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Chris Hayes is playing Obama's remarks in their entirety

You'll never leave Harlan alive

Around 2,000 Fukushima Workers At Risk Of Thyroid Cancer Due To Radiation: TEPCO

Coal tattoo

Iran's Outgoing President Ahmadinejad Visits Sacred Shiite Sites In Iraq At End Of 2-Day Visit

V&M xPost: My appearance on Fox News' Your World to discuss a possible Federal bailout of Detroit

I'm getting tired of this truck driving stuff and I have an idea.

V&M xPost: My appearance on Fox News' Your World to discuss a possible Federal bailout of Detroit

Friday Talking Points (265) -- Harry Reid Has A Good Week, Mitch McConnell Does Not

Venezuela Installs Powerful Anti-Aircraft Weapons

'I Would Rather Wait': Merkel Remains Mum on NSA Spying

Remember Tulsa?

Attention brownies! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Help, my friends... Graphic pic wanted.

Israel: Excessive Force against Protesters

The Walking Dead - extended trailer for Season 4

I was in Lowes with my African American buddy and was profiled

Israeli Cabinet Minister and IDF General Celebrate Illegal Outpost Settlement

We're becoming a 'more perfect union',

The Government has a complete file of your life

Anyone in the mood for a recipe challenge?

"RED" on TNT...

Hamas reject's Kerry's announcement: Abbas has no authority to negotiate

The covert op called Democracy: perverse poetry and sentimental music

Carl Banks, NFL, relating to the President's speech...

What do folks recommend as a good photo hosting site? I'd like to learn to be able to post photos,

Benjamin Netanyahu Cries ‘Wolf’ … Again

Good job DU members!

15 Houses In Detroit You Can Buy For Less Than $500

NYT - Detroit’s Creditors Eye Its Art Collection (Christies Auction House Asseses Collection)

Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention--19 and 20 July 1848

You know, some unions are nationwide...postal, UAW, AFL CIO

seneca falls declaration of sentiments and resolutions

seneca falls declaration of sentiments and resolutions

Samantha Power Wants UN Security Council Seat for Israel

GD post needs help and Mc Donalds strike in LBN too

Nuclear power: leaks show new EU push

I am really missing Keith Olbermann these days.

Putin Oversees Massive Far East Military Drills

A little long tall texan ;)

Schoep, the dog dies at age 20

President Obama: Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me

“Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me”

Who are you more sympathetic towards, Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman?

Nate Silver Is to Join ESPN Staff

Fukushima nuclear officials admit 2,000 workers face increased thyroid cancer risks

The Amish Tradition of Baseball (The New Republic via UTNE)

(NC) House OKs bill to let officers remove dogs from hot cars

Like Butter: Study Explains Accelerating Melt Of Greenland’s Inland Ice


Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Frying Friday & a new Kitteh gif

BP effort to shut down compensation program blocked by judge

Another oil carrying train derailment....

asylum in russia: does this snowden guy really wanna live where they drive like this?

Bully Speech from "Happy"

'Whitey' Bulger sidekick recalls murder of girlfriend

Thank you, DU. This place

Obama's Pitch-Perfect on Trayvon, But Missed Chance To Tie-In Even Larger Issue

Houston Captives: People Held In 'Prison Room' For Up To 10 Years, Police Say

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight Blog Is to Join ESPN Staff

When Dee Brown was racially profiled


Travyon’s parents propose “Trayvon Martin Amendment” to self defense law

"Why Did Jury NEVER see Trayvon Martin as a CHILD?"


Layla Idman Hussein - this post is about her.

Cat in the bag

Landfillharmonic - the children of a destitute community in Paraguay who live in a landfill make

Can someone please explain how the NSA Slurp and Burp doesn't violate wiretap law?

Judge Challenges White House Claims on Authority in Drone Killings

OMG ... lol ~

TYT: Fox News Uses Uncle Tom To Relive Them From Being Racist.

Report: Cedar Point ride malfunctions, multiple injuries reported

Several Lawmakers Appear In Court On Corruption Charges

Am I the only one missing Molly Ivins and Ann Richards?

Charles P. Pierce on Obama's Trayvon remarks today...hoo boy.

Trayvon’s Parents: Obama’s Remarks A ‘Beautiful Tribute’

I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier

Boehners number one focus is jobs, or has he likes to...

Soldier blue

Confirmed: F-1 engine salvaged from ocean floor is from Apollo 11 rocket

Found a note by the window!...

Coal-heavy South Africa eyes wind and solar sectors

These houses have nice views...

Relevant for this group, I think, so

Getting closer to a functional holodeck

Again, Roger Ebert gets me to buy a film from beyond the grave.

Union burying ground

How Money Rules Elections

San Diego County clerk files petition to halt same-sex marriages

Oh real throw up time.

EU draws up plans to allow state aid for nuclear power

Woman arrested in alleged half-million-dollar scam of Boston victims' fund

The wearing of the green

Mokhtar Belmokhtar charged over Algeria gas plant siege

Sunny days ahead for (distributed) solar projects (in China)

Biden calls Brazil's Rousseff over NSA spying tensions

So we lost 270,000 square km of ice overnight

Fox’s Chris Wallace: No, Obama Was Not ‘Stoking Racial Tensions’ With Zimmerman Speech

Aurora, Newtown Survivors Honor Theater Victims

Shule aroon

More flowers and stuff (8 pics)...

Dems and Warren should scare the crap out of Americans when it comes to the banks

Solar power gains popularity in Egypt

x-post from Mental Health Support.

Friday Night Catnip: McCully Workshop - McCully Workshop Inc. (1969)

Senate and C.I.A. Spar Over Secret Report on Interrogation Program

Norquist and Connie Mack were NOT happy guests on Real Time tonight.

WellPoint's Anthem Blue Cross spurns Calif. small-business exchange

LIFE Magazine: How to undress for your husband

Maher Battles GOPers On Obama’s Speech: Unless People See Burning Crosses, They Think ‘Racism’s Over

What happened to my history of posts?

Old farts don't have to worry much about NSA

Maddie on Things: Talented shelter dog inspires photographer

I was only nineteen

Southern Co. challenged on nuclear plant costs

Another day on the water

Warming bay water threatens to shut down Plymouth nuclear reactor

Brandon Toy’s Act of Conscience

Is The Military Fabricating Testimony in the Bradley Manning Trial?

Considering the President's Comments on Racial Profiling

See Walking Dead Season 4 previews

Only in America.

You're NOT a suspect.

An Open Letter to the Media on the 'Irony' of Snowden's Request for Asylum in Venezuela and Ecuador

Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

Race and ethnicity

Oath Keepers Heart Edward Snowden!

Why do people make fun of themselves without realizing it?...

FAA wants Dreamliner transmitters inspected

S.E.C. Charges Are Latest Test for Steven Cohen

Star Wars home of Anakin Skywalker threatened by dune

Train from Washington

Moyers:A lethal combo of laws makes us more vulnerable to gun violence.

Pioneering adult stem cell trial approved by Japan (BBC) {macular degeneration}

Four homeless men found in Texas 'dungeon' (BBC) {benefit checks stolen}

The Guardian: California California prison guards retaliating against hunger-strikers, lawyers say

Amid Greek austerity, plunder of priceless treasures (BBC)

Michael Pritchard: Lessons from the Heart

Dumb Criminals: GTA Impression FAIL

Any bets as to how long until Ken Cuccinelli(sp?) gets caught getting kinky sex from a hooker?

A Letter to Edward Snowden Prometheus among the cannibals - Swoon!

Riot hits Australian-run migrant camp on Nauru

Venezuela has terminated talks with the United States

Lady Freedom Returns a Shotgirl???

Dan Savage Gives Semen Lesson To Grover Norquist on RealTime

Secret Court Lets NSA Extend Its Trawl Of Verizon Customers' Phone Records

MOUNTAIN FIRE: Blaze grows, Pine Cove gets evacuation warning

Pressure ratchets up on Filner

Houston Cathedral hosts Friends of Iman Interfaith Iftaar

Please help me clear up this argument from work

Venezuela has terminated talks with the United States

Democracy Convention

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing to be given posthumous pardon

Here is a 360 degree view from Pole Mountain, the Sonoma Land Trust is trying to purchase

Nate Silver Leaving New York Times For ESPN, Keith Olbermann's Show

Dubai offers emirate’s top dieters $5,400 in gold coins for weight loss

Five pictures I didn't use for this month's contest.

Finally, a new season of Top Chef

Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Coming in November- "Dear Mr.Watterson"

SEC: Cohen failed to prevent insider trading

just a heads up, the biggest design-your-own stuff site is no longer set as anonymous for sellers

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on CNBC "Squawk Box" FULL 10 min. interview

Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America by Rich Benjamin

Pat Robertson: Gay Kissing

Woman dies while riding Six Flags roller coaster

Rush Holt for Senate!

Colombia's FARC capture US soldier

A woman fell to her death from the Texas Giant rollercoaster Friday night

To the Millenials from a Gen Xer

Paragraph of the Week

July 20: National Lollipop Day, National Hot Dog Day & National Ice Cream Soda Day.

State Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D) hit with new lawsuit

July 20, 1934 – Police in Minneapolis fire upon striking truck drivers,

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 20, 2013 - The Essentials: Charles Boyer

July 20,1934 In Seattle, Washington, police fire tear gas on and club 2,000 striking longshoremen.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, July 21, 2013 - Essentials Jr: Times, They Are A-Changin'

WTF. Julian Assange named as a terrorist in US children's educational book

Massachusetts: DNA Match Made in Strangler Case

I have never felt like this before...

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday July 20th

New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile

A little OT post on Joint & Muscle Pain, Fatigue, and Sleep Apnea machines...

Is Detroit's Bankruptcy Crisis a Contrived Scheme?

Boston Native Matt Taibbi writes about the Rolling Stone cover--

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Recipe Website ~ Dede's Mediterranean Kitchen

A major thunderstorm clobbered Las Vegas tonight.

Helena Cobban: On the risk of genocide in Syria

Venezuela 'ends' bid to restore full US ties

Sarpy Outlook TV - Episode 5

I'm tired of the 'run-of-the-mill' racists whom I encounter daily...

Harry Turtledove, The Last Article

Every Two Hours in India, a Woman Dies from an Unsafe Abortion

If we DON'T criticize the admin for this, there's something very wrong

Dear David: Underpaid for Overtime

Ready for armed drones along U.S.-Mexico border?

Susana Martinez Makes List of Nation’s Most Corrupt Governors (story and video)

Atom smasher's rare particle find dims hopes for other theories

Pandora's biggest flaw

Goodbye to my American Dream

Shocking Things Wall Street Financiers Say Off the Record About Their Bloated, Corrupt Industry

"Go Public" — Finally, A Film That Celebrates Public Schools

Good morning, Lounge!

Detroit's Collapse Reveals the Awful Dystopia that the United States Is Becoming

As Countries Get Richer, They Trade Hunger for Obesity

Anything Is Possible For God

Remember the Concordia shipwreck off Italy?

Lindsey Vonn ... I think something is missing in that picture

How Ray Kelly's Rise Would Threaten a Longstanding Democratic Priority

The latest Frankenstein's monster? Yup!

Hear none, see none, say none. Please come CAPTION Fox & Friends Weekend!!!

Official Statement of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

China blast at Beijing airport terminal

Five guilty in Costa Concordia trial


To all the guys on DU today: Comb your hair, brush your teeth, and pull your pants up

A new strategy in community activism

Portugal political crisis talks break down

Lincoln was right.

FAIR: Blackout on Manning

OBAMA: "if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?"

Before He Was President, Mistaken for a Waiter: a 2003 Obama Meeting

Whistleblowing Is the New Civil Disobedience: Why Edward Snowden Matters

Drones, drones, drones, drones, drones. Shame, shame, shame, shame.

Unfair Competition? EU Takes on German Green Energy Law

Barack and Trayvon -By CHARLES M. BLOW: "We could all have been Trayvon."

A year after shootings, Colorado looks for healing

I have a few questions about Zimmerman's previous activities. I'm not one

Colorado Shooting: A Look At The Lives Of The Aurora Theater Shooting Victims

Key to ocean life shows large regional variations

Fracking 'could put gas and chemicals' in drinking water

I was thinking as I fell into sleep last night that I need to march on Congress.

Afghanistan: The return of Taliban style oppression of women

Lima: Where the pallbearers are black

Toon: Florida

2016 R primary battle shaping up to be more fun than 2012. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Peter King

george p. bush starts small amid high expectations

At first, I was speechless and appalled by the vicious, openly-racist commentary

Toyota's $1.6 billion settlement over sudden-acceleration suits wins court approval

What are you reading the week of July 21, 2013?

Pres Obama: We set up CFPB, first-ever independent consumer watchdog, w/one job: to protect families

Peanut butter-soy asian noodles

New Florida Map

So today is the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn contest

Insufficient brake force blamed in derailment

NC Senate passes 'Sharia law' bill

KBR must face lawsuit over alleged kickbacks: court

Disability is not inability

Conservatives Are Terrified By America’s Rising Surge of Liberalism

What A Nation Might Look Like Built on Republican Ideology

Turn on Melissa Harris-Perry on M$NBComcast right fugging now

I haven't seen Helen Thomas in a while was she retired before her death

Fracking's Democracy Disconnect

The Government and Businesses Have Files on Everyone!!!111!

The video that started the ball rolling for Elizabeth Warren

New puppy needs a name....

Florida's Dream Defenders Present The Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act


U.S. flouts Rule of Law while Demanding Other Countries Follow It

A crowd had gathered in front, as if “watching the football game.” President Obama was speaking...

Venezuela has terminated talks with the United States

MSNBC just announced that Helen Thomas has passed away.

Blatently Obvious Why Racist Diatribe 'Got By' Salon's Editors

Comic actor Mel Smith dies of heart attack aged 60

For all those rethugs who say the President can't give a speech without a TelePromper

Please come CAPTION the public self-gratification of Sean Hannity!!

Mike Enzi better avoid quail hunts......

Down Memory Lane - Helen Thomas returns to the White House

Five Costa Concordia staff found guilty over shipwreck in Italy

RE: Detroit

The father of slain teen Jordan Davis is coming up on MHP show

Tribute thread on the passing of Helen Thomas-- one truly "Bad-Ass" reporter/Presidential "thorn"

DAMN!!! Tim Wise is good

44 years ago today

Why do Black Americans Live Shorter Lives than White Americans? Heart Disease, Cancer and Homicide

Did you see Liz Warren smack down the CNBC Host?

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 20, 1971

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 20, 1971

Charles Blow: Barack and Trayvon

Virtual Shopping Store In Korea:


Stephen Colbert and Helen Thomas, from 2006

Israel to free Palestinian prisoners over Kerry talks

DUers please post links so we can watch the Trayvon Martin rallies

Why the “gmo’s give rats cancer” paper was bad: a roundup of scientific critique.

Photographic evidence of the bags of feces found at the TX Capitol

What I don't get about ALEC--and for that matter, the Koch Brothers--

Why was Oakland's tight end Dave Casper nicknamed the Ghost?

I identified my post as sarcasm

An example of how a fight starts between socialized pit bulls...

The Greatest marriage proposal in history

Oh yeah, drool...

Papantonio: Don't Become a 401K Victim

Children of the Tundra (RT Documentary)

Lets do a car analogy.

And never forget it...

Ven National Guard accused of killing indigenous Colombian man

NJ Senate Candidate Rush Holt is awseome

Who were/are some of the other American journalistic titans?

I think that they're trying to tell us something...

Women 'banned from shopping alone' in northern Pakistan

Something one never wants to hear at the doctor's office.

Ju-Rei: The Uncanny (Horror)

The Unfinished March: Monday, July 22, 4:30 pm-7 pm, Washington D.C. Still marching for jobs.

Conan O'Brien : 1 Pat Robertson: 0

A silent thread of support for DFW on the passing of his dear friend.

Been a while since I posted here - had the best buy of my life last night

KS Supreme Court: Gun stores must use "highest standard of care"

KS Supreme Court: Gun Stores held to "Highest standard of care"


The Sheriff's office allowed visitors access to the jury while they were sequestered

Flip-flops 'ban' for Plymouth City Council staff

Did Zimmerman put hands on Martin first?

Have you ever dropped a long time friend

New Orleans school board member doesn't believe in church/state separation

Boston Bombing: Woman 'Fakes Injury For Payout' Audrea Gause was given $500,000 by Boston Marathon

Hedges: We Must Grasp Reality to Build Effective Resistance

Helen Thomas, pioneering White House journalist, dies at 92

Best headline ever? Man acquitted in romantic bear-spray squabble

May the force be with us

Bomb Risk Awaits Bidders on NH Tax Militants' Land

More from Chris Hedges

MTA Considering Selling Naming Rights To Subway Stations

LIVE NOW: Discussion Of Trayvon Martin, President, & Race - Coffee Party Radio Politics Done Right

Helen Thomas: Pics

Be strong

When it's very hot outside, think snow.

Capitalism and Christianity

An era passes, a legend passes, and I lose a friend. RIP Helen Thomas.

Koch Industries is Paying for Zimmerman's Legal Fees

Ebens, Peairs, and now Zimmerman

Cleanup continues on lower Hudson Line

No injuries noted when Zimmerman was first taken into custody

Religious groups face uphill fight in House on immigration reform

“Stand Your Ground” Has Got to F***ing Go.

Venezuela says it ends efforts for better U.S. ties

Effort underway to rename new TZ Bridge for Purple Heart recipients

Photos, Video, Live Blog: Terry McAuliffe Debates Crazy Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia Gov. Debate

bulldog + trampoline = awesome

President Obama: Helen Thomas a 'True Pioneer' in Journalism

Roku Fans: Just got a box

Speaking of bugs.....I know...You're not.

Helen Thomas video tribute - post your Helen Thomas intvws/vids here

Foundation's funds continue flow to fracking critics

Everyone loves Orwell!


UCC has been progressive pacesetter

Swastika Rehabilitation Day Is July 20; Will It Cause Furor?

PHOTO: Beyonce and Jay-Z Attend Trayvon Martin Rally, Meet with Mom Sybrina Fulton

Giving McDonald's eaters calorie guides did not curb bad eating habits


It was 94 yesterday here in Sheboygan...

Where was I when Veronica Mars became a sensation?

Some best picks of haikus from NASA MAVEN haiku contest

The President said the jury has spoken

Why, "So called Trayvon Martin Rally" Alex Witt?

We are discovered, flee immediately!

Black Life Matters

Question for those in the know(s)...

Gamera Theatre

A man in a wheelchair with an apparent grievance has detonated a small device at Beijing airport

daily dose of cuteness: baby elephant!

Colombian Rebels Claim Capture of U.S. Veteran

Colombian Rebels Claim Capture of U.S. Veteran

Several Democratic Mayoral Candidates To Spend Saturday Night In Housing Authority Building

Red Sox/Dustin Pedroia in extension talks; $100 million???

Jewish Settlers Burn Down 400 Olive Trees

Okay, one more cerealous question...

Star Trek Continues E01 "Pilgrim of Eternity"

A human wall

Flashback: Watch Edward R. Murrow’s ‘Harvest of Shame’

I am glad the President spoke out but I wish he had not because the conversation has switched

The US Disconnect Over Climate Change

'Prolific Partner': German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program

Spain Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer

The Solar Industry Responds to Utility Attacks on Net Metering

The Snowden Song

"Through Enemy Lines":THE SPY WHO LOVED The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville

Solar Energy Storage About To Take Off In Germany and California

More deaths reported on U.S.-Mexico border as crossings drop

A kick-in-the-teeth for the climate denial machine

Pew poll: Many Venezuelans want better relations with the U.S.

Graph Proves People Love Solar & Wind, Not Coal & Nuclear

Ever wonder what happened here:

Keystone XL could hike gas prices as much as 40 cents a gallon

The Extraordinary Lack of Empathy in the Case of Trayvon Martin

Human rights central to Colombia's peace process, UN official stresses during visit

Israeli Settlers Attack Shepherds, Farmers South of Hebron

New York Expands Solar Incentives to Larger Rooftop Power Plants

Would someone please explain to me what this has to do with baseball?

Flight with Denzel Washington.

"Corporations have never been greedier, voters have never cared less..."

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Michigan: Feds: School District Discriminated Against Arab-Americans

Manchin only Democrat to vote against EPA chief

Kevin Bacon was not in "Footloose."

John Paul Stevens on The Supreme Court's Voting Rights Decision

The Director of National Intelligence Asks Why People Trust Facebook More Than the Government

Health care law opponents dominate advertising wars (outspend proponents 5 to 1)

Is Detroit's Bankruptcy Really a Feeding Frenzy for Privatization?

A Police Union Criticizes Quinn Over an Ambulance Call

Check in if you attended a Trayvon Martin event today - San Antonio here

Chris Hedges: America is a Tinderbox

TCM Schedule for Monday July 22 - TCM Spotlight: Carson on TCM

Who dyes their hair? Don't y'all know..."Grey is the new black!"

Hamas says return to peace talks a 'disaster'

A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold

Little leaguer dies after being hit by baseball during practice

Deep gratitude for the responses to my thread re Obama's comments.

Iraq: Baghdad car bombings kill at least 30 people

Virginia DUer's: Who do you really think is going to win.

MPs ‘actively considering’ crackdown on violent porn as Cameron prepares to unveil opt-in agreement

Wind Turbine Coupled with Acta Electrolyser to Power English Farmhouse (hydrogen)

Robert Reich on Detroit

The right-wing lie about Obama "dividing the country"...

Driving the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: The world's first production hydrogen fuel cell car

Brandon Toy's Act of Conscience

MIT Explains Why Toyota and GM are Pushing Hydrogen

Individuals Health Plan costs to fall at least 50% (uh-huh, FIFTY %) for 2014 in New York

The Monastery of the Good Harvest: Pic heavy!

The Seeds of Rebellion Are Taking Root, Protests Against Injustices Are Blooming Across the Country

Data Show Middle Class Left Behind By The Greedy 1% In The U.S. "Economic Recovery"

Me Me Me Me Me Me .... oh please not me.

Any suggestions on how we can slow this place down a gear?

Across US, people rally for 'Justice for Trayvon'

How DU remembers Helen Thomas

Today would have been my brother's 67 birthday

Are we sure the justice system's problem is based purely on race?

Turds of Wisdom 91149.91

DC Court OKs defamation suit filed by climatologist Mann against Competitive Enterprise Institute

Private Health Insurance premiums were $3.4 billion LOWER in 2012, in part due to the "80:20 rule"

NSA leak now equals America is doomed.

How a Libertarian Used Ayn Rand's Crazy Philosophy to Drive Sears Into the Ground

Helen Thomas - in pictures

Practicing Un-Medicine

"Munster Go Home" playing tonight on the METV Network

Song of the Barge-Haulers on the Volga

Toon: Budget Advice for fast food employees

California prison strikers punished

On this date, July 20, 44 years ago

Young Adults Want and Value Health Insurance - Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, June 2013

Felix Salazar's Macro Coral Reef Photography

Preguntas por Puerto Montt

New State Dept. Envoy Begins Work Of Closing Guantánamo

'Prolific Partner': German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program

Investigators looking into whether Va. first lady got free dental work, 2 people say

(PIC HEAVY) Mr. Fish's latest batch. Some you'll love, some you may want to pop him

101 Most Fun Open Source Games and Apps

VRS bought Star Scientific stock, sold it at $87,000 loss

Simon Bolivar

Virginia GOP Nominee For Governor: I Still Believe Gay People Are ‘Soulless’ And ‘Self Destructive’

The world is aghast over Trayvon Martin. The US needs to look at itself - good read

FERC’s Energy Storage Ruling Could Jump-Start Big Batteries

Maher: New Rules

Daily Report: Batteries May Provide Relief From Summer Blackouts

Average Gas Price In NYC Jumps Above $4 Per Gallon

What's Going On

Why do Ron Paul Supporters

Pee Powered Batteries Coming To A Smartphone Near You

How hot is it?

Fire in Soweto

Can anyone here describe how to utilize a Honda generator to

Helen Thomas opened White House press corps to women

Losing my religion.

Cuccinelli, Marines Disagree Why His Duty Ended

Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act is still intact. And GOP is helping by giving DOJ the evidence

It's happening! The GOP is splintering further!

Marte Dalelv: Norwegian woman convicted after reporting rape now loses job

‘Enough Is Enough’: Senators Graham And Schumer Push Obama To Get Tough With Putin

A wonderful - and appropriate song for today - "Old friends" by Mary McCaslin

Court orders mother to hand over nursing infant to father on weekends

Christmas in the Trenches

Rev. Al is Chicago-Bound: Renting Apartment In City To Address Violence

Police Chief offers "Apology Heard 'Round The World"

44 Years ago today, a man called Armstrong walked upon the moon

From Workers' Power on the Zimmerman verdict...

Texas Special Session Blues (I'm Just a Bill Remix)

44 Years ago today, a man called Armstrong walked upon the moon

Colin Kaepernick, 49ers, NFL Best Selling Jerseys ...

July 20, 1899 (Newsies!)

These Photos Of Detroit's Golden Age Show The Dramatic Decline Of One Of America's Greatest Cities

Boehner: GOP Will Do 'Everything We Can' To Thwart ObamaCare

From Workers' Power on the Zimmerman verdict...

Quantum Entanglement, Dark Counts, Coincidence Detection

Congressional Black Caucus Members Would Support Florida Boycott

Trying to get stuff done for tonight.

Daycare owner tells parent "I hope you die and your kid."

Back in Joplin, not happy.

The Case for Abolishing the DHS

Feds Warn Explosives, Booby Traps Could Be Hidden In NH Compound Up For Auction

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail Out Detroit 'Over My Dead Body'

Psychopaths, money, and power

Virginia Republican: I stand by my attacks on LGBT people as ‘soulless’ and ‘self-destructive’

Ex-Gangster Says Whitey Bulger Killed to Protect FBI Link

Benton Harbor, Flint, Pontiac, Hamtramck, and Detroit are just warm-up acts.

Exploding charcoal from Trader Joe's

Chances of serving on jury question.

SUNY Downstate Will Appeal Temporary Restraining Order Against Closing Long Island College Hospital

The President Speaks About Injustice--June 11, 1963

Pa Renter's rights/ Should I even bother?

Epic Food Review

NSA proves the point of this 1954 quote:

Cop bent out of shape over Rolling Stone cover gets himself suspended

Terrorists vs Mount Fuji Ants: Which threat is greater?

He was claiming to be a police officer, but he looked to her more like an armed thug.

Did Helen Thomas ever apologize for her anti-Semitic speech?

Question about homemade mayo

Very LTTP but I finally watched "Game Change".

Does Canada get many torndoes?


Drink beer or get ahead on homework?


GP post needs some LOVE

"Can I interest you in some Term Life Insurance?"

What do you think of the following child support payment situation?

No pics. I have to say you all here are my refuge......

A Boys' Camp to Redefine Gender

Pop-Up Tent

The Sons of Molly McGuire

I want to go to this summer camp!

Operation Mockingbird: New York Times confesses to role in subverting First Amendment

Helen Thomas asked Bush THE Most Important ? Of Our Times: Why did you really want to go to war?

Hard tack, come again no more

Gun molester Adam Kokesh to run for President to ‘abolish the federal govt,’ but lives on disability

Mosque blast terror suspect held over Mohammed Saleem murder