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Who will sign a Whithouse petition for Obama to exonerate Malissia Alexandria

Anyone else on the OFA conference call with Wendy Davis??

Juror B37: "Trayvon played a huge role in his own death"

new record low temperature for Dallas yesterday.

What are you driving ?

Radio Host Tom Joyner Offers Rachel Jeantel A Full College Scholarship

U.S. worried ahead of Zimbabwe poll, warns on credibility

VOTE for TRAYVON! Get mad now, but REMEMBER in NOVEMBER!

Alert!!! I'm going to root for the...

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz lend GOP support to military sex assault bill

Is this workplace retaliation for jury duty?

Harry Reid coming up on Chris Hayes

Very revealing post from another board I frequent.

Toon from the New Yorker

Too fat to rescue? More heavy patients denied air ambulances says they were cyber-attacked over the weekend

US government sued over NSA surveillance

Something to keep in mind when you visit a psychiatrist...

Rand Paul: Filibuster prevents ‘extremist’ Maddow from being Supreme Court justice

Ironic that the DH which is being used tonight is being played by a Colorado Rockey player!!

Trippy art- What Manhattan would look like in the Grand Canyon

Watch how calmly Sen. Warren eviscerates CNBC panel..

The Party Of Rape Culture: 40 Republican Rape Quotes Everyone Should Remember

New Way Employers Discriminate Against The Unemployed?

MiddleFingerMom's daily routine USED TO consist of a lunchtime trip to Arby's...

Miami Considers Jailing Homeless People For Eating, Sleeping In Public

The Creepy, Long-Standing Practice of Undersea Cable Tapping

Peep Show

Father of Ted Cruz lies about reason he left Cuba.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Duesday & a new Kitteh gif

Washington critical of everyone but itself in Snowden affair

Rage Against The Machine - A new graphic

Watching American Gangster on Biography

Paul Ryan the Hypocrite

How does Juror B37 know that Zimmerman didn't grab Trayvon's sweatshirt and try to hold onto him?

The Rockies DH dribbles a ground ball to the pitcher and is thrown out with little effort!

Fox News Cuts Ties With Liz Cheney Due To Senate Run

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hillary Clinton addresses Martin shooting death

Why are we at defcon level 1? I can't believe that the MLB All-Star game is capturing

Don't put Oreos and fig newtons in the same glass jar...

Anyone know any thing about binoculours?

Neighborhood Watch

I suggest that if anyone EVER sees Zimmerman they instantly call the cops

Concealed carry permit holders shoot it out on a Milwaukee freeway

Tea Partier: Women Aborting Rapist’s Baby Should Serve Same Time As Rapist!

Zimmerfarts ....Obama is tapping out phones

Green group sues State Department over Keystone lobbying documents

ZIMMERMAN: "I mean if I did something that was wrong. I would apologize.”

Tavis Smiley to O'Really: "Every Black Person In USA Should Have A Gun Just To See How NRA Responds"

Experts advise Boy Scouts unhate the fat scouts and make modifications

My brain hurts

Anyone watch "The Fall" on Netflix?

A tidbit from Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States":

Will Obamacare take bite out of dental coverage?

2 years after nuclear disaster, Japan spawns freaky fruits and veggies

Wow. The racists are out in full force on my Facebook

4 Zimmerman jurors: ... opinions of Juror B-37, expressed on Anderson's show were her own (UPDATED)

Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World


Vatican will nix your time in purgatory if you follow Pope on Twitter

"If you get stopped by the police, turn on your dome light, open all the windows, and keep your ....

Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Block Abortion Restrictions Until The Death Penalty Is Abolished

My Wife Think Zimmerman is.

Ex-prime minister sues Abe for libel over Fukushima comments

Going to Chicago

Michael Moore with Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie. The caption on the Jumbotron read "Axis of Evil".

The Cheney States Of America

Spacesuit water leak ends spacewalk; astronaut OK

Fired employee to file lawsuit against Zimmerman prosecutors

This Filmmaker Will Make You Think Differently About the Trayvon Martin Case

"Nobel Prize Winning Economist: Intellectual Property Reinforces Inequality, Hurts The Economy"

Important: I will be running 4 prelim threads of 8 each for a total of 32 entries.

Police launch investigations after arrest of photographer

Four Zimmerman jurors release statement

Four of the six jurors in the George Zimmerman trial issued a joint statement saying that Juror B37’

Health law's rule delay could hamper enforcement

Fourpence a day

Summer Time Songs Thread

Shouldn't jurors be barred from profiting from the trials they serve on?


Bread and roses

Good God Almighty

Tea Party Supports Blatant Racism In Springboro, Ohio – Pushing Agenda To Dismantle USA (VIDEO)

Initial Zimmerman Jury Vote: 3 for Acquittal, 2 for Manslaughter, 1 for Murder Two

Helen Reddy sang songs about twisted women.

I don't care much for Sweet Caroline

New In Science: British scientists use urine to charge cell phone

Just another day in Arizona: Family drove dead woman around Arizona in van with 35 animals

OMG - Honey Boo Boo watch & sniff?

Boston is pissed

We must Stand our Ground

In Part Two of CNN's interview tonight Juror B-37 said: "... when George confronted him... "

it would be great if there was a way to search in MIRT for user names that people are watching.

Scribble Scratch Squiggle Smear

Anyone Know About This E-Mail Message

Prince Fielder triple

Lisa's not in for governor. Pat Quinn is likely to have other challengers, though.

Yr 19 of peek oil, that's why gas prices are on the upswing. IMO, we only have

The Documents behind the Birth of FISA

Secret court sides with Yahoo, orders U.S. to declassify Prism surveillance ruling

Bill Nye; Climate Change 101

I can't believe this juror thinks Trayvon played a role in his own death

This Filmmaker Will Make You Think Differently About the Trayvon Martin Case (VIDEO)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 18, 2013 -- TCM Guest Programmer -- Frank Rich

"'Stand Your Ground' Linked To Increase In Homicides"

4 Zimmerman Jurors Issue Statement Saying Juror B37's CNN Interview Does Not Reflect Their Views

What the "Snowden is a traitor" crowd don't get

Switching meds again...

What's a movie you saw as a kid but didn't realize a significant part of the story until you saw it

Amber Alert Issued For Infant Boy Allegedly Abducted By Biological Mother

This Filmmaker Will Make You Think Differently About the Trayvon Martin Case

Obama: Ray Kelly 'well-qualified' for DHS post

In Japan, 3D Models of Unborn Babies Popular

Racist Tea Party organizer: Can't breed American "race-horse" DNA with Hispanic "donkey" DNA

We're Not Broke - 2012 Documentary about how badly we're getting screwed...

I was trying to remember which movie had a character that reminded me of Zimmerman

Political Animals

Francis's Popemobile: a Ford Focus

Help needed to stop a Chase bank foreclosure.

Fox Affiliate KTVU Accidentally Airs Fake Pilot Names Relating to Asiana Crash

From Tom Paine to Glenn Greenwald, we need partisan journalism

I wonder if instead of trying to get US based corporation to pay income tax...

Vatican offers 'time off purgatory' to followers of Pope Francis tweets

Elizabeth Warren OBLITERATES CNBC Talking Heads

In Joplin MO.

Your heat wave public service message

No. One. Knows.


Stephen Colbert Explains The KTVU Asiana Crash SNAFU

New lens :D (no real pics here)

Missing girl found stabbed in trash can in La.

Planned to take photos - and now am having to use words. Trayvon Rally in my town.

Justice official says George Zimmerman unlikely to face federal charges

Jimmy Carter talks about the Zimmerman verdict

If someone has their hands around your neck and reaching for your gun

Do not talk to the Police

San Marcos cop faces felony rap for assaulting woman during illegal arrest

School expels rape victim for curfew break

1 million sign petition against Zimmerman

What did Zimmerman do that showed he was not afraid for his life?

"How To Deal With the Zimmerman Verdict" from Marc Lamont Hill, AJ Callloway, Tameka Mallory,

Interesting analysis from Rachel Jeantel

For those who use Chrome. How many tabs do you have pinned?

Talking Union

2 Years After Nuclear Disaster, Japan Spawns Freaky Fruits And Veggies

Corpse flower set to bloom at US botanical garden...

We just come to work here: we don't come to die

Babies in the mill

Should she go into politics? Interview with a sociopathic legal expert.

Fired employee for States Attorney, Angela Corey, was hacking into public records

x-post: San Marcos cop faces felony rap for assaulting woman during illegal arrest

Uh oh,Implosion At Leading Conservative Christian Political Firm!

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday July 17th

New faces in the PM's cabinet shuffle:

UN envoy: Iraq and Syrian conflicts are merging

A little help Tweeting Dana Rohrabacher

Who's Up! It's 2:00 a.m. here.

Italian astronaut nearly DROWNS in his space suit!

It should be illegal to carry a firearm while on neighborhood watch...

Starbucks workers rude to deaf customers, suit alleges

Mixed Up Movie Lines

Any cartoonist out there tonight? Harry reid as charlie brown mcconell as lucy....

July 17: National Peach Ice Cream Day

Snowden escaping Russia:

So President Obama now thinks Ray Kelly is "well qualified" for the DHS post . . .

"Creeping meatballism"

Google Maps wipes out Scottish island of Jura

China may become top wheat importer after crops ruined

Rooney threatens to take his ball home (again)

Cuba calls weapons on North Korean ship 'obsolete'

Rwanda woman jailed in US for lying about genocide role

Here we go again DU: John Henry Spooner to go on murder trial for killing of 13 year old

Bangladeshi Islamist to be executed

What's bugs me is many people complaining about jury verdicts...

he Zimmerman Trial: How Iowa is Different from Florida

Castle doctrine in Miss.: Legal ramifications of deadly outcomes hard to predict

Question about Neighborhood Watch Programs

Hi California! got pro-life call-to-action survey call today.

Today's Non Sequitur

Top Conservative Activist Enthusiastically Endorses Government-Run Health Care

It's Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day

"if you don't know anyone whose been stopped for driving while black, you have no black friends."

Hot weather stories now officially as tedious as cold weather stories

'There is no scientific consensus' on sea-level rise, say scientists

George Zimmerman lawyer Mark O'Mara draws extra security at 'View' and a wait at CNN

Must See - Eric Holder's address at the NAACP yesterday

Insurers continue to game the ACA

UN says Syria refugee crisis worst since Rwanda

I do not know if this is ok or not to say here and it may be too off topic for this site

When will Texas learn to vote in Democratic Progressives?

I really think that the only way for the public would have believed

Four Jurors say Juror B37 does not speak for them

How Former Very Influential Revolving-Door Senators Give Corporate Propaganda Extraordinary Clout

Man sues Apple for allowing him to become addicted to PORN

Why did the Fed Refuse to Heed Warnings About Fraudulent Mortgage Lenders?

May you stay forever young.

Does being a scientist or an engineer get you out of jury duty?

When Emily Bazelon speaks on abortion, I listen: Texas abortion law likely to go to SCOTUS

How Far Is Your Family From Homelessness?{2 american families}

Why Stand Your Ground Is Central To George Zimmerman’s Case After All

Why Bad Air in Philadelphia and Denver Today..Climate Change...

Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

WSJ: Jailed Many Times for Love of NYC Transit System

Am I the only one shocked at how many DUers still don't "get it?"

Snowden's lawyer : ˜He fears torture, execution

fresh mint water for a hot day...

German police raid Nazi 'Werewolf' lairs

US spying 'old news' to Bundeswehr

MI6 kept Spain from Hitler with bribes

Police investigate 'United Stasi of America' artist

Georgia Uses Secrecy Law to Obtain Lethal Drug for Execution of Mentally Disabled Prisoner

Edward Snowden, True Hope for Change

U.S. Will Begin Exporting Its “Fracked” Gas

Hoodies (cartoon)

Federal Judge Tells FDA to Decide if Genetically Modified Foods are “Natural”

Moral Monday Arrests Top 800 in NC

Political War Over Colorado Recalls - senators supported gun control in conservative districts

An alert without a TOS.

Let's Say a Woman Is Elected President or VP in 2016

Seattle: Rasmussen Drops Bike-Share Bill; Funding Proving More Difficult to Wrangle

NYC Kills Fast Bus to LGA

Defining Clear Standards for Transit-Oriented Development

Mission Creep: When Everything is Terrorism

Regrading fund raisers . . . .

All Charged Up: Engineers Create A Battery Made Of Wood

Talk radio should be fun today.

Model describes universe with no big bang, no beginning, and no end

On 17 July 1967 Jimi Hendrix first appeared in concert.

Video Surfaces of Woman Attacking Musician Lester Chambers After Trayvon Martin Dedication

David Simon On George Zimmerman Verdict: I'm 'Ashamed' To Identify As American

Regarding Dzhohkar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

Town Bans Nudity but Keeps Fracking

Chris Hedges: Urban Poverty Made Me Ask Questions

League bans wheelchair-bound girl from running bases

A Political Ideology (Tim Wise - White Privilege)

Cuba: Weapons on N. Korean Ship 'Obsolete'

THE FIFTH ESTATE - Official Trailer

PA. Voter ID Trial: Expert Says Over 500,000 Eligible Voters Lack Required Type of Photo ID

Looney Tunes on the loose again! Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Rhode Island Gov. signs law banning possession of guns with altered IDs

It's 2013, And The World Bank Finally Agreed To "Limit" Funding For Coal Plants

Jimmy Carter: Zimmerman jury got it right

“Get out of your cushy office and take a look around”: A rural Wisconsinite’s open letter to

Update: our Hero is not ruling out a bid for Russian citizenship. RUSSIA. Of course.

Kasich Flogged "Fracking Tax" As Ohio Budget Solution - It's Now DOA In The State Legislature

Snowden will leave Moscow airport in a few days, lawyer says

Al Qaeda Leader in Yemen Killed by Drone

Monarch Butterfly Numbers Lowest In 20 Years - Overwintering Area Down 59% In One Year

Searchable database of Florida SYG cases

How Far Is Your Family From Homelessness? (AlterNet)

Why Didn't Corbett Investigate the PA. Turnpike Commission?

Corruption & Ineptitude Have Cost Indonesia At Least $7 Billion In Forestry Industry 2007-11

Background on Judge McGinley (voter ID law case)

Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

How to be a Rogue Superpower

Why Is Energy Journalism So Bad? Interesting Article From Smart Planet

Thanks To ObamaCare: Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

Helping Hands that are Helping Themselves

Queen gives royal assent to same-sex marriage legislation; gay marriage now legal in England/Wales

An immigration song: Woody Guthrie's "Deportee" updated for 2013

Utah lawmaker calls for end of compulsory education

Taliban commander: I wish Malala Yousafzai shooting had 'never happened'

Putin Does Not Expect Ties With U.S. to Be Harmed by Snowden Case

What's wrong with Iowa? Man Beats Puppy to Death, Gets Conviction Overturned

Report: High-Fructose Corn Syrup Not Solely Responsible For Obesity Epidemic

Stanford researchers created an experiment where human subjects were treated like cows.

Regulators Fine Barclays $453 Million Over U.S. Energy Price Rigging

People with nothing to hide have nothing to fear from O.B.I.T.

Check out the BLUE cover of "Texas Monthly" with Wendy & the CASTRO brothers on it

"They were part of a black family that recently moved next door and had caused nothing but trouble."

How to get the big bag

(Second try) So you're telling me ....

Elizabeth Warren school the banking industries talking heads on CNBC

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 17, 1976

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Florida Justice

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 17, 1976

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

It's Not Trayvon Martin's Fault You're Scared of Boys Like Him (Role/Reboot blog post)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The 10 most important legal fights on abortion in the U.S.

Did the FBI say Zimmerman case wasn't about race?

Bank Of America's Earnings Jump 70 Percent On Cost-Cutting

Jimmy Carter: Jury made ‘right decision’

Under the ACA, the cost of individual health insurance in NY will be dropping by 50 percent.

UK intelligence agency did not break law, post-Snowden inquiry finds

The Nature of the Beast: The Breathless Press and the Phony IRS ‘Scandal’

All of the calls for a lower standard than "beyond a reasonable doubt"

James Hansen and the Three Categories of the Runaway Greenhouse

Asiana airlines nixes TV lawsuit over pilot names

Kevin Gosztola: Behind the Scenes of the Manning Trial Ignored by Corporate Media

Why the US would prefer Snowden stay in Russia than elsewhere?

15 Shocking Florida Stand Your Ground Cases

Obama would consider Ray Kelly to replace Janet Napolitano

If Only All News Anchors Were Like This!

Two verdicts, both acquittals, both widely seen as unjust, and two radically different responses

Do you believe you would be "more polite" to someone with a gun?

HIV Divides Lesbians In South Africa{large image warning}

Liev Schreiber to Host PBS' History of Superheroes

Cuccinelli looks to go on offense against McAuliffe over Virginia anti-sodomy law

Britain legalizes gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gives approval

The Life and Death (and Life?) of the Party (hell yea!)

ACLU: Digital dragnet ensnares millions of innocent drivers

Miniature Donkeys Are The Best Friend Anyone Ever Had{sugar induced coma alert}

STOP right NOW! I am NOT a misinformed rube, I am NOT impressed with the statement

ACLU: Digital Dragnet Ensnares Millions of Innocent Drivers

Accused airline groper: Woman came on to me

An utterly terrified goose hiding (and quite effectively so) from graywarrior at the zoo.

TexasTowelie's highschool yearbook:

Canadian cats are nowhere NEAR as considerate as their human counterparts.

Until yesterday, I'd never SEEN Dog the Bounty Hunter. I had no IDEA he was so fucking adorable.

Young MiddleFingerMom had a WELL-deserved reputation for being quite a ... ... problematic child.

So many of you have asked him, "MiddleFingerMom, why come you don't dress in drag anymore?"

Man Bullied Off Facebook For Having Unfortunately Similar Name As George Zimmerman

Adam Sandler, eater of worlds. Mark Morford

Sarah Palin Will Fight Phony 'War on Christmas'

Trayvon Martin and I Ain't Sh*t

"Current military spending is lapping at historic highs, not lows."

George Zimmerman's Attorney Criticizes 'Street Justice,' Misses Irony

Drone crash at Tyndall AFB. US 98 is closed.

Cool treats for Hot Dogs

Court Rules to Declassify NSA Justification for Spying

Judge turns down bid to end Guantánamo force-feeding

"I would NEVER Racially Profile..."

He's free as the breeze

So we have Amber Alert for Child Abduction Emergencies...

54 People Shot Dead During Zimmerman Trial. In Chicago Alone.

Should we boycott the 2014 Olympics if Russia gives Snowden asylum? I would

"Obama Thugs".....

Pigpile on Daddy...

Tampa Mermaids Fight For Rights To Use Community Pool

FHP: Driver lacked razor-sharp focus

FHP: Driver lacked razor-sharp focus

Rev Al and his new lady

Law on indefinite military detention says nothing about president's ability to detain US citizens

Italy, Portugal apologize for air blockade. ‘Sorry is not enough’: Bolivia demands EU find culprits

British Couple Marries At McDonalds

Toles on Stand Your Ground #Trayvon

Abortion rights have been vanishing swiftly. The reaction from the right? celebration

Orphaned baby elephant needs a hug

Pussy Riot Release Controversial New Video:

State Department DOES NOT KNOW The Exact KXL Pipeline Route

RI governor vetoes 'Choose Life' license plate

So, I'm on a short course of prednisone, but I'm also off all NSAIDS for a while -

Stand Your Ground Before He Stands His (and it's elephants all the way down)

Does your home use as much toilet paper as mine?

Study: the most controversial Wikipedia articles

Gay marriage legalized in Britain after queen gives royal stamp of approval

ACLU finds license plate scanners on the rise, creating de facto government tracking system

An open letter to Ted Nugent

McDonalds’ suggested budget for employees recommends a second job

The DOJ has setup a public Zimmerman tip line via email

Black Mothers Speak Out for Their Sons After Trayvon: ‘He Is Not a Suspect’

Ramadan Wishes From A Muslim To A Catholic Will Warm Your Heart

The Digital Comic Museum

Russia's image to improve if Snowden gets refuge - Pushkov

Who to hate more? Cheney vs. Rand Paul

Too Sexy for Your Lease? Religious Landlord Rejects Fetish Costume Shop From Bushwick Building

Zimmerman Verdict - How Jury Instructions Have Changed In Florida Since Stand Your Ground

Fed Chief Calls Congress Biggest Obstacle to Growth

Brian Reynolds goes back to his Civilization roots

If you think the Martin verdict was effed up, read these 15 cases that had a not guilty verdict:

“We’re” Not Raising Trayvon: The Difference Whiteness Makes

Colombia's Hidden Killers

Photo response to Rolling Stone

Miami Doctor and Therapists charged in $63 million Medicare fraud

Appearances can be deceiving.

Lance Gross Shares Letter To George Zimmerman: This Is 'What It's Like To Be A Black Man'

CAPTION: GOP's entry to unseat Democratic Colorado Gov. (family photo)

Dementia Rate Is Found to Drop Sharply, as Forecast

On Rabbis, Religion and North Carolina Politics

Other Zimmerman Jurors Remind Everyone that B37 Doesn't Speak For Them

Remember when ...


Juror B37 says "no other family should be forced to endure what the Martin family has endured."

"Have a lovely day. I'll just get down on my knees and put my hands up now so there's no confusion."

The Last Word - Elizabeth Warren fights to rewrite a wrong

Bank of America PAYDAY: Profits SOAR 70%

Going to see a friend out of state...

Snoop Snoop Song: A Conversation with Glenn Greenwald

I didn't ask, It was given to me.

Jerry Sandusky's adoptive son files petition for name change

Once again, "The Nuge" opens his big mouth...

Johnny Privilege - The Privileged White Adventurer!

PRISM scandal: Brit spooks operated within the law, say politicos

"What are you doing here?" is a question this country keeps asking black people every day.

The Last Word - Attorney General Eric Holder questions ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

Right now Rachel Maddow is laughing her heiney off...

Bachmann campaign allegations sent to House Ethics panel

Pope Francis urges global leaders to end 'tyranny' of money

Re: LIZ: let's hope that Darth Cheney was the Master, for if he was only the Apprentice...

Kirsten Gillibrand's proposal to change how the military addresses sexual assault:

Blood Brothers

Papantonio and Seder: Will Harry Reid Ever Grow A Spine?

Simple Question: Why Do Toxicology Reports Take So Long in the USA?

A 'misunderstanding of the statute's breadth' led media to claim SYG did not affect Zimmerman case

Quebec mayor forced to apologize for saying how much he enjoys killing kittens with his car

For Weds., a Nugent two-fer. Please come CAPTION Ted (dead-head) Nugent!!!

Va. voter fraud charges against Pa. man dismissed

Agony, grief and a refusal to bend - a must read even if you're not in NC

Got any tips or tricks for making potato chips?

Asked something like this before but wanted to again


Ever Since the Z. Verdict I Find Myself Noticing Black Men and Boys...

Watch him pull a USDA-mandated rabbit disaster plan out of his hat

A PSA - Sears Appliance Repair sucks. I mean, it really, really, really sucks.

Donations, Fosters...Request

Refuge or Asylum? Snowden's Options in Russia

Top Prosecutor Warns Wall Street About Repeat Violations.

Chicago City Council OKs ban on assault weapons, harsher penalties for weapons near schools,

Who is Paying Edward Snowden’s Bills?

Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

Michelangelo's David is being returned to Italy from USA

Tedeschi Food Shops, CVS Won’t Be Selling the Latest Issue of Rolling Stone

"and the car has at least four black men in it. " Murderer's lawyer to rely on racism at trial

Eliot Spitzer and the use of religion in American politics

Heartening Moves Toward Real Progress in Bank Regulation

Pic Of The Moment: Billionaires To Struggling Americans: Who Needs The Minimum Wage Anyway?

Dragon skull spotted on British beach

Obamacare pilot project lowers Medicare costs

Cooper Union Occupation Ends After 2 Months With Promise Of Task Force

Off-duty Police officer arrested, fired for pointing gun at store clerk

Lawyer: Snowden Could Leave Moscow Airport Within A Week

Confirmed: US drone strike killed key al-Qa'ida leader Saeed al-Shihri in Yemen

I heard B37 say this morning there was one holdout for conviction..

"... it really is a big fucking deal. Elizabeth Warren is beaming."

Texas Police Officer Knocks Teeth Out of Female Pedestrian

One more, 'I am not Trayvon Martin'

Horn-Faced Dinosaur Fossils Discovered in Utah

In growing lawsuit, servicemembers fault TEPCO for radiation-related illnesses

U.S. Sen. Hagan Co-sponsors Bipartisan Bill To Help Build, Maintain Public Shooting Ranges in NC

The Strange Case of Barrett Brown: Journalist/hacktivist facing 105 yrs. in JAIL for doing his job

Do You Think States Could Keep the Defined Pension Plan Going? Not Criticizing, Just Asking

Darius Simmons

WOW!! Activism and challenge to act?

Chris Hedges: Urban Poverty Made Me Ask Questions

China Raises Target for 2015 Solar Power Capacity (to 35 GW)

The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed

The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed

Faith in Values: What’s Race Got to Do With It?

Bruce Springsteen dedicates song to Trayvon Martin

Lady is showing me video of black man

Driving Somewhere? There's A Gov't Record Of That

Exclusive: Juror pushes for new laws following Zimmerman trial

Did Trial Location Play A Role In Zimmerman Verdict?

Sen. Tester Calls On Snowden To Return To America To ‘Face The Music’

Trayvon Martin, The NRA Speaks And Coughs Up Fur-Ball

Does NSA know your Wi-Fi password? Android backups may give it to them

Study: Dead stars colliding forged gold on Earth

Did Anybody Ever Find Out What Zimmerman Gave That Clown Don West After His Not Guilty Verdict

94.3 - We are fucking insane


Detroit Is Still The Most Extreme City in America

Fired employee to file lawsuit against Zimmerman prosecutors

The myths versus the reality of the tax plan (NC Policy Watch)

Lebanese officials say CIA warned them of imminent al Qaida attack on Hezbollah

TWA Flight 800 Victims Remembered 17 Years Later

Russia blocks bid for Antarctic ocean sanctuary

God fuckin' DAMN!

Officer Donohue statement regarding Rolling Stone cover

First Solar Advances 162 MW of Unsubsidized Solar in Chile

City Man's Death Linked To Recent Heat Stretch

Pictures from Rome...

White people who kill black people in 'Stand Your Ground' states are 354% more likely to be cleared

GOP Lawmaker In Utah Wants To End Compulsory Education In The State

'We're sticking with Paula': Deen fans protest with butter wrappers

$42M in Eastern Bank loans to build solar farms in Massachusetts (17 MW)

Juror B37 now seems to feel bad for Martin family

70-year-old German arrested in northern Colombia for ties to ‘Urabeños’

Dubai Diet Program Gives Gold For Every Kilogram Of Weight Lost

Carbondale residents explore the future home of a solar farm (20 MW, Illinois)

Brazilian Soldiers and Native Tribespeople Are Clashing in the Amazon

Is this Obama's "magic wand" Bachmann was referring to?

$120 plain white T-shirt designed by Kanye West sells out

For the second consecutive week, NY Power Authority activates summer power demand reduction program

Bruce Springsteen Dedicates ‘American Skin (41 Shots)’ To The U.S. ‘For Justice For Trayvon Martin’

McDonnell rents Henrico house to VA health commissioner

New Giant Telescope Will Outshine Hubble by 15,600%

A reminder from the rich about why they are so grateful for our labor.... but not so much that they

interesting video on cannabis kills cancer

I Hereby Resign in Protest Effective Immediately

New Study Shows That Dogs Use Color Vision After All

Elizabeth Warren just sent this e-mail.

Rev Al And His New Squeeze

Another life lost to bullying

CVS says it won't sell Rolling Stone issue with bombing suspect on cover

Meet the woman who got the idiot juror's book deal squashed:

LTTE from my local paper: (Wallbuilders') Founders' quotes are propaganda

Political Corruption Boils Over in Albany

Man Who Couldn’t Defeat George W. Bush Attempting To Resolve Israel-Palestine Conflict

Power down: DOE poised to order all computers, servers use less electricity

12 Proposed U.S. States That Didn't Make the Cut

Koch Brothers Influence Peddling Exposed - Blockbuster Journalism

Colombia, Venezuela To Mend Ties


OmniCorp: They've got the future under control.

Conservative Christian group mailed vibrator to Michele Bachmann = Not the Onion

Big Changes in the wind: "avalanche of legal challenges to NSA" snooping practices

See How Obamacare Is Really Working - Listen To Naysaying Republicans At Your Peril (VIDEO)

Stray bullets from Syria kill two Turkish citizens

Jury: Spooner guilty of intentional homicide

$47 BILLION $$ OVERKILL: National Day of Action Against Border Militarization = TODAY

Slice of life

Mitch Daniels Censoring College Professors?

Because they can - not because it is legal or right.

Colombia President Santos meets surrendered ELN rebels

Experts: Cuba arms shipment explanation troubling

Jesus is a white Australian

How the EU Will Reverse Itself, in Three Easy Steps

Armed Intruder Who Shot Homeowner Argues ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

Our gun culture ignores the reality of guns

'You are being tracked': ACLU reveals docs of mass license plate reader surveillance

Is it possible for the government to collect too much information?

South African Named New Head of U.N. Women

“Necessitous men are NOT free men.”

USA: EXCLUSIVE Crashed US drone explodes on Florida highway

On white fear and the need to arm themselves.

Health Care Costs Set to Fall 50%....NYT...

Chilean solar developer plans 50 MW in the Atacama Desert

Wis. man, 76, guilty in fatal shooting of teen

Our surveillance scheme lowered Germans' trust in the US by 16 percentage points.

Lee Fields and the Expressions - My World

Does anyone know of any assistance available in Texas

House GOP sponsor wants new voting rights law

McCrory named one of the 'Worst Governors in America' by DC-based watchdog group

Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Campaigns On Effort To Restore Ban On Oral Sex

US court ruling in NY favors anti-terror law

Rock N Roll Racing 3D

Our government has been surprisingly transparent lately

Keith Olbermann is back

Snowden's lawyer in Moscow sits on the public council of the FSB (Russia's main spy agency)

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Honey Dove

Please Vote for Scott Walker!!

Obama administration appeals ban on groin searches at Guantánamo

Abby Huntsman named co-host of The Cycle on MSNBC

Janet Napolitano to be the new President of the University of California (9 campuses)

Omega-3 supplements 'could raise prostate cancer risk'

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Faithful Man

I Need Some Help With A Definition Of A Word...

A neat site for translations

Let's applaud two genuine heroes and their friends:

Is It Already Too Late?

Exclusive: U.S. seeks new approach in financial crisis criminal probes

LA to SF in 6 minutes? Meet Elon Musk's 4,000 mph transportation concept, the "Hyperloop"

Are you familiar with Equifax and Serco and what they do for our government?

Fundy Christian Group Mails Bachmann a Vibrator

Can I hear from Pinellas County Democrats?

Why Some Pet Photos Make Me Nervous

(re: Rolling Stone bans) Is there no limit to our national outrage-addiction?

Ex-poll worker sentenced to five years for illegal voting

Our Federal Government Must Define Sex

How long does it take to receive your Medicare card after applying

Have you heard from any black conservatives regarding the Trayvon Martin verdict?

Tour de France director: Nothing to say to women riders

Walter Rhett: The Price of Injustice

Texas Cop Who Assaulted and Arrested Innocent Woman Has Been Charged With Assault and Arrested

Just to make myself clear......

"Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual" by Roy Zimmerman

Great Meme of Rick's "Perry Family Values" from Condescending Wonka

Obama threatens veto of House GOP ‘No Child Left Behind’ update

House to vote, yet again, on repealing Obamacare

Satanists turn the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church's mom gay

SKYRIM: "The elf was recalcitrant, but eventually snuggly..."

Nancy Grace

Impromptu gunfight kills bystander

Wow! Martin Bashir just played Bob Marley, Stand Up, as he was going to commercial...

Cosmic collisions spin stellar corpses into gold

Anti-gay activists endorse LePage vaseline remark: ‘Maine is being sodomized by the left’

Borowitz: Queen Elizabeth Rips Chris Christie on Gay Marriage

$25 gadget lets hackers seize control of a car

Republicans Are Wearing Driving Millions Into Poverty as a Badge of Honor

BPA + chlorine = bad news

What one businessman learned about success from Trappist monks

Baseball’s Darryl Strawberry buries his past in new career as a pastor

Not sure if this has been posted before.

Gay Republican George Clayton announces campaign for Texas House (Collin County)

"We, the citizens of Wisconsin will be enforcing the provisions of the temporary injunction.

Chris Hedges Responds to NDAA Defeat, "It is a black day for those who care about liberty"

Jay Carney shoots down Daily Caller’s high school-aged reporter for making ‘ridiculous statement’

Alex Colville, painter of one of my fav paintings horse & train, dies in Nova Scotia yesterday.

Jim Cramer of CNBC insists that Elizabeth Warren takedown ‘had NO impact’

Why torture won't work on Snowden...

Shout out:

Comrades rally in Wisconsin -

White racists in Wichita attempt to incite a riot at a peaceful protest

Knife-wielding diver saves endangered Northern Right Whale [VIDEO]

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Is Juror B37 Racist?

Treasury IG Blocked IRS From Releasing Documents That Show Agency Targeted Progressive Groups

And now... your San Jose Sharknados!


Questioning assumptions

Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

Teamsters: Corporations want to hide dangers of TPP

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Stand with Texas Women = July 1- July 14, 2013

Depending on who you are in America, the same action can create different thought processes...

Yes, I'm Mad. Why Are You Being An Asshole?

Another shooter acquitted after shooting a child.

How do you feel about this image of President Obama?

For whom SYG were written and for whom they were written against...

DISTURBING: Video shows 76-year-old white man gunning down unarmed 13-year-old African American boy

Do you go through phases with having to watch all movies by an actor / actress?

Oscar makes a reappearance...

Federal Court: NDAA does NOT authorize detention of US citizens

A question on empathy for fellow atheists and agnostics...

She named him Dave



Researchers turn off Down’s syndrome genes

Tweety just announced his last show!

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This will be my lust post on DU....

Lie Witness News - Coachella 2013

In a really proggy mood

"The Unions Are to Blame"

One-eyed justice bound by race.

CIA funding Geo-engineering Study

What would you do with $92 quadrillion?


Obama Celebrates his Victory in Nomination Fight: Richard Cordray

Hopefully, those aren't going to be Sharknados...

"Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%"

One-man train crews are unsafe, says union negotiating with Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway

Tonite the Air is Unhealthy for sensitive people in New York, Chicago and Denver..

Michele Bachmann's "magic wand" comment: The "Magic Stick" Remix!

I'm recommending everyone watch the latest Frontline: "Two American Families"

Westbound LIRR Trains Suspended, Eastbound Trains Delayed Due To Broken Rail

Rachel Jeantel is on Rev Al right now n/t

SiriusXM Launches SiriusXM Progress

(CANADA)"Prime Minister's Office asked staff to supply 'enemy' lists to new ministers"

Now take some time out for Your Moment Of Glamour...

"Why Holder's probe of 'stand your ground' laws stands out"

Hundreds Intervene in Proceedings over Federal Review of Constitution Pipeline Project

XO of riverine squadron fired after 2 boats grounded

Miami Considers Jailing Homeless People For Eating, Sleeping In Public

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Colorado? Town Considers Bounty For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones.

July 17, 1944 (320 killed)

Christian magicians rise to defend themselves as not involved with the occult:

George Zimmerman's Theme Song (and those who like him)

Now she is saying change the law

CNSE to split from UAlbany and become first SUNY campus in over 40 years

Amber Alerts---Have they gone too far?

Is your private information your personal property?

Data show murders down in crime uptick

NSA warned to rein in surveillance as agency reveals even greater scope

Christopher Dorner Carjack Victim Denied Reward for Fingering Cop Killer

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Snowden Jokes

One day I'd like to try building one of these for local travel

"In Which Richard Cohen Reveals More Than He Intended"

Southern California home prices soar 28.3% in June — a year-to-year record

The Weakly Non-Standard claims there isn't a rape crisis in the military...

AP sources: Deal reached in Senate to restore lower interest rates on student loans.

Now "The Nuge" wants Zimmermann and his inbreds to sue the Martin family...

4 Women's Issues That Haven't Changed Since 1911

IRS inspector general "personally" blocked information which revealed targeting of liberal groups

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This will be my cast post on DU...

Search for stolen art turns up ashes

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I MUST have one, even though it is a Honda.......

Krugman: Obamacare Is the Right’s Worst Nightmare

Fox Duhh Five: Why Are Liberals So Angry At Hispanics?

is this correct? in florida, there is no civil judgment available for wrongful death?

Chris Matthew WTF..... You are not informed and neither are your guests, UGGGGGGGGG

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If You Have Nothing To Hide, Don't Have A Stroke In The State Of Florida!


sooooo, michele bachmann thinks that the president should be "spanked" and his "magic wand" taken

Never too young for MUSIC!

Batteries Not Included? Christian Group ‘Accidentally’ Sends Michele Bachmann A Vibrator

The Concerned Parent's Guide To Decoding Their Child's TXT Lingo...

'Stand Your Ground' Laws Mapped By States

Post here to admit you were wrong about Snowden and NSA

Qui Bono: The War on Planned Parenthood...

"This is perhaps the best story about Facebook I've ever read"

Activist Son (Derek Black) of Key Racist Leader Renounces White Nationalism

When the Media warned of post-verdict riots, did any of them think about Tulsa, OK in 1921?

Yahoo stock surges to 5-year high

'Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You...'

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Bruce Springsteen Dedicates 'American Skin (41 Shots)' to Trayvon Martin

Abu Sakkar, Syria Rebel 'Heart Eating Cannibal' the BBC Interview

Rolling Stone - The editors fucked up w/ that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev photo

If you carry a concealed gun, you are the problem