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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 April 2013

How Brazil, Russia, India and China Are Standing Up to the American Empire

Ohio school says Jesus portrait down


Resetting addicted brain: Laser light zaps away cocaine addiction

Rep. Diana DeGette, still searching for a clue

Why GUN violence?

Indiana Bill Would Require Armed Guards In Schools

People Have Rights. Ideas Do Not Have Rights.

CaliforniaPeggy's physical therapy is coming along better than expected.

One of Taterguy's ancestors was DaVinci's earliest and most inspirational model.

Kittygigglin': (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Cotton candy -- is there ANYTHING it can't do?

Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Ranch ultimately had to get a restraining order against MFM.

HEED MY ADVICE: It's often a VERY good idea to just ignore MiddleFingerMom.

13 submissions so far

When do we stop repeating what these nuts are saying?

H-1B Guest Worker Fraud and the "Lacking Skills" Scam

Armstrong will race again, but it’ll be as a swimmer, not as a cyclist

Kobe Bryant: Magic's Support of Gay Son is awesome!

Wednesday dance! She'll think you're boss!

I thought this was interesting....

I posted this in GD, but we might get more interesting discussion here...

People have different ideas about

Toon: Book Report

"The Labor Market Is in Worse Shape Than You Think!"

In Stephen King's Car…

Grocery Unions At Stop & Shop Take Obamacare’s Leap of Faith

Well, he won't be in a John Woo movie anytime soon…

Senate votes to repeal Racial Justice Act

Toles Toon: Mapping the Republican Brain

Sheriff Marlin Gusman couldn't have been paying attention if inmates were getting high (New Orleans)

Don't forget to double-check your work…

Maybe someone here can help find temporary homes for two cats, in Orange Co., Cali?

Arkansas Wildlife Refuge Overwhelmed by Oil Covered Birds!

Interesting interactive graphic on CEO pay

Will ExxonMobil get to weasel out of paying for the Arkansas disaster?

Get your Reagan right…

Oh, the agonizing irony....


Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Highway to Hell

Solar shakeout: Chinese banking commission adds PV sector to credit risk list

Fort Knox Put On Lockdown After Shooting

THIS is what I'm talkin' about: One man's fight against foreclosures in Carpentersville

You know, Yu's perfect game would not have meant much.

Crosspost from GD: One Man's Fight Against Foreclosures

Rachel is leading with the intimidation by the ReTHUG gun nuts

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

Raise $500 in donations, and you can race a canoe through water filled with mercury and gonorrhea

Geeks! Geeks! Geeks! on All In With Chris Hayes.

Read boards from the 'other side' about Rep DeGette

Korea, a book about

I Preferred the Book

New Starship Enterprise Bridge Restoration Promo

BP To Sell All U.S. Wind Farms, Re-Focus On Oil And Gas

My first impression...

Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother.

Imagine if McCain or Romney were president dealing with North Korea

House Dust Mite Study Shows Reverse Evolution Possible

Up To 2,000 Black Holes May Be On Perimeter Of Our Galaxy

Rewarding Polluters and Locking Up People Who Want to Save the Planet

What posters did you have on your wall as a teen? Now? I had a saying "If you don't know

MSL’s Parachute Flapping in the Wind

This one is just for the laughs

A Synergetic Frugal Metamorphosis

An open letter to my dad on the occasion of his recent anti-vax Facebook postings

Dammit to hell!

Pope stresses "fundamental" value of women in Church

Cardinal McCarrick Sees Church Push on Immigration, Guns

Good riddance, Jay Leno, and go fuck yourself

Do you agree with John Kerry's statement on North Korea?

Do Southwest Airlines ads portend new fees?

Rachel Maddow's on Letterman tonight

It is television shows like this that make me feel like a complete failure.

Crossposting my latest ride from Frugal & Energy Efficient Living group

Is Kim Jung-un a cult leader?

Anyone notice Facebook slowing down/stopping services of people that post progressive info?

Massachusetts McDonald's demands bachelors degree and two years' experience for cashiers

Elizabeth Colbert Busch-D for US Senate in 2014.

How would you rewrite the 2nd Amendment?

Perry links D.A. slayings with border security

The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?

"This could get real ugly."

If a fetus is a human and I am made to bear it...

NRA's School Security Plan Cites Phony Shooting

AZ Official Fired For Saying Menstrual Cycles May Cause Issues For Women In Combat

Molly Ivins, on growing up in Texas (1/6) from 1992 Mother Jones fundraiser

FAA declares no-fly zone over AR spill; Exxon kicks out reporters in media blackout

The Spring becomes the Rose~

Here is a great opportunity from the sequester RE: medicare cuts

This nation's gun violence dilemma hit a little too close to home to me today.

Steady Drumbeat Of Dolphin & Turtle Deaths Show Continuing Trouble In GOM

WTF!?! - Why Does Exxon Control the No-Fly Zone Over Arkansas Tar Sands Spill?

Secrecy for Sale: Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze

Maryland House passes gun-control bill

FYI: It's already illegal to fly low over land with an aircraft

Study Has Consensus Among Australian Climate Scientists: Nation's Climate Has Permanently Tipped

Man who drove car into Wal-Mart had a LONG rap sheet and pending drug case

This thread, an obvious call out

Without fanfare, Maryland is poised to pass sweeping gun safety legislation.

Just had a 'survey' phone call (in Canada) where they asked me one minute

Summary of Connecticut Gun Safety Legislation (SB1160)

Sen. Feinstein blames NRA on gun control

The Meme Hustler (How Open Source software subverts freedom)

With The Firing Of The Rutgers Coach Today I Got To Believe That There Are Other Coaches Around....

Three steps forward, and two steps back

“this time it must be different”

Since a lot of people don't know what 1000 feet looks like

Kathrine Switzer 46 yrs ago in the Boston Marathon 5 five yrs before women were officially allowed

Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore

Dear GOP,

The irony is that there is little of substance that we disagree with.

Business class, coach are worlds apart in the air


Referenda to overturn Citizens United pass in Wisconbsin

Knut the Polar Bear learns to walk

Hamas orders gender segregation at schools

Reno calls a domestic violence hotline: The MRA Reality Distortion Field in action

'Mavi Marmara victim to donate money to Hamas'

Animal cruelty case involving prominent Tampa attorney. Check the link for the photos of the cows.

25 yrs. later, Love Canal toxic waste has spread to Niagara Falls:$113 million lawsuit filed

This is a cross post from the BOG....

CNN’s Jake Tapper to Mark Sanford: Who are you to deny love between two men?

CIA, North Korea

Bob Beckel Bashes Dr. Ben Carson For "Racist White Liberals" Remark

Background checks

Seoul Seeks Ability to Make Nuclear Fuel

Day 4 SSD blogathon: SS is not going broke by 2033, stop saying it Dems

Would you accept the death of a few innocents if it meant taking out a potential mass killer?

Hamas–Fatah Reconciliation Talks In Doubt

Colbert going for Morning Joe jugular..

Another side effect of republican budget games... Korean Instability

Clint Eastwood wanted for questioning in homicide.

Emily's List/Telefund bummer

ms maddow will be a guest on mr letterman's show tonight

Hamas boasts of ‘persuading Israeli spies to repent’

Letterman: Well, we now know the date of Jay's departure. We're waiting for the date of his return.

US relocating troops and cancelling leave?

Gilad Shalit Could Have Avoided Capture by Hamas Attackers

Conn. Senate approves sweeping gun control bill

2 with gang ties sought in CO prison chief death

92Y Scraps Appearance by Roger Waters, Anti-Israel Pink Floyd Frontman


Claim: Feminist Catharine MacKinnon said "All sex is rape."

For my 20,000th post, I will pose just one question.

Insurance subsidies will create tax bills or smaller refunds for some

Study: Dementia tops cancer, heart disease in cost

*Schools that Change Communities, PBS.

Service gun belonging to Coconino County Sheriff stolen

AMAZING Aerial Footage of Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill

So, I live on a small barge with three windows

Bisbee Approves Civil Unions For Gay Couples; Defies Arizona Attorney General

Insurance commissioner takes controversial stands ahead of confirmation

House budget aims new funds at property-poor districts

Rocker Ted Nugent addresses legislative hearing

Rocker Ted Nugent addresses legislative hearing

What's the latest on the missing hikers? I heard they found one. nm

Yoani Sánchez en el programa de Jaime Bayly 1/3 (en español)

$700 Million in Katrina Relief Missing, Report Shows


Obama fundraises, catches Keystone heat in Calif.

Chinese fishing fleet in African waters reports 9% of catch to UN


How about this?

Service gun belonging to Coconino County Sheriff stolen

FAA Implements Flight Restrictions over Mayflower Oil Spill

Molly Ivins on Gun Control

Video game Bioshock Infinite accused of being anti white

2016 is the year of the woman. A woman will be President 45. Who will the GOP candidate be?

GOP Wants To Weaken Overtime Law - Give Employees Choice Of Comp Time vs 1 1/2 Time Pay

China expresses regret at North Korea restarting nuclear plant

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday April 4th

Fux News Losing Viewers Because of They Lied About Obama.

What's your remedy when you can't sleep?


Leftist Colombian journalist denied entry to UK .

Leftist Colombian journalist denied entry to UK .

College Professor Body Slams Female Student, Claims She Started It

Fast Food Workers Call Cops On Busta Rhymes After His Wrong Order Freak Out

Deputies Called To Investigate Screams Find Goat Instead

Watching Bonnie Raitt on Austin City Limits right now. Goodness...

I learned from the transcript of this video in my first hidden post. Here's the video only.

War with N Korea is a sham

Inmate Name and ADC#

Abortion legislation sent to Alabama governor

Spanish king's daughter charged in corruption probe

GOP youth survey

North Korea seen moving mid-range missile to east coast: reports

Mr. President....Before the Sequester begins to

Re: babies on west coast showing deformities from fukashima disaster

Settlers accuse 'Haaretz' of calling for violence against them

Carrie Underwood: I'd quit my job if my husband told me to

Emotive Taylor says LaWall should wipe his slate clean

Canadian National News Reports on Leaked Tax Haven Bank Accounts.

our own disasters,nuclear included

Missouri government's revenue collections outpace early projections

With St. Louis visit, Bill Clinton hopes to spark students to act on big ideas

Led Zeppelin might be getting back together...

Fast-Food Workers Plan Second Strike for More Pay

How to Shield Yourself From Smartphone Snoops

Walmart to Provide 35M Meals, $3M in Anti-hunger Grants

Study: More Americans Drinking Coffee

Excellent Laura Ingraham quote on gay marriage.

April 4: Is Vitamin C Day.

April 4:1850 – Los Angeles, California is incorporated as a city.

I'm afraid of the world..

April 4:1887 – Argonia, Kansas elects Susanna M. Salter as the first female mayor in the US

April 4: 1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated by James Earl Ray at a motel in Memphis, Ten

"The Problem When Sexism Just Sounds So Darn Friendly…"

"Early morning, April 4; Shot rings out in the Memphis sky..." Pride (In The Name Of Love) - U2

While out for a walk this morning .........

Science Under Attack (BBC Horizon Documentary)

New Photo Of Newtown Gunman Adam Lanza Released By Western Connecticut State University

Test Cheating Scandal In Atlanta on Chris Hayes


45 years ago today they assassinated Martin Luther King

oil spill at mayflower arkansas

oil spill at mayflower arkansas

Nato air strike 'kills Afghan police and civilian'

6 Things You Need to Know About the Arkansas Oil Spill

10 Craziest Things Pat Robertson Has Said

They go in your tummy, Silly.

Suddenly, NYPD Doesn’t Love Surveillance Anymore

Can a company Garnish a worker's wages without informing that worker?


The NRA Has Been Outstandingly Successful Where It Really Counts

Without abortion rights, women's rights are nullified. Does that seem extreme?

Educator Who Challenged Scott Walker's Vouchers Agenda Wins 61-39 in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Won't Charge Suspect With Hate Crime After Knocking Gay Man Unconscious


How the Pentagon Helped Make Afghanistan the Most Corrupt Country on Earth (Hiro)

How the Government Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hate crime: Police record attacks on punks, emos and goths

Insurers see way to dodge federal healthcare law next year

Fishermen in women’s costumes dance and pray for good catch

What is behind Burma's wave of religious violence?

Fish deformities linked to oil pollution in U.S. and Alberta

Philly hipster bikes around town with his cat on his shoulder (video)

Dementia cost expected to more than double by 2040: study

Hawaii is a spot for sun, surf _ and spies

Americans support Keystone Pipeline and Fracking by a large margin.

Paris park service deploys four black sheep to trim lawns instead of machine mowers

Japan's 'omiyage' culture

Rolling Stones unveil biggest tour in six years

China: Four more infected with H7N9 bird flu

Body's anti-HIV 'training manual' offers vaccine hopes

Wisconsin: Rowan Viva to challenge Mike Tate for DPW Chair

Any one here old enough to remember the movie

Did Rachel or lawrence cover the NC bill that would basically allow the creation of a State

RYAN'S DOPE: Austerity will save the poor. Oh, really?

North Korea Moves Missile to Coast, but Limited Threat Seen

New ‘Super Truck’ Promises Huge Fuel Savings for Big Rigs

A sad gun nut reality

Chris Kluwe's CNN editorial about gay NFL players coming out

Transplanting Taxes from Corporations to the Rest of Us

Wednesday's blue plate special: Guns and booze

Up to $32 trillion stashed offshore ... oops ... caught with their hands in the hidden cookie jar

US to deploy missile defense system in Guam

WaPo: James Carville Joins Pro-Hillary Clinton PAC

The Last Word - Lawrence O'Donnell

Banks Prefer Schumer Over Sherrod Brown for Panel Chair

So if you now need a BA and one year experience to work as a cashier at McDonalds

Watch This School Teacher’s Amazing Lecture On The Meaning Of Life (video)

Walmart Strains to Keep Aisles Stocked Fresh

Crosspost from GD: (video) School Teacher’s Amazing Lecture On The Meaning Of Life

Chinese Investing Big Bucks in Florida Charter Schools

Republicans: stop fooling yourselves

To Build a Community Economy, Start With Solidarity

Hillary Derangement Syndrome

Need opinions on cell phone service

North Korea = Grand Fenwick?

Parents urge Emanuel to walk same school routes their kids will take

Home from the hospital and feeling great...

40 years (and 1 day) after world’s first cellphone call, a Facebook phone

And here we see the artist using morning sunlight to contrast Giant Cat Butt with Tiny Baby Head.

Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore

Giggles about North Korea

Six secrets of million-dollar female-owned firms

Response to Kim Jong-un with thanks and apologies to the Pythons

Amazon tribe threatens to declare war amid row over Brazilian dam project

Jobless claims see unexpected spike

MMR jab warning as measles cases soar 25% over Easter

Fast food workers plan surprise strike

Seeds of Suicide

Florida alimony-reform bill draws fire

Another strange but predictable encounter at work

VA Benefits Backlog So Bad it Threatened Employee Safety

Yep, right-wingers are OBSESSED with sex with animals

Fox Guest Claims She Smelled God During Near-Death Experience

Toon:NCLB consequences

Guide to the conservative movement in one chart

"Teaching About The Wars": New Curriculum from Rethinking Schools

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow - meanwhile, on Lake Bakail

The Fate of Civil Religion

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - School or Prison?

Prez says Democratic election victories forced republican re-thinking immigration reform

Offshore Leaks: Vast Web of Tax Evasion Exposed

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -Economy

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 4, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Wales Tales

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Equality Stampede

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- Guns And Oil

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- The Rest

(Story Update) Death Threats for ‘Stomp on Jesus’ Professor

Stephen Colbert declares war on morning Joke

Pilger ~ How Digital Technology Has Helped Unleash a Devastating New Era of Propaganda

Anonymous hacks North Korea’s social media in net freedom bid

Survivor Caramoan - Episode 8 Discussion Thread - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

'Good luck to them, they've already lost'

Walker says he may not appoint Dane County judges

"Which RNC messaging genius thought this would be a good idea?"

Higher Pay for a Stronger New York! (E-action)

They'll never find me here

Shame on Wilcox Georgia. Still holding segregated Prom and Homecoming dances

CNE's head: Venezuela faces a profoundly anti-democratic election

Maddow: UN Arms Treaty creates strange bedfellows

Good advice - When is this show coming baaaaack?!?!?!

Saudi Arabian paralysis sentence 'grotesque', says Foreign Office

April 4, 1968

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! North Carolina Adopts New State Religion!

Co-Opting Another Human Rights Group

Time To Fight Back song (Chicago school closings and the protests)

My one thousandth post. After all these years.

Colorado Gun Rights Official Urges People to “Hunt Democrats”

When was the last time you bought a newspaper?

Is it possible to delete entries in My Journal?

Parents Outraged That Mass. Kids Were Denied Lunch

Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates

Invasive crabs help Cape Cod marshes

Americans Are Driving Less

DEA complains that Apple CHAT "impossible to intercept."

Faux's latest chart-topper: Mike Rice Firing Symbol Of 'The Wussification Of American Men'

Hannity defends Rutgers coach: ‘My father hit me with a belt, I turned out okay!’ (I beg to differ)

Media, stop trying to crown Hillary Clinton

Israeli buses for Palestinians spark accusations of segregation


Forty-five years ago..........

Imperial Recipes for a Burnt Planet

Anton Drake's "Atheist Yoga" Available Now

Look at the World from Behind the Wall

Americans Are Driving Less

Religious groups, pro-reform organizations brace for fight over family-based visas

Author of budget bill mystery rider protecting GM foods revealed

Study: Environmental policies matter for growing megacities

Article in NYT helped my mother hear better!

Nicholas Coppola: Gay Catholic Parishoner Banned From Church Involvement

The guy wasn't hurt but the guns in the house were stolen

Survival Under Atomic Attack - 1951 American Civil Defense Educational Film

Climate change winners: Adélie penguin population expands as ice fields recede

Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the costliest in US history equivalent to 40% of GDP

China and many countries are greatly underreporting how much they take from Earth’s oceans

Two Faces of LIFE - April 1968

Today's Dessert: Toffee Crunch Caramel Cheesecake

Maddow: Why republicans should never say their agenda is "what people want".

The Last Messiah

today in women's herstory

Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production (from plants) could revolutionize alternative energy market

Ebert's cancer recurrence means fewer film reviews

Papantonio: Meet The Corporate Groups Trying To Take Away Your Rights

UK Guardian: Republicans take note: Americans are embracing immigration reform

tunblr may have just cracked the code.

Japan's solar market eclipsed only by China

Magic Johnson Opens Up About Gay Son EJ: "I Love Him So Much"

Apple's iMessage encryption trips up feds' surveillance

Walker's Presidential Hopes Start To Implode

Hannity defends Rutgers coach: ‘My father hit me with a belt, I turned out okay!’

North Carolina's Proposed State Religion Isn't as Unprecedented as It Sounds

Does Postmodern Theology Risk Becoming What It “Hates?”

Amid Pyongyang bluster, a hint of a missile launch

Dick Gregory going on hunger strike until NLG attorney Lynne Stewart is freed.

Wisconsin: Fact Check Shows Self Serving Scott Walker Editorial Ignores Reality

no more, no less. a pediatrician looks at ALL parents as POTENTIAL abusers.

DOJ may release Enron's Skilling 18 years early

Louis Freeh's company provides a soft place to land for Florida U.S. Attorney General.

Dr. Benjamin Carson Wears the Mask

Favorite character on The Walking Dead?

Rutgers owes Ex Coach $100,000 Bonus

Martin Luther King, Jr, January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968

Trouble on the "Girls" set.

Come one! Come all! The Pennsylvania Meet_Up needs you!

Leonardo Di Caprio's trailer for the Great Gatsby.

U.S. reducing rhetoric that feeds North Korean belligerence

Here’s the Japanese rock song so offensive it took North Korea’s focus off U.S.

Need Inspiration? -- "The Good Hurt: How Ray King lives and plays basketball with cancer"

Cuccinelli Goes to Federal Court to Make Oral and Anal Sex into a Crime Once Again in Virginia

X-post from GD (if you're like me, have tissue handy)

What Bush Misses 'Bout Being President

Why does Exxon Control a No Fly Zone over Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill?

Fox's Eric Bolling: Firing of Rutgers coach 'wussification of American men'

Mobile gamers, got ten minutes to help me out? - Update!

Aryan Nation, White Supremacists, KKK, Et Al Are The GOP Base

My dad is beginning hospice care this morning.

1,000+ Protest pipeline at Obama San Fran fundraiser

Hannity says don't fire Rutgers coach, dad hit me with a belt and I'm ok

In case you haven't heard -- DUgle "state religion" ...

Japan Initiates Bold Bid to End Years of Tumbling Prices

Under 30? The GOP wants your opinion of it.

Wow. Lena Headey Broke: Game of Thrones' Queen Cersei Has Less Than $5 in Bank Account

Cameron: It is a 'fact' that North Korea could launch a nuclear strike against the UK


Gov. Bill Haslam drops voucher plan

Feedback please: Now we have our own logo

Visa Demand Jumps

“Joseph Smith Himself Viewed Women as Priesthood Holders”

Campbell Brown: Why is Obama ‘singling out’ the NRA?

Saudi paralysis sentencing 'grotesque' - UK

MLK " Last Speech" 1968

Basic responsibilities for jurors.

Hockeytown 2.0: San Jose a top spot for the icy winter sport

North Korea's odd status as a mentally incompetent nation

Why many of us think gun enthusiasts are -- charitably -- myopic:

Rhode Island school reports possible gunman on university campus [all clear, false positive]

Creating your own sourdough starter: the path to great bread

Pathetic/Ignorant-Tweety: Is 'Wife Beating' Something 'Women Really Worry About?'

Geez: This picture

I have a solution to this whole North Korea thing!

Cowboys Award 6-Year, $108 Million Extension To Super Bowl–Watching Quarterback Tony Romo

LIVE hummingbird nest cam, with bird!

I should get my reverse ring adaptor today. I can't wait to play with it.

MLK: "I'm not interested in pressing charges."

Carville Joins Up With Hillary Clinton Group

A model predicts that the world's populations will stop growing in 2050

12 forgotten facts about the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination

New Hillary Clinton memoir likely to fuel 2016 speculation

MA Business "Men In Kilts" Will Wash Windows, But Have "No Peeking" Rule

Renewing King's fight for black justice

Mountain pine beetle poised to ravage Eastern Canada

Bills make it easier for veterans to acquire education benefits

Argentinian Zoo Named World's Most Dangerous Petting Zoo

Memphis honors Martin Luther King, Jr., on assassination anniversary

Pic Of The Moment: Don't Believe The NRA Hype: Support For Gun Control Stands Firm

Updated Look at Crisis in PA. Funding of Urban Public Schools

21 Surprising Things You Can Make In A Slow Cooker - Soup stock caught my eye.

Some shots from our arboretum

PLEASE HELP: Efforts to Deliver 'Kill Shot' to Paid Sick Leave Tied to ALEC -- HuffPo

A Time to Break Silence (Riverside Church 1967)

Black religious leaders gather at Capitol on anniversary of MLK assassination

Some truly amazing ways to-reuse-your-broken-things

Rape and Other Crimes: Sexist Policy and Campus Safety » Sociological Images

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 4, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 4, 1967

"They're trying to take us down again," said the 81 yr-old original Memphis sanitation striker

PBS has answered the Governors prayers for medicaid expansion

Britain urges Saudi Arabia not to paralyse convict

Indiana House passes bill aimed at limiting use of abortion pill

Kid President at the White House

Disney Shuts down LucasArts

Yay. My gmail says Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller will have a 2nd live show....

Bigotry trips up GOP voucher plans

Mark Kelly live on Andrea Mitchell right now.

***Preserve SS & Medicare & No Chained CPI!-- Two Actions You Can Take!***

Connecticut bans more than 100 types of guns

"It's Embarrassing" Macon-Area Students Fight: "There's a white prom and there's an integrated prom"

Pics from my trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah

Say Good-Bye to your BCS Title, Auburn!

Hopeful suggestion for EarlG: We need a "Hate Comments on Facebook" post series, too!

Keep in mind: this guy's an NRA instructor...

Just how clueless about women does Matthews have to be before MSNBC fires his ass

Bunk Beds

Thank You, Martin Luther King

Bronx Assemblyman Is Accused of Accepting Bribes

Duckworth returns pay to reflect sequestration cuts

Wow. Fox News Is Adopting Something Socially Responsible Before The New York Times Does?

Vote FOR Senator Dumbass here -- number 7 seed

Why It's Harder To Be A Liberal In 11 Words

In Great Britain, the Philpott case brings right wing criticsm of "the welfare state"

Are Democrats as likely to believe in conspiracy theories as Republicans?

Superstar Snoop And His Daughter's Powerful Ode To Take A Firm Stand Against Gun Violence

PAC launches to support bearded candidates

Des Hommes et Des Chatons (hot guys and cats) - lol, these are funny

At What Point in Pregnancy Does a Woman's Personhood End?

TV Spending in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Tops $1.1 Million, Outside Groups Dominate

Bobby Kennedy's speech on the death of MLK

Need to sell/corporate interests are in direct conflict with our lives, making thinking so relevant!

Social Security is Wage Insurance

Florida man lives as a merman

Nullification must never be on the table

My name is Kevin Sullivan (Please like and share on Facebook)

Placid Pool of Purring Phurries

Liberal Group Gives The Tumblr Treatment To Cuccinelli Following Sodomy Uproar

A message to parents from your child’s teacher

Anyone besides me watching "Hannibal" tonight?

North Korea...Ok, now I'm concerned.

Do conservatives really care about the Constitution?

Sales taxes leading to higher crime, death rates and drop-out rates.

GOP rebranding - toon

Study reveals that chemotherapy works in an unexpected way

Well well well ... Beyoncé está de visita en La Habana

Dear Straight People

Crazy Liberal Idea

why do we ignore our lonliness?

So where is the online list of those offshore cheaters?

Licensed gun owner says he killed 1-year-old Chihuahua for threatening him

A question for DU NOLA residents re: this prison scandal.

For First Time, Majority of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

Inhofe: Prepare preemptive strike 'right now' on North Korea


"What is it with you people and the animal fucking?!"

I freaked out today

Egypt navy 'intercepts arms-laden ship from Israel'

Just another interrogation: My encounter with the Shin Bet

Kings of the Roma

NFL closes investigation into Scouting Combine "Gay" questions

Ah, those Tories! Just when you think they couldn't sink any lower, they go and surprise you ...

Holder, Kerry to Take Pay Cut

Rest in Peace Roger Ebert

Johns Hopkins Say More Than Half Of Graduating Class Has Signed Petition Protesting Carson

The McJobs Strike Back: Will Fast-Food Workers Ever Get a Living Wage?

Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer

Everybody take the "How Do You View the Republican Party Survey"

This New Poll Shows Democrats Could Actually Have A Shot At Winning The House In 2014

Breaking (AP) Roger Ebert dead at 70

NFL star tweets North Korea should bomb New England

For the first time, a majority of Americans supports legalizing pot

All risk, no reward.

Hey, look, kids! Its FREE BACON!!!!!

Licensed Gun Nut stands his ground against a 14-year-old girl's chihuahua and kills it.


Abbas accuses Israel of seeking to start a third intifada

Obama’s Climate Hypocrisy: We Need People In DC 'Willing To Speak Truth To Power'

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice fired for abusing players (NMAWorldEdition)

Study: States Can Learn From Vermont’s Health Care Reform

Excellent advice for refurbishing cast iron.

Does NAMBLA actually exist?

RIP Roger Ebert

Contact Stabenow if you favor gun control, she's wavering

LOL -- Joe Walsh (R-Asshole) on with Martin Basheer

Mick Philpott jailed for life over Derby house fire that left six children dead

Do you lock the doors on your car and/or home?

Black churches target ‘Stand Your Ground’

'Stand Your Ground' on Shaky Ground?

Is there a particular correct term for a kayak paddle

Math problems are a problem for job-seekers, employers say

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.

Sen Roy Blunt (the man behind the 'Protect Monsanto act') Monsanto's man in Washington - MotherJones

Connecticut Gun Bill Signed Into Law By Gov. Dannel Malloy

School forces 25 students to throw away lunches when they couldn’t cried, went home hungry

is DU under cyber-attack or something. I had a terrible time finishing a comment and

Petition to get GMOs out of girl scout cookies goes viral.

GMO Free USA Rallies Against Kellogg’s on Earth Day

Jobless claims at four-month high, cast shadow over jobs market

25 States Working on GMO Labeling Laws

Never before seen photos of the Vietnam War, taken by a drafted soldier too traumatized to view them

ACLU Fights Nevada's 'Crime Against Nature' Statute Banning Consensual Sex Between Gay Teens

BP wind sale highlights renewable energy struggles

Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel on "The Critic"

Barack Obama Thinks California's Kamala Harris Is The 'Best-Looking' Attorney General

The Republican party has some serious self-esteem issues.

Lions' Jason Hanson retires

NOM Caught Lying About Support From Chicago Bears

Hey Kim Jong Ul

Cherry Blossoms

rest in peace, roger ebert


Fox News host grills NRA on magazine ban: ‘How many more lives would have been saved?’

Who is this asshole on with Tweety objecting

Five city council members ask mayor to rename Dallas Convention Center in honor of Hutchinson

The Five Best Things Roger Ebert Said About Politics

PBO: "There Is No Challenge We Cannot Surmount" For Our Children

Enron victims concerned by former CEO’s (Skilling) possible early prison release


CounterPunch (Wednesday, April 3): Neoliberal Overload (TPP: Corporate Power-Tool)

Food watchdog calls for gas drilling investigation

Caught On Camera! The Lounge!

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #16

Rescued Florida panther released into wild

A compromise on the background checks?

North Carolina Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Penalize Parents Of College Student Voters

Death ray

Bogota's hospitals "have collapsed": health secretary .

The Good Friday Nudity Massacre of 2013

NYT: How Meditation Might Boost Your Test Scores

X-post from GD: Florida panther released into the wild

Inspector general forms senate bloc against gay marriage .


Best Face Melting Scene Ever

How to stop unnecessary wars

Owners of industry "claim a kind of power to which they have no right."

My arrow keys suddenly went wonky

State religion proposal dies in House

Gov't cuts might force NM Cancer Center to stop treating some Medicare patients

Then there were 6: Bill Nelson latest senator to support marriage equality

No negotiating - Korea ? CNN Link

Peru bores through Andes to water desert

All men are potential rappists

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warns of deep cuts

Peru bores through Andes to water desert

Bonfire of the subsidies—Europe’s wood subsidies show the folly of focusing green policy on “renewa…

Message from my City Council member

Republicans don't hate big government

Keystone XL: The pipeline to disaster, LA Times Op-ed by James Hansen

Native Americans want sacred masks saved from Paris auction

Guatemala schools struggle to meet UN goals

Frickin' script kiddie hackers whatever

Bill Nelson reverses opposition to gay marriage

Roger Ebert: "I Do Not Fear Death"

Guatemala awards two mineral extraction licenses

Hardball: Former House Member Tom Davis was on defending sequestration cuts

Is "Conservatism" Finally Dead?

Connecticut Gun Bill Signed Into Law By Gov. Dannel Malloy

Just saw this image posted in a "Photoplasty" contest on the website.

Global solar photovoltaic industry is likely now a net energy producer, Stanford researchers find

Help...I want to warn people

NPR Gives Wind Power Hypochondriacs A Platform

US worried it may be ratcheting up pressure on North Korea

Cultural icon Roger Ebert has died at age 70.

5% off on MADE IN USA items

China readies to fight new bird flu; Japan, HK on guard

Hannity Defends Rutger Basketball Coach Mike Rice 'I Kind Of Like Old Fashion Discipline

I just upgraded my laptop with a 512MB memory module. What do I have to do to have the

Argentina floods 'catastrophe' for La Plata, Buenos Aires (BBC)

Desmond Tutu Wins $1.7M Templeton Prize, World’s Top Religious Honor

Roger Ebert on death

Liberty University Loosens Guns On Campus Rules To Allow Concealed Carry In Classrooms

He freed a lot of people

What Kevin Ware's Injury Shows About The NCAA Exploitation Of Student Athletes

The Killing Of Kimani Gray, Stop & Frisk, The Lack of NYPD Accountabilty - Rania Khalek Explains

It's OK to look, but be real quiet.

Up to 20 submissions for the contest...

In honor of Roger Ebert: The 10 Worst Movies He's Ever Reviewed

Audubon Action Alert: Please Send this Email to the Interior Dept to Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline

The way I see it - Only criminals don't want gun safety laws

Palestinian Protesters Clash With Israeli Forces After Death Of Long-Term Prisoner

Roger Ebert on Some Classic Films and Movie Duds

I have posted 10 times!!!

Let us rise up with a greater readiness....

What The Hell Is She Talking About?

Dark Water The Japanese Original Version (English Legend) (Horror) 2002)

"I can assure you that my interests are completely aligned with those of our shareholders.”

Breaking: Maryland legislatures passes reconciled gun bill. O'Malley will sign it.

France's President Hollande fights tax scandal

Stephanie Miller is LIVE ON THE RADIO again in the Seattle area!

YIKES! I froze the other evening

Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice

any one here ever have a pedicure

Is it as banal as Kim Jong Un just wants

CBS News and families of Newtown victims

Oregon AFL-CIO Inmate Training Program Graduates First 16 Female Carpenters

One of my Favorite Movie Reviews from Rodger Ebert. He Reviews: GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE

State to pay millions in denied jobless benefits

Please vote for "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" in Public Radio Bracket Madness

On balance, I'm glad J.D. Salinger became a recluse.

Bill Nelson changes position, supports gay marriage

this has gotten me shook up

Come on---- Mr. President!!

Puppy at California animal control killed, despite pleas from rescue to save

Anyone like or dislike the movies I have appeared in?

OMG Beyonce and Jay Z visit Havana and cause a stir updated

Breaking:Maryland Senate passes gun-control bill, among strictest in the US (now on to the Governor)

Federal court rules electricity rebates are due in California

There has been a shooting at the Jackson Mississippi police department...Reports of one officer down

It's back gear heads, it's back

Take Five (Let’s Play Two edition)

Two Thumbs Up… Always.

Stupid Lounge trick #0420: Peeps Brûlée

Three bankers who brought down HBOS

Tennessee Jesus

Another Republican "truth" bites the dust

THIS would be AWESOME!

Check one

President Obama On Ebert: “Roger Was The Movies”

Solar Energy Plant Spill Has Tea Party Panicking (satire)


Our puppy is a year old today!

Somewhere in North Dakota. In A Womb

Shocking! Indian Engineers Introduce Electric ‘Anti-Rape’ Underwear

The balcony is closed. nt

Tax Dodging By Corporations And The Wealthy Cost Each Taxpayer $1,026 In 2012

Amanpour's on again = A. Cooper = soon nt

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 April 2013

Five Dead of Bird Flu in China as Virus Found in Pigeons

Inconveniencing of citizens exercising some of their rights is ok, some not.

Luckovich Toon: I Object!