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Know when we'll be in a truly post racial America?.....

Harry, Remember that Mitch will lie without breaking a wrinkle. Call his bluff and push

Who should be the bond villan(s) in the next James Bond movie?

Do we know this already? Sport teams leaving Florida in solidarity and fear for their players

Home phone ringing: Didja' ever notice....?

Juror Speaking Out on Anderson Cooper 360

Toles Toon on Florida 'Justice"

I have trouble opening cans.

Dear George Zimmerman (from -a black male who could've been Trayvon Martin)

Moki Gardea has passed away. (Sister of Miska the talking huskey)



Just my opninion of course, but I say let the Fillibuster stand, but make 'em do it.

Remember when ....

What is your opinion of the jurors in the Zimmerman case?

Broncos suspend Russell, Heckert

Charles Blow: "The whole system failed Martin. What prevents it from failing my children, or yours?"

Stranded bicycling after flat tire, Dave Matthews picked up by fans headed to his show

Dr. arrested for 2 double homicides- including the stabbing death of an 11 year old

Nasty fire in the mountains west of Palm Springs

1 degree of warming = 2 meters of sea level

Bachmann aide arrested in connection with House office burglaries

Opinion of "beer and a haircut" sports barbershops?

Civil rights charges against Zimmerman would be difficult, Justice officials say

Everyone that is congratulating the jurors for following the Judge's instructions... psssst, c'mer

Does this constitute workplace retaliation for jury duty?

Lun Lun had twins!

If the demographers are right the Nuclear Option is no threat

12 Years A Slave TRAILER 1 (2013) - Chiwetel Ejiofor, Brad Pitt Movie HD

Parents of baby killed in accidental shooting appear in court

Texas Tampon Massacre...If you are Pissed Off. Sign Here

When your citrus has a drinking problem...

TRMS caption challenge: The First Families say cheese

"Democrats: It’s the states, stupid!"

Book about the mysterious death of CSC math professor

Rachel Jeantel on Piers Morgan tonight.

The Senate will be voting on the filibuster tommorow

Why Aren't Americans Fighting Back?

At least 5 federal court cases filed challenging NSA program constitutionality thanks 2 Snowden docs

So it looks like the jury was drawn from freerepublic/the gungeon.

George Zimmerman's Police Call History

The Case for Abolishing the DHS

A cop's take on the verdict

Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner Lead In NYC Comptroller, Mayoral Races: Poll

How I spent Saturday with my granddaughter and railroad history

"Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner Lead In NYC Comptroller, Mayoral Races: Poll"

This woman juror is saying Travon basically caused his own death

Spain apologizes to Bolivia for incident with Morales' plane

"Americans Are Warming Again to Unions. Will the Relationship Last?"

Politics of Hate

Good lord. Angela Corey prosecuted the Marissa Alexander case, too.

The Truth Behind Corbett's Claim of "Remarkable" Increases in Jobs in PA.

Bachmann Aide Fired After Theft Arrest From Capitol Hill Office

Bob Rae: With shuffle, the Harper Revolution continues its slow, steady crawl Add to ...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! These Assholes Always Get Away . & a new Maru gif

Poor Trayvon never had a chance.

Rachel Jeantel is being interviewed on CNN by Piers - NOW

C-SPAN -- Senate meeting about to end.

I think juries should have more than six people on them...

I will vote in 2014 for no more children being killed like Treyvon and Sandy Hook .

The Wobblies

Letten, 'guerrilla journalist' O'Keefe share heated exchange

CNN Breaking News Email: Jurors split half and half at first vote.

Spain presents a letter of apology? to Bolivia for the incident with President Morales's Plane

Prosecutors Contradict Zimmerman’s Story In ABC Interview, Claim He Lacked ‘Courage To Take Stand'

Michele Bachmann: Congress Needs To Give Obama A 'Spanking,' Take Away His 'Magic Wand'

My thoughts on this post-Zimmerman trial America ...

Juror: "They were both responsible for the position they were in..."

Quebec man's disappearance in Mexico has family searching for answers

Gov. McCrory and state's GOP legislative leaders unveil tax plan

My latest Mixcloud podcast - dedicated to ChickMagic

New computer as smart as most teabaggers.

Juror interviewed says race had nothing to do with it.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Interviews Anonymous Member Of Zimmerman Jury Who Defends Acquittal Decision

Artist's image of Martin Luther King, Jr. in a Trayvon Martin hoodie goes viral in wake of...

Everything that Black Folks Need to Know About Republicans and Right-Wingers

At least three jurors wanted to convict at the beginning.


Update on Chambers Brother assaulted after dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin

rachel jeantel is on piers morgan

Who has a working knowledge of police records?

Another trial involving a Florida man who fatally shot an unarmed black teen

Cecile Richards: Go, NC! The Capitol balcony is filled to overflowing with supporters

need advice, not sure where to post this

I heard reporting on NPR ...

Do you want the jury system abolished?

Someone please tell me I've gotten the quote wrong. Please.

Global nuclear power declines by 7 percent in 2012 after 4 percent drop in 2011

Leader of Mexico's Zetas drug cartel captured

Glenn Greenwald _Pentagon Is Now Monitoring Websites For EXTREMIST POLITICAL Activity

What should Edward ‘I’m a brave martyr but I wanna go home’ Snowden do now?

Twinkies may be smaller than people recall

Latest Lauren Corgo.

The honkiest song I ever heard

We need to let them know we're going to teach our children how to AIM

787 Fire Inquiry Focuses on Transmitter

How to smuggle tampons into the Texas State Capitol -

Man found in California motel awakens with amnesia

Filibuster fight: Senators end closed-door meeting

Juror B37 sounds like a surefire teabagger.

NC GOP Chairman Pope's open letter to the NYT

I'm not a big fan of ESPN, but I somehow was invited to an advance screening of ...

Was B37 the juror who took copious notes?

Listening to Juror on CNN

Travon Martin had in his Possession 12 pieces of stolen

Did the Prosecution have their heart in the Treyvon Martin case? Is Angela Corey Too Biased?

Piers Morgan Conducts Riveting Interview With Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Witness Rachel Jeantel

Bradley Manning Trial Resumes With Government Presenting Rebuttal

In High Profile Cases, Jurors will be Either Liars or the Terminally Dim....

GZ t-shirts on sale at protest:

What the hell went wrong with the Zimmerman prosecution?

I'll never again vaction in FL, how about you?

Basically Zimmerman didn't end up going to prison because jurors couldn't figure out manslaughter

*FUCK* Boycotting Florida. We need to STAND OUR GROUND.

Zimmerman Protesters in Oakland have shut down all lanes of I-880 near Broadway exit in Oakland.

Well that was tiring, but worth it...

My cousin wrote this on my fb page about my post on Trayvon

Former Creighton resident arrested in connection with 2 Omaha double homicides

Reverand Al just raised a great question on The Last Word.

US Special Forces terrorize Port Angeles, Washington in the dead of night

Moral Monday crowd rallies for womens rights (NC) Great Pix & Barber Speech

Al Sharpton:How did this person get on the jury

Goodwin Weber, on Behalf of DOJ Employees, Intends Class Action Against Sec. of Labor Perez

BREAKING NEWS (TX): Nueces County sheriff confirms judge found dead at courthouse

Le comandante PETREUS down from $200K to $1. Wingnuts sigh.

Bat Remediation

"Are they going to do voter registration again?" she asks me

Under the Floridah SYG law wouldn't any black guy approached by

Alternate Universe poll: If George Zimmerman was black and Trayvon Martin was white...

Redneck Heaven's Painted Breasts Run Afoul of the Good People of Lewisville (NSFW)

NY Court Grants Chevron Access to 9 Years of its Critics' Emails: Activists, Journalists, Attorneys

Juror B37 On CNN Has Me Fuming Right Now....

Lester Chambers (or his son) just posted this update to his Facebook pg with a message to all of us

Jurer on AC

Oh for the love of Christ, Lawerence

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday July 16th

Charles Ramsey Says He Is Homeless, Broke After Fame That Followed Ohio Kidnapping Rescue

I'm not Trayvon Martin

Bachmann urges ‘spanking’ for Obama to take away his ‘magic wand’

"Weeping with rage for my little American."

Juror B37 's Husband who is an Attorney Knows Mark O' Mara (Zimmerman's Defense Lawyer)

Israel rejects Polish ban on kosher slaughter

Stevie Wonder Pledges Not To Play In Florida Until ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Is Abolished

Judge to rule on dismissing most serious charge in U.S. WikiLeaks trial

Ft. Worth crews accidentally demolish wrong house

Hanging Chads and Confusing Jury Instructions

2 years after nuclear disaster, Japan spawns freaky fruits and veggies

Insight: How European courts are dismantling sanctions on Iran

Congress Approval Rating Lower Than North Korea

Juror B37 Says She'd Be Fine With Zimmerman in Her Neighborhood Watch

Juror B37: George Zimmerman guilty of using bad judgment

Ron Artest is coming home

Slavery by Another Name

"Thankful Tuesday" compliments of the NC GOP!

Forever friends

Interim Egypt government brings in policy changes

CNN Anderson Cooper interviews Juror B-37 (Full, 36:49 minutes)

I need a break, you?

The reality is that if Trayvon had a gun that night he'd be in prison for 2nd degree murder today.

It's Monday, that means car show day! (Pic heavy)

If You Liked Rick Perry, You'll Love Greg Abbott

Berlin mayor starts legal action against rapper's violent song

Westboro Baptist Church Vows To Picket Cory Monteith’s Funeral

George Zimmerman May Head Back to Court to Face Molestation Charges (audio at link)

Rachel Jeantel interview with Piers Morgan (video)

Zimmerman's lawyer calls prosecutors 'disgrace' to profession

I hate seeing Moisty Faced GZ on the Front Page.

Some twitter updates from ABC on the protests in Los Angeles

Hunger Games, U.S.A. (Wherein Krugman lambastes GOP for their psychopathic cruelty)

I forgot if this is how the system works re: TOS checked alerts.

More incredible things Juror B37 said on CNN!!

Rachel Maddow - Vacationing McDonnell leaves growing outrage, scandal behind

Pakistani Folk Art on US Drones

Rachel Maddow - Maddow dispels ‘Fox News world’ outrage with facts

If Jon Stewart ever Invites Bill Oreilly in his show again, Im done (Trayvon Martin)

Manziel pleads guilty to 2012 misdemeanor charge, other charges dismissed

Manziel pleads guilty to 2012 misdemeanor charge, other charges dismissed

Of course the media made a big deal out of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial.

A Heads Up to KC Residents - Especially in Waldo


Rachel Jeantal's smackdown of Don West's daughters.

Of wood and flowers...

Spain Apologizes to Bolivia for Presidential Plane Delay.

"that's it?" Kids' Reactions to the Cheerios Commerical.. Out of the Mouths of Babes..

Dumb question. Juror B37 called Zimmerman "Georgie"...his Dad is a Judge, her husband is an attorney

George Zimmerman Verdict, NOT GUILTY: Child Molestation Accusations Arise....

Explosion Rocks Natural Gas Drilling Well in Marcellus Shale, Workers Seriously Injured

Let us not forget

Nate Silver: Senate may tip for GOP in 2014

Lisa Madigan takes pass on governor's race

An Open Letter to Juror B-37 in the Zimmerman Trial

Sarah Palin says living in Alaska is unique cause you have "access to Santa Clause"

Redditors answer cancer patient's plea for pizza

A jury of his peers...

Arizona mayor opposes razor wire on border fence

Just a comment. Support 7 member jury. On close (3-3) calls DUers are obviously evenly split.

Just Another Day of Injustice in the USA

Meet Sharlene Martin, B37's (now former) literary agent

The fact that there's so much contention here about the Trayvon case

Enough is ENOUGH!!! The REAL reason Kali had to rescue MFM because he was "stuck" in the can:

The Act of Killing.

7/17th at 10:30am. Public Utilities decides to approve more tar sands through MN. We need you.

Oliver Slams Florida: ‘Just Because You’re Shaped Like A Dick Doesn’t Mean You Have To Act’ Like One

.Panama Seizes North Korean Ship.

7/17 at 10:30am. MN Public Utilities decision on approving more tar stands going through Minnesota.

Blagojevich appeals convictions, stiff sentence

Marchers Block I-880 In Oakland On 3rd Night Of Zimmerman Verdict Protests

So half a dozen people steal bicycles from walmart

And the mass arrests begin. Good job LAPD.

Asiana pilot names: NTSB intern 'no longer with agency,' report says

NTSB closes San Francisco command post

Zimmerman juror WITHDRAWS from writing book now..

How Could The Judge Not Allow The Prosecution To Bring Up Racial Profiling In The GZ Case?

The Post Trial Trayvon Bullshit Storys Have Started ... South of Memphis

Feeling squirrely today...

Heron today, gone tomorrow...

National LGBT groups: ‘Trayvon deserves justice’

So how long before someone comes up with an App for Zimmerman sightings?

The Google Trends graph of interest in Snowden vs. NSA stories past 30 days

The worst thing said by juror B37

Just watched an Oakland officer draw his sidearm on a crowd of protesters...

Does anyone know what this plant is?

University Of Michigan May Soon Offer In-State Tuition To Undocumented Students

Republican Congressman Dances on Trayvon's Grave, Trashes Obama #gopracism

World’s ugliest buildings

How many George Zimmerman jurors does it take to change a light bulb?

Alabama Natural Gas Company Enlists Public Schools to Brainwash Children

Battle of Blair Mountain

The Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Minimum Wage

My impression of B37 was that she really wanted to be on the jury

Petition Calls For Boycott Of Florida Tourism Until ‘Stand Your Ground’ Is Overturned

Shroud of Turin

The Strange Fruit of Juror B37 --- George Zimmerman Trial

People who don’t like cricket are wrong, say experts

L.A. NBC Affiliate, LAPD Offer False Reports of '$15k of Damage' at Hollywood Hotel During Protest

It's time for an appreciation thread. Check in here if you love MFM!

Unlicensed armed guards booted from controversial mine site in Wisconsin

The threat of being profiled will stop

Lubbock City Council votes to terminate City Manager Dumbauld

EU: Future agreements with Israel won't apply to territories

Blog claims Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL) offered to switch parties

Some Good Reads

Juror B37...

Spy-spotter: joke about scary visit came true

Nadezhda Popova, WWII ‘Night Witch,’ Dies at 91

Zimmerman's Parents in Hiding from 'Enormous Amount of Death Threats'

The Faces of Change

Another SCOTUS give away to Big Corporations -

So a threat from the Defense to the Judge may have gotten Zimmerman Acquitted

NHS pays THIRTY TIMES more for cod-liver oil than high street cost

ABC's hiring of Jenny McCarthy: a decision that could cost lives

If you had a French poodle and he or she could sing...

Trans-Pacific Partnership undermines health system

Average Penis Size Of American Men Is 5.6 Inches Long When Erect, Scientists Say

Iowa egg farms settle suit over salmonella recalls

Study: Later retirement may help prevent dementia

Ahead of the Bell: US Consumer Prices

So I did some research. I could find no indication that either bush honored Jimmy Carter

Black American Leadership Alliance D.C. Anti-Immigration Rally Wilts

B37 is going to become a slang term

Breaking..Michele Bachmann Aide, Arrested In Connection With Thefts At Rayburn House Office Building

Robert Scheer: The Return of Lawrence Summers, Mr. Spectacular Failure

Corporate Citizenship a Dying Concept

Why the U.S. Executive Branch Is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Democracy

Stranger Danger. What do I tell my kids?

Stand Your Ground and the Zimmerman Verdict

Seems a surprising number here could use some information re: racism

Report: Zimmerman Juror B37 Will Not Write Book After All

Meet the Buckrakers! 9 Former 'Public Servants' Who Cash In Big-Time on the Speaker Circuit

Zimmerman protesters raid LA store, stop freeway

Global Power Project Part V: Banking on Influence With Goldman Sachs

Multinational Greed Is Threatening the Stability of Societies Across the Planet

Ahead of the Bell: US Industrial Production

Last Car Plant Brings Detroit Hope and Cash

Two women attack McDonalds employee---turned out to be a big mistake.

I can see now why God is preparing to flood the earth again

Did Trayvon's father live at the Gated Community?

Juror B37, a grisly ghoul, probably planned to profit off Trayvon's death from the get go

Damn Joe Madison is on fire taking the juror to task

Is delaying the business mandate but not the personal mandate, a liability for dems

The strange, strange case of juror B37.

Corbett Ignored Voter ID warnings from Dept. of Aging. + Invalid Told to Stand in Line 4 Hrs for ID

I have been praying for years for a

Somebody's Getting Ripped Off

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Shot Dead

Reid Edges Closer To Nuclear Option As Lengthy All-Senator Meeting Ends With No Deal

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

If sh*t could take a crap, there would be a pile of Ted Nugent in the toilet.......

Adoption Law Doesn't Just Affect Babies

Utterly despicable Toon

35 years ago, Dan White killed Harvey Milk. It was a hate crime. So is the death of Trayvon.

Swiss Bank Leaker; 'Banks created a system for making themselves rich at the expense of society

Subprime Borrowers With Best Credit Score Denied Help

That juror is a frikkin idiot.

A Disgusting Play on Patriotism

I live in the Sanford, Florida area....

Juror:" Zimmerman went too far, but his heart was in the right place!"

Snowden officially applies for temporary asylum in Russia – human rights lawyer

Chris Hedges: Urban Poverty in America Made Me Question Everything

The biscuits in the Army...

The appeal to the lowest common denominator

This pic regarding the Zimmerman case says it all

Wisconsin mine supporter(s) made online “shoot on sight” death threats

Here we are about 3 hours away from the "Nuclear Option" and not a word on DU.

Can't two play at that game?

I am dumbfounded.

I am dumbfounded.

Florida man wakes up in California with amnesia; speaks only Swedish

The Act of Killing and the modern trend of “privatising public space”

Source unknown, but deserving of accolades

AG Eric Holder to speak at NAACP convention in Orlando

George Zimmerman juror B-37 drops plans to write book, agent says

United States Federal Tax Dollars

Santa Monica Shooting Inspires Demand for New Gun Legislation

Wisconsin: Sarah Silverman on Scott Walker

The Drone That Wouldn't Die: How a Defense Contractor Bested the Pentagon

Gun Rights Activist Adam Kokesh Is Granted Bond, Prohibited From Possessing Firearms

Who Knew? Study Shows That Burning Wood Treated w. Copper Arsenate A Bad Idea

Since Aurora, a steady stream of mass killings

Chilean Appeals Court Blocks Huge Barrick Gold Mine In Favor Of Local Tribes, Water Protection

Jordan Davis’ Parents Speak: Our Son Will Not Die In Vain

Zimmerman had jury of his peers.


Egypt clashes between police and Morsi supporters leave seven dead

If It Quacks Like a Quack: N. Dakota pays doctor to lie in court about abortion

Will someone please explain if stand your ground was used as a defense in the Zimmerman trial?

Grand Theft Auto Issa is the richest Congressperson - worth $195 million and $700 million

how cash secretly rules surveillance policy

Tony Abbott's 100-Dam Plan The Sharknado Of Australian Politics - Guardian

A jury of his peers....

Losing My Religion: The illusion of choice in religious leave-taking

Stevie Wonder: Boycott Florida

Morning in Velvet

Mark NeJame is on CNN and says it is a rumor

New thermocell could harvest 'waste heat'

"Right Turn on Immigration" Huh?

Filibuster Reform Might Actually Happen: It always fails at the last minute.

The War on Coal Obama Isn't Fighting

John Oliver BLASTS Zimmerman verdict

Boy Scouts spread the hate. Fat scouts can't go to big camp outing.

Nesting Gulf Loggerheads Face Offshore Risks—Long-Range Nesting Patterns Reveal New Habitats and Ri…

and this...

Is there a clear verifiable account or timeline of what happened the night Zimmerman shot Martin?

Photo ID Law on Trial in Pennsylvania: What's at Stake for Our Democracy

Nuke 'em Harry don't give them a break

And I just blew my stack at an old friend about the Zimmerman case.

Pearl Jam's new single - Mind Your Manners

Martin Luther King Jr. Hoodie Image Honoring Trayvon Martin

Major League Baseball to act against sex orientation bias and harassment

The Apple ‘Kill List’: What Your iPhone Doesn’t Want You to Type

Viruses Don’t Care About Your View: Why ABC Shouldn’t Have Hired Jenny McCarthy

B37: Zimmerman should have stayed in car, but was 'egged on' by 911 operator. WTF?

Eugene Robinson: Black boys denied the right to be young

Ha! Backlash: North Carolina abortion bill hurts Gov. Pat McCrory, poll finds

Booker continues to hold commanding lead in Senate contest

Panama seizes North Korean ship

Born Black In America

Bud Selig defends MLB drug program: "sport is cleaner than it's ever been."

Key Democratic Senator Will Oppose Efforts To End Filibusters Of Obama Nominations

You Have the Right to More Coherent Spanglish

Some volcanoes ‘scream’ at ever-higher pitches until they blow their tops

Jeremy Scahill Tells Us How He Uncovered America's Massive, Global Dirty Wars

Looking for Ways to Beat the Weeds

French arrest Norwegian suspected of terror plot(sympathizer of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik

French arrest Norwegian suspected of terror plot

Nueces County sheriff: Judge found dead at courthouse

We came home this morning to find the ceiling in our second bedroom collapse during the night.

What killed the tens of thousands of dead eels washing up on Guangdong beaches?

PPP poll: Terry McAuliffe up 4 on Ken Cuccinelli

Fugitive Edward Snowden applies for asylum in Russia

'Neo-Nazi' singer Vikernes in French terror arrest (Norwegian linked to Breivik)

Rolling Stone: The Ten Dumbest Things Ever Said About Abortion and Women's Rights

Big Oil Stifles Clean Energy

Gibbs: Obama must be ‘careful’ weighing in on Trayvon Martin case

Beatbox Brilliance: Tom Thum at TEDxSydney

That juror didn't think it was about race

What is the best e-mail system to preserve privacy?

The Dignified, Silent Grief of Trayvon Martin's Parents

PMO asked staff to supply 'enemy' lists to new ministers

Zimmerman verdict protesters attack TV reporter, storm Wal-Mart

...And this is one of the smaller ones.

Native American tribes’ lawsuit could decide who controls Senate in 2015

A letter from Marissa Alexander and how you can write to her

TV Reporters Scamed: Asiana Airlines Crash Pilot has Sum Ding Wong With His Identity.

George Carlin Way

Refusal of religious orders to compensate Magdalenes ‘beggars belief’

We are not worthy...

Released Today- Chinese Burger

Do you think part of the problem was the prosecution did not offer a clear counter scenario?

The War on Terror Is America's Mania

Summer has set in, yall. nt

City bans body paint in change of nudity definition

Racism in America is a deep, infected wound

Spain's endangered Iberian lynx brought back from brink of extinction

"If erection lasts for more than four hours, see Mister Softee..."

I wonder if B37, and the others, decided to find their town, not guilty.

Aide to man with Down syndrome who died in theater had warned police not to touch

Portland council bans panhandling, sets date for pot vote

A Secret Surveillance Program Proves Challengeable in Theory Only

A prescient Zimmerman thread from March 2012.

Bambi and Thumper fo' real

Indonesian Governor Rusly Habibie Bans Female Secretaries (to stop extra marital affairs)

Harry Reid Folds Again

Prominent Cameroonian gay rights activist Eric Lembembe killed in Yaounde, rights group says

Reykjavik mayor wants to cut all ties with Moscow over gay discrimination.

Cuomo Bill Bans Smoking At Playgrounds (if anyone under 12 is around)

Sign in here, if you are watching Cspin II as the 11am EST bombshell nears.

Faux "news" guest is honest about Immigrants...

Zimmerman gets justice - by Matt Bors

Enjoying a Fine Whine this morning. My God, it's HOT and MUGGY & BUGGY here in Michigan!

(GA) City Proposes Open Containers for Tailgaters (makes it more inviting for game day visitors)

What's up with Carl Devin (D?-MI). NO on military assault change. NO on fillibuster change. WTF?

Trout Amandine

Juror B37. Holy Smokes

New Utah NSA Spy Center Needs 1.7 Million Gallons Of Water A Day

Breaking: Harry Reid moving to the Phillipines

Seeking intelligent and some tech-savvy DUers re; justice for Trayvon, and for all of us.

U.S. Spy Network Will Survive Any Amount Of Public Outrage, Experts Say

EU proposes common approach to financing poverty eradication and sustainable development

Nonprofit Leader With Alleged Ties To Convicted Queens Pol Surrenders

'The Wire' Creator on Zimmerman Verdict: 'I Can’t Look an African-American Parent in the Eye'

Your lost dog might become somebody's cash cow

"Free At Last"

reposting in gd

Why need "edit history"?

National LGBT groups: ‘Trayvon deserves justice’

Deaf patrons sue New York City Starbucks over alleged mocking

Blind dog creates paintings to help other needy dogs

Obama derangement syndrome - coincidence?


George Orwell - A Final Warning

Officer uses hotdog bits to rescue dog from roof (w/pic)

While the US was riveted and divided by OJ, the GOP used the distraction to takeover Congress.

Chinese GlaxoSmithKline exec confesses on state television that he paid bribes to push up drug price

Just how many is too many?

Pic Of The Moment: NC Abortion Bill: The Backlash Begins

Hackers Convert Verizon Device Into Mobile Spy Stations

Republicans screamed Nuclear Option, Up or Down Vote

Reid announces tentative deal to avert rules showdown

Working around donation limits

Louis C.K. Destroys Global Warming Deniers Google Pl

It is funny now that people think THEIR rights are being violated

Teacher, I know. . . I know . . . ask me!!!!!

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 16, 1877

Twitter user swiftly sabotages Zimmerman juror’s book deal

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 16, 1877

Long Island Birthday Party At Chuck-E-Cheese Ends With Brawl, Cops Called

CNN Holds Panel Discussion To Determine If There Race Problem In America

Justin Timberlake Didn't Know The Name Of His New Single Is Same As Anti-Rape Group

Rat Face opened a vein last night

Hotels boycott David Irving's Berlin plans

Quarterly Profit Doubles at Goldman Sachs

Diverse Forests, Industrialization and People Help Non-native Forest Pests Thrive in Northeastern US

I get that some of will never be the victim of a hate crime, neither will your friends or family

(Switzerland) Pizza maker under fire for 'sexy' delivery staff

Florida Man With Amnesia Wakes Up In Palm Springs, Speaks Swedish

An old white man's video blog about Trayvon/Zimmerman has gone viral

Capitalism summed up in a nutshell. "“capitalism is predicated on bad behaviour...

Abused 7-Year-Old Girl Plunges From Sixth-Floor Window, Sources Say

Delaware Man Accused Of Throwing Male Fluids At Woman In Walmart Line

Senate deal appears near to avoid 'nuclear' showdown

PPP: Virginia Democrats Lead All Three Statewide Races; Also Lead Generic House Ballot

There Needs To Be A Third Choice Besides Death Or Arbitrary Restraint By A Madman

Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Rachel Jeantel, Offered Full Ride Scholarship from Tom Joyner

It may interest 1 or 2 of you all that Richard Cordray's nomination is being voted on now.

(Italy) Right-wingers tell Pope to stay out of politics (stop its preaching on immigration)

New study addresses trade-offs between food security and climate change mitigation

I wonder if Barbara Walters will ask Pappy Zim what kind of tree he'd like to be...

Sharpton to rally in 100 cities over Martin death

Why no change of venue in this case? Anyone know?

Richard Cordray nomination passes 60-vote threshold to advance in Senate

Wow. 40K Posts.

Richard Cordray nomination moves forward in the Senate, 71/29 nt.

Lucy-with-the-football Reid: Nuclear option may be averted

Revealed the keys to reducing the impact of agriculture on climate change

Royal bash guests asked to help pay for music

Arrests made in India over convent gang rapes

Charles Pierce To Juror#B37: "take your barely implicit racism and fk off."

Chief Justice John Roberts Should Recuse Himself From Challenges to FISA Court Decisions

Zimmerman will never see the insides of another Courtroom - move on people

Men jailed for Norway yacht waterboarding

Defenders can’t blame Bob McDonnell’s wife anymore

NY Presbyterian Among Top 10 Hospitals In Nation, Survey Finds

These people are pieces of shit.

An 1894 Hopi Petition: "Let Us Keep Our Communal Land"

Blogger C. Fitzpatrick on Snowden's future in Russia and his deadmans's switch

Cloture invoked on Cordray nomination

High CO2 Spurs Wetlands to Absorb More Carbon

Yes, Stand Your Ground absolutely played a role in the Zimmerman trial.

Florida Gov. Scott urged to address polarization caused by George Zimmerman verdict

Manning Charges 'Hammer' Whistle-Blowers, Lawyer Says

Native Americans Demand Reparations for Treaty Broken After Sand Creek Massacre

I want a credible investigative journalist to write a book

I've never believed that Trayvon ran up on Z to throw the "first punch."


Given the dysfunction of almost all institutions in the United States

Uncle Sam Whacks Gallup for $10.5 Million

Republicans Cave: Seven Top Government Jobs Will Be Filled

Forget Battery Swapping: Tesla Aims to Charge Electric Cars in Five Minutes—“It’s going to be hard.”

Zimmerman Verdict: What Happened To [Black] Trayvon Martin's FEAR

Citigroup reports surge in second quarter profits; Goldman Sachs doubles profits (BBC)

Matthew Bush (oh sorry ) Matthew Weaver jailed for rigging school election to make himself presiden

How the System Worked

I don't believe the Republicants will honor their deal with Harry Reid

Found this on FB....(yeah, it's bad but I still laughed)

Racism against black people, still significant, or not significant anymore?

Jury duty is a requirement not sought after - like some witnesses

Snowden Submits Application for Asylum in Russia

Freedom From Religion

I think we have a temporary mandate for addressing gun laws like Stand Your Ground

Toon: Zimmerman quote

Thought "Sharknado" was badass? Here comes "Ghost Shark"!

kid's lunches ... Japan vs America

McDonald's Budget Suggestions: No Food, No Heat, Get A Second Job

Cordray's nomination succeeding is a HUGE deal, folks.

Hey Teahadists, The GOP just agreed to forward the 'Obama Agenda' in the Senate.

Fuck yeah, Stevie boycotts Florida!

Why I Fear The Post-Trayvon Martin Sermon

The War On Terror Is America's Mania

Fecal donors to stem Swedes' diarrhoea woes ( a practice relatively common in the US)

Here’s The Story Of The Twitter Hero Who Single-Handedly Killed Zimmerman Juror B37 Book Deal

AIG's ex-CEO Greenberg files lawsuit vs. Spitzer

The phrase of the day is "fecal donors". Replace any word in a thread with "fecal donors".

My Family, Our Cancer, and the Murderous Cruelty of Conservatives

Tea Partier: Women Aborting Rapist’s Baby Should Serve Same Time As Rapist!

Right-Wingers Don't Understand What Zimmerman Verdict Means

Redhook Announces Hemp Beer To Celebrate Cannabis Legalization In Washington

I think it's a good thing Republicans are passing so many abortion restrictions in state

USA Today: Nazi-fighting 'Night Witch' dead at 91

Reid, and our squishy on filibuster senators, didn't cave

Republican Directs Liberals to Coat Hanger Website Re: Abortion

Now I have massive agita. I agree with Ted Cruz:

Wow, lots of rain around Douglas!

3 Years Of Gulf Oil Spill Photos Show Ongoing Impact

Limbaugh: After Jeantel's Interview, "I Can Now" Say "'Nigga' With An A" Because "It's Not Racist"

Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

Blue plaque unveiled for mother of modern witchcraft Doreen Valiente

Former CIA Director To Collect $1 During CUNY Tenure

The Howard University School of Medicine, making a strong point

Snowden Requests Asylum in Russia – Lawyer

How Ukraine Wooed Conservative Websites

Publicity shot of GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Brophy and his lovely family:

Raven Injured In Porcupine Attack Seemingly Begs Woman For Help

"Fucking Punks. These assholes, they always get away."

Obama Administration Pushes Drug Courts

Are you ashamed of the state you live in?

Toon: Question to ask when purchasing a gun today in Florida...

Robertson: George Zimmerman Right to Follow Trayvon Martin Because Criminals Wear Hoodies

Enhancement project of the Telesterion at Eleusis underway

8 Florida Republicans Who Helped Pass 'Stand Your Ground' Or Worked To Keep It On The Books

Ed Markey is sworn in as Massachusetts' newest U.S. Senator

What Juror B37 actually revealed.

7 People Die and Hundreds Are Injured in Cairo Clashes

Been offline. Do I have this right regarding Zimmy and his case?

Senate votes 71-29 to advance Cordray as 'nuclear' threat recedes

WH Spokesman Carney on NSA leaker Snowden: 'He is not a human rights activist. He is not a dissident

Do you think the Zimmerman trial led to a fair result?

The truth about religious freedom in the military

The 7 nominations in the Senate today.

Ecuador inks $300K lobbying contract amid Snowden asylum fight

Bob Dylan frogmarched to collect ID after rookie policewoman fails to recognize scruffy dude.

How does the Zimmerman Juror get a freakin book deal so soon? She had to have

Korean ship passing through the Panama Canal is found full of missile/missile parts from Cuba

Kohenet institute says it helps women reclaim their role as priestesses

IRS accused of disclosing tax records of political candidates, donors

'Ghetto booty' diagnosis angers patient

Sewage leak shuts down Westchester County beaches

Gay Rights Activist Tortured and burned with Iron, has his feet and finally his neck broken.

Obamacare penalties spawn 'skinny' plans

Toon: Snowden

Racism is a Zombie

So Zimmy IS a racist; Zimmerman’s Old Myspace Account Reveals Racist, Sexist, Violent Behavior

NO more slots left for July contest. (Please read)

Here's our new vehicle.

Business Message - We Can't Afford To Pay Minimum Wages Much Less A Living Wage.

Geraldo's Rapist Mind-set

Lo tech very effective mosquito repellent....

Cuomo: Feds won't provide individual flood aid; NY will

No. We don't live in a post-racial society, but we will evenutally

What issue should the next the Democratic Candidate for President Run on?

Elizabeth Warren: Cordray Vote ‘A Historic Day For Working Families’

Angela Corey is all mad at Twitter for stirring up the Marissa Alexander case:

Colorado Residents Protest Fracking at Democratic Governors’ Conference

Marley Lion comparisons have begun.

Voiceprint Identification's 2013 for Chrissakes

Falling Wages Hurt Workers Making Higher Wages

So if the father of black teens sees George Zimmerman walking around his neighborhood...

Why we won't be able to stop the spying (Speculative Analysis Alert)

Suit water leak halts ISS spacewalk (BBC)

LA to deploy more police to prevent disturbances

No deal on huge Antarctic marine reserves (BBC)

Did pastries and fast foods use to taste better?

Eclectic group sues U.S. government over phone data surveillance

New Food Porn (low-rent, low-res cell phone edition): Vegetable Lo Mein

OK, so there's this couple on "House Hunters" . . .

Spygate Lawsuit Accuses NSA of Unconstitutional ‘Dragnet Electronic Surveillance’

Eclectic group sues U.S. government over phone data surveillance

Tom Tomorrow offers helpful advice for GOP PUAs on how to win women voters.

Google Brings Street View, Archival Images And Photos To The Eiffel Tower

Thom Hartmann: Has the Left Been Neutered?

Spanish Sorrow

Government Fights to Keep Court Opinions on NSA Spying Hidden From Public

U.S. Govt Must Heed Call of Human Rights Experts Worldwide to Respect Snowden's Right to Seek asylum

NSA Even Spied on Google Maps Searches, Documents Suggest

Dirty Little Secret About Wage Death Spin -

Reuters insider reveals institutional bias against reporting climate change

Woman Sues EMTs, Police for Letting Her Leave Ambulance and Jump Out Apartment Window

No worries about NSA - Social Security already has everything

According to B37 Zimmerman was over eager to help people.

Snowden wants asylum on the basis of fearing the death penalty, even though

No ‘STAND YOUR GROUND’ Right For 71 Year Old Florida African American Man

found a quote from 1790 that fits these days of fux gnews

Blasted V9 redirect virus.

Words that will live in infamy: "His heart was in the right place."

CLP: Brutal Treatment of Women at Ireland's Infamous Magdalene Laundries Is "All a Lie"

since ALEC wrote and pushed stand your ground laws, can they be sued for outcome?

Longing for the Good Old Days of Sea Duty ?

Is Rape A Hate Crime?

Can we talk honestly about being afraid of teenagers

Momoko Kochi

Deal Defuses ‘Nuclear Option’ in Senate

North Carolina We're Better Than This

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s friend, is offered a full college scholarship

So much for the theory that an all-female jury was bad news for Zimmerman

Fire in the hole

Jury Duty & Auto Trash

Thom Hartmann: Trayvon had a Right to Live...

Widow of slain mine union leader speaks out against Alabama's Drummond Co. in Colombia

Widow of slain mine union leader speaks out against Alabama's Drummond Co. in Colombia

The scars of Abu Ghraib-An Iraqi man still suffers from his ordeal at the infamous prison

The prosecution should have asked

The law is a racist.

Email exchange between Edward Snowden & former GOP Sen Gordon Humphrey ("you have done right thing"

I hope Jamie Foxx makes a movie about Trayvon.


GOP Draft Legislation to Cut Social Security

OUCH: Elizabeth Warren goes on CNBC’s Squawk Box & defends her plan

Special needs girl kicked out of Beauty and the Beast for 'humming too loud'

Apparently a lotto win is my retirement plan.

What Can We Do About Stand Your Ground Laws?

Seals sunning on the beach and warmer water than usual: nice. Other sea critters: less nice.

NSA Sued By Unusual Coalition Of Gun Rights And Environmental Activists Over 'Dragnet Surveillance'

I just came home from seeing "The Lone Ranger"

National Atheist Party votes to change name to “Secular Party of America”

After Strict New Puppy Mill Law Enacted by PA, State Stopped Inspecting Them

Has anyone seen this 1968 TV movie about a fascist takeover of America?

Three-Year-Old Bride In Bible Kids' Book

Too good to be true? Too weird to be true?

Great photos of Winnipeg's innovative facility testing high-tech jet engines

Cancer-stricken CoverGirl Talia Castellano dies at 13


Man battles health insurer for drug that could save his life

Comedian Cate Gary on how expensive college is for poor people...


What's on your list of the most amazing pieces of acting?...

Quinn Blasts Delayed Ambulance Response After Intern Faints

Police launch investigations after arrest of photographer (filming police)

'Missing' on the milk carton.....

Pussy Riot release new video targeting Russian oil and gas industry

Hooters and the Blow Fish

Do sequestered jurors get to keep their cell phones?

Toon: See how much Safer I make You?

My new philosophy of life. What is yours?

How does a jury become composed of all white women ...when it is supposed to

Top 5 Reasons America Isn't #1

So B37 hates the media and doesn't trust it and yet instantly there she is on CNN

India's dirty fighter writes a devastating critique of India's economic boom

Debunking the ‘gun control is racist’ smear

God is Not a Republican

Jodi Arias hearing lasts 3 minutes; judge wants sentencing trial for September

White privilege excuses

IRS interviews show no political bias, Democrats say

Don't Try This In California!

#RealTalk: What right does America have to tell other countries how to treat their own citizens

US issues 'athlete' visas to League of Legends players

Evidence map proves that Zimmerman was lying

Consumer Watchdog: Keystone XL to raise Midwestern gasoline prices $.20-.40 at the pump

Audi logo looks cool on a Volvo

President Obama will nominate Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa to the National Labor Relations Board

2,000-year-old skeletons, pyramid ruins found in Mexico

Victim's fear is immediately tossed OUT from jury deliberation rooms the moment they die.

I just discovered that the local branch of my gym lacks an outdoor pool.

Jury size and group psychology

Did I hear right???

Nets Coach Kidd Pleads Guilty In Hamptons DWI Wreck

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Cruz division...

Edward Snowden Declares Himself Torture-Proof

Larry Pratt says guns are as much fun as water pistols...

Trayvon: A Moral Response | William J. Barber, II

25 Years After Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Company Still Hasn’t Paid For Long-Term Environmental Damages

Family members did not want Michael Hastings' body cremated, but it was cremated anyways?

Iowa gov expresses concern over proposed EPA rules

Came across something interesting today.

I hate the idea of a couples massage!!

Attorney General Eric Holder condemns ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

'Fucking Punk' of the year

What do you mean "Iceberg lettuce"? I told you not to play with your food!

Bankster Brew-haha

Any Italians out there who know how to make a great lemon butter sauce?

If Zimmerman were really afraid of teenager Trayvon,

Gay Marriage to Be Legal in England as Law Clears Last Hurdle

WIBC Indy Program Director's reply to Limbaugh's latest racist comment

"PHOTO: Application for temporary asylum in Russia written by #NSA leaker Edward #Snowden" (WTF?)

'Dirty Santa' Busted

Lawmaker (R) Wants to End Compulsory Education

Liz Cheney says she will challenge US Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyo. in next year’s Republican primary

Mc Connell loses Filibuster Battle, But Winning the War

Don't buy the spin. SYG had everything to do with Zimmerman's acquittal

Skinner, do you know when you will be doing the "call for MIRT members" for the next term?

AG strongly criticizes stand-your-ground laws

State regulators call for $300M fine against PG&E

My Posts And My Rants - My Perspective - The Martin Incident

Are the banks getting worried about Elizabeth Warren? Personal story here.

The Party Of Rape Culture: 40 Republican Rape Quotes Everyone Should Remember

BREAKING: Liz Cheney will challenge Se.Mike Enzi in 2014

Selected Post-verdict Commentaries

The phenomenal occurrences at the end of the month

McDonalds Tells Workers How to Budget on Their Meager Earnings

If anyone didn't listen to the end of B37's CNN inverview, listen to Jeffrey Toobin's comments

Chris Matthews on juror B37.

FBI blocks release of autopsy on Boston suspects' pal

Rachel and Trayvon were right. George Zimmerman IS a "creepy-assed cracka."

I Wish I was as Happy as John Denver

Senate Confirms Cordray As Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief (updated)

Five Ways the Prosecution Messed Up the Zimmerman Case

In Cluttered Home, a Dark Secret 3 Decades Old

Imagine If The GOP Got Its Way On Every Issue And Implemented Every Policy

JFK in Defense of Government Run Healthcare

Nissan: not enough Leafs to go around

Help wanted, Walmart, McDonald's, Papa johns, Low wages, excellent taxpayer paid benefits.

Walker regime's efforts to stifle dissenting voices are part of a national trend

Microsoft pushes Eric Holder to lift block on public information sharing

Do you support ending the filibuster?

Vatican offers 'time off purgatory' to followers of Pope Francis tweets

It was not a good day for turtles...

Liz Cheney to challenge Mike Enzi for Wyoming Senate seat.

Keystone XL Pipeline to Raise Gas Prices: Steyer

I had a seventeen year old son

Snowden must be an amazing guy, if you believe his latest claims,

German spy-spotter attracts unwanted attention for protest walk

Felony-Murder Doctrine anyone?

Researchers Shed New Light on Supraglacial Lake Drainage

Questlove: Trayvon Martin and I Ain’t Shit


BTW, Trayvon had his hoodie on his head because it was RAINING

Hi, Y'all! Quick question for my mom: 57, just got SS Disability, can she get medicare?

Study Identifies Deepwater Horizon Debris as Likely Source of Gulf of Mexico Oil Sheens

WH response to anti-Keystone letter is thorough - subject is throroughly ignored.

Juror B37 said the ONLY part of Rachel Jeantel's testimony that she believed was...

'Glee' star Cory Monteith died of heroin and alcohol mix, coroner says

A Cop's take on the Verdict

Putin Urges Snowden to Leave Russia

First pic of Juror B37

All Hail Harry Reid!

I just started a thread in the General Discussion forum, but it'does not appear to be there.

If a juror is found guilty of perjury, would double jeopardy no longer apply to Zimmerman?

New Talking Point: Trayvon Was the Bigot, As He Thought Zimmerman Was Gay (puke alert)

Ha ha ha! Obama already names replacement NLRB members. Too bad, so sad McTurtle.

What kind of person walks around unarmed?

Cruzin' To A Bruising: The Presidential Hopes of Canadian Ted

'Bid for Greatness' lets you use your PSN trophies for real prizes

Rand Paul: Filibuster prevents ‘extremist’ Maddow from being Supreme Court justice

Lindsey Graham Wants to Ruin the 2014 Olympics Over Edward Snowden

Emails show ex-Gov. Daniels sought to quash political opposition in Ind. schools

GOP rep on Zimmerman verdict: 'Get over it'

Has Egypt's experiment with Islamism failed? (+video) - CS Monitor

The NRA has got to love THIS guy...

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No. 12

Barclays fined $435m in US over energy market-rigging

Feds fine Barclays Bank $453 million for manipulating energy markets in California and the west

Spawn of Satan to run for Wyoming Senate Seat


Reverse Psychology, Anyone? Wonder how the Gun Nutz would react if somebody started a high profile

Would you admire a guy who got really drunk...

Raccoon Nation


At least Jerrah Jones wins something once again...

Researchers have successfully transplanted insulin-producing cells across species lines

New Picture of Snowden in Russia Emerges

Gordon Humphrey is a vile piece of shit who should NEVER be praised on DU.

NY, Conn. lawmakers try to halt Plum Island sale

Where was the NRA on Trayvon Martin's right to stand his ground?

Liz Cheney To Challenge Mike Enzi In 2014

Advice for female freshmen college students:

Steubenville Rape Grand Jury Update – July, 2013

VICTORY: Republicans Will Hate New NLRB Nominees! -Chosen by Obama after consulting head of AFL-CIO!

One Juror wanted Murder 2, Two Jurors wanted

How much things can change

Great Dane and baby goose

Zimmerman Verdict Reactions Prove That The New Initials Of Racism Are G.O.P.

Hollande: "As long as I am president, there will be no exploration for shale gas in France"

NC turns against GOP as Moral Monday protests continue

Putin tells U.S. to stop being assholes about Snowden...

Oh Liz....that is JUST what we need. Less agreement

A 12-Year-Old Egyptian Boy Flabbergasts An Interviewer. They Weren't Expecting A Political Genius.

Liz Cheney's DNA

Rev. Al Sharpton: 'This is a movement': Zimmerman protests press on

US to begin exporting 'fracked' gas

Rachel Jeantel is being re-victimized/"otherized" by the white juror

Hispanic networks skip Zimmerman in Obama interviews

Greeks strike against public sector cuts

Stand Your Ground Laws

Why do people send a flurry of emails at 5:30 PM when it's time to go home?

LAPD Captain to Protesters Sunday: 'I Honor Your Commitment and Passion for Justice' (VIDEO)

LAPD Shooting non violent protestors

Study: Young gay men need HPV vaccine as they are 15 times more likely to develop genital cancer

FOX anchor inadvertently Implies Michael Hastings could have been "assassinated"

Eliot Spitzer Won't Release Full Tax Returns Despite Criticism Of Mitt Romney For Same Refusal

AP Exclusive: Former Ind. Gov. Tried to Censor Opponents, Ban Howard Zinn from Univ. Classrooms

West ponders schools' future

"It’s College Students vs. the Corporate Machine – and the Machine’s Winning"

Back from Texas!

AP Exclusive: Daniels looked to censor opponents

NGO: Israel set to approve another 1,000 settler homes

Cleveland kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey lost his job and is homeless