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Archives: April 7, 2013

“American Dream”: Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police

Just curious: does Illinois have a "three strikes" law?

Men's razors: Do we really need 5 or 6 blades ?

I need a list of upbeat movies..please...

Toon: Lawn and Garden Tips from Exxon and Monsanto!

We need to make treating mental illness a priority

Perhaps this is WHY Kucinich calls Wash DC a "Punch & Judy Show": The 1% Bug-Out Plan

The damnation of St Christopher [Hitchens]

wouldn't term limits solve congressional gridlock and obstructionism?

In which CaliforniaPeggy extols the benefits of her beloved red wine.

Right from the start, Li'l Tiny Nolabear's family KNEW she would be the type to enjoy New Orleans.


Cat vs. Furrie:

You'd think MFM woulda learned earlier in life not to publicly fart in "social" situations.

"o-TAY, Durls... how 'bout a MFM sammitch!?!?!?"

Jack Hoffman, age 7, stars at NU spring game ( cancer patient scores 69 yards in 1st college game)

France Will Now Pay The Full Cost Of Abortion And Contraception

Have you been wanting to find out how to get ahold of your Senator or Rep?

Nebraska football team lets 7-year-old cancer survivor score touchdown.

Republicans want Beyonce and Jay-Z trip to Cuba investigated...

I haven't been able to shake the feeling I got when my daughter said "I think men are smarter than

RFK Assassination Legal Case Update


Hello from Lake Placid.

Let me get this straight...

If Everyone Mad/Upset About Chained CPI Directed Their Energy To Getting Progressives Elected

Stand by me.

Anarchopanda beheaded

North Korea: What’s really happening? Here's everything you need to know - by Tim Shorrock for salon

38 Things Minnesotans Are Too Nice To Brag About (dial up warning)

The 'Class War' Speech by Prof. Noam Chomsky

Grave Dancing on the internet

How DC insiders launder insider market information for the rich

Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence

Link to Robert Reich's petition to President Obama :

4 Nebraska cops fired caught on camera

Imagine... no 'economy'.

Debt Ceiling Deadenders

Dissecting the Employment Report - April 2013


Who does this?

FBI Building May Soon Be 'Put Out Of Its Misery'

Can we control our thoughts?

Ban the killer robots before it's too late

Kansas set to enact life-starts-"at fertilization" abortion law

One of my earliest memories of TV

"The Fisher Wallace Stimulator": facts versus hype

If North Korea tests missile, might US shoot it down?

Body believed to be Nev. official found in river; 4 arrested

Saturday, April 6th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Thousands rally for marijuana legalization at annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor

Thesis Hatement

I host a few forums, such as 2013 Politics - I thought hosts get alerts via DU mail - but I don't.

Quit being in the 'Center' when it comes to SS

Police advise assertive victim response to mass-shootings (NYT)

I worked in 1992 to elect Bill Clinton President, I will work again to elect Hillary in 2016

Went to jail today and all I got were these lousy (7) photos

anti rape underwear

Isn't it interesting?

Democrats push problem solvers in House contests

Deadliest submarine disaster in US remembered

A Bad Idea Is a Bad Idea, No Matter Who Proposes It

Real good friends

Facebook ads?

A friend of mine gave me a book to read: Anyone heard of the novel Term Limits the author

Uganda proposes ban on miniskirts in move against women's rights

"why can't the english learn to speak?"

Holy crap, I just watched part of the movie "Gifted Hands" was about Ben Carson!!!

Rachel Maddow - Exxon too big to care

Mayflower Cleanup: Week 1

Bill Maher's new tv show, is a must see.

An amateur photographer's daughter and cat.

Rachel Maddow - NRA concocts irrational extended magazine argument

My President

My wife worked with her client tonight

For DU

I wonder what Lynn Margulis would have thought of the anti-science feminists.


Congrats To Michigan....

Democratic US Senate hopeful Ed Markey benefits most from $1.25 million in outside spending

Way to go, America. Meals on Wheels funding cut by sequestration. Seniors fearful.

Karl Rove, Architect of the biggest bribe in history!

Meagan Mcardle is an example of how the msm is gonna cover the

Black and white tights dance

The Kawasaki Penis Festival

You Are Important.

When Your Boss Makes You Pay for Being Fat

Two Questions.

I'm thinking of going to the Ronny Reagan "library " in Simi Valley tomorrow

Limbaugh: "Much Of Science Today" Is "A Branch Of The Democrat Party"

Chained CPI kicks families off Foodstamps, reduces EITC, WIC, School lunches

Does anyone remember the name of this TV show?

Trends in male and female mortality rates from 1992–96 to 2002–06 in 3,140 US counties

Funniest Freeper comment I've read in a long time...

Dumb Criminals: Man Pawns Wedding Ring To Pay For Prostitute

Tennessee's Dead Collecting Unemployment Checks

My Chevy Cruze was totaled

Criminalizing Revenge Porn

34% of Americans Would Make Christianity The Official State Religion

(Obama) Health care law’s insurance fees boost research (dementia study)

Exxon Oil Spill in Arkansas

Mexican Workers Win Ownership of Tire Plant With Three-Year Strike

Rachel Maddow was in Tucson, tonight.

Just a laid-back day of pickin an a lickin

The First Annual Feminist Porn Conference Is Today

Not ALL things are equal

Scariest movie moment and how did you react?

US lawmakers seek reason for Beyoncé Cuba trip

Melissa McCarthy on SNL

Venezuela's Maduro greets supporters in Amazonas

A few words from the head of the Rockford area Tea Party...

Warranty loophole costs millions, Koch Industries subsidiary benefits

Kerry Moves to Help Turkey and Israel to Restore Ties

Carter and Bush Sr both born in 1924. Clinton and Bush Jr both born in 1946

George Carlin on Bipartisanship

Moyers: Imagine If America Had Adopted Martin Luther King's Economic Dream{interview}

Making a Million Bucks an Hour: How Hedge Funds Get Away With Siphoning Off America's Wealth

States move to outlaw taping of animal abuses

Was Chilean poet Pablo Neruda poisoned?

Kansas’ new anti-abortion law highlights divide between states

AFL-CIO petition against Social Security cuts

Public Support for Marriage for Same-sex Couples by State

Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Made From Tumor Cells Yields Responses

Why our turbulent weather is getting even harder to predict

Piercing the secrecy of offshore tax havens

Book review: ‘The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth’

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ferncer Ferst Edition

Human-rights group releases activists' alarm

"Christian nation" is a wonderfully clever term.

Why the financial crisis was bad for democracy

Banned from volunteering at church

Archeological dig in remote Turkmenistan reveals rare advanced civilization and Bronze Age treasures

Census Bureau "poverty" vs poverty in the real world

(Pakistan) Religious parties in solo flights

A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood

CVS: Employees Must Tell Us Their Weight Or Pay A $600 Fine

Afghanistan Attacks Leave 6 Americans, Afghan Doctor Dead

Wow BBC is finally discussing the leak of the 100,000 persons hiding their wealth

The Economic Story of the Year: The Stock Market vs. the Labor Market

WaPo shared statement from fallen U.S. diplomat Anne Smedinghoff's parents

Fuck Austerity - Portugal constitutional court rejects budget articles

2014 US Senate Election- Most Vulnerable Democratic Held Seats.

Herpes Strikes Two More Infants After Ritual Circumcision

Radioactive Water 'Escapes' from Fukushima Tank

Humanzing Angela Davis in Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

Veterans groups divided over claims backlog, VA leadership

We need to start thinking BIG - We need Basic Guaranteed Income, in addition to SS.

Anti-drone protests hit CEO's home

Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence

Afghan children 'killed by Nato air strike in Shigal'

Report: Ohio is Illegally Throwing People in Jail for Oweing Money: Think Progress

160,000 Palestinian refugees below poverty line in Lebanon

Carl Sagan's foreboding

Afghan children 'killed by Nato air strike in Shigal'

just 7 more spaces available for the april photography contest

Sunday's Doonesbury- The Last Slave

Victim of Nevada's "Greyhound Therapy" found and interviewed by Sac. Bee.

With all due respect, Mr. President ...

Let us be clear about our choice

Brothers In Arms

Signed copy ?

Consolidation of Power

Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

Over the past 30 years, not much has changed.

"A pathological, democracy-destroying corruption"

Meet the F-35: The DoD's Pricey Benchwarming Plane

Exxon cleanup

Hmmm. When you put it like that ...

U.S Offers Korea F-35 Aircraft At Subsidized Rates

Michele Bachmann Ethics (cartoon)

TX On The Cutting Edge - Of What A Climate-Destabilized America Will Look Like - AP

Canadian Gov Begins Shuttering Ontario Lakes Research Station; Scientists Barred From Entry 1 April

Meet Empathy

Mexican Workers Win Ownership of Tire Plant With Three-Year Strike

Redefining Hypocrisy For The Age Of Global Warming - Orion

Aaaaaaaand Here Comes The B.C. Pipeline Greenwash Campaign. Who's Paying? No One Will Say - G&M

UK: Unions in general strike talks as PCS vows 'fight back'

Record FL Manatee Deaths From West Coast Algal Bloom - Approximately 5% Of Remaining Population

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday April 7th

This is Bad

Meet Empathy (crosspost from Good News Group)

Why is raising the SS tax cap off the table?

UK Will Be Net Wheat Importer For 1st Time In Decade After Lousy 2012 Harvest, Endless 2013 Winter

Cancer survivor gets his face and life back, thanks to 3D printing

The charter school and TFA flood begins soon in Minnesota.


Hottest Oz January Ever, Heat Records Tumble, So Murdoch Rag Op-Ed Attacks Climate Scientists

A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse

We're not in Kansas any more, are we?

AAD/Woods Hole; Rapid, Significant Changes At Base Of Antarctic Food Chain; 8/21 Hottest Days In '13

Social Security Online (for those of you who may not know)

From ReallClimate - Freaking Hilarious Review Of "Switch"

Today's SQUEEEE! Teacup baby piglet wears his sweater and socklets to bed

What a BRILLIANT IDEA: Caregiver Corps (edit: Why not expand the Peace Corps premise?)

I'm getting tired of exploitive left-wing fund raisers

Anyone else doing/done Insanity?

Don't you just hate subject lines that suck you in but are totally irrelevant to the post/thread?

Facebook Watchdog Group ‘Rapebook’ Throws In The Towel

Frank Field thinks poor people are just a lot of bloody foreigners like the other immigrants

Craps. I just accidentally deleted a phone message

Class War Kitteh says...

I have two ideas concerning fracking North Carolina, repeal of the state's environmental laws,


It's Grumpy Cat's Birthday!

7 Reasons This Muffin Mix Can Save America

Priest cases show abuse issues persist

Next Step in Kansas: Life Begins at Menarche

Crosspost from GD: 7 Reaons this Muffin Mix Can Save America

Chicago Cardinal George vehemently opposes marriage equality, along with other upstanding religious

“Something’s Got To Give.”

Young cancer patient scores TD in Nebraska spring game..

Tax Lobby Builds Ties to Max Baucus

2014 US Senate Election- Republicans guide to regaining control of the US Senate and keeping it for

Paul B. Farrell: Critical Warning No. 13: Stockman’s ‘Apocalypse’

Lawmaker Recommends Bullet Proof Vests

What the media tells us...

Tax Lobby Builds Ties to Chairman of Finance Panel

Bill Maher on Ayn Rand: ‘It’s all stuff that seems very deep when you’re 19 years old’

He believes Obama is Satan? Really, Satan?

The Bluff in Chess is called the Rope-a-Dope

Michael Buble - Baden-Baden, Germany

'She was doing what she loved': Young diplomat among 6 Americans killed in Afghanistan

For those who want the President NOT to touch SS perhaps it is time to let the white house know

We are being played like a fiddle by the anti-choicers.

Democrats Hold Near Lock on Electoral College

Many photos of Exxon oil spill, posted by EPA On-scene Inspection Svc (

Can cats get skin cancer from too much sun exposure?

SNL Reviewed: Melissa McCarthy Hosts

Workers With Maximum-Taxable Earnings (official SSA page)

Islamism is winning the cognitive war – thanks to manipulative and gullible journalists

Why Do My Cat's... Eyes Glow in the Dark?

30% increase in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide in 2012

Indiana man seeks to challenge ticket in high court

160,000 Palestinian refugees below poverty line in Lebanon

Obama just threw Hilary way under the bus.

Atheists in America – Part 1

The idea behind Raising the SS Cap is

Pentagon Spent $900 Million for Obsolete Fighter Vehicle Spare Parts


State Supreme Court limits union rights in Texas

Solar Panels Are Finally Generating More Energy Than They Use

Nepal 'witchcraft' attack condemned

Eskow: Have Wall Street's "Third Way" Democrats Ever Been Right About Anything?

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Women’s Liberation

Nazi submarine wreck found off Norway

Something’s Got To Give

Education: Parent Trigger or Parent Tricker?

50 Auschwitz guards face investigation

I thought this group would enjoy this story.

State's wolf management plan could set tone for U.S.

Republicans Demand Investigation Into Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Cuba Vacation

I Don't Think The Dems And PBO Really Know How Pissed Off The Dem Electorate Is Re: SS....

I triple-dog dare you with extra-spicy daresauce not to laugh at this

Gonzaga Denies Knights of Columbus Student Group Because it’s Catholic

IMO, Hillary can't run until the passing out issue is settled. Was it part of a larger

Republican Mocks Single Mothers, Hungry Children, Tells His Tenants To Die ASAP

With Pope Francis, it's prime time for Jesuits

Sunday Funny!

Petaluma middle school bans 'too tight' pants for girls because it distracts the boys

Obama Administration Takes Aim at TPP Countries' Public Interest Policies in New Report

System Failure: The Collapse of Public Education

NC AFL-CIO email update newsletter

Iraqi Christians and Muslims live side by side in Detroit

Note to self: update privacy settings on FB

Experts: Anonymous' Israel hacking 'amateur' so far

I have a feeling that Bush and Cheney won't be found guilty of anything until after they're dead

How a Bill Becomes Not a Law

Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War

You guys have such interesting lives -

Who Runs The Reformy Campaign Money Machine?

Hearts, Minds and Dollars: Condolence Payments in the Drone Strike Age

Sunday Morning Music Videos...(in the afternoon...This week, songs sung by mad computers...)

Heartbreaking new poll: a third of Americans want Christianity as the state religion

Florida Woman Claims This Goldfish is Literally ‘Christ on a Cracker’

As cyber-war begins, Israeli hackers hit back

The banana republic in which we stand

Why studying duck genitalia is not a waste of tax dollars

Misogyny, Sexism, and Why RPS Isn't Shutting up

IDF ‘shield’ against second Shoah

What jobs are safe these days?

If you're driving on a frozen river/lake and the ice cracks and the vehicle sinks,does car insurance

Police say robber tried, failed to rob two banks three blocks apart

Cats love showers

Virginia Builds $1 Million “Super” Bus Stop (now reassessing the project)

An aerial salute to Squirrel Week 2013

How do I WRITE Glaswegian?

Second Sunday of Easter. Happy Easter!

Is Social Security sexist?

'(CT Governor) Malloy: NRA's LaPierre acts like a circus clown'

Domestic violence and support of a politician...

Anyone here using Alternate Day Fasting?

Reagan’s ‘Death Squad’ Tactics in Iraq

Rise of the Predators A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood (how the drone war started)

'Don't say gay' takes on a new meaning

Phoenix Pride was beautiful.

Superheroes Get Religion, or the Other Way Around?

If there is one thing that I hate...

Coffee Porn

Bank Of America To Pay $36.8 Million To Military Members For Improper Foreclosures

Latest blow to collecting Zip codes at check-out

Don't say, "I didn't tell you..."

Curt Shilling...Tea Bag Douchebag!

Post hard-core industrial or metal songs.

CROW FEEDS CAT and DOG. this is a neat video!!

Facebook Unveils New Waste of Time reveils Andy Borowitz

To all those who have been telling us for months . . .

Top of the Lake

Sometimes I think I have it easier than you college people

Electing Hillary Clinton as President will help advance women's rights

Tonight's Making Sense with Steve Leser, 7pm EST, North Korea, Amina/Femen/Tunisia and Economy

Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists’

US Senate Committee chairs after 2014.

OMG...squee overload with kittens!

Where is the line?

Even China Wants North Korea to Chill Out

So-Called ‘Civil Society’ in Post-Chávez Venezuela

Ain't nothing wrong with cupcakes

Subsidies Play “Significant Role” in Climate Change, IMF Says

Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence

Louisiana Governor Jindal's popularity slumps after bold tax plan

Salvation Boulevard

Help me out..

"In History Departments, It’s Up With Capitalism"

John McCain Urges Republicans Not To Filibuster Gun Control

DUer Flubadubya was recently in a car wreck

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 7, 1979

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 7, 1979

Crosspost from GD: Family throws birthday parties for thousands of homeless kids

If olive oil is made from olives

Gabby: We're all used to hearing people say patience is a virtue. I think about patience every day..

Soylent: a food drink for those who can't be bothered to chew

Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War

My computer friends, don't know where to post this question. Can you help?

It's gotten so bad that a jury allows "you atheist arseholes" to stand 4-2

Got this from the "Integrated Prom" page:


"Voting for Tony Abbott decause you hate Julia Gillard is like eating shit because you hate spiach."

You know why they can't serve beer at Citizen's Park?

YouTube blocks PMW video that exposes PA TV hate speech to kids

Say Hello Wave Goodbye

System Failure: The Collapse of Public Education

Apartheid divestment spurs Beyond Coal campaign

To all those that say Hillary would advance the cause of women

Capriles supporters rally in Caracas

Can anyone help me with an idea for a gift for my stepdaughter's ordination?

Fort Worth Star Telegram article on Schools and Senator Wendy Davis.

Ever been in one of those moods that word can't explain?

Why MFM isn't allowed to visit Kali's ranch anymore.......

Boadcasters Worry about Zero TV Homes : Yahoo News

Make the case for which party progressives in Canada should back in 2015...the NDP or the Liberals.

Chicago: CTA seeks to improve underground wireless coverage

Why do Rethugs have so much trouble understanding why black folks don't vote for them?

Secretary Of State John Kerry Warns Iran That Time Is Running Out On Nuclear Talks

“Worst Regards”–Senate Dems Publish Hate Mail (Colorado, re gun laws)

In about 1 year and 9 months from now, the candidates for 2016 will start declaring.

Kids seem to get it

South Korea Says North’s Missile Launch May Be Imminent

Seniors Rally Over Social Security, Call On Lawmakers To Scrap The FICA Wage Cap

A kind request to Hillary Clinton supporters...

Rethug intransigence will kill Americans

How to create your own bread recipes or alter the recipes you already have


The Secrets of Princeton

So the Nurse at The Coffee Shop....

Must-read expose on Max Baucus and how the Senate really operates

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel: Something’s missing

Osborne urged to improve tax transparency in dependent territories

Hospitals must shrink or shut, doctors warn

At 97, the Oldest Living Brooklyn Dodger Reflects

Is This the Craziest Conservative on Youtube?

we can't have a progressive candidate when there is no progressive movement that extends beyond the

Adam West is gay. Paul Newman is a bastard. Kinda. Robert Vaughn is a murderer.

Hertzberg: Guess Who's Entitled

Kate is still with us, bless her heart

Image manipulation - critique?

Russia Says Nuclear Talks With Iran A Step Forward

Here's a great sports moment - kudos to Nebraska!

Cillizza: Senate has become more partisan, less collegial — more like the House

Gun legislation’s prospects improve

Have Obama's people focus-grouped the Chained CPI idea?

Match Game Story: Sally sackbutter's slide work was so pisspoor inaccurate, she ____ her standmate.

New Yorkers and Catholics, please help if you can.

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.

When will the greed and corruption of the political class and their capitalist friends cease

Israeli court orders settlers to return land to Palestinian owners

Warning. This article on gay marriage contains optimism

What is the President's "ideal proposal"??

Premature and possibly out of line, but maybe I am not alone

The DU doesn't get many exclusives OR posts with 435 R's

If you are wary of prepared foods/mixes and you have a little time

Nomination Thread for Lead host of this group....

I'm already shaking in my boots…

Fuming at Korea, Sputtering at BRICS: US Hegemony Hitting the Wall

Fracking article in corporate media, critique needed

A Forgotten Memory

Florida woman finds ‘sign from God’ on Goldfish cracker

Mike Huckabee's Reductio ad Hitlerum

China takes thinly veiled swipe at N. Korea

Obama Budget Proposal Cuts Are 'Unconscionable,' Says AFL-CIO

One of the most important threads ever on DU

Opposing immigration reform out of concern for the "working class and artists"?

This is just wrong

There are just some things that Democrats cannot talk about...

Study of psilocybin as treatment of depression halted by drug laws

Pamela Geller 'Sharia' Event In Great Neck Spurs Activists On Both Sides

DU ladies - Season Two of Call the Midwife is back on PBS

Bill Clinton of Global Initiative University with Stephen Colbert

Catholics, please help:

Heartbreaking interview on 60 Minutes with Newtown Parents.

So… "Guns don't kill people, people kill people," right?

Did anyone else watch the first two segments of 60 Minutes tonite

Sarah Baartman and selling black women's sexuality

LOL Kitty - is this the right forum?

This is Good News for Climate Change

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 April 2013

Israel: Iran Must Face Nuclear Ultimatum

I have leftover pork loin and

Moscow Slams UN ‘Maneuvering’ on Syria Chemical Attack Probe

Environmentalist Back in Jail Days After Writing About His Secretive Prison Unit for HuffPost

To answer a lot of people's questions

I am in an emotional overload, and I dread the rest

The Story of COLAs (and amendments to Social Security)

If you're wondering what Obama gets in exchange for Chained CPI...

I snuck this kitty pic into GD =P

Watching Paint Peel