. need chocolate cake.

Have you ever felt like you are hungry

Top US military officer says any move to use force in Syria could cost billions

Court stops Dallas suburb's immigrant renters law

Oliver Rips CNN’s ‘Royal’ Commentator: ‘Burn The Princess, For She Has Produced A Baby Of The...

MN Public Utilities Comm.. vote to allow more tar sands from Can. to WI.

MN protest at PUC: Minnesota PUC Embridge/Keystones Tar Sands Pipeline

For my Du friends - please check this out

Robert Redford, ex-NM Gov. Richardson fight against domestic horse slaughter

Hawkins woman allegedly fires at seven people, including children, for turning around in driveway

Boycott Florida orange juice

So Anyhow... More on The Affordable Healthcare Act

To the best Royals ever! Pip pip hurrah. Pip pip hurrah. Pip pip hurrah.

Noises in tourist's head were from flesh-eating maggots

There's a sordid, vile, disgusting story behind the new baby in England!

Proper Breeding and the Corrupted Arsenal of Democracy View

Couple of guys you may know....

1200 days

Movies that sucked, but the soundtrack was great?

Former Mobil VP Warns of Fracking and Climate Change

Just a little ridiculousness for the evening... (Mildly NSFW)

Today in Rape Culture

Loose rules leave Six Flags to investigate itself for park death

Wraslin' only please

Authorities: 73 arrests at NC legislative protests

OPINION: If Not Moral Mondays, Then What To Do?

Voting rights target of 12th Moral Monday protest

Who here is being driven nuts because

Moral Monday critics blinded by their own propaganda

What the hell has Tavis Smiley done to help the black community?

Boycott Good Times

Right-wing logic

Bold Nebraska Sets Groundbreaking Date for Solar Barn: Aug 17

What's your opinion of visiting the dentist?

I am at it again..

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Shwarmy --> MIT Interjects Itself Into Aaron Swartz Secret Service FOIA Case

Kim Jong-un rejected by German Beer Garden

10 Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

For my 13,000th post, I wanted to say something really positive.

Interstate 2

Pakistan Battles Polio,& Its People’s Mistrust After CIA Fake Vaccination Plan Used To Find OBL

Sex harassment suit filed against Filner, SD

Midland woman arrested for drug possession, hiding crack pipe in veejayjay

What specific change does the FL boycott mean to bring about?

I lost my wallet today with more than $800 and all my important stuff inside.

Perhaps my best photo effort - ever! "Moonrise over East Butte Lookout"

Bill OReilly's Mon. Night's Talking Points Memo: President Obama and the race problem.

I just got back from seeing "The Conjuring."

This photo!

Greece bankers guilty over Athens arson deaths

Venezuela and Colombia agree to mend strained relations

Don't FRACK Our Future - Doreen's Story

China quakes death toll rises to 89

Gabon: Seized Turkish ship with Indian crew freed

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy keeps counsel as corruption allegations fly

July 23: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Curiously, even though I am eligible to serve on juries . . .

Dolphins 'call each other by name'

Virginia Republican (The Cooch) Suffers Abortion Backlash From Donors

So if we boycott Florida does that mean Florida is going to boycott it's electoral votes from us?

Chris Hedges "We have shifted, , from a democratic state to a species of corporate totalitarianism.

Gillibrand backs Spitzer opponent in NYC race

Archaeologists discover 72 million-year-old duck-billed dinosaur tail in northern Mexico

Sending out totally excellent vibes to ~ Lady Freedom Returns

More Major Sponsors Sail From Limbaugh’s Sinking Ship

In the 1950s-1960s it was unpopular being a white southerner

Fox Viewers May Be Graying, but Their Passion Still Pays

Some Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt

Memo to George Zimmerman: You're Apparently Free To Shoot Geraldo Rivera Now. Just FYI.

“What Is That Box?” — When The NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company

What's for dinner ~ Tuesday July 23rd

July Recipe Challenge* - Summer Squash &/or Zucchini!

So, my fiancee may have deconverted entirely, and I'm not happy about it...

What constitutes a hate group?

When I click on the facebook "Like" button.. It links to MR BANANA'S

Mandela in Miami

Why is Latin America cooling on Catholicism?

French lawmaker on defensive over Hitler reference

North Korean rocket site: satellite images seem to show construction halt

Stock Market Watch July 23, 2013

Appears to have been a 5.2 earthquake at Fukishima

Courts Conspire with Chevron to Erode the First Amendment

Good News on Divestment!

The American Dream Has Turned into a Grueling Quest for Survival for Millions of People

How to encourage divestment from gun companies

The United States Is Awash in Public Stupidity, and Critical Thought Is Under Assault

Rand Paul's White Supremacy Double Game

Oh and..Quarterly Profit Doubles at Goldman Sachs

Why the Phrase "Black-on-Black Crime" Suggests Inherent Criminality

3-year-old shot, killed in Cabot

House hearing examines immigrants brought as kids

4 decades after war ended, Agent Orange still ravaging Vietnamese

Germany launches probe into US spying ties

(Switzerland) Naked woman goes distance for boyfriend

As parents die, Vietnamese worry who’ll care for Agent Orange disabled

Got my new monitor-WOW!

Makers of Agent Orange followed formula dictated by U.S. government (Dow & Monsanto)

Stop pretending racism is confined to Florida

Tax-free booze damages environment: Greens

George Zimmerman--Robert Zimmerman

Beijing bans knife sales after two killing sprees (requires registration of knives)

The Violence of Organized Forgetting

Sex in Geriatrics Sets Hebrew Home Apart in Elderly Care

Finland Writes world History With Crowdsourced Copyright Law

Standing Your Ground (cartoon)

Angered by tickets for tall grass, Buffalo residents point to decrepit, eyesore city lots

'Patent troll' Eolas defeated in final court appeal over invalidated patents

CNN reporting NSA has changed its passwords

'Lone Ranger': Cleft-Lip Charities Upset Over William Fichtner's Villain

Chris Hedges: "America is a Tinderbox"

AMA Helps Doctors Overbill Medicare by Exaggerating Time Needed for Procedures

The Huge Threat to Capitalism That Republicans Are Ignoring

Tampa Passes New Law To Toss Homeless People In Jail For Sleeping In Public

6-Year-Old Boy Hangs Himself Over Parents’ Divorce

My Father Once Tried to Take Me Away From My Mother Because She's Gay

Newt Gingrich claims gangs of black people have increased 40% since Obama's election

At least six die in Cairo violence, two killed in Sinai

Death row inmate sues, upset over lack of lunches on weekends

Trouble in Paradise: Slavoj Žižek on the global protest

Gen. Hayden’s Glass House

Michelle Obama speaking out on gun violence

Good to see Cincy on the right side of history for a change.

A little more Dead

More award winning journalism from CNN: Belly-flops can cause injuries

USC Student: Police Said I Wasn't Raped Because He Didn't Orgasm

Breakfast linked to 'healthy heart'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Talking about Race

Through the looking glass's looking glass. Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Baby

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 23, 1846

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 23, 1846

Harry Reid: Mitch McConnell 'Tried To Make Love To The Tea Party And They Didn't Like It'

The Secret Communion on the Moon: The 44-Year Anniversary

Darn... can't they just arrest them and lock 'em up?

Makers of Agent Orange followed formula dictated by U.S. government (Dow & Monsanto)

Marine proposes ‘Pay It Forward’

Guards 'helped' mass prison-break in Iraq

Keys To The Rain

Your morning octopus.

Nature is speaking for the country. Wonder if Congress is on vacation.

Indians celebrate birth of royal baby

At an Upscale Beverly Hills Restaurant, Claims of Underpaying Workers, denying bathroom breaks

Lawmaker proposes bill for Maryland to gain control of D.C.

And you can't tell the ones you love, You know they couldn't deal

Atheist And Agnostic Summer Camp Launches In Kansas City

Some State Officials Unsuccessfully sought to loosen PA. Voter ID Regulations (Trial Continues)

Birthday party culminates in massacre, 5 killed

Dutch court blocks extradition of terror suspect

Killings in Cassiano Losada

Ohio Ordered to Stop Discriminating Against Gay Couple

House abandonment of nutrition items in farm bill called 'misguided'


Remember Antonio Santiago? "Slain baby's parents had gunshot residue on them"

Report questions costs of mansions for the military's top brass

Brazilian crowds delight pope, frustrate security

New Hydrogen-Making Method Could Give a Boost to Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Is Angela Corey the Worst Prosecutor in the United States?

genetic portraits

Ohio Ordered to Stop Discriminating Against Gay Couple

Family calls cops. Cops break in and beat the hell out of them

this is what rethugs do 24/7....'red to the roots'

Oh noes! Dildo's are going extinct?

FDA: Menthol cigarettes pose public health risk

Postal Service looks to end at-your-door mail

Thirty years ago, we all discovered how hard the Metric system sucked

Rio police clash with crowd protesting cost of Pope visit

Harry Reid: McConnell 'Tried To Make Love To The Tea Party'

Papantonio: Gas Industry Controls EPA

financing future economic growth with future savings to protect america from economic decline

The latest sign that Europe’s plan to cut debt by cutting spending just isn’t working

U.S. House Prices Climbed 7.3% in Year Through May

Math that maybe even a Republican can understand.

Bad Real-Estate Deals Return to Haunt Detroit’s Pensions

Little Effort in PA. State Govt. to Make Reforms after Corruption Scandals

Snake Farm

Tabloid Headline of the Day

The Ladies on The View Turn Cuccinelli into a punchline

Colorado Springs Poised To Ban Retail Marijuana Stores

How Monsanto Is Terrifying the Farming World

Mitt and Ann Feel "Royally Blessed'

In the morning rain

Another image from Saturn

Detroit entrepreneurs make a case for their bankrupt city

Real men treat women with respect

Obama Quiet on Kerry Deal Shows Mideast Peace Fragility

trash the TPP: why it's time to revolt against the worst 'trade agreement' in history

Does anybody out there know how to photoshop?

UPS Profit Falls; Consumers Penny-Pinch With Cheap Routes

Rachel Maddow - Federal judge blocks ND abortion law

Keystone XL Raises American Gas Prices

Justice Department Sues Florida Over Disabled Kids in Nursing Homes

Will the Royal Baby boy serve in a war zone like his uncle?


The Meaning of al-Qaeda’s Alarming Baghdad Jailbreak

Ring of Fire: GOP Obstruction Reaches New Levels

Science in Action Winner for 2013: Elif Bilgin

The Closed-Door Media Talks That Could End the Open Internet (TPP)

Prosecutor Angela Cory discussing the Alexandra case earlier this year you want to here this

Democrats Divided Over Student Loan Bill

The Last Word - Answering critics on Obama's race relations speech

My own Trayvon moment.

Cannabis for Elders: A Precarious State

The Last Word - Tea Party challenging Sen. Mitch McConnell

The Convergence of the ‘Glenn Greenwald Left’ and the ‘Alex Jones Right’

External Hard Drive suggestions?

Man who shot, killed teenage neighbor will serve 1-2 years.

Hunting Pushing Central African Forests Toward Ecological Collapse

Catholic Church Fights California Sex Abuse Bill

Reward for Cutting Power at Peak Times ("negawatts")

This article at gave me a good laugh, people when they look different, older or younger

Weirdest/Coolest Jam Session I've Ever??...

The Royal Baby, is this the Prince that was Promised?

International Olympic Committee warns Russia after anti-gay law

Picture of Joe Walsh & Senators Durbin, Franken & Duckworth

Awesome dad defends awesome daughter’s message to Texas lawmakers

Rapid upper ocean warming linked to declining aerosols

Blue collar workers with high school diploma pay higher auto insurance rates than college grads

NYPD's Ray Kelly shows Rudy Giuliani was soft on crime

Eugene Robinson: "Sometimes it’s good to be proved wrong & Well, the president did just that."

Is this how you deal with a suicidal 15 year old?

More Republican Family Values

Michelle Obama highlights kids, gun violence

AP NewsBreak: Homeland Security official probed

Direct nitrogen fixation at the edges of graphene nanoplatelets as efficient electrocatalysts for…

Congress threatens Afghanistan over US exit taxes

Major GOP Donor Passes Away

How Adding Iodine To Salt Resulted In A Decade's Worth Of IQ Gains For The United States

Edward Snowden Is No 'Traitor'...

Pic Of The Moment: New GOP Strategy: Forget About Tolerance -- What's Needed Is A "Tolerant Tone"

Not your average cowboy boot. Be ready to laugh. Funny stuff!

Global climate change on a global level:

The Republican Party Is A Danger To American's Health & WellBeing

After Filibuster, a Star Rises in Texas

My thoughts on the royal baby. No sniping allowed.

Dear Royal Baby: We Americans Apologize for Our Revolution; Please Be Our Absolute Monarch

Clarence Thomas "Outraged" by Treatment of His Nephew

Tropical ecosystems regulate variations in Earth’s carbon dioxide levels

Read How House Republicans Will Re-Terrify Their Constituents About the IRS and Obamacare

An Oasis in the Food Desert:

Amputees Face Tens Of Thousands In Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Replacement Limbs

Succinct Summary of Who We Were on July 19

How Many Minimum Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Your State?

The wonderful Victoria Wood

If this doesn't cheer you up, check your pulse.

Cornel West On Drone Strikes: U.S Is The George Zimmerman Of The World

Super Heroes Drop In and wash some windows at Children's hospital

PA. is 45th among the states in job creation - but we did beat Arkansas!

I'm soooo sick of Floridians whining

From Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary on FB; Nothing to Prove - Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks

Government Shutdown Looms Over ObamaCare

Terminally ill man and his husband fight to force Ohio to recognize their marriage, and judge agrees

Who killed the Chrysler Airflow?

Environmental toxins enter the brain tissue of polar bears (and therefore humans)

Page Morton Black, Who Sang Heavenly Jingle (Chock Full o'Nuts), Dies at 97

The Violence of Organized Forgetting

Glenn Greenwald Endorses Rush Holt for Senate in New Jersey

Funds will help low-income students prepare for college

Why are people forgetting Obama, race, and the Henry Louis Gates "affair"?

Ex-Dem/ex-legislator gets taste of Driving While Brown, rethinking how the common peeps are treated

A Rare Look at an Iridescent Cloud

"King of England?": why do Americans confuse England with Britain?

Thom Hartmann: A Bankrupt Detroit is the GOP model for America

Broken shackles

Can anyone explain to me why there isn't a massive attempt underway to contain Fukushima...

NYC Top Cop Ray Kelly ‘Flattered’ By Obama's Praise, DHS Talk

This Is For Everyone Who's Thinking Of Buying One Of Those $500 Homes In Detroit

NRA's black commentator becomes Web sensation

Gov. Cuomo says NY'ers can expect lower insurance rates beginning 2014

Sheriff's detective lied under oath and on reports, D.A. says

Neat graphic to share on your Facebook page

What am I grateful for this morning? Hmmm...

Prince Harry defends gay soldier

Senate Intel Leaders (Feinstein,Chambliss) Slam House Measure To Cut NSA Surveillance Funds

Five Surprising Facts About Daydreaming

Homeland Security Threatens to Punish Staff for Reading Washington Post NSA Articles

Time for another rousing game of 'Desk Lunch' - what'cha eating at your desk today?

11 Shocking Things The Richest Americans Could Do For The Country (But Never Would)

Detroit's Decline Is a Distinctively Capitalist Failure

Sean Hannity: Not even wrong, new report says

Urgent--Fight for our right to vote!

For those of you who bake for friends and/or family:

For anyone who needs an uplifting smile for the day: Baby + hose + dogs...

Harry Reid: McConnell ‘Tried To Make Love To The Tea Party’ ("& they didn't like it")

Penn study finds safety in cities, more risk in rural areas

Elizabeth Warren for President? How about...

L’Affaire Snowden Shows US Weakness

Please, please, please, please, pleeeeeease bring back the unrec feature for...

Snowden Receives Whistleblower Award in Germany

Cop who leaked bombing suspect photos disciplined

Virginia's GOP Lt. Governor: Republican ticket "the most ideologically driven ticket" ever in VA

Complete Campaign Finance Reform is the solution to the root cause of most of our problems!

Maduro was born in Colombia?

Russia Says U.S. Hypocritical On Edward Snowden

Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn faces possible closure

Question submitted by Orrex

One of the most shameful things I've seen since the Tealiban took over NC...

New York Times Picture of the Day...

Proud Member Of "The Glenn Greenwald Left" Here.

Taiwanese animation on the royal birth

Did Puerto Rico ever act on that statehood vote?

Man To Spend 15 Years In Prison For Raping Toddler (from the time she was 2 until 4 yrs old)

Ford To Hire 3,000 Salaried Workers In 2013 -- 800 More Than Expected

North Carolina On Cusp Of Passing Worst Voter Suppression Bill In The Nation

Mike Lee threatens to shut down government over Obamacare

Do you consider alarm over the extent of government surveillance to be a paranoid conspiracy theory?

Proud member of the anti-Iraq war, anti-Citizens United, anti Ron and Rand Paul left

How to Walk Your Human

Obama To Move Ahead With Arming Syrian Rebels

York County commissioners vote down symbolic anti-Keystone measure

9/11 Free Fall 7/18/13: Dr. deHaven-Smith and "conspiracy theory"

Israeli Media Report Netanyahu Asked US For Pollard Release In Exchange For Renewed Peace Talks

Snowden plans to settle and work in Russia – lawyer to RT

America is a melting pot

Are Arabs sexist? The institutions, perhaps, but not the people

US Drones Killed 94 Kids In Less Than 3 Years

New Report: Less than 1-percent of Tar Sands Environmental Infractions Penalized

Looking for obamacareinfo I herd on Ed Schultzz radio show yesterday

Gulf platform experiences blowout southwest of Grand Isle

Humanists want a military chaplain to call their own

Edward Snowden Is Driving The US Security State Insane

These Zimmerman apologists crack me up.

Info and link Holistic Cancer Conference in Atlanta Sept 13 - 15 and other degenerative disases

Rush and O’Reilly: Race hustlers, Inc.

President Barack Obama’s choice for No. 2 spot at DHS is under investigation

This is a little outdated but I thought..



Great way to store bikes - don't know where it is though


CIA Murder Claims Are Credible, but Too Late

Rep. Brad Miller (D), data mining conspiracy theorist (circa 2007.)

Dallas suburb cannot bar housing to illegal immigrants, court rules

Worker Centers Offer a Backdoor Approach to Union Organizing

Texas Organizing Project

Henchman accuses Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger of pedophilia

Zimmerman's defense of lies

US Navy says all is well with the accidental "bombing" of the Great Barrier Reef

My grandmother just passed away. My favorite story of her

Syria Kurds make rapid advances in north: NGO

Russia makes it illegal to insult the “feelings of religious believers”

47 rescued from Gulf rig; natural gas leaking

Five years later, fracking pause still in effect

Robo Cop III Playing In Detroit For Real It Is Not A Movie

Mike Ellis gets Democratic challenge for state senate

GOP Spent Over $2 Trillion In Iraq And Afghanistan - Even Building Their Cities - But Won't Feed

Cory Booker's true colors: GOP Trump family pours money into Booker's campaign

FDA cracks down on illegal diabetes remedies

Thom Hartmann: Boehner Brags about Turning America into Detroit...

Jenny Pell - Seattle's Food Forest - Bonfire Heights 2012

German ecologists decry wind turbines, says they cause visual pollution

Greenwald is not the left.

The ruins of Detroit

Obama apointees...

Anyone have info on the Haswell chip and new Imac models coming out soon?

Gomez: I will run again. Not sure for what, but I will.

Paul Ryan claims Obamacare building 'biggest database ever collected on us'

Why is the mainstream media pushing the meme that Christie could beat Hillary in 2016?

The Convergence of the ‘Third-Way Left’ and the ‘Dick Cheney Right.’

Outrageous !! Ohio Gun Group Raising Money To Buy George Zimmerman A New Gun..

Climate of Fear: Jim Risen v. the Obama administration

The truth is, there is one person who could let the cleared prisoners out if Gitmo tomorrow!

A baby!!!! Awww. And Kate appears sans spanx omg, thanks girl!

I I used to think it was Bernays, but today I thought otherwise

Very sweet seeing Kate, Will and baby together, but

The Color of the Ocean: New South American Satellite Joins Earth Observation Effort

Ted Cruz: Gay marriage advocates will try to stop free speech

Maybe black skin is like Kryptonite to Zimmerman...

Storm Trooper Turns Up At British Historical War Reenactment

This Earth Day, Stop the Appalachian Health Crisis Caused by Mountain Top Removal

Now for today's edition of Funny How That Works...

Purple bacteria on earth could survive alien light

Senator Slams Domestic Spying: ‘Secret Law Has No Place In America’

The Excessive Coverage of the Royal Baby

Congress is a criminal enterprise.

a question about C-sections for Medical Professionals

Chile right-wing presidential hopeful rules himself out of race

Queens Woman Recovers Life Savings From Tossed Fridge

Same Sex Marriage Act - time to separate religion from politics (UK)

What happens when a gay bar decides it no longer wants to be gay?

I am confused? Why did we fight the Revolutionary War?

One of the best Royal Baby puns you will ever see (for the next hour, at least)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Ramadan

In FL there are Blacks who shoot Whites and use SYG and get off.


Carlos Danger: Anthony Weiner Confirms Authenticity Of New Sex Chats

Bicyclist pleads guilty to manslaughter in Calif

I think the baby should be named Austin

“Where You Grow Up Matters”

Weiner admits to XXX online chats with woman for 6 months *after* resigning from Congress

Mike Luckovich - Liz Cheney

While we're at it, let's boycott Flo Rida

Who Killed Radio?

First U.S. citizen detained as China pharma probe spreads

A Must Read Account of Fracking Colorado

McDonnell repays $124,000 in loans to booster and benefactor, apologizes for accepting them

Derf on the "Sex with pool items guy"

Obama donors keep sending those checks

Venezuela and Colombia agree to mend strained relations

NASA has released high res film scans from every Apollo mission!

Defund the NSA Amendment H.R. 2397 Dept. of Defense Appropriations Act, 2014

John Henry Spooner sentenced to life in prison for killing unarmed teen (Darius Simmons)

Cuccinelli Apparently Supported Laws Against Adultery As Well Per Huff Post

Judge Judy on Gay marriage

Anthony Weiner responds to new sexting allegations

Rock legend Eric Burdon cancels Israel show following threats


Do you believe in coincidence?

The End of the (Wire)Line - Bill Moyers AT&T wants to discontinue landline service

More Evidence That Colleges Are Giving Money to Those Who Need It Least

"I only shot a ni---r". Yup, Florida.

Opinion: Gov. Christie's veto on N.J. pig gestation crate ban warrants override

Amanda Bynes is on mental lockdown

Red Sox show Pedroia the money.

Anthony Weiner's behavior is not just a family issue.

Post a Pic of your Tattoo(s)!!!

FUNNY POLITICAL:Racism Irony & A New Way to Silence Dissent; Absurdity Today w/Julianna Forlano #41

Assange and Greenwald and neither heroes or villains

Boehner's dangerous incoherence on the debt ceiling

Peter Dale Scott: "Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev A Double Agent Recruited By The FBI?"

Just a heads up about Rush Holt, Elizabeth, and the NJ Senate primary:

Yemeni Journalist Who Obama Kept in Prison is Free

Why is the Royal Baby living in a small cottage without air conditioning???

Are We Seeing The End Of The Religious Right In America?

Obama's approval rating falls in California

Apologize to Mike Douglas: HPV Vaccine Found to Help With Cancers of Throat

GOP State Rep: Abortions To Save Mother's Life Are 'A Matter Of Convenience'

Weiner confirms more lewd messages

Obnoxious ad on game site

Thanks to Global Warming, Arctic Shipping Has Quadrupled in the Past Year

Yemeni journalist who reported US drone strike is released from jail

interesting thread, filled with Islamaphobic content

Cuccinelli = John Fugelsang Takes Double Entendre To A Whole New Level

While real live actual elected Democrats are taking action, DU argues about personalities.

House panel wants deep cut in Great Lakes program

Cat shaming...

This Floridian has got one thing to say.

Mortgage lender accused of paying illegal bonuses for costlier loans

Development of safe alternatives—Non-toxic flame retardants

McDonnell apologizes, repays loans

Vitter Amendment - Talk about those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

NY ex-governor testifies at sex-offender trial

Dallas suburb's renting ordinance blocked

Rubio’s Call to Impose Travel and Remittance Restrictions Draws More Ire from Cuban Exiles

Can you be part of the left if you supported Bush, the Iraq war, and the Citizens United decision?

Second state cracks down on patent-wielding “scanner trolls”

Virginia paper sorry for printing racist rant about ‘black motherf*ckers’

Venezuela experiment: Will a gun ban stop the murders?

Boys with sisters more likely to be conservative politically and at home: study

Obama Should Just Pardon Bradley Manning. Nothing less from Obama will remove the stain of injustice

Volunteers See Fukushima Radiation on the Move—Crowd-sourced data provides a high-res view of radia…

Princess Diana was nothing more than their brood mare.

I just saw on local wabcnews that Weiner will have a presser around 5 PM today.

Colbert: McDonald's Budget for Minimum Wage Employees Proves They Don't Care About Math

Fox News rehabilitates Zimmerman with ‘car crash truthers’ report

Trayvon Martin’s Father To Speak On Capitol Hill Wednesday

We can capture 1.7 billion emails a day but we can't determine...

Anyone smell medical malpractice?

Swiss scientists make microchips that mimic brain

At some point it isn't about the (virtual) sex

Let's Help Snowden Find a Job in Moscow

Bill Buckner's house is for sale.

Things are -- happening

For the First Time Since 1994 A Majority of Republicans Are Dissatisfied With Their Party

Here's the current voter-suppression bill. Call your legislator today to oppose it!

If Reality has a Liberal Bias...

Weiner whine

New Hampshire Now 19th Medical Marijuana State

Copied verbatim from Byron Katie from Facebook

A Must-read account of Fracking Colorado

Cumulus Media's Trouble with Rush Limbaugh Deepens As Ratings Plummet in Nation's #3 Market

Harvesting electricity from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide

McConnell Aides Allegedly Threatened Primary Challenger

According to local abcnews Weiner is unlikely to pull out today and will continue his campaign.

Governor Walker loses third court battle this month

Holy Crap, Weiner's wife is the most beautiful woman in the world.


Stick a fork in Anthony Weiner - he's a waste of space

Nate Silver Didn't "Fit In" at the Times Because....He Was Right Too Often?

Congress Moves Toward Meaningful Reform of Domestic Surveillance

Should Weiner drop out?

It's over for Weiner...

Lawmakers hire GOP debate expert with taxpayer money

Undocumented Activists Take a Giant Risk to Return Home

the Carlos Danger photoshops begin...

Gun control supporters rally at Capitol

Let Detroit be a LESSON to ANYONE advocating "alternatives" to Social Security!

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,114

Better than all kitten videos added together and then squared.

Permit Denied for NM Horse Slaughter Company

Police dept black fan

Oh Lord everybody is upset because Wiener pulled his Wee wee out again

NSA revelations help CryptoCat and DuckDuckGo --

Hannity fires back at "Liberal Joe Scarborough"...

"House forces vote on amendment that would limit NSA bulk surveillance"

Havana Airport to Get $10.2 Million Upgrade

Michigan appeals court halts Ingham County judge's rulings that Detroit bankruptcy was improper

Senate probes banks' aluminium warehouse role

(Koch Carbon) Controversial piles of pet coke heading out of Michigan

Yet Another "Stand By My Man" Moment...

Omega Institute is have a Living Well with Cancer

Las Vegas Police Officer Dies During Rescue Attempt


Hey Huma, Dump the Weiner and Run Yourself!

Are there other Weiner supporters who are not sure whether they should continue to support him?

My prediction on Wiener

Anthony Weiner Apologizes: ‘This Is Entirely Behind Me’

Thanks, Boehner!

Post your favorite song about a swim apparel company!

Man dies in police custody in Northeast Baltimore

Are You Monogamish?

Hurrah! Some people still have some privacy! NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails

Chris Hedges is talking about me.

Princess Di a "brood mare"

Why did you become a teacher?

Edward Snowden's Fear Of Flying Is Justified

The first of Obama's three DC Circuit judicial nominees will have a hearing tomorrow, Wednesday

Things I try to improve as an Atheist

I'll Get Your Google Map Searches Too, Dearie! EHEEHEEHEE!!!

Who cares about Weiner's sexting? He's still a wingnut who thinks West bank isn't occupied

Quick question....

Mike Brown, you bullshitter

"What if we could preserve wild spaces simply by protecting one family of animals?"

Death by Corporation, Part II: Companies as Cancer Cells


NSA is circling its wagons, in open defiance of Congressional concerns.

Cashmere trade threat to snow leopards (BBC)

The Astrology of a SPY

Hey...Rumor that Chris Matthews was at "Bohemian Grove".. Has he been missing?

Larry (Peter Principle) Summers Fails His Way to Fed Chairmanship

The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric

Facts: Genetically Modified Berry compared to Organic Berry:

Canada tightens rail laws after Lac-Megantic crash (BBC)

What Does The BSA Have Against Obese Boy Scouts?

Syria opposition gets U.N. meeting, rebel chief won't attend

I need some life advice from the Lounge re some future paths.

Hey Anthony---I have more chats of you perverting it up-can I have a state job paying 100,000 grand?

Religious progressives outnumber religious conservatives ages 18-33.

I wonder will they call him Brian?

The Political Compass - Where do you stand?

Labor activist: Emails show Detroit’s emergency managers always intended to declare bankruptcy

Judit Polgár

As a Florida resident, I say 'bring on the boycott'

Anybody remember Rod McKuen?

Fuck---I hate to say it... I think Colin Kaepernick is the coolest QB ever....

If they name the kid, "Stewie," or an approximation thereof, I'll get off the Royal Family's back

"I have no idea what that is."

The further adventures of Super Zimmerman

D’oh! CNN host says humans ‘hunted the dildo into extinction’

It's important to have good monkeys leading the group.

Hagel: 'Troops At a Breaking Point'; Vets: 'Then Bring Us Home'

Report: Weiner promised job and home to phone sex partner

Thank you, General Dempsey

This evening

"Soldiers who want to be heroes number practically zero."

Should Houston Texans Give Vince Young a Quarterback Job

Islamic Jihad’s Kindergarten Graduation: Where’s the Cake and Cookies?

I aint bending the knee to that Royal baby

It's very simple: Elected officials aren't allowed to cheat, sext, or do anything

just because it's bound to be talked addiction isn't in the DSM-5

The Domestic Politics Of Israeli Peacemaking

Study: America Has Hit Peak Pickup Truck Too

ACLU Calls for New Investigations into Todashev Death

Syrian Rebels Hope for US Arms in August – Reports

Anthony Weiner for Mayor poll....

TWISTED: NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails

A question about conservative opposition to social security....

Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces Start Snap Combat Drills

NY Times: MTA Ponders Transit for a New Generation

Anthony Weiner actually pisses me off quite a bit