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Buy American Mention of the Week: Connecting patriotic businesses and consumers

Dust Net - my latest book is now available on Amazon

Federal Officials Charge 22 People With Conspiracy To Sell Heroin, Other Drugs In ND Oil Patch

Women in Secularism 2013 happened over the weekend.

Dust Net - my latest book is now available on Amazon

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Wave Of Sexual Assaults Reported In Egypt's Tahrir Square As Mass Protests Resume

What to do if you forget the password to your email...

Goalie plays entire game shot (and I don't mean drunk)

Juan Cole: “How Egypt’s Michelle Bachmann became President and Plunged the country into Chaos”

Fracking is like picking chocolate chips out of a cookie.

Tweety has a great rant against Mitch the chinless and ReTHUGs

Donald Trump Opposes Wind Farm near His New Golf Course in Scotland

How we can settle the issue of whether or not fracking is safe.

House GOPer introduces constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Sarah Palin Blasts Sen. Marco Rubio as GOP 'Judas'

In Response to Protests, Brazil's Congress Votes to Invest 100% of Oil Revenue into Education and

Have you ever had your current employer ask you for your resume?

Fox News adopts George Zimmerman

In Response to Protests, Brazil's Congress Votes to Invest 100% of Oil Revenue into Education AND

... “The conduct of Assange has bothered me a little and this morning I spoke

Can you believe this? Buttercup, the duck, gets a new foot!!

WTF is the Texas Legislature DOING?

Koch Brothers Pledge Helped Kill Climate Change Legislation

Serino to Zimmerman: "he wasn't a F****** punk"


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Birthday Mike! Fridaze & a new Kitteh gif

Lottery Winner Grabs Burger In Canadian Midwest, Leaves $10,000 Tip (plus more!)

One night I dreamed I was walking on the beach with the Lord...

Portable shelters couldn't save 19 firefighters (group photo)

Web of Lies

"Oh gosh, you got me." That's what Trayvon Martin said. After he was already dead.

Stop the Federal Government from Undermining State Shark Fin Bans! (E action)

Surrounded By Men, Ohio Governor Signs Stringent Abortion Restrictions Into Law - PHOTO

Rafael Correa: we helped Snowden by mistake

Happy Birthday!

Re. Greenwald: And John Adams defended the British Soldiers who took part on the Boston Massacre

Eric Bolling tweets that he'll be interviewing Greenwald tomorrow morning on Fox & Friends.

Texas WOMEN In/Near Austin TODAY: Time to Testify - HB-2

DHS, FBI Warn “Malicious Actors” Are Using Company Websites, Social Media to Plan Attacks

Snowden: 'Obama Admin Not Afraid Of Whistleblowers Like Me or Manning - No They Are Afraid Of YOU'

Homeland Security Confirms Same-Sex Binational Couples Can Get Green Cards

How to keep your weiner from overheating.

Pets Need Gay Parents Too

Very disturbing video WARNING - man is video taping cops, is arrested, dog shot

Lesbian Lawmaker Sets Out to Take Down Alabama's Marriage Ban.

Gov. Mike Pence's deleted gay marriage Facebook posts reveal thorny challenges

In memory of...

need help identifying a wild animal -- no pics

Julian Assange and Ecuador relations at crisis point as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

National Counterterrorism Center Says IED Precursors Widely Available in U.S.

Why I’m Not Losing Any Sleep on the Voting Rights Act Decision

What was that about (x) shouldn't spend money they don't have?

Can Someone Tell Me The Name Of The Colloquialism That Has Replaced "Homie"?

Snowden and the Chinese

Have you heard about this new contact lens?

Tribute to Arizona firefighters (Pic heavy)

Report: In Milawukee, Dolan sought to keep assets from abuse victims

NSA Military Construction, Utah Datacenter FY 2010 Budget Estimates

Frequently told lies about Glenn Greenwald

Rocket camera catches Sun 'sparkles' (BBC)

POLL: The best word to describe Edward Snowden this week is...

Please "Google" Mary Cutcher for me and see if this happens to you.

Fermi telescope: 'Violent cosmos' map gets more extreme (BBC)

A call-out (& u know who u are): Is Newtons baked apple cinnamon better than SUGAR WAFERS?!1 n/t

Piano maker Steinway bought by Kohlberg & Co (BBC)

If Zimmerman claims he wasn't "profiling" TM...

As Texas Moves To Shut Down Abortion Clinics, A Similar Law Has Just Been Blocked In Alabama

Anti-Tank Missiles Found In Leesburg; Situation Clear

Du ... Let me ask you a question ...

Illinois: Quinn expected to use amendatory veto powers on concealed carry bill

Creation Museum in Financial Trouble!

Pondering the upcoming 2014 elections, will a candidates position regarding NSA spying

(On a posting binge: ) Nic CAGE is to acting as The Olive Garden is to Italian cuisene. n/t

Natalie Maines performs Starspangled Banner at the Austin #swtw 'Stand with Texas Women' Rally

List your neighbor nightmare.

Council Bluffs' 'Teen Mom' (& porn) star, Farrah Abraham, enters rehab in Florida

Arizona firefighters young, dedicated, beloved (Stories of the victims: Young, dedicated, beloved)

On heroes and power

Today: worse than the worst of Vietnam for me (Granite Mountain Hotshots)

Former U.S. Rep. Bill Gray Has Died At 71

New notebook

Pierce Brosnan's daughter has died

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Texas Men Explain Why So Many Are Joining The Fight

TX House IS meeting tomorrow. What is this?

Why We Should Give a Damn About Saving the USPS

Help in finding what or who you want...

Anthony Weiner Stands By Claim That West Bank Isn't Occupied By Israel

Hey girl, time for lunch?

Is Ed Snowden set to claim asylum in Venezuela when President Maduro visits Russia today?

Me (Steve Leser) on Cavuto regarding Soaring Student Loan Rates

Me (Steve Leser) on Cavuto regarding Tea Partiers plans to Protest GOP Senators re: Immigration

Noam Chomsky - Institutions vs. People: Will the Species Self-Destruct?

After hearing of the terrible tragedy of the 19 firefighters dying

Protests Swell as Republican Party Remakes North Carolina

"The Ageist Attack on Hillary" by Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast

Notable Southern Democrats: George Wallace

California judge allows yoga in public schools

Islamists in Syria's Aleppo ban "provocative dress" for women

If you were in Snowden's shoes, would you come back to America or try to go to another country?

xPost from Video & Mult: Me (Steve Leser) on Cavuto regarding Soaring Student Loan Rates

This made my day

xPost from Video & Mult: Me (Steve Leser) on Cavuto regarding Tea Partiers plans to Protest GOP Sena

Senator Mark Udall’s (D-CO) Brother Missing On Solo Wyoming Hike

Hawaiian coffee sale 20% off (includes the ALL in for Hillary brew)

The NRA Wants the Law Protecting Killers like Zimmerman extended to All 50 States

Does it bother anyone in the administration that it is well nigh impossible to remove bigoted posts?

The Atlantic: Why Are We Punishing Women for Kermit Gosnell's Crimes?

Fracking waste keeps rolling into Ohio from other states

Rafael Correa not considering Snowden asylum: 'we helped him by mistake'

Does anyone know if the yellow tarp was pulled over Trayvon Martin while George was still on scene?

These Debit card as paychecks/and other things is really the NEW "company towns"

Archie Bunker vs. Maude Over F.D.R.

"Uh Oh … Ecuador Throws Snowden Under Bus"

George Zimmerman "testified" in his Second Degree Murder trial today. He won't have to again.

Louisville (NE) man, 64, must serve 17½ years after shooting tenant in face

Real recycled glass is happening!

"Party Of Old, Tired Ideas Plans To Attack Democrats As Party Of Old, Tired Ideas"

Hastings, Snowden, Pvt Manning & Assange Think 1st; a Kennedy "Drone" Pilot Perished in-1944

(CA Gov.) Brown Signs $2.1B Bill To Fund Lower-Income School Districts

Was the Daily Show on tonight?

First Atheist Monument Unveiled

I'm glad I know

What would be the main differences between President Hillary Clinton's policies if she wins in 2016,

Now that we've all hurled monkey shizz at each and other, exactly what changes do we want?

July Contest Theme: Americana

UK to miss EU green energy "target" because of EU's refusal to include nuclear

Ohio Joins the War on Women, Redefines Pregnancy

Libertarianism Makes You Stupid

Figures ,certain people's information is kept confidential

Egypt’s Mursi Rebuffs Army Ultimatum, Sets Own Course

More kitty zen

Update: CHINA added to asylum request list (wtf?) Snowden Slams Obama As Asylum List Revealed

The Bright Light Social Hour Opens for Natalie Maines and Wendy Davis at #SWTW Rally

In The End GOP Determined To Take Women's Reproductive Rights

Pierce Brosnan's daughter dies of ovarian cancer.

Monk shares meal with tiger.

Why doesn't my post count go up when I post a new topic or reply?

Girls, Rock on !

Infographic: Sunday News Shows Ignored Obama’s Climate Plan, Late-Night Comics Picked Up The Slack

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: Texas Men Explain Why So Many Are Joining The Fight

Have you heard of this leaker: Stephen Kim?

The Founders were so insistent that we live by the Bible that they put it IN the CONSTITUTION!

Fela Kuti up in this mothafucka...

Dolan Sought to Protect Church Assets, Files Show ($57 mil to cemetery trust fund)

Bob Cesca desconstructs Snowden's message from Moscow

Cheap bathroom upgrade that is fantastic

Wendy Davis addresses crowd outside Texas State Capitol - VIDEO

Anti-racist Activist Tim Wise on the N-Word...

Anyone live near Lusby?

One of the greatest signs in the history of the reproductive rights - photo

Residents Want Congress To Remove West Lake Landfill

WTF? Who Wanted to Kill Occupy Leaders?

Another ordeal for Newtown: Divvying up donations

explain it to me please? the trans pacific partnership

Police need to scale back stop and search, Theresa May to tell MPs

Tonight I'm apologizing to 26 4th & 5th gr grandfathers.

Snowden May Wish He Went To Jail In America If He Accepts Putin’s Offer Of Russian Exile

Take me out to the ballgame............

BART talks in limbo as strike paralyzes commute

FCC is here to help on protecting our phone records:

Ever wonder what the NSA/CIA do during a presidental transistion? Declassified from 2001:

Files released showing Vatican, Dolan, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, et al PROTECTED child-rapers.

Colorado announces rules for recreational pot sales

What the NSA really thinks about FISA and warrants within the US

Here's the background on PA's new state supreme court justice.

Obama encourages Egypt's Morsi by telephone to respond to protesters' concerns

Poland will not grant asylum to Snowden, foreign minister says; Venezuela has not yet received app..

The Rosy Maple Moth doesn't give a shit. The Rosy Maple Moth is too busy being FABULOUS...

Why are so many Americans fearful/resentful of unions?

Look at this Instagram

Go home, Sloth. You're drunk.

July 2: National Anisette Day

19 dead after chopper crash in Yakutia, north-eastern Siberia

Puppycide: Cops Arrest Man Recording Them, Then Kill His Dog

Snowden withdrew asylum request to Russia when Putin said he should give up anti-American activity

Do you believe the current NSA surveillance program is threat to our liberty?

Selfie: Level Awesome

Snowden 'asylum requests to 21 countries' -Wikileaks

Microbes to be 'last survivors' on future Earth


Carbon from nuclear tests could help fight poachers

July 2, 1917 East St. Louis Riot

NSA walks into a bar....

Exclusive - Greece has three days to deliver or face consequences: EU officials

A few pics of Tuscany...a village and a garden...

Greenwald vs. Snowden

NSA/Greenwald/Snowden: Everybody Knows the Deal is Rotten

Lesson from the Zimmerman trial

It is not safe for women in Tahrir Squre: Dutch journalist gang raped in Tahrir Square

‘The Day the Revolution Died’: Amid Protests, Egypt’s Military Makes Its Move

Teachers union sues state for $200 million; second $65 million suit possible

Is there anything I could take advantage about my super-ability to detect voices?

Glorious photographs capture RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight that pays tribute to airmen who s

5 things they don't tell you about being poor...

My name is Edward Snowden

Who really controls the NRA?

Commentary: China is not the problem for U.S.

5 assassinated in southwest Colombia massacre

FBI Documents Show Plot to Kill Occupy Leaders

To those who say ‘trust the government’ on NSA spying: Remember J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI?

Good morning !

Friendship Is Magic...

We are giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban

If I only had the room for one more pet

Colombian Government, FARC Resume Peace Talks In Havana

Uruguay To Handover Mercosur Presidency To Venezuela

Dead fish fill Mexico reservoir

Ancient white man’s skull has Australians reconsidering their origins

The New Atheists have failed. Religion is a myth, but it’s here to stay.

Venezuela Defends Snowden but Hedges on Offering Sanctuary

San Francisco issues 563 same-sex marriage licenses over weekend

San Francisco issues 563 same-sex marriage licenses over weekend

Obama and Rudd stress importance of TPP talks

San Francisco issues 563 same-sex marriage licenses over weekend

Oh Lord, Oh Jesus Christ! – Does The Horror Film Hate Religion?

How would a Republican answer this question?

Maryland: Al Qaeda Used WikiLeaks, Prosecutors Say

Some see Julian Assange’s hand in new Snowden statement

Paper lantern starts fire at U.K. recycling plant

Austrian reform-minded priest to embark on US tour

Edward Snowden Risks Sharing Fate of Kim Philby, Guy Burgess & More

Hong Kong wants to ditch the joker

Do I seem a little obsessed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?

Have you changed what you say on internet because of NSA Surveillance

Was the zimmerman homemade video permitted in Court?

EU outraged over U.S. surveillance program

Tsunami-hit town plagued by staffing problems

In Baghdad With the Relentless Reporter What made Michael Hastings so good

U.S. nudges China on sea disputes

7 Key Things You Need to Know About the BART Strike in California

Japan envoys among U.S. ‘spy targets’

Professor at Right-Wing Evangelical University Touts Domestic Drones to National Sheriff's Conferenc

Cambridge Spies

The High Cost of Giving Birth in the U.S.

As Long As American Workers Stay Anti Union They Deserve To Work For Dirt And They Will.

What if the President of the United States gave a major speech...

A new angle....

Robert Scheer: America’s New Cold War: Why the Allies Side With Snowden

Edward Snowden asylum: countries approached and their responses

Richard Wolff: "Pure" Capitalism Is Pure Fantasy

Russian rocket takes a nosedive after launch in Kazakhstan

Noor Basra, Noor Sheza, Pakistani Girls Murdered In Honour Killing For Dancing In The Rain

"We still live in a very dangerous world."

Campbell-Brown as in Dan Senor's wife

There is not one shred of evidence Zimmerman was defending himself

Serious question - hasn't the US granted amnesty to thousands of persons

Next -the Fifth Amendment ?

The "Selling Out" of the Tea Party by the "Official" Republican Party

Starting This Week, It’s Harder to Get an Abortion in 5 States

No lying about your score.

Google "people shot this week" .

The key parts of Serino's interview and testimony: "That's not fear"

China to join Russia for largest ever joint naval drills with foreign partner

My vagina does not need a background check - one of the great signs in Texas yesterday

Chris Kluwe has had a book published: "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies"

Nascar waves the green

Iran Ex-Atomic Head Says Nuclear Talks Urgent as Time Runs Out

Is this true?

Don't Blame Unemployment Insurance for Our Jobs Crisis

Who did more damage to the security of this country: George W Bush or Edward J Snowden?

When the Best Hospitals Are the Worst

Non-Union Federally-Contracted Workers Will Stage Second Strike Today

We know for a fact that Zimmerman was a racist vigilante

Despite Wendy's heroic filibuster, we are losing the abortion war.

The Mysterious Route of the Keystone Pipeline

F*** Rick Perry


Egypt: Morsi's 2 spokesmen quit

" die in contaminated Mexico reservoir"

I don't think there is such a thing as true freedom.

Gabrielle Giffords Shoots Gun During Start of Gun-Control Tour

FAA probes close call of Spirit jet, small plane

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 7, Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Jim Crow

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Spy on Us

Imported Food

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- RIP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

Why Celebrate a False U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance?

Pierce Brosnan's daughter dies of ovarian cancer

Kentucky govt. diverts economic development funds from Appalachian counties for basketball arena

Open carry at second amendment rallies

Virginia Funeral Home, Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment, Offers Drive-Thru Services (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin: Third Party Could Be Created If GOP Abandons Conservatives (VIDEO)

Immigration deal would boost defense manufacturers

UAE jails 61 Islamists in coup plot trial, rights groups protest

NJ Human Trafficking Limits Blocked by Court

We're supposed to believe Trayvon's last words were 'You got me'?

Yes, George Zimmerman is in fact a "creepy cracker".

Let's change the NSA question. Not "Snowden" or "are we" but "should we."

Summer reading for Texans: "The Son," by Philipp Meyer.

My wife is hinting she wants a notebook

Updated: India, Brazil reject Snowden’s asylum request; Snowden withdraws request to Russia

Are We Not Going To Get News Again For Another Day?......

US: Vietnam's weapons-grade uranium removed

School bans ‘Tebowing’ style postgame prayer following ACLU complaint

Anybody else ever had a ureteral stent?

Russian Proton M launch failure

Religion v feminism: which has done more for humanity?

Woman's tires turned into planters could land her in jail

Let there be hope: Allison Lundgren Grimes is in the race against McConnell in KY senate race.

In Praise of Secular Church Services

Quinn Proposes Bloomberg-Like Plan For Healthier Kids' Meals At Chain Eateries

The Merry Pranksters Who Hacked the Afghan War

A Great Big World - "Everyone Is Gay"

"If life ends when heart stops, then please explain Dick Cheney."

Republican Obstruction Of Budget Process Hits 100th Day

Iron Butt Rally is Underway

Former Energy Secretary Wants Power Generation Decentralized

US drone strikes more deadly to Afghan civilians than manned aircraft – adviser

Astronomers Identify 514 of the Most Powerful Objects in the Universe

Unmanned Russian rocket crashes in Kazakhstan

Restore the Fourth Campaign Organizes Protests Against Unconstitutional Surveillance

60 Billion Alien Planets, in Milky Way Alone, Could Support Life

rumbles and shaking

So, I just had a Doppler ultrasound on my heart

Keystone Academy: Where Legislators Learn the Etiquette of Serving Special Interests

I've never seen the leaves of tea this way. Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Papantonio: Militarization of Oil Pipelines

Richard Wolff: "Pure" Capitalism Is Pure Fantasy

Some great NEW music.

Daniel Ellsberg: ‘I’m Sure That President Obama Would Have Sought A Life Sentence In My Case’

new GOP logo


Rescuing the Sixties

Corporatism came to America

Army Blocks The Guardian After NSA Stories

Why the Ruling Class is So Upset About Edward Snowden

How The NSA Gets Inside K-12 Classrooms

bell hooks on female sexual agency

Bryan Fischer Irritated: Loves Gays, Hates Homosexuality

You too can have 6-pack abs in one day. You'll need some fencing..... (SFW)

Google Removes Clouds From Maps, Earth Satellite Imagery

One Year After 'No' Vote, Mass. Comcast Techs Go IBEW

The Advocate: The Religious Folks Are With Us

51 Animal Pics You Need To See Before You Die(at link):

If I was called a "cracker, I would be highly offended!

WTF?? Penn. Lawmaker Censored On House Floor From Speaking On Gay Rights

Marine Le Pen expected to face charges for incitement to racial hatred

"I've got my pistol here, I was going to clean it, and I put it there, and the little boy ..."

Edward Snowden's asylum options narrow

Happy World UFO Day!

"a boot in the face, the brute / Brute heart. . . ." Come CAPTION former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)!!!

History of the KKK and the Mafia

Help! For liberals/progressives/leftists who once held conservative/right-wing beliefs—

Tough S*** Ohio, You Voted For These A**Hats

Grandmother shoots at suspected intruders! (UPDATE with charges filed)

Texas Journalists: Lt. Gov's Threat To Arrest Reporters "Worrisome

Fashionable footwear for TX women.

Woman, 62, Jailed On Felony Battery Charge After Kissing Cop On The Nose

Army Blocks Entire Guardian Website For Troops In Middle East And Asia

What can I use to soften sugar free fruit sorbet?

Whoa! Somebody in Egypt is cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood:

Tornado hits CT; hundreds found dead

Mayor Bloomberg: "I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little"

Burden of proof in Zimmerman case.

Zimmerman killed an unarmed teenager ...

Prisoners ask US judge to halt force-feeding of hunger strikers at Guantanamo ahead of Ramadan

30,000 Clothing labels, stitched together over two years

Cop who shot dog after the owner was arrested has a prior history cited in a lawsuit:

Yeshiva University’s Norman Lamm resigns amid sex abuse scandal

"Ureteral stent" is the Lounge phrase for the day. Modify away.

You have failed

Cenk Uygur on Melissa Harris-Perry: Obama Loyalists Attack Snowden... For Not Being MLK?!

Florida Sentencing laws and the Zimmerman trial

The Rude Pundit: Random Thoughts on the NSA, Secrets, and Snowden

GM to Ford Top Estimates as U.S. Sales at 66-Month High

DHS announces implementation of DOMA decision - "Effective Immediately"

Post a picture of yourself with a loved one -- human or animal.

Holiday Week is a slow week in clinic. Pop in and say 'hi.'

Factory Orders Rise, Hint At Stability In Manufacturing

Greenwald on FOX:"we're going to continue to do that no matter what David Gregory & his friends say"

Troubled Cities See Exchanges as Way to Unload Retirees

Amnesty International: USA must not persecute whistleblower Edward Snowden

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday July 2nd

CNN-the chyron really just says it all, doesn’t it?

City Bus Driver Attacked, Robbed On Route In Lower Manhattan

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Big Number

Over 30 million bees found dead in Elmwood, Canada

Obama's 'Power Africa' Plan Greases Billions In Deals For General Electric

Look at one of excuses that's being used to defend the shooting of the dog when owner was arrested:

How do you think the Zimmerman trial will end

I'm going to try a Century Ride in about 2 weeks.

Colleen Kollar-Kotelly allowed NSA to collect all our Data warned that if the public found about it,

Apple to build a 20-megawatt solar farm for its Reno, Nevada data center

Self-Defense and the "More Force Than Necessary Standard" - Zimmerman Trial

ESPN Ombudsman covers the ESPN response to Jason Collins

George's best friend is testifying

On a scale of 1-10, how naive and unprepared

South Carolina Considers Lifting Cap On Solar Power

Austin approves $1B wind-power deal with Duke Energy Renewables

Absurdity: 'Ex-Gays' Try To Launch Pride Month, March

Storing wind power

You Scratch My Back, I'll Scr... - You Know The Rest

Feds Approve Huge Wind Facility Near Lake Mead

NSA Whistleblower claims he saw documents authorizing wiretaps on Obama

Oh no! Oreo

A teenage kid wearing a hoodie just passed in front of our home, carrying a soda.

I'd like to have an argument

If viability were extended to origin, wouldn't that make male masturbaters mass murderers?

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 2, 1964

Is the Zimmerman prosecutor throwing the case?

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 2, 1964

Does the liberty vs. security argument apply to guns, too, or only to phone calls?

Today's big smile about a little thing

I sat on a jury just once; what I experienced does worry me


The Last Word - FOX News blows Zimmerman trial coverage

All Star Trek: TNG fans must come here right now

The 'Proof of Heaven' Author Has Now Been Thoroughly Debunked by Science

Thom Hartmann: Time for the Dirty - Greedy - Oil Industry to Pay for its Sins!

Letters at 3AM: The Patriot Edward Snowden

"3 Things That Confuse Texas Republicans..."

Take the Impossible “Literacy” Test Louisiana Gave Black Voters in the 1960s

There Are 12 Million Stateless People Around The World, But Edward Snowden Isn’t One Of Them

Rachel Maddow - GOP sneak tactic gives Ohio new anti-abortion laws with new budget

Media Millionaires Journalism by and for the 0.01 Percent

KPETE! DAMMIT you killed your thread!

What do you know when you know someone's metadata.

You Scratch My Back, I'll Scr... - You Know The Rest

poster jpeg: "WEIRDSTOCK-Featuring Mitch and the Maniacs--see Rush eat 500 Hotdogs

Study: Growing number of children sexually abused via webcams

A Response to the ‘Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument’

Sen. Mark Udall's brother Randy missing after hiking alone in Wyoming

If Zimmerman walks what message is sent to African Americans

The 'Proof of Heaven' Author Has Now Been Thoroughly Debunked by Science

What Every American Should Know about the Biblical “Definitions” of Marriage

Booze in space: Is methanol reaction 'cheating' laws of physics?

Textures and layers

Leading State Senator Calls on VA Gov. Bob McDonnell: "Come clean," Return gifts...or Resign

Who are the George Zimmerman trial jurors?

Updating List of Snowden Asylum Options:



Here's your chance! Come defend the TPP and the secrecy

What the hell is Snowden talking about when he says the U.S. "unilaterally revoked my passport"?

BART Strike: Another Instance of Media Portraying Workers as Greedy

About the alleged, self-inflicted wounds of the Zimmerman prosecution

How to Spot a Communist Using Literary Criticism: A 1955 Manual from the U.S. Military

Proud of yourself, Governor? NC Legislature? Photos from Moral Mondays yesterday in Raleigh

If Zimmerman walks what message is sent to African Americans

NRA membership, control and polling

Apartheid American Style - GOP Plan To Eliminate Minorities And Apposition From Voting

Right now in court, the Hannity/Zimmerman interview is being played

I'm wondering if Trayvon Martin was right or left handed.

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Egypt: Army to suspend constitution, legislature

I believe that Zimmerman had his gun out

Is US spying on foreign governments Snowden revealed as bad as the domestic spying?

In 1961, one of my High School teachers in a small CA town,

Rep. Vela: Senate immigration bill too heavy on enforcement; resigns from Cong. Hispanic Caucus

Why did O'Mara have Zimmerman on Hannity?.....

Is Edward Snowden stateless and where can he go?

It's official: Cuomo's Moreland Commission to investigate corruption in state government

So Zimmerman Told His Pal, Sean Hannity, That God Intended Him To Kill Trayvon

CaliforniaPeggy learned not to ask 20-somethings to help take their vacation pics.

Paul Krugman's dad has died.

Kali's every-night fight:

Is that butter? -- No, it's Stonehenge. -- I can't believe it's not butter.

How millions of Canadians made Kraft dinner after a long night of celebrating on Canada Day.

The reason why MiddleFingerMom isn't invited to too many birthday parties? Showing off.

Utterly bored at the hospital. MFM asked one of the nurses to take some cheesecake photos... of him


Teach your children well

ELYSIUM - Official Trailer #3 (2013) [HD]

The Liberals were Liberators-

In the glooming, when the stillness of the in between invades, when even the

Psychic Parrot

Sectarian fears as Iraq bombs kill dozens.

Restaurant Meal Named 'Worst in America'

On April 5, according to this slide, there were 117,675 active surveillance targets in PRISM's count

Women's semis...SPOILER

Thompson Receives Endorsement from Espaillat

Customs & Border Protection Considered Weaponizing Drones

Egypt Military Releases New Protest Video

Greenhouse Gas Likely Altering Ocean Foodchain

WBC threatening to protest vigil for Yarnell 19

Zimmerman's injuries were insignificant - he LIED

Tim Tebow couldn't stop Aaron Hernandez from slugging bouncer in 2007

Senate-approved immigration legislation could give billions to federal contractors

I think we abuse our police officers.

Republicans again question the Presidents Birth!!Even this month!!

Reliving 'Portraits in the Times of AIDS, 1988'

Vile: Zimmerman trial: Instagram photo posted by defense attorney's daughter comes under fire

A Heartbreaking Discussion about Rachel Jentel......

Senate Committee Sets Date for ENDA Vote

Rep. Timothy Hill promises share of Fireworks Jesus Superstore to Johnson County church

We'll look at them the same way we look at the segregationists...

Celebrations of marriage equality, court rulings continue across church-picture of my bishop marchin

New York Launches New Website Devoted to LGBT Travelers

NRA: Membership vs. Control

There is absolutely no such thing as a secret body of law in a democracy.

Wiretapping Saves

Snowden does have to be crazy or ignorant but doesn't mean he's wrong

From FDNY-How would you like to answer this 'all hands on deck call'?

Perry to announce 2014 plans on Monday

The medical examiner is basically telling O'Mara that he is a hack.

How do I get rid of icky smoke smell and stain in microwave?

Construction Worker Accused Of Shooting Foreman Is Arrested At JFK

Chris Christie’s anti-LGBT crusade

Travyon Martin conspiracy theorists get desperate

First on CNN: Perry To Announce Political Future On Monday

Countries Where Snowden Hasn't Requested Asylum

Cop pulls me over...

Mitch McConnell: We Must Rewrite The Constitution Because ‘Elections’ Haven’t ‘Worked’

The Washington Post Is a Bitter, Jealous Little Newspaper

The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)

Part 1. In your opinion, are most people in government incompetent and dishonest?

A Popular Movement For Higher Taxes? Now That Would Be a Story

Mich. man driving wheelchair to White House for marijuana

When Eva Longoria Needed A Tax Break

Thom Hartmann: Reclaim Your Name - From Government & Business

Photo and statement from Wendy Davis' facebook page

LeVar Burton gives a sad step-by-step guide on how not to get shot by a cop.

I'd like to introduce an acronym to describe modern News/Journalism - MOP

Who’s the Red Tie Guy?

Part 2. In your opinion, are most people in elected office incompetent and dishonest?

Part 3. In your opinion, are most people in the military/armed forces incompetent and dishonest?

Sen. Dick Durbin: Journalists Deserve Protection But We'll Decide Who's Actually A Journalist

Wondering if a forum or group focused on legislation would be helpful?

Oakland Police Department Settlement: City May Pay $1 Million To Protesters

Nowhere to Hide in Worst Bond Losses Since 2008: Credit Markets

Russ Tice, former NSA whistleblower, reveals some new secrets of his own

marriage equality: what is new and what to do

Scientists help explain visual system's remarkable ability to recognize complex objects

Allen West Wants to Teach Lady Gaga a Lesson About The National Anthem (demands apology)

Glenn Greenwald attacks Obama

Mursi Trust in Military Man’s Loyalty Backfires as Egypt Teeters

A Republic, Madam, If You Can Keep It. Alas, Doesn't Appear We Could.

Obama Faces Dilemma Pitting Egypt President Against Army

Comedians in cars getting coffee

Spotted just now on a Lexus in our parking deck.

Toon: Fashionable footwear for Texas women

Today I received a call from the NRA, they wanted me to take a poll.

Thom Hartmann: Confessions of a Sociopath...

Tony Auth nails Ohio Gov. Kasich

Prosecution Rest In Manning's Wikileaks Trial

Search for answers after helicopter lands on the Hudson

Where are you all watching the Zimmerman Trial?

Missing woman's body found 28 years later, behind false wall

In Oral History after assassination Jackie Kennedy offers some strong opinions...

I don't know about the rest of you

Obama And The Crumbling Of A Liberal Fantasy Hero

Egypt’s Crisis Signals the Unraveling of Yet Another Arab Nation-State

Iran's president signals softer line on web censorship and Islamic dress code

12 Phrases Progressives Need To Ditch (And What We Can Say Instead)

A bright-red reminder from the Lone Star State

How not to supplement your VA disability benefits

US Seeks Trial Date, Deadlines To Speed Up Stalled 9-11 War Crimes Case At Guantanamo

Snowden’s Worst-Case Scenario: What If No Countries Take Him? - TIME

US Military Deaths In Afghanistan At 2,110

The Lion's Den

Dad signs letter his lawyer wrote to Ed! And St Julian calls helpfully to say STFU!

US Mom Whose Baby Was Taken Away For Days Over Poppy Seed Drug Test Settles Lawsuit

Fingerprints identify Michael Hastings body. Leaves more questions than answers.

Rachel's attorney asks some excellent questions about Zimmerman's statement.

Angela Merkel: youth unemployment is most pressing problem facing Europe

Random old Elizabeth Warren gif

BART Strike: Another Instance of Media Portraying Workers as Greedy

so I am sitting in front of MFM's house

Why the BART Strike Happened

Atheism study authors: Congratulations, non-believers, you’re just like everybody else

The Role of Religion in Postconflict Syria

Egypt army leaks planned 'roadmap' to end protests

I AM TIRED OF TAPAS! The madness must end!!!

Intelligence Chief Apologizes to Senate for 'Erroneous' Statement on NSA Data Collection

Al Westerfield: Atheists victims of hypocrisy by some groups

Rodman: I deserve a Nobel Prize for North Korean outreach

Genius or Stupid?

Tzipi Livni joins the 'Israel apartheid' club

just got deputized to register voters in texas

More later. Just remember this, Kali lies. She fucking lies!!!!!

HHS awards $32 million to help enroll children in Medicaid

New catalyst could cut cost of making hydrogen fuel

Supreme Court 'Occupy Everywhere' Protester Loses Suit

Today was a good day for the prosecution

Natalie Maines is tangling with a 'Christian' on Twitter. This one's a trip:

History will thank the African-American, Latino, and Asian-American voters who saved the world

Egypt's President Says He Will Not Step Down, Calls on Military to Withdraw Ultimatum

no computer build is complete without a little blood sacrifice to the computer gods.

Question for the gun experts out there: about Zimmerman's gun

The true beneficiaries of President Obama's "gifts"

Deen's accuser: 'This has never been about the N-word'

The fish that is almost as old as America

GOP Might Just Stick with This "Party of White People" Thing

Intelligence director Clapper apologizes for lying to Congress

Limbaugh is even sicker than I thought. What he said about firefighters...

Massive Protests in Egypt

Come join the fun!

Republican Taliban War on Women jpeg--feel free to post on your website

Irony of the Day

Michelle Obama Tells Women At African Summit To Put Values Over Looks

Ninth 'Moral Monday' focuses on unemployment cuts (NC)

They Come for the Fishing but Stay for the Friendships.

Laubenberg agrees she is trying to prove a new constitutional standard with HB2

It's over for Morsi: Here's what will almost certainly happen tomorrow in Egypt

Hollywood Life Exposed in Lawsuit Against CBS

Russian Man Crashes Car Into Two Cows Humping Off Side Of Road

Antigay Protesters Get Shut Down at Albuquerque Pride Celebration

John Fugelsang ‘congratulates’ GOP for calling Hillary Clinton too old for office

Imprisoned Bush Era Torture Whistle-blower writes a letter to Snowden...

pimp+dik = bumfit ..... pimp+dik+pimp= figgit

Weird Stuff! Pizza, Hookers, and the Report Card: Inside Anwar al-Awlaki's Post-9/11 Life

This poor guy regrets his abortion...

REPORT: Corporations Pay Lower Tax Rates Than The Middle Class

Rush Limbaugh thinks the health care exchanges are a front for Dem voter registration efforts

Sequestration Slashes Benefits For The Long-Term Unemployed

George Zimmerman could have punched himself once on the ground...

HUGE: White House Delaying Key Obamacare Provision For A Year

Bjӧrk - Mutual Core

Edward Snowden given possible lifeline as Bolivia hints it would grant asylum

President Obama and President Bush "Come Together in Africa"

Illinois governor vetoes parts of concealed carry gun bill

N.C. - Moral Monday #9: 72 arrested; 682 so far

Tar Sands Coal Export Boom: Petcoke Exports Second Highest Ever in April

Analysis of Zimmerman Lies in His Re-Enactment Video

Zimmerman has no regrets "It was all God's plan."

Pluto moons get mythical new names

If you pay anything in health insurance & in taxes, this is a must read, must

The Dumbest Band Names In Rock History

Trayvon Martin and Black Manhood On Trial

Obama ends Africa trip by joining Bush at memorial...Photos and Stuff.


Bolivia: Presidential plane forced to land after false rumors of Snowden onboard

Endurance athletes find success with paleo diets.

Bolivian President Morales' plane rerouted, forced to land in Austria on suspicion Snowden on board

Why am I not surprised that Zimmerman went on Sean Hannity last year?

President Morales’ plane rerouted to Austria on suspicion Snowden on board.

San Francisco area rail system and workers to resume talking

Evo Morales' Presidential plane rerouted to Austria after false rumors of Snowden onboard

If you haven't been watching "Person of Interest"...

Clownin' ain't easy...

Ron Paul Supporters Try Brainwashing Democrats...

John Paul II on brink of sainthood after miracle approved: report

McConnell (R-KY) has released a bad web ad against opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY)

Goodwill Industries, the nonprofit charity, pays workers as little as 22 cents per hour

Snowden's US lawyer is Libertarian "powerhouse" Bruce Fein

What ever happened to girdles?

Remember? Not Long Ago, Republicans Wanted To Pass a Budget -


Prosecutors consider trial for ex-Vatican bank managers: sources

NSA Public Service Announcement

France, Portugal deny airspace to plane carrying President Morales; Fears Edward Snowden is on board

Israel Nervously Watching Egyptian Turmoil

Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance

What the Left Forgot


Nate Silver:McConnell Likely to win reelection

Health-Law Employer Mandate Delayed by U.S. Until 2015

Galt MacDermot - Coffee Cold

Will a Michigan case invalidate state gay marriage bans?

Abortion hearing underway in Texas House, 2,300 signed up (updated 7:10)

Bolivian leader's plane rerouted on Snowden fear

UnitedHealthcare Leaves California’s Individual Market

Looking for info on the health care law Branstad signed.

Pluto's two smallest moons get names; Vulcan not one of them

Mitch McConnell Urged By Tea Party To Step Aside In 2014

Abortion hearing underway, 1,900 signed up (in Texas House)

Administration gives in to business and delays implementation of Employer Mandate 'til 2015

Had my first tomato from the garden today

In the (Bay Area Rapid Transit) BART strike, whom do you support more, labor or management?

Has anyone else noticed the whitewashing of Bush is well underway now?

OK, so now on to Snowden 2.0

Turns out I live in the rape capital of America

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lounge thread titles:

Morsi role at Syria rally seen as tipping point for Egypt army

"Ride Captain Ride" Blues Image with Puppets (very cool)

Judd 'Ready to Fight' Beside Grimes in Senate Race.

"Just because he breathes: learning to truly love our gay son."

Union crew Expected To Train Own Replacements After Asking for Health Benefits

Two held in British Columbia 'Canada Day bomb plot'

The next time someone buys a V Mask, hopefully they'll consider how it was made...

What Greenwald shares in common with the GOP (other than ODS)

LIVE-STREAM FEED Texas House Coverage of abortion legislation LIVE-STREAM

You have to stand on this alarm clock to shut it off.

So what theory du jour will morph into our "birthers"?

Jimmy Kimmel Show : Sarah Palin super fan

Watch: Creationist preacher interrupts atheist monument celebration

Time for a piña colada at Trader Vic's...

Ostensibly a condom commercial, interesting comment on parentlng, or power, or perhaps

For the folks in Austin who are fighting for our rights...

More evidence that Glenn Greenwald is not a serious journalist

Sunday News Shows, You're Doing It All Wrong...

America, the Kid With No Lunch Money

Former FBI director to probe BP misconduct in Gulf oil spill payouts

Wow. TX Legislators are pulling some nefarious, undemocratic shit RIGHT NOW!

Tebow tried to break up a Hernandez fight in 2007

LIVE-STREAM Texas House Coverage of abortion legislation (now OVER. Committee passed it, vote 8-3)

Files released showing Vatican, Dolan, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, et al PROTECTED child-rapers.


NSA officials 'not always accurate' in public statements over surveillance

Chaos in Middle East Grows as the U.S. Focuses on Israel

Obama ends Africa trip by joining Bush at memorial--Photos

A moment from my long lost childhood.

Warning area:Seek Shelter-Dangerous storm producing 60mph winds a'coming.(tornado touchdown)

Renewables Continue to Outpace Conservative Global Projections

Snowden has something major or they don't know what he has.

Kerry Fails To Make Progress On Snowden Issue In Talks With Lavrov

Bloomberg to host fundraiser for Manchin

Senate tacks sweeping abortion legislation onto Sharia law bill

Some flower pics

It ain't just Texas