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Archives: April 8, 2013

Don't Hate Her Because She's Successful

In Tucson: Community forum on mass incarceration and immigration policing.


Ever heard of The Black Eagles? South Korea's 'Blue Angels'.

In Japan, There's a "Girlfriend Coat" to Hug Lonely People

Game of Thrones, 3.2, Dark Wings, Dark Words (spoiler alert)

Catafalques and Black Crepe

Judge: Atheist group takes separation of church and state too far on ‘Ground Zero Cross’

Whither America's religious right?

Momma says, "stupid is as stupid does."

WATCH: Hebron's Shuhada Street: Authorized entry only

Watchdog Groups Blast White House-Backed Nuclear Cleanup Study

Immigration proposal could be delayed

The People's Budget S.S. Demands (non-negotiable)

6 Americans killed in attacks in Afghanistan

You are gonna love this pic of Exxon pipeline repair

Wikipedia 1874

Pope completes installation with emotional Rome mass

9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World

Nothing Was Delivered.

Bad news for El Supremo: UT football receiver Sanders arrested in College Station

the Trials of Darryl Hunt

What do you make of this?

Francis gets his 'oxygen' from the slums

Clinton office hostage taker escapes from NH unit

As time Goes By~

Article Claims Obama Administration invaded Iraq

CMAs tonite is lame. Boring as hell.

2014 US Senate Election- Democratic Held US Senate Seats likely to flip.

Ok all you under 40's

I Am Lost to the World...fantastic Carlos Kleiber documentary on YouTube

Itty Bitty Hissyfit Committee

UK parliamentarian apologizes for anti-Jewish slur

Why I Wouldn't Vote for Hillary if She Ran in 2016...

Tip for people calling tech support

Web of the City by Harlan Ellison (back in print)

The making of an LGBT ministry in El Salvador

Florida law says blind, severely disabled child must be tested

today in women's herstory-7 april

Mad Men - where will it end???

a biography of the day=tabitha gilman tenney (author)

Who Does Obama Serve? HUGE Cuts in Regressive Budget Proposal

Activists Claim Arkansas Oil Spill Diverted Into Wet Lands...

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Arctic Sea Ice: The Death Spiral Continues

"Big Fish" is one of my favorite movies ever and I remember it as a wonderful film...

Unfit To Report

Petition to Regulate Tar sands Oil Pipelines

Unusual Baby Names Top List For 2013

Mad Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................Mad Men is on tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First gun control, then chained CPI. Have you realized yet you're being triangulated?

a biography of the day-billie holiday ("lady day", jazz singer, songwriter, actress)

Pennsylvania Brewery Invents Topless Beer Can

The Republican Party is officially broken

Cat Goes To High School For 13 Years, Still Hasn't Graduated

What do women want?

A scary thought-experiment:

Bank forecsloses on grocery store, people line up to make use of the food...

Humankind, minus 1.

All alone in the world

Shamless finale (spoilers)

What is this? Executive Order 12803 - Infrastructure Privatization.

Bad jokes! Post your bad jokes here!

"Louisiana Governor Jindal's popularity slumps after bold tax plan"

With All The Political Garbage That Is Going On After We Won, What Would Having Lost Look Like?

Here’s All You Need to Bust the NRA

Paul Krugman in NYT on Obamacare and GOP's "Freedom" Bullshit...

10 insanely overpaid public employees

2014 Governors Prediction

Open Letter From Eight Former Social Security Commissioners

Exactly how big a blunt instrument is needed to kill off chained-CPI, anyway?

Justice For Toby - "Toby's Law" (tortured 5-month-old Pomeranian puppy E-action)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 9: Bob's Picks

Anyone else missing the anticipation and excitement of a new episode?

‘Star Trek’ Phaser Rifle Nabs $231K

"American Taxpayers Increasingly Picking Up the Tab for Unpaid Corporate Taxes"

Let's Focus on the mid-term elections in 2014, not Hillary Clinton

Helping women isn't just a 'nice' thing to do: Hillary Clinton

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 10: Star of the Month: Laurence Olivier

A Memo To Republicans

Fighting Climate Change and Creating "Green Jobs": Is Hemp the Silver Bullet?

The bottom line

Semi trucks from Germany (pic heavy)

Two Dogs Dining - video

Would the North Pole Times publish arcticles?

2014 US House Election Prediction. Democrats guide to a majority.

"We have a system that only catches morons." Is political corruption worse in NYS?

Anonymous launches cyber attack on Israel; major government websites down

Netanyahu: Israel Will Not ‘Abandon Our Fate’ To U.S. Strategic Interests

Doug Ireland: "A Truly Queer History"

Sorry if you haven't seen the premiere of MAD MEN, but I can't hid the secret...

Favorite TeeVee series.....a poll! (kind of like comparing apples and oranges, but...)

To: The Citizens (Bosses) of the U.S.A

George Takei: My Broadway debut at age 75


SSDI trust fund depleted by 2016

Something else to laugh about as more senior services suffer.

2014 US Senate Election Prediction- Freshman US Senators.

Proud members of the Itty Bitty Hissyfit Committee to Support Social Security. Check in.

Next time you get an e-mail from a homophobe, show them this photo.

Peter Drunklage

Cartoon explaining weighted CPI

Which country has low enough cost of living for Americans on Social Security?

Worst lyric in Hard Rock/Metal history?

Who knew Jeremy Irons was an idiot? Gay marriage

2016 US Presidential Election Prediction.

Best Rock/Metal guitar solo?

Opposition to private school vouchers runs deep in Texas House

Asian Music XVII

10 Things Your Dog Would Tell You....

Dollars Over Decency: School Kids Without Money Have Lunch Taken Away And Thrown Out

What do you see in this picture?

What statement was this artist trying to make?

Giant Penis Shuts Down The Nürburgring

I have no idea what you're talking about, so

Article About The Start Of The USA-Mexico Soccer Rivalry

If I were an optimist I might suspect that a president who couldn't run again...

SKorean official says he misspoke about nuke test

I'm thinking of getting a kitten or cat

Northern Ireland's 5p carrier bag tax is introduced

Northern Ireland's 5p carrier bag tax is introduced

Kim Jong-Un's Wife On Nuclear Threats: 'This Isn't The Man I Was Forced To Marry.'

Why fake ID is an American rite of passage

Obama appointed Alan Simpson & Erskine Bowles to his goddamned catfood commission...

Big Businesses Beef Up on 'Revolving Door' Lobbyists

I would like to hear your ideas on why my REPUBLICAN Senators oppose Chained CPI.

April 8th 1832 – Black Hawk War: Around 300 U.S. 6th Infantry troops leave St. Louis, MO

N. Korea pulls workers out of Kaesong industrial zone

Particles from fossil fuels 'affect the growth of corals'

The Keystone XL oil pipeline: Some questions and answers

Walker keynote speaker at the Prescott Bush Awards Dinner in Connecticut May 20.

Montana legalises cooking and eating roadkill

The Kissinger Cables: 'The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer."

Melssa Perry-Harris takes on Tennessee's Welfare for grades bill

Free faxes can help you fight the chained CPI

Question for NRaleighLiberal

Anonymous Hits Israel with a Massive Cyber Attack, Israel Attacks Back

Live: Ban Ki-moon on chemical weapons in Syria

Afghanistan: NATO Air Strike Kills 11 Children

Don't let racism win ...

Chris Hedges: The Hijacking of Human Rights

Activists claim Arkansas oil spill diverted into wetland (video)

Boy, 6, Donates 1,800 Coloring Books to Hospitalized Children

Mass transit fans, this will make you sad

NATO air strike kills 10 children in Afghanistan: officials

What Happens if America Pulls Out of Europe?

7 Facts About Retirement in America That Should Make Obama Tremble Before Cutting SS and Medicare

Georgia high school students fight to end segregated prom

The Corporate Betrayal of America -- Ripping off the Public, Running off to Avoid Taxes

Expect to hear a lot about Condi Rice this week

How Right-Wingers Still Run America, Despite Losing Elections

Give Elected Officials 401(k) Plans

America's Hired Death Squads and Torture Teams Are Still Operating in Iraq

Ripped off at the pharmacy

He doesn't like paying taxes, but is willing to play golf with a war criminal

Shameless plug

At Tax Time, Our Emperors Have No Clothes

NRA's plan for safe schools (cartoon)

Subways of North America

Congress Ignores America's Poverty Crisis (HuffPo w/video) + "American Winter" fundraiser link

Gangsters for capitalism

Ex-Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher dies

Local ABC station just reported Margaret Thatcher died.

Fucking CIA, fucking drone war.

Rutgers scandal reveals perverse nature of U.S. college sports

chase down mega rich tax cheats and recover the offshore trillion$

So she's gone, eh?

Margaret Thatcher is dead

'Patent medicines' study X-rays old-time remedies

Discovery of 1,800-Year-Old 'Rosetta Stone' for Tropical Ice Cores

Why the Most Powerful Thing in the World is a Seed

"The Overnight Diet" They are telling about it on ABC right now. Naturally,

Women, Speak Up! I Can’t Hear You

Who's behind the "AG-GAG" legislation in a dozen states? ALEC, of course.

Fatbergs: Burning fat and oil to generate London power

Post Edits and Ask the Administrators

U.N. Official Calls for Closing of Guantanamo Bay

Iceland to Cyprus: Make the rescue more equitable and watch out for inflation

The Spell Check is not working this morning. Tried it on a couple of my posts. n/t

In search of the perfect cup of coffee in Italy

The end of majority rule?

Don't Go All Wobbly On Us Now

Crabs, supersized by carbon pollution, may upset Chesapeake’s balance

When Men on the Left Refuse to See Their Sexism

Prof Peter Higgs: Boson is not ‘God’ particle

Pentagon awards surge 71 percent in March as Congress eases budget blow

Moms Demand Action in Oregon

British tongue in cheek on Thatcher's funeral

NRA member speaks on background checks

Margaret Thatcher died today.

Heritage Project Announced for Religious Ethiopian Site

Error on BBC this morning - freaking perfect

The Vagina Bonus

I found a roll of 35mm film from 1970

Detroit-area Catholic leaders urge gay marriage supporters to skip Communion

Judge adds twist to school yoga case - Does anybody have a problem with that ?

What a Third Korean War Would Look Like

Pablo Neruda: Chile exhumes poet's body in murder probe

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Background Checks

Anti-LGBT Westboro Church to picket funeral of ‘f*g enabler Roger Ebert’

Monday Toon Roundup 2- More Ebert Tributes

Obama’s Social Security Cuts Are Our Wake-Up Call

Monday Toon Roundup 3- GOP

Monday Toon Roundup 4- N. Korea

Here's a sample of what the South Korean press is saying:

Monday Toon Roundup 5- The rest

"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. "

How Much Longer Will the Iran "Game" Continue?

UK: Facebook now charges you for messages sent to celebrities and people you aren't friends with

A couple of new wikileaks UFO memos

Lockheed Martin launches Canadian PR campaign for F-35

Been Away from Here. Got Apathetic. Then Got Pissed. Had to come back and vent.

Diplomat Killed on Afghan Mission She Coveted

Towns fear noise from F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets

Anticipation Over China Visit by Iceland’s Leader (and Her Wife) - Has a ice ring to it!

Schwarzenegger: California's silent disaster

Stop the Keystone XL - sign the White House petition

less is more

It'll be alright

ESPN writer destroys Hannity: “First of all, they were losing! Okay? So, that tactic wasn’t working.

You do know "they" want people to shoot each other dead, right? I'm just checking...

Millions will answer call for general strike, says union boss

Sen. Ron Johnson launches 'Victims of Government' series

"Don't take more than you need cause heaven just might be the sea" Stephen Stills

NC (North Carolina) AFL-CIO email update newsletter

Bill McKibben: Is the Keystone XL Pipeline the “Stonewall” of the Climate Movement?

Christie’s Dem challenger hits him on gay rights

You Know You Are Screwed What Asking For Living Wage Makes You A Communist And The Public

TOM TOMORROW: The pulse-pounding adventures of Sparkman and the Blinkster

Kaufert hopes for compromise on tribal fishing plans

Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin

After Pentagon investigations, three Army generals censured for misconduct

Gun debate highlights everything awful about the U.S. Senate

Every morning I kiss him good morning and say hi, and he's the last thing I kiss before I go to bed.

Venerating the Kims. Just one more religion?

Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists’

After years of planning, bus rapid transit begins taking shape in Grand Rapids

Blood Phones and the Congo

VA: Sex trauma big problem in military

Who was worse: Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair?

Margaret Thatcher & Ronald Reagan: The Ultimate 80s Power Couple - by George Schultz

Penn Station vs Madison Square Garden

She increased taxes-She supported socialized medicine-She believed in climate change & gun control

About the folks (including me) who are sick of the $$$ emails.

Obama Drops Stimulus for Benefit Cut to Woo Republicans

Today is our daughter's 28th birthday, this isn't good, it is GREAT news....

Elvis Costello: Tramp The Dirt Down

What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift

No proof China bird flu H7N9 spreading between humans: World Health Organization

President Santos accuses Alvaro Uribe of spreading lies .

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Roger Ebert's Funeral

The new Vice series on HBO is AWESOME...and frightening, too.

New twist on broccoli rabe recipe

White House proposing large increase in VA funding to cut backlog

British grandmother’s death sentence for cocaine smuggling upheld by Indonesian court

Rep. Stockman On How To Honor Thatcher: ‘Crush Liberalism’ And Sweep It ‘Into The Dustbin Of History

100 Busiest Train Stations in the World (all but a few are in Japan)

Amiodarone Linked to Cancer Risk in Men

An Election About Nothing

Massachusetts Public Health chief resigns from position as medical marijuana regulations finalize

Kerry honors Holocaust victims on Holocaust remembering day in Israel

Unmanned Navy planes near big milestones in May

FCC dropping nudity ban for radio

FYI to group members.

Halle Berry pregnant at 46.

Judge who oversaw court-martial in My Lai Massacre dies

Pic Of The Moment: Chained CPI: Are You Sure You Want To Do That?

Incredible close-up shots of insects

If Game Of Thrones took place entirely on Facebook: Season 3, Episode 1.

Please read report of 2 kids dead in NC at dad's construction site and tell me what you think

What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift

Papantonio: Antidepressant Birth Defects

Where the hell is that IG report on CoinGate????

Camp Nama: British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad

I thought the sequestration cuts were so bad we'd never all them to...

Carbon Emissions Create Giant Crabs: Oyster Industry in Trouble

GOP senators' rebuke of projected budget deficit tops week's most viewed

Because he can

Victor Carranza Dead, 'Emerald Czar' Dies Of Lung Cancer At 77

They're Making Love to the Third Rail: What Are We Gonna Do About It?

I purchased and watched Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday

Chelsea Clinton says she'd consider a run for public office

Best Free Software, courtesy of Maximum PC magazine

Was this really necessary?

Has anyone here ever witnessed a shooting?

I, for one, continue to welcome our robot overlords...

Moyers:"by no stretch of the imagination can we say today that our media are guardians of democracy"

Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman on C-SPAN’s "In Depth" on Sunday, April 7th from 12-3 pm EDT

Dem Takeover of Senate Likely as Dale Schultz Faces GOP Elimination

Thrill-Seeking Kayakers Paddle Across an Active Volcano

Josh Marshall: "I think this Thatcher pic requires a caption contest."

Chained CPI: Are You Sure You Want To Do That? (A message from EarlG)

Monster Machines: New Spy Drone Program Finally Gets Off The Ground

Cher Is Not Dead, You Guys

Vactican City loves to pirate movies, download porn

Tension rising at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

OMG...Man buys toy poodles, discovers they’re actually ferrets on steroids

Freed Cuban spy seeks return for father's death

Freed Cuban spy seeks return for father's death

rough justice (the red brigade of india)

Is Our Disconnect From Nature a Disorder?

When your opponent seeks to criminalize oral sex within marriage...

What is the difference between a selected mix such as a labradoodle

rough justice (the red brigade of india)

The Alvin Greene Scam: It Lives!

Tom Harkin, "It's not too late to stop this. Tell President Obama: Don't Cut Social Security!"

My Maryland is Amazing (Medical Marijuana)

Graham: "He's Pleased that "Obama has shown a Little Bit of Leg"

Gen. Amos, Adm. Greenert: F-35 Essential But Procurement 'Constipated'

How women have rebuilt Rwanda

Red Meat Chemical Damages Heart, Say U.S. Scientists: BBC Health

Nanowires Have the Power to Revolutionize Solar Energy

Debtors' Prisons open for business in the U.S.A.

Timely Action Needed to Address Impending Multiemployer (Pension) Plan Insolvencies

Top US commander fired over sex claims

21 Incredibly Angry Songs About Margaret Thatcher

You Are The Ones You Are Waiting For: Successfully Working With People You Already Have

Obama Takes Control In The Second Term

Did anyone here know that Duane Gish had died?

ok, here goes...

Why Alzheimer’s Will Be The Fiscal Nightmare Of The Century

Kansas' conservation easement acres growing

Anyone know a computer forensics person to asks if someone wipes important info. off the internet

Thieves Steal 5 Tons Of Nutella

Door to Door bible thumpers.

Cyprus Prison Inmates Donate To Needy Families Amid Financial Crisis

Twelve Senators Helping Crooks and Crazies Buy Guns

Guy Dressed As Cookie Monster In Times Square Arrested For Assault

CPI: Senior Victims Unit (nt)

Man Buys Toy Poodles - Discovers They're Actually Ferrets On Steroids

Let's go Blue!

Owner Spends Vacation Picking Through Dog Poop After Dog Eats $500.

WikiLeaks cable: Thatcher “voice of beleaguered bourgoisie”

How I will remember Margaret Thatcher.

My father’s gay marriage

today in women's herstory-8 april

X-POST from GOOD NEWS: Cyprus Prison Inmates Donate To Needy Families Amid Financial Crisis

Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too)

Wayne LaPierre Elementary

Photos from the dept of interior

Hillary for President 2016! \O/ Stand with Hillary! Stand with ME!

Interesting articl about Open Town Meeting attendance.

a biography of trhe day-barbara bodichon (artist, educator, feminist, activist)

Infographic sexism from Bloomberg Businessweek:

McKibben: Is the Keystone XL Pipeline the “Stonewall” of the Climate Movement?

Well now. Progressives to deliver +1 million petition signatures on Tuesday telling the President..

British Comedians on the plans for Thatcher's state funeral.

Fla. man accused of having guns on Capitol grounds

Class Sues Exxon for Tar Sands Oil Spill

Progressive orgs. to deliver +1 million petition signatures Tues. telling Pres. Obama not to cut SS

In the camera bag, mobile edition

Thatcher supported Pinochet. Pinochet's secret police raped and tortured people.

2013 Wage Gap Bracket: When Winning is Losing

Thank God for the Great Depression - It's the only way the safety net got passed.

Oysters with herpes, thanks to climate change

I really needed this little vacation

Will you take 2 Mars bars and a RC cola for DU?

Obama to bring some Sandy Hook families on AF1

Fed Faces Risk of Fourth Summer Slump While Pushing QE

Fisker Struggles Mark Blow to Obama’s Electric-Car Goal

Credit card receipts pose cancer risk: new report

the dreaded (and feared) vagina dentata

New coalition "All Risk, No Reward" airs anti-Keystone TV spots

Why The Modern Republican Party Would Reject Margaret Thatcher

21 Incredibly Angry Songs About Margaret Thatcher

Anyone know a computer forensics person to asks if someone wipes important info. off the internet

Naked Jihad

Texas Turns Battleground as Cowboy Boots Win Hispanics

Pakistan’s Top Court Summons Musharraf for Treason Hearing

Wind map for those who are in Nor Cal

Disney Fan Club: Annette Funicello has died

Thatcher's unpopular "poll tax." (Caused riots)


19-year-old schools Stephen Moore (and Bernie Sanders joins in too!)

One Man’s Fight to Get a Photo Published, and How it Changed Photojournalism (warning, disturbing)

5 years into the Obama presidency ...

Chelsea Clinton open to running for political office

(Irish woman died after denied abortion) Savita inquest told of repeated requests for termination

How Many Communications from Constituents Does a Congressmember Get?

Dedicated to all who served in Vietnam.

Man who took hostages at Hillary Clinton's office recaptured

CT Sen. Chris Murphy: The NRA is a 'sideshow'

Glenn Greenwald on Margaret Thatcher and Misapplied Death Etiquette

Toon: we might be living in a police state..

Scamming Disability


Seminole clerk: I'll unseal settlement with Trayvon's parents

WikiLeaks launches searchable U.S. historical archive

The POTUS and Bo

John Legend - The House I Live In (Official Music Video)

Richard Wolff: A Cure for Capitalism

Japanese Thieves Steal ¥290,000 (USD $3,000) Toilet From Public Park

Black Magic has released a pocket cinema camera.

"In my heart, I knew what the back room meant..."

[email protected]

Microsoft tempts XP laggards with $84 upgrade discount

Think of Dick Cheney in drag....

Fresh Wikileaks reveal Vatican called reports of Pinochet’s killings ‘propaganda’

Why does Hulu streaming suck so much.

Dear Americans. I am British. And I'd just like to say...

Obama: We Supported You, But We Won't Support Cutting Social Security

Gazprom, Shell to develop Arctic oil fields


Richard Socarides: Coming Out to Dad

Louis C.K.!!

Greenwald really nails it today re “speaking ill of the dead.”

Thank you for having me!

Margret Thatcher's 19 Most Badass Moments

President Obama hails Thatcher as "great champion of freedom."

Welsh miners union leader: a state funeral for Thatcher would be a travesty

Bought some elastoplast bandaids for a wound I have. What is it made with, contact cement?

New Nordstrom Commercial Includes Same-Sex Couples But is the retailer’s new LGBT-inclusive ad too

This brought a smile to my face

Chiquita sues to block release of documents related to terror group payments

Noam Chomsky - Crisis & Hope in the Age of Obama

Technical question about browsers.

Hillary’s shadow looms large over Stephen Colbert’s confab with Bill Clinton

Young Republicans want to recruit maker of high-capacity gun magazines to Hillsborough

While trying to discover the process of recouping lost/destroyed computer history I found this...

Harry Reid -We Should not Stifle Debate

The first TV crush of thousands of prepubescent boys just died.

Two Catholic Leaders Advise Denying Communion to Marriage Equality Supporters

Toddler injured slightly by shotgun pellets

Well played, Doonesbury....are you a creationist?

Nigerian immigrant escapes modern-day slavery in KC, returns home

Largest private yacht in the world is launched

Sen. Tim Johnson Endorses Gay Marriage

Tomorrow Evening: Voter Suppression 2.0 and Electoral Reform

Twitter Lovefest Blooms Among Anti-Gay Leaders in Uganda, U.S.

Grover Norquist accosted on street

Sandy Hook Promise Tool Kit

Scaredy cats

Ooooooh, DEAR. I think someone's been waiting... :)

MAJOR SPOILER released for Walking Dead Season 4 premiere.

Steubenville Rape Cover-Up Grand Jury Starts Today

THIS is "Don't Cut Social Security" GOLD.

Will Ronnie and Maggie get married in Heaven?

What's for Dinner ~ Monday April 8th

I have been doing some thinking about Fred Phelps...

Krugman: Insurance and Freedom

EDF 'in big trouble' says French nuclear expert

Bashir on Thatcher: ‘Brutal,’ ‘Incredibly Divisive,’ ‘Not That Effective’

France's Marine LePen continues to oppose the EU with its continent-wide open borders and free trade

Romanian Man Sues Catholic Priest For Failing To Exorcise Flatuent Demons From House

Damned if he does; damned if he doesn't

Bill Moyers: Poverty in Today's America (slideshow)

Accident investigators say Japan nuclear safety plans too lax for crowded, quake-prone nation

"she absolutely hated working people"

I just got my baby chicks in the mail!

Secretary of State Kerry asked an important question 42 years ago.

"Save Draft" function?

Bobby Jindal Pulls Tax Plan After Outcry

On the fence no more: Sen. Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) supports marriage equality

U.S. ambassador rules out open border with Canada, cites sovereignty

Fresh Wikileaks reveal Vatican called reports of Pinochet’s killings ‘propaganda’

Senate approves Mary Jo White to be SEC chairman

The Lady's Not For Turning

Gerry Adams says Thatcher caused "great suffering" in Ireland

Rick Perry "Leaves Door Open" to 2016 Run

Firefox went ahead and upgraded me to 20.0 and now all is screwed up

Japan increasingly nervous about North Korea nuclear threats

Just so we don't dwell on Thatcher's Death: Jenna Jameson Arrested After Battery Allegations

Lawmaker: Iran Could Quit Nuclear Treaty

Tony Blair goes on a Peace Envoy visit to Israel.

How to Buy Union Made Tires (Updated)

My message and FB post to the DCCC...

Sigourney Weaver Is 'Thrilled' To Be a Queer Geek Icon

Very impressive pack leader!

Romney: Thatcher’s Vision ‘Will Last For Generations

Gospel of Judas text likely authentic, researchers find

Teen Girl's Pro-Gun Video Gets 2.3 Million Hits


K&R to tell the president to send NO OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE to Thatcher's funeral.

Hey gardeners check this out!!!!

Many in U.S. Illegally Overstayed Their Visas

Hagel Wants Military Brass Stripped Of Ability To Overturn Convictions, Officials Say

I wish this is all I had to complain about

Coverage Of Women Candidates’ Appearance Hurts Their Electability, Study Finds


Venezuelan President Maduro outs Otto Reich and Roger Noriega "They want me dead"

Iran may have continued weapons research after 2003, IAEA chief says


Manchester Derby today!

IMF and World Bank: how good or bad overall ?

US Treasury Chief Urges EU To Ease Off Austerity

Bed-Stuy Organizers Kick Off Anti-Street Harassment Week

My condolences

Maduro is preparing a decree against corruption (Spanish)

Phone Book Opt Out

Is there any way you can make limp dollar bills crispy again? nt

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were the leaders of the "Greed is Good" political movement...

Down to 3: Tim Johnson endorses marriage equality

Iowa Republicans, Seeking To Gain A Senate Seat, Struggle Against Disarray

So, Pres. Obama Calls Thatcher A "Great Champion Of Freedom"? He Must've Skipped This History Lesson

Venezuelan candidate Maduro puts curse on rival voters

MrPresident, want to know just how well your strategy is working out?

dark days of american politics....

Women, have you ever had the experience of classmates/co-workers, etc., suddenly finding you an

Cherry Blossoms looking good TODAY!

A Question...

Remembering Margaret Thatcher

PLEASE help (I've been through this before, twice)

Venezuelan Government Denounces the Presence of Opposition “Mercenaries”

Offshore Bank Accounts- Thousands of Names released Investigation

"Through the years we'll all be friends wherever we may be"

Hagel: ‘Everything On The Table’ (Pentagon Budget)

I learned to hide

Rev. Al Sharpton & Grammy Award Winning Musicians Join “Keep the Promise” NYC

'Neither Admit nor Deny' Lives on at SEC, Even for Felons

Alvaro Uribe tweets confidential military information .

North Carolina House Speaker Kills Bill To Create State Religion

Herb-Crusted Salmon

Heads up LatAm Duers. Martin Bashir covering Beyonce "scandal" @ 4pm 4/8/13 MSNBC

Why Aye Man

Internal Conflict

Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello both died today.

Bogota public TV station to promote human rights with UN help .

If Dubya were still President...(LMAO)

Death rates from guns, traffic accidents converging

Bobby Jindal’s Political Collapse Is Dangerous News For The National GOP

Reality Check From The UK: Now She's Dead, The Inquest Must Begin On Thatcher's Life & Influence

Don't Know Much About Gun Laws: Americans Think Gun Laws Are Stricter Than They Are

RE: revised Hotmail. Confusing. Cannot figure out how to block sender.

Native Americans: Portraits From a Century Ago{curtis}

'May God Take Pity On Her Soul': The Argentinian Reaction To Margaret Thatcher’s Death

A Love Uniquely Yours // Nolan + Morgan

Seniors In Illinois And Just Workers In General - If You're Pissed At SS Being Messed With In ....

Truckload of Nutella stolen in Germany

Martin Bashir about to cover the OMG Beyonce went to Cuba! story

Red, Brown, Green, Orange.....

Senator Schumer

The "Prophetic" Voice of Jim Wallis Jumps on Marriage Equality Bandwagon

Blast from the DU past: death of Raygun

Iraq Executing More People Than It Has For Almost A Decade, Says Amnesty Report

Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher ? Which one was Worse ?

Red Meat’s Fat and Cholesterol Aren’t Its Only Heart Dangers

Jeremy Irons: I'm as Anti-Gay as the Earth is Flat

Dear President Obama- I'm happy to do my part.

Does DU have an App?

Battleground Texas-Houston kickoff meeting

'Pharmaceutical' approach boosts oil production from algae

Will the REAL Mary Hill please stand up?

Stand Down, Margaret, (The English Beat)

Arguments from Global Warming Skeptics vs. Science

Breaking: Cher is NOT dead.

Maggie 'death cake' handed out in UK streets..

A wonderful new DU feature .........

Ronnie and Mags

Would you go this far?

Widely used index may have overestimated drought

"Iron Lady" Took Strong Stance on Climate Change

Write a blog post, go to jail?

There is hope for NC

Social Security Cuts Coming - Occupy and George Carlin TOLD YOU SO!

For the Ideologue Left, Social Security Concern Trolling is a Racket

Who or What is "Milestone" on DU???

Tramp The Dirt Down

Wolf Blitzer at 5pm EST on travel to Cuba and Beyonce's trip

Social Security: We have had many chances to avoid this mess.

This struck me as extremely interesting and just so damned weird!

Help! Expecting a 40-50 degree temperature drop tonight!

Origami Condoms Radically Redesigns Almost Century-Old Latex Protection

Ear Mail

Interesting coverage from The Guardian Re Maggie Thatcher.

Billy Bragg: Margaret Thatcher Made Me A Socialist

Billy Bragg offers thoughts on Margaret Thatcher while shopping for pearl-snap shirts in Calgary

Maduro: Noriega and Reich plan to kill Capriles

Post-unions, pay raises higher but go to fewer

Annette Funicello was my first celebrity crush---who was yours?

Colorado considers huge legal weed tax

Look, there just isn't any doubt that the chained CPI will reduce SS benefits.

Bashir... Anti-Thatcher Crusade: She Thought Mandela Was A ‘Terrorist,’ ‘At Ease’ ‘With Apartheid'

Planet Caravan

Texas house Democrats blast cuts to early voting days

Cat watching TV

Amazed at the reaction by a few to the Witch's death . . .

Glenn Beck: MSNBC part of UN conspiracy to collectivize American children via mind-control technique

Report: J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson is out; Ullman coming back

Feds file suit against Euless apartment complex, allege manager discriminated against ‘curry people'

I'm Thinking The Only Thing Left To Get Congress To Do The Right Thing About Guns Is......

A Wealthy Mexican And Latin Americans On The Leaked List of Individuals With Money Offshore

A Wealthy Mexican And Latin Americans On The Leaked List of Individuals With Money Offshore

White House, McCain blast Cruz for threatening filibuster over guns

Proposed: a tax break for big yachts

Joel Osteen target of elaborate Internet hoax

4-year-old boy accidentally kills Tenn. deputy's wife

Tin nanocrystals for the battery of the future

Biting Satire of Tea Party Bigotry And Stupidity

A little British humour about Margaret Thatcher

News Corp. Threatens To Pull Fox Off Air Over Aereo Dispute

Navy Chaplain: Gay Marriage Like Sex with Dogs, Jesus Knew Biology

Student trying to start white student group at Tarrant County College

The Fourth of July

Oceans may explain slowdown in climate change: study

Biting Satire of Tea Party Bigotry And Stupidity

A post from one of my pals on facebook about Thatcher... had to share.

Chris Matthews kissing Thatcher's dead ass on Hardball

Obama speaking on Gun Control in Connecticut right now CSpan1


Now this is what I call a sense of entitlement

Maybe this tweet would help those worried about CPI

Come As You Are

A simple tax question .... No "official" income - do I have to file?

Donna Brazile attacked for saying NOTHING about Margaret Thatcher

Sinead O'Connor on Thatcher's Britain

My grandson Noah got this book from the author today

MSNBC Declined To Interview Rep. Salmon’s Gay Son, Won’t Say Why

It's all about the next time the so-called Chained Inflation is brought to the table...

Carnitine chemical, not fat, may explain link between red meat and heart disease

In History Departments, It’s Up With Capitalism

Knife beats Gun: SF doughnut shop owner fights off robber

It wasn't just the boys who had a big crush...

North Korea is more despicable and dangerous than you imagine.

Sweet Success: Berkeley Lab Researchers Find Way to Catalyze More Sugars from Biomass

Maybe you shouldn't eat that.

Margaret Thatcher, staunch Pinochet supporter and friend, dies

President Obama Wants You To Call Congress and Demand Gun Safety! 202-224-3121

DU sold today. New owners to take over soon.

An open letter to Wayne LaPierre:

UC Research Examines Corporate Communications in the ‘Gilded Age’ of Free Speech

You know, it's a breath of fresh air to hang out in the Lounge

Margaret Thatcher's death greeted with street parties in Brixton and Glasgow

Conservatives outraged over CNN photo of Thatcher with ‘pedophile’ Jimmy Savile

What did you wear in high school? What years?

Rapid climate change and the role of the Southern Ocean

Today is Yom Hashoa...

AG Ferguson prepares to fight feds over marijuanna

Pearl Jam's Bee Girl has grown up.

Women of the Wall slam new prayer restrictions

Former Nuclear Chairman (NRC) Calls for end of Nuke Power Plants in US

Cheeky British website "eulogizes" Thatcher (enjoy)

We heard from the police chiefs and commissioners, but what do the

Johnson out, former exec Ullman in as J.C. Penney CEO

How One Multi-Millionaire Is Turning North Carolina Into A Tea Party Utopia

Gonna get me a BFF fix soon!

People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made. Jobs Now...

Obama says he's 'determined as ever' for gun bill

Then there were 3: The Democratic holdouts on same-sex marriage

The Republicans and the Income Tax

Does Mitch McC known that polls don't mean squat? 90% are for a background check, we'll find out

So Mitch McConnell has joined the ReTHUG filibuster

Bye Benji.

I am not feeling any of the Thatcher Love.

OK, this one...I just...I...I...I...

Ding Dong the witch is dead!

Navy Deploying Laser Weapon Prototype Near Iran

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Delays Confirmation Vote So He Can Go To A Basketball Game

Sarah Palin thinks she’s Margaret Thatcher

Greatest threat to America

The shooting of the Sheriff in WV should make us reflect on the purpose of arming ourselves

My wife worries that Chain CPI is basically bring back Reaganomics

Didn't Obama run on Jobs???

Why is Thatcher called Baroness?

Feed A Slice Of Cake To Bobby Sands

Where is the new Ed Show? wasn't it supposed to start Saturday?

A Vote

For all you 'Crazy' anti-nukers, this one is for you. We have company.

Beach Blanket Bingo!!!!

Are unpaid internships legal?

Authorities: 4-year-old picks up Tenn. deputy's gun from a bed, fatally shoots officer's wife

Interesting Survey Regarding Police Opinions and Gun Control

There are street parties in Glasgow and Brixton. Wow.

Big news, Abe Vigoda

This may win the prize for most over-the-top tribute to Maggie

Live streaming of NFL games in the U.S.

Twitter Lovefest Blooms Among Anti-Gay Leaders in Uganda, U.S. (a post / thread from GD)

Two race baiting, union busting, greedy bullies who were "political soul mates"

News Corp. exec threatens to make Fox subscription-only

Can you figure out the telephone number?

How to Dig a Hole, or, I Am Not an Islamophobe

Will Chris Hayes or Rachel mention the SS proposal tonight? Give your predictions!

No other explanation...

Jewish Religious Objects Found Burned On Holocaust Remembrance Day

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Billions of cicadas to swarm the East Coast this spring


What approach are you taking when emailing Senators and Representatives?

Turkish Gaza flotilla victims to go to court despite Israeli apology

So what has SKY-TV been like re: the death of Matron?

Judith Miller not hopeful for reporter facing jail time for not revealing source

Anybody have a Derby pick yet?

Woman and boyfriend kill infant in Ohio

Texas restaurant chain trademarks the term “breastaurant”

Texas restaurant chain trademarks the term “breastaurant”

I swear more songs were written about Thatcher than any other politician

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day tomorrow!!!

Ron Paul is Launching a Homeschool Curriculum to Indoctrinate Young Libertarians

My granddaughters have lice and I'm a bit freaked out

Congressman Steve Stockman to Gunmakers: Come Check Out Texas

Just a few minutes ago on the News hour. Kim Campbell laid a smackdown on the teabaggers

Male Strippers Share "Naked Truth" of Dancing For Dollars (sNSFW)

Why Americans Are So Ignorant -- It's Not Only Fox News...

Picked up a pair of $150 headphones for $60 today

Could Decker privatize N.C. Commerce Department?

Spell Check has a problem.

Impromptu street parties celebrating Thatcher's death reported in Brixton, Glasgow

Need help with a source for the "90% of Americans support Universal Background Checks" statistic

BBV connects voting machine test lab with kickbacks, bid-rigging, bribery schemes


Hey Fuuny Money time, complete with monkey code! Video on them coming to a city near you soon.

British Mom Thinks House Is Haunted By Learning Disabled Ghost Named Nigel


Why are we hearing about the need for Social Security

Top 5 movies to watch before North Korean attack on Austin

Hackers Fool Media Into Thinking Joel Osteen Quit Christianity