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Does anyone else like 'Smash'?

Expanded immigration would reduce the federal deficit, some conservatives say

Morrissey: ‘Thatcher Was a Terror Without an Atom of Humanity’

Mitch McConnell joins Senate gun filibuster

ExxonMobil faces lawsuit after Arkansas oil spill

I am having a bottle or two of wine tonight so what should I drink to?

Dem Rep. Schwartz jumps into Pa. governor's race

'Let's privatize her funeral': Film Director Ken Loach on Plans for Thatcher's Send-off

The British Virgin Islands hold about 40% of all off-shore accounts...

what to do about a whiny puter?

We deserve a vote...

Democrats: Get over it and get moving

Margaret Thatcher's death greeted with little sympathy by Orgreave veterans

Holocaust Remembrance Day didn’t used to be like this

Sara Gilbert engaged to Linda Perry

I just booked flights for my 50th HS reunion.

Cat beauty show in Romania...

Margaret Thatcher: the villain of political pop

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 - PS3 - Review.. or better titled 'Fuck You EA'

Two Men Marry in Traditional African Ceremony

"Spittin' Image" was savage against Maggie Thatcher...

I knew Martin Bashir wouldn't be doing any Maggie butt kissing..

What are you noshing on tonight? Me, triscuits and Cambozola.

Beware... Les Chats Ninjas are not an urban legend!

President Obama: "This isn’t about me. This is not about politics.

Terry Francona gets lost on way to Indians home opener

Jamelle Bouie: Did Obama Lose Votes Because of His Race?

It has been suggested the Lounge lacks gravity.

IRS looking into whether free meals at Silicon Valley firms should be taxable

Has Arthur Scargill issued a statement yet?

Social Security is our Bedrock

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Last Call & a new Kitteh gif

Poverty at home

"Science Unfairness"

"I'm not a hypocrite. I spoke ill of her when she was alive & I'll speak ill of her now she's dead."

Israeli court sentences Palestinian cartoonist

A fitting eulogy for Madam PM

Whose turn is it to carry MFM around?

"60 Minutes Talks To Sandy Hook Parents"

Alright, Wolverines... Play hard, work hard, and don't call timeout!

News Corp. COO: If we lose Aereo lawsuit, Fox may stop broadcasting

'We're not going anywhere. We're here. And will be here.'

Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, Office 2003 enter their final support year

My Congressman Standing Up For ALL Women

RIP Andy Johns- Recording Engineer/Producer for The Stones and Led Zeppelin, Hendrix...

Shrimp and Grits.

Third-world priests moving to US, Europe to help ease priest shortage

Google Fiber May Hit Austin Next...

Videos for all you Annette fans.

Time to Stand Up

Democratic Rep. Allyson Schwartz on Rachel!

US bishops call for universal background checks, assault weapons ban

The Cajun Experience, Virginia Restaurant, Offers Gun Owner Discounts To Customers

Catch .223: Newtown Parent Mark Mattioli Says Magazine Limits Won’t Work Without "Confiscation"

What part of NAP do you not understand?

Wingers Post the Damdest Things (4)

Authorities: 4-year-old picks up Tenn. deputy’s gun from a bed, fatally shoots officer’s wife

This has got to be the WORST Thatcher tribute toon (warning gag reflex)

what is the hemp situation in Kentucky?

It has been suggested the Lounge lacks gravy!

The Wheel Turns…


It's been suggested that The Lounge lacks grab-ass.

"Margaret Thatcher left a dark legacy that has still not disappeared"

It has been suggested the Lounge lacks grunge!

Father sobs after kids buried in collapse

Gaza Police Dole Out Head-Shavings & Beatings for ‘Indecent’ Hair

More Fugelsang on Thatcher

Hooters waitress claims employer forced her to quit because of her appearance after brain surgery

Of course they will.

Someone didn't get the lesson in 2010

Looks like I may open the second bottle of wine.

Anyone watching the men's NCAA basketball final?

An explosion in oil-munching bacteria made fast work of BP oil spill, scientist says

Something is wrong here.

I have notice that the Lounge is missing something loungeish.

"We must resolve as a nation ...

You like cake? Remember Funny Bones? THIS is the cake for you (and it's easy!)

If we can agree on this ...

"Why the Republicans won't help cut the deficit"

According to Baron Montesquieu, this country doesn't want to be a republic.

"'Crossfire' Returning? CNN Reportedly Thinking Of Resuscitating Debate Show (VIDEO)"

If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to you

Recommended use: only when convenient

Say what?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says elections have consequences

"The Big Stall"

Flowers Are Red

Nuclear Energy Saves Lives [VIDEO]

Bob McChesney: "How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy"

Ip Man #4 Young Bruce Lee (complete film)

I'm wearing a sweaty tee-shirt and drinking a beer.

from Lawrence O'D:

"Sudan Darfur donor conference raises $3.6bn"

Lawrence O'Donnell: "British Conservatives Are More Liberal Than American Liberals"


Thatcher, Weve got a bomb

reverse gender stereotypes at the gym

Is there a good reason for why marriage and divorce records aren't freely available online?

Gambling in the Lone Star state?

50 Children

Why it is difficult to prove anthropogenic climate change

Margaret Thatcher: The anti-feminist

President Obama's Full Speech on Reducing Gun Violence - Hartford, CT

FICTION IS DEAD: Brazilian Rats On Steroids Are The Hot New Puppy

The other day ...

In honor of the Iron Lady, I thought I'd share this song.

Alaska GOP headquarters under lockdown, leadership meeting Monday night

*****NOLA Restaurant Reviews****

Oklahoma Secular Kids Camp Fundraiser Kicked out of BBQ Joint for not being Christian

Cute photo of Kerry meeting with kids from the US Jerusalem consulate

Senate candidate says same-sex couples should be able to make joint campaign gifts

in the near future...I mean near...a lot of call center jobs will be gone

Belladonna has been deeply changed by her ordeal

Must see TV. Colbert interviewing BillyJeff Clinton

"LOTS of people have socks"

I have asked about it in ATA, however...

Paul Ryan Refuses to Tip Elderly Black Waiter

Japan deploys missile defenses in Tokyo amid North Korea concerns

I love the that the instructions on this microwave dinners says to...

Joint Statement in Response to Community Cancer Sequester Cuts Effective April 1st.

Sometimes it is like "Wild Kingdom" in my yard

Somehow WE have to spread humanity and mercy, otherwise WE don't deserve to exist

Affordable Care Act: What's Going to Happen

Uh-O: Jon Stewart Tears Into Obama’s ‘Attractive’ AG Comment And Michelle’s ‘Single Mom’ Gaffe

Mezuzah Burnings in Williamsburg on Holocaust remembrance day

mickey mouse club original annette funicello dead at 70

It has been suggested the Lounge lacks tribbles.

Maduro claims US was behind attack against Venezuelan opposition students

KUNGFU WING CHUN (2010) Full Movie - including subtitle

Brits are in mourning...

Death Or Love (Action,2013,JAPAN) FULL MOVIE with English subtitles

Azumi and Azumi 2 (Action,Adventure,JAPAN) FULL MOVIE with English subtitles

Earthquake? Just now? Upstate NY...

I'm hiding out in DU

If you were a Founding Father / Mother, with what you know today, what changes to the Constitution

Beware the Wicked Witch of Northwestern Europe

Russia’s Vladimir Putin greeted by pro-LGBT topless protesters in Germany

New Leak Found at Fukushima Plant Water Storage Pool: Regulator

Kerry trying to build support for new Israel peace talks

This is a conundrum, Skinner

Chained CPI does NOT mean chaining COLA increases to the standard CPI!

British Man Racks Up £91,500 (USD $147,000) Phone Sex Bill

Judge Rules Obama Administration Overlooked Fracking Risks in California Mineral Leases

Where from here?

Michael Bloomberg group’s gun-control scorecard will give lawmakers letter grades

Michael Bloomberg group’s gun-control scorecard will give lawmakers letter grades

Texts From Hillary Named Best Tumblr Of The Year By Shorty Awards

North Korea takes but does not give

It's a pity Hunter S Thompson isn't still around to write a sendoff for War Criminal Thatcher.

I dosed all of the Light Beers in DU tonight.

House Democrats say Jindal bowed to 'political reality' in shelving tax plan

May she rest in peace.......

Former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson fired from J.C. Penney

Film director Jacques Tourneur

What is it like to live in a red state?

Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed

Fully Functional Wooden Motorcycle

Hundreds of taxis light up Peru airstrip so critically ill mother and newborn baby can be flown to h

Past haunts Venezuelan opposition ahead of election

Colombia's president says enemies poisoning peace process

Colombia's president says enemies poisoning peace process

Maduro’s fiery partner is the most powerful woman in Venezuela

Another bad idea from Walgreen's

Guatemala war trial puts past closer to president

Guatemala war trial puts past closer to president

Oh nothing

We know it's not right - The day that Thatcher dies.

US navy laser cannon shoots down planes

Al-Qaeda in Iraq admits role in Syria war

The Death of a Class Warrior – Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Thieves Steal Five Tons of Nutella...

Thirteen dead in Serbia gun rampage

Oklahoma Rep: 'It's Not Our Job To See That Anyone Gets An Education'

Huh ? "Thatcher did more for Ireland than other UK leaders"

Primate call gives clues to human speech origins

Slovenia Faces ‘Severe’ Banking Crisis in Recession, OECD Says

She will be for ever unforgiven by those who now see worse being done in her name

Van Jones petition against Social Security cuts

Iran announces uranium mining after nuclear talks fail

Wary of China, Companies Head to Cambodia

I have a new found respect for wrestling fans.

North Korea: Japan Deploys Missile Defence

Obama moves towards sending military weapons to Somalia

I knew Mr. Fish wouldn't Disappoint

Chuck Hagel: Reform military judicial system to combat sexual assault

12 Fascinating Facts About Jackie Kennedy's Iconic Pink Suit

This Guy Is Seriously Out Of Touch

Lonnie Thompson On Rapid Glacier Loss: "Do You Think They're Just Going To Sit There And Starve?"

The Light Bulb Goes On In TX: No Water Equals No Economy (But No Mention Of Climate)

Rewriting an erroneous narrative: humans are more like bonobos than common chimps

WikiLeaks launches searchable U.S. historical archive

Bayou Corne Sinkhole: Jindal Met With Residents After Meeting With Texas Brine (Salt Cavern Owner)

Out of the mist

Your cat would like to renegotiate

meanwhile at the wildlife rescue center in San Antonio TX

Frank Zappa - Montana 08-21-73

CUT!! Director kitty winds up another boffo pic

'Break Up The Banks' Bill Gains Steam In Senate As Wall Street Lobbyists Cry Foul

Cats have to do lists, too

Zombie + Cat = Win!!!

Chris Christie & Scott Walker Are Right-Wing Soul Brothers: What It Means for Unions and Progressive

Why Americans Are So Ignorant - It's Not Only Fox News, There Are Some Understandable Reasons for it

Tar Sands Raw Deal: Arkansas Spill Is Another Reason to Say 'No' to Tar Sands Pipeline

Why do cheerleaders wear short dresses?

Social Security: Can Democrats Save Obama From Himself?

Little Dragon - Feather

Adults Skipping Medicines to Save Money, Research Finds

Why Conservatives Think the Ends Justify the Means (The Nation)

Tuesday's thought today .........

The U.S. Collects Smaller Percentage In Taxes Than Most Developed Countries: Study

Ex-Obama Aide Duels Ex-Kerry Staffers Over Keystone

Four Employees Fired After Coelho Middle School Students Denied Lunch

Cost of stigma...Eligibility for liver transplantation may be lowered by psychiatric diagnoses

Big Pharma Pockets $711 Billion in Profits by Robbing Seniors, Taxpayers

Got $388 Million handy? Then there's an apartment just for you…

Beyond S.A.D.:Google searches for information for all major mental illnesses follow seasonal pattern

Richard Dawkins' Site hacked

how old are you and how many X your annual salary have you saved up..

Five Indian UN troops are killed in South Sudan

Remember: Only Professional Leftists Oppose the Chained-CPI....

The motto for this protest — soup’s on!

Mali crisis: French troops 'begin withdrawal'

Sen. Max Baucus moves to reshape tax code

Two truths about Obama

Michael Bloomberg group’s gun-control scorecard will give lawmakers letter grades

Campfield defiant in deposition about posting false information

Susie Sampson: Why Kids With Guns Are A Good Thing!

Secret Tape: McConnell and Aides Weighed Using Judd's Mental Health and Religion as Political Ammo

Why am I hearing that Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to be prime minister?

Scientists track leukaemia's origins 'back to the womb'

Republicans beget Tea Party - Tea Party beget NRA Gun Lobby - Gun Lobby beget Insanity...

Props to Louisville...

Man Pulls Out BB Gun as Obama's Motorcade Passes: Cops

Transatlantic flights 'to get more turbulent'

Environmental change 'triggers rapid evolution'

Republican defending law forbidding consensual oral sex, fighting the good fight

Spent nuclear fuel reprocessing costs nearly triples, a blow to utilities

Quake, 6.3 magnitude, strikes near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr

Deepwater Horizon: Gulf of Mexico 'deep-cleaned' itself the Republican-controlled Oklahoma legislature...

Smell Of Rosemary Found To Boost Multiple Types Of Memory

Most women at Kabul prison accused of moral crimes

EDITORIAL: Did Connecticut GOP shift national momentum on gun control?

Who's Thatcher Anyway?

I just realized I live across the street from Vienna's Metalab

has any liberal show talked about the dangers of Chained CPI?

Thatcher suggested 'Cromwell solution' for Northern Ireland

"Bad Company" wherein author and nascent DUer Daemonwulf plumbs the depths of rascism (with a twist)

Mayor Bob Filner: Ask the Mayor

Abolish the Minimum Wage? It’s No Fantasy

The Senate's Pro-Killer Caucus

Damn. Non Sequitur NAILS it today

(Contrary to GOP Rhetoric) The U.S. Collects LESS In Taxes Than All But Two Industrialized Countries

A feminist guide to celebrating Thatcher’s demise

What would be a better protocol

Conservatism Is Dead

Ayn Rand Koolaid addict Stephen Moore gets his ass handed to him

US Navy Shows Off Laser Cannon That Can Shoot Down Drones

Papantonio: Treatment of Vets Appalling

Tibetan Mastiff ... or Chewbaca?

Morrissey: Ye-Ouch. Maggie Take a Bow.

New to this group, hi, I'm an Adult Child of an Alcoholic.

I'm going to be on Fox News at 4:15pm today discussing the SS/Medicare aspect of the budget

did anyone tape Paul Krugman's appearance on This Week last Sunday?

Slowpoke TOON - Chain of Fools

Air Pollution Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to Cancers

Camp Quest Oklahoma fundraiser nixed by Christian business owner.

Margaret Thatcher, Annette Funicello and the spectrum of sisterhood

State Watchdog Agency Opens Inquiry Into U-T San Diego’s Political Ad Rates

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- She Who Will Not Be Missed

Did Thatcher turn Britain's economy around? Today's thoughts from Paul Krugman...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Republican Messaging

Inarguable "logic" found on Facebook today regarding GOP fillibuster of gun debate

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Politics

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Greek Banks Suspend Merger Talks

Auburn Man Facing Charges After Killing Bear In His Backyard

PA. Supreme Ct. Expedites Case to Overturn Retirement Age for Judges After Chief Justice Turns 70

Claire Diaz-Ortiz: Twitter’s Outreach to Religious Leaders

NRA is scared of reporters

Secret Tape: McConnell and Aides Weighed Using Judd's Mental Health and Religion as Political Ammo

US Navy Gets 'Slap on the Wrist' Fine for Ramming Into Pristine Philippine Reef

U-T San Diego Political Ads Don't Add Up

Angela Davis, Freedom and the Politics of Higher Education

Heroic Korean War priest remembered by prison-mate

YES! Judge Puts Hold on Fracking in CA

"Let us glory in our inequality." - Failed Privatizations - the Thatcher Legacy

"I wanted to find an appropriate way to honor Margaret Thatcher today..."

The 'Anyone But Quinn' Campaign Paints Speaker As Bloombergian Nightmare

Truth Behind Gospel of Judas Revealed in Ancient Inks

Keiser Report: Yobbish Lifestyles of Financial Arsonists

Margaret Thatcher: the villain of political pop

Keystone XL's Impact Statement: How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Ontario closes out coal

Japan to Have Surplus Power in Summer Without Additional Nuclear

Exxon Has Solution to Arkansas Oil Now in Wetlands: Paper Towels

Chavez gone, but family still has clout in Venezuela

Coming up next on Bloomberg, the are going to discuss the Presidents COLA proposal /nt

Senate advances bill to put brakes on nuclear fees

... America Gets Fracked by White House.

Quite aside from the debate on gun control, what the fuck is wrong with people

If you're listening to Stephanie

Rebuilding the Shores, Increasing the Risks

Secret Tape: McConnell and Aides Weighed Using Judd's Mental Health and Religion as Political Ammo

13th anniversary. Don't let it be said that the Lounge lacks cowbell

Who asked the FBI to investigate Mother Jones over story about Mitch McConnell?

Art Exhibit of School Bus Riddled With Bullets Going on Display Near NRA Headquarters

Asian carp likely to be in Great Lakes

‘Artificial leaf’ gains the ability to self-heal damage and produce energy from dirty water

Why Margaret Thatcher is hard to mourn

I wanted to cut down on my morning coffee,


"The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

New studies suggest playing brain games only makes you better at brain games

Does Obama want to push granny off a cliff?

Kudankulam N-plant in danger? Supplier held for shoddy parts

Thanks due to the local GOP

what is rkba?

who does that?


Ron Johhnson Ousted as CEO of JC Penney

The GOP’s Big Yellow Taxi Syndrome

Religion Has Nothing to Fear From the 'Nones'

ExxonMobil faces lawsuit after Arkansas oil spill

Breaking: FBI asked to probe secret recordings of McConnell meeting

Detroit-area Catholic leaders urge gay marriage supporters to skip Communion

Bitcoin Tops $200 For First Time

On occasion,.....since Meta died,.....this seems to be the Lounge,......


Can somebody provide me a link to a reputable news source where the President said he was cutting SS

Gorbachev's take on Thatcher (Guardian piece)

What Brooklyn Was Like In The Summer Of 1974 - Just Awesome . . .

Sarah Palin’s Thatcher Tribute Was Entirely About Sarah Palin

repubs playing into lefts hands

Columnist and Cartoonist in synch about our plight in North Carolina

The 1983 Strategy Behind Today's Social Security Attacks

"Vitriol infests Rick Warren family’s grief"

The Steubenville Rape Case Is Back — Are Parents at Party Houses to Blame?

Sen. Mikulski on SS Cuts: "Promises made must be promises kept."

Thousands of young women turned into slaves in Germany

& They Kill Each Other Over Oil?

Phil Donahue: Bush used other people’s kids to prove he’s tough

TODAY: Bernie delivers 2 million signatures to White House

Fox threatens to go off air if Aereo succeeds in court battles

Arkansas Unemployment Drug Testing Bill Passes State Senate

wonderful to see

New Jersey police investigate shooting of boy, 6, by brother, 4

today in women's herstory-9 april

Arkansas Unemployment Drug Testing Bill Passes State Senate (Cross-Post)

Chavenomics explained (Spanish video)

A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran

A New Democratic Agenda

Iraq: The Deadliest War for Journalists

37 years ago today Phil Ochs exited stage left

Assad seems to change stance - No entry for UN team to investigate chemical attack

More signs of Florida's backdoor system--undermining investigations.

march for women's lives

Bulk of Haiti earthquake aid went to U.S. firms, organizations

To Remind Yourself How U.K and U.S. Conservatives Differ

Don't mislabel Common Sense and Common Decency as "far left" or "the fringe of the base"

Report: NFL will meet with New York attorney general's office over sexual orientation questions

question about 1979 UK economy

Pic Of The Moment: As Sandy Hook Parents Come To DC, McConnell Joins Gun Bill Filibuster

Is the Keystone XL Pipeline the "Stonewall" of the Climate Movement?

Link to my 22,000th post.

Rotten (R) bill to be introduced in the House this week

The Chained CPI offer is a win-win-win scenario

On Pay Equity Day, Why Women Are Paid Less Than Men


Need some suggestions from the group

Gabby Giffords still appreciates gun culture

When War Hawks Become Human Rights Officials

Who watches the Investigation Discovery Channel?....

Filibuster Cowards and Gun Proposals

Kids abducted in Fla. custody case taken to Cuba

McConnell campaign alleges it was bugged, seeks FBI investigation

Michael Steele has never heard of the FEMA camps

Fast and Furious

Bellybuttons -- everyone 'cept Adam & Eve has had one. Which kind is yours?

Poessive Aggressive:

North Korean Snickers:

Gratuitous butt shots (just don't open this if you have a stick up yours):

Uncle MiddleFingerMom was the best tosser-up-in-the-air EVER!!! (poss DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

MiddleFingerMom was never the type to get all gussied up when he went to the gym to not work out.

As a somewhat old OWS preemie, I'm unsurprised by recent revelations

Gun magazine maker who threatened to leave CO over magazine limits, now making smaller magazines

Booby lewdness

Open the Slaughterhouses

Who Will Be the GOP’s New Gays?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday April 9th

Rachel McAdams on taking marijuana to cure insomnia

Getting a tax refund and THIS is what I want.

The US military deliberately provoked a crisis with North Korea protect their budget.

The right goes after Melissa Harris Perry including DICK HEAD Lanny Davis

Priebus Says Obama Shouldn’t Dine Out With Senate GOP, But Dinner Will Be At White House

Excellent discussion on what college economics depts. are teaching, featuring Richard Wolff

The Hidden Cost of Health Care for Same-Sex Couples

London Array becomes world's largest windfarm as last turbine comes online

Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe's depiction of Thatcher fitting, IMO. (WARNING, CARTOON NUDITY)

Graeber on protest (xpost)

2013 People’s Choice Award to Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Japan's quake-crippled nuclear plant "losing faith" in leaking water pits

Charting Her Own Course - Elizabeth Blackburn

USAID $ - Rags and riches on Cuba money trail

Dumb Criminals: Burglars Return To Scene Of Crime To Ask For Gun Back

a biography of the day-florence beatrice smith price (first black female symphony composer)

Man Too Terrified Of Frogs To Leave House Wins $1.6M Lawsuit

Key Obama staffers working to unseat one of the top progressive Dems in Congress

Florida Man Accused Of Stealing $75K Worth Of Soup

Hooters Sued by Former Waitress in Dispute Over Wig After Cancer Surgery

French President's Camel Eaten In Mali

Ever notice that you never saw Dolores Umbridge and Margaret Thatcher in the same place?

Over Two Million Petitions Tell Obama: No Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

Art Exhibit of School Bus Riddled With Bullets Going on Display Near NRA Headquarters

Bush Debt Load Endorsed by Republicans Now Rejected

I'm really, really worried about my tax accountants

Bonhoffer was executed 68 years ago today

3,333 gun deaths since Newtown

Country star Brad Paisley explains why he wears the Confederate flag in controversial new song

Texas restaurant chain trademarks the term "breastaurant"

The word of the day is "breastaurant". Replace any word in a thread with the word "breastaurant".

Bush Debt Load Endorsed by Republicans Now Rejected: Taxes

Sequestration Forces Cancer Clinic Patients To Travel Thousands Of Miles For Treatment

Radical Socialists Attack Student Protesters in Venezuela

2 Shootings Involve 4-Year-Olds In 3 Days

Some people say...Fox News is full of shit.

J.C. Penney Could Be Sold After Ron Johnson Ouster

Something I thought I'd never see on DU---a warning for Cartoon Nudity.

Obama to nominate members to National Labor Relations Board

Donahue Speaks the Absolute Truth

Colorado Democrats publish hate mail

Went to the Emergency Room last night, send me your curse!!

Amtrak: Ridership increased in first half of 2013 fiscal year

U.S. Agency To Investigate Possible Leak Of Medicare Rate Move

175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears

Copenhagen: Light rail touted as cure for city's congestion

U.S. Senators Seeking Tougher Economic Sanctions on Iran

I Have Never Been a Single Issue Voter

So- i went yesterday and had blood drawn for a number of tests -

London: Docklands Light Railway breaks ridership record

Right Not to Get Shot Faces Uphill Fight in Senate - Andy Borowitz has details

SD Sen. Johnson says he now supports gay marriage

Broadcasters Worry About 'Zero TV' Homes

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 9, 1995

The Reagan Revolution is over - by David Sirota

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 9, 1995

Grave dancing and public shaming.

My wife is being called at hypocrite about her stance on Gun control/safety

So WHO did our President pick to win the NCAA Men's Tournament? Indiana?

Dark Side of the Rainbow

Former Tenn. Lawmaker Allegedly Drove 90 MPH While Masturbating Out Window

Activism in Action: Plans for Oregon Coal Export Terminal Nixed

‘Spectacular’ Mojave Desert bloom underway

Job Openings at Highest Since 2008 Signal U.S. Rebound

Sweden enlists llamas to fight sheep-killing wolves

Why ?????????

I Won My NCAA Tournament Brackets at Work!!!!

I just got an email from Obama's organization dunniing me for a contribution

Silent Holocaust Memorial Day thread-Never Again is not rhetoric and not just for Israel.

Twelve injured in fight at Lone Star College Cy-Fair; Life Flight called

Baucus Open To Filibustering Gun Bill Debate

Jim Hightower, "The Wisdom of the Wealthy"

Harry Reid cites father’s suicide in gun debate

Reid Sets Deadline for *Tonight* for Compromise on Gun Reform Bill

"out of deference to that legacy we should pull {no punches} ourselves"

Breaking: stabbing at Lone Star College

North Korea's Asia-Pacific Peace Committee says the Korean peninsula is heading for nuclear war

Still More Bad Stuff From Wisconsin

‘Pathfinder’s Project’ a first step toward a humanist peace corps

Camp Quest Oklahoma Planned a Fundraiser at a Local Restaurant Tonight,

PPP: McConnell Still The Most Unpopular Senator In The Country (TPM)

Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness opposes Thatcher death parties

4 anti-worker Governors in political trouble, polls say

Florida Man Doing Yard Work Finds Live Hand Grenade

Peachtree, Georgia, Cracking Down On Golf Cart DUIs

Rescued pup with cleft palate becomes Internet sensation

The woman who wrecked Great Britain - by Alex Pareene for

From HRC: So, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments – what's next?

New WikiLeaks Cable Reveals US Embassy Strategy to Destabilize Chavez Government

"financial protections for low-income and very old beneficiaries"

Poverty Spikes In America … While the Government Throws Money at the Super-Elite

Tax question: Imputed income of benefits

Chained CPI? Call 202-456-1111 Nicely Tell the Comment taker We Know SS

Ted Nugent is acting like a meth user.

The 10 Jobs With The Biggest Gender Wage Gap

If Thatcher was so "evil," how'd she get in?

Private Prison Company Affiliated With US Chamber Conducts Drug Raids at Public Schools

Just a question. Is FR still operating? Haven't read a quote from

Is there a difference between celebrating Margaret Thatcher's or Osama bin Laden's death?

Multiple people were injured in a stabbing incident today at a Houston-area college (CNN email)

"Wonder Bread"

Reflection on Stigma in the American Christian Community

A stunning Independent Lens look at our "War on Drugs" and what's really behind it.

The U.S. Collects Less In Taxes Than All But Two Industrialized Countries

Power Shift Away From Green Illusions

Student paper at UVA spreads rumor about dorm room searches on Twitter

I do not care whether Thatcher is alive or dead

Hope you'll consider wiping a word out of your vocabulary

Mixed results-- outside of family and friends, UK's five year anti-stigma campain changed little

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update for April 5th to April 8th, 2013

Reid to force a vote Thursday on debating gun proposals - UPDATED

Mapped Drive Won't Connect on Startup (Windows 8)

U.S. gets 124,000 H-1B petitions, 45% above cap

Patty Shwartz confirmed to be United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit 64-34

"a financialized and poorly regulated predator economy" (thanks Thatcher/Reagan!) - Where We Are Now

The woman who wrecked Great Britain - by Alex Pareene for

US senator seeks higher pay for H-1B workers

We need to contact our senators - yes, including the reliable blue ones -

Inverse hasbara: How '5 Broken Cameras' changed Palestinians' attitude toward nonviolence

Wonderful picture

U.S. and North Korea held secret meeting in March

If the GOP filibusters the gun bill we should make them talk

Finally: UFT Debate: MORE vs. Unity; VIDEO

Senate Approves New Jersey Judge For Appeals Court

I feel compelled to post this for a vet

Budget cuts end Blue Angels' 2013 season

Interesting difference between Franken's and Klobuchar's "topics"

Wonkbook: Gun control shows how Washington really works

Gun ownership rising among women

Is this amazing or what? Plant your green onion stubs — you'll have a new bunch in just ten days

How to quit your job properly.

Amtrak ridership hits record levels in fiscal 2013

They just started letting box cutters on planes, and this happens....

Which will be the next nation to use nuclear weapons on another nation?

What is in your Kitchen graveyard?

Ron Paul teaming up with "Christian" facists...

N.M. Governor Vetoes Bill To Help Gay Military Families

Georgia Republican who supported drug testing for welfare recipients gets second DUI

The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions In The U.S. From the 1830s until 2012 (but mostly the 1930s-1980s)

Glenn Greenwald Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette

Homo-Rattus mind meld? Brain interface allows man to think sleeping rat into moving its tail

Thousands of Colombians march to support peace (PHOTOS) .

The Senate's Marriage Evolution

How politically pragmatic is it to speak ill of Margaret Thatcher?

Austin next city for ultra-fast Google Fiber

"Going Underwater in the Long Recession" --Barbara Gerson

News coverage exposes journalists to growing danger

Venezuelans stranded in Colombia after border shutdown ahead of vote

Ashley Judd Responds To Secret Tape: ‘We Expected Nothing Less From Mitch McConnell And His Camp’

Bailed-out banks haven’t met goals of small-business lending program, report says

I bought a fabulous house. Need ceiling advice.

Psychologists Find Diversity Programs Give Illusion of Corporate Fairness

It's official: Navy grounds Blue Angels for 2013

OK, tell me you can watch this scene from Margaret Thatcher's funeral & not shed a few tears.

Hey, people: sexual assault is sexual assault.

Are Democrats fearful of the Republican character assassination machine?

Yet Another Country's Chief Nuclear Regulator Questions Nuclear Plant Safety

The Margaret Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch Connection - Plus A Secret Dealings With The Saudis Subthread

Tennessee politician arrested for habit of masturbating out car window at 90 mph

Calif. tax bill seeks to punish Scouts for gay ban

Cooking basics...any good books out there?

Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral

It's official. Corporate media is inducting Thatcher into the Holy Cult of Saint Ronnie.

What do your pets do in thunderstorms?

What do you think is the appropriate, best, or honest reaction after the death of a disliked person?

Based on the reactions here to Thatcher dying...

Research holds revelations about an ancient society's water conservation, purification

New Report on Deadly Honduras Counterdrugs Operation Raises New Questions Regarding U.S. Role

THIS scares me: from Jonathon Turley's website

Steven Sondheim said all we need to say about Margaret Thatcher today:

This whole economic mess exists...

Gun Control Reform In Senate Has The Votes To Clear First Hurdle

Spring comes hesitantly here in rural MI.

CBS News: No GOP Backers Of Gun Control Filibuster Would Agree To An Interview

Judge Puts Hold on Fracking in CA

James Inhofe: Gun Debate Has Nothing To Do With Families Of Newtown Victims

What would it take to get Repub voters to change their mind about their Party?

I got bad news.......

Unnecessary Voter Restrictions pass in North Dakota

How New York State Could Go To 100% Renewable Energy By 2030 - Prof. Mark Jacobson Explains

Do US corporations pay some of the highest taxes in the world? NO!! Nowhere near it.

Bernie Sanders was suppose to delieve a 2 million signature petition to President Obama today

WOW: Oklahoma grandmother uses u-lock to lock her neck & head to Keystone XL construction equipment

Calif. hospital board chair ousted after calling Obama 'Blackie' in email

Dead Children Do Not Get Educations or Social Security.

N.Korea 'Planning Fresh Missile Test Soon'

Martin Bashir: David Corn has broken another tape and has outed McConnell for the craven

Rick Perlstein On Rahm Emanuel's Shock Doctrine Chicago Public School Closings

NASA Transcripts From Apollo 10 Mission Reveal Source Of Floating Space Poop

If you don't want people to call you a sociopath when you are dead

Texas Restaurant Chain officially trademarks word "Breastaurant"

Florida Man Arrested For Stealing Cemetary Vases

Student: Suspect said goal was killing spree but 'blade broke

Keep calling the White House about chained CPI. 202-456-1111. They're getting slammed.

CWA: Senate Leaders Must Move President’s NLRB Nominations to the Senate Floor

California court bans use of smart phone maps while driving

Enlisting child stone throwers and soldiers is war crime

Senator Crazypants Inhofe To Newtown Families: The Gun Debate Has Nothing To Do With You

DU can find something nice to say about Thatcher, but I've NEVER seen them praise ______

LaborNotes Trouble-Maker School in NYC May 18th

If a restaurant owner were to throw out a group that prayed when they sat down to eat because prayer

Bigotry, ‘The New York Times’ and Israel

In just seconds, a boy, a gun, a death, then grief

Sen. Jeff Flake lives up to his name, and more...

Will anyone on DU henceforth complain when conservatives dance on the grave of a left-winger?

Victim-blaming and woman-shaming claim another victim

Ashley Judd - Religious Beliefs Mocked By KY Senator's Staff

Energy Balance of the Global Photovoltaic (PV) Industry - Is the PV...

Ashley Judd may not be running against McConnell but by gawd she can still bring him down

Ever had pleurisy?

Do you support the confiscation of all currently legal firearms?

Jerome Corsi and Sandy Rios discuss how the Jews are the 'worst enemy of the country'

Oldest surviving Dachau concentration camp survivor dies at 100

Women's Health leaves nasty taste with 'whore' picture caption

Texting contributed to fatal crash of medical helicopter, NTSB says

Not again- from the far right: accusations of 'amnesty', 'open borders' and a 'North American Union'

Cuba says it will turn over to US Florida parents that allegedly fled with kidnapped children

Rep. Bill Kramer walks out of tribal speech at Capitol

UCLA researchers find potential link between auto pollution, some childhood cancers

OK so a Fox news voyeur told me that between the President and his family

AP Exclusive: Cuba says it will give US Florida couple who allegedly kidnapped children

Doggie needs to lay off the sauce

A treat for Rock fans....

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Cuba trip sanctioned by the US

Beyonce and Jay-Z's Cuba trip sanctioned by the US

Today in North Carolina: Drug testing for welfare

79 Year Old Woman Awakens From 5 Year Coma, Really Badly Wants To See Bob Seger

Possible saint gets a big military honor from White House

Progressives/Liberals/Democrats EVERYWHERE! Lend me your ears!

Think Progress: Penis size preference, and how the mainstream media reinforces gender stereotypes

I didn't see The Iron Lady, so maybe there's a cultural disconnect here

Two Men Tie the Knot In Africa’s ‘First Traditional Gay Wedding’

The Fast and the Furious, with a twist.......

Nugent Calls Obama ‘The Chicago Gangster’ And Asks NRA Host To ‘Help Me Shoot Somebody’

Margaret Thatcher 'unabashedly racist' - Australia FM

Wind-power generated in California marks a record peak

A New Crop of Bigots

This time yesterday

Thatcher Was Trailblazer Who Said She ‘Owed Nothing’ To Feminism

Mr. President...if Beyonce' and Jay-Z can go to Cuba, the REST of us should get to go, too.

Exxon Guilty in NH Water Contamination Suit; State Asks for $236M

"Let Me Warn You" About the GOP FDR 1936 Speech

Israel’s Richest Man Risks Anger Over UK Move

You Can't Tell the Attorney General She Has an Epic Butt, But Here's What You CAN Do

From Nancy Pelosi:

Confusing Thatcher hash tag on Twitter leads to concerns about Cher

Cubism, Which Changed Art, Now Changes the Met (+1 Billion Dollar Gift)

Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Photographer In The Face

Nursing Home Costs Top $80,000 a year

Warsaw Ghetto Fighter To Israeli Youth: Rise Up Against The Occupation

Global Wealth Inequality - What you never knew you never knew

Marty Allen as 'The Jonah.

This is What Actual Christian Persecution Looks Like

Why doesn't Mitch McConnell resign from politics

Update:Wednesday, the state will be holding the only public hearing on AB 85/SB 95,

At Reagan National: Neil Heslin looks weary

Porter Stransberry

McConnell's whiney deflection?

Lutheran bishop was intoxicated behind the wheel when he hit, killed woman

There is Pea sized hail at my house now /nt

Pope launched sainthood case for Argentine priests

Jewish Atrocities At Palestinian Village Of Deir Yassin, 65 Years Ago…And Today

Send a postcard to one hoarse Bernie Sanders

NREL’s “Best Research-Cell Efficiencies” Chart

The Kaufman DA had put all his guns away hours before he & his wife were murdered.

When Bush and Cheney kick the bucket, I will bake cakes.

Front Page of Hartford Courant today..

WikiLeaks: We Don’t Intend To Build Nukes, Israel Told US In 1975

Join Koch Industries & ALEC boycotts. Use this free app to scan barcodes and find conflicts.

I'm thinking the "taping" of McConnell's conversations came from his own people. Someone on his

Why Would Anyone Celebrate the Death of Margaret Thatcher? Ask a Chilean

"Your Traditional IRA Contribution"--Very FUNNY!

Washington Post’s editorial board blows it....

"Homofacism?" That's a new one from the right.

Dershowitz: I Challenge Jimmy Carter to Human Rights Debate at Cardozo

Mitch McConnell is the currently the biggest criminal liar in this country

Syria 'death video' of Sheikh al-Bouti poses questions

Please PM me if you see Samsung Chromebooks on major sale anywhere

Syria's Gov't Has Withdrawn Significant Number Of Troops From Golan Heights, Raising Western Concern

Colorado sheriffs planning lawsuit to block new gun laws

Liberals should fear Chris Christie:The GOP all-star is far from a moderate - By Don Hazen

Peak Bloom day!

Who knew last night Colbert would have Bill Clinton on for

A Warning to Young People: Don't Become a Teacher

CNN Poll: Obama at 51% approval but lower on key issues

'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' could reach number one in UK following Margaret Thatcher's death

Peak Bloom Day @ DC Cherry Blossoms!

Georgia lawmaker who supported drug testing for welfare gets second DUI

Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream

How Ordinary People Living Ordinary Lives Are Being Hunted On U.S. Soil

The dark side of open access journals?

the salt song

2014 US Senate Election - Battleground Seats- most likely to flip to least likely to flip.

The Great Bermuda Shorts Caper. (more about high school garb)

Two things I keep thinking about Thatcher

Ashley Judd Responds To Secret Tape: ‘We Expected Nothing Less From Mitch McConnell And His Camp’

I now have a wheelchair, walker and crutches.

Black Hole Caught Snacking on 'Super Jupiter' Planet

He Who Makes the Rules: the struggle to implement laws against lobbyist obstruction

Study: The coal industry is in far more trouble than anyone realizes

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to Return Five Percent of Salary During Sequestration

New York's Yeshiva University engulfed in controversy over Jimmy Carter peace award


Urgent search for flu source

Obama proposes Chained CPI, Obama proposes an income tax increase on the back of working families

Republicans (especially the base) just don't want to be part of the USA

Is there anyone out there who feels that Obama..

NASA funds telescope designed to spot Earth-like planets

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 April 2013

About a third of US rivers contaminated with agricultural runoff


10-year-old rape victim put behind bars